January 16, 2006

Austin and Carrie return from their all night date. They stand in the hallway and talk. Austin was supposed to go to bed early and wake up fresh for the big day he has. Carrie says not to worry, soon hell be running on adrenaline after the announcement about his company comes out. Carrie says shell never forget this morning. We see flashbacks of them releasing Austin the lobster back into the sea. Sami and Lucas, from their apartment doors, spy on Carrie and Austin. Carrie tells Austin hes making it tough for her to go back to LA. He says hell be there a lot, hell need to get an apartment. Carrie says no he wont, hell stay with her. He says deal, and they kiss. Carrie asks how they will celebrate his big announcement? He says hes supposed to take Sami and Nicole out for champagne, but theyll celebrate too. He says maybe another all nighter? She says the only all nighter theyll be pulling is in bed. Austin says he needs to get to work. Carrie says shes never seen him so aggressive, and she could learn a lot from him. Austin says this will ensure the future of his company, and he wants to celebrate with her later. Carrie says she wants that.

Nicole catches Sami at the door and wonders what is so interesting in the hallway? Sami says Austin and Carrie, they just got back from their date. Nicole says just now? Nicole says theyll have to do something about that then. Sami says thanks to her theyve already done something. Austin returns, and Sami asks how the date went? He says great, he thinks things will work out for them this time. Sami says shes happy for him. Austin says really? Sami says yes. Austin says he appreciates her support. Sami says she wants everyone she loves and works with to be happy, and maybe some of this love stuff will rub off on her. Austin doesnt want Sami to think he doubts her, it is just different to hear this from her. Sami says she means it, she thinks things will work out the way they were meant to. She also wants him to have the happiness he deserves. Nicole says that is generous. She says she wants Austin to be happy too, but she doesnt think hell find it with Carrie. Austin says he hired Nicole to look out for his business, as far as his personal life is considered, butt out. She says fine, but she points out how hard shes worked on this takeover while he and Sami played at the Stones concert in LA. He knows that and says she will get the credit. She says she doesnt want that, she wants Austin to have the credit as it is his company. Sami agrees, she thinks Nicole should take all the credit. Nicole wonders what is up with Sami, she has always wanted recognition for her non-existent work. Nicole says now shes changed her mind. Sami says she felt this takeover was wrong from the beginning, and as long as Austin knows he can trust her then that is all that matters. Austin gathers the girls together and pushes a button to start the takeover. They all cheer.

Carrie heads back to Lucass place. He thinks she must have had a fun night, she was gone all night. Carrie says she couldnt sleep and ran into Austin on the roof. She says it was wonderful, they have a chance to get it right this time. Lucas says good and he hopes nothing happens to mess things up. Carrie gets a call from Becky, who has been trying to reach her all night. She says there are rumblings of a takeover. Carrie yells no! Carrie tells Lucas about what is going on, and the only way for her company to be taken over is for someone to buy up the stock from under her feet. She cant imagine who would do that. Lucas says someone who is heartless and shallow.

At the hospital, Chelsea continues to beg Bo not to tell Hope that she was the one who hit Zack. Bo says hed like to protect her but he cant, he cant lie to Hope. Chelsea says he doesn't have to lie, she just never has to know the truth. Bo says the cops have evidence that it was his truck, and if he wasnt driving then he must know who did. The cops know that. Billie shows up and says she just heard about Zack, is he okay. Bo says no, hes gone, his son is dead. Billie says Zack cant be gone, and shes so sorry. She doesnt know what to say. Billie thinks Chelsea must be hurting too, and its not fair all the tragedies she has had to face. Chelsea says she really loved him and she wanted to be a good sister. Billie says she was, and Billie tells Bo how lucky Zack was to have Bo and Hope as his parents. Billie asks where Hope is? Bo says shes sedated, shes sleeping. He says when she wakes up things will get worse. Billie asks how this happened. He says Zack was sleeping over with a friend and for some reason went out and wandered into the street. Bo says it was a hit and run. Chelsea says it was an accident though. Billie asks if they have caught the driver. Bo says not yet. Chelsea says they might not ever find them. Billie says they have to find the monster. Billie asks if there are any leads. Bo says yes, he knows who did it. Bo tells Billie that it was Chelsea who hit Zack. Billie asks Chelsea if this is true, and she says it is. Chelsea says she didnt mean to, she thought she hit a pothole not Zack. Billie asks Bo what they will do? Who else knows? Bo says Max knows. Billie asks why Max knows? Bo explains everything, and Chelsea says he says he wont tell. Billie says they have to fix this, they have to save Chelsea. Chelsea tells Billie she has to convince Bo not to turn her in, to help her. Billie tells Chelsea not to worry, everything will be okay, she promises. Billie says they are here for her. The cops continue to wait for an answer and stare at Chelsea. Billie tells Bo how sorry she is about Zack, and this is worse than when they thought they lost Chelsea. She says as sad as it was, they never knew Chelsea, unlike Zack. Bo says he should have spent more time with Zack. He says the first year he was taken from them, and his last year he was busy  looking for Chelsea. Bo says if they hadnt found Chelsea then shed still be alive. He says dont get him wrong, he loves her. He says having a daughter is a blessing. He says things were rough between them in the beginning, but they were getting better because of Zack. He says Zack was like a little peacemaker. He says he doesnt know how Hope will deal with this. Billie says Hope doesnt know? Bo says no, not yet. Bo explains how he gave Chelsea her license back and let her borrow his car. Bo says when Hope finds out, shell never understand and will never forgive him. He says hell never forgive himself. Bo says no matter what he does from now on, hell know hes the reason Zack is dead. He says hell also know Hope feels the same way and will always blame him. Bo says the cops know, they want him to tell them who was driving his car. Billie tells Bo that he cant do it, he cant incriminate their daughter. Bo says there is no way to cover this up, and if they are busted for covering this up then all their lives are over. He says he cant dishonor Zack that way. Bo says he has to check on Hope and walks off. Chelsea asks Billie what is going on. Billie says Bo wont lie for her. Chelsea says of course not, just like he wouldnt go to traffic court for her. Billie tells Chelsea dont dare get mad at Bo, think about what this is doing to him. Chelsea says shes sorry, and she thinks Zack must be so disappointed in her now. She doesnt blame him, shes ashamed of herself. She says there is no choice then. Billie says no, the truth will come out. Billie says but she is so proud of her for what she just said about Zack. Billie tells Chelsea to come with her. They go up to the cops. Billie tells them that she knows who killed Bos son. They ask who it was, and Billie says it was her! 

Zack appears to Belle and Shawn in baby Claires room. Shawn asks if that is really him? He says this must be a dream. Belle says it cant be, she sees him too. Zack looks at baby Claire. Shawn wonders if this was all a nightmare, maybe Zack is still alive. Shawn asks Zack if hes alive? Zack just asks Claire how shes doing. Belle says she has a fever but is fighting hard. Zack says she will be okay. Shawn asks if that is what hes here to tell them. Shawn tells Zack he loves him and misses him. Zack says hes always here and Claire will be to. Zack also tells them that the two of them are meant to be together. Belle says shes married to Phillip now and Claire is their daughter. Zack says Claire is the baby of the man she loves. Belle says yes, she loves Phillip. Belle says she loves him too, and she knew how much Zack would love Claire and hed be a brother to her. Shawn says being a brother was great, and hell never be that again (forgetting about Chelsea already?). Zack says hell always be his brother and he loves him, never forget it. Zack disappears, and Shawn wakes up from the dream, yes it was a dream. Belle wakes up from her dream. She checks on Claire, who still has a fever. Shawn says shell be okay. Belle says what? Shawn says he feels Claire will be okay. Belle says her too. She says she had the weirdest dream. Shawn says him too, he saw Zack. Belle says she did too. Shawn says they had the same dream. Belle thinks maybe it was because hes been on their minds lately. They review their dreams, and they realize they had the exact same dream. Shawn says but Claires fever hasnt broken, so maybe what Zack said about them wasnt true. Suddenly Claire begins crying. The nurse comes and says Claire is crying because shes hungry, her fever has broken. The nurse says this is a good sign. Belle and Shawn hug. Shawn says everything Zack said is coming true, well almost.

In Marlenas office, Lois thinks she was insane to try and kill Alex. She thinks if she kills Marlena then Alex wont be able to love Marlena anymore, Alex will be hers. Lois then strangles Marlena! Marlena puts up a fight, but eventually passes out. When Lois goes for a letter opener, Marlena smashes a vase over her head. She was faking! Marlena realizes it was Lois all along trying to kill her, and Alex broke out of jail to save her. Lois gets up and chases Marlena around her office with a letter opener. Lois screams that she took Alex from her. Marlena says they can talk about this, and she thought they were friends. Lois says she was Marlenas friend, but Marlena was never hers. Marlena tries to reason with her, she says Alex didnt love her and never mentioned her. Lois says she and Alex could have had a wonderful life if it wasnt for her, and with Marlena gone then Alex will realize he was meant to be with her! Lois gets on top of Marlena, who fights with Lois to keep her from stabbing her with the letter opener. Lois eventually ends up knocking Marlena out. 


January 17, 2006

At Austin's place, Austin, Nicole and Sami sit around the computer taking over High Style. They buy up the companies stock shares one by one by one until they own the company. Austin says now it's time to send out an email that he hates to do. Austin sends out an email basically telling the company to shut down and firing everyone. Austin feels terrible that he couldn't give the CEO notice, but Nicole says this is business and it's war. She says they saved this company, if they didn't do this then in 6th months tops High Style would have gone under. Sami agrees with Nicole, she just feels terrible for the people who lost their jobs. Austin says he does too, but it's necessary to get rid of them in order to pay the loans back. Austin says he does intend to hire them all back though. Nicole says in the meantime they can collect unemployment, it's like a paid holiday. Sami says no it's not. They break out the champagne to celebrate, and Austin decides to go tell Carrie the news. Nicole says they have things to do, but Sami thinks he can take one minute to go tell Carrie. Austin heads over to the hall.

Carrie looks at her PC with outrage as she watches her company being bought up from under her. She wonders who could do this, but then thinks she knows who. She thinks Victor went behind Lucas back and did this. Lucas says no way, he is positive that this wasn't Titan. Carrie asks how he knows, does he know something about this? Lucas says no, it is just that Victor and he work closely and Victor would never do this to him. Lucas promises Carrie that he'll help her find out who did this to her. Later Becky calls Carrie, she received Austin's email. Carrie tells Becky that it's basically over, everyone needs to go find new jobs, including Becky. Carrie cries to Lucas that when she finds the person who did this God help them. Suddenly there is a knock at the door. Austin yells that it's him and he has news. Carrie cries so does she.

At the hospital, Bo goes in to see Hope. She's still asleep, and he doesn't know how to tell her that Chelsea killed Zack. Hope then wakes up. She asks Bo to tell her it was all a dream, tell her that Zack isn't gone. Bo says he can't do that. Hope demands to know who killed Zack, who was it. Bo tells her that she needs to calm down, perhaps it was a terrible accident. Perhaps the person didn't know what they hit. Hope asks Bo why he's defending the monster who killed their son? Later, the cops tell Hope that the know who killed Zack. She demands they take them to her.

Billie confesses to the cops that she was the one who hit Zack. She explains she didn't know what she hit, she was afraid and didn't stop. She says she knows that was wrong, she was just so afraid. She says only when she learned about Zack did she realize what she had done and she knew she had to come forward. The cops look at her like they don't believe her, but they accept her confession. They take down her information and tell her she'll need a lawyer. She says no, she confessed, she's guilty, she will accept her punishment. Later Chelsea asks Billie why she's doing this? Billie says because she's her mother and will do anything to protect her. Chelsea tells her she can't do this, but Billie says she's doing it. Later, Hope storms out with Bo behind her. She demands to know where the woman who hit Zack is. The cops point over to Billie and say that is her. Billie and Hope look at one another as Hope cries.

Belle and Shawn are still with Claire when Phillip, Kate and Mimi return. Phillip has good news, Victor has the best transplant doctor here for them to help Claire. Belle says she doesn't need it, her fever broke and she'll be okay. Phillip says that is great, but the risk of rejection will continue for months. Belle says no Zack said she'd be okay. They look at her like she's a bit insane. Belle and Shawn then tell them about their shared dream, that Zack came to them and said Claire would make it. Belle mutters "and that we'd be together." Kate hears this and worries. Phillip thinks if Zack told them then it must be true, after all Zack is living on in Claire. Shawn says it is true and Zack wants them to be happy. Later, Kate talks to Mimi about this dream Belle and Shawn had. Mimi isn't worried, and she tells Kate now that Claire is okay there is no reason to keep this a secret. She says Shawn has proposed to her. Kate says that is great, the second best news of the day. Later Kate talks to Belle about the dream and what she muttered. Belle says it is just what Zack said, she doesn't know why he did. Belle insists to Kate that she loves Phillip and they have a family together. Meanwhile, Mimi talks with Shawn about the dream. He confesses what Zack told them, about how he and Belle were meant to be together. Mimi thinks Shawn is breaking up with her, but he says no. He says he loves her to death and wants to spend his life with her, if he didn't then he wouldn't have proposed. They go back in to see Belle, Phillip, Claire and Kate. Kate then lets it slip that not only will Claire be okay, but they have Shawn and Mimi's wedding to look forward to. She says oops, did Belle and Phillip not know?

At Jen's, Jen returns home as Frankie is watching the DVD from Jack again. He quickly shuts it off and claims he was just watching the news. He asks how Zack is. Jen says he's not okay, he's gone, they lost him. Jen tells Frankie the whole story, and how Zack's tragedy lead to a miracle for Claire. She says she's so happy for Belle and Phillip, but at the same time she doesn't know how Bo and Hope will go on. Frankie tells Jen to sit, he's going to make her some tea. Jen sees the DVD player is on and wonders why. She turns it on and watches the DVD from Jack telling her to move on with her life with Frankie. As the DVD ends, Frankie comes out and sees that Jen watched the DVD.



January 18, 2006

At Samis place, Sami tells Nicole not to be suspicious of her, shes not up to anything. Nicole says yeah right. She doesnt believe Sami is just throwing in the towel in regards to Austin. Sami says shes not giving Austin up to Nicole, shes giving him up to Carrie. She says Carrie gets every man she looks at, shes not fighting it anymore and Nicole shouldnt either. Nicole says once Austin sees her vision for High Style then he wont be able to help but fall in love with her. Sami says that is sad, she doesnt have a chance with Austin. Nicole tells Sami to give up if she wants to, but its so not her MO. Sami says look who is talking. Nicole tells Sami that she and Austin will be going back and forth between LA a lot for work, while Sami is stuck here doing paperwork. Sami tells Nicole that she has pretty boring fantasies. Sami tells Nicole that she doesnt have a chance with Austin. Nicole recalls when Austin walked out on Sami in Vegas, he kissed her passionately before leaving the hotel. Sami says that was a rebound kiss. Sami tells Nicole that Austin was never meant to be with either of them, and what Austin and Carrie have is true love and nothing can come between them. Nicole gets a call and says she has to take this. She tells Sami to go file or something. Nicole walks off, and Sami says well there is one thing that can come between them. Meanwhile, Austin and Carrie are now at Sami's place. Austin gives Carrie the news, the takeover is complete. She says he's becoming a real mogal. He eventually sees something is bothering her, so he asks what is it? Carrie tells Austin that she needs his help. Austin says hes here for her. Carrie says she needs to know how to stop a corporate giant from taking over her company. He says she didnt know it was in trouble. Carrie says it is in big trouble. She says after she broke up with Mike she needed something to help her reconnect to the world and others, and she did that through her company and her employees. She promised to be there for her employees. Austin says she sounds more concerned for the employees then the company. She says they are the company, and they have families to support. Austin says his honest advice is that she needs to get a new attitude. Carrie says that is a cold attitude, employees are people with rights. She thinks this was a mistake talking to him. Austin says he can help her and he wants to help her. Sami begins spying as they continue to talk. Carrie doesnt understand Austin, he always wants to help people, look at what hes done for her sister. Austin says true, but in business you have to be tough. Carrie says so thats why hes hired Sami, who has never done a good job in her life? Carrie says she cant not care about people. Austin says hes not telling her not to care. He says of course she can care about people. However he says in business you have to think about the bottom line. Austin says sometimes you can work out a situation so it is win win for everyone. Carrie says and sometimes you cant. She says her company was started by a couple who believes in being loyal to their employees. Austin asks how much that loyalty will mean when the company goes bust and they are out in the cold looking for a job. Austin says he knows her, she plans the best company picnics and her employees love her. However, he says sometimes you have to do what is necessary to make everyones jobs secure. Carrie says she was going to revamp things in the new year, bring up their productivity, but now she wont have a chance. Sami pretends to overhear this, and she says shes so sorry about her company and she gives Carrie a hug. Nicole then interrupts and she tells Austin they have to speak privately, its about business. They head off, and Sami asks Carrie how this happened. Carrie says from what Austin said, she spent too much time making her employees happy and not enough time protecting them. Sami asks who the jerk who did this? Carrie doesnt know. Sami says they didnt even contact her and warn her about this? Carrie says there was no call. Sami says that is terrible and it sounds like they set out to hurt her intentionally. Sami says it sounds so ruthless and such bad business ethnics. Carrie doesnt know what she can do. Sami says find the son of a bitch who did this and make them pay. Sami then looks over to Austin and Nicole, who are busy talking.

At Jens place, Frankie gives Jen her tea. She says she thought he was her friend, why didnt he show her this DVD. Frankie says he was going to. Frankie says he just found it last night. He says shes not mad at him, what shes mad at is Jacks message. He says this is just like Jack wanting to take care of her when hes not here. She says by pushing her into the arms of another man? Frankie says he wants her and the kids to feel safe. Jen says this is just like Jack, and she thinks Frankie has reasons as to why he kept this a secret. Jen asks when Jack came up with this brilliant idea. Frankie says when he first found out he was dying. Jen is stunned to learn that Jack told Frankie the truth before he told her. Frankie says this isnt easy to say. Jen says its worse to hear it, but spit it out. Frankie says Jack wanted him to try and get the old feelings stirred back up between the two of them. Jen asks what else was he planning. Frankie says he tried to force Jack to tell Jen everything, but he wouldnt. Frankie says he hated the thought of going behind Jacks back and telling her, he hated being put in that position. Jen realizes Jack was planning to never tell her about his illness, and she thinks Jack didnt know her at all if he thought shed just fall in love with someone else. Jen says she doesnt know how to talk to him about this, she always trusted him. She says she cant believe Jack was trying to set them up while they were still married. Frankie says Jack adored her, he just wanted to make sure she was taken care of. Jen says Jack is crazy, usually in good ways, but she doesnt understand his part in all of this. She asks why he went through with this plan if he wasnt crazy about it. Frankie says its not like Jack sought him out, he came to town to take care of business and see his little brother. He says she and Jack were kind enough to let them stay with them. Frankie says they were all hanging out, and Jack must have seen something between the two of them. Frankie says Jack is a selfless guy. Jen knows that, but she says the two of them are just best friends. Frankie says yeah but seeing them together made Jack think about the past, and he reminds her of all the reminiscing Jack made them do. Frankie says Jack was hoping something would develop between them. Jen says he could have said no. Frankie says he said no a lot, he tried to change Jacks mind. Frankie says he got tired of telling Jack no, so he told him he would be there for Jen and the kids. Jen tells Frankie that he is a good man. Frankie says hes no saint. She says he is in her eyes, and Jack quilted him into doing this. Frankie says no, he was honored Jack asked him. Frankie says there are a lot of differences between him and Jack, hes not as selfless as Jack. Frankie says he didnt do this just for her or for Jack, he did it for himself. Frankie tells Jen that he isnt just here out of friendship. He says that is part of it, but he feels something deeper for her. He knows hell regret saying this, but he still loves her and he never stopped. 

At the hospital, Alex is struggling in his bed and trying to break from his bonds. He says someone has to help Marlena. A nurse tells Alex to stay calm, shell get the doctor. Alex eventually breaks out of his bonds. He says he has to find Lois and stop her before she hurts Marlena. The nurse returns later and sees Alex is gone. Up on the roof, Lois is struggling to push Marlena off of the roof. Marlena dangles over the edge and fights with Lois. Marlena tells Lois not to do this to her, if she wants Alex then take him. Lois says its too late, and fortunately today down on the streets is garbage pickup day. Marlena pushes Lois away and runs for the door, which of course is locked. Lois then picks up a pipe and smashes Marlena over the head, knocking her out. Lois drags Marlena to the edge to push her over. Suddenly Alex shows up and tells Lois to stop right there. Lois yells at Alex for what both he and Marlena have done to her. He says he loves Marlena and always has, he thought she understood that. She says when she realized he came back to town to save Marlena that this was her chance to get rid of both of them. She calls them both cheaters. Alex says he and Marlena didnt cheat on her. She tells him to say goodbye to his precious Marlena, and she pushes Marlena over the edge! 

Outside of the hospital, Max finds Chelsea crying. He says Hey kid, and she says she feels like one right now. She says shes a murderer, and if she had just stopped and called 911 then Zack could still be alive. She says she should have been more careful, and even though it was an accident, its still her fault. Max says theyll work this out. Chelsea tells Max that he doesnt understand, Billie is telling everyone that it was her who killed Zack. Max asks why shed do that? Chelsea doesnt know. Max says it is because she loves her. Chelsea says she guesses. Max says what he doesnt get is that Billie was a cop and she has to know the cops will follow the evidence. Max says the cops are fingerprinting the SUV, theyll know Billie wasnt near it. Chelsea says it was a cold night, she could have been wearing gloves. Max asks if she is actually OK with this, does she want her mom to go to jail for this? Max tells Chelsea if she doesnt tell the cops the truth then he will. She says he cant. Max says Bo knows the truth and cant lie about it, and Hope has a right to know what happened to her kid. Chelsea says she is just scared, she could go to prison, real prison. She asks if that is where he thinks she belongs? Max says thats not fair. Chelsea says she just found her family and her brothers. Max says she only has one brother now, and now her mom is going to jail for her. Chelsea says that isnt fair. Max says she had a life before, the Bensons were good to her. Chelsea says this is her real family. Max says she has been treating them like crap for months. Chelsea asks what she does, confess and be the selfish little girl who killed Zack. Max says he cares for her, but the truth will come out eventually. Chelsea says he says he is her friend, but a real friend wouldnt want her to go to prison. Max says it would be better in the long run if she does the right thing now. Chelsea says she hears what hes saying, she wants to do the right thing, but her mom wont let her. Max says all of the sudden its her mom, not Billie the witch. Max tells Chelsea she constantly wants to prove to everyone shes a grown up. Chelsea says he wants to do the right thing but . . . .Max says its simple, take responsibility for her actions. He asks what it stopping her. Chelsea says shes a coward, and if Billie is willing to do this for her then she wont stop her. Chelsea walks off, and Max calls someone and says Chelsea needs her help.

Inside the hospital, Hope says she doesnt understand, what does Billie have to do with what happened to Zack. Lexie tells Hope she needs to lay down and Bo says hell get the answers for her. The cops say Billie has to come with them, but Bo demands to speak to Billie. He asks what she is doing? She says she knows what shes doing. She says Chelsea had to grow up without her, this is the least she can do for her. She says from now on, as far as Bo is concerned, she killed Zack. Billie tells Bo that if he tells the cops and Hope that Chelsea was driving the car then her life will be over, and he will lose two children to this tragedy. Bo says this isnt about punishing Chelsea, its about telling the truth. Bo says Hope was the only one tough on Chelsea, perhaps they should have been tougher on her. Bo says he is going to tell the truth. Billie says she is doing this, shes thought it out. She says shell tell everyone she took his SUV to run some errands. He asks what about fingerprints? She says she wore gloves. He asks why she didnt stop? Billie says she didnt know what happened and abandoned the car when she got scared. Bo says Max found the car and towed it without being called? Is he psychic now? Bo says Chelsea was driving and she has to face the court. Bo says actually he is the one responsible for this, he signed the temporary license and gave her the car. He says Hope will never forgive him for this. Billie says he didnt know what would happen. Bo says he didnt listen to his better judgment, he let both his children down tonight. Billie tells Bo that she has to let her do this, she has a perfect driving record and the courts will go much easier on her than they will Chelsea. Billie begs Bo to let her do this for all of their sakes. Bo says he understands why shes doing this, but it doesnt make it right. Billie says nothing will make this right for Hope, but if she takes the blame then he has a chance at his marriage working out, and Chelsea has a chance to make things up. Bo says by getting away with murder, what does that teach her. Billie says she could get twenty years easily for this, should she have to lose her youth?  Billie tells Bo to walk in there and tell Hope that she killed Zack. 

Lexie takes Hope back to bed. Hope asks why everyone wants her to lie down, why doesnt anyone want her to know what happened. She says she needs to know who was driving. Lexie says she does understand, she understands better than anyone besides her and Bo. Lexie says she was Zacks mommy for awhile too. Lexie tells Hope how sorry she is for her. Hope begs her to help her find out who did this to Zack. Hope soon falls bad asleep. Lexie leaves her, but then Hope wakes up and says she has to find out who did this. Hope walks out just as Billie is telling Bo to tell Hope that she took his car and killed Zack. Hope says you did this? Chelsea returns just as Hope lashes out at Billie.


January 19, 2006
Summary by Reenee
Kate tells Belle and Phillip how glad she is that Mimi and Shawn are together. That Shawn has matured since he and Mimi have been together. Phillip agrees that they are a good couple and ask Belle if she agrees. She just smiles.

Alex tries to save Marlena from Lois. He struggles with Lois after she pushes Marlena off the roof. She hangs on something. 

Jen and Frankie talk. He tells her that he stayed in Salem because he has feelings for her. She tells him that she knew.

Max calls Abby to try and talk to Chelsea. Abby shows up and tells Chelsea tat she needs to tell the truth and not let her mom take the blame for what shes done. Abby says that eventually the truth will come out. Max says if the jury knows it was an accident that they may go easy on her. Of course, Chelsea says she cant. She even admits that she was reaching for her cell phone when she hit Zack. 

Billie takes the fall for killing Zack. Hope goes off and tells the cops to lock her up without bail. Billie says she is sorry she was in a hurry and was late for a date with Patrick. Her car broke down and she knew where Bo kept the extra keys. She thought she hit a pothole. Chelsea cries the whole time. Bo tries to stop Billie and Hope goes off on him for defending her.

Meanwhile, Kate tells Phillip that Mimi and Shawn have been wonderful with helping Phillip and Belle have been going through with Claire. Kate says has the perfect plan of how to help repay them (Mimi and Shawn). 

Mimi and Shawn are together when Mimi says she needs to go call her mom. When she leaves, Shawn remembers his dream where Zack came to him and said Shawn and Belle are meant to be together. When he comes back to reality, Belle is standing there. She knows what he is thinking about. Back to Shawn and Belle. Shawn tells Belle to sit and they can talk.

John finds out Alex escaped from his bed. He then finds Marlenas office a mess and assumes the worse.

Frankie tell Jen that he knows she still loves Jack. She says I know. She feels like shes sending him mixed signals. She flashes back to him in the shower. She says all she wanted him to do was for him to kiss her and he said him too. HE tells her that he loves her and her kids and maybe some day it will be. Jen asks about his life. If there was anyone special? She says why he hasnt found anyone? He says because he still loves her.

Abby tells Chelsea that she has to tell the truth for herself, for Bo and Hope, and for Zack. Chelsea says maybe shes right. She cant go to the police just yet though. She says that first she wants to talk to Bo and Hope in private.
Meanwhile, Hope is still arguing with Bo over defending Billie. She tells him that she though his days of protecting Billie were over. Bo says he isnt protecting Billie hes protecting someone else. Chelsea then walks in, and Hope says, Chelsea.

Meanwhile Phillip says thats quiet a plan. Kates glad he approves. We still dont here what the plan was yet. Back to Shawn and Belle talking about the dream they had. Belle says Zack was right about Claire pulling through. She asks what if Shawn agrees with the rest of what Zack said (about them being together). 

Back on the rooftop, Lois tries to finish knocking Marlena off but is stopped by Alex. John then appears and orders him to stop right now. Of course, he thinks Alex is the bad guy. 

Frankie talks about Jack .He says he hopes they (him and Jen) can eventually be together. Jen says she is sorry but that cant happen.

Hope thinks Bo is trying to protect Chelsea from finding out about Billie. Chelsea then runs off and says she cant say anything that shes afraid. The cops then walk Billie out and Billie tells her not to be afraid just to know that she loves her. Hope is still upset. She tells the cops to take her to jail without bail but not before she tells Billie that she hopes she rots in hell for what shes done. She then runs off.

Kate stops Mimi as shes hanging up the phone with her mother. Kate tells her that she is sorry for blurting out about her and Shawns engagement to Belle and Phillip. She tells Mimi that her first assignment for Basic Black will be to elope with Shawn. Kate says Basic Black will pay for everything and then they can go on to their honeymoon wherever they like. Mimi asks whats the catch. Kate says something like document it for a story in some magazine for Basic Black.

The talk between Shawn and Belle continue. Shawn says things are complicated. He doesnt know. He says he is engaged and shes married. She says what if they werent. He basically says that she will always be his first love but they have both moved on. Belle cant believe how grown up he has become.

John has a gun on Alex and tells him to drop the pipe that he has on Lois or hes a dead man. Alex tries to explain but John wont listen, he then hears Marlena screaming for help. He then rushes to her.

Apparently Frankie has decided to leave Salem. He gives Jen a card with all his phone numbers and tells her that hes on a plane two hours away. He says he left a note for Abby upstairs and Jen says ok. He then kisses her lightly and leaves. She then goes and picks up a picture of Jack and cries and asks why Jack why? How can you do this to me? Outside, Frankie says I love you and always will.

John saves Marlena. John then gets ready to throw Alex over but Marlena says it wasnt him, it was Lois.

Chelsea says she loves her (Billie) too. Max and Abby tell her that she has to speak up. She says she cant. Bo finds Hope and he tells her they took Billie to the station. She says she is sorry that she knows he was only protecting Chelsea from finding out what Billie did. 



January 20, 2006

At Austin's, Austin talks with Sami about how this is the part he loves about business. Sami thinks that it's terrible that all the employees of High Style have been let go. Austin says yes, but this is business. Still, Sami thinks it's pretty ruthless. Austin says there isn't much he can do for them right now, but he may be able to help Carrie with her troubles. He says Carrie is going back to LA to try and save her company, maybe he can go and help her while also meeting with the CEO of High Style. Sami says he can't! He asks why not? She says for starters she doubts the CEO wants anything to do with him. She also says they have the move to the new offices and meetings. He says true. Austin then realizes he never found out the name of Carrie's company. Perhaps he can look them up and offer some kind of help and advice. Sami says she thinks Carrie left a business card around here somewhere. She finds it and says "Oh My God!" Austin says what. Austin takes it and sees that Carrie is the CEO of High Style. He realizes he has to tell Carrie the truth before she learns it from someone else.

At Lucas' place, Carrie is upset over the end of her company. She says she needs to go to LA and see if she can salvage anything. Lucas offers to help her in any way he can, he'll even go back to LA with her. Carrie gets a call from Becky, there is really nothing that can be done, it's over. Carrie cries to Lucas as to who would do this without even talking to her. Lucas doesn't know, he even offered to just help Carrie restructure. Carrie says she knows, and the person who did this is a monster. Carrie calls Becky back and says take the remaining capital of the company and split it up between all the employees, it should keep them on their feet till they get a new job. She also tells Becky maybe the new owner will keep her on. Becky apparently refuses. Carrie thanks her for her loyalty but says a job is a job. Lucas tells Carrie splitting her capital will cause her to go bankrupt. Carrie says she doesn't care, she's lost everything as is. Later Austin and Sami arrive. Austin tells Carrie that he is the monster who took over High Style!

At the hospital, Kate tells Shawn how sorry she is about Zack, he was a special boy. Shawn thanks her. He knows about her offer to pay for his and Mimi's honeymoon, and he wonders why she'd do that. He says she hates him and isn't very fond of Mimi. Kate tells Shawn that he's matured a lot these past few months, and both he and Mimi have been here for Belle and Phillip when they needed them. She wants to do this as a thank you. Shawn says he'll think about this. He walks off, and Kate says the sooner Shawn marries Mimi the sooner he'll be out of Belle's life and never find out that he's Claire's father.

Roman shows up at the hospital. He says he's sorry it took them so long to get here. He knows about the accident and that Billie confessed. Hope wants Billie thrown away forever, but Roman says unfortunately she is saying she didn't know what she hit, and that it was an accident. Hope says she stole a car and hit her son, that is murder as far as she's concerned. Shawn then shows up, he's hears Billie is the one who hit Zack and he doesn't understand why she did it. Bo excuses himself to talk to Roman alone. Bo tells Roman he needs to talk to him as a brother, not as an officer. Roman says of course, family always comes first. Bo tells Roman Billie didn't hit Zack, she confessed to cover for Chelsea who did. Roman can't believe this. Bo says it gets worse. Bo says Chelsea was driving because he gave her a temporary license and his car for the night. Roman says they can't keep this lie going, the truth will eventually come out. Bo knows that, but Billie is insisting on protecting Chelsea. Roman says when the truth comes out it will destroy everyone, and he doesn't know if Bo's marriage will survive this.

Meanwhile, Hope asks Shawn about the transplant. He says it was a perfect match, Claire is going to be okay. Hope says that is good, but she still doesn't know why God took her baby. He says perhaps it was part of God's plan, but Hope doesn't believe that. She can't imagine how she's going to deal with the holidays and Zack's birthday. Shawn says he doesn't know how he'll deal with never being a brother again (there he goes forgetting about Chelsea again). Hope tells Shawn that he'll always be Zack's brother, and Zack will be with them always.

Up on the roof, John shows up and thinks Alex is attacking Marlena. He goes to throw him off the roof, but Marlena says Alex saved her from Lois. Lois says Marlena is confused, she doesn't know what she's saying. Marlena says she does know, and she explains everything to John. When Lois goes nutso on Marlena, John grabs her. He asks if this is true? Lois breaks down and admits it is. She says she hates Marlena for taking Alex from her, they had something special. Alex says they had nothing! Lois says Marlena deserves to die, and she says she has all these men running to her rescue. Lois asks how many men does she need? Soon Kate and the cops show up. The cops are there to arrest Lois, and Kate is filled in on what happen. Both Marlena and Alex don't want to press charges against Lois, they want her taken to the hospital so she can get help. John says but she tried to kill MArlena. Marlena says and he tried to kill Alex, should he go to jail? Alex tells John he won't press charges against him if he lets Lois go. John agrees. Alex and Marlena leave to take Alex back to his room, and Kate says well at least Marlena is out of danger now. John still doesn't like Alex and won't rest until he's got Marlena away from that man.

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