December 4, 2006
At the hospital Bonnie shows up to see Patrick, who has gotten dressed. He asks about his money, she says nobody fessed up. Bonnie slips up and says nobody will admit to taking 3Gs anyways. He asks how she knew he had three grand? Bonnie says he told her. He says no he told the nurses he accused. She says then they told her. Patrick tells Bonnie to give it back, but she says she didnt take it. He thinks it is some coincidence that his money went missing here and at home. Bonnie says she wont be called a thief. Hope shows up and Bonnie excuses herself to get his release papers. Hope didnt know he was being released, he says he raised hell to get out of here early. He asks Hope to go to lunch with him. She says she needs a favor, she needs him to drop the charges against Bo. He asks how she can ask him to do this? Hope says whatever happened hes better now. Patrick says she knows what happened, Bo beat him within an inch of his life. Hope says Bo says he didnt do it. She says the Bo shes known since a teen wouldnt do this. Patrick says so this guy who jumped into bed with Billie and got caught on camera, shell believe him? Hope says one thing has nothing to do with the other. Patrick says he wont do it, he wont drop the charges. Hope says she has a reason. Patrick says so does he, if he doesnt go to jail then next time Bo will kill him. Hope says the Bradys depend on Bo. Patrick says now theyll have to depend on Roman. Hope says Shawn and Caroline have been through a lot already, theyve always counted on Bo. Patrick says and she needs him too. He asks if she is getting back together with Bo? She says she doesnt play games, that isn't who she is. Patrick says she doesnt know who he is, shes giving Bo another shot without seeing how they could be together. Hope says she has years with Bo, they have a son that needs them. Patrick tells Hope that he loves her so much, if she would open her heart then hed make her happy. She begs him again to drop the charges. He says hell do it, on one condition. She asks what he wants? He says he wants her to go away as they promised. He doesnt stand a chance with her with all her in-laws running him into the ground. He says its just a weekend, he wants to take care of her and their baby. He says if she says yes then hell drop the charges. She says it will have to be on her terms, separate rooms. He says okay. He says he will respect her wishes if she will respect his. He asks Hope what it will be?

Mimi finds her mom at the hospital and says she needs to borrow money. She explains that Max may have found Phillip in Atlanta, she wants to go down and check it out. Bonnie says she doesnt have two nickels to lend her. Mimi says she can keep her nickels, give her the cash she stole from Patrick. Mimi wonders what her mom owes and who, internet gambling maybe? A long shark? Mimi says if her mom doesnt give her money then shell tell Patrick that she saw her with a big wad of cash shortly after all his went missing. Bonnie relents and will give her the plane ticket money. Bonnie begins counting out the money. Mimi says that is a lot of money. Bonnie says she happens not to trust banks. Mimi warns Bonnie how Patrick is thick as thieves with EJ Wells. She says they have a scam and are paying Shawn to deliver messages like a secret agent. Mimi thinks EJ beat up Patrick and Patrick framed Bo. Mimi says Patrick could end up six feet under if they don't stop him from getting into more trouble. Mimi walks off, Bonnie is smiling.

At the station Roman is talking with Bo and Billie. Bo is talking about how Hope believes he did this to Patrick. Billie says shes confused, she was angry over that photo of Chelseas. Bo says Hope has lost all confidence in him thanks to Chelsea. Roman hates to defend Chelsea, but it would be a good idea if the two of them kept their clothes on around one another. Bo thanks him for the suggestion. Roman says for most folks a picture is worth a thousand words. Roman goes to get Bos personal items and then he can go. Roman leaves. Bo talks about how Hope didnt come to the arraignment. Billie says Patrick is working her, but shell wise up. Billie admits she was wrong about Patrick, Hope will see it too. She says Bo has moved back in and they are working on their relationship. Billie says once Hope realizes Patrick is lying . . . Bo feels a case will be built against him in the meantime. Billie says its his word against Patricks. Bo says like Roman said, a picture is worth a thousand words. Billie and Bo talk about the incident, Billie thinks nothing happened . . . in the end. Bo says Hope wonders why this keeps happening, why cant he keep it in his pants around her. He says Hope has lost all faith in him. Billie says shes sorry. Bo says its not her fault, its his and only his. She says so they went too far, they didnt cross the line. Bo says they were on their way to being naked. Billie says they have history, its understandable. Bo says Hope wont understand it. Billie says there was a time they meant everything to one another, now when they have problems they naturally coming to one another. Bo says they need to break that habit. Billie says Hope has to break the habit of believing they never were. Billie says they share a child just like Hope and Patrick will soon. Billie says if Hope wants him to respect that baby then she should have the same respect for them. Bo says hell never respect that bastard (Patrick) as he wants to kill him. Billie tells him not to say that, the more people who hear him say it the more time hell do. Bo says if he has to do time for the crime then he'll at least get the satisfaction of busting his face. Roman returns Bos stuff. Bo asks about the EJ investigation. Roman reminds Bo that he doesnt work here anymore. He tells Bo to go home and stay out of trouble. Bo says well he has nothing to lose. Roman asks Billie to talk some sense into him. Roman tells Bo to think for a change, keep his nose clean. Bo asks to just let him work behind the scenes. Roman says he gives up on him. Billie tells Bo not to worry about getting Patrick, otherwise if he doesnt drop this then someone may end up dead. Roman asks Bo to keep a low profile, go home, rent a movie. Roman tells him to take a page out of moms book, have a little faith. Bo says he keeps telling Hope that but it hasnt seemed to work. Suddenly Hope and Patrick show up. Hope says Patrick has something to say. Patrick says hes not pressing charges. Hope says its over. She asks Bo to please let it be over. Patrick cracks a smile. Roman leaves to tell the folks, this will make their year. Patrick tells Bo hes doing this for Hopes sake and the baby's. He says he wants to put the past behind them. Patrick extends his hand. Bo says he doesnt take handouts from dirt like him.

At the garage, Max is getting ready to go to Atlanta. He thanks Abby for looking after the business while they are gone. She says he changed his mind quick about this trip. She tells Max hes not going to Atlanta just for Phillip, he likes Mimi and she wants him to admit it. She asks if he questioned Mimi about that I Love You? Max says women say that all the time, but Abby says she doesnt say it. Max says Mimi likes her, does she have a problem with Mimi? Abby thinks it would just be easy for Mimi to take advantage of him. She says he did give her a job for crying on his shoulder. Max says they needed help, he gave Abby a job when she needed one. Abby worries that Mimi is using him to bring Phillip back. She says if Belle went back to Phillip then Shawn would be available. Max doubts that. Abby says she just doesnt want to see him get hurt. Later Mimi shows up. She has the money for their trip. Abby hopes they, which means Max, knows what they are getting into. Max and Mimi head out.

At Mythic, EJ tells Kate that they need to get this show up and running. They are trying to find some representative for their company. Kate wants him to do it, but he says his reputation is a tad tarnished right now. He says besides he wants a female. Kate says a female driver? He says no, a woman who can go out there and grab the . . . . .Kate says she gets it. She offers to do it, but he says he needs her behind the scenes. EJ has someone else in mind, Sami Brady. Kate says over her dead body! She says Sami Brady as their spokesperson  . . and  he was worried about his tarnished reputation? EJ says Sami is already on the payroll, she worked for Austin. Kate says so when they bought out Austin they got Sami? He says yes. Kate cant believe shes been dining out on their money without doing a thing. He tells her to think like a business woman, they will use Sami to move mythic products to beer drinking, pizza eating race car fans. He thinks it will work. Kate says shes part owner of this company and she is saying no. EJ says this is just business. She says so the fact that he has tried and failed to get Sami into bed has nothing to do with this? She says the answer is still no. EJ says as senior shareholder he outranks Kate, so the job is Samis if she wants it. 

Lucas and Sami are on the couch eating pizza. They are watching a movie too. Lucas is sick of it, he turns it off. Sami says they were almost through it. He says its just a movie, Julia Roberts has twins in real life and Richard Gere is a Buddhist. She says he told her theyd watch a movie. He wants to do something else, they begin kissing. They eventually slow down. Lucas knows Sami wanted to wait, is this the right moment? She says she wants to make sure they dont mess this up. Lucas says nothing can mess this up. Sami says good, if she had to wait one more second then shed scream. They begin tearing each others clothes off. They decide to move this into the bedroom. Sami says she put black satin sheets on the bed this morning. The phone rings, Sami says she has to get it as it could be Will. Its not Will, its EJ. He asks if this is bad timing. She says pretty bad. He says he needs her to come down to Mythic. He reminds her that she work for him. She is confused. He says shes been cashing her checks. She says she thought it was severance pay. He says thats funny, hurry up and get down here. Sami tells Lucas that EJ wants her to go over there, she has to find out what he wants. Lucas says he knows what EJ wants. They kiss some more. Sami tells Lucas she does have to go, she has been cashing those checks. He says forget about them. She says what if he want the money back? She says she spent a lot of it on Will's trip and to get him presents. He says he makes enough money for them all. He tells Sami to call EJ back and tell him that she quits. Says she wants to go down there and tell him to his face that she quits. She suggests he keep the bed warm while shes gone. He says no way, hes going with her. She says she wants to fight her own battles. He says EJ wants a shot at her though. Sami says she wants him though. She says all she wants is to come home to him every night, if they make it that far. Lucas says they will if they stay on course and keep doing what they are doing. They kiss some more. Sami says she wants him more than shes ever wanted any man, including him before all the mistakes. He says they both made them, its over. Sami says she wont do anything to screw this up. Lucas says EJ will do anything to make her his. She says EJ is out of luck. Sami says shell go talk to EJ and then shell be back and they can pick this up. He says fine but please hurry up. She puts on a red dress, but Lucas says she cant go like that. She says shes just showing him what he cant have. Lucas then gets a call from Victor, he has to go over to the mansion quickly. Lucas says theyll both hurry with their meetings and come back. Sami says and finish what they started. Lucas reminds Sami no matter what EJ offers her she is quitting. She says right.

Back at Mythic, Kate tells EJ that Lucas wont let Sami do this. EJ says Lucas wont like it, but Sami is an independent woman and thinks for herself. Kate says Sami will turn him down. Kate then walks out. EJ sips his drink and says they shall see. Later Bonnie shows up to see EJ. She introduces herself and says they need to talk. She tells him about her sons beating. EJ says wish him a speedy recovery for him, but they arent well acquainted. Bonnie says huh, her daughter says Patrick and EJ are sending messages through Shawn. She also says Shawn is getting rich off this. Bonnie says she worries about her children. She thinks maybe she should call the cops as she doesnt want Patrick getting into any more trouble. He asks if shes a single mother, she says yes. She says single mothers get a raw deal, they are the salt of the earth and sometimes they cant even afford groceries. EJ says maybe he can help her. He then pays her a lot of money. She says that is very generous of him. He wants them to be friends. She takes it, she says he has a friend for life. He says good, he hopes this makes her feel better about her son. She says yes. He says so there is no need to go to the police. She says nope. She says if there is anything she can ever do for him . . . . He says hell just whistle. She leaves and EJ damns Patrick for being more trouble than hes worth. Later Sami shows up. He looks her and says wow, if she looked any hotter then hed have to turn on the air conditioning. She tells EJ that she doesnt know what the deal between Austins company and Mythic was. She says shell give the money back but she is out. He says he wanted to make her a full partner and shes ruined it all. 

Bonnie meets up with Lauren. Lauren gets her latest money payment. She says nice work, keep it coming. Bonnie says that is it, shes done. Bonnie says shes shook every money tree in Salem, there is no more. Lauren says better not be as shes going through hell bringing baby Kiriakis into the world. Bonnie says with this money she should be set for life. Lauren says life in a trailer, and this baby is not trailer trash. She says until this kid pops out then Bonnie better keep her well supplied or shell never see her or this gold mine again. 


December 5, 2006 December 5, 2006

At the station, Bo says if Patrick thinks hes going to grovel because he dropped these bogus charges then hes a bigger fool than he thought. Hope drags Bo off to talk to him. She says what is his problem, thanks to Patrick he wont go to jail. Bo says thanks to his lies he is in this position. He knows Hope somehow sweet talked Patrick into this. Roman shows up, he says all charges have been dropped. Bo wont let this happen, he wants to answer to the charges and prove to everyone that Patrick is a liar. Roman takes Bo into his office. He asks Bo what hes doing. Bo says Patrick is using this to get closer to Hope. Roman says its over, stop being a child and get out of here before Patrick changes his mind. Meanwhile Patrick is telling Hope and Billie that he knew Bo would use this to attack him, he should call the DA and have the charges refilled. Billie says he dropped the charges because Bo is innocent and nobody believes him. She says if this went to court and the judge heard all the other shady things he was up to then the judge wouldnt believe it either. Billie thinks maybe Patrick made a deal with Hope to drop the charges so he could get closer to her. Patrick says this has nothing to do with her, so stay out of it. Hope says Billie tries to convince her nothing is going on with her and Bo, yet here she is with him again. Billie says someone had to bail him out and if Hope wasnt so busy sucking up to Patrick then she would have been here for her husband. Hope says how dare you! She says Billie claims she changed but she still sleeps with married men like Bo and Steve. She says she is only friends with Bo. Bo returns and he says he is sorry and he was wrong. He says he just wants to go home, if he has a home to go to. Hope says shed like for him to come home. She tells Patrick she needs to spend time for her husband. Hope asks Patrick if he can find his own way home? Billie says shell take him home. Patrick has to officially drop the charges by signing something, he and Billie go off with Roman. Bo has a talk with Hope, he wants to know what deal she made Patrick to drop the charges. Bo says they both know Patrick wants him out of the picture, so for him to back off it had to be a good reason. Bo asks what she promised him. Hope says she didnt promise him anything. Suddenly a cop shows up and tells Bo and Hope that their granddaughter Claire has gone missing. Later Patrick is warning Billie, if she ever crosses him again then hell make sure she and her daughter regret it! 

Victor calls Belle and asks to meet him at the diner with Claire. He hopes it isnt a problem, he just has a meeting and this is easier for him. Belle says its not a problem at all. Lucas then shows up to see Victor. He needs to have Lucas run Titan for awhile, he is taking a trip to Montreal for the weekend. He tells Lucas to just have the plane on standby for him and another passenger. Lucas asks who the other passenger is? Victor tells him it is someone who appreciates his privacy. Lucas says he can trust him. Victor says the passenger is Andrew Spivey, a close acquaintance he is doing a favor for. Victor tells him this must be kept confidential, no one can know about it. Lucas tells Victor that hell take care of all of this. Lucas then leaves. Victor returns to the bandaged Phillip. He tells him their trip is all set, now they just have to wait for news that a donor has been found. Victor says then he can start his life over again with Claire. 

At EJs office, Sami is stunned that EJ wants to make her a full partner. She asks why her? EJ says she has all the qualities hes looking for and he needs her. She asks for what? He wants to her be the company spokesperson. He needs her to travel the world and do tours promoting their prodict. Sami says she knew there was a catch. She says he is going to get her out of town away from Lucas and be put up in fancy hotels. She says she wont prostitute herself to him, she still quits. He says he understands shes suspicious, but this is good business. She thinks something more is going on and she wants nothing to do with it. He says before she makes up her mind he wants to show her something. He opens a safe and gives her some documents. He offers her all of Austins shares, 1/3 of the company. He says if she stays the course in six months she can sell it off and be a wealthy woman. She doesnt know what to say. He says say shell take the job. He says he needs her on his team, Mythic needs a new and fresh face. HE says she has the girl next-door look, but at the same time is alluring and beautiful. He says he wishes he could give her time to think about it, but they are on a schedule. Sami says if this is some plot to get her into bed then forget about it. EJ thinks shes wonderful but hes not giving away a third of his company to get her into bed. She asks what Kate thinks? EJ says shes on board, more or less. Sami guesses less, this is probably killing Kate. Sami says shell take the job.

Lucas shows up at Mythic and runs into his mom. They both hope Sami will tell EJ what to do with his job. Lucas wonders if there is something Kate knows that he doesnt. Kate says she feels EJ is making Sami an offer that she cant refuse. Lucas says hes sure Sami is telling him that she quits. Kate says shes been in there a long time if that was all she had to say. 

Lucas walks into EJs office to hear Sami took the job. Hes not pleased. EJ leaves to let them talk. Lucas asks Sami what is up, was her quitting just another lie? She says let her explain. He asks why hed take a job? She says its not just any job. Sami tells Lucas to look at these options, EJ is going to make her a full partner. Sami says this is her chance, all she has to do is . . . Lucas says all she has to do is sleep with the guy. Sami says shes glad he thinks so highly of her. Lucas says its EJ he doesnt trust. He knows this is a plot to get her into bed. She says it doesnt matter what EJ wants, this job is a great opportunity. She says this is a chance to make something of her life. She says it comes down to whether or not Lucas can trust her. Lucas says its EJ he doesnt trust. He says they are finally getting close again, dont screw this up. Sami says she wont let anything ruin what they have and she told EJ that shes not romantically interested. She says this job is fantastic, shell make good money and have good benefits. She also says shell finally get respect, he knows how much that means to her. Lucas says he wont stop her from going after her dreams. He says just promise him if he pulls anything to cut him off at the knees. She says shell aim higher than that. She thanks him for understanding how important this is, they hug. 

Outside his office, EJ offers Kate a drink? She says no, but when she learns Sami took the job she decides to take the drink. EJ tells Kate that he knows what shes doing and he would like her support in this. Kate says if he wants to earn her trust then do something to make her trust him. Kate says Sami is not qualified, not talented . . . EJ says once shes a full partner the whole world will know of the name Sami Brady. EJ tells Kate that he knows what hes doing. She says shes sure he does, Sami can be had but for a lot less. Sami and Lucas show up, Sami says look who is talking. She says it doesnt take much to get Kate on her back. Sami tells EJ that she is taking his offer. Kate asks Lucas if hell just let this happen. Lucas says he cant tell her what to do, but hell keep an eye on things. Sami tells Kate that this means they have the same power now, and she didnt have to sleep with the devil to get it. 

Belle waits at the diner for Victor to show up. Belle places an order with a waitress. Some man shows up and tells Claire how cute she is. The man says goodbye and then leaves the diner. We see a woman at a table get up and leave as well. A waitress then tells Belle that she has a phone call at the counter. She thinks it must be victor. She asks the waitress if she can watch Claire for a second. The waitress says sure. It is Victor. Belle wonders why he didn't call her cell. Victor says he tried and couldn't get through. Victor says he will be a few minutes late, hes picking out an early Christmas present for Claire. Belle says that is nice. He reveals its a quarter of a million dollar trust fund! Belle is in shock. Victor says it will be for her education. Belle thinks it is too much. He says he wants to insure her future. Belle suggests they talk when he gets here. Belle goes to go back to Claire, she is now gone. The waitress helps look for Claire, she says nobody else was in the diner. Everyone who was there left. Belle is convinced someone took her. The waitress calls 911. Later Roman shows up on the scene. He asks Belle to tell him what happened. Belle explains what happened. She says she turned her back for only a split second and Claire was gone. Roman says theyll find her. They need a photo of Claire and a description of what she was wearing. Belle gives him a photo and explains what Claire was wearing today. Roman promises Belle that they will find her. Victor soon shows up, he asks what is going on. Belle tells Victor that someone took Claire while she was on the phone with him. Belle says if something happens to her then it is her fault. Victor says its not her fault, Claire probably wandered off. She says she couldnt have wandered off, she was in a high chair. Victor asks if anyone was here, Belle says only a few people. She thinks shes a terrible mother. Victor says this is not her fault. Belle says they have to find her. Victor says they will. Victor goes to talk to the waitress about the man who made a fuss over Claire earlier. Hope and Bo show up, they ask how this happened? Belle says they not only lost their son but may lose their granddaughter because of her. Bo says theyll find Claire. Bo heads to go talk to Roman. Hope tells Belle that she knows what shes feeling now. Hope asks if she told her parents? Belle says they are in Italy. She also hasnt told Shawn. She thinks Shawn will blame her, and hed have every right too. Roman and Bo return, they tell Belle that there is something that Belle should know. Victor has found the name of the man who made a fuss over Claire, he paid by Credit Card. Bo then shows Belle what they found in the parking lot. Its something of Claires.

Max and Mimi are on the plane to Atlanta. Max asks Mimi exactly what shell do when they find this Andrew Spivey? She says first theyll see how bad hes injured and then theyll see what they can do. He then asks why finding Phillip is so important to her? She says she feels horrible about keeping the truth about Claire from him. She also thinks shes responsible for him running off and getting injured. Max says Phillip made the choice to reenlist, she cant blame herself for that. Mimi says well she does. She says all her lies were to hold onto a guy who probably never loved her, shes such a loser. Max says Shawn did love her and shes not a loser. Mimi says well she wants to be a better person and his mom helped her see she can do it. Mimi says his mom tried to convince her not to lie for a week. She says it went well, aside from lying to the photographer and conning her mom out of this money. Mimi just hopes finding Phillip will make up for the things she did. Max asks if maybe shes not doing this so he and Belle can get back together and make Shawn free? Mimi says Shawn would never take her back, she knows that. Mimi also knows Abby brought this up didnt she. Max says he wondered it too. He says they have never been that close, suddenly they seem to be best friends. Mimi swears she wasnt trying to use him, she doesnt blame him for not trusting her. He says he does trust her. He has one last question, its about the phone call. He says he thought he heard her says "love you. He asks if he heard right? Mimi says he heard right, now excuse her as shes going to be sick. She then runs to the bathroom. Later Mimi returns, Max asks if shes okay. Mimi says she is, sorry. Mimi says she can explain when she said luv ya. She says she didnt mean it, she just heard her mom say it earlier and it just popped out. She hopes he didnt take it the wrong way. He says which way would that be? She says whichever way would be disappointing. She says so they are still friends, everything is cool right? Max says they are still friends.

Max and Mimi arrive at the VA hospital looking for Andrew Spivey. Some other soldiers tell them that he checked out a few nights ago, they dont know where he went or who took him. They tell Mimi and Max that Andrew had burns all over his body, they never saw what he looked like as he was bandaged like a mummy. A doctor shows up and tells Max and Mimi that all information on Andrew Spiveys whereabouts is classified. Back at the mansion, Phillip is looking at a photo of Claire. 


December 6 2006
In Italy, John and Marlena are out walking near some outdoor caf. Marlena says its so beautiful. John says its the fountain of the seven sisters, the water in the pools are supposed to bring luck with love. John has some wine already waiting for them, hes prepared a surprise. John begins telling her the story of the seven sisters who wouldnt get married. He says their father told them they had to marry the next man who came along and proposed. He says the sisters came to this fountain and made a wish for the man they hoped for. He says each sister got the man of her dreams. Marlena asks if that is true. He doesnt know, but its supposed to be a magical place where couples are brought together. He says its nice to mix business with pleasure. She says he didnt come for business though, he came to find the DiMeras. John says he put word out that he needs to talk to a DiMera chief, he wont be surprised if it is Tony or Stefano that gets in touch with him. Marlena says what if Tony is in jail and Stefano is dead? John says then they are back to square one. Marlena says a year ago she never thought shed be this happy again with all that happened with Alex. He tells her to make sure this happiness lasts they should make a wish in the fountain. She says her wish is that they always have this, this trust, this honesty, this belief in one another. She tells John that she loves him. He says he loves her wish, they should make it come true. John has her throw a coin in the fountain. Suddenly some musicians show up. John also has flowers for her. She says this is the perfect day. John says there is more to come. They dance, Marlena asks what else he has in mind. He says just this. He gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him right here and right now. She cries. Meanwhile we see a man smoking and spying on them.

At Mythic, Kate is venting that she cant believe EJ made Sami a full partner in this company. She wants EJ to be honest about his game plan for Sami, as they both know it has nothing to do with the company. EJ admits his interest isnt entirely professional. She asks what he wants from her? EJ says he wants her to have his child. She thinks hes joking, but soon learns hes serious. He says to the British, lineage and the family line is very important. He says he feels that a Brady woman is the right woman to produce his heir, and he feels Sami is the right Brady woman. A secretary shows up and says some photographer for a photo shoot is here. 

At Sami's place, Lucas is at home trying to watch TV, the remote isnt working. Sexy music starts playing, Sami comes out in a negligee and with a feather boa. She tells Lucas this has to be more entertaining than anything on TV. He says hes not so sure about that. She says she knows hes mad at her, but give her a break. He says he thinks shes making a huge mistake. She says shes not and this will work out for both of them. He says he doesnt want to get his hopes up anymore. She tells Lucas that shes the one calling the shots here. He says no EJ is. She says she can handle out EJ. She doesnt want to fight with him. She says it will be okay, they will get everything they ever wanted. She kisses him and says Will is not here and they have the apartment to all to themselves. They begin going at one another. They end up on the floor, Sami reminds him that the bed is a lot more comfortable. He says shes right. He picks her up and carries her into the bedroom. Of course this is when they get a call. Sami says she has to take it. Lucas says if he has to stop now then hell have to go to the hospital. She says she has to see who it is. She sees it is her dad calling. She gets the news about Claire and says shell be right there. Sami puts her clothes on and says shell call him and let him know what is going on. She then runs out. Later Lucas is watching the godfather when Kate shows up. Kate asks if Sami is around. He says no, she got a call from her dad and ran off. Kate says good, she has to talk to him. He says this job wasnt his idea. She says she knows, but what she has to say will be hard for him to believe. Kate says EJ wants Sami to have his baby. Lucas starts laughing. He thinks shes making this up, but Kate says she is serious . . . EJ is serious. She tells Lucas she doesnt want to see him hurt again so she came here to tell him before he and Sami take things too far. 

At the diner, Belle recognize the clothing found in the parking lot as Claires. Victor says theyll find her, Bo says theyve alerted the center for missing children. Roman has an APB put out on the guy who made a fuss over Claire. Suddenly the guy walks into the diner and Bo grabs him and throws him against the wall. Roman has a gun on him. Bo demands to know where the girl is. The guy says he doesnt know anything about her. He says he was in his truck when he heard the amber alert. He says he came back to help search for her. He swears he wouldnt hurt a kid, he has three girls of his own. Roman decides to have him questioned. An officer takes him out to talk to him. Bo feels the guy was telling the truth. Roman says one other person was here, a red haired woman. Roman promises Belle that they will find her. Roman tries to get Hope and Bo to take Belle home, her being here wont do any good. Belle of course refuses to go anywhere. Victor says hell stay with Belle, they should do what they need to do to find Claire. Hope has called Shawn, she hopes hes on his way. Victor tells Belle that hes offering a 50,000 dollar reward for any information leading them to Claire. Roman still hasnt heard anything about Claire or this woman. Bo says if this was a kidnapping then why hasnt someone contacted them? Roman was thinking the same thing. Roman says they have to concentrate on finding her as the longer shes missing . . . . Roman is called out by some officers, Hope and Bo leave to check on something. Meanwhile Belle gives Victor a photo of Claire, they can put in on TV with information about the rewards .Victor leaves to give the photo to Roman. Shawn shows up and she cries that their baby is gone. Shawn of course asks how she could let this happen? Belle says she didnt want this to happen. They argue, Shawn asks why she didnt call him to tell him? She says she thought he wouldnt want to be bothered. Sami shows up and defends Belle. She tells Shawn to shut up and leave Belle alone, shes scared to death about losing Claire. Later Victor returns, he urges Shawn that Belle needs him right now. He says she doesnt, she doesnt even want him around. Sami is telling Belle how it will be okay. She asks what John and Mom said. Belle says she didnt tell them and shes not going to. Shawn walks up and asks to talk to Belle. Sami says she doesnt want to talk to her, give her a break. Shawn says hes sorry about what he said, it wont happen again. Belle tells Sami that its okay. Shawn sits down, he apologizes and says he was just freaked out. Belle says hes not saying anything she hasnt said to herself. She says what if they dont find her. Shawn says they will find her. 

The red haired woman is in her car with Claire. She says shes a pretty thing and she's quiet. She says she had a daughter once, she had to give her up though as they dont let you keep a baby in jail. The woman then gets a call from someone and says she understands what she has to do.

Later the red haired woman is brought into the diner in handcuffs. Claire is returned to Belle. Sami asks what happened? Roman doesnt know. The woman claims she is a hero, she brought the kid back. She says she was driving home when she heard a noise, the little girl was in the back seat. Roman asks how she got there. The woman has no idea. She says she recognized her as the girl she saw here before. Victor asks if she heard about the reward on the radio. The woman says no she was listening to a CD. She says she is a mother too and knows what its like not to have a child with you. Roman asks the cops to uncuff her and get a formal statement. Victor says the important thing is that Claire is back in his mothers arms. 

Bo and Hop show up at EJs place. He was finishing up a photo shoot. Bo tells EJ that hes done some hateful things to his family, but to take a little girl from her mother, well it doesnt get any lower. EJ says he has no idea what hes talking about. Bo says tell him where she is or he will kill him. Hope is stunned. EJ says he has no idea what they are talking about. Bo says they are talking about Claire. EJ says he has no idea where Claire is, but he will help them. He offers to write them a reward check. Bo says Victor is taking care of that and EJ doesnt want to cross him. EJ says he doesnt, but if they dont want his money then they have nothing more to talk about. Hope says they should go and drags Bo off. Bo gets a call from Roman, he learns Claire is safe and Shawn and Belle have her. Bo says they are on their way back. Hope asks Bo to admit he was wrong, but Bo says no. Bo says EJ has been plotting against the Bradys. She says so what will he go after EJ like Patrick? Bo says he didnt attack Lockhart. Hope says the only thing Bo cares about is being right. Bo says he cares about them. She says then he has to accept that some times Bo Brady is wrong, until he can do that and change then she doesnt hold out much hope for their future. 

Kate shows up at EJ's office, she learns Bo created a scene. EJ says hes not worried, he has more important things to worry about. She says like impregnating Sami? EJ asks Kate if she went and told Lucas about his plan? She says she did and she hopes he tells Sami and she hopes Sami tells him where to go. He says well he loves a little sport. Kate tells him to wreak havoc on anyone he likes but stay away from her family. He reminds her that she wanted him to pull the little hussys claws out of her son.

Sami returns home looking for Lucas, but hes not there. He soon shows up, he was in the bathroom or bedroom. She asks if he can believe what happened? He says hes glad Claire is okay. Sami asks Lucas what is wrong? Lucas says his mom stopped by. She asks what the wicked witch of the west wanted. He says to warn them about EJ. She says EJ wants Sami to have his baby. Sami thinks this is insane and Kate has lost her mind. She thinks EJ just wants to make Kate jealous. Sami swears shes not interested in EJ. Lucas says what if EJ has other plans for her. She says he doesnt, even if he did well shes not interested. She says Lucas is the only man she wants and needs. She suggests they go pick up where they left off, but Lucas says after six cold showers, hes not in the mood.

Back at the diner, Bo and Hope have arrived. Belle still doesnt know what happen as there is no way Claire could have got out of the high chair, opened the diner door and got into that ladys car. Hope says that shes back, that is what is important. They offer to take her home. Victor suggests they take a rain check on their visit. Belle thanks him for everything. Bo tells Shawn he should come over to the house too, they need time together. Shawn thinks Belle doesnt want him near her. Shawn says he went off on Belle before and blamed her. Bo thinks they can work through this. He asks Shawn to come over, but he says no. He tells them to call if they need him. As he goes Belle and Claire wave bye bye to daddy. Bo and Hope help Belle out with her things.

The red haired woman shows up at the mansion to see Victor. He asks how it went. She says the cops believed her eventually. He pays her for a job well done. She asks now that it is over, what was the point? Victor says the less she knows the better. She says it was a pleasure doing business with him. She then leaves. Victor goes to check on Phillip. He tells Phillip that theyve completed the first step of getting Claire away from Belle and Shawn and back to him. He says this is all for him. Phillip keeps looking at a photo of Claire.


December 7, 2006
In Italy, a mysterious man spies on John and Marlena. John proposes to Marlena, she of course says yes. John is glad, he happens to have a padre waiting in case she agreed. The priest shows up and begins the wedding. John and Marlena skip ahead of him, saying their own vows and sharing a kiss. He tells them they aren't there yet. He pronounces them man and wife after they exchange the rings. Later the man spying on them, who has a gun on him, comes out of hiding. He tells John he brings word from the house of DiMera. John explains how he is family, his half brother is Tony and Stefano is his step-father. He says he is looking for them. The man says then he should know that Tony is still in jail and Stefano is dead. John says there is a DiMera operative EJ Wells working in Salem, John wants to know who he really is. The man, Rico, says he doesn't know this person. He assures John Stefano is dead and in the crypt. He suggests John and Marlena go home as it can be dangerous here. The man leaves. Marlena thinks they should take his hint and go, but John says no. John plans to raid the DiMera crypt and find out if Stefano is really there. Marlena asks what if he's not . . . 

At the hospital, Nick is on his PC watching Chelsea, aka Angry Angel, on her video blog. She's going on and on about how all she wants is her parents to be together, but they keep screwing things up and making her life miserable. He writes her this long note. Later a doctor shows up and tells Nick he's done enough work today, he should go home and maybe try and have fun. Nick says he plans to.

At Chelsea's place, Chelsea gets the email from her admirer Lonely Splicer. She reads it and is stunned. She says finally someone who gets her, it's like they see into her soul.

At Chez Rouge, Abby and Stephanie are decorating for Maggie. Abby just talked to her parents, she's missing them because it's the holidays. Abby brings up Max and Mimi going on a trip together. Stephanie begins ranting about Max and the way he treated her. Abby gets defensive and says Max is a really great guy. Stephanie realizes that Abby likes Max. Abby denies it. Stephanie says all she's saying is that Max could have been up front with her instead of letting her find out through Frankie that he planned on dumping her. Later Chelsea shows up with some print outs. She tells them how she's met her soul mate online. She tells them about her admirer. They both tell her to slow down, this could be some 50 year old pervert. Chelsea says no way, his soul is just too beautiful. They are worried about her getting carried away with this. Nick then shows up to help decorate, though most of it appears done. Abby tells him to hang the mistletoe. He asks Chelsea if she wants to help him test it out, but she says she doesn't give free kisses to nerds. As she's talking about how she's heard if you kiss a nerd you turn into a frog, Abby shows up and says that is no way to talk to Nick after he gave her a laptop and took her to the BRady Thanksgiving. Nick says actually she bailed on dinner and him. Abby says because Bo couldn't stop singing Nick's praises. Nick says oh so you weren't getting enough attention. He tells her to be nice to him and he may invite her to the Brady Christmas. Abby tells Nick that Chelsea too busy with her new online boyfriend. Stephanie and Abby continue saying it's probably some troll. Chelsea suggests they come home with her and see if she got an email from him. Abby passes, so Stephanie goes with her. Nick then reveals to Abby that he's lonely splicer. Abby says this won't work, Chelsea is going to want a photo of him sooner or later. Nick says it's taken care off. 

Back at Chelsea's, Chelsea and Stephanie are in front of the PC when Chelsea gets an email and a photo from her admirer. It's Nick's boss at the hospital! Chelsea and Stephanie both lust after the guy. Chelsea says she is in love.

On the plane home, Max tells Mimi something doesn't add up. He says Victor claimed to have all these detectives looking for Phillip but found nothing. So how is it that they have so easily found him? Max is sure Victor knows more than he's saying.

At Victor's, Victor talks with Phillip when he gets a call from the VA hospital. The doctor warns Victor that MAx and Mimi were here and they were asking about his son. Victor isn't happy to learn this. He assures Phillip he'll take care of Max and Mimi. He tells Phillip not to worry, he won't hurt them. However he says it may be necessary to keep them out of commission as long as necessary. Victor says soon they'll be in Montreal and Phillip will have a new face, one nobody knows.

Max and Mimi show up to see Victor. They confront him with what they've found out. Victor claims he knows all about it. Phillip listens in as Victor claims Phillip has been taken to a safe house by the CIA for some reason. He says it's imperative they tell no one about this as it could become dangerous. Max asks if that is a threat? Victor says no, a word of caution. He says Phillip's life hangs in the balance here as well, he wants to know they will not reveal what he's told them. They both promise and leave. Outside Max tells Mimi he doesn't believe any of that. He says Victor lied, if Phillip was held by the CIA then Victor wouldn't have told them. He wants to keep digging and find out the truth. Mimi says he's wonderful and gives him a little kiss on the cheek.

Victor tells Phillip that he thinks he's taken care of Max and Mimi for now. He says if they continue to keep digging though then more drastic measures will need to be taken.


December 8, 2006
Lexie is checking Kaylas blood pressure, its a bit high. Kayla admits shes nervous about finding whether Steve has his memory back, but she has to know the truth. Meanwhile, Steve is on the phone with Billie. He explains he and Kayla took a trip out of town, it was her choice. He says he plans on telling Kayla the truth, that he doesnt remember their past and probably never will. Billie tells Steve to be gentle. He says he just doesnt want to hurt Kayla. Billie says shell see him soon. Later Lexie leaves, she goes to her own room. Kayla tells Steve that being back here is weird. She thought maybe it was an interesting place to come to for them. She says it wasnt very romantic the first time, but they were together. Steve tells her to stop, he cant lie to her anymore. Steve says he doesnt remember them or loving her. He says hes sorry. He says he thought she was going to die so he lied to her . He says he has a few pieces of his memory, but none of the feelings. Kayla says its okay, she already knew something was wrong. She says she was afraid this was it. He asks then why come here? She says she wanted to know the truth and now she does. She says shell go get her things so they can gp. He says wait and stops her. He says he doesnt want to make this harder, but he has something to tell her. He asks her to sit down, so she does. He says since hes been in Salem he can see she is a good person and a good mom. He says she is something special whereas hes a bum. He says she is something special and he admires her. She says but he doesnt love her. Steve says that look on her face . . . its the look he never wanted to see. He says he never wanted to hurt her. He hopes some day she can forgive him. She says he kept her alive, she gets to go on because of him . . . just not with him. She tells Steve she will stop trying to push this thing between them, she doesnt want him with her if that isnt what he wants. She says she just wants him to be happy. She asks Steve to at least be her friend. They shake hands, he says of course hes her friend. They share a hug, she pushes him away. Kayla says she needs to go pull herself together. She heads into the bathroom. Steve ends up laying down and has a dream. In it he has all sorts of flashbacks of his life with Kayla. Steve wakes up and is confused. He tells Kayla they have to hide, Victor is coming for the disk, hes going to kill them. Kayla says there is no disk, that is the past. He says they have to get ready for them! Kayla says nobody is after them, she is fine. She says hes remembering something from years ago. He says he has to protect her. Kayla says she is fine. He says they want to kill them. He says he wont let them hurt his sweetness. Steve wants to set off the sprinklers like he did years ago. She says no, everything will be all right. Steve has more flashbacks. She tells Steve this isnt happening. Steve falls down, she says hes stuck in the past. She says he has to come back to her. He has more flashbacks of his and Kaylas life together, tons of them. She asks him if hes okay? He begins to calm down. He says he remembers . . . . Kayla says what? He says he remembers. They hug and cry together. Steve says he remembers everything . .. Oh Sweetness . . . . 

Billie is having dinner or lunch with Chelsea. Chelsea says that must have been the pirate on the phone. Chelsea says shes happy for her mom and Steve. Billie says since when? Chelsea says love is a rare and amazing thing, there is nothing like finding your soulmate. Billie asks how she came to this conclusion? Chelsea says she found her soulmate. Chelsea tells her about the guy she met on a blog. Billie says this guy looks ten years older and theyve never met, she doesnt believe he is her soulmate. Billie says this guy is a made up person on the internet. Chelsea says hes not, he's real. She wants Billie to come home with her to see that hes real and amazing. 

Billie and Chelsea return home, Billie reads the emails and says he does have a way with words. Chelsea says she could spend her life with this guy. Billie says he could be a murderer or a drug dealer. Chelsea says or a doctor. She sees the stethoscope around his neck in the photo. She then realizes who can help her track him down.

Bonnie and Patrick return home. Patrick is planning to go out. Bonnie says he's supposed to be resting.  He says he has to deal with some things with Hope. Bonnie asks why hed go near the wife of someone who beat him . . . . unless Bo didnt give him this makeover. Patrick asks who else would have done it. She suggests EJ, the guy basically admitted it to her when he gave her a few thousands of dollars to not go to the police with what she knows. Bonnie says Mimi told her all about how Shawn is working for them and getting rich doing so. Patrick suggests she keep her nose out of this or she will get them all killed.

EJ shows up to see Bo and accept his apology for the accused kidnapping his granddaughter. Bo says he didnt apologize. Ej gives Bo a photograph of the woman who brought Claire back. He says someone went a long way to have her record expunged, which he gives Bo. Bo wonders how he got this. EJ says he just wants to prove he didnt have anything to do with Claire or anything else going on in Salem.

Bo finds the red haired woman in Cheatin Heart spending her hard earned money. Bo demands to know why she took the kid and brought her back. She says if she was running a scam she would have taken the reward money and ran. He says not if she got a nice payoff instead. He grabs her hand, there is a wad of cash in it. He asks if EJ paid her to take the kid. She says she doesnt know EJ. He asks where she got the money. The woman says unless hes the IRS then its not his business. She then walks off.

EJ runs into Bonnie at The Cheating Heart. She called him, she needs to talk about Patrick and how hes not very good with things, like money. She says Patrick lost the money he gave him. EJ says and she wants him to just replace it? He says not for nothing, shes willing to offer a fair trade. He asks what she has that hed want? She says step into their office. She starts flirting with him, he asks if shes trying to seduce him? She says no that takes to long. She then yanks him into a kiss. He puts an end to it fast as his heart is spoken for. He offers her more money in exchange for never hearing from her again. She deal unless his heart becomes unspoken for. She licks her hand and then smears it on his lips!

Shawn and Willow are hanging out at the apartment. Willow is badmouthing Belle saying Shawn isnt the one who screwed up here, he shouldn't feel bad. Shawn says he is running packages for a crook. Willow says he doesnt know EJ is bad, but Shawn says his dad does. Willow says another person trying to run his life. Shawn says he needs to make things right with Belle, he needs to come clean with Belle and tell her everything. Shawn says so what, hell say hes running packages for EJ and shacking up with Willow? Shawn says yes. She says hes not thinking straight. She says she has to go to work but when she gets back theyll take a ride and hell clear his head. 

Belle is with Claire and Hope at Hope and Bos. Belle is telling Claire that shes so sorry, shell never turn her back on her again. Belle knows Hope blames her for this just like Shawn does. Hope points out how Shawn is trying to do everything Belle asked of him, but she still doesnt let him see Claire. Belle knows shes not being fair, but she cant get past Shawn sleeping with a prostitute. Hope tells her to watch what she says in front of Claire when its not true. Hope says Willow is not doing that anymore, shes trying to turn her life around and Shawn is helping her. Belle says she knows and Shawn is a good person for wanting to help, but she doesnt want Willow near Claire. Hope thinks it is Shawn she doesnt want Willow near. Hope says they are both coming off of difficult relationships right now, but their problems with each other should affect Claire.

Patrick shows up to see Hope. He knows she came home with Bo, he thinks shes blind and is not seeing Bo has a violence problem. She says he dropped the charges, but Patrick says only because of her. He wants her to keep up her end of the deal and go away with him. She says she will. He says hes made the arrangements, they leave in two weeks. She says she cant go away then, its right before Christmas and its their first Christmas without Zack. He knows, but he just wants to spend time with her. Is that too much to ask? She says not if she was sure Bo beat him up. Patrick works hard to convince her that Bo did this. She says something isnt right here. He says yes Bo. Patrick says Bo has hurt her over and over again. Patrick says he wants to convince her that hes the man for her, that is what this trip is about.

Patrick and EJ meet again. He tells Patrick to control his mother. He admits he gave Bonnie the money she was after and a warning. Patrick says it wont happen again. EJ says hes right, if she harasses him for another dime it will be the last thing she ever does.

Stephanie, Nick and Abby are having lunch at Chez Rouge. Stephanie shows them the photo of Lonely Splicer and talks about how hot he is. Willow walks by and Nick says she is hot. Abby tells him that shes an ex-hooker. Stephanie takes off, Abby warns Nick once Chelsea learns he is lonely splicer then she will want to kill him. Nick says Chelsea wont find out until the time is right. He says by then she wont be able to resist him. Abby fears this might blow up in his face. She asks about the photo, Nick says its his boss. Abby says she cant believe him. Nick says the statistics of Chelsea finding out who is are infinitesimal. Stephanie runs up and says Chelsea just called, lonely splicer is a doctor! Later Nick introduces himself to Willow and says he finds her extremely hot. Willow looks at Abby and Stephanie, they just shrug. She says she gets it, tell her friends to go to hell and take him with them . . . you pathetic loser. Nick says well thats a step up from pathetic geek. Stephanie says she has to go, she leaves again. Abby asks what that was about. He says he was playing to field to throw off suspicions. Abby tells him this isn't going to work. Nick says it will, by time Chelsea learns the truth she'll be in love with him. Abby asks if he was raised in a test tube?

Belle goes to see shirtless Shawn at his place. She says she came to tell him that she hasnt been fair to him. She says she asked her to show him he was responsible and he has, but she hasnt let him spend time with Claire. Shawn says he doesnt know what else he can do, he felt like he was banging his head against the wall. She says she knows, hes not the problem. Shawn says he knows, its Willow. Belle says as much as shed love to blame Willow, she cant. She tells Shawn that hes been her best friend since forever. He says he thought that would never change, what happened. She says he married Mimi. She knows she had no right as she was with Phillip. Belle says Mimi became his best friend. She says she tried to cut herself off from Shawn to protect herself from being hurt again. Shawn says that wall can come down now that he's not with Mimi. Belle says its not that easy. She says as soon as Mimi was gone he turned to Willow. She wonders why he didnt turn to her? Willow is outside listening at this point. Shawn tells Belle the truth about his job with EJ and how hes confused. He also says there is one more thing, something he hasnt been honest about. Belle tells him to trust her and tell her what is going on. Willow then bursts in saying she didnt know he had company. She then walks over and gives Shawn a big kiss.

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