January 9, 2006

At Jack and Jens, Frankie tells Jen that this wasnt her fault, it was his fault. Jen says she didnt know he was standing there. Frankie says he wanted to make sure she was okay. She says shes not, and she doesnt know what he must thinks of her. He says she is vulnerable and he shouldnt have put her in such a position. He thinks he should really go back to DC, but she says he cant go. She says what happened in the shower wasnt his fault, it was hers. Later Frankie has put on clothes. He comes to see her and once again is saying she did nothing wrong, it was his fault. She says no he needed help and that was all. Frankie says no, he wanted to kiss her, but he promised her that he was only here as her friend. Jen thinks shes ruined everything. Frankie says she didnt ruin anything, and it was just an awkward moment. He says neither of them are themselves right now, and theyll always be friends. She says so hell stay and they are okay. Frankie says they are okay, and is she sure she wants him to stay. Jen says yes, but from now on hes on his own with showers. Frankie says deal. Maggie then calls Jen to give her the news about Zack. She says Hope will need her so she needs to get to the hospital. Frankie tells Jen to go, Jen doesnt know Zack has died. Frankie stays behind to look after the baby. After Jen leaves, Frankie finds an envelope addressed to him, its a DVD from Jack. He begins to watch the DVD. On it Jack says if hes watching this then hes already dead. Jack says he is checking up on him, he wants to make sure hes following through with his promise to take care of Jen. Jack knows Jen is in no state to be moving on, that if it is up to her shell never move on. Jack tells Frankie to step up to the plate, make her see there is life and love after Jack. Jack says Jen loved him once and in time she can again. Jack also thinks when the time is right, Frankie should show this to Jen so she sees that this is what he wants for her. Jack says he loved her so much. Jack says if Jen is listening, dont feel guilty about falling in love with Frankie. He says its not a betrayal, its not wrong. He says what would be wrong would be here giving up on a life of happiness that she could have. Jack says Frankie is the best man for her and the kids so give him a chance. He says remember that hell always love her. 

At the hospital, Lois stalks Marlena around with a syringe. Marlena gets the feeling that shes being followed. John shows up and says he was looking for her, where has she been. She says she was looking for Alex. They begin to argue about Alex. Marlena says Alex would never hurt her, and they must be missing something. John takes Marlena to her office. She doesnt want to talk about Alex or Lois, shes concerned about Belle right now. She says Belle isnt prepared for what could happen. John agrees. John wants so much to help her. John says hell check on Belle and the baby and she should rest here in her office. Marlena hasnt seen her office since her amnesia. She looks around it. She says so this is where she worked. John says yep, and to look around as it might trigger something. John says hell be back soon and for her to get some rest. John leaves and crazy Lois shows up and slips into Marlenas office. Marlena is laying on the couch and trying to rest. John suddenly returns and finds Lois in the office, and he asks what she is doing. She says she was worried about Marlena and was checking up on her. John asks how she knew she was here. Marlena wakes up and asks yes how did she know? Lois says a nurse saw her headed this way, she saw her name on the door and came inside. Marlena says this is the second time tonight shes woken up to find Lois standing over her. Lois says shes just so worried about her, they were always like sisters. Lois says she just feels very protective of her. John says that makes two of them, and he has some bad news. Marlena  asks if it is Claire? He says no, he never made it there. He says Zack was killed tonight in a car accident. Marlena insists she go to Belle, she will be devastated by this news. John and Marlena take off leaving Lois behind. Lois says when she catches up with MArlena later she is a dead woman. 

The cops arrive at the hospital. They says what a way to start their jobs, fresh out of the academy and they have to tell Bo that his own car hit his son. Meanwhile, Hope breaks down and Bo tells Lexie to just say it. Lexie says shes sorry but they lost him. Shawn tears off, and the whole family is there in tears as Hope loses it in Bos arms. Hope says she wants to see her son, and Bo asks where he is. Lexie says shell take them in as soon as hes brought back from the OR. Abe tells Hope they will find who did this and make them pay. Abe hugs them both. Celeste arrives to comfort Lexie. Lexie tells her mom that she tried to save him but she couldnt. Chelsea cries to Max that this is so wrong, her whole life she wanted a little brother. She says Zack was the best, he always made her feel like part of the family. She remembers how cute Zack was on Christmas, he made her feel so welcomed and happy. Chelsea asks how can he be gone, why does everyone she cares about disappear. Max tells Chelsea that he is still here, and they will find whoever killed Zack. The cops show up and think the charges just went from hit and run to murder. Maggie asks Julie where Alice is. Julie says Doug took her to an office to lie down, this is too much. Julie, Maggie and Mickey remember their times babysitting Zack. Julie remembers the food fight she had with Zack once. Meanwhile, Lexie continues to wonder if there was more she could have done. Abe tells her she did all she could. Lexie says it wasnt enough. A nurse says there are no rooms upstairs so the patient is in cubicle one. Lexie thanks her and then says she has to tell Bo and Hope. Lexie leaves, and Celeste tells Abe that she doesnt think Lexie will get over this. She is afraid the loss will haunt her for the rest of her life. LExie tells Bo and Hope that Zack is in cubicle one, so they go to see him. Hes hooked up to all sorts of machines, and Hope sees he is still breathing. She thinks he is alive. Lexie tells them that Zack is on life support. She says it is up to them how long he stays like this. Hope says but hes still alive, he could wake up in time. Lexie says it doesnt work that way. Hope cries that hes not dead, he has a chance. Lexie says hes only breathing because of the machines. Hope says hes warm, she can feels his little pulse. Bo says hes gone, his body will shut down as soon as they turn off the machines. Hope says they are not turning off the machines, they arent taking her son from her. 

Meanwhile, Chelsea doesnt even know what to say to her dad or to Hope. Max says being here is just enough. Chelsea thinks Hope hates her, and she doesnt know what to say. She thinks maybe she should just give Hope some space. She then remembers Billie, she should tell her. Billie has been out of town for business. Max and Chelsea go to call her. However, it turns out they couldnt reach her, so they left her a message to call them back. Elsewhere, Abe and Celeste talk with the two cops. Abe asks them for introductions, and they introduce themselves. They say they have leads and will be making an arrest soon.

Victor asks Caroline where Shawn is. She says with Alice, and she told him that she was fine. He says shes not fine. Caroline says its just all overwhelming, Claire is fighting for her life and now Zack is gone. Caroline cries on Victors shoulder, and Shawn returns and doesnt look to happy. He says he hopes hes not interrupting, and Caroline says of course not. Caroline thanks Victor for lending her his shoulder. Victor leaves them and then goes to talks to the cops. He says if there is anything he can do to help then let him know. They say he and the family have their condolences. After Victor leaves, the cops say Victor and everyone will be in for a shock when they learn the truth.

Shawn heads to the chapel and rages against God for taking his little brother, asking what kind of God he is to do this to people who believe in him. He throws something from the altar. Mimi grabs Shawn and holds him. Shawn says there was just so much he was supposed to do with Zack, so much he was supposed to teach him. He says now because of some coward . . . he doesnt even know who this person is. Mimi says they will catch them and put them in jail. Shawn says they deserve worse, and when he gets his hands on them they are dead. Mimi says obsessing on revenge wont solve anything, it will just rip him apart even more. Shawn says he doesnt care, he has to catch this maniac and make sure justice is served. Mimi says what hed do, kill this person. Shawn says he would. Mimi says he cant do that. Shawn says his brother is dead and his family will never be the same. Mimi says she knows, but what if it was an accident and what if they didnt know they hit Zack. Shawn says he doesnt care and he will take this persons life. Mickey shows up and says hell do no such things. He says get a hold of himself and think about Zack, Zack wouldnt approve of such behavior. Mickey says Zack wasnt taught hate, he was taught love and forgiveness. Shawn says he cant forgive, this person has to pay. Mickey knows and says they will pay through the system, a system his parents believe in. He says this way isnt the way to deal with it, and it will only make him feel worse in the long run. Mickey says most importantly it wont honor Zacks memory. Mickey tells Shawn that right now he should be with his mom and dad, they just went in to see Zack and they will need him. Shawn says hes right, he should be with his family. Shawn and Mimi leave to be with the family. 

Jen arrives and Maggie gives Jen the news that Zack is gone, she didnt want to tell him over the phone. Jen breaks down and asks where Hope is. Shawn shows up and Jen gives him her condolences. Shawn thanks her and then goes in to see his parents. Hope is telling Bo that they cant turn off the machines. Shawn learns Zack is brain dead and is only alive because of the machines. Bo tells Shawn they have a tough decision to make. Hope says she cant believe Bo wants to pull the plug on Zack. Bo says he doesnt, but they have to think about what is right for Zack. Hope says she cant say goodbye, and Shawn says they have to give him a chance. Bo says that is just it, he has no chance. Bo says he loves Zack and would give anything to bring him back, but there is no chance. Lexie says shes sorry but there is no chance at all that Zack will come back. Bo says Zack is gone and he wont be at peace until they let him go. Bo says they have to turn off the life support. Lexie turns away and continues to cry.



January 10, 2006

Austin and Carrie meet on the roof, neither could sleep. Austin says he has a lot on his mind. Carrie says she had a great time tonight. He says him too. Carrie tells Austin that when she first decided to come back to Salem, seeing him is what worried her the most. She says catching up with him and feeling close to him has been nice. Austin just cant believe shes not with Mike. Carrie cant believe hes still single as hes a catch. Austin says he wasnt interested in the other women out there, and he thinks there is a reason they both ended up back here in Salem. Carrie asks what reason that would be. He says fate. Austin says hes been very happy since she came back, and she says she feels the same way about seeing him again. She remembers how happy they were until she ruined everything. He says forget the past, its a new year which means new opportunities. She says agreed. Carrie looks up at the sky and says she forgot what it was like to see this many stars. Austin and Carrie share a kiss. Austin tells Carrie that he doesnt want to mess this up by moving too fast, he wants a future with her. Carrie wants that too, but there is a problem. Carrie is worried that Sami will come between them again. Carrie knows Sami claimed she wouldnt interfere, but she doesnt know. She also is worried about the two of them, How do they know this is real and they just dont have stars in their eyes. Austin says hes feeling very clear and he knows what he feels for her is real. Carrie asks if they can keep this up when shes in LA? Austin says hell be in LA a lot on business, they can work it out. Austin gets a phone call, its business and he has to take it. Carrie decides to check in with her office. Austin tells Nicole not to worry, everything will go smoothly and the only thing he feels bad about is not knowing who the CEO of High Style is. Meanwhile, Carrie talks to Becky about how shes with Austin and its going well. Carrie says she has tons of ideas for the company, its her number one priority with Austin as a close second. Meanwhile, Austin continues to tell Nicole how he just wishes hed been able to warn the CEO. Carrie walks up and says she doesnt believe it! She heard nothing, she just found some confetti from a night long ago when they were up here. Carrie asks Austin if he still feels the same way about her now as he did then? Austin says he loves her, he never stopped loving her. He asks if she still feels the same way about him? She says he does, so he suggests they take things further and they kiss again. 

At the hospital, Alex is still in a coma. Lois sneaks in to see him. She closes the blinds and taunts him with her syringe. She says if he knew how close she came to finishing off Marlena. She says that idiot husband of hers walked in, and they dont suspect a thing, well at least John doesnt. She says hell convince Marlena that Alex is the one that is a danger to her. Alexs monitors beep, and Lois says they cant have him waking up and telling everyone the truth. Lois says it didnt have to be this way. She says she was in love with him even before she became his patient, he was so kind and so sensitive, she thought he cared. She says but with him it was always Marlena, and when the ISA agent showed up and said he was still alive and with Marlena it was like someone stabbed her in the chest. She asks if he thought shed forget all the pain that he caused her, that shed let him and Marlena live happily ever after? She says no chance, and there is no way hell stop her now. Alex makes a fist. Lois tells Alex that she really did love him, but she was never good enough for him. She says finding out he was together with Marlena again was humiliating, and that is why she has to kill him. As she goes to inject him with something, Alex grabs her hand. Alex comes to and says shes a monster and her days of threatening MArlena are over. Lois says she doesnt think so, and she tells him to say goodbye. She then injects something into his tubes (or cuts off his oxygen).

Belle and Phillip are with Claire. Phillip says he hates this, but its time. He says they have to say goodbye to their little girl. Phillip tells Claire how much they love her, and then he tells Belle that they have to accept that Claire is dying. Belle says she cant let go of her daughter. Phillip tells her not to make this any harder than it is. Belle says there is something they must do, and she wants him to come with her. Belle takes Phillip off to the chapel where they say a prayer for Claire. Belle tells God she doesnt know how to say goodbye to Claire, and she doesnt know why hed want to take her. She begs God not to let Claire die. She says her faith in a miracle hasnt faltered, and if hes going to take Claire from her then help her understand why. She says otherwise send her a sign that Claire will be spared. Phillip tells Belle they should go be with her. As they are leaving Belle thinks she got her sign. She looks at the floor where she finds some babys breath. Belle says her grandmother told her that when an angel whispers a prayer to God, and the prayer is answered, the angel offers a gift of babys breath. She thinks this is a sign from Claires guardian angel. Belle asks Phillip to try and have faith a little bit longer. The nurse then finds them and says Dr. Carver needs to see them both, its an emergency. They rush off fearing the worst.

Mimi brings Shawn some coffee. Mimi asks him what she can do as she feels so useless right now. Shawn says there is nothing she can do, his brother is gone. Mimi says shes so sorry. Shawn says Belle and Phillip dont even know. Mimi thinks that might be for the best given what is going on with Claire. Shawn wonders how this driver can live with themselves, and he hopes whoever did this pays. Mimi tells Shawn that Zack is in heaven now. Shawn doesnt know if he believes that. Mimi asks then how he will get through this if he doesn't believe it? Shawn doesnt know. He says Zack was his parents miracle baby, and unlike him, Zack didnt give them any problems. Shawn says he was a great kid and he doesnt know if he can deal with this. Shawn says he was so much fun, and he had a great arm. Shawn says he told him he could pitch in the majors, but now theyll never know. Mimi says Zack worshiped him, his face lit up every time he saw him. Shawn asks who could have done this? He says he will find who did this. Mimi reminds him what his uncle Mickey said to him about vengeance. Shawn cant change the way he feels, he hates the person who did this. Mimi says hating someone only hurts him, nothing good comes from it. Shawn says hate is all he has right now. Shawn says he hopes this person is shown no mercy, he wants them to suffer.

Chelsea continues to tell Max how awful this is, she really loved Zack. They over hear the two cops talking about how they are close to an arrest. Chelsea is glad, and asks Max what he thinks will happen to the driver. Max says its vehicular homicide and hit and run, someone will go to jail for a long time. Chelsea says she wont feel the least bit sorry for them.

Abe is furious and tells the two cops to find who did this to his son and punish them. Abe knows they might think hes crazy, but he was his son. He explains how he and Lexie adopted Zack and raised him, and only later did they find out Bo and Hope were the biological parents. Abe wants them to find who did this and toss them in jail. The cops say they are developing a strong case, they are pinning a few things down still, but it looks good. Abe asks what they have? The cops say they cant say anything until they bring the suspect in. Abe says he knows, and hes glad they are going by the book. He doesnt want them to blow this. 

Bo and Hope are in with Zack, Jen is in with them now. Bo tells Hope they have to turn the machine off for Zack. Hope says they can't give up. Lexie says it breaks her heart to tell them this, but they cant help Zack. Hope thinks he can get better, what about a specialist. Lexie says two specialists have already looked over his CT scans, MRIs and EEGs, there is no brain activity. She says as senseless as the tragedy is, they have a chance to turn it into something positive. Bo asks what good can come from this? Hope tells them all to stop talking as if it is over because it just cant be, she cant lose her baby. Lexie asks them to forgive her, but she has to talk to them about donating Zacks organs. Hope says Zack isnt gone, and Bo says they cant do this now. LExie tells them that child organ donors . . . Hope says they cant let Zack die to save someone else. Lexie says she wouldnt ask if there was a chance for Zack. Hope says no, the answer is no. She says Zack is still alive, hes still breathing, shes been wrong before. Lexie says Zack isnt breathing on his own, the respirator is the only thing keeping him alive. She says Zack is gone and wont come back. Lexie knows this is a horrible decision, but Zack could save a life, maybe more. She says another child could be saves by Zack. Lexie tells them they know what Belle and Phillip are going through, there is a possibility that Zack could save Claires life. Bo says if Zack could save little Claire then hed want to do that, and if they can spare Belle and Phillip this pain . . . Hope says Belle loved Zack and Zack loved Belle. Hope looks at Bo and says they have to do this. Bo tells Lexie that she has their permission to take Zack off life support and donate his organs. Lexie says they are doing a wonderful thing. Bo and Hope are left to say goodbye to Zack. Bo tells him how proud they were to be his parents and to share their lives with him. Hope tells him how beautiful he is and how much joy he brought her. Hope wonders how she goes on without him. Lexie returns with the papers for them to sign. With tears streaming down their faces they sign them. Lexie says they just made one of lifes most difficult decisions. Bo says they have to hope something good comes from this. 

Jen talks with Victor about the accident. She says that Zack went outside for some reason, he wandered into the street and whoever ran him down didnt even stop. Chelsea is listening in as they discuss the accident. Chelsea asks Max why this had to happen to Zack? Max tells Chelsea she has to pull herself together, Bo and Hope will need them to be strong. Chelsea doesnt understand why she keeps losing everyone close to her. She says life is unfair, and she keeps hoping this is a nightmare she wakes up from. Max says they just need to hope the cops found the right person. Chelsea wants them put away forever. 

Later, Victor looks over at Shawn. He knows if he tells Shawn about Claire that it will destroy Phillip. He says but Shawn has a right to know, and what kind of a father is he for lying to Phillip. 

Lexie is with Abe, they are waiting for the organ test results to see who Zack matches. They also comfort one another over losing Zack again. Lexie says this time it is so much worse. Abe knows. Lexie says she thought theyd still get to watch him grow up and be a part of his life. The nurse gives Lexie Zacks test results. 

Belle and Phillip return to Claires room where Lexie is. She tells them to calm down, there is no change with Claire. She says she does have news though, they have a liver for Claire that is a match. She tells them that there is no guarantee though, but Belle says its a chance. Lexie says she has to warn them, the transplant still may be too late.

The cops compile their final report on the accident, complete with photos and forensics reports. They say the evidence is rock solid, and this will tear Bos family apart. Hope then confronts the cops and asks who did this to her son? Hope asks if it was a drunk driver? They say they can rule out a drunk driver. Bo asks why, what do they know? They ask to speak to Bo alone, but Hope says no. Bo wants to know who the driver was and how they will be punished. Bo tells the cops to tell them what they know. They say they know who did it.


January 11, 2006

Sami is in her apartment sleeping. We see she is dreaming about making love to Austin. Shes talking in her sleep saying she wants Austin. Over at Lucas place, Lucas dreams about Carrie and says he wants her. Sami says she needs Austin now and gets up and begins sleepwalking. Somehow, Sami sleepwalks over to Lucas apartment and right into his bed. Sami and Lucas begin going at it, both dreaming they are with Austin or Carrie. They soon wake up and cant believe what theyre doing. Lucas asks what shes doing here, he was sleeping. She says she was too and this is her bed. She looks around and sees it isnt her bed. Sami thinks Lucas gave her a roofie or something, but Lucas says he doesnt need to rape women to get them into bed. He says besides shes the one into drugging people. Sami says that was a long time ago and only once. Lucas thinks Sami is setting him up, she wants him to seduce her and give her a kid because the one they have hates her. Sami says she is not a sadomasochist, would never want to be with him, but Lucas thinks Sami is still hot for him and still wants him. She says for his information she was dreaming about Austin, not him. Lucas says shes such a loser, how many times has Austin left her at the altar and yet here she is pining after him. Sami tells Lucas that he was saying Carries name, talk about a loser. Sami says Carrie loves Austin, always has and always will. Lucas points out that she left Austin for Mike, that's a major deviation. Sami says shes back with Austin though, and she will never think about Lucas in that way. Lucas says why not, Sami does. Lucas says she could have him right now if she hadnt made so many mistakes. He says he bets there isnt a guy who hasnt fallen for her that doesnt regret it. Sami asks Lucas if he regrets it. Lucas puts a robe on and says nothing. Sami thinks she has her answer. She says so he dreams about Carrie, the woman he cant have, not her the woman he had and threw away. Lucas tells Sami to stop it, stop making him say he still loves and wants her. Sami asks if he does, because she thinks he still does. Lucas asks what makes her think that? They end up kissing and going at it on the bed! 

At the hospital, Shawn and Mimi hold one another, as do Max and Chelsea. Jen tells Shawn that she knows hes hurting, and she thinks she can share something that might help. She says Zacks liver is going to Claire, he may save Claires life. Shawn says God answered Belles prayers, Zack is going to save their baby. Mimi looks at Shawn with a puzzled look. Shawn says he doesnt know why the baby gets to him, but he couldnt love her anymore than if she was his own. He says he doesnt know why God took Zack, but if he can help Claire then that is good. He also still vows to make who hit Zack pay. Shawn still doesnt know why this had to happen to Zack. Jen says she has asked that question of herself too, and there is no answer. Shawn says it will be strange going back to his parents house knowing Zack wont be there. Mimi says dont think about that now, think about Claire. Shawn wonders if Belle knows what happened, and if so how will she handle it?

Meanwhile, Chelsea talks with Max about how Zack wanted her to play go fish but she said later, not realizing there wouldnt be a later. Max tells her that this isnt her fault. She says she knows but she just feels so bad. Max doesnt know how Bo and Hope will get through this. He vents how a hit and run is the lowest of the low, this driver is a coward. Chelsea says her dad was right, a car can be a lethal weapon if one's not paying attention. Chelsea has a flashback to her own accident and says . . . . no way, its too weird, way too weird. Max asks what is too weird? She says nothing. Chelsea looks at her cellphone, but he says she cant use it in here. Chelsea asks if the accident happened outside of Zacks house, but Max says no at a friend's house. She asks where the house was. Max thinks she should stop thinking about this as it isn't good to dwell. Chelsea says she wants to know. He says third and elm. Chelsea realizes to herself that is where she hit the bump in the road, what if it was Zack. Chelsea asks Max what will happen to the person who did this. Max says theyll do a lot of time, vehicular homicide is a serious offense.

Lexie tells Belle and Phillip that theyve found a liver for Claire, but her condition is still critical and it could be too late. Belle says no, theyve been getting signs that she will live. Lexie says there is something else she has to tell them about the donor. Phillip says it is a kid isnt it. Lexie says it is a kid. Lexie says it was a kid. She begins to cry. Lexie says the unthinkable happened to another family tonight, they lost their little boy in a hit and run accident. She tells them that it was Zack, Bo and Hopes boy. Belle says hes just a little boy, he hasnt had a chance to live his life. LExie says its true, hes alive only on life support, hes brain dead. Lexie says hes being kept alive long enough to harvest his organs. Belle says she cant do this to Zack, she cant cut him open. Phillip says Zack is already gone, they cant save him. Belle says she loves Zack, she cant do this. Lexie says it is the only chance to save Claire, is she saying she doesnt want the transplant? Phillip says they cant do anything for Zack now. Phillip reminds Belle that Zack was Lexies son too at one point, and if it is what Lexie thinks they should do then . . . . Lexie tells Belle that if Zack can help Claire, if part of him can live on in her then it helps them all. Lexie says they all feel like she does, and this is unfair. Lexie says she has a chance to save Claire. Lexie says she prayed for a miracle and one has happened. Belle says its so awful though, she didnt want to sacrifice Zack for Claire. Lexie talks to Belle about how she raised Zack for the first year of his life, and losing him tonight is almost more than she can bare. She says the agony for all of them will last a lifetime, but they have to put those feelings aside to do what is right for Claire. Lexie says Claire is French for clear, and their choice is clear. Phillip says Lexie is right, but Belle says but Zack . . . Mimi and Shawn show up, and Shawn says Zack loved Claire and would want this. Shawn tells her to do this, it would mean so much to him and the family. She says shes so sorry. Shawn thanks her. He says Zack loved her and was worried about Claire, hed be happy for them. Shawn tells Belle to sign the papers. Phillip thanks him for his blessing. Shawn says even if it was another child hed say the same thing, they have to help one another, that is why they are on earth. Belle thanks him and signs the papers. Belle and Phillip say goodbye to Claire before shes taken off to the OR. Mimi and Shawn also say goodbye to her, and they all wish her well.

Bo and Hope demand the cops tell them what they know. As the cops are about to tell them, the nurse tells Bo and Hope that it is time for the transplant surgery. Bo tells Hope then need to go say goodbye to Zack. Hope says she cant. Bo asks the cops for a minute with their son, so they leave them. Bo and Hope go in and say goodbye to Zack. Hope realizes shell never be able to hold him again. Bo says theyll miss him every second of every day, but part of him will always be in their hearts. Bo says theyll keep him alive in their hearts. Bo says she cant say goodbye, they cant take him. Hope tells Zack how much she loves him. She begs him not to leave her, that she doesnt want to live without him. Hope asks what shell do without him. Bo says they have to let him go, but Hope says she doesnt want to let him Go. Bo says hes sorry they couldnt bring him back, but Zack can help save Claire now. Bo says it is a beautiful gift before he goes. The nurse says they are waiting in the OR. Bo says they have to say goodbye now. Bo tells Zack that he had so many wonderful dreams for him, and he is very proud of him. Hope tells Zack how happy he made her. She tells him how much she loves him. Bo and Hope hold Zacks hand. Hope doesnt want to let go. Bo says she has to, but Hope says she cant say goodbye. Bo takes her out of the room as she screams and breaks down. 

Meanwhile, the cops argue over telling the Bradys the truth, and how this is going to be a nightmare for them. One cop says it already is a nightmare. Hope then confronts the cops and demands to know who did this to her son. She yells at them to tell her who killed her boy. Bo asks them who did it, show him the evidence they have. They begin to tell them the evidence they have, but they are reluctant to name any names. Jen takes Hope off as Bo talks to the cops. The cops tell Bo that the car was found at Max Bradys garage, it was towed there tonight. Bo wants to see the evidence. Chelsea listens in as they tell him this news. Hope then returns and wants to know who killed her son. Chelsea waits to hear what the cops say, she is afraid she killed her own brother. Hope demands to know who was driving the car. Bo says she is too upset for this. Hope says so what is he saying, that shell be less upset tomorrow? She says this isnt a dream, Zack is gone and she wants to know who was driving the car. They look at Bo and she tells them that they dont need his permission to tell her. The cops say Bo already knows this, it was his car that hit his son. Hope looks at Bo and is stunned.

Victor tells Kate that he has good news about Claire. She asks if they found a donor. Victor says yes, and Kate thanks God. She was so close to giving up. Victor says the donor is his grandson Zack. Kate says what? Victor says he was killed in a car accident tonight. Kate tells Victor that she is so sorry. Victor says he feels sorry for Shawn, hes lost his own brother twice now, Zack permanently. He says Shawn and the family dont even have the joy of knowing that Zacks liver will save Shawns daughters life. Kate tells Victor that she is sorry but he cant tell Shawn. She says Shawn will go on with his life, hell have other children. She says Claire has been spared and she wont let Claire be taken from Phillip. She says if the transplant doesnt work then they will have lost her anyways. Victor says if it does work then Shawn still doesnt know about his daughter. Kate tells Victor to get his priorities straight, Phillips happiness should come before Shawns. Victor says he wants Phillip to be happy, but knowing Bo and Hope have a grandchild, one being saved by Zack could mean everything to them right now. He asks how much does one family have to suffer? Kate says the whole situation is unbearable, she feels for Hope as she remembers when she thought Austin and Billie were dead. Kate says she hopes Claire survives. Victor says so does he. They see Belle and Phillip together watching Claire being taken away. Kate says Claire will keep Belle and Phillip together. Victor says if Claire survives then she could be the reason Shawn and Belle get back together. 


January 12, 2006
Sami and Lucas are going at it still in Lucas bed. They make love and then cuddle afterwards. They say how incredible that was, it was better than ever. It turns out that it was all in Lucas head! Lucas and Sami are in reality still discussing how they ended up in bed together. Sami thinks she obviously sleep walked over here. Sami thinks that having her in his bed again has made him regret breaking up with her. Lucas says what they had is over for good. Sami agrees with him on that. He asks why she slept walked into his bed? She asked why he left his apartment door unlocked. He says he wont make that mistake again, and she says neither will she. Sami, wrapped in Lucas sheet, prepares to leave. He says she has his sheet still. She says he got her nightgown off of her while they were sleeping. She says she can walk out of here naked if he likes. He says take it but bring it back. She says shell bring it back clean if it pleases him. They tells one another to go back to dreaming about Austin and Carrie. Lucas then wonders why she came here and didnt go to Austin's room. Lucas thinks Sami was really dreaming about him. Sami says he has one hell of an ego, she was dreaming of Austin. She thinks Lucas is the one who wanted her. Lucas says he was dreaming of Carrie and thought she was Carrie. Sami says they should stop talking, Will might come out here and get the wrong idea about them. Lucas tells her to leave before she wakes up Carrie. Sami wonders if hes worried Carrie might see them together and it will blow his chance with her. She says dont worry, he doesnt have a chance with her. He says a better chance than she has with Austin. Lucas says Sami will end up all alone, maybe with a cat. Sami says theyll see who winds up alone. Sami then storms out of the apartment vowing to make sure she has the last laugh. Sami returns to her place. She thinks Lucas wants her back, but its too late because she will get Austin. Sami recalls learning Carrie was the CEO of High Style. She thinks Carrie will never speak to Austin again, shell be the one to marry Austin and Lucas will wind up alone and miserable. Meanwhile, Lucas thinks Sami will never get Austin, and as soon as Austin takes over High Style then he can kiss Carrie goodbye. He thinks Sami and Austin will both end up alone. 

At the hospital, Abe and Lexie comfort one another. Lexie is about to go into the OR to harvest Zacks organs for the liver transplant for Claire. Lexie still cant believe hes gone. She says it was hard enough to lose him once, but at least then he was still alive. Abe tells Lexie that maybe one of the other doctors should do the operation. Lexie says she has to, she will make sure its done carefully and with love. She says she couldnt save Zack so she has to make sure she saves Claire. Lexie performs the surgery taking Zacks liver, she says she had given up hope on Claire and if her parents had listened to her then . . . . Lexie tells Zack that he is doing a wonderful thing, hes giving the gift of life. Another surgeon shows up to give her an update on Claire, shes bleeding and her BP is dropping, the doctor isnt optimistic that this will work. 

Belle tells Shawn this is so unfair, her child is getting a chance at life while his family lost Zack. Shawn says if Claire makes it then its like Zack lives on. Phillip agrees and then leaves to find out information on the surgery. Belle tells Shawn how great Zack was, she really loved him. Shawn says he did too, and he loves Claire. Mimi leaves them to get some water. Bonnie shows up and asks Mimi if she is insane leaving the two of them alone, is she trying to lose Shawn? Bonnie tells her to stop letting Belle score sympathy points. Mimi says Zack just died and Belles baby is about to have a transplant that may or may not save her life, so her standing by her man at the moment is irrelevant. Bonnie says Mimi is right, but Belle should be crying on Phillips shoulder and she should be comforting Shawn. Bonnie tells her to march in there and get to work. Meanwhile, Belle tells Shawn that she doesnt know why shes the one that is crying, her baby has a chance now. She tells Shawn that she doesnt know how he and his family will get through this. Shawn says he hopes justice is done, that will help. Belle says he is right, whoever did this must be punished. Shawn tells her that right now they have to focus on Claire and the transplant. Belle says hes amazing, he just lost his brother and is worrying about her daughter. He says she is his goddaughter and they have a special connection. Mimi returns and Shawn gives her a hug for just being here. Phillip returns and says theyve stared the surgery. Phillip doesnt know how Bo and Hope are coping, there is nothing worse then losing a child. Mimi begins talking about how amazing it is that both Shawn and Zack are a match for Claire. Bonnie shows up and tells Belle that she needs to hang in there and keep believing and praying. Bonnie then tells Shawn how sorry she is about Zack. Later, Bonnie drags Mimi out and lectures her, she knows what Mimi was thinking regarding the blood types and liver matching Claire. Bonnie says if she keeps asking questions like that out loud then she can kiss Shawn goodbye forever. Mimi just cant help but wonder. Bonnie says these things happen, and organs are transplanted from strangers all the time. Mimi says that is true. Bonnie also points out that Zack and Claire are related through Phillip. She tells Mimi to focus on Shawn right now and helping him through this. Mimi tells her mom that shes right. Bonnie says shes always right, and she always told her Shawn was the man for her. Mimi leaves, and Bonnie says Shawn cant be Claires father, God cant do this to her or to Mimi. Back in the room, Phillip tells Shawn how special Zack was, how nice it was to give Claire his blankey. Shawn says Zack wanted to help Claire, and now he is. Belle begins to worry about losing Claire, but Phillip says dont say that. He says she is the one who has stayed positive throughout all of this so she has to continue staying positive. Phillip says something good must come from tonight. Shawn agrees, Claire has a long life ahead of her and two parents who love her. Mimi returns, and she tells Shawn that he and his parents will get through this. Shawn says when she says it he starts to believe it. 

Belle, Phillip, Shawn and Mimi head to the chapel to pray for Claire. Mimi tells them that a nurse says it will be awhile before they get news about the transplant. Mimi is also glad Shawn is here. Shawn knows God is watching out for Zack and Claire right now, and Zack is in a better place now. Mimi says he is and one day theyll all see him again. Shawn asks God to take care of Zack and to help them find the driver who killed him. Later, Lexie tells them that the transplant was a success, but she still needs prayers. Lexie says Claire is okay for now, but the next few days are critical and it will be awhile before they know if Claire will accept the liver. Shawn says not possible, Zack will live on through Claire, she will make it. 

Chelsea is panicking, she says it couldnt have been her. She keeps replaying the accident over and over in her mind. Max finds her and brings her hot chocolate. She lashes out and says she doesnt want hot chocolate. He says they are all upset about Zack, but Chelsea says it is all her fault. Chelsea tells Max that she thought she hit a pothole, what if she . . . Max says no, she didnt, she couldnt have. Chelsea says the cops say Bos SUV was involved in the hit and run. Max says shes the driver that killed Zack. Chelsea says she doesnt know what happened, it was dark and she only took her eyes off the road for one second. Max says that is all it takes. Chelsea says if she killed her own brother then she doesnt know how shed live with herself, and Bo would disown her. 

The cops tell Bo that he was driving the car that killed his son. Bo says like hell he was and they must have screwed up. He says this case should have been given to experienced cops. Hope says Bo would never do this and they are wrong. They say they know this is hard for them, but the car that hit Zack was registered to Bo. They say if Bo wasnt driving it then someone else was. Hope says impossible, only she and Bo drive that car. They ask if Bo lent it to anyone. Hope says of course not. Bo then recalls lending the car to Chelsea. Bo thinks they are jumping to conclusions, what makes them think it was his car. The cops say they have proof. Bo looks over the evidence and the proof as the cops explain the car is his, forensics has matched the tracks, the paint and the broken parking light. Hope says this cant be true. Hope tells Bo to tell them that he didnt do this, tell her that he didnt kill Zack. Jen shows up and Bo tells Jen to stay with Hope. Bo tells the two cops that he wasnt driving the SUV. The cops ask then who was. Bo says he has to check on his wife. The cops say they arent leaving until they get a full statement. Bo checks on Hope, who asks if he cleared this up. He says yes, but he needs to help them out with this investigation. Bo tells Hope to go for a walk with Jen and get some air. Bo tells Hope that he loves her and would never hurt their children. Hope says she knows. Bo says hell see her in a few minutes. Hope and Jen leave, and the cops tell Bo that they have regulations to follow and need a statement, they need to know who borrowed his car. Abe shows up, Bo says he has to talk to Abe about this. They say a few minutes but dont leave the area. The cops wonder why Bo wont answer the question. Bo and Abe offer one another comfort. Abe asks if there are new leads. Bo says they think he is the perp, they have evidence that it was his SUV that hit Zack. Bo says he wasnt driving it. Abe asks if it was stolen. Bo says no. Abe says hes not making sense, did he lend it to someone? Chelsea and Max show up and stand across the hall, Max is telling her that she could go to jail for this. Chelsea asks Max to help her, get her out of Salem. Meanwhile, Abe tells Bo hes obviously trying to protect someone, and he wants to know who. Bo looks at Chelsea, and Chelsea thinks Bo knows. Max tells Chelsea that she just cant run away, it will make her look more guilty. Chelsea asks what she tells him? Max says the truth, that she didnt know she hit Zack. Chelsea says of course she didn't know, if she did she would have stopped and called 911. Chelsea says that is irrelevant now, she did it and Zack is dead. Max says she needs a lawyer. Chelsea thinks shell go to prison and her own dad will arrest her. Abe continues to ask Bo if he knows who killed Zack. Bo says he has to find out what happened before he talks to anyone. Abe tells Bo whatever he is going to do, he has to be honest with Hope.

Hope talks with Jen about how shes trapped in a nightmare that is getting worse, nothing makes sense. Jen says she needs to hold onto everything she knows is true, she knows Bo loves her and their children and would never hurt any of them. Hope says who else could have been driving the car? She says whoever it was killed her son. Hope returns to find Abe urging Bo to be honest with Hope. Hope asks what is going on? What does he have to be honest about. She tells him they dont keep secrets, does he know who killed Zack? Jen and Abe give Bo and Hope time alone. Hope wants to know why the cops think his car was involved. HE says hell explain everything but she needs to calm down. Hope says her son is dead and hes not coming back, she can't calm down. She says dont tell her to calm down, tell her that he had nothing to do with the accident, that the police are wrong. Bo says she knows he would never hurt their children. Hope says shes sorry and knows, but who would have done this?

Lexie and Abe meet up after the surgery is complete. She says it was touch and go and they have to wait and hope that the transplant takes. Jen tells Lexie that she thinks Hope needs something to calm down, and Lexie, hearing Hope yelling at Bo, agrees. LExie tries to get Hope to take something, but she wont. She says she just wants answers. Hope asks Bo why did their baby have to die. The cops tell Bo that they need answers now, but Bo needs he has to be here for his wife. They say other people can take care of her. Abe tells the rookies to back off and give Bo a break. The cops say Abe isnt the commander anymore, and Bo is the main suspect right now. They say Bo needs to answer their questions or they have to arrest him for obstruction. Jen takes Hope to lay down and get some rest.

Chelsea continues to beg Max to get her out of Salem. Bo shows up and demands to talk to Chelsea alone. Max leaves them, and Bo tells her that he wants the truth, did she hit Zack. She says nothing, and Bo asks if she killed his son?


January 13, 2006
Austin and Carrie just got off of a romantic carriage ride. They've apparently been out all night long. They head down to the pier to watch the sunrise. Austin says in a few hours the deal he put together will hit the news wires. He says right now he feels like the king of the world, and hes so happy shes back in his life. They kiss. Austin asks her what shes thinking. She says she doesnt want to jinx it. She says she hasnt felt this happy in a long time, and she thinks they have a chance to be together. Austin says they do and he wont blow it this time. She says it wasnt just his fault, shed like to say it was all Sami's, but she made mistakes too. Austin says they shouldnt dwell on the past. Carrie says okay, but remembering their mistakes will keep them from repeating them. She hopes they can have the future they used to dream about. Austin says he has a surprise for her, and he blindfolds her. He takes her to a restaurant for a lobster breakfast. Carrie says this place holds good memories, and we see a flashback of them at the Fish Shack years ago. Carrie named the lobsters they were buying, and then she decided they couldnt cook them. She named them Austin and Carrie. Austin said theyd set them free. Back in real time, Carrie looks into the tank and thinks one of them is Austin, they caught him again because the same piece of his claw was missing. She says they had to set him free so he could be with Carrie. Austin tries to buy him, but someone else had bought him for breakfast. Carrie says they cant cook Austin! Austin tells Carrie to watch his back, hell commit a lobster napping. Later Austin and Carrie meet on the pier, he managed to buy back the lobster from the guy who was going to eat him. He paid a kings ransom for the lobster. They then free Austin the lobster. Carrie tells Austin that he is her hero. Austin tells Carrie that he will never lose her again, and they kiss. 

At the hospital, Marlena is visiting with Belle and Claire. Shawn is with them. Marlena tells Shawn that shes so sorry about Zack. Shawn thanks her and says it doesnt seem real. He just hopes Claire will be okay. Marlena says thanks to his family, she has a chance. Belle is so grateful, and she loves having Zacks blanket with her. Phillip and Victor went off to see a specialist who has developed a new drug to help prevent organ rejection. Belle hopes she doesnt need it. Marlena suggests they just be happy that Claire is alive. Shawn asks Marlena if Mimi was out there, but Marlena says no. He says Mimi went to the loft to get them clean clothes and should be back soon. Lexie comes in to examine Claire, so they all step out. Belle asks her mom how shes doing, she heard Alex tried to break into the penthouse. Marlena says Alex would never hurt her. Belle says but dad said . . . Marlena says her dad overreacts sometimes, and now Alex is fighting for his life because John shot him. Marlena doesnt want to burden her with her concerns about Alex. Belle wants to know, she says so her mom really doesnt know why he was outside her bedroom window. Marlena doesnt, and they wont know until . . . if he wakes up. Belle realizes that Marlena loves Alex. Marlena says this isnt the time to talk about it, they need to think about Claire and Zack right now. Marlena says shell be in her office for awhile in case Belle needs her. Marlena then leaves. Shawn asks Belle if shes okay. She says she guesses so. Marlena just hopes her mom gets her memory back soon, shes hoping for a lot of things right now. Shawn says mostly for Claire huh. Shawn says she has to make it, Claire means the world to her. Lexie comes out and talks to Belle. Lexie says she wishes she had better news for them. Lexie says she has an infection and it could mean her body is rejecting the transplant. Belle and Shawn go in to see Claire and they encourage her to get better. Suddenly Zack walks into the room and tells Shawn and Belle not to be sad, hes okay. They are stunned to see him standing there.

John and Abe talk outside of Alexs room. Lois, who is inside, hears them and hides behind a curtain. John says Lexie tells him that Abe may be the candidate for a cornea transplant. Abe doesnt want to get his hopes up about it. He says he was so angry when he lost his sight and it took him so long to realize just how lucky he really is. Abe and John go into Norths room. John wants to make sure Alex is still out of it. He is. Alex talks to himself, he says hes never been a threat to Marlena and Lois is the threat. John tells Abe now that hes out of it he can concentrate on his family. He asks Abe if there is news on the driver that hit Zack? Abe says the evidence suggests Bos car hit Zack. John is stunned. Abe says Bo swears he wasnt driving. John says then who was? Abe doesnt know. John doesnt think Bo would lie about something like this. Abe knows that, but he thinks Bo knows more than hes saying. John wonders what this world is coming to with earthquakes, tsunamis and deadly new diseases. John says now Zack is dead, and he would say it was all Tonys doing if he wasnt behind bars. John says he thought this guy was behind bars too. Alex, in his head, says Lois is the one who is the threat. Lois shows up, and John wonders where she came from. Lois claims she wanted to see how Alex was doing. John says no change, and he introduces Lois to Abe. Alex begins flinching his hand, but nobody sees this. Lois asks if Marlena is in her office, and John asks why she wants to know. Alex says to himself because she wants to kill Marlena! Lois says she is just concerned about her friend, she came here to make sure she was safe from Alex. John says Alex is unconscious and so shes safe from him. John says Marlena has had a rough night and should probably get some rest. Lois says Alexs hand is moving, and John thinks hes coming around. Lois suggests he be put in restraints to protect Marlena in case he wakes up. John likes the way she thinks and goes to get a nurse. Lois has things to attend to and leaves. Lois thinks Marlena is alone and waiting for her, so shell go kill her now. Meanwhile John returns and Alex is restrained. Alex is jumping around in his bed, hes worried about Marlena. John continues to talk to Abe about who could have been driving Bos car. Abe says he wishes he knew. John says losing a child can tear a couple apart and Bo and Hope will have to be strong. Abe says hes praying for them as well as Belle and Phillip. Abe then asks what about Alex. John says if he comes out of his coma then hell go to prison. He says he wont shed tears for him, he knows Marlena is safe now. Alex tries to scream that shes not safe at all, and he calls John an idiot.

Marlena returns to her office and decides to take a nap on the couch. She turns the lights off and goes to sleep. Marlena dreams about Alex telling her not to believe a word John tells her, he is not a threat to her but Lois Banks is. Alex tells her that Lois is a psychopath and she is her target so watch out for her. Lois slips into Marlenas office as she is sleeping. As Lois goes to inject her, Marlena wakes up! However she doesnt see Lois and quickly goes back to sleep. Marlena rolls over and knocks the syringe from Lois hand. Lois says shell pay for this! Lois looks like shes about to pound Marlena to death with her hands. 

Jen sits with Hope, who is lying on a bed in a cubicle. Jen urges her to close her eyes. Hope says she cant, she cant stop thinking about how the cops said it was Bos car that hit Zack. Hope says Bo is such a careful driver and this must be a mistake. Jen tells Hope that she has to rest, but Hope says she has to find the driver. Hope wonders why these terrible things are happening. She says she told Shawn to keep having faith, but it is like they are cursed. She wonders if she is being punished. Jen says God is not punishing her. Hope says Zack was her heart, how does she go on. Jen knows how much she is suffering, and Bo and Shawn are suffering too. Jen reminds her what Gran taught them, they are Horton women and have to be strong for their families. Later Hope has fallen asleep. Jen stays with her as she calls to Zack in her sleep. She says please dont take him from her. 

Bo tells Chelsea that he needs to know everything that happened. She says she told him everything, and she thought she hit a pothole. Bo asks her if she hit Zack. She doesnt know, she says it was dark. She says it could have been a dog. Bo says it wasnt a dog, she hit his son, she killed Zack. Chelsea cries that she wouldnt have done that to Zack. Bo says he shouldnt have signed that temporary license, what was he thinking. He says he was so stupid. Chelsea cries that she couldnt have done this. Bo says stop it, all the evidence says his truck killed his son and she was driving it. Chelsea swears she didnt mean to. Bo says he told her that a car could be a deadly weapon and then he gave her the keys. Bo breaks down and wonders what he did. He cries that hes so sorry Zack. Chelsea says she wouldnt have done this she loved him. She says if she did hit him then it was an accident. She swears she didnt see him. He asks how? He thinks she was negligent and because of that Zack is gone. Chelsea says she is sorry and not to hit him. Bo hugs her and says he doesnt hate her, he loves her, he just wishes . . . He says he cant look at her right now. She says she would never hurt Zack on purpose. He says this is a pattern with her, she is reckless and irresponsible. He says so is he, and this is all his fault. He doesnt know how he will tell Hope that his daughter killed Zack. He says she wont be able to take this. Chelsea tells Bo that he cannot tell Hope. Bo says he cant make things worse by lying to his wife. Chelsea says shell be charged with murder and go to prison, her whole life will be over. She runs off in tears. 

Max thinks about Chelsea confessing to him earlier that she could have been the one who hit Zack. The cops then approach Max to question him. They say that Bos car is being impounded and he better cooperate with the investigators. The cops walk off, and Chelsea shows up and asks Max what hes doing? Max says he wont rat her out, but they are impounding Bos car. He asks if she is okay. She doesnt know, it depends on what her dad does.

Jen asks Bo what happened, did his car hit Zack? Bo goes to see a sleeping Hope. He tells her that hes so sorry. Later, Chelsea continues to beg Bo not to tell Hope the truth, the truth will only make things worse. Chelsea says Hope will hate her, and shell hate him for having her. She begs Bo not to let her go to prison. Bo looks over at Hope who is out cold.

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