April 10, 2006
Sami, Lucas, Carrie and Austin are celebrating at Samis place. Kate is now gone. Lucas thinks his mom is really happy for him. Sami says as long as hes not marrying her then she's sure Kate is happy. Austin tells Lucas that hes getting a good girl, and Sami says Carrie is getting a good guy. Lucas says he and Carrie should be going, they have dinner plans. Sami suggests to Austin that they go out too, they could go to Dune. Austin says that is a good idea, they should go out but only if Carrie and Lucas agree to join them. Sami tells Austin that they just got engaged, they dont want them intruding. Austin isnt so sure, he thinks they need to know they are behind them on this. Austin tells Lucas and Carrie if they want to be alone tonight then that is cool, but otherwise they could celebrate their engagement with them. Lucas asks what he was thinking? Austin says Kiss FM has a party on the pier every Monday. Carrie likes the idea, and Lucas says okay. Austin says hell call Caroline at the pub and have a picnic basket ready. Carrie and Lucas go to change, and Sami tells Austin that shes uncomfortable with this, it is weird. Austin says he knows and he understands, this kills him too. Sami asks why hes doing this then. Austin says they have to accept this and make peace with it. Austin says this is something they need, they have to let go and move on. Sami asks if he means together? Does he mean what he said in front of Kate? Austin says hes willing to try if she is.

Later, Lucas and Carrie have changed and meet up with Austin and Sami. They head to the pier party. The pier is decorated with tons of colorful balloons. A song comes on and Austin asks Carrie to dance if Lucas doesnt mind. Lucas doesnt, so they dance. Sami then asks Lucas what is wrong with him? Lucas says it is one dance. She says shes talking about this whole stupid night. She thinks they should be celebrating their engagement alone. Lucas says they are celebrating it and he thinks this is fun. He is glad that Austin and Carrie are trying to be friends, and they all need to try and get along. Lucas tells Sami that shes going to be his sister-in-law, that is pretty crazy. Lucas suggests they bury the hatchet and bring some peace into this family. She says fine by her. He says okay and lets dance. Lucas and Sami join Austin and Carrie on the dance floor. Meanwhile, Carrie tells Austin that this is a great idea. Austin says he thought it would be fun, it might not be romantic though. Carrie looks at Austin and thinks it is romantic. She tells him that it means a lot to her that hes okay with this, and she was hoping they would be friends. He says they always will be. He say he just wants her to be happy. Carrie asks him if he thinks he really could be with Sami? Austin asks if that is what she wants, for him to be with Sami. Carrie says it isnt any of her business, she just wants them to be happy. Carrie says Sami has changed and the two of them had something special once. Austin says he plans to see if they can have something again. He says they are both single and loved one another once, what do they have to lose. Carrie says that is wonderful and shes glad hes willing to try again, she hopes it works out for him. 

Over to Lucas and Sami, Sami tells Lucas he does seem to be happy. Lucas says he is and this is a dream come true. He thought Carrie would be with Austin. Sami says just like everyone thought theyd be together. Lucas suggests they not talk about this and he is sorry he didnt trust her when he should have. Lucas says he cares about her and wants what is best for her. He hopes Austin gives her another chance because she deserves it. Sami says that is a switch, before he thought Austin shouldnt have given her another chance. Lucas says maybe he was bitter then. Sami says if she gets another chance at happiness then she wont ruin it, shell make it work. Lucas says he wants what is best for her. Lucas begins to remember the last time they danced on the pier like this. We see flashbacks of them together on the pier dancing and how happy they were. Lucas told Sami that he loved her and couldnt wait until they spent the rest of their lives together. Sami and Lucas look deep into one another's eyes as they both remember that night. Lucas says it seems like a lifetime ago, a lot has changed. Sami says hes right and like he said its over, they have to move on. Carrie and Austin soon interrupt and dance with the people they are supposed to be with. Lucas asks Carrie how her dance with Austin was. She says good, they had a nice talk. She asks about his dance with Sami. He says they have decided to be friends. Lucas suggests they not talk about Austin and Sami anymore, they should focus on one another. Lucas then kisses her. Sami looks at Lucas as he kisses her, and she spins Austin around. Lucas spins Carrie, and Austin and Carrie end up looking at one another. 

At Bos, Billie calls Chelseas cell phone again. She says they are worried about her, call them. She says they didnt mean to come down on her so hard earlier. She says they love her and are worried about her. Meanwhile, Bo stews and says he cant lose his FancyFace. He says theyve lost so much, they cant lose one another. Billie walks in on him talking to himself and tells him to fight, fight for Hope and his marriage. Bo says Hope has slammed the door on him, she was here when he got the email and the call. Bo says she just needs some time and then shell come around. Billie says yeah, with divorce papers! Billie says she doesnt need time or space, he needs to tell her that he loves her. He says he did, but Billie says not in an email. Billie does not think that Hope read his email word for word otherwise she would not have asked for a divorce. Billie tells Bo to call Hope before it is too late. Bo says he cant. He says he knows Hope, she doesnt want to talk to him. He says if he pushes her then shell get angry and more determined. Billie thinks Bo is making excuses, he is just afraid to put his heart out there and get hurt. She says she knows how that feels, but he has to do this, his marriage is worth hanging onto. Bo says according to Hope, what they had is over. Billie says fine then give up. Bo says hes not giving up, hell fight for her until the day he dies. Bo says hell never take off his wedding ring, he takes his vows seriously and cant imagine his life without her. Billie says hell get her back, she knows he will. Bo thanks her for being here for him, he wouldnt have made it through these last few days. Billie then gets Chelseas call, but Chelsea passes out before saying anything. Billie then calls her back, but she cant answer. Billie worries, but Bo thinks maybe she called by mistake and hung up. Billie isnt so sure. The station then calls, and Billie tells him to answer it. He answers and learns someone fell in a manhole and there is a gas leak. Bo says they need a detective and he was the only one around. Bo heads out and Billie goes with him.

Out on the street, the workers decide to seal up the manhole. The one in charge decides to weld it shut because the pipes are out of commission, nobody is ever going down there again. Down in the sewer we see Chelsea is still unconscious. One of the men is uneasy with this, they should go down to check out to make sure it is empty, it is proper procedure. The other guy says he knows hes new, but who would be hanging out down there? He says even they dont like going down there. He tells the guy to just close it up. Chelsea wakes up and weakly calls out for help. The one guy thinks he hears her, but the other more stubborn worker says he didnt hear anything so seal it up. Chelsea grabs her phone and calls home to Billie. She cant speak, but when Billie calls back, the worker finally hear the cellphone. The one worker says he is going down, but the other one thinks some idiot just dropped a cellphone. The first worker says hell do it himself then. He goes down and ends up finding Chelsea and he thinks shes dead. He throws her cellphone up and tells the other guy to call 911. It turns out shes alive, but her pulse is week and her foot is stuck so she cant be moved. Bo and Billie soon show up, and he learns from the other guy that a girl is down there and is barely breathing. Bo heads down, and Billie calls Chelseas phone again. The worker has it and it rings. Both Bo and Billie realize at the same time that it is Chelsea who is trapped down there.

On Morgan Island, Patrick kisses hope but quickly apologizes. He says he shouldnt have done that, he doesnt mean to take advantage of her. She says no, she is a grown woman and knows what shes doing. He says shes married, but Hope says Bo made his choice and shes made hers. She says their marriage is over. Patrick doesnt believe that, they have 20 some years together. Hope says things have changed, Bo lied to her to protect her sons killer. Patrick says he knows that hurt, and he knows shes still grieving for Zack. Patrick says so is Bo, and hes being pulled in two separate directions. Hope says and he keeps choosing Chelsea and Billie over her, hes made his choice. She says she admits that she asked for the divorce. However she was angry and hurt, she wanted to know that he would fight for her. She says that didnt happen, he didnt even argue. She says hes already moved on, hes let her go. Patrick says he doesnt believe that. Hope says too much has happened, there have been too many betrayals. She doubts they could have worked things out anyways. Patrick asks her to just wait until she gets home and talks things out with Bo. Hope says no, shes not going home to Bo or Salem. Patrick says Salem is her home. She says it was but it isnt anymore. Patrick thinks shes running away from her problems. She says shes not, she just needs time on her own. Patrick says fine, what is next, where does she go from here? She says she doesnt know. She says shell stay here till she wears out her welcome. He says that wont happen and she knows it. She says she likes it here. She likes the ocean. She says sailing with Bo and Shawn D on the FancyFace were some of the happiest times of her life. She says it was so calm and peaceful, shed give anything to get out there now. Patrick says okay, and he has a surprise. He tells Hope to follow him. 

Patrick takes Hope out on a boat. She says its so much like the FancyFace. He thinks maybe this was a bad idea, but she says no it wasnt. She says she loves this feeling, there is nothing like it. Hope remembers the past, how she and Bo often used to take off without even charting a course. Patrick says that sounds great, but fortunately for him his friends boat has a GPS. Patrick goes to check on things, and Hope fantasizes shes on the boat with Bo. After her fantasy ends, Hope says I love you Brady.


April 11, 2006

Mimi and Shawn finish making love on the couch. Shawn says he had no idea she was so creative. She says neither did she. Shawn decides to make them some food, hes hungry and wants to make something. They decide on omlettes. Mimi wants to help and hopes she doesnt burn things like she usually does. Shawn and Mimi put on some aprons and nothing else! Mimi puts on some music and Shawn gets the food out. They end up forgetting about the cooking and make love. Unfortunately the food begins to burn! They quickly tend to the food and Mimi laughs that it happened again. 

Over at the other loft, Belle hears Mimi and Shawn going at it again. She remembers talking with Shawn earlier after the manhole incident. Phillip shows up and says she cant sleep huh. He says two people just got married that she thinks are wrong for one another, and he knows she loves one of them with all her heart. He says she never wanted to see them get married did she. She says she didnt. Of course Phillip is speaking of her mom and Alex, not Shawn and Mimi. Phillip tells Belle that she still has him and Claire, and her mom will get better and realize she should be with her dad. He says it will all be fine. Belle then smells smoke and they hear the smoke alarm going off. Belle says its coming from Shawns apartment. 

Belle and Phillip burst in on Shawn and Mimi to make sure they are okay. Mimi says they were making omelets and got carried away. Phillip asks what they are wearing? Shawn says no comment. He puts some pants on. Belle decides to check on Claire and Mimi goes with her. Shawn asks Phillip what is wrong? Phillip says hes worried about Belle, shes not sleeping and stressed about everything. Phillip says she wont talk to him, so maybe he thought Shawn could talk to her. Shawn is shocked, he didnt want him to talk to her at the reception when she ran out. Phillip says it was hard for her to watch him marry Mimi and even harder for her to watch her mom marry Alex. Belle is afraid of losing her parents as well as him and Mimi. Shawn remembers his talk with Belle at the reception and how she wished she had stopped the wedding. Shawn asks Phillip what he can do? Phillip doesnt know and he thinks the four of them should go out somewhere and do something. Phillip says there is a party on the pier, they could go there. Shawn says okay, he has to ask Mimi though. 

Mimi and Belle check on Claire. Mimi tells Belle that shes doing an amazing job being a mom and when she needs advice shes coming to her. Mimi says as soon as she and Shawn get back from the honeymoon then theyll look into adoption. She says Shawn has no idea what a great father hell be, though he already is with Claire. Belle says what? Mimi realizes she has to save this and she says she just meant hes a good Godfather to Claire. Belle says yes, but Shawn really wants kids of his own. Mimi says she was upset she couldnt give Shawn biological kids, but she knows their kids will be loved and it doesnt matter to Shawn. She says there are so many kids in the world that need a good home. Mimi says she has heard the best part of being pregnant is the trying part, and She and Shawn have no problems there. Mimi begins thinking about how they both ended up with great guys. Phillip shows up and tells Mimi that Shawn needs to talk to him. She leaves, and Phillip says he has something important to ask her. He asks Belle if she wants to go dancing? She says sure they can put Claire in a backpack and just go. He says they can get a babysitter, but shes not sure. He says it can be to help Shawn and Mimi celebrate their honeymoon. She says Shawn is coming too? He says yes and it will be fun.

Shawn asks Mimi to go out dancing, Phillip really wants this as hes worried about Belle right now. Shawn says besides the loft is smoky and they should let it air out. She says good point, okay they can go. 

On the pier, Lucas tells Carrie that shes made him the happiest man in the world and he cant wait to marry her. Carrie cries, and Lucas asks why shes upset? She says shes just emotional, shes going to marry a great guy and start a family. Lucas says he will make all their dreams come true. They then kiss.

Sami dances with Austin. Sami says she is so happy that they are here together and dating again. He says they have all the time in the world now. She asks what that means, he has time now that Carrie picked Lucas? He says no, he was speaking of kicking Kate out earlier. Sami says sorry, and she is still paranoid about Kate. Austin decides to do something special and tells Sami to come with him.

Sami and Austin interrupt Carrie and Sami, they thought it would be fun to get them to get something. They give them some stuffed love birds. Austin says they wish them all the love and happiness that they deserve. Carrie says she hopes they have all the love and happiness they deserve as well. A photographer shows up, hes photographing couples in love for some paper and asks to take their photos. They agree, but he puts Sami with Lucas and Carrie with Austin. The quickly correct him, and then Phillip, Belle, Shawn and Mimi show up. When the foursome learn an engagement is being celebrated, they assume it is Austin and Carrie. Lucas says Carrie and Austin arent engaged, he and Carrie are. Phillip and Belle says they are sorry, and the congratulate them. 

Sami talks with Belle in private about this odd day. Sami says she is sorry she didnt stay for Alex and Moms wedding, it was making her sick and she had to leave. Belle asks Sami if shes okay with Carrie and Lucas? Sami says she and Lucas are finished and werent meant to be. Sami says she and Austin are getting closer though, they are officially dating. Belle says that is great. She says its always good when the right couples end up together. Phillip walks up and asks if shes talking about them? Belle says of course she was and she tells Phillip that he has no reason to worry about them. She says they have a wonderful life, he and Claire make her happy. She then hugs him.

Shawn and Mimi dance, and Shawn hopes it will always be like this for them. Phillip and Belle look at them, and Phillip says they are in love and always will be. Belle frets as usual.

Austin tells Carrie that he wont try and change her mind again, and he really does wish her the best of luck. She thanks him. 

Austin and Sami, and Lucas and Carrie all return to their apartments. Lucas and Carrie kiss with some serious tongue action. Lucas says he doesnt want this night to end. Over at Samis apartment, Sami is in her night gown strolling around the apartment. She runs into Austin and says she had a great time tonight and hope they have lots more nights like this one. They then begin to kiss. 

On Patricks friends boat, Hope thinks about throwing her ring into the ocean. Hope tells Patrick to go faster. He says hang on, and suddenly Hope falls overboard. Patrick pulls her back up and gives her his shirt to wear as she is soaked. He also talks to her about how she cant get this divorce, its wrong. Hope suggests the not talk about it anymore. He says fine they can talk about something else. He says he got her a surprise. He caught some fish and he cooked it for her. She eats it up, but cant help but remember that Bo used to do this for her. She imagines shes with Bo and kisses Patrick. She quickly apologizes to him. She says shes so sorry. She doesnt know why she sent Bo that email about the divorce and she doesnt know how he responded so fast. Hope says it was like he was sitting on his PC waiting for her to contact him. She is confused, she doesnt know what she wants or feels. Patrick says she didnt mean what she said. She knows, but there is no mistaking what he said to her. Patrick asks if she still loves Bo and she says yes. He says then move heaven and earth to be with him. Hope doesnt know what she should do. Patrick has a proposal, this boat is seaworthy and they can sail it back to Salem. He asks Hope if shell let him take her back to Bo? Hope says she will let him take her back if he doesnt mind. He says he doesnt. He suggests she turn on the satellite TV and try and get a weather report. She turns on the TV and see a news report about Bo risking his life to save someone trapped in a sewer that may collapse at any moment. 

At the manhole, Billie learns it is Chelsea in the sewer at the same time Bo learns. Billie yells at Bo to save Chelsea. Bo, who is in the sewer, says he can see her. One of the men say there is a gas leak so they have to move fast. Unfortunately her leg is stuck in the pipe. Chelsea finally wakes up and Bo says hell get her out of here and not to worry. Back up above, Billie asks the other worker if they can stop the gas leak. He says no, this manhole was to be sealed up. If anything down there blows everything will become unsafe. Back down in the sewer, the one worker says they have to get out of here, they will be no help to Chelsea if they pass out. Chelsea cries, she thinks they are going to die. Billie yells down that her dad will get him down. Bo has to go up top for a few minutes and says he will bring back some oxygen masks. Bo goes up and Chelsea begins thinking about all the times she took advantage of Bo. Billie wants to go be with Chelsea, but Bo says there is nothing she can do. Billie says she doesnt want her to be by herself. Bo says theyll find a way to get her out. Down in the sewer, things start to rumble. Bo tells Chelsea to hang on, hell be down in a second. Bo asks for some rope. A newscaster shows up to begin covering what is happening. Bo heads down into the sewer with some rope as it all begins to rumble.


April 12, 2006

At Lucas place, Lucas tells Carrie that he doesnt want this night to end. She feels the same way. The two kiss. Lucas carries Carrie off to bed saying he wants to make love to her. She panics and he asks if that isnt what she wants too? She says of course she does, she loves him and they are engaged. He also says she turned him down the first time he proposed. He says he doesnt want to push her and hed wait forever for her. He says he can hold off if shes not ready. Carrie is just afraid given their past. Lucas says theyve both made mistakes in the past but theyve learned from them. He says he loves her so much and he wants her now. Carrie says she loves him and yes, she wants him too. They then make love. 

At Samis place, Sami and Austin begin doing some serious kissing. Sami says tonight was good, it all felt right celebrating with Carrie and Lucas. Austin says it is important they all get along and hes proud of her because he knows it wasnt easy for her. Sami says no, but shes glad it worked out the way it did. Sami asks Austin to take her to bed. He stops and Sami asks what is it? Austin says he doesnt know if they should do this. She says because he has feelings for Carrie? He says he cant turn them off overnight. He thinks they should date for a while more. Austin says comfort sex isnt a good idea. She asks if that is what she thinks this is? Is that why hes dating her? Austin says hes worried about her, he knows shes not over Lucas. Sami says Lucas has chosen Carrie and shes fine with it, shes moved on. Austin says he doesnt want them to get involved for the wrong reasons. He says they are both vulnerable now and if they make love he wants it to be because she wants him. He says not because she lost Lucas and not to annoy his mom. Sami says annoying Kate is an added bonus, but she believes shes meant to be with him. She tells Austin he has to be honest with her though, she cant deal with another failed relationship. Austin says he can see how insecure she still is. He says she puts up a brave front and its just an act. He says she is afraid that if she lets her guard down then shell get hurt again. Sami says every time she tries to change nobody gives her a chance, why should this be any different? Sami says especially after everything shes done to him. Sami has some old flashbacks of all the things she did to come between Austin and Carrie. We even see the slap heard around the world, when Carrie exposed the truth about Will and stopped Sami and Austins wedding. She also remembers the good times theyve had together too and we see more flashbacks of her with Austin. Sami suggests they focus on the happy memories and make some new ones. Austin then carries her to the bedroom and they make love. Later as they cuddle, Sami asks God to let it work for her this time, shell be good, dont take him away from her again.

On Patricks boat, Hope watches the Satellite TV as Bo attempts to rescue the woman in the sewer. Chelsea has not yet been identified by the media. Hope says this is insane, is he trying to get himself killed? She sees Shawn, Mimi, Belle and Phillip as well as Billie. She thinks Billie must have been with Bo when he got the call. Patrick says dont jump to any conclusions. Hope says Bo knows better than to do this, why is he going in there without backup or an oxygen mask. Patrick says she knows Bo and how he is. Hope says hes right, Bo would risk his life to save anyone no matter who it was. Patrick says she loves Bo and this is one of those things that draws her to him. Hope sees Bo come up and is glad hes alive. Suddenly they lose the signal. Hope begs Patrick to get it back. He says there isnt much he can do, if it comes back it comes back. She says they have to get back to Salem now. When the feed comes back, Hope learns Phillip has gone into the sewer and is trying to divert the gas. She also sees Bo and Billie arguing and wonders what about. Later Hope learns Shawn is going to go into the tunnel, and the newscaster talks about how hard this must be on Bo because he just recently lost one child. Hope cant believe Bo is letting Shawn go down there, what is so important that Bo is letting Shawn risk his life. Patrick says Shawn is just like Bo, hell do anything he can to save another person. The newscaster soon says Phillip has joined Shawn, but time is running out for all of them. Hope screams How could Bo let Shawn do this! Later, Hope sees that the sewer exploded with Shawn, Phillip and the young woman inside. Hope cries that she cant lose Shawn too!

Out on the street, Belle, Phillip, Shawn and Mimi show up and learn what has happened. Bo is down below and Shawn asks who is down there? Billie tells them that its Chelsea. Shawn cant believe this is happening. He talks with the workers about the situation. Meanwhile, a reporter on the scene makes a call for the low down on Bo Brady and his personal life. Belle and Mimi try and calm Billie down, they tell her that Bo wont come out there without Chelsea. Billie says she knows, he is a good man. To herself she says thats why she loves him. Shawn goes to the manhole and shouts down to his father. Suddenly everything begins to rumble.

Down in the hole, Bo is trying to save Chelsea. Shes crying and says she doesnt want to die. Chelsea asks what the noises are, and she thinks they are going to die. A cave in occurs, but Bo and Chelsea survive. Shawn calls down to Bo and Bo says hes okay. Bo ends up having to leave Chelsea and goes back up top.

Meanwhile, Phillip talks to the workers about diverting the gas main. The guy says Phillip doesnt have authorization to do that. Phillip says but he (the worker) does. Phillip says hes a marine, he has rescue training. The man says okay and sends another worker and Phillip off to try and relieve some of the gas pressure in another main.

Bo talks with Billie and Shawn, Chelsea is stuck and there is not enough room to get in there and pull Chelsea out. Her foot is under a pipe or something. Billie says he has to save her! Bo says he wont give up, Chelsea wont die today. Bo wonders where the rescue squad is. Bo is short of breath, so Shawn offers to go in. Belle says No! and Mimi gives her a look. Shawn says his dads hands are bloody and no good, hes going to go. 

Shawn goes down to save Chelsea. She doesnt understand why hes here as he hates her. Phillip shows up, he came from the other main. He tells Shawn that the gas is getting worse, they have to get Chelsea out right now. They work to free Chelsea, who keeps crying that they are all going to die. 

Bo decides hes going back down, but the workers refuse to let Bo go back down there. They keep telling everyone to stay away, this place could blow at any second. Back in the sewer, Phillip and Shawn begin to actually get Chelsea free from the pipe her foot is trapped under. They get Chelsea out and yell up to Bo that Chelsea is free. As they are trying to get out everything explodes and rocks and debris shoot out of the manhole. Everyone begins screaming. 



April 13, 2006
John and Roman are hanging out at Kate's place, she's not there though. John keeps pacing by the window. Roman tells him that hes doing no good looking out that window. John wants to go check on Marlena, but Roman wont let him do that. Roman says he should be happy hes not in jail and he needs to let this go. Roman says it is their wedding night and they both know what they are doing. Roman also says there is not a damn thing they can do to change it. John says hes leaving, but Roman tells him not to walk out the door. John asks what hes going to do, shoot him? He says after years of hating him he can finally shoot him. Roman says this has nothing to do with the past. He says this is about what is going on now. Roman tells John he will arrest him if he attempts to leave. John thinks Roman never loved Marlena otherwise hed be protecting her from Alex. Roman says he loved Marlena with all his heart and those were the happiest days of his life. He says if John hadnt broken the law again and again then Alex would be in jail now. John says if the Salem PD would have done their job hed be in jail, and now nobody is there to protect Marlena from Alex. John looks over to Marlenas place and sees that her bedroom light is on, he wonders what is going on. Roman says maybe they are raiding the fridge. Roman says he has to stop this. John looks over at the place with binoculars and sees a struggle going on. He tells Roman to look over there, but he sees nothing at this point. John asks why he'd lie. Roman says he could be making it up to get him to let him out of here. John says hes not, and he convinces Roman to at least check it out. 

At the penthouse, Marlena is sleeping. Alex is hovering over her. He says she belongs to him now. He says hes waited so many years to be together with her again, all his plans for her are coming true and no one can take her from him. He says her suffering is about to begin anew. He says he can finally pay her back for what she did to him years ago. Marlena wakes up and panics, she wants to know what Alex is doing here. He says they are married now. She refuses to believe him, he is horrible and she wouldnt marry him, she loves John. Alex says she did marry him, in a church. He thinks he has to increase Marlenas dosage. She asks what hes talking about? He says hes been drugging her for months to get her to do what he wants her to do. She runs for the door, but its locked. Alex has a syringe and says they are married, so take her medicine like a good girl or hell be forced to hurt her. He says that wont be pretty. Alex begins to struggle with Marlena.

Roman and John bang on the penthouse door and Roman orders North to open up. He does and John asks where Marlena is. North says upstairs asleep. Alex wonders if he needs a restraining order against John? John says he saw him attacking Marlena. Alex thinks he should have had John arrested at the church afterall. John says he should have killed him with his bare hands. Alex says Roman heard him, hes his witness, John threatened his life. Roman says he wants to see Marlena now. Alex wants to know what this lunatic thinks he saw. John says he was attacking her, he had her pressed up against the bedroom window. Alex says this is hilarious, and he says what he saw was intense love making. He says MArlena is much more passionate than he remembers. John doesnt believe him and asks where she is. Marlena comes downstairs and asks what they are doing here? John asks if she is okay? Roman asks Marlena if shes okay, did Alex hurt her. John says he saw Alex attacking her. Marlena says Alex did not attack her, does she look like shes been attacked. Roman asks if shes sure Alex didnt harm her. Alex remembers fighting with MArlena and giving her the drug and erasing her memory. Alex says hes sorry, and he had to tell them what John saw when they were spying on them. Marlena tells John he had no right to watch him, and what happens here isnt for public viewing. She tells them to leave and if John returns then she will have him arrested. They leave, and Alex tells Marlena that she was perfect. She says she wants to be perfect, the perfect wife for him. 

John and Roman leave, Roman does not believe what he heard. He thinks Alex is hypnotizing her or something, but MArlena doesnt talk like that. Unfortunately they have no proof. John says he will take her out of Salem and kill her, and he will stop that from happen. He says hell kill Alex if he has to, and if he gets the death penalty for it then so be it. What they dont know is Alex was spying on them as they talked in the hallway. He says John makes it all too easy. 

We see a replay of Shawn and Phillip saving Chelsea only to have everything explode. Everyone panics. Bo says the tunnel has collapsed. He wants to go down there, but is told that isnt a good idea. Bo insists and as he goes down, the newscaster forecasts doom and gloom to the viewing audience. Bo comes up and has saved Chelsea. Billie hugs Chelsea, and Bo insists on going back down. Chelsea begs him not to go down there, she doesnt want to lose him. Bo says he wont leave them to die. Suddenly Shawn and Phillip emerge from the rubble. As the first guy comes up, Mimi hears Belle cry Please let it be Shawn. Phillip comes up and Belle hugs him. Shawn then comes up as well. Billie insists Chelsea be examined, and she thanks Bo for saving Chelsea. The reporter then interviews Bo and Billie, and he accidentally referring to Billie as Mrs. Brady. He then begins talking about how Chelsea Brady is the long lost daughter of Bo Brady and Billie Reed. He asks Bo how he feels to have his daughter home safe? Bo says hes just happy that his family is home safe. Later Bo and Billie talk about Chelsea. Bo feels guilty, he shouldnt have come down so hard on her, if he hadnt then this might not have happened. We see flashbacks of Bo lecturing Chelsea about her fake tears and how selfish shes been. Bo says he could have lost another child because of his anger. Billie says shes been selfish, she needed a wake-up call. Bo says all kids think the world revolves around them, he was that was as a kid and he wasnt facing prison. He says they have to think about what shes going through. He says they havent been there for her, they have to make sure that she knows they love her and will be there for her. Billie says yes but she also needs a father who will call her on her crap, don't let her manipulate him.

Mimi wants Phillip and Shawn to be checked out by the paramedics, and Belle agrees. The boys go off to get looked at, and then Mimi scolds Belle for being full of it. Mimi thinks Belle wasnt worried about Phillip at all. Belle says she was worried about both of them, but Mimi doubts that. The reporter then interviews them, and he focuses on Belle and how terrified she was for Shawn. He assumes Belle is Shawns new wife! Mimi quickly corrects this and says she is Shawns wife and Belle is just a long time friend and was concerned for him. Later, Mimi tells Belle that even the reporter can see how much she loves Shawn and now all of America will see it. She thanks Belle for that wonderful wedding present. Mimi tells Belle that she is married to Phillip so be faithful to him. Belle says she is. Mimi says shes not talking about just physically. Belle says she cant help how she feels. Belle says she is committed to Phillip though. Mimi tells Belle she is the one who Shawn chose to marry, he is her husband. Mimi storms off. Phillip returns and tells Belle they should go home.

At the paramedic station, Chelsea tries to talk to Shawn about what he did for her. Chelsea thanks Shawn for saving her life. He says he didnt do it for her. She says he didnt it because hes a good person. Shawn says dont pretend she knows him. He says he would have gone down there and saved a stray dog. Later Billie asks Chelsea how this happened. She says she doesnt know, it just happened. She doesn't want to talk about it.

Bo thanks Shawn for what he and Phillip did tonight. Shawn says no problem. Shawn tells Mimi, who is with him, that they should go home. Bo asks Shawn if hes heard from his mom? He says no. She asks if he knows where she is. Shawn remembers Hope telling him about Morgan Island, but he just tells his dad if mom wanted him to know then shed tell him. He tells Bo not to keep Billie and Chelsea waiting, they are his family.

Bo joins Billie and Chelsea, he thinks they should get her to the hospital. Meanwhile, the reporter makes one final report about the events of the night. They show Billie, Bo and Chelsea leaving together and he calls them a happy family.

On Patricks boat, Hope sees the explosion on TV and freaks out saying she cant lose Shawn too. Hope learns Bo is going back down to see how his son is as well as the two other young people trapped, in what the newscaster describes as a tomb. Hope cries that she cant lose her other son and her husband, God wouldnt be that cruel. Hope doesnt know why Bo and Shawn are risking their lives, why Bo would let Shawn go down there. Hope sees Bo come up with Chelsea, who hugs Billie. Hope says Bo sent Shawn to rescue their sons murderer? He saved Chelsea over Shawn? Patrick asks if he should have let Chelsea die? She says Chelsea let Zack die. Patrick says Chelsea didnt mean to hurt Zack. Hope says Bo protected Chelsea in the hospital as their son was dying, he chose Chelsea over them even then. She says that selfish girl who doesnt give a damn about anyone is fine, but her son, her only other son could be lying down there dying. Patrick says there is no easy choice here. Hope says she doesnt want Chelsea to die, but if Shawn dies then her life is over. Hope soon sees that Shawn is fine. She then sees Bos interview with the reporter and how he says hes glad to have his family home safe. This sets her off. Chelsea talks about how if Bo and Billie hadnt found Chelsea then her son would still be alive. She says at least she knows where she stands, now she knows why Bo wanted the divorce. She says she gets it, hes moved on with Billie and Chelsea. Patrick tells Hope theyll be in Salem tomorrow and she can straighten this out. Hope says no, she wants to go back to the island. She says Shawn has Mimi and is happy, as for Bo, he has Billie and Chelsea now. She says there is no reason for her to go back to Salem now.


April 14, 2006

At Alices, Maggie is making her and Alice some fruit smoothies. Maggie has been taking care of Jack Jr while Jen and Frankie are away, Abby has been staying with a friend. 

At Green Mountain Lodge, Jen and Frankie wake up in bed together. They kiss and Jen asks if he got any sleep last night. He says he didnt, he was up all night. She asks if the bed was too soft or the room too cold? He says no, it was her. She asks what she did? He says she didnt do anything. He says she is so beautiful that he just watched her sleep all night. He says last night was amazing, it was like a dream. He says he has imagined making love to her for so long. He says its like theyve been together forever and in some way they have. He says she has never left his heart. Jen gives him a kiss. She tells him that she loves him. He says he loves her too. They talk about how they have to get to back to Salem, that they hate for this to end. Jen asks who will take the shower first. Frankie says they can take one together, but she says no, he should go as she has to call Maggie anyways. Frankie says hell leave the door open in case she changes her mind. Frankie takes a shower and Jen calls home to Maggie. Jen tells Maggie they are just getting ready to come home. Maggie asks if they are having a good time. Jen says she is, everything is wonderful. She says she still misses Jack and loves him as much as always, but she feels like he wanted her to move on. Maggie says Jack would have wanted her to be happy. Jen says she just feels so lucky to have found Frankie. Jen says she just worries, what if it is all too good to be true? Maggie tells her not to think that way. She hands the phone over to Alice so that Alice can give her a pep-talk. Alice tells Jen not to doubt herself, Frankie loves her and she has fond memories of them together. Jen says so does she. We see flashbacks of them all together. Later, Jen ends up joining Frankie in the shower after all. They kiss and hold one another close. After the shower, Jen thanks Frankie for showing her that its okay for her to move on with her life. Frankie thinks he should be thanking her for deciding to move on with him. Frankie has been wondering though, they have to go back to their regular lives so what happens when they leave here? Where do they go from here?

Lexie and Abe wake up in bed together, they are cuddling and spooning. They soon begin kissing one another. They begin to get hot and heavy, but Abe stops her and says he has to see Bo because of what happened last night. She says everyone is fine. Abe gets out of bed and says he needs a report from Bo. She asks if Roman cant do that. He says Roman has John under house arrest for the time being, he's hell bent on killing Alex. Abe says unless she can come up with a way to stop Alex from leaving with Marlena then he has to do his job. Lexie says she cant. She also thinks hes leaving because of his impotency. She says they can still be close, and there all kind of advances that might help him. He says they might not. Lexie says intimacy isnt just about sex, its about a lot more. Abe tells Lexie he has to apologize to her for not being here for her. He says he cant tell her how much her patience means to him. They share a hug. Lexie thinks about being with Tek. Lexie says theyve both done things they arent proud of, but if they could just start over and take it one step at a time. She kisses him. He stops her and says Lexie please. She asks what? He says if she really thought they couldnt be intimate without sex then she wouldnt keep bringing it up. He says all he wants to do is make love to her. Lexie asks what she can do? He says stop patronizing him, stop pretending its okay for them to live together like brother and sister instead of husband and wife. Abe walks off.  Lexie puts on her robe and feels something sore in her chest. The doorbell rings so Lexie goes down to answer it. It is Celeste. She has come over to look after Theo for the day. Celeste tells Lexie that they need to talk about her affair with Tek. Lexie tells her to keep her voice down, Abe could hear her wild accusations. Celeste tells Lexie that she knows what shes been doing with Tek, she overheard them talking at the church. She says she warned Lexie about Tek, does she want to end her marriage. LExie says no, but working things out with Abe has been so hard. Celeste tells Lexie she has to end things with Tek. LExie says she didnt want this to happen but she has needs. Celeste says there are differences between wants and needs. Abe brings Theo down to see Celeste. Abe has to get to work and Lexie goes up to take a shower. Celeste asks Abe how things with him and Lexie are. Abe says they have issues, but they will be okay, their marriage means everything to them. He sees a look on Celestes face and asks if everything is okay? He says she looks like shes turned over a bad tarot card. Celeste says nothing is wrong, she just hopes everything works out for them. Abe says hell go give Theo his breakfast before he heads off to work. They go to the kitchen, and Celeste decides to consult her cards. She says something besides Tek is weighing on Lexie. She reads her cards, she gets the star card which is a sign of hope. She doesnt understand, she senses a pain in Lexie. She wonders what is wrong with Lexie. Up in the bathroom, Lexie gets into the shower and as she soaps up finds a lump in her breast. 

On Patricks Boat, Hope dreams she wakes up in bed with Bo and begins kissing him. It turns out shes in bed with Patrick. Hope says shes sorry, she was dreaming about Bo. Patrick says its his fault, he shouldnt have been in bed with her. She asks why he is? He says he was tired last night, and it is the only bed they have. Hope says its okay. Patrick makes some coffee and Hope goes to check her email. She doubts Bo tried to contact her, hes so busy saving his daughter. Hope sees a newspaper article about the sewer incident and a photo of Billie, Bo and Chelsea. She also watches a computer video feed with an interview with Billie. Billie talks about how grateful she is to Bo, Shawn and Phillip for saving Chelsea. Bo runs up to Billie and hugs her and says Shes going to be okay. Hope is furious as the newscaster calls them a family. Patrick tells her not to jump to any conclusions, but Hope says they both know what this is about. Patrick says this was a life and death situation, what would she have done? She says she wouldnt have left Chelsea down there, but there are professionals that should have handled the rescue instead of Bo and Shawn. Patrick says he doesnt think Bo knows what to think about her, the last time he heard from her she wanted a divorce. Patrick thinks both Bo and Hope are angry, and they wont know what they want for sure until they sit down and talk. Patrick tells Hope to reach out to Bo and talk to him. Hope picks up her phone and makes a call. She stops, she says she cant call him just yet. Patrick says someone has to make the first move and Bo cant call her because he doesnt have her number. Hope goes to call Bo, but calls Mickey instead. Hope asks Mickey to please begin filing for her divorce from Bo. 

At the hospital, Billie stayed the night with Chelsea. Chelsea dreams about what she did to Bo and Hope to orchestrate their divorce. Bo shows up with some coffee, his hands have been bandaged. Bo didnt get much sleep last night being back here. Billie cant believe she didnt think about Zack, she should have made him go home. Bo tells Billie that he wasnt going to lose another child. He says Zacks death was his fault, he didnt want to cause Chelseas death. He says he needs to think before he speaks, he said harsh things to her and it doesnt take much to push her into self destruct mode. Billie says maybe last night taught Chelsea some things. Bo says Shawn did a brave thing for Chelsea in spite of the fact that he doesnt like her. He thinks maybe this will bring their family closer together. He says he has to make things up to Hope and Shawn, and he has to make amends to Chelsea too. Chelsea wakes up and says Bo is wrong, she needs to be apologizing to him. She says if it werent for her then he and Hope would still be together. Bo says shouldnt have talked to her the way she did. Chelsea says she knows he thinks Hope wants a divorce because he defended her, but thats not it. She says being trapped in that sewer she saw her life flashed in front of her eyes. She tried to think why her life was worth saving, but all that she could see was all the horrible things she did. She says starting with running over Zack and trying to get Billie to take the blame. She says its time for her to make things right between him and Hope. She says she has to tell him everything, all the things he doesnt know. A nurse shows up to deal give Chelsea medicine, so Chelsea asks Bo to come back after the nurse is done. 

Bo leaves and talks with Billie. He says she sounds like a different person, he thinks she really did some thinking down in that sewer. Bo tells Billie that she couldnt find a reason that her life was worth saving. Billie says she felt that way, and Bo says he did too. Billie says it means everything to know someone cares about you. Bo and Billie both admit they do care. Bo begins to wonder what Chelsea was like when she was Zacks age. He says shes 18, he doesnt want her to feel like her life is over and things wont change. Billie says Chelsea has to be the one who makes the change. Bo decides to see if there is a call from Hope on his voicemail. There is no call. The nurse tells Bo and Billie that she has sedated Chelsea so they shouldn't stay with her too long. Billie and Bo return to Chelsea. She wants to tell him how sorry she is. HE says they can talk about that later. He says right now she needs to know is she has everything to live for. He says they will do what they can to keep her out of jail, thats not what she needs now. He says she needs family now. Chelsea falls asleep and dreams about Bos words to her about how maybe she needed to go to prison. Bo tells Billie how he shouldnt have said what he said to her, Zacks death was an accident. He says he cant ever remember being angry with Zack. Bo says he was a little saint, a little boy with a big heart. Bo says Zack touched Chelsea in the short time that she knew him. He says Zack wouldnt want his death to ruin her life. Bo says but it will take a lot to forgive her, but he has to try. He says its not like she purposefully hurt their family. Billie thinks Hope will have a hard time agreeing with that. Later Bo continues to sit by Chelsea. Bo tells her how much he loves her. Chelsea wakes up and says he wont love her after she tells him what she did. 

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