April 3 , 2006
Jen and Frankie return to Jens house, Jen is really worried about Bo and Hope right now. She feels so sorry for Bo, hes doing everything Hope wanted done before Zack died. Frankie says at least he's preparing for her coming home. She says there is no guarantee that Hope is even coming home. Jen cant imagine them breaking up. Frankie thinks Jen needs a boost, they should go away to Green Mountain Lodge. He tells her shes so worried about everyone elses lives that shes not focusing on her own. He says they can go away and have some fun, what does she say. Jen isnt sure about this. Maggie then shows up at the door, she has a suitcase. Apparently Frankie has planned this for awhile. Maggie says shes going to take care of the kids while they are away. Jen realizes that Frankie assumed she would already say yes. Frankie says he kinda did. He says if she wants to go then they should leave soon before it gets dark. Frankie leaves her to think about things. Maggie tells Jen it would do her good to get away, so why does she feel so torn? Jen thinks its just moving way too fast. Maggie says Frankie has been patient, hes been in love with her his entire adult life. Jen says yes, but what about what she wants? Maggie asks what she wants. Jen says she has feelings for Frankie, but she feels like everyone is forcing her into this because she cant take care of herself. Maggie says that isnt it, they just want her to be happy. Jen says being happy terrifies her, and she feels like it is too soon to move on. She says she's just buried her husband for the third time. Maggie says everyone understands that, but Jen says everyone wanted her on the dance floor to catch the bouquet. Maggie says thats tradition, and she is a single woman now whether she feels she is or not. Maggie tells Jen to go away and have a good time, she can still come home a single woman, this isn't a marriage proposal. Jen doesnt know. Maggie tells Jen what Alice always says, life doesnt wait around for you to live it. Jen eventually tells Frankie that shes going to go. Maggie is glad, and she sees them off.

Jen and Frankie show up at the lodge. They are having dinner, and she asks him to dance. She says okay. He asks if shes okay? She says yes, but he says shes not. He knows she doesnt want to be here. Jen says of course she wants to be here. Frankie says okay, and he excuses himself for a moment to use the restroom. Jen thinks to herself that this is moving too fast, but if she tells Frankie that then she may lose him. She doesn't know what to do.

On Morgan Island, Hope gets an email from the Salem Chronicle, its about Shawns wedding. Hope cant believe this, Shawn promised to wait for her to come back. She then says look at that. Billie and Chelsea are pictured with the caption Two uninvited guests. Hope cant believe the nerve of these two, why would they do this. Patrick says they obviously knew she wouldnt be there. He also doesnt understand why Shawn married without her. Hope says he did it because he wanted to protect her, he knew she needed to get away and couldnt go into that church so soon after the funeral. She reads the paper, which details how Chelseas appearance stopped the wedding. She cant read it, so she asks Patrick to read it to her. The paper basically details what happened, and how Bo and Billie were seen comforting Chelsea outside of the church later on. Hope cant believe Bo chose Chelsea over his son, Shawn had to get married without either of his parents or his little brother there. Hope is furious with Bo, its clear that he wants to be with Billie and Chelsea. Patrick says she doesnt know that, and she is everything to Bo. Hope says no, this is proof that he only cares about Billie and Chelsea. Hope says this is the last straw, it is over, she wants a divorce. Patrick cant believe shes done this, write him and email and say it was a mistake. Hope says no, shes made up her mind. Patrick says remember her love for him, they have a family. Hope takes a trip down memory lane with some classic Bo and Hope flashbacks. Patrick begs Hope not to make the biggest mistake of her life, dont give up on Bo. Later, Hope gets the return email that Chelsea sent (see below), and shes in tears. She says Bo agreed, he didnt even feel conflicted, hes standing by Billie and Chelsea. Hope says its over. 

At Billies, Chelsea is at her PC and thinking about Frankie telling her that they couldnt keep her out of jail, they would have to try and minimize her jail time. Chelsea refuses to go to jail, not if she can help it. She says she just has to break up Bo and Hope for good, and this should do the trick. Chelsea says Hope wont know what hit her. Later, Chelsea says this was a lot of work, but it was worth it. Once Hope sees the article and those pictures, Hope will never forgive Bo, Bo will end up with Billie and she wont go to jail. She says Zack wouldnt want her to go to jail, he knows it was an accident. She says its too bad Hope has to get hurt, but after the way Hope has treated her, who cares. As Chelsea is trying to delete what shes done, she ends up finding Bo never logged out of his email. Chelsea says her dad read her personal files, so shell read his. She thinks Hope may soon be getting in touch with Bo after reading about the wedding. Later, Chelsea gets Hopes email to Bo and she responds telling her that there is no way they can stay together now, and how sorry he is about Zack, but it is now his responsibility to protect Chelsea. He says if she cant live with that, then they have no future and he wont contest her divorce. He says right now he has to be here for Chelsea and Billie, and what they had is over. Bo continues to say its best that they go their separate ways. She then sends the email from Bo. Chelsea gets a signal on her PC that Hope read the email. She says now all she needs to do is cover her tracks. She says soon Hope will be out of the picture for good. 

At St. Luke's, Alex and Marlenas wedding begins. Marlena walks down the aisle and to the altar where Alex is standing. Father Jansen begins the ceremony, while up in the belfry John aims his gun at Alex. Father Jansen ask if they both come freely and without reservations, and Marlena says she does. Meanwhile, Shawn notices Johns gun up in the belfry sticking out of a grate. Shawn alerts Abe, Roman and Tek. Roman and Shawn go up to try and stop John, while Abe puts Tek in the confessional to get a shot at John if he has to. John has his sites set on Alexs chest, while Tek sets his on John. Roman tells Tek to hold his fire for now. As the wedding goes on, John has trouble getting a shot on Alex because they keep moving, for example to light and blow out candles. Belle stands by her mom and hopes she wont go through with this. Father Jansen asks if anyone has reasons why this wedding should not go on. Everyone looks at Belle! Mimi remembers how Belle stopped her own wedding. She wonders if Belle will do that again. Shawn and Roman show up at the tower, the door is locked. They beg John not to do this, but he says hes taking Alex out, its the only way to stop this wedding. Shawn and Roman try and break the door down. The wedding continues, and as Marlena says her vows, Mimi thinks she sounds like a zombie. In Marlenas head, she remembers her vows to John. Alex can see MArlena is wavering, so he flashes his little pendant to make her continue. Shawn ends up messaging Belle, who has a police earpiece. He tells her that they cant get into the room to stop John, hes in the belfry and has a clear shot at Alex. Belle realizes it is up to her to stop this. Belle ends up throwing her bouquet on the floor and picks them up, moving in front of Alex and looking at her father! She is now in his sites. John is unable to shoot Alex, and Marlena and Alex are pronounced man and wife. Abe finally gets in and stops John, who ends up in tears. Roman tells John there is nothing more they can do. Belle is upset and asks Shawn how this could have happened? He says she has to accept that sometimes the wrong people end up together. Mimi looks on as he says this. John is brought down, and Alex gloats to him. He says hes sorry he missed the wedding, there will be no reception though, hes anxious to start his wedding night.


April 4, 2006

Jen and Frankie are at the Green Mountain Lodge. They are finishing dinner at the restaurant. Frankie says he doesnt know about her, but hes ready for bed. She says no, shes not ready. He says finish her coffee, take her time, have some dessert. Frankie talks about how the wine was really good, it has him so mellow. He says he cant wait to get into bed and relax. Shes unsure about this, this is a huge decision. He says yeah, the deserts are amazing and hard to choose from. Jen says shes going to pass on desert. Frankie suggests they go up to the rooms then. They then head up to the rooms. As they are about to go in, he says he really wants this evening to be special for her. Jen says she cant do this! Frankie asks what is wrong? He begins rambling about how if she doesnt think she can sleep hell be in the adjoining room. Jen says they have separate rooms? Frankie says yes, and then he realizes why Jen was so upset. He says hes sorry, he should have made it clear that he got two rooms. Jen feels better and ends up going into her room and Frankie goes into the room next door. Jen wonders why shes acting like a teenager. She says shes a grown woman, she needs to start acting like one. Jen goes outside later and runs into Frankie on the adjoining porches. Neither could sleep and both came out for fresh air. They looks up at the stars and Jen talks about how beautiful it is. Frankie only looks at Jen. They end up sharing a kiss. Frankie decides to go back in, but Jen tells him not to go. She says hes been a perfect gentlemen. He says maybe thats why he never gets the girl. She says he has the girl now. They then share a passionate kiss.

At the church, Roman tells John that they couldnt let him get away with killing Alex. John says Alex is a danger to Marlena and she is a dead woman now. Roman says they believe him that Alex is bad, but until they can prove it they cant do anything. He tells John to let them do their work. John says if he thought they would nail Alex then hed stand aside. Roman says that is it, and he and Abe cuff John and arrests him. John thinks Alex is going to take Marlena away and kill her, and her death is on Romans head. Roman says he cares about Marlena but they cant detain North without evidence. As they are hauling John off, he comes face to face with Alex and Marlena! Alex says he and his wife have discussed this, she is such a compassionate woman as he knows. Marlena says she knows this isnt how John normally acts, from what she knows about him, and she wants him to get professional help. Alex says they have decided not to press charges against him. John cant believe this. Alex says hes willing to let bygones be bygones. They agree to drop the charges and move on, John has to accept defeat. Marlena says there is one condition. She says she doesnt want to put Belles father and Claires grandfather behind bars, but he must get the help he needs. John says he doesnt want to be in jail because shes still at the mercy of that bastard. He swears to Marlena that her life is at stake. She says he is embarrassing himself, and they have nothing more to say. She says she wishes him well. Marlena leaves with Alex, and Abe and Roman hold John back. John lashes out at Roman asking him why hes not trying to stop this as well.

Roman take John back to Kates hotel suite. Roman wants Johns word if he takes the cuffs off if hell behave himself. John just makes heavy breathing sounds, and Roman unlocks him. John looks over at the penthouse, Alex is in the bedroom with MArlena and they are on the terrace. Alex holds Marlena. She tells him that everything looks so beautiful by moon light. Alex says especially her. She tells him that he always makes her feel special. He says he certainly tries. John continues to watch them as Alex puts his hands all over Marlena. Roman tells him to stop watching them, hes driving himself crazy. John says that is what Alex wants, hes baiting him. Roman says don't fall for it then. He says Alex wants to rub his face in the fact that he won. Roman says Alex is Marlenas husband, he hates this as much as John but he has to accept it. Alex and MArlena go inside, and John says Alex escaped with his life tonight, but he swears on his own life that this isnt over.

Kate arrives at Billies to see how things are going. Chelsea is on the PC typing, and Kate thinks she seems relaxed for someone going on trial for her brothers death. Chelsea says shes not a heartless monster, she did love Zack. Kate says she knows, and she asks if she has inside info on the trial or something that has put her so at ease? Chelsea says shes pretty sure Bo is going to testify for her and shes sure Hope wont be there. Kate asks Chelsea if she knows something? Chelsea says she knows for a fact that Bo and Hope are never getting back together. Kate asks how she knows this. Chelsea says because she made sure of it. Kate asks exactly what did she do? Kate says she doesnt want to see Bo and Hope get back together either, she is on Chelseas side. Kate says maybe she can even help her. Chelsea says fine shell tell her everything. She tells her about the email and shows her some print outs. Kate is impressed and tells Chelsea she is something else. Chelsea says she didnt do it to be mean, but Billie and Bo are her parents and they should be together and a family. Kate says what will stop Bo from getting Hopes email on his computer and responding to it? Chelsea says shes taken care of that, she rerouted her dads email to send it to her first. Her computer beeps, and it is Bos email to Hope arriving to her PC! They read the email and Kate says if Hope reads this then Chelsea and Billie dont stand a chance. Chelsea says Hope can never see this email, shes going to delete it before it gets to Hope. She does so and says all she wants is for her parents to be together. Kate says she wants more than that. Chelsea says she wants to stay out of prison too. Kate says she gets the feeling that what Chelsea wants, Chelsea gets. Later, Kate warns Chelsea this could all bite her on the butt if Bo and Hope talk on the phone. Chelsea asks Kate to help her, but Kate says she has enough to worry about and she cant get involved. Kate says Billie has made it clear that she shouldnt interfere, so its up to Chelsea now.

On Morgan Island, Hope cant believe Bo responded so quickly to the email. She says she never should have sent it, she should have listened to Patrick. She says its all over now. Hope says she just made the biggest mistake of her life. She breaks down and Patrick comforts her. Patrick tells Hope to call him back, say she was angry. Hope says how can she talk to him, she is still furious after reading those papers. Patrick understands, but she has to understand that Chelsea is Bos daughter. Hope says yes and right now Bo, Billie and Chelsea are looking like a happy family. Patrick doubts that Bo is happy because Bo is grieving too. Hope doesnt understand why Bo just agreed to the divorce, he didnt ask where she was or if he could call and talk to her. Patrick doesnt know. Hope says she thinks Zacks death gave Bo the excuse to get out of their marriage, she thinks Bo wants to be with Billie and their daughter right now. Patrick pleads with her to write Bo back, what she and Bo have doesnt come along every day. Hope says he wants a divorce, but Patrick says she asked for it and maybe he gave it to her because it is what she wants. Hope says maybe she was testing him, but he failed. Hope doesnt know what to do, so she is going to take a walk on the beach. Hope takes a walk and has more flashbacks of her and Bo. Hope returns later and tells Patrick that hes right, she and Bo have shared too much to let it end like this. He suggests she call him right now.

Billie shows up to check on Bo. Bo says hes not up for visitors. Billie says its not a social call, they have to talk about Chelsea's defense. She asks what is wrong? Bo says hes heard from Hope, she wants a divorce. Bo says she sent him an email, and he should have seen this coming. He says this is all his fault. He says its Chelsea s fault too, and Hope cant forgive him for that either. He says he cant blame Chelsea though, and he cant blame Hope for hating him. Billie says Hope doesnt hate him, and she tells Bo to write her back and tell her that he wants to work things out. Bo wants to do that, but hes afraid hell make things worse. He thinks if he gives Hope time then shell reconsider. Billie says they need to fix this. Bo thanks Billie for supporting him on this. Billie knows its over between them and he should be with Hope. She tells Bo to write Hope back, the sooner the better. Bo gets to work, and Billie tells herself this is what you do when you love some one. She tells herself that she has to do this after what she did to come between Bo and Hope earlier. Bo sits down and begins writing a loving email to Hope about Zacks death and how sorry he is, and how he hopes it isnt too late and he cant accept the idea of a divorce. He asks her to come home and give them a chance. Bo waits around wondering why Hope isnt responding to his email. Billie says he has to believe in Hope, and maybe this divorce is about opening up the lines of communications. Billie tells Bo and that he and Hope have a love for the ages, and those types always end happily ever after. She says his words to Hope were beautiful and heartfelt, there is no woman who couldnt read those words and come running back to him. Billie tells Bo she would kill to hear those words from him, but she knows they are the past. She wants him to be happy, that is all. Meanwhile, Chelsea shows up and sees Bo get a call from Hope. Bo is glad Hope called. Chelsea, who is outside, panics. She says she has to stop this.


April 5, 2006
At Lucas place, Carrie is thinking about Lucas proposal and Austin talking to her afterwards. Kate shows up to see Lucas, but Carrie says hes working late at Titan. Kate says okay well shell come back later. Kate then sees the black box on the table. Kate asks if this is an engagement ring? She says it is, Lucas proposed. Kate is stunned, and she remembers Lucas lecturing her about how if she helped Carrie and Austin get together hed punish her as well as Austin. Kate thinks Carrie obviously said no and she  asks Carrie if she said no because hes not the right man? Carrie says no, but because it is too fast and too soon. She says she wants to start a family, so when she gets married again she wants her marriage to last, and she wants her child to be conceived out of love. Kate asks Carrie not to string Lucas along. Carrie says shes not, and she just wants to be sure after her marriage to Austin ended and what happened with Mike. Kate thinks Carries feelings for Austin are factoring in  this, and Carrie says they are. However she says she has feelings for Lucas too, and she has chosen him. She says she wants to make sure she has made the right choice. Kate says both of her sons would be lucky to have her and she says dont leave them hanging too long, make her decision and find some happiness. Kate says she has to go, so Carrie sees her out. Carrie looks at the ring and says she does love Lucas, but she loves Austin and always will. She wonders if she made the wrong choice. She says she knows what she has to do and she begins writing a letter to Lucas. Later, Carrie goes up to the roof to think. She remembers Lucas telling her how much he loves her, how hes always loved her. She then thinks about meeting Austin on the roof in the past for romantic dates. 

Shirtless Austin lifts weights as Sami ogles him and fantasizes about be feeling him all up and getting a bit physical with him. Sami thinks they could be great together, all she has to do is make him forget about Carrie, and she will starting tonight. Sami puts on some sexy little outfit and offers him some ice tea. He thanks her, and says she looks good, is she going out? Sami says it depends on him. She asks if he wants to go to Dune with her and get a drink? He says hed love to but he has so much work to do, he need to get Nicole some work before a big meeting tomorrow. He says he needs to finish his workout with some boxing and then he has to get to work. Sami says shes not letting him go and she stops him. Austin thinks this has to do with Lucas, she is upset over him proposing to Carrie. Sami knows Austin is upset too, thats why hes working out so hard. Austin admits he thought he would be with Carrie. Sami says she thought the same thing about Lucas, but shes accepted it wont happen. Austin has accepted he and Carrie are over, but he doesnt think hell ever get over her. Sami says never say never, maybe they could get over them together. They then begin kissing! Austin eventually pulls away and says this isnt right. Sami says people do it all the time, they need this. He says its the last thing they need, they are on the rebound. He doesnt want to screw up their friendship. She says they have had sex before, but he says they dont have that relationship anymore. He says what they do have is important to him and he doesnt want to ruin it. He says he is going now, hes going to go finish his workout. She smiles and says okay, go do your cardio. Austin leaves, and Sami says she wont let anyone or anything stop her from getting him back. 

In the hall, Kate wonders how things are going with Chelsea, she would love to see Bo and Hope getting back together again. She says the only thing that she has to worry about now is Sami and Austin. Sami shows up at this point, she was taking the garbage out, and she tells Kate if she interferes in her life again and she is dead! Sami warns Kate not to sabotage her happiness, but Kate says she is the one who always does that. Kate follows Sami back into her apartment. Kate refuses to leave until Sami assures her that she stays away from Austin. Sami doesnt have to assure her of anything and if she doesnt leave then shell call her dad and have her forcibly removed. Kate says do that, hes the only one who doesnt despise her. Sami says not true, earlier she and Austin were very cozy on the sofa. Kate tells Sami if she makes a move on Austin then shell make her life hell. Sami says she is a bitch, why cant she leave her alone!

At Green Mountain Lodge, Jen and Frankie share a passionate kiss. Frankie asks Jen if shes sure, they can wait. Jen says shes ready, she wants him to make love to her. Frankie carries Jen back to her room. He ends up putting their song on, Stand By Me. They think about their past together and continue to kiss. Later they have apparently finished the deed. Frankie tells Jen that he loves her. Jen looks at Frankie and ends up morphing into Jack! Jack tells Jen that this is okay, Frankie loves her, and she can trust him. He tells Jen to just let this happen, tell Frankie how she feels. He says he knows shell be okay and hell rest in peace. Frankie asks Jen if she is okay? Jen says yes, she was thinking about what he said. Jen tells Frankie that she thinks shes always loved him too. They kiss and hug, and outside of the door Jen sees Jacks spirit fade away. Frankie then holds Jen in his arms.

On Morgan Island, Patrick talks with Hope about calling Bo and working things out. She says Bo agreed to the divorce, but Patrick says only because she blind sided him and he thought it was what she really wanted. At Bos, Billie is encouraging Bo about how Hope will come around after reading his email. Chelsea arrives and thinks about how she screwed with their emails and they dont know what is really going on. Bo gets a call from Hope, and Chelsea panics and realizes she has to do something. She says this may be crazy, but hopefully this will work. Bo and Hope talk to one another, Bo says its good to hear her voice, is she okay, did he get his email. She says she did and they need to talk. Chelsea, meanwhile, climbs the telephone poll and says she doesnt have a choice. As they talk, Bo tells her that he meant what he said in the email. Hope asks him to hold, and tells Patrick that Bo meant it, he wants a divorce. Meanwhile, Billie tells Bo to recite his letter to her word for word, tell her that she doesnt want a divorce. Hope returns and says its time to get everything out on the table. Back outside, Chelsea cuts the wire, sparks fly and she screams as she's sent shooting to the ground. Billie wonders what that was and goes outside. Hope asks Bo if Billie is there? Bo says she is. Hope rolls her eyes. Meanwhile, Chelsea climbs back up to cut another wire as Billie looks around to see what is going on. Hope tells Bo that she cant talk to Bo right now with Billie there. He says she just stopped by to talk about Chelsea's defense, but  she has gone now. Hope says she cant talk to him now, she has to go. He begs her to reread his email to understand how he feels. She says she understand fully, and shell have Uncle Mickey contact him about the divorce. Suddenly the line goes dead. Bo thinks that Hope hung up on him. Billie returns, and Bo says hes lost her, he lost her for good. 

On Morgan Island, Hope thinks Bo hung up on her. She also says Billie was there in their house, hes moved on. She says she and Bo are finished. Patrick says hes sorry, he knows she didnt want it to end like this. Hope says she thought they had a chance, but she was wrong. The email and Bo being with Billie now tells her everything. Hope says she knows what she has to do. Hope sends Bo another email saying she wants the divorce as fast as possible. 

Back at Bos, Billie tells Bo how sorry she is, she cant believe she is going through with his. Outside, Chelseas PDA receives Hopes email, and she says perfect. She then forwards it to Bo. Bo reads the email and is stunned, she still wants a divorce. Billie says shes sorry and comforts him. Bo says its over. 


April 6, 2006
At the loft, Shawn asks Mimi where they were before they got interrupted at the cabin. Mimi thinks they were kissing. Shawn begins necking her. Shawn tells Mimi hes glad they didnt go back to the cabin, he needs her right now. They begin to go at it on the couch. Later they are cuddling. Shawn tells her that shes the best thing to happen to him and he loves her so much. He feels sometimes he doesnt tell or show her that enough. She says hes doing just fine. Shawn just wishes he could do better. Shawn flashes to some conversation Bo and Shawn had about Mimi when things were getting serious. Shawn didnt know if Mimi really knew how much he loved her. Bo told him talk was cheap, and he gave him some pointers on how to show her. Mimi falls asleep, and Shawn sneaks off. After he leaves, Mimi wakes up and looks around wondering where Shawn is.

Over at the other loft, Belle is making a bottle for Claire and hears Mimi and Shawn making love through the vents. She remembers walking in on Shawn and Mimi at the cabin. She realizes she has really lost him. Belle hears Shawn tell Mimi that he loves her. Belle ends up becoming upset.

Shawn is out walking on the street. He sees an open manhole and heads to the mailbox to mail some letters. Belle walks by, trips, and Shawn quickly grabs her as shes about to fall in the manhole. Bonnie happened to be walking the dog, and she sees Belle with Shawn. She thinks they have a problem. Shawn and Belle sit on a bench, he asks why shes out so late? She says she couldnt sleep and wanted some air. He says thats understandable with what happened at the wedding today. Belle thanks Shawn for helping her with that, and she says shes sorry about ruining his honeymoon and she should have gone to Phillip. Shawn asks why didnt she? She says she doesnt know, maybe it was because of his leg. Shawn thinks thats not it, its because shes upset that he married Mimi. Belle says she will accept hes married to Mimi, and she wants him to be happy. Shawn says good. Shawn says he should be getting back, he wanted to surprise Mimi with some flowers. Belle says shell love that, and shell do the same thing for Phillip. They go in search of some flowers together. Later they return to their lofts and say goodbye in the hallway.

Bonnie goes up to see Mimi and tells her that Belle and Shawn are together on the street, Shawn rescued her from falling down a manhole. Bonnie tells Mimi that she needs to remind Belle who Shawns wife is, and then she whispers to her what else Mimi needs to do. Mimi says becoming a sexual contortionist wont solve her problems. She says she knows Shawn loves her, but she doesnt know why he cant stay away from Belle. What if he still loves her? Bonnie says so what, she is his wife. Bonnie says a man can be in love with more woman at one time. She says Mickey loved her more than Maggie, but he had to marry Maggie and do the right thing. She says Belle and Shawn are the same way, they wont throw their marriages away. Bonnie tells Mimi to give Shawn some good loving and before long hell be saying Belle who? Mimi later catches Shawn and Belle in the hallway together. Shawn has flowers, he says he went to the store to get food and some flowers. He says he ran into Belle and she helped her pick things out. Mimi kisses him and tells Belle that she has the best husband ever. Belle says she does. Mimi takes Shawn into their apartment, and Belle heads to hers. Mimi and Shawn go into their place and once again make love. 

Carrie is on the roof when Austin shows up. He says he was coming up here to get a workout. She says shell leave him, but he says no. He says hes glad they ran into one another, they need to talk. Austin says hell do whatever it takes to convince her that they belong together. Austin turns on his old lights, they still work. He talks about how much they loved it up here, and how young they were then. Austin and Carrie take a trip down memory lane and remember the good times they had up here. Austin tells Carrie he knows she wants to be with him too. She says its too late, what they had was wonderful but its over and they have moved on. She says she has made up her mind, shes accepting Lucas proposal. She says shes sorry if that hurts him. She says she feels they should be honest. Austin asks if shes being honest with herself? Carrie says they have hurt one another so much, she and Lucas could give their kids a stable home and family. Austin says they could have a family together as well. Carrie has a flashback to Lexies gigantic genetic lie. Carrie tells Austin that they cant be together. He asks why not? Carrie says they just cant. He doesnt believe that, they still love one another. He tells Carrie that they would have a beautiful family. Carrie says they cant have a family together, shes marrying Lucas. Austin wont accept that, what they feel is real. He asks why has she suddenly changed her mind about Lucas? She wasnt ready to marry him yesterday. Carrie knows this is hard for him, but she loves Lucas. Austin says so that is it? He says he cant force her to feel anything, but he thought what she felt for him was more than what she felt for Lucas. He says he must have been wrong. He says he wants her to be happy, and if marrying Lucas will make her happy then do it. Carrie thanks him and says she wants him to be happy too. Carrie thinks the right woman for him is out there, and she thinks maybe it could be Sami. Austin thinks she just feels guilty for planning a life with the guy her sister loves. Carrie says maybe, but maybe Sami and Lucas arent meant to be. Carrie tells Austin that he brings out the best in Sami. Austin says he wants Sami to be happy, but he thinks Sami should be with Lucas. Austin asks how their lives got to be so messed up? He thinks Sami and Lucas should be together and he should be with her. Carrie says this is how things are and they have to accept it. She says shell build a life with Lucas and maybe he should do the same with Sami. Carrie says she has to go and walks off.

Lucas returns home with flowers for Carrie. He finds the note Carrie wrote him on the desk. It says that Carrie will give him her answer to his proposal soon. Will shows up, he left a notebook here. Will asks Lucas if Carrie gave him an answer yet? Lucas says no, but soon. Lucas thinks she will say yes though. Lucas knows Will hoped hed get back with Sami, but thats not going to happen. Lucas asks Will if he will be okay with Carrie being a part of their lives? Will wants his dad to be happy, but he is having a hard time dealing with knowing he and mom wont be together. Lucas says everything happens for a reason, and maybe they werent meant to be. Will just doesnt know how they could have loved one another for so long and just end it. Lucas doesnt want Will to think love is pointless. He says marriage is a wonderful thing. Will asks how hed know? Lucas says hes waited this long to get it right, marriage is supposed to be forever. Will says except for fifty percent of people, people like him and Nicole. Lucas says love is hard, marriage is hard, its all about loving someone more than you love yourself. Lucas says tells Will he cant be afraid to love someone because he thinks it might end. Lucas says he wouldnt change a thing that has happened, even knowing it wouldnt last. Will says if he and mom love one another then why cant they make it last. Lucas says sometimes it takes more than love. Lucas says you need trust and they dont have that. He doesnt want Will to be down on love because of what happened to his parents. He says look at Tom and Alice and Caroline and Shawn, they give them all hope. Carrie returns as Lucas is talking to Will about how he hopes to have that with Carrie. She listens and smiles. Will leaves, and Carrie returns. Lucas tells Carrie that Will is staying with a friend tonight, and he has something for her. Lucas gives her some flowers and also has dinner reservations if she wants to go out. Carrie says there is something important that she needs to tell him first. Carrie says she is ready to give him an answer, she will marry him. Lucas is thrilled and kisses her and spins her around. 

In Samis apartment, Sami is furious with Kate for barging into her apartment. Kate warns Sami not to make a move on Austin or she will make her life miserable. Sami says Austin made the moves on her and they were going at it . . . Kate tells her to shut up and attacks Sami! Sami pushes her off and tells Kate not to touch her again, Austin will find out and hate her. Kate says she doesnt know why shes wasting her time, Austin wont go near her. Sami says shes wrong, Austin is meant to be with her. Kate asks what woman would try and convince a man to love her? She tells Sami that shes her own worst enemy. Sami says shed be happy with Lucas if it werent for what Kate did. They begin arguing about the past and what happened. Kate tells Sami its no wonder Lucas wants to marry Carrie, he knows which sister is worth his time. They go at it again, and Austin shows up to break up round two. Austin ends up telling Kate not to interfere in his personal life and to leave. Kate is of course stunned. Kate says all she was doing was trying to protect him. Austin doesnt care and says leave Sami alone. Kate says all Samis ever done is hurt him and Lucas. She says if Austin wont protect himself then she will. Austin tells Kate that he has forgiven her for so many things, and hes done the same for Sami. He says he can see that Sami has changed and maybe his feelings for her never went away. He tells Sami that hes been doing a lot of thinking, he thinks they should spend more time together and see what happens. Sami is thrilled, Kate isnt. Kate says hes just doing this to spite her. Austin says hes always felt protective of Sami and she has changed. Austin says hes changed too, and maybe things worked out this way for a reason. Austin tells Sami they should do more then spend time together, they should start dating again, maybe they have what it takes to make it. Sami jumps into his arms.

At Bos, Chelsea walks in and asks if something is wrong? Billie says her father got bad news. Chelsea asks what is going on? Billie says Hope has asked for a divorce. Chelsea flashes back to how she orchestrated all of this. Chelsea puts on a little act and cries that this is all her fault and shes so sorry. She then hugs Bo. After she cries about how everyone close to her gets hurt, Bo asks if shes finished? She says what? Bo tells her this is a load of crap and he doesnt want to hear anymore. He knows shes thrilled that his marriage is falling apart and Hope wont be here to testify at her trial. Bo says he cut her too much slack out of guilt, he should have been tougher on her. He says maybe then she wouldnt think she could get through life by being so selfish and irresponsible. He hopes it isnt too late, and he thinks her going to prison is exactly what she needs. Chelsea cant believe he said that. She asks Billie if shes going to let him talk to her like this. Billie says hes right, all shes tried to do is come between her father and his family and it has to stop. Chelsea runs off in tears, and Billie tells Bo that he did the right thing. Bo just hopes what he said wasnt too little too late. Billie tells him not to feel bad about what he said, it took guys and she should have said it a long time ago. Bo thinks he should look for her, she does stupid things when shes upset. Billie says no, he gave her tough love and she has to be by herself so this can sink in.

Chelsea ends up storming off, and she trips and falls into the open manhole! Chelsea ends up unconscious in the sewer system!


April 7, 2006
At Lucas' place, Lucas is thrilled that Carrie accepted his proposal. He asks why she chose him. She remembers the Lexie lie, but just says he is the man she knows she wants to be with. Lucas says he wants to do this right. He gets down on one knee and proposes to her, telling her how he's always loved her and he believes it was God's plan for them to eventually end up with one another. Carrie seems to flinch as he is about to put the ring on her finger, and he asks if she's changed her mind? She says no and she loves him. He then puts the ring on her finger. He thinks they should go out and celebrate, have a great dinner, the best lobsters or something. Carrie thinks about her lobster adventure with Austin, and she cries no lobsters! He says okay, no lobsters. He thinks they should share their news though.

At Sami's, when Austin tells Sami he thinks they should start dating, Kate faints! Austin runs to his mother, who comes to. She asks what happened? He tells her what he just said to Sami, and she says no wonder she fainted. Austin gets a call from Nicole which he has to take. He excuses himself, and Sami and Kate argue. Kate knows Sami did something to make Carrie choose Lucas so that she could have Austin. Kate refuses to let Austin be with Sami, he will be with Carrie. Sami thinks she wants Austin with Carrie because then Sami will end up with neither Lucas nor Austin. She says Lucas chose Carrie, can't Kate stop interfering in his life? Kate says Austin belongs with Carrie, and once Lucas sees that then she'll help him find a nice girl. Sami says he is capable of finding a woman for himself. When another fight starts between them, Austin tells Nicole he'll call her back and breaks them up again. Austin thinks it is time for Kate to stay out of his life and go. He opens the door and Lucas and Carrie are standing there.

Lucas and Carrie come to give Austin, Sami and Kate the news, they are engaged. Kate is stunned. Lucas hopes they are happy for them, and Sami says she is. Lucas tells Kate that she helped them come together, so welcome Carrie to the family. Kate tells Carrie that she'd be honored to have her as a daughter-in-law again. Sami decides to break out the champagne. As she pours it, and soda for Lucas, Austin asks Kate what Lucas meant, what did she do to help him get Carrie? Kate says she did nothing, she was just supportive. Austin doesn't believe her. Sami passes out the champagne and soda, and she assumes she'll be Carrie's maid of honor as she's her only sister. She begins talking about the wedding, but Carrie tells Sami to slow it down, they haven't even begun to think about that yet. Sami says they aren't getting any younger and should set a date. Meanwhile, Kate tells Austin just because he lost Carrie doesn't mean he has to date Sami, find another woman. Austin ignores his mom and celebrates with Lucas and Carrie. 

On Morgan Island, Hope and Patrick sit outside by the fire. Patrick continues to urge Hope not to give up on Bo and her marriage, but she says it is over. She didn't expect Bo to agree to the divorce as he did. Patrick says maybe he did it out of anger? She admits she doesn't want this, she doesn't want her marriage to end. She says she was angry after seeing the newspaper article. She says maybe asking Bo for a divorce was her way of trying to get them to open up, to begin talking. She expected Bo to refuse, to fight for her. She says he didn't. Hope says he's chosen to move on with Billie and their child killing daughter. Hope looks at her ring and cries that it's over, all this is now is a band of metal. She throws it into the ocean, and Patrick asks how she could do that? She says it's over, it means nothing anymore, she's all alone now. Patrick says Bo is a fool and pulls Hope into a kiss! 

Bo and Billie continue to talk about Chelsea. Bo thinks he pushed too much and should look for her, but Billie says he did the right thing. Bo is afraid she's going to do something stupid. He calls her, but she doesn't answer. She's unconscious in the sewer. Billie thinks Chelsea isn't answering on purpose, this is another game of hers. She tells Bo not to fall for her manipulations, he needs to concentrate on Hope and his marriage. Bo says she's such a good friend to support him like this. Billie says she hasn't always supported him, but Bo says she has, even back when he found Hope at Maison Blanche she was supportive and even left town. Billie says she knows he belongs with Hope. Billie fears Chelsea is the way she is because of her, she got her and her mother's scheming genes. Billie says she was just like Chelsea at her age, but Bo says her circumstances were different because of what Curtis did to her. Billie says there is more, Chelsea knows she has tried to come between him and Hope in the past, and she thinks Chelsea thinks she can get away with it as well. Bo tells Billie not to blame herself for Chelsea's mistakes. He says she has proven herself a true friend, she could have taken advantage of Hope leaving but didn't. MEanwhile, two workers prepare to close up the manhole and wonder if they should check the sewer out first, just to make sure nobody is down there. Once again we see Chelsea unconscious in the sewer.


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