December 11, 2006
In Italy, John and Marlena break into the DiMera crypt. They are almost caught by some night watchman. After they hide from him they open up Stefano's coffin, only to find it empty.  She suggests they close it up and get out of here, but John says no. She says Stefano will know someone was here. John is going to do it one better. He writes "John Black Was Here" on the tomb wall. She says he might as well paint a target on his back. He says that this is going to end in a final showdown, he thinks that is where it's been heading the whole time. John and Marlena leave and Rico comes out of the shadows. He places some calls to find out what to do about John and Marlena. He says he understands, it is a shame they won't get to celebrate their honeymoon. John and Marlena return to their hotel where they celebrate with champagne and end up making love. 

At Shawn's, Willow bursts in and tells Shawn it's time to tell Belle the whole truth, that not only does she live here but that they share a bed together. Belle runs off. Willow says she's sorry, she didn't mean to hurt Belle. Shawn thinks she did, she was listening in on their conversation too he guesses. She thinks Shawn wants Belle and not her, that is the truth her. She says she's never had a real relationship with a guy, she doesn't know how these things work. She says she's so sorry. He says he has to go out. She claims she'll be waiting her when he gets back. 

At Bo and Hope's, Hope finds Bo with his bags packed and ready to leave. She says she didn't ask him to go. He says he made this decision on his own. He says she doesn't believe in him, so he can't live here anymore. She tells him not to go. She has been thinking as she was trained, she knows in her gut that he did not . . .could not beat Patrick so savagely. She asks him to take his bags back up to the bedroom, which he does. He tells her that she had every right not to trust him, he never should have given those keys to Chelsea. She says Zack was his son too, they should have been there for one another. He says he really did need her. Later they talk about Claire's kidnapping. Bo fills her in on the woman who took Claire, she's run this scam before. He is sure someone paid her off to do this and that someone was EJ. Hope doesn't want him to go there again, every time he tries to nail EJ it is himself that ends up in trouble.

Belle shows up and has a talk with Hope. She cries about how Shawn is living with Willow. As they begin to talk, Shawn shows up. Hope decides to leave them alone, she heads upstairs where Bo is with Claire. Shawn wants to explain, but Belle says Willow said it all. Shawn says Willow isn't a bad person, and she knows the good and bad about him and likes him regardless. He says he felt he could talk to Willow trust her, he hasn't had that since . . . Belle says since her. Belle says she is not one to judge Willow, she knows that after talking to his mom. She wonders if Shawn loves her, but he says no. She says maybe he just doesn't know it yet. Shawn says he knows what love feels like. He tells her that he can prove he doesn't love Willow, he'll ask her to move out. Belle says he doesn't have to, she'll let him see Claire. Shawn says this isn't for Claire, it's for her. He tells Belle that he loves her.

Hope finds Bo singing to Claire like he did to Shawn. They talk. Bo wants Hope to stay away from Lockhart. He knows she made a promise to him to get him to drop the charges, don't keep it. She says he could get angry. Bo says together they'll deal with Patrick, everything will be all right.

At Chez Rouge, Chelsea shows up and finds Abby and Nick together. She wants Nick to help her find her online admirer. Nick says he's sorry but he can't. She thinks he can, he can use his microscope to look at this photo and find clues. Billie shows up, she wants Chelsea to drop this, but Chelsea won't. Nick says she must really like this lonely splicer. Chelsea asks how he knows his name? Nick says Stephanie told them. He eventually agrees to help her. She thanks him. Nick and Abby leave, Abby asks Nick how he's going to pull this one off? Nick doesn't know yet, but he didn't graduate Magna Cum Laude for nothing. Meanwhile Billie tells Chelsea to forget about this online guy, she thinks Nick is the one for her. Chelsea says no way will she end up with the lab geek. Billie says you never know. Billie thinks he's the right one for her, just like for once she may have found the right guy for herself.

At the cabin in the mountains, after several flashbacks, Steve remembers. Kayla doesn't know if she can believe him. He swears he is back, he remembers it all. He says ask her anything, test him. She cries she can't do this again and runs off in tears. He chases after her and brings her back to the cabin. She's freezing so they have to warm her up. He is swearing he's back, but she reminds him that he lied once before. He says look into his eye and see it. He signs courage to her like he did at their first wedding. She finally realizes Steve is back. They soon begin to make love.


December 12, 2006 December 12, 2006

At the cabin, Steve and Kayla are in the tub together. Kayla says she feels like shes died and gone to heaven. Kayla says this connection between them, the passion, the love, this is what she could never give up. He says thank God she didnt. He knows these past few weeks have been hell for her. She says she never stopped hoping one day shes see him again, maybe in the next life if not in this life. She says its why she could never be with anyone else. Kayla says she tried to move on once, it just didnt work. Steve says so she hasnt been with anyone else? Kayla says no, hes the only man for her. Steve tells Kayla that when he said he remembered everything, he only remembers his past before he disappeared. He says there are still years he cant account for. She says theyll get him help, but he says it wont do any good. He says someone went to a lot of trouble to keep him in the dark. He says if word gets out that hes remembered, well she could be in danger. He says if it comes to it, she has to be strong enough to let him go. Kayla says she wont walk away from him. He says what if he did bad things, what if hes a criminal. She says they should stop talking about what-ifs. She says theyll face what comes their way. He says hell always worry about losing her again. They begin kissing. 

Later Steve and Kayla are out of the bath. They tell one another they smell good. Kayla says she used to lay in bed and think about how he smelled. Steve says it sounds like a lot of lonely nights. Kayla says it was, but she had her memories. Steve says theyll make new memories, shell never be lonely again. They continue kissing. Kayla stops and says they need to talk about stuff first. They sit on the bed. Kayla asks him about his feelings for Billie and hers for him. Kayla knows Billie is in love with him. Steve says it never got that far. She says for Nick it did, and Nick is him. Steve says Nick was dead inside, but not him and not now. He says in reality he was living two other lives. He says Nick was someone who kept things casual and in the moment. He says Billie does too, they had that in common. Steve says he told Billie he was going to end things with her and be free for her when he got back. Kayla says wow. Kayla says in spite of Billies past and what she did to Bo and Hope, shes going to be devastated and she doesnt want to see Billie hurt. Steve says he thinks Billie has been expecting this all along. Steve says Billie was always afraid hed get his memory back. Kayla asks Steve if she is who he really wants? He asks how she can ask him that after what has happened. He says he is her patchman, hes her husband. He says she is it for him, she always has been. He says he is home. They share more kisses. Steve says now there are right back where they started.

Max and Mimi meet with Kate about the photo she showed Belle. Mimi and Max confirm this man was Phillip and reenlisted as Andrew Spivey and was hurt. They also tell her that Victor has known about this all along. Kate asks if Victor knows where he is? Mimi says she thinks Victor knows exactly where he is. They think Victor has Phillip hidden somewhere and they want Kates help finding him. Kate calls up Lucas and asks him where Victor might be. Kate lets Mimi and Max know shell find Phillip, this is her son and she wont let him down. Kate leaves. Mimi and Max continue talking about what might happen from this. Mimi talks about how she cant imagine having a child and not knowing where it was. Max asks if she regrets not having a baby with the invitro. She says you mean with Shawn? She says no, then shed end up with a baby with a man who loved someone else. Max says she is probably better off. Mimi hopes the baby is better off too. She asks what about him, doesnt he want kids? Max doesnt know. Mimi thinks hed be a great dad. Max tells her how sweet that is. She says its true, he has a big heart. She says he stood by her, even when it cost him Shawns friendship. She tells him that hes a one in a million, a keeper. Just as it seems they are about to kiss, Mimi gets a call from her mom. She says she should go see what this is about. Max says he has work to do too. Mimi asks him to call her if he hears anything on Phillip. Max says she knows he will. Mimi says shell see him. He says yeah, see you around.

At the Penthouse Grill, Shawn, Belle Claire and Victor meet. Belle and Shawn still dont understand what is up with that woman who took Claire, her story doesnt check out. Victor says they should just be glad that Claire is back. Belle says she will never let Claire out of her sight. Victor says unless shes with him of course, this angel means everything to him. Shawn tells Victor that he and Belle are going to work things out for Claire's sake. He also thinks until Claire accepts him as her father they feel it is best they cut his visits with Claire down. Victors face doesnt seem happy. They say this is only until Shawn bonds with her. Victor isnt happy. He says hes done so much for Claire, think about how this will affect Claire. He says they are making serious mistakes. Belle asks Victor to please respect their wishes, this isnt forever. He asks where her respect for Phillip is? Shawn reminds him that Phillip walked out on them and abandoned them. Victor says that isnt true, but if it were Shawn would he want to stand around and watch another man raise his child? Shawn reminds Victor that he did that, Victor knew the truth and kept his child from him. Belle says Claire needs to bond with her parents right now, that is all they want. Victor says Belle is still married to Phillip and squatting in her parents house while Shawn is doing God knows what with a hooker. He says neither of them are fit to be Claires parents. Victor says hes the only stable influence in Claires life and he wont be pushed out of it. Shawn says this isnt about money. Victor tells Shawn to grow up and stop looking at life through the windows of the Brady Pub. Victor says money buys dreams, education, opportunity. He says he already established a trust fund for Claire, could either of them ever do that? Belle says they are very grateful for that. Victor says hes the only chance Claire has and he wont let them take that from her. Shawn says they are her parents, they decide what is best for her. Victor says theyll see about that. Shawn asks if that is a threat? Victor says he will take action if he needs to. Belle asks what he means? Shawn says they are done here. Shawn tells Victor to stay out of their life, hes not family. He tells Belle to leave them, he wants to speak with Victor alone. Belle takes Claire and heads across the street. Victor asks Shawn if hes going to do his imitation of a man again. Will he drive another car through his house, or maybe a knife through his heart? Shawn says he wants him to back off. Victor says Shawn will never be the father to Claire that Phillip was. Shawn says hes as much a Kiriakis as Phillip is. Victor thought Shawn despised the name and everything about him. Shawn says he missed out on his daughters life because of him. Victor says she belongs to Phillip. Shawn says Phillip is gone, he walked out on them all. Victor says Shawn wrote him (Victor)  off so he means nothing to him. Victor tells Shawn that he will regret this. Shawn doesnt think so, he is a bad influence on Claire and this just proves it. Victor tells Shawn that hell remember this night for the rest of his miserable life. 

Kate shows up and sees Victor is with Belle and Shawn. She asks the hostess to let her slip a note into Victors jacket as she doesnt want to bother him. The woman agrees, Kate ends up swiping the mansion keys. She heads off to find out what secret Victor is keeping from her.  Later Victor goes to get his coat and finds his keys are gone. The woman at the door tells him about Kate showing up and leaving a note, perhaps they fell out then. Victor reads the note, it says I know all about Phillip. 

Shawn goes back to Belle and informs him that Victor is furious and is coming after him apparently. Belle asks what he means? Shawn says Victor said that theyd always remember this night. Belle says because he went ballistic. Shawn says hes going to get his life together, deal with Willow and EJ and make her proud of him. Belle says she already is. 

Kate breaks into the Kiriakis mansion. She finds a light coming from under a nearby wall and hears music too. She knows it is Phillip. She hears Victor come in yelling Kate I know youre here. Victor finds Kate. Kate demands Victor open the door and let her in. He does, she sees Phillip sitting in the chair. She calls him her beautiful boy. She says shes missed him so much, never go away again. 

Marlena and John are in bed with one another. She asks for his thoughts, though she thinks she knows what is on his mind. He says hes sorry. He says the ceremony was a dream. Marlena says it was beautiful and shell never forget it as long as she lives. She says the fountain, the champagne, Stefanos empty crypt. John admits that wasnt the most romantic way to start their future. Marlena thinks that just because Stefano wasnt in the crypt doesnt mean hes not dead and buried elsewhere. Marlena feels that Stefano is dead and this is just mind games. John is positive Stefano is alive. Marlena says then he doesnt want to be found, which makes him very dangerous.

Meanwhile, Rico has broken into John and Marlenas suite. Rico breaks into their bedroom and jumps on the bed to kill them. However John anticipated this, they were ready and hiding elsewhere. John jumps out and catches Rico, wondering what took him so long. John tells Rico to tell him where DiMera is, dont say I dont know or they will be his last words. Rico says he is dead, but John doesnt believe him. John thinks Stefano knows they are onto him so he sent him here to kill them. Rico says hes just a hired hand. John decides to cut him ear to ear. There is then a knock at the door. Apparently there is a police officer demanding the door be opened. Marlena deals with him. The officer says they had a complaint of fight and noises. Marlena says it is their honeymoon, it was just rough amore. Marlena says shes sorry if they disturbed anyone, it wont happen again. The cop says that he is required to inspect the premises. Marlena says of course and lets him in. John is in bed and MArlena explains how this man wants to examine the premises. The cop looks around and says cogradulatsions and then leaves them. Marlena asks John where Rico is? John has him tied up in a closet. John says he got everything he needs from Rico. Marlena asks where they find Stefano? John says they dont, shes out of this and he wont hear another word about it. Marlena reminds him how she was pulled into this through the whole New Jersey incident. She knows John is better trained for this, but shes just as smart as he is. She says if Stefano is alive then hes dangerous to them both. John says he cant bear losing her, but she says she cant bear to lose him either. She wont let John deal with this on his own. She says if Stefano is alive and out there then he needs her, God knows she needs him. She begs him to not fight her and agree to do this together. John says this isnt just some chest beating exercise. She knows hes just trying to protect him, but she cant wait to see if he comes back alive. He offers to keep his cellphone on speaker phone. She wont let him go without her, she says shell abide by all his rules. He says fine she wins, they will speak to Stefano together. John pulls a gun out of the drawer and hands it to her, telling her to keep this in her purse just in case. He instructs her on how to use it. Later they pack their bags and head out, leaving Rico tied up in the closet. Marlena is carrying her bouquet. John thinks he shouldnt have agreed to this. Marlena knows nothing will happen as in protecting her hell be protecting himself. He jokes people pay her for this logic?


December 13, 2006
At Patricks, Patrick confronts his mother about stealing the money EJ gave to her to give to him. She claims she got no money from EJ. He says EJ told him that he gave it to her. Mimi shows up and asks what is going on. Bonnie says Patrick is blaming her for the money he lost. Patrick says he knows mom ripped him off, and if he doesnt get that money then he will call the cops. Patrick and Bonnie begin yelling, Mimi tells them to time out. Patrick still wants to call the cops, Bonnie suggests they do that so he can explain to the cops how he got it all this money from EJ. Mimi grabs some money from Bonnies purse and throws the wad of bills at Patrick. She says Merry Christmas, now I dont have to buy you socks. Bonnie is furious and then rats Mimi out for siphoning some of that money for her own needs. Bonnie tells Mimi to tell Patrick what she did with his money. Patrick cant believe this. Mimi says like mom said, its dirty money anyways. She says shes sorry, it was for a friend and shell pay him back. He says no this isnt okay. He says none of this is okay. He then walks out on them. Bonnie tells her nice work. Mimi demands Bonnie to tell her why she needs this money. Bonnie claims it is the restaurant. Mimi says last time she did her books they were amazing and the business is always booming there. Bonnie says its the nature of the business, one day you are hot the next you are not. Bonnie leaves to go get a beer, Mimi sneaks a peak at Bonnies ledger. Bonnie returns and is not pleased. She demands Mimi give that back. Mimi sees her mom has taken out a second mortgage. She says her mom is drowning in debt, what does she need this money for? Bonnie says she maid an investment that will pay off big in three months. Mimi demands to know what it is, Bonnie says she wont say. Mimi says its probably swamp land in Florida. Mimi says she wont be able to help her. Bonnie says she doesn't need her help. She says soon shell be rolling in dough, shell be living in Lockhart Manor. She tells Mimi if she doesnt start being nicer then she wont let her visit. Mimi gets a call from Max asking her to meet him at the garage, Kate called with information on Phillip. Mimi tells her mom that she has to go, but this conversation isnt over.

At Alice's, Bonnie meets with Lauren, who demands more money. Bonnie tells her if she could be patient then she will have a boatload of money when that baby pops out. Lauren says fine, but if Bonnie doesnt come through then her gold mine will disappear permanently. Lauren then tells Bonnie to order her more crab legs, the baby is hungry.

Max meets up with Roman to talk about his and Mimis search for Phillip. He fills Roman in on what he and Mimi discovered. He tells him about finding out Phillip reenlisted, was injured and then taken to a military hospital in Georgia. Max says he disappeared from that hospital and he thinks Victor is hiding Phillip. Max says who else would have to power to get Phillip out of a military hospital. He also tells Roman that Kate knows as well, they filled her in on everything. Roman asks why hes telling him. Max says they know Victor plays dirty, if something happens to him and Mimi then it will be Victors doing. Roman tells Max that he and Mimi need to give it a rest. He says they know Phillip is alive and is getting medical attention. He also says there is no law against hiding one's son. Roman tells Max its time for him to back off. Max says maybe hes right. Roman learns Max did this for Mimi. Max says not for the reasons he thinks, he and Mimi are just friends. Max says he just doesnt get why Victor would take Phillip away, and then there is him spending all this time with Claire. Roman says hell make some phone calls as to what is going on. Roman reminds him again to take it easy and be careful.

Max shows up at the garage. Abby tells him there has been a loud van going by the place all night long and its scaring her. Max says its probably a customer, but she says the people never come in and say something is wrong with their car. Abby says its going by again. Max looks outside at the van. Abby thinks they are being stalked. Max tells her to get a grip, its probably just some kids checking out the cars. Abby says or gangsters looking to steal his safe. He says hes sorry shes been here all alone. He asks if she needs a ride home. She asks if that would make Mimi jealous? Abby tells Max that Mimi has him involved in stuff that isnt any of his business, maybe that is why the black van is here. Max says he doesnt have to explain himself to her, she is not his girlfriend. Max says she is just his friend and employee, that is all. She says well shes been put in her place. Max says something about Mimi and how shes a good person. Abby thinks at least he admitted it. Abby storms out. Max then gets a call from Kate asking to meet him and Mimi to talk. Max suggests his garage.

At Bo and Hope's, Bo is watching Hope sleeping on the couch. She wakes up and asks what hes doing. He says watching her sleep. She says that sounds exciting. He says it kinda is. She cant believe she fell asleep. He tells her how he misses being close to her like this. She says she missed it too. They end up kissing. Bo thought they were taking this slow. Hope says yeah well what happens happens. He says if she wants to get closer well now is the time. She says its tempting but . . . Bo knows, she wants to take things slow. Bo asks if shes heard from Lockhart. Hope says no and not to worry. She tells him to trust her that her number one priority is this baby and this marriage. Bo gets a call from Roman so he has to take it. Hope leaves them to talk in private. Roman calls Bo up to talk about the woman Nancy Evrett who took Claire. Roman is thinking that Victor could be behind what happened. Bo tells Hope he has to leave to meet Roman. After Bo leaves, Patrick shows up to see Hope. He has tickets for Hope for their trip, they are going first class all the way. He wants to take her to Cabo, sunshine and fun. She tells him to stop. Patrick says hes lived up to his end of the bargain, now she has to live up to hers. Hope says shes only going out of sense of obligation. He asks where this hostility comes from? She says he said they were going to Chicago. He says but its cold. She says so he through to take her to Mexico? She says they will have separate rooms, nothing will happen, does he get that? Patrick tells Hope that hell make sure she changes his mind about him. He then takes off.

Bo meets with Roman. They discuss Romans theory that Victor hired this woman to kidnap Claire. Bo thinks he could be onto something. Roman says why would he do it though? Bo doesnt know, but that woman did have a hell of a lot of money and she didnt win the lottery. They both agree Victor could have done this and they have to dig deeper and find out why. Roman warns Bo he cant be in n this, if the department mishandles this then they will be in a lot of trouble. Bo says he wont mishandle this. He says Claire is his granddaughter, he has to get to the bottom of this.

Bo returns home to Hope. He asks if she needs him to take some boxes out to the garage. She says shed rather he did something else for her. He asks if shes sure? She kisses him and asks if that answers his question? They end up running upstairs together.

At the mansion, Victor explains to Kate about Phillips injuries and how hes arranged for a face transplant for their son. He says the minute a donor is found, Phillip will be taken to Montreal. Kate asks Victor how he could not tell her about this. She wants him to admit he knew all along, that when she came with that photo to show him that he knew even then. He says he did know. He didnt tell her as he didnt want her to feel slighted. Kate says her son was injured and needs round the clock care. She says shes going to call Roman and find out how many laws he broke doing this. Kate also calls the hospital. Phillip bangs a cane on the floor as a woman from the hospital is on the phone asking how she can direct Kates call. Victor closes her cellphone and says Phillip made his feelings clear. Kate demands some answers, why are they waiting for some doctor in Canada? Victor says Dr. Weinstein is the best, and the more people who knew Phillip was back the more difficult it would be to get what he wanted. Kate demands to know his master plan. Victor says hell make them a drink and tell her the whole story. Victor and Kate go to the other room to talk. Victor tells Kate how when he found him in the hospital, Phillip told him walking away from Claire was walking the way from the one thing he loved, and he couldnt go on without her. He was also afraid hed never be a father to her again. Kate cant believe Phillip didnt come to her. Victor says when a man needs comfort he turns to his mom, when he needs a problem fix he turns to his dad. Victor tells Kate hes filing a custody suit for Claire asking for full parental rights for Phillip. He says Shawn and Belle will lose any claim on that little girl. Kate says but Shawn is his grandson. Victor says if they had told Phillip the truth then he wouldnt have run off to war. Victor says he told her no good would come to lying to Phillip, but she had to have her way. He says look at her children. He says she drove Austin out of Salem, again; she drove Lucas into Samis arms, again; Billie is miserable, again. Kate says so he's saying she failed? He says no they all failed. He says Belle was supposed to be his wife and Shawn his friend, they both betrayed him. Victor asks Kate to keep his secret, it is them against the world. Kate says shes always been on Phillips side no matter what. He says he knew he could count on her. She asks then why he left her in the dark? He says he shouldnt have tried. Kate warns him that Mimi and Max are onto him and Phillip, they are good friends and would do anything for him. Victor says he has to throw him off the scent. She says they saw straight through him, he is slipping. She says they are determined to find him, they care about him. Victor says Mimi cares so much that she conned him into giving up his own baby. Kate says that is a Lockhart baby. Victor says its a Kiriakis baby. Victor says Claire doesnt recognize Phillip anymore. Kate says Oh God . . . . She asks what they do about Mimi and Max? Victor says put them on ice. Kate calls Max to arrange a meeting, Victor tells her well done. She tells him not to hurt them. Victor says dont worry. Kate wants to be sure that he doesnt hurt them. Victor asks why she cares so much? She says she knows better than anyone what hell do for those he loves and what hell do to those he hates. She says she doesnt like Mimi, but she did involve Mimi in her own lie so she shouldnt have to suffer. She also says what Max and Mimi did was done with good intentions. Victor says he already promised Phillip that he wouldnt hurt them, he just needs them on ice until they get Phillip to Montreal. Victor says Phillip needs the both of them right now, they are all a family again. She says for the moment. Later Kate sits by Phillip as he listens to some music. Victor asks Kate to dance. She accepts and Phillip watches them together.

Mimi shows up at the garage to meet Max. Max is still looking out at the mysterious black van. Max says he talked to Roman early and he says they should back off. Mimi asks if this black van  could have something to do with Victor? She thinks they should call the cops. Mimi picks up the phone, the line is dead. Mimi decides to call them on the cell. Suddenly they hear someone breaking in. Max goes out to check, hes attacked. Mimi looks out to see what is going on.


December 14, 2006
At the garage, Abby has called Nick for help. She says she and Max fought earlier, she came back to apologize but the garage is dark. She says both Max and Mimis cars are here and nobody is answering the phones. She also says the lights wont turn on, its like the power was cut. Nick thinks shes watching too many horror movies. He goes to find the fuse box. Nick returns after flipping some switches, he thinks they should go in. Abby says this could be dangerous. She says there was a black van here earlier, what if they did something to Max. Nick says the place is quiet. He says theyll go in and see if the lights come on. He says if not then theyll call the cops. They go inside the garage, its a total mess. The office is a mess as well. Max and Mimi are nowhere to be found. Roman soon shows up and yellow crime scene tape is set up. Roman asks her about the van she reported. Abby unfortunately doesnt remember much about the van. Nick suggests she close her eyes, she may be able to visualize what is stored in her head. Roman suggests to Nick he let him do his job. He asks Abby if anyone has it in for Max? Abby doesnt know. She says he and Mimi were looking for Phillip, maybe they ran into the wrong person. Later the cops tell something to Roman, its not good news from what theyve found. Abby panics. She tells Nick how she and Max had a huge fight before, she never got a chance to say she was sorry. Later Shawn Sr. shows up to find out information for Caroline. He realizes Max isnt okay from the looks of things. Roman tells Shawn that they dont know what happen, it could just be a prank. Shawn doesnt think this looks like a prank. Roman says they dont know if Max and Mimi were even here when this happened, they could be at a movie right now. Roman promises that theyll get to the bottom of this. Meanwhile Nick asks Abby why she fought with Max? She says it was stupid, Max finally admitted she likes Mimi. Abby says that means he wont be interested in anyone else. Nick says when Max is found that she should tell him how she feels. Abby says Max knows, everyone knows. She says Max just treats her like a kid with a crush. She says if she hadnt run off then she could have warned Max about the van and when it came back. Nick says more than likely shed be missing too. She says she wishes she was with Max. She says shed rather die with him than live without him. Nick comforts her and says he knows she is upset, but he doesnt want her in that kind of danger. Abby thinks shes a coward, but Nick says she isnt. He says she was brave tonight. Abby says Max is still missing and hes with Mimi. Nick says the police will find Max and she will be the hero. He says shes smart and beautiful and if she werent his cousin . . . . Abby thanks Nick for everything. He suggests they go home. He says the police will find Max and everything will be okay. They end up leaving.

At Samis office, Sami tells Lucas about her new job. Lucas still doesnt trust EJ as far as he can throw him, and hed like to throw him out the window to prove the point. Sami asks if hes jealous? He says he wouldnt be if they were sleeping together. EJ then walks in saying she needs to pack her bags, they are going to Alabama. She asks what he means? He says they are going to drum up sponsors for their racing team. She says she cant pack up in a moments notice and take off. He says shes a partner, she doesnt have a choice. Lucas says he knew this would happen. Lucas says first EJ will butter her up with drinks and tell her how great she is doing. Then Lucas says then theyd end up back in EJs room and finally EJ would get what hes always wanted, her in his bed. EJ tells Lucas this is business and he should grow up. EJ says this is business and nothing more. Lucas reminds EJ he tried to rape Sami once. EJ says he explained that and it wont ever happen again, hes a man of his word. He tells Lucas if he doesnt trust him then he can come along with them on his dime. Sami cant believe this, Lucas works for the competition. EJ says hes not worried. Sami says Lucas doesnt have the time anyways. Lucas says actually he has a few days off. EJ says fine it is settled. He says hell send a limo for them and then leaves. Sami tells Lucas that there is no way hes going to Talladega with them. Sami says this is her first chance to prove herself. Lucas says he wont get in the way. Sami says she will come off looking like the new executive whose boyfriend who works for the competition and doesnt trust her so he wont leave her side. He says he didnt say that. She says he might as well have. She says he thinks shes a spineless woman and after a few drinks shell just hop into bed with EJ. She asks if he doesnt trust her? Lucas says she knows his track record, Carrie cheated on him and Nicole cheated on him. Sami says and he thought she did too. He says yes but its about more, its about EJ attacking her and how Kate said EJ wants her to have his baby. Sami says his mom is wrong. Lucas asks Sami to put herself in his shoes, what if he was sent on a business trip with some hot girl who always slobbered over him and wanted to have his baby. Sami says shed destroy the bitch. Lucas says exactly, so dont tell me I cant go with you to Talladega. Sami tells him to be a bigger person that she would be. She says they have to learn to trust one another and support one another. She says let her go to Talladega, let her earn his trust. Lucas says fine, hell support her from afar. Sami thanks Lucas for this. They share a kiss. Sami says she has so much she has to do before this trip. She tells Lucas she has to go and shell see him at home. After Sami runs off, Lucas makes a call and arranges his own trip to Talladega. He calls Victor to take off a few personal days.

Shawn comes home and finds Willow has set up a Christmas tree that she got at a second hand store. Shawn says he cant do this anymore. He says he needs the apartment to himself. He says he owes it to Claire and he owes it to himself. He tells Willow that they are done. Shawn says they both knew theyd end up here one day, it wasnt going to be forever, it was just a thing. She says he sure liked the sex though. Willow says that even if he felt guilty about lying to Belle about them that he would never say no to her in his bed. Shawn says they shouldnt make this a big deal. Willow says it was a big deal. She asks if he thought he was getting a bunch of freebees? He says no. She says then she has earned her right to be angry and he has to shut up and listen. Shawn says fine hes a jerk, tell him off and get it over with. Willow says hes not worth it. She begins saying Belle wont make him happy. She says Belle may be as sweet as apple pie, but on the inside those apples are rotten. She says shes met a million Belles and they always find some sucker to take care of them. She says he isnt going to be some happy family with Belle and Claire. Shawn says shes no expert on families. Willow says hes going to dig himself into a hole trying to be someone hes not, and one day he wont know who he is anymore. Shawn says she doesnt even know him. She says she does, he like danger and fast things and strong and independent girls, that is not Belle. Shawn says Belle is the one he wants to be with. Willow yells fine then go to her, but dont come crawling back to her from under that dark cloud Belle lives under. She says shes finished with him and runs off.

EJ meets with Shawn at Chez Rouge. EJ suggests Shawn let him treat him to supper. Shawn says hes not hungry, he called to talk. EJ says he needs to talk to him too, he has some messages for him to give to Patrick. He gives him an envelope and some money. Shawn returns the money and tells EJ that he cant work for him anymore. Shawn says hes grateful for what EJ has done for him. He says without this job he wouldnt have his place and his daughter. EJ asks how he expects to keep that place and his daughter? Shawn says hell find something else. He says he just doesnt feel comfortable, he doesnt know what hes involved in and he doesnt like it. EJ says so instead of coming to him about this, he is just quitting? Shawn says his dad doesnt like him and if his dad is right and if something is sketchy going on then he needs to get out. EJ says so hes listening to his daddy? Shawn says if it was all innocent then hed tell him what was in these envelopes. Shawn says he respects EJ, he is a hell of a driver. Shawn says that is why he came to him for a job. Shawn says he thought hed be working as a mechanic, he didnt think hed be dealing with Patrick. Shawn says he cant stand Patrick so he thinks its best if he just stopped working for him. EJ wonders what Shawn thinks is in these envelopes, government secrets? Cocaine? Shawn says he doesnt care. EJ says they should take a look and see what job Shawn turned down. He shows him what was in the envelope. He says they are just business records and matters. He tells Shawn to stop listening to other people and grow up. Shawn says he may regret this one day, but he has to do what is right. He says he has nothing against him, he just doesnt want to be in business with him anymore. Shawn goes to leave, but EJ tells him to sit down. Shawn does. EJ says he sat down like that because hes weak. He tells Shawn if he wants out then fine, but the business they did is confidential. Shawn says he got it. EJ says now go away, hes spoiling his desert. Shawn almost leaves, but returns. He tells EJ that hell keep his mouth shut, but if he finds out EJ is dirty then hell tell his dad everything. Shawn says then EJ will find out just how weak he is. Later EJ tears up the papers and leaves money for his food. He then leaves.

At Hope and Bos, Bo is downstairs to get some champagne or something. He knocks over Hopes purse and out fall the tickets for her and Patricks trip. Hope comes down after Bo doesnt come back to bed. She sees he has the tickets. She explains what it is about. Bo says is he supposed to do nothing about this? Hope says he cant get involved, he cant make another mistake. Hope doesnt think the trip will happen, Patrick will eventually realize nothing will happen and hell call it off. Bo asks what if it does happen and she gets in trouble and he cant get a hold of her. Hope says she has to keep her promise otherwise Patrick will re-instate the charges. She begs Bo to let her handle this, trust that she can deal with Patrick. Bo doesnt like this. She tells him to trust her and kisses him. He says he loves her and will let her do this. However he wants her to call him if she feels something is going wrong. Suddenly there is knocking at the door. Hope answers it, its Willow. Willow says they need to talk now. Hope says its not a good time. Willow says their son just dumped her, she wants to know what they will do about it. She knows they dont like her and probably think shes pathetic. She says Shawn was different, he liked her in spite of her past. She says now because of promises to Belle hes ready to dump her. Bo asks what they are supposed to do, Shawn is a grown man and they dont control his life. Willow says give her a break, they are all over him and that is why he moved into the Y with her to begin with. Bo says hes not going to discuss his family with her. Willow says because shes right. Hope suggests to Bo that she let her talk to Willow. Bo leaves them. Willow says she knows her husband hates her, but she loves her son. Hope says there is nothing she can do, shes known all along Belle and Shawn have a baby. Willow says so, Hope is having a baby and is not rushing to be with the father. Hope tells Willow that shes done quiet a bit of research into her personal life. Willow says Shawn just talks to her about everything. Hope says then she knows how much he loves Belle. Willow says Belle is no good for him, hes only trying to get back with her because he thinks it will make everyone happy. Hope tells Willow to stop this. Hope says Belle is like a member of this family and she wont let Willow talk about her like this. Hope asks what she wants her to do. Willow says to tell Shawn to live his own life and do what makes him happy. She says if she is what makes Shawn happy then he should go for it. Hope tells Willow that this conversation is over. Hope says this is Shawns life and his decisions, good night. She then shows Willow the door. Willow says Shawn will be sorry he treated her this way and so will she. Willow storms out. Hope tells Bo that she scares him. Bo suggests they call Shawn and warn him. Hope says no, Shawn has to figure things out on his own. Hope and Bo get back to what they were up to before all the interruptions.

Willow returns home to the apartment. She finds Shawn isnt there. She looks at the Christmas tree and cries. She then looks out the window and cries some more. Soon her face twists in anger. She grabs the tree and trashes it. She starts throwing things all over the apartment. Willow says if Shawn wants to end it then fine. She goes and grabs some clothes, a teddy bear and other things and begins piling them up. She then sets everything on fire! Shawn returns home and sees smoke coming out from under his door. He tries to get in but she has the chain on the door. Inside the apartment is on fire.


December 15, 2006
John and Marlena arrive at a hospital in Italy. They ask a nurse about Stefano, she points down the hall. They see a door with "DiMera" on the glass. As they walk down the hall, Marlena has a bad feeling. She says this is the same place in her dream where she found John dead. She says they have to go now. He asks what is wrong? She explains her dream of finding John dead on a bed with a knife in his heart. She wont go in there and he cant go in either. She says they have to go before it is too late. John tells Marlena they are a few steps away from finding out who EJ is. He says if he stops now then he lets Roman, Abe and Bo down. Marlena says if they want EJ so bad then they can come here themselves. John says Stefano wont talk to anyone but him. He says he promised to come home with the proof to nail Wells and Lockhart, hes keeping that promise. He knows Marlena doesnt want to go in, but he is going in. Marlena tells him just not to be a hero. He jokes does he look like a hero. He says hell be back before Marlena knows it. 

As John is about to go in, Rico shows up pointing a gun at him. He says if he goes in there he is a dead man. Rico tells him to leave now or he will put a bullet in his head. Marlena is spying on them from around the corner, she acts quickly and runs off. John tells Rico that he didnt come to hurt the old man. Rico says he doesnt care. John knows, Rico is just following orders. John has something to show Rico. He shows him the DiMera ring he lifted from EJ. He wants Rico to show it to DiMera. Rico grabs John and tells him that he will kill him and this time hell get it right. He holds the gun on John, John says he liked him better when he was a coat hanger. He says if hes going to get shot at least hes in the hospital. He warns Rico that people will be all over him. Rico says nobody here will help him and nobody will be in DiMera business. Marlena then points a gun at Rico and tells him to drop it. He doubts shell shoot. She says he has a gun pointed at her husband, dont call her bluff. Rico says the old man doesnt want to see them. Marlena demands Rico go tell the old man that Marlena is here to see him. She warns Rico if Stefano finds out she was here and didnt see him then the armoire will look like a palace. Rico heads inside to see Stefano. John tells Marlena to remind him never to play poker with her. John says for a second he thought he was a dead man, smart of him to bring her alarm. Marlena says it was. She was going to call the cops, but then she thought Stefano had them all on his payroll. She says then she remembered this bad boy who gave her a gun. They kiss. John asks if she really wants to go in there? She says she will go in.

Rico returns and says Stefano will only see Marlena and no guns. John says no way, but Marlena says she can handle this. She assures John if anything happens then shell scream. She says this may be their only chance to get the evidence on Patrick and EJ. Marlena is allowed to go into the room where Stefano is. Rico lights up a cigarette and blows smoke in Johns face. He tells a guard that if John moves then he is to kill him. Marlena is in the room with Stefano. Hes hooked up to all sorts of machines, his face is in an oxygen ten. Stefanos hand beckons for Marlena to come close to him. 

In Alabama, Sami is making a sales pitch to a bunch of investors. There is a LCD TV playing EJs races in the background. She is telling them if they want their logos on a winners car then they want it on EJs. Sami introduces EJ, he comes over and stands next to her squeezing her arm. Lucas is in the background spying on them through all of this. EJ tells everyone that Sami will explain everything to them. Sami begins talking to the investors as EJ sees Lucas lurking about. 

EJ confronts Lucas saying he thought he wasnt coming. He says Sami is amazing, Lucas agrees. EJ tells Lucas he should go over and tell her so. Lucas says no thats okay. EJ says he cant skulk in the shadows all evening. Lucas says he doesnt want Sami to know hes here. EJ says he gets it, Sami didnt want him here. EJ says he thought as much and that is why he invited Lucas to come. Lucas says he doesnt like EJ and doesnt trust him, hes here to protect Sami. EJ says if Sami finds out he is here then she will think he doesnt trust her and she will hate him. EJ and Lucas watch Sami working the crowd, EJ says Sami is marvelous and Lucas didnt think she could do the job. Lucas says he didnt say that. EJ says yes, he though he had an ulterior motive in hiring her. EJ asks if Lucas still thinks he wants to get her into bed? Will he follow them up to his suite later? He calls Lucas pathetic and says that he has no chance of being happy with Sami or anyone. EJ says from what he understands, his first wife was paid five million dollars to marry him, while his second wife made love to his brother on his honeymoon. He says and all this time Lucas wants people to think hes been pining for Sami? EJ says he has spent years berating Sami, getting on and off his high horse. EJ tells Lucas to show his face to Sami, show her how he doesnt trust her, show her what a pathetic man he is. Lucas knows what EJ is planning, hes going to praise Sami, pour the champagne and then get her into bed. EJ tells Lucas then be a man and tell her this, if he can be a man. EJ tells Lucas if he leaves right now then he wont tell Sami that he was here. Lucas says this isnt a favor for him, hed love it if he left. EJ says hes doing this for Sami. He says walk away now and shell never know hes here. 

Sami continues working with the investors. She tells them she looks forward to seeing them this evening. Sami says bring your appetites and checkbooks. Sami sees EJ talking to someone, he goes to see him. However an investor stops her before she gets to EJ. EJ tells Lucas that Sami is on her way over, so what will it be? Lucas says keep his hands off her. Lucas vanishes. Sami approaches EJ and asks who he was talking to? EJ tells Sami that Lucas was here. Sami cant believe he came here. She then introduces Mr. Williams, an investor, to EJ. Mr. Williams asks for an autograph for his son. He is also going to be at the dinner this evening. EJ and Sami talk more about Lucas. Sami thought he trusted her, that they had a chance to start something new. She says never mind, sorry. EJ says what matters is that she was wonderful this evening and he made the right decision making her a partner. He says they have a few hours before dinner, they should go up to his suite and celebrate just the two of them. Sami asks what he means? EJ says as much as hed love to make love to her, he doesnt mix business with pleasure. He assures her that he only wants to discuss the deal. EJ then gets a call and goes onto a terrace to take it. It is Rico, he says John Black is in Italy. Rico says the old man says it is time for him to leave Salem. EJ says he needs more time. Rico is standing in the room with Stefano, he says the old man has spoken. EJ says he doesnt give a damn about John Black, hes staying until he finishes what he started. He says hes not listening to Stefano anymore. He then kicks over a potted plant. Sami, who is inside, has heard everything.

At Bo and Hopes, Hope finds Bo by the fire downstairs. He's looking over papers. She says she woke up and he was gone, did he regret making love to her? He says no not at all. He says the doorbell rung earlier, it was Roman. He says Max and Mimi are gone, it looks like a crime. Hope wonders why hes not out there to look for them. Bo says he wants to be but hes not a cop anymore, thanks to Lockhart. He says Roman gave him busy work to try and distract him. Hope thinks this is her fault, but Bo says no. Bo says Patrick was ordered to be in their lives because of DiMera. Hope says she still trusted him. Bo says she needed someone when he couldnt be there for her, when he failed them. Hope says no he was there, she just wouldnt let him be. She says she should have known she could have counted on him. She says they are back together now. Bo says part of him still feels like a failure. Hope and Bo both admit they made the same mistakes over and over again. Hope doesnt know why she gave Patrick so many chances. Bo says because she is generous, that is why she has given him so many chances. Hope says no she did that because she loves him. She tells him how he is a good man. Bo says well his son is living with a hooker and working for a criminal, while his daughter causes heartache. Bo talks about how he thinks he was too hard on Shawn, that is why Shawn is doing all this. Hope says if Shawn thought he was doing anything wrong hed quit. Bo says the whole Salem PD knows EJ is dirty, why doesnt Shawn? Bo says it was his job to teach Shawn values, so its his fault that Shawn doesnt know right from wrong. Hope says Shawn does know right from wrong, and if Shawn has value problems then it is her fault as much as his. Bo says what Shawn has done is to rebel against him, hes stubborn like his old man. Bo says he wants to be treated like an adult, but he acts like a kid. Bo says again like his old man. Bo says hes suspended from the force and Shawn is working for a criminal, if that isnt failure then he doesnt know what is. Hope talks to Bo about sailing, how if you get caught in a hurricane and  lose your GPS, your maps and you cant find the stars . . . you are lost . . . how do you get home? Bo says its almost impossible. Hope says that is what happened to Shawn, the storm was Zacks death. Hope says Shawn is making his way back, that is why hes with Belle again, that is why he defended Bo. Hope says hes slowly finding his way back home. She says he couldnt do that if his father failed him. Bo says she is right, things are getting better. Bo then gets a call from Shawn about the problems at the apartment. Bo says theyll be right there.

Shawn breaks into his apartment where the fire is raging. Willow cries it is out of control and she cant stop it. Shawn quickly sprays it with a fire extinguisher. The fire alarm soon goes off, the sprinklers are going in the apartment. Shawn looks at what was burned, some of the things were for Claire. Shawn says they are going to have questions for her and he better have answers. In the distance we hear fire engines.

Later Willow and Shawn are n the hall as the fire department has arrived. Some neighbor is trying to comfort Willow, shes given her hot tea and everything. Shawn however is furious. He asks how she could burn Claires things, what is wrong with her? Willow says shes sick of competing with a fifteen month old, shes tired of princess Belle and shes tired of his pushy mom. She says he wanted a home for his precious daughter well it is gone, deal with it. Shawn asks what the hell is wrong with her? A fire inspector shows up and asks how the fire started. Willow says it was an accident, she was sleeping and she smelled smoke. Shawn says if Willow doesnt tell him the truth then he will. The fire marshal takes Willow into another room to talk. 

The landlord shows up and yells at Shawn. He says its bad enough that he fights and plays loud music at all hours of the day, but now he wrecked this apartment and the one below with the water damage. Shawn says hes sorry, hell pay for the damage. The guy says you bet you will, get the hell out and never come back. He tells Shawn he has one hour to get his things and get out. Bo and Hope show up, he demands the super not poke people, its rude. The landlord says they must be the losers parents. He says they did a great job raising him, he has no respect for any other tenants. The landlord hopes they prove this was arson, then he can sue him. Shawn says he didnt set the place on fire. The guy says but its his name on the lease and the other girl's name isnt on the lease. Hope asks if he doesnt have fire insurance. The super says he does, hell go find his policy and call the company. Hope asks Shawn if he has insurance, he says he has a policy in his lock box in his room. Hope goes to look for Shawns policy. Shawn looks at a burned photo of him and Claire. Bo asks if it was arson? We then see the cops taking Willow away in handcuffs, Bo gets his answer. Shawn wonders what in the hell is wrong with him. Bo gives Shawn a mini candy cane. Shawn thought Bo would want to kill him. Bo says no he came here to help. He asks Shawn what happened. Shawn says he told Willow it was over. Bo says smart move. Shawn says his timing couldnt have been worse. Shawn says he did it while she was setting up a Christmas tree. Bo says ow. Shawn says while he went out, she turned his living room into a bonfire. He doesnt know how he didnt learn his lesson with Jan. Bo says he went out of his way to help both of them, he has a big heart like his mom. Shawn says he wont blame Belle if she doesnt forgive him, what if Claire was here. Bo says Willow wouldn't have done this with Claire he. Bo also says that Belle will forgive him, she loves him. Shawn says they all told him Willow was bad news. He says he is such an idiot. Bo says that is his son hes insulting there. 

Later the landlord returns. He says his policy will cover the damages so he wont sue him . . under the condition that Shawn pay the deductible. Hope tells Shawn that the landlord wont let him stay in the building. Hope says EJ could ask for an advance. Shawn says he quit. Bo jokes a good mechanic is hard to find. Shawn says that isnt what he was doing. Bo says really, I thought for sure. Shawn says he was delivering envelopes, EJ claimed it was just business but he knew he was lying. Shawn says he needs another job and has to save money for a new place. He doesnt know what hell do in the meantime. Bo says he could come home. Shawn doesnt know. Bo knows he hasnt been there to support Shawn much this year. Shawn says he hasnt been there for his dad much either. Bo says Zacks death has been tough on all of them. Hope tells Shawn that shes been in so much pain that she never realized the only way to get through this was together. Bo asks him to come home, its time for him to be with the family for the holidays. Shawn smiles and they all hug. 


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