July 31 2006
At Maxs garage, Max and Stephanie see Whore written on Stephs locker. Max wonders who would do this, she says he has to ask? Max says Chelsea? He says hes so sorry and comforts her with a hug.

Outside, Abby tells Chelsea what she did was immature and . . . Chelsea says stupid, she knows. They should go wipe it off. They go to head back inside, they see Max comforting Stephanie. Chelsea rants to Abby that she doesnt care if Stephanie is her cousin, she has a thing for Max. Chelsea says Stephanie will be sorry. Abby says so Stephanie is beautiful, smart and mature, what could Max possibly see in her? Chelsea tells Abby to cut it out. Abby says she wants her to see that she is going to lose Max to Stephanie if she keeps it up. Abby asks why she plays these games? Abby says if she wants to be with Max then she has to do it the right way, she will have to say shes sorry. Chelsea says that is all she says nowadays, shes sorry shes even alive. Chelsea says she bets Hope wishes she was the one who was killed in that car accident. Abby says leave Hope out of this, she lost her son. Abby says Hope is a good person just like Stephanie is, and if Chelsea doesnt shape up shell be the one to end up alone. Chelsea says if she admits Abby is right will Abby stop lecturing her? 

Back inside, Max tells Stephanie that he feels like this is his fault. Stephanie says no Chelsea has to take responsibility for her actions. Chelsea walks in and says Stephanie is right, she came here to apologize to them both. She says she was stupid, dumb, immature . . . Max says keep going. Stephanie says Max! Chelsea says no she is right, she picked a stupid way to get back at him. He says get back at him for what? She says he left her at Dune. Max says he didnt think shed notice with all those guys. Stephanie says Chelsea didnt write something about Max, she wrote it about her. Chelsea says she left with Max. Stephanie says so thinks shes moving in on her guy? Chelsea says yes. Stephanie says the truth is a lot easier to say isn't it. She says she and Max are just friends, that is all. Chelsea says she believes her, does Stephanie forgive her? Stephanie says shell leave them alone. Chelsea asks Max if he forgives her? Max says no. He asks why he should? She says because she said she was sorry? He says she is a baby. He says they were suppose to be exclusive and she made a tramp of herself at Dune. Chelsea says he was with Stephanie, she got a little bit jealous okay. He says he was just talking with Stephanie. Max says Stephanie is a cool girl, but he asked Chelsea to be his girlfriend. He tells Chelsea that she has to trust that he loves her. She says he loves her even after everything? He says yeah. They share a kiss. 

Stephanie goes outside and talks to Abby. Abby tells Stephanie underneath it all, Chelsea is a good person. Stephanie says she sounds like Max. Stephanie feels sorry for Chelsea, shes so needy and what shes going through is rough, finding out she has two parents who thought she was dead and then killing Zack? Stephanie says but she found out her dad isnt dead, but shes not running around doing horrible things. Abby knows, but she does care about Max. She says Chelsea is also really sorry. 

Later Max tells Stephanie hes giving Chelsea a ride home, theyll work on the car later. Stephanie says so Chelsea got to him huh? He says when Chelsea freaks she acts out, she just needs some hand holding, shell get better. Meanwhile Chelsea tells Abby if it wasnt for her she wouldnt have worked things out with Max. She says Max said he loved her. Abby told her so, and Chelsea jokingly calls her Jennifer. Max and Chelsea leave, and Abby is glad everything worked out for them. Stephanie says Max is a good guy, she hopes Chelsea doesnt hurt him too badly. Stephanie says one day Chelsea will go too far and they will be history.

On the rooftop, Sami tells EJ that she really is a wicked person. She says Austin and Carrie dont know the latest thing she did, she kept two people apart who would be together. She did it so she wouldnt have to be alone. EJ says a woman like her will never be alone. Sami says she doesnt want to settle and she doesnt want to end up with someone like her. She says she wants someone who loves her, and that is someone like Austin. EJ asks if she is sure about Austin? Sami says shes loved Austin since she was a teen, every other man was a substitute. He asks what about Lucas? She says stop asking questions. He says stop avoiding the answers. Sami says the bottom line is she will lose Austin if she tells him the truth. EJ asks Sami to tell him then. She refuses, she says hes the only friend she has left. EJ says if hes her friend, her real friend, then he wont abandon her no matter what she did. He tells her to confide in him, it will make her feel better, things arent as bad as they seem. Sami says oh they are. EJ says hes getting steamed with her, if they are friends then she should share. He says he just wants to help her. She asks where she starts? He says the beginning, tell him how this all came to pass. Sami says it started when she realized Austin still loved Carrie. She explains how they were roommates, how Austin wanted things to be platonic and how she tried everything to change his mind. She thought Carrie was in Israel with Mike Horton, but it turned out she was in LA running a company. Sami says Austin found a company he wanted to take over, a company called High Style. She says Austin didnt know it was Carries company, she didnt either at first. Sami admits she didnt say anything when she found out and soon Lucas moved in on Carrie. She said soon everyone wanted to be with Carrie, nobody wanted to be with her. She says after all the High Style debacle, Carrie decided she still wanted Austin. EJ assumes this is where Lexie came into the picture. Sami tells EJ what the lie Lexie told Carrie, that she and Austin would have kids with severe birth defects. Sami knows it was stupid, but Carrie still had the choice and she chose Lucas. EJ says nothing, Sami thinks he hates her just like she knew he would. EJ says he doesnt hate her. She says what she did was horrible, she is selfish and spiteful. He says shell do anything for love, not many people will fight to the death for love. He says he is almost in awe of her. Sami wishes everyone was as understanding as him. He says Carrie is pregnant with Lucas child, Austin cant sweep her off her feet if he tried. He says if he were Austin hed forgive her and move on with her. Sami says he is right, maybe Austin wont leave her. EJ asks Sami if shes finally going to tell him the truth?

In the apartment, Austin and Carrie find the note the gloved hand left. Back outside Lucas returns and sees the gloved hand. He yells at him, he or she runs off. Austin looks out the door and asks Lucas what is going on out here? Lucas says someone was hanging around the apartment. Austin thinks it is the same person who delivered the note. Lucas sees the note, he thinks they should open it. Austin says no its addressed to Sami. Lucas doesnt like the idea of a figure stalking the hall. He gives Carrie some aspirin and then goes to get her water. Austin wants to talk to Carrie. Carrie says they cant do this. He says they arent done talking. Carrie says this cant be about them, Lucas loves her so much. Austin says so does he, she knows that. Lucas brings Carrie some water, she thanks him for being so sweet to her. He says she is his wife, he loves taking care of her, especially now. Carrie tells Lucas that Austin knows everything. Austin says hes so sorry. Lucas says they can still adopt a child, they can have a family. Lucas says its a blessing in disguise, they got married because they thought she was pregnant. He says now that shes not they can get to know one another better, travel, get closer. Lucas leaves the room again, Carrie tells Austin she cant do this to Lucas, she wont. Austin hugs her, Lucas returns and clears his throat to let them know hes in the room. Lucas tells Carrie that things will be okay, they love each other and can get through anything. He says couples have problems, they are just getting theirs out of the way early. Carrie says she needs to wash her face and excuses herself. Austin decides to go find Sami and let her know what is going on. Lucas says sure, but there is something they need to settle first. He says when he saw Austin holding Carrie it amazed him and moved him. He says Austin was so unselfish, shes going through a lot, they both are. Lucas thanks Austin for being there for them. Austin says Lucas is his brother, and he would do anything for Carrie. Lucas says hes the best. Lucas says this is killing her. Austin says this is terrible for him too, finding out Carrie isnt pregnant. At this point EJ and Sami walk in. Meanwhile, Carrie washes her face in the bathroom. She wonders how she can break Lucas heart.

In Cincinnati, Kayla is outside the bar. She makes a call home to her mom to cry. Caroline asks if it is Steve? Kayla says hes not Steve, hes Nick and Nick doesnt want her. She says she lost him once, she cant lose him again. Caroline asks what happened? Kayla says shes in Cincinnati and they are at a bar Nick hangs out at, everyone here knows him as Nick. She says she thought they were getting closer, but shes just some woman he met while trying to help Jack. Caroline says that isnt true, there is a connection between them still, shes seen it. Kayla says he says that he belongs here, this is his life in this town with these people. Kayla says he told her to forget him and move on with her life. Kayla thought even if he didnt remember his past that he might want a future with her, but he doesnt. Kayla says he gave it time and doesnt remember, so he gave up. Caroline says shes a Brady and Bradys dont give up, show him hes wrong. Kayla tells her mom she knew there a reason she called her. Kayla says her mom is right, she wont lose him again.

Inside, Steve is drinking and Della joins him. Shes glad hes back, she thought he was buying Blondies act. Steve says it was no act, she is his wife, they had a life and they have a daughter. Della says he may have been married to her once, but hes with her now. Steve tells Della to leave him alone, hes not in a partying mood. He says take it or leave it. Della says the way hes been talking is majorly depressing, and she can think of more than one man who would like to be in his boots. Steve tells her that hes not in the mood for her and pushes her away. Della says she got to him didnt she? Later Steve talks to Della, he wants to tell her something but decides not to. She says this is her life too. He says he knows nothing about his life. Steve and Della sit down, Steve says he didnt mean for any of this to happen. He says he went to Salem for his dying brother. He says he knew there was a wife, but she wasnt supposed to be there. Della says she was there and he couldnt leave. Steve says yeah. Della says and she tried to get him to remember their life. Steve says yeah. He says shes a nice girl. Della bets Blondie got close to him too. He says yeah. Della asks if he remembers. Steve says no. Della says she feels for him, but this could be a sign, that life is over for him. Della tells him that the two of them have a good thing, if he was supposed to be with that woman then hed remember. Della goes to the jukebox and plays a song, she picks their song and tells Steve they should dance. Steve gets up and dances with her. At this point Kayla peers in the window, she sees them dancing and Della grabbing his butt. She talks about how many times hes played this song over the years. Steve says he always had a thing for this tune. Steve and Della then kiss. Steve breaks away from Della, he then gets a shot of booze at the bar. She asks what the idea is leaving her by herself? Steve says something has changed, he doesnt know what is going on with him. Della thought his favorite song would get rid of his bad memories. He says not anymore. Della says hes thinking about that woman. She kisses him, he pushes her away. He says he cant breath, back off. He takes off and leaves the bar. Meanwhile Kayla is on the phone, shes booking a plane to Salem. She gets in her car and drives off just as Steve tries to chase after her, missing her.


August 1, 2006

At the hospital, Lexie finds Jen and Frankie. She tells Jen that Jack has taken a turn for the worse. Lexie says Jack came too for about an hour, he didnt want Jen to know because he wanted her to spend time with Frankie. Lexie says Jack has gotten worse since then, hes got a high fever and isnt responding to any medications. Lexie says a fever like this is usually the signal of the final stage of the illness, she may want to prepare. Jen wont give up, she goes in to see Jack and Frankie calls Abby. Jack is conscious, he tells Jen how shes made him the happiest man alive, even now. Jack thought hed never get a chance to see her again, but he has. He says he can see her and hold her and kiss her and love her. He knows he doesnt have a right to expect that. Jen says he has the right to expect a full life. Jack says he has had a full life, most people dont experience half the fun and adventure he has. Jen says its not over yet. Jack says its time, he can feel it and she can too. He says they have tried, but its time for her to let him go. Jack tells Jen he needs to tell her a secret. He says hes glad Steve convinced him to come home, this has meant everything to him, this time with her and his family. He says seeing how Frankie cares for her and Abby and Jack Jr, it makes it easier for him to leave. Abby soon shows up, she tells her dad hes beaten death so many time that he can do it again. Jack says nobody can beat death, but he has tried. Jen tells Abby that she doesnt want her dad to die, but he has fought harder than anyone could imagine. Jack says while he has them both here he wants to tell them to live their lives, be happy and remember hell look out for them and cheer them on. He says dont forget to JJ a hug and kiss for him. Maggie walks in with JJ and says give him one himself. Jen didnt think they could bring him in. Maggie says Frankie pulled a few strings. Jack knows JJ wont understand or remember, but he says goodbye to him too. Jack begins to fade, Jen runs off to get Lexie. Frankie shows up, Jack is becoming almost incoherent. He tells them all not to be boring people who always have a schedule and are on a time limit. He soon passes out. Jen tells Jack to stay with them. Jack starts saying Mrs. Horton we have a deadline! He mumbles again and passes out. Jen says he has more to say, keep talking, stay with them.

At the bar in Cincinnati, Steve returns to the bar after missing Kayla, who just left. Della thinks it is for the best, they come from different worlds. Della says Kayla probably has never been in a place like this or around a bar fly. She says Kayla would spend her life cleaning him up and trying to make him clean cut. Della tells him that woman will drive him crazy, she doesnt care about him and doesnt seem to be the type who will give in till she gets her way. Steve says where is she now, shes gone. Della says well she didnt fight very hard for the love of her life. Steve says she left because he pushed her. Della asks why hed do that, shes beautiful if you like that type, which apparently he did. Steve says Kayla turned him into a husband and a father. Della says and he went back to being him, this is who he really is. Della says Kayla doesnt know him, she does. Della says she has probably spent more year with Steve than Kayla did. Steve says she may be right about that. Della tells him to forget about her, it wouldnt have worked anyway. Della kisses Steve and tries to get him to admit he missed her. He says he did miss her a lot. Della says so now the Salem stuff is finished and hes back home where he belongs. He says is he? He says he still doesnt remember a damn thing. Della tells Steve this is his life, they are friends, she knows what he wants. They sit down, Steve starts dwelling on the past. Della tells him to stop thinking about it, he is Nick Stockton now and hes a hell of a guy. Steve says he has a mother in Salem, a brother who is dying, a wife and a daughter. Steve says she should see his daughter, shes pretty, smart, shes a race car driver. Della laughs and says no way. Steve says he missed her whole life. Della says she must have learned to drive from him, her mother probably never went over a mile over the speed limit. She calls Kayla a stuck up rich bitch. Steve tells her not to go there. Della thinks Steve told her to leave because he was afraid Kayla would reject him so he rejected her instead. Della can see that woman has gotten to him, he wants her doesnt he. Steve says hes happy with her (Della) and only went after Kayla to make sure she was okay. He suggests they stop talking about Kayla. Steve tells Della that he used to be a cop. She laughs and says hes kidding. He says no, he was also in the ISA. He says hes serious, he worked on some dangerous cases and pissed some people off. He thinks one of those enemies staged his death and erased his memory. She asks why they wouldnt just kill him? Steve doesnt know, what he got isnt amnesia, they erased his hard drive. She says maybe it was the government, it can happen. Steve says whoever did this, what happens if they find out he knows who he is? What if they have it in for him? Della asks Steve why hes dragging all this up? Steve says whoever did this may have more plans, he could be in danger and he could put those around him in danger. Steve says if somebody can stage his death and erase his memory, then they have a lot of power. He thinks they wont be happy to find out he knows who he really is, and he has to assume they are coming for him again. Steve says he has to be ready. Outside the gloved hand spies. 

Kayla comes home and meets with Stephanie at the Brady Pub. Stephanie is playing with her food, Kayla sees something is bothering her. Stephanie thought she was in Cincinnati. She says she was, she left early and her dad stayed behind to tie up loose ends. Kayla asks Stephanie what is bothering her? Stephanie says the guy she told her about earlier, she realized tonight they cant be together. Kayla asks why not? Kayla wants to talk and help her out. Stephanie tells her mom they dont do mother daughter heart to hearts. Kayla says she loves her. Stephanie says they hardly talk about things that matter, her mom talks to her, she doesnt listen to her. Stephanie says her mom hasnt noticed that she grew up. Stephanie says her mother stopped listening when she started asking questions and having opinions. Stephanie says her mom stuck her head in the stand and shut her feelings down, so if she doesn't talk to her mom about her problems well she learned this from her mother. Stephanie says she never brought her to Salem to see her family, to see where her father lived. Kayla says when her father died she was a wreck, and she felt she had to be there and strong for her. Kayla says she just wanted to protect her, but she is right, shes not a little girl anymore. Kayla tells Stephanie she just lied to her, her dad stayed in Cincinnati because hes not coming back. Kayla says she was never able to let go of her dad, and tonight he told her to forget him and move on because he was staying in his life. Stephanie asks how this could happen, this sucks. Kayla says it sure does. Stephanie says they seemed happy yesterday, she thought they were going to search for his past. Kayla says they were, but the minute they got back there everything changed. She says its like he missed his old life and realized that is where he belonged. Kayla says she never stopped loving him, and when he came back all her memories unfroze. She says he wasnt frozen though, he had a life without her. Kayla doesnt know how to let go of someone you love. Stephanie says she doesnt know either. Stephanie says her mom has her though, shell always have her. Kayla thinks now that they are being open and honest, maybe Stephanie can tell her about the guy shes interested in. Stephanie doesnt name him, she says he has a girlfriend who treats him like dirt. She rants about how much she has in common with his guy, and how his girlfriend is nothing but trouble. Kayla asks if this guy knows she likes him. Stephanie doesnt know and she hasnt told him. Stephanie says shes been down this road too many times before, she finds a guy who she likes and he only sees her as a friend. Shes afraid to lose him even as a friend. Stephanie admits she likes him more than anyone else shes ever liked. Stephanie wonders why he doesnt like her, what is wrong with her? Kayla gives her a hug. Kayla says maybe this guy is the one with the problem, why would he chose this trouble maker over her? Stephanie says he sees the best in her. Kayla says maybe he isnt showing an interest in her because he thinks she only sees him as a friend. She tells Stephanie sometimes she has to take a risk. Stephanie says what if it turns out like all the other guys? Kayla says what if it doesnt? She tells Stephanie to take a risk, put her cards on the table. Stephanie asks her mom if shell do the same thing with dad? 

At the apartment, EJ and Sami walk in just as Austin is telling Lucas how sorry he is about the baby. Sami asks what they are talking about, Carrie has to be pregnant! Sami says she doesnt mean that the way it sounded. She says shes so sorry she miscarried. Carrie says she didnt. Carrie says she was never really pregnant, she got a false positive. Carrie says they ran tests after the fire, that is when they found out. Carrie says this is hard for her to talk about. Sami says well they will have a romantic honeymoon in Italy and shell probably come home pregnant for real. Sami sees by their faces there is something else going on here. Austin tells Sami if Lucas and Carrie want to share then they will. Austin suggests they have some wine, Lucas says he'll have a soda. Sami suggests to Carrie they relax, drink up and she can tell her what is going on. Austin says Sami! Carrie says its okay, shes her sister and should tell her. Carrie tells Sami that her chance of having a baby is basically non-existent, she cant have children ever. Sami says this cant be happening to me. Lucas says this isnt about her! Sami says she didnt mean that how it sounded. She says Carrie has gone through so much since the wedding, its all gone from bad to worse for her. EJ suggests to Sami they go get wine and glasses. EJ asks Sami when shell tell Austin, she says never! Sami says she cant tell him now. EJ asks what difference does Carrie not being pregnant make. Sami says Austin will leave her in a heartbeat and go back to Carrie. Sami says Carrie made a decision that affected them all based on a child she didnt have. EJ says shes still married to Lucas, but Sami says that wont last long. Sami says she cant tell Austin, she has to find a way to stop the note writer. Lucas asks Sami if he can borrow a heating bad, he twisted his knee chasing some figure outside her door. Sami asks who? Why is he telling this now? Lucas says they are gone now, he didnt want to worry her. Sami finds out Austin knew about it too, and that he left a note for her. Sami asks if they opened the note, Austin says no its addressed to her. Lucas suggests they open it and find out who was sneaking around in the hall. 


August 2, 2006
At the loft, Shawn has to go over and help Belle. Claire is crying and Shawn tells Mimi that Phillip is at the VA hospital getting his prosthesis fixed. Mimi ends up calling Patrick after Shawn leaves. Patrick shows up, she explains what happened with Shawn and Claire. Patrick says its like something inside him is telling him that Claire is his daughter. Patrick tells Mimi she has to tell him the truth. Mimi says hell leave her in a second if she does. Patrick says stop doing this to herself and Shawn, tell him the truth tonight.

Shirtless Shawn shows up at Belles apartment to check on Claire. Belle doesnt know whats up with Claire, maybe she needs her father. Shawn says what about her godfather? Shawn picks up Claire up and comforts her, she stops crying. He asks her if she misses her daddy? Belle watches Shawn as he gets Claire to calm down. Belle tells him hes amazing. She wonders what will happen when this baby inside her cries in the middle of the night. Shawn says Phillip will be there. Belle says hes not the babys father, he wanted her to have an abortion. Belle says its not right, they should be able to raise their baby together. 

Later Mimi and Patrick listen at the door as Belle and Shawn talk. Belle tells Shawn that he has felt close to Claire since she was born, even before Zacks transplant. Belle tells Shawn that she thinks she knows why he feels so close to her. Belle says its because Claire is her daughter and because of how Shawn still feels about her. Belle says once they have this new baby it will bring them even closer. Belle tells Shawn that she still loved him when she married Phillip, and he still loved her when he married Mimi. She says Claire is the reason she and Phillip stayed together as long as they did, but once they have this baby that will change everything. Shawn is telling her how he wont come between her and Phillip, they are a family. Mimi and Patrick barge in at this point, she says they were talking in the hall where it is cooler and she noticed Claire stopped crying, she wanted check on them. Suddenly Belle doubles over in pain. She says something is wrong with the baby. Shawn rushes to her side and asks if shes okay? She says its just stomach pains, thats all. She thinks it is probably from the heat. Shawn isnt taking any chances. Shawn grabs a shirt of Phillips, he tells Mimi to watch Claire and hell take Belle to the hospital. Shawn and Belle then leave. Patrick sets up a fan for the baby, Mimi says she cant believe the mess shes in. Patrick offers to stay with her, she tells him its okay. Patrick knows sitting for Claire must be hard. Mimi says she loves Claire, she loves Belle, she loves Shawn. She says she never should have lied to Shawn. Patrick asks what shes going to do? Mimi says she wishes she knew. 

Shawn rushes Belle to the hospital, a nurse goes to find a doctor. Belle tells Shawn that shes afraid shes losing the baby, 

Elsewhere at the hospital, Jack ends up having an out of body experience. He looks at himself lying in bed. He says they all have to go sometime. Lexie is standing next to Jack talking to him. She says shes so sorry. She then leaves, Jack is alone in the room with himself. He says he said his goodbyes so its time to check out the adventure on the other side. Abby then comes in and sits with Jack. She tells him that he cant die. Abby tells her dad that she cant talk to mom like she can talk to him. She says he should be the one to teach JJ things not her. She says everyone else thinks he may not have a chance, but she knows he can beat this. She says he is strong and he loves them, and they love him that much. Jack watches and realizes he cant just leave his family. Abby continues to tell Jack that he cant leave, he promised to walk her down the aisle and dance at her wedding. We see a vision of Jack dancing with Abby at her wedding. Jacks spirit begins bargaining with God, he says he cant leave his family now, they need him, hell do anything within reason. Abby remembers when she was in the hospital after her car accident and Jack returned from the dead to them. We see Jack thinking about all the other times he cheated death, like on the island and at the castle. Jack realizes Abby is right, nothing can take him away from his family again. Suddenly the monitors attached to Jack go crazy. Jack says he wont die, he has to do something. He gets back into his body. Abby takes Jacks hand, she asks if he can hear her? Jack squeezes her hand, Abby thinks it is is a sign hes coming back. Suddenly the monitors all flat line. A doctor comes in to check on Jack, he calls a code blue and yells for a crash cart. 

Jen talks with Lexie, Lexie says Abby wants to say a private goodbye. Jen realizes it is really over. Jen doesnt understand how God could bring him home, give them hope only to take him away again. Jen doesnt think she can handle this. Frankie tells Jen to come with him, just trust him. Jen goes with Frankie, he has something that might help her. He gives her something and says its from Jack. Its a letter, Jacks final request. He talks about how he always wanted to be a great journalist, but he never got there. He says he realized there are other ways to make a lasting impact on the world, through the love they shared and their family. Jack says she made him a better man, journalist, husband and father. HE says they will live on in his spirit and hell live on in theirs forever, until the day they are reunited. He also wrote a note to Frankie, he told Frankie that he was the best friend he could ask for and he made peace with knowing he would be leaving Jennifer and his kids with him. Jack tells Frankie that he would be an amazing husband and father, and he wishes them both every happiness there is. 

Out side of Jacks room Abby tells her mom what is going on. Lexie goes in and tries to save Jack. Jen tells Abby no matter what happens, they got to say goodbye and they promised theyd be strong. Lexie comes out, she tells them its a miracle, his fever broke and the drug may be working after all. Lexie says hes not out of the woods, but shes optimistic that Jack will pull through this. Jen and Abby rush inside, Lexie tells Frankie that she doesnt know what to say. He says say nothing, this is how its meant to be. Back in Jacks room, Jack is awake and has Abby and Jen in his arms.

At Samis apartment, Sami grabs the note before anyone opens it. She says its addressed to her so shell open it. She reads it, Lucas asks what it says? Sami says she cant tell them. Sami says she has been working on a surprise, she had been working on it but Austin one-uped her and surprised her with this dinner tonight. Sami says her secret is out, and shed like to invite Carrie and Lucas to her own little surprise party. Lucas says that is it, that is why the person ran off? Sami says they had strict instructions not to get caught. EJ suggests Sami tell them, but Sami says no. Sami reminds EJ that he promised to keep it a secret as well. He says yes, and it will be a great surprise when it comes out. Later Lucas talks to Sami as she gets some drink refills. Lucas says he knows her better than anyone else here, so why doesnt she tell him what is really going on? Sami tells him nothing is going on, she just wants everyone to be happy, she loves Carrie and she loves him too, hes a brother in law to her now. Lucas says hes sorry for being suspicious, and he never meant to hurt her. He says if it wasnt for her then he wouldnt be alive (referring to the fire). Sami says he would have done the same for her. Lucas jokes that he might have to think about that one. 

Later EJ tells Sami shes on borrowed time, everyone knows someone is writing her notes and now she has to throw some big surprise party. Sami says she will throw a party. EJ reads the note, it tells Sami shes a lying and blackmailing bitch. The note spells out everything shes done to keep Austin and Carrie apart. Lucas soon confronts Sami, he says he did it, hes figured it out. He thinks that guy in the hallway was trying to rob the apartments, he is not the person who dropped off the note. He says a window was open in the hallway by the fire escape. He says this explanation makes more sense that someone is dropping off a note. Sami says he could be right. Lucas says he shut that window so they wont have that problem anymore.

Meanewhile, Austin tells Carrie that they need to talk. She says about what? He says the fact that shes not pregnant, this changes everything. Carrie says she and Lucas are still married. Austin says she wouldnt have married him if she wasn't pregnant. Carrie says it doesnt matter now. Austin says hes not the one who brought this up. HE wants the truth from Carrie, she never would have married Lucas if she knew she wasnt pregnant would she? Carrie says this is the way it should be, her with Lucas and him with Sami. Austin says he doesnt believe that and he doesnt think she does either. 

Carrie tells Lucas its been a long day so shes taking a bath and heading to bed. Sami asks Austin if hes ready to go to bed? He says no he has to go to the roof and clean up. Sami says shell help, but he says no that dinner was for her. He says she should stay here and relax. Sami thanks Austin for the dinner and the ring, hes made her so happy. Austin leaves to head to the roof. EJ says Austin loves her very much. He says that is why she needs to tell him the truth before the note writer does. EJ reminds her one last time that she has to tell Austin the truth. He leaves, but not before telling her to call him in the morning. Later that night Sami has a run in with Lucas, hes in his robe. He goes to knock on the bathroom door and tell Carrie that they have to get to bed soon. Carrie says shell be out soon. Lucas goes back to the guest room. 

Carrie slips out of the bathroom window and heads to the roof, where she runs into Austin. They end up sharing a kiss! 


August 3, 2006
Mimi is still sitting with Claire, who is crying because of the heat. Bonnie soon shows up, she heard Mimi was here from Patrick. Bonnie knows everything that is going on with Shawn and Belle. Bonnie thinks Belle could have afforded a baby sitter for the kid, and she asks why its like a furnace in here. Mimi says the air conditioner is broken again. Bonnie helps herself to a beer. Bonnie tells Mimi that she should have taken Belle to the doctor, the more time Shawn and Belle spend together the more trouble her marriage is in. Mimi tells her mom to stop it, she says shes never listening to her again. Later Mimi sees Belles computer and is stunned. Bonnie looks at it as well. They have found Belles diary. Bonnie wants to read it, Mimi refuses as it is private. Bonnie says this is war and Belle is her enemy. Mimi says Belle is her best friend. Bonnie says not after what Belles done to her, if she wants to keep her husband then she has to fight dirty. Bonnie sees the diary, she reads it to Mimi. She reads how Belle is writing how happy she is to be carrying Shawns baby, how its proof their love is mean to be and how she loves Shawn more than ever. A furious Mimi reads it, but soon stops as it is wrong. Bonnie asks if shes going to let her get away with this? Bonnie says Belle has declared war on her, is she going to read what Belle is up to or wait and see what she has up her sleeve? Bonnie says its not like she went looking for this, and what if Phillip had found it and read it? Bonnie keeps reading the diary, she talks about how she hopes the baby is a boy that looks like Shawn, but another daughter would be great as long as it was hers and Shawns. Belle talks about how if she could only follow her heart then she and Shawn would be a family when this baby was born. Bonnie tells Mimi if she lets this go on then she will regret it. Mimi reads the diary, Belle thinks this pregnancy is Gods way of telling her they belong together. Mimi says this is a nightmare. Bonnie says she knows this hurts, but this is the best thing that could have happened.  Mimi asks how Belle being pregnant with Shawn's baby is a good thing? Bonnie thinks this will light a fire under her butt and make her to fight. Mimi thinks Belle is holding all the cards here. Bonnie says she married Shawn, that's a big card. Mimi thinks her mom is right, she shouldn't have let Shawn go to the hospital. She wonders what is taking so long, why hasn't Shawn called. Bonnie says maybe she lost the baby, it would help her case. Mimi wouldnt wish that on anyone. She calls the hospital to find out how Belle is doing. The nurse says Belle and her husband are waiting for test results. Mimi says Phillip is there? The nurse says she thought her husband was Shawn, they were the ones kissing. Mimi tells her mother what is going on, she can see it all in her head, Belle is nervous and Shawn was trying to comfort her and one thing leads to another. Mimi tells Bonnie to watch Claire, this is war. She says she is Bonnie Lockharts daughter and will make her mom proud! Mimi then heads off.

At the hospital, Belle is in a cubicle, Shawn is with her. She tells Shawn she loves this baby so much, she cant lose it. He offers to call her parents, she says they are out of town. He says he can call Phillip, but she says no. He says what about Carrie? Belle says she just wants him. A doctor shows up, she is going to run some tests on Belle, but right now everything seems normal so Belle needs to stay calm. Shawn tells Belle that she just needs to take it easy and think good thoughts. She says she is, shes thinking about what a good dad hell be. Shawn thinks he should call Mimi and tell her hell be home a bit later that expected. Belle says no, the phone will wake up Claire. Shawn says then he should call Phillip. She says no, she doesnt want him to know shes here. She says Phillip doesnt want her to have this baby, hed probably pray for her to miscarry. Shawn says that is a terrible thing to say, but she says he wanted her to have an abortion. She believes this baby is a sign that they are meant to be together. Shawn says that he thought they wouldnt be thinking like that anymore. Belle cant help it. She remembers that night they were together in this hospital when Zack appeared to them and told them that they were meant to be together. Belle says shell never forget it, she believes this baby is connected to Zacks message. Belle says its a sign that they arent supposed to be married to other people. Shawn says its too late for them. Belle says they are having a baby. Shawn says its a wonderful gift and he hopes they dont lose it. Belle says she wont, and she wants Shawn to promise that hell always be there for her. He says he will, and Belle leans in and kisses him! A nurse sees them kissing, Shawn soon pulls away. He says he cant do this to Mimi. Belle says theyre already being unfaithful to their spouses, they shouldnt have married who they did. She wishes they could turn back the clock. Belle tells they cant keep going on like this, Phillip and Mimi probably already know the truth about how they feel. She says they never stopped loving one another and their love will grow stronger every day because of this baby. Shawn then kisses Belle!

In her bed, Sami dreams of Austin slipping into bed with her and making love to her. As she dreams about Austin he turns into Lucas! Sami tells Lucas that she wants him so much. Meanwhile, Lucas is in his bed dreaming about Carrie, but of course Carrie turns into Sami in his dreams. Lucas and Sami get it on in their dreams, Sami tells Lucas that she never should have let Kate get to her how she did. Sami says she became consumed with getting revenge and it took all their lives over. She says she was so devastated when he left her, but that is no excuse for what she did. She asks Lucas to forgive her. Lucas says they have to put that behind them. He says they have to learn to forgive one another for their mistakes. Lucas says he never should have married Carrie, he loves her and should be with her. Sami says she only chased after Austin because she thought she could never be with him. Sami tells Lucas its always been him, he is her one true love. Lucas says fate wants them to be together, he believes this. Sami says hes right, they always finds their way back to one another. Lucas makes love to Sami in the dream, they both seem to have the same dream. Sami wakes up in her bed and realizes what she was dreaming about. Lucas does the same in his bed. Neither one can get back to sleep after their erotic dreams. They both head to the living room and run into one another. He asks if she is having trouble sleeping? She says yeah. He says he needs some water. Sami says she was going to make some warm milk. They both think Austin is on the roof still and Carrie must still be in the bath. Sami says its really hot, Lucas says incredibly hot. He thinks it is odd shes drinking warm milk on a night like this. She says its the only thing that helps her sleep. She asks what is with him, hes breathing heavy and is sweaty, its like he just . . . . Lucas says hes been exercising a lot lately to stay in shape. She says she can tell. He says what about her, its hot tonight and she looks like she has Goosebumps. He says she only gets them when she . . . . Sami claims she is trying a new moisturizer, it cools the skin. Lucas tells Sami that her milk is boiling over. She takes it off the stove, he asks if shed rather have a bottle of water. She says sure and he hands her one. He sees she has some magnet that they got with Will on a vacation. He cant believe she still has it. He remembers how hot it was there. Sami says she didnt mind and he didnt either. He remembers how they found a way to cool off. We see a fake flashback, they skinny dipped and then made love on a public beach. Lucas and Sami told one another how much they loved each other that night. Back in reality, Sami says shes sorry their life didnt turn out so great after all. She is glad Will had one great memory of them all together. Lucas says it meant a lot to him too. Sami says that trip seems like it was only yesterday. Sami and Lucas come close to kissing, but stop. Lucas decides to check on Carrie. He knocks on the door, he looks inside and finds shes gone. Sami wonders what is keeping Austin on the roof. They  both think the same thing, Carrie and Austin are on the roof together.

On the roof, Carrie and Austin are kissing up a storm. Carrie says they cant do this, its wrong. Austin says he loves her so much, and they really go at one another. Carrie eventually stops them again. She says he threw Sami a party tonight and gave her a ring, shes married to Lucas. Austin says she shouldnt be married to Lucas and he shouldnt have moved on with Sami. Austin says they arent being honest with themselves. He says he loves her and he knows she loves him. He says they love each other so much more than anything they feel for Sami and Lucas. He says they belong together, they always have and always will. Carrie stops them from making love, she says they cant do this. She says shes on her honeymoon, hes engaged to Sami. Austin says he loves Sami likes she loves Lucas, its not the strong love the two of them share. Austin says he only turned to Sami because she chose Lucas. Carrie says that was a mistake. Austin knows she is keeping something from him, what is it? Carrie says it doesnt matter anymore. Austin says it matters to him. She says its too late. Austin knows shes keeping something from him and he wants to know what. Carrie wont tell him the real reason she married Lucas, she keeps making excuses. She says she doesnt know what she was thinking, Lucas was there and cared about her. Austin says she stayed with him because she thought she was pregnant. Carrie says she thought it was her only chance to have a baby so she married him. She says she put having a baby of her own ahead of the man she truly loved. She says she never should have married Lucas, and now shes not pregnant and cant have children. Austin says everything has changed now. He says he knows shes hurting, but there are other ways to have a family. She says she knows, Lucas talked about adopting. Austin tells her not to start a family with someone she just said she shouldn't have married. He wants her to do serious soul searching, does she want to spend her life with Lucas or him? Carrie and Austin kiss again, Austin and Carrie say how much they want each other. Carrie asks Austin to make love to her. Austin puts a blanket down on the roof and they make love right there. 


August 4 , 2006
At the Brady Pub, Max surprises Chelsea with a little after hours celebration. The pub is closed, he has a romantic dinner set up for them. They talk about everything that is happened, Chelsea says she is glad to be with him and she promises no more games. She admits she got her latest idea from a story in a magazine. Max says it was probably written by a woman who never had a real relationship, Chelsea says actually it was written by a guy. She says that's why she believed it. She tells him no more games, but he has to stop playing games too. She thinks he's playing games hanging around with Stephanie. He explains they are just friends and she's only helping him rebuild his car. Stephanie happens to be outside spying on all of this. She walks in just as Chelsea is swearing to Max she wants him and only him. Stephanie says she's glad to hear Chelsea say that. She swears to Chelsea that she and Max are only friends. Chelsea thinks Stephanie is spying on them again, Max says Stephanie and her mom are staying here. Max and Stephanie start some playful arguing about racing and who is the best as an annoyed Chelsea watches. Stephanie says she doesn't want to interrupt so she heads back outside. Abby shows up, she and Stephanie talk outside. Abby came looking for Chelsea, she has wonderful news. Abby shares the news with Stephanie that it looks like her dad will make it. Stephanie is thrilled, but asks what about Frankie? Abby says her mom and Frankie aren't legally married, Frankie said so. She also says Frankie is the one who saved her dad, he is an amazing guy. Abby sees Chelsea and Max look like they are on a date. Stephanie urges her to go in and tell them, they'd want to know. Abby goes inside and sees Max and Chelsea. She tells them her news, they are thrilled. They want to celebrate, but  Abby says it looks like they are on a date. Max says this is more important, and Chelsea agrees. Abby asks if they can invite Stephanie, she's outside. Max says sure, and Chelsea nods. Max tells Chelsea they can go out another night, Chelsea says she knows this night should be about Abby. Stephanie comes in and goes to the bar to get some drinks. Max joins her. They continue talking, Stephanie assures Max that she is over what Chelsea did tonight. She asks Max if she should come into the garage tomorrow to help with the car? Max doesn't know, he's not sure much can be done with it. Meanwhile, Chelsea sits with Abby and watches Max and Stephanie at the bar. Chelsea tells Abby she doesn't care that Stephanie is their cousin, that girl is after Max.

At the hospital, Belle and Shawn are kissing, Shawn pulls away. He says they can't do this, it's not fair to Mimi and Phillip. Belle tells him that what they are doing is not fair to Mimi and Phillip. She says they have to admit that they love one another and never stopped. She says they were separated by mistakes, but miscommunication. She says she never stopped loving him and knows he never stopped loving him. She says she gave her marriage to Phillip a fair shot. She thought having Claire was a sign she was supposed to be with Phillip, but that's not true. She tells Shawn that Phillip and Mimi deserve to be with someone who can love them with their whole heart. She says she loves Phillip, but deep down she's always loved Shawn and that has kept her from loving him with her whole heart. She tells Shawn if he's honest he'll see the same is true for him and Mimi. They then kiss again. Meanwhile, Mimi shows up, she is directed towards their cubicle. She sees them kissing, gathers herself together and yells out hey guys what is going on! She acts like she didn't see them kissing. Mimi thinks they should call Phillip, Belle says no he's probably on his way home right now. The doctor soon shows up, Belle asks if the test results are back? The doctor says yes, the baby is fine. She says Belle's cramping is normal, her uterus is just stretching. She also says all the other symptoms are probably the result of stress. Belle says she's so happy the baby is okay. The doctor says she'll have the nurse bring her some prenatal with iron. The nurse comes in, she is glad to hear everything is okay. She says she should tell all her patients good tender loving care from their husband is a miracle worker. Mimi says oh, Phillip is here after all? The nurse says she thought Shawn was her husband, they were kissing . . . Belle shakes her head. Mimi says Belle's husband is Phillip. The nurse says her mistake, and she runs off. Mimi tells them obviously they were kissing, and she tells Shawn not to claim it was a nice comfort kiss. She says she saw them together so it's time they be honest, after all Shawn values honesty so much.

At the apartment building, Carrie and Austin make love on the roof. EJ walks in on them and quickly leaves without being seen. He heads downstairs and runs in Sami and Lucas in the hallway. They have realizes Carrie and Austin may be on the roof together, they are headed there. EJ says if they are looking for Austin and Carrie they are too late. He covers, he says Carrie is on the fire escape and Austin just left with the garbage, he is down at the recycle bins. He promises he's not lying, they aren't on the roof if that is what they are thinking. Lucas tells EJ that he seems to be implying they are on the roof. EJ tells Lucas why would they be? He tells Lucas that he and Carrie just got married, doesn't he trust his wife? Sami launches into Lucas. She says EJ's right, Lucas has issues trusting. She says he never trusted her to be faithful and now he's doing the same with Carrie. Lucas says that is absurd. Lucas heads back into the apartment to see if Carrie is indeed on the fire escape. EJ confronts Sami, he is worried she still has feelings for Lucas even though she's marrying Austin. Sami assures EJ that she is over Lucas. Sami decides to go back into the apartment too.

On the roof, Carrie and Austin are in heaven. Carrie talks about how she's imagined this for so long, now it's come true. She then quickly realizes what they've done to Sami and Lucas. Austin says not to bring them up. He says they love one another and this is how it's supposed to be. EJ soon returns, he tells them they can't be doing this. Austin asks if EJ was spying? EJ says no the door was open, anyone could have seen them. Carrie says what if Lucas or Sami walked in on them? EJ says they almost did, he stopped them from seeing them. Carrie wonders what they do now? Austin says the truth is out, they have to tell them. Carrie thinks not like this. EJ says he has a plan, he knows what to do if they listen to him. Later EJ tells Carrie that Austin should be back soon, she should go.

Back in the apartment, Lucas and Sami are still arguing. Lucas had earlier accused Sami of being insecure in her love for Austin or any man, which causes her to do something stupid, which then makes her have to lie to cover it up and makes her more insecure. Sami is realizing Lucas is right, and she says it's only a matter of time before she loses Austin. Lucas says don't say that, she's changed. Sami says she's a fraud, she's the same lying, manipulative bitch she's always been. She says Austin will leave her, whether it is on their wedding day or within 24 hours of it. Lucas comforts her, he asks if she's worried Austin might still love Carrie? Sami says she's not worried about it, she knows it. Lucas tells Sami that she and Austin have a real thing, and he and Carrie are together for the long haul. He says nothing will happen to ruin this for them. As Lucas says this, Carrie emerges from the bathroom/bedroom and Austin walks through the front door with a bag. EJ is in the hall watching this all and says this is not going to end well.

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