February 20, 2006
No Show, Olympics


February 21, 2006

At the Java Caf, Austin asks Kate for advice about Carrie. He says she knows the situation between him and Carrie. He recaps how he took over her company and didnt know she was the CEO. Kate asks if Nicole or Sami are to blame, but Austin says no. Austin says he is to blame, and hes not here for business advice. He wants advice on patching things up with Carrie. Kate tells Austin that shed do anything to help him, but she doesnt know if he can make things right with Carrie. Kate says her company was her life from what hes told her. Kate feels badly for both of them. Austin says he loves her and he knows she loves him, at least she did. Austin wishes Carrie could just forgive him, he knows they could be happy together. He says he wants her so bad, he wants to have a future with her. He says but he wants his company to be successful too. He asks Kate how he can have both. Kate says he cant. Austin says so the only way to have a future with Carrie is to give up his company? Kate says he cant have a future with Carrie period, at least not for now. She tells him to focus on his company right now, he owes it to everyone to make sure Austin Reed and Co is a winner. She says this has been his dream, this isnt the time to back off. She says think of how miserable he will be if he let this all go down the drain. Austin says without Carrie hell be miserable anyways. Austin says if he doesnt do something then hell lose Carrie, and hes most afraid that hell lose her to Lucas. Kate says all hes ever wanted was for her children to be happy. Austin says well at least Phillip is happy. Austin says hes had a hell of a year, but hes walking and has a beautiful baby girl. Kate says hes happy and hes going to stay that way no matter what she has to do. Austin says no matter what happens between him and Carrie, hes glad to be home. He says when he and Carrie came back and knew they wanted to be together, for one day they picked up where they left off. He thinks it is stupid that this came between them. He says he has to work it out. Austin leaves, and Kate fears Austin is going to get his heart broken.

Sami has set up a romantic candlelit dinner at her apartment. When a man shows up at the door, she assumes it is Austin and pulls him into a kiss. Shes shocked to see that the man is Lucas. Sami cant believe she kissed him. He thinks she enjoyed it. She says he wasnt pushing her away. Lucas says he could call the police and have her charged with sexual assault. She says she should call the cops on him for breaking and entering. Carrie shows up and stops them from fighting. Carrie tells them that they are ignoring what is really going on here. She tells them that it is obvious the two of them are still in love. Sami says Carrie is out of her mind. Carrie knows she is right. Sami says she doesnt feel anything for him, and Lucas says he just feels contempt for her. Sami says Lucas barged in here uninvited, but Lucas says he came to talk about Will. He says she attacked him, and she was a sex starved maniac. Lucas thinks she was expecting Austin and he says he wouldnt sleep with her if she was the last woman on earth. He says she wasnt even good in bed. Sami says thats not what he used to say. Carrie thinks she should go, but Lucas says no they should both go. Carrie tells Lucas to go, she wants to talk to Sami then. Lucas says fine and he'll see her back at their place. Lucas leaves, but cant stop thinking about the kiss with Sami. He goes back and listens at the door. Sami is crying about how Lucas ruined her dinner. Carrie says he didn't ruin anyting, Austin isnt even here. Carrie tells Sami to just admit it, shed rather be with Lucas. Sami says she and Lucas are through. Carrie says it doesnt have to be that way. Sami says Lucas wants nothing to do with her. Sami says shes through pining after a man who isnt interested in her. She says they are through. Carrie doesnt think so. Sami says she is moving on, to hell with Lucas Roberts. Carrie says just like that? Sami says she wants a husband and children, she wants a little girl she can love as much as Will. Sami says shes not getting any younger. Carrie remembers meeting up with Billie and catching up. Billie told Carrie how she was sorry about her and Mike, and she hoped she found Mr. Right soon. Carrie did too because her biological clock is ticking. Carrie tells Sami at least she has Will. Sami asks what she means, is it selfish to want more children? Carrie says no, its just that she wants children too. Sami says life is unpredictable, she thought she and Lucas could give Will brothers and sisters. Sami says then Kate ruined their relationship. Carrie says shes sorry about what happened. Sami says well shes accepted it, Lucas wants nothing to do with her and she cant change that. Listening Lucas says shes got that right. Sami thinks Carrie wants her to work things out with Lucas because she doesnt want her to be with Austin. Carrie says she only wants her to be happy. Sami says shes not like Carrie, Carrie wanted a career whereas all shes wanted to be is a wife and a mother. Carrie says she too wants a family. Sami says its not the same though. She says shes had a lot of chances and have blown them all. Sami says Austin may be her last chance. Carrie says she thought Austin was the right one for her too, but she was wrong. Sami says well shes tired of having a terrible track record with men and shes tired of getting hurt. Carrie thinks that is what shes afraid of, shes afraid if she gets back with Lucas then shell get hurt. Sami tells Carrie to just stop it. She says she doesnt want to be with Lucas, the only man she wants is Austin. Sami says as long as shes loved Austin, this time is different. She says Austin has forgiven her and went out of his way to be her friend. She says Lucas on the other hand wouldnt give her another chance. Sami says she believes she was meant to be with Austin unless Carrie stands in their way. Carrie says there is no way she will be with Austin, she doesnt want to be with him. Sami doesnt think Austin has accepted that. Carrie says that is his problem. Sami says and hers, if Austin thinks he has a chance with her then he wont stop pursuing her. Carrie assures Sami its over between them. Sami says she has no right to ask Carrie this but please dont stand between her and her one last shot at happiness. Carrie says she wants Sami to be happy, and she wont stand in her way, go for it. Sami gives Carrie a hug and thanks her. She says shes sorry for being so insecure in front of her, and she thanks her for everything. Carrie says she should go before Austin returns. Carrie leaves, and Lucas quickly sneaks off. Lucas pretends to come to check on Carrie. Carrie says she and Sami had a nice talk. Carrie says she is sorry about before, she thought she saw sparks between them, but she was wrong. She says it seems like they both want to move on. Lucas says yeah, maybe this will be the year he can meet the right person and have more kids. Carrie didnt realize he wanted more kids, and she smiles. Austin then steps out of the elevator. Carrie and Lucas leave and return to their apartment and Sami invites Austin into their apartment. Austin sees the dinner Sami has set for them. Sami tells Austin she and Carrie had a chat. Austin says and? Sami tells Austin that Carrie doesnt want to take him back. 

Up on the roof of the lofts, Shawn holds Belle and says they should go inside. He says they will just end up hurting the people they love if they stay here. Belle says she doesnt want to go in, she wants to stay here with him. She says she still loves him and there has to be a way to make this work. Belle says she doesnt want to live a lie anymore, she wants to tell Phillip the truth. Shawn says she wont tell Phillip that she still loves him, that means she has to tell Phillip that she doesnt love him. Belle says thats not true. Shawn says she and Phillip have a second chance to be a family with Claire, dont ruin it. He says he and Mimi will get married and adopt some kids, he wishes she could be happy for them. Belle says she wishes she could, but after everything theyve had . . . Shawn says stop saying that, there will never be a them again. Belle says she cant accept that. Shawn says she has to accept this. He says it hurt like hell when she and Phillip got married, but he had to suck it up. He says she has to do that now. Belle says she still thinks they are meant to be together, she remembers their dream about Zack. Shawn says Claire is alive because of Zack and Claire deserves to have her parents together. Shawn says life doesnt always work out the way they wanted, look what happened to Zack. Belle says shes sorry to be doing this today of all days, but it seems all wrong. Shawn says it is, and it was wrong that she wouldnt tell Phillip the truth from the beginning. He says its too late now, its over. He says they are finished. 

Mimi is in the loft sipping coffee or hot chocolate. She knows if Shawn finds out the truth then Shawn wont want to marry her, her nightmare will come true. She remembers her nightmare, Shawn and Belle left together and Phillip yelled at her for destroying his life. There is a knock at Mimis door, she panics because its Phillip! Phillip is looking for Belle, shes not in bed and he thought she might be here. Mimi says Belle isnt here and she hasnt seen her. Phillip asks if Shawn has seen her? Mimi says if she hasnt then  Shawn hasn't either. Phillip wonders why shes being so defensive, is something going on? He decides to go ask Shawn, he is here isnt he? Mimi says yes but hes sleeping. Phillip then remembers the roof, Belle is up there because she goes there when she wants to be alone. Phillip then takes off. Mimi tries to stop him from going, but he says hell be fine. Fortunately Belle shows up in the hallway before Phillip heads to the roof. Phillip is glad she is okay. Shawn shows up, he came back through the fire escape in his apartment without being seen. Phillip thinks he woke Shawn up, and he says he and Belle will just be going back to their place now. 

Billie is driving around looking for Bo. She cant believe she let Bo go off on his own when he was drinking. Bo ends up going to the cemetery to see Zacks grave. Hes got a bottle of booze and stands at Zacks grave drinking. Billie soon shows up and finds Bo there. She thanks God she found him. He tells her to go away. He says Zack is gone, hes dead. Bo says this just doesnt feel real. Billie says hes been so busy taking care of everyone else that he hasnt grieved. She tells him that he has to do that. Bo ends up kneeling down and lets out his anger. Bo cries out Why did my little boy have to die? Why! Bo says this happened because of him, all he had to do was say no to Chelsea. Billie says nobody could have foreseen this. Bo says Hope said one day someone would get hurt because of Chelseas recklessness. Bo says it was his little boy and this is his fault. He says it is his fault that Chelsea may go to prison. Its his fault that Shawn lost his brother. Bo says hes lost both of his sons, Shawn hates him and Hope hates him. He says he doesnt deserve Hopes love, he doesnt deserve anything! Bo says he should be alone for the rest of his life. Bo begins crawling and beating the ground. Billie runs to his side to try and comfort him. Bo begins having flashbacks of the times with Zack. He remembers how they were such a happy family, and now nothing will ever be the same. Billie tells Bo its late and its cold and his hand is a mess. He says hes fine, but she says hes not. She says let her take care of him. Bo accepts her help. Bo tells Billie thanks, he wouldnt have made it through this night without her. Billie says shed do anything for him and will always be here.


February 22, 2006

Kate arrives at jail to visit John, who has been arrested. Kate says she contacted Frankie and Tek about bail, and she asks if there is anything else she can do for him. He says just being here is enough. Kate says shell always be here for him. John says he knows that, shes the best friend hes ever had. Kate asks how this happened? John says North is framing him for his own crime. John says Lois was murdered by Alex and he thinks North will kill Marlena next. John says North is good, but he can stop him. John says he just has to get out of here first. Kate says Frankie is taking care of that right. John says yes, hes calling Tek about bail. John says then hell get rid of Alex, he has to get him out of Marlena's life. Kate doesnt think it will be that easy. She shows him the paper, the wedding announcement is in it. John is positive that Alex is going to take Marlena away to kill her. Frankie soon shows up and asks for a minute alone with John. Kate leacaro;lves, and Frankie says there is a hitch on his bail and he wont like it. Frankie says John has to stay away from Alex and Marlena. John says Alex is the threat to her. Frankie tells him not to do anything he will regret. John is released and he runs off. Frankie thinks John isnt going to listen.

At the penthouse, Alex kisses Marlena and she says yum! She offers him some coffee and he thanks her. He says he didnt sleep well, he feels he failed Lois. Marlena says this isnt his fault, John is who put Lois over the edge when he gave her that shot. Alex says he should have suspected John would try something. He says John is obsessed with her and obsession leads to madness. Marlena says it also leads a person to do terrible crimes. She says she recalls from her training , what she recalls, that those kind of people can fool anyone, friends, family and trained professionals. She says she never would have suspected John of that behavior anymore than shed suspect him of it. Alex says he hopes she now realizes how disturbed John is, hes not only responsible for Lois death but if things have gone as he intended then hed (Alex) be in jail for murder. Marlena says she just cant believe it, she was married to him. Alex says he was a mercenary for Stefano, deep down hes immune to human suffering no matter how hard he tries to put that part of his life behind him. Alex tells Marlena that John has changed back to that mercenary, he's not the man she was married to. Marlena suggests they not talk about John anymore, lets talk about their future together. Alex is glad she brought that up as he has something to show her. He shows her the wedding announcement in the paper. Marlena asks why she didnt tell her about this. He says he wanted it to be a surprise. Marlena says she just didnt know they were announcing it to the world. He says he wants the whole world to know. Marlena says it says they are going on an extended second honeymoon? He says yes, he hopes she doesn't mind. She says she cant wait. Alex says he cant either because he loves her so much. Alex says in fact he has another surprise for her. He surprises her with a wedding dress! She says it is beautiful. Alex says this is her wedding dress, even though she doesnt remember it. Hes also arranged for it to be altered. Alex says seeing her in this dress will be a dream come true for him. He asks her to try it on. Later, Alex leaves so Marlena can try and on the dress and he doesnt see it. Suddenly John bursts in saying Marlena cant do it. When he sees her in her dress remembers it is the dress she wore when she married him. He asks what that bastard is up to now. Marlena tells John she doesnt want him here, she wants him to go. Alex, who is on the steps, says this is shaping up better than he planned.

Mimi and Shawn are having breakfast when Bonnie shows up. She asks how the future bride and groom to be are. Mimi says fine, and she asks her mom why shes here, do they have plans? Bonnie says they dont have much time if they are going to plan the wedding of the century. Mimi says they wanted to keep things small. Bonnie says Mimi still needs a dress. Bonnie has sketches from Kate and Basic Black that Mimi will love. Shawn decides to leave and let them do their thing. Shawn leaves and in the hallway runs into Belle.

Back in Mimis place, Mimi tells her mom that she shouldnt have done this. Bonnie asks what is wrong, did she and Shawn have a fight? Mimi says no. Bonnie can see Mimis upset. Mimi tells her mom about Belle and Shawns conversation on the roof. Mimi says Belle told Shawn she is still in love with them. Bonnie freaks out. She says they need to do damage control, she has to marry Shawn before Shawn finds out the truth about Claire. Bonnie says they cant get back together again. Mimi says she hates lying to Shawn. Bonnie says she knows but she has to lie. Bonnie says if Shawn finds the truth hell be back with Belle in a heartbeat. Bonnie says Mimi and Shawn can have a fine life together, everything she dreamed of. Bonnie tells Mimi that she just cant blow it. Later, Caroline comes over and brings her wedding dress. Caroline is thrilled that Mimi is going to wear her dress. Caroline says it will be beautiful on her. Mimi decides to try the dress on again.

Shawn and Belle go back to the roof to talk. Shawn tells Belle that cant even happen again, he feels terrible about lying to Mimi and Phillip about this. Belle tells Shawn shes made an important decision. Shawn asks what decision shes made? Belle says she cant keep lying about her feelings, Phillip deserves better than this. Shawn says they cant keep going back and forth on this, they have no future. Belle says she cant accept that, she cannot live like that. Shawn says hes sorry about this, but hes going to marry Mimi. Shawn says shes inside making plans with her mom. Belle thinks she should be helping her. Belle and Shawn head into the apartment. Belle finds Mimi in the wedding dress and runs out. Shawn yells at her, but Caroline says shell go. Kate shows up at this point and asks what is going on? Shawn says nothing is wrong, everything is fine. He says Mimi is just having jitters. Kate sees Mimi inside and goes to talk to her, shutting shawn out in the hall! Kate asks Bonnie and Mimi how they are doing, did they find a dress? Mimi says shes picked out a dress she likes. Kate asks if shes okay, she is feeling jittery according to Shawn. Mimi tells Kate that Belle told Shawn she is still in love with him. Kate is stunned that Belle actually said that. Kate says they have to move things along, she has to move this wedding along. Mimi says but . . . Bonnie says no buts, what Shawn doesnt know wont hurt him. In the hallway Shawn seems to have heard this. It turns out when he walks in he heard nothing, he does however see Mimi in her wedding dress. The only thing is, he pictures it is Belle! Shawn says she looks beautiful. Bonnie whispers to Mimi that by the look on Shawns face he is head over heels in love with the woman in this dress.

Belle goes back up to the roof. Caroline comes up to talk to her. Caroline says she knows what shes going through. Belle tells Caroline that she told Shawn the truth, she said she still loved him. Caroline asks what Shawn said? She says she knows he still loves her, but that she belongs with Phillip and her baby and she has to forget about him. Caroline says he is right, Belle has to accept it is over. Caroline says Shawn will marry Mimi and they will be together forever. Caroline tells Belle that she has to let him go. She tells her that she needs to think how this will devastate four lives. 

At Jens place, Frankie is now out of his cast. Jen pours them some tea. Chelsea has stayed over. Jen says she feels uneasy having Chelsea here, she knows Chelsea is Abbys friend but she is Hopes cousin. She says because of Chelsea they dont have Zack. Chelsea comes downstairs and thanks Jen for letting her stay here. She knows this is awkward but she cant be around Patrick after what he did. Jen says he just told the truth. Chelsea says the truth has made things worse. She knows she is responsible, and shell have to live with what she did. Chelsea asks Frankie if they can talk about her case? Jen hears someone pull up and sees that it is Hope. Jen asks if they can talk in the kitchen, Hope doesnt need to see them. Frankie and Chelsea disappear and Hope comes in. Hope hopes Jen doesnt mind her dropping in, Jen of course doesnt. Jen asks Hope if she and Bo worked things out. Hope says no, she threw him out, hes gone. Jen is shocked and says they need one another now. Hope says it is best this way, especially after last night. Hope tells Jen about how Bo attacked Patrick again last night at their home. Jen says Bo is grief stricken and is afraid of losing her. Hope says he lost her the minute she found out he lied. Hope says she doesnt know how she can take him back ever. Jen tells Hope that she needs to take some time and think about this, she and Bo cant lose one another. Jen says shed give anything to have her husband here. Hope says she knows but this is a different situation completely. Jen knows, but Bo loves her and never meant to hurt her. Jen says shes sure of this. Jen says she has to forgive him, they need each other. Hope then gets a call from a fellow cop Penny. She wanted to see if Bo was okay. Hope learns about Bos bar fight last night and how everyone on the force is sorry for their loss. Hope asks about the fight, was Bo hurt. Penny says she only heard a woman took him home, she thought it was Hope. Hope says it wasnt. Hope thanks her for the information. Hope then relays the information to Jen, she is positive the woman hes with is Billie. 

In the kitchen, Chelsea asks how bad it will be if Hope wants the maximum for her. Frankie says it wont be good. He says if Hope cant forgive her then the judge will want to do right by the family. He says that can mean serious jail time. Chelsea asks what if Bo is on her side? Frankie says he wouldnt count on that, if hes forced to choose sides he wont take hers. Chelsea tells herself theyll just see about that. Chelsea then makes a call to Billie (see below).

Chelsea listens in on Hope ranting to Jen about Bo going to a bar the same day they buried their son. She says it is obvious whose side hes on. Jen says maybe Bo has an explanation. Hope knows what is going on and she says Billie can have Bo. Jen says she doesnt mean that, and she saw that Hope was worried when she learned he was in a fight. Jen says Hope has to go to him. Hope then gets a call saying her credit card was used in a local motel. Hope tells Jen that Bo and Billie went to the no-tell motel. Jen says shes reading into this, they should go over and talk to him. Hope says what if he is with Billie. Jen says he isnt. Hope says she cant forget that Bo was more concerned about them than her. Jen says that isnt true, there is no way that he cares about Billie more than her. Jen says they are going there and she will see hes not with Billie. Chelsea, who is listening in, says this is perfect.

Shirtless Bo is sleeping in a bed somewhere remembering Billie brought him there and Billie got them a room. Billie took his clothes off so he could get some sleep. Billie took his clothes off and looked a tad conflicted about what to do. We then see that Billie stayed in the chair all night. She hears Bo talking about how he still loves Hope. Billie says he always will, they can only ever be friends. Bo begins dreaming about reading Zack a story. He remembers telling Zack theyd always be a family and always live happily ever after. Billie gets a call from Chelsea. Chelsea tells her mom she just talked to Frankie and its bad. She tells Billie that she has to do something, she has to help her. Billie says shell do anything for her. Chelsea says then she has to split up Bo and Hope, Hope is out for blood. She says her only chance is if she is with dad, she can convince him to protect her. Billie says she cant talk right now, she doesnt want to wake up Bo. Chelsea asks where they are? Billie explains what happened last night. Chelsea tells her mom that this is her chance to be with the man she loves, and this is her (Chelsea's) chance to have her parents back together. Billie says she has to go and shell call her later. Bo continues to dream about the good times with Hope. Billie then gets another call from Chelsea. Chelsea tells her that Hope is on her way over right now. Chelsea says this is her chance, if she finds out they slept together or thinks they did then Hope wont ever take him back. She begs Billie to do this, its the only way. Billie realizes if Hope sees them together then their marriage will be over. Later, Hope and Jen arrive at the motel and they see the door to Bos room is open. Billie cracked it open right before taking her clothes off and getting into bed with Bo. Jen tells Hope to open the door and go in. Hope opens the door and sees them in bed together.


February 23, 2006
At the loft, Mimi is being fitted for her gown. Shawn walks in and looks at her, only he sees Belle. He tells Mimi that she looks beautiful. Mimi blushes. Bonnie tells Kate that anyone can see by Shawns face that hes head over heels in love with the woman in this dress. Mimi suddenly says this is wrong, they cant get married now. Mimi tells him that he has to leave, this is bad luck to see her in the dress. Bonnie then shoves Shawn out of the apartment. Mimi thinks this is a sign, their marriage is doomed. She says especially if Shawn finds out about Claire. Kate says he wont find out if none of them tell him. Kate helps Mimi change, and Bonnie hears Belle and Shawn in the hall. She spies on them by listening at the door with a glass.

In the hall, Shawn runs into Belle. Belle tells Shawn that she is having such a hard time with the thought of Mimi in that dress and marrying him. Shawn begins to fantasize about his wedding day and Belle is in the dress. Belle asks Shawn what he was just thinking. He admits that when he saw Mimi in the dress he thought it about her in that dress. Belle says so he does still loves her, just admit it. Shawn says it does no good to say those words. He says she married Phillip and hes marrying Mimi. Shawn says his parents always said you stick with family, that is what she needs to do. Belle says what if they are making a mistake, what if they are making a mistake for Claire. Shawn says Phillip is Claires father, what they had is gone. Shawn says they can never be a family.

Back in the loft, Kate catches Bonnie with a glass at the door. She asks what shes doing? Bonnie says just getting water. Mimi comes out and asks what they are plotting now? Bonnie says nothing at all. Bonnie then demands Kate hand over the Basic Black credit card, she needs to get an outfit for the wedding. Bonnie gets the card and heads off to shop and go to Gloriannes Spa. Mimi tells Kate that she doesnt like this, Shawn is settling for second best. Kate says dont say that. Mimi says its true, he'd marry Belle if he knew the truth. Kate says happiness with the man you love is worth one little lie. Kate tells her to think about how many people will suffer if the truth comes out now. Mimi says and what about when it comes out later? Kate says she has to make sure the truth doesnt come out as its her only chance at happiness. Kate says this marriage will get her into one of Salems best loved families and a future filled with happiness. She says if she tells Shawn the truth then shell get none of that.

Bonnie runs into Shawn and Belle in the hall. Belle asks how Mimi is? Bonnie says shes beautiful in that dress, and she tells Shawn that he and Mimi will be just as happy as Belle and Phillip are with their miracle baby Claire. She says that baby looks just like her daddy, Phillip that is. Bonnie walks off and thinks she needs some duct tape over her mouth. Meanwhile, Belle tells Shawn she still wishes Claire was his child. Shawn says hell always be her godfather and hell always love her like his own. Shawn says he feels so connected to Claire, but she is Phillips daughter and that is just the way it is. 

At the penthouse, Marlena asks John why hes here, she thought he was in jail. John knows Alex will be disappointed that he made bail, Alexs attempt to frame him wont work. Marlena says Alex didnt frame him. John says he had nothing to do with Lois death, someone else killed her. John says he is here to make sure she isnt Alexs next murder victim. Marlena says that is ridiculous, Alex would never hurt her, shes her protector. John says you mean from him. As this conversation goes on, Alex spies on them from the top of the steps. Marlena tells John hes ruining a special day for her, shes working on renewing her vows with Alex. She says he had this dress designed especially for her. John says youve got to be kidding me. She says shes not. John says this is something Alex will never pull off. John asks why cant she see the games Alex is playing with them? Marlena says he doesnt play games. John asks then why shes wearing the same dress she married him in? John tells her to look in the mirror, it is the exact same dress she wore at their wedding. Marlena begins to have memories of their wedding. She cries and asks John why hes trying to ruin her happiness. John says he can see it in her eyes, she remembers it. John tells her to remember the rest of that day, they took vows. Marlena says it doesnt make a difference, she was married to Alex first and she will respect those vows. Marlena says she trusts him and is suspicious of John. Alex comes downstairs and says he thought John was in jail. He asks who got him out, his lover Kate? John asks Alex what hes trying to pull with this wedding dress? He wants an explanation. Alex says when the designer heard Marlena was renewing her vows then she must have thought she was remarrying John. Marlena says what does it matter, why would Alex want to remind her of her marriage to John when shes trying to forget it herself. Marlena says it is a gown, but its not the reason shes marrying Alex. Marlena says she loves him and that is why. Alex says kudos to John for buying his way out of jail, but MArlena still loves him, he can't buy her heart. Alex says get out of here. John says why so he can kill her. A fight starts, and John decks Alex. Alex goes down for the count. Marlena asks John how could he do that. Marlena tends to Alex after he passes out. Marlena wants to take him to the hospital, but he comes too and says hes fine. John cant believe this. Marlena asks why hes still here? Marlena thinks John is trying to destroy Alex. John asks when shell wake up and realize Alex is a danger to her. She says when she has evidence of such a fact, evidence he doesnt have. She tells John to leave or she will call the police. She tells him to leave her alone with the man she loves. Alex smirks at John. John waves his hand and walks out the door. Alex comforts MArlena and says after they marry hes going to take her on a nice, long romantic honeymoon. He says hell take her away from here, somewhere John cant hurt them again. Meanwhile, John vows to make sure Marlena sees the truth about Alex.

Chelsea sneaks back into Patricks house. Patrick asks what shes doing here. She thought nobody was here. Patrick says if she doesnt want to see him again then get out. Chelsea says what will he do, have her arrested for breaking and entering now? She says he claims to care about her and her mom . . . never mind, she doesnt know why shes having this conversation with him. She says she just came to get her clothes. He asks what is really bothering her? She says that is obvious. Patrick says a lot of people are suffering now and why should Billie pay for what Chelsea did. Chelsea says well it was Billies idea in the first place, and now that he saved her, Billie wants nothing to do with him. Patrick tells Chelsea that she doesnt have to move out to get away from him, hes leaving Salem. Chelsea says she sure wont miss him. Patrick says some people might, like Jen and Hope. Patrick says hed stay if he thought theyd need him, but Jen has Frankie and she doesnt know what Hope will do now. He says shes going through a lot and doesnt have Bo because Bos supporting her (Chelsea). Chelsea says excuse her. Patrick says Bo has some nerve, Bos not there for his own wife but freaks out when he comforts Hope. Chelsea realizes how threatened Bo is of Patrick. Patrick says Bo thinks hes hitting on Hope. He says thats why hes leaving Salem, hes not going to be the reason Bo and Hope split up. Chelsea says if he was such a good friend to Hope then she wouldnt bail on her. Chelsea says without Patrick, Hope might go right over the edge. Patrick says again he wont be the reason they break up, leaving town is the best thing he can do for both of them. Patrick then goes to pack. Later Patrick gets a flight to someplace called Morgan Island. To herself, Chelsea says Patrick cant leave unless he takes Hope. Later Bonnie arrives and learns Patrick is leaving. Bonnie doesnt want him to leave town, he is supposed to marry Billie, settle down and give her some kids. Patrick says things are over with Billie and he has to go. Bonnie thinks Billie should go and take her murdering kid with her. Patrick says no, and Billie and Chelsea should stay as the rent helps Bonnie. Bonnie says she cant believe this, she thought the Lockharts were on the way up. Patrick says Billie is over and he has to leave so he doesnt come between Bo and Hope. Billie says so they are still having a tough time? Patrick says yes. Bonnie then thinks about how Hope is a Horton, and he should let Hope rely on him for comfort. She says make his move, Hope is perfect for him. She says every woman in town is green with envy over her face and figure. Patrick gives Bonnie a look. Bonnie says if she wasnt such a busy body her kids wouldnt have a life at all. Bonnie tells Patrick that hes got Hope as a friend and buddy, just turn on his sex appeal and get Hope fully. Bonnie says what could be more perfect than coming home to Hope every night? Patrick says he wont do that to Hope. He also knows Bonnie wont stop with this, that is why hes leaving town for somewhere warm and sunny. Bonnie wishes her kids would listen to her, she just wants them happy, married and loaded. 

At the motel, Hope sees Billie and Bo in bed together. Bo of course is dreaming of Hope while he's cuddling with Billie. Jen sees them to, and she says shes so sorry. Hope says Bo made his choice and now he has to live with it. Jen says they should go, Hope doesnt need to see this. Hope continues to look at Bo with Billie. Billie calls out Bos name and says make love to me again. Hope says shes had enough, and she and Jen leave. Billie hears them leave and she gets out of bed. Billie recalls Chelsea calling her and telling her to break up Bo and Hope. Billie wonders what she has done. Billie quickly gets dressed and Bo wakes up. She brings him some water and asks how hes feeling. He says his head is splitting. She gives him some aspirin and asks how his hand is. He moans. He asks if she slept in the chair all night? She nods. Billie thanks her for being here for him. Billie says Billie to the Rescue. Bo gets up and puts his clothes on. He says he has to get home, Hope needs her. Billie says Chelsea needs him too, she is really scared. Bo says he knows, and he wont abandon her. Billie asks how Hope will feel. Bo says Hope wont forgive Chelsea, but they are family and have to figure a way to stand together. Billie asks if she can help. Bo says shes been a good friend and he doesnt know if he deserves that. Billie says he does. Billie offers to give him a ride, but Bo says hell walk to the cemetery and get his bike. He says Hope wouldnt be thrilled if she saw her drop him off. Billie says yeah, and its probably best that Hope doesnt know what happened with them last night. Bo agrees, and then he leaves. Billie cries and says shes so sorry for what shes done. She says she did it for Chelsea, she wont let her go to jail. She just hopes Bo will be able to forgive her for what shes done.

Chelsea meets with Billie at the Java Caf. Chelsea sees her mom is upset, did something go wrong, did she wimp out? Billie says no it worked like a charm. Billie tells her everything that happened. Chelsea is thrilled, Hope will never take Bo back now. Chelsea says she feels so much better now. She thanks her mom for doing this and says eventually shell be able to be with Bo. Billie asks Chelsea who is she? She says when two people love each other like Bo and Hope then they are never apart for long. Billie says Bo loves Hope. Chelsea says for now, once they are really over hell come to her. Billie tells Chelsea she doesnt understand anything about love, how sad is that. Billie says Bo and Hope are soulmates, they are having a tough time now but theyll find their way back together. Billie wonders if Chelsea feels any guilt over trying to break up this marriage? Chelsea does, but Bo and Hope arent the only two people who deserve to be happy. She says her mom deserves to be happy and so does she. She says she needs Bo and Billie here for her now. Chelsea says shes afraid to go to prison, she doesnt know what theyll do to her there. Billie tells Chelsea that it will be okay, shell be here for her. Billie says everything will be okay. Chelsea doesnt see how unless she keeps Bo away from Hope. Chelsea says Hope hates her and wants to see her suffer. Later, Chelsea tells Billie that Patrick is leaving Salem and he said they can still live at his house. However Chelsea says soon theyll be with Bo. Billie says she spent far too many years thinking that shed be with Bo, but it never happened. Billie says she is doing this as long as it takes to keep Chelsea out of jail, but eventually they will get back together. Chelsea thinks to herself that she has to get Hope out of the picture, Patrick said something about Morgan Island. She decides to make sure Hope ends up there too.

Hope and Jen go back to Jen's. Hope blames Billie for this. She thinks Billie took advantage of Bo in his condition. Hope says shes lost her boy and her husband to the woman who gave birth to her sons killer. She says she cant forgive Bo for this, its over, she can never take him back. Later Hope toasts to the rest of her life without Bo. Jen says she will not drink to that. Hope says why not, its reality. Jen wont accept this, Bo was drunk. Hope says thats no excuse for what he did. Hope says she keeps hearing Billie asking him to make love to her again. Hope says Bo has decided to stay with Billie, hes chosen Chelsea and Billie over her. Hope thinks Bo is making a new family with them now that they dont have Zack. Hope says shes lost Bo to Billie forever this time. Jen says that is not true. Hope says her heart is breaking, nothing will make this better. Bo then pulls up on his bike. They hear this. Hope refuses to see him and runs out the back. Bo walks in and knows Hope is here, he saw her car. Jen tells Bo that he cant see Hope, it is too late. Jen says Hope will never forgive him and she doesnt think she should. Hope apparently takes off on Bos bike. 


February 24, 2006
Belle arrives at the Brady Pub and sees her dad, shes been looking for him. She just saw the paper and the announcement about moms wedding. She tells her dad that he has to stop this. Belle tells her dad that she doesnt trust Alex, he has to get mom away from him. John says hes trying but Alex keeps twisting everything and make him look bad. John says hes convinced Alex North killed Lois and made it look like she took her own life. He also fears that Marlena could be next. Belle panics, and he says he doesnt mean to freak her out. He says Marlena isnt in danger at the moment. He suspects Alex will make his move during their honeymoon. John says that is why hes going to make sure this wedding doesnt happen. He is going to have to prove Alex killed Lois. Belle says that will take to long, go talk to mom. John says it wont work, she thinks he is the crazy one now. Belle thinks she can do something to help. John tells her to just try and not worry about her mom. Belle tells her dad to be careful, and she gives him and hug. John pays the bill for the food and goes to leave. 

Outside the pub, Bo calls home and gets the answering machine. He says its him, if shes there then pick up. At Bo and Hopes, Hope holds Zacks bear as she listens to Bo on the machine and cries. Bo tells Hope that he knows shes angry, but she has to give him a chance to explain. He says he loves her, they need each other now more than ever. He tells her to call him. Hope is in tears.

Bo heads inside the pub and thinks about Hope kicking him out of their house. He vows to make things right with Hope. John, who was leaving, sees Bo and sits with him. He asks Bo what is wrong? Bo says everything and that hes been better. John talks with Bo about the mess hes in with Lois death and Alex North. John is convinced Alex and Lois were in on some plot together and so he killed Lois and pinned it on him. Bo says hed like to help John but hes on leave from the force. He says right now he cant concentrate on anything but Hope. John understands, he is focused on getting Marlena away from Alex one way or another. Bo asks how hell prove to Marlena that North is a murderer? Johns phone rings and thinks this phone call can do it. John takes the call, it seems the autopsy is in on Lois. John heads off hoping for news that will prove she was killed.

At the penthouse, Marlena still wonders if Alex is okay, maybe he should go to the hospital. Alex says hes fine, he has a very hard head. Alex says he loves that she worries about him. She feels responsible for all of this and who knows what will happen next. Alex says he can take care of himself and he wont let anyone take her away from him. He suggests they change the subject. He says hed like to talk about their marriage and honeymoon. Marlena says she likes that, she can't wait for the honeymoon. Alex says she will enjoy it, and they kiss. The doorbell rings, and Marlena fears it is John. Alex says no, he has a surprise for her. Alex opens the door and Calliope Jones waltzes in. She says shes missed Marlena so much and shes sorry she hasnt written or called lately. Marlena asks if she even knows her? Calliope asks if shes aged that much? When Calliope is filled in about the amnesia she says now she gets it. She says Eugene also misses her and wishes he could be here, not that she remembers him either. Marlena says she doesnt, shes sorry. Calliope says dont worry, shell snap out of this any minute now. Marlena asks why shes here? Alex says he hired Calliope to be their wedding planet. Alex says she is famous for what she does, but he had no idea they knew one another. Calliope says they were best friends, and she begins telling Marlena how she was the best man at her wedding. Marlena says best man? Alex decides to leave them to talk and plan, he will be back soon. Alex leaves to run errands, and Calliope says now it is just them. She asks who that guy is and what is she doing with him. Marlena says Alex is her husband. Calliope says no way, she knows all her husbands and hes not one of them. Marlena says Alex is the man shes going to spend her life with. Calliope shakes her head. She cant believe Marlena is choosing Alex over John. Marlena says a lot of people feel that way. Calliope says she and Roman, she means John, were so in love. Marlena says she doesnt remember that, and the John she knows now isnt someone she wants to be with. Calliope asks what is wrong, isnt he cute anymore. Marlena says he scares her, he is obsessed with her. Calliope says and that is bad because? MArlena says its turned violent and bad things have happened, terrible things. Calliope thinks Alex must have provoked John. Marlena says if John sent her then leave and dont come back. Calliope tells Marlena that is cold! Calliope says Alex called her and shes so sorry if she upset her. She just says that John is the love of her life, at least one of them. Marlena says Alex is the love of her life and she should stop talking about John, she doesnt want Alex walking in here and hear her talking about John. Calliope gives Marlena a bunch of magazines to look over and says they wont mention you know who again. Calliope says she has another appointment and will see her later. Calliope says goodbye and leaves. Belle then arrives. She tells her mom she saw the announcement in the paper, this wedding cant happen. 

Alex heads to the morgue and finds Lois body. He says he knows this is a bad time, but they need to talk. Alex says hes sorry for putting her where she is, but she said way too much to John. He says now nobody will know what hes up to until its too late and Marlenas paid the price. Alex says he knows she wishes it was MArlena who died, and maybe shell rest easy knowing what is about to happen to Marlena. He says hes just sorry that she wasnt here to enjoy it.

At the loft, Mimi tells Shawn how there is so much left to do and theyll never be ready in time. Shawn says they will, they will get married. They are making lists of what they need and who they need to invite. They begin bickering over the invites and lost address books when Bonnie shows up. She says she cant hear them half way down the hall, is there a problem? Mimi says yes, shes beginning to think getting married this fast is a bad idea. Bonnie tells her this isnt a bad idea and shes not having second thoughts is she. Mimi says no, but its coming up so soon and there is so much to take care of. Shawn says what Mimi is saying is they are both feeling a bit rushed here. Bonnie says of course they are, and she has a solution. She says let her and Kates checkbook take care of everything. Bonnie says they wont have to lift a finger until they put those gold bands on their fingers. Mimi finally asks her mom what happened to her, she is wearing a red cloak, her hair is done up and she has on all this makeup. Bonnie takes off her coat to reveal some gold, shimmering, Carmen Miranda Chiquita Banana lady outfit. Shawn she thinks she looks great, but Mimi laughs. Bonnie says she feels great, thank you very much. Mimi says the wedding isnt today though. Bonnie says she knows but she decided to take Kates generosity for a test run. There is a knock at the door, its Patrick. Hes come to say goodbye to Mimi. She says goodbye, where is he going? He says he doesnt know, but hes leaving Salem. Mimi wonders what is going on? Patrick says its time for him to move on. She asks if this is because of Billie? He says its because of a lot of things. Shawn says if he wants to go then let him. Mimi asks how he can say that. Shawn says he did work for DiMera. Mimi says he didnt know what he was getting into and he did save his parents lives. Patrick says its fine, and hes going. He wishes he could stay for her wedding but the sooner he leaves the better for everyone. Mimi hugs him and says shell miss him. Later Bonnie talks with the kids about the wedding. Bonnie wants it to be big and fabulous. Mimi says they wanted it small and low key. Bonnie says right now a big wedding is what they all need, and she says shes hired a wedding planner. Bonnie says shes the best money can buy and shell be here any minute. Bonnie has a bunch of food and tells them to start sampling it and think about what they want for the wedding. Shawn asks if Bonnie should be eating this stuff with her heart condition? Bonnie says she has a doctors okay as long as she doesn't over do it. Patrick asks what this is about her heart? Bonnie says shes fine, its nothing. Shawn tells Mimi hes going to go check on his mom, hell be back later. Shawn says he thinks theyll all pick the right things out for the wedding, he trusts them. Patrick says he needs to be going too, and he says goodbye to Mimi and his mom. Bonnie says this isnt goodbye, hell be back and soon. Patrick leaves, and Bonnie begins scolding Mimi about having doubts about this wedding. She tells her that she has to marry Shawn ASAP and she has to keep quiet about Claire. Calliope then shows up to help plan the wedding. Calliope and Bonnie tell one another that they love each others outfits, and Bonnie thinks they will get along just fine. 

Chelsea is thinking about Patrick arranging to go away to a secluded island. She plots to get Hope there and knows just how to do it. She goes to Jens house to see Abby. Abby asks why she didnt bring her clothes? Chelsea says she can live without them. Abby finds that is hard to believe. Abby says she saw Patricks car outside so she didnt go in. She talks about how she hates Patrick for what he did. Abby says he just told the truth, she was going to let her mom go to jail for what she did. Chelsea says Billie wouldnt have gone to jail, unlike her. Chelsea also talks about how Patrick only cares about scoring points with Hope right now, hes always had the hots for her it seems. Chelsea asks where Jen and Frankie are? Abby says they went to the store. Abby sees Chelsea has flowers and asks who they are for? Chelsea says for Hope, she was thinking of going over there. Abby thinks that is a great idea. Chelsea says shes decided not to go as Hope hates her. Abby says Hope is hurting over her loss, shes not herself right now, they both know what its like to lose someone they love. Chelsea says she lost Zack too and Hope thinks she did this on purpose. Chelsea says it was an accident and she feels horrible, but Hope doesnt believe her. Chelsea says now Hope is trying to turn Bo against her, and even Frankie thinks shell convince Bo to send her to jail. Abby says then they have to find a way to make Hope forgive her. Abby tells her to go over there, tell Hope how sorry she is. Chelsea says she cant. Abby says then shell take the flowers over and talk to Hope for her, tell her how sorry she is. Chelsea says shed do that for her? Abby says of course she would, she doesnt deserve to be in jail. Chelsea tells Abby how great she is, she doesnt deserve her as a friend. Abby tells Chelsea that Hope is a good person and shell forgive her eventually, shell come to see it was just an accident. Chelsea says by then it might be too late . . .  unless Hope got away for awhile and thought things over. Abby asks where shed go? Chelsea says someplace quiet, where she could be alone. Chelsea says she just read about this private little island called Morgan Island, its quiet and tranquil, its like a retreat. Chelsea says Hope could heal there and maybe when she came back shed be in a better mood. Abby says it might do her good to get away for awhile. Chelsea says yeah but she cant tell Hope, she wont listen to her. Abby says shell tell her then. Abby leaves, and Chelsea says she never thought it would be that easy. Chelsea says she has to get Bo on her side and the only way to do that is for Hope to be off somewhere with Patrick. She says Abby has to come through for her.

Abby shows up at Hopes place with flowers from Chelsea. Hope lets Abby in and gives her a hug. Hope says her mom isnt here if she's looking for her. Abby says she came to see her. She gives her the flowers, and Hope says they are lovely and thanks her. Abby says they are from Chelsea, a peace offering. Abby says Chelsea feels terrible for what happened. Hope says and this is supposed to make up for killing her son, I dont think so! She throws the flowers away. Hope says if Chelsea sent her to plead her case then she wasted her time. Abby says Chelsea is sorry and she is afraid. Hope says if shes afraid of going to jail then she should be. Hope says she would rather not talk about Chelsea now. Hope asks Abby how shes doing without her dad. Abby says she misses him, but as hard as it is to lose a parent, it must be harder to lose a child. Abby says she was thinking maybe it would do Hope good to get away for awhile. Hope says she was thinking the same thing, but she doesnt know where shed go. Abby says she heard about this place called Morgan Island, she should check it out. Hope says she will and she thanks Abby. Later Shawn shows up to check on his mom. Hope tells Shawn that shes thinking about going away for awhile. She says being here is too sad for her, she sees Zack and his dad everywhere and thinks about the family theyll never be again. She says she needs to get away from everything. Shawn says if that is what she needs then sure. He asks where shell go? She says she heard about this place Morgan Island, she thinks shell go there. 

Abby returns home and tells Chelsea that Hope isnt willing to forgive her, but she is going to give Morgan Island some thought. Chelsea says that is great, and she tells Abby they need to keep this a secret. Abby asks why? Chelsea says if her dad finds out then he might try and stop her from going.

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