August 14, 2006
Chelsea is at home, she just got a message on voice mail. She vents to her mom about how everything is wrong and she needs her help. Chelsea says she got her community service assignment, she has to work as a file clerk at the hospital. Billie says she thought that something bad happened. Chelsea says it is bad, the summer is almost over and shes being stuffed in some closet. She says its not fair. Billie tells her she could be spending the summer and much longer in jail for killing her little brother. Chelsea says her mom doesnt have to remind her, she feels guilty enough as is. Billie says sometimes she doesnt think she does, and if she thinks shell get her out of this service then think again. Chelsea says that isnt what shes thinking, she just wants a postponement. Billie says no. Chelsea says this is unfair, they could have waited till fall. Billie says the sooner she starts the sooner it will be over, and something good might come out of this. Billie says if she does a good job then this could turn into a job for her. Chelsea says shed rather rot in prison than work in a depressing hospital. Billie says that might happen if she doesnt get her butt to the hospital. Chelsea decides to go out and enjoy her last few hours of freedom. 

Bo arrives at the pub and sits at the bar where he talks to his mom. He tells her that hes been working around the clock to find who stole the evidence. Caroline thinks Hope should know he didnt do this. Bo says someone did and hell find them if it kills him. Caroline wishes she could help. He says she can and he asks her for a bowl of chowder. Steve comes in, he and Bo talk. Steve hasnt remembered anything, but he feels drawn to Kayla and that has to be a good thing. Kayla comes in, Steve and Kayla smile at one another. Kayla says the two of them look like they are hanging out like old times. Caroline comes out and says the chowder is on its way, she offers some to Steve and Kayla. Steve takes some chowder. Caroline tells Steve how he always loved a bowl of chowder, beer and a game of darts. Kayla tells her mom not to start world war 3. She says Steve and Bo used to play darts all the time and things got heated. Bo talks about how Steve cheated in their last game and he owes him a rematch. Steve decides they should settle it with a game of darts right now. They play darts and Steve and Bo are both criticize one another's skills. Bo tells Steve that he is still the same arrogant son of a bitch. Kayla tells her brother look who is talking. Billie walks in and tells Bo, who just made a shot, nice shot. Billie meets Steve, he says its refreshing to meet someone who doesnt know him. Billie says Bo has told her so much about him that he feels she knows him. Bo invites Billie to play, Kayla suggests the ladies against the boys as the boys would work better as a team. Steve says this is war, he says he can outline a person with darts from thirty feet. He tries to convince Kayla to let him try with her, she says hes crazy. Steve says dont worry sweetness, I never miss. Kayla and Bo look at one another, Steve asks what he did? Kayla tells Steve that he used to always call her sweetness. She says maybe hes on the verge of a breakthrough. Suddenly a clerk shows up and serves Bo with papers. He opens them up, they are divorce papers from Hope. He rips them up. Kayla says its not over yet, Bo says damn right its not! Bo heads off, Kayla and Billie discuss how Hope is making a mistake. Kayla knows this divorce wont happen. Billie heads off as well, leaving Steve and Kayla alone. Steve lets Kayla know that hes staying in Salem and is committed to getting his life back. Kayla is sure more than ever it will happen.

Patrick shows up to check on Hope. Hope ends up crying on his shoulder the minute she opens the door. Hope invites Patrick in, she apologizes for losing it. She says shes having a hard time today. He asks what is wrong? She says she told Frankie to file for the divorce. Hope says shes going ahead with the divorce and she doesnt need Bos consent. Patrick asks what made her decide to do this? Hope says this marriage has been over for awhile, theyll never get back what they had. He asks if shes sure she wants to do this? She says she has realized that maybe she can forgive Bo for lying about Zack's death, but she cant forgive him for stealing the evidence. She says the bottom line is there is no point in dragging this out especially when shes pregnant. She says she has to move on with her life and focus on herself and the baby. Hope holds Patricks hand and says their baby. Hope says she always thought she and Bo would be together forever, he always will be the love of her life. She says she is at peace with the fact that this is the only decision to make and it is best for everyone. She says she needs to start planning for the future. He hopes hes involved in her future. She says hes the father, he will be a big part of this babys life. Patrick knows that, but he says this isnt the right time and its not important. He says it is important but it can wait. She wants to know what is on his mind. She tells him not to protect her, they can talk about anything. She says honesty is important, a relationship cant survive without it. She says not that shes saying they have one. Patrick says that is just it, he wants a relationship with her. She is shocked. He says he knows shes not ready for anything serious, he just wants them to spend time together again. She says shed like that too. Patrick says good, and hes looking forward to being the best father to the baby that he can be. He says maybe in the future he will share a future with his or her mother. They then kiss. Patrick apologizes, he shouldnt have done that. They agree they need to take things slowly. Hope asks Patrick why he came by today? He says to just check in as well as get some advice. He says he needs to finally get a real job for the baby, he was thinking of becoming a cop. She says he should go for it, hes saved so many of them many times. She says hes a natural born hero. Patrick says he doesnt even know if he can pass the background check. Hope says shell put in a good word for him. Patrick thinks it is the perfect career for him. He says this kid isnt here yet and he or shes made such a big difference in his life. As they hug Bo bursts in and is fuming.

At Austin and Samis, Sami and Austin are both on the phone arranging for their wedding tomorrow. There is a knock at the door, Austin answers it. Its EJ, Sami invites him in. She tells him that they have great news, they are getting married tomorrow. Kate walks in and says please tell her thats not true! Austin says take it easy. Kate says she cant take it easy knowing this. Austin wanted to invite her to the wedding, which is why he asked her to come over, but if she cant be civil to Sami then perhaps she shouldnt come. Austin asks if she will come to his wedding? Kate says yes she will come, he is her son. She says she will be there and wont say a word. Sami says Thanks Mom! Kate asks why they are moving the wedding up, is there an emergency? Austin says no, they just decided it was time so why wait. Kate says because a wedding takes planning. Sami says they have everything lined up, they just have a hundred little things to do. Austin and Sami invite EJ, they hope he will be okay if they dont deal with his account the next few days. EJ says theyve made great progress, hes happy. EJ offers help getting Sami and Austin a band for their wedding, he knows the lead singer of Blue October. Sami and Austin love them, they thank EJ for this. EJ says there is another reason he came by, he has an idea he could use their help on. EJ says he was thinking about them using his celebrity status to market and sell their product line. EJ thinks they could make more money if they think bigger. He says it will involve more risk and theyll have to trust him to be more than a pretty face. He wants them to pool their resources and go into a business as equal partners. He wants them to build a race car and sponsor a driver on the national tour. Kate says that will cost a small fortune. He says yes, but the returns will be worth it. Austin asks if EJ will be the driver. He says no, but he knows someone who could be. He wants Kate to oversee the marketing, he wants Austin to over see the day to day part, they can use his name for publicity. He thinks theyd make a good team. Austin and Kate discuss it, they both like the idea. They agree and tell EJ theyll do it. EJ is glad, he feels good about this. Austin asks who he wants to be the driver? He says someone they all know. Later EJ and Kate are gone, Sami thinks this day couldnt get any better. Austin says this will be hard work and nothing is a sure thing. Sami thinks the two of them are a sure thing. She thinks everything is set for the wedding, they will be married in 24 hours. They kiss, outside the gloved hand lurks.

At the garage, Stephanie shows up to see Max. Hes working on the turbo engine plans. She wanted to see if she could help, but he says shes done enough already. She asks if hes afraid of the competition helping him out? He says this has more to do with the turbo engine he and Shawn are working on. She thought it wasnt ready for prime time yet, but he says its almost there. She wants to see the plans, but he says no way. She asks if hes afraid shell steal his edge? They playfully argue over the plans, Max grabs her hands and says she wont get them on these plans. Stephanie says she always gets what she wants. He says she wont get these plans, they are confidential. They continue fighting over the plans, and Max grabs Chelsea and holds her close. It appears as if they are about to kiss. Stephanie says she was just kidding, she could care less about the plans. He says she puts on a good show. Max goes to lock the plans up, Chelsea shows up and asks if shes interrupting? Max says no they are working on the car. Chelsea thinks shell let them work, but Stephanie says no she has things to do. Max suggests to Chelsea they go for a picnic. She says she cant, she got her community service assignment. He says oh thats all, cool. Chelsea says what do you mean thats all? Why did he think she said no? She looks at the looks between Max and Stephanie. Max says he wasnt thinking anything. He tells her that hes glad she isnt getting in trouble for signing up so late. Chelsea complains about how shes going to be filing at the hospital. She says she requested dog walking or being a big sister to a little girl. Stephanie asks if they let her make requests? She says no, she thought it would be worth a shot. Max tells her not to complain. Chelsea hates hospitals, they are full of germs. Stephanie says when her mom was in med school she was a candy striper, it was fun. Chelsea says this wont be fun, and her mom is acting like this will be a career opportunity. Max agrees, it could lead to something else. He says its only 200 hours and its better than going to jail. EJ shows up and says Max is right, give it a chance. He doesnt mean to butt in. EJ tells Chelsea that she might find this work very rewarding. Max tells EJ hes sorry about missing the meeting. EJ says its fine, he actually came to see Stephanie. Stephanie asks what hes come to see her about? HE says he has a proposal, could they go somewhere and talk in private? Stephanie says he can speak in front of them. EJ says he formed a new company with Kate and Austin, they are going to make the fastest car on the circuit and they want her to drive it. He says not only that, shell get a state of the art training facility. Chelsea cheers yes! She says she just means it is a great opportunity. EJ says she has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Stephanie asks why her? EJ says because with her skill she will win in this car, and shes a woman in a male dominated sport. Stephanie says shell give it some thought. He says he can show her the facilities, he knows shell be impressed. Stephanie says sure why not, shed love to hear more. They then head off. Chelsea says how exciting is this, Max isnt too excited. Chelsea asks if something is wrong? Max just hopes shes not getting in over her head. Chelsea says shes where she wants to be, playing with the big boys, just not her boy. Chelsea says this day is turning out better than she thought.



August 15, 2006

Bo walks into Hopes house and finds her with Patrick. Hope tells Bo that this is no longer his house, he cant just drop in. Bo says he came here on an impulse. He says sorry he didnt call first. Bo tells Patrick that Hope is still a married woman. Hope says she filed for divorce, he had to have heard from the attorney. He shows her the papers that he tore up, he says this is his official response. They argue, Bo says he will do anything to fight for their marriage. She tells him that he is the one who ended their marriage when he chose to keep Chelsea out of jail. Hope says shes moving on with her life without him. Bo says shes not moving on with Patrick. Bo argues with Hope, he says he will prove he didnt destroy the evidence. Bo says they belong together. Patrick tells Bo that hes upsetting Hope. Bo wants to speak to Hope alone, Hope tells Patrick its okay. Patrick decides to go to the station and drop off his application. When Bo learns Patrick wants to be a cop, he says Patrick will be a cop over his dead body. Bo asks Patrick how he thinks he can be a cop, cops act within the law. Bo says he worked for the DiMeras. Bo says the ISA sealed his file as a favor to Billie, but he cant hide his past forever. Bo tells Patrick he will personally take Patricks application to the academy and throw it away. Hope tells Bo not to take his anger out on Patrick. Bo says fine, the background check will disqualify him, he wont have to do a thing. Hope says she will write Patrick a glowing recommendation, if she wasnt pregnant shed volunteer to be his partner. Patrick says hell be a cop whether Bo likes it or not, and if Bo tries to stop him then hell see Bo in court. Patrick tells Hope that hell see her later. Patrick leaves. Bo tells Hope that Patrick is a criminal and shes backing him up. He wonders how she could sleep with Patrick when she knew that he loved her and wanted her back. Hope says she didnt like the terms of his email, he made it clear if she spoke out against Chelsea then their marriage was over. Bo says he never emailed her that. She says if not him then who? He says very good question. Bo remembers his email to her and begins telling her what he wrote to her. Hope says she didnt get that email, in fact the email he got said he wanted to end their marriage. Bo cant believe this, someone must have changed the email. He thinks he knows who did it, it was Chelsea. Hope says Chelsea has damaged their lives so much. Hope cant believe he would suspect Chelsea, she thought Bo felt his daughter could do no wrong. Bo says his daughter is selfish and manipulative, and if she did this then he will never forgive her. Hope says really? Bo says really. Bo says if Chelsea did this then will Hope give them another chance? Hope says she wishes she could believe him, but what if this is another lie? She says he still hasnt proved he didnt tamper with the evidence. She says he probably cant prove Chelsea did this either. She says he cant keep saying he loves his daughter, he loves his wife, well he cant have it both ways anymore. Bo begs Hope to think about it. He says the hurt and anger she felt these past few months was based on a lie, how much would have been different if it werent for that email? Bo says now he understands why she replied the way she did, he thought she had given up. Hope tells Bo that its over and he needs to face it. She says she cant take him back. Hope says shes moving on with the divorce and shell see him in court. 

EJ is with Kate and Austin at his apartment, hes on the phone with Stephanie (who is at the pub). He needs her to give them an answer. She says shes flattered, but shes already sponsored by another company. EJ says she isnt happy with them though, and she is far to good to be stuck with them. He tells her to say goodbye to them and hello to a company with more class. As Stephanie talks, Lucas shows up and listens in. Stephanie thinks this could be the opportunity she needs, and she could compete on Maxs level with their car. Stephanie says shell talk to her agents and have them give him a call if he can get together a deal that makes everyone happy. EJ tells Kate and Austin its not a done deal, but they should hear from Stephanies agents soon. Sami shows up and says work time is over, its time for wedding planning. She tells Austin they have to get to work, they have a lot to do. Austin says shes right, hell take the rest of the day off to help her. Kate says this meeting is important. EJ says they are stuck until they hear back from Stephanie anyways. Sami and Austin then leave to work on the wedding. Kate vents to EJ about how this wedding cant happen and EJ may be the only one to stop it. Kate says Sami is wrong for Austin and if he marries her then his life will be a disaster. EJ says Austin is a worldly businessman, he thinks hes capable of choosing a life partner. Kate says the only partner Austin has been interested in is Carrie. EJ says Carrie is taken. Kate knows, and she has made Lucas very happy. Kate wants Austin to move on, but not with Sami. She doesnt know what kind of hold Sami has over Austin, maybe she studies the kama sutra. Kate then tells EJ that shes noticed the sparks between him and Sami, and if hes interested in Sami then this is his last chance. She suggests he take the bottle of champagne he wanted to celebrate with and go see Sami.

Austin and Sami are at the hospital giving out invites to their wedding. Sami thinks shell finally marry him this time and nothing will stop it. Meanwhile Lexie finds Chelsea out on the balcony on her phone complaining to Abby about how bored she is. Chelsea sees shes been spotted and pretends to be talking about Jack and how she hopes hes doing better. She tells Lexie that life can be tragic sometimes. Lexie says like Zack being killed by a careless driver? Lexie says no cellphones in the hospital. Chelsea says shes not in the hospital. Lexie says shes supposed to be. Chelsea says back to her prison. Lexie tells her to get back to filing now. Chelsea says shes sorry, she will make up the time shes lost, she wants a positive review from the hospital. Chelsea heads back inside and hears Sami and Austin discussing the wedding. Chelsea asks Sami if she was planning on telling her bridesmaid that the wedding has been moved up? What if her dress isnt ready? Sami tells her not to worry, the dress will be fine. Sami says it doesnt matter, everyone will be looking at her as shes the bride. Chelsea says shes younger, but Sami assures her that she wont upstage her at her own wedding. Austin says they should just go, but Chelsea says they should put money in the pool. Chelsea says the hospital is betting on whether Sami actually will get married this time. Sami says not funny, but Chelsea says Rita in accounting is running it, it's no joke. Sami tells Chelsea she looks so tired, she has huge bags under her eyes, she must be killing herself giving back to the community. Sami and Austin decide to go, but Sami realizes she has to find another place to sleep tonight. EJ walks up and says shes welcome to sleep with him. They are stunned, EJ says he meant Sami could sleep at his place tonight. EJ says they are probably wondering why he came here, Sami left her list in his apartment. Austin tells EJ that is a nice offer, but she should stay at Carrie and Lucas. Sami says she doesnt want to sleep there, and she wants Austin to stay at their apartment. She doesnt want him to stay with Kate, she may brainwash him. Sami and Austin decide Sami can stay at the pub, but Sami says Stephanie and Kayla are there and they cant all share one bathroom. Sami thinks she should just take EJ up on his offer. Austin thinks this isnt a good idea. Sami says its not that big of a deal and it would make things easier. He says fine okay. Lexie shows up, she tells Chelsea (who is hanging around) to get back to filing! Sami warns Chelsea to be careful of Lexie when shes angry. Chelsea asks for time off tomorrow for the wedding, Lexie says that isnt up to her. Chelsea leaves, Lexie says so they are getting married tomorrow? Lexie asks if Sami is pregnant? Sami says no, this was Austins idea. Lexie asks Austin if he doesnt want to reconsider? Austin knows Lexie and Sami have had their differences, but weddings have a way of bringing people closer together. He asks Lexie to come to their wedding. Lexie says she unfortunately has some important business to attend to tomorrow. Sami asks what business? Lexie says something that may change a lot of lives. Austin assumes shes doing medical research. Later Chelsea talks to Lexie, she got the time off for Samis wedding. She tells Lexie watching this wedding will be like watching the titanic go down. Lexie says thats an understatement. Sami overhears this, she tells EJ that Lexie is up to something. EJ asks Sami so what is the verdict, is she staying with him tonight? Sami says yes. EJ says since this is her last night as a single woman then they have to make it special. Austin is lurking in the background, he doesnt seem to like hearing this.

At the pub, Lucas tells Stephanie if she takes the deal shes crazy. He tells her how she could be a big name, shes up and coming in the racing world. He tells her that she would be better off signing with his company, EJ, Austin and Kate cant compete with Titan and their turbo engine. Stephanie says Kate has Basic Black behind her and EJ is the best, he graduated from Oxford. Lucas says hell take experience over education any day. He says EJ and this company will go under. Lucas says shell be stuck in their contract while the pack passes her by. He says think about it, he knows shes having second thoughts. Stephanie says only out of loyalty to her current sponsor. Lucas tells Stephanie that Kate is his mother and he loves her, but she is a monster who has done some morally questionable things. He says EJ may be a pretty face, but how well does she know him? Stephanie thinks Lucas sees EJ and his company as competition for Titan, and hes right to think that way. She says that is why he doesnt want her to sign, but she has to look out for her own interests. Lucas says Titan has exclusive access to Shawns engine, and with Max driving she wont stand a chance. Stephanie says she kicked Maxs butt on the track. Lucas says she is his wifes cousin and hes just trying to look out for her. Lucas says they are happy shes back in town, and hes glad she came to his wedding. Lucas thinks Sami and Austin will invite her to their wedding tomorrow. Stephanie wonders what the big rush is. Kate walks in and says Sami wants to consummate this marriage before Austin changes his mind. Kate asks Stephanie to borrow her son, Stephanie leaves them to talk. Lucas says whatever shes plotting, dont try it. Kate tells Lucas that if she hadnt stopped his wedding to Sami then he wouldnt be with Carrie, and he never would have believed Sami was unfaithful if she hadnt done so many other rotten things in the past. Lucas agrees hes happy to be married to Carrie. Kate begins complaining about Sami some more, how this will ruin Austins life. Kate gets a message on her phone from the station. Lucas asks if shes in trouble? Kate says no shes chairing a fund raiser for the police station.

John shows up at the station to see Tek. He tells him that hes here to help Bo out, hes investigating the missing evidence. John has been filled in, Tek says he was there when they watched the video surveillance camera, it doesnt look good for Bo. John says Bo thinks he was set up, and he agrees. John suspects it is an inside job, one of the cops did it. John looks over the roster and singles out Eve. Tek says her record is clean, but John decides to set a little trap for Eve. Meanwhile, Dirty cop Eve Michaels makes a call to the gloved on. She says Bo is still investigating, so shell need more cash. She says when the stakes go up, so does her price. 

Later John runs into Patrick in the station. Patrick is filling out an application for the academy, he asks John if he can use him as a reference. John says hell yes, its the least he can do for him for helping him nail Alex North. John thinks hell be a great cop. Patrick says tell Bo that, hell do anything to keep him off the force. Eve ends up dropping some papers, so John swoops in and picks them up. He says he notices she doesnt have a gold band on her finger. She says no. He asks if that means she is free for a drink later? Eve says shes be interested, they exchange numbers. Kate soon shows up, she asks John if he was hitting on that officer? John says he and Marlena are separated. Kate is stunned, she thought Marlena would be with him after he rescued her. Kate says so hes getting back out there awfully quick. John says its just a drink, nothing serious. Kate says dont have too much fun. Kate walks off and then talks to Eve. She tells her to relax, nobody is on to them. Kate tells Eve that John could blow them out of the water, he cant find out that they know one another.


August 16, 2006
Bo and Steve go to Dune to drink. They talk about Steve being back in Salem, he is liking the place. He talks about how there isn't much not to like about Salem. Bo remembers he and Hope decided to sail around the world for a few years, but they always knew theyd be home. They discuss the DiMeras as well, Bo tells Steve about how Stefano kidnapped Hope and faked her death, so it may have been been Stefano who did this to Steve. Bo also tells him about Lawrence Alamain, how he was supposed to die that day when Steve did. Bo feels bad for that, he wants to make it up to him. Steve says he doesnt owe them anything. Bo talks about how hes brought John Black in to help him find the missing evidence, maybe John can help Steve too. John then shows up with Eve, both Bo and Steve wonder why hes not with his wife. Bo tells Steve that he and his wife are separated, sort of. Bo recognizes Eve and wonders if John is onto something. Later Stephanie shows up to meet with her dad, so Bo leaves them. Steve thinks she must have better things to hang out with him. Stephanie says no, but obviously he does. She asks why else would he want to stay in Cincinnati? He says he knows he hurt them, but for their sakes it might have been better that he stay away. Steve doesnt want to upset her, but hes trying to figure out who took him away from them. Steve says they may not be too happy that hes back and he could be putting them in danger. Stephanie says she races cars, mom was going to a war zone to be a doctor. Stephanie says they can handle danger, what they cant handle is losing him again. Stephanie suggests they toast to the best dad in the world. He says shes only known him for a few days, but she says shes grown up loving him and knowing him makes it even better. Steve doesnt know what to say, she says it is okay. She says shes known about him for her whole life, he just found out about her. She says hes here and that is all that matters. Stephanie asks for him to come see her race. He says he will, but hed like to see her come in last as that means shell be slow and careful. Stephanie says she is good and she thought he understood why she did this. He says he does. She gives him a hug. Kayla walks in at this point and smiles.

John and Eve talk, she didnt think CEOs hung out here. John says he had a long career in law enforcement, try not to think of him as a CEO. He also suggests they not talk about work tonight. John gets her liquored up, she says she should stop as she has a double shift tomorrow. He says he can call in a favor and take care of that. She admits she needs the money, her dad died and her mom is sick. She asks him about his wife and their troubles. John says its been a rough few years. Eve says Kate was telling her . . . John asks how she knows Kate Roberts? She says she doesnt know her, but Kate was at the station working on a fund raiser. She says Kate overheard her talking about their date, she had a lot of nice things to say. Eve then excuses herself to use the bathroom. John heads to the bar to talk to Bo quickly. John says Eve needs money, she could be doing dirty work for someone. Bo suspects Kate. John says he trusts Kate with his life, but Eve did bring her name up. Eve then walks up and says hello to Bo. She asks what is going on here? John says he and Bo were just catching up. Bo says he didnt know they were seeing each other and he didnt mean to interrupt. Bo then takes off. John and Eve return to their date, Eve decides to call it a night. John was hoping to get to know her better, much better. He asks if they can do this again soon, Eve says its a date.

Chelsea sees Austin eating in the pub, she calls him Uncle Austin. She thinks she probably shouldnt call him that, it may make him feel old. She has come for caffeine, she asks why he is not out with his guy friends? Chelsea says oh yeah, he doesnt have any, he has a million and one girls fighting over him. Chelsea thinks that is why Sami is with EJ, shes making him jealous so he goes through with the wedding. Chelsea says shes been reading up on relationship lately, and she thinks Sami realizes she isnt the one he wants to be with for the rest of his life. She says Sami therefore isnt putting all her eggs in one basket. She also says if Sami really didnt want to see the groom before the wedding she wouldnt pick a place across the hall from him. Chelsea says then again, shes not the one he really wants to marry is she. Austin finishes eating and tells Chelsea that hell see her later.

EJ surprises Sami with a romantic dinner at his place. She asks why? He says he wants to make her last night as a single woman special. He surprises her with live oysters, still in the shell. She says shes been accused of eating men alive, why not oysters. She asks how to open them. He shows her, he had these flown in for tonight as they are the best in the world. She says he didnt know that she'd be . . . He says he was hoping. Sami opens her oyster, there is a pearl in it. It turns out the second oyster has a pearl too. EJ tells her actually they are earrings. He wants her to wear them with her dress tomorrow. Sami thanks EJ. EJ says hell have them cleaned up and put in a jewelry box and delivered to her tomorrow. EJ ends up feeding her an oyster, she says she is in heaven. EJ says now she knows why its considered such an aphrodisiac. Sami the klutz then spills the sauce all over them. EJ suggests they get out of these clothes. Later we see a shirtless EJ and a shirtless Sami, who is in her bra/negligee. She asks if he has a shirt or something? He says hell get her something, but she shouldnt be embarrassed, shes a beautiful woman. There is a knock at the door, EJ answers and there stands Austin! He asks if this is bad timing? She says hes not supposed to see her. He says not till after midnight. She swears this isnt what it looks like and she explains what happened. EJ excuses them so they can talk. Austin says she looks flushed, she says he looks green. She admits shes enjoying it, shes always the one who is usually jealous. He asks if he should be jealous? She says she has loved him since she was fifteen, shes always wanted to be his wife and it will happen tomorrow. Sami tells Austin that she loves him more than anything and gives him a kiss. EJ returns, he says hes sorry it was so quiet that he thought Austin left. Austin says he should get going. EJ promises he will be a perfect gentlemen tonight. Austin gives Sami his shirt and then tells EJ to put on a shirt of his own. Austin leaves, Sami is thrilled that Austin was actually jealous. She says he really wants to marry her. Sami begins crying, she says she cant let Lexie ruin this wedding. EJ says hell make sure that doesnt happen. She thanks him and says she doesnt know what shed do if it wasnt for him. He smirks. Sami gets the funny feeling that someone is watching her right now. She looks outside but doesnt see anything. Sami says she needs to relax and let EJ help her now. She says after tomorrow she will be Mrs. Austin Reed forever. The gloved hand lurks outside!

Patrick comes home, Billie is cleaning up. Billie has decided she and Chelsea are going to look for an apartment. She doesnt want to be around with a baby on the way. Patrick doesnt know if hell be here much longer. Billie asks if hes moving in with Hope? Patrick says they are going to start seeing one another again. He says she is going through this divorce with Bo. Billie says no matter what Hope says, she still loves Bo. She also says Bo will do anything to save his marriage. Billie tells him that she doesnt want him to get his hopes up. He thanks her and says hes sorry things didnt work out for them. Billie says her too, she shouldnt have blamed him for what happened with Chelsea. Patrick then tells Billie about submitting his application to the police academy, he asks if he can borrow some of her books to study. She says sure and wishes him luck. Patrick then goes off to study. Chelsea shows up, Billie asks if shes supposed to be working? Chelsea says she's on a break. She asks Billie what shes doing? Billie says shes packing, they are going to be moving. Chelsea wonders what Patrick thinks? Billie says he doesnt care. Billie says Hope is divorcing Bo and moving on with Patrick. Chelsea thinks now Billie can be with her dad. Billie says it wont happen, and she thinks the both of them need a major self esteem boost. Billie tries to convince Chelsea she may learn she likes helping other people. Chelsea says shes filing papers. Billie says then volunteer to help kids. Chelsea says no one will let her get near their kids. Billie tells Chelsea to remember when she said Zack wouldnt want her to go to prison, do good for him. Chelsea says like do a good dead or something? Billie says or something.

Kayla pays a visit to Hope. They are having french fries with vinegar, which Hope learned to eat over in England. She says she never had these cravings when pregnant before. She cant believe it took her this long to realize she was pregnant, and that she wasnt more careful. Kayla says shes happy about the baby right? Hope says she is thrilled. Kayla asks if she would have been thrilled if it was Bos? Kayla says she was there when Bo got the divorce papers. Hope says she isnt trying to hurt him. Kayla says she knows, but she thinks her heart is breaking too. Hope admits she does still love him. She says shell always love him, but she hates what hes done to their marriage and family. She says they cant wait around for things to fix themselves. She also says shes having Patricks child and Bo hates Patrick, she doesnt want her child growing up in that environment. Hope thinks about seeing Bo in bed with Billie on the day they buried their son, how all the lies make her sick. Hope suggests they talk about Kayla. Kayla talks about how Steve almost stayed in Cincinnati. Kayla says she thinks he doesnt deserve them, that hes going to hurt them. She knows she has to be patient, and Kayla tells her how things may be changing. Kayla says today he called her sweetness. She thinks his memory could be coming back. Kayla says Steve feels he may never remember. However Kayla says that Hope was able to get her memory back and worked her way back to Bo. Kayla says shes sorry, she put her foot in her mouth. Hope says its okay. She tells Kayla that there is something she should know, she is seeing Patrick. She admits it wasnt her idea. Kayla asks how she feels about it? Hope says she owes it to him and this baby to give this a chance. Hope says they will take things slow and see what happens. Hope knows this is tough for Kayla. Kayla wants her and Bo to be happy, but she doesnt want Hope to give up on the guy she is in love with. Patrick shows up, Kayla decides to head off and meet Stephanie (per above). Patrick asks how it went with Bo? Hope says shed rather not talk about it. Hope asks Patrick what this big bag of stuff he is carrying is? Patrick says they have fast tracked his application, they are short on recruits. He says he still has to pass an exam and catch up with the rest of a class in session. He was hoping Hope could be his study partner. Hope helps him study for his test. Hope enjoys helping Patrick, she thanks him for knowing it would be good for her to help him. He says its good for him too. Hope shows him how to pin a suspect who may be fighting him, he then asks what they do with the handcuffs? Hope shows him how to use the handcuffs. She cuffs them together to show what to do with multiple perps and only one set of cuffs. She asks for the keys, it turns out Patrick doesnt have any.

Hope and Patrick are forced to go to the station where Bo is. She was hoping Bo wasnt here. Hope says its not how it looks, but it doesnt matter as its not his business anymore. Bo has them unlocked, he asks where Patrick got these? He says from Billie. Bo says Billie thought being a cop was a game, thats why she got bounced off the force. He tells Patrick to keep it up. Patrick tells Bo not to threaten him, its his career on the line here. Hope tells Bo if he keeps this attitude up then shell lose any respect she ever had for him. 


August 17, 2006
At Jack and Jens, Abby says she has a surprise for everyone. Jack says he's still not 100 percent and he tells her not to overwhelm him, just tell him what the plan is. Abby says they are going to have a family picnic tomorrow. Abby says she cleared it with Lexie, theyll have it in the backyard. She says she will do everything, everything will be just like it used to be. Jen says she cant go, she has plans with Frankie tomorrow. Jen says she has to go to Sami's wedding, but Abby says the wedding probably wont happen. She also asks her mom how she can go to a party when dad is still sick? Abby says this could be their last family outing and she is going to a wedding instead. Jen thinks maybe she shouldnt go, but Jack insists she go. Jack says Jennifer has a previous engagement. Abby thinks going to the wedding with Frankie is more important than them. Jack tells her that they will plan another picnic, but tomorrow they can have a picnic just for the three of them (himself, Abby and JJ). Abby says no, it wasnt supposed to be a picnic for them, it was for him and mom. She says if they dont care about it then shell go to the track with EJ tomorrow. Jack knows of EJ and doesnt want Abby near him. Abby says shes a little too old for Jack to tell her what to do. Jack says he knows EJ Wells from Europe when he covered some races, he uses women like tissues. He also says the guy is ten years older, what is she thinking. Abby says maybe shes not thinking just like mom isnt thinking with Frankie. She says they are a couple of girls controlled by hormones, like mother like daughter. Abby then storms off. Jen and Jack talk about Abby. Jack worries that Abby could get herself into trouble with EJ. 

At the pub, Chelsea calls Max and cancels their date, she has to pull an extra shift at the hospital for wasting time. She whines about how this community service is so lame. Chelsea says she doesnt know why she agreed to go to Samis wedding, she has to work overtime because of it. She also thinks shell get stuck at the kiddy table with Will. Chelsea considers cutting out tonight to see Max. Billie overhears this, she grabs Chelseas phone and says Chelsea is going to work tonight and shell see Max another time. Billie and Chelsea argue, Chelsea thinks this is her business. Billie thought she was going to have a better attitude about work? Chelsea says she will when Lexie has a better attitude. Billie says Lexie Carver raised Zack as her son, so try and understand. Billie suggests they get a table and eat dinner before she goes back to work. Chelsea thinks she could totally sneak out tonight for her date, but Billie says she will be noticed, trust her. Billie asks Chelsea why shes having a hard time with this work? Chelsea says doing good deeds wont bring Zack back and wont make her feel less sorry. Chelsea says she doesnt think she should waste her time on complete bull. Billie tells Chelsea that she doesnt know everything. Chelsea knows filing records is boring and wont make her feel better. Lexie shows up for dinner, Billie insists she join them. Billie talks with Lexie and asks her how shes been. Lexie says shes been swamped at the hospital. Billie says she was actually asking about her and Abe. Lexie says there is no her and Abe, he moved out. Billie says shes so sorry. Billie says they can work things out still. Lexie says he wont talk to her. Abe walks in, Chelsea says now is her chance. Abe says hello to everyone but Lexie and then moves on. Lexie says see he can't even speak to her. Billie says Abe is just angry, but she knows Lexie still loves him. Lexie says she does. Billie says then swallow her pride and go talk to him. Lexie says he made it clear he doesnt want anything to do with her. Billie says the Lexie she knows isnt a quitter. Billie wishes she had the love they had. Billie says theyve been through rough times in the past but always managed to work things out. Lexie says this time it is different. Lexie doesnt think he loves her anymore. Billie says he does, he wouldnt be hurting so much if he didnt. Lexie says he will never forgive him, the look on his face when he found her with Tek. Lexie says she hurt him so much. Lexie thinks shell have to pay for this for the rest of her life. Chelsea says she knows how that feels. Lexie says she guesses she does. Lexie decides to tell Chelsea a story. She says a long time ago she made a huge mistake with Zack, she kept him from his real parents. Lexie says eventually they forgave her. Lexie tells Chelsea she will make an effort not to be so hard on her, if Chelsea promises her to work hard. They both agree. Billie says see, Lexie reached out to Chelsea so Abe could reach out to her. Lexie doesnt think so, but Billie tells her it can happen if she takes the first step. Lexie decides to do it.

Lexie goes to talk to Abe. She asks to sit, he says nothing. She sits and asks how hes been. He asks if she really cares? Lexie says she does, she misses him. She says Theo misses him too. Abe tells her not to do this. He says he hates being away from Theo so dont use him to get back on his good side. Lexie says shes not. Abe says he misses Theo but that will all change. Abe says hes buying a house near Salem Park and hes going to go for sole custody of Theo. Lexie begs Abe to think this over. He says she should have thought things over before she jumped into bed with Tek. Lexie says she thought he was dead and then he came back. Abe says and he couldnt have sex so she found someone who could. Lexie says he pushed her away. He says she should have been patient with him. She says she tried but he wouldnt even be alone with her. He says so this is his fault now? She says no its hers. She asks if there is anything she can do to make this right? Abe says yes, get an attorney. Abe then storms off. Billie goes to Lexie and asks what happened? Lexie says Abe wont even talk, he not only wants a divorce but sole custody of Theo. Billie wishes she didnt push Lexie, but Lexie says its best she know what is really going on. Lexie has to get back to the hospital. On the way out she hears Abe on the phone with his lawyer talking about the divorce and custody. Billie walks a devastated Lexie to the hospital. 

Chelsea takes a walk along the pier as she heads back to the hospital. She suspects shes being followed, so she screams. It turns out it is Max, he wanted to make sure she was going back to the hospital and not ditching her work. She whines to him about how nothing goes right in her life. He says nothing? She says she has him, but he might leave her like everyone else in her life. Max tells Chelsea by trying to protect herself shes only making herself more miserable. He talks about his past and how he was so unhappy till the Bradys adopted him. He says that is why he is so attracted to her, she is someone who gets what he went through. Chelsea says he is the best thing to happen to her in forever, she just hopes she doesnt scare him away. He says hes not going anywhere. 

At Belle and Phillips loft, the foursome sit down to try and hash out a custody agreement. Mimi says what makes most sense is for her and Shawn to raise the baby the surrogate is carrying and for Phillip and Belle to raise the baby Belle is carrying. However they can also agree to a set visitation schedule for the biological dads, and they can agree to be each others first baby sitter choices. Belle says shes thought this out. Shawn thinks a little too much. Mimi and Phillip both feel it is needed. Shawn says when these babies are born they may rethink things. Belle thinks they should have been informed about this plan before they mapped it all out. Phillip says this is a mess, they need a plan. Shawn says of course he feels that way, Phillip doesnt want him near his wife or child. Phillip says he doesnt. Shawn says they cant set up rules for these kids, what if he hears the baby crying through the walls? Phillip says hell take care of it. Mimi tells them to stop arguing. She says the babies arent even born and they are already fighting. Mimi says this isnt a good environment for their babies. Shawn says hes not giving up custody of his kid. He says nobody will tell him when or how often he can see the child, especially when Phillip doesnt want him in the childs life at all. Shawn storms out. Belle then tells Phillip they are making a mistake with this. She also says Phillip doesnt seem to have as big of a problem giving up his kid as Shawn does. Phillip says this isnt about the babies, its about her and Shawn. He says everything is about her and Shawn. Phillip then storms out. Mimi decides she should go as well. Belle says she doesnt have to go, they are friends. Mimi says they were friends. Mimi tells Belle she didnt seem to say goodbye to Shawn to her, it seems like shes trying to hold onto him. Belle says she is committed to her marriage to Phillip and she didnt agree to the custody arrangement because its a bad idea for the babies. She says keeping Shawn away from his child is wrong, just as keeping Phillip away from his child is wrong. Mimi says Phillip isnt the problem. Mimi says the problem is Shawn and Belles feelings for him. Mimi says how is she to believe she wont use this baby to get Shawn back? Mimi says Belle burned her once and she wont let her do it again, she wont risk her marriage to make Belles life easier. Belle tells her to think about the babies, how confusing will be to them? Mimi says honestly she thinks it would be best if they never told the babies the truth because that is what would confuse them. Belle says they deserve to know the truth and they deserve to hear it from them. Mimi says lots of kids grow up not knowing their parents, they turn out find. Belle says her mom thought she was Romans daughter and Sami tried to keep the truth from her. Belle says if her mom hadnt found out the truth then she would have spent her life as Romans daughter only to accidentally find out the truth. Mimi says she may never have found out, and the babies may not find out. Belle says the truth always comes out somehow. Belle says half of Salem knows the truth about the clinic mix-up. Mimi asks how the truth will help them? Belle says it wont hurt them.

Shawn shows up at the Brady Pub. Abe offers to buy him a beer, he tells him that hes sorry about the mix-up at the clinic. Shawn says it gets worse, they expect him to turn his back on his kid and let Phillip raise his kid. Shawn says but if he stays involved in the babys life, Mimi will always live in fear that she could lose him. Abe says Shawn needs to be there for that baby and he should fight for the right to play an active role in that childs life. Abe ends up leaving, Phillip shows up and joins Shawn at the bar for tequila shots.

Lexie and Chelsea head to the hospital, Lexie gives her a stack of folders to file. Chelsea ends up calling Abby from the nurses desk. Abby asks Chelsea to meet her at the java caf, she has a lot to tell her. Chelsea says she cant, shes still filing. Abby didnt know she was still working. Chelsea says she had to cancel her date with Max. Chelsea says she did see him on the pier, and he promised to stick by her. Chelsea says asks what happened with her parents? Chelsea says she can file while she listens to Abby. Of course Chelsea turns her back, and the gloved hand puts a folder on her stack marked Claire Kiriakis. Chelsea finds it and is puzzled. As Abby rants and raves, Chelsea looks at the folder and is stunned. Chelsea tells Abby about what she found in the files. The file is a DNA test on Claire indicating she is Shawns child. Chelsea says things just got a whole lot more interesting here at work.


August 18 , 2006
At Hopes, Hope is folding some blankets when she sees the family photo on the mantel taken last Christmas. Bo and Caroline then show up at her door. Caroline hopes they are disturbing her. Hope asks if something is wrong? Caroline says she wants them to talk. Bo says this isnt about the divorce. Caroline says she has a favor to ask and she hopes shell say yes. Hope invites them in, Bo asks Hope if she will go to Samis wedding with him. Bo says he thought they should go together since a family thing. Hope says Sami has never gotten along with Bo or her. Caroline says family means a lot to Sami. Hope says she isnt family anymore, showing up at the wedding together will just send the wrong message and serve no purpose. Bo says he thought she was going to give him a chance to find the missing evidence. Hope says she thought he didnt come here to talk her out of the divorce? Caroline decides to leave them to talk. Caroline tells Hope she knows she was asking a lot, she just hoped shed do her this one last favor. Caroline then leaves. Hope tells Bo that was as low as low could be, recruiting his mother? Bo says this was her idea, to his mom Hope will always be family. Bo doesnt see what harm it will be to go together? Hopes says they wont be together ever again. Bo says they will be, he will prove his innocence. He says if Chelsea hadnt altered those emails . . . Hope says Chelsea did what she did because she knew she could get away with it and that is his fault. Bo says shes about to learn there are consequences, she will learn to regret what she did. Hope says shell believe that when she sees it. Bo says she will, he will make things right and get her back. Bo then leaves. Hope smiles after hes gone.

At the loft, Mimi and Belle are worried, the guys are gone and arent answering their phones. Belle worries, they know what happened last time Phillip got upset. Mimi says she was just trying to avoid an ugly scene after the babies are born. Belle tells Mimi this whole custody thing is only to keep Shawn away from his child. Mimi says no its to keep Belle away from Shawn. Belle says exactly. Mimi says they are just talking in circles and right now they need to find their husbands before there is bigger trouble. Belle says they could run into one another and get into a fight. Mimi says theyd be fighting over her and shed love that. Belle says that isnt fare. She says she didnt want this to happen but now that this happened they have to deal with it. Mimi says she was trying to do that. She tells Belle this is a lot easier for her, Shawn and Phillip both love her. Mimi says she knows how much she wanted to have a baby with Shawn, now she is. Claire wakes up, Belle goes to tend to her. Mimi tells her that shes sorry she woke her. Belle says that she is fussy because she missed her daddy telling her a bedtime story. Belle says shes glad there is no confusion over who Claires father is. Mimi and Belle continue to try and call and find out where the boys are, they cant locate them. Belle and Mimi soon begin talking about Shawn and his dreams to have children of his own. Belle says Mimi shouldnt take that dream away from Shawn, he deserves to spend time with his own child. Belle says if she does then Shawn will resent her for it. Belle says she isnt trying to be mean, this baby wont ruin her marriage, only Mimi can do that. Mimi decides to go find Shawn, shes tired of waiting around and thinking of what horrible things could happen. Belle takes Claire and decides to go find Phillip. 

Mimi happens to run into Hope down on the wharf. Hope is crying, Mimi says she came here to look for Shawn. Hope says she hasnt seen him. Mimi asks if shes okay? Hope says she came down here to say goodbye. Mimi says to Bo? Hope says to the past. Mimi knows about the divorce, she says shes sorry. Hope thanks her. Mimi says she never wanted her and Bo to break up, but she is looking forward to being an Aunt. Mimi knows how much this means to Patrick. Mimi talks about what a mess the baby thing has caused for her own marriage. Mimi tells Hope that shes so afraid Belles baby will come between Shawn and her. Hope says only if she lets it. Mimi says they all fought tonight and Shawn stormed off, shes so worried about what he might do. She fears Shawn could get himself in trouble, Shawn and Phillip left at the same time. Mimi fears this is her fault for wanting some custody agreement. Hope says she agrees with Mimi, its good to set boundaries. However she says it wont be easy, this baby will bring Shawn and Belle closer. Mimi says shes afraid of that. Hope says she doesnt have to worry, Shawn loves and trusts her more than anyone else, except for his mother of course. Hope decides to help Mimi look.

At the pub, Phillip wants to settle things. He thinks Shawn will use this baby to get closer to Belle and he wants to settle this. It seems he wants to fight Shawn, he claims his leg won't hinder him. Shawn tells him to chill, hes busy drinking right now. Phillip says this problem wont go away so they are taking care of everything tonight, they need to get everything settled before these kids are born. Shawn tells Phillip that he wont stay away from his kid. Phillip says he wants him away from his wife too. Phillip says he has a suggestion on how to work things out. Phillip tells Shawn that he and Mimi should move. Shawn says out of the loft and building? Phillip says no out of Salem and as far away as possible. Phillip says Belle cant leave her mom and he has to be close to the VA. Shawn says hes not going anywhere. Shawn continues drinking, Phillip thinks he should slow down. Shawn doesnt, so Phillip joins him. Shawn says its not a competition. Phillip says it is now. Phillip says if he and Mimi wont relocate then he will call an attorney and set up a custody arrangement. Shawn says he wont agree with his terms, he wont have just a few hours a month with his kid. Phillip says it goes to court then he will make sure any judge in Salem will rule in favor of him. Shawn points out hes a Kiriakis too, don't try and pull that card. They both laugh. Phillip says this place is dead and he puts on some music to liven the place up. Phillip turns on the radio, of course its the song Shawn and Belle danced to at the Last Blast. Phillip says no matter what he does he cant get away from Shawn and Belles greatest hits. Later both Shawn and Phillip are a bit drunk, but they wont stop drinking. They both think they can drink one another under the bar. Shawn says he cant win this, hes Irish. Phillip says hes not losing to him now or ever. Phillip then falls over and smacks his head on the floor. Shawn tries to help him up and falls down himself. Both begin to laugh. Shawn tells Phillip how he has everything, he has a job, a kid, he has everything. Phillip says he was going to say Belle too wasnt he. Shawn says Belle is committed to him, she told him that tonight. He tells Phillip not to blow it, he has everything a man could want. Phillip says except for one thing, he doesnt have his left leg. They laugh some more. Lisa the waitress catches them, shes furious and says if Caroline found them shed hit the roof. She says the party is over, she calls them a cab to take them home. 

Abby shows up to see Chelsea at her house. Abby has been waiting to hear about this big secret. Chelsea says she guesses she can tell Abby. Chelsea says the file she found contained the results of a very interesting DNA test, it showed a certain babys father isnt the real father. Chelsea says the real father will be blown away. Abby thinks the truth should be told. When Chelsea says not only does the father not know, she doesnt think the mother knows either otherwise shed use it to get out of the marriage she's in. Abby wonders who these people are? Chelsea says she shouldnt tell her that much. Abby tells Chelsea that she needs to speak up about this. Chelsea says this is valuable information, she should wait and use this information to her advantage. Abby says or she could do the right thing for once. Billie walks in and asks do the right thing about what? Chelsea says Abby was telling her to the right thing about her community service, she has to do all her hours and not cheat. Billie says Abby is right. Abby has to get back to the garage, shes helping Max get caught up on paper work. Billie leaves to make tea, Abby and Chelsea continue to argue. Abby tells Chelsea for once do something for someone else without thinking about what is in it for her. 

Later Bo shows up at Billies and he demands to talk to Chelsea. Billie asks what he did now? Bo says the girl is sick and twisted. Bo explains how Chelsea intercepted his emails to Hope and changed them all. Bo says Hope didnt know how he truly felt until it was too late. Billie asks if he is sure? Bo says he is, nobody else could or would do this. Bo says he used her laptop once and probably forgot to log off. Billie wonders what they do about her now? Bo doesnt give a damn anymore. Chelsea shows up, she asks what is wrong? Bo says she is wrong, everything about her is wrong. Bo says he knows what she did and its time to pay up. Bo confronts her about the email scam she pulled. He says she took his son, did she have to take his wife too. Billie tells Chelsea she is so disappointed in her. Chelsea says she thought if Bo and Hope got back together then shed go to jail. Bo says she belongs in jail and this proves she learned nothing from what happened to Zack. He says she doesnt care about anyone but herself. Bo says hes ashamed he stood up for her, the things he did for her. Bo says he always gave her the benefit of the doubt, he believed in her over and over again. Bo says until she can prove she can be a descent person, well shes on her own. Bo says hes washing his hands of her right now. Chelsea ends up running out of the house. Billie tells Bo that she understands hes angry but he cant mean what he said. Bo did, he says she has to prove to him that shes changed. Bo says until then Chelsea is out of his life.

Belle and Claire go to the garage to see if Shawn or Phillip are around. Abby says they arent, but she notices that Belle seems to be more concerned about Shawn than Phillip. Belle says shes worried about them both, they got into a huge fight and both took off. Abby tells Belle how adorable Claire is, she and Phillip are lucky to have a perfect family. Belle doesnt know about perfect, but Claire is what keeps them together. Belle realizes Claire needs to be changed so she goes to the bathroom. Later Chelsea shows up in tears. She tells Abby that Bo just disowned her. Chelsea says she did something bad again, it happened awhile ago and he just found out about it. Chelsea says now she has to prove shes changed and is a good person, till then he doesnt want her in his life. Abby says this is tough love and it may be what she needs. Abby says Bo will forgive her, she just has to make him see shes sorry. Chelsea thinks Bo will never believe her. Abby says actions speak louder than words. Belle walks out with Claire, Chelsea thinks now is her chance to do the right thing. 

Mimi returns home to the loft, she hears drunk Shawn and Phillip come home together. Mimi is furious with them for what they have put their wives through. She says they have been worried about them and here they are blitzed out of their minds having a good time. Phillip decides to go explain to Belle, Mimi takes Shawn into their loft. Mimi says he could have at least called her. Shawn says he was thinking, she says no he was drinking. Shawn says he wants to make out, he means up. He passes out before anything can happen though. Mimi tells him to wake up, she shakes him but he wont wake up. Mimi realizes something is wrong, hes not asleep hes unconscious. 


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