August 7, 2006
Bonnie is dancing around Belle and Phillips apartment when Kate shows up, banging on the door before being let in. Bonnie lets her in, Kate is furious with Bonnie for having the music going and dancing at a time like this. Bonnie says she was trying to distract herself, people should dance more, theyd be a lot happier if they did. Bonnie offers Kate a drink, Kate doesnt want one. Bonnie suggests shell need it when she fills her in on what has happened. Bonnie says Belle and Shawn are at the hospital. Kate asks why? Bonnie says because Belle is having Shawns baby. Kate says does Phillip know? Bonnie says yes, and Phillip got Mimi pregnant, well her surrogate. Bonnie explains the mix-up and she says worse yet, Belle is thrilled about it. Kate says she cant believe Phillip didnt call her, she knows she was out of town but he could have called. Bonnie says Phillip was in the hospital himself. Bonnie explains about Phillips crash. Kate tells Bonnie shell take that scotch now. Bonnie has more bad news, she tells Kate about Belles computers diary. Kate says this is war and they have to stop this. Kate says they need to keep Belle and Shawn apart. Kate asks where Mimi is ? Bonnie says she went to go question the two timers. Kate says maybe it's one sided, she asks how they know  Shawn will be open to Belles advances? Bonnie asks if they are watching the same channel here? Bonnie says Shawn wants kids, Mimi cant have them and Belle can. Bonnie wonders where Phillip is? Phillip shows up, he asks if a party if going on he didnt know about? Kate tells Phillip that Bonnie has filled her in on the drama. Phillip says he didnt want him mom to worry, and why are they here so late? He demands to know what is going on, one of them needs to speak up. They tell him that Belle is at the hospital. Phillip says they should have told him right away, he has to go and he runs off. Kate and Bonnie celebrate, they think that went really well. Later Kate says one thing doesnt make sense, the egg fertilization error. She wonders what the chances of that happening in Salem twice, more than once. Kate thinks if someone wanted to wreak havoc in their childrens lives, what better way to do it. Bonnie asks why someone would do this? Kate says to hurt their children.

At the hospital, Mimi tells Belle and Shawn that she saw them kissing, and it wasnt a friendly kiss. Mimi says she knows how important honesty is to Shawn, its time they were all honest. Shawn says that is a good idea. Mimi suggests they start with Belles diary, and then she begins quoting her diary. Mimi asks Belle if she got her diary right, does she love Shawn more than ever. Belle says she cant believe Mimi read her diary. Mimi tells Belle that coveting her best friends husband trumps diary reading. Mimi says she didnt mean to read it, her file was open for anyone to see. Mimi says she saw Shawns name so she read it and shed do it again. Mimi says Belle wrote about how much she still loved Shawn, how she wishes she could be with Shawn. Mimi says then she came here and found them kissing. Mimi wishes Belle knew how she felt, the same way Phillip would have felt if he had seen this. She asks Belle if she doesnt care who she hurts? Mimi wants Belle to admit to her face that she wants her husband. Shawn tells Mimi she is upset but should calm down. Mimi says she is mad and what is wrong, is Shawn afraid this might be bad for his baby. She then goes off on poor Phillip, how this is just what a war hero with one leg needs. Mimi says she walked in on them kissing, what explanation can they give her, that kissing is good for the baby? She wants Belle to admit the truth. Belle says she is in love with Shawn and probably always will be. Mimi says well for months shes felt like a suspicious witch, but she was right all along. Belle says shes not ashamed of it, and she wont pretend she and Shawn didnt have anything at one time. Mimi asks if she forgot about the part in the wedding ceremony about forsaking all others, cleaving only to her husband? Mimi says it looked like she was just cleaving unto her husband. Belle says if she had continued to read her diary shed notice she was on high level of hormones at the time. She says right after she wrote that passage she called her doctor, she knew her feelings were wrong and she was afraid she was sliding back into PPD days. Belle says she tried to control her feelings by writing it down. Mimi says awe so it wasnt her fault, but nothing ever is. Mimi says so shes claiming its the hormones faults? Belle says she loves Phillip and is committed to him. Mimi says so will she blame kissing Shawn on the hormones too? Mimi knows it wasnt an accident, and the two of them seemed to be enjoying it. Belle says she is sorry, she was scared and thought she was losing her baby. Belle says she thought this was fate stepping in, when everything was okay she grabbed Shawn out of relief and happiness. She says it didnt mean what Mimi thinks, Shawn was just as surprised as she was that he did it. Shawn tells Mimi that is how it happened. He swears it wasnt out of love or anything romantic, he loves Mimi, she changed his life and he will spend his life with her. Shawn assures Mimi that she doesnt have to worry about anything. He says he loves her and only her. Cut to Belles unhappy face. Mimi tells Shawn she loves him and wants to be with him . . . Phillip then shows up to check on everything. Belle says they had a scare but everything is fine. Phillip asks what is wrong, they all seem worried, nervous. Everyone looks at one another.

At the bar in Cincinnati, Della tells Steve maybe he should go home. Steve says he needs to figure out where that is. Della says home is here, he spends his nights playing pool and dancing as well as drinking beer, and when its time for bed he knows where he belongs. Steve says this doesnt feel right anymore, he misses Kayla, shes only been gone a few hours and he misses her. Steve plays a song, the same song Kayla hears below. Della asks why hes playing that crap song? He says its a good song, he just wanted to hear it. She says hes turning into someone she doesnt know, hes heard this before hasnt he. He says its on the jukebox. Della says nobody has ever played it, and she sees he can like the tune. Steve says it seems like hes heard it before. Della thinks he must be remembering his past. She goes to walk off, he grabs her and calls her Kayla. Della realizes she has lost him, is he saying goodbye to her? She wonders if he really is Steve now?

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie finds her mom down in the dining area. Kayla cant sleep, neither can Stephanie. Kayla is eating her moms famous chocolate cake. Stephanie asks if it helps? Kayla says back when she was kid it was magic and could always make her feel better, nowadays not so much. Stephanie asks if being in love always hurts this much? Kayla is afraid so. Stephanie talks about Steve leaving, she says he has to come back, he just cant disappear from their lives forever. Stephanie puts on the radio, she recognizes the song playing as something her mom used to play all the time. Kayla says it is her dads favorite song, at least it used to be. Stephanie quickly shuts it off and says shes sorry. Kayla says shes sorry too, she barely got to know her dad. Stephanie says he seemed like a really caring person and she feels they connected. At least she thought they did. Kayla says that makes it harder. Kayla says he told her to move on with her life, she guesses that is what they both have to do. They soon talk about Stephanies boy drama. Kayla tries to get Stephanie to admit who it is, but she says no way, she wont have her mom inviting him over for dinner and telling him how beautiful she is. Stephanie says shell keep it a secret until she knows what to do. Kayla suggests maybe it isnt working out because hes not the one for her. Stephanie says he is. Kayla doesnt want Stephanie to give up on love because of this, and she says if she isnt happy with this guy then there will be another one. Stephanie asks exactly where this guy is? Kayla says he will find her. She suggest to Stephanie she go upstairs and try and sleep. Stephanie then heads off. Later Steve returns to the pub. Hes glad to see Kayla is still up. Kayla asks why hes here? She lets him in, she says she though she might have been dreaming him up. Steve says he still doesnt remember her or the life they had, but she got to him. He says she was gone only a few minutes when he realized he couldnt let her get away. He says he wants her, if shell give him a chance. She tells him to hush and they kiss. Stephanie returns to the bar at this point, sees them and smiles. 

At the apartment, Carrie and Austin show up just as Lucas is comforting Sami. Sami asks them where they have been, they were looking for them. EJ then shows up, he asks if everyone is safe and sound? EJ smells his favorite pastries and takes the bag Austin is carrying. Sami says how he knows what they are, he hasnt opened them. EJ says he can smell them. Austin says he went to the baker to get them hot and fresh. Lucas and Sami wonder where Carrie was? Carrie says she was on the balcony for awhile and then on the fire escape. EJ says hes the only one eating here, does anyone else want some? Sami says shell serve them up, she gets some plates for them all. EJ talks about how this takes him back to the days in Europe, he and his friends would eat pastries, drink coffee and solve the worlds problems. Sami says dont be snotty about Americans, they talk about problems too. Carrie says usually their own, and Sami says usually how much weight what they are eating will put on. Lucas says American guys dont have much to say aside from sports talk. EJ says he likes sports, and he begins talking about how this is the most romantic time to go to the Paris seaside and watch the sailing. Lucas tells Carrie they should do that, and Sami suggests the same to Austin for their honeymoon. Sami thinks EJ can give them all the best places to visit. 

Later Austin thanks EJ for keeping this secret, he and Carrie need to figure out what to do. EJ says hes become friends with all of them, and he doesnt need to be grateful to him, there is a purely selfish reason hes done what hes done. EJ claims he has come to care about them all, they are his only friends here. Austin says this is so hard, everyone said hed break Samis heart. He says she thinks she needs to be a better person for him when its the other way around. Austin says he cares for Sami, but shes not Carrie. Meanwhile Carrie and Sami talk, Sami wishes there was something she could say to Carrie. Sami says this is so unfair, she was always a natural mom and she was the opposite. Carrie tells Sami shes turned out to be a great mom. Sami thanks her, but she cant believe how this has all worked out. She says they are all actually happy for once. Sami tells Carrie shes Wills step-mom now. Carrie says Will is almost grown, and she has dreamed of having children for so long. Sami says she wishes there was something she could do to make her feel better. Lucas sees them hugging and thanks Sami for caring, for being a real sister. Lucas then gets a phone call about the apartment repairs, he walks off to talk. Austin tells Carrie they have to talk. Carrie says they do. She tells Austin what happened cant ever happen again. Meanwhile Sami tells EJ that they are all so happy, she cant ruin this. She says she always made Lucas unhappy, and Carrie and Austin always had a difficult marriage. Sami admits a lot of it was because of her. However she says they can all be happy now. She says she wont ruin everyone's happiness by telling the truth. EJ asks what about the letter writer? She says maybe theyll stop? Sami says she has this under control. 


August 8, 2006

Steve shows up at the station to see Bo. Bo asks how he found him, Steve says Kayla told him he had been pulling all nighters working on a case. Bo says hes been trying to save his marriage. He explains the missing evidence drama to Steve and how he has to prove to Hope that he didnt steal it. Steve hates to interrupt him, but he needs his help. Steve says you could say hes trying to save his marriage too. Steve says he needs to know who staged his death and erased his memory. Bo says that happened a long time ago, the tracks might be cold. Stefano says yes but he spent time working here and at the ISA, its obvious DiMera might want to have taken him out. Steve thinks he has a lot of top secret info floating around in his head. Steve says if Bo helps him then he can help him with his case. Bo agrees to help Steve, but he is concerned about Steve getting his memory back. Bo says Steve might want to kill him. Steve asks why he would want to kill Bo? Bo explains that hes the reason he wears the patch, he put his eye out. Bo explains how they were buddies in the merchant marines, and they both hooked up with this woman Britta. He says they all got the same tattoos, they both fell in love with her, and they got into a brawl. Bo says that is how Steve lost his eye. Steve says he knows, Kayla told him. Steve says he forgave him over time. Bo says the were practically like brothers. Steve says so they will work together to save both their marriages? Bo agrees and calls Steve his bro. They work on Bos case, Steve suggests the suspect is Chelsea as shes the one to benefit most. Bo says no, whoever did this had connections. Steve asks what about the mother? Bo says no he thought about that. Bo says Billie turned her life around and wouldnt do something like this. Bo then realizes he knows someone who might. Bo makes a call and has Kate Roberts brought in for questioning.

At the hospital Phillip asks what is going on here? Mimi says they are all just worried about Belle and the baby. Phillip goes to get the paperwork to discharge her, Mimi asks Shawn to let her talk to Belle alone. Shawn doesnt think its a good idea, but Belle says its fine. Shawn leaves and Belle tells Mimi to get through this fast, they dont expect her mom to baby-sit all night. Mimi says she doesnt mind, she read the journal too. Mimi tells Belle she knows shes out to steal her husband and shes on notice, it will take a better bitch than her to do that. They argue about the diary some more, Belle tells her that she totally violated her privacy. Mimi thinks Belle is trying to convince Shawn to leave her. Belle says that is not true, she would never do that to her. Mimi accuses Belle of faking the cramps and then scheming to get Shawn to kiss her. Mimi says shes not going to pretend that Belle isnt trying to get back the only man she ever loved. Belle says she loves Phillip. Mimi says she doesnt love Phillip, that is something she needs to admit to as well. Mimi says there was a time she felt guilty dating Shawn, her best friends ex. Mimi says she believed Belle wanted a future with only Phillip. Mimi says Belle is using this baby to break up two marriages. Belle says that sounds like something Bonnie would do or tell Mimi to say. Mimi tells Belle she can daydream and type in her little diary till her hands cripple from arthritis, but the one thing shell never have for the rest of her life is her husband. Belle tells Mimi she is just angry, and Mimi says she is. Mimi says Belle married Phillip and it wasnt two seconds after saying I do that Belle had second thoughts. Mimi knows Belle thought about going back to Shawn when Phillip was overseas, but then he was held hostage. Mimi says Belle gave Shawn up again and then he fell in love with her, he proposed to her and married her. Mimi says remember the wedding? Belle says she was there. Mimi says when Shawn married her that is when Belle lost Shawn. Mimi says its over between her and Shawn forever, he will never be hers again. Belle says shes forgetting that shes pregnant with Shawns baby and that changes everything. Mimi says well there it is, she just said Shawn will drop everything and come back to her. Belle says she didnt say that. Mimi says well she is thinking it and it has to stop. Mimi says shes married to Shawn and Belle is married to Phillip, that wont change. Mimi doesnt know what it is about spoiled princesses like her that think shes entitled to everything. Belle says okay she doesnt mean to desert Mimi during her crisis but she has to go to her daughter and husband. Mimi refuses to let Belle leave until she says everything shes wanted to say to her their whole lives. Belle says she knows Mimi is afraid of losing Shawn, but she would never deliberately hurt her. Belle says shes made mistakes, shes only human. Belle says its time for her to fix those mistakes before its too late. Mimi says it is already too late, she made her bed with Phillip. Mimi says she can lie in it with Phillip or be alone, but keep her filthy hands off of Shawn! Mimi says this is absolute war, Belle is the reason she lost Rex and she wont lose Shawn because of her. Mimi says shes a Lockhart, they dont fight, they win. She says Shawn is good to her and faithful to her, the man she has always dreamed of having. Mimi tells Belle the day she does anything to come between them, well God help her! 

Phillip and Shawn talk, Shawn offers to pull the car around for Belle. Phillip tells Shawn hell drive his own wife home. He tells Shawn that just because Belle is pregnant with his baby doesnt mean he has to act like her husband. Shawn says Phillip wasnt here tonight, Belle was having cramps so he brought her here. Phillip says next time Shawn should call him. Shawn says he wanted to, but Belle said no. Phillip knows it is because Belle was afraid hed want her to lose this baby. Shawn says he was the one who brought up the idea of abortion. Phillip says biologically this baby may be Shawns, but the baby is his. Phillip says he will love this baby as much as he loves Claire. Shawn says good. Shawn understands why hes jealous, if Mimi was pregnant with someone elses child then he would be jealous too. Phillip wants to know how Shawn will deal with the fact that hes going to raise his child with Belle. Shawn doesnt know how he will deal with it, but they have to deal with it and move on. Phillip says it wont be easy, and hell do his best not to take his frustration out on him. Shawn assures Phillip that he has nothing to worry about, but cut Belle some slack, shes taking this switch harder than a lot of them as is Mimi. Phillip says speaking of the in vitro, what if it wasnt an accident? Phillip retells the story of Vivian switching the embryos with Kate and Victor Phillip doesn't know the chances of that happening twice.. Phillip says Dr. Jaynes had a lot riding on this, there were a lot of safe guards in place. Phillip says now Shawn and Belle have the baby they were always dreaming about, he thinks someone did that on purpose. Shawn says no way, no way. Phillip does believe someone did this on purpose. Shawn says it is impossible, who would want to do this? Shawn says why would they do it? Phillip doesnt have the answers, just the theory. Phillip thinks someone did this to them to ruin their lives, marriages and families. From afar the gloved hand spies.

At the apartment, Lucas had to drive off, Will forgot his parental permission slip for football camp, he can't play in tomorrow's game without it. Sami says she could have gone, Carrie shouldnt be alone tonight. EJ says shes not, everyone is here for her. Carrie decides shes going to bed, Sami says the same. Austin asks Carrie to meet him on the roof tonight, but she says what they did was wrong. She says EJ saw them once before. Austin says he wont say anything, EJ gave him his word. Austin says what happened wasnt a mistake. Carrie says she cant end her marriage. Austin asks what changed her mind? Just talk to him. Carrie says she doesnt trust herself to be alone with him, they have to forget it happened. Austin doesnt think she can do that, they love each other. Carrie agrees to meet him, but they cant let what happened before happen again. 

Meanwhile, EJ tells Sami that shes in serious danger of losing Austin to Carrie because of these notes. Sami says Austin and Carrie arent meant to be together, she loves Austin and hes meant to be with her. EJ thinks shes setting herself up for a disappointment. Sami says when time is running out and her back is against the wall, well that is when shes at her best. She says no one will take Austin from her. Carrie then announces she is going to bed, Austin says hes going to make an important call to Tokyo. Sami says she has business to do as well, dont wait up for her. Austin and Carrie leave, EJ continues to lecture Sami. EJ tells her that she is her own worst enemy and she needs to get out of her own way. Sami tells him that she wont lose Austin, she cant lose him. She says she doesnt care what it takes or what she has to do. EJ tells Sami her life is goimg to spin out of control, he doesnt think this note writer will just walk away. He says they want to hurt her. She says she wont let that happen. He tells her to tell the truth then. Sami refuses to do that, if she did she might as well join a leaper colony. Sami says she knows what to do and she doesnt have to tell anyone anything. Sami decides to take the envelope to the station and have it fingerprinted. EJ thought she didnt want to go to the police? Sami says she doesnt have to show them the note, just the envelope. She says Lucas, Austin and her are the only ones who touched the envelope, so shell know who the writer is. EJ says and shes going to go down there at this time of night? She says its open 24 hours and there will be fewer people there to ask questions. 

Sami and EJ go to the station, they run into Steve who is leaving, and then go to see Bo. Sami asks Bo to dust the envelope for prints, do a DNA test on the saliva and get her the results as soon as possible. Bo asks if there was a crime committed? Sami says no its not a crime, just trust her. Bo laughs. Sami says its a personal matter. Bo thinks Sami is hiding something. Bo thinks maybe Sami is the one who committed a crime.

On the roof, Carrie tells Austin shes sorry for all of this. She says this is all her fault for changing her mind so many times. He says hes responsible for his own mistakes, and tonight wasnt one of them. He says they are meant to be together. Carrie says they arent, shes married to Lucas and hes engaged to Sami. Austin says she has no business being married to Lucas, she doesnt love him like she loves him. Carrie says its too late. She talks about coming to Salem when Belle just had her baby. Carrie says Belle was always in love with Shawn, but now shes married to Phillip and they have a baby and are happy. Austin doesnt think they are, he thinks they are having a hard time putting the past behind them. Carrie says they are doing it so why cant she? Austin asks why should she have to? Austin asks if a couple of days of marriage to Lucas is worth a lifetime of happiness? Austin says how long are they supposed to stay in these relationships of convenience, they cant get away from one another. Austin thinks what they have was suppose to meant a lifetime. Carrie says it was but she ruined it by cheating on him. She says she cheated on Lucas too, what is wrong with her. Carrie says she promised if she got married again that she would honor her vows forever and shes already broken them. Austin says she married with Lucas while he was in love with him. He says she thought she was pregnant and she wasnt. He says the whole relationship was a lie. Carrie says when they were downstairs talking about their honeymoons she realized she cant do this to Lucas and he cant do this to Sami. Carrie tells Austin hes never told Sami no in his whole life, can he do it now? Austin says he does care about Sami and doing this to her could send her spiraling in the wrong direction, but then again Lucas is the love of Samis life so maybe they are doing her a favor. Austin says hell never feel for Sami what he feels for Carrie. Carrie says she and Sami are finally close again, and she promised not to come between them. Austin says shouldnt Sami be with Lucas? Carrie says Lucas doesnt want Sami, and they cant be together. Carrie says this is how it has to be. Austin says if this is the last time they can be together than he wants something to remember her by. He then kisses Carrie. Carrie pulls away and says its wrong. Austin knows, but why isnt it wrong for them to be trapped in relationships with people they dont love. He asks if they can really just let this go? Carrie says they have to, they cant make everyone pay for their mistakes. Austin asks what about their pain? Austin says this sucks, it hurts. Austin and Carrie then kiss again.


August 9, 2006
Jen and Frankie are at the hospital with Jack. Jack wants to know when he gets out of here. Jen says Lexie has allowed Jack to go home where he can be more comfortable. Jack says now that hes still  here things are a little more complicated, when he was dying they had a plan. Jen says no he had a plan. He says yes, but now they have to talk about what they will do about the three of them. Jack says he did want them to be married, he had it all planned out. Jack says that his plan obviously isn't working out given he's still here. He says hell be able to live and watch JJ grow up and walk Abby down the aisle. However its everything else he dreamed about be able to do that he doesnt know about. Frankie says hell move back into the garage. Jen says no, they are going to talk this out. Jen wonders if Jack once again has a plan. Jack tells Jen he doesnt, and he doesnt think he should be going home with them. 

Jen and Frankie bring Jack home, he still thinks he shouldnt be here. He can go to a hotel or to Vern and Jos. Jen refuses, he needs constant care and rest. Jack agrees to stay, but he wont stay in the bedroom. He says its wrong, shes married to Frankie now. Frankie says not legally, but Jack says they are in every sense of the word married. He says hell stay in the guest room. She says no that bed is uncomfortable. Jack insists he stay in the guest room, in the eyes of the law he is dead and their marriage is void. Jack says he made this mess and he will lie in it. Jen says this is a complicated situation. Jack says he made it more complicated, because of him they havent had a wedding night or consummated their marriage. Jen says not that it is his business, but she and Frankie have not been together since he got back. Jack says it is what he wanted for them. He says its time to move on, she married Frankie and wouldnt have done that if she didnt love him. Jack doesnt want her to wait around for him to die, he wants her to be with a man who loves and respects her, who wont desert her when he needs her most. Jack says hes tired and theyll talk about this later. He says hell see himself upstairs. Jack then leaves. Jen puts Jacks pills on the counter as Frankie talks to her. He knows Jack is the one she loves. She says she loves him too. Frankie says not the same way. Frankie says he wants her to be happy, even if it is with Jack. She says and break his heart? Frankie says they should be glad for their time together. Jen tells Frankie when she married him she meant every word. Frankie says so did he, but he wont hold her to the vows. Jen says hes so understanding and patient, and she loves him so much. She says she married him, even Jack wants her with him. She says this is terrible to say but she is angry at Jack for shutting her out, for making decisions to protect her. Jen says now Jack is back and its all shes prayed for, but she has no idea what to do. Jack shows up in the background and sees Jen and Frankie talking. Jen says right now they need to focus on Jack and get him well again. Frankie says and if he gets well and she doesnt lose him, then what? Jen says she doesnt know. Jen says if he wants to leave then she doesnt blame him. He asks if she wants him to leave? She says no, so he says he wont go anywhere. They then hug. Frankie tells Jen she was right, they need to take things one step at a time. He says first they need to help Jack get better, and until that happens there is no point trying to figure things out. Jen says hes right and she does love him. They hug again as Jack watches.

Sami shows up at the station with EJ and asks Bo to run finger prints and DNA on the saliva on the envelope. Bo asks if a crime has been committed? She says no of course not, this is personal. He wonders what Sami has done. Has she committed the crime? She says of course she didnt, she wouldnt bring evidence here if she did. Bo says when it comes to DNA evidence and Sami, he gets nervous. Sami says they can call up her dad, but Bo doesnt think she wants him knowing shes up to something. Suddenly Kate is brought in, which makes Sami chuckle. Kate asks if Sami has something to do with this? Sami says no but she wishes she did! Kate says be careful what you wish for. Kate asks what Sami is up to with EJ at this time of night? She says not being questioned like a common criminal, was Kate picked up for soliciting? Kate says she could sue her for that comment just like shes going to sue for this department for false arrest. Kate is told by a cop she hasnt been arrested. Kate sees Bo and asks what this is about? Bo says he had her brought in to talk about a very important crime. Sami then begs Bo to please test this envelope first, if he doesnt do it shell hang around here and he knows how she and Kate are together. Bo asks why doesnt she take it to a private lab? Sami says it would take it too long. Sami says if Bo helps her out then shell talk to Hope for him. He says no way! He wants her to stay clear of Hope. Sami says fine if he does this for her then she wont talk to Hope. She begs Bo to do this for her, its not a crime and its about her and Austin. Bo tells Sami that he will do this for her and she will be billed for the tests. He says this is the last favor he will do for her. Bo then asks Kate to step into his office. He then asks Eve, who is around, to take Samis envelope down to the lab to be tested. Kate then goes into Bos office. Sami and EJ hang around for the results. She thinks shell know who is doing this to her very soon. 

Bo questions Kate about her interest in getting Chelsea acquitted. Bo knows Kate has been protective of Chelsea. Kate says Bo has too. Kate says his image was on that tape, not hers. Bo says making him look guilty and causing problems for him and Hope. Bo says that would make him free to be with her daughter. Kate says this is ridiculous, she had nothing to do with the missing evidence or the breakup of his marriage. Kate says if Hope decides to divorce him well it has nothing to do with her, so the next time he wants to harass her call a lawyer first because she will be calling hers. Kate storms out as Sami watches. 

Sami knows Kate is hiding something and she thinks she knows what. Sami tells EJ that maybe Kate is the one doing this to her. EJ doubts it, shed tell Austin if she knew the truth. Sami says hes right, but shes obviously done something.

Eve talks with Kate, Eve is worried about getting caught and going to jail. Kate tells herself that she has nothing to fear, she has covered all her tracks. Kate says everything will be fine, nobody will solve this case, Bo wont find out they were behind the evidence disappearing. Sami confronts Kate and asks if shes picking out her prison overalls? Kate asks Sami what shes doing here late at night? Sami tells Kate that she shouldnt be here so late at night, people will think shes up to something. Kate knows Sami is up to something, what tests is Bo running for her? Why is she here with EJ? Sami says shes planning a surprise for Austin and EJ is helping her. Eve returns with the test results for Sami. Sami tells Kate its been nice chatting with her.

Sami and EJ walk off, Sami opens the envelope and is stunned by the results. She tells EJ his fingerprints were on the envelope! Sami asks EJ why his fingerprints are on the envelope. EJ says she let him read the note. She says she handed him the note though, she held onto the envelope. EJ says it did float around, he must have touched it at some point. EJ asks Sami if she seriously thinks he wrote the note? She says no, and there is no other fingerprints or saliva on the envelope. Sami says this person is being careful, youd think theyd notice someone walking around Salem wearing gloves in the middle of August. Sami gets the strange feeling that she knows who this is. Sami then walks off with EJ, the gloved hand is hanging about watching. 

Kate and Eve continue to talk. Kate asks Eve what Sami was having tested. Eve tells her about the envelope and what they found. Kate wonders what Sami is up to. Eve doesnt care, shes worried about Bo. She says this is more than a case to him, he wont give up. Kate tells her that there is no way anyone will expose what they did.

In his office Bo looks at a photo of Hope and makes a call. He calls in a favor, he needs the records for Kate Roberts room at the hotel shes staying at, and he doesnt have a warrant. The guy comes through for Bo and he begins looking over her records.

On the roof of the apartments, the gloved one spies on Carrie and Austin kissing. Carrie tells Austin this is wrong. Austin says he knows, everything they do is wrong. He asks why it isnt wrong that they are trapped in relationships with ones they dont love. Carrie says they have to let one another go, they cant be selfish and hurt others for their mistakes. Austin says what about their pain? He says love sucks, it hurts. They kiss again. Austin asks Carrie if shes going to tell him that doesnt feel right? She says it does. Austin says he needs and wants her. Carrie says she wants him too. They kiss some more, Carrie again breaks away. She says how she can do this to Lucas? He says better now than in a year or ten, shell never stop loving him and is this the kind of marriage they want? She says what about Sami? Austin says hell tell her the truth, that he loves her but wants to be with Carrie. Carrie says she wants to be with Austin more than anything. Austin says all she has to do is say yes. Carrie says she is married to Lucas, she took vows. Austin says vows shes broken. Carrie says it doesnt mean she should do it again. Carrie says she is weak and has to be stronger. Austin says she doesnt want to hurt Lucas but she doesnt mind hurting him over and over again. Carrie says shes no good for him. Carrie says Sami has always been compared to her, but Sami would never do this to him. Carrie says Sami loves him so much. Austin says look what Sami has done to him, Lucas and Brandon. Carrie says he forgave Sami though. He says hes a forgiving person, he doesnt judge people. She thinks he should, he should judge her. Austin knows shes trying to protect the people she cares about and shes pushing him away. Carrie says everything shes done has been selfish and it has to stop now. She says she wont betray Lucas again and wont hurt Sami. Carrie says Sami turned her life around for him. Carrie says she will stay with Lucas and he needs to marry Sami. Carrie then walks off.

Austin and Carrie return to the apartment, they agree that it is over between them. Austin decides to head to bed for the night. Carrie asks if he can live with their decision? He calls it her decision and says he doesnt have a choice. They head to their bedrooms, EJ and Sami then return. Sami thinks it was a waste of time and money, shell have to find another way to find out who is sending these notes. EJ thinks there is no other way. Sami says shell sleep on it, she always has good ideas after a nights sleep. EJ and Sami eventually say goodnight to one another. Sami heads to bed, Carrie comes out and asks EJ what hes doing here? He says he just ran into Sami downstairs and walked her home. Carrie talks to him about what he saw before. He agrees to keep it secret. Carrie thinks EJ must think shes horrible. EJ says he actually understands. He says he knows what its like to be attracted to someone who you shouldnt or couldnt be with. He says her secret is safe. Carrie says it wont happen again. EJ says good, she should be with Lucas and Sami with Austin. Carrie says she does love Austin. EJ thinks Sami would do anything to be with him. Carrie says she would, and she (Carrie) doesnt deserve another chance with Austin.

Austin is asleep when Sami slips into bed with him. He asks if she finished all her work. She says she did, and she thanks him for making tonight the happiest night of her life. She tries to get it on with him, he says he just wants to hold her for tonight. She says she loves being in his arms. She loves knowing they will be married and together forever. Austin tells Sami that he has to tell her something. He tells her that she means so much to him. Sami says he means everything to her, shed die if she lost him. He says not to say that, but she says its true. She says she cant wait to be Mrs. Austin Reed. 


August 10, 2006
At the penthouse, John has everything set up for Marlena, who rushes through the doors and into Johns arms. They share a kiss. He says he knows its only been a few days but he missed her. She says the first night was scary because of the Alex thing, but she got over it. She says the seminar was packed, and she learned so much about herself. She talks about how she knew it would be hard to come back here, to face what happened. Before her seminar they apparently toured Europe for awhile. She tells John shes so sorry for what she put him though, if she had only been stronger. John says they will let that go and now he can concentrate on taking care of her. Belle walks in and seconds that. They ask how she is, she says a lot has changed since they were gone. Belle tells them that shes pregnant. They congratulate her, but she says the baby is Shawns. She explains the whole mishap to them. Marlena doesnt understand how this happened, there are so many safeguards in place at the hospital. Belle says Phillip thinks this might have been done on purpose. She says Phillip was so angry that he wanted her to have an abortion, and when she refused he wrecked Maxs car. John asks if Phillip thinks shes happy about this baby? Belle says he does. Belle says she wont lie, she is glad things worked out this way, they know how shes always felt. John says he thought she was trying to make this marriage work. Belle says they are trying to make the marriage work. Belle reminds Marlena of her words to her when Claire was sick. Marlena says she wasnt herself then. Belle says even so, she saw how much she still loved Shawn. Belle says because of this baby they will be connected for the rest of their lives, she thinks this is a sign that she belongs with Shawn. Marlena tells her that this was a mistake, an accident. Marlena says Shawn is with someone else now. Belle says who doesnt love him like she does. John feels for her but Shawn made it clear, his life is with Mimi now. Marlena says baby or no baby, she has to come to terms with this. They tell her to move on, Shawn is not hers to love anymore. Marlena says they are just trying to help her. Belle says she knows. Belle says the hardest part of all this is that shes missed them. She also says she has made a mess of everything. She thinks about how Marlena was a family with Roman once, but then they were a family with dad and Brady. Belle knows they dont want her to make their mistakes, but she tried to move on with Phillip. She asks how she moves on with Phillip when shes pregnant with Shawns baby? Marlena says this baby was an accident, it wasnt like what happened with her dad and her, it wasnt created out of an act of love. She tells Belle to focus on saving her marriage to Phillip. Belle thanks them, she knows what she needs to do now. Belle takes off, John and Marlena hope for the best for Belle. John says she will be okay, she takes after her mom, shes a good kid and smart. Marlena is silent, John asks what is wrong? She says she doesnt know how to say this. He tells her to say it. Marlena says when she was away she had a lot of time to think about them. She says shes not the same strong woman she always thought she was. She says Alex abused her and she let it happen. She says then there is what Stefano and Tony did to her. Marlena says she always turns to him or Roman for help, to be rescued. She says she leans too much on him. John says that is what a marriage is about. Marlena says she cant be strong for him unless shes strong for herself. She says she has to stand on her own two feet. Marlena tells John that she needs them to separate. John says she moves pretty fast seeing that they arent legally married. He asks if she felt this way while they were in Europe? Or at Green Mountain? Marlena tells him he misunderstands how he feels. She says hes the one man she loves with her whole heart, but she needs time and space. She needs to find herself, the Marlena she thought she was and wants to be. John doesnt think she needs to do something this drastic. He says he too lost himself these past few months, he lost his center and his strength. He wants them to be there for one another and to get on with their lives. Marlena says there is nothing he can say or do that will make her change his mind. John pulls her into a kiss to make sure.

Abby shows up at the garage to see Shawn. Shawn is at his desk and asks what brings her here? She says she needs a job. He says she doesnt want to be a race car driver to does she? She says no, she was hoping maybe office work. Shawn could use her help but he has to talk to Max about it. He says Max will be back soon if she can hang around. Mimi shows up, Abby decides to wait in the garage so they can talk. Shawn asks Mimi what brings her here. She says she woke up and he was gone. He says he had to get to work. Mimi then kisses him. Shawn tells Mimi that hes so sorry about what happened at the hospital, they were just so relieved about the baby. He says he shouldnt have let that happen. Shawn says he is committed to her, she knows that right. Mimi says commitment can get one through a lot, but it means nothing without love. Shawn says he loves her, but shes afraid hell always love Belle more. Shawn says he wouldnt marry her if he didnt love her. Mimi says she trusts him but she doesnt trust Belle. She says the next time Belle gets emotional and throws herself at him, what will he do. He says if Phillip was there she would have leaned on him, but she didnt have him. Shawn tells Mimi how fun and spontaneous she is, he loves her and wants her to feel secure. He says hell do anything to make her feel more secure. Mimi says there is something they can do. Mimi tells Shawn that she doesnt want to wait and see how this mess works out, she wants the court to decide what the custody arrangement will be for the babies. She says she needs peace of mind that Belle wont use this baby to get Shawn back. He thinks it's a bit drastic. Mimi doesnt know why Shawn thinks this is a crazy idea. He doesnt know what shes afraid of. Mimi says shes afraid Belle will use this baby to steal him from her and shed feel better if they did this. Shawn says hell call Uncle Mickey, what does she want him to do? He says theyll have to work out visitation. Shawn also points out they live across the hall from one another and see one another every day. Mimi says that wont be forever. Mimi says they could end up in different states. Shawn says shed like that. Mimi says and he wouldnt. He asks if she can blame him? Mimi says no, but that is why they need to make some custody decisions. Belle walks in and asks what is going on here? Belle accuses them of plotting behind her back. Mimi says shes not plotting anything, she just wants a custody agreement drawn up. Belle thinks they should discuss it together. Mimi says shes discussing it with her husband first and she doesnt trust Belle anymore after last night. Belle tells Mimi that she doesnt have anything to worry about anymore. Belle says shes come to say goodbye to Shawn. Mimi says Belle is full of it, what kind of game is she playing? Belle says she deserves that, shes been a bitch to Mimi over the past few months. She says what shes done has been wrong and it has to end. Belle says its time to end things between her and Shawn, she asks for a moment alone. Mimi says here we go again and walks out. Shawn tells Belle that he thinks shell be a lot happier. Belle says it was hard but for the best. Shawn says so this is really goodbye? Outside Mimi watches them.

EJ shows up at the garage and runs into Abby. She's hanging out by the cars. He asks if Max is here, she says shes waiting for him, he stepped out. EJ says well this gives them a chance to get to know one another. EJ starts telling Abby all these stories about racing. Abby is enchanted by his story. EJ tells her that she could come work for him and his crew any time. He may have something for her. Abby says she just asked Shawn for a job. EJ says if she changes her mind then she knows where to find him. EJ has to head off, hes running late and will see Max later. He says it was nice meeting her. Its obvious Abby has a crush on EJ.

At the apartment, Austin and Sami are working on business. Both Sami and Austin are testy, a paper is missing and Sami thinks it was here before Carrie and Lucas moved in. He says so now they are responsible for missing papers? She says they are the competition. Austin doesn't think they'd steal from them, and he says this is more about Carrie living here isnt it? She says he should have asked her permission before asking them to move in, they are supposed to be making decisions together. Austin says shes right and hes sorry. Lucas and Carrie show up, Lucas tells them that they dont need to worry anymore, they are moving out. Sami says they didnt mean for them to hear them. At the door, EJ listens to everything. Austin and Sami ask where they will say, Lucas and Carrie say theyll find a hotel. Lucas talks about how the contractor is taking far too long, they cant keep imposing on them. Austin says its okay, but Carrie says they heard them, they are getting on their nerves. Carrie says this is their home and office space. Carrie says they arent poor, they can find a place. EJ shows up and says pardon him for interrupting, the door was open. He says he has a proposal, one they may like. He says he has expertise with house building, he could help them. Lucas says Will will be home soon from camp, so he accepts EJs offer. Carrie, Lucas and EJ head to look at the apartment. Sami says now they will be out of their hair. Austin says he guesses so. Sami says it almost sounds like hes unhappy that they are moving out. He says hes not. He says this way he gets more time with her. She thanks him and says hes the best. She thanks him for last night and for the ring. She thinks they really will get married this time. Austin says they should do it, they should get married right away. Sami hugs Austin. She then thinks there is so much to do, she has to plan. Austin asks if she can do it? Sami says if anyone can plan a wedding in 24 hours or less it is her. She says she has had practice. She thinks theyll get married, go on a beautiful honeymoon and then live happily ever after. Sami says they have to tell Lucas and Carrie, they have to make sure they arent going on their honeymoon just yet so they can be there.

EJ and Lucas look over the apartment. EJ says it will take time and elbow grease, he thinks they can be back in here by tonight. Lucas thinks that would be great. Lucas goes to tackle a light fixture. Carrie asks EJ why is he really doing this? He says because hes their friend. She says most people dont go this far without an ulterior motive, and hes saved her once before. EJ says hes grown close to Sami and doesnt want to see her hurt. He says assuming what happened last night wont happen again, he doesnt think Sami needs to know. Carrie says it wont, and he is a good friend. Carrie heads off to meet with the building manager. EJ and Lucas get to work, Lucas thanks EJ for his help. He says this wont take that long, and the sooner they get out of Austin and Samis place the better. EJ says he doesnt mean to pry, but he and Austin seem on edge. Lucas says his relationship with Austin is rough because of Sami, but hed rather not talk about that. He is looking forward to moving on with Carrie. Carrie returns later, EJ heads out. Carrie tells Lucas that its good EJ is helping them, she doesnt think she could have stayed in Sami and Austin's another night. He asks why? She says it was cramped, but she also lived there when she first fell in love with Austin. Carrie says being around him 24/7 is difficult, it brings up memories. She says right now she wants to concentrate on Lucas and their life together. Lucas says as soon as they get the apartment done its the two of them and their honeymoon. Austin and Carrie then interrupt, Sami says they have good news. Sami says they are moving up the wedding. Lucas asks what made them change their mind? Sami says it was Austins idea. Lucas says that is great, and Carrie says yeah. Sami says Mom just got back in town today, and Eric is busy flying all over the world but will understand. Austin says so there is no reason for them to wait afterall. Lucas and Carrie say no, and they congratulate them.


August 11 , 2006
At the penthouse, John kisses Marlena. She tells him that she loves him, but that kiss wont make her change her mind. She says this separation has nothing to do with him. He says he understands and wont pressure her. He says he wants to show her how much he loves her, and he kisses her again. Later we see John and Marlena in one anothers arms, they have made love. Marlena tells John now she has to focus on her life, she has to figure out what it is. She doesnt think shell do anyone any good right now. John thinks she did Belle good with her advice. Marlena says Belle has been torturing herself for twenty years now, she has to make up her mind and stand by that decision. They discuss Marlenas asking for a separation. John doesnt know why she needs this, they were separated for so long. She says he promised not to pressure her. John says okay, if she needs to strike out on her own for awhile then hell take a room at the inn. She thanks him. Later John calls Joelle and asks her to book a room at the Salem Inn for him, he doesnt know for how long. He says it is for just him, Dr. Evans is staying at the penthouse.

Marlena heads to her office at the hospital. Marlena looks at the photos of her children on her desk and a photo of her and John. Roman walks in and says it feels good to be back doesnt it? Roman and Marlena hug, they catch up with one another. Marlena tells Roman about the seminar, it was all about womens issues. She learned a lot about herself, the seminar made her look at her own issues. Marlena is going to start a self empowerment group for women here. Roman says that is great, there is such a need for this. Roman fills her in on Carrie and Lucas wedding. Roman also tells her that shes not pregnant after all, and between the two of them he doesnt think she was ready to marry Lucas. He hopes they can work things out. He thinks she may have feelings for Austin, but hes engaged to Sami. Marlena says and then there is Belle and her issues. Roman says she and John will help her get through that. Marlena then tells Roman that she and John are separating. Roman says he didnt know they were having problems. She says they arent, they are more in love than before. However she says she needs space, she needs to find herself. Roman says whatever she needs to do, hes sure John will understand. He says shes been through a lot. Marlena says and he and John have always rescued her. She says not that shes not grateful. Roman tells her that hes confident she will succeed in getting her life back on track. She thanks him and they hug. Roman tells Marlena it is so good to see her like this, he can see the old spark back in her eyes. Marlena says she has a whole new outlook on life. 

Max shows up at the garage, Abby asks Max for a job. Abby says its just for the summer, she wants some office work. He says this is what shes going to college for? She says shes majoring in business and it would be great experience. Max doesnt know, you cant walk anywhere here without getting grease on you. She says shell wear other clothes. Max agrees he and Shawn could use help, but what about her dad? Doesnt she want to spend time with him? She says shell have evenings and weekends and hes not going to die. She says hes getting better and its only a matter of time before things get normal around the house, before her mom and dad are back together. Max says just because her dad is getting better it doesnt mean things will go back to the way they were. Max is hoping Frankie and Jen works things out. Abby says even though her mom has always loved her dad? Max and Abby agree to disagree, the three of them will have to work things out. Max offers Abby the job if she wants it. She asks when she starts, he says whenever shes ready. She suggests right now. Max give her his appointment book to straighten out. He fells like hes missing an appointment. Abby says EJ, he came by earlier. She offers to call him and reschedule.

At Jack and Jens, Jen takes care of Jack. Hes on the couch and she brings him food. He asks if she is going to join him? She says she is fine, she nibbled in the kitchen. He takes a bite and says its good. She asks if that is all he will eat? He says hes savoring every bite. Jen asks if he is feeling okay? Jack says they have to talk about something other than his health the rest of his life. He suggests she take JJ to the park, she says its too hot. There is a knock at the door, Jen races to get it as she says its Frankie and he said hed be over for lunch. Frankie is at the door with flowers, Jen kisses him. Frankie comes in, he tells Jack hes looking good. Jack talks about how it will still take time before they know if hes in remission. He thanks Frankie for doing what he did, there is no way he can really thank him for what he did. Frankie tells Jack that getting better is all the thanks he needs. Frankie says that sandwich looks good. Jack offers him half, but Jen says there is one in the kitchen for him. Frankie goes to get it. Jack tells Jen if he doesnt make it then Frankie will make a good husband. Jen tells him to just concentrate on getting better. She says maybe they can take JJ to the aquarium. Jack and Jen begin reminiscing about taking Abby there once. Frankie listens at the kitchen door as they laugh about it. Frankie soon returns, Jen and Jack are still laughing. Frankie is paged, he has to go as Max needs him. Frankie leaves, but looks in the window and sees Jen taking care of Jack. Jen says Aunt Maggie made him a lemon mirange pie so eat up his lunch so he can have pie. As he does, Abby walks in and says this is so sweet. She says everything is back to normal. Jack says not completely, but Abby is sure it will be soon. Abby shares her job news with them and then gives them their privacy. Jen and Jack then come awkwardly close to a kiss. Jen says shell just go get him that slice of pie and she leaves. 

In the office at the garage Shawn and Belle talk. Shawn says so this is goodbye? Belle says she cant keep doing what shes been doing. She says she didnt mean to cause this tension between him and Mimi, and she cant keep blaming it on hormones. She says her mom and dad got back into town today. She says they had a good talk, they made her realize that the two of them cant be together because of this baby. Shawn says his life is with Mimi. Belle says and hers is with Phillip. Belle says its just hard to say goodbye, hes been a big part of her life for a long time. Belle says she never thought theyd have to say goodbye forever. Shawn says maybe they dont have to. Cut to the shocked look on a spying Mimis face. Shawn says they have to say goodbye to their past, not each other. He says what bothers Phillip and Mimi is that they had a relationship. He says if they end their relationship then they can still be friends. Belle hopes so, he and Mimi are Claires godparents and they are having a baby. He says by accident. Shawn tells Belle that he married Mimi, he moved on. He says their past has been hard on Mimi, but they will all get through this. Shawn says Phillip loves Belle so much. Belle says she loves him too, but part of her will always love him even though there is no future for them. Shawn says their can be if she accept they are over, that his heart and soul belongs to Mimi. She says she does. Belle says she and Mimi have always been best friends, she hasnt been a good friend lately. She says she can only apologize and hope shell forgive her. Belle says she and Mimi always used to talk, and she was jealous of her family having money. However Belle thinks Mimi was most jealous that Shawn was her boyfriend. Belle says Mimi always loved him, but she stayed out of their way. Shawn says he wishes he knew how much she cared about him. Belle remembers when they all went to Paris and Shawn gave Mimi her first kiss. They continue to talk about the past, how Shawn had a hard time coming home from Jan holding him prisoner and seeing Phillip and Belle were together. Shawn didnt think he could move on but he did. Belle ends up telling her that he has something to give her before she goes, something he gave her a long time ago. Its a clover ring he gave her, he asks how she got it? He says she already gave it back to him. She says when he and Jan were living together at the loft she saw it at his house and took it. She says that ring meant so much to her, she remembered his Grandma Carolines story about it. He says its been in the family for generations. She says she just wanted to hold onto it, she guesses she was clinging to anything that might give them hope that theyd find their way back together. Belle says now Mimi should have it. Shawn says he appreciates that. He says he was going to give it to her, he just didnt know where he put it. He says this is great of her. She says what shes done to him is so not great. He says he just wants her to be happy. She says she knows. Belle says she has to get home to her family, but he says not to go. He thanks her for being a part of his life and hes glad he had this talk. Belle knows theyll always be connected because of this baby, but she also knows they can only be friends and nothing more. Belle tells him goodbye and she leaves. 

Frankie shows up at the garage to see Max, he asks what is going on. Max says he just hired Abby as an assistant, they talked about Jack getting better. Max asks Frankie how hes doing with all of this. Frankie says he is glad Jack is doing better, he thinks hes great. He says she doesnt want to see Jen suffer and she couldnt deal with losing him again. Max asks Frankie what if Jack does get better? Frankie says he doesnt know, he loves Jen and doesnt want to lose her. Max gives Frankie some contracts, but they keep talking about what Frankie will do with Jen. Frankie says hell figure things out when the time comes.

Mimi returns home, she runs into Phillip. He says she looks happy. She says she stopped being a victim and is taking charge of her life. Mimi says she and Shawn are going to talk to a lawyer, she wants to make sure their children are protected. Phillip says from what? She says from us. Phillip doesnt understand. She says she wants to protect the two of them as well as the kids. He knows where shes going with this, it's about Shawn and Belle. He says so what, she wants to work out a legal arrangement? Mimi says yes. Phillip doesnt like its come to this. Mimi says its the smart thing to do, its like a pre-nup in case they need it. Mimi asks if hes still suing the hospital. Phillip says yes, but the thing is he thinks someone did this to them on purpose, perhaps Jaynes is innocent. Mimi says she doesnt know why they didnt think of it before, she guesses someone could have done it. Mimi says the only people that could be happy would be . . . Phillip says he doesnt think its Belle or Shawn. Phillip says someone else has it in for them, he doesnt know who though.

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