December 18, 2006
Belle is spending time with Claire at Bo and Hopes. Shawn shows up with a bag. He says hello to Claire. Shawn tells Belle that hes moving back here. She asks what about Willow and the apartment? He tells her about ending things with her and how Willow torched his place as a result. He says he had no place to go, his parents invited him back home temporarily. He says he feels like such a loser. She says hes not, he tried to do a good thing and Willow took advantage of it. She says look on the bright side. He asks what bright side? She says with her parents in Italy, she and Claire are staying here too. She says now they get to spend some time together. Belle says they can really bond as a family now. The phone rings and Belle answers. It is Victor calling. He says hes going to Canada on business and he needs a favor. He says he wants to put the nastiness of the last meeting behind them. He asks for one last visit with Claire for an hour or two. Belle says not tonight. Victor says just a short visit. Belle says fine just a short visit, shes at Bo and Hopes. Shawn tells Belle that he doesnt want Victor near Claire. Belle says Victor loves Claire. Shawn says hes seen enough of her. Belle says one more visit wont hurt. Belle says this problem he has with Victor, is it because Phillip is his son and Claire still thinks of Phillip as her father? Shawn tells her that she wasnt there when Victor went off on him and told him hed never be the man Phillip was. Suddenly Roman shows up. Roman wanted to talk to Shawn and Belle about Victor. Belle says Victor is on the way over to spend time with Claire. Roman says he got here in time then. He says she should not let Victor take Claire. Shawn agrees. Belle says Victor is her great-grandfather. Roman explains that they believe Victor was behind Claire going missing. He says they also believe he is behind Max and Mimis disappearance. Shawn didnt know they had gone missing. Belle asks why they think Victor was behind it. Roman explains this has to do with Phillip. He says Phillip was wounded in combat and transferred from Germany to a hospital in Georgia. They dont know how badly hes been injured as Phillip has mysteriously disappeared. Shawn says so Max, Mimi and Phillip are all missing? Roman says yes. Roman says Phillip was in no condition to go anywhere, they think Victor took Max and Mimi and that he also is hiding Phillip. Roman says they cant prove it, but they think Victor didnt like Max and Mimi getting close to the truth. Roman also doesnt think its a coincidence that Victor wanted to spend more time with Claire when Phillip went missing. Roman is sure this and the kidnapping attempt are all connected. Roman says he and Bo will find Max and Mimi and what happened to Phillip. He says she cant let Victor take Claire, do not let Claire out of their sight.

At Victors, Victor tells the doctor (over the phone) that they will see him tomorrow. He then tells Phillip and Kate that the doctor has found a donor for Phillip. Victor says they must leave tonight, but first he has to have a meeting with Claire. HE says they have to keep the bond between them strong so they have a smooth transition when they get custody. Kate doesnt want Phillips hope getting up, Belle and Shawn will give them a fight. Victor says bring it on. Kate insists she go with them. Victor feels that shes best off here running interference, especially with Max and Mimi being gone. Kate asks what he did with them? He says its best she not know. He assures her that they are okay though. He also says with Max a Brady, Roman and Bo will be all over this. Kate says so what is she supposed to do? He says lie through her teeth. Kate says shes not covering for him. Victor says this is for Phillip. 

Back at Bo and Hopes, Roman has left. Shawn asks Belle what they will tell Victor? The doorbell rings, its Victor. Shawn answers the door and Victor walks in. He asks where Claire is, is she ready to spend time with him? Belle says she has changed her mind about that, she feels Shawn needs to spend time with her tonight. Victor says he only asked for an hour. Shawn says it is late and its past her bedtime. Victor says if they keep Claire from him then they will regret it. Shawn says that is it, he can leave. Victor asks what is really going on here. Shawn wanted to ask Victor the same thing. Shawn thinks this has something to do with Phillip. Belle asks where Phillip is. Victor says he wishes he knew. Shawn says and he guesses he doesnt know where Max and Mimi is either. Shawn suggests Victor took Max and Mimi because they got to close to the truth about Phillip. Victor thinks someone has put crazy ideas in their head and he guesses it is Roman Brady. He says he doesnt know what lies Roman is telling them but he has nothing to do with Max and Mimis disappearance. Victor says he loves his great-granddaughter and she misses Phillip. Shawn says Phillip isnt and never was her father, Victors constant bringing up of his name will only confuse her. Shawn tells Victor that he cant see Claire tonight or any other night. Victor asks Belle if she feels the same way? Belle says until they find out what happened to Max and Mimi. Victor tells them they should know better than to make an enemy of him, theyll wish they hadnt. He then leaves. Shawn thanks Belle for backing him up. Belle says if what Roman said is true . . . Shawn thinks it is all just a little strange, Phillip goes missing and Victor suddenly wants to see Claire. Shawn says they will protect Claire. Belle is worried about Max and Mimi. She asks if he believes Victor has nothing to do with their disappearance. Shawn says he doesnt. Belle cant believe this. She also says she never wanted to push Phillip away. Shawn tells her to stop beating herself up, it was Phillips decision to reenlist. Belle asks if Victor knows where Phillip is then why isnt he telling anyone. Shawn doesnt want to scare her, but he thinks Victor and Phillip are in this together. Shawn says he thinks they want to take Claire from them. Belle checks on Claire, she says shes sleeping like an angel. Shawn assures Belle not to worry, if Victor tries to take Claire then hell stop him. Shawn says hell do whatever it takes to protect his family. They share a hug.

Roman shows up at Victors mansion, he is shocked to find Kate at the mansion. She says he just missed Victor, hes gone. Roman says then hell ask Kate some questions. He knows Phillip is missing and she must be worried, has she heard from him? Kate says no. Roman says Max and Mimi were looking for Phillip too and now they are missing as well, but he guesses Kate knew that. Roman knows Kate was supposed to check out Victors jet for them. Roman asks Kate what she found out. Roman knows Kate knows something, what are she and Victor hiding? The bandaged Phillip peers out from around the corner. Kate assures him that they arent hiding anything and he shouldnt be poking around here without a search warrant. Roman realizes Kate is afraid hell find something. Roman begins looking around. Kate says hes asking for trouble. Roman says hell take his chances, he might get lucky. Phillip is hiding in another room and looking at a photo of Claire. He hears Kate telling Roman to stop doing this. Roman ends up in the room Phillip was just in. He says someone was just here, the coffee is still warm. He also knows she takes her coffee with cream, this is black. Victor then walks in and demands Roman to get out or kiss his badge goodbye. He says he will sue him for coming in here without a warrant. Roman tells Victor that he can make threats to. He says if Victor hurts Max or Mimi then Victor will regret it.

Roman leaves, Victor tells Phillip he can come out now. Phillip returns as Kate and Victor are arguing over whether Kate can go. Phillip bangs his cane on the floor and holds up a piece of paper, he says let her go. Victor says fine, go home and pack. Victor tells Phillip not to worry, when he gets home hell be a new man. He also says he and Claire will be reunited.

In Alabama, Sami spies on EJ as he screams into the phone that he wont leave Salem until he finished what he started. EJ soon sees Sami standing there. HE asks how long shes been standing there? Was she listening to him. She says all she heard was he was giving someone hell. He says he loses his temper sometimes, that is all. Sami talks to EJ about the business, EJ remembers they were supposed to go to his room to have a toast. Sami tells EJ that her shoes are killing her, she was hoping to go change into something more casual. He says hell walk her to her room. She says thats okay. She then cant find her room key in her purse, she says shell go get one at the desk and then see him in his suite. EJ heads up in the elevator. Sami is freaking out. She pulls out her phone and dials. Shes saying please pick up! 

Later Lucas shows up, Sami runs over to him and says shes so glad hes here. She admits she was mad when she first learned he was here, but shes so glad now. She doesnt know how she gets herself into these messes. Lucas asks what happened, did he hurt her? Did he touch her? What happened? Sami tells Lucas that EJ was on the phone and was out of control. Lucas says they have to get her out of here. She says she cant, hes waiting for her. She says if she leaves then hell know shes onto him. Sami tells Lucas that EJ mentioned Stefano and how he cant leave Salem until he finishes what he started. She wishes she had listened to her dad, EJ is connected to the DiMeras. Lucas says they have to get her out of here before she gets killed. Lucas doesnt want Sami going anywhere near EJ. Lucas says they have to get away from EJ now. Sami says its just so hard to believe, she thought EJ was her friend. She says she doesnt have many, he was there for her, nice to here, supported her. She says it was a lie, he used her to get to her family. Sami says she trusted him, she helped him, she told him things. Sami says youd thinks shed learn after falling for Tonys European charm thing. Lucas suggests they go home. Sami just doesnt know how he she was so wrong about him. Lucas says EJ could be the gloved hand, he could have murdered Eve Michaels, he could have let them think Will was kidnapped. Sami says she has to go see EJ, if she doesnt go then hell know she heard him. She says she cant run, if EJ disappears then the cops will never find him. She also says if he thinks hell be caught then he could become desperate and dangerous. Sami says she has an idea. She tells Lucas to get in touch with Will and tell him to call her from his cell phone, its very important. Sami says shell go upstairs, Will will call and then shell make up an emergency to leave. Lucas doesnt like this, why cant he call. Sami says what if EJ gets suspicious and checks his caller ID. Lucas says she only has five minutes. She says shes so scared. Lucas says he wont let anything happen to her. 

Sami goes to head up to see EJ. EJ returns though, he thought she was going to her room to change, what is going on here? She says she ran into an investor and he was asking all kinds of questions. She says they still have time to celebrate though. He says yes time to celebrate. Sami gets a call from Will, she says she has to take this. EJ looks at her phone and sees it is Will calling. Will asks his mom why he was told to call her? Sami asks how ski camp was? Will says it was great. Sami says Oh my God, appendicitis? You are in the ER? Will doesnt understand, he says hes fine, is she okay. Sami says she is on her way, Grandma Caroline will sign the consent forms for the surgery. Will thinks something is wrong. Sami says everything will be fine, shell be there soon. Sami then tells EJ that she has to go, he understands doesnt he. He says he does, he tells her to go. She says she hates to duck out on him now, but he says this is much more important. Sami gets another call, its Will calling again. He asks if everything is all right? Does he have to pretend he has appendicitis? Can he skip school tomorrow? She says sit tight and shell be there. Sami heads off. EJ looks like hes not believing this. Sami heads outside with her bag and meets Lucas. She says EJ bought it, but she thinks Will may think shes crazy. He says it wouldnt be the first time. He suggests they get out of here.

In Italy, John says its almost been five minutes. He says if Marlena is not out soon, hes going in. In the room, Stefano beckons to MArlena. She asks what he wants? He holds his hand out. She takes it, he squeezes her hand. We see his DiMera ring, there is a hologram of a phoenix flying on it. Some weird voice is saying something as well. Marlena tells Stefano that he probably knows why she and John are here. She says they need answers. She says a man, EJ Wells, has come to Salem and hurt people they care about. She asks if he is working for him? Stefano points and Marlena goes to look at what hes pointing at. She sees a whole host of family photos on a table. We then see a photo of Stefano dressed as Elvis, Susan and baby Elvis. She says this is Susan Banks and that is her son Elvis Junior . . . Marlena finally makes the connection to EJ, EJ is Stefanos son. Back outside, John says times up. He tells the body guard to step aside or they will play a game of quick draw. John quickly draws his gun. Back inside, Marlena asks why hed send Elvis to Salem? Stefano takes her hand and begins squeezing it. She tells him to let go. She screams for John. We see shadows through the door of John and the other guy fighting. John soon bursts in and saves Marlena from Stefano. A nurse in the hall is screaming something in Italian. Marlena then tells John that EJ is Stefanos son, she shows him the photo. A nurse is now banging on the door and demanding it be opened. John demands Stefano tell him why he sent EJ to Salem or hell make sure he stays dead. John points his gun at Stefano. Marlena opens the door, a nurse and the doctor stand there. They demand to see the patient. Marlena pulls a gun out and says that is not possible. She tells John to continue. John is telling Stefano to answer him or hell put a bullet in his brain. Stefano gives him a death card from the tarot deck. Marlena soon yells to John that the police are coming soon. John looks at the card, he wants to know who EJ will kill or Stefano will die. Stefano begins laughing and coughing. He says something to John about You Win. He then tells John hes a coward and to shoot him. Marlena returns as Stefano is telling John to do it, to shoot him. John tells Marlena they are finished and they run off. We hear Stefano laughing and coughing at the same time. 

John hides the death card from Marlena, he says all he got from Stefano was wheezing and coughing. He tells MArlena that they should go. Meanwhile we see Rico on the phone with EJ. He says Stefano gave the death card to John Black. He tells EJ to kill John Black and leave Salem forever.


December 19, 2006

Steve and Kayla are on the couch looking at a photo album. They look at photos of Benji when he was little. Steve jokes Kayla had such big hair. Steve remembers when Benji showed up at the hospital, Kayla was pretty out of it. She hopes he comes back .Steve says he said he would. Steve is feeling "romantical," he wants to carry her across the threshold like on their honeymoon. Hope shows up as they are headed to the door. She says it looks like she missed a chapter, or two. Hope asks so what she is interrupting? Kayla takes Steves hand and calls Kayla his sweet thang. Hope gets it, hes got his memory back. She hugs him. She asks how this happened? Kayla explains they went to a place that held lots of memories hoping it would trigger something. Steve says it did. Hope says it sounds unbelievable. Steve asks Hope if she thinks hes still faking? Kayla says she knows Hope wrote down memories for Steve to use to . . . Steve says lie. Kayla says he saved her life. Kayla says she took Steve  someplace they had been to find out what was real, and she did. Hope says shes so happy for them. Kayla is happy for Hope, she learned Bo came home. Hope says he did. She says they are still working on things, and Bo is unsure if hell ever be back on the force. Hope says that is hard on Bo, especially now. Hope says she came by to tell them that Max is missing. Steve says Maxwell is missing? Hope says Mimi is with him, it looks like they were kidnapped. Hope says her parents are taking it hard. Kayla feels they should head over to the pub. She goes to get her coat. Hope welcomes Steve back. She asks if Billie knows? Steve says not yet. Steve tells Hope those memory sheets she made helped with Kayla, does she have anything to help with Billie? Hope says hell be fine. Steve says its not him hes worried about.

Billie shows up at her moms office to see her. Kate is making arrangements for her trip. Billie asks her mom where shes going? Kate says Montreal. She claims it is a business trip. An assistant messages Kate and says Victor says hell be downstairs in twenty minutes. Billie asks her mom what she is up to? Kate says nothing and she grabs her bags saying she has to be going. Billie tells her not to lie to her, shes not leaving until she finds out what is going on. Billie says Kate hasnt even asked why shes here. Kate asks why she is here? Billie says Steve told Kayla the truth, that he wants to be with her. Kate says that is great, as soon as she gets back she will take her to lunch. Billie then thinks of something. She says Kate cant be going to Canada on business with Victor, they are competitors. Kate says okay, but this has to be off the record. Kate tells Billie that Victor is having emotional problems. Kate says he may have clinical depression, shes talked him into seeing a psychiatrist. Billie doesnt think so, she thinks her mother is taking Victor to bed. Kate says she doesnt have time for this, Victor will be here in ten minutes. Billie says she just told her mom fantastic news, for once shes been picked. Kate says this is a great thing, they will celebrate as soon as she gets back. Kate then runs off. 

At the pub, Stephanie, Roman and Bo are trying to keep Carolines spirits up about Max. They say that Max will be coming home to them. Stephanie says she will keep him in her prayers. Chelsea is in the background. Chelsea thinks she should just go, she doesnt feel welcomed. Stephanie drags her off to see Abby and Nick. Roman and Bo discuss what Roman found at Victors, namely Kate. Roman tells Bo how she was acting very suspicious. Roman cant get a warrant based on suspicions alone, and they cant get in to get evidence without a search warrant. Bo says Roman cant, but he can. Bo says hes not a cop, he doesnt have to play by the rules. Roman says this is still illegal. Bo says Victor is leaving on a trip, he knows his way around, he can get in and out without being noticed. Roman says and if he gets caught? Bo says like he said, hes not a cop anymore . . . he has nothing to lose. Roman says he just got his wife back. Bo says he wont get caught. Roman says Victor has state of the art security. Bo says he can get by it and Victor wont charge him, hes his son. Roman isnt so sure. Bo says Max needs them, hes counting on them. Roman says if Abe . . . Bo says he wont find out. Roman says hell go with him then. Bo says Roman cant, they know what would happen if someone found out he broke the law. Roman tells him to be careful.

Kayla, Steve and Hope show up as Bo was about to leave. Kayla heads to see Caroline, Steve asks Bo where hes going? Bo says to go look for Max. Steve heads off, Hope asks where Bo is really going? Bo says hes doing a favor for Roman that is all. Hope tells Bo how Steve has his memory back. Bo says really, great. Bo goes to talk to Steve for a second. He says he learned the new Steve has been replaced with the old model. Steve says yes, and he thinks Bo owes him money from 1989. Bo thinks there are still missing pieces of his memory. Bo says he needs help and drags Steve off with him. Hope goes to ask Roman what is up. Roman says Bo and Steve went to Victors to find out about Max and Mimi. Hope doesnt know what Victor has to do with it. Roman hopes Bo will find out. Hope realizes Bo took Steve and not Roman as Roman couldnt put his job at risk. Hope isnt pleased, how many times will Bo make these mistakes? Roman says cut him some slack, he's lost his job and all Bo has left is his pride, dont take that away from him. 

Billie shows up at the pub and sees Hope. Billie has heard about Mimi and Max, she asks if there are any leads. Hope says not yet. Billie asks if Steve and Kayla are home? Hope says shell hear from him soon. Billie says Steve did call her, he was going to tell Kayla the truth. Billie says she doesnt want Kayla to get hurt, but its been so long since shes felt so happy. Hope tells Billie that she doesnt feel comfortable talking about this. Billie just thought Kayla may have called her about when theyd be back. Hope says they are back.

Bo and Steve head to Victors place. Steve asks if hes broken in before? Bo says not recently. Steve asks if Victor is gone. Bo says he is. They are going to disable the security alarm first. Steve hands him some wire clippers. Bo tells Steve to keep an eye out, Steve says he will and chuckles. Later Bo is trying to pick the lock. Steve thinks Bo is losing his touch. Bo tells Steve to try it, Steve kicks the door down. They head into the mansion, Steve is laughing and loving this. The mansion is dark as they look around the place. Steve asks what they are looking for? Bo says anything that might lead them to Max and Mimi. They begin looking, Bo smells something funny. Steve says its antiseptic. He says maybe Kiriakis is getting germaphobic. They follow the trail of the smell. They find the secret room that Phillip was hidden in. They find a hospital bed and a wheelchair in the room. Bo realizes Phillip may have been here. Suddenly someone can be heard on a megaphone saying that security is on its way, they should show themselves now. Bo says Victor must have a second silent alarm. Bo does some searching and finds something.

Bo and Steve return to the pub. Billie runs to Steve and welcomes him back, he says he missed him. She gives him a huge hug. Meanwhile Bo has some evidence for Roman. They found bandages with blood on it. If it is Phillips then Max and Mimi were right, Victor has Phillip. Bo thinks Mimi and Max must have gotten to close and Victor put them on ice. Roman wonders where he is hiding them.

Abby, Nick, Stephanie and Chelsea talk about what is going on with Max and Mimi. Chelsea is quite, Stephanie asks if she knows something? Chelsea says Max and Mimi have been spending a lot of time together lately, shes sure they went off somewhere too . . . be together. Chelsea says maybe they even eloped. Nick doubts that, Stephanie asks where Chelsea comes up with this stuff? Chelsea talks about how Lonely Splicer's words have inspired her lately. She talks about how their souls are destined to be together, one day theyll run away to Fiji and get married under the stars. Abby says she doesnt know where Fiji is. Chelsea says shell tell Lonely Splicer to take her there, and he will. She bets Abby said the same thing to Max and that is where they are, making mad passionate love . . . Abby tells Chelsea that shes an idiot. She says they didnt run off to a romantic spot, they were kidnapped. She also tells Chelsea that Lonely Splicer isnt real, half the times the photos on the internet arent real people. Chelsea knows the photo is of him. Abby doubts it, and she doubts Chelsea cares about who he really is, shes so lost in her own fantasy world. Nick tells Abby that its okay . . .Abby stops, Chelsea twittles her hair. Chelsea asks Abby what her problem is? Abby says shes stressed, that is her problem. Max says its Mimis fault, if he . . . Chelsea says just say it, if he hadnt fallen for her then maybe Abby would be the one kidnapped with him instead. Chelsea tells Abby that shes so in love with Max she cant see straight, its pathetic. Abby says what is pathetic is being in love with someone you dont know. Chelsea says she knows who lonely splicer is. Abby says what is also pathetic is someone who would date their own uncle. Stephanie says hey Max was adopted, there is no blood relation. Chelsea keeps lashing out at Abby. Abby tells Nick this is who Chelsea really is. Nick is sure Chelsea didnt mean to hurt her feelings. Chelsea says Abby wont admit she has any feelings. Abby says fine, she loves Max, is Chelsea happy? Chelsea says she wont hide it anymore, hes the most amazing guy shes ever met. Chelsea says except for Josh is the only guy shes met. Abby says Max is her soulmate, he doesnt know it yet. Nick takes Abby inside to talk. Chelsea and Stephanie talk about Abby. Chelsea says they both know Max is a player. Stephanie says until he finds Mrs. Right. Chelsea says Max only wants Mrs. Right Now. Kayla shows up, she is planning to go out looking for Shawn Sr, who is looking for Max. Kayla asks Stephanie to come with her. Stephanie says sure. They head off. 

Chelsea goes back into the pub and apologizes to Abby. She says she was immature, she shouldnt have made fun of her feelings for Max. Abby says shes right. Chelsea says even though Max is technically her uncle, she did have a big thing for him. She says it still hurts, shes trying to get over him. Abby says with Lonely Splicer? Chelsea says yeah. She asks Abby if she forgives her? Abby says shes never heard Chelsea apologize for anything. Chelsea says Loneley SPlicer is having an affect on her. Chelsea says Lonely Splicer once told her that you cant expect fairness if you are fair. Nick says he sounds deep. Abby says and in way over his head. Chelsea asks if they are okay. Abby says yeah. Chelsea says not to worry about Max, hes like a superhero and is indestructible. Chelsea says wherever Mimi and Max are, Max is working to get home to those he cares about. Abby says but Mimi is the one he cares about. Chelsea says Max is smart, right about now hes coming to realize he needs to be with a better class of girl. Chelsea says the same way she needs a better class of guy. She asks Nick if he found Lonely Splicer. Nick says hes working on it. Abby says Nick has been helping her recently, he hasn't had time to look for the splicer. Chelsea says shell help Abby, Nick should get to work. She doesnt want her dream man losing interest. Nick doubts that will happen. Nick says hell call her when he finds out something. He says hell see them and takes off.

Max and Mimi are tied back to back in chairs someplace. Mimi is screaming for help. Max tells her to cut it out, shes been screaming for hours and it isnt helping .Mimi says its getting cold. Max promises her that they will get out, and when they do, Victor will pay. 

John and Marlena are flying back on their jet. John thinks he should have killed Stefano, he shouldnt have let her go in there alone. Marlena says that was his decision. She says they got the information they needed. John says yes, EJ is Elvis Jr, Susans son, the sweet little boy he once thought of as his own. John says EJ will have some explaining to do when they get back. Marlena says they will to, to their family and friends who didnt attend the wedding. She asks if he remembered the wedding certificate. He says its in his coat pocket. She goes to make sure. She ends up finding the death card in his pocket. She asks John what this is? John takes a biiiiig drink. John says he was going to tell her about that. She says its a death card from a tarot deck. She asks if Stefano gave it to him. He says yes. She asks why? He says because it went with the deck he found in EJs safe deposit box. She asks what he was . . . John cuts her off and says it doesnt matter. He says he took a bunch of photos and Celeste deciphered them. John says the Death Card was missing from the deck. Marlena says then someone is being targeted. John thinks it is the old mans last sick trick. Marlena knows John doesnt believe that. Marlena says Stefano gave it to John, he is the target. John says come on and takes another drink. John assures her that hes not going to die, would he lie about something like that? She says he lied about this trip. He says that doesnt count, they werent married yet. John realizes that was a bad joke. He tells her to relax, they took vows to always be there for one another. Marlena just worries John could end up dead, how could he be there for them then? She thinks shes been patient and understanding long enough, he needs to stop, its getting too dangerous. She wants him to turn everything over to the cops. John says he cant do that, this is personal. He says he cant sit back and do nothing. MArlena says he can investigate, just do it behind the scenes. She asks him to respect his family. He says he does. Marlena says she thinks that card is a gift to let her know what will happen if he doesnt back on. He says so she wants him to run? She says no, she wants him to think of himself and his family first. He asks if this is an ultimatum? She says shes not giving him an ultimatum. John says if she was asking him to choose, he would chose her every time. Marlena says he doesnt have to prove who he is to her, she knows who he is and what hes made of. She knows hes worried he might be a target and someone he loves will get caught. John says by backing off it might appease Stefano for awhile. Marlena says it would let Stefano die of old age. John doubts Stefano will ever die. Marlena says a girl can dream. John says once they are back in Salem hell fill Abe and Roman in. He says then he will be off the case. She asks really? He says yes. He reminds her of the wish they made at the fountain. He gives her another coin and tells her to keep it. He says its to remind her that their promise and dream came true, and that she can trust and believe in him. She says she does, and she loves him so much. She says maybe she can make one of his wishes come true. She asks if he has any ideas. They share a kiss. John says this is like Deja Vous, recently married, a private jet, love at 35,000 feet. She suggests he call it a continuation of their honeymoon tradition. They get horizontal on the couch in the jet.


December 20, 2006
At the pub, Hope watches as Billie throws herself into Steves arms and says shes so happy that hes back. Steve suggests they go someplace private to talk. Billie says so you want to be alone with me? She tells him to follow her. Hope shakes her head as they go outside.

Steve and Billie head outside. Billie is talking a mile a minute. She says she didnt want Kayla to be hurt, but when she got his call, she was so happy. Steve says what he said on the phone, things didnt work out the way he said. He says when he talked to Billie things were over with him and Kayla, he meant it. Billie says hes trying hard to tell him something, but shes not getting it. Kayla shows up, Billie realizes she didnt let Steve get to the punch line of his joke. Billie says he doesnt have to explain. Kayla leaves as Steve says he has his memory back. He hates that he did this to her. Billie says no she did this to herself. She's crying as she tells him this is good news. Billie does wish Steve called her to let her know that Kayla was in and she was out. Steve tells Billie that he didnt want to hurt her. He says his head just flipped on, he felt like he was having a nervous breakdown. He says when things calmed down, he felt like he had just had an epiphany. He says his life had totally changed. He says he didnt call her and do this over the phone, it wouldnt be right. Billie says she gets it, he and Kayla are soulmates again. Billie says she is happy for him. She does want to know what she was to him. She wants to know if she meant anything or if she was a time filler while he waited for his memory to come back. He says its not like that. She says then what was it? She says his silence is deafening. Chelsea has shown up (after the stuff below). Steve says hes sorry and walks off. Chelsea ends u p comforting Billie, who is in tears.

Roman and Bo continue talking about how Max and Mimi were right about Victor and Phillip. Bo sarcastically says Victor is such a great guy. Roman says hey, pop is his dad, Ma made a mistake, that is all Victor is to him. Bo says yeah. Roman says they have to find Max and Mimi. Roman wants Bo to look through documents and find out where Victor could be hiding them. Bo thinks he should be out there looking for them. Roman asks if his wife has a say in this?

Bo talks with Hope, he knows shes not happy about him and Steve breaking into Victors place. He says this is Max and Mimi, he had to do this for them as well as for Mom and Pop. He says hes sorry. She says she's not, she thinks he's a great guy. Hope admits that breaking into Victors house probably wasnt the smartest thing given hes been suspended (actually fired), but when it comes to protecting his family nobody is better than Bo. She tells Bo to just do her a favor, dont get arrested again. She says she wants him home in bed with her. They kiss. She says they could have lost this. He says no, that will never happen again. Kayla shows up and asks if they have seen Mom? Bo says shes upstairs. He asks if she found Pop? She says hes at the garage. Kayla says Billie is out talking with Steve, she hates seeing Billie get hurt. She also thanks Bo and Hope for being so patient with Steve. She says shes so happy to have their life back. Hope tells Kayla that shes happy for her. Kayla then remembers a sweet and sensitive guy told her that her heart was her compass and would lead her in the right direction. She says some guy with a boat. Hope says she knows that guy, hes stubborn but not perfect.

Also at the pub, Chelsea and Abby talk about Abbys feelings for Max. Abby says Max doesnt know about them. Chelsea says she wont tell him. Abby worries she may never see Max again. Chelsea says trust her, if there is one guy who can take care of himself it is Max. Roman comes over to talk to Abby and Chelsea. He explains they think Victor kidnapped Max and Mimi to keep them quiet about Phillip. However he says they cant arrest Victor without proof. They feel Victor wont hurt Max and Mimi, they are Phillips friends. Roman says they are going to look every place they could be, but they are short on manpower. He asks Abby and Chelsea to help them out. Abby asks how they can help, they arent cops. Roman says that is right. He says cops know a lot, but they dont have their fingers on the pulse of everything. He says they will think of places cops wont think to look. He says like abandon houses, barns basements, garages, places younger people go to get away from older people. Roman also asks them to ask their friends, ask around to find out what they know or have seen. They agree to help. Abby says it feels good to do something. Roman says they will get Max and Mimi home safe. 

Abby talks with Hope and Bo. Bo thinks they should go to the hall of records and find out how many properties Victor owns. Abby says shes heading home to make a list of places to look. Abby heads out and tells Chelsea, who is now outside with Billie, to call her in the morning so they can start their search.

Chelsea continues comforting her mom. She says she is sorry, and she knows it didnt help that she didnt like the guy (Steve). Billie wonders how many times you can get your heart broken and go on living. Chelsea says shes sorry. Chelsea says shell get a job and help out with rent, theyll get their own place together. Billie is stunned by what she is hearing. Chelsea quotes Lonely Splicer about his philosophy on work, she says it just sounded cool. She thinks it would be cool to have their own little place and they could entertain. She says they wouldnt have to worry about Bon-Bon strutting around in her bra and panties. Billie laughs, she thanks Chelsea for making her laugh. Chelsea tells Billie not to let the one eyed pirate ruin her life.

Steve goes to talk to Kayla at the pub. He never thought Billie would be here. He says he apologized for not calling her right away, but she didnt want to hear it. Kayla suggests he sit down and write her a letter. He says a letter? He doesnt know what hed write. She suggests he write what he feels. Steve thinks it would only make her feel worse. Kayla says it might make her feel better. Steve says hell do it, maybe it is the best way to tell Billie that hes sorry. He says hell write the letter, but it wont be poetry. Kayla says it just has to be the truth. Steve suggests they go home and get naked. Kayla says and he said he wasnt a poet. They kiss.

Back outside the pub, Billie sees Steve and Kayla inside kissing. She tells Chelsea that they should go home.

Roman tells Bo and Hope that John just called, they wont believe what John found out in Italy. Roman says John and Marlena found Stefano, EJ is Elvis Junior. Bo asks how they get to him? Roman says John has a plan and is going to tell him and Abe in the morning. Bo says he wants to be there. Roman says Abe wont like that. Hope tells Roman to give Bo a break. Roman cant argue, he told Hope the same thing. He says when Abe blows up, hes ducking. Roman says see you later.

Max and Mimi are tied up in a basement. We see they are in a church as there are religious stones and motifs around. Max thinks Victor did this to keep them from telling the truth about Phillip. He says they will get out of here. Mimi asks what the plan is. Max thinks they should push against each others backs so they can use the leverage and stand. They attempt it and manage to stand up. Mimi says now what. Max says wiggle around and get the ropes loose. She says shes been trying. He says they have to do it together. Mimi says this isnt working, there must be something sharp in this dungeon. Max suddenly remembers he has a knife in his pocket. Mimi yells at him to get it out. Max says its in his front left pocket and he cant get it out. He asks how about her? She asks how she can reach? He says theyll have to squirm around and face one another obviously. HE makes some crude joke about how they best get out of this before one of them has to take a leak. Mimi squirms and turns herself around first. As Max is trying they end up falling down. They are facing one another, Max suggests she get into his pocket and get the knife. She gets her hand into his pickets, she says she has something metal. He says those are his keys. She says there is something, Max says that is not his knife. Mimi gasps. Mimi says she gives up, but Max says they are so close. Mimi says too close, this is like an X-rated movie. He convinces her to go in again. She says this is the weirdest thing shes ever done. Mimi manages to get the knife out of the pocket. They manage to cut the ropes off them and free themselves. They look around to find out where they are and how to get out. The windows are covered with rock solid wood, the trap door is padlocked. Mimi asks where are they? Max says its a basement. Mimi says but is it in Victors house? Max says look at the stuff around here, there is stuff here that nuns would use. She says so they are in a church. She thinks they are in this old chapel outside of Salem. She says if you drive down Catalina Drive past the hospital then that is where it is. Max says great, they are in the middle of nowhere. They do some searching around for some things. Mimi needs food. Max soon finds a picnic basket stocked with food for a couple days. Mimi wonders what they do after that. Max says they wont be here that long, they will find their way out. Mimi says there has to be some junk in here to get them out. Mimi is glad shes not here alone and shes glad shes with him. She says she believes him when he says theyll get out of here. Max finds an old radio and tries to find some news. Unfortunately the only thing that comes in is a Latin station. Mimi suggests they leave it on. Salsa music is playing. Mimi says this music sounds happy, even if she cant understand the words. Max and Mimi have made a little bed on the floor, however there is only one and a small one. Mimi says they should make some decisions before sleeping together. Max says he knows.

Patrick shows up to meet EJ at a bar in Alabama. Patrick asks EJ why he called him to this armpit of a world, its not easy getting here. EJ says nothing is easy for Patrick, especially thinking. EJ tells Patrick that John knows his father Stefano sent him to Salem, he knows he is the black glove. Patrick thinks its time to save their skins. EJ says he has two tickets to Salem, they are both going back. Patrick says EJ has DiMera protection but he doesnt. Patrick says he will go down, there is no way hes going back. EJ says he calls the shots and they are going back to Salem. Patrick says no hes getting on a plane to somewhere nobody will find him, EJ should do the same. EJ says hed hate for Patrick to miss his own mothers funeral. Patrick says his mother has nothing to do with this, leave her out of it. EJ says she blackmailed him into giving her a wad of cash. EJ says Patrick is a royal pain in his backside, he has half a mind to tie him to a bag of stones and throw him in the river. He tells Patrick he has to leave Salem eventually because of Patricks incompetence, so shut his cake hole and listen to what he has to say. EJ wants to know if Hope has agreed to go away with Patrick. Patrick says yes. EJ says then not only did he get what he want, but he did something right for once. EJ says when they get back that he needs to tell her travel plans have been pushed forward. Patrick says its Christmas time. EJ doesnt care, he wants him to get Hope on a plane and get her away and wait for his instructions. Patrick tells EJ that he can beat him and blackmail him, but he wont hurt Hope. Patrick says if he wants to kill him then go ahead. EJ says its really funny that Hope thinks shes carrying his baby. Patrick says he knows, and Hope is going away with him as planned. However he says he wont hurt Hope. EJ says so he really has the hots for Fancyface Brady. He says he doesnt blame him. Patrick tells EJ not to talk bad about Hope like that. Patrick says this is how it is going to be, nobody is going to hurt Hope. EJ tells Patrick to enjoy his fancy, that is all it is. EJ says when the time comes Patrick will do whatever he asks him to. Why? EJ says because hes the one who will end up with blood on his hands. Patrick asks whose blood? Patrick asks who he is going to kill? EJ says so far the trouble they have caused has just been the overture to the opera. He says before the curtain falls, three men will die, the first before he leaves Salem. Patrick asks who? He says he has a lot of friends in that town. EJ says he doesnt recall Patrick being so concerned when he followed him around Europe begging for a chance at his lifestyle. Patrick says he didnt know how demented he was. EJ says Patrick knew he was a DiMera, he was out for himself. Patrick asks who will die. EJ says John Black. EJ says if Patrick tells anyone, he will add Patricks body to the pile. Patrick tells EJ that if he needs more time in Salem to take it, the cops dont have anything on him. EJ says it will be time before they do. Patrick says then leave town and tell Stefano he couldnt get the job done. EJ says people like him fail, whereas he is a DiMera and doesnt fail. Patrick says if he kills John Black then he will be hung, and he (Patrick) will be cheering along with everyone else in town. EJ tells Patrick that he will get one last message from him about dealing with Hope Brady, and then Patrick will never hear from him again. EJ goes to walk off. Patrick wants to know who the other two men to die will be. EJ says he cant tell Patrick that. EJ says a hurricane is about to shake up his friends in Salem.


December 21, 2006
Mimi and Max are asleep in each others arms in the church basement. They wake up and realize this. Max asks how she slept. She says it was so cold, shes glad she had him to keep her warm. She says she means . . . He says he knows what she means. He says they are both adults here. Mimi says yeah, they are doing what they have to in order to survive. They move in for a kiss, but stop. Mimi wants to get out of here, its Christmas Eve. Max says they will get out, they just need a way to get through the trap door. Max finds a hatchet, though its a dull one. Max keeps looking and soon finds a sledgehammer. He thinks they can break through the trap door. He also sends Mimi to work on the boarded up window. Mimi isnt getting through the window, Max is having issues with the trap door. He says they need another way out. Max then hears footsteps. He thinks someone is up there. They begin yelling for help. Some guy is up there and says hell help them out, but he wants money. He asks how much they got? Mimi cant believe this, now they are being held hostage by this guy? They compare how much they have, all they have is sixty bucks. The guy says forget it, its not enough. We see the church is abandoned, all the pews are covered with sheets. The guy eventually agrees to let them out, but he wants the money first. Mimi thinks its a chance they have to take. Max offers him half first, the other half when they are out. He says that is the deal. The guys says fine, deal. Max slips up some of the money to the guy. Max says let them out and they get the rest. The guy says how does he know if he lets them out they wont beat him and take the money back. He says merry Christmas losers and takes off. The guy says hell pray for them while eating some steak. Mimi hopes he chokes on it. Mimi tells Max that she doesnt know how much more of this she can take. Max kicks something and it hits a wall. It makes a sound and Max realizes there is something behind the wall. Max bangs the wall, its an add on. He decides to smash his way through the wall. Max of course has to take off his shirt in order break down the wall.

Belle and Shawn are at the Java Caf with Claire. They just took Claire to see Santa. Shawn wants to give a photo to his mom, she has to be thinking of Zack this time of year. Belle says Claire spent last Christmas in the hospital. Shawn knows that Zack saving Claire helped his mom out. Belle says knowing Claire is his is an even bigger help. Belle says this has turned out to be a very happy Christmas. However she feels bad about Max and Mimi. Shawn says if Victor is behind this that he doesnt think Victor will hurt them. He says when they do get back he will make peace with both of them. He says he is ready to move on and hes going to ask Max for his job back. Belle asks Shawn what about all that money he made off EJ, they know its dirty DiMera money. Belle doesnt want anything to do with it. He agrees, he doesnt want anything to do with it either. Suddenly a woman shows up and dotes over Claire. She says they make a handsome family. Belle says actually they arent together. The woman says shes sorry. She says her son always says she asks too many questions. She says her son, wife and granddaughter are overseas, they are a military family. She says she really wants them home, but she is proud of him. Shawn says she should be. The woman asks what they do for a living? Shawn talks about how he works on cars, Belle says she stays at home. The woman says that is wonderful, some kids dont have any parents at home this time of year. She wishes them both a Merry Christmas and heads off. Belle tells Shawn how she was so sweet. The woman sits in the corner and watches them.

Kayla and Hope are decorating the Brady tree at the pub. They are talking about how they love this time of year. Hope says this used to be her favorite time of year, Christmas, her birthday, her anniversary. She says now it doesnt mean as much. Kayla hugs her and comforts her about Zack. Patrick then shows up and tells Hope that they need to talk. Steve shows up and asks if there is a problem? Hope says no, she just has to talk to Patrick. She and Patrick then head outside. Steve tells Kayla he has a surprise for her. He has a special present for her. He says he talked to Stephanie and found out that she likes this Clay Aiken dude. Steve says hes in town for a concert and presto change-o. He whips out some tickets. She thanks Steve, she says she loves Clay and she loves him. They then kiss. Kayla says she just remembered something, they cant go. Kayla says the Bradys and the Hortons always throw the party at the hospital. She says someone has to read the bible story and then Santa comes. Steve says there are plenty of people to take care of it. Kayla says Alice wants Steve to read the story this year. Steve says no way, she knows how he was raised, hes the wrong dude. She thinks its such an honor to be asked that nobody has ever refused. Steve says she makes it hard to say no. He says hell do it on one condition, the minute they are done they have to go to the concert. Kayla says deal.

Outside, Patrick pushes Hope to go on their trip. She says its Christmas, she cant just go away. He says they had an agreement. She tells him to relax. She says shell hold up her end of it, but she wont go away on Christmas. Patrick says fine, then hell call the DA and have the charges filed against Bo. Hope says fine, shell dial the number for him. Patrick asks why shes being difficult? Hope says shes not. She tells him again that she wont keep him from the baby, but this is like a business arrangement and nothing more. She says if he keeps this up then shell have to start enforcing rules of her own. She says the first rule is shes not leaving over Christmas. She tells him to look inside, that is her family, this is what they do for Christmas. She says this is her first Christmas without Zack and she needs to be with her family. He says okay, be with her family, enjoy it. He then walks off.

Back inside, Kayla tells Steve that its all settled. She asks one last ting, did he write the letter to Billie? He says yes, it was tough. He says he mailed it off this morning. Kayla hopes this gives them all closure. Hope then shows up, she has Belle, Shawn and Claire with her. Hope and Kayla dote over Claire. Kayla also wishes Hope a happy birthday. Steve then calls her sweet thang and hugs her and wishes her a happy birthday. Caroline shows up, she thanks them for decorating the pub. Hope asks if Caroline is feeling better? Caroline asks if they heard anything? Hope says no, but they will. Caroline tells what shes grateful is that the Brady Horton tradition continues on no matter what. Later Steve drags Kayla under some mistletoe for some kisses. Belle helps Caroline with the eggnog. Shawn tells Hope how they took all of EJs money and bought presents for the kids at the hospital. Hope says shes proud of him and they hug,. Later we see the woman outside the pub that was spying on them earlier. She has an official badge. She calls Victor and says she made contact, shell proceed as planned.

Sami and Lucas return home. Lucas tells Sami that they have to tell her dad what they heard. He says she cant act like this didnt happen. Sami wants to just forget about this. Lucas says if she doesnt tell them then shes helping EJ. Sami is afraid of EJ, hes capable of anything, including murder. She doesnt want to give EJ a reason to target any of them. Sami says everything is working out for them, if she says something she could mess things up. Lucas says if she doesnt then other families could be messed up. Sami says they all know EJ is targeting her. Lucas tells Sami to show everyone that she can be the Sami he knows she is capable of being.

John and Marlena meet with Roman and Abe at the station. They fill them in on what they found out in Italy. Bo then shows up to welcome John back. Abe asks Bo what in the hell hes doing here? Roman says he asked him. Bo says Abe needs him. John says take Bo up on his offer to help because as of now hes resigning from the bad guy business. Marlena is all smiles when she hears this. Roman wishes John would think about this, but MArlena says its been decided. Bo says Abe and Roman will need him. Roman agrees, once they get Patrick then EJ will be on the run. Abe says fine, he will give Bo his gun and badge back. However if Bo screws up then hell take them back, along with his head. John suggests he and Marlena try their luck at becoming the towns most boring couple. She says that could never happen. John tells them to go get them. 

John and Marlena leave Roman and Abes office. Marlena thanks John, she knows this is killing him. He says he did this for her. She says she knows, she just hoped hed have done it for both of them. Sami and Lucas show up. Sami and Marlena share a hug. Sami says shes here to speak to the police, she overheard EJ talking about Stefano on the phone. She thought she should tell her dad and Uncle Bo. 

Sami tells Abe, Bo and Roman everything she heard. They promise to protect her, they have their word. John is positive that EJ has murder on his mind. He reveals the death card, Abe isnt pleased he kept that to himself. Lucas wants to know what they are doing to protect Sami? Abe says a guard will be posted outside her place. Sami says what if EJ finds out? Roman says EJ will think they are just watching him. Roman suggests the girls and Lucas go have some coffee, he asks John to stay for some advice. Roman thinks they have enough to bring EJ in. Abe says if they dont nail EJ then he will walk. John says then they have to bluff EJ. John says EJ is holding all the aces, they have to get him to force his hand. He says find someone EJ trusts, have them give him a message that the authorities are preparing to arrest him. Roman says so he acts. Abe says and they nab him. Roman says it could be risky. Abe says maybe not. They discuss who they could use. Kates name comes up, but John says it has to be someone who can seduce EJ and convince him to get his butt out of town. John look out to Marlena and Sami. Roman doesnt like using Sami. Bo says they will protect her and shes their only shot at getting him.

Lucas leaves Sami with Marlena, he has to tend to business. Marlena tells Sami that she is proud of her, coming here was very brave. Sami says she doesnt feel brave. Sami sees bruises on her moms hand. She then sees a wedding ring. Marlena says she and John got married in Italy. Marlena knows how Sami feels about John, but she loves him and he makes her happy. Sami says brace herself . . . Sami says her mom deserves to be happy and she is very sorry for the stupid obsession of wanting her mom and dad together. Marlena says it wasnt stupid. Sami says she knows John loved her and he was a good father. Sami says when she saw them in that conference room she became obsessed with the idea that all their problems were his fault. Marlena says it was her fault as much as Johns what happened. Marlena says Sami found a way to forgive her. Sami says of course, she is her mom. Marlena says she loves her, and John loves her too. Marlena says John will always think of her as his daughter and always love her. Sami says she doesnt hate John, he just always made her so angry. She knows John never hated her back or held a grudge against her. She knows that is why her mom loves him. Marlena says like she loves Lucas. Sami promises to be better with John for all of them. Marlena thanks Sami. They continue to hug and cry. Abe and the boys then show up. Abe tells Sami they want to set a trap for EJ, they need someone to convince EJ hes about to be arrested and needs to escape. John says they need someone to help set him up. Roman says they want Sami to be that someone. Marlena says they cant be serious. John says its all worked out, Sami wont be in danger. They want Sami to meet him in a public place and tell him that she heard from her dad that they were going to arrest EJ and she would help him get out of town. Bo knows this is asking a lot, but EJ trusts her. Sami says shell do it. Lucas returns and says like hell she will!


December 22, 2006
Abby, Chelsea and Stephanie are at the pub looking over the records Abby got from the hall of records. Chelsea complains, this is no way to spend Christmas. Abby says bringing Max home is the best gift they can give the Bradys. She tells Chelsea theyll do her pile if she doesnt want to help. As they are searching Chelsea thinks shes found where they are. Its a farm outside of town and deeded to Titan, not Victor. Abby says its a start. They look at the map, there is a barn some stables and a silo. Abby is sure Max has to be there, she can feel it. Stephanie feels they should call Roman, but Abby wants to do this on their own. Chelsea says she is doing this to play the hero and have Max wrap his loving arms around her. Abby says Chelsea had her chance with Max and blew it. She asks if they will help her or not?

In the church basement, shirtless Max is breaking through the wall with a sledgehammer. He makes a little hole, Mimi says its too small to see anything. Max keeps trying and ends up pulling something in his shoulder. Mimi offers to rub it, but he says just give him a minute or two, he'll be okay. Mimi decides to give it a try, she begins breaking the wall down. Max says well he obviously loosened the wall. He just cant believe this. Mimi continues busting the wall down. Max finds a flashlight so they can look and see what is behind the wall. They make jokes about who will go first. The climb through the hole in the wall they made. The only thing behind the wall is a closet, which they joke may take them to Narnia. Max doesnt get why a closet is back here. Max forces it open and a dead body falls out and on top of Mimi! Max pulls him off Mimi. Hes wearing a confederate uniform from the Civil War. Max says this guy is Salem history. He wonders how he got here. Max finds a ring on his finger. Mimi says his poor wife and kids, they never saw him again. Max also finds a gun on him. She says it cant still be working. Max says they have to try it, they could blast the lock off the trapdoor. Mimi asks if hes sure he knows what hes doing? Max says yes, he pop and Frankie used to hunt twice a year. Mimi doesnt need to hear more, she never recovered from Bambi. Max says this gun is going to be really loud. He says it could explode or backfire. Mimi says no way, if that happens then shell be stuck here with two dead roommates. She begs Max to put the gun down, theyll find another way out. Max says this could be their only way out, think of this as their skeleton key per say. Max assures Mimi that they will be fine, they will get out of here as he has plans for them. Mimi says like what? He says he doesnt know, just leave it at that. He says get out of his way so they can get out of here. Max aims the gun and fires, we hear an explosion. Max falls over. Mimi sits over him crying that he better wake up or she will kill him. Max is fine, he has a bit of gunpowder all over his face though. Unfortunately they are still trapped. Mimi says she promised her mom that she wouldnt miss Christmas with her again. Max says they need to stay positive and think what they have to be hopeful about. Max says they are alive, healthy and have friends looking for them. Max promises Mimi that they will get out and soon. He says give it time, theyll figure something out. Mimi says and in the meantime? Max says theyll have Christmas here, theyll make something special. He says they have music, food and water. Mimi says she did find a box with Christmas ornaments. Max says see, just work with him. Max talks to Mimi about how much she helped him out this year not only with his business, but she helped remind him of what hes grateful for. They go to move in for a kiss, but Mimi stops as she feels a cobweb on her face. She goes to wash her face and Max says hell try and clean up around here.

Abby, Chelsea and Stephanie end up at the farm. They arent getting anywhere, Chelsea and Stephanie both think they should go home and let the cops deal with this. Stephanie thinks they could have messed up some clues out here. Chelsea says Stephanie is right. Abby thinks Chelsea just doesnt care because Max dumped her. Chelsea tells Abby what shes worried about is that Max and Mimi are together and probably getting closer. Abby tells Chelsea if they dont get to Max and Mimi because Chelsea is wasting their time then she will never forgive her. Abby tells her to just go home. Chelsea lashes out at Abby saying fine, but if she rescues Max and he doesnt drop to his knees professing his love then she will be crushed. Chelsea says she knows Max better than anyone, she doesnt want Abby to get hurt. Stephanie agrees, Max broke both their hearts and Abby could be next. Abby says she doesnt care, she will keep looking for Max. Chelsea and Stephanie want to go home, Abby drove them so they need her to drive them back. Stephanie says theyve done all they can for one day. Abby eventually agrees to call it quits for the day.

Will is home when there is a knock at the door. He answers it, its EJ. EJ asks if Sami is about. Will says not here, sorry. EJ wants some answers. He says Sami had to leave because he needed surgery, but he seems fine. EJ asks if he misheard, or if Sami was lying? EJ says either Sami is a liar or hes a quick healer. Will says good genes. EJ says so he expects him to believe that he had his appendix removed and recovered in 24 hours. Will says its great to be young! Will quickly slams the door on EJ. EJ demands he open it or hell break it down. Will takes off his shirt and says appendectomy here he comes. EJ eventually gets in and asks Will if hes done playing games. Will tells EJ to leave him alone, his stitches hurt. EJ says they should check on them. He pulls up his shirt, Will has a bandage with a little bloody line on the side of him. EJ then looks around the place, Will asks if he needs to check the fire escape? EJ walks out as Will yells that they should have tea some time.

At the station, Lucas refuses to let Sami do this. He wont let them put Samis neck on the line to set up EJ. As everyone is arguing, Marlena notices something is wrong with Abe. Abe assures her that hes fine. Lucas tells everyone that he wont let them put the woman he cares about in danger. Sami is stunned. Sami tells Lucas she will do this and her mind is made up. Lucas and Sami leave to argue. Marlena then yells at the men. She says when Sami makes up her mind she always goes overboard. Roman says EJ and Sami have a connection, they can use her. Marlena says they arent DiMeras, they dont use people. Roman assures her that he can protect her, he wouldnt do this if he couldnt. Bo says EJ already has his sites on Sami, he lives across the hall and gave her a job shes not qualified for. John says Samis mind is made up and they wont change it.

Outside the office Sami tells Lucas that she believes she can do this. She also knows they were meant for one another. She tells Lucas not to lose faith in her. Lucas says hed never lose faith in her. She says then why cant she help the police. Lucas doesnt want her near EJ. Sami tells him not to be jealous, she told him she has no interest in EJ. Lucas says hes worried about his wife. Sami says shes not his wife. Lucas says it was an accident, she knows what he meant. She liked the accident, she liked hearing it. Lucas says hes worried, what if EJ panics and takes a hostage. He asks her who she thinks that hostage will be. Lucas also thinks there is something Sami is holding back, he had to talk her into coming here. Now she wants to do this. He asks why? Sami says she talked to her mom, her mom said she was proud of her. She says she wants everyone to look at her like her mom did, especially Will. Lucas says he doesnt have to prove herself to Will, he loves her. Sami says he knows there is more to it then that. Sami then gets a call from Will. Will tells her that  EJ was here but he totally faked him out. Sami says hes amazing, he really is her son. Will asks if shes going to help Grandpa Roman lockup this jerk. Sami says she will. Will says shes awesome. Sami tells him to stay inside and not answer the door until they get home. Sami then tells Lucas that she has to do this and she wont take any unnecessary risks. Lucas says she wont.

Lucas as Sami go back into the office to see the others. Lucas says if they want Sami doing this then he calls the shots, it is on his terms or nothing. We dont hear his terms. Later Abe is with John and Marlena when he collapses in front of them. Soon Lexie shows up, Abe refused to have an ambulance called. Lexie is lecturing him. John and Marlena learn what is going on. Marlena offers to have him see a friend of hers in Brookeville, he can be discreet. Abe is afraid he may be going blind. Lexie says he could have another transplant. Abe says right now hes seeing through Isaacs eyes, if he rejects this . . . Lexie says hes not rejecting him, and its possible something can be done to help him. She says the longer he waits though . . . Lexie says she knows hes scared. She says shes here and so is Theo. Marlena offers to make that call for him. Abe asks her to set it up. Abe realizes he can barely see his hand in front of his eyes. Lexie assures him it will be okay.

Sami and EJ meet at Dune. Sami knows EJ showed up to see Will, she doesnt appreciate him scaring her son. EJ asks why she left her son alone then? Sami says she went to see the police. Sami says her father called her to the station. EJ thinks there is something else going on. He thinks Sami had something to tell her in Alabama. He also suggests shes lying about Wills surgery. Sami cant believe him, she says she was going to help him and tell him what she heard. EJ says wait, hes sorry, he is listening. Sami tells EJ that her dad has new evidence in Eves murder and they are planning to arrest him after Christmas. Sami also admits she heard him on the phone, she knows who hes connected to. EJ asks Sami why shed tell him this, assuming shes telling the truth. Sami says whatever his motives were, he did help her when she needed it and he said he liked her. She also says an it is Christmas, all family all the time. She says shes stuck with a family who loves her to her face and hates her behind her back. She says then there is Lucas who cant trust her enough to leave her alone with him. She says she thought this would be a Merry Christmas, but she hates it. She tells EJ she likes him, no matter what has happened between them, there is something between them that they cant deny. She says had she not had to leave Talladega, who knows what would have happened. Sami says she was an idiot to think she could be with Lucas again. She also knows she ruined her chance with EJ, self sabotage is her middle name. Sami says if EJ could give her another chance then it would make her happy. EJ says but her father is going to arrest him. She knows, she cant let it happen. She says they wont let him leave town, his passport has been flagged. She knows how he can get out though. She says they should meet at a boathouse outside of town. She says theyll steal a boat after Christmas and . . . Lucas shows up and is furious. He says she lied to him, she said she had an appointment. He refuses to leave Sami alone with EJ and drags her off. Lucas yells at EJ to stay away from her if he knows what is good for him Brit Boy

Outside Roman and Bo are listening in on Samis conversation. Sami and Lucas soon show up. Roman tells Sami shes proud of him. Sami says she just hopes it worked. Roman and Sami exchange Merry Christmas and I love yous. Sami and Lucas then leave. Roman and Bo then wait to see if EJ takes their bluff. Bo asks if him arresting EJ can be his present this year. Roman says hes got it.

Back inside, EJ seems to be thinking things over. EJ calls Patrick and tells him the day after Christmas they will settle all debts in full. He also tells Patrick to make sure Bo knows what is going on when hes leaving town with his wife. EJ says hell take care of everything else.


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