January 23, 2006
Today's Summary by Jennie
Jennifer is about to leave to go see Frankie when she opens the door and he is standing there. Frankie comes to give her back her keys but she says to keep them for the next time he is in town. He is about to leave when she tells him she wants to talk. She tells him she feels bad about the way she reacted when he said he still loved her. She apologizes and thanks him for opening up about Jack and being honest about his feelings. She tells Frankie now she wants to tell him about how she feels about him. She tells him that over the years she has thought about him, and not just as a friend. There was a time when she and Jack werent together and she thought of him and how much he meant to her. He was her first love and that you never forget your first love but she never had feelings for Frankie when she was together with Jack. She says she and Jack had thought they had the bad behind them. They had wanted to spend the rest of their lives together but that wasnt meant to be. She says her family doesnt want her to morn Jack forever, but she cant be unfaithful to the love they shared. Frankie says that is the reason he needs to leave but Jennifer tells Frankie that she doesnt want him to leave, that she needs him and her children need him. She tells him she was never unfaithful to Jack and she wont be now even though he is no longer here. Frankie agrees to stay as long as Jennifer needs him.

Carrie is confronting Austin about how he could take over her company. Nicole comes in to tell Austin about how everyone at High Style has been fired and the stock has been reassigned and they got out of the lease in LA. He is trying to get her to stop talking about it and when she finally shuts up she is told that the company they took over was Carries. Sami tells Carrie that she is sorry and that it sucks. Carrie says so its true you are the ones who took over my company and Nicole says you are the one who ran it into the ground. Austin tells her she is not helping. Carrie says High Style was her baby how could he do this to her didnt she mean anything to him? Carrie thinks Austin just pretended to care for her to get at her company but he insists that he had no idea High Style was hers. Lucas is fueling the fire by saying he had to have known it was Carries company. Austin says he did try to find out who was the CEO of the company, and he had Nicole and Sami try to find out but they never were able to. Carrie realizes that Austin was in LA scoping out her company, and slaps him. She asks if he would have still taken over the company if he had known it was her company, but doesnt give him a chance to answer and just says she knows the answer. Carrie thinks all the time they have been spending together planning for their future was part of his plan to get her company. Austin says he will cancel the deal but Nicole tells them that it is impossible it is a done deal High Style is gone. Lucas makes things worse saying it didnt matter who the management was that he was going to take over the company he didnt care who he hurt. Carrie tells Austin she thought she knew him but she was wrong, she never knew him at all and now she doesnt want to know him. He says he never meant to hurt her. Carrie says it doesnt matter if it was someone elses company what he did was cruel and ruthless. Lucas tells Austin that he is only being remorseful because he doesnt want to lose Carrie, but what about all the employees of High Style they have lost everything. He says Austin has become one of those corporate raiders he used to detest so much, the ones who make their money off the suffering of others, only this time the one suffering is supposedly the woman he loves. Austin says that is not who he is and he never meant to hurt her but she says she is so disgusted how could he do this to her how could he do this to anybody. Sami, playing the concerned sister, tells Carrie that she is sorry for her part, and that she had tried to talk them out of the takeover before they knew it was her company. Then she says it isnt just her losing High Style but what it is doing to her and Austin it seemed like they were really getting close. The real Sami thinks Carrie has Lucas shoulder to cry on and Carrie wont forgive Austin so she should be able to have him all to herself.

Chelsea is talking to herself, saying how sorry she is but she cant go to jail. Patrick comes in and says he was looking for her and that she better have a good explanation for what she has done. Patrick says he knows Billie confessed to hitting Zack and that Chelsea was there when she did it. He asks her how she could let Billie take the blame for something she didnt do. Chelsea asks what she was supposed to do that Billie confessed and there was nothing she could have done. He tells her something isnt right and he asks her to tell him everything she knows about what happened that night, and not to leave out anything. She pretends not to know what he is talking about. He says something isnt right, why would she take the fall for killing a little boy? Chelsea asks Why would Billie confess to a murder she didnt commit? she says Billie isnt the martyr type she wouldnt have confessed to killing Zack unless she had. Patrick says there are too many holes in Billies story, first of all Billie uses the Titan car service she could have called to have a car pick her up. Or if she was running late for a date with him he would have picked her up. When has she known Billie to borrow someones car without permission? She asks him what he thinks is going on then and he says he thinks she is covering for someone. He says he is going to go down and talk to Billie and if she lies to him he will be able to tell. After Patrick leaves she is saying again how she cant go to jail and that if Billie wants to take the blame for it she is going to let her. That Billie said she wanted to make up for lost years and this is how she can do it. Mothers are supposed to protect their kids. She hopes that all the people who know what really happened keep their mouths shut and that Patrick doesnt figure out what really happened.

Billie is in the police station and the officers tell Roman that she is about to give them a statement, unless he wants to do it, he says no but he wants a word with her before they book her. He takes her into his office and she says she wants to make her statement and get it over with she took Bos car and hit Zack and she left the scene. Roman says no you didnt, Chelsea did. Billie is mad at Bo for telling Roman that Chelsea hit Zack and says that she did it and they cant prove otherwise. Roman tries to convince her that she is not doing the right thing, that the truth will come out and when it does it will be worse for her and Chelsea. She says with Chelseas record she would go to jail and she is just a kid and Chelsea couldnt handle it but she could. Roman again says the truth will come out too many people know what really happened. He says that Bo will tell Hope eventually and Billie tells Roman he needs to stop him from doing that. Billie says Hope will never forgive Bo when she finds out that Bo signed Chelseas temporary license paper and leant his car to her. The officers come to take Billie to book her but she runs in to Patrick outside the office. He confronts her about her story and tells her he knows she didnt do it. She tells him to let it go. He tells her not to say anything until she gets a lawyer, but she says she is not trying to run away from this and that she just wants to get it over her punishment over with so Bo and Hope can move on with their lives. She tells Patrick if he cares about her he will let it go. After she goes he says he is sorry but he is going to get to the bottom of this.

Bo and Hope are standing outside Zacks room she says that is all they have left of him and they go in the room and Hope breaks down she picks up some of his clothes as she holds them close to her all she can do is cry. Bo tries to get her to leave the room but she walks around the room turning on his toys and holding his stuffed animals Bo tries again to get her to leave the room but she says she wants to be close to him. She says she knows he is never coming home but she wants him back. Bo says they will get through this but Hope wants to know how Bo says Zack would want them to. Hope says Billie needs to pay for what she has done. Bo says it was an accident. Hope says he didnt fall and scrape his knee he was run over and left to die, it wasnt an accident, it was murder. She says every time she walks into his room, or in the house she will look for Zack, but he wont be there, she will never hear his laughter again, she will never be able to hold him, kiss him, tell him how much she loves him. She will never be able to read him a bed time story they all ended in happily ever after, there is no happily ever after for Zack or for them. Hope lies on the bed still crying and Bo picks her up and takes her out of the room. Hope wants to know how Billie could run him over like that. She says it wasnt an accident it was cold blooded murder. She says she hates Billie. Bo tells her she needs to let go of her anger, He knows how hurt she is inside, he feels the same way but Zack would want them to move on, to get strength from each other. He tells her Zack wouldnt want his death to tear them apart. Bo leaves the room and Hope imagines Zack coming down the stairs and coming over to her to tell her he loves her she says she loves him too. The show ends with Hope sitting there holding the stuffed animal saying I love you Zack, Ill always love you baby 


January 24, 2006

At Austin's place, Austin works feverishly to try and reverse the takeover, but Nicole tells him that it is pointless as it's all a done deal. Sami says she hates to say I told you so, but she told them this was a bad idea. Nicole says it was Sami's job to get the name of the CEO, and she finds it hard to believe Sami didn't see Carrie's business card when she gave it to her. Sami says Nicole did all the research, and she tries to claim Nicole knew the truth and kept quite to break Austin and Carrie up. Nicole says that is Sami's style, and Austin says that's true. Sami swears she is innocent and if she pulled a stunt like that then he'd fire her. Austin believes her and says he's the one to blame. Sami and Nicole continue to blame one another, but he tells them to shut up. He says he will give the company back to Carrie if it is the last thing he does. He fails to stop the takeover though. Sami and Nicole then argue with one another as to which one of them should be fired. Austin won't fire anyone, this was his responsibility and he was to blame. Nicole says it was an innocent mistake, and this company will be a huge success with them running things. 

Meanwhile, Lucas talks to Carrie. He tells her she can rebuild, she can start a new company and he'll help her. She says she's a failed CEO, who would believe in her? She says what is worse is that not only has she lost her company, but her future with Austin. Lucas comforts her and tells her that none of this is her fault. Carrie thinks she rushed into this with Austin, she got carried away with the idea of of being with Austin again. Lucas says he tried to warn her that Austin has changed, he's not the same man she knew. Carrie says he's not, he's someone she doesn't know. She says hostile takeovers was never Austin's style. Lucas says Austin has changed, all he cares about is business. Lucas tells Carrie she doesn't deserve this, she deserves a much better man. He doesn't think Austin is the man for her, and she agrees. He asks now that she sees Austin for who he really is, can she give him up? Carrie doesn't know. Carrie says this is more Sami or Nicole's style, she doesn't think Austin could have changed that much. Lucas thinks Carrie is going to give Austin another chance to hurt her.

Carrie goes back over to see Austin. Austin once again tells Carrie how sorry he is. He swears he didn't know High Style was her company. He says he's been trying to stop the takeover but can't. Austin just hopes she can forgive him. Meanwhile, Lucas fumes in his apartment over the idea that Carrie might forgive Austin and spoil any chance for them to have a relationship. 

At the station, Patrick and Kate arrive as Billie is being booked. Patrick explains what he knows to Kate about the accident, and she doesn't understand why Billie would confess. She says she doesn't believe Billie is guilty. Patrick doesn't either. He tells Kate that he and Billie have grown closer and he's going to prove her innocence. Kate later goes to see Billie, who is in her cell, and demands to know what really happened. Billie says she'll tell her if she promises to keep it a secret. Billie confesses all, and Kate says this is insane. Kate says it was an accident, Chelsea won't be charged. Billie thinks she probably will, it was a hit and run.  Kate tells Billie if she's not going to tell the truth then she will. Billie begs her mother not to do this, for once in her life mind her own damn business. Kate asks why she is doing this? Billie says because Chelsea is her daughter and she's her mother. Billie says mothers protect their children, but Kate wouldn't understand that as she forgot about her and Austin. Kate says she was told they were dead just like she was told Georgia was dead. She says there is nothing she could have done. Billie says well she can do something for her daughter, she will be there for Chelsea like Kate was never there for her. Kate says she does care about her and Austin. Billie says she doesn't mean to hurt her, but she did feel abandoned by her. Billie says she won't do that to Chelsea. She says she lost her once before, so she won't do it again. Billie says she can survive in jail, Chelsea wouldn't be able to. Kate begs Billie not to do this, but Billie says she's made her decision. 

Max, Abby and Chelsea arrive at the station. Max and Abby want Chelsea to confess, but she chickens out and says she can't. They say she can't let her mom go to jail for this. Chelsea says Rita Benson is her mom, and she's dead. Abby says Billie is her birth mom though. Chelsea says Billie will only get a slap on the wrist because of her perfect driving record, but she'll go to jail for a long time. Chelsea refuses to confess and tells them they must keep the secret too. She swears she didn't know she hit Zack, she was so distracted that she didn't know what she hit. Abby asks what she was distracted by? Chelsea says she was trying to call her, and she knows it's illegal to drive with a cell phone. She says that's why they'd put her away forever. Abby says but now they're going to put Billie away. Patrick then shows up wanting to question Chelsea. Patrick and Chelsea talk in private. Patrick asks Chelsea to tell him what she knows about this accident, why is Billie taking the blame when they know she's innocent.

At Bo and Hope's, Hope asks how Billie could do this to them, and how she hopes she rots. Bo tells Hope there is something he has to tell her, but before he says anything Hope finds a drawing Zack made of the two of them and breaks down. Bo tells Hope not to do this to herself, but she says Zack is everywhere here and she doesn't want to forget him. The doorbell ring and Bo answers it, it's Alice, Maggie and Julie. They give her hugs and support, and they try and get her to eat to keep up her strength. Bo decides to check in with the station, but Hope thinks he's going to check on the woman who murdered their son. Hope says she should rot in hell for what has happened. Bo doesn't want to fight and says he wishes she could understand. Alice tells Bo to go, they'll care for Hope. Hope tells Bo to go, so he does. Hope continues to pick up Zack's toys and put them away. Maggie and Julie continue to try and get Hope to eat something, but she refuses. 

Bo shows up at jail, and Kate tells Bo she's so sorry about Zack, and that she knows Billie didn't do this. She begs Bo to make Billie tell the truth. Bo says he will. Bo heads into Billie's cell to see her. He refuses to let her do this and says he's stopping it right now.


January 25, 2006

Summary by Carla
Kate tells John that Billie was the one driving the car and John says that Billie isnt that reckless. Kate asks John about Marlena and he says that thanks to him her and Alex are closer than ever and that Marlena blames him for what happened.

Marlena asks when Alex will be released from the hospital and the nurse says that itll be soon. Marlena tells Alex that shes going to take care of him and that she cant wait for them to go back to the penthouse. She apologizes that she allowed John doubt her love for him (John hears this part of the conversation).

Abby cant believe that Chelsea is going to let Billie take the blame for what she did and Max asks her if shes going to tell the cops who really did it. 

Patrick tells Chelsea what really happened because he doesnt believe that Billie was the one who hit Zack and Chelsea asks him if he thinks it was her.

Jen goes to see Hope. Hope tells her that Gran and Julie were there but that she had sent them home because its hard for her to be with anyone. Jen sees Zacks toys and asks Hope what shes doing with them. Hope tells her that she just cant let go of Zack. Hope tells that she needs to make sure that the person responsible goes to jail for a long time and Jen asks her if they know who it was. Hope tells her that it was Billie.

Bo tells Billie that he wont let her take the blame for Chelsea and Billie tells him that she already confessed. Bo tells her that he needs to tell Hope the truth. 

Abby tells Max that since Bo already knows the truth hell eventually tell Hope the truth. Max says that the longer Bo puts off telling Hope the truth, the harder itll be for him to come clean. He says that since Bo and Billie didnt raise Chelsea they must feel guilty and want to protect her from going to jail.

Patrick tells Chelsea that hes not accusing anyone and says to her that he knows she wouldnt let her mom take the blame for something that she did. He goes on telling Chelsea that since Billie is a cop, he just cant picture her hitting Zack and just leaving him there so he has to wonder why Billie is willing to take the blame for something she didnt do, that it had to be to protect someone. He tells Chelsea that she either doesnt know who was driving or that she wasnt willing to tell him but that he knows someone who will tell him. 

Jennifer cant believe that Billie would have just left and Hope tells her that its Billies fault that Zack is dead because she didnt call for help. Hope tells her that Bo is with Billie at the police department. Jen asks why Billie was driving Bos car and Hope says that she took the car because hers wasnt working. Jen tells her that she understands how shes feeling right now but that it doesnt make sense that Billie left the scene.

Hope gets angry and asks Jen why is everyone defending Billie. Hope tells her that she just doesnt understand why Bo is talking to Billie.

Bo tells Billie that he and Hope share everything, so he has to be honest with her. Billie begs her not to and asks Bo if he also wants to kill her daughter to by sending her to jail. Bo tells Billie that she obviously doesnt know how it feels to loose a child like this. Billie tells him that if she could do anything to bring Zack back shell do it but she cant, and the only thing that she can do is to make sure that Bo doesnt loose his daughter too or his marriage. 

John and Kate go into Alexs room and John tells Alex that hes concern about Marlena and why he didnt warn her about Lois. Alex looks at Marlena and asks her if she wants to tell John. Marlena tells him that it was because of the doctor-patient confidentiality. John doesnt agree with it and says that he cant believe that Alex was willing to risk Marlenas live and not violate the oath. Alex tells John that he tried to warn the police but that he made sure that they wouldnt listen to him also that he told him about Lois and that he didnt even bother to check out the story. Marlena tells John and Kate that she wants to be alone with Alex and asks them to leave. John then tells Kate that he wants to find out everything he can about Lois, he thinks theres still something missing and will find out what it is. John and Kate go see Lois and John tells her that he doesnt buy it that shes mentally ill. Lois tell him that hes a loser because he has lost Marlena and he will never get her back. Alex thanks Marlena for defending him and she says that she needs to talk to him.

Patrick asks Max if he knows where Bos SUV was taken after the accident and he says that it was taken to his garage and that he obviously knew. Chelsea then stops Patrick and asks him why hes doing this since Billie already confessed. He tells her that he knows Billies innocent, that shes just protecting someone and doesnt want her to throw her life away. Chelsea is alone with Abby and is determined to not tell the truth so she decides to burn her temporary license so that there will be no evidence. 

Hope asks Jen to tell her about Frankie and Jen tells her about the DVD that Jack left for her and how good it felt to see him and hear him again. Hope then asks her how Frankie feels about it and tells Jen that she should be thankful she has Frankie by her side to support her and that she doesnt know what she would do if she didnt have Bo with her. 

Bo tells Billie that Hope will never forgive her if she tells her the truth. Billie then says that their marriage will be over once she tells her. Billie tells her that Hope is in such great pain right now and that she will turn on him if she finds out the truth. She tells him that they both have to lie to save the people they love. Hope decides to go to the prison and go look for Bo and she sees him hugging Billie.

John confronts Lois about why she lied about Alex beating Marlena and asks Kate if shes helping John in getting over Marlena. 

Marlena tells Alex that the other men she has loved (John, Roman) have always wanted something from her and that it was exhausting and that all that Alex wanted was for her to be happy. Marlena tells him that hes her future and wants to be with him and asks her if shes really sure about this and says that her marriage to John is now dead. She then tells him that she wants them to renew their wedding vows to which he agrees. John is talking to Kate and tells her that he fears that he has lost Marlena forever and they then hear a nurse talking about how Alex and Marlena are going to renew their vows.



January 25, 2006
At Samis, Austin begs Carrie not to throw their future away over this. He swears he didnt know she was the CEO oh High Style and he never would have gone after her company if he knew it was hers. He begs her forgiveness. Suddenly Lucas shows up, and Sami asks what is wrong, she can see something is wrong. Lucas says he has horrible news, Zack was killed in a hit and run and Billie confessed. Lucas says there is more, and he tells them about how Zacks liver saved Claires life. They asked how this happened, and Lucas explains all he knows about the accident. Lucas says none of it makes sense, and Austin says this must be a mistake. Sami says if something like that happened to Will then shed want to be buried by him, she couldnt go on. Carrie asks how they didnt know about this? Lucas thinks the takeover was on their minds. Sami calls Grandma Caroline, and Lucas and Austin go to Lucas place to check on Billie. Sami calls Caroline, who is a wreck and cant even talk about it. Carrie says she didnt even get to meet Zack, she should have come home sooner. Sami doesnt know what they should do for Bo and Hope, nothing they can do will make them feel better. She doesnt know why something bad has to happen for something good, Zack had to die so Claire could live, and Carrie had to lose her company for Austin to succeed. Carrie says the two dont compare. Sami says but Carrie did lose her whole future with Austin. Carrie says she doesnt think Austin know it was her company, but the whole way he went through with it was so hostile. Sami tells Carrie she never liked the takeover idea, but he didnt know it was her company. She says Austin was just focused on his own company and not hurting others. Carrie just doesnt know how hard it could be to find out it was her company. Sami doesnt know, but she says if she knew it was Carries company then she would have tried harder to talk him out of it. Sami tells Carrie that if anyone is to blame it would be here, she didnt bother to look at the business card she gave her. She says Nicole wanted Austin to do this deal, and Austin listens to her. Carrie asks if more than business is going on between Austin and Nicole. Sami hopes not, but she knows Nicole is interested in Austin and she is ruthless. Sami says then again so is Austin. She says Austin is a different man since he left Salem and . . . . Carrie says dumped you at the altar? Sami says thanks for that summary of her love life. Carrie didnt mean to be mean. Sami says she just feels awful about all the things she did to her and Austin years ago, and she wishes she could undo it. Carrie remembers what Sami said in the ladies room in LA about how she wishes she could be close to her sister again but she didnt think it was possible. Carrie tells Sami she didnt know she was there, and she knows she meant it. Sami thanks her. Carrie tells Sami shes being a good sister and a good friend. Sami says thanks, shes trying to be. Sami says she was interested in Austin, he was the only one standing by her after Lucas failed wedding. Sami says but then when she learned Carrie wanted to be with Austin, she backed off so she didnt lose her sister again. Carrie says she was suspicious of her at first. Sami doesnt blame her. Sami says shes learned a lot since Carrie left, shes learned from her mistakes. Carrie says she never thought shed believe it, but she thinks she can trust Sami. Sami thanks her and says shell do everything she can not to break that trust.

Austin calls Kate, and he asks them to keep him and Lucas up on what is happening with Billie and to let them know when Claire can have visitors. Austin cant believe this has happened. Lucas says Austin has caused a lot of pain to with his business practices. Austin says that is a low blow, but Lucas tells Austin hes become a ruthless businessman. Lucas tells Austin that hes making things harder for Carrie, he should just let Carrie go. Austin says he cant do it, he loves her. Lucas says he did a number on her, he fired all her employees. Lucas says those people adored her and they hated her. Austin says he tried to find out who the CEO was but couldnt. He tells Lucas there was a time he was after High Style too. Lucas says he found out it was Carrie and backed off, that is the difference between them. He bets Sami and Nicole knew Carrie was the CEO and didnt tell him. Austin says neither of them knew, and he cant believe Lucas would feel that way about Sami when he was supposed to love her. Lucas says he did love her, but he thinks they knew. He also thinks its over for him and Carrie so accept it. Austin tells Lucas he loves that doesnt he. Austin thinks Lucas set him up, but Lucas says that is Sami and Nicoles way. He tells Austin that he had his chance with Carrie and blew it, so back off and get out of her life. Austin laughs and says if he thinks Carrie will just start loving him then he is delusional, it doesnt work that way. Lucas says he just wants to see Carrie happy. Austin says well he wont walk away from the woman he loves. Lucas says Carrie has already walked away from him. Austin doesnt think so, and Carrie wont know how she feels until they sit down and talk. Austin says Carrie will see that he never meant to hurt her, hell get her back and for Lucas not to stand in his way! Lucas says dream on, hell never get Carrie back.

At Maxs garage, Max tells Chelsea that her guilt is eating away at her, she needs to confess. Chelsea refuses and tells Max that Billie will get a lighter sentence, and he cant tell Patrick anything. She asks where Patrick is. Patrick says hes right here, and asks why she is here. She claims she has plans with Max. Patrick tells Max hes found something, something that might set Billie free. Chelsea says let it go, but Patrick wonders why she wouldnt want her mom set free. He thinks something is wrong with Billies story, he believes she is innocent and it would be nice if Chelsea did too. Chelsea says why would Billie admit if she wasnt guilty. Patrick says shes covering for someone, someone she loves. Patrick then asks Max who called him to tow Bos car the night Zack was killed. Chelsea says it was Billie of course. Patrick asks if Billie was there, and Max says no. Max says he just brought the car in. Patrick says something is right here, and hes going to the station to talk to the cops. Patrick leaves, and Chelsea worries about Patrick finding out the truth. Max says the truth is staring Patrick in the face, but he doesnt want to believe that shes letting Billie go to jail for her. Chelsea says she cant confess, she cant ruin anyone elses lives and shes a horrible person. She says they should just go on their date, she is hungry. Max cant believe what Chelsea is doing. He says even if she gets away with this, she has to live with it. Max says shes taking advantage of Bo and Billies love for her. He says a lot of people are suffering, especially Hope. He is worried what will happen to Bo and Hopes marriage when the truth comes out. Chelsea says it wont if they keep quiet. Max says thats another thing, they are all obstructing justice and they can all go to jail. He says if she can let that happen then shes not the girl she thought she was. Chelsea then storms off. Later Max talks to his agent about why hes not on the racing circuit, hes had family problems. He also says he has his own garage here and is thinking of building his own car. He tells his agent Marty to handle the sponsors till his come back in Spring. Max then looks at a poster of himself and thinks his career will be arrested when hes arrested for obstructing justice. However he says Chelsea has to tell the truth herself , and if she doesnt then it will come out some way.

At the station, Hope asks Bo what the hell is he doing, how can he look at Billie much less touch her. Bo tells Hope that she doesnt know what is going on here. Bo says it was an accident, but Hope says she left Zack in the street. She says if he called 911 right away then Zack could be alive. Hope cant believe Bo was comforting her. Billie says he wasnt, she was begging him to forgive her. Hope almost attacks Billie through the bars, and Bo pulls Hope away. Hope tells Bo that shes sorry for misunderstanding. Bo says he knows shes angry with Billie, but it has to stop. Billie swears to Hope it was an accident, she didnt know she hit Zack. She says shes confessed and will be out of their lives. She says they have to be there for one another right now. She says losing a child is unbearable, especially for a mother. She says as parents they have to be there for their children. She tells them to be there for Shawn and for Chelsea, shell need them more than ever after she goes to jail. She says dont let anything come between them. Hope says nothing will, and she cant be here or even look at Billie. Hope storms off, and Bo tells Billie that this is wrong. She says if he wants to save his marriage then he doesnt have a choice. She says Hope would never forgive him. Bo says shes not guilty, she shouldnt let this ruin her life. Billie says if Chelsea goes to jail then shell never recover, and that would ruin her life. Billie says this is the only way.

Patrick arrives at the station to talk to the two cops about Billies statement. He says there is something wrong with her confession. The two cops says her statement is straight forward and shes sticking to it. Patrick says it doesnt make sense though, but the cops say they have a confession so the case is closed. Patrick continues to ask if they looked into her story, but they say with a confession they dont need any other evidence. Patrick realizes how to get the proof to clear Billie.

Hope runs into Chelsea at the station. Hope thinks shes here to see her mom. Chelsea cries to Hope that shes so sorry about Zack. Hope hugs her and knows she is. She then breaks down and says she didnt mean for this to happen, she didnt mean for Zack to die. Hope looks at her like she cant believe what she heard. Hope of course doesnt understand, she thinks Chelsea is just so upset. Hope tells Chelsea this is why she wanted her to finish her driving lessons, she never wants her to be involved in something like this. Chelsea says she has been, she was in that car when her parents died. She says she never wants anyone to have to go through what she did. Bo hears this and says he cant let this go on anymore.


January 26, 2006
Summary by Stacee.

Belle, Phillip, Mimi, and Shawn watch as the nurse checks baby Claires vital signs. Bonnie comes in as the nurse turns off the life support machine and thinks Claire didnt make it. Mimi explains that Claire is off life support because she doesnt need it anymore. Bonnie says if it werent for Zacks matching liver, theyd be burying 2 babies instead of 1. Bonnie apologizes and says shes just so relieved. They need to celebrate and thats why she brought a goody basket. They enjoy some of the treats and Bonnie asks if Shawn and Mimi have thought about any of the wedding plans. They havent discussed the plans because of the things that Shawns family has been dealing with. Bonnie says there is time unless they want to elope. Belle says they cant elope. Mimi says all that matters is they get married by a priest. Kate asks to talk to Mimi about the wedding plans. Bonnie says she cant wait to see what Kate has to offer. They sit outside Claires hospital room and Bonnie wants to know what the catch is. Kate tells her that the story will be good for Salem Style magazine and its just the hook to bring on new readers. They start looking at pictures that Kate brought of the latest wedding designs offered by Basic Black. Mimi is very excited and Kate offers to set Mimi up to try on all the dresses. Bonnie tells Mimi that if something seems too good to be true it usually is. Mimi asks her mom not to ruin this opportunity and since even Phillip is in on the wedding plans that she knows they just want to thank her and Shawn for all theyve done for Claire. Mimi goes back in to see Shawn. When Kate gets off the phone, she and Bonnie talk about the wedding and Kates ulterior motives. Kate says that she has none. Bonnie lays all her cards on the table and tells Kate she knows the only reason Kate is doing this is because Kate knows that Shawn is Claires father.

Marlena and Alex arrive at the hospital to see baby Claire. Marlena says she needs to be there for her family and Alex wants to know if that includes John. Since they share a child and grandchild, Marlena says John will always be a part of her life. The life she wants now is with her first love, her first husband. She wants to be Mrs. Alex North.

Kate and John got to see Lois, which gives Kate the creeps. Lois says she knows what John wants and why hes there. She knows that John wants Marlena and she regrets not killing her when she had the chance before. Maybe the third time would be the charm. John says Lois is crazy and she says that is a real problem, as he doesnt know whom to believe. Should he believe Alex who says she is dangerous or should he believe her when she says that Alex will do anything to get Marlena. Lois says theres a problem. Alex wants Marlena and Kate wants John. Kate says shes been trying to help John get Marlena back. They decide to leave and Lois tells herself that she thinks that did the trick. John and Kate see Alex and Marlena outside Claires room and they talk about going in. Kate goes in to clear out some of the visitors. Alex offers to leave and since they know that Claire is going to recover thats all that matters to him. Marlena tells John that Alex is still recovering from when John shot him. Alex says hes going to find somewhere quiet to sit down. John and Marlena are left alone in the hall to talk. John tells Marlena he still thinks something is up with Alex but she refuses to hear it. They go into Claires room. Kate tells Phillip that she thinks Claire looks like him but more feminine. Belle lets Marlena hold Claire and John says that the baby has Marlenas eyesjust like Belle. Belle said they got their miracle and now its time for Marlena to get her miracle and get her memory back. John tells a story of how when Belle was a baby, she got a fever and Marlena wouldnt leave her side until she was better. She didnt even eat until Belles fever broke. Marlena suddenly says that she remembers when that happened. John and Belle are so excited but Marlena says that it doesnt matter because she was never married to John, not legally. She insists that it was never a real marriage, hands the baby to Belle and runs out of the room.

Alex wanders to the Psych ward and convinces the guard that Dr. Carver wants him to consult on Lois case. The guard lets Alex in and Alex tells Lois that she couldve killed Marlena if he hadnt shown up when he did. He wants to know what shes planning on telling people when they begin to ask questions. Lois tells him that he knows what shes going to say and he should know shed do anything for him. Alex smiles creepily. She asks if that was all he wanted when he came to see her and he pulls her into a very passionate kiss.

Patrick talks to the rookie cops about Billies route from the hospital where allegedly took Bos car to where the accident was. The cops remind Patrick that Billie confessed so its not an alleged scenario. He wants to know what route she took because he knows even the cops had seen problems with Billies confession.

Hope hugs Chelsea and tells her that she wont hold Billies actions against Chelsea. Chelsea says (as Bo enters) that she would never hurt anyone like Billie has. Bo tells Chelsea that Hope deserves to know how Chelsea is involved. Hope knows that Chelsea is involved because it was her mother that ran down Zack. Bo says that Hope comes first but Hope tells him that Shawn and Chelsea need to come first. Chelsea wants to talk to Bo alone so they go to Romans office. Patrick sees Hope in the hall outside the police office and Hope assumes hes there to see Billie. He says there have been a lot of assumptions made and then Hope gets upset because shes just sure that hes going to defend Billie. All Patrick wants is to make sure that someone is punished for what was done. Hope tells him that Chelsea is lucky to have someone like him to care for her and that Chelsea is really going to need Patrick and her father. She says that Bo is the best father anyone could ask for. Patrick promises to support Hope and help find out the truth about the accident.

Chelsea lays into Bo for wanting to tell Hope the truth about the accident. She gives him the same guilt trip about losing Hope and how he agreed to not tell anyone about her being in the accident. He tells Chelsea that he promised that before he knew the accident involved Zack. Chelsea reminds Bo that Hope will hate him if she finds out that Bo signed the temporary license and loaned Chelsea his SUV. She tells him that will he lose Hope, Shawn will hate him and if shes in prison, and Chelsea will hate him too. He hopes that if Chelsea hates him, shell realize that he was doing what was best for everyone. Bo will even hire her a lawyer and get Mickey and Frankie to represent her. He insists that being represented by Hopes uncle and Bos brother will mean something in a court of law. He reminds her that he took and oath to uphold the law as an officer and he made vows to his wife at their wedding to always be honest with her. Now he isnt doing either so hes going to make it right.

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