February 6, 2006
At the hospital, Mimi tells Shawn that he needs to know the truth. Suddenly Bonnie calls out for Mimi (from her bed/cubicle) and her heart monitors go erratic. Mimi and Shawn rush to her as does Lexie. Lexie asks them to wait outside, but Bonnie wants Mimi with her if she goes. Lexie tells her to relax and that Mimi can stay. Bonnies blood pressure suddenly goes back to normal (I think she was squeezing her heart monitor wires), and Lexie thinks Bonnie was just overly excited. Lexie tells Bonnie to just rest while shes checking on the test results, and she tells Mimi not to let her get excited. Lexie walks off, and Shawn goes to talk to her. Mimi tells her mom how sorry she is, she thought this was an act to stop her from telling Shawn that hes Claire's father. Shawn returns and asks what she just said. Of course Shawn didnt hear the whole thing, and Bonnie says Mimi was just saying she was being a bigger baby then Belles baby. Bonnie talks about how she is the worlds worst patient when shes sick. Shawn asks if there is anything they can do to help them get over the stress. Bonnie says Conner was staying at a friends, so could Mimi call the friends mom and arrange for him to stay there awhile longer. Mimi says sure. Shawn goes with Mimi and asks what it was that he wanted to tell him that was so important? Mimi decides to tell Shawn the truth, but Bonnie blurts out that Mimi just feels shes terrible for thinking she was faking her heart attack. Shawn thinks it is something else, but Bonnie doesnt think so. Mimi admits she does feel awful about thinking her mom was faking. Bonnie says given her history of exaggerating its not her fault, shes done this before to get out of work or get some insurance money. Bonnie says those days are over now. Bonnie swears to Mimi that she thought she was going to die. She begs Mimi and Shawn not to do anything to upset her as shes going through this, and Mimi and Shawn promise. Lexie returns, the tests are inconclusive. Lexie decides to admit Bonnie in order to run some more tests. Lexie goes to make arrangements to transfer her to her own room. Lexie then talks to Mimi in private, she needs Mimi to keep Bonnie calm. Mimi thinks this is serious. Lexie says she doesnt know, she just doesn't want to take any chances. Shawn stays with Bonnie and asks if there is anything they can do for her. She asks them to watch over Alices. Mimi returns and says they can do that, is there anything else? Bonnie says there is one other thing. She says this could give her a reason to live, or at least give her a reason to die in peace. She wants Shawn and Mimi to marry ASAP. Bonnie tells Shawn to grant a possible dying womans last wish and marry Mimi while shes here to see it.

At the loft, Caroline is stunned that Belle wishes Shawn was Claires father. Belle knows its wrong, but it is what she wishes. Belle says they spent their whole lives planning their future, and she cant stop wishing they were together. Caroline says but shes married to Phillip. Belle knows, but she still loves Shawn. Caroline says of course she loves him, he was her first boyfriend and her first great love. She knows how that feels. Belle asks if she still loves Victor. Caroline says part of her does, and part of Belle will always love Shawn. Caroline tries to give Belle advice, focus on the wonderful life she has with Phillip. Belle says what about the life she could have had with Shawn, the life she could still have. Caroline says that will just make her crazy. Belle looks through her scrapbook and all her memories of Shawn. Caroline says shes been through some difficult years, and its natural to yearn for things the way they used to be. However shes a grownup now with her own child. Belle knows, but its hard to see none of her dreams came true. Belle continues looking through her scrapbook and all of her dreams. Caroline tells Belle to put it away. Belle says she believed that once she and Phillip had a baby that shed forget how much she loved Shawn. She says maybe it is that she gave Claire the name she and Shawn chose, or that when she looks at Claire she thinks about what she and Shawn had, or it is when she looks at her she thinks of Shawn. She says and when she does look at her and think of Shawn, she loves him even more. Caroline asks if she is not in love with Phillip? Belle says no she does love Phillip, it is just that whenever she looks at Claire she thinks about Shawn. Caroline thinks that is because as they talked about before, Claire does look like Shawn. Belle says she does love Phillip, and he and Claire are her family. Caroline says and Mimi and Shawn will get married soon, maybe that will make it easier for her. Belle says yes, and they are her best friends. However she says that she and Shawn didnt really have an end to their relationship, they didnt break up or fall out of love. Belle says Jan kidnapped Shawn, and she thought Shawn left her. She says by time she figured it out, she was married. Caroline asks if she is saying marrying Phillip was a mistake? Belle thinks about her wedding and she says marrying Phillip wasnt a mistake, but she thinks she maybe she married him for the wrong reasons. Caroline says the vows she took with Phillip are sacred, though not everyone sees them that way. Caroline says she was in love with Victor, but she gave him up to stay married to Shawn (Sr). Belle asks if she thinks about what might have been. Caroline says yes, but then she thinks about everything she has with Shawn Sr. Caroline tells Belle if she ever needs to talk then call her, she cant talk to Shawn or Phillip about this. Belle says shes talked with Shawn and they know where they stand. Belle says shes at peace with her decision to stay with Phillip. Caroline says shes doing the right thing, shell see this in time. Belle hopes so, and she says she has a great husband and a beautiful and healthy baby.

At Samis place, Austin begs Carrie to give him a moment to explain. He asks her to come inside Samis place, and Carrie says fine. Lucas grabs Sami aside and says if Austin is going to make Carrie an offer they cant refuse then they have to do something. Sami says so all of the sudden he wants to help her keep Carrie away from Austin. He says more like keep Austin away from Carrie. Sami says lets do it. Meanwhile, Austin says he should put on a shirt. Carrie says dont bother, shes seen him in a lot less. She says it wont affect what he has to say to her. He says High Style might not exist, but the product line does. He says its a division of Austin Reed and Company, and he wants to hire her to run the division. Carrie says he has her attention, go on. Austin says High Style had a great line and her companies issues were bad management choices. Austin says if he takes care of management and she takes care of the product then High Style will be better then ever. She says but it wont be her company. Lucas says it wont. Austin says its a merger of sorts, theyll be business partners. Sami looks at Lucas as if to do something. Lucas speaks up and says this isnt an offer, this is like jumping someone in an alley and then apologizing and asking them on a date. Austin tells Lucas to butt out. He says Carries been hurt enough, he wont let it happen again. Austin says the last thing he wanted to do was hurt Carrie and he didnt know the company was hers. He says he just wanted his company to be a success. Lucas says by stealing other peoples ideas, he couldnt come up with an idea of his own? Austin says its not like Titan is any different, he went after High Style too. Lucas says but he didnt take it over. Austin says what is done is done, he thinks this offer is a good one, they are a perfect match. Lucas says hes already made Carrie an offer to work at Titan. Austin says he can give her control of the High Style product again, Titan cant give her that, Titan can only give her a million people looking over her shoulder. Sami tells Lucas that Carries buying this so do something. Lucas asks Austin if he will hire Carries employees back? Austin says hed like to, but not at this point. It isnt possible. Sami says they dont have the ability to restructure now, and if they did their investors might pull out. Austin says perhaps in six months to a year they can hire them back. Lucas hopes they will have found another job by them to support themselves and their families, otherwise they will have one tough year. Lucas tells Carrie if she comes to Titan then she can create her own LA division and hire back her employees. Sami says so Carrie would be in LA? Lucas says no, Carrie would be based in Salem, she has to develop other product lines. However she can supervise the person she chooses to run the LA division. Lucas starts talking about how he respects the family type atmosphere she created out in LA. Sami says so its up to Carrie, which deal is she going to take. Carrie tells Austin its too little, too late. She says Lucas has been wonderful to her since finding out High Style was her company, and how much her employees mean to her. Carrie tells Austin that she doesnt trust him, shes taking the job at Titan to rehire all her employees. Austin thinks this is a mistake, but she says he made the mistake by taking over her company without finding out she was the CEO. Austin says she knows him, but she says hes changed. She says hes just another heartless corporate shark. She tells Lucas they should go, and they leave. In the hall, Carrie thinks Austin has changed, the Austin she knew would know how much her employees mean to her. Lucas tells Carrie if she sees him changing that way to call him on it. Carrie says deal, and she thanks him for what hes done for her. He says there is nothing he wouldnt do for her. Back in the apartment, Sami tells Austin hes sorry, but Lucas was manipulative and determined to turn Carrie against him. She says Lucas has declared war on him. Austin says hell burry Lucas. Sami is glad to hear that, she says they have to attack Lucas and Carrie before they attack them. Sami says Lucas has given them no other choice.

At the courthouse, Chelsea swears it was an accident, but Hope says an accident that wouldnt have happened if she didnt steal Bos car and go joy riding without a license. Chelsea says she had a license and permission, dad handed her the keys. Hope thinks Chelsea is lying. Bo tells Hope they need to talk, but she says there is nothing to talk about. She wants Bo to call Chelsea out on being a liar. Hope tells Bo how they gave her driving lessons for Christmas to make her a better driver, but obviously they didnt work. She says her adoptive parents were in a horrible car crash and that taught her nothing. She says nothing gets through to Chelsea, shes a pathological liar like her mother. Bo tells Hope that he has to tell her something, there is something she must understand. Hope asks what he wants her to understand, the two of them have kept them from finding out the truth. Bo thinks they should talk privately, but Hope refuses. Patrick thinks it is a good idea, but Hope wont. She wants Bo to call his daughter on her lies and whatever he has to say he can say in front of everyone. Bo tells Hope that Chelsea isnt lying. Hope says no, no please! She tells Bo to tell her that he didnt approve of her license, that he didnt give her the car. We see flashbacks of Bo doing just that. Bo tells Hope hes sorry, but she just cries and screams. Bo explains the story to Hope, and he says he thought he was doing the right thing. He thought that since she didnt drink shed be safer driving herself on New Years Eve. Hope cant believe this, he is her husband and Zacks father, how could he keep the truth from her. Hope says Patrick is the only one who has been honest, are they all lying to try and make things easier for Chelsea? She thinks Bo is covering for Chelsea again. Bo says nobody is lying, he signed the license. Hope asks Bo how he could lie to her, they all lied to her. Hope tells Bo that he knew all along and let her think Billie was responsible. Bo asks to explain, but she says there is no explanation. She tells Bo not to touch her, she doesnt want him near her. Hope takes off. Bo watches and says what have I done?


February 7, 2006

At the hospital, Lexie is in a room looking at some charts when Tek shows up and calls her "baby." He says hes been looking all over for her. He pulls her into a kiss. He then pulls her into the bath room and she says Tek no! A nurse then brings Abe in, hes in a wheelchair and his eyes are bandaged. He says he thought his wife would be here, but hes sure shell be here soon. In the bath room, Lexie asks Tek what he thinks hes doing? She says hes playing a very dangerous game, her husband is just outside this door. She says he just had a cornea transplant, a very delicate operation. She says if he gets his sight back then this better not be the first thing he sees. Tek just wanted to spend time with her. Lexie says she has told him over and over again that she is staying with Abe, Abe is her only focus. He was hoping shed change her mind, but she says she wont. Tek says just because he got his sight back doesnt mean theyll be happy, he hasnt satisfied her in bed for a long time. He thinks she should be with someone who can treat her right. Lexie says and he thinks hes that man? Tek says he does. Tek says he wants to say his peace and then hell go. He says when he just kissed her, she kissed him back. He says he knows she doesnt want to disappoint Abe, but what kind of husband has he been to her. He says sex is part of marriage and that hasnt been a part of their marriage in a long time. He also says he hasnt been a good companion either, there are things he can still do but they dont. He says then there is Theo, hes not even there for their son. Tek says losing one's sight is a terrible thing, but its not the end of the world. Lexie says enough. She says nobodys life is perfect and Abe is a good man. She tells Tek that hes supposed to be Abes friend and respect him. Tek says he does respect Abe, but he loves her. They then share a hot kiss. In the next room, Abe cant find his robe and asks the nurse to check if someone hung it up in the closet or bathroom. She goes to check and opens the door to the bathroom, where Lexie and Tek are kissing. Tek and Lexie hide in the shower as the Nurse looks in and gets the robe. After she leaves, Lexie tells Tek whatever they had in the past it is over. She says she is sorry if she gave him mixed signals, but she loves Abe and is staying with him. Tek says he knows the vibe he gets from her, what they have and feel wont go away. Lexie is paged, she says a patient needs her and she has to get out of here. Tek creaks the door open and sees Abe sitting out there. Lexie quietly walks into the room and tries to sneak past Abe. She does, but he ends up hearing Tek trying to do the same. Abe demands to know who is here. Tek says its him. Abe asks what brings him here. Tek says he came to see his wife. 

Bonnie is pacing around her room talking about how she has to do this to keep Mimi from losing Shawn. Bonnie looks at her charts and says she really stumped the doctors this time. She hates to worry Mimi, but her wanting to be ethical and moral is really raising her blood pressure. She just hopes Shawn will grant her dying wish. Elsewhere, Mimi thinks about her mom saying she wanted to know that Mimi would be married to the man she loves and taken care of before she died. Mimi wonders how she can marry Shawn knowing hes the father of Belles baby. Shawn walks up to her and thinks shes thinking about her mom and the two of them getting married as soon as possible. Shawn tells Mimi that he thinks they should do it. Mimi says before they set a wedding date they have to talk. Bonnie hears this from her room and realizes she has to do something. Bonnie screams out and acts like shes in pain. Mimi and Shawn run to her, and Mimi asks what she can do to help. Bonnie says there might be one thing she can do. Bonnie tells Mimi and Shawn that she doesnt think shell be able to come back from this, she should have started taking better care of herself a long time ago but didnt. She tells Mimi not to be mad at her. Bonnie says she just wants Mimi to be happy, and she begs them to get married while shes still here to see it. Mimi asks Shawn to give her and her mom a few minutes alone. Shawn leaves, and Mimi tells her mom to drop it. Mimi says she wont start her marriage off with a lie, Shawn has to know the truth. She says she lost Rex due to a lie, so if she loses Shawn then it is the price she has to pay. Bonnie says shes making a big mistake. Shawn returns and says he paged Lexie to come look at Bonnie. Lexie soon shows up, and Lexie looks at her charts and decides to get to the bottom of things. Shawn and Mimi leave as Lexie examines Bonnie. Lexie asks Bonnie about the pains. Bonnie tells Lexie shes in pain, its like a dagger or machete slicing into her. Lexie decides to order more tests for Bonnie just to be safe. Lexie tells Bonnie that women entering menopause are candidates for heart disease, so there are things she can do to nip this in the bud like exercise, stop smoking and reducing stress. Lexie goes out to see Mimi and Shawn. Lexie tells Mimi that shes very concerned about her mom. Lexie says Bonnie needs to quit smoking, drinking, exercise more, go on a low fat diet. Mimi thinks about her moms wild ways and how this wont go over well at all. Mimi worries what if her mom really is dying? Shawn thinks perhaps they should give her mom her wish. He says whats the big deal about it anyways. She says her family isn't up for this now. He says maybe this is what his family needs right now, so why not. Mimi thinks they should talk about it later. Mimi heads in to see her mom. Bonnie tells Mimi that she knows she hasnt always been the best mom, but she did the best she could. Bonnie tells Mimi that she loves her, and she knows she embarrasses her sometimes. However she does want to make sure that shes taken care of. Mimi says there are no guarantees. Bonnie says it would give her peace of mind. Bonnie asks Mimi if she will forget about this Claire thing and make her mom happy? Mimi says she guesses. Bonnie says so shell marry Shawn pronto? Mimi says yes. 

At the courthouse, Chelsea says she cant believe this is happening. She says she killed her baby brother and now her life is over. Billie tells her that once the judge hears her case she could be let off with a fine and community service. Chelsea doubts that, and no matter what the judge decides her life is pretty much over. Billie just wishes there was something she could do about it. Patrick tells Billie that shes done enough. Billie lashes out at Patrick for not minding his own business. He says he wasnt going to let her go to jail for something Chelsea did, and he cant believe Chelsea was willing to let her go to jail for her. Billie says this is between her and Chelsea, he should have stayed out of it. Patrick tells Chelsea that hes always tried to be good to her and he cares about her. She says the only person he cares about is Billie. Patrick says the truth would have come out eventually, and perhaps the judge will go lenient on her. Chelsea doubts that and storms off. Billie tries to go after her, but Patrick says let her go. Billie says no, she is her mother and this was the one thing she could do for her. Billie says because of him now she cant. Billie tells Patrick that he doesnt have kids, he doesnt understand. He says he understands covering up your childs mistakes isnt right. Billie tells Patrick he had no right to do what he did. Patrick says hes sorry if he ruined her little plan. Billie tells Patrick that she thought they had something special but she was wrong. Billie tells Patrick it was a mistake to ever get involved with him and they are finished. Patrick says she cant be serious, but she is. She says he didnt respect her wishes. She says there was a time when she thought . . . never mind, it doesnt matter. Patrick says theyve gotten very close, he doesnt want it to end. Billie says shes been trying to get close to Chelsea, but now that will never happen. Patrick says he did what he thought was right.

Bo is on the phone. Hes leaving yet another message on Hopes cell phone. He says hes worried about her, they just lost their son and they cant lose each other. He says hes worried about her and for her to call him. Later Chelsea runs into Bo. He asks where shes going? She says anywhere but here, she cant be here anymore as shes so scared.

Later, Bo finds Billie and Patrick arguing. Bo tells Patrick to leave Billie alone. Patrick says this doesnt concern him. Billie says they have nothing left to talk about, and she tells Patrick to go. He says fine if that is what she wants. Patrick tells Billie it didnt have to be this way. He then leaves. Bo then gets a call from the station. He tells Billie that shes free to go, the charges have been dropped. Billie says now Chelsea will be charged. Bo says hes afraid so. Chelsea is hiding in the corner and listening to this. Chelsea eventually comes out, and Bo tells them that the Assistant DA is being sent over to file charges against Chelsea for Zacks death.

Hope goes over to Jens house to see her. Jen asks what is wrong, come in and talk to her. Hope tells Jen that Bo lied to her, it wasnt Billie who killed Zack it was Chelsea. Hope says Billie and Bo tried to cover it up and lied to her. Hope explains the whole story to Jen about Bo signing the license and then giving her his car that night. Hope then remembers when they were at the hospital, Bo had to go pick up Chelsea, and later he got another call from Chelsea. She says then she found Zack. Hope says Chelsea didnt even know she hit Zack, she didnt bother to stop and check. Hope cant believe Bo kept all this from her. Hope says as soon as the cops said it was his car that he kept saying it was a misunderstanding. Hope says he lied to her. Jen says maybe Bo was waiting for the shock of Zacks death to wear off, think of the position he was in. Hope tells Jen not to defend Bo! Jen says shes not defending Bo, well she is but . . . Jen tells Hope she loves her and Bo, and she believes Bo was trying to spare her feelings. Jen says look at what Jack did trying to keep the truth about his illness from her. Hope says that was wrong just like what Bo did was wrong. Patrick then shows up at the door. He came by to check on Jen. Jen says this isnt a good time. Patrick knows Hope is here, he saw her car. Jen says Hope isnt doing well and she doesnt know how shell recover from this. Jen lets Patrick in. He says he just came from the courthouse, and because of this senseless tragedy, Bo may lose both of his children. Hope walks out and says if that happens then he has nobody to blame but himself. Hope asks how she can ever forgive him. Hope tells Patrick that he knows she cares about Chelsea, but she doesnt care about anyone but herself. Hope says she treated Chelsea as her own, but now she wishes she never came into their lives. Patrick understands that, and he knows what Billie and Bo did was wrong. Hope says she will do whatever she can to make sure Chelsea gets the maximum sentence. Patrick says it was an accident and Chelsea is devastated over this. Hope doesnt think Chelsea feels any remorse at all. Patrick swears she is genuinely upset. Hope says Chelsea was willing to let Billie go to jail for her, that isnt human. Patrick thinks she should talk to Bo and Chelsea, they need to work this out. Hope says right now she doesnt care if she ever sees either one of them again. Jen realizes she has to check on the baby, but Hope says shell do it. Jen tells Patrick that shes never seen Hope like this. Jen doesnt know how shell get through this without Bo. Patrick says she has to find a way to forgive Bo. Jen says Bo has done the same thing to Hope that Jack did to her, not only has Hope lost her son but she may lose her marriage.


February 8, 2006
At the hospital, Tek tells Abe that hes here to see Lexie. Abe says shes not here, but hed like to talk to Tek about his relationship with Lexie. Lexie walks into the room as Abe says this, but Abe doesn't realize she's there. Abe tells Tek that hes been pretty rough on him lately, and hed like to fix that. He says before he lost his eyesight they worked well together. He says then he got paranoid, he thought Tek was after his wife. He says because he couldnt see, his imagination got wild. He asks Tek if hell accept his apology. The listening Lexie thinks about how she just kissed Tek. Tek tells Abe that Lexie is a desirable woman and hed be crazy not to go after her. Abe says he guesses he had it backwards, Tek should be apologizing to him for coveting his wife! Tek says he was just saying any man would want Lexie, and hed never come between his marriage as he respects it. Tek says hes a lucky man. Abe knows that and says when he gets his bandages off then hell keep his eyes on his desirable wife. Lexie walks in and asks what hes saying about her? Abe says of they were just taking a poll of who the hottest woman here was, she won. Lexie says hes so silly. She says Dr. Gibbons says the donors family wont keep the identity of the corneas he received anonymous, so he can know if he wants. Abe says that would be great. Lexie says she needs to go check in with the nurses station. Tek goes with her, and Lexie thanks him for not saying anything. Tek says he hates lying, but it would be hard for Abe to hear that hes in love with her. Lexie tells Tek that she feels sorry about what has happened, and in another lifetime they could have had something, but in this lifetime Abe is her husband. Tek knows they could have a future together. Lexie goes back into Abes room and is with him as the bandages are removed. Abe opens his eyes, and he can see Lexie. He says shes so beautiful. Lexie is thrilled that the operation worked. Before the nurse leaves she hands Abe an envelope with the name of his donor. Abe opens it up and is stunned, the donor is Zack. Lexie begins to cry when she reads the letter. Abe says two years ago Zack gave him the gift of being a father, and now hes given him the gift of sight. Abe tells Lexie that he knows hes been terrible the last year, he felt so sorry for himself. He says he cant believe everything he took for granted, but he wont do that ever again. Lexie thinks in honor of Zack this should be a new start for both of them. Abe says yes and it would be a dishonor not to. A spying Tek says Lexie may be happy with Abe now, but it wont last, thats a promise. 

At Chez Rouge, Lucas and Carrie arrive. Lucas wants this dinner to be a celebration of Carrie coming to work at Titan. Carrie tells Lucas that she hasnt signed anything yet, and shes not sure about this. She says that is why shes lousy at business. Lucas tells her not to let Austin get to her, dont sell herself short. Carrie says shes already run one company into the ground, she doesnt know how big of an asset shell be since her heart isnt in this yet. Lucas thinks they can work on that. As they talk about Austin, Carrie wonders if Lucas is saying that Austins business philosophy has nothing to do with the person he is, and if she should forgive him? Lucas says that would be her decision. Roman comes up to them and says hello to them both. Roman says it feels good to have Carrie back, even if its only temporary. Carrie says shes actually staying here, Lucas offered her a job at Titan and shes taking it. Roman says thats great. Roman says hell see her later. 

Nicole is drinking up champagne at Chez Rouge. Roman asks if she drank that all by herself? She says he wasnt here, what was she supposed to do. Austin and Sami show up, Nicole invited them here to meet with a man they need to convince to come over to their side. When Austin meets their newest investor, Austin cant believe it. Austin introduces Larry Tate to Sami, he and Nicole did business with him at Titan. Larry says Austin has done well for himself, hes impressed with the High Style takeover. Austin assures Larry that how it went down isnt his style at all. Nicole asks Sami to entertain Mr. Tate while she speaks to Austin. Sami and Larry sit and drink. Meanwhile, Nicole tells Austin to stop worrying about Carrie and High Style, whats done is done. She says Larry lives for takeovers, and he needs to win Mr. Tate over. She says he can give them the money for six High Styles and then he can give one to Carrie with a big red bow. Austin says shes right. Austin and Nicole return to the table, but Roman intercepts Nicole first. He overheard Nicole telling something to Austin about giving something with a bow to Carrie, he thanks her for trying to help them work things out. Nicole reminds Roman of the last time they drank here. He remembers going home with a big smile on his face. She suggests he go home with her tonight. Roman says wow, theyve had a lot to drink so he should go before he does something he wants to. Roman says he needs to go take a cold shower, but hell see her around. Roman then gives her a peck and leaves.

Meanwhile, Larry tells Austin how much he admires how he took over High Style, will he use that slash and burn technique with every company he goes after? Austin says breaking up High Style gave him an appetite for more of the same, its his future. As Austin says this, Carrie walks by in the background. Larry says going after High Style was a stroke of genius, the product was great and the CEO was weak. Sami sees Carrie is listening and tries to signal Austin, but fails. Carrie interjects herself into the conversation and introduces her as High Styles weak CEO. She cant believe Austin is celebrating his victory. She tells Austin he destroyed the lives of so many people, and she thought he never meant to hurt anyone. She says hes turned into someone who has no conscious and terrible taste in dinner companions. Carrie runs off, and Lucas wonders what they said to her. Sami tells Lucas not to get involved in this. Lucas tells her that Austin doesnt belong with Carrie. Sami says dont worry, if they work together then Austin and Carrie are over. 

Austin chases after Carrie. Austin says hes sorry about that, and what happened between their companies was just business. Carrie says High Style meant everything to her. Austin knows, but he also knows if they didnt take her over then another company would have. He says High Style was vulnerable. She says all she needed was more time. Austin says and better management skills and work ethics from her employees. He says he sounds harsh, but its the truth. He tells Carrie that shes a brilliant and creative person, but shes not cut out to be a CEO. He says its nothing to be ashamed of. Carrie says the only thing shes ashamed of is how she ended their marriage. Carrie says she should have left Austin sooner, they were never meant to be. She tells him that there is nothing left, its over. 

Roman returns home. There is a knock at his door, Nicole followed him! He asks what shes doing here. She says invite her in and find out. Roman doesnt know about this. Nicole walks in and says shes sure enough for the both of them. She takes off her red imitation fur coat and reveals her sexy dress (or slip) to Roman. 

In court, Bo talks with Billie, he still cant find Hope. Billie tells him to go find Hope, but Bo says she doesnt want to be found right now. He says the assistant DA is on his way and Chelsea will need them. Billie says she knew this would happen, she knew that when they found out about Chelsea that shed come between him and Hope. She says this is why she confessed, so he could be there for Hope and Chelsea. Bo says he doesnt have to make a choice between Hope and Chelas. Billie says no, but it is in his nature to be protective. She says she knows hed go to the mat for Chelsea, but it could cost him his marriage. He says he wont let that happen. However he says what hes most feared would happen has, now he doesnt know where Hope is and she wants nothing to do with him. 

Chelsea walks into an empty courtroom and sits down. Shes in tears. She cant stop thinking about hitting Zack. She says she wishes she could have a second chance. Kate walks up and says shes felt that way many times, but you only get one chance in life. Chelsea says she killed her baby brother. Kate says she didnt mean to do it. Chelsea says still Zack is dead and shes responsible, and shell have to live with that for the rest of her life. Kate says she will pull every string she can, she has a lot of connections. However she doesnt know if she can get her out of this completely as this is a serious matter, and Hope will be on a rampage against her. Kate says if she was Hope, shed probably feel the same way. Chelsea says no matter what the court decides, Zack is gone and nothing will change that. Chelsea talks about how shes gone over that night in her head a lot, what did she do wrong? She says she wasnt speeding. The Assistant DA Brett Wietz comes in and says he can answer that question. He asks if Chelseas attorney is present. She says she doesnt have one. He suggests she get one as they have a witness that says she reached for her cell phone at the time of the accident. Bo and Billie walk in, and they ask what is going on. The Assistant DA says hes filed charges for first degree vehicular manslaughter against Chelsea, and he needs Bo to arrest his daughter. Bo thought they were going to discuss this before charges were filed. The Assistant DA says his hands are tied, the DA is hot for this case. Bo says it was an accident, but the Asst DA says Chelsea has shown no remorse for what she did and the DA has noted that. Chelsea says thats not true, she loved Zack. Brett tells Bo that hes knows its difficult but he has to make this arrest. Chelsea cant believe this, her own father has to arrest her? Billie and Kate leave Bo with Chelsea. Bo tells Chelsea that getting arrested isnt fun, but he and her mom will be here for her. Chelsea says what about Hope, she hates her. Bo says Hope will come around eventually. Chelsea says her son is dead because of her. Bo says Zack was his son too, but Chelsea says shes not Hopes daughter. Bo says lets not worry about that now, they need to find her a good lawyer who understands this was an accident and shes sorry. Chelsea says she is sorry. 

Out in the hall, Kate tells Billie that shes so sorry for what shes going through. Billie says this trial will be awful, Hope is on the warpath against Chelsea. Kate says maybe this isnt such a bad thing, maybe this will bring her, Bo and Chelsea together as a family. Billie looks at her mom like shes insane. Billie says shes not going to use this to break up Bo and Hopes marriage. Kate thinks Billie needs to seize the day and take the moment, she doesnt want to see Billie pass up a chance. Kate says shes passed up so many chances and is alone, she doesnt want that for Billie. Billie sees her mom wont quit. Kate says not until she sees all her children happy. Billie says she has to find her own happiness in her own way, and that doesnt include losing Bo and Hopes tragedy for her own gain. Billie tells her mom to go, shell call if she needs her. 

At Jens, Hope comes downstairs and finds Alice and Maggie have joined Jen. Hope says shes not good company right now, but Jen says nobody expects her to be. Alice gives Hope a hug, as does Maggie. Maggie says shell get through this, but Hope says not with Bo, not after what he did. Hope says shell never forgive Bo for this. She says she lost Zack and Bo betrayed him, his daughter killed Zack. Maggie says Zack is Bos son too. Hope says you wouldnt know it by how hes acting, hes only concerned about Chelsea. Maggie says shes about to be charged with a crime, hes concerned about her as he would be if this was Shawn. Hope says Shawn would never do what Chelsea did. Maggie says Shawn was reckless at Belle and Phillips wedding. Hope says he didnt kill anyone, and Alice says by the grace of God. Hope cant believe they are defending Bo. They tell her that she has to talk to Bo, she has to do what she can to save her marriage. Jen brings Hope some tea. Maggie tells Hope that Alice has a story about the time when Hopes mom was hit by a car and died. Alice says it was terrible, losing a child no matter what age they are is hard. Alice says there were times that she and Tom didnt speak, but they remembered they had each other, love and Hope. Maggie tells Hope when she feels like giving up, think of Tom and Alice. Jen says the most difficult thing is that Bo has a daughter, and he cant just abandon Chelsea. Hope says that if Bo sides with Chelsea then he will lose his marriage to her. Jen tells Hope that she and Bo belong together and they urge her to call Bo and talk to him. Jen grabs the cell phone and says he may have left her a message. Jen hits the wrong button which plays Zacks pick me up from school message. Jen goes to turn it off, but Hope says no. She says to turn it off will erase it, and his voice is all she has left. They beg her to go talk to Bo, they need each other now. Hope agrees to find him, but God help him if hes with Billie and Chelsea. 

Hope goes to the courthouse looking for Bo. She finds Bo with Billie and Chelsea. Bo says hes sorry but they have to take her to jail for processing. Chelsea asks if they really have to do this? Billie says the sooner they do this, the sooner shell be out. Chelsea says she doesnt want to go, shes scared. Billie says she knows and she and her father will be here for her. As Hope watches, Kate sees the look on her face.



February 9, 2006
At the loft, Belle is tucking Claire in with the blanket that Zack gave her. Phillip shows up, hes putting on a suit. He says it has to help Hope to know that Claire has a part of Zack living on in her. They prepare to attend Zack's funeral.

At Patrick's place, Kate shows up to see Chelsea. Chelsea thought it was the police coming to arrest her. Kate thought Bo pulled some strings? Chelsea says he did, they wont take her to jail until after the funeral, but it will still happen. Kate tells her not to think that way, it was an accident and her parents are behind her. Kate asks why shes not dressed. Chelsea says she is. Kate says well she cant go to Zacks funeral like that, fortunately she brought her some outfits to choose from. Chelsea says shes not going. Kate says she is, if she doesnt then shell kiss her freedom and future goodbye. Kate says she needs to show Hope and everyone else that shes mourning Zack to. Kate says there will be photographers and journalists there, and it will be to her advantage to be seen there. Chelsea doesnt think thats a good idea. Billie walks in and says neither does she, and this is unbelievable even for Kate. Kate tells Billie that Chelsea must do this for herself, and she tells Billie to get over there and be there to support Bo. She tells Billie to wear that cute black get-up she sent her. Kate leaves, and Billie argues with Chelsea about going to the funeral. Billie says theyll get through this, but whatever she does, dont go near Zacks funeral. Billie walks out of the room. Chelsea grabs the dress Kate brought over and thinks about it. 

At Shawn and Mimis loft, Mimi serves her mom a healthy breakfast. Bonnie doesnt think it is edible, but Mimi says she needs to eat better and start exercising. Bonnie says fine, as she covers up her cigarettes and junk food so Mimi cant see them. Mimi says shes serious, she doesnt want to lose her. Bonnie says if Mimi wants to keep her heart beating then marry Shawn and never find out that hes Claires father. Shirtless Shawn storms out of the bathroom, hes furious and says this isnt happening. He says he was practicing his eulogy in the shower, he doesnt think he can do this. As Mimi comforts him, Bonnie spikes her drink with booze. Shawn leaves to finish getting dressed. Mimi tells her mom that she has to tell Shawn the truth, but Bonnie says shell not only lose Shawn, shell lose her too because her heart cant take it. Mimi goes to get ready for the funeral and then Kate shows up. Kate asks Bonnie what shes doing? Bonnie says trying to jumpstart Mimi and Shawns wedding. Bonnie says they hit a snag, Mimi found out that Shawn is Claires father. Bonnie says now Mimis on a morality path, she thinks she has to tell Shawn the truth. Kate says if that happens then there wont be a wedding.

At Jens place, Jen and Frankie are having some tea and getting ready for the funeral. They talk about learning Chelsea is responsible and how Bo and Billie lied to Hope. Jen cant believe not only have Bo and Hope lost their child, they have all this to deal with. Bo shows up asking Jen if Hope is here? He says he needs to find her and talk to her before the funeral. Jen tells Bo that he cant. Jen says Hope spent the night with Doug and Julie and they left for the church this morning. Bo wants to go see her, but Hope says no. Jen says they convinced Hope to go find him yesterday, she left but then returned in tears. Jen says by the way Hope was talking it doesnt sound like shes going to forgive him. Bo says Hope has to forgive him, he cant lose her. Frankie tells Bo to go home, shower, shave, get ready for the funeral. Bo says hell see them at the church. Bo leaves, and Jen and Frankie hope that they work it out. Frankie cant imagine Bo without Hope. Jen says its like her without Jack, they had that kind of love. Jen has to finish getting dressed. Frankie tells Jen he has a problem. He says this is a new shirt and it requires cufflinks, but he doesnt have any here. Jen says that he can borrow Jacks, she just has to remember where he kept them. Jen has a memory of where Jack used to keep them. She finds them and says they are the cufflinks Jen got for Jack for their anniversary. She has more flashbacks of giving them to Jack. Frankie says he cant wear these, it wouldnt be right. Jack then appears to Jack. Jack tells Jen its fine, he wants Frankie to wear them. Jen goes back to Frankie and insists he wear them, Jack wants him too. Later Jen comes down and sees Jacks ghost. He says hes only here for a minute. He says he wants her to be with Frankie, he can make her happy. Jacks ghost tells Jen to give Frankie a chance, hes a good man. Jack says how many dead husbands get the chance to come back and play matchmaker for their wives. He says build a life with Frankie, do it for herself, the kids and for him. Jack says she deserves to be loved always and forever. Jack then disappears. Frankie shows up and asks Jen if shes okay? Jen says she is. She tells Frankie that he looks handsome. She says they need to go. Jen puts Frankies coat on him, and then she kisses him. Frankie kisses her too, but he quickly pulls away and says hes sorry for that. Jen says no its okay, Jack would be happy that shes moved on. Frankie says he would never try and take Jacks place. Jen says she couldnt love anyone like Jack. Frankie says he wouldnt expect her too. Frankie says hell always be there for her though, and she says that means a lot to her. 

At the church, Hope, Doug and Julie arrive for the funeral. Doug tells Hope that she doesnt have to do this, but Hope says she does. Hope asks to be alone with Zack. Hope looks around, she looks at Zacks coffin, the flowers set up for him, and his photograph. Hope ends up breaking down. Doug goes to Hope to support her. He tells her that she needs to realize God has a plan, even one we dont understand. He says Zack has gone home to God, hes in a peaceful place and hes not alone. He says Tom, Jack and even her mom are waiting there to welcome him. Doug says one day they will be welcomed by Zack. Hope has a teddy bear and blanket, she wants them to be put in with Zack. We see him laying them in the coffin (we see his hands). She tells him to remember what she told him about the bear, its like having mommy with him at all times. She then puts the bear and a cross in his hands. She then says his hair is wrong and combs it, saying its the last thing she can do for him. Maggie shows up, she tells Doug and Julie that Bo should be here with her. Hope says she went to talk to Bo and found him with Billie and Chelsea. He made it clear that he cares more about Billie and Chelsea than about her and Zack. Maggie says people make mistakes, the church teaches them to forgive. Hope says Zack is dead, how can she forgive Bo for what he did. Bo walks in and says hes so sorry. Hope tells Bo to get away from her and from Zack. Hope tells him to go comfort Billie and Chelsea. Bo says Zack was their son, they should be together. Hope says leave her alone with HER son. Caroline and Shawn arrive, and Caroline tells Bo to give Hope time. 

Outside, Kate meets up with Victor. Kate doesnt know what to say. Victor says Zack never had time to grow up, and to know their granddaughter was responsible makes it worse. Kate says it was an accident, and they do need to be there for Chelsea. Victor says it gets more complicated, there is Claire, Shawn is her father and its only a matter of time before they all find out the truth. Victor walks off and Kate says that wont happen.

Back inside, Bo gives Alice a hug, and she says shes so sorry. Father Jansen then takes Bo aside to talk. More people arrive for the funeral, including Shawn and Mimi. Victor and Kate then walk in, they sit with Belle and Phillip. Bo goes to Hope, who is at the coffin. Bo says they need to sit down. Hope doesnt want to see Bo or sit next to him. Julie tells Bo to let Hope be. Bo says he didnt tell her about Chelsea because he didnt think she could handle the truth. What he did was out of love. Father Jansen begins the funeral proceedings. As Father Jansen speaks about Zack, Hope sobs openly. Hope sits with her family and Bo with his parents. Shawn Brady Sr. gets up to sing a tribute to Zack. He sings Oh Danny Boy. Shawn breaks down, so Doug gets up and sings. Everyone else in the church joins in. Later Shawn gets up and gives the eulogy. He talks about how Zack wanted to be a pitcher, and he wanted him to teach him. Shawn says for a little kid he had an amazing arm. However he says Zack couldnt throw a curve ball, he was a straight shooter and taught not to lie. Shawn says Zack taught him so much. Shawn begins to think about his dream about Zack in the nursery with Belle and Claire. Shawn says that Zack taught him what love means, and hell always love him. Shawn goes back to Mimi. Mimi thinks she has to tell Shawn the truth, she cant keep it from him anymore. Shawn sits by Mimi, and Mimi says that was beautiful. She says she has something to tell him, but not here. Bo leans over and tells Hope that Shawn is right, Zack taught them about love. He says Zack would want them to love each other and to forgive. Then Chelsea walks in, and everyone is shocked. Hope walks up to her and says How dare you! She then slaps Chelsea!


February 10, 2006
Marlena and Alex are outside of the church. Marlena thinks this is too much for Alex, who became a little light headed. She wants to take him to the hospital. Alex says that isnt necessary, but he suggests they go home and he can have her all to himself.

Marlena and Alex return to the penthouse. Alex feels terrible that they had to leave the funeral, he thought he was well enough. Marlena tells Alex the only one to blame for this is John. Marlena tells Alex how grateful she is to him for risking his life to save her, and she kisses him. Alex says she is the most precious thing in the world to him, and the next time they are in church it will be to renew their vows. Alex just wants to make sure she feels ready, she still doesnt remember her past. Marlena says she is ready, she has such deep feelings for him. She says she wants to be married to him forever. They then kiss. The phone rings and Marlena suggests they let the machine get it. Marlena leaves to get changed and Alex picks it up. It is Lois calling, she snuck out of her room (see below) to make a phone call. Alex asks why shes calling him here? Lois says she needs him, she misses him, this is torture. Alex tells Lois to get back to her room, but she says no. She wants to kill Marlena as soon as possible. Alex says they have to stick to their plan and shell get what she deserves in time. Lois says he said shed have Marlenas heart for on a platter Valentines Day. She demands Alex come back to the hospital and get her out of here or shell tell John what hes really up to. Alex tells Lois to go back to her room and hell be there as soon as he can. Lois says that she misses him so much, but she will do as he says. She says the next time they are together hell be up all night. Later, Marlena returns, Alex is now on the terrace finishing his phone call. Marlena then has a flashback of a romantic Valentines Day with John. She remembers strawberries and whipped cream they shared. Alex returns and asks if shes okay. She says she is. Alex says he has to go out right now, there is something important he has to do. Marlena tells him that she knows what hes up to and he wont get away with it. She thinks hes going out to buy Valentines gifts for her, but he cant do it because he doesnt feel well. She says instead shell spoil him. Marlena says shes going to spend all day and night taking good care of him. Alex says that sounds like heaven, but he really does have to do this short errand. He says then hes hers to do with what she wants. Marlena tells Alex that hes not going anywhere, she will make sure hes never out of her site. Alex begins to worry about Lois threats. Alex tells Marlena how he really has to go, but Marlena wants to know what is really going on.

John meets up with Abe at the hospital. John tells Abe how happy he is for him that he has his sight back. Abe says hes so grateful for this second chance and it is all because of Zack. John says it is amazing, and it's amazing Claire is alive too. Abe remembers Zacks first words were daddy and he said them to him. Abe says when they gave him back to Bo and Hope they kept their distance so Bo and Hope could make up time they lost with him. Abe wishes he spent more time with Zack now, he doesnt want him to think they abandoned him. John says Zack never felt that way. John begins talking to Abe about his troubles with Marlena. John then asks about Lexie, did she go to the funeral. Abe says shes on duty and frankly he doesnt think she can handle it. Abe talks about how angry and bitter hes been and how he took it out on Lexie. Abe says if he hadnt come to his senses then it would have cost him his marriage. John says Lexie never stopped loving him or turned to other men. Abe tells John when Marlena comes to her senses shell know shes meant to be with him. John just wishes he could figure this Alex and Lois thing out. Abe has an idea for John, a way to beat Alex at his own game. Abe says Roman and he, well he will be soon again, are officers of the law. He says they are limited in their tactics. Abe tells John hes a trained spy and he can get the truth one way or the other. John realizes what Abe is saying and cant believe he didnt think of this earlier. Abe tells John hell take care of the guard at Lois door while John takes care of the rest.

Lois is in the psych ward crossing out a photo of Marlena. Lois talks about how they need to finish their plan so the two of them can be together forever. A cop is outside of Lois door. He locks it, but leaves the keys in the door. He leaves to get some coffee to keep himself awake. It turns out the guard didnt lock the door, he unlocked it! Lois uses the opportunity to sneak out. She makes a call to Alex (as detailed earlier). Later she returns to her room as Alex instructed. She says Alex better keep his word or shell finish the job herself. She says Marlena needs to know that Alex is her and anyone who tries to take him from her will die. Meanwhile, Abe approaches the guard at Lois door and asks him to deliver some papers to the police headquarters, but the guard says no way. The officer is just stunned that Abe has his eyesight back. Abe says he doesand hes coming back to the force as soon as possible. Abe asks the officer to deliver the papers for him, they are all ready to go. Once the coast is clear, John slips in to see Lois. Hes got a syringe filled with truth serum. As he approaches Lois, she wakes up.

At the funeral, we see a replay of Mimi telling Shawn that she has something to tell him soon. Kate hears this and tells Victor that Mimi is going to tell Shawn the truth. Victor says Shawn deserves to know. We then see a replay of Bo being there for Hope until Chelsea arrives. We get an extra replay of Hope slapping her and saying how dare she shows up here. Billie races in and says she tried to stop her. Bo tells Hope that Chelsea came to repay her respects. Hope cant believe Bo is defending her after Chelsea killed their son. Shawn hears this and is furious. He cant believe when he learns the truth. Shawn looks at her and says You killed my brother? Chelsea says she didnt mean it. Shawn tells her to get out before he throws her out. He says not only did she hit Zack, she left him to die, she lied and then she let Billie take the blame. Billie says it was an accident and it was her idea to take the blame. Bo says they were wrong to protect their daughter. Shawn looks at his dad and says he lied to all of them. Shawn asks his dad how he could do this. Hope says and hes still defending Chelsea and Billie, its clear whose side he is on on, not theirs and not Zacks. Shawn asks his dad how he could lie to them. Chelsea says she didnt mean for this to happen, it was an accident. Billie says they all know. Billie tells her to sit down and take deep breaths. She goes to get Chelsea some water. Hope tells Shawn she didnt want him to find out like this, she was going to tell him after the service. She didnt expect Chelsea to show up here. Shawn says he (Bo) lied to both of them, and he hugs his mom. Shawn says now they know who killed Zack. Victor tells Bo that he needs to be with Hope, but Bo says his wife doesnt want him near her now. 

Outside the chapel, Patrick goes to Billie and says she shouldnt be here. She says its none of his business. He says he cares about her. She says dont say that, she begged him to protect her daughter and he wouldnt. He asks where Chelsea is, and Billie says crying her eyes out in church. Patrick cant believe she brought Chelsea. Billie says she didnt, Chelsea took a cab. She says she tried to stop Chelsea but it was too late, she walked in on the service and Hope hit her. Patrick asks if they are both okay. Billie says no and shes bringing Chelsea water. Patrick thinks they should both get out of here soon, and Billie says they will. Patrick goes inside and checks on Hope. Hope asks why she had to come here? Why couldnt she stay away? Bo sees Patrick with Hope and tells him to get away from his wife. Hope says Patrick has the right to be here, he is her friend and she trusts Patrick a lot more than she trusts him. Bo tells Patrick out of respect for their son and their loss to leave them alone. Patrick tells Hope to tell him if she needs anything. He then leaves. Hope tells Bo that he had no right to treat Patrick that way. Bo says Patrick has no right to be involved in this. Hope says why so he could keep his lies a secret? Hope says if it weren't for Patrick she still wouldn't know the truth.

Meanwhile, Mimi tries to calm Shawn down. Shawn says his dad lied to them and there is no excuse to lie to the one you love when it concerns a child. Shawn doesnt know how his mom will deal with all of this, she doesnt know how his mom can forgive her dad. Shawn says some lies you just cant get passed, they know that better than anyone. Mimi thinks about her lie to Rex, and Shawn thinks about Belle lying about her mom being the killer. Shawn tells Mimi to never keep a secret from him, and she promises. Mimi says she loves him, never forget that. He says he wont. Shawn says he has to be with her mom, maybe she should go back to the loft and be with her mom. Shawn assures Belle that hell be fine. 

Shawn ends up going to confront his father, who is fighting with Hope. Shawn tells his dad that Chelsea may have been driving the car, but he killed Zack. Bo says he is responsible. Shawn says he lied to his wife too and he wouldnt blame mom if she never forgives him. 

Caroline talks with Victor, she knew about the lie and hates what this is doing to them. She says Bo never should have sided with Chelsea. Victor says lies can cause a lifetime of regret. 

Billie lashes out at her mother for talking Chelsea into coming her. Kate thought it would be good for her defense, but Billie says she did it to drive a wedge between Bo and Hope. Kate says she wont deny that she wants her to be with Bo and they need to be together for their daughter. Billie says what about what Hope needs? She says Hope needs Bo now. Kate says Hope cant stand the sight of Bo. Later, Chelsea tells Kate this was a mistake coming here. Kate says no, she came to support her family and Hope just went off the deep end. Billie says Hope is not herself and has every right not to be. Chelsea says this is all Patrick fault anyways. Billie tells Chelsea its time she start taking responsibility, nobody is to blame but her. 

Patrick brings Hope some water, which Bo doesnt like. He says he told Patrick to stay away from Hope. Patrick says its just water. Bo accuses Patrick of using the situation to get close to his wife. Patrick says that is ridiculous, Bo is the one who betrayed his wife. Bo shoves Patrick, causing him to fall into Zacks coffin and break the photo of him. Hope picks up the photo and tells Bo to look what hes done. She says her son is dead because of him, just get out and get away from her and Zack.  

At Shawns loft, Bonnie is dancing around to country music. She knocks a vase over and breaks it, revealing Mimis hidden diary. Bonnie begins reading the diary. Mimi writes that her life is over because Rex found out about her lie. She wished she had told him the truth from the beginning. Bonnie begins to worry what if the Claire things backfires on Mimi, what if shes making Mimi make the biggest mistake of her life by lying to Shawn. Bonnie quickly wonders what shes saying, one little lie wont ruin Mimis life. She says Mimi and Shawn will live happily ever after, as will Belle, Phillip and Claire. Bonnie takes a huge pizza out of the oven and says mother always knows best. She says Mimi will thank her once those trust funds of Shawns kick in, hopefully in cash. Mimi returns home and finds Bonnie stuffing her face with pizza and is furious. She asks her mom if shes trying to have a heart attack? Mimi says if she keeps this up then shell kill herself. Bonnie says the only way to make sure she gets better is if she and Shawn marry. Mimi says shes sounding like a broken record, and because of what Shawn said to her today the wedding probably wont happen. Mimi explains what happened and how devastated Shawn is over his fathers lies. Mimi says this is just how she lost Rex, she wont make that mistake again. Mimi says shes telling Shawn the truth as soon as he comes home. Bonnie says that will be a mistake, she will lose Shawn if she does. Mimi says what kind of marriage would they have if it's based on a lie? Bonnie says one ike every other marriage, husbands and wives lie to each other every day. Bonnie tells Mimi shes on her own from now on, Mimi will have to decide whether she wants Shawn or not. Bonnie tells Mimi if she wants to say goodbye to her one chance at happiness and break her mothers heart then tell Shawn and see what happens. 

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