April 24, 2006
At the station, Chelsea is about to come clean with Bo about what she did to him and Hope. She begins to cry and says this is so hard. She says its important to her that he knows the truth. She swears she wants to be a better person, she wants him to be proud of her. Suddenly Charise escapes from the cops and threatens them with a letter opener. Bo has to leave Chelsea to deal with her. He subdues her, and Chelsea remembers what Charise told her about prison and how awful it is. As shes taken away she screams Just kill me now! Bo returns to Chelsea and asks if shes okay? Chelsea says that woman is going to a horrible prison and the same thing will happen to her. Bo says it wont, he will do what he can to convince the judge and jury that it was an accident. Chelsea remembers Kate telling her that she better be prepared to spend her life behind bars if Hope came back. Chelsea cries that she loves him and she just wants him and Hope to be happy. Frankie shows up at this point and asks if hes interrupting? Chelsea says no, shes leaving. Chelsea heads out, and Frankie thinks Chelsea told him the truth. He says the truth about what? Frankie remembers Chelsea confessing what she did to Bo and Hope, but Frankie tells Bo he cant tell him because of client attorney privilege. Bo says he knows. He says Chelsea is wrestling with a lot. Frankie says so is he. He asks Bo if he signed the papers? Bo says no and he wont, hes fighting for Hope. Frankie sees the rap sheet from Chicago on Bo's desk and asks what it is. Bo says he thinks it is Patrick they are looking for. Frankie says this profile could match a lot of guys. Bo knows it is Lockhart, and if he goes near his family then hell be the one up on murder charges.

Chelsea ends up church praying. He goes into the confessional and confesses to the priest what shes done to Bo and Hope to make sure they split up to keep Hope away from Salem and her trial. She says then she had a near death experience and realized what she had done was a mistake. She says she tried to tell her dad the truth. The priest says she needs to tell him what she did. He says he cannot give her absolution until she helps herself and rights her wrongs. He says she is hurting herself even more by hiding this secret and she is putting her soul at risk. Chelsea ends up running off and begins crying in the back of the church. She says she knows she should tell the truth, but she just cant and she never will.

On Morgan Island, Hope thinks Patrick is gone and its too late. She says hes torturing himself for nothing, it wasnt his fault that Alma died. She says now he may never know the truth. She turns around and Patrick is standing there. Shes so happy that she hugs him. She thought he left, but he says Danny took the boat and he has to wait for a ride to the mainland. Hope is glad hes here. Patrick says she wont change his mind about leaving. Hope says maybe she cant, but Alma can. Hope says Alma gave her a message for him. Patrick asks how? Hope says she was working in the garden and found a letter to him from Alma. She tells him to read it. Patrick reads the letter from Alma. In it she says if hes reading this then she is dead, and it was not his fault and he couldnt have stopped it. She tells Patrick she too had done bad things in her past, and she traded in her life of crime for a life of love after meeting him. She says she thought she had escaped that other world, but now she knows those men are coming for her. She says when they find her . . . . even knowing what is about to happen she would do it all over again to experience what they had. She tells him to move on, find love again, she will always be in his heart. Hope tells Patrick that it wasnt his fault. Patrick says he should have been there to protect her. Hope says he cant blame himself, but Patrick says he should have knows she was in trouble. Hope asks how? Hope says Alma said nobody could save her, and she protected him by not involving him. Hope says it wasnt his fault, it wasn't his past that killed Alma. Patrick says hell never know for sure. Hope says he does, and Alma is giving him a second chance at life and love. He says he doesnt deserve a second chance. Hope says he does, let himself love again. She doesnt understand why Patrick wont let her help him. Patrick thanks her but says he has to be alone right now. He then walks off.

Marelna walks into her office at the hospital and remembers Kate telling her that everything John has done is to protect her from Alex North. She looks at a photo of her and John. Out in the hallway, John catches Tek tailing him. John asks what hes doing, and Tek says his job. John says Lexie called him here, but Tek says this isnt the way to Lexies office. John says he saw Marlena go into her office and thought it was a good opportunity to talk to her. Tek says Marlena has made it clear that she doesnt want to see him. John says that is Norths doing and this may be his last chance to see her. John tells Tek he is the one who trained him. Tek says he will give him space, but he will keep his eye on him. John says of course he will, he had a good teacher.

John goes into Marlenas office. Marlena is remembering her past with John. She says her heart belongs to Alex, but she wishes they didnt have to leave Salem. Marlena remembers trying to convince Alex to tell him where they were going, and all he would tell her is that it was far away from Salem. Marlena didnt think it was a good idea right now, her kids were having a hard time. Alex said if they stayed here then John would keep trying to come between them. Alex said they should go away and give John a chance to cool off and accept their marriage. Marlena told him that she still wont abandon Sami and Belle. Alex said they were adults now, but they had phones and the internet was everywhere, she could keep in touch with them every day if she wanted. She asked if he promised? He asked if hed ever lie to her? Marlena thinks to herself that Alex is right, she doesnt have to be near her children to be part of their lives. She says after what theyve been through they deserve a wonderful honeymoon. Marlena gets her passport, it still says Marlena Evans Black. John walks in and says that is who she is and who she will always be. Marlena says he shouldnt be here. He says he wont give up on her, she is his life. Marlena says their life together is over, its been over for years. John tells her to flip through the passport and see where she has been with him over the years. He says it is the story of their life together. He shows her a photo of Belle and Claire and says their past is not gone, its staring her in the face. Marlena says she cares about Belle, Claire and him, but her life is with Alex now. She says she was with Alex before him and Roman. John tells Marlena it doesnt matter, they were soul mates and she doesnt remember how much she loves him. Marlena says she does! This shocks John. Marlena says she knows he was very special to her. John says just like she is special to him. John begins to remember their wedding. Marlena smiles, and John realizes she remembers as well. Marlena says shes been having some memories, but nothing like this. John thinks there love is too strong to be destroyed, he thinks their love is finding its way to the surface. John says he loves her, he always has and always will. They then kiss. Marlena breaks away and says she cant do this. She says they are the past, she is happy with Alex and he has to leave. John asks for just a little time, thats all he needs. He knows if they can talk then he can make her realize that marrying Alex and leaving with him is the biggest mistake of her life. Marlena says she doesnt want to change her mind. She says she cant do this and runs off in tears. John chases after her.

Sami watches Lexie wait for her test results and recalls her meeting with Alex in which he asked her to let him do what he had to do. Sami says she cant let Alex kill Lexie and she runs off. She finds Alex in the records room as he finishes switching the records. She says she wont let him do it, she wont let him kill Lexie. Alex tells her they are in this together and if either of them get caught then it doesnt bode well for the other. Sami says they dont have to get caught, and maybe Lexie doesnt have cancer and will change her mind. Sami can tell by the look on his face she does have cancer, though Alex doesn't admit it. She says they have to change those results, they cant let Lexie die. Alex refuses and says he may not be able to stop Lexie from telling the truth but he can at least make sure she pays for what shes done to them. Sami says shes not a killer, and if she lets him do this then she will be. Alex says fine, be a good samaritan but be prepared to lose everything, including Austin Reed. Sami says she cant lose Austin, but she doesnt want Lexie to die or her mother to end up with him either. Alex says he can guarantee her happiness with Austin if she trusts him. Sami says she wont lose Austin again so she will trust him.

A nurse asks Lexie if she has gotten her results yet? Lexie says not yet. Lexie just hopes it is good news. The nurse says they are all praying for her. Lexie calls Carrie and asks her, Lucas and Austin to come to the hospital, she needs to talk to them all, the sooner the better. Later, Tek runs into Lexie. Tek says he thought this would be a good day. Lexie says its not for her. Tek realizes this is about Alex, hes still blackmailing her. Lexie says Sami knows too, but that isnt the worst of it. She says shes found a lump in her breast. Lexie says she had a mammogram and she had a biopsy. Tek says hes here for her no matter what happens. Lexie says the first thing that has to happen is that she has to tell Abe about their affair. Sami walks up to Lexie, and Tek becomes upset and goes to yell at Sami. Lexie says let her handle this. Tek walks off, and Sami and Lexie have words. Lexie thinks her marriage will survive this affair, she is telling the truth. Sami says her marriage may survive but Lexie wont survive this. Lexie thinks it's just a Sami threat and she says she wont lie anymore. Sami tells Lexie that shes hurting herself a whole lot more by telling the truth. Lexie doesnt think so, finding this lump has been a wake-up call. Sami tells her that she doesnt understand, Lexie is forcing her to become a monster and she doesnt want to be one. Lexie says stop the tears, they wont work with her like Austin and her father. Sami says her whole future is at risk here. Lexie tells Sami that she cant stop her from doing this. 

Marlena runs into Alex, shes crying. John shows up and Alex says he should have guessed. He tells Marlena this is why they need to go on that honeymoon. Marlena says hes right. LExie stops them from leaving and says there is something they all need to know before anyone goes anywhere.


April 25, 2006

At the station, Bo and Frankie are discussing the divorce case as well as Patrick. Bo is positive that the guy Chicago is after is Patrick, but Frankie says he can't be sure. Frankie tells Bo he has bigger things to deal with now, like changing Hope's mind. Frankie says in this state Hope doesn't need his consent to divorce him, so he has to get through to her. Bo says she doesn't want to hear from him, and he doesn't know where she even is. Frankie tells Bo there may be a way . . . Later Frankie has to get home and get back to Jen. Frankie says he's so lucky to have her in his life, but he knows it wouldn't have happened if Jack . . . Bo says hadn't died? Frankie doesn't mean to sound insensitive. Bo says it's okay, and he was Jen's first love. Bo tells Frankie to hold onto Jen, cherish her and never let anything come between them. 

On Morgan Island, Hope is thinking about Bo's email and how he gave up on their marriage so easily. She calls Jen up to say hi and check in. Jen has heard Hope filed for divorce and she's furious, she won't let this happen. Hope says she's divorcing Bo and there is nothing she can say to change her mind. Jen asks Hope where she is, and Hope admits to Jen that she's not on her own, she's with Patrick. She explains it wasn't planned, they happened to come to the same island and she actually rented his bungalow not knowing he owned it or was going to be here. She says he's been very supportive of her. Hope asks Jen to give her love to the family, and she makes Jen promise not to tell Bo where she is. 

At Jen's, Frankie returns home and he hears Jen talking to herself about how she can't believe she made that promise, how is she going to keep this from everyone. Frankie wonders what secret she's keeping. Jen says she spoke to Hope, but swore to her that she wouldn't tell anyone where she was. Frankie gets to work on a profile, Jen sees it's about a murderer and she asks if that is a new case. Frankie says no, it's a profile and it may be of Patrick. Jen panics, she remembers Hope saying she was with Patick!

Back on Morgan Island, Hope's PC beeps, it's an email from Shawn with a family photo attached. She doesn't understand why he's doing this and writes back. What she doesn't know is that it is Bo writing. He sees Hope has answered. He responds saying it's not Shawn, it's Bo and that they have to talk. She is furious with him for using their son's name to get to her, she has nothing more to say to him. Bo responds saying how he has something to say to her, he loves her and won't allow this divorce to happen, he will fight for them. Unfortunately for Bo, by this point Hope has blocked his emails.

At the hospital, Austin and Lucas arrive, they talk about how Lexie called them and Carrie to come here, but not Sami. Lucas says that's not surprising, she hates Sami. Meanwhile, Sami is talking to Lexie, she's trying to warn her that she's putting her life at risk if she does this. Lexie says this lump was a wakeup call, she won't lie for Sami anymore, she's telling the truth. Lexie sees Marlena and Alex about to leave after Alex tells John he should have known he was who upset Marlena. Lexie asks them not to go, she has something important to tell them. Carrie, Lucas and Austin arrive, as does Abe. Lexie was not expecting to see Abe. He asks Lexie if she has something to tell him? Lexie announces to everyone that she found a lump in her breast and has had it tested. She says she's waiting for the results now. She says it's been a wake-up call, she has some things to tell them all. A nurse interrupts with Lexie's results. She reads them, the lump is benign. She is thrilled, and then is paged to an emergency. She tells them not to go anywhere.

John yanks Marlena away from the group and back into her office. She says this is wrong, she shouldn't be with him. He's not giving up on her, he's going to make her remember. He begins talking about how much they loved one another, how she must remember their wedding. We see flashbacks to their first wedding, the one where John returned as Roman and he thought he was Roman, as did everyone else. Marlena remembers and begins to cry.

Carrie heads off to the nursery to look at the babies. She talks to a nurse, she's going to be volunteering at the hospital again. Carrie says it will be good practice. She tells the nurse that she's  engaged and going to be married soon and hoping to start a family. Austin shows up and tells Carrie he has to talk to her. He says he knows she's engaged to Lucas, and he's with Sami now, however he loves her and will never stop. Austin then kisses Carrie.

Lucas talks with Eugenia, Eugenia has a bad feeling about what is going on here. She tells Lucas that she ran into Sami earlier and she was acting funny. Eugenia thinks Sami is up to something.

Abe talks with Tek, he doesn't understand why Lexie didn't tell him about this lump. Tek says perhaps she was trying to protect him or wanted more information first. Abe tells Tek that he knows he looked after Lexie while he was on that island and he thanks him for that, he's been a good friend to them. 

Sami finds Alex elsewhere, he is who had Lexie paged.  Alex tells Sami that it's time they let Lexie know who is in charge here. Lexie soon shows up and wonders what is going on. Sami tries to convince her not to tell anyone, but she still insists she's confessing everything. As she goes to leave, Alex plays a tape recorded conversation he and Abe had earlier. The tape begins with them arguing about Alex being with Marlena. He points out to Abe that he was married to Marlena first, before John and Roman. He asks Abe how he'd like it if some other man tried to steal Lexie from him? Abe says he wouldn't like it at all, he'd kill the man. He asks Abe what would he do if Lexie cheated on him? Abe says she never would, but if she did, he'd leave Lexie and take their son, she'd be out of their lives forever.


April 26, 2006

At Belles loft, shes looking at a photo of her, Phillip, Mimi and Shawn. She remembers Mimis lecture to her the other day in which she told Belle to leave Phillip if she wasnt happy, but dont try and steal her husband. She also remembers Shawn saying he doesnt believe in divorce. Phillip shows up and thinks he knows what shes thinking. Belle tells him to stop saying that, hes not psychic and most of the time hes not even right. He says she doesnt make it easy, and he guesses he should know her better given she is his wife. He says she doesnt seem very happy lately. He asks if hes not a good husband? She says of course he is. Phillip says their marriage has been filled with a lot drama, and they both know she never dealt with her feelings for Shawn. He thinks that maybe shes having second thoughts about marrying him. She says she loves him and Claire, and hes wonderful to them both. However she says she does have a lot on her mind lately and perhaps it is time shes honest with him about how shes feeling. If she says something to him, we don't here it. The next time we see them, Phillip thinks it is hard for her seeing Shawn and Mimi married. She says this has nothing to do with him. Phillip says he also knows watching her parents split up hurts her too, and he understands how hard that is. Belle admits that is hard for her too. Phillip says he doesnt want to lose her the way her parents are losing one another and the way Shawns parents are losing each other. He says she is the perfect wife, she is the center of his world. Belle ends up telling Phillip that she wants to have another baby with him. Phillip says he loves the idea. Belle suggests they stop talking about it and do something, and then she kisses him. They make love on the couch. 

Mimi calls her mom and says everything is fine, she kept Belles mouth shut and got Shawn to remind Belle about how he feels about divorce. Mimi says what if he finds out the truth though? Shawn walks in and says the truth about what? Mimi hangs up and says well, it is supposed to be there honeymoon . . . Shawn thinks shes upset that their honeymoon got cut short, even though she told him it was fine. He says he understands, and he has a surprise to show her how much he loves her. He says turn around so he can blindfold her. She does and then he sets up a romantic dinner for them. Mimi is impressed, he has fondue and everything. He also puts on some music to make everything perfect. They then begin to take one anothers clothes off and go at it on the couch. They make love, and then Shawn suddenly remembers that letter that Mimi wrote him and he said hed read after they married. Mimi says she forgot all about it. We see a flashback of Mimi writing the letter confessing all about Claire. Mimi begins to worry as Shawn gets the letter and says he cant wait to finally read the letter. Mimi realizes if he reads that letter then it is the end of their marriage. 

At the hospital, Carrie pulls away from Austin and says this isnt right. He says it isnt right that shes with Lucas. Austin says Lexies cancer scare made him realize how short life is and they cant waste time. He says their feelings for Lucas and Sami are nothing compared to the way they feel for each other. Austin says Lucas and Sami should be together anyways. He says the two of them should be getting married. Carrie has this fantasy of the future, Carrie and Austin have a baby and Lexie tells them the baby has severe birth defects. Carrie pulls away from Austin, and he asks what is wrong? Carrie tells Austin that he has to let her go, she is with Lucas and he should move on with Sami. Carrie says Sami has changed and she loves him. Carrie says she has to go and walks off. Austin wonders just what is going on with Carrie. He says whatever it is, he wont give up on her.

Alex asks Lexie if shes willing to risk losing Abe and her son, or will she leave him and Sami alone so they can all live their lives with those they love. Suddenly, Lucas tries to get into the room, hes looking for Sami. The door is locked so he leaves to look elsewhere. Alex tells Lexie that she heard Abes words, is she willing to lose Abe and her son? LExie cries and says she cant do this, she cant be blackmailed anymore. Lexie says she has to tell the truth. She says she will be honest and hope he forgives her. Sami asks if he doesnt? She says then she gets what she deserves, just like they get what they deserve. Lexie says shes telling John the truth and shes telling Carrie the truth too. Alex asks what Sami had her lie about. Lexie fills him in, and Alex gives Sami a look. Sami tells him to shut up. Lexie says she will see to it that Sami loses Austin and Lucas and Alex loses Marlena. Alex says that wont happen. Sami asks Alex what they will do now? Alex tells Lexie that hes sure Lexie make the right decision. Lexie says she already has, and she walks off. Sami tells Alex this is a disaster. Alex says he has to do damage control and walks off. 

Abe is pacing around and waiting for Lexie to come back. Tek is waiting with him. Abe says its not like Lexie to tell her heath problems in front of everyone. He wonders what else is going on. Lexie soon returns, and Abe is so glad she is okay. She says yes shes lucky. Soon everyone begins to assemble again. John and Marlena arent there, and Alex begins to wonder where Marlena is.

John tells Marlena he knows shes remembering him, they will be together. He then kisses her. She remembers, but says she cant do this and runs off. John and Marlena return to the whole gathering around Lexie. Lexie asks for everyones attention and shes sorry for keeping them waiting. Sami asks Alex what hell do now. He says wait and see. He says the reinforcements should be here at any second. Suddenly Celeste and Theo show up. Celeste says someone called her and said to bring Theo here. Celeste heard the good news that Lexie is fine. Celeste says she is so relieved. Sami asks how this is going to help? Lucas walks over to Sami and asks her what shes up to? He knows she is hiding something. Sami says he is wrong. Lucas tells Sami if she stops him from getting what he wants then so help her God . . . 

Meanwhile, John tries to get through to Marlena. She says all shes having are little pieces of information, and its frustrating. John says she doesnt belong with Alex. Alex hears this and says John is wrong.

Lexie tells Abe, who is now holding Theo, this is like being given a second chance. She says she realizes now how much her family means to her. Abe says he feels the same way. Celeste asks Lexie if shes sure she is okay? LExie says yes, shes never felt better. Celeste tells Lexie that she still gets an unsettling feeling about her. Lexie whispers that she hasnt told Abe the truth or exposed her blackmailers. Celeste senses potential for disaster here. Abe tells Lexie that everyone is waiting to hear what she has to say. Lexie says shes ready and gathers everyones attention. She says she has had a brush with a serious illness and she has to rid herself of stress and be honest. She says the mind affects the health of the body. Lexie says this will be painful for them to hear, but she hopes it changes their lives for the better. Lexie begins to break down, but insists she do this. Alex thinks he knows what Lexie wants to say, she wanted to let them not to let worries and anxieties impinge on their daily lives. He says far too many people live under tremendous stress in the world today. Abe says nobody asked him to speak for Lexie, he had no clue what Lexie was going to say. He says he does, and Lexie knows it too. Abe says let Lexie speak then, nobody likes him or respects him. He thinks he should have let John kill Abe when he had the chance. Lexie tells Abe that she hopes he can forgive her, but while he was having his problems, Tek has been there for her. She says after awhile it turned into and affair. Abe goes insane on Tek, attacks him and Tek falls to the floor and ends up dead. Abe is then arrested, and Alex tells Lexie he warned her that this would happen. This of course is all in Lexies head. LExie ends up chickening out and claims she did want to tell them not to allow stress in their lives. Lexie then walks off. 

Lucas looks at Sami and knows something is up. Lexie tells her mom that she couldnt do it, she couldnt risk losing Abe. Abe walks over and asks if shell be okay? Meanwhile, Marlena says shes never seen Abe behave that way. John realizes she is on the verge of a major breakthrough if she's remembering Abe. Alex, overhearing, decides to whisk Marlena away, but John says no way and attacks Alex. Tek holds John back, and Marlena tells John its okay, shell talk to Alex. They tell her not to do that, but she says its okay. They then leave to talk.

Alex and Marlena go to an empty room to talk. Marlena tells Alex that its time they got this out in the open, she is remembering what hes done to her. She says people have warned her to be wary of him. MArlena knows hes been abusing her, physically and emotionally, and now hes drugging her isnt he. Alex admits he is. He says after he gives her another dose, she wont remember anything. He then grabs her and drugs her yet again! MArlena once again becomes Alexs walking and talking zombie. He says they are going on their honeymoon and she will never see John Black again. 

John tells Tek that MArlena is remembering and thats why Alex took her away, hes going to do something to her. He says he should be there before its too late. John and Abe go searching for Marlena and Alex. They find them in a room, and John barges in. Alex asks what he thought he would find, Marlena finding from a light fixture? John thinks Marlena has remembered, but she says she loves Alex. John thinks Alex already got to her. Alex says he doesnt want his wife subjected to this anymore. He says hes taking Marlena on their honeymoon and he does not want John following them. He tells Marlena to say goodbye. Like a robot she does, and they leave. Abe agrees with John, something is going on but they cant prove it.

Celeste tells Lexie she should confess the truth to Abe. Lexie says says shes screwed up so many lives trying to preserve her own happiness, but what if nobody else winds up happy because of it. 

Austin tells Carrie that Lexie is right, Carrie is carrying stress around because shes not with the man she loves. He says admit it, she loves him. Carrie says she cant be with him, she belongs with Lucas and he belongs with Sami.

Meanwhile, Lucas thinks Lexie was about to say something bad but Sami dodged a bullet. He wonders what is going on between them. Sami says nothing. Lucas says he saw her with Alex, and if shes up to her old tricks then they will backfire. He says she wont get Austin, shell never change and she wont be happy.



April 27, 2006

At the hospital, Carrie, Sami, Austin and Lucas are together. Carrie thinks Lexie gathering them together was very odd. She thinks Lexie wanted to tell them something else but then she changed her mind. Lucas feels the same way. Austin tells Sami that shes quiet, does she knows what is up? Sami says she and Lexie arent friends. Lucas asks if she knows what is up though. Sami says stop making this about her, get off her case. Lucas still thinks she had something to do with this, but Sami says she didnt. Austin says at least they know Lexie will be okay. Sami remembers Alex changing the result, and Sami thinks perhaps Lexie should have more testing done, doctors make mistakes all the time. Sami then changes the subject, they should go dancing. Carrie says that sounds fun, she asks Lucas if they can go. Lucas says sure. Lucas has some wedding magazines and they can work on the wedding between dances. Sami suggests they all go home, change and then head to Dune together. Carrie gets a moment with Austin and asks if he can be happy for her and Lucas. Austin says hell accept shes happy, but it wont mean he will stop loving her or wishing he was with her. 

Abe tells Lexie they should go out to dinner, her choice. Lexie wants to just stay home, her mom has Theo so they have the place to themselves. She says they can make some memories. Abe tells Lexie there is nothing he wants more in the world, but they both know he cant. Lexie asks him not to push her away. He says he would love nights together like they used to have, but nothing will change his condition. He says she keeps making him tell her no. Lexie says there are treatments and methods they havent explored, does he feel like less of a man if he has to ask for help? She says they can still be together and be close. Abe says no, hes really busy and he has to check in with Roman. He tells Lexie not to wait up for him. Abe leaves, and Tek shows up and asks Lexie to let him take her back to his place. She says no, but he thinks she didnt tell Abe the truth because she didnt want this to end. She says she cant go there anymore, and what she really needs is a drink. She tells him good night and heads out. 

Lexie goes to Dune, and she becomes upset that Tek followed her there. Lexie orders another martini, and he thinks that is a mistake. He says they are sweet but they are also powerful. She says if she gets drunk then good for her. Tek thinks shes on her way already. Lexie then sees Austin, Carrie, Lucas and Sami arrive. She says they cant see them here together. Tek goes off to get a private spot. Sami walks up to Lexie and says so shes out here again, didnt she learn her lesson the last time? LExie tells Sami to keep her mouth shut or shell tell Carrie and Austin the truth tonight.

Sami and Austin return to the table help Carrie and Lucas celebrate. Carrie asks Sami to be her matron of honor. Sami asks if she really wants that? She knows she hinted at it but she wasnt serious. Carrie says theyve both grown up, and they both want to be close again, so what does she say. Sami says shed like that and shes touched. Lucas then asks Austin to be his best man. Austin says hed love to be his best man. Austin says here is to Lucas and Carrie and many years of happiness. Sami also says to marriage. Carrie and Lucas celebrate with a dance, and Sami tells Austin she hopes they can be happy together too. Austin says they have to be honest with one another, he still loves Carrie and he knows she still loves Lucas, so he doesnt know where that leaves them. Lexie soon joins them with a giant drink. She tells Austin she can help him get back together with Carrie. Before Lexie says anymore, Sami drags her off. Sami tells Lexie that she and Austin have a chance at happiness here. Drunk Lexie says no way, she is going down girl! Sami tells Lexie to keep her mouth shut or shell tell Abe the truth. Tek returns and asks what the problem is? Sami says Lexie cant hold her liquor, he better watch her. Sami walks off, and Lexie says Sami Brady is going down. Later Sami asks Lexie why shes still here? Lexie says she still has business to take care of, shes going to do the right thing so Sami can just stuff all her threats.

Lucas and Carrie are dancing. Austin asks to cut in and share a dance with Carrie. Lucas says sure. Carrie talks to Austin and says it is great that they can be friends. Austin says nothing, and she asks if hes not going to say anything? He wants to know what Carrie is going to do about their feelings. He asks her why shes marrying her brother when she wants to be with him. Carrie says he shouldnt have cut in on them, and Carrie returns to dancing with Lucas. Lucas asks if she is okay? Carrie says she just needs him.

John is behind the fence at the Salem airfield. He has a bag with him, and inside is his rifle. Roman shows up and says he didnt think hed let him kill Alex did he? John tells Roman if he wants to save Marlena, if he ever loved her as much as he claimed then hell look the other way. Roman says he of all people should not question his love for Marlena. He says he has orders to confiscate his weapons. John says if Alex takes Marlena away then theyll never see her again, but he thinks Roman doesnt care. Roman says he does care, he spent the best years of his life with her until John took off with her. John thinks this is about payback, that is why he's letting Alex take Marlena from him. Roman says that isnt what this is about. John says Marlena life is on the line here. Abe soon shows up and is glad Roman found John. Abe talks to John, he says he cant take his law into his own hands without suffering the consequences. John cant believe they are both okay with Alex taking off with Marlena. John says hes going to save her life even if he loses his trying it.

Alex and Marlena are in the terminal, Alex has arranged a charter jet for their honeymoon. Marlena doesnt have a good feeling about this, she doesnt like surprises and she loves Salem. She says she doesnt think she wants to leave everyone, she doesnt know if she wants to go on this trip. Alex tells Marlena that she doesnt remember Salem as her home, its just what people tell her. He says they are about to embark on a honeymoon and explore their feelings for one another. Marlena says hes right and she didnt mean to get upset. Marlena goes into the womens room to clean herself up. Alex says to himself that it will all be over soon. Alex only has enough of the drug to last till they get there, but by then it will be too late. Alex gets a call from the real estate agent about the penthouse. There is no offer, so he says everything in the penthouse, including Marlenas personal possessions are included. He says they are not returning to Salem ever as they want a fresh start. Marlena returns and asks who hes talking to? He says its the pilot, they are waiting for them.

Alex and Marlena head to the plane. John is on the other side of the fence, he says doesnt go, he loves her. Marlena looks at John and begins to hesitate. Alex tells Marlena that they need to go. He tells MArlena that John is nothing but trouble. They go, and John asks them to at least place a tracking device on the jet so he can track and follow. He says hell be out of their jurisdiction then. Alex and Marlena board the jet, and Alex calls the pilot and tells him to make sure this plane cannot be traced. 

Later the plane takes off, and John realizes Alex has blocked the transmissions. John tells Abe and Roman they have just seen doc for the last time. John says Alex is going to kill her and he cant stop him now. Up on the plane, Alex and Marlena share a drink. Alex says he cant give away all his surprises, but she will get everything she so richly deserves.

Belle and Phillip are really going at it at their loft, lots of grunting going on. Phillip tells Belle that was amazing, it was better than their first time. He says he loves her so much. She says he is her past and future, she is totally committed to him. Phillip is excited about having more kids, he admits he was having doubts about them. She tells him not to feel that way. He says if she ever has a problem then tell him. She sees a photo of Mimi, Shawn, her and Phillip. She tells him that she hasnt been honest with him. She says when they almost lost Claire, she thought if Claire didnt make it then they couldnt make it either. She says she didnt have a childhood like Sami full of tragedy, she didnt know if she could cope with that tragedy. She says look at how she fell apart these past two years? Phillip says hes here for her and always will be. Belle says look at Bo and Hope, if Shawn was still little she bets they wouldnt be splitting up. Phillip asks if that is a good reason to stay married though. She says it gives a couple a reason to find their way back to one another. She says that is why she wants to have more children. Phillip says that is why? Belle says not the only reason why, but she wants lots of reasons to keep them together and stay in love. He says and they dont already? She says of course they do, but they said they wanted to give Claire brothers and sisters. He says he wants more kids too, but for the right reasons. Phillip decides to make a confession to Belle, he has a surprise for her. He says hes planned something special for her. The doorbell rings, and Phillip says there she is. Caroline shows up, shes going to watch Claire while Phillip and Belle go to Green Mountain Lodge. Belle loves it, and Phillip goes to pack for them. Belle thanks Caroline for doing this for them. Caroline talks to Belle, it seems she and Phillip are getting closer. Belle says Caroline gave her some good advice, she just has to remember how lucky she is. Later, Belle and Phillip prepare to head out.

At Shawns loft, Shawn is about to read the letter Mimi wrote him. He asks if she even wants him to read it still, he doesnt remember why she even wrote it. Mimi tells him to stop, not to read it. She takes it from him and says shell read it to him. She ends up making up some spiel about how he was her first crush, her first kiss, her best friend and her dream come true. She says she wants to be the best wife to him, to make his dreams come true, and to be worthy of his love. Thats all she says, and Shawn says that was beautiful. Mimi tells him that he loves her very much. He says he loves her very much too, but he does have a question. He says she had the letter closed when she was reading it, did she read what she really wrote? Mimi says she had worked on this letter so long that she has it memorized. He tells her that she is amazing, and this letter means so much to him. HE says he wants to keep it. He goes to put on more music, and Mimi quickly burns the letter. He asks her what shes doing? Mimi says she doesnt want her mushiness preserved for all of eternity, besides they have the perfect memory of this night preserved. Shawn gets a call, and he tells them they will be there in an hour. He then surprises Mimi with a trip to Green Mountain Lodge. Mimi tells Shawn that she loves him. She says to herself that Shawn is her dream come true, so how can she keep lying to him.

Phillip and Belle leave for the lodge and narrowly miss Mimi and Shawn doing the same. At the lodge, Mimi and Shawn arrive and head into the dining room area as Phillip and Belle arrive and check in. Shawn tells Mimi no more interruptions, no one will interrupt their honeymoon this time.


April 28, 2006
Mimi and Shawn enjoy their honeymoon at Green Mountain Lodge. Shawn wines and dines Mimi, who asks if they can afford this. He says hell work overtime to pay for it. They discuss the future. Mimi feels bad that she cant give Shawn a child of his own, but he tells her that theyve discussed this before and he is okay with adoption. 

Belle and Phillip arrive and head into the dining area as their room isnt ready. Phillip orders champagne, but Belle plays it safe and asks for water just in case they made a baby tonight. She thinks about being pregnant and how Mimi will never have that joy. They run into Mimi and Shawn in the dining area. They are all surprised to see one another. Mimi and Shawn came here for a honeymoon getaway since their other attempts keep getting spoiled. Shawn says they decided to forgo Kates round the world trip for the time being. Mimi asks why they are here, and Phillip tells them they came here to make another baby. Shawn happens to have baby news for Mimi as well, hes picked up applications for adoption for them to fill out. Mimi is thrilled, Belle isnt.

On Morgan Island, Hope tells Patrick that she heard from Bo, but she blocked his messages. Patrick continues to try and convince Hope that she needs to go back to Salem, to give Bo a chance. He says she owes it to Bo and herself. Hope finally tells Patrick that she left town after catching Bo in bed with Billie, so as he sees, Bo has in fact moved on. Hope says she has to do the same, so Patrick suggests they go to one of the hotels on the island as it has a casino. They get dressed up and prepare to have some fun island style.

Billie checks on Bo, who is drinking and sulking. He tells Billie its over, Hope has shut him out of her life. Billie thinks theyll work it out as usual, but Bo says not this time. Bo talks about how he and Hope are just too different, and that is what attracted them together at first. Bo thinks about his life with Hope via flashbacks, but that is over now. He says with the kids gone, they have nothing holding them together anymore. Bo runs out of beer and decides to go get some more. Billie thinks that is a bad idea, hes been drinking and shouldn't drive. He doesnt listen and rushes off on his bike.

At Dune, Lucas tells Carrie that hes positive Sami is up to something, and they see a fight going on between Lexie and Sami. Meanwhile, Austin finds Lexie and Sami arguing, he asks what the hell is going on here. Lexie is incoherent and talks about Sami being evil and having to pay for keeping Austin away from Carrie. Sami convinces Austin that Lexie is fixated on the past, but shes changed and Lexie cant accept it. They leave Lexie to be drunk. Tek and Jada walk over, they know how to pay Sami back for what she's done.

Jada makes up some phony charity handcuff dance event, and Austin and Carrie are paired together. They initially dont want to but are pressured into it as it's for a good cause. They are then handcuffed together and forced to dance. Sami is furious and sets her own plan into motion to get Lexie back. She makes a call on her phone. Later the cops show up on a suspected drug raid. Lexie hears them say Abe Carver will soon be here to take charge. Lexie fears Abe is going to find her here with Tek. Sami says gotcha bitch!


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