September 26, 2005

Chelsea and Patrick are out bowling. Chelsea isnt good at it, and wants to go back to the Java Caf. Patrick says this is fun and to give it a chance. She asks him to help her learn how to throw the ball, so he instructs her. Of course this means getting really close to her body to do so. He helps her get a strike, and she thinks it means she wins. He says he still has a turn. She says this is more fun than she thought, and this is a fun date. Patrick says she has the wrong idea. She says she doesnt have the wrong idea. Patrick says he only is here with her to get her to respect Billie, a deal is a deal. Patrick sees Mimi and insists they go say hi. Later Billie calls Chelsea to say hi and check up on her. Billie wonders if she is with Patrick? Chelsea pretends like there is static and she says shell call her back later. Patrick shows up and asks who she was talking to? He thinks it was Billie. She says it was a bad connection. Patrick says his phone works fine, so call her back and invite her to join them. She says like hell she will. She says this night was about them, so he says okay. He does however suggests she date someone her own age though. She says well she could date Max. He says no way! (I missed the last bit between them, but Patrick ends up dropping the conversation).

Shawn and Mimi show up to go bowling. She says she has to warn him shes a bit of an extreme bowler. They have matching shirts and shoes. Mimi bought them these outfits, and when Shawn learns how much the shoes cost he says they could have just stolen the rental ones. She says that is shoplifting, but they then realize theyve both already been to jail. She says they could be like the next Bonnie and Clyde. Shawn laughs, and Mimi says she caught him. They bowl and end up talking about their past relationships. Shawn knows Belle has moved on and no he has to. Mimi ends up creaming Shawn, and he says she is dangerous. She asks if hes scared, and he says no he likes her wild side. Patrick and Chelsea show up to say hi, and later Shawn tells Mimi that Patrick should stay away from Chelsea as shes trouble. Later Shawn calls Caroline to check on the wedding, and learns Belle is in labor. Shawn wants to go to her, but Mimi says it isnt his baby, reality check. Shawn says he knows, but he has to be there. 

On the airplane, Austin realizes he missed the wedding, and he hopes this one didnt turn out the way Samis others did. Austin jumps in the limo, and the driver is Kathy Griffin. Austin says hes on the way to a wedding, so she says put the tux on and she wont watch . . . much. He says hes not the groom this time, and it is a long story. He begins telling his history with Sami, complete with flashbacks. Austin says long story short, he needs to get there. Kathy tells him to just get on the plane and go back to where he came from as this woman sounds like trouble. Austin says he has to be there, shes marrying his brother. Kathy says woah, shes in a twelve step program, does he know what this is doing to her? He pleads with her to get him there, and promises a big tip. She says fine, but dont count on seeing a ceremony. Kathy says this chick sounds like she has bad marriage karma. They continue talking about Sami, and we see lots of flashbacks, including all the failed weddings between Austin and Sami. Kathy is brought up to speed about how Will factors in to the drama as well. Kathy cant believe him and calls him a shmuck. She recaps what happened, and he says she has good recal. Kathy says she watches a lot of soaps, and if you dont pay attention to the flashbacks things become confusing. She suggests he make his own 12 step program, exs of Sami Brady.

At the church, Roman and John look at the ISA report from Kate. Kate says it is proof that Sami was Stan. John gets a call, and Roman says Kate is looking awful smug. He says they all know shed do anything to stop Lucas from marrying Sami. John says that was the ISA, the reports are legit, Sami was Stan. Sami tells John that hes always hated her and never wanted her to be happy. Sami begs Lucas not to trust Kate and John. Kate says DNA evidence doesnt lie, she dressed like a man, she went to war like a man and she almost got the man she loves killed. She says Sami almost got away with it but wont let a snake like her become part of the family. Sami says shes lying and begs her dad to tell them. Roman tells Lucas that his mother wasnt lying, Sami was Stan and was Tonys right hand man. Everyone is stunned, and Sami looks around at all the looks shes getting. Lucas asks her who she is, a woman, a monster, a criminal? She says she is his sons mother. He says that is an accident of birth. Lucas lays into Sami for working for Tony (forgetting he did once too). Lucas says she almost got them all killed. He tells her that everyone hates her, and once word of this gets out. Sami asks Will to tell her that he believes her, but he doesnt and says she ruined everything again just like always. Lucas tells Will it will be okay. Roman tells Sami it is too late, and he wants her to look at all the people she hurt. Phillip tells Sami he is walking now, he worked hard to be able to walk. He says he has a new leg too, one he straps onto a stump every morning. He says she gave him this leg, but Sami says that isnt how it happened. Sami says she saved them, but Phillip wont thank her and blames her for this. Roman tells Sami to face up to what she did and tell the truth. Sami says all right, I was Stan. She says she is sorry, but it is because of that bitch Kate she did what she did. She says Kate set her up, and everyone believed Kate. She says she had never felt so alone, she thought her parents and grandmother were dead and John and Belle turned their backs on her when she asked them for help. She says Kate drove her crazy, and she became consumed with getting revenge on everyone. She says that is what Tony offered her, but she didnt know it was Tony at first. Lucas says she has to be kidding him. She says she wouldnt have helped Tony if she knew it was him, but she got caught in his web and she couldnt get out. John says so she is claiming she was another one of his victims? She says yes, and she knows how stupid it was to take an anonymous offer. She says she didnt care, her life was over so why not? She says she tried being good and faithful and doing the right thing. She says it didnt matter, everyone turned on her. She says if nobody is going to love her then why bother being good, she might as well be hateful and destructive as it doesnt make a difference. She says she is sorry people got hurt and she hopes one day people will forgive her. Roman and Abe says sorry isnt enough, she will face criminal charges and the punishment could be severe. Sami begs her dad for help, but he says he cant help her even if she wanted to. She begs her dad not to do this to her. He says she did this to herself, she always does. He says if she does end up in prison then she has only herself to blame. He asks her how she could work for Tony, and she explains she didnt know at first and then he threatened her when she found out. He also promised to bring him and mom back alive, how could she turn that down. Lucas asks if she doesnt care about anyone but herself? She says she cares about him, and when she found out he was there then she did what she could. She says she stopped them from being executed, they made it home alive, doesnt that matter? Lucas says he wants to forgive her but he cant. He says he cant believe he ever loved her, wanted her or touched her. He says she is dead to him from now on, all he feels for her now is hate and disgust. Sami tears out of the church, tripping on the way out. Kate tells Lucas that she is sorry that he had to go through this, and if she had gotten the evidence sooner then she would have told him before it got this far. He says she got what she wanted, dont expect a thank you. She says she did this for him, but Lucas says she did this for revenge. He says what Sami did was bad, but this whole thing was her fault. He says he wont forgive Sami, but she started this mess. He says he loved her, it was his chance at true happiness and she pushed Sami over the edge. He says no he and Will have nothing, and he never wants to see her again. Lucas storms off, and Roman agrees with Lucas! He says what Kate did was every bit as bad, if not worse. Billie asks her mom if it was worth it, and she says it was. She says because now her son is finally rid of Sami. She says Austin and Lucas are both rid of her.

Outside, Sami cries in the garden that everyone hates her. Austin shows up, hands her a handkerchief and says he doesnt hate her. 

Meanwhile, Belle is in labor in the brides room. LExie and Marlena are with her, and they are helping her. Belle is worried about the baby, but Marlena says her baby will be perfect as will she. Marlena suddenly has flashbacks of giving birth to Belle and John delivering her. Caroline shows up to help, and Lexie says they need towels and water. Suddenly Belle cries out for Shawn, stunning everyone. Caroline brings the towels in, and when LExie checks on the baby she makes a face. Belle asks what is wrong? Lexie just thinks Phillip should be told hell be a father soon. Marlena says shell go get him.

Later, Caroline gets a call from Shawn, he asks if it is over yet. She says no, Belles still in labor. He says he meant the wedding, and hes coming over. Caroline says Oh Dear! Meanwhile, Marlena goes to tell Phillip that Belle is in labor and he should go see her. 

Shawn and Mimi show up in their bowling shirts. Shawn realizes Phillip should be with Belle, not him. Meanwhile, Caroline talks with Marlena that she is afraid Belle is in love with Shawn. Marlena tells Caroline not to tell anyone about this, especially Shawn. She says Belle and Phillip have a right to find a bit of happiness. Later, Shawn asks Caroline if Belle and the baby are okay? She says they will be. Shawn hopes they will be happy, every baby deserves a happy family. Caroline tells Shawn that she is proud of him and gives him a big hug.

Phillip goes to Belles side. She hasnt had any contractions for awhile, and she thought she was having a miscarriage. She says she cant lose this baby. Phillip wants to get her to the hospital, but she says the baby is coming!

Alex remains outside the room and worries Marlena may remember, which he has to stop. When he gets a chance alone with Marlena, he once again hypnotizes her. Later, Lexie confronts Alex. She says he wants Marlena to himself. He says like she wants Tek to herself? She says shell do what is right and walks off. Alex says shell regret it one. Later, Abe pulls Lexie aside. He says this day has made him do a lot of soul searching, hes seen how big of a mess people have made of their lives. He says hes so sorry that he pushed her away, hes been so unfair to her. He asks if they can try again. He says he knows he has no right, but hopes she will give them another chance. He says he couldnt live another day without her love. She says she loves him so much and nothing would make her happier. She says she has to go check on Belle, and he says hell be waiting right here. 


September 27, 2005
In the church garden, Sami talks with Austin. Austin asks Sami what happened? Sami swears she didnt know she was working for Tony DiMera. He says wait a second! Austin says you were working for Tony? Sami explains how she disguised herself as a man called Stan. Austin says what, Stan the Man? Sami says shes tired of hearing that. She says Tony made her hurt a lot of people, and he hurt her too. She wonders why this is happening to her. Austin says she made the choices and now she has to live with the consequences. Sami knows what her lies have done, and she says she has had enough people lay into her, especially that smug Kate. Austin tells her it is a miracle that he is here speaking to her, and it is a miracle that she and Lucas even wound up at the altar. He says she does insane things, and if they can forgive and forget then why cant she do the same thing? Sami says shell never forgive or forget what Kate has done to her. Austin says this sounds like the same old Sami to him. He asks what made her dress up as Stan and work for Tony? Sami says it is all Kates fault. He asks why she is blaming his mother? Sami begins to tell the story of Kate setting her up with Brandon on the night before her wedding to Lucas. We hear the whole story rehashed. Sami says Kate hates her so much that she did that to Lucas and Will, and she admitted it. She says by then it was too late, when it happened nobody believed her and her whole family deserted her. She says it was the lowest she had ever been, which is saying something. Tony then offered her a chance to get revenge, but she didnt know it was Tony at the time. She says some stranger showed up to help her, and she didnt care who he was as she wanted revenge so bad. She says then Tony tricked her into a war zone. She then rehashes the whole war zone storyline, which Austin claims is too nuts. Sami says but when she found out Tony was going to kill them, she helped free them. She says they dont remember that though. Austin says this is outrageous, she has out done herself and shell never top this one. Sami says she didnt mean for it to happen. Austin says she never does, and if she doesnt take responsibility then her life will never change. Austin says she only has herself to blame. Austin says she says she wants to change but she never does. He asks if she can use this to turn her life around, or will she go back and be the same old Sami again? Sami says shell need a lot of help and support. He says hell always be here for her. She says he is amazing, and she thanks him. She gives him a big hug and says shes so glad hes back, she doesnt know what shed do without him.

At the church, Shawn goes and lights a candle for Belle and her baby. He says a prayer for them and hopes they will be safe and okay. Mimi listens in as Shawn prays. Mimi asks him if he is praying for Belle, the baby and their future family with Phillip, or for a miracle for him and her? He says he wants this baby have a happy family, and that means Belle staying with Phillip. He says he could never break up a family, no kid should have to go through what Will has today. He says he remembers what happened to him and his family when they thought his mom was gone, and now his mom has the step-daughter from hell to deal with and Billie will be a part of their lives forever. He says family is sacred and Belle and Phillip are a family, he could never come between them. Mimi has to head over to meet her mom at Chez Rouge, and she says shell see him at home later.

In the Brides room, Belle tells Phillip that something is wrong. Meanwhile, John begs Marlena not to give up on getting her memory back, her children need her. Marlena says it seems to her that Sami did this to herself and there is nothing she can do for her. They go into the brides room where Belle is screaming. Phillip tells Marlena that she is a doctor so do something. Marlena says she doesnt know what to do. 

Lexie and Alex continue to argue about what Alex is doing to MArlena. He says hes doing everything in his power to get Marlenas memory back, so if she talks to John then hell make sure Abe knows about her adultery with Tek. Lexie says then shell have him brought up on charges and have his license revoked. He says try it and hell make sure she loses her son. He says if her husband knows the truth he will never let her have her son, so he suggests she be quiet. John shows up and tells Lexie that Belle needs her, and then he tells Alex he hopes the birth of Belles baby will help Marlena get her memory back. John walks off, and Alex fears John could be right.

Back in the brides room, Marlena is helping Belle when Lexie shows up. There is no time to get her to the hospital as Belles water has broken. Lexie says she has instruments in the car and shell go get them. Belle tells her mom that she is scared and this pain cant be normal. Marlena asks if she can feel the babys head, is she feeling less movement in her lower abdomen? Belle isnt feeling as much, and Marlena thinks there is a problem, the baby is breech. Belle says this cant be, Lexie says it was fine in the last appointment. Marlena says the baby can turn during labor. MArlena doesnt remember what to do, but John tells her to remember and work for her daughter and granddaughter (Blooper! Baby hasnt been born yet and nobody knows the sex!). Marlena says normally theyd do a C-section, but they cant do that here. John and Phillip beg her to do something. MArlena tries some medical technique to push the baby into the right position. Marlena says without pain killers this will hurt, and shes sorry. John realizes MArlenas memory is coming back. Lexie finally returns and she helps Belle give birth. Lexie tells Marlena she did well, she saved two lives here. Lexie tells her that she remembered exactly what to do. Lexie tells Belle its time to have a baby so push. 

Shawn shows up outside the brides room, and Alex has a talk with him. He tells Shawn that he lost the women he loves, and he knows what it is like. Alex says he knows how painful it is walking away from the woman you love and watching her find a future with another man. Alex has real Roman flashbacks to losing Marlena after she had baby Belle. We see when he walked out on her and she cried and begged him not to go. Alex basically tells Shawn not to give up, he knows the pain he is going through and it hurts like hell. He also says it makes you do things you never thought you would. Shawn says he knows, and he can at least make sure Belle is okay. Shawn walks off and Alex says Shawn will never give up on Belle just like hell never give up on Marlena.

Shawn listens at the door as Belle gives birth to a baby girl. Everyone cries, they are so happy. Belle holds the baby, and Phillip says he loves her so much already. Phillip says he loves Belle too. He tells his little princess how she scared her parents so much. Belle and Phillip talk to their little girl, and Belle introduces her to her grandmother and her grandfather. John tells her to get herself ready as she will be spoiled rotten for the rest of her life. She calls Lexie the babys Aunt Lexie. Lexie goes to check on the ambulance. Shawn watches and eventually walks off. John tells Marlena she did a good job, she saved Belle and the baby. She doesnt know how she did it. John hugs her and says she remembered her skills as a physician, her memory is coming back. Marlena looks at the door where Alex holds up the necklace, putting her into a trance again. She remembers how he hypnotized her the first time telling her not to be concerned with John or her children. Alex says he lost Marlena before, he wont lose her again. Lexie finds him again and gloats that it wont matter if she tells John the truth or not, Marlena is getting her memory back on her own. Alex tells himself that hell see about that. Meanwhile, John tells Marlena they have their first grandchild (I think he means together, Will technically isnt his grandson), and hell always remember this day. He says they got this beautiful girl and they started getting Marlena back. Marlena tells John to take her home. He says that is a good place to start the journey. 

At Chez Rouge, Bonnie walks in all dressed up in a red dress and black wrap. She tries some of the food that is laid out. She walks over to Mickey to talk to him. He asks how she is, and she says pretty good considering. She says she heard Samis wedding went to hell in a hand basket, again. She says it is almost as humiliating as when she walked in here thinking he had chosen . . . He says Bonnie, and she says she knows, water under the bridge. She says she needs some help, but he says if help means money then . . . She says no, she was thinking since there was no reception and the restaurant will be closed tonight, she could take the food off his hands for a good cause. He says shell have to ask Maggie. She says forget it. Mickey says it is her place and her food, but he offers to talk to her. Bonnie thanks him. She heads off, and Maggie approaches and asks what the home wrecker wants now? Mickey tells Maggie not to let Bonnie get to her, and she says hes right, after all she has him.

Bonnie sees Nicole at the bar and approaches her. She wonders why Nicole is here. Nicole says she is drinking a martini. Bonnie wonders why here? Nicole says she is crashing the reception to see Austin, he may be the last man on this planet who has faith in her. Bonnie says Samis wedding crashed at the altar, and if shes a smart girl then shes crying on Austins shoulder as they speak. Nicole cant believe this, and she asks Bonnie if she is sure. Bonnie says Mimi gave her the play by play, and she explains how Stan crashed the wedding. Nicole is stunned to learn that Kate showed up disguised as Stan and exposed Sami as the real Stan. Bonnie says Sami is a whole world of trouble. Nicole laughs and snorts! They toast to Samis downfall and Kate blowing her cover. Nicole says and she didnt have to . . . . Bonnie thinks Nicole has something to do with all of this, but Nicole says nothing. Bonnie says she saw her and Sami in Alices together several times. Nicole says while she and Sami have conspired, they have never liked one another. Nicole begins to think about Austin and how he was such a great guy, and no man understood her like Austin. She says well except for Brady. She wonders why the good ones always get away, and Austin deserves more than Sami. Bonnie says Boston Austin was one hell of a hunk in the boxing ring. Nicole says even if she could get to Austin, Kate is so protective with her kids. Bonnie says she doesnt blame her, she is trying to marry her kids off to rich Salem families. Mimi shows up and tells her mom she sounds like Kate Roberts, and that isnt a compliment. Bonnie says if she just had Kates money she would be happy. Bonnie wishes she had brought Shawn as she needs help moving this food out. Mimi says she cant take the food, but Bonnie says Mickey said she could have it. Maggie shows up and says over her dead body. Bonnie threatens to jack Maggie up, and they end up in a huge fight. Mickey and Mimi stop the fight, and Maggie wants Bonnie out of this restaurant. She thinks Bonnie is trying to steal her food, but Bonnie says most of it will go to the battered womens shelter. Maggie wonders where the rest will go, to that horrible chilli she makes that isnt fit for her dog? Maggie tells her to take the food and leave. Mimi suggests they get out of here. Meanwhile, a drunk Nicole fears she will end up like Bonnie some day, her life has hit rock bottom and shes still digging. She says she needs a guy like Austin to throw her a rope and help her up again. Elsewhere, Bonnie is calling the womens shelter about the food, but their freezer is on the fritz. She says shell bring them enough to have a good meal tonight and shell give the rest to the middle school down the street . . . NOT. Bonnie then sees Nicole doodling Austins name on a napkin and says she knew it, shes planning to make a move on Austin Reed. 

Mimi returns to the church, and she talks with Shawn. He says this is a new beginning for them as a family, and an end for him. Mimi says endings mean new beginnings. She suggests they go home as this is too hard for him. Belle and Phillip continue to dote over the baby, and they thank one another for this amazing gift. They talk about the wonderful life they have ahead of them.


September 28, 2005

At the hospital, Kate shows up with some pink baby gifts for Belle. Nicole is there and she tells Kate congratulations. Kate says yes, she's very happy about the baby. Nicole says yeah, she meant the other thing, exposing Sami. Kate is proud of that as well. Nicole tells Kate to enjoy it now as it will come back to bite her in the ass. She says Kate may have gotten Sami, but Lucas and Roman are lost to her forever. Kate says they'll see, and then she tells Nicole just because they worked together for all of one second don't expect anything from her in return. Nicole calls her an ungrateful bitch and says she helped her expose Sami. Kate says no actually Tony did that, and she would have gotten Sami with or without Nicole's tip. She also tells Nicole that she hasn't forgotten how she treated Lucas, she made him an alcoholic. Nicole reminds Kate that she paid her to marry Lucas. She says speaking of her sons, how is Austin. Kate tells Nicole to stay away from Austin, she won't let her get her claws into him.

Shawn and Mimi arrive at the hospital. Shawn wants to check on Belle, but Mimi wishes he'd let this obsession with Belle go. She says they are a family now.

In Belle's room, Lucas and Victor are with Belle, Phillip and the baby. Lucas is glad they got one miracle out of today, this beautiful baby. HE says they are doing it right, they are giving this little girl a good start. Belle says she's sorry about his wedding, but regardless of what has happened Will is a great kid too. They all start discussing baby names, and Phillip says if it was a boy they would have named him Luke. Lucas is touched, and he suggests Kiki for a girl. They all laugh, and he says it can be short for Katherine. Phillip isn't so sure if he wants to name the baby after their mom, and Lucas agrees. Lucas is furious with their mother. Shawn and Mimi show up to check on Belle, and they wish them well and good luck. They then quickly leave. Later, Victor sees Kate out the window, so he excuses himself.

Victor goes out to talk to Kate and suggests she not go in to see the baby, Lucas is in there. Kate knows he is upset but thinks he'll get over it. Victor isn't so sure, and he tells Kate that what she did was wrong and she has lost Lucas and Roman because of her actions. Phillip soon comes out and he too suggests his mom come back later, Belle is about to breast feed the baby. Lucas then walks out and knows what they are doing. He says if Kate wants to see the baby then he'll leave. Kate tells him he doesn't have to go, but Lucas says he does. Lucas lets Kate know that what she did was far worse than Sami, and they are both dead to him. Lucas storms off, and Phillip tells Kate that he can't help her now, but he still loves her. Phillip goes back to Belle. Victor asks Kate if it was worth it, and she says yes. Victor suggests Kate watch her back, Sami will be out to get her.

As Phillip and Belle bond with their baby, Lucas calls Will to check on him. Lucas tells Will he needs to know his mom may go to jail for what she did, though he thinks she's been punished enough as is. Meanwhile, Shawn and Mimi look in on Belle, Phillip and the baby. Shawn says if he did things differently that would be him with Belle. Mimi says if she had done things differently that would have been her and Rex.

At Shawn and Mimi's loft, Shawn and Mimi return home. A package soon arrives for Mimi, it is from Rex. He has returned everything he has of hers, photos and date mementos, as well as any and all pictures of them. Mimi realizes any shred of hope she had that Rex would come back is now gone. Shawn says they should go out to dinner. Mimi says yes to his offer, and they go to get changed.

At Sami's apartment, Sami and Austin walk into the hallway and meet up with Sami's nosey neighbor. The neighbor asks Sami about her wedding, and she basically gets Sami so worked up that Sami wants to kill the woman. Austin pulls her into her apartment and once again scolds her for losing control. He suggests she get out of the wedding dress. She asks him to go get the storage bag from the closet. In the closet Austin finds all of Sami's old wedding dresses. He can't believe how many there are. Austin suggests they go out, and he asks if he can use her shower to freshen up. She says sure. As soon as Austin leaves the room, Sami breaks down in tears over all her dresses. Nicole then shows up to say "I told you so" to Sami, and says this is what she gets for not helping her get Brady. Sami realizes Nicole told Kate, though Nicole doesn't admit it. Nicole tells Sami that the truth was bound to come out somehow and to face it, she only has herself to blame for this. As they argue, Austin comes out in a towel. Nicole is shocked to see him here. Austin suggest to Sami she go clean up. Sami says fine, but she wants this drunken bitch gone when she returns. Sami heads to the bathroom, and Nicole asks Austin how he can be here with her. Austin says Sami needs him right now. Nicole wants Austin to get together with her before he leaves town, and he says okay. He smells the booze on her breath and suggests she find a better way to solve her problems. Nicole eventually leaves, and Sami comes out of the bathroom. Austin wants to take her out, so she suggests a very dark movie. He says no, they will go to Chez Rouge for dinner. She says that is where she was supposed to have her reception. Austin says he knows. Outside Sami's apartment, and eavesdropping Nicole hears where they are headed.


September 29, 2005
Billie and Chelsea are having breakfast, and Billie tries to make her something to eat. Chelsea tells her to give it up, she will never be her mother and Bo will never be her father. Chelsea says they should drop the act. Billie says shes not trying to replace her parents, but they are gone. Billie says she and Bo love her too, and shes just trying to cook her a meal. Chelsea says that is the problem, she tries to hard to make her love her and make them a family and it is driving her crazy. Billie says she doesnt seem to have a problem with her mom buying her dresses. Chelsea says she never had a grandma before, but she had parents. She says she doesnt want new ones, she wants them back. Chelsea says it isnt fare that a drunk driver took them, and its not fare to learn they werent her parents. Billie says they were her parents, just not her birth parents. Chelsea asks if they were still alive would she try and take her from them? Billie says no, but she would hope they could share her. Chelsea says like a sundae? Billie says she knows she cant replace her mother, but she is here for her. Billie asks if something is better than nothing? Chelsea says no, not if it means her. Billie says she thinks Chelsea is worth it, but Chelsea doesnt think Billie is. Billie asks if they can at least aim for being friends? Chelsea says she already has friends, and she tears off. Later Chelsea shows up dressed in a very small sparkly outfit. Chelsea has plans to go to a club with Abby. Billie asks about the outfit, which she doesnt like at all. She says it is too Sex in the City for Salem. Chelsea says Sex in the City is yesterday, and why not tell her that she looked like a whore just like Sami did. Billie says not to believe what Sami says. Chelsea says she cant forget what she said, Sami called her and Grandma Kate prostitutes. She says Billie is ISA and created Countess Wilamenia, and Kate runs one of the biggest corporations in America. Billie says nothing, and Chelsea asks if Sami was telling the truth? Billie says when she was younger she was on the wild side. Chelsea cant believe her, and she has the nerve to judge her? Billie says she knows what can happen to a lonely little girl. Billie explains the truth, that her father pimped her out to porno films when she was younger than she was. She says it was Bo who turned her life around, and that is why she loves him. Chelsea says so was she in business with Kate? Billie says no, she wasnt raised by Kate. She says Stefano turned Kate into a call girl to be able to give Lucas a better life. Chelsea cant believe it, what if it is genetic and she is doomed to follow in their footsteps. Billie says that wont happen, she wont let it, but Chelsea says she cant promise that. Chelsea thinks she is cursed and runs off. Chelsea then gets a call from Bo, and Chelsea cries that she needs her daddy.

Bo and Hope are on the boat for a romantic evening, Zack is of course with Doug and Julie. They unload groceries and Hope says he forgot the pie. Bo says he knows what he wants for desert, and he kisses Hope. Bo and Hope make love and then lay in bed together. Bo begins thinking about what Sami did, and how Shawn could have died because of her. Hope says it is history and Shawn and the others came home safe. Bo says Sami has done some stupid things, but what was she thinking. Hope says as usual she wasnt, and if she happens to avoid jail then nobody will trust her again, especially Roman and Lucas. Bo says this is the last thing Roman needs on his plate given what has happened with Marlena and Kate. Hope feels sorry for Will, the last thing he needs is to deal with another one of Samis messes. Bo begins thinking about how Shawn is dealing with Belle having a baby. Hope says not well probably. Bo asks if she still think Shawn belongs with Belle. Hope does, but she agrees that pushing them to be together is a bad idea. She says Belle and Phillip have a baby, they need to stay together. Bo asks why the change of mind all of the sudden? Hope says she saw the way Phillip and Belle looked at one another at the wedding, they love one another. She doesnt know if it is the same way Belle loves Shawn, but she does love Phillip. She says the baby will bring them closer. Bo says nothing does that like a child. Hope frowns and says hes right about that. Later Hope is cooking dinner and Bo wont stop picking at the food. Hope decides to head to the bakery to get a pie since Bo forgot to buy one. Bo decides to give Chelsea a call about the number Sami did on her. Hope thinks it is a good idea, he has a better chance at building a relationship than Billie. Bo asks why she says that? Hope doesnt want to go there as it will ruin the evening. Bo says it will be ruined if she doesnt say it, so spill it. Hope says because Billie and Chelsea are exactly alike. Bo says that is true of many mothers and daughters, and perhaps they just need a middle man to help them. Hope says Chelsea hates Billie, and if Bo tries to play referee then he may make Chelsea hate him too. She says she has to go to the bakery, and stop eating the sauce. Bo calls Chelsea, and she cries I need you daddy! Chelsea soon shows up, with Billie in toe. Billie is furious as Chelsea took off in her car and drove like a bat out of hell. Bo says she of all people should know how responsible she should be behind the wheel. Chelsea wonders why she bothered, she knew Bo would take Billies side. Hope walks in with an I told you so look on her face.

At her place, Kate is waiting for Austin to call her or show up, but Nicole shows up instead. Nicole tells Kate to get dressed, they are going out. Kate says she is not going out with her, they called a temporary truce only, they are not friends so get out of her home. Nicole tells Kate she has some important information for her. Nicole wants to show her rather than tell her. Kate says she is going to call Austin, and she wants Nicole gone by time she returns. Kate leaves, and Nicole is frustrated as her information is about Austin. Later Kate returns and asks Nicole why she is still here? She thinks Nicole wants money, but Nicole says she doesnt want her money. Kate asks so what this is about? Nicole says it is about Sami. Kate says shes not going anywhere, shes waiting for Austin to come over or call. Nicole says Austin wouldnt fly here from New York and leave without seeing her. Nicole tells Kate to go change woman, time is a wasting. Kate goes to change, and Nicole says poor Kate will go berserk when she sees Austin with Sami. 

At Chez Rouge, Maggie is making calls to her regular customers to try and get them to come in tonight now that they are open. Maggie and Mickey begin to recap all of Samis wedding disasters. Mickey says it is always her fault, and Maggie says not always. Mickey says usually, this time for sure. Maggie talks about how she could be tried for treason, and what will he do if hes asked to defend her? Mickey doesnt know. Mimi and Shawn show up, and Mimi apologizes to Maggie about her mom and the food. Maggie says she doesnt hold Bonnies actions against Mimi, and shes always welcomed here. Mimi says they are on a bit of a budget, but Maggie says everything is on the house. Mickey says they have a kitchen full of food that wont last, and Maggie says Sami paid for it. Mimi and Shawn enjoy dinner, and Maggie and Mickey begin to wonder if they are together. Mimi and Shawn enjoy their dinner, but Shawn begins to space out during the meal. Mimi says earth to Shawn. Shawn says he got distracted thinking about Belle. Once again he cant stop talking about Belle. He says he knows it is over, seeing her with her child proves it. Mimi suggests they stop drifting and dreaming and live their lives. Meanwhile, Mickey tells Maggie that he has had a special chocolate mouse cake made up for Shawn and Mimi. Maggie says what a romantic surprise. Mickey says he has one for them later too as he heard it is an aphrodisiac. Maggie kisses him and says who needs an aphrodisiac.

Sami and Austin arrive at Chez Rouge, and the valet talks about how they were to be closed for a wedding reception, but the bride turned out to be a terrorist and the groom ditched her. This of course sends Sami crying on Austins shoulder. Austin says he probably didnt know she was the bride, but Sami says hes probably told that story to everyone and it made her feel like garbage. Austin asks if the valet made her feel that way or did she? Sami tells him not to defend the valet, she is his ex-lots of things. Austin tells her not to care about the valet, the only one who can make her feel bad about herself is her. He tells her not to worry about being called names. Austin tells her to grow up and stop being her own worst enemy. Sami says if this is his idea of a pep-talk then she suggests he avoid a career in motivational speaking. Austin says he just thinks she needs to stop worrying about what everyone thinks. He says she is a young, beautiful and caring woman who can turn things around. She says she tried that and she still lost it. He says shell find another love, and if she is serious about changing then shell find one that it is for keeps.

Sami goes into Chez Rouge, and Mickey and Maggie ask how shes doing? She says on a scale from one to ten, a negative sixty. They think Sami is alone, but Austin walks up and says she is with him. Maggie gives him a hug, and shes glad to see him. She takes them to a table. Meanwhile, the desert is brought out for Mimi and Shawn, and Mickey takes it over to them. Mickey says it is a test recipe and they must be the judges. He says some of their cliental are a bit stuffy, so it is glad to see them here on a date. He says he agrees with Maggie, they really look terrific together. Mimi and Shawn smile and laugh at one another. They admit they arent dating, just good friend. Maggie soon joins them and asks how the cake is? They say it is great. Maggie then has a favor to ask. She says the DJ wasnt cancelled, and hes upset that nobody is dancing. She asks Mimi and Shawn to go dance and save him a lot of years of therapy. Mimi and Shawn agree, and they share a dance. As they dance, Maggie tells Mickey she made it all up, and they are perfect together. Mickey says they had it wrong, they arent even dating. Maggie says maybe not now, but they will be soon.

Sami and Austin are seated, and Sami orders a whole bottle of wine. Austin thinks she shouldnt be drinking. Sami continues to talk about how she, Lucas and Will were supposed to be a family now, but now theyll never speak to her again. Sami says the funny thing is if she died right now, nobody would even care. Austin says not true, hed care. Sami cant believe he cares about her after everything she did to him. Austin says what happened was in the past, and what kind of human would he be if he didnt try and help her. She says hed be like everyone else. Austin says hes not, and Sami says she knows. Austin knows what its like to have your world fall apart. Sami says yes because of her. Austin tells her shes not alone, and to go to the bathroom and freshen up. Sami thinks shes a mess and says shell be right back.

Kate and Nicole arrive and order some drinks at the bar, and Nicole flirts with the bartender. Kate wonders why Nicole has brought her here. Nicole says patience. Kate says shes going to the ladies room, and when she comes back and hasnt solved this mystery then shes leaving. Nicole looks around and wonders what is taking them so long. She sees Austin alone and heads over to see him. She says this is a pleasant surprise. Austin says hello, and she thinks he must be by himself. He says hes with Sami. Nicole says this is tres gallant, then again he was always a gentlemen. She says he is still giving Sami a shoulder to cry on, how chivalrous. Austin says just because things didnt work out for him and Sami doesnt mean he doesnt have feelings for her. She asks what about her, does he have feelings for her.

In the womens room, Sami continues to cry about it being over. Kate shows up and says this has been a long time coming, and she finally stopped her and won. Kate says it was worth waiting, because now the whole town is finished with her. Kate asks Sami if shes not going to congratulate her? Sami says shes going to kill her, and she launches into an attack with a candlestick! 


September 30, 2005
On the boat, Chelsea thinks Bo has sided with Hope and Billie, and that they are all ganging up on her. Hope says they are concerned about her driving the way she did given what happened to her parents. Chelsea tells Hope to stop acting like she cares about her, she hates her because she is Bo's daughter with Billie. Hope says she and Billie don't always agree, but on this they do. Chelsea thinks they all hate her and runs off. Bo decides he should go talk to her, so he heads up top. As Bo talks with Chelsea, Hope and Billie talk about Chelsea and raising kids. Hope tells Billie that raising a teenager is tough, especially one with the problems Chelsea has faced in her life. However Hope says Billie won't have to do it alone, Bo will be there to help her and so will she if Billie would let her. Billie thanks Hope for saying that. Hope suggests they first thing Billie do is talk to her mother about spoiling Chelsea. Billie says she's already done that. Billie wants to be strict with Chelsea, but not too strict. However she doesn't want to let her get away with murder. Hope says a balance has to be found, but not to let the guilty of not being there for Chelsea get to her. Hope says kids know how to work their parents. Billie tells Hope that she thinks Chelsea will turn out okay because she has all of their support, that will make the difference. Meanwhile, Bo goes to check on Chelsea, who is on deck crying. Chelsea isn't in the mood for another lecture, and Bo says she won't get one from him. He offers to listen. Chelsea says women hate her, it's a fact of life. She says Billie and Hope both hate her. Bo says that isn't true. He asks what she and Billie were arguing about, and Chelsea says Sami. Chelsea fills Bo in on what Sami said to her, and the talk she and Billie had about Billie and Kate's pasts. Bo says that is unfortunate, and she shouldn't listen to Sami Brady. Chelsea once again talks about how she can't relate to Billie, she can't talk to her about the things she needs. She says when she won that car she thought finally things were going her way, and then Kate gave her that great job. However she says gas, car insurance and clothes for work all cost money. She refuses to ask Billie for help as Billie will hold it over her head. Bo offers to help her and gives her a pile of money. She thanks him. Bo heads back down to the boat and tells Hope and Billie it's all taken care of. They wonder what he said to her. He says for them not to take this the wrong way, but she can't relate to the two of them. Billie doesn't know of any teenage girl who would open up to her father and not her mother. Bo says Chelsea did. Hope and Billie give one another a look. Back up on deck, Chelsea calls Max and suggests they meet at the new club "The Craze" as she has a pile of cash and is ready to party!

At the hospital, Belle and Phillip discuss what to name their perfect little daughter. Belle has her list, and Phillip says every name on the list is great. He suggests they play eenie-meenie-miney-moe, but Belle tells him no way! She suggests they both write down their favorite and hand them to the other. They do this, and they both pick the same name. They name the baby Claire Kiriakis. They then begin to discuss her christening and who her godparents should be. As they talk, Belle becomes hungry. She asks for him to get her some trail mix, but he says the mother of his child is not eating trail mix from a vending machine. She says nothing else is open at this hour. He says he'll handle that and he'll be back soon.

At Chez Rouge, Mimi and Shawn finish their dance, and then continue with their dinner. They talk about love some more, and Mimi thinks about both Kevin and Rex. The waiter brings over some champagne, compliments of Mickey. He says it was for the reception and can't go to waste. Mimi thinks they should use it to toast to Sami, but Shawn says no way. Mimi feels bad for Sami, and Shawn says she is more forgiving than him and a better person. Mimi suggests they toast to love then, to them finding and keeping true love. They share a toast and drink.

Kate and Sami continue their argument in the bathroom. Sami wants to kill Kate, but Kate suggest she not as she's in enough trouble as is. Sami says because of her, but Kate says she brought this all on herself. Kate tells Sami that she is a terrible human being, just look at what horrible things she said to Chelsea. Sami says she feels sorry for Chelsea because she's related to her. Kate says fortunately none of them will have to deal with Sami much longer, everyone is through with her. Sami says Lucas and Roman are through with Kate as well, and her ex-lover John has ditched her for her mother Marlena. Kate says at least Lucas will move on, he'll find someone worthy of him. Sami tells Kate that what she and Lucas had was the real deal, and Kate screwed it up for all of them. Kate says Lucas is better off without her. Sami asks Kate what she'll do, buy Lucas a new woman? Sami says they all know how that turned out the last time. Kate says both of her sons are through with both her and Nicole, so don't even think about going near her sons. Kate says she is leaving, and Sami is pathetic coming here to enjoy her supposed reception all alone. Sami says she isn't alone. Kate wonders what pathetic fool she got to come out with her. Sami smiles and says Kate will soon learn.

Austin is talking with Nicole and advising her that she doesn't need the booze, it is a crutch. Nicole assures Austin that she definitely needs the alcohol. She talks to Austin about everything that's happened since he's been gone, and how Sami isn't the only one unlucky in love. Later Austin suggests they dance, and as they do, Austin admits to Nicole he thought about calling her a few times, he even did once but didn't leave a message. She asks why he really came back to town, and he says he left his heart in Salem. Nicole is intrigued. At this point Phillip walks in to get Belle some food. He sees Mimi with Shawn, but then sees Nicole and Austin. He pulls Austin aside to talk and catch up on old times. He fills Austin in on how his life is going, and then warns Austin to stay away from Nicole. He heard what Austin said to her about his heart, but Austin refuses to elaborate on who or what he was commenting on. Later Austin and Nicole sit back down to eat when Kate shows up. She's glad to see Austin, but not Nicole. Nicole swears she just came over to say hi. Kate thinks Nicole can go, now that she is here she can have dinner with her son. Austin says he's sorry but he can't. Austin says he's with someone. Kate thinks he is seeing someone in New York and brought her to Salem with him. Austin says not exactly. Kate asks well who is he here with? Sami shows up and says me! 

Back at the hospital, Shawn and Mimi arrive after Phillip called them to come. They thought something was wrong with the baby, but Phillip says not at all. He explains they have a special favor to ask. Phillip asks them if they would be their child's godparents?

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