January 2, 2006

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January 3, 2006

At Samis party, Austin and Carrie sneak off to the roof together. Sami sees them leave, so she slips out the window to the fire escape. Lucas sees this, and he realizes shes going to spy on Carrie and Austin. Eugenia doesnt care what Sami does, and she says if she was Samis friend then shed tell Sami that Austin doesnt stand a chance with Carrie once he takes over her company. Lucas says how wise she is, and hell finally have Carrie all to himself. Lucas then busts a move as Eugenia laughs and says Go Lucas! Lucas toasts to Austin losing Carrie to him. Eugenia says To Austin! Meanwhile, Nicole arrives at the apartment and cant believe Samis having a party and didnt invite her. She says if Sami thinks shes getting Austin then shes in for the shock of her life. Nicole walks into the party she missed. Nicole is peeved that Sami forgot to invite her as did Austin. She says this is so typical, she was working as they all partied. Lucas asks why she cares, she hates them all. Nicole says if she drinks enough she doesnt care who she parties with. She asks where Austin is, and Lucas says on the roof with Carrie. Eugenia says those two are getting mighty cozy again. Nicole pours herself a drink and says neither of the Brady sisters will get Austin. Nicole begins boozing it up, and she cant believe Sami invited the two of them. She asks where Sami is. Lucas says spying on Carrie and Austin on the roof. Nicole hopes she falls off. Nicole is ready to celebrate her success. Lucas asks what success? Nicole says she just closed a deal, one he and Victor would have love to have pulled off. She says once Austin finds out that she put this baby to bed, Austin will be grateful. Nicole says she did a hell off a job, and this is a big deal. Lucas says she must have taken over a company, and she wonders how the CEO will feel. Nicole says the CEO is a dippy woman and will be out on her butt before she knows it. Lucas says it sounds like someone is in for a big surprise. Nicole says tomorrow this CEO will wake up and learn the company is no longer hers, and Austin will wake up a big wiener (winner in a German accent)! Lucas asks how she kept this such a secret? Nicole says its called flying under the radar. Lucas says hes impressed, and here is to her and Austins big surprise.

Sami spies on Carrie and Austin on the rooftop as Carrie tells Austin that one of her New Years dreams has come true, shes with him. Sami thinks they should enjoy this stroll down memory lane as the world will come crashing down on them tomorrow. Carrie and Austin begin having memories of their past times up on the roof. Austin and Carrie share a dance and admit that they havent been very excited about the New Year, all they really have is their work. Austin thinks being here with her is a good omen though. Spying Sami says the New Year wont be as fantastic as they think. Carrie and Austin share some more champagne, and Carrie says she couldnt believe it when she heard he moved in with Sami and Nicole. Austin says it was a business arrangement at first, but now that his company is taking off hes moving out and putting down roots in Salem. Austin asks if she will move back? Carrie says no, her company is on the West Coast. Carrie says she really likes running it, it gives her a lot of satisfaction. Carrie says she would like to settle down one day, and have children. She says of course she has find the right man. Austin says and she thought that was Mike. Carrie says she loved him and hes a great guy, they just arent compatible. Austin says hes sorry, but then says well hes really not. Austin says he feels bad for Mike though, he lost an incredible woman. Carrie says next time she wants it to last. Austin says he wants that for her too, and he wants it for himself. He says he wants kids too, he still hasnt gotten over finding out that Will wasnt his son. He says hes sorry for the pain Sami has caused her, but hes glad shes back. Carrie says so is she, and they kiss. Sami then interrupts by coming out from hiding. Austin asks if something is wrong. She says no, she was just looking for them, they all disappeared. Carrie asks why she came up the fire escape? Sami says she was on the fire escape taking a break and heard them. She says she thought shed try and talk them into coming back to the party. Carrie says they were catching up. Sami says it is freezing out here. Carrie says it is, so Austin gives Carrie his coat. Sami isn't pleased and suggests they all get back to the apartment, and Carrie agrees to go back as does Austin. They head off, and Sami thinks it wont be long before Austin is nothing but a memory to Carrie. 

Sami, Austin and Carrie return to the party, and Nicole thanks them for telling her about this. Sami says it was a last minute thing, and Austin says he just found out about it himself. Austin overheard Lucas talking about a susprise for him, and they want to know what they were talking about. Lucas says it was just that Nicole was saying this would be Austins year and hed surprise them all. Nicole lets Austin know that High Style is theirs and he can thank her later. Meanwhile, Sami tells Carrie that it seems like she and Austin are getting closer, and shes happy for them. They hug, and Sami rolls her eyes. Lucas tells Eugenia that he hates for Carrie to get hurt, but he has to do what he has to do. He says hes better for Carrie than Austin is anyways. 

At the penthouse, Marlena cant seem to sleep, so she throws some pillows off of her bed. She then gets back in. Meanwhile, Lois ascends the steps with a pair of scissors and opens the door to Marlenas room. Marlena is in bed sleeping. Lois slips in and locks the door behind her. Marlena quickly sits up in her bed. She turns on her light and makes a call to the hospital to check on Claire. Lois hides, and Marlena asks to speak to John. She talks to John, she wants to come down there. John insists she stay there and rest as there is nothing she can do at this point. Marlena then tells John about Alex calling from jail. John wonders who let him make that call. Marlena says he gets to make one call and he wanted to make sure she was all right. John says hell make sure Alex doesnt bother her again. Marlena says she doesnt think Alex would ever hurt her, but John says hes psycho. He reminds her what Dr. Banks said to her and showed her. Marlena doesnt believe Alex did that to her. John says still hes going to make sure Alex is kept secure. John tells Marlena to get some rest. Marlena tells John to tell Belle that she loves her and is praying for both her and the baby.

In jail, Alex is making a ruckus, he keeps saying Marlenas life is in danger and someone has to get over there to help her. John, who is at the hospital, calls the station and talks to Tek. Tek says Alex keeps saying Lois Banks is the real threat to Marlena. Tek says he seems generally worried. John says give the man an academy award. John says Marlena is fine and Alex is a psychopath, and he wants Alex thrown in maximum security. Tek says hes the boss. Meanwhile, at the jail, Alex says if they dont protect Marlena then her death will be on their hands. Tek shows up, and Alex learns they arent sending anyone to check on MArlena. He yells at Tek to send someone over there now. Tek has Alex put in maximum security, but as the officer is transferring him, Alex decks the guy and escapes. Later, Tek calls John to let him know that Alex escaped.

At the hospital, Lexie tells Phillip and Belle that Claire is having heart arethmias, shes fighting for her life. Phillip wants the truth, is this the beginning of the end? Lexie says Claire is deteriorating, and she thinks the time has come to remove Claire from life support. Belle looks at the angel ornament and says no, she says she wont sign anything. Belle says they will find a donor, she knows they will get a miracle. Belle looks at Claire and sings You Are My Sunshine to her. Phillip tells Belle that they cant let her suffer. Belle says shes not suffering, and she wont give up on her. 

Elsewhere, Mimi is stunned by Shawns proposal. She says nothing, and Shawn says a good answer would be yes. He says obviously this wasnt a good idea, and he understands that it is too soon. She says that is not it, of course she wants to marry him but its just a shock. She says shes thrilled and wants to shout it from the rooftops. Shawn doesnt think they should do that now, they should keep it there secret. He says with Claire and all . . . Mimi says hes right, they shouldnt be flaunting their happiness and theyll wait. Shawn says he didnt chose the best setting, but hes just realized how fragile life is and that he wants to be with her.

Shawn and Mimi check on Belle and Phillip, and Shawn agrees with Belle, they shouldnt give up on Claire. Phillip says he is Claires father and is trying to do the right thing here. Belle says and Shawn is her godfather and she wants to hear what he has to say. She says Lexie wants to take Claire off of life support, what does he think? Shawn says if there is any chance then cling to it. He says miracles happen, but as long as shes not in pain then keep her on the life support. He says that is what hed do. Phillip doesnt know what to do. He agrees to just wait and pray for her for now. Phillip tells Lexie that they want to wait. Lexie says it is their decision. 

Kate tells Victor that hes doing the right thing, if Phillip found out that Shawn was Claires father then it would destroy him. Victor says he only said he wouldnt tell Phillip for now. Victor tells Kate that Bo and Hope are those babys grandparents and they dont know it. Kate says they cant know it. Victor tells Kate that shes playing God. Victor doesnt like this, Bo and Hope should be here for their granddaughter. Kate tells Victor that everyone is in pain and he cant make it worse by telling the truth. 

Hope is telling Bo how they are so blessed to have happy and healthy children. Hope wants to call and check on Zack again, but Bo says she just called. Hope doesnt know what has gotten into her. Bo thinks shes just affected by what Belle and Phillip are going through. Bo says Zack has spent the night there hundreds of times, and besides it is late. Later, Bo gets a call from Chelsea about her accident. He tells Hope he has to go, Chelsea needs him to pick her up. Hope is just glad shes not behind the wheel of a car, the last thing they need is for her to have another accident. Bo flashes back to allowing Chelsea to borrow his car for the night. 

Hope talks to John, she tells him how sorry she is about Claire. Hope believes Belle is right to keep the faith. John says he can tells something is bothering her. Hope says she feels she needs to be with Zack tonight, and she decides to go pick him up. Later, John gets a call that Alex escaped!

Back at the penthouse, Marlena goes back to sleep and Lois comes out of her hiding place. Meanwhile, Alex shows up and races up the steps. He calls out to Marlena, but the door is locked. Inside, Lois is poised to strike! At the same time, John shows up at the penthouse with a gun, hes looking for Alex. He hears a commotion upstairs and says God no! Alex is out on the window sill trying to get into Marelnas room. John tells him to freeze, but Alex says he has to get to Marlena before its too late. John swears hell shoot, and he does. Alex is hit in the shoulder and falls (I guess to the balcony below, otherwise he'd be dead for sure). Meanwhile, Lois raises her scissors as Marlena gasps.

Out on the road, we see a replay of Chelsea running over Zack. Chelsea doesn't know what she hit, and here car spins out of control. Chelsea calls Bo and says something terrible has happened and she needs him right away. He asks if she is okay. She says its the car, and he better come. He asks if she had an accident, but she says not exactly. She doesnt know what happened. She says shes at the corner of Park and Elm. Bo tells her to sit tight and shell be there. Bo soon shows up and Chelsea is glad to see him. She explains that she was driving, she hit something and then ran up on the curb. She swears she wasnt speeding. She says but the car isnt steering right and she doesnt know what happened. Bo says calling her was the right thing. She says she damaged his car and could lose her license again. She says she needs his help. He says the car isnt damaged, and she wont lose her license. She says shes so lucky to have him as her dad.

Elsewhere, Hope finds Zack in the street and cries Zack!


January 4, 2006

Outside the penthouse we see a replay of John warning Alex to back away from Marlenas window. When he refuses, John shoots him. Inside Marlenas room, Lois is ready to strike with the scissors. Marlena wakes up when she hears the gun shot, and then she sees Lois standing next to her bed. She wonders what is going on. John bursts in and wonders what Dr. Banks is doing here. Marlena says Lois came by because she was upset about what happened and didnt want to be alone. Marlena says she invited her to stay over. John asks what shes doing in her bedroom? Lois says she heard a noise and thought someone broke in. John says someone was about to. John tells Marlena that Alex escaped jail and was coming for her. John thinks Alex was trying to kill her. Marlena says that is crazy, but John says Alex is crazy. Marlena doesnt believe Alex would hurt her or try and kill her. John says he had a gun and was outside her window on the ledge. John says he stopped him though. Marlena realizes John shot Alex. Marlena says they have to get him help. John says he fell off the ledge, Alex is gone, hes dead. Down on the street we see Alexs body laying there. The cops soon show up, and John explains to them. Lois asks if he is dead, but the cops say he is still alive. However hes in bad shape. The paramedics show up and get to work on him. Marlena is furious with John, she says Alex called her to warn her about not being alone with Lois. John says Alex was saying the same stuff at the station house. Marlena asks why Alex would say this about Lois? Lois says Alex is deranged and demented, and she thinks Alex came here to kill her not Marlena. John says the man is sick and obsessed. Marlena insists she go in the ambulance with Alex, so John insists on going as well. Lois watches them all leave. 

Out on the street, Bo is comforting Chelsea and telling her she just had a little accident and nobody got hurt. Chelsea thinks that Bo must think shes such a loser. She says she doesnt even know what she hit and she was being so careful. Bo says there is a lot of black ice, she may have  hit some or a snow bank. Chelsea says if the cops find out she was in another accident then they can take her license away for good. The cops arrive, and Chelsea asks what shell do. Bo says relax, its not the cops it is just Max. Max got here as soon as he could with the tow truck, Chelsea mistook those lights for sirens. Max asks what happened, and Chelsea and Bo explain. Max jokes that Chelsea has a way with cars and remind him  not to ride with her again. Chelsea says not funny, and Bo says she is shaken up. Max says hes sorry. He goes to check on the car and says they can file an insurance claim, but Chelsea doesnt want anyone to know. She says if the insurance company is called then a police report will be involved. She doesnt want the points added to her license. Bo says lets get the truck to the garage and see what the damage is. He decides to call Hope, but she says no. She doesnt want Hope knowing what happened tonight. She says Hope will be on her case more than ever if she knows about this. Bo wont lie to or keep secrets from Hope. She asks if he told her about him lending her his truck and signing the permission slip, but he says no. Chelsea says then she doesn't have to know about this either. She says not telling someone something isnt the same thing as lying. She begs Bo to keep this their secret. Max shakes his head at this. Max tells Bo the accident wasnt that bad and if no one else was involved then there wont have to be a police report, and the repair will cost less that the rate increase his insurance will issue him. Chelsea says so nobody needs to know right, it wasnt that serious. Bo says an accident is serious, and she has to finish her lessons and he hopes she understands how much of a responsibility driving is. He says a car can be a deadly weapon, she knows that better than anyone. He says even when you do everything right, accidents do happen. Chelsea says shell finish the lessons, she wants to be the best driver she can be, she wants him to be proud of her. He says he is proud of her, and he wont tell anyone about this, not even Hope. Chelsea thanks him and says she knew she could count on him. Max says and Chelsea dodges another one.

Elsewhere, Hope is in tears over Zacks body. Shes begging him to say something to her. The neighbor shows up, she doesnt know what happened to Zack, he was just in his bed. She cries that she doesnt know how this happened. Hope says she doesnt care right now, they need to get him help. Hope tells her to go dial 911 now. She says of course and runs off. Zack cries and calls to Hope. Hope says everything will be okay, it will be fine. The ambulance soon shows up, and Hope puts her coat over him as she thinks hes cold. She tells him not to go to sleep, try to stay awake and stay with her. We hear Zack whimpering. She tells Zack how much she loves him. The cops show up, but the paramedics havent. The cops call for the paramedics, who are with Alex right now. They claim theyll be there as soon as they can, but there are so many accidents tonight. Hope refuses to wait any longer, she wont let her baby die in the street. She says theyll take Zack to the hospital. Hope calls the hospital and has Shawn and Lexie meet her in the trauma center right away.

At the hospital, Lexie tells Belle and Phillip that Claire isnt in pain, the medicine shes on is keeping her comfortable. However shes is acute liver failure and wont hang on much longer. Belle says they still have time to find a donor, but Lexie says it would take a miracle. Belle says God gave her a sign, they will get a miracle. Mimi and Shawn leave the room as Belle and Phillip hold one another. Bonnie walks in and sees Mimi and Shawn together. Shes so happy that Mimi is with Shawn. Mimi feels for Belle, but Shawn says a miracle will happen, they will find a donor.

Victor and Kate continue to argue over Claire. Victor says that baby is dying, Shawn deserves a chance to say goodbye. Kate says what sense does it make to destroy two more lives. Kate says he promised not to tell anyone, but Victor says it was a mistake. He says hes going to fix it. Kate says she cant let him do that. Kate says shes begging him not to tell Phillip the truth, this will destroy their marriage. Victor says maybe not, but Kate says Phillip will feel betrayed and Belle will . . . . she says it will destroy everyone. Victor says everyone has the right to know, and Shawn will never get over not being with Claire when he had the chance. Kate says if she ever meant anything to him . . . Victor says hes sorry, but he has to tell Shawn and he has to tell him now. He suggests she prepare Phillip for the news as well. 

Kate goes to talk to Phillip. She says he needs to prepare himself, she has some devastating news. Phillip just thinks shes come to tell them that there is no organ donor, which they know. Belle says they are putting their faith in God that he will give them a miracle, she knows God wont take Claire from them. Phillip holds Belle and says that is right. Lexie is paged and has to leave. Kate begins talking to Belle and Phillip about how strong their love is, and how it will see them through anything that happens. Belle says she is right, she is lucky to have Phillip and nothing will ever come between them. Kate is glad because she has something to tell them. Phillip says right now he and Belle need time alone, so she leaves. 

Victor goes to talk to Shawn, who is with Mimi. Victor tells Shawn that they have to talk in private. Shawn says he can say whatever he has to in front of Mimi, but Victor rather not. Mimi says its okay, shell talk to her mom. Mimi goes to talk to her mom. She tells Bonnie that the baby is running out of options, things are really bad. Bonnie says babys can surprise you, and she talks about how her dad dropped her on her head a few times, and she almost died when she was born. Mimi says this is serious, Lexie even suggested taking her off life support. Bonnie feels bad, nobody should have to make that decision. Mimi says they havent yet, they are keeping her alive and praying for a miracle that probably wont happen. Mimi says if Belle and Phillip lose her then they wont be able to handle it, and Shawn is taking it really hard. Bonnie says she has to be there for Shawn. Mimi tells her mom how Shawn has realized how this has made him see how fragile life is. Bonnie says yes, which is why she has to secure her future with Shawn. Mimi says she doesnt have to do anything, Shawn proposed to her. Bonnie is thrilled and hugs her. Mimi tells her mom to keep her voice down, they are keeping it a secret because of Belles baby. Bonnie understands but cant help but be happy for her. Mimi is very happy and cant believe Shawn wants to marry her. Bonnie says they always get their men. Mimi says as happy as they are, right now they need to be here for Shawn and Belle. Bonnie agrees, nothing is more important than that baby right now. Bonnie says they can celebrate her and Shawn later. Mimi just hopes nothing happens this time to mess this up for her.

Victor talks with Shawn, Shawn cant help but think about JT and how much time they spent in the hospital with him. He's been reminded of that with Claire. Shawn knows nothing in life turns out well all the time, but from the beginning Belle and Phillip have suffered so much. Shawn says he would do anything to help them right now. Victor says he can see how attached he is to that little girl. Shawn says he is, and he knows hes only the godfather, but he has such a strong connection to her. Shawn says he has realized how much he wants kids, he cant wait to start a family. He says that is why he asked Mimi to marry him tonight. Victor is stunned and asks if he is sure this is what he wants to do, is he sure he is still not in love with Belle? Shawn says part of him will always love Belle, but Belle is married to Phillip. He says Mimi is amazing and beautiful, and she loves him. Victor asks if he loves her? Shawn says he does, and shell be good for him. He says he can count on her and have the life and future he always thought he could. Shawn gets the message from his mom to meet him in the trauma center with Lexie. Shawn then runs off. Mimi asks Victor what happened, and he relays the message Shawn got. Mimi worries about Shawn, so Bonnie tells her to go and be there for him. Mimi says okay and walks off to find him.

Kate and Victor meet back up, Kate says she didnt tell Phillip and please tell her he didnt tell Shawn. Victor says he didnt get the chance, but he needs to know before its too late for him to say goodbye to his daughter.

Alex arrives on a stretcher as Lexie is waiting in the trauma center. She learns what happened and begins working to save Alex. Marlena begs Lexie to save him. John cant believe Marlena is acting this way. Marlena says Alex is her husband and he wanted to protect her. John tells her to look at the facts here, he escaped from jail and if he hadnt shot him then shed be dead right now. Lois listens in and thinks about stalking Marlena in her own penthouse. She remembers how she was about to kill Marlena when the gunshot woke her up. Lois says John is right, if it werent for the gun shot she would have been murdered in her sleep. Marlena asks Lexie if he will make it? Lexie says his condition is critical. 

Shawn shows up and asks for Dr Carver, but the nurse says shes with a patient. Shawn is upset, he got a message to meet Lexie and his mom here. Hope comes in with Zack crying she needs a doctor. The nurses take Zack and says theyll do everything they can. Hope is in tears, she tells Zack shes not going anywhere. Zack is wheeled away, and Hope cries to Shawn that she cant lose her baby.


January 5, 2006
At Samis party, Austin and Carrie are laughing and having fun. Sami thinks her party is a success. Austin says it is, compared to some of her other parties. She asks what that means? Austin says nothing, shes starting the New Year off on the right foot. Sami says well shes glad Carrie came, and if she ever needs a wedding dress then she has a handful in the closet. Austin says she could open up her own boutique. Meanwhile, Lucas and Eugenia think Sami is up to something. Carrie thinks they are a ways away from a wedding happening, but Sami says maybe not as far as she thinks. Eugenia and Lucas discuss what Sami might be up to. Lucas doesnt know, she wants Austin and hate Carrie is back in his life. Eugenia wonders if Sami knows Carrie is the CEO, but Lucas doubts that because Austin and Nicole dont know. Lucas thinks she is lulling them into a false sense of security. Meanwhile, Carrie asks Sami that she finds it hard to believe she is supporting her and Austin. Sami says shes learned from her mistakes, and theyve all grown up. Sami says Austin has helped her to grow up with some tough love. Sami jokes that Austin wants her to use her powers for good. Austin says that is true and he thinks it is working. Austin says he hates to be a party pooper but it is late and he has a big day tomorrow, he has to close a deal. Carrie says so that is why Nicole left. Austin says yes, the company is in LA so the business day isn't over there. Carrie asks what the name of the company is, she might know them. Austin says the company is small, and she probably doesnt know it. Sami cuts Austin off and says no business at the party, and in front of the competition. Lucas says Sami is right, and it is time to get going. Austin and Carrie share a kiss as they part, and Sami and Lucas tell one another Happy New Year. Eugenia tells Sami to stay out of trouble. Sami says she will if Eugenia stays out of her life. Carrie tells Sami that she hopes she has a great year, and thanks for everything. Sami tells Carrie that she loves her and should get everything she deserves. Lucas, Carrie and Eugenia leave, and Austin and Sami pick up. Sami reminisces about the year Will wanted to wake up and tell them Happy New Year at the stroke of midnight. She misses her little boy. Austin misses those time too. Sami asks if she thinks things will work out for him and Carrie? Austin says he does. Later, Sami says he must be so happy about the takeover. Austin is, and he wants to take Sami and Nicole out to celebrate without any fighting. Austin says this deal wouldnt have happened without Nicoles work. Sami says that is right, it is all because of Nicole they took over this company and destroyed the CEOs life. Austin wishes he could have warned the CEO about the takeover. Sami says its probably better he didnt warn her, what a way to spend New Years Eve. Sami says hes not having second thoughts, but Austin says no. Austin says its a done deal. Sami says the CEO will be in for a shock, and shell probably hate him. Sami says this is business though and sometimes they have to be ruthless. Austin says he disagrees, they are still dealing with human beings. Sami says they are doing the CEO a favor, they are saving the company from going belly up. Austin doubts the CEO will see it that way. Sami says after the New Year and the takeover, he and the CEO wont have anything to do with one another again. 

Eugenia leaves to continue partying as the night is young. Lucas tells her to watch the booze and no driving. Lucas tells Carrie it looks like her and Austin will have a future together. She says she thinks so. She does admit they just reconnected, so its too early to tell if anything will happen. Lucas asks if shes buying Samis support thing. Carrie says shed like to believe it but shed have to be crazy not to be suspicious. Lucas thinks shes up to something. Carrie cant worry about it, shell drive herself crazy doing so. Lucas asks what about her office in LA, she cant pack up to be with Austin. Carrie says no, she wont turn her back on her company and employees. Carrie says besides Austin says hell be in LA a lot after he closes the big deal. Lucas says Austin has gotten so competitive since he got back, he has this take no prisoners idea to business. Carrie says she always thought Austin was very nice and fair when it came to business, he was a lot like her. Lucas says Nicole the Shark has changed him, she has him convinced that he has to be totally ruthless and uncaring to be successful. Lucas says it's all about the all mighty buck and power now. Carrie thinks people are more important than money and power. Lucas says Austin used to think that way, but these days he might hurt anyone to get ahead.

At the garage, Max explains what is wrong with the car. Bo says its not too bad, and its good she pulled over when she did. Chelsea says she was trying to be responsible. We see a flashback of her driving while using her phone and hitting Zack. Chelsea thanks him again for not telling anyone. She asks if shell lose her license, but Bo doesnt think so. She does have to keep up with her lessons. Max says he could have given her lessons, but Bo says she doesnt need to learn how to take a corner at 150mph. Max said he would have kept it under 100mph. Chelsea says shes trying to be responsible, and the last thing she needs now is more grief. She says thats why shes so glad Hope will never know about this. Bo says he wont lie to Hope, hes just not going to tell her if she doesnt ask. Chelsea says she is sorry hes in the middle of this, but she doesnt want a lecture from Hope. Bo asks if she will tell her mom? Chelsea says shes not going out of her way to tell anyone. She says this is a bummer of a New Year, she thought shed be partying. Max says the night isnt over yet. Bo thinks it is a bit late to be out partying. Max says its not that late, and he cant do any work tonight as he can't even order the part. He says its New Years. Max asks Bo how hes celebrating tonight. Bo says he has to go to the hospital, Belle and Phillips little girl doesnt have much longer to live without a transplant. Bo cant imagine what they are going through. Bo decides to call the hospital, but he sees his phone is off. Chelsea says she turned it off when she thought he would call Hope. Bo says there are a ton of messages from Hope. Bo calls Hope, who tells him to get to the trauma center now! She doesn't tell him about Zack, and Bo assumes it is Belle and Phillips baby, so he leaves. Chelsea says she knows how it feels to lose your parents, it must be ten times worse to lose a child. Max tells Chelsea that she got really lucky tonight that she didnt hurt someone. Max says from now on keep her eyes on the road and the wheel, not on her cell phone. Chelsea asks how he knew that? Max says hes a professional driver, how else does she not know what she hit. Chelsea says it was dark and shes not used to driving a SUV. She says she was going to call Abby when she hit the pothole or whatever, and she only looked down for two seconds. She asks what can happen in two seconds? Max says a lot. She says shell never use her cell while driving again.

At the scene of the accident, the cops are looking for clues. They find a perfect set of tire treads, and they decide to ask around to see if someone saw something. They also find shattered headlight glass at the scene of the crime. Later they find some black paint and a neighbor who saw something. The neighbor saw a toe truck from Max Bradys garage show up and toe and SUV away. 

Caroline and Alice are at the hospital sitting with Belle and Phillip. Belle thanks them for staying here with them. Caroline says theyll be here as long as they need them. Phillip says it is a miracle that shes still alive with all the toxins building up in her blood. Belle says shes not asking for a miracle, organ transplants are so routine nowadays. Phillip knows but shes running out of time. Belle wont give up hope, and Alice says all they can do is pray. Caroline prays to God for a miracle, and says if a family has lost a child tonight and they do something good in their loss, make sure Claire gets that organ. She also asks God to watch over that family, and every family in need. Belle thinks it is horrible to ask someone else to die so Claire can live. Alice says they arent praying for death, they are praying for a new chance at life for Claire. Later, Belle begins to realize it doesnt look like there will be a donor for Claire. Phillip says they just have to live in the moment, Claire is alive and can feel their love. Belle wishes Shawn and Mimi would hurry up and return, if anything happens theyd hate it if they didnt get to say goodbye to their goddaughter. 

Marlena asks Lexie if Alex will be okay? Lexie looks over Alex and says they have to get him into the OR. Marlena tells John that she doesnt think Alex would ever hurt her, and he told her that Dr. Banks was the real threat to her. Lexie is then informed there is a child hit and run that she needs to attend to, he looks critical. Lexie says shell be right there. Marlena asks what Alexs chances are. Lexie says he is still critical, but theyll know more in a few hours. Marlena asks if Lexie will operate, but she says no. She says she will monitor him though. Alex is then wheeled to the OR. Marlena continues to wonder why Alex was so upset about Lois being at her place tonight. John thinks that Alex was afraid shed tell MArlena more stuff about Alex. Marlena thinks she couldnt tell her anything worse, and she refuses to believe that the Alex she knows and loves could have done those things to her. John cant believe she is defending him. Marlena asks how he knows Alex was going to hurt her? John says he was armed. She says but he doesnt know for sure he was going to hurt her. John says he was armed, he told Alex to stop and he didnt. Lois tells Marlena she is showing the exact same patterns from her past, no matter how horrible Alex treated her, shed bend over backwards to forgive him. Marlena doesnt remember that, all she knows is that Alex has nothing but kind, loving and gentle to her. John says and hes done nothing but try and destroy their love, and to get her to not trust anyone else who loved her. John says he also used drugs and hypnotized her, he brainwashed her. Marlena says Alex is telling the truth, they were married. John says she was remembering their past and life together, and then it suddenly all stopped. He asks what turned her against him? Marlena says John keeps saying Alex is dangerous and a threat, but Alex never says anything bad about John. She also says she never has seen Alex hurt anybody, but John was Stefanos pawn and a trained killer. John cant believe this. Marlena says he shot Alex and wanted him to die. John says so that is what she thinks of him, she doesnt even know who he is. Marlena says she doesnt care about that now, she is concerned about Claire and Alex. Lois says if Alex lives and Marlena takes him back, it will be a short time before he kills her. Marlena is not justifying Alexs behavior, she just needs proof of it. John says she has the proof, she just doesnt want to accept it. A nurse comes out and says Dr. North is out of surgery, but hes still critical. 

The nurses take Zack off and Shawn asks what happened. Hope explains what she knows about Zacks accident. Shawn asks who did this to his brother? Lexie shows up and asks what happened? She has seen the victim is Zack. Hope says he was hit by a car. Lexie examines him, shes distraught over Zack's injuries. Shawn says if she cant do this . . . Lexie says no, she will save him. Hope asks if it is that bad? Lexie says nothing, and the nurse says his heart rate is dropping. Lexie tells Hope that he has trauma to the head and they need to do a brain scan. Hope thinks he cant have brain damage, he was awake and talking. She thinks that has to be a good sign. Lexie says it is a good sign. Hope says he even knew who she was and squeezed his hand. Hope then realize Bo doesnt know. Shawn says hell call him, but Hope says she should be the one to do it. Hope leaves to call Bo, and Shawn wonders how this happened. Suddenly Zack codes. Later, Lexie tells Hope that Zack needs surgery, they need to relieve the pressure from his brain. Hope signs the consent form. Shawn and Mimi stay with Zack. Shawn remembers back to when they almost lost JT, and he thought that was the worse thing that could happen. He says he didnt want Zack back then, he wanted JT. Shawn says now he cant imagine his life without Zack. Shawn talks to Zack and says how hes just now gotten old enough to go to the movies together and to play ball. Bo soon shows up and asks Hope why shes here and not . . . Hope cries it is Zack, he was hit by a car and is in critical condition and needs surgery. Bo says they just dropped him off at the Morrisons, and where was Mary? Hope explains everything she knows. Bo goes to Zack and asks Lexie how bad is it. She says hes bleeding around his brain and there could be spinal cord damage. Bo asks if he will be paralyzed. Lexie says one thing at a time. She says they have to stabilize him first. Bo asks if he can hear? Hope says hes not responding to him. Bo talks to Zack and says hell be okay and to open his eyes. Shawn asks who could have done this? Bo says the driver didnt stop? Hope says it was a hit and run. Bo says theyll find who did this. Shawn wonders what kind of person hits a little boy and keeps driving. As they are to take him to surgery, the monitors go crazy.


January 6, 2006
At Jack and Jens, Frankie is doing laundry. Jen finds him and says she could have done that for him. He asks why shes up so late? She says sleeping is still tough for her, so she decided to come make cookies for the kids. She asks Frankie to help, and he says only if he gets to lick the spoon. She says deal. She also tells him how glad she is he stayed here. Frankie says she didnt leave him much choice, and as soon as his leg has healed hell go back to DC. Jen tells Frankie that honestly she doesnt want him to go back. Frankie says she made it clear that she didnt feel comfortable having him here. She does want him here, but she doesnt want to become dependant on him. Frankie says hes the one depending on her. He says if she wants him to stay then he will. Jen says she wants him to stay. Frankie says then it's settled. Frankie loves the smell of the cookies, it takes him back to his mom making cookies when he was little. Jen tells Frankie they need to talk, there is a reason she doesnt want to rely on him. She says she doesnt want to be dependant on him or any man because it feels like shes cheating on a Jack. She says even after the memorial service she thought Jack would come back to her. She says even when she saw him in the garden, whatever it was, she thinks it was a way for her to have closure and move on. Frankie tells Jen that nobody will ever replace Jack, and he is here as her friend and nothing more. Frankie goes and gets a cookie. Jen goes to hug him, but he tells her to back away. He says the truth is he hasnt figured out how to shower with this thing yet, so he doesnt smell so good. Jen says she was hoping that wasnt her cookies that smelled like that. Jen offers to help Frankie shower. Hes not sure, but accepts the offer. Later, Frankie is in a towel and in the bathroom. Jen comes in to help him bathe. Frankie says he can just give himself a sponge bath, but she says thats been working real well. She says its no big deal and she has helped Jack when he broke his leg. Jen says she will keep her head turned, she wont peak. She says hell get in there, shell balance him and stand behind him and then he can shower. They get into the shower together, and Jen stays behind him as he washes himself. She looks up at the ceiling and tries not to look at Frankie. Frankie of course ends up slipping and falling, and Jen has to catch him. They end up nearly kissing, but the dont. Frankie says hell be okay and she should go change. Jen leaves, and Frankie tries to calm himself down. Jen goes into her bedroom and looks at herself in the mirror. She says her husband is barely dead, she convinced herself that his ghost told her to move on, and now she wanted Frankie to kiss her. Frankie shows up and hears Jen saying this. 

At the garage, Chelsea keeps replaying the accident in her head. She wishes she knew what she hit for sure, what if she hit a dog or a cat. Max says if she did hit something then it wouldnt have survived. Chelsea says what if she killed a dog or cat. Max says those things happen and people shouldnt let their animals run around without a leash. Caroline calls Max and lets him know Zack was in a car accident. Chelsea asks if hell be okay, but Max doesnt know. Max says they have to get going, and Chelsea says he has to be okay as she loves him. As they leave, the cops show up and peer through the window and see Bos SUV. The cops head into the garage and inspect the SUV. They run a license plate check and are shocked to learn the car belongs to Bo Brady. They dont think Bo would have done this, the car must have been stolen. The one cop says unless he didnt realize it, hes sitting up so high that he may not have seen Zack and he only would have felt like a bump in the road in this thing. 

At the hospital, Marlena wants to visit Alex, but shes told visiting hours are over except for family. She tries to explain she is his wife, but the nurse walks off. Belle sees her mom and thinks she came to see her after all. Belle cries to her mom that she misses her so much and she needs her so much. They go into see Claire. Belle says the only thing keeping her alive now is the machines. Marlena tells Belle that she cant imagine what shes going through and shes so sorry she wasnt here for her. Belle understands that she has to get better too, but Marlena says there is no excuse. Marlena says she is her mother, and Belle says she is here now. Belle says she cant stand the pain of watching her suffer. Marlena says her amnesia may keep her from remembering, but it doesnt keep her from feeling. Marlena says she knows Belle is her daughter and she knows she loves her. Marlena hates seeing her go through this much pain. Belle and Marlena hug and tell one another how much they love the other. Later, Belle talks to Claire after Marlena leaves. She tells her that she will get better, they will get their miracle.

Alex lays unconscious in his bed. Hes having a flashback of Lois attacking Marlena long ago. Lois is saying You cant have my man! Its obvious Lois was a patient, shes in a gown (or a nurses uniform?) and Marlena is in a doctors coat. In real time, Lois is standing over Alexs bed. Alexs monitors go crazy. Lois says its not healthy for him to get so excited. Back in Alexs head we see more flashbacks. Alex found Marlena after Lois had beat her up. Lois then walked in looking all psycho. In real time, Lois tells Alex it has been a long time coming but she has finally won. A nurse heads into Dr. Norths room, so Lois hides behind the curtains. The nurse tells Dr. North if he can hear ther then he must calm down or hell make himself worse. She then injects something into his IV. After the nurse leaves, Lois comes back out. She tells Alex she has a drug that will make sure he never wakes up. We then see more flashbacks, Lois was taunting them both with a syringe. Fortunately two other doctors grabbed her and took her away. Alex comforted an upset Malrena. Back in real time, Lois tells Alex first shell take care of him and then shell get rid of his precious Marlena. Lois looks to the next room where Marlena is with Belle. Lois tells Alex that God works in mysterious ways, and shell deal with Marlena first as its not like hes going anywhere. Later, Lois walks up behind Marlena, her syringe she hides in her coat.

Shawn is with Mimi, he cant believe this is happening. Mimi tells him to have faith in God, but Shawn thinks God is trying to destroy his family one by one. Mimi suggests they go to the chapel. He says why to pray that everything will be okay, he doesnt buy that works.

Bo tries to comfort Hope. Hope doesnt know how this could happen, and if she hadnt gone to check on him then hed still be lying in the street all alone. Bo decides to call the station and see if they have any leads on who did this to their son. Hope cries about how she got angry with Zack this morning for leaving toys in the kitchen. Bo tells her not to do that to herself. Hope says they promised to see him in the morning when they dropped him off. Bo says that is a promise they will both keep. We then see flashbacks of their Christmas with Zack. Doug and Julie show up, and Doug assures Hope that Zack is a feisty kid and isnt going anywhere. Shawn and Mimi join the rest of the family. Julie asks Mimi how Shawns doing. Mimi says not well, hes very angry with God right now. She doesnt know how to help him. Julie says sometimes people need to work through things on their own. Mimi says its just so hard to watch the man shes going to marry suffer like this. Julie says they are getting married. Mimi says they werent supposed to say anything yet. Julie thinks this is just what the family needs, a wedding, something positive. Julie just always assumed that . . . Mimi that hed wind up with Belle? Julie says yes. Mimi says its okay, and she and Shawn love one another. Mimi says she just cant stand to see him hurting like this. Julie says that is how you know you love someone, and she tells Mimi to keep on loving him as that is all she can do. 

Bo calls the cops, but there are no leads yet. Chelsea and Max show up, and Chelsea hugs Bo. Chelsea talks about how Zack accepted her as his big sister no questions asked, and the best Christmas present he ever got was when he told her that he loved her. Chelsea says everyone used to tell her how lucky she was to grow up being an only child, but they were wrong. Chelsea says shed do anything to save Zack, and he didnt deserve this. She said first her parents and now Zack, its not fair. She runs off, and Max goes after her.

Elsewhere, Doug tries to calm Hope down and tells her not to play the what if game. Doug says they have to stay positive. Alice arrives and says Doug is right, they must have hope. Hope blames herself, she shouldnt have arranged for the sleepover, she should have taught him not to go into the street. Doug says blaming herself or others wont help right now, they have to put their trust in God now. Shawn asks why, God doesnt care about them now.

Lexie is in the OR performing surgery on Zack. Lexie is in tears as shes performing the surgery on Zack. She tells Isacc that it is not his time to go, and mommy . . . Aunt Lexie is going to make sure he is here to live it. Lexie keeps working, but one of the other doctors says there may not be anything the can do for him. Lexie says failure isnt an option, he will live. The nurse gets a call from radiology, its not good. She recites some information on his brain and his spinal cord. Lexie doesnt want to give up, but the other doctor says hes brain dead and it is over. Lexie says it cant be. The other doctor says they need to stop now. Lexie doesnt want to give up, and she eventually breaks down. She says he was awake when Hope brought him in. The doctor says there is nothing more they can do, he never really had a chance. Lexie says hes her little boy and she has to save him. The other doctor says she is a doctor not God. Lexie scrubs out and the other doctor offers to tell the family, but Lexie says shell do it. Lexie calls up Abe and tells him that she needs him. 

The cops arrive at the hospital. They dont know how they are going to tell Bo that his own SUV hit his son. Meanwhile, Shawn is raging against God. He asks why is God constantly testing their family, they are pillars of the community. Hope says nobody knows why God does what he does. She says what she does know is that when things are at their darkest, they always have their family and that is a gift from God. He says its not fair. Hope says it isnt, and maybe God is testing them. She says all they can do is live their lives the best way they can. She says they need to pray, she has seen the power prayer has. Lexie comes out to talk to the family. Hope can see by Lexies face its not good. Hope breaks down in Bos arms.


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