April 17, 2006
Celeste is playing with Theo and wondering what they should do today. She says should they go to the zoo, should they go to the park? Celeste thinks they should go shopping and buy her a new hat. As she discusses what they should buy for him and mommy, she sees blood pouring down a photo of Lexie.  Up in the shower, Lexie discovers a lump in her breast. Lexie dresses and tells her mom that shes leaving for work now. Celeste says before she rushes off she wants to finish talking to her about this affair with Tek. Lexie says it is over and shes committed to Abe. Celeste is relieved, she just had a horrible feeling. Lexie realizes something is bothering her mom. Celeste says she gets this feeling that Tek may be hazardous to her health. Lexie says her vibes are a little off, Tek has nothing to do with it. Celeste asks with what? Lexie says she found a lump in her breast. Celeste worries and asks her to have this checked out right away. Lexie says she will, and it is probably nothing big. Celeste says she cant help be alarmed, breast cancer runs in their family. Lexie asks who had breast cancer? Celeste says no one in their immediate family, only some distant women on her mothers side. Lexie cant believe her mother never told her this before. Lexie asks what the outcome for the women was? What happened to them? Celeste says they all died. Lexie says genetics play a big part in a patience chance at survival. Celeste says she said herself that it could be nothing. Lexie says true, stress can cause swollen lymphnodes. She says shes been under a a lot of stress with Abe and this situation with Tek. Celeste thought it was over? Lexie says someone found out about the affair and shes being blackmailed. Celeste asks by who? She says Alex North and Sami Brady. Celeste says she should have guessed Sami, and she never liked that Alex North. Lexie says shes done terrible things and it is eating her alive. Celeste says she has to put a stop to this now. Lexie says shes right, even if it means losing Abe. Celeste says she has to think about health as well, this could have caused this lump. Lexie says only if it is benign, and if it isnt then chances are she caught it early enough. She says shell deal with it just like she deals with Alex and Sami. 

At Samis place, Sami is making coffee and remembering the night before with Austin. She ends up pouring the whole can into the coffee maker! Austin comes out and kisses Sami, he says last night was incredible. Sami says so was he. She wanted him to stay in bed so she could surprise him with blueberry pancakes. He decides to grab a shower and let her make breakfast. Sami goes to look out the window and knocks over a photo of her, Lucas and Will. She tells herself to stop thinking about Lucas. She goes to make the pancakes and finds shes out of milk. Meanwhile, as Austin showers, he thinks about last night with Sami. Austin gets out and dries off. He looks in the mirror and says I love you Carrie, but she made her choice and hes made his.

Over at Lucas place, Lucas makes cinnamon waffles with maple syrup for breakfast. He tells Carrie that he worked up one hell of an appetite last night. She says last night was amazing. She says they did burn some calories, but not enough to partake in this breakfast. Lucas thinks perhaps they should go back to bed and burn off some more calories. They end up doing it again and as a result are all icky and sweaty. Lucas excuses himself and says hell be right back. He heads out into the kitchen to finish the pancakes. Sami knocks on the door to borrow milk, but Lucas just used the last bit to make waffles. Carrie walks out and says she thought she heard someone at the door. Carrie decides to get dressed and take a shower. She leaves and Sami says the two of them are really going at it arent they. Lucas says hes sorry if it bothers her. She says it doesnt, shes happy for him and for Carrie. She wants them both to be happy. Lucas says just like he wants her and Austin to be happy. He says she had a good night with Austin, she has that glow about her. 

Meanwhile, Carrie is in the shower and she remembers being with Lucas the night before. She looks at her ring and says she loves Lucas, shes marrying Lucas. Later Carrie comes out as Sami says she needs to go, she has to make breakfast for Austin. Carrie says they could have breakfast with them. Sami thanks her for the offer but doubts Lucas wants them to intrude. Lucas says actually its fine with him. Lucas goes to change, and Carrie tells Sami she wants the four of them to get along. She says so far they are doing great, and the days of her being a schemer are over. Carrie says shes been loyal and supportive since shes been back. Sami remembers everything shes done to keep Carrie and Austin apart since Carrie returned. Sami says shes glad Carrie knows shes changed. Carrie says shes glad to know they are close and can trust one another. Austin soon shows up. He says he doesnt mean to bother her, he was looking for Sami. Carrie says Sami is here and invites him in. Sami explains she came to borrow milk, and Carrie invites Austin to breakfast with them all. Austin says okay. Carrie goes to get Austin some coffee, and Lucas takes Sami aside to talk to her. Austin stares at Carrie, and she says shes a mess, she just got out of the shower. Austin says no, she looks incredible. Meanwhile, Lucas tells Sami he heard her talking to Carrie about how she had changed. He says if she does something to come between him and Carrie . . . .Sami says dont worry about it, he and Carrie and she and Austin will be together forever. Sami quickly goes back to Austins side to stop him from flirting with Carrie. She ends up blurting out how they all had a good time last night so it seems. Carrie walks off, and Austin says that was uncalled for, it was very uncomfortable. Sami says shes not ashamed of what they did. Austin says neither is he.

Kate arrives at the hospital to check on Chelsea. Billie meets up with her and says shes okay. Billie says they got so lucky. She says something good came of this whole thing, Chelsea realized how much Bo loves her and this is bringing them closer. Billie hopes Chelsea isnt the only one getting closer to Bo. Billie tells her mom not to go there again. She says shes not using this to get back with Bo. Billie says Bo is going through a hard time now, Hope has asked for a divorce. Kate acts surprised and says if Bo and Hope are finished then this gives her a chance to be with Bo. Billie says it wont happen and she storms off. Kate says oh it will happen, and thanks to Chelsea, Billie will be with Bo.

Bo is in with Chelsea. He tells her that he loves her and hopes she knows that. Chelsea wakes up and thinks about what shes done to Bo. She tells Bo that he wont love her anymore after she tells him what she did. She says she has to tell him the truth about everything. Chelsea says the reason Hope wants a divorce is because of her. He says no it isnt. He says there wont be a divorce, he wrote her an email about how hes going to fight for this marriage. He thinks Hope will calm down and change her mind. Chelsea says she wont, not after what she did. At this point Kate hovers around the cubicle and eavesdrops. Before Chelsea says anymore, Kate walks in and tells Chelsea not to blame herself, shes not responsible. Bo says he was telling her the same thing. Chelsea says Bo isnt letting her finish. Kate suggests she talk with Chelsea alone for a few minutes. Bo leaves and Kate asks what is going on. Chelsea says shes going to tell her dad the truth about everything shes done. She says she has no right to do what she did, Bo risked his life for hers last night. Kate says she understand that shes feeling guilty, but if she confesses the truth then it will only make things worse. She is facing possible jail time, does she want to alienate her father now? Chelsea says no, but what she did was wrong. Kate says sometimes you have to do wrong for the greater good. Kate says by keeping Bo and Hope apart, Bo and Billie will get back together. Kate says then shell have her family back together. Chelsea says of course she wants her parents to be together, but sometimes things arent always meant to be. Kate says it can be that way. Kate tells her to think about this before she does anything. Kate says she has the chance to resurrect a great love, to reunite a family that never should have been broken up. Kate says this is her chance to make things right. Chelsea says she wants Billie to be happy too, all shes done is put Billie through hell. She says shes taken what should have been the best time of her life and made it into a nightmare. She says shed do anything to make it up to her. Kate asks why doesnt she then? Chelsea says because she put Hope and Bo through more pain. She says she took away their little boy and their marriage. Kate says they would have broken up anyways, and she thinks Chelsea just hurried it along. Kate tells her to stop beating herself up, she did this for her parents. Chelsea says she did this for her sake alone. Chelsea says shes telling Bo and Billie everything she did. Kate says then she will ruin everything. Chelsea says its what she has to do, shes telling them today and she cant stop her.

Bo is wondering why Hope isnt calling him back. Meanwhile, Billie looks at Bo and says the only person Bo will ever love is Hope. Billie goes to Bo and tries to support and comfort him. He doesnt understand how Hope could give up so easily on them. Billie doesnt know, but she suggests he call her, find a way to get through to her. Bo says Hope needs time to herself and hes going to give it to her.

On Patricks Boat, Hope calls Mickey and says she has to talk to him about something complicated. She says she wants a divorce from Bo. She says this is what is best for both of them. Mickey cant believe this and gives the phone to Maggie. Maggie asks what is going on? Hope says she asked for a divorce from Bo and he agreed, no hesitations. Maggie cant believe that. Maggie tells Hope that she and Bo are still grieving and he needs her now more than ever. Hope says Bo has his other family, he has Billie and Chelsea now. Maggie says Billie isnt his family. Maggie feels there has been a big misunderstanding here. Hope says there hasnt been and the best thing to do is end it quickly. Maggie asks Hope to at least wait until she gets back to town before making a decision, talk to Bo first. Hope says shes not coming back to town. Maggie says Mickey will draw up the papers, she just wishes Hope would reconsider. Hope says she wont, shes made up her mind. She says tell the family she loves them and she will be in touch soon. Later, Patrick tells Hope that shes making a huge mistake not talking to Bo. Hope says Bo wants a divorce and considers their marriage over. Hope says it is over and there is no turning back now.


April 18, 2006

Jen is sleeping on the couch at her house, a photo of Jack is nearby. She dreams about the conversation she had with Frankie about where they go from here. She wakes up and wonders what the answer is. Jacks photo comes to life and says it's a good question. Jen asks him if he can answer it? She doesnt know what to do about Frankie? He tells her that she has to figure this one out herself. Jack disappears from the photo. Jen yells Jack dont go. Abby ends up waking her mom up from her dream, it was of course all a dream. Abby didnt know her mom was home yet, did she and Frankie have fun? Jen says they did, and she asks how things were when they were gone? Abby says good. Frankie returns, and Abby rushes off to meet with Josh after making a comment that the two of them must have had a wild time. Jen worries about keeping this from Abby, she doesnt know what to do, she cant just move Frankie into her bedroom because that is a bad example for Abby. Frankie tells her that he is glad what happened did happen, but hes not going to push her to do anything shes not ready for. Jen says it is what she wants, she wants to grow old with someone. She says she just thought that person would be Jack. She talks about how she misses having a partner in her life. Jen looks at the photo of Jack and imagines him talking to her about their old talk show and one of his crazy schemes. She smiles and says how could she forget that. Frankie looks at her like shes a bit crazy. She says shes sorry, she was thinking about Jack and a piece he did on their talk show. She says he wanted to do a piece on single women, and so he dressed in drag to get the story. We see fake flashbacks of Jack in drag. He asked her what she thought, and she told him that he wouldnt attract the cream of the crop. He said some men liked unconventional beauty. She told him the men who would like him also would like drag queens, and that isnt the story he was trying to get. Jack disagreed with her. Jen tells Frankie that Jack went through with it. We then see him parading around Salem Place as Jen helped him. Jen thought she should be the one pretending to be single while he filmed it, but Jack didnt want strange men picking her up. She asks what about her watching strange men picking him up? She also said if a man finds out the truth he wont think its funny. Jack insisted they go along with the story, it would be more powerful for a man to know how a woman feels. Jen sat at a table at the Java Caf and filmed Jack as he asked for a cappuccino. Some man came up to Jack and asks what a hot lady like her is doing in a place like this. Jack asked if that is the best he had? He said let him buy her this drink and hed show her exactly what he had. Frankie asks what happened. Jen says the man was infatuated with Jack and wouldnt take no for an answer. He thought her size and strength was a major turn on. Jack went to his table with Jen, and she said imagine how much action hed get in a bar! Jack said the only action he wanted to imagine was what would happen in their bedroom. Jack eventually kissed Jen, and the guy said well no wonder she turned him down. Jack revealed his true self to everyone in the coffee shop who were gasping. After Jen finishes the story, Frankie says she still really loves him doesnt she. He says its okay and she always will love him. Jen says she knows, but shes ready to move on. Frankie then gets a call from Mickey. He tells Jen that Hope called, she wants a divorce from Bo.

On the Island, Patrick tries to talk Hope into going back to Salem. He says she loves Bo and Bo loves her, is she ready to face the rest of her life without him? Hope says shes not. However she says Bo has turned to Billie, Billie and Chelsea are his family now. She says she was supposed to be with Bo forever, but now it is time to move on without Bo and figure out her next move. Hope says she wishes she knew where she belonged. Patrick says she cant spend her life here forever. She asks why not, there are worse places than this to spend her life. Patrick asks what shell do, sell beads to tourists? She says shell get a job at a hotel or shell get a job at the orphanage. Patrick says every kid there will just remind her of Zack. He asks if she can deal with that? Hope says she never wants to forget him, she just wants it to stop hurting so much. He says he knows. Hope says that is why she has to go somewhere where nobody knows what happened, a place that has nothing to do with her past. She says like he comes here. Patrick says he came here because he had to. She asks why? He doesnt want to talk about it. She says he knows all her secrets, but she knows nothing about his past. He says its better that way. Hope asks Patrick if Bo has been right about him, does he have something to hide? She wonders if this mystery of his has to do with a woman? She says she knows he sneaks off in the middle of the night, where does he go? She says if he has someone special on the island then shes happy for him. Does he come here because of the memories he has with this woman. Patrick becomes angry and yells Yes thats why I come here! Hope asks who is she, where is she? Patrick tells her to forget it was ever mentioned. Patrick walks off and Hope refuses to let this go.

At the hospital, Chelsea tells Kate that she has to tell Bo the truth about what she did. Bo and Billie soon show up, he says her release papers are being drawn up and shell be out of here soon. Chelsea says she didnt deserve what they did for her, and from this point on from now on she is starting over with a clean slate. She also says she has something important to tell him. Bo says whatever it is theyll work through it, just spit it out. She says its not that easy. He tells her to think about it while he goes deal with some paperwork. Meanwhile, Billie asks Kate what is bothering her? Kate tells Billie that they need to stop Chelsea from doing something that she will regret for the rest of her life. Billie thinks her mother knows something. Bo returns with her release papers and says now what is it that she wanted to tell him. She is afraid to tell him. Bo says hes sorry about how he acted before, he was just upset because of Hope asking for a divorce. Bo says he had no right to take it out on her, its not her fault that Hope wants a divorce. Chelsea says he was right to yell at her and she needs to tell him. Suddenly Bos phone rings, its a police emergency. It has to do with some serial killer he was chasing a few years ago that is back, and hes the only one with the info on the case they need.  He says theyll have to discuss this later. Bo leaves, and Billie demands to know what is going on here. Kate says its nothing for her to worry about, they should just get Chelsea out of here. Billie says whatever they are keeping secret, shell find out eventually. Billie walks off to deal with Chelseas release, and Kate tells Chelsea she cannot tell the truth. Chelsea says she has to. Kate says it will only be another mistake in her life filled with mistakes. As they stare at one another, Max shows up. Max just got back from a big race and heard what happened to her. Billie says the paperwork is all signed and shes ready to go. Kate tries to offer her a ride home, but Chelsea would like Max to take her home. Billie says its okay with her. Chelsea says she really feels like this is a second chance, well fifth chance. She says she will talk to dad later, she wants that clean slate. Chelsea says they are outta here and she and Max leave. 

Billie questions her mom about what is going on with her and Chelsea. Kate says nothing, and Billie hopes so. Billie is happy for Chelsea, this is a new start for her and her dad and it is what is best for her. Kate says what is best for Chelsea is for Bo and Hope to remain apart. Billie says they belong together. Kate says Hope asked him for a divorce. Billie says theyll work it out. Kate says not necessarily. Kate says she loves Bo and Bo has always loved her, and now hes free to be with her. She tells Billie to fight for Bo. Billie tells her mother shes not going to break Bo and Hope up again. Kate asks Billie to look her in the eyes and tell her that shes okay with Bo being out of her life forever. Kate doesnt think she can do it. Billie says its not that simple. Kate says it is. She says nobody wants to be alone in life, everyone wants a partner. She says but it has to be the right partner or it could be a disaster. She talks about Austin and Sami dating, and Lucas marrying Carrie. Billie is shocked, but claims Lucas and Carrie getting married is terrific. She says Lucas does love Carrie. Kate says Austin does too, and now he thinks the only woman left for him is Sami. Kate says she wont let Austin get involved with Sami again. She says she also wont let Billie give up on Bo. Kate says shes alone, she doesnt want her to be alone. Kate says she and Chelsea deserve to be with Bo. Kate says Bo has lost everything, he needs her now. Billie tells her mom to stay out of it. Kate says she has, she wasnt there for her when she was growing up and she wants to make up for that.  Kate says it's just like Billie wanting to make it up to Chelsea. Billie says trying to do that has been a disaster. Billie says she wont make the same mistakes Kate has, she wont manipulate her daughters life. 

Max and Chelsea head to the Java Caf and meet up with Josh and Abby. Abby asks how she is? Chelsea says shes okay, but her life really flashed before her eyes. She says her life wasnt pretty. Max and Chelsea sit down, and Max asks if she was serious about what she said to Abby. Chelsea says she hasnt been a good person and she wants to change, she wants to be honest about everything. Max thinks it sounds like a good goal. Chelsea says after everything she did she cant believe Shawn and her dad saved her. He says they are family. She wants to be more, to be someone that her friends and families can be proud of. He asks if that means shell take responsibility for the accident even if it means going to jail. She says yes she is going to take responsibility for her actions, even if she goes to jail. Max says hes proud of her. She says she also has to tell her dad the truth about what shes done to him and Hope. She asks Max to take her to the police station now before she changes her mind. Meanwhile, Josh asks Abby if she thinks it is weird that her mom went away with Frankie? Abby says no, Frankie was her moms first boyfriend and she likes him. She says this time has been hard for her mom. 

Bo arrives at the station and meets up with Abe. Abe is sorry for calling him in, but Bo says this is his case. Abe thinks Bo needs a break given whats going on with his family, but Bo says hes fine. Bo looks over the file, and Abe says he still owes him for donating Zacks corneas. Bo says Zack loved him and would have wanted this. Abe says Zacks death made him look at his life differently, he was being selfish and feeling sorry for himself. He tells Bo he knows he and Hope are having problems, but the will work it out. Bo says Hope wants a divorce. Abe says  he has to talk to her and stop this. Bo says its a little difficult, she wont answer his emails or phone calls, he doesnt even know where she is. Bo gets on the PC and sees an APB from the Chicago PD. Some guy ran a scam in Chicago, extorted a womans life savings and left her for dead. They read the description, and Bo says its Patrick Lockhart! Abe says they dont know for sure its Patrick. Bo thinks hes right though. He thinks maybe Patrick left Salem because he knew the cops were onto him. He says the bright side of Hope running off is that shes nowhere near Patrick. Meanwhile, Max and Chelsea show up. Chelsea tells Max she has to go see her dad on her own to confess everything. She hopes her dad will forgive her and that he can work things out with Hope. Back in the office, Bo still wont give up on looking for Hope and he will talk her out of this divorce.


April 19, 2006

On the island, Hope apologizes to Patrick for upsetting him. She says hes been such a good friend to her and she wishes there was something she could do for him. She says her wanting to get to know him better is because she cares about him. Hope says if there is someone on this island he has feelings for then that would explain a lot. She wondered why things didnt work out with Billie. Patrick says she doesnt know anything about his relationship with Billie, and he doesnt want to talk about his past. Patrick storms off and Hope wonders why he wont let her help him. Hope begins snooping around and asks some man about Patrick and if there is a woman in his life. The mans says Patrick knows many women, but only one ever captured his heart. He tells Hope that the womans name is Alma. Hope asks where she can find her. He points to a path and says it leads to the beach, follow it and shell find Alma. Hope walks along the path and finds the flowers from the legend growing. She also sees a grave, Elma Delgato. Hope realizes she is dead.

Shirtless Patrick is on the beach throwing pebbles into the sea. An exotic woman walks up and asks him why he throws them into the sea, they will only be brought back to him. They kiss, and he tells her how beautiful she is. He wonders how he got so lucky. She says she is the lucky one, but why does she feel hes going to be unfaithful to her. He says he could never be unfaithful to her, he loves her so much. He tells her that her name is written on his heart, she is his soul. He gives her a flower, the flower from the legend of the island. He tells her that they have that kind of love, the love of the legend that transcends death. Alma tells him as long as he remembers this flower then shell always be with him, nothing can separate them not even death. Turns out it was all a flashback. Patrick is on the beach thinking about Alma. He goes to her grave and finds Hope there. Hes not happy, he told her to leave this alone. He says now she knows, and once he finds out what happened then shell hate him as much as Bo does.

At the station, Abe and Bo discuss the APB out for a conman on the run. Bo is positive that it is Lockhart. He says Hope is always defending him as is Billie, good thing she broke up with him as Chelsea could have lost her mom too. Bo doesnt know where Patrick is, but he wants to help the Chicago PD find him.

Chelsea eavesdrops on her dad as he talks about Patrick. Kate shows up and asks if she told her dad yet. Chelsea says no he's busy, but she is telling him the truth no matter what she says. Billie shows up and says good for her. Kate doesnt think Bo needs to know anything, this is her chance to be with her father and mother as a family. Billie says dont listen to her. Kate says shes not letting them both mess up their lives. Billie and Kate begin arguing, Billie tells her mother that hats off to Chelsea for deciding not to be Kate Roberts Jr. Billie tells Chelsea what shes chosen to do is the right thing and she supports her wanting to tell her father the truth. Billie goes to see what is keeping Bo. Kate tells Chelsea that she loves her daughter, but if she listens to her then her life will turn into a disaster. She tells Chelsea if she has an urge to tell the truth the lie down and let it pass. She says shes made a lot of mistakes with her kids, the only way to make it up to them is to make sure they end up with those they love. Chelsea says that isn't Kates job. Chelsea says her dad is suffering because of her, she took his son away and wont take his wife away. Kate says Hope will return then and will make sure Chelsea gets the maximum sentence. Kate says she could spend the next twenty years behind bars. Kate says going to jail is scary, shell lose her youth and beauty by time she gets out, she could be a middle-aged woman by then. Chelsea says she doesnt care about her life, she cares about Billie. Kate admits she cares about Billie, but she cares about her too. Kate thinks if she keeps quiet then Chelsea wont go to jail and she will be a family with both her parents. Kate tells her to keep her mouth shut, Bo will either lose his wife or daughter, its up to her to decide which one it is. Chelsea says she doesnt want to go to jail, but the best way she can repay Bo and Shawn for saving her is to be a better person. She says even if that means going to prison. She says she has to tell her dad the truth. Kate says she cant believe shes actually her granddaughter. Kate says she loves her very much but wont stay here and watch her do this. Kate then walks off. Chelsea tells herself that she has to do what is right, she has to tell her dad the truth. 

Billie walks in on Bo talking trash about Patrick being a killer. Billie tells him to stop this, she knows he didnt like Patrick but thats no reason to talk bad about a man she loved. Bo shows her the APB but she says it could be a hundred different guys. She says Bo has never been able to give Patrick the benefit of the doubt. Billie decides to change the subject, has he heard from Hope? Bo says no. He asks what is up with Chelsea, what does she want to talk to him about. Billie thinks she wants to clean up her act and she hopes nothing changes her mind. Billie asks Bo what hes going to do about this APB. Bo says hes calling Chicago to tell them about Patrick. Billie thinks this is pointless and about his vendetta and dislike for Patrick. Bo leaves and calls the Chicago PD and fills them in on how Patrick maybe who they are looking for, and he hopes they catch him before he hurts another innocent woman. Meanwhile, Billie looks at the paper headline which says Family Reunited. She thinks about the whole incident and how Bo told the reporter how happy he was that his family was safe. Abe can tell that Bo still means a lot to her. Billie says dont worry, she does want him and Hope to work things out. Billie says shes realized when you love someone that you want them to be happy, even if they are with someone else. She says Bo deserves to be with the woman he loves. Bo, who had stepped out, returns and hears her say this. Abe excuses himself, and Bo tells Billie that hes grateful to her support and for being a good friend. Billie says she hasnt always been, but she wants him to be happy. She suggests he go talk to Chelsea about what she has to tell him.

Lexie is in the hospital for her tests, which have just finished. Celeste is with her and asks how shes doing. Lexie says shes scarred, but shell be fine. Lexie says she has to stay positive, but she is shocked to learn about the history of breast cancer in their family. Celeste says it doesnt mean shell get it. Celeste says shes getting it checked out early and there is a chance shell be okay. Celeste asks if shes told Abe yet, but Lexie says no not yet. Celeste thinks she should, she thinks Abe will be supportive of her. Lexie puts on her work clothes and says shes decided to tell Abe about Tek, he may not feel so supportive afterwards. Lexie says this cancer scare is a wakeup call, she has to reduce the stress in her life and stop the lies. She says she wont let Alex or Sami blackmail her anymore. Celeste suddenly gets a vibe, she senses a complication. She cant be more clear, and Lexie says this is stressing her out and she doesnt need anymore stress from her mom's vibes. Lexie says the secrets and lies have to stop, starting with Sami Brady. Celeste asks what Sami did to her? LExie explains what Sami blackmailed her into doing and the lie she told Carrie Celeste says she doesnt know how this girl sleeps at night. Lexie says once she tells the truth, Sami will end up all alone.

Sami shows up to pick up Wills medical forms for Summer Camp. She runs into Eugenia, who is there to get things for Lucas for a hospital board meeting. Sami wonders when Eugenia will get bored with being Lucas gopher. Eugenia says shes an executive assistant and she offered to pick these papers up for him. She asks Sami if shell get tired of being Austins gopher? Sami says things are going great for her and Austin, they are partners in more ways than one. Sami says shes not going to mess things up this time. Sami thinks Eugenia is just jealous because Lucas has Carrie and she has Austin. Eugenia says she doesnt have him yet. Sami says she is going for the gold ring on her finger. Eugenia tells Sami to enjoy it while it lasts, it wont last long because with her it never does. She says Austin will eventually drop her flat. Sami wonders what is it with this town, does everyone know her personal business. Eugenia says pretty much. Eugenia tells Sami shell end up with no one, not Austin because she still loves Lucas, and not Lucas because he wouldnt get back with her if she was the last woman on earth.

Later, Lexie and Sami run into one another. Sami tells Lexie everything has worked out for the best, Lucas and Carrie and happy and she and Austin are happy. Lexie tells Sami she has bad news for her, shes not lying for Sami anymore. She says shes telling Carrie and Austin everything. Lexie thinks after she does, Austin, Lucas and Carrie will never speak to her again. Sami says she faces losing her husband and son if she does. Lexie says she and Abe have faced problems in the past and have gotten through them, the may get through this. Sami says not only will she lose her family she could lose her license to practice medicine. Is she prepared to lose that? Lexie says yes she is. Sami asks what would make her do something so crazy. Lexie says she may have breast cancer and it has been a wake-up call. Sami says shes sorry but that doesnt mean . . . Lexie says she has to rid her life of all this poison. Lexie says shes telling the truth and neither Austin, Carrie nor Lucas will ever forgive her for this. Lexie says everyone in Salem will know she is the same lying, conniving and evil person she always has been. Lexie walks off and Sami wonders what shell do. Kate shows up at this point and sees Sami doesnt look too happy. She thinks this must be good news for her, has Austin dumped her? Sami says that hasnt happened. Kate says but shes afraid it is going to happen. Sami tells Kate that she will get what she wants and make all her enemies pay at the same time. 

Celeste, who is in the cafeteria, says a prayer to the spirits to give her daughter good health and peace. Eugenia sits down next to her and asks for advice, does she sense anything about Samis future with Austin and Carrie with Lucas? Celeste knows Eugenia has a longstanding feud with Sami, she sees it in her aura. She says revenge is dangerous, it can lead to unhappiness. Eugenia asks for her or Sami? Eugenia tells Celeste that Sami has ruined her life so many times that she wont let her do it again. Eugenia says she just wants to know if Austin will leave her and if Carrie will be with Austin or Lucas. Celeste doesnt know, but she does know they are all headed for turmoil because of Sami. Eugenia says if there is any justice then Sami needs to get exactly what she deserves. 

Lexie meets with her mom later. She says she just had it out with Sami and told her she was telling the truth. Celeste is glad, but she still has to tell Abe the truth. She knows, and she has to tell Austin and Carrie the truth as well as John and Marlena. Lexie says all the right couples will be together and Alex North and Sami Brady are going to be left out in the cold.



April 20, 2006

At the hospital, Lexie makes a call and asks for a rush on her biopsy results. Sami stands in the background as she makes this call. Sami remembers Lexie threatening to tell Austin and Carrie the truth, as well as Abe. Sami tells herself that she has to find a way to stop her. 

At the penthouse, Alex and Marlena are lounging about. He says this will be the most romantic of honeymoons and he can guarantee that she will never be the same afterwards. She asks for a clue as to what he has planned, but he just say pack lightly as whatever she might need they will get when they get there. She asks if he can at least tell her how far they will be going? He just says this will be a trip from which she never fully recovers. Marlena says hes making this sound almost dangerous. Alex says he hopes it at least blows her away a little. She says the real danger is here in Salem from John. He says that is why he wants to take her away. She says shes sorry about that. He says he has to get used to other men being jealous of his beautiful wife. He says he wants her to just relax, and as soon as they leave town he will dedicate himself to making her happy every second of the day. He sends her upstairs to finish packing. Alex calls a realtor about putting Marlenas penthouse on the market. He also asks the money to be wired to his off shore account. He then looks at his vial of serum and says its time for a refill, he needs Marlena to be compliant until they leave Salem. He says once they are gone and the drugs have worn off, then Marlena will realize much to her horror what her fate will be. 

Later, Lexie arrives and Marlena lets her in. Marlena says she has been keeping the door locked because of John. Lexie asks Marlena if shes really that afraid of John. Marlena says he has been stalking her and Alex, he tried to kill Alex at the wedding and has sworn to kill him. Lexie says hes trying to protect her from Alex. Marlena says she loves Alex, she doesnt need protection from him. Lexie says she does need protection from him and she can prove it. Marlena becomes a bit dizzy, and Lexie grabs her arm to steady her. Marlena says its just stress. Lexie then sees needle marks on Marlenas arm. She thinks this is how Alex has been controlling her. He says first he used hypnosis and now this. Lexie asks Marlena when will she recognize she is in danger? Marlena says Alex loves her and wont hurt her. Lexie says she keeps reciting that mantra, is that what he's drilled into her head?. She asks Marlena where these marks came from? Is her brain still working? Marlena has a flashback to a struggle with Alex. She says no Alex would never hurt her. Alex shows up and asks if shes been filling his wifes head with her suspicions again? He says hes very disappointed in her. Alex sends Marlena to finish packing while he speaks to Lexie. Marlena says okay, and she thanks Lexie for coming by. Alex says he thought Lexie valued her marriage to Abe? Lexie says she does, thats why shes telling him the truth about the affair. She says shes eliminating all the stress in her life. Alex says once this comes out she will lose her marriage and her good name. Lexie says oh well. She says she wont let a murdering liar blackmail her into silence. She says she is facing breast cancer and that makes one put their priorities straight. Lexie says she is giving him fair warning, leave Salem today without Marlena, otherwise if he doesnt then John will tear her apart and Abe will help. Alex thinks Lexie is trying to strike a bargain with God, that if she does a good dead then hell spare her dying from cancer. Alex says he thought she was smarter than that. Lexie says her reasons for doing this are none of his concern, but he will feel the consequences. Lexie leaves, and Marlena returns. She asks if Lexie and him had a fght? He tells her not to worry and keep packing. Alex realizes Marlena needs another dose pronto, and he knows just how to deal with Lexie. He says it may be too cruel even for him, but who deserves it more than an adulteress.

At Shawns loft, Shawn gets a call from Bo. Bo needs to talk to Shawn about his mom and he asks Shawn to come down to the station. Shawn says he and Mimi will be there. Shawn and Mimi, who were about to make love, get dressed. Mimi says they keep getting interrupted, Shawn has his own rescue service so it seems. Shawn swears as soon as they deal with this then he will give her some honeymooning that she wont forget. They leave, and Belle has been spying on them from the hallway and heard every word they said. 

Bonnie watches Sami sit and think at the Java Cafe, she knows Sami is plotting someones destruction. Belle shows up and joins her sister. Belle asks what shes thinking about? Sami says shes thinking about mom being on that honeymoon from hell with that creep. Belle says her dad has done everything he can. Sami says sure, John Black, Salems own superhero. Belle says he almost went to jail protecting her. Sami changes the subject and asks Belle what is wrong with her, is there trouble in paradise? Belle says Phillip is a great dad and good husband. Sami asks then why doesnt she love him. Belle says she does. Sami says but . . . . Sami asks if she is brave enough to say it? Belle says shes still in love with Shawn and it is killing her. Bonnie hears this and makes a face. Sami says that is hardly news, everyone in town knows she still loves Shawn. Sami tells Belle that she has to be willing to do something otherwise shes just whining about it. She says make peace with the bed she made or get out of the bed and go after Shawn. Belle says hes married to her best friend. Sami says she is hardly her best friend, she took her man. Sami tells Belle to stop being Mrs. Goody Two-Shoes and fight for the man she loves. Bonnie says shed give her own sister the same advice, and if Belle takes it shell ring both their necks. Belle tells Sami that she cant do it, shes not a home-wrecker. She says she has her own family to think about. Sami says please people get divorced all the time, look at all the women in their own family. Sami tells Belle to be honest with Phillip and get Shawn back. Sami says if she lets these feelings build up then shell end up doing something she  regrets. Sami says these feelings wont magically goes away, which Belle admits she was hoping would happen. Sami says they are meant to be together, everyone knows it. Sami says seeing her and Phillip out celebrating Shawn and Mimis honeymoon was like a tragedy. Sami tells Belle that she and Shawn are with the wrong people and she is the only one who can fix it. Sami asks Belle why she married Phillip? It was because Shawn dumped her for Jan and Phillip was there to pick up the pieces. Sami says if Phillip hadn't been there to help her, Belle would have learned the truth and would have ended up with Shawn. She says Shawn is soon going to wake up and realize he too isnt married to a woman he really loves. Belle says what about Claire? Sami says Claire will be fine, what is best for Claire is that she knows she is loved and doesnt grow up in a family where her parents dont love each other. Belle says what about Phillip, hes a great. Sami says hes great, that is what is wrong. Sami asks Belle if she has felt that she couldnt live without Phillip. Belle says nothing, and Sami says there is her answer. Belle says every morning she wakes up and wishes it was Shawn next to her. Sami tells Belle to go to him and tell him that. Belle leaves, and Sami begins to cry over her own problems. Meanwhile, Bonnie is furious and says she wont let Belle take Mimis husband away. She says Sami has made herself another enemy.

At the station, Chelsea is talking to herself about how she has to make things right between him and Hope, she has to tell him what she did. Frankie shows up and asks Chelsea what is going on? He asks if she wants to share something with him? Chelsea asks if it would be between them? He says yes, attorney-client privilege. She says its not exactly a legal problem. Shawn and Mimi show up, but Shawn gives Chelsea the brush off and goes in to see his dad. Chelsea tells Frankie that nothing will fix this, nobody will ever forgive her and she doesnt blame him.

Shawn and Mimi arrive to see Bo, and Bo begs Shawn to tell him where Hope is as their familys future is at stake. Shawn says if she wanted him to know then she would have told him. Shawn asks if mom has gotten in touch with him. Bo says yes, she asked for a divorce. Chelsea bursts in saying there is something they have to know. Shawn blows up saying get out of here, he never wants to see her again. He says she is responsible for killing her brother and his family. Mimi tells Shawn this isnt helping. Bo begs Shawn to tell him where Hope is so he can talk to her. Shawn says Bo doesnt deserve her and this was a mistake. He storms off, and Mimi says shes sorry to Bo. Mimi goes after Shawn. Frankie has shown up too, and he tells Bo he has some news, Hope has filed for divorce. He hands Bo the envelope and says hes really sorry about this. Frankie says Mickey tried to talk her out of this. HE says everyone know you shouldnt make life changing decisions when you are upset. Bo says he doesnt know what hes supposed to do. Frankie says hes sure hell find a way to change her mind. Bo says everything he says or does sends her running. Chelsea says he has to talk to him and its really important. Bo lashes out, he says his wife just asked for a divorce, think of someone else but herself for once. Bo says hes sorry, and he will talk to her soon. Frankie tells Bo if there is anything he can do let him know. Frankie and Chelsea both leave Bo, who is in tears. Outside the office, Chelsea knows how angry everyone will be with her when she confesses. Frankie says she wont get any sympathy from him. She says shes not looking for sympathy from anyone, she just wants to do what is right. Frankie says good, when Bo calms down tell him what happened.

Shawn and Mimi return home. Shawn cant believe his parents are getting divorced. Mimi says his parents should at least talk about this, maybe he should tell his dad where his mom is. Shawn decides to email his mom and let her know what is going on and leave it up to her. Shawn says hes so angry with his dad, and he wants his mom to be happy. He says after the lies his father told he doesnt blame his mom for leaving him. He says lies kill relationships, if you love your spouse then you should never keep the truth from them. Mimi then gets a call from her mom, Belle is on her way to tell Shawn that she loves him and is leaving Phillip for him. Mimi says short of killing her she doesnt know what she can do. The doorbell rings, and Bonnie hears it and says that is her. Shawn answers and sure enough it is Belle. Belle tells Shawn that she has something to say to her and she hopes it isnt too late. Mimi is in the background not looking happy at all.

On the island, Patrick finds Hope at Almas grave. Hes not happy with her. He says he asked her to leave this alone, but she couldnt do that. He says now she knows, and when she finds out what happened then hell hate her as much as Bo. Hope says she could never hate him. Patrick says he is responsible for Almas death, he killed her. Hope doesnt think it was his fault. Patrick says hes the reason she died. Hope says if he wants to talk then shes here to listen. Patrick says talking about it hurts. He says his life before coming here was a waste, he was a conman and ripped people off. He says when he came here he found it was the most beautiful place, and he also found his soul mate. Patrick says Alma shared her soul with him and she believed in him. He says they had the love most people only dream about. We see flashbacks of Patrick and Alma lounging in the hammock. Patrick told her that he was never so happy. Patrick confessed that he did some things before they met. She told him mistakes are a part of life. He says these are the kinds that could get him in trouble, as well as those close to him. Alma didnt care, she loved Patrick. Patrick tells Hope that Alma gave him all her love and paid for it with her life. Hope asks what happened? Patrick says he got into trouble and owed men a lot of cash, he was involved in the mob. Patrick says he came here to hide out, get the money together and pay them back. He says thats when he met Alma. He says she was the most beautiful woman on the island, she saw something good in him. Hope says he is a good person. Patrick says Alma didnt care about his past. Patrick begins to cry and says Alma wanted to have his babies, she changed his life. He says he finally got what life was supposed to be like. He says he cut his ties with the mob, but he left to try and pay them back. He says it didnt work, he decided to come back and get Alma and run away. Patrick has a flashback of returning, Almas place was ransacked and Alma was dead. Patrick tells Hope that they killed Alma instead of him in order to make him suffer. Patrick says Bo was right all along, she never should have trusted him. Hope says Bo was wrong about him, he was wrong about a lot of things. She says she thought Bo was everything she wanted in a man, he was her hearing. She says not anymore. She says she is older and wiser, and she appreciates different qualities in a man. She tells Patrick that hes a good man. He says she is wrong, he is not a good man and he is no good for any woman. He tells Hope to get far away from him and go back to Bo.


April 21, 2006
At the hospital, Lexie has returned and is waiting for her test results. She remembers her confrontation with Alex yesterday. She also remembers her confrontation with Sami. Lexie makes a call on her phone to Austin and asks him to call her as soon as she can. Sami shows up and hears Lexie make this call. She realizes she has to stop Lexie. Sami runs off and sneaks into the hospital records room. As shes trying to get on the PC, Alex shows up and catches her. Alex asks what she thinks shes doing? Sami asks what hes doing here? Alex says he asked first. Sami says she used to work here and was just checking on things. He sees shes looking at Lexies records. Sami claims they were on the screen when she got here. Alex doesnt think so, why would she be so interested in Lexies health? He realizes Lexie has something on her. Alex wonders what that something is? Sami tries to leave, but he wont let her go. Sami says shell call security if he wont let her go. He asks how shell explain to them why she was here? She says shell claim she found him here. He asks who she thinks they will believe? Sami asks what hes doing here anyways. Meanwhile, Lexie heads to the records room to check a patients record. However she ends up getting deterred and doesnt go into the room. Back in the room, Sami realizes that Lexie has something on him. She hopes Lexie uses to to break him and her mom up. Alex says if they split up then shell end up with John Black, he knows she doesnt want that. Sami says she wants her parents back together. Alex says that wont happen, and he wont let anyone come between him and Marlena. Alex tells Sami if he lose then she loses, but they both are on the same side here. Alex just wonders what Lexie has on Sami. Alex wonders what shes most afraid of right now. He knows shes back with Austin, so it must have something to do with him. Alex says he has a solution to both of their problems, is she interested? Sami asks what his plan is. He says she must know by now Lexie might have breast cancer. Sami says she knows and she feels bad about that. Alex says he hopes she doesnt feel too bad for her, hes going to alter her results so she thinks everything is okay. Sami says Lexie could die because of this. Alex says the ends justify the means. Sami cant believe this, its another deal with the devil. Alex says hes not the devil, but the choice is a simple one, put her faith in him and end up with Austin, or rat him out and end up alone. He says she doesnt even have to do anything, she just has to let him do the dirty work. Alex know she doesnt like him now, but shell like him a lot more once he makes her dreams come true. Alex says the best part is that her hands will be clean. Sami decides to let him deal with this and walks out. Alex then gets to work stopping Lexie Carver dead in her tracks, with the emphasis on dead. Sami leaves and sees Lexie standing there. She begins to have an attack of conscious. She wonders if she can stand by and let her die, is she really that selfish? Sami doesnt know how she can do this.

At the loft, Mimi stops Belle before she can say anything to Shawn. Mimi tells Belle they have something to tell her first, Shawns mom asked his dad for a divorce. Shawn says he cant believe his family is falling apart. Belle says shes shocked, she doesnt know what else to say. Shawn doesnt know what will happen next. Belle says shell do whatever she can to help him. Mimi says that's her job. Shawn says marriage is supposed to be forever, he hates the idea of divorce, he doesnt understand how easy it is for some people to walk away. Belle asks if he can really blame his mom after his dads lies. Shawn cant, he blames his dad for all of this. Shawn says hes going to email his mom and ask if its okay he tells his dad where his mom is. He says he has to have hope that they can work this out. Belle says they can, they are soul mates. Belle says Hope told her that when you find that love that you have to fight to hold onto it. Mimi thinks Shawn should get back to that email. Belle says yes, what she has to say can wait. Shawn returns to the PC, and Mimi has a little talk with Belle. She says she knows what shes trying to do. Mimi tells Belle that she has to stop doing this, shes so obvious. Mimi says Shawn has told her no, how many times does she have to hear it? Mimi says shes just going to make Shawn feel worse if she tells him what she has to say. Belle says she doesnt want to hurt Shawn, Phillip or Claire, but she cant change the way she feels. Mimi says find a way, she just heard Shawn, he doesnt believe in divorce and hes not going to leave her. Mimi tells Belle to stop acting like she didnt have a choice, she chose to leave Shawn, she chose to marry Phillip, she chose to stay with Phillip. Mimi says the saddest part in this all is that Phillip doesnt know she doesnt love him. Mimi tells Belle if shes not happy with Phillip then leave him, but dont try and steal her husband. Mimi says Shawn loves her. Belle knows that, but the only reason he is with her is because Shawn doesnt want to break up her family. Mimi says but Belle does. Mimi says Phillip deserves better than her, so does she and so does Shawn. Mimi asks Belle if she really wants to break up Claires family? She says Phillip is the only dad Claire has ever known, he loves her and Claire loves him. Mimi tells Belle to start putting her daughter first. Shawn finishes up his email, and Belle asks what he will do if she doesnt want his dad to know where she is. He doesnt know, sometimes things arent always black and right. Belle asks if he is saying sometimes divorce is okay? Shawn says no, he doesnt believe in divorce. He says if your in an abusive relationship then okay, but if your unhappy then forget it. Shawn says you got married for a reason and there should still be love there and you should find a way to work it out. Belle says you can marry for the wrong reasons, the church recognizes annulment. Shawn says yes, if you get married under false pretenses or the husband or wife lied about something important than yes. Mimi begins to fidget and Belle looks at her. 

At the station, Chelsea goes in to talk to Bo. Hes still upset over the divorce papers. Bo says this doesnt make any sense, he emailed her that long email and she claimed she read it. Bo says shes throwing everything they had away. Chelsea remembers that she confessed to Frankie what she had done. Chelsea tells Bo that she has to tell him something right now. Suddenly John comes in and demands to talk to Bo right now. Bo asks if he and Chelsea can finish their talk fist, but John says no as Marlenas life is on the line here. Chelsea leaves and John asks Bo to get the cops tailing him away from him. Bo tells John that he cant deal with this now, Hope has filed for divorce. John cant believe this and says they need one another to get through this. Bo says Hope doesnt agree, she thinks he is siding with Billie and Chelsea and has betrayed her. John says he understands why she feels that way. He says she lost her son. Bo says they lost her son. John says Hope was his mother, he should have leveled with her. John asks if hes talked to her. Bo says hes tried but the only one who knows where she is is Shawn. John says then make Shawn tell him, grab him and force him to tell him where Hope is. Bo says he cant do that. John knows how Bo feels about Hope, its the same way he feels about Marlena. John says thats why he needs these guards off his back so he can help her. Bo tells John if he hurts Alex then hell go to prison. John says he doesnt care, he is going to kill Marlena. Bo says unless Alex does something illegal than his hands are tied. John knows Bo would do the same thing if it was someone going after Hope. Bo admits he would, and lucky for him Patrick is the only threat to Hope and nobody knows where he is. John asks if he thinks Patrick is dangerous? Bo says yes and shows him the APB. John agrees it is enough to bring him in for questioning. John says hes not giving up on Marlena and he knows Bo wont give up on Hope. Bo says even if he does find her, there is no guarantee shell come home. He says if she does, it will be a long painful process to rebuild their relationship. John tells Bo to believe it will happen. John says he will get Marlena away from North, and Bo says if he knew where Hope was hed go off to find her and wouldnt come home without her. John gets a call from Lexie, who asks him to meet her at the hospital, its about Alex North. John says hes on his way. 

Meanwhile, some blonde woman named Charlese has been handcuffed to a chair for the time being. She asks Chelsea if she has a cigarette. Chelsea says she doesnt smoke. Charlese says just her luck, and they tried to get her to quit at the shelter. Chelsea says she should quit. Charlese asks why, so she can live longer? She says life sucks and then you die. She asks Chelsea what she got busted for. Chelsea says nothing. Charlese says she is innocent, but she was busted for solicitation and drugs anyway. Chelsea says if shes innocent then she shouldnt worry. Charlese says thats not how the system works, and as bad as it is on the streets, it is worse on the inside. She tells Chelsea to pray she never has to do time. Chelsea asks if it is really that bad? Charlese says ten times worse than what is on TV. Chelsea asks her what it was like for her. Charlese tells her, prefacing the story that it doesnt have a happy ending. We dont hear her story, but Chelsea thinks Charlese is lying, things like that dont happen. Charlese says she didnt make it up, and a pretty little thing like her would wish she was dead if she was behind bars, pray she never ends up there. Later, a cop comes to get Charlese and take her away for booking. John leaves and Bo asks Chelsea what it was she wanted to talk to him about? She says its about what shes done to him and Hope. 

On Morgan Island, Hope says shes not going back to Bo, there is no future for them. She says right now shes worried about Patrick. Hope thinks Patrick needs to come to terms with his past. Patrick says he loved Alma and he is responsible for her death. Hope says he cant blame himself. Patrick says he has to get out of here, she can stay in his house but he has to go. He says coming here was a mistake, there are too many memories here. Hope grabs Patrick by the hand and tells him that shes not letting him go. Patrick says there is nothing here for him, and she should go back to Salem and work things out with Bo. She says there is nothing there for her. He says her whole family is there. Hope says if she goes back then she has to face her memories of Bo, just like he faces memories of Alma here. Patrick says then she should understand why he has to leave. Hope says they both have ghosts they have to face. She asks if he will go back to Salem? He says no, hes going somewhere else. Hope says shell miss him, and he says hell miss her to. Patrick asks Hope not to give up on Bo so fast, she wont find that love with another man. Patrick says he wants her to find the peace and happiness she deserves. He then gives her a hug. Patrick walks off, and Hope thinks until Patrick forgives himself for Almas death then hell never be at peace. Hope goes running around to find Patrick. Hope runs into the man that pointed him to Almas grave earlier. They talk about Alma, Patrick keeps the place up in order to grow those flowers in her garden, the flowers of the legend. However he says Patrick knows that Alma isnt coming back.

Patrick finds Almas garden and has memories of her working in it. He then leaves. Hope searches Patricks house for him but hes not there. She goes out to the garden and ends up finding a buried box. She opens it up, inside is a letter from Alma to Patrick. Hope is stunned when she reads it. She says Patrick needs to see this. Hope rushes down to the docks and finds Patrick has apparently already left. She thinks she was too late. 

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