August 28, 2006
At the church, Roman tells Marlena that she looks great. She tells him he does too. Roman is glad Sami is finally here, but given the history of their daughter this isnt a done deal yet till they say I do. Marlena cant help but feel they are marrying the wrong people. Roman says they are adults now, Sami claims shes marrying the love of her life and Carrie says shes happy with Lucas. Marlena says perhaps she shouldnt second guess it. Roman tells Marlena that she does look beautiful. John walks in and says he was about to say the same thing. John asks how shes been. She says shes okay, shes feeling stronger and she knows the separation has done her good. John hopes hopefully soon he can move back in. Roman tells John not to pressure her. John says he wasnt pressuring her. Roman says Marlena would like to be left alone. Marlena excuses herself to check on Sami.

Shawn Sr and Caroline talk to Hope and Bo, Caroline feels terrible about what happened with Shawn. Hope says it wasnt her fault and Shawn will be fine. Caroline and Shawn Sr are glad Hope came to the wedding with Bo. Hope tells them not to read to much into it. Later Hope tells Bo this is awkward for her. Bo says his parents love her and want them together. Hope says that is their decision alone. Bo says actually its hers. Bo excuses himself to talk to John about an investigation. Jen and Frankie show up, Jen asks if Hope is here with Bo? Hope says sort of. Hope asks how Jack is. Jen says hes feeling stronger but isnt in remission yet. Frankie excuses himself to let them talk. Jen asks if Hope is working things out with Bo? Hope says dont read into this, she is here for the family. Jen says that isnt what here eyes said, she thinks things are looking up for her and Bo.

Caroline and Shawn Sr talk with Frankie. Caroline is glad to see him here with Jen, Bo with Hope and Kayla with Steve. She thinks this could be a turning point, perhaps Samis wedding will happen.

Belle asks Chelsea why she wouldnt be here, its Samis wedding and Phillip is her husband. Chelsea says she just thought theyd be taking care of Shawn. Phillip says Shawn is in good hands. Chelsea says so everything went okay at the hospital, there werent any complications? Belle says well . . . Phillip says there was a problem with the paperwork, its all fine now. Phillip and Belle walk off, Billie questions Chelsea about what is going on. Chelsea says shes just concerned about her brother and she wants all the details. Meanwhile, Phillip and Belle talk, Phillip doesnt want anyone talking about the file, especially his mom. Phillip says whoever is responsible for this must be the same person who switched the embryos.  Phillip vows he will find out who did this.

Steve, Kayla and Stephanie arrive. Steve is dressed up and feeling a bit constrained in the suit. He thinks it is the tie. Kayla says being here must be difficult for him. Kayla appreciates him coming. He says hey free food right. Steve says hes trying. Kayla says its all she can ask. Stephanie waits for Max at the entrance to the church. Billie talks to Steve and Kayla, she tells Steve hes supposed to be smiling as this is a wedding. Billie says she had a great time at the dart game, shed love a rematch. He says anytime, just get him out of this suit. Billie says anytime, shes been practicing. Billie walks off, Kayla looks a bit uncomfortable by the way they were looking at one another.

Steve, Bo and John talk about the missing evidence. Steve has some good news for them. He informs them a geek buddy of his in Cincinnati did some hacking, Eve made a hefty cash deposit after the disk went missing. John and Bo think they are on the right track with Eve. Bo says now they have to find out who paid her off. 

Stephanie and Max are arguing about who will win their next race. Max tells her to put her money where her mouth is. She says betting is against their contracts, though if it didnt involve money . . . Max sees Chelsea, he excuses himself to talk to her as she's his date. He sees Chelsea is distracted, he says he knows about this big paternity secret. Chelsea says Abby has a big mouth, but Max says she's concerned about her. He asks if she exposed it? She says she left a file where everyone could find it, but something must have happened as nobody is reacting. Later Stephanie asks Max where Chelsea has gone off too? He says shes doing the bridesmaid thing. Stephanie invites Max to sit with her, he accepts.

In the grooms room, Kate is happy and thinks Sami stood Austin up. Austin says no way, something could have happened, she could be in trouble. Kate says if they were meant to marry then Sami would show up. There is a knock at the door, Kate answers and its Sami. Sami says shes sorry shes late but shes here and ready for a wedding. Austin and Sami hug. Sami says she thought she wasnt going to make it, Kate says the thought crossed her mind too. Sami says sorry to disappoint you "mom." Sami gives him the short version of what happened. She says nothing else matters right now, she wouldnt miss this chance to marry him. She says nothing can keep them apart. Kate says the groom has seen her, that is bad luck. Sami says shes used up a lifetimes worth of bad luck and shes won out, nothing will stop them from getting married. Sami says she loves him and will see him soon. Sami heads off, and Kate says if Sami calls her mom one more time . . . Austin says get used to it, this wedding will happen and Sami will be his wife. Later EJ shows up, he apologizes for what happened with Sami. Austin says he got her here, that is what is important. EJ tells Austin hes getting one hell of a woman, treat her right as hell be watching him. 

Kate goes to the church chapel and thanks EJ. EJ says come now Kate, sit by me. She says if she was going to keep Sami occupied then he did a bad job. EJ says he did the best he could. Kate says it doesnt matter, even if they do marry she doesnt think EJ will be out of Samis life.

In the brides room, Sami explains how she got burned helping EJ with her car and how her hair got so messed up in the rain. Sami begs Deanna to help her look beautiful for this wedding. Marlena asks Sami if she wants to marry Austin? Sami says yes especially since everything she went through getting here. Marlena says sometimes the subconscious puts obstacles in your path. Sami says none of what happened today was the fault of her subconscious. She says she loves Austin and nothing will stop her from marrying him. Carrie, Belle and Marlena give her the something old, something borrowed and something blue. Sami says she has her something knew, earrings from EJ. Marlena excuses herself; Sami and Carrie talk to Belle about the news on Shawn landing in the hospital. Belle says hes fine, but there is something wrong. Belle doesnt want to talk in front of Deanna. Sami thinks Deanna can take five so they can talk. Deanna throws her arms up and says fine! She leaves and Chelsea shows up and listens in at the door as they talk about the file. Belle says she knows it cant be true, shes never been with Shawn. Carrie says she wishes it was true though, she can see in Belles eyes that she wishes Claire was Shawns child. Belle says it doesnt matter, its not true. She says Phillip is determined to find out who did this. She suggests they focus on Sami and her wedding day. Lucas shows up with Will, he wishes his mom his best. Carrie and Belle go off to find Deanna. Will tells his mom hes really happy for her and he just hopes nothing goes wrong. Sami says nothing will go wrong. Will says hes really happy for her. Lucas talks to Sami how he thought she would let EJ come between her and Austin, but she didnt. Lucas says she spent half her life chasing after Austin, but hes the lucky one to get a catch like her. She thanks him. She also tells Will that she loves him so and will never disappoint him again. 

Austin has another run-in with Carrie, he tells her again how beautiful she looks. Austin says six months ago he never thought theyd end up like this. Carrie says life is about changes and accepting them. She hopes his life with Sami is everything he wants it to be. She decides to go check on Sami.

Jen and Frankie talk, she remembers their wedding day. She thought everything was so clear that day, but then Jack and Steve retuned now everything is so unclear.

Kayla talks to Hope, she wished Hope had called her about Shawn. Kayla says she's a doctor now and wants to help. Hope says all that matters now is that Shawn is okay. Bo and Steve approach, Kayla asks why they look like cats who swallowed canaries? Bo says they are just glad they are here together.

Chelsea sees Max and Stephanie sitting together, she of course isn't happy. Caroline tells Chelsea that Sami needs her, she has to get to the brides room right now.

Kate talks with John, she says she has a question for him. She asks how his date with the cop went? Marlena overhears, she says he had a date? He says he can explain. They go off to talk (an emergency broadcast alert came on and I missed what was said).

Billie runs into Phillip, she says next time he thinks about drinking that much again to call her. Phillip says Lucas said the same thing, but thank you. He says its nice having a brother and sister who care about him so much. Billie says with all of them getting married one after another she feels left out. Phillip says shell be next, but he cant believe Austins getting married again. She says she can, but she thought it would be to Carrie.

Marlena tells Sami that its time. Sami asks for a minute alone before the ceremony, they all leave her. Sami looks at herself in the mirror. Her phone rings and she answers it thinking it is Eric. Its the gloved one, they say if this wedding happens then her secret will be revealed! The voice says it would be a pity to disappoint her son. 

Lucas and Will check on Austin. Austin is ready but nervous. Lucas says relax, nothing can stop this wedding now.

The wedding march begins. Austin takes his place at the altar. Phillip escorts Belle down the aisle. Next comes Will and Chelsea. Finally Lucas and Carrie walk down the aisle. Sami meets her dad, he tells her it is show time and she looks beautiful. Sami says what? Roman asks if something is wrong? Sami says no, what could possibly be wrong. Roman asks Sami if shes having second thoughts then theyll call this off, hell take care of it. He asks if she wants to marry Austin or not?

At the hospital, Tek shows up and Lexie asks if hes stalking her? He says hes here on police business. He says he missed her and tries to get close. Lexie tells him no. She says because she couldn't' say no before Abe is filing for divorce and filing for custody of Theo. Tek says he wont let that happen, Abe is just as responsible for their marriage trouble. Lexie other things are going on, big things, they could all be in big trouble. LExie fills him in on the file incident and how Phillip thinks it is a conspiracy against them. Lexie agrees with Phillip, and she thinks this conspiracy is about a lot more than Shawn and Phillip. Lexie tells Tek that the person interfering in their lives may be the same one who threatened her. Lexie says she was about to blow Sami out of the water she got a call telling her something horrible would happen if she exposed Sami. Tek asks who called her, Lexie doesnt know. She says the voice was disguised, she couldnt tell if it was a man or woman. Lexie says if that she told anyone about Sami blackmailing her that theyd hurt Abe and Theo. Tek wishes she told him sooner. Lexie says she shouldnt have told him at all, but she couldnt keep it to herself anymore. Lexie tells Tek that everything involves Bradys. She hopes shes wrong about this, but there is no telling how many people could be hurt. They hug, the camera pans in on Teks hand on her back.


August 29, 2006

At the hospital, Bonnie is doing her candy striper duties. She talks with Lexie about Shawn. She asks if Shawn will be back to 100% in no time at all? Lexie says yes they expect him to make a full recovery. Shes glad, shes been trying to call Mimi to find out but cant get a hold of her. Lexie says Shawn needs peace and quiet and rest right now. She says when he went home he was feeling better aside from a killer headache. Bonnie says this isnt like Shawn to go on a bender, it must be the embryo mix-up that caused him to do this. Lexie tells Bonnie to please excuse her, she has to go. Lexie walks off and talks to Tek. Tek says hes been looking into the case they talked about. She asks if he found out anything. Tek says not yet but there is a Brady connection to all the cases as she said, and  it wouldnt be the first time someone was out to get the Bradys. Tek says one suspect hes looking at is Tony, who is still in prison. Tek says it could be anybody though, Roman and Bo have put many bad guys in jail. Tek is worried Samis wedding could be a target as well. Lexie says no, this person wants Carrie and Austin kept apart. Tek says still all the Bradys are in one place. Lexie says the Bradys could be in danger. Tek says he has officers headed to the church now and hes going to join them. Tek says hell keep Lexie informed. Later Lexie gets a call from Tek updating her from the church, everything is okay. She tells Tek to be careful, she doesnt want anything to happen to him. She says she cares about him. She gets off the phone and of course Abe is standing there. She explains Tek is on a stakeout and shes concerned as a friend. Abe says save her breath, he doesnt care. He says hes moved on and so should she. She swears shes not seeing Tek anymore. He doesnt care and says shes free to cozy up to anyone she wants, they have no ties. She says they share a son, he says that is it. Lexie asks why hes here if its not to see her? Abe talks to a nurse, hes looking into the file incident. He questions a nurse, she tells him all she knows. He decides to speak to the doctors on duty. Lexie says that would be her, hes going to have to spend time with her after all. Lexie fills Abe in on the details of what happened. Abe thinks this incident doesnt say much for hospital security. Lexie says files get misplaced, it happens sometime. He asks if there was anything unusual that night. She says no, but Dr. Berman was here too. Abe intends to question him. Abe says so she has no idea how that file ended up with Shawn? Lexie believes someone wanted Shawn to see the file, especially given the contents. They talk about the DNA test, the information is legitimate though Shawn and Belle think it is impossible. Abe asks how long the file was there before Belle found it? Lexie doesnt know. Abe asks for a list of everyone on duty as well as visitors. Lexie says she doesnt have a list of visitors, but she runs down who she recalls. Abe asks to see the file, Lexie gives it to him. He asks if she has copies, she does. He says hell take this and analyze it for prints. Abe thanks her and says hell get this back to her as soon as he can. He also asks for a list of names for people with access to the records, anyone who could have taken Claires file. Bonnie returns, she asks what is wrong with Claire? Bonnie tells them shell find out eventually so they might as well tell her. Lexie explains what happened with the file. Bonnie is of course speechless. She asks if Mimi knows? Lexie says yes, Phillip and Belle were there as well. Bonnie freaks out and runs off before Lexie can tell her the rest. Lexie hopes Bonnie doesnt get them all worked up, especially given Shawns condition. Abe says he has to go now, he has to go to Austin and Samis reception. Lexie tells him to be careful. He asks why? She says it is Samis wedding, you never know what could happen. Abe says he admits he didnt think it would get this for, he was hoping Austin and Carrie would get another chance. He says things dont always work out that way. Lexie says sometimes they can. He says not for us and not for them either. Abe leaves, Lexie wishes she could stop this wedding. 

At the church, everyone is waiting for Sami, who isnt marching. Everyone begins murmuring as to what could be keeping her. Kate says this is beginning to look like another Sami wedding disaster. Lucas assures Austin that he just talked to Sami, nothing will stop this wedding. Meanwhile Roman tells Sami its not too late to call off the wedding. He asks if she knows what she wants to do? Sami says she does. Back in the church, everyone continues to talk. Kayla tells Steve that Sami is always a bridesmaid and never a bride. Steve asks why everyone came then? Kayla says maybe out of hope, but probably because they like to watch disasters. Kate continues to gloat that shes going to have a front row seat to this downfall. Chelsea moans that she took a day off of community service for this, probably the only day shell have off all summer. Back outside the chapel, Roman asks if Sami wants to call this off? Sami says shes just nervous, that is all. She says she loves Austin and wants to marry him more than anything. Roman asks if she wants to go ahead then? Sami says she does. Roman says lets do it then. Austin breathes a sigh of relief when he sees Sami walking down the aisle. Sami looks around her, she seems so happy. Father Jansen begins the vows. He talks about how he enjoys the marriage ceremony. He says Austin has all the qualities of a good husband. He says as for Samantha . . . . she has a tender heart and feels things deeply, especially her love for Austin. He talks about how hes watched Sami grow into a more mature person and loving mother. He says her love for Austin has made her a better person. He says she has embraced Gods plan for her and that is a true . . . she says miracle? He says he was going to say blessing. Father Jansen then leads them in a prayer. Later Marlena gets up and reads some passages from the bible. Various couples around the church look at one another as they recite the passage with Marlena. Will then speaks next, he reads from Corinthians. He also says hes happy for his mom and his Uncle Austin. He says he always wanted his parents together, but he knows now it wasnt meant to be. He says his dad is happy with Carrie, and he can see how happy Austin makes his mom. He says he loves his mom so much and wouldnt trade her for any other mother in the world. He says his mom tries to do the right thing, but often she didnt. He says when things didnt go his moms way she didnt handle things well. He says hes proud of her for working hard this past year not letting things get to her. He says she has become the person he and his dad knew she could be. Will tells his mom that shes the best and he hopes she has a long and happy marriage. Sami hugs him and is in tears. Next comes Sami and Austins personal vows. Austin talks about when he came back to Salem he never imagined this would happen, but he couldnt be happier. He says theyve known one another for a long time and been through tough times together. He says watching her has inspired him to be a better person. He says she is a loving mother and a responsible one. Austin says Will is as proud of her as he is. Austin says he stands before God, their friends and family to say hes honored he is to be her husband. He says he loves her and hopes shell always be as happy as they are today. Sami goes next, telling Austin that she doesnt think she can do this . . . . Austin says all she has to say is I love you Austin. Sami tells Austin that he believed in her when no one else did, he always gave her another chance, hes understanding and always treated her with respect. Sami tells Austin that he is a good man. She also tells Will that shes proud of the man hes become. She says he still has faith in her and she wants to make sure he never regrets it. She tells Austin that she doesnt know what she did to deserve him, but shes glad to be marrying him today. She says she never wants to disappoint him. Austin says that wont happen. Tek arrives and is on the phone in the back of the church telling the men to be on alert. John notices something is going on. Meanwhile at the altar the vows are being said. Father Jansen then arrives at the speak now or forever hold your peace part. In the other parts of the church, Tek spots someone and begins chasing them. Back in the chapel, EJ asks Kate if Sami usually makes it this far? Kate says no. It looks like the wedding will finish, Father Jansen moves onto the rings. Suddenly Lexie walks into the church. Sami then panics as she looks at Lexie. 


August 30, 2006
At the church Tek is running around. Hes on the phone, he says he was tracking a suspect but lost them. He orders his men to search for the suspect but dont call attention to themselves.

Meanwhile the wedding continues with the giving of the rings. Lexie shows up and slips into the back of the church and hides in a confessional. She looks at Sami, who sees her. Austin takes his ring and offers it to Sami. Kate comments that she cant believe this wedding is happening, EJ says they must accept the things they cannot change. Austin slips the ring on Samis finger. Carrie is holding back the tears as she watches, Lucas notices this. Its now Samis turn to give him his ring. She drops her ring, its handed back to her. Lexie is smiling at this point. Sami goes to put the ring on Austins finger but hesitates. Austin says she can do it, Will says go for it mom. Sami says shes sorry Austin . . . . she cant go through with it. Austin asks what is wrong? Sami runs off, tripping as she heads down the aisle. She yells at her father, who gets up to help, to let her go. Lexie is smiling. Marlena asks Roman what is going on? Roman says he noticed something was wrong before the wedding, his guess is shes not over Lucas. Austin gathers everyones attention, he says hes sorry but he doesnt know what happened here. He tells them not to go away, he and Sami will get married today. Lucas and Austin head off to talk to Sami. Lexie comes out of her hiding spot in the confessional. She slips out of the church. Kate tells EJ she said a prayer every night for this, and now her prayers have been answered. EJ asks if she knows why? Kate says she doesnt care why, her son will not be married to her and that is all she cares. Bo wonders why Samis weddings always end up like this. Hope says better the wedding than the marriage. John continues to notice things going on, he excuses himself from Marlena. Marlena tells Roman that she should have spent more time with Sami, she has no idea why her daughter walked out on her own wedding. Roman says don't blame herself, hes just as clueless. Meanwhile, John talks with Tek, he ask what is going on here, who is behind this. Tek says he doesnt know, but they think everyone inside is in danger.

Austin is banging on the door to the brides room. He says he asked her to marry him, she cant walk out on him without telling him why. Sami lets Austin in. She says shes sorry, shes so sorry that she did this, that she let it go this far. Sami says she doesnt deserve the dress or to marry him. She thinks she should be struck by lightening for this, for taking sacred vows in her family's church. Austin says if this is about her past well nobody is perfect, least of all him. He says this is a fresh start for both of them. He says a lot of people out there are pulling for them to make it. He says this is a new start, a new life. He says people make mistakes but they stick together. She says she wishes . . . He says she has her wish, all she has to do is take him and marry him. Sami says she will never put this ring on his finger, and she takes the ring he gave her off. She tells Austin to take his ring back. Austin refuses, he says they are getting married today. She says no, shes not worthy of being his wife. He says hes made mistakes too but hes committed to their future. Sami says she hasnt changed the way everyone thinks she has, she is a fake. She says doing the right thing is hard for her, and shes always afraid of losing something or someone important to her. She says she makes bad choices and she fears she will never change. She says shes not a good enough person to be married to him. Austin thinks Sami is afraid she cant live up to her own ideal of a wife. Sami says shes not the perfect woman for him. He says he doesnt want the perfect woman, he wants her. Sami says he doesnt know her, when she is with him she is on her best behavior. She says she will disappoint him, she doesnt want to do that to him. Austin thinks he knows her pretty well, they live and work together. He says how can she honestly say he doesnt know her? Sami says she knows him and she hopes someday he can be with the woman he really wants. She gives the ring back. He wants to know why, but she says she cant explain now. She says give her time alone. Austin says hell go away for now, but this is not over.

Back in the church, Bo begins to think something is up. He decides to investigate, he tells Hope to be careful and call him if she sees anything. 

Stephanie tells Max from what her mom tells her, this happens to Sami a lot. She also wonders if Max should be sitting next to her given Chelsea is here.

Belle asks Phillip how Sami could do this? Phillip says maybe she doesnt know what she wants. Belle says he thinks it is that simple? Austin says he thinks Austin is a lucky guy today.

Lucas talks to Carrie about how this is crushing Will. Carrie thought Sami changed? Lucas says maybe not. Carrie says they still dont know what happened. Lucas suspects something happened with EJ. Carrie doesnt buy that. Lucas asks why she would leave Austin at the altar? Chelsea butts in and says she knows a reason, maybe Sami realizes Uncle Austin isnt the one she wants. Chelsea says Sami knew she was Austins second choice and perhaps she wanted a guy who was her first choice. Lucas tells Chelsea to butt out. Lucas assures Carrie that Austin assured him he had moved on as had Sami. 

Meanwhile, Bo, John and Roman talk to Tek. Tek admits that Sami was blackmailing Lexie over their affair, she blackmailed her to tell Carrie that if she had a child with Austin it would have birth defects. Roman thought she had changed. John says obviously someone else knows about this. Tek tells them about a call Lexie got threatening not to expose Sami or something would happen to Abe or Theo. Tek asks them not to pass this info on. Tek also says he saw someone back here earlier but lost them. Roman sends them to scout out the church. Roman sighs.

Austin finally returns to the church. He says he has an announcement, hes sorry about this but the wedding is off. He hopes that will change, but it wont today.  He thanks them all for coming out and showing their support, but he guesses they can all go home now. Kate tells EJ how she feels bad for Austins broken heart, but his life is better off without Sami. EJ insults Kate (missed it), she says she can forgive him for the insult if he takes her dancing. He says oh they will dance soon, but Sami is his friend and he has to check on her.

Will lashes out to Carrie and Lucas. He says his mom is a freak, she blew it again and will never change. Lucas tries to calm Will down. Carrie goes to Austin and says shes so sorry. They hug which Lucas sees. Austin says he tried to tell her how much he wanted to marry her, but shes too upset. Carrie asks if she and Lucas can do anything? He says give Sami a ride home, hes staying in a hotel tonight. He says hopefully they can work things out tomorrow. Lucas tells Austin how sorry he is, he doesnt know what made Sami pull away. Austin says Sami feels unworthy of him, from the way it sounds shes haunted by her past. Austin says Sami claimed she hadnt changed. Lucas tells Austin to convince her they belong together, dont give up on her.

Marlena and Caroline talk. Marlena wonders if something happened when Sami was late. She decides to go see her, but Caroline suggests she give Sami more time.

Roman comes to see Sami. Shes in tears. He hugs her, but hes obviously angry. She says everyone must hate her, though Kate is probably thrilled. He tells her not to worry about that now. He dries her tears and says hes been doing it since she was little, he thinks it will be a job for life. She says she cant help but get into trouble. Roman asks if she wants to catch her up on this trouble? Sami says Austin kept putting her on a pedestal, but its too far to fall. She says she cant change. Roman asks Sami what really made her run out of the church. Sami says she couldnt take the idea of spending her life being someone shes not. Roman says she did the right thing. Sami says she had to, now shell never be with Austin and shell never be happy. Roman says the secret to happiness is simple,( he mumbled hear and I couldn't hear everything.) Roman tells Sami it's like Grandma Caroline says, you reap what you sew. 

Roman talks with John, Sami wont tell him why she really called off the wedding. They discuss how things could have turned out so different for Carrie, but for Lexies sake they agreed to keep this quiet. Bo shows up, Roman warns him to watch his back if there really is a threat to their family. Bo says the same to Roman. 

Frankie and Jen decide to head out, they are starving. They say goodbye to Hope, Steve and Kayla. 

Max and Kayla continue their little flirting. He asks if she signed the contract with Austin, Kate and EJ? She says she did sign it.

Marlena tells Phillip and Belle they look exhausted. Marlena asks if something is wrong? Belle says a long night at the hospital. Phillip says nothing they cant handle, he just needs to get Belle home. Belle and Marlena decide to meet tomorrow.

Billie goes to tell Austin I told you so, he doesnt want to hear it. 

Kayla asks Steve if he has remembered anything being here. He says no, and hes tired of making her feel bad. He suggests they cool it, take a break. Kayla doesnt think they need to go that far. Steve and Kayla head off.

Kate is the only one beaming in all of this. She sees Austin apologizing to Shawn Sr and Caroline. Kate comes over to Austin. Austin says he doesnt want to hear it. Kate says she loves and support him, what Sami did today was a brave thing. She says this marriage would have been a mistake. Austin says things arent over between them. Austin walks off, Carrie asks Austin if he means it, that its not over with him and Sami? She knows she shouldnt ask that. Austin says he proposed to Sami and will stick to it. He says after they talk if she still believes shes not worthy then hell have to move on.

Lucas continues to comfort Will. Will says he should be used to it. Lucas says he thought it would be different this time. Lucas says they will get through it, they always do. Will asks what if this time its worse than ever?

Later John sees Eve talking with Tek. He wonders what shes doing here?

Back in the brides room, Sami has changed. EJ shows up and asks if she needs a friend. Sami says shes been stalling waiting for him, she thought hed never come. Sami explains to EJ why she called off the wedding, the note writer called her and blackmailed her. She explains what the caller said. EJ says he wished hed known. She says nobody could have helped her. She says she didnt know what to do. Sami says she went out there thinking shed get away with it, then she saw Lexie come in and stand at the confessional. EJ asks if she thinks it was Lexie? Sami doesnt know but she hates her. Sami says all she wants is for her dad and son to be proud of her. She says her dads given up, but Will told her today that he was proud of her. She says she couldnt risk losing him. She says hed never forgive her for what she did to Carrie. EJ holds her and tells her that he will make sure everything is okay.


August 31, 2006

In the bride's room, EJ is comforting Sami. Sami is convinced Lexie did this to her. EJ asks if she's sure? Sami is sure, who else would do this? She says she got the call from the mechanized voice threatening to expose her secret and then Lexie showed up. She wonders if she should have chanced it and married Austin, but EJ says she did the right thing, she protected her son. Sami says her father came to see her and she lied to him about why she called off the wedding, she told him Austin put her on a pedestal and she couldn't live up to it. She thinks she ruins everything, and then talks about how the highlight of this whole day was being arrested and ending up in jail with some hookers. EJ does an impression of their arresting officer, this makes Sami laugh. Marlena walks in and is stunned to see Sami is an apparently good mood. Marlena asks EJ if she can speak with her daughter alone, he leaves them. Marlena thinks it is almost like Sami is happy. Sami tells her mom not to misunderstand, nothing is going on between her and EJ. She says they are just friends. She says he is the only friend she has. Marlena asks Sami why she called off the wedding? Sami tells her that her mom told her before perhaps her subconscious was trying to stop the wedding, she was right. She says she just couldn't do it. She says she loves Austin but realized she wasn't ready, they weren't ready. She says if they aren't ready now then they never will be. Marlena tells her that is a very mature way of thinking, it shows she's grown up. Marlena thinks something more is going on, Sami says she hates being second choice. She says both Austin and Lucas want Carrie. Marlena says they both proposed to her, that has to mean something. Sami goes off talking about how she is the evil seed of their family. She tells Marlena she's such  a great mother, she raised Belle and Carrie, but she and Eric were the cast offs so to speak. She says maybe that is why Eric doesn't want to live in Salem. Marlena feels terrible. Sami says she doesn't mean to make her feel bad, but Marlena does. Sami tells her that she is a good mother. Eventually Marlena leaves and EJ returns, offering Sami a ride. She says first they have to go somewhere and end this day properly.

John runs into Tek and Eve at the church, he asks Eve what she's doing here? Tek says Eve is on his team investigating the threat to the Bradys. John asks if they found anything, Eve says only some muddy footprints. They check them out and later John and Eve do some flirting. Tek decides to excuse himself. They both talk about how much they enjoyed their date, they make another. Marlena then walks in and and says this must be the girl he's seeing. She says "Hi, I'm Mrs. John Black." Eve didn't know Marlena was still in the picture. John says they are separated, remember Marlena? She says yes but she didn't expect him to start dating. She says she thought he understood why she asked for the separation. He says he's getting mixed messages, she's pushing him away and spending all sorts of time with Roman. She says it's Sami's wedding day, of course she'll spend time with Roman. He tells her that she asked for this separation and he will keep his date with Eve. John walks Eve to his car as Marlena is stunned. Later John returns and tells Marlena they need to talk. She asks what is going on here . . . she then realizes he's on a case. He says he is. He explains he's helping Bo look for the stolen evidence that will help clear his name with Hope, he's working with Steve too. John talks about how in the old days it would have been Steve, Kayla, Bo, Hope, Marlena and himself all working together. She asks if she should put on her police psychiatrist hat? He says it would help. They discuss the case and how Eve needs money, the question is who paid her off.

Outside the church we see John and Marlena laughing playfully with one another. The fun soon ends when they stumble upon a dead Eve in the bushes. She's been shot twice in the chest.

At Lexie's, Sami and EJ show up to see Lexie. Sami confronts Lexie about ruining her wedding and making the threatening phone call. Lexie says she didn't call her, but Sami doesn't believe her. Sami thinks Lexie came to ruin her wedding. Lexie says she did think about it, however she stood to lose as much as Sami. Lexie says she could have had her medical license revoked so she kept her mouth shut.  Lexie then starts talking about if how her friends and family knew just how horrible Sami really was. She doesn't know how EJ can stand to be her friend. He says he is her friend. He says he comes from a family with a flair for the dramatic, perhaps that's why he's attracted to Sami. Sami is taken aback, he says it's no secret. He says they are all alike, all birds of a feather, they all like to throw caution to the wind, they like the thrill. Lexie is insulted, she says she's not like them and her affair with Tek started long ago when she thought Abe was still dead. Lexie tells Sami she didn't call her or threaten her, but Sami better watch herself. She says someone else knows their dirty little secret and that someone could do a lot more harm to Sami than she could.

At the pier, Lexie meets with Tek. She didn't want him coming to the house and having Theo see him and mention it to Abe. She tell him that Sami got a call before her wedding from the voice, that is why she called it off. Lexie tells Tek she's scared that people may start getting hurt.

Bonnie rushes to the loft where Mimi is. She's screaming about the folder and how they all know. Mimi calms her down. She tells her to hush first because Shawn is in the other room sleeping. Mimi fills her mom in on what happened, Shawn and Belle don't believe the file because they don't think they ever made love. Bonnie doesn't know how they can't remember having sex, she remembers the worst sex of her life and it was fourteen years ago. Mimi says well they don't remember and they don't think it's true. Bonnie says they dodged another one, and now she can have a clean conscious as they all have the same information they do. Mimi says yes but they don't think it's true. Bonnie says hey if they say it isn't, maybe it isn't. Mimi doesn't believe that, neither does Bonnie. Mimi says to make matters worse Phillip is talking about how it's all a conspiracy theory, that someone is out to get them. Bonnie says Kate said the same thing. Bonnie begins to worry, the only family out for the Brady, Horton and Kiriakis families is the DiMeras. Bonnie fears Mimi could be in grave danger. Mimi says they are only toying with them. Bonnie says that's how it starts but then they are eating your liver with a fine kiante.

At the other loft, Belle and Phillip return home, Maggie has been attacked by Clair's food. She talks about how Belle never had this much trouble eating as a little one, she ate everything. Phillip says so did he. Maggie jokes Claire didn't get this gene from either of them. She can see that she has said something wrong, they tell her it's nothing. Maggie talks about Sami's failed wedding and how she honestly thought it would be Austin, not Sami, who called it off. Later after Maggie has left, Phillip and Belle get ready for bed, but end up making love on the sofa. Phillip talks about how happy he is, he thinks they should go to the county fair tomorrow. Belle says  they can't, Claire has a doctors appointment. He wants to go, she says it will be hard. Claire has to have lots of blood taken and her anti-rejection drugs corrected, there will be lots of crying. Phillip says he should be there to dry his daughter's tears, that is what daddy's are for.


September 1 , 2006
At the station John talks with Abe about the murder. Eve was shot at close range and her badge was missing. John suggests her employer may have stole it. Abe says whoever did it and whatever their motive is, a cop killer is on the loose. Tek walks in and asks what they are talking about? John says Eve Michaels was murdered last night. Tek cant believe this. Tek fills Abe in on the figure lurking about the church last night. He thought the other officers had it under control so he left to meet a friend. Abe says so he left an investigation to meet Lexie? Tek says he did, but they will be interested in what he found out. Tek informs them that Sami got a threatening phone call so she called off her wedding. John asks how Lexie knew this? Tek says Sami confronted her, she thought Lexie made the call. Abe asks why Sami would think Lexie would do that? John tells Abe there is something he needs to know. They explain the whole story to Abe, including the call that Lexie got that something bad would happen to him and Theo if she tried to expose Sami's blackmail of her. Abe thinks his and his sons life is in danger because of her stupidity and she didnt warn him. Tek says Lexie was trying not to talk to protect him. Abe says she confided in him though. Tek says Lexie is worried, she thinks this all has to do with the Bradys and that is why he was at the wedding, to make sure they were safe. Tek says there is a real danger out there, perhaps to all of them. Abe would like to believe Lexie is telling the truth but these days its difficult. He says she is a DiMera and cant be trusted, she is capable of anything. Tek then grabs Abe and says hell kill him for talking about Lexie like that! Abe tells Tek to let go of him, John tells Tek this is a bad move. Tek ends up storming off. John tells Abe he knows things are tense between him and Lexie, but they need to look beyond that and think about the dead cop. Roman soon shows up, he tells them that he has news. He was looking at tapes of the wedding, he found something Abe wont like. He has a tape of Lexie slipping in and hiding in the confessional. Roman says Lexies actions aren't those of a guest who arrived late and left early. Roman says shes now a suspect, hes sorry. Abe says he understands. Roman then suggests to Abe that he conduct this investigation. Abe says he cant be serious. Roman says Abe is the only one who can, John agrees. He says they need someone Lexie could trust and open up to. Abe says they are getting divorced, he cant draw her out over a long candle lit dinner. Roman and John think Lexie might like that. Abe asks if they are suggesting he date Lexie? Abe says do they know what they are asking? Roman says if they can get the truth out theyll eliminate her as a suspect. Abe thinks its silly, Lexie sent the police to the wedding. He asks why Lexie would want the police there to catch her red handed. Roman says maybe it was to get Eve where she wanted her. Abe doesnt think Lexie is capable of murder. Roman agrees but it looks like Lexie is involved. Abe says what if shes not guilty, then what, does he toss her aside? John says that will be her call. Roman knows hes asking a lot from Abe, but they have to get to the bottom of this before someone else gets harmed. Roman suggests Abe do it for Theo.

Lucas and Austin talk at the pub. Lucas admits he never saw this coming, Sami is the one normally left at the altar. Austin knows more is going on than Sami is telling him. Lucas says he knows Sami has insecurities and her moments of not feeling worthy, but not when she is marrying the man of her dreams. He agrees, something is going on and he hates to think what. Austin says something is scaring Sami, shes not thinking straight. Austin talks about how shes been talking about Karma and doing the right thing, he thinks something is wrong. Lucas says she has changed and Austin is responsible. Lucas talks about how insecure Sami is and how she is always jealous of Carrie. Austin thought they were over that. He says something made her have doubts about this marriage and it wasnt him. Lucas says then there is only one other explanation. Lucas thinks it is EJ. Lucas says he thinks EJ is getting to Sami. Austin says they just work together and are only friends. Lucas says EJ is always there, he always shows up at all hours pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Austin says Lucas is the one who sounds jealous. Lucas reminds Austin about EJ telling him to treat Sami right as hell be watching him. Lucas says hes up to something, what about Sami staying at EJs place? Austin says he offered because Sami was superstitious and it made her feel better. Lucas says of course he offered, just like he offered to drive her to the church. Austin says so this is his theory, that EJ is trying to work his magic on Sami? Austin reminds Lucas that he suspected Sami of an affair with Brandon, how can he think this about her again. Lucas says this is about EJ, he will do anything to get what he wants. Austin says they are only friends. Lucas still wonders what happened between them before the wedding. Austin refuses to talk about this anymore. He says even if EJ wanted Sami, he thinks something else is going on. Lucas suggests maybe Sami realizes Austin loves Carrie. Austin says he loves Sami, but Lucas says not as much as he loves Carrie. Austin wont talk about this, he's accepted that Carrie is Lucas' wife. Lucas tells Austin if he wants to be with Sami then tell her, make sure she knows how much he loves her. Lexie shows up to get a coffee, she comes over to see Austin. She tells Austin how sorry she is about the wedding. Austin says so is he, but she says he shouldnt because Sami leaving him at the altar is the best thing to happen to him. She says Austin would have been much worse off if he married that bitch. Lucas says hey . . But Austin says Lexie has a right to her opinion, though she doesn't realized Sami has changed. Lexie doesnt know how either of them can defend Sami, she still cant be trusted. Lexie says if they had an inkling of what . . .  Austin wants to know what Lexie was about to admit? He knows Lexie knows something about Sami that shes not telling them. Lexie just talks about how Sami took delight in blackmailing her over the affair, but Austin says she knows something else. Lexie says just that Sami is pathologically disturbed. Lucas says shes not a psychiatrist, but Lexie says she knows the signs of a mentally ill person. Austin says he wont listen to this anymore, hes sorry he invited her to the wedding and hes glad she stayed away. Lexie says shes sorry, she doesnt mean to upset him. She says she adores him, she just wants him to be with a woman who truly loves him. Lexie says that woman is out there, the one he was meant to be with. Lexie says dont give up on . . . trying to find her. Lucas says the woman hes supposed to be with is Sami and Austin isnt giving up on her. Austin says damn right! He says hes going to see Sami and convince her to give him another chance. Lexie tells Austin that hell regret it, just let Sami go. Austin says goodbye, he and Lucas walk off. 

At Samis, Sami is on the couch crying in her sleep. A note has been slipped under the door. Someone walks in and approaches Sami. Sami wakes up screaming at the person, who is of course EJ. He came to surprise her with breakfast. He apologizes for startling her. She says she had a nightmare, it was so scary. Sami tells him that she dreamt someone was trying to kill her. She tells him about her dream, he tells her that nobody will kill her, hell protect her. EJ tells her to drink some tea, but she thinks it will make her jumpy. He says it wont, it is his nannys recipe. She says he had a nanny? EJ says his very own Mary Poppins. Sami thinks he learned a lot from her and her magic bag of tricks, hes always there to make things better. Sami says though he cant make her life better. Sami talks about how she used to dream about having Mary Poppins in her life. She talks about her mom being missing and how she was raised by john. She admits he was a great dad, it got  complicated though, he and his mom had an affair. She says somewhere along the way she and her twin felt like unwanted step-children. Sami says she did have a happy childhood, but John and her moms affair made it difficult for her to trust people. She then asks EJ about his childhood, if he had a nanny were his parents not around? He simply says he had a wonderful nanny which isnt uncommon, and he went to a boarding school from a young age. He tells her to try the tea, she does. She says it is good. She asks what is in it, he jokes a spoon full of sugar. He says lots of things are in it, most of all love. He says that is what nanny always said. He then suggests she eat up her breakfast. She then wonders how he got in, she thought she locked the door. He says she did, he used the spare key they gave him. She says its okay. Sami says she cant believe she and Austin will never be together again. He asks if she is sure its over? She says it has to be, if Austin found out what she did then Will would never forgive her. Sami is positive this is Lexies doing. Sami says Lexie is a DiMera and that family makes her look like Mother Theresa. She says its in her blood to be a DiMera. Sami talks about how Lexie went crazy a few years ago. Sami says besides aside from him, her and Tek, nobody else knew. Sami says nobody else would have motive to make that call. EJ isnt so sure, he knows a few people who would want to stop the wedding, himself for one. EJ says he doesnt think Austin would make her happy. Sami says hes wrong, Austin was good to her and made her want to be a better person. EJ asks what about Austin loving her for who she is? He says she shouldnt have to be someone else and Austin wanted her to be her sister. Sami says she doesnt need to be reminded shes not Carrie and Austin that wont get over her. EJ says she deserves better, she deserves someone who loves her for who she is and that man is not Austin. Sami asks if that is how he really feels? He says yes. Sami wonders if that is all. EJ asks Sami if she wants to know if hes falling for her? She asks if he is falling in love with her? Before EJ answers, Sami sees another note on the floor. EJ says its addressed to her, she says she doesnt want it. EJ says he can throw it out, but Sami says no. She asks EJ to read it to her. Sami thinks she has nothing else to lose. EJ reads the note, it says that she did the right thing by not marrying Austin, now she must carry out one last act. EJ says the note instructs she is to give custody of Will to Lucas or Will will find out her secret. Sami says she did everything that lunatic asked, she wont give up her son. Sami flips out, she says this is her son they are talking about. Sami thinks her son will forgive her, he told her that he was proud of her. Sami says hes her little boy, she cant lose him. EJ tells Sami that they will figure a way out of this, theyll get through this together. Sami asks how, whoever is doing this wants to see her lose everything. EJ says he is going to be here for her. He promises her. They then end up kissing! 

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