February 27, 2006
At the hospital, Lexie is waiting for Abe in her office. Abe comes in and Lexie asks how the exam went. Abe says it was fine, it will be a few months before his eyesight is 100%, but the doctor thinks hell have 20/20 vision. Lexie says that is great and she suggests they celebrate by a nice cozy fire tonight. Abe says hell only cool the fire down, a fire wont cure it. Lexie says all she was talking about is some wine and a fire, they can still be close. Abe says it will just be torture for both of them. Lexie says she thinks of it as enjoying each others company. She says she wants her husband back, the man she can talk to about anything. Lexie says his condition will only drive them apart if he lets it. She tells him that she needs him and Theo needs him. She says he has his eyesight back, and the other thing . . . Abe says his impotence. She says his impotence could be psychological. Abe says he cant talk about this now, he has to go meet John. Lexie says fine. Abe leaves and Tek then goes to see Lexie . Tek tells Lexie that she shouldnt have to put up with Abes abuse. Lexie says Abe isnt abusing her. He says fine, hes neglecting her. Lexie says he shouldnt have listened in, and what is he doing here anyways. Tek says a suicide took place here last night, Lois Bank killed herself and hes investigating it. He says he was on his way to the morgue for an update. Tek tells Lexie that Abe is neglecting her, she deserves better and hes the man to give it to her. He then kisses Lexie. Lexie ends up slapping him and says stop it. Tek says he knows she feels guilty for wanting him, and she does. Lexie says she is a married woman. Tek says that didnt stop her before. She says this is harassment, what does she have to do to get him to stop this. He says stop kissing him back. Tek says something is wrong with this picture, Abe cant satisfy her. Lexie says Abe has gone through a lot, this is a tough time for them. Lexie says they just lost Isaac again. Tek says the first time they lost him, Abe turned on her then too. Tek says they are just too different people, she is exciting and lives on the edge and Abe is boring and stable. He says the only reason she married Abe was because she thought hed be there for her, but he hasnt been. Lexie cries that Abe is a wonderful man, she loves him very much. Tek says Abe cant satisfy her physically or emotionally. He tells her to tell him to leave then hell go, but if shes honest with herself then shell admit that she doesnt want him to go. Lexie of course cant tell him to go, and they end up going at it and ripping each others clothes off. Tek then takes her on the desk.

John arrives outside the morgue but the mortician wont give John the autopsy reports. John says Abe will be here in a few minutes, hell just wait. John then looks into the morgue and sees Alex talking to Lois body. Alex thanks Lois for making him look like a hero and John look like a villain. He says John has been charged with her death and when John gets sent to prison then nobody will be around to stop him. John storms in and attacks Alex. He says hes been right about him all along. Alex laughs and says hes always been right about him. John asks what he plans to do to Marlena? He orders Alex to start talking. Alex says fine, but does he have a tape recorder? Otherwise how will he remember all of this? Alex says hes reconsidered, his plans are for him to know and John to find out. John begins roughing up Alex, and Alex says hell tell him what he has planned. Alex says he is going to cause Marlena more pain and misery than shes ever suffered, even more than John can imagine. John asks if he killed Lois, and Alex says of course he did. He tells John he can tell anyone he likes but nobody will believe him, John has cried wolf one too many times. He says there is no proof to put him near Lois at her time of death, unlike John who looks very guilty. Alex says he wins and John loses! John begins beating Alex to a pulp when Abe runs in and stops him. Alex says he was here saying goodbye to Lois when John assaulted him. John says like hell, and he wants Alex arrested for Lois murder. Alex says John is lying, and he thanks Abe for stopping John. Abe says he did this for John, not Alex. John tells Abe that Alex confessed to everything. Alex asks John to go ahead and give him a taped confession, oh he doesnt have one. What about witnesses, oh nobody overheard a confession. Alex says John is just plain crazy. John says hes not, he came here because he got a call from the mortician about Lois autopsy report being finished. Abe says he just spoke with him, he never called John or anyone else. John says someone called him . . . . John then realizes Alex set him up. Alex says more lies, he was with Marlena earlier and John was even there harassing them. Alex thinks John followed him and he says hes filing another restraining order against John. Alex thinks he wont have a problem getting the restraining order with Abe here as a witness. Abe stops John from attacking Alex and says hes only going to make this worse for himself. Alex says now if theyll excuse him hell go home to his wife. Alex tells John that he cant wait to see Marlena in that wedding dress and then he cant wait to see him out of it. Alex leaves and John swears to Abe that Alex confessed to everything. John says Alex is taunting him, hes baiting him. John says he will protect Marlena even if he has to die trying. 

At Patricks, Chelsea asks Billie where Bo is. Billie says he was going to check on Hope. Chelsea thinks there is no chance of Hope forgiving Bo now. Billie says probably not. Chelsea asks so what shes going to do next? Billie says she doesnt know. Billie says shes conflicted about this, Bo is a good friend and she doesnt want to be responsible for ruining his life. Chelsea says dad needs her now more than ever, and she needs his daughter too. Chelsea says if she gets back with Hope then shell go to jail. Billie says they have been through this before. Chelsea asks then why does she act like shes doing something horrible. Billie thinks maybe they are. Chelsea wants Billie to go over there and talk to Bo, the closer she gets to Bo the better it is for everyone. Patrick walks in and says if they are trying to come between Bo and Hope then they are making a mistake. Billie says the only one coming between Bo and Hope is Patrick, he turned in Chelsea. Patrick says the truth would have come out eventually, and now that Chelsea has to pay for her mistake perhaps shell learn that her actions have consequences. Chelsea asks who made him judge and jury? Patrick says nobody, but that is who should decide her fate. Patrick says hes not getting into this with them, there is no use in talking to them about anything rational. Billie says she hears he is leaving Salem. Patrick says well she said she didnt want to see him again. Billie says she doesnt. He says he talked to his mom and they are welcome to stay here. Billie thanks him and says this is all for the best. Chelsea says yeah, Patrick can move on with his life too and find some new woman on the beach. Patrick asks how she knew he was going to the beach? Chelsea says its winter, it makes sense that hed go someplace warm and sunny. Patrick wonders what shes up to, and he warns Billie to watch her back with Chelsea. Patrick says Chelsea would have let her go to jail and he doesnt think she would have been sorry about it. Chelsea thinks Patrick is now trying to turn her mom against her, Billie is all she has left in this world. Chelsea says goodbye and good riddens and storms off. Patrick warns Billie that Chelsea is working her. He says Chelsea is selfish, she doesnt have a working moral compass. Patrick says he just wonders how far shes willing to go to stay out of jail. Billie tells Patrick that if Chelsea is selfish or has problems then it is because she had to fend for herself all these years without her. Patrick says that is bull, the Bensons raised her and they were good people. Patrick says Chelsea is responsible for what happened, dont let her guilt blind her to that. Billie says Chelsea is her daughter. Patrick knows, but shes also bad news. Patrick wishes Billie luck, but with him leaving Salem he doesnt think theyll see one another again. Billie tells Patrick that he doesnt have to leave because of her. Patrick says hes leaving to stop coming between Bo and Hope, Bo doesnt like him near Hope. He says because Hope is a good friend hes leaving. He hopes Billie wont make things worse for Bo and Hope. Billie says shed never come between them on purpose. Billie thinks Patrick is leaving because he likes Hope, hes running from temptation. Patrick says no, the bottom line is hes leaving. Later, Billie begins to hear both Patricks words and Chelseas words in her head. She hears Chelsea egging her mom on to break up Bo and Hope and Patrick warning her about Chelsea.

At Bo and Hopes, Hope asks Shawn if he minds that shell be going away for awhile. Shawn says of course not, and he cant imagine what shes going through right now with Zack not in the house. Shawn says he also understands why she has to get away from dad right now. Hope says hes so good to come check on her. He says hey he got her out of this wedding planner nonsense. Hope then realizes she cant go away now, not when he is going to marry Mimi. Shawn says the wedding is a ways off, its not going to happen tomorrow. Hope says she is happy for them both, but right now she cant handle being at Saint Lukes. Shawn understands and thinks his mom should go and take care of herself. He even offers to go with her. She says skipping out on the wedding? He says no, but he wants to look after her. Hope says that isnt his job. Hope wants Shawn to be happy. Shawn says he is happy, and he knows she might think hes settling for Mimi but hes not. Hope says she and his dad used to argue a lot, for the longest time she wanted him and Belle to get back together. Shawn says so did he. Hope says she has to believe Zack saved Claires life for a reason. Shawn tells Hope to get away, this will be good for her. Hope knows and asks not to tell Bo about her plans. Shawn says hes not even talking to his dad right now. Hope tells him not to worry, shell be back in time for the wedding. Later Hope begins packing her bag for her trip. She finds Zacks bear and hugs it. 

At the pub, Bo talks with Caroline about how to fix things with Hope. Caroline says its going to take time, Hope needs time to get over this. She says Hope wont always be this angry. Bo thinks shell probably be angrier as time goes by, she knows how stubborn Hope can be. He says hes angry to, he's at Chelsea, at Billie, but mostly at him. Bo says this is all his fault, she told him this would happen if he didnt tell the truth. Caroline tells Bo to forget that, and she says there are stages of grief one has to go through. Caroline tells him to be patient and have faith in his marriage, in their love and in each other. Bo doesnt think Hope can have faith in him, hes the reason Zack is dead. Bo says every time they look at one another they will know that hes responsible for Zacks death. How will they get past that? Caroline says Hope will need time to get over this anger. She also tells Bo not to let his love for Chelsea make him turn to Billie for support or anything else. Bo says that wont happen, but she is Chelseas mom so he has to see Billie. He says he has to spend time with her. Caroline says Hope will see that as him choosing them over her. Bo knows. Caroline says if he really loves Hope then that love will see them through this tragedy. Later, Chelsea comes into the pub and talks to her dad. She says shes been looking for him, they need to set up a meeting with Frankie about her case. Bo says it will be awhile before her case comes to trial and he has a lot on his plate. Chelsea asks if hes thinking about Hope. He says yes, and Zack. She says she is sorry and this is all her fault. Chelsea hopes that he and Hope can work things out, even though Hope hates her. Chelsea then begins whining about how Hope wants to see her pay, that shes going to come between them, that Hope doesnt understand it was just an accident. Bo says an accident that could have been avoided if she was paying attention. Bo says she was reaching for her cell phone when she hit and killed Zack. Bo understands where Hope is coming from. Chelsea says so he thinks she should be punished too. Bo says that isnt what hes saying. Shawn walks in and says he should have known theyd be together, no wonder mom wants to get away. Bo says get away, where is she going? Shawn says like he cares. Shawn storms off, and Bo takes off. Chelsea damns Shawn as now Bo will stop Hope from leaving. Chelsea goes over to Shawn, who tells her to get out of here. Chelsea says she will, but first she wants to know if his mom is planning on leaving Salem. Shawn thinks Chelsea would like that as she wouldnt have to face the woman who wants her behind bars. Chelsea says she is prepared to take her punishment. Shawn says sure, that is why shes playing up to his dad. He thinks she is using Bo to get out of jail. Chelsea says hes her father too and she feels really horrible about what has happened. She says she feels guilty. Shawn says she should, it is her fault. Chelsea knows that and she says she has to live with what she did, what else can she do. He says spend time behind bars for a long time. Chelsea says that will probably happen, and whether he believes her or not, she hopes Hope can forgive dad. Shawn doubts that will happen. Chelsea says well maybe he can at least stop her from leaving Salem. Shawn says let him try, shell be gone before he even gets there. 

Bo returns home to see Hope, but shes already gone. He finds a note for the cleaning lady and a check for two months of cleaning. Bo calls the airport and tries to find out if his wife is on a flight. Because he doesnt know what airlines they cant help him. Bo heads to the airport to look for Hope and walks right by her, she was reading a magazine. Also at the airport, Patrick sits a ways away from Hope, hes reading a magazine too.

At the penthouse, Belle comes to see her mom and says this wedding cant happen. Marlena says shes afraid it is going to happen. Belle says there is no way Shawn can marry Mimi. Marlena thought she was talking about her and Alex. Belle says she was, she doesnt know why she said that. Marlena does, it is because she still has very strong feelings for Shawn. Belle says of course she has feelings for Shawn. However she doesnt understand what is going on with her mom. Belle says she and dad belong together, she always looked up to them and wanted a marriage like theirs. Marlena says shes sorry to disappoint her. Belle says she just always dreamed of being as happy as they were. Marlena says children idealize what happens behind closed doors. Belle says no, they were perfect together, ask anyone. Belle says she cant believe she has forgotten every moment of the love they shared. Marlena says she knows Belle wants her to be with John but that wont happen. Marlena wants to focus on Belle, she tells Belle that she needs to start listening to her heart. Belle asks if shes telling her to leave Phillip and go back to Shawn? Marlena says no never. Marlena says what shes saying is she has to start listening to her heart. Marlena says from what she can tell, Shawn is her one true love. Belle says if Marlena knows Shawn is her one true love, then why cant she see dad is hers? MArlena says now she gets it. Marlena thinks Belle is struggling, she holds her vows sacred but sees what is going on with her own parents. Belle thinks her mother is trying to justify her being with Alex by putting this all on her, making it all about her problems with Shawn. Belle says she may not remember being her mom but she sure sounds like a shrink. Marlena says she is her mother and she loves her and wants what is best for her. Marlena says as her mother she wants to help her sort this out. Belle says there is nothing to sort out, shes married to Phillip and those vows are sacred. Marlena says yes, and keeping one's word is terribly important. Marlena says unless that happens to make her miserable because then she makes her family miserable. Marlena says if she regrets the decision she had to made then she will resent having to make it. Belle says she does not resent Phillip and she is not miserable, she just loves . . . Marlena says Shawn more, its very simple. Marlena says her choices are clear, she either stops Shawns wedding or she has to live her life without him. 


February 28, 2006

At Titian, Lucas is showing Carrie around. She is talking about how many forms she had to fill out at HR, at High Style they simplified that. Carrie sighs, she says High Style doesnt exist anymore. Lucas says Titan is like a family too and shell love working here. They go in to see Victor and he welcomes Carrie to Titan. He asks Lucas for a few moments alone with Carrie, so Lucas leaves. Carrie says she is looking forward to working with him. He says he hopes he can say the same. Carrie asks if there is a problem? Was she hired without his approval? Victor says nobody does anything here without his approval. Victor says he knows she was seeing Austin before this whole business with the raid on High Style happened. He also knows Austin has put his little start-up company up against Titans cosmetic division. Victor thinks Carrie still has feelings for Austin and she doesnt have a history of being a corporate barracuda. Victor asks if she has what it takes to go after Austin and Company? Carrie says she hasnt been a barracuda, but she has learned first had how to be ruthless and heartless when it comes to business. Carrie says shell do what she has to in order to prove herself. Victor welcomes her aboard.

In the hallway, Lucas runs into Kate. He asks what shes doing here? Kate says shes here to talk to Victor. Lucas says Carrie is with Victor, hes welcoming her to Titan. Lucas talks about how them working together will bring them closer. Kate says for his sake she hopes so. Lucas also hopes Kate remembers what they discussed about her staying out of his business with Carrie. Kate says she does, and she is backing off Austin and Carrie. Lucas says good. Kate says he is her son and loves him, she wants him to be with a woman he loves who wont hurt him, lie to him or betray him. He says like she made it seem Sami did? Kate says or like Carrie did to Austin when she ran off with Mike. Kate then goes to see Victor. Victor wonders what is so important that she couldnt call. Kate says she needs his advice about this Alex, Roman, Marlena and John situation. Victor says his advice is simple, stay the hell out of it. Victor says if she had never meddled in Sami and Lucas lives then there would be no Stan, in fact Phillip may still have his leg. Kate says he hates Sami just as much as she does, shes hurt every man shes ever loved. Kate says now shes after Austin again. Kate says she didnt come here to fight, and he says it was nice of him to offer Carrie a job. He says Carrie has good ideas, and he hopes her being here  doesnt interfere with Lucass performance. HE says Lucas is a good businessman but can be soft, like backing off of High Style when he learned it was Carries company. He says that is why Austin snagged it up. Kate says yes but  Carrie wont forgive Austin now. Victor says business is business, Austin made a good decision and he would have made the same decision. However Victor says Austin will have to do a lot of work to become a major player in this game. Kate wants to see Austin successful like Victor, she also wants him to have love as that is missing from Vics life. Victor says if hes unhappy it is because he hasnt told Shawn the truth about Claire. Kate tells Victor to keep it down! Victor says Shawn has a right to know he has a child. Kate says no good would come of telling the truth, if he tells the truth then hell take Phillips life away from him. Victor says he doesnt want to hurt Phillip but that doesnt make it right. Kate says think of it as a business decision. He says its not one, it is extremely personal. 

Carrie and Lucas begin working, Carrie cant help but think about High Style as they work. Carrie sees all the money Titan wasted on bad products, how the money alone could have saved High Style. Lucas says he has something special to show her. As he rummages through drawers, Carrie sees a letter written by Lucas. It says this is the beginning of our life together, nothing could make me happier. Lucas apologizes to Carrie, he didnt mean for her to see that. Carrie didnt mean to be nosey. Lucas says its okay, it was a letter for Sami on their wedding night. Lucas then shows Carrie files on the products the company is working on. Later Lucas suggests they forget this and go to dinner. Carrie says okay, shell pack up her notes. Lucas says no, this isnt a business dinner, this is a date. 

At Samis place, Sami is washing dishes. Austin apologizes for getting home so late and ruining dinner. Sami says he didnt know, and she thinks it was because of his mother he was late. Sami thinks Kate told Austin to stay away from her. Austin says no she didnt. Sami is convinced Kate talked trash to Austin about her. Austin tells Sami not to talk badly about his mother. Sami says shes sorry but he knows she said bad things about her. Austin says her name didnt come up, not everything revolves around her. Sami knows that, but when it comes to Kate, she has made it her lifes mission to protect her sons from her. Austin thinks shes being melodramatic, but Sami doesnt. Sami says he knows what she did to keep her and Lucas apart, he has gotten the Sami lecture too, hell she probably has even lectured Phillip about her. Austin admits that Kate did seem a bit worried about Belle and Phillip for some reason. Sami says Kate knows something or has done something to her sister. Austin doubts that, but Sami doesnt for a second. Austin says well it is none of their business and he suggests they get to work. Sami whines about how Nicole is traveling the world finding new clients while she helps Austin with his math. Austin says she and Nicole have different strengths. Sami says so her strength is checking his math? She asks what her weaknesses are. He says she is too easily distracted and too damn nosey. Sami says not true, shes not easily distracted! She says shes slaving away here. They get back to work, Austin tells Samis shes done some good work on the budget projections. He says they make a good team. Sami says she does too. Austin finds a cufflink on the floor. He asks whose it is? She says it must be Lucas, he stopped by last night. Austin asks if he was trying to get back together? Sami says no, he just wants to talk about Will. She talks about how Lucas has no interest in her, and as Carrie said . . . Austin asks what Carrie said? Sami says that Carrie said she has no interest in Austin, has no feelings for him anymore and never will again. Sami says she was upset though, she didnt know what she was saying. Austin says thats right. Sami says Carrie will get over it eventually, but given how Carrie and Lucas were acting, she thinks the next wedding in Salem will be theirs. 

John is at the Brady Pub drinking and thinking about Alexs threats about MArlena. Abe shows up and tells John to take it easy. John doesnt know how he can do that when Alex murdered Lois and is going to make Marlena his next victim. Abe tells John that he doesnt know North will kill Marlena, he has no proof just like he has no proof about Lois. John says Alex confessed, he gloated to him. Abe tells John maybe North is playing him, maybe there is no truth in anything he says. Abe says what if North is doing this to keep him away from Marlena. John says hes been around the block, the confession was real. John says he wont let Alex get away with what hes done and is about to do. Abe tells John if he violates the restraining order then Alex will have him thrown in jail. John says if he doesnt then hell kill Marlena. Abe says maybe not. He says if he really killed Lois then why admit it, hed have to be crazy. John says that is why hes so dangerous. Abe tells John that getting drunk wont help him. John says hes not getting drunk, hes expanding his mind. He says he will do whatever it takes to protect Marlena, even if it costs him his life.

Alex thinks about the fight he had with John. He has some flowers and stands outside of the penthouse. He says Marlena will pay for what John did to him, and when she pays, John will pay. Alex overhears Marlena inside talking to Belle and thinks this is the last thing he needs, he hopes Marlena will get rid of her whiney brat. Inside, Belle cant believe what her mother is telling her. She says she cant leave Phillip to be with Shawn, what if she lost custody of Claire. Belle says if she breaks up the marriage then that would happen. MArlena says that wouldnt happen, and shed have half custody. Belle says so Claire spends half of her life without her mother. Belle thinks that doesnt sound crazy to Marlena as she walked away from their family. Marlena says that isnt true, she is here for Belle and always will be. Marlena tells Belle she has to follow her heart, and her heart belongs to Shawn. Belle asks her mom if she loves Alex that much and is that why she left dad for him. Marlena says she does love Alex that much, he was her first love and knew him long before she met John. Marlena says Shawn was Belles first love like Alex was hers. Marlena says if she wants to be with Shawn then she has to act quickly before it is too late. Belle says it is too late, she told Shawn but he wont be responsible for breaking up her family. She tells her mom that she hopes her mother realizes she loves dad and before its too late for her too. Marlena says shed like to remember her past too, but when that happens she thinks shell still choose Alex. A spying Alex says hes done his work well. Marlena says Alex was her first love and she belongs with him, and they both know with who Belle belongs. Belle says she does love Shawn, but she also loves Phillip. Spying Alex says make a decision and get the hell out. Belle says Phillip and Claire are her family and she cant hurt them. Marlena asks if it hurts Claire to have parents in an unhappy marriage. Belle says what will a divorce do to her though, look at how Sami blames every bad thing on her and Romans divorce. Marlena says there are studies that show some children never get over a parents divorce, but there are also studies that show there are children who are damaged by being in an unhappy family. Belle thinks it is a lose lose situation. Marlena says that isnt true, and as long as Claire has love and someone to talk to then she would be fine. Belle says she thinks she needs to stay with Phillip, she does love him. Marlena says not how she loves Shawn though. Belle says no. Marlena tells Belle that she deserves that love and Claire deserves to see her mother having that love. Belle says its too late. Marlena says it isnt unless she gives up. Alex walks in and says he didnt realize Belle was here, hell leave them alone. Belle says no shell get going. Marlena tells Belle to think about what she said. Marlena tells Belle that she is very proud of the person she is and how she always puts others before herself. Marlena says right now she wants Belle to put herself first. Belle leaves and Alex says he hopes Belle didnt leave because of him. MArlena says no no. Alex asks how things went with Calliope? Marlena says Calliope knows her so well, she could plan the wedding with no help and it will be perfect. Alex swears he didnt know they were friends. He wonders if she is yet another advocate for her to choose John. Marlena says she put in her two cents. Alex says on his dime. Marlena tells him not to worry and she kisses him. She tells him that she loves him. Marlena then looks at a photo of herself, John and Belle. She says so many people want them back together, it must have been a special relationship. Alex asks if shes having second thoughts about renewing her vows? Marlena says no, he is the man she loves and wants to be with. Marlena says people said she and John were so much in love, how wonderful John was. Marlena says she doesnt know that person at all. Alex says John isnt the same man he was back then. She says no, hes controlling, obsessive and even violent. Marlena then notices Alex has a bruise on his face. She thinks John did that to him. Alex says John did this, and it was unprovoked. Alex says John just saw him and assaulted him. Marlena feels like this is her fault, but soon John will come to understand he has to stay away from them. Alex says shes right, it will all be over soon.

At the loft, Bonnie tells Calliope how she cant believe she snagged the world famous Calliope Jones Bradford as a wedding planner. Calliope tells Bonnie that shes lucky, normally shes booked two years in advance. Calliope says it just happened she was coming to Salem to do Marlenas wedding, so she thought why not take on another. Shawn returns, and Mimi asks how his mom is doing? Will they have to postpone the wedding? Shawn says no, but his mom probably wont be there. He says shes leaving town. Calliope says the mother of the groom must be at the wedding. Shawn says this one wont be. Calliope says shes sorry it was a reflex, she knows about his brother and the troubles his family is having. Shawn wonders if he knows her? Calliope says she is The Calliope Jones Bradford, a former Salemite. She thinks all these couples are breaking up, its crazy around here, but then again it always has been. Shawn feels it is strange that his parents marriage is ending while his is just beginning. Bonnie thinks they should cross Bo off the list as well at this point since Shawn isn't talking to him. Calliope wants Shawns input in the wedding, but Shawn says he thinks Mimi will make all the right choices. Calliope says wrong attitude, she wants to make sure both his and Mimis needs and preferences are met. She makes him look through booklets of horsdouerves. There is a knock at the door and Shawn runs to get it, it is Belle. Mimi introduces her matron of honor. Calliope talks about how grown up Belle is, what do they put in the water here. Calliope cant believe Belle is grown up with a husband and baby of her own. Calliope also says she thought Belle would have been the one to end up with Shawn given the photos and letters Marlena sent her. Calliope leans into Belle and asks if she is happy with this Phillip. Belle says yeah, very. Bonnie says of course they are, as are Mimi and Shawn. Calliope notices the looks between Belle and Shawn. 

At the airport, Bo is searching for Hope. Meanwhile, both Hope and Patrick are in the crowded waiting area but dont see each other. Bo tries to get a passenger list, but the woman cant give it without a warrant or TSA approval. Bo becomes angry, and two officer shows up to make sure everything is okay. Bo knows the officers, and he asks them to help try and find Hope before she leaves town. The plane begins boarding, and Hope and Patrick have near misses in the boarding line. Hope boards the plane, as does Patrick. Again they dont see one another. Back in the airport Bo gets clearance to board any flight to search for his wife before it takes off. Bo picks a plane and goes to search it. Of course he picks the wrong plane to search. The plane Hope and Patrick are on is already taking off. Bo misses her as all the planes have left the gates. Bo takes off in anger and the cops fear what he might do to himself.


March 1, 2006

At Billie's place, Billie calls Roman about Bo. She's worried and has Roman put an APB out of him. Later, Billie finds Chelsea dressed up to go out. Billie tells her that she shouldn't be going out and having fun, it wouldn't look good for her case, it would look like she  has no remorse for what she's done. Chelsea cries about how she is so sorry for what she's done and she's upset about it, that is why she wanted to go out and see people having fun. Maybe it would cheer her up. Billie thinks she should stay in for the night, Billie even suggests they play cards. Chelsea says okay, and she just learned how to play poker. Billie has a flashback to playing poker with Patrick, they played strip poker. Billie suggests they play something else. When Chelsea asks why, Billie admits she and Patrick used to play poker. Chelsea doesn't know why her mom was so hung up on him. Billie says maybe the same reason Chelsea was! Chelsea admits he was hot. Billie says and smart, nice and dependable. Chelsea realizes her mom misses Patrick, and she blames herself for what happened. Billie says it wasn't Chelsea's fault. Billie admits that  there aren't a lot of men like Patrick out there. Chelsea says sure there are, there is Bo. Billie says they've been over this, Bo is married. Chelsea says Hope through him out though, and he is hurting and needs someone now. Billie tells Chelsea that Patrick was right, her moral compass is out of whack. Chelsea doesn't like hearing that. Chelsea says she's just saying that her mom has slept with a lot of men but Bo is the only one she really loved. Chelsea says it's no secret she was a porn star and slept with strangers, so why shouldn't she be with the one man she loved. Billie can't believe Chelsea. Billie says she used to dream about finding Chelsea, about having a relationship with her and how happy they'd be. Chelsea says and now she regrets finding her? Billie tells Chelsea that she hurts people, she thinks she hurts people on purpose and gets some sick satisfaction out of it. Chelsea says that isn't true. She says she wants a relationship with Billie too, but if she goes to jail that won't happen. Chelsea once again goes off on how she just thinks her parents should be together, and that it hurts no matter how old your are when your parents aren't together. Billie says don't compare herself to other kids, she was never a family with them and she didn't have to see her parents split up. Chelsea says perhaps if Billie and Bo were together then she'd feel that they really were a family. Later, Billie gets a call that Bo has been spotted, so she goes after him. Chelsea settles in to watch some QVC. She goes to look for her credit card to buy some fake diamond ring off TV. She finds a photo of Zack in her wallet. She says she does feel bad about what she did and she's trying to change and be a better person. She looks at another photo of her with Bo and Billie. She says she knows what she's doing is right, that this is right. 

Bo races off on his bike after drinking a lot of beers. It's a foggy night, and he zooms passed some cops. They see him and call into the station that Bo's been spotted. They know Roman has an APB out on him. Bo then has to swerve to miss hitting the most animated deer one has ever seen on a road. He soon ends up in the woods, drinking more and shooting at empty bottles. Billie finally turns up. She saw his bike on the side of the road and goes looking for him. Bo is shooting the bottles when all of the sudden he hears Billie cry out. Drunk Bo searches and finds Billie unconscious on the ground.

On the plane, Patrick sits in the back and thinks about leaving Billie. He thought the next time he went to Morgan Island he'd be bringing her along. Meanwhile, a woman named Elaine sits next to Hope and talks with her. Elaine asks Hope what is wrong, but Hope doesn't want to get into her life's story. Elaine talks about how great the island is and how they should meet up and go man hunting together. Elaine talks about a cute guy in the back of the plane who should be in one of the issues of People magazine when they do their most beautiful men issues.

At the airport, Patrick meets up with his friend Mario, and Mario takes him to his cabin. Meanwhile, Hope checks with a desk about renting a place. The woman shows Hope a listing of bungalows on the beach, and Hope picks one. Then a native from the island who plans to take her there welcomes her and gives her a flower. She says it is beautiful. HE tells her that it is a special orchid that only grows for a short period of time every year. He also says there is a legend that goes with it. He says if a native gives this flower to a visitor on the island, that visitor will find love while they are here. Hope doubts that and thinks he gives this flower to every girl he meets. He says she is cynical, and as he said it only grows for a short period of time. He says very few women are given this flower, and he tells her that she will find love on this island.

At Sami's place, Sami learns Carrie and Lucas are going to Chez Rouge for dinner. She then comes up with a plan. Austin returns home from a business meeting, and she suggests they go out to eat. Austin doesn't feel like it, so Sami says she didn't go grocery shopping again since fixing that big dinner last night. Feeling guilty, Austin says they can go out. Sami pretends to call around to every place but Chez Rouge, she says they are all booked until about 10pm. Austin suggests they go to Chez Rouge, if they are full then they'll find someplace new. Sami tells herself perfect, once Austin sees Carrie moving on then he will want to move on too.

At Chez Rouge, Carrie and Lucas arrive for their date and find Eugenia working. She claims Maggie needed help for the night and she asked her to be the hostess for the night. Eugenia is also glad to see Lucas here with Carrie, especially when Lucas says they are on a date. She shows them to their table. Carrie excuses herself to get freshened up, and Eugenia tells Lucas way to go. He says it's only a first date. Eugenia says a first of many, she has confidence in Lucas. Meanwhile, Carrie runs into an old coworker at the hospital. The coworker hears Carrie is dating Kate's son again. She says no offense to Mike, but she always knew Carrie and Austin were soul mates. Carrie says she's not dating Austin, in fact she's here with Lucas. She says she better get back to him. Lucas and Carrie continue their date, and they both admit they are a little nervous. Lucas also admits to Carrie that she was his first real love. He thinks he's probably going to scare her off with that admission, but she says no. They decide to dance. Later, Austin and Sami show up and see Lucas with Carrie. Austin says if he didn't know any better he'd say Sami planned this one. Sami says they can go, but Austin says no way. Eugenia brings them a wine list and menus, and she hears them talking about how maybe Carrie and Lucas are here for business. Eugenia says oh no, they are on a date. Sami once again tells Austin they can go, but he says no. He says if she can take seeing Lucas here then he can take seeing Carrie. MEanwhile, Lucas and Carrie see Austin and Sami are here. Lucas says they can go, but Carrie says no way. She says she won't let them ruin her evening out.


March 2, 2006

Frankie and Jen are dressed up and Frankie has brought Jen to one of the private rooms at Chez Rouge for a romantic dinner. Jen says this is beautiful, and she asks Frankie how she knew she was feeling so down and didnt know what she needed? She tells him thank you. They share some champagne, and Jen says this is fun. She says sometimes you get in such a routine that you dont know if it is winter or spring outside. They make idle chit chat about the seasons, and Frankie asks about how long Hope might be gone. Jen doesnt know, and she says something else happened and it was terrible. Jen says she and Hope found Bo and Billie in a hotel with Billie, they were in bed together. Frankie asks what he was thinking? Jen says he was drunk, he wasnt thinking. She says Hope is devastated over this. Jen says she cant imagine Bo and Hope not together. Frankie says she used to say the same about the two of them. Jen says that seems like a hundred years ago, they were so young. Frankie says young and in love. He says he guesses love can fade away. Jen says she doesnt believe that. Jen says she doesnt think true love ever fades away, that you always hold a special place in your heart for someone who means so much to you. Jen says this has been a wonderful evening. Frankie says its not over yet, he has one more surprise. A song comes on, and Frankie asks Jen to dance. They end up sharing a kiss as they dance, and then fireworks explode in the air. They watch them and Frankie thinks someone else must be celebrating tonight too. Jen and Frankie share another kiss.

Phillip and Belle show up outside of Alices, but Phillip forgot something in the car and goes back for it. Belle hears Mimi and Shawn talking behind some bushes. Mimi says this is so last minute, but Shawn says it is practice for the wedding. Mimi worries about lying to Shawn, and Shawn asks what is wrong, is she getting cold feet? Mimi says of course not, she so wants to marry him. She says shes just not excited about a bridal shower, she has to act excited about getting presents no matter what they are. Shawn says she gets excited when the sun comes up. They then head inside. Caroline finds Belle and tells her not to do this to herself. Caroline says take it from someone who has been there. Caroline says she knows this is hard for her, but dont make the mistake she made and be unfaithful to her husband. Caroline tells Belle to let Shawn go. Belle says she wants to do what is right, but she loves Shawn too much to let him go. Belle then walks off. 

Inside Alices,Shawns bachelor pool party and Mimis bridal shower are going in full swing. Calliope shows up and makes a joke about the setting that Bonnie doesnt seem to appreciate. Bonnie says this will be the best bridal shower and bachelor party Salems ever seen. She then scolds Calliope for flapping her mouth the other day about Belle being the one to marry Shawn. Bonnie tells Calliope she makes mince meat out of people who hurt her little girl. Calliope says she thinks her daughter is lovely and would never hurt her. 

Lexie is at Alices when Tek comes up to her. Lexie tells him to stop it! Abe walks over and asks if there is a problem? Abe says it sounds like they are arguing about something? Lexie and Tek remember their passionate romp in the office. Lexie tells Abe that shes upset with Tek for bringing Abe here, he should be taking it easy. Abe says she worries too much, and besides Shawn is like family. Tek suggests they get the party started. 

Roman runs into Kate at Alices and wonders why shes crashing the party, maybe because of all of the available men? Kate says shes here for Mimis shower. Roman wonders what Kate is up to. Kate says he cant stand to see her having a good time can he? She says shes not home suffering because he dumped her, he can't stand that she's out here and all he can do now is just look. Victor walks up and says he hopes Roman isnt hassling his date. Later, Victor and Kate once again argue about keeping this secret. Kate tells Victor that if he tells Shawn then he will break their sons heart. Kate gets up to get a drink or something. Phillip sits down and asks what mom is going on about, hes so happy and nothing can change that. 

Mimi and Shawn head into Alices. Mimi talks with Belle. Mimi thought shed miss the big event, but shes so glad she came. Calliope then announces to the women that the festivities are about to begin. Mimi has to head over, and Caroline tells Belle shes doing the right thing. As Calliope talks to the crowd, Bonnie decides Calliope has planned a really boring shower for Mimi. She gets a good idea on how to spice things up. Meanwhile, Calliope tells Mimi that she ran into her friend Heather and shes so excited to be here. Mimi says Heather from high school? Why would she come, they hate each other? Heather waltzes up to the table. Heather says when she heard Mimi got Shawn The Hunk Brady then she had to come see for herself. She says she never thought Shawn would settle for second best. Calliope tells Mimi not to listen to her. Heather says Shawn and Belle were the golden couple, how could Belle let Shawn go? Belle is with Mimi and looks a bit upset. 

Bonnie takes control of the bridal shower and has some strippers come out and perform. As Lexie watches the stripper she imagines it is Tek. Lexie gets so hot by her fantasy that she runs out, and of course Tek follows her. Meanwhile, Calliope is pissed with Bonnie, she thinks shes ruined her lovely bridal shower. Bonnie says shes paying for this so chill out. Calliope says fortunately she doesnt need Bonnies money. However, she says since Bonnie paid for it, she wants to make sure she tastes the cake. Calliope then throws it is Bonnies face! Calliope says she cant believe she did that, but with all the weddings shes done, shes never worked for an animal like her. Bonnie then throws cake in Calliopes face.

Heather continues to gloat to Mimi in front of Belle. She says Belle is the one who deserves to be with Shawn, not her. Mimi runs off in tears, and Heather tells Belle that Phillip is hot, but she and Shawn belong together. Belle knows Heather is right. Shawn then shows up and Belle suggests they go talk before she loses her mind. Meanwhile, Mimi finds her mom and tells her mom that she loves Shawn too much to keep lying to him, he needs to know the truth.

Outside, Tek runs to Lexie and grabs her. Lexie says this is wrong. He says it doesnt matter, all that matters is they want each other. They kiss, but Lexie says no. Tek ends up picking her up and carrying her off. Abe shows up later and asks Lexie if she is out here? As they get hot and heavy in Teks car, Abe walks around looking for Lexie. Abe touches his eyes and says No, No! 

Shawn talks with his uncle Roman. He talks about how odd it is having a bachelor party without his dad, and how his mom wont even be at the wedding. Roman says that his parents love each other very much, this wont keep them apart. Shawn says he doesnt blame his mom for running away, and what his dad did was wrong. However he says he does still want his parents to be together. Roman thinks they will be.

In the woods, Bo tends to Billie, who says he shot her! He says he was shooting at beer bottles and hit her. It turns out her arm was only grazed. Bo needs to get the first aid kit, but Billie says dont leave her shes scared. She then pulls him into a kiss! They end up rolling around in the snow together, but it soon turns out it was all in Billies head. Billie wakes up and finds Bo there looking at her arm. Bo says he feels terrible about this. Billie says dont blame himself, she should have been wearing her orange vest. He says hes the one who shot her. She says remind her to yell at him later. Bo picks her up to carry her, but she says her legs still work. Bo says he doesnt want her fainting on him again. He takes Billie to his campsite where he has a fire going. He asks what shes doing here? She says looking for him, she thought with his motorcycle on the side of the road she thought he was hurt. She says she didnt know he had a nice fire going, does he have any marshmallows? She tells him how worried shes been about him, he shouldn't have taken off. Bo says his life is over, Zack is dead and his wife is gone. Bo says Hope got on a place and went God knows where. Billie says shes sorry, and Hope will be back. Billie says they are never apart for long, she probably just left to mourn Zack. Bo says they should be doing that together, and he would never leave her no matter what. Bo says hell never forgive himself for letting Chelsea drive, and he will always feel sorry for not telling Hope the truth, but she left him. Bo says if she came back right now, he doesnt know if hed take her back. He says wherever she is, he hopes shes happy. Billie tells Bo that hes just upset and drunk, he doesnt mean that. She says he loves Hope, theyve been together forever and has a love that is meant to be. He tells her that shes been reading too many romance novels. Bo says love works because you make it work. Billie says or because the other person means the world to you. Bo says he felt that away about Hope, but she went and got on that damn plane. Bo says he would have spent the rest of his life doing anything he could to give her just the little bit of happiness back. He says Hope knows he loves her and would never be unfaithful. Billie remembers what she did to Bo and Hope in the hotel. Billie says the situation is more complicated, Hope left because of her. Bo tells her not to blame herself, but Billie says she does. Billie says she did something unforgivable. Bo says Hope didnt leave because of her. Billie says Hope has never understood their relationship, and he does have a daughter with another woman. Bo rambles on about how this isnt her fault and he and Hope have gone through something terrible. Bo says they need to stop arguing about this and get her to a doctor. Billie says fine shell drive, but then she realizes shes lost her keys. Bo says his bike is in no shape to go anywhere. She says shell just call someone, but of course shes not getting a cell phone signal. Bo asks if she likes camping? He says the only problem is he only has one sleeping bag, theyll have to share. As they settle in for the night, Billie dreams about Hope and Bo finding out what Billie did to them. Hope is attacking Billie verbally for making her think Bo slept with her. Bo tells Billie all shes ever done is try to ruin his and Hopes love, he never wants to see her again. Billie wakes up from her nightmare, and Bo asks what is wrong? She says she just had a nightmare. He tells her to lay down and go to sleep. He holds her and tells her that it is okay, its all right. 

Patrick arrives at this bungalow on the island, looks around and then heads out back. Then Hope arrives and is shown in. The man helping her takes her bag into the bedroom. The man also reminds Hope about the flower and how it will bring her love. Hope says its a lovely thought. The man leaves and Hope heads into the bedroom. Patrick return and hears something in the bedroom. He sees the door is open. In the bedroom, Hope is looking at a photo of Zack and says she could use a glass of wine right now. Hope walks out and is jumped by Patrick, who has a knife! Hope and Patrick are stunned to see one another. She asks what he's doing here? Patrick says he lives here, but Hope says she just rented this place. Patrick says it belongs to him and he rents it out when he's not here. He says obviously there was a misunderstanding with the people who rented it. Patrick asks if Bo is here. Hope says no, and she doesnt know if she wants to see him again. Patrick and Hope end up sharing some wine and talk. Patrick asks if Bo knows she is here? Hope says she came to get away from Bo and everything else, she suggests they not ruin this by talking about Bo. Hope asks how he found this place? He says he found it a few years ago when he was looking for a place to get away, to put himself back together. Patrick says he came back here now to get away again. Hope asks if he left to get away from Billie? Patrick says no, from her. Hope asks if she upset him? He says that didnt come out right. He says he left so he wouldnt be the reason she and Bo split up. Hope cant believe he did that, she feels terrible that he left. Patrick says dont worry. He then sees she has discovered the islands native flower, and he says there is a legend that goes with it. Hope says she knows, the man told it to her. Patrick tells Hope that she and Bo have a very special love, she should go home and work things out. Hope says Bo moved on with someone else, there is no marriage to go home to. Hope says she and Bo ended when Bo chose Billie and Chelsea over her and Zack.


March 3, 2006
Outside of Alices, Tek and Lexie are in Tek's car. Lexie tells Tek to make love to her, she needs him. Meanwhile, Abe walks out of Alices and sees a car moving about. He thinks it is Teks car. He walks up to it and looks inside. He then rubs his eyes and says no! Lexie realizes Abe is right outside. John shows up and asks Abe if hes okay? Abe says no, and he never will be again. Abe tells John that he feels so frustrated about his vision, he thought it would be back to normal again and hed be back to work. He says its not going to happen, his night vision is so bad that he might as well be blind. Meanwhile, Lexie and Tek hide under a blanket. John asks Abe why hes out here? Abe says he came out to look for Lexie when he saw Teks car moving. John looks at the parked car and says moving? Abe says maybe his eyes are playing tricks on him, and perhaps Lexie had to go the hospital. John suggests they go have a drink and talk. However he doesnt want to go to Alices, so they go elsewhere. They walk off, and Tek thinks that was lucky and wants to continue where they left off. Lexie doesnt and slaps him. Lexie cries and says shes betrayed Abes trust, if he found out it would be the end of their marriage. Tek says what marriage, its a marriage in name only. He says they havent been together since he got back. Lexie says Abe cant help it. Tek says there are other ways to be intimate. He says Abe can still show affection towards her if he gave a damn about anyones feelings but his own. Tek says Abe doesnt want her, but he does. He says he can give her everything she needs, and hes not just talking about sex. HE says hes never wanted a woman as much as he wants her. He says hes sorry shes hurting, but this isnt wrong. Tek tells her that Abe made a choice and has pushed her away. Tek says he cant stay away from her, and he knows she cant stay away from him. Lexie says God forgive her but she cant, and they go at it. They finish their romp in the backseat, and Tek says she is amazing. He says hes never felt like this about anyone. Lexie says Abe doesnt deserve this. Tek says she is dooming herself to a life in a cold and lonely bed with a man who might as well be her brother. Lexie and Tek get dressed, and LExie says this was the last time. She says she cant keep breaking her marriage vows. Tek says theyve come too far to turn back, they might as well not even try. Abe returns (after he and John have a talk and drinks), and Lexie finds him outside the car and says hes still here? She claims she went to the hospital and asks if the party is still going on. Abe says its no good. Lexie asks what hes saying? Abe says his night vision is still no good, hes starting to lose his patience. LExie says he has to be patient. Abe says his mind has been playing tricks on him, he just thought he saw her with someone. Lexie says it must have been a shadow. Tek is hiding behind the car. Lexie tells Abe that hell be back to his old self in no time. They then leave together. 

Alex and Marlena are dining at Chez Rouge. Marlena is very quiet, so Alex asks what he can do to make things better? Marlena says shes just worried about John and his attacks on him. Alex says he is fine and hes learning to roll with the punches. Marlena says that is not funny. Alex says hes sorry, and hell look into another restraining order. Alex says he is fine, hes not seriously injured. Marlena says what if the next time hes not so lucky? She also says John wont abide by restraining orders, he needs to be in jail. Alex says he agrees. He tells Marlena not to worry. Alex says if he gets his way, and he will, then John will never threaten him or upset her again. Marlena asks what hes going to do? Alex says he wont do anything, the legal system punish John. Marlena isnt sure about that. Marlena talks about how wrong shes been about John. Alex suggests they not talk about John anymore, they should just enjoy their evening together. Marlena says shes going to go powder her nose, and Alex says hell look at the desert menu while shes gone. 

John and Abe arrive at Chez Rouge for drinks and discuss Alex. John talks about how Alex confessed everything, he gloated to him and provoked him into attacking him. John says hell murder Alex if that is what it takes to stop him. Of course MArlena walks by and hears this. She tells John that he really is sick. She says these threats against Alex have to stop now. Marlena says Alex is right about him, he is a monster. She says he was threatening to kill Alex. John says yes to protect her. Marlena says they need to be protected from him. She says it is any wonder she chose Alex, that she doesnt want to be with him. John says he will risk his own life to protect hers. Alex soon shows up and asks if there is a problem here? Abe tells John to take it easy, and Marlena says there is no problem. Marlena says she was telling John that her future was with him. Alex and Marlena leave, and Abe tells John not to make a scene here. He says John has to stop going off half cocked, use his head and not his fists. Abe tells John to get what he needs to beat North. John says he gets what Abe is saying. Abe says if he gives North more ammunition then hell wind up in jail for good and then nobody will be able to protect Marlena. John settles up the tab and decides to head out. 

Alex and MArlena return to their table. Alex thinks they cant go anywhere without running into John. Alex thinks John is probably stalking them. Marlena says hes so determined, so passionate. She says it scares her, and it makes her wonder . . . He says wonder what? She says its nothing. Alex tells Marlena to forget about John and concentrate on their future. Alex goes to get the check so they can go home. Marlena then begins to have memories of her life with John. She remembers when John gave her a blue diamond necklace. 

John breaks into the penthouse and begins looking for evidence against Alex. He hears Alex and Marlena approaching in the hall way so he rushes upstairs to hide. Marlena and Alex come in, Alex thinks Marlena is still upset about her run-in with John. Marlena says she thought they werent going to talk about John. Alex says its been a long day, so she should get to bed. Marlena heads upstairs and to her room. John is there and hides in the closet. He listens as Alex tells Marlena good night, and he cant wait until their wedding night when they can share bed. He says he knows this is silly, but he wants to wait so that first night is special. Marlena says she thinks it is sweet and romantic. John watches as they kiss goodnight. Marlena goes to get some sleeping pills from the night stand so she gets a good nights rest. She then finds a photo of her and John in the night stand. She is struck by more memories and feelings of John. John watches her as she cries. Marlena gets into bed and looks at the photo of John. Marlena goes to sleep, or so John thinks. John tries to sneak out, but she calls out to him. She says thank God he is here. She tells him not to go. Marlena tells John that she still loves him.

Downstairs, Alex toasts to the perfect plan, very soon John will say goodbye to Marlena and he will have finally had his revenge. 

At Alices, Kate continues to tell Victor that he cant tell Shawn the truth, he will break Phillips heart. Victor says hes going to tell them the truth, he should have done it a long time ago. Phillip walks up to them and says he agrees. Phillip then gets on stage to make an announcement.

Bonnie tells Mimi not to cry, who cares what some jealous nothing from High School thinks. Bonnie says she probably had a crush on Shawn and shes just jealous. Bonnie tries to convince Mimi that Shawn wants to be with her, and she has so much to be happy about. She says has all these gifts, a beautiful wedding and a wonderful future with Shawn. Mimi says if Shawn finds out the truth and that she knew, he will hate her. Bonnie says he wont find out. Mimi says he will because she will tell him. Bonnie says she cant do this, not now. Phillip then interrupts by saying he has to make an announcement.

Belle tells Shawn that she needs to talk to him in private, she says there are a lot of things wrong and she knows what she has to do. Shawn says there isnt anything else left to talk about. Belle thinks there is more to talk about. Suddenly Phillip takes the stage with his announcement. 

Phillip gets on stage to make a speech. He says he has something important to say that everyone needs to hear. It turns out he is just making a toast to Shawn and Mimi. He says Shawn is one lucky bastard, hes about to marry one of his favorite girls. He says marriage is amazing, and the smartest thing he ever did was to marry Belle. He says if it werent for Belle then he wouldnt be here. He talks about the war and losing his leg. He says he thought his life was over, but it was Belle who showed him how wrong he was. He talks about how his wife got him through being held hostage and rehab, and now they are blessed with a beautiful baby girl. He talks about how Claire was such a miracle, and he says Shawn and Mimi will experience that miracle soon. He says a baby will giver their life a meaning and level of happiness they never knew possible. Phillip says what he wanted to say was that he loves Shawn and Mimi very much and wishes them the best. Everyone then toasts to Shawn and Mimi. 

Bonnie tells Mimi she cant tell Shawn the truth and she cant take Phillips wife and baby away from him.

Phillip and Shawn hug, and Shawn thanks him for that toast. Shawn then thanks his best man for the best speech, and he makes a toast to Belle and Phillip. Belle looks evilly at Shawn and drinks up. Later, Belle grabs Shawn and says she needs to talk to him. Shawn says what is it, just tell him. Phillip walks up and says he knows exactly what she wants to tell him. Phillip thinks Belle wants to tell Shawn that shes sorry it didnt work out for the two of them but is glad he found love with Mimi. Belle says she just thinks they should be with who makes them happy. Phillip says yup and thats a done deal. Mimi walks over and Shawn says when he met this lovely lady he knew all his dreams would come true. Phillip suggests they have a nice group hug. Phillip decides he and Belle should go, so he leaves to get the coats. Mimi goes off to say goodnight to her mom. Belle then begs Shawn to talk.

Mimi tells her mom she feels guilty about keeping this secret, so shes not keeping it anymore. Mimi says shes telling Shawn the truth tonight. 

Kate tells Victor if he sees now how the truth will kill Phillip. She says Belle and Claire mean everything to Phillip. She tells Victor to look at the four of them, they have to keep this secret or they will all be miserable for the rest of their lives. Victor agrees not to tell Phillip now, it will bring too much pain and heartache. 

The foursome return home, and Belle asks Shawn to meet her on the roof later to talk. Shawn says no, they will talk here and now. They are in the hallway, Mimi and Phillip have both gone into their apartments. Belle says this is important. Phillip then brings Claire out to see Belle. 

In Mimis place, Mimi decides to write Shawn a letter telling him the truth, that way she cant chicken out or change her mind. Later Shawn comes out and finds the letter Mimi wrote to him. He opens it and begins reading the letter as Mimi watches from her room. 

On the roof, someone hugs Belle from behind. She says she knew hed come, they cant go on like this anymore. She says they have to be honest about the way they are feeling even if it hurts others. Of course it is Phillip, and he asks what shes talking about.

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