February 13, 2006
At the penthouse, Alex tells Marlena that he really does have to go run his errand. Marlena tells him absolutely not, hes not going anywhere. She demands to know what is really going on here. Alex says hell tell her but she may not like it. He says its been years since theyve been together and it is Valentines Day, he wants to get her a very special gift. Marlena says it isnt necessary, but he says it is. Marlena says she will let him go, but shes coming with him! Alex asks how it will be a surprise then? Marlena says hell have to figure that one out. Alex says she loves surprises, so please let him do this. He says he wants this to be the best Valentines Day shes ever had. He kisses her hands, so she says okay he may go. He says hell just take a quick trip to Salem Place and will be back before she knows it. Alex then leaves, and Marlena has more memories of being with John. In this memory she remembers being in bed with John, waking up and finding he had surprised her for Valentines Day. 

At the hospital, Lexie goes into Abes room but hes not there. She looks around for him and then Tek comes in to see her. She says he shouldn't be here. He tells her that it isnt that easy to let her go. She asks why he keeps doing this? Tek says Abe has his sight back but he still cant make love to her, he cant give Theo a brother or sister. Lexie tells Tek to stop this. Tek says he loves her. 

Meanwhile, Abe tries to convince the officer to take the papers to headquarters ASAP. The officer says he has orders to guard this patient, Abe will have to get someone else to run this errand. The officer says he needs to get back there. Abe tells him to consider himself relieved from duty. The officer says Abe is still on medical leave, he cant give orders. The officer asks what is really going on here? Abe says he may be on leave but hes still a commanding officer. He tells the cop to do it or hell have him written up. The officer says hell run this over and be back as soon as he can.

Abe returns to his room and finds Tek with Lexie. He says they look serious, is there something they want to tell him? Lexie says she was just wondering where he was. Abe says John asked him for a favor. Abe asks Tek if he can leave him alone with his wife, so Tek leaves. Abe explains how he was helping John try and get Marlena back. Abe says he knows how John feels, he almost lost the woman he loves too. Abe and Lexie hold one another, and Abe says he cant stop thinking about Isaac. He says life is just too short. Lexie tells Abe there isnt much anyone can do, Marlena chose Alex. Abe says if Alex is the right man for her then John will back off, if not then she should be with John. As the hug again, Lexie sees Tek outside spying on them.

In Lois room, Lois wakes up as John is about to inject her with truth serum. He hides it behind his back as Lois asks what hes doing. She asks what he wants from her? He says what hes always wanted, to stop her from hurting Marlena. Lois says he is pathetic, what is with him and Marlena. He says he just wants to keep Marlena away from Alex. She says Alex wont have her for long. She says she will be getting a special gift for Valentines Day, but she says she cant say anymore as it is a secret. John says he can keep a secret, so what is Alex up to? Lois tells John he shouldnt be allowed to speak Alexs name. She attacks him, and he injects her with the truth serum. He says now shes going to tell him the truth about Alex. Lois realizes John gave her truth serum. She tells John that she and Alex will be together. John says Alex loves Marlena. Lois says that is what Alex wants them to think, and soon Marlena will be out of the picture permanently. John asks what Alex has planned for her? She says Alex is planning a little Saint Valentines Day Massacre like surprise for Marlena. John asks what Alex is planning, and she says whatever it is, it wont be pretty. As Lois says this we see Alex is outside the door watching. John once again demands to know what Alexs plan is. She says if she knew why should she tell him? He says because he can make sure she spends the rest of her life in a padded cell. She says he cant do that, but John says he can. He thinks it would probably delight Alex. She says Alex loves her, he wont do that to her. John says Alex is having her moved to a private institution, hes already filled out the forms. Lois says no, she and Alex are partners. She says they are going to kill Marlena and then be together forever. John says he will stop Alex before he lays a hand on Marlena.

Marlena arrives at the hospital and finds Alex there. She walks up behind him and asks what hes doing here? When the doctor turns around, Marlena realizes it isnt Alex after all. Marlena says shes sorry, she thought he was someone else. Meanwhile, Alex sees Marlena is here. He says he cant let Marlena see him, but he has to stop John Black too. Later Alex finds a two way mirror in Lois room along with an intercom, and he listens in on John and Lois conversation. Lois says she and Alex will be together, but first they have to erase marlena. John says over his dead body. Alex thinks that could be arranged.

Later Marlena meets with Abe, he wanted to talk about John. Abe knows shes married to Alex and thinks she loves him, but she still doesnt have her memory back. Abe asks Marlena to keep an open mind about Alex, he may not be the man she thinks he is. Marlena says but John is? Abe says hes known John for a long time, she can count on John and John will always love her. Abe says he knows what its like to turn your back on a loved one. He says he did that to Lexie, but hes glad he came to his senses before it was too late. Abe says that kind of love comes along once in a lifetime and is way too precious to lose. Marlena says she doesnt remember John, but she knows she loves Alex and that she owes him everything. She says she owes Alex her life, he saved her life. Abe points out that John has saved her life as well. Abe tells Marlena to just stay alert, she may end up changing her mind about Alex. Marlena says Alex is her husband and she doesnt believe he will betray her. She says unless someone can prove it to her, she will stay with Alex. 

Meanwhile, Tek is with Lexie again. Lexie tells Tek that she cant deal with him today. She says today is Zacks funeral, and she and Abe couldnt face it to go. Tek says he understands. Lexie says her future is with her husband, and they cannot spend time alone together. She tells him to keep his distance from her. He says she cant stop the way she feels, and eventually shell realize only he can give her what she needs. Tek tells Lexie to think about this, realize life is too short to be unhappy. Tek walks off and leaves Lexie in tears. 

At the loft, Bonnie is packing her bags. She tells Mimi shes not staying here, shes too worried about her. Mimi says she cant keep lying to Shawn, sometimes it is better to tell the truth. Bonnie says sometimes she thinks Mimi isnt her daughter. Mimi says Rex left her because of a lie, she wont do the same thing to Shawn. Bonnie tells Mimi no good will come of this, so shell have to learn the hard way. Bonnie says shes about to make a huge mistake and she wont stay here and watch. Mimi says they shouldnt be fighting otherwise shell have a heart attack for sure. Bonnie says shes find, she faked it all to keep Mimi quiet. Mimi says she knew she was faking it, but how did she fake the EKG? Bonnie says where there is a will there is a way. Mimi cant believe Bonnie is proud of herself. Mimi says lying is wrong and she wont listen to her mom anymore, she wont marry Shawn based on a lie. Bonnie says she and Shawn could have a great life together, but she knew Mimi would blow it. Mimi doesnt want to blow it. Bonnie suggests she play the C card. Bonnie says the Cinderella Card. Mimi says Cinderella never lied to her prince. Bonnie says Cinderella had her secrets just like every other woman. Bonnie says men cant figure out what makes them tick and they keep them guessing. Bonnie tells Mimi that she has a great guy and there arent a lot of prize catches out there. She says Shawn has looks and a great background. She says he has the Hortons on one side and Victor on the other. Bonnie tells Mimi to just shut her mouth, put on the glass slipper and let Shawn walk her down the isle into happily ever after land.

At the funeral, we see a replay of Bo attacking Patrick and pushing him into Zacks coffin. Hope is furious with Bo and tells him to stay away from her, just go. Bo walks off and sees Chelsea and Billie in the back. Chelsea tells Billie that they should go too. Hope looks at them and says Chelsea will pay for what she did. Hope looks at the broken photo of Zack. She tells him how shes so sorry she wasnt there to protect him, and she says she wishes she was with him.

Billie and Chelsea leave. Chelsea is crying about how shes a horrible person. Billie says everyone understands it was an accident. Chelsea says Hope doesnt. Billie says she just lost her little boy. Chelsea says there is no way she can make it up to her, and Hope wont be satisfied until she goes to prison for the rest of her life. Kate walks out and says there is only one way to make sure that doesnt happen. 

Everyone soon moves out to the graveyard to bury Zack. Billie and Chelsea watch from the distance. One by one people put flowers on Zacks coffin. Caroline breaks down and Victor is there for her. Shawn tells Zack that he was the best and nothing will be the same without him. Bo then approaches the coffin and says hes sorry and that he let him down. Bo says he should have protected him but he didnt, hell regret that everyday for the rest of his life. Bo says hell never be out of his thoughts and heart, hell never stop loving him. Hope then approaches the coffin and says she cant say goodbye because hell always be in her heart. She cries and says she loves him, shes loved him since the day he was born. She says shell love him until she takes her last breath. Hope cries and Shawn comforts his mom as Bo watches from a distance. Billie asks Chelsea if she wants to say goodbye, but Chelsea says she cant as Hope is right, this is all her fault. The rookie cops then show up to arrest Chelsea. They stay back out of respect while Zacks coffin is lowered. Shawn tells Hope he should take her home, but she tells him to go and be with Mimi. Shawn says he doesnt want to leave her here alone. Hope tells him that hes a good son. Shawn asks her to come with him, but she says she needs to stay here alone. Shawn agrees to leave her. As he leaves he gives his dad a look and then walks by him without saying anything. Victor goes to Kate and tells her not to do anything to take advantage of this situation. She says what is he talking about? He knows shes thinking of using this to bring Bo and Billie together. Victor says if she does anything to make this worse then hell make her pay. Meanwhile Billie tells Chelsea that they should go. Patrick offers to give them a lift. Billie says no thank you, and they arent his problem anymore. Billie says leave them alone, and they walk off. Bo goes to Hopes side and asks if she can find it in her heart to forgive him, they should be together today. Hope says she wants to be alone with her son. Bo leaves Hope alone with Zacks coffin. The funeral workers begin to bury him, and Hope breaks down. 

Meanwhile, the two cops grab Chelsea and plan to arrest her. Chelsea begs Billie to do something. She finds Bo and asks him to stop this. The cops say they are just doing their job. Bo says he understands. The cops say they waited until after the funeral out of respect. Bo says hell handle this. Bo then arrests his daughter for Zacks death! Billie is stunned as Bo reads her her rights. 

Back at Zacks grave, Hope kneels down beside the flowers and headstone. Hope cries that he shouldnt be here. Patrick returns and extends a hand to Hope. She takes his hand. 

Shawn returns home to the loft and finds Bonnie packing. Bonnie says she is leaving because they arent running a Motel 6 here. Bonnie says shell be fine and they need to be alone without her around. Mimi tells Shawn that she has something to ask him and shell do it in front of her mom. She asks if he still wants to get married right away? He says yes, so she says lets do it. Bonnie is thrilled. 


February 14, 2006

John is still talking with Lois in her room. Lois is beginning to fall asleep, she says this is a side effect to his truth serum. He tells her to wake up, tell him how long shes been working with Alex? She says all along, he will marry her as soon as Marlena is out of the way. John asks what hes going to do to Marlena? She says hes going to kill her! John doesnt realize that Alex is spying from an observation room through a two way mirror. John asks how Alex plans to kill MArlena? She says it is a secret, and she and Alex will be together. John says hell be back, and he leaves the room. Alex looks at Lois and says desperate times, desperate measures. Alex goes into Lois room, shes dancing around with a pillow and humming to herself. Alex asks how shes doing? Shes glad to see him and asks if he finished off Marlena? Alex says they need to talk. He says she has been chatty, she told John their secrets. Alex says now John thinks he can take Marlena away from him, he cant let that happen. Lois says but he wants her not Marlena. To himself, Alex says Lois is so wrong and hell do whatever it takes to keep Marlena. Lois kisses Alex and asks if he brought the valentine she wanted? Alex says shell get her a valentine all right, something she can hang in her room, something that will show her how he feels about her.

Elsewhere, Marlena says that Alex is her future and she wont let John destroy that. Later, John goes to a payphone to call Marlena, but shes not at the penthouse. John gets the answering machine but cant leave a message with Alex there. John finds Marlena later and says he is so glad shes okay. John tells Marlena that Alex and Lois are working together, they are in love and planning to kill her! Marlena cant believe him, why is he listening to Lois as shes wacky! John says he gave her truth serum, so he believes every word she said. Marlena says she loves Alex and Alex loves her. John asks why wont she listen to anyone but Alex? Marlena asks why she should listen to him, hes cried wolf about Alex so many times. John decides to take Marlena to see Lois and hear it from her. John takes Marlena to Lois room. Alex quickly slips back into the observation room and watches as John and Marlena find Lois hanging in her room.

At the loft, Bonnie is thrilled that Shawn and Mimi are going to be married. Shawn decides to break out the champagne and toast. Mimi is still feeling guilty about this, but Bonnie says they will have a great future as long as she keeps her mouth shut. Shawn talks about how she is the most beautiful, caring and honest woman he knows. Mimi breaks down and says shes not. Bonnie tells Shawn its just low self-esteem, its probably her fault. She suggests they go out for a nice romantic dinner. She says there isnt much here, she got her appetite back and sort of ate everything she could find. Shawn goes to get dressed and Mimi warns her mom that if she keeps eating and smoking like this then she will have a cardiac episode. Shawn returns and says hell call his aunt Maggie and get them a table at Chez Rouge. He tells Bonnie no offense. She says hey Alice is more for bachelor parties, which they will throw him soon. Mimi says if Shawn is changing then she will change too. Later after Mimi and Shawn leave, Bonnie dances around eating junk food and celebrating. Suddenly Bonnie is hit with a pain in her chest. She says its just indigestion, she hopes. Bonnie drinks something (pepto?) and lets out a big burp. She says it was just indigestion. She thinks about how once Shawns trust funds kick in, Mimi will be loaded and shell be living in luxury.

Belle and Phillip go out to dinner at Chez Rouge. They toast to Zack for giving them back their daughter. Kate is watching Claire, and Belle is feeling a little uneasy about leaving her so soon. Phillip knows, but he says they have to get out and spend time together just the two of them. Phillip has a gift for her. She feels bad, she didnt get him anything. He says he has all he wants. Belle opens her gift, a locket with Claires photo inside. Belle pictures shes with Shawn, and then she remembers telling Caroline how she wanted Claire to be his baby. Belle tells Phillip that she has something she needs to say to him. Belle says she has to be honest with him about something. She keeps thinking about her talk with Caroline about love. She just tells Phillip how much she loves him. Phillip tells Belle he has another surprise for her. He gets up and extends his hand to Belle. They get up and dance with one another. Belle says hes amazing, has he been practicing? He says no, hes just been doing a lot of physical therapy and this new prosthesis is just incredible. He spins her around and says he thinks he could dance with her for the rest of his life. She looks at him and sees Shawn. She then says Shawn . . . Phillip asks what she said? She says Shawn just came in with Mimi. They go to see Shawn and Mimi and say hello to them. Belle is surprised to see him out tonight. He thinks that with everything he has been through this will be good. Phillip agrees, and he suggests they join them on the dance floor. Shawn dances with Mimi and says this is just what he needed, he knows he can always count on her. Mimi is feeling guilty about all of this. As they dance, Shawn thinks about the Zack dream and Zack telling him that he belongs with Belle. Meanwhile, Phillip tells Belle how nice it is to see Shawn and Mimi doing normal stuff. Back over to Shawn and Mimi, she tells him that they can get married when he feels the time is right. Shawn says that reminds him, he has a surprise for her. Later the two couples take their place at their tables. Mimi asks about her surprise, but Shawn says they have to wait for desert first. She says before dinner? Mimi says not that she hasn't done it before. Shawn calls the waiter over and he brings a platter. On it is a sundae, and on top is a big diamond ring. Mimi says this is stunning. Shawn says it has been in his family for thirty years, it belonged to Tom Hortons mother. Shawn says Gran had the diamond reset for her. Mimi puts it on and says it is beautiful. Shawn and Mimi then kiss. Phillip and Belle walk over, and Mimi shows them the ring. Mimi says its the Horton family . . . Belle says she knows, she heard about it but never seen it. Belle says its beautiful. Shawn says they have moved the wedding up, they are marrying as soon as possible. Shawn and Mimi dance, and Phillip cuts in and asks to dance with Mimi. Shawn then goes to dance with Belle. Phillip tells Mimi she must be so happy. She says she is, and nothing can come between them now. To herself she says unless Shawn finds out hes the father of Phils baby. Meanwhile Shawn asks Belle if she wont congratulate him? She says she hopes they are both very happy. As they dance Shawn can tell something is wrong. He asks what is wrong? Belle says this is all wrong. 

At the station, Bo has brought Chelsea downtown. Billie is with them. Chelsea thinks this is the end for her. Bo says hell do what he can to keep her out of jail. Chelsea says what about Hope? Billie says Bo will talk to Hope and convince her this was an accident, that putting her in jail wont bring Zack back. Bo says hed like to talk to Hope but she doesnt want to see him now. Bo tells Chelsea that hell do what he can to help her, and he leaves to make some calls. Billie tells Chelsea that her father has a lot of influence around here. A cop comes along and tells Chelsea that she has to come with him, she needs to be fingerprinted and have her mug shot taken. Chelsea is returned to Billie after her booking. Bo then comes out of his office. He tells Chelsea that shell be released, she wont spend the night in jail. He says he gave the Assistant DA his word that she wont flea. Chelsea and Billie both say she wont. Billie hugs Bo and thanks him. Chelsea looks at her parents as Billie hugs her father. Bo tells them that hes going to go post bail so they can get out of here. Bo leaves, and Chelsea tells Billie that shes sorry she ruined everything for her and Patrick. Billie says dont worry about them. Chelsea says spending all this time with Bo must be hard for her, she must still have feelings for him. Billie says they are both here for her. However, she says Hope is very angry and bitter over what happened. She says Hope was a cop, shell have influence in court. Billie says Hope will probably want the maximum sentence. Chelsea knows, and she says Hope is out for her blood. She says she didnt mean for this to happen, but Zack is dead because of her. She says she has to live with that for the rest of her life, isnt that punishment enough? Chelsea says if she is sent away then dad will lose another kid. Chelsea says if the judge listens to Hope then they will all lose. Bo returns and says Chelsea can go home with her mom. He says he has to check on Hope, if he can find her that is. Billie tells Bo good luck. Chelsea tells Bo how sorry she is about everything. Bo says he knows she is. Bo then leaves. Chelsea tells her mom that she feels so bad for him, he didnt mean for any of this to happen. She says throwing her in prison wont make Hope feel any better. Chelsea says Zack is never coming back and neither are her parents. Billie tells Chelsea that they love her so much. Chelsea says the only way Hope will give Bo another chance is to make him take her side. Chelsea says Hope will make him hate her. Billie says no she wont. Chelsea says they cant let her, they have to stop Hope. Chelsea tells her mom that they cant let Bo and Hope get back together! Billie is stunned and says whatever happens to her in court she has to accept, but for her to want to break up her fathers marriage? She says they just lost their baby. Chelsea says Bo and Hope are already broken up, Hope wants nothing to do with him and cant forgive him. Chelsea says Hope isnt good for Bo, and she thinks them breaking up is good all around. 

Patrick takes Hope home. There is a box on the doorstep. Hope thinks it is a care package from the neighbors and tells Patrick to open it as it may have to go in the fridge. Patrick does and sees what it is. He wonders hope much more Hope can take. Hope asks what it is? He says things from Zacks school. Hope looks through the box and realizes it was what was in his cubby hole at school. Hope finds a valentine that he made for his mom (yes, before Christmas). Hope loses it when she sees the valentine that he made her. Patrick takes her hand and says hes here for her. Later Hope looks at some of the drawings Zack did in school. Patrick puts his hand on her shoulder and says its okay. Hope thanks him. Patrick says Bo should be taking care of her now. Hope says she cant even look at him right now, and if it werent for Patrick she wouldnt know the truth. She says her husband betrayed her, and because of his choices she lost her son. She asks how she can ever forgive him. Patrick says what is important is they love each other, they have a shot. He says shes going through the worst thing in her life right now, dont go through it without him. Hope says right now hes with Chelsea. Hope tells Patrick just about everything that mattered to Zack was in this box. She finds baseball cards that Shawn gave him. She also finds a toy boat model. She says Bo carved this for him. Hope once again says she wouldnt know the truth if it werent for Patrick. She says hes the only one who didnt lie to her, shes grateful. She ends up collapsing into tears in Patricks arms. This is when Bo walks in and flips out, telling Patrick to take his hands off his wife! 


February 15, 2006

At Chez Rouge, Phillip is dancing with Mimi and Shawn dances with Belle. Phillip tells Mimi how great this wedding is and how she and Shawn are made for each other. Mimi says she hopes so. Phillip asks if shes having second thoughts? Meanwhile, Shawn and Belle dance, and Shawn can see something is wrong with Belle. He asks what is bothering her. She says this is wrong, this is all wrong. Belle runs outside in tears. Shawn follows her and brings her wrap. She asks him to go away, but he says he cant just leave her here. He asks if he should get Phillip? He says no, she doesnt want him to worry. Shawn asks if shes taking the medicine? Belle says yes and shes not crazy, she's over the post-partum. Shawn says its okay to cry, shes gone through a lot. Belle says she doesnt have anything to be sorry about, hes the one who lost his brother. Shawn says she loved him too. Shawn says shes also been worried about losing Claire. Belle doesnt know what she did to deserve Claire. She says if Claire gets sick again . . . Shawn says she cant live her life worrying about tomorrow. Belle says yes but there are things you cant control as well. Shawn asks if this is about Mimis engagement ring? Belle says if he marries Mimi then hes making a mistake. He asks why? She says she still loves him. Belle says she knows this is bad timing, but she still loves him. She says she has tried to tell him before but she was a mess. She says this isnt the depression talking, she knows what shes saying and feeling, she's very clear. Shawn says he doesnt know what to say. Mimi and Phillip come out and ask what is going on? Phillip sees shes been crying, what is it? Belle says nothing, and Phillip thinks he knows what is wrong. Phillip says they are all upset about Zack, and he tells Shawn that every day he will say a prayer for Zack because without him theyd have lost Claire. Phillip thinks Belle is going through some survival guilt. He says shes going through post traumatic stress, he went through it back in Germany. Phillip says they should go home and hell take care of her. Mimi asks Shawn if hes okay? He says yes. She thinks they should go home too. Phillip says hell go take care of the check. 

Mimi and Shawn return to their loft. Mimi thinks her mom will go crazy when she sees this ring. She tells Shawn the ring is so beautiful and it is perfect. She says she feels special knowing its a family heirloom. Shawn is a million miles away, hes thinking about what Belle told him. She asks what is wrong? He says they arent close enough, and he kisses her. They end up falling asleep together on the couch. Meanwhile, Phillip and Belle return home. Belle checks on Claire, and Belle gets into bed with Phillip. Phillip wont stop talking about how happy Shawn and Mimi will be. He asks Belle if something is wrong? She just wishes things turned out differently with Shawn, and she shouldnt have said anything. Phillip thinks shes still talking about Zack. Phillip says Shawn has them and he has Mimi. Phillip is glad they moved up the wedding. Belle says shes just so tired. Phillip asks too tired to think or to do anything. Belle says shes exhausted and its been a long day. He says hell see her in the morning and he loves her very much. 

Belle cant sleep, so she heads up to the roof. Meanwhile, Shawn cant sleep either, so he heads up to the roof. Up on the roof Belle thinks shes alone. She says why did I tell Shawn that I love him? Shawn walks up behind her and says hed like to know that too. He asks if it is true? Do you still love me?

At the hospital, Alex slips out of Lois room just as John and Marlena come in and find Lois hanging. John gets her down and Marlena yells for help. John is sure that Alex killed Lois and he thinks hell come after Marlena next. Abe walks in and asks what happened? Lexie comes in too and cares for Lois. John says her feet were eight inches off the chair, someone had to help her do this. Marlena says no, Alex is a good man. Abe calls in the cops as Marlena screams it wasnt Alex, it is Lois, she is insane. Tek arrives and John says Alex is here, they have to seal the exits and find him. As John says this, Alex walks by them. John says Lois is still alive and with any luck shell give a statement. Marlena is still upset with John, she says Lois is insane and tried to commit suicide. John says shes not the most objective person. Marlena  says neither is he, and maybe he drove Lois to it by trying to get her to betray Alex. John says this is ridiculous and he asks where Alex is. She says hes at Salem Place buying her a gift. John says not much of a cover story, hes here somewhere. LExie comes out and says Lois is alive, but she hasnt regained consciousness. John tells Abe and Tek they have to find Alex before he leaves. They walk off, and Marlena tells Lexie that no matter what she does she cant convince John that Alex is innocent. Marlena says hed never do these things. Lexie says she knows Alex has been kind to her, but she doesnt know him all that well. Marlena says he loves her and that is all she knows. Lexie says John is a good man and nobody in Salem will tell her otherwise. She says John must really believe Alex is a danger to her. Lexie says for what its worth, she doesnt trust Alex and shes sorry she brought Alex into Marlenas life. Lexie says she has to go check on Lois again. Marlena calls Alex, who is now dressed in surgeons srubs. Marlena asks where he is, and he says in Salem Place buying her a gift of course. He asks if this is a trick to find out what it is he's buying her. She says no and something terrible has happened at the hospital, it is Lois. Alex says oh hes losing her and hangs up. He then has to hide as John and Abe come around the corner. The cops still cant find Alex, and Abe says the whole hospital is in lockdown, he has to be here somewhere. Meanwhile, Tek finds Lexie and asks if she has thought about what theyve talked about. Lexie tells him to stop this! He says she is the most desirable woman hes ever known. Abe once again finds them together and wonders what they are whispering about. Lexie says Tek thought maybe she had seen Alex earlier, but she hasnt. Elsewhere Marlena tells John that Alex is at the mall, she spoke to him. John says Alex is here, Lois couldnt have gotten up to that ceiling by herself. Marlena asks where the cop at her door was? John says he was gone, Abe dismissed him so he could talk to Lois. Marlena says well if she was being watched and not under the influence of a mind altering drug then this wouldnt have happened. She says what he did was unethical and illegal, he needs to take responsibility for what he did and leave Alex alone. Alex spies on them from the secret walkways between rooms. He hears John talking about how all he needs is Lois to come too long enough to give a statement. Marlena asks why she should believe anything Lois says? John says because he gave her truth serum. Marlena says it isnt foolproof. John says Alex isnt the man she thinks he is. MArlena says Alex is caring, generous thoughtful and a fabulous man. John says he tried to kill Lois and he will try and kill her next. Marlena says he is wrong. Marlena wonders why John cant accept that shes chosen to spend her life with Alex. John then happens to find the door from Lois room to the observation room. They walk in and John finds a bunch of scrubs on the floor. Marlena says so what? John says he used it as a disguise. Abe then calls out that he found Alex. Alex is now in a suit. John says it was only a matter of time till they caught him, and when Lois comes too hell wish she was dead.

At the station, Billie tells Chelsea that she knows her life has been turned upside down, but that is no reason to break up Bo and Hope. Chelsea says shes trying to save her life. She says it was all a terrible accident, but Hope doesnt see that. She says Hope wont feel better until she gets her own father to turn against her. Billie says Bo is being very supportive of her considering. Chelsea says yes and she needs him to stay on her side. Chelsea says if he gets back with Hope then hell hate her as much as Hope does. Chelsea says shell lose everything. Chelsea says isnt it enough she lost her adoptive parents and her brother in one year? She says all dad has is them. Billie says and his wife and son Shawn. Chelsea says they arent talking to him now. Chelsea says right now they are separated and its Hope choice. She thinks that isnt bad. She tells her mom that this is her chance to be with the one person shes ever loved. Billie tells Chelsea that she knows this has been the worst day of her life. Chelsea says no that was when she killed her brother. She says this is nothing in comparison. Chelsea recaps what happened today, how she listened to Grandma Kate and went to the funeral, and she says its so hard to know who to listen to and who to trust. She says she doesnt know if she can even trust her own father. Chelsea says they have to keep Bo on their side. Billie says she has tried to break up Bo and Hope in the past and it never works. Chelsea says things are different now. Chelsea says Hope blames her and Bo, and they need Bo. She says even Grandma Kate thinks it is a good idea for them to be together. Billie says she learned today that its not always a good idea to listen to Grandma Kate. Billie says Bo and Hope are too connected to ever be apart for long. Chelsea thinks Billie is wrong. Chelsea says shes alone right now, is that how she wants to spend the rest of her life? Chelsea asks or if she wants to be with Bo? Billie says she has waited for Chelsea to be in her life for 18 years. Billie wishes she could give her what she wants, but she cant. Chelsea begs her to do it. Billie says no. Billie says she knows shes scared, but breaking up Bo and Hope is wrong. Billie says they cant ruin Bos life to save her own. Chelsea says she loves him and is so much better for him. Chelsea says Bo still has feelings for her, that is why Hope gets mad at him so much. Chelsea says if Bo and Hope get back together then hell lose his daughter. Chelsea says all she wants and needs is for her mom and dad to be together. She begs her mom to do this otherwise shell go to prison for the rest of her life. Chelsea says her mom doesnt have the best judgment in men. Chelsea says she shouldnt be with Patrick, he turned her in and might as well have signed her death warrant. She says hes now letting Hope cry on his shoulder. Billie asks what the point is. Chelsea says she and Patrick didnt work out because she still loves Bo. She says Bo isnt taken now. Billie says they dont know that. Chelsea says well she knows Hope is a self righteous bitch and her mom isnt. Billie says Hope just lost a child. Chelsea says once she did too and Hope didnt care. Chelsea says after waiting for years she finally has a chance to be with Bo, they could be a family. Chelsea says if shes with Bo then hell help keep her out of jail. She says its a win win situation.

Bo returns home and finds Patrick comforting Hope. He blows up, bursts in and tells Patrick to get away from his wife and get out of his house. Hope tells Bo no you get out! She says she cant even look at him. Hope says Patrick is helping her, hes a friend who tells her the truth. Hope says thats a hell of a lot more than she can say for him. Bo says hes her husband, they belong together. He says they need to be together, they dont need Patrick using their tragedy to take advantage of her. Hope says he hasnt been here since Zack died. She says she needed him then, where was he? She says oh yeah he was covering up the truth about the accident. Bo says hes sorry. Hope says sorry doesnt bring back their son. Bo says he was wrong and she knows how much he loves Zack. He also knows how much she misses him, how empty this house feels without him. He says they need to be together. Hope says he still hasnt answered his question, where has he been. He says she told him to leave her alone. She asks where was he. He says he had to arrest Chelsea and take her down. Hope says so he was with Chelsea, where else would he be. Hope says at least she is behind bars. She sees the look on his face and says she is behind bars isnt she. Bo says he had her released. Hope cant believe him. She says Chelsea killed their son, how dare he let her go free! Hope asks how he could do this. Bo says this has been an impossible situation. Hope says hes had choices, he has just made the wrong ones. Bo says if Shawn was in trouble then shed do anything to protect him no matter what hed done. He says Chelsea going to prison wont bring Zack back. Hope asks what is wrong with him? Hope says she killed their son. Bo knows shes in pain, so let him take some of it. She hands Zacks school stuff to him and says here. She says he made her a Valentine he can never give her because hes dead. Bo says hes sorry. She says their lives and family have been destroyed. She tells him to leave. Bo says its his home and he loves her. Hope says dont say that, just go. Bo says he cant leave her like this. She says if he wont leave then she will. Bo says fine stay, hell go if that is what she wants. Hope says he doesnt deserve to be here, and she shows him the door. Hope sits with Patrick and says shell be fine by herself, its something she has to get used to. Patrick then leaves and says call him if she needs him. Hope picks up a rose and begins to cry. We see Patrick looking in on her before leaving. Patrick says Bo doesnt deserve her.

Bo ends up going to the Cheatin Heart to get drunk. He ends up getting into a fight with some other drunk guy. Soon a huge brawl starts. Roy the bartender ends up calling Billie to let her know that Bo is here and getting into a huge fight. Roy thought hed call her rather than the cops. Billie says shell be right over. Billie tells Chelsea that Bo needs her so she has to go. Chelsea tells her to go. Billie walks out of the station and Chelsea says she didnt think it would be this easy, her parents are closer to being back together.


February 16, 2006

At the loft, Mimi wakes up when Phillip walks in. He says Belle is gone and he doesn't know where she is. Mimi says probably on the roof, which is where Shawn is. Shawn and Belle then come in through the window and ask what is going on here? Phillip would like to know the same thing. Mimi finally tells them that she has something to say to all of them, something that will change everything. She tells them that Claire is not Phillip's child, she's Shawn's. They ask what she is saying, how would she know? Mimi says first there was the blood types not matching, then the liver donation. Mimi says just trust her, she did the homework, Claire is Shawn's baby. Phillip says so his best friend slept with his wife while he was gone? Shawn and Belle both say they have never slept together. Mimi says they did, they just don't remember it. She reminds them when they were found naked in that burning barn the night they were headed to Jan's cottage. Mimi tells Belle she dreamt about making love to Shawn, but it was no dream. Shawn says he had the same dream, so it was real? He says Claire is his child. Belle says she knew it, she knew there was a reason she always saw Shawn when she looked at Claire. Belle tells Phillip she's so sorry about this, but it's all out now. Shawn tells Phillip he still loves Belle and only stepped aside because he thought she was pregnant with his child. He tells Mimi that he has to be with the mother of his child. Belle and Shawn leave, and Phillip is furious with Mimi. Mimi says she has lost out here too, she lost Shawn. Phillip says she has taken his whole family from him and sometimes the lie is better than the truth! This is when Mimi wakes up, yup it was all a dream. On the roof, Shawn asks Belle if it is true, does she still love him? Belle says she does, she never stopped. In the shadows Mimi listens and cries.

At the bar, Billie arrives to break up the fight between Bo and the two biker boys. She flashes her ISA badge and threatens to take them down to jail if they don't back off. Billie sits with Bo and talks to him. SHe says he's not going to get Hope back acting like this. Bo says he's already lost Hope. He says she wants nothing to do with him, she kicked him out. Billie thinks about what Chelsea was telling her about using this opportunity to get back together with Bo. Billie says he can't give up on Hope, he has to work this out with her. The cops then show up, they were called about the fight. They see Bo was involved and are shocked. They say if the bar owner doesn't want to press charges then they won't arrest him. The two bikers show up and the one that started the fight wants to press charges. When he learns Bo is a cop he not only wants Bo arrested but he wants his badge. He begins talking about how he and his buddy were minding their business when Bo just attacked them. The bartender eventually says that is not true and they started the fight. They are arrested and taken off. The cops tell Billie to sober up Bo and get him home. The bartender makes him some coffee, but Bo says he wants beer. Billie tells him he can't drown his trouble in booze, he told her that once. He says if they won't serve him here then he'll get it elsewhere. He stumbles out of the bar. Billie gives Roy the bartender some money to cover the damages and then chases after Bo. She sees Bo in the alley breaking down in tears after having a flashback about saying goodbye to Zack.

At the hospital, in Lois room John is positive Alex is the one who attacked Lois. Alex asks what this is about, he just came here because of a call from Marlena. LExie, worried about Abe, takes him back to his room. Marlena tells Alex what has happened, and John continues to accuse him of trying to kill Lois. Alex, once he learns John gave Lois truth serum, turns it around on John. He says John doesn't know anything about what he's done, he doesn't know the history of psychology. He says his drug could have sever consequences on Lois, and anything that happened to Lois is John's fault. John still believes Alex was responsible, but Alex claims he has an alibi. We see a flashback of Alex in the hallway, he overheard a couple arguing. A man had bought a bracelet for his girlfriend/wife, but she didn't want it. She knew it was just bought, it wasn't even inscribed. She says it's too little too late. She had caught him with another woman and didn't want this desperate gift of his. She walked of, and the man threw it away. Alex present a receipt to Tek, it shows he was in Salem Place when Lois was attacked. John says and he paid cash of course, so they can't prove he didn't find this. Alex asks if John is accusing him of digging through trash cans now? John asks where the gift is. Alex produces it. Marlena loves it, and Alex says he has just spoiled Marlena's Valentines Day gift. Alex says since he has been cleared he'll be leaving now.

Lexie takes Abe to his room, she doesn't want him running around as he could tear the stitches in his corneas. She closes the blinds and has an idea of how they can pass the time. He says no they can't, she just told him he couldn't exert himself. She says okay, perhaps they could go up to Green Mountain Lodge this weekend? He says he can't, he's taking Theo to a ball game. She gets the feeling he's avoiding her, is this because of his problem? Abe says she can say it, his impotence. Lexie says there are other things they can do. Abe gets a call and he says he has to take this. LExie leaves the room and begins to think about how she cried on Tek's shoulder when Abe first started pushing her away. She remembers Tek saying he still loved her and wanted to be with her. A nurse comes up to Lexie and says Lois needs her. Later Lexie goes to Lois' old room where Tek, Alex and Marlena are arguing. Alex and Marlena were just about to leave when Lexie comes in and says Lois is awake and ready to talk.


February 17, 2006

At Samis place, Austin is once again running around in a towel. The phone is ringing and he answers it. Its an old friend from New York. As he talks to the guy about Carrie, Sami listens in the background. Austin talks about how Carrie has this idea about how the world works. He says he loves her and has to get her back. He thinks maybe he should give up the company to show her how much she means to him. Sami finally barges in on the conversation. She says she wont let him give up on the company just because he hurt Carries feelings! Austin tells his friend that hell have to call him back. Austin asks Sami if shes eavesdropping on his conversation? Sami says she was in her own living room minding her own business when she happened to overhear what he was saying. She says Austin Reed and Company isnt just about him, she and Nicole have worked their butts off for him and the company. She says he cant give it up. Austin says he wont, he was just venting. He says he didnt give up a 6 figure job in New York just to give up his dream. Austin says taking over High Style was good business and if Carrie cant forgive her then there is nothing he can do about it. Sami says thats right, business is business. She says she cares about her sister but has to think about her too, she cant be on the unemployment line again. Austin says she wont, trust him. Sami says she does. She says right now Nicole is wining and dining new customers. Sami says she was going to go to the grocery store and cook them a nice dinner. She says shell be right back and heads out. Austin says Sami is right, he cant give up his company, but he does have to find a way to get Carrie back. He knows just who to ask for help. Sami returns with groceries and finds a note from Austin saying he had to go run an errand. Sami says she can make dinner while he's out and hopefully Austin will start to see her as more than a business associate. 

Carrie and Lucas head to the Java Caf. Lucas goes to get her coffee. She thanks him for being such a good friend and for being here for her. Kate is at the Java Caf and sees them come in. She says Austin and Carrie belong together. Carrie hears her say this and says that will never happen. Kate asks Carrie to sit down, but she says shes here with Lucas. Kate says just for a minute. Carrie sits, and Kate says she knows what happened with the company and Austin. She feels it is unfortunate, but Austin loves her and she loves him. Carrie says she does. Kate says she has to give him another chance. Carrie says Austin destroyed something very precious to her, her employees were her friends and she made promises to them about that company. Carrie says Austin ruined all of that. Kate says it was a business deal. Carrie says it was more than business, she loved that company. Kate asks more than she loves Austin? She asks Carrie if she wants to lose Austin because of a company? Kate says if she doesnt then she cant give up on Austin. Lucas walks up and asks his mom what she thinks shes doing? Kate says shes having a woman to woman talk with Carrie. Lucas says he has no right to butt into Carries life. Carrie says she started the conversation. Carrie gets a call from Becky and goes off to take it. Lucas asks his mom how she can do this to him when he knows how he feels about Carrie. Kate says Austin is her son, but Lucas says so is he. Kate says Austin loves Carrie. Lucas says so does he. Kate says but Carrie loves Austin. Lucas thinks that hasnt mattered to her before. Lucas says Carrie will forget about Austin, hell make sure of that. Kate tells Lucas that she knows how hard this is. She says she still loves John but she has to accept he loves Marlena. She tells Lucas he has to accept this situation too Lucas says all he knows is shes coming between him and the woman he loves again, he wont let her ruin his chances with Carrie. Kate says Austin and Carrie belong together. Lucas thinks Kate only wants Austin and Phillip to be happy. Lucas say at least Phillip has a sure thing in Belle, unless she screws that up too. Kate says unfortunately there is no such thing as a sure thing. Lucas asks what that means? He thinks she did something to come between Phillip and Belle. Kate says she has done nothing to come between them, Phillip is her son. Lucas says that hasnt stopped her with him. He wonders why she is worried about them? She says theyve been under stress over losing Claire, that can take a toll on anyones relationship. Lucas thinks Kate is hiding something, and he says whatever shes done shell regret it. He also says if she keeps trying to get Austin and Carrie back together then hell keep Will from her. He promises her that if Austin and Carrie get back together than hell dedicate his life to getting revenge on Austin. Meanwhile, Carrie goes outside to talk to Becky. Becky is having trouble finding a job and has bills to pay. Carrie offers Becky a job at Titan, though it means relocating. As shes talking, Austin heads into the Java Caf. She begins thinking about being with Austin and their past together. Lucas comes out to see Carrie and she tells him she has some errands to run so shell see him later. Lucas says okay and he heads off. Carrie looks at a photo of herself and Austin on her phone and wonders what to do. Back inside, Austin approaches his mom and asks her what is wrong? Kate says it is nothing, she was just thinking about what her family has gone through lately and it is upsetting. She says all shes wanted is for her children to be happy. Austin says he knows that, and he could use her help now.

Back at Samis place, she puts on a sexy black dress and has the apartment ready for a nice romantic dinner for two. When a man walks in she grabs him and kisses him, not realizing it is Lucas until after the kiss. 

On the roof, Shawn asks Belle if she still loves him. Mimi listens in with tears as Belle says she does love him and she never stopped. Shawn asks why she didnt tell him before now. She says she was afraid, she felt guilty. He says so why now? She says because hes going to marry Mimi and she cant lose him. She then pulls him into a kiss. Shawn pushes her away and says they cant do this. Belle says losing Zack and almost losing Claire has made her realize life is too short and too precious for them not to be together. Belle says when she saw the ring he put on Mimis finger she had to stop dreaming theyd be together some day and do something to stop him. Belle says they only get one life and the clock is ticking. Shawn tells Belle that hes sorry but time ran out when she and Phillip had Claire. Mimi continues to listen in and cry. Shawn says they have both moved on. Belle asks if he doesnt still love her. He says he does and probably always will. Shawn says but he loves Mimi too and wants to spend his life with her. Belle says so this is just it? Shawn says they cant change what happened. He says shes married to Phillip and the mother of his baby. Shawn says Claire deserves to have her parents together. He asks other than Claire can she justify any reason to leave Phillip for him? Mimi knows of a reason for Belle to leave Phillip for him. Belle wishes she had trusted in his love for her instead of moving on with Phillip. Shawn says and he shouldnt have turned on her because of her mother and the serial killer issue, but they both did what they did. He says they have to accept the consequences and move on. He says they have moved on, and they will all stay friends. Shawn says their kids will grow up together and theyll live happily ever after. Belle says no it cant end that way. Shawn says he wont break up her family or break Mimis heart. Belle cries and Shawn comforts her. He tells her not to be upset, he has a wonderful husband and beautiful daughter, shell have a great life. She says not the life shes wanted. Shawn says they cant be together, and hell always be here for her but only as a friend. Meanwhile, Mimi returns to her apartment. She says Shawn loves her, but if Shawn learns the truth it will all change. She says her mom is right, she cant tell Shawn the truth or her nightmare will come true. There is a knock at her door. Mimi looks outside through the peep hole and and says God no, not you. 

Billie finds Bo in an alley way and tells him to stop acting this way. She says Zack wouldnt want this. Bo says Zack is dead, Chelsea may go to jail and he cant lose his wife. Billie says go home to her, but he says she blames him for this. He says she doesnt want to talk to him ever again. Billie says Hope is hurting and didnt mean it. Bo says she did mean it, they are through. Bo says shes never lashed out him like this. Bo says he was trying to do what he thought was best for her. He says Hope hates him, Shawn hates him, Chelsea doesnt know if she trusts him and Zack is dead. Bo says he got what he deserves, he is alone. Billie says thats not true, he has her and he always will. Bo says worry about Chelsea now, she needs her mom. Billie says she needs both of them. Bo says he just hurts the people he loves. Billie says hes hurt and they need to take care of his wounds. She says go home. He says he doesnt have one, but she says he does. He says he cant go home to Hope. He says hell find someplace to stay. She says where a nice park bench? Bo says if he has to. Billie says no way. Billie says he cant go back to her place with Patrick, hell she doesnt want to go back there. Bo doesnt know what she saw in him. Billie says neither does she. Bo says shes better off without him, hes not good enough for her. He says she deserves someone who can love her as much as she loves them. Billie thinks about Chelsea telling her to break up Bo and Hope. Bo asks what shes thinking about? Billie says him. Bo thinks hes the last person she needs to be worrying about. Billie says she is his friend and she wants to help him. Billie says she needs to go get a towel from the Cheatin Heart and wrap his hand. She says then shell take him to a motel for the night. She tells Bo to stay here, and she walks off. Bo tries to call home to Hope. He leaves her a message and asks her to pick up if shes there. She doesnt pick up so he asks her to call him and that he loves her. Bo thinks about Hope telling him that he didnt deserve her and kicking him out. Bo ends up getting on his bike and taking off. Billie sees him leaving and screams at him to stop. 

At the hospital, Alex tells Marlena that he wants her to know he didnt try and kill Lois. Marlena says she does know that. Alex thanks her for believing in him. Marlena says Lois is disturbed. Alex says he knows and she will say or do anything to come between them, and so will John. Marlena says it doesnt matter what they say or do, he is her husband and she loves him. She says shell be right beside him no matter what. As they kiss John looks at them. Hes furious and hopes Lois will confirm North tried to kill her. Tek says hes slipped through his fingers before. Lexie tells them all that Lois is very weak but wants to give a statement. John doesnt want Alex in that room, but Alex wants to be there. John thinks Alex just wants to intimidate Lois. Lexie says Lois is weak and if she shows any stress then shes clearing the room. Everyone goes in and stands bye Lois bedside. Tek questions Lois and asks if someone tried to hurt her. Tek asks her to look around and let them know if someone here is responsible for what happened to her. She looks at Marlena, Alex and John. When she sees John she becomes upset. Tek tells her to just point if she can't talk. She ends up pointing at John and says him! Of course she talks in her head and says that John is the one who helped her when Alex hurt her, but nobody hears that. Tek asks Lois if shes sure John hurt her? John says this is ridiculous. Alex says he gave an unstable woman a highly volatile drug. We then see flashbacks of John injecting Lois with the drugs, and Alex threatening Lois. We then see a flashback of Alex chocking Lois. Lois is trying to beg John to help her, but she cant speak. Alex thinks John is the one responsible for killing Lois. John says that is ridiculous, Alex is responsible. Alex says he wasnt here, but John was. Marlena says Alex is right. John asks Lois why shes pointing to him? She says in her head that hes the only one who can help her. Lois begins to have some sort of attack. Lexie kicks them all out, and John argues with Marlena and Alex. John says he has been trained to administer drugs, Lois wasnt in danger. Marlena says Lois was unstable. John says he only gave the truth serum to her to protract Marlena from Alex. Alex says every time he tries to protect Marlena, someone ends up near dead. Lexie comes out and says Lois is dead. Two cops show up and Tek has no choice but to take John in for questioning. John says fine, lets do it. The cops begin to question John. Meanwhile, Tek once again asks Lexie if things have changed with her and Abe? He says he hates to say he told her so. Lexie says then dont. Elsewhere, Alex and Marlena decide to leave. John yells at Marlena that her life is in danger, she can't leave! The cops grab John and hold him down. 

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