December 25, 2006
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December 26, 2006 December 26, 2006
Bo and Hope are talking at the pub. They are both missing Zack. They also talk about Patrick and Hope having to go away with him. She says she doesnt want to, but he is this babys father. Bo says hell be the babys father. Hope promises Bo that she wont go away with Patrick as planned. Bo says that's just what he wanted to hear her say.

Steve is with Kayla. Kayla says Frankies stuck in an airport, he wanted to be here for Max. Kayla thought this would be a happy Christmas given he got his memory back. Steve says it will be, Max will find his way home. Later they talk about the Clay Aiken concert. Kayla reminds Steve that they have the Christmas Story at the hospital first. Steve had hoped she would have forgotten. Kayla says its for the kids. They then head off together.

Sami, Lucas and Will outside of the Hortons. Sami realizes she cant find Claires gift. Will heads to the car to get it. Sami tells Lucas how happy she is and how glad she is that they are a couple again. Lucas knows what he asked Santa for as he grins. Sami tells him in the old days couples waited till marriage, some still do. Lucas says if that is what she wants then he will wait. She says hes the best. Sami just cant wait till EJ is out of their lives. Shes afraid if EJ finds out what she did that hell want revenge on her. Lucas says it wont happen, hell protect her. Will soon shows up with the gift, they head inside.

Chelsea and Nick are at the Hortons. Maggie is serving eggnog. Nick thanks Chelsea for coming with him to the party. She says its not like shes welcomed at the Very Brady Christmas, she might as well crash his family's party. Doug and Julie show up, they have treats from Alices kitchen. Shes in the kitchen baking up a storm. Julie and Doug hug Nick. They have been traveling and saw Nicks parents. They have a gift for Nick from his parents. Nick says it even has fancy French wrapping paper. He opens it, its something for his computer that he's been wanting. Julie tells Nick to open the card, his mother wanted him to read it. He reads the card and says he misses them so much. Chelsea is feeling a little left out and stands by herself.

Lucas , Sami and Will show up and hug everyone. Meanwhile Chelsea and Nick talk about their parents. This is the first Christmas Nick is spending without his parents, they made such a big deal about Christmas. Chelsea says her adoptive parents did too. She also says now she has all these relatives here that act like she doesnt exist.

Shawn, Belle and Claire are headed to the Hortons together. Shawn is worried Claire may not be warm enough, but Belle assures him that she is. They soon arrive at the Hortons. Julie talks about how Claire is the most beautiful Brady baby yet. Julie "kidnaps" her to take her to see Alice. Sami and Belle share a little chit chat. Sami tells Belle how good she looks and how charming Claire looks. Lucas soon drags Sami off to see the mistletoe. Belle tells Shawn how it is so great to see her sister happy again. Shawn says she seems happy too. Belle says she is.

Bo and Hope show up at the party. They both go over to Chelsea and Nick to wish them a Merry Christmas. Hope gives Chelsea a kiss on the cheek and Bo demands a big hug. Chelsea smiles.

The Hortons soon begin hanging their ornaments one by one on the tree. We see Horton names of present and past being hung by family members. Lucas hangs Bills ornament. Lucas tells Sami next year shell have one to hang. Will hangs his ornament. Doug and Julie hang their ornaments. Bo and Hope then hang theirs as well as Zacks. Hope and Bo hang Zacks ornament together. Everyone is teary as they watch Zacks ornament being hung. Bo tells Hope how hell always be with them. Hope says shell love him forever. Chelsea decides she should go, but Nick stops her and says she should be here. Shawn hangs his ornament next to Zacks . Chelsea has an ornament too. Shes shaky as she goes to hang it and cant get it to stay on the tree. Hope shows up and helps her hang it next to Zacks. They both cry and hug. Last is Alice and Toms ornaments, as well as Mickey and Maggie. Maggie talks about how there are loved ones they are all missing tonight, some have moved on to other parts of the world and others have left this world for a better one. Maggie says they are still a family, on Christmas and every day of the year. Everyone soon begins hugging one another. We see all the ornaments on the tree, Claire has one and we see Jack, Jen and Abbys ornaments too.

Steve, Kayla and Stephanie show up at the hospital. All the kids are waiting for the story. Steve is nervous, Stephanie says pretend shes five and hes reading it to her. Steve sits down and puts on some glasses, which he calls his spectacle. Steve begins reading the Christmas story from the bible. Steve stops reading and says hes sorry but he cant read this. He decides to just tell them the story in his own words. He talks about how Mary was this nice lady in the olden days and the big dude, God, wanted Mary to give birth to his son on earth. He says this was a big deal, and after some magic, Mary was pregnant. He says then there was another dude name Joseph, he was a carpenter. He and Mary were off to Bethlehem to have the baby. However when they got there, there was no place to stay. Steve says one guy allowed them to stay in his barn. (At this point the show got interrupted for some emergency broadcast signal for a bit). The story continues, Steve says God sent out word about the baby. He says people from all over came to see the baby, including three wise dudes who came to give him presents. Steve asks what the point of all this was? Steve says God sent his son to be born on earth to mix it up with them regular folks and spread the word of peace and love to all. He says God blessed the world with his child just like all of them blessed their parents when they were born. He says he knows they are all loved. Bo and Hope show up at this point as Steve is talking about how the best gift you can get on Christmas and the best gift you can give is love. He tells them to feel the love in their hearts, share it with those around you and you can have Christmas every day. Steve then says peace out. Kayla hugs Steve and says that was great. Bo thinks this will be a hard act to follow, Bo is playing Santa. Steve and Kayla soon run off to catch Clay in concert.

Shawn, Belle and Claire (who is dressed in a little elf outfit) all introduce Santa. Bo comes out in a Santa suit and thanks his "little elf.". He then begin handing out the gifts to the kids. Maggie, Doug and Julie are there now, they help Bo hand out the gifts. Belle tells Shawn, who used EJs money to buy the gifts, that he did a good thing.

Steve and Kayla arrive at Dune for the concert, but its over. The concert started early because of a storm going on. Steve tells Kayla how sorry he is. She says she has him back, that is the best present she could ask for. They share a kiss.

Max and Mimi are still trapped in the church. Mimi has been washing up in the bathroom area Max made. When she shows up she only has a blanket around her. She finds that Max has decorated the church, hes even made a make shift tree with lights and ornaments. He also put a Santa hat on the corpse! Mimi is in her slip and has a blanket around her. She says she needs to get dressed. She has Max hold up a blanket so she can have privacy. Max ends up staring at her sexy shadow on the wall though. Meanwhile Abby is out in her car still following leads. She finds a church on the map that is off the road. She wishes she had a four wheel drive, but says nice girls dont die on Christmas. Back in the church, Max and Mimi are dancing to Christmas music on the radio. Its all in Spanish, because that is the only station they can get in. Max and Mimi talk about how they have both spent Christmas homeless before. Max tells Mimi how hes never met anyone like her. They then share a kiss. Back outside, Abby arrives at the church, unaware Mimi and Max are having a make-out fest inside. They stop kissing, Max thinks he shouldnt have done that. Mimi says he didnt do it alone. Max says this is awkward with them being stuck down here. Mimi thought it was fantastic. They keep kissing when they soon hear the church bells ringing. Mimi and Max thinks if someone hears them then they could come find them. Max doesnt know, they really are in the middle of nowhere. He thinks its just the two of them and lieutenant Dan for Christmas. Mimi says shes okay with the two of them part. Up above, Abby has shown up in the church. She calls out and asks if anyone is here. Mimi and Max hear her and scream for help. They realize it is Abby. They tells Abby they are in the basement and there is a trap door in the floor. She cant find it so he bangs on it to clue her in. She looks around for something to open it up with. She finds a tool of some sort and so easily gets the lock off. Max and Mimi are finally freed from the basement. Max gives Abby a hug and says hes so happy to see her. Mimi thanks her too and says theyll make it home for Christmas. Abby is stunned when Max and Mimi kiss one another.

Most of the Bradys are now back at the Brady Pub. Lucas invites Sami to a little ski trip for the new year. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope kiss under the mistletoe. Belle tells Shawn seeing Bo and Hope together gives her hope. Soon Abby, Max and Mimi show up. Shawn and Caroline call it their Christmas miracle. Everyone welcomes them home. Stephanie talks to Abby. Abby says Chelsea was right, they went missing together and ended up together, now shes alone. 

Back at Dune, Steve and Kayla are kissing to the tune of Clay Aikens Oh Holy Night (background music only). The manager at Dune says they are closing, so Kayla heads to the bathroom. Clay shows up, he cant find his car to the airport. Steve introduces himself to Clay and offers him a ride to the airport. Steve says he and his wife had tickets to his show but they missed it because they were at the hospital with the kids. He says his wife would love to meet him. Clay says well if they had to miss his concert that is a good reason. Steve asks for another favor. He explains he and his wife have been apart for sixteen years, a story he wont believe if he went into it all, but here is the deal . . . . . Later Kayla returns. Steve says he has a surprise for her and asks her to have a seat. She wonders what he has done. Clay then comes out from the back and says hello to Kayla. Steve says they are giving him a ride to the airport. In exchange Clay is going to sing them a love song. He says this song is from Steve to her. Clay then sings I Can Only Give You Everything I Have

Back at the pub, we hear Clay singing over their celebration. Abby cant stop watching Mimi and Maxs closeness. It seems to even bother Shawn a little, until he turns to Belle and Claire and smiles. Even Lisa the waitress is at the celebration and making Merry. Shawn Sr. and Caroline share a big smooch. Chelsea seems down, Nick comforts her. 

Over to the Hortons, Maggie, Doug and Julie are looking at all the wedding and family photos on the mantle. We see Alice holding Toms photo and wishing him a Merry Christmas. She then says To all of those we love near and far away, may the blessings of this day be with you now and all the Days of Our Lives. The show ends with a shot of Alice and Toms ornaments and panning up to the angel, and then over to Steve and Kayla kissing as Clay finishes his song at Dune.


December 27, 2006
Lucas and Sami are driving to their ski trip destination. It's really snowing out as they are on their way. Sami is hoping her dad is able to catch EJ. She's feeling foolish about trusting him. She says she was so desperate for a friend, something she doesn't have many of. Lucas says she shouldn't feel bad, he fooled a lot of people. Sami says not him, he never trusted him. Sami says the thing that really sucks is she's also losing her new job, which she was really good at. Later Lucas finds his car engine has died. Worse yet they are in the middle of nowhere and it's really coming down. Sami remembers seeing a cabin a few miles back. They have no choice but to hike it.

Sami and Lucas arrive at the cabin. It's abandoned, nobody is there. They decide to seek shelter for the night. They build a fire and sit by it. They soon start talking. They both talk about how odd it was that Lucas was with Carrie and she almost married Austin. They both know they belong together. They kiss and soon make love. Unfortunately the afterglow is ruined by Lucas' jealousy of EJ. He wants to know if she and EJ . . . . Sami says she told him no, but even if they had, would it change things between them now? Lucas says no of course not, he can't hold it against her. He admits he is jealous of her and EJ and what they had. He says he hates being jealous. She says he shouldn't be. They decide to be honest with one another about how they are feeling from now on.

At the pub, Hope is undecorating when Patrick shows up. Hope says they are closed. He says he's here about their trip. Hope lets PAtrick that they won't be going on that trip. Patrick becomes angry and says they had a deal! She says now they don't. She warns Patrick that the cops know all about EJ and him. Patrick says he's done nothing wrong. Hope says they know that isn't true. Patrick admits he was being tailed, but he slipped them. Hope wants Patrick to go to the cops and strike a deal. Patrick says Bo won't make a deal with him. Hope tells him to think about this baby, he says he loves them. She wants him to do this. Patrick pulls out a gun and tells Hope that she is going with him. She asks or what, he'll shoot her and the baby he says he loves? She says if he makes her go then she will make his life miserable. He says she already is! Caroline shows up and Patrick hides the gun. She asks if everything is okay here? Hope assures her it is. After Caroline leaves and Patrick is distracted, Hope maces Patrick! However he quickly recovers and grabs her and forces him to go with her. He makes a call to Chelsea (see below) and drives off with Hope. She tells him this is pointless, there are roadblocks everywhere. He says and he can spot their lights a mile away. He drives to some warehouse and tells Hope to get out of the car and go inside. She wants to know why they are here. Patrick says he has orders. Hope wonders from who these orders come.

At the church, Abby, Nick and Chelsea stand around as two workers from the Salem Historical Society deal with the dead body Max and Mimi found. Chelsea wonders who he was and also who he may have left he left behind. She thinks it's so sad, he could have had a wife and kids who never knew what happened to him. She tells Nick that he just has to find Lonely Splicer for her. Nick says he's working on it, but it's not that easy. She thought he was so good with computers. He says there are security measures here. Chelsea says well he's better at that stuff than she is. Abby reminds Chelsea she had no problem hacking into and sending fake emails to keep Bo and Hope apart. Nick tells Chelsea he's working on it. Later Abby has a private chat with Nick. Nick feels bad about what this online jerk is doing to Chelsea. Abby reminds him that he's the jerk. Nick says not really. Nick says he is nothing what Chelsea imagines Lonely Splicer to be. Abby tells Nick to tell Chelsea the truth. Abby thinks Chelsea might actually accept him. Nick agrees and later talks with Chelsea. However he chickens out and just tells her that he's sure from the emails Lonely Splicer really is in love with her and he'll do what he can to find them. Later Chelsea gets a call from Patrick. He asks her to call Bo and claim he saw him and Hope leaving town in his car. Chelsea asks why? He says he thought she'd like this news as it gives her ammo to push Bo together with Billie. She says she's over that and she's not doing this. She wonders why everyone thinks she will help them with their evil schemes. Abby says because she normally does? Chelsea says not this time. Chelsea then calls Bo.

At the station, Marlena and John are with Roman and Bo as they discuss the EJ case. Marlena and John just stopped by to find out what is happening, as John is off the case. An officer tells Roman that EJ is no longer in his apartment. John says it looks like EJ took the bait. They all talk about what a great job Sami did and how proud they are of her. Roman says now they need someone to go meet up with EJ at the boathouse and bust him. Bo is going to be the one to do this. Meanwhile Marlena has to leave, but John wants to stick around. John reminds Marlena that he is the one who Stefano gave the death card too, this is as much his fight as all of theirs. He only wants to hang around for moral support. Marlena says it's okay. She leaves to do what she needs to do (they are watching Will for Sami and Lucas). Later Bo gets a call from Chelsea. Chelsea tells him about Patrick's weird message. Bo says this isn't good, it looks like Patrick has kidnapped Hope. Bo has to go deal with this situation, which means he can't meet EJ at the boathouse. They ask John to do this. He says he promised Marlena . . . .Roman says they need him. John just hopes Marlena never finds out about this.

At the boathouse, John is waiting around when EJ surprises him. EJ has a gun on John and takes John's gun from him. He then cuts the wiretap John is wearing. EJ says he knew all about this phony trap and didn't fall for Sami's pathetic excuse. John asks EJ what he expects him to do, help him escape? EJ says no, he expects John to die!


December 28, 2006
Lexie is in her car. She calls Abe and says shes on her way to him. She asks about the tests and the doctor. Abe is at the clinic waiting for the results. Lexie wished she could have gone with him. Abe says she needs to take care of Theo, and he doesnt want Theo knowing about this. Lexie says he doesnt and hes with his Grammy Celeste. She also says no matter what happens, she and Theo will always love him. Lexie says shell see him soon and she loves him. As she hangs up, Tek jumps in the car saying he has to talk to her. She says they cant. She reminds him about the restraining order. He thinks it was Abe's idea, but she says it was hers. She says she has to prove shes committed to her marriage. Tek says just five minutes. Lexie says Abe made it clear, if he catches them together again then Abe will leave her. Tek says if she doesnt want anyone to see them then drive. He says he just needs five minutes. She says fine, five minutes and then he gets out. They drive, Lexie tells Tek this is the last of his stunts. She says Abe is in a doctors office right now worried he may be blind. Tek says he loves her. Lexie says she doesnt love him, she loves Abe. Tek says she doesnt and shes just afraid. He knows she loves him. Tek says Abe cant satisfy her the way he can. Lexie says thats it, his time is up and hes getting out. Tek keeps on saying how he knows she loves him. Lexie says she wont turn her back on Abe. Tek says this is about obligation and guilt. She says its not. Lexies phone rings, its Abe. Lexie tells Tek to get out, which he does. Lexie answers her phone and asks Abe if everything is okay?

Bo is at the warehouse and finds Patricks empty SUV. He tells Roman, via the phone, that hell let him know as soon as he knows something. In the car he finds Hopes keys. Hope and Patrick are in the warehouse. She asks why hes doing this. She says the police know EJ is Stefanos son and is involved with the black gloved crimes. She tells Patrick he can save himself. He says how, by turning evidence against the DiMeras? Patrick says they will kill him. She says he can be put in the witness protection program. He says no place is safe from the DiMeras. He has no choice but to carry out his last assignment, to get her from Bo and kill her. Hope says hed never kill his own baby, she doesnt care who ordered it. Patrick says shut up, shes making it worse. Hope begs Patrick not to do this, not to take this gift from God from them. Hope pulls out her cellphone and calls Bo. Bo sees her calling on his phone and answers, but Patrick takes the phone from her. Hope says Bo can help him, shell get him to go easy on Patrick. Hope says it is EJ they want. Patrick says Bo wont go easy on him. Hope says Bo is looking for them, hell find his car and know they are in this warehouse. Patrick doesnt realize that Hope locked her phone, Bo is listening in. Hope says its not too late, but Patrick says it is for both of them. Hope says she gets it, hes in over his head and cant get out. Patrick knows what shes doing, shes trying to establish a rapport with him and humanize herself to her captor. He says he knows this game, its right out of the police manual. She says he would have been a great cop. Hope tells Patrick how there are more lives at stake here, she is pregnant. He says that kid isnt real, but she says it is. Patrick says this is her fault, if she had gone away with him as she promised then he could have found a way out of this. She says its not too late, hes stronger and better than EJ. Hope says they can stand up to him together. Patrick tells her to save it, she never cared about him. Hope says he is wrong, she cares, just not the way he wanted her to. Hope says she knows him, she remembers Morgan Island and how he helped her. He says those were his orders. She knows it wasnt an act, it was the real him. He says he was an idiot, if only he could go back. He says he wanted out of this mess so long ago. She knows he was scared. She says he can get out of this, he doesnt have to kill them. Suddenly Bo yells out to Lockhartr to come out of here. Patrick yells that Bo better stay outside or hell kill Hope. Patrick looks outside, Bo says hes not moving. 

EJ holds a gun on John in the boathouse. John realizes Stefano sent EJ to kill him. EJ talks about how once John was Stefano's trained his assassin. John says he was imprisoned and brainwashed into his pawn. He is glad he doesnt remember that time of his life. EJ tells John that he turned his back on Stefano, who could have given him the world. John says he wouldnt want to live in Stefanos world. EJ says he wont have to worry about that much longer. John says Stefano has tried to kill him for years, what makes EJ think he will succeed? He also cant believe Stefano chose EJ to carry on his legacy calling EJ pretty pathetic. EJ says Stefano saw from an early age he had what it took. EJ says unlike John, hes never disappointed his father. John says so Stefano says jump and EJ says how high? EJ says Stefano isnt a young man, when hes gone hell inherit everything. John says yes,  that evil empire. EJ says an empire beyond his wildest dreams. Sirens are heard in the background.  EJ says John betrayed who he is, he tried to destroy their family. EJ says while Stefanos health is failing, EJs is not. EJ says he will ascend to the throne and take his fathers place. EJ says this will happen by giving Stefano the news of his death. John says hes forgetting he has backup. EJ says he cut his wire, they have no confession and no proof. John says Roman will want to see what is going on. EJ says good point. He forces John to call Roman and claim he is fine and that EJ didnt show.

Roman is in the car with another cop. They have lost communication with John. Roman is worried about what has happened. Roman gets Johns call, learning EJ didnt show (a lie). He then gets a call from Bo asking for backup. Roman says hell be right there since Wells didnt show. Roman goes back to his call with John and days they are about to pick him up in a few minutes.

At the warehouse, Roman shows up and tells Bo to keep his cool and remember his training. Back inside Hope tries to hit Patrick with a board, but he stops her .He says dont try that again. She begs him to turn himself in, but he says hed rather die first. Bo calls and Patrick answers. Patrick says he wants a helicopter and 40,000 dollars. Bo says he cant get that for him. Patrick says wrong answer. A gunshot goes off, outside Bo is panicked. Hope yells out that shes okay. Bo calls Locklhart a sick son of a bitch. Patrick says now Bo knows hes serious. Bo says he cant get that money or the helicopter, its over. Hope asks Patrick to let her talk to Bo. Patrick says okay, tell Bo he means it. Hope talks to Bo on the phone. She says Patrick isnt bluffing and no matter what happens she loves him. Patrick takes the phone back and tells Bo he wants the copter and money now! Back outside, Roman and Bo realize they have to take Patrick down. Back inside. Patrick realize they have to go to plan B. Hes going to use Hope as his hostage to get out of here. Suddenly Hopes water breaks. She says shes having the baby. Hope cant believe shes having this baby in a warehouse with a gun pointed at her. Patrick loses the gun and says hes sorry, he can't believe he's done this. Back outside, Roman gets word that John has been shot and he has to go. Bo assures Roman he can handle this. Bo kicks in the door with his gun drawn.

Back in the boathouse, EJ tells John they are finally alone at last. EJ cocks his gun and aims it at him. He says all these years it comes down to brother verses step-brother, good verses evil. John calls EJ a pawn of Stefano's, a pathetic one because hes doing this of his own free will. EJ says that is Marlenas psychobabble speaking. John says Marlena is smart, shed know what to make of him. EJ says when John is gone shell get her chance to analyze him. He says John will have company in the great beyond. He says he shouldnt tell him this, but hes having too much fun. He says Bo and Steve will also die soon. John says so he has his hands full .EJ says no, he has a secret assassin waiting to kill them. He says he will only kill John, who will take this secret to the grave. He says his assassin has been in Salem all this time working his agenda, nobody had a clue. As they are talking, Tek shows up and hears EJ and John talking. EJ shows up and says this person wont know hes the assassin till the time is right. John knows it is Steve. EJ says the Bradys are all traitors, all of them. John jumps EJ, there is a struggle and his gun goes off. EJ takes off and Tek follows. John has been shot and goes down! Tek later heads inside and sees John has been shot. He checks for a pulse and tells John that hell get help. 

Lexie is in her car talking to Abe. She says shes had car trouble and had to pull over. He tells her to keep the doors locked while she waits for the autoclub. She asks if he talked to the doctor? Abe says he did. He says hes rejecting the transplant and losing his sight. Lexie says there are other options. He says he doesnt want to fix this. He appreciates her optimism, but he has to face the fact that hes going blind. As Lexie says shell be there soon, Tek shows up banging on her window saying she has to open up. She yells at him to go away. He says John has been shot, he needs help and could be dying. They take off on foot and EJ hops into Lexie car and steals it! 

Tek and Lexie show up at the boathouse. She tells Tek that he cant be here when help arrives. She just lied to Abe, he cant find out they were here. Tek says he is a witness, he knows who shot John. He says he didnt get a look at his face, but hes pretty sure it was EJ from his build. Tek says he is all John has. The sirens are in the distance. Lexie begs Tek to go. He says Johns life and who did this are more important than Abes insecurities. Lexie says if he loves her then leave. Tek says fine, but Lexie has to claim she saw the shooting and witnessed it. Tek then takes off. 

At the cabin, the fire has gone out and Sami and Lucas are freezing. They are wrapped up in their coats, they decide to get a blanket. Lucas finds some books and says they can burn these. He says hell write a note and reimburse the owners. Sami calls him her hero. He says shes the heroine after what she did with EJ. Sami says if EJ gets away then he will come after her. Lucas says he wont, Roman will put him behind bars. However he is says if EJ comes for her then he will protect her. He promises her, she says she believes him. They begin laughing and joking around. Suddenly Sami hears creaking coming from the roof. Lucas doesnt hear it. Suddenly the roof gives way and snow falls onto Lucas. Lucas is alive as Sami tries to help him. Beams from the roof have pinned his legs. She tries to move it, but Lucas says its too heavy and shell hurt herself. Lucas tells her that she has to get help. Sami tries to call 911 but of course there is no signal on her phone. Sami then sees Lucas has passed out. She begs him to wake up. She reminds him about that ER episode, if he loses conscious hell go into shock. She begs him not to give up on her. Lucas finally comes too. She tells him to stay awake as shes going to go get help. She puts a blanket over him to try and keep him cold. She also gives him water and crackers. Lucas says he wont get hungry and she needs to just hurry and get help. She says dont go anywhere. He says hell try. She says he has to do more than try. She says just think about Will and how much he needs him. She says she needs him too, focus on their life and future together. She tells him to think about their future vacations and going someplace hot like Mexico. He says thinking about her in a bikini has him wide awake. 

Sami makes it back to Lucas car. She cant get it to start and is crying. She then sees a car coming towards her. She runs to flag the car down. Just her luck it is EJ! EJ says so she was on her way to meet him at the boathouse when what, her car broke down. She knows hes angry at her. He says actually he found her attempts to set him up amusing. Sami says she doesnt have time to grovel. She says Lucas is in trouble and she needs help. She begs EJ to help her. He says as much as hed love to help her, hes in a bind. He says he has to leave town. She says he could die. EJ says she lied to him, she set him up. He says every cop within a hundred miles is looking for him. She says he could die, help her. He says no, she will help him. He forces her to help him get through a roadblock. She says shell help him if he helps her save Lucas. He doesnt care about Lucas. Sami says she does, she loves him, not that he and his family know what it means. EJ tells Sami that shes going to help him get through the roadblock or shell die. He holds a gun on her.


December 29, 2006
Steve and Kayla are having dinner with Benji and his wife Sonia. Sonia is so glad they made it. Kayla says to dinner? Steve thinks she means out of the hospital. Kayla says Steve said Benji came to see them while they were there. Sonia toasts to Steve and Kayla, together again. Benji also adds to true love. They all toast to one another. Later Kayla heads to the bathroom and excuses herself. Benji says Kayla doesnt look a day older than what he remembered. Steve says she is something. Benji says they also have better hair now. Steve says what is wrong, he didnt like their big 80s dos? Steve tells Benji if he didnt show up at the hospital and spark their memory that they wouldnt be together now. Steve gets a call and excuses himself. Sonia tells Benji what is he waiting for, give him the thing so they can get out of here! Later Steve returns and tells Kayla that John has been shot. Steve says they have to go to the hospital now. Sonia says before they leave, Benji has something for him. Steve says it will have to be next time. Steve and Kayla walk off. Sonia tells Benji to go after him and do what he has to do.

At the boathouse, we see a replay of Lexie urging Tek to leave as he cant be found here. Tek says then shell have to tell the cops who she saw shoot John. He says John is depending on her. Roman shows up as do the EMTs. Lexie wants to help as shes a doctor, but Roman says leave it to the EMTs. Roman pulls Lexie aside and asks how she made it here before he did? Lexie tells Roman that she saw who shot John. Roman says they should start from the beginning. He says what brought her here. She says she was on the way to get Abe at a clinic, his eyes are bad. Lexie says the lights on the dash started blinking. She says she pulled over to try and call for a tow. She called Abe to tell him that she would be late. She then says she saw this place and came here to try and get help. She says she heard two men arguing inside and peaked in a window. She says that is when she saw John and what happened. Roman asks who shot John? She says thinks it was EJ Wells. She says it all happened so fast, the man ran off so fast. She says then the next thing she did was try to help John, instincts just kicked in. Roman wants her on record, he needs a statement. She knows, she was a cop. However she says she doesnt know for sure what she saw so back off! Roman apologizes for coming on so strong. Lexie says she understands, it is John they are talking about. Roman says they were trying to set up EJ but things went wrong. He says she is the only one who can confirm EJ was here. Lexie says she understands. Another cop whispers something to Roman. John tells Lexie that her car is missing, EJ must have taken it. Roman says hell send a car for Abe and for her. She thanks him. He says if she wants to thank him then think about what hes been saying. He says they need to nail EJ now.

Later Lexie is thinking about her fight with Tek and how she refused to lose her marriage to Abe. Abe soon shows up on the scene. Lexie says shes sorry, she did what she could for John. Roman shows back up and asks Lexie one last time for a statement. Abe cant believe she hasnt given one yet. Lexie says she just cant think now, but she has told him what she knows. Roman says then one last time tell him and she can forget about it. Abe tells Lexie to just tell them what she saw in her own words. Lexie tells him again that it was dark, she's not sure what she saw. Roman says if John doesnt make it then she is the only one who can make sure a guilty man doesnt walk away free. Roman says forensic has nothing, Lexie is all they have. Abe says so Lexie needs her statement to be clear. Roman says if Lexie doesnt go on the record then EJ gets away and Stefano slips through their fingers again. Roman asks Lexie if she can live with herself if that happened?

Sami is driving with EJ in the car. She tells him that she will help him through the roadblock, but once through he has to save Lucas. He tells her that first they have to see just how well of a job she does with the police. EJ is wearing some dumb hat and glasses as they hit the roadblock. The cops ask for her license and registration. She hands it over but says this isnt her car, she is driving her friends as shes the designated driver tonight. The cop leaves to check on things. EJ tells Sami its a God given talent to lie the way she does. He says hes impressed. The cop returns, she asks what this is all about? He says they are recording the make and plates of all vehicles that go through here tonight. She asks if shes free to go. He says yes, just play it safe as the roads are slick up ahead. 

They make it by the roadblock and EJ tells her well done. She cries and asks if he will help with Lucas or not? She says nobody is following them so will he help her save Lucas. She says if he does she wont tell anyone she saw him, hell get out of Salem. She says he cant let him die. EJ says hell help her if . . . She says whatever it is shell do it. EJ says he wants her to have sex with him! Sami says if he thinks for one second . . . .why would he even want to? She says he could have any woman he wants, one that wants him back. EJ says he was given a task. He says his father Stefano framed it as a request. He says Stefano had him come here to plant a DiMera seed in the Brady of his choice. He thinks thinks this is an honor. Sami says she doesnt. EJ says that is why it has to be her. He says beauty can be bought, but her spirit is priceless. He says she has something special about her. Sami realizes all of this is turning him on. He asks if shed rather save her virtue and leave Lucas to die, or give a handsome devil his due. Sami says so hes going to blackmail her, rape her, that is how he likes it? EJ asks Sami how it feels to hold Lucas life in her . . . .well he was going to say hands. Sami says fine he wins. EJ asks if shes surprised? Sami says he makes her sick. EJ says shes getting him excited again. Sami wants a guarantee that he wont leave her here. He says she can trust him. She hopes he burns in hell. EJ says no doubt his place is already set there. He tells Sami so shall they begin? Shall he take her clothes off? She says no she will. She tells him hes only getting her body. He says thats all hes ever wanted. EJ then has his way with her as she cries. Later the deed has been done. Sami asks if hes happy? He says blissfully, if lightening strikes then hed die a happy man. EJ mentions something about congratulating Lucas when he sees him. Sami slaps him. She says he had what he wanted and if he hurts her, Lucas or her son again then she will hunt him down and kill him. EJ says if she raises her hand to him again then it will be the last thing she does. Sami tells Elvis to honor his promise and save Lucas and then climb back under the rock he came out from.

Back at the cabin, Lucas is still pinned underneath the beams. He begins to hallucinate and sees his mom. Kate tells Lucas that she warned him, she told him so. Kate is standing there in a white coat with a shopping bag. She pulls out some shoes she just bought from the bag and puts them on. Lucas says shes not here. Kate says shes not the only one, where is Sami? She tells Lucas to face the facts, Sami ran off and left him hear to die. She says Sami tossed him away like a pair of old shoes. Lucas says no, she went to get help. Kate says shes not, he is alone and Sami has deserted him. Lucas says Sami is coming back, she loves him and Will. Kate says not as much as she loves Sami. Kate soon vanishes. Lucas wonders where his mom went, he wonders where Sami is. Later Will appears to Lucas. Lucas asks Will what hes doing here? Will tries to brush the snow off of Lucas. Lucas says he cant, hes not really here. Lucas says hes going to take a little nap. Will says no, he has to stay awake. Lucas says he cant, it is too hard. Will tells him to hang in a little while longer for him. Lucas is barely holding on as Will is telling him not to leave them, he loves him. Will soon vanishes. Lucas looks around and calls out to Will.

Sami and EJ shows up to the cabin. Sami finds Lucas is passed out but is still alive. She tells EJ to move the beam as he promised. He says shes ruining the pillow talk and his high. EJ does it to get Sami to be quiet. She says they have to get him to the hospital, but EJ says he has a getaway to make. He warns Sami that if she tells the police that she saw him then shell regret it. He says if hes arrested then he will tell the police she helped him escape and theyve been together for months. He says once Lucas learns that, well she has a lot to lose here. He says just keep her mouth shut. She says or what? EJ says or this. He then forces her into a kiss. Sami pushes him away. He says he hates to kiss and run, but he does have to get away. He tells Sami that she was everything he expected and more. She yells at him to get out, which he does. Sami promises Lucas that she will get him out of this. She says he will make it, they will make it.

At the warehouse, Bo bursts in gun drawn. He tells Patrick to back away from Hope, what has he done to her? Patrick says nothing. He says Hope is in labor and going to have the baby. Bo calls for an ambulance. He also tells Patrick to back away from Hope or hes a dead man. Patrick says hes unarmed, his gun is across the way. Patrick takes off his jacket, Bo asks him what hes doing. Patrick says they need to wrap the baby in something. Hope tells Bo that her contractions are a minute apart, they are having this baby now. Bo is with Hope, Bo tells Patrick to find something to help. Both Patrick and Bo help deliver the baby, Bo tells Hope the baby is fine and shes pretty. He says Hope has a baby girl. Patrick holds the baby for a second. Bo tells Hope that she did great. Patrick then hands the baby to Hope. Bo tells Patrick that he and Hope will raise her and he will love her as if she is his own. Patrick says she is. Hope says what does he mean, they know hes the father. Patrick says hes not, this baby is Bos. Hope says it cant be, the tests said he was the father. Patrick says he paid Dr. Bader to lie. Hope asks why hes telling them this now? Patrick says hes no saint, but hes no killer either. He says hes not even a good bad guy. He says he is just sorry he put them through this. Hope says he did the right thing and it s a beginning. Later the paramedics come and load Hope on a stretcher. Bo and Hope talk about how this is a second chance for them. Bo says what they lost they cant get back. Hope says but they found one another again. Hope remembers when they found out he was Zacks father that he loved him as his own already. Hope says now they have this new blessing. Bo says its a sign that they are meant to be. Hope says for always. Hope and the baby are put into an ambulance. Bo says hes going to deal with Lockhart. He says he loves Hope and his little princess. Hope suggests Bo start thinking of a name for her.

Bo talks to Patrick, he wants to know everything. Patrick offers to make a statement saying Bo didn't beat him. Bo knows EJ is the one who beat him up, he wants Patrick to turn on EJ. Patrick says hell admit to everything he did, but he wont turn on EJ. He admits hes scared of EJ and Bo should be too. Bo tells the cops to get Patrick out of here.

John is rushed to the hospital and Dr. Berman works on him. Marlena is by his side and John is trying to tell her something. However he cant speak. Marlena has to leave them to work. Steve and Kayla later show up. Marlena tells them how John is having problems speaking and he has life threatening injuries. She doesnt know why he got involved again, he promised her. Steve goes into see John as Kayla stays with Marlena. Steve tells John to hang in there, hell be find as long as he comes back to them. Suddenly John begins to seize. Marlena runs to him and says that he will be okay. Hope asks John to tell her what hes feeling. John whispers killer to Marlena. Marlena and Kayla look at Steve, they are confused. Marlena says they dont understand, try again. John passes out, the doctors take him to the OR. Marlena tells Steve that John was looking at him when he said killer. Kayla says they are both doctors, John isnt himself right now and has oxygen deprivation to the brain. Marlena wants to go into the OR with John, but Kayla says she cant. She tells Marlena John needs her be strong for him now. She asks who she can call for Marlena. Marnelan says no . . .. no he cant die.

Bo and Hope are together at the hospital. The doctors are cleaning up the baby. Hope says for the first time in a long time she knows everything is okay. Hope tells Bo that she loves him. He says he loves her too. Hope asks Bo to check on John and tell Marlena they are praying.

Bo goes to see Marlena. Marlena tells Bo that this is his fault. She says John is in the OR and if he dies then Bo is to blame. She says shell never forgive him! Marlena storms off.

Meanwhile Steve waits as Kayla goes looking for news. Benji shows up and tells Steve he has something give him. He slaps something in his hand, kisses his cheeks and runs off. Steve looks at the tarot card of the devil.

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