January 29, 2006
Today's Summary by Jennie

At the hospital Belle, Phillip, Mimi and Shawn Claire should be able to be released soon. They talk about how Zack helped Claire and other families. Belle and Mimi go to get coffee and Phillip tells Shawn stay in the room and Phillip tells Shawn how much he appreciates his being there for them even with the death of his brother. Shawn said If you were to ask me would I sacrifice my little brothers life so that my daughter could live, I dont think anybody would say yes to that, but we didnt have a choice, and now Claire has a chance to live, I love her, I would have done anything for her. Outside the room Belle and Mimi are having a similar conversation when Mimi says Shawn loves Claire like she is his own daughter and Belle says she is Mimi asks Belle if she just said Claire was Shawns but Belle said she just meant he thinks of her that way. They are her godparents and Shawn attaches to any child he is close to. Belle and Phillip had talked about it and if anything ever happened to them they would want Shawn and Mimi to take care of Claire. Belle then asks Mimi about how things are going with her and Shawn and she says that going though everything with Zack has made them closer. Belle then asks he about the wedding but Mimi says with everything going on she hasnt really thought to much about it, Then they talk about Kate offering to pay for the wedding and honeymoon and how it was such an amazing offer considering she has never really cared for Shawn or Mimi. Belle asks how she is ever going to choose a wedding dress and Mimi says she doesnt know if she will because she isnt sure there is going to be a wedding. Belle says I cant believe that you would want to call off your wedding with Shawn, but Mimi says she doesnt want to but the timing is awful with what the Brady family is grieving for Zack and the elopement part. Belle says if you want to get married in Salem with all your family and friends then that is what you should do. Belle offers to help plan the wedding saying it will be good for everyone to have something to celebrate. Belle suggests that they get married at St. Lukes and she will design her wedding dress if she isnt comfortable with any of the dresses she has seen. Mimi says she doesnt need her dress to be designed that it already exists she wants to wear Carolines wedding dress. She explains it is for sentimental reasons then asks Belle to be her matron of honor, and she accepts.

Back in Claires room Shawn and Phillip are still talking and Shawn says its not like he wont miss Zack for the rest of his life but at least now Claire has a good shot at having life, and that is what he needs to focus on. Phillip says you have something else to focus on - the wedding. Then they talk about Kates offer, and Phillip says they dont need to take her up on it it is their wedding. Shawn says it isnt that it has been a strange time to think about a wedding. Phillip tells Shawn that he knows how much Mimi loves him but is he having second thoughts about marrying her? He said he does want to marry her. A year ago he would have never have guessed what she means to him and now he cant imagine being without her. Phillip then tells him to take his mom up on her offer. Shawn says he is right and then asks Phillip to be his best man, and he accepts. Then Claire wakes up, Phillip picks her up but she keeps crying and he asks Shawn if he wants to try. As soon as Shawn holds her she stops crying and Phillip tells him he is going to make a great father. 

Bonnie confronts Kate about Shawn being Claires father. Kate pretends to not know what she is talking about and tries to leave but Bonnie tells her to come back and again states she knows Shawn is Belles father. Kate tells Bonnie that she is crazy but Bonnie tells her how she figured it out. How Mimi was suspicious because Phillips blood type didnt match Claires but Shawn and Belles did. Kate said well that isnt unheard of, but Bonnie continued when she found out that Kate was offering to pay for Mimi and Shawn to elope she put 2 and 2 together. Kate then asks if Mimi knew to which Bonnie said no she told her not to give it another thought. Kate asks Bonnie what she wants she says she wants the same thing she wants for their kids to be happy so she is all for keeping Shawn and Belle in the dark. Bonnie tells Kate that she has a friend that is an EMT and she got a copy of the report from when they were rescued from the fire and they were both naked and disoriented, so they probably dont even know that they slept together. Kate says they have a deal that neither of will say anything but Bonnie says she will keep quiet, as long as Kate meets her price. Bonnie wants make-up in every color a truckload. She also wants all Basic Blacks events to be held at Alices. Bonnie also wants the designers to make her some new clothes; she also gives her a list of other things. Kate says she will get right on it if it ensures her silence about Claires real father. Bonnie says she will take the secret to her grave and Kate says if you dont an early grave can be arranged. Kate leaves and Bonnie says to herself that she had the brass ring but that holier than though Maggie Horton stole it from her and that is not going to happen to her daughter no matter what she has to do.

John takes Marlena to her office thinking that because it was such a big part of her life it might help her remember. He tries telling her that Belle and Claire need her now and that she is there physically but not emotionally. Marlena tells him that she thinks he is just using that as a ploy. She tells him she has made her choice and that even though she doesnt remember her marriage to Alex that she has strong feelings for him and that he risked his life to save her, she asks him if he has ever done that. John replies once or twice. Marlena tells John that she thinks if she had passionate feelings for him that she would know that. He needs to move on and let her go. Kate is about to knock on Marlenas office door when she overhears John and Marlena talking. Marlena tells him that she doesnt remember being happy with him or him at all. She says he has feelings for Kate and he says he does but it isnt the way he loves her. (Kate leaves) Marlena tells John that Alex says she deserves to be happy and he needs to let her go. Marlena leaves and John says I cant I still love you.

Lois and Alex are kissing and talking about how much they missed each other. She starts to massage him but he stops her saying the police are watching his treatment. He tells her what a great job she did playing a demented psycho. She says she wasnt as good as him he really acted like he loves her more than any woman has been loved before. Lois asks Alex how was it pretending to love some one that you hate as much. He says he doesnt hate her he pities her for confusing her subconscious fear of him for feelings of love. Lois says how could she actually think her loves her after what he did to her before when they were together After all it was him that brought on her first case of hysterical amnesia. He says he wished he had finished the job back then but he never had the chance. Lois tells him that this time he has her helping him but he needs to go slow and proceed with caution. He asks her what she has done and she tells him nothing, she only did what he told her to do. He tells her she better not mess things up for him and jeopardize his mission. She says she wont but John Black is smarter than he looks, he could really interfere. He says John has been a formidable foe he has lost Marlena forever. He says he holds Marlenas fate in his hands and there is nothing John black can do. Lois asks him when he is going to get her out so that they can be together. Alex tells her to be patient, but she says she has been patient all these years shut away from society waiting for him to come get her. He tells her not to worry. She asks him what his plan is and he says Marlena will keep telling John that she doesnt love him until he finally believes it then Kate will be there waiting for him. The best part is that Kate is in love with him so eventually he will long to have a woman next to him in bed and since he cant have Marlena he will take Kate.

Alex then says John has always been right about him but who will believe him now? Lois asks Alex what if Marlena recovers her memory. He replies that it doesnt matter because by the time she remember who he is and what that entails it will be too late for anyone to save her.


January 31, 2006

At a stop-n-shop type mart, Patrick comes in and asks the clerk to look at his security tapes. The clerk flirts with Patrick and basically blackmails him, Patrick has a Martini with him at Alice's and he'll give Patrick the tapes. Patrick agrees. Patrick reviews the tapes and finds what he needs, an image of Chelsea in Bo's car and on the cell phone.

At the courthouse,  Lucas, Carrie and Sami arrive at the courthouse where the rest of the show plays out. Lucas and Sami get a moment alone. Lucas informs Sami that he talked with Austin earlier, he is dead set on getting Carrie back. Sami says so what, he won't get her back. Lucas warns Sami it doesn't seem like he's searching for a replacement anytime soon.

Austin and Kate talk with Billie, they've hired Frankie as her attorney. She refuses at first, but relents to let Frankie represent her.

Kate talks to Lucas. Lucas gloats to his mom about Austin taking over Carrie's company unknowingly, it seems Nicole didn't do her homework in her eagerness to take over the company. Kate thinks this is terrible and she has to talk to Carrie. Lucas tells her no and to but out. Kate thinks Lucas is happy about this, that maybe he even had something to do with all of this. Lucas says Austin buried himself this time and he's lost Carrie for good. Austin walks up and says he won't lose Carrie, he will fight for her. Lucas tells Austin he's lost Carrie, and soon he'll lose his company. Lucas says he's going to take Austin down just like he took Carrie down. Austin tells Lucas to bring it on, he won't win in business or with Carrie.

Carrie talks with Sami about what is happening. She thinks Sami should give Bo and Hope her condolences, but Sami says they hate her, her being here is enough support. Carrie says she just saw her talking to Lucas and it looked intense. Sami says it's not what she thinks, they are over and Lucas has moved on. Carrie thinks Sami still loves Lucas, she can tell by Sami's body language. Sami admits she does still love him but Lucas has moved on by his own choice. She says she and Lucas are over just as Carrie and Austin are over. Carrie says Austin isn't the same man she left years ago, that is for sure. Sami then feels weird asking Carrie this, but if it is over between them, would she be upset if she gave it a shot with Austin. Carrie can't believe her. She tells Sami to go wild, perhaps the both of them deserve one another!

Caroline talks with Chelsea. She can see Chelsea is really upset. She thinks it is about Billie. Chelsea says she is upset and she just hopes the judge realizes it was an accident. Caroline says unfortunately Billie has a record. Chelsea is shocked to learn about her mom spending time in jail in the past. Caroline says if the DA brings that up then they could throw the book at her, she could get the maximum. Chelsea runs off in tears.

Hope is with Bo, she says the arraignment is going to be family only. Suddenly Hope's cell phone alarm goes off. It's Zack's voice telling her that it's time to pick her up from school. She breaks down. Caroline comes over to offer her support. Later Bo talks with Caroline. He admits to his mom that Billie didn't hit Zack, Chelsea did. He says what is worse is that he gave Chelsea permission to drive and his car, it's because of him that his son is dead. Caroline tells Bo that he must tell Hope the truth. Hope walks up and asks the truth about what?

Billie talks with Frankie in an office, he knows the truth. Frankie has done his homework, he knows Billie was getting off of a plane when Zack was hit. He demands to know who she is covering for. Billie says no one, his information is wrong. Frankie says fine, he'll just present this to the judge and get her off. Billie blurts out that he can't, nobody can know it was Chelsea . . . . Billie then explains the whole story to Frankie and tells him he can't tell anyone!


February 1, 2006
At the hospital, Mimi and Shawn arrive at Claire's room. Belle is with Claire, she's okay to go home. Belle asks Shawn and Mimi for a ride, Phillip is at Billie's arraignment hearing. They say they'd be happy to take her. As Shawn holds Claire, Bonnie shows up and rolls her eyes.

John and Marlena arrive, with Alex in toe. John is happy that their granddaughter is going home today. John tells Alex he can see Marlena home, but Alex insists sticking around. John doesn't think this involves him, but Marlena does as Alex will one day be Claire's step-grandfather. Marlena and John go into see Belle as Alex leaves them. 

Alex goes to visit Lois in the psych ward. She is furious, she thinks Alex is playing her and planning to leave her here. He says he's not, but she knows he's remarrying Marlena. She thinks he's going to live the cushy life while she rots in here. Alex says that won't happen and to trust him, she will get everything she deserves. Later John shows up to check on Lois, and he's shocked to find Alex there. He asks what is going on, and Alex of course claims he only came to check on his patient and make sure she's not a danger to Marlena. John of course doesn't buy it. After John leaves, Lois says John is not backing down. Alex says he can handle John, and by time Marlena realizes what is going on it will be too late.

Marlena visits with Belle and Claire as they prepare to leave. Meanwhile, Mimi and Shawn discuss the wedding. Mimi says Belle is going to be her matron of honor, and Shawn says Phillip is going to be his best man. They both can't wait to marry, but they agree to wait as now isn't the time for a big celebration given what is going on with Zack. Bonnie eavesdrops and isn't pleased.

Marlena, Shawn, Belle, Claire and Mimi head to the loft. Bonnie goes to pick up some things for them and the baby. Belle walks in with the baby and Marlena asks if she'll be okay. Belle says yes, they have Shawn. Marlena points out what Belle just said, she's worried as she called for Shawn when in labor as well. Belle finally confesses to her mom about how she and Shawn had a shared dream of Zack, and he told them they belonged together. Malrena asks if she believes this dream? Belle says everything else Zack said did come true. Marlena is worried, she thinks Belle has unresolved feelings for Shawn, and if she doesn't fix this then her marriage to Phillip won't work. MArlena says they are a lot alike, people say she belongs with John but all she knows is she's married to Alex and is meant to be with him. She wants Belle to think about things.

Later, John arrives at the loft. He tells Marlena he just caught Alex with Lois, but Marlena believes Alex's story about checking on Lois. She tells John if he's trying to drive a wedge between her and Alex it won't work. Marlena storms out, and John chases after her. Meanwhile, Shawn tells Belle how he's so happy for her and Phillip, he knows they've grown closer and have a real love now. Belle says yes, and she's happy for him and Mimi.

Bonnie grabs Mimi and drags her into the hall. She wants Mimi she has to marry Shawn now, she can't wait. Mimi says she won't pressure Shawn to marry her now, his family is suffering a loss right now. Bonnie says she has to marry SHawn or she'll lose him. Mimi says she's not worried about losing Shawn to Belle. Bonnie says this is about Claire. Bonnie blurts out that Shawn is Claire's father!

At the Court house, Billie continues to tell Frankie she's going to take the wrap for Chelsea, end of discussion. When Frankie won't go along with this plan, Billie fires him. Meanwhile, Patrick finds Chelsea and says he knows what she did, he knows she killed Zack. He says she can't let Billie take the fall for this. Billie shows up and tells Patrick to stay away from Chelsea and butt out, she's doing this.

Meanwhile, Hope walks up as Caroline tells Bo that he has to tell Hope the truth. Hope asks what truth? Bo goes to tell her the truth about the accident, but then Zack's pajamas are brought in as evidence. Hope sees them and faints. As Hope recovers, Bo tells his mom he can't tell Hope the truth now. He says Hope needs him, he's the only one keeping her together. He says he hates this, if he doesn't tell her, he hurts her; if he does tell her, he hurts her. Bo says he's in a no win situation. Caroline tells Bo if he doesn't tell Hope the truth then it will mean the end of their marriage.

Caroline meets up with Frankie in the hall. They both discuss how they know the truth and this will ruin Bo and Hope. Meanwhile, Hope and Bo find Patrick arguing with Billie and Chelsea. Hope demands to know what is going on, what is Billie lying about?



February 2, 2006
At the loft, Shawn is holding Claire as Belle watches. Belle tells Shawn that hell make a great dad some day. Shawn hopes so, he and Mimi cant wait to have a family. Shawn says they plan on adopting, but not right away of course. Shawn says he heard she agreed to be the matron of honor at the wedding, that means a lot to them. Belle says shes happy for them, and Shawn is glad to hear that. Belle claims she is happy for them, but right now may not be the best time for a wedding. She says he and Mimi deserve a happy occasion and time for their wedding. Shawn agrees, which is why they are waiting awhile. Belle says they are doing the right thing. Shawn and Belle put Claire in her crib, and Shawn talks about how lucky she and Phillip are. Belle says she is lucky, and she loves Phillip even more now. Shawn says a child does that.

Outside the loft, Mimi is stunned when Bonnie blurts out that Shawn is the father of Claire. Bonnie says no one was supposed to know, but maybe its best she knows. Mimi asks how she knows, maybe shes just jumping to conclusions. Bonnie says its a fact, which is why she has to marry Shawn ASAP so he doesnt find out. Mimi says this cant be true, Belle was a virgin when she was with Phillip. She says Belle and Shawn never had sex, they had those rings and everything. Bonnie says she wishes that was true, but its not. Bonnie says she did some snooping, and she talked with an EMT she used to date. She says the night of the accident when Belle and Shawn were rescued from the barn fire they were passed out in each others arms and naked. Mimi knows, she says they were together to keep warm. She says she talked to Belle, and she was a bit confused about what happened. Bonnie says they were so out of it that they dont remember doing the nasty. Mimi says its not proof, but Bonnie says Claire is the proof. She says Shawns blood type matched Claire, and Zacks liver was a match. Mimi says its still not proof. Bonnie says there is more, she confronted Kate and she knows the truth too. Kate has proof that Claire is Shawns, she wouldnt tell her what the proof is, but she knows. Mimi says Phillip has a right to know the truth. Bonnie says Kate wants him to be with Belle just like she wants her to be with Shawn. Bonnie says this is why Kate wants her to marry Shawn so quickly. Bonnie says if Belle finds out the truth then shell run to Shawn. Mimi says she knew this was too good to be true. She says she cant marry Shawn now. Bonnie says of course she can! Mimi says she cant lie about this, and she cant marry him under false pretenses. Bonnie says she can, Phillip and Belle are happy and she and Shawn can be happy. Mimi says its wrong, she cant give Shawn his own real child, what he most wants, yet Belle already has. Mimi says the only reason Shawn bowed out of a relationship with Belle was because Belle had a baby with Phillip. She says it was the baby that made them stop pursuing a relationship. Mimi says Shawn will want to be with Belle and Claire and shell be demoted back to the best friend. Bonnie says no way, Shawn will marry her because they wont tell Shawn the truth. Mimi says she wont live a lie, been there, done that, got the T-shirt. She says Shawn has to know the truth and shell tell him right now. In the shadows we see Caroline spying. Caroline walks out and Mimi asks if shes here to see Belle and the baby. Caroline says she came to see her, she heard she needed the Brady wedding dress to marry Shawn. Caroline appears to have heard nothing. She says shes so happy for them, after all this tragedy its good to get good news. She also gives Mimi an engagement gift. Caroline asks Mimi if shes okay, she seems upset? Bonnie says shes at a loss for words, shes just so emotional. Caroline tells her that she will make a wonderful wife for Shawn. Caroline asks where Shawn is, and Mimi says inside with the baby and Belle. Caroline goes inside, and Bonnie vows this wedding will happen or her name isnt Bonnie Horton. Mimi says its not anymore, and shes going to tell them now.

Inside, Caroline hugs Shawn and also looks at the baby and says how good it is to have this angel back home. Mimi and Bonnie walk in as Caroline tells Shawn it wont be long before Shawn has his own baby. To herself, Mimi says he already has one. Bonnie tries to convince Mimi to just keep quiet about this, but she wont. Caroline looks at Claire and says it is amazing how much she looks like Shawn D as a baby. Claire says Shawn and Claire are cousins through Phillip. Bonnie thinks the baby looks like Mimi, and they all look like Eisenhower at that age. Caroline says Bonnie is right and laughs. Mimi tells her mom this cant go on any longer, shes going to tell them the truth. 

Lucas returns home and finds Carrie crying. She is upset for allowing Austin or anyone do this to her. She wonders if she is that blind. Lucas says there is nothing she could have done differently. Carrie says its not just what he did to her, its what he did to her employees. She says she wont be able to forgive him for that. Lucas says some things are unforgivable, like what Sami did to him. Carrie tells Lucas that Sami still loves him. Carrie tells Lucas that they talked about it earlier. She says Sami denied having feelings for him at first, but she admitted it later. Carrie knows her sister isnt even close to being over him. Lucas says well he feels sorry for her, hes not going back there again. Carrie asks if he is sure, maybe Sami is meant to be with him. Lucas says that doesnt matter, it doesnt matter how much you love someone who will only bring you heartache and misery. He says he has to move on and so does Carrie. Lucas tells Carrie that she needs to move on with her life, and he thinks he can help her. Lucas asks Carrie an important question. It almost seems like hes going to propose, but instead he offers her a job at Titan. Carrie appreciates the offer, but she wonders if hes asking her this so they can get closer. Lucas promises her that this is strictly business. He says theyll have to work hard to beat the competition, and they are up against Austin and have to crush them. Lucas asks Carrie if they have a deal, and she says yes. They shake on it.

At Samis place, Austin looks at the headline and cant believe Billie plead guilty. He says what if she goes to jail. Sami tells Austin that he knows shes worried about his sister, but shes thinking about Zack right now. Sami says he was an innocent little boy and the only one in her family that was ever happy to see her. Sami says she wishes she could have been there for Bo and Hope, but shes not as close to them as she used to be. She says the only ones shes close to anymore is her dad and her mom before her amnesia. Austin says she has plenty of people who care about her, her grandparents, Will and him. He says hell always be her friend. Sami thanks him. He says she doesnt have to thank him for being her friend, and he thinks it is awesome that shes trying to turn her life around. He also is glad shes so supportive of him and Carrie. Austin remembers how Sami was the one who warned him not to go after High Style, and if he had listened to her then things would be different. Sami recalls learning the truth about High Style being Carries company but lying to Austin. She also remembers setting Nicole up, insisting Nicole take all the credit for the takeover. Sami tells Austin that she wishes she could have just tried harder to stop the takeover, but he says she did and  he didnt listen to her. Sami says she tried to talk to Carrie about him and how hes not a bad guy, but Carrie said they were two completely different people now. Austin says he doesnt care what Carrie says, hes not giving up. Sami suggests they focus on work, they have to be ready to face off with Lucas. Austin knows, and hell do what he has to to stop Lucas. He asks Sami if she is okay with bringing Lucas down? Sami says shell be fine. He says this could get ugly and she may be kissing any chance she had with Lucas goodbye. Sami says Lucas has made it clear they are over, so all bets are off. Sami says shell find her happiness elsewhere. To herself she says that will be with Austin. 

At the courthouse, Hope finds Billie arguing with Patrick about lying. Hope demands to know what is going on here. She asks who is lying and about what. She wants to know what is going on. Bo tells Hope not to worry about this, but Hope wants to know what is going on. She realizes Bo is keeping something from her too. Chelsea ends up running off. Hope demands to know what Bo isnt telling her and what Patrick says Billie is lying about. Patrick thinks Bo needs to hear this, the lies have to stop. Patrick says it wasnt Billie, shes innocent. Hope asks who did it then? Patrick says it was Chelsea, she hit Zack. Hope asks how this can be. Patrick says he didnt mean to tell her like this. Billie says Patrick is lying, she killed Zack. Bo tells Billie that its over.  Billie insists Patrick is lying, but Patrick has proof Chelsea was driving the car. Hope demands to see the proof. Patrick shows them a photo from the surveillance camera, it shows Chelsea in the SUV. Hope realizes Billie confessed to protect Chelsea. Hope if furious with Billie. She says Chelsea killed him and deserves to be punished. Bo tells Hope it was an accident, but Hope says Chelsea was reckless and irresponsible and lied to them. She says if it werent for Patrick they wouldnt know the truth. Bo tells Hope to sit down and rest. He then takes Patrick aside to yell at him for getting involved in this. Patrick then realizes Bo knew the truth the whole time and he didnt tell Hope. Bo says he was trying to protect her. Patrick says who, Hope or Chelsea? He says both of them, and he tells Patrick this is all his fault. He says he gave Chelsea permission to drive. He says thats why he wanted to tell her in his own time.

Chelsea runs into Max outside. She tells him that her life is over, its all over. Max says it isnt over, but the truth has to come out before its too late. Chelsea says she cant go to jail, and she doesnt know how Patrick could do this to her. Max thinks Patrick did her a huge favor. Chelsea says the court isnt going to have sympathy on her, and he doesnt care about her. Max says that isnt true, but he told her this lie would come out. Chelsea says she cant go to jail so there is only one thing left to do. Chelsea says she has to run away, she has to leave. She begs Max to take her far far away, to run away with her. Max refuses and says this will only make things worse. He says theyll get her a good lawyer to help her, his brother. He says right now she has to go in there and face up to what shes done.

Chelsea returns and hugs Billie. Hope then shows up and calls her a murderer! 


February 3, 2006
At Lucas place, Lucas welcomes Carrie to the Titan family. She says its still tough for her ego to handle. He says he knows, but they will be great together. Lucas says theyll go after Austin and his two little leeches. Carrie thinks he shouldnt be so hard on Sami, theyve had good talks recently. Lucas says he hasnt, and he wants to concentrate on the destruction of Austin and his company. Lucas wants to make Austin pay for taking High Style from her. Carrie isnt sure about this. She says if she takes this job its not for revenge on Austin. Lucas says of course not. Carrie says she is hoping Austin will keep High Style open and give her employees their jobs back. He asks what if Austin doesnt? Carrie says then she has a lot of recommendation letters to write. Lucas says she is an amazing human being. Lucas thinks shed even give them part of her salary. Carrie says not all of it, she has to live too. Lucas then has a great idea, she should move in with him and split the rent. Carrie says that is generous, but she thinks hes not offering because of money problems. Lucas says he does need to save money for Wills college, and he cant depend on Sami to help with that. Carrie was thinking about going back to LA, but Lucas says there is nothing there for her. He says hes giving her a job and a place to stay. He asks what could be better than that? He says he knows she has a lot of ideas for new products, she'd be a great assett. Carrie says shell think about it while she makes some coffee. He says they are out of milk, so hell run out and get some. He says when he comes back maybe shell have an answer for him. Carrie begins to think about the offer, maybe she could prove to Austin that nice guys finish last.

At Samis place, Sami tells Austin they cant give Carrie her company back and shes made it clear that she wont forgive him. Austin says hell never know until he tries. Sami says he has tried and she doesnt see that business has to be ruthless sometimes. Austin then comes up with an idea to make things better for her and for all of them. Sami tells Austin that he cant give Carrie her company back, but Austin thinks he knows a way to do just that. Sami says he cant actually give the company back. Austin knows that, but he can hire Carrie as the head of High Style. Sami tells him he cant. He asks what is going on, does she not want Carrie to be part of his company, part of his life? Sami says of course she does, but she doesnt think Carrie will want to work for him. Austin says if they both work for the company then its a win win all around. Sami says hes still the CEO and Carrie would be working for him. She says besides, Carrie didnt approve of their business tactics. Sami suggests Austin give her space, but he says no. He says the more time that passes the worse it will get, he knows Carrie. He says hes going to take a shower and then go make Carrie an offer. He says hes sure that Carrie will accept his offer. Later, Lucas walks down the hall whistling, and Sami confronts him about why hes happy. He says everything is going great in his life. She says if he thinks that then hes an idiot. Lucas asks what shes talking about? Sami says Austin has a way to get Carrie back, hes going to make her an offer. Austin then shows up to ask what is going on. Carrie also shows up. Austin asks Carrie to come in, he has a way to undo everything. He knows shes angry with him, but he begs her to hear him out. Carrie says she will.

At the loft, Shawn agrees with Bonnie, all babys look alike at this age and you see what you want to see. Shawn says when JT and Zack were switched no one had a clue. Caroline says Hope did but decided she was wrong since no one else believed her. Caroline says Bonnie has a point, but Claire really does look like Shawn. Mimi decides she has to tell Shawn the truth now. Bonnie tells her not to do this, but Mimi says the truth will come down one day. She says Kate figured it out, her mom figured it out, she did too but she didnt want to see it. Bonnie says at least let it come out after shes married. Mimi says why, so she can get alimony? Mimi says the second Shawn finds out the truth hell hate her, and she wont let that happen. She says she made one mistake lying to Rex, and shell never make that mistake again. Shawn asks Mimi who she thinks she looks like? Mimi says she defiantly sees Belle in her. Mimi tells Shawn and Belle that there is something she has to tell them both. Bonnie then fakes heart pains to stop Mimi. Mimi thinks her mom is faking this, there is nothing wrong with her mom. Bonnie screams out that shes having a heart attack. Shawn thinks they should call 911, but Bonnie says it is passing and it could be indigestion. Caroline thinks Bonnie needs to go to the doctor right now, putting it off will make it worse. Caroline goes to get her water and an aspirin. Mimi insists she is fine. Bonnie says it is hurting again and maybe she should go to the hospital. Shawn goes to get the car, and Mimi tells her mom she knows shes faking this. Bonnie swears it is real, maybe it is the stress or all the chili at Alices. Bonnie screams Im going to die! Mimi thinks her mom isnt faking after all. Shawn, Mimi and Bonnie leave, Caroline and Belle stay behind. Caroline hopes Bonnie will be okay, but its odd that Mimi didnt think it was anything. Caroline wonders if Bonnie has a history of histrionics. Belle says she does, but its not like they were talking about anything upsetting or important. Belle thinks sometimes Mimi doesnt realize how lucky she is to have a mom who cares about her so much. Belle says she knows her mom loves her, she just doesnt remember her or seem to care about her family anymore. Caroline thinks they were both acting a bit odd. Caroline says both Mimi and Bonnie should be happy right now, Mimi just got engaged and is going to marry Shawn. Belle says she heard Caroline is letting Mimi wear her dress. Caroline knows Belle had hoped to wear it some day. Belle folds towels and swears shes fine with it, and she is the Matron of Honor and Phillip is the best man. Caroline says that is so great, it is so rare to have what she and Shawn had and still be friends. Later, Caroline looks through an old diary of Belles that is laying around. She finds that Belle wrote Shawn and I decided if we have a girl then we will name her Claire. Belle says that is from High School and shes glad she found it and not Phillip. She asks Caroline not to tell anyone. Caroline says she wont. Belle says that she and Shawn planned their future back in High School for a class, they had the whole sack of flour baby and everything. Belle says not like things work out like one thinks. Belle says if things had worked out differently, Claire could have been her great-granddaughter and she her granddaughter. Caroline says shell always think of her as family. Belle says that means a lot to her. Caroline says shell always think of her dad, Marlena and her brother, and yes even Claire as a Brady. Belle begins thinking about the past with Shawn. Caroline asks Belle what is wrong? Belle cries that she still loves Shawn and she wants Claire to be his baby.

At the courthouse, Bo tells Patrick this is none of his business. Patrick thought Bo would be grateful to know the truth, but then he realizes he already did know. Bo says he did know, he was trying to protect both Hope and Chelsea. He says he is the one who gave Chelsea permission to drive, this is all his fault. Patrick says this will kill Hope. Bo says he knows. Bo says this isnt his business. Patrick wont let Billie take the fall for what Chelsea did, and he cant believe Bo would either. He asks how he could know the truth and not tell Hope? Bo says Hope is falling apart and needs him right now. Bo says she needs him to get through this, the funeral. He says he would have told her the truth when she was stronger. Patrick thinks Bo just doesnt want to face losing Hope so hes letting Billie go to jail. Patrick says Billie always has to pay for his mistakes. Patrick knows the problem hes facing, he lost his son and is facing losing his daughter and his wife as well. Bo says Hope needs him now, so when and how he tells Hope is his choice. Patrick says he was trying to do the right thing, and he cant believe he was letting Billie go to jail. Bo says that was her idea. Suddenly, Bo and Patrick hear Hope yelling and run to see what has happened. 

Chelsea returns and thinks about Max telling her to face what shes done. Chelsea and Billie hug one another. Hope finds Chelsea hugging Billie. She walks up behind her and calls her a murderer! Hope says she knows the truth, she killed Zack. Chelsea says she doesnt know what shes talking about. Hope says shes the one who was driving Bos car, she killed her son! Chelsea says she lost her license when she had her accident. Hope says probably because she was too busy talking on her damn cell phone. She asks if that is what happened when she hit Zack? Chelsea says Billie confessed, but Hope knows Billie has lied to protect her. Hope cant believe Chelsea let her do that. Bo comes running out as Hope is calling Chelsea a liar like her mother. She says there is no explanation for what either of them have done. She says Chelsea still wont admit that she did it. Chelsea says she didnt. Hope says Patrick showed them the proof, they know she was driving. Chelsea says Patrick would say anything to save Billie. Billie tells Chelsea to stop it, they know the truth, they have a photo of her in the car. Hope shows Chelsea the picture and demands she look at it and dont tell her its a lie. Hope says you did it, you killed your little brother. Billie tells Chelsea that it is time for the lies to stop. Chelsea says shes sorry, shes so sorry. Hope cant believe she hit Zack and didnt stop. Chelsea says she didnt know she hit him, she just felt a little bump. Hope says that little bump was her boy! Hope says if she had stopped and checked then Zack might still be alive. Hope tells Chelsea shes just too selfish to care. Billie tells Hope that blaming Chelsea wont bring Zack back, and for a minute put herself in Chelseas shoes. Would she get out of a car late at night if she hit something? Billie says who would think a little boy would be in the street so late, and what happened was an innocent accident. Hope says if it was so innocent then why did she lie for Chelsea? She says she wasnt helping Chelsea, she was teaching her how to get away with murder. Billie says it wasnt murder and Hope knows the difference between murder and accidental death. Hope tells Bo that they knew the truth and lied to them. Bo holds Hope who sobs. She asks how anyone could be so cruel. Chelsea says it was an accident. She says murder is when someone knowingly takes someone's life. She says she loved Zack. She also says what about the woman watching him? Why hasn't she been questioned? Is she a murderer too? Chelsea says this was an accident. Hope says an accident that wouldnt have happened if she hadnt stolen her fathers car, if she hadnt driven without a license. Chelsea says she had a license and permission to drive. Hope says nobody would let her drive Bos car, and even now she cant stop lying. Chelsea says shes not lying, dad gave her permission. Hope turns and looks at Bo. She sees the look on his face and cries.

At the hospital, Lexie is worried as Abe is in surgery having a cornea transplant. She asks the nurses to tell her if they learn anything about the surgery. Shawn, Mimi and Bonnie arrive, and Lexie tends to Bonnie. Lexie orders all sorts of tests on Bonnie, who is wheeled away. Mimi asks LExie if it is serious, and isnt she too young for a heart attack. Lexie says not necessarily, and shell let her know what the test results say. Mimi begins to worry, what if her mom really is sick. Shawn says they need to think the best. Mimi knows this is the last place he wants to be, but he says hes always here for her. Lexie examines Bonnie and asks her about her medical history. Does she drink, smoke, exercise? Bonnie drinks, smokes and doesn't get much exercise since her divorce. Lexie tells Bonnie to relax, lay back and rest. She has Bonnie hooked up to a heart monitor and says shell check on her in a few. Lexie leaves, and Bonnie looks at the heart monitor. She says she has to make sure Mimi doesnt know shes faking. She hears a man in the next cubicle talking about having a heart attack. She ends up getting up and starts running in place to fix the results of the heart monitor. Bonnie jumps back in bed and fakes pains when Lexie returns. Mimi and Shawn are with her. Bonnie claims shes not feeling well, and she describes the symptoms the man in the next cubicle was having. Lexie looks at the heart monitor which shows her heart rate is elevated, and it shouldnt be going this fast. Lexie asks if something happened to bring this on, did something cause her undo stress or anxiety? Bonnie looks at Mimi. Shawn says they were all at Belles and just talking. Bonnie says she doesnt know what caused it. Lexie says she was smart to come here. She wants to examine Bonnie again and closes the curtain. Mimi is still feeling guilty and feels like such a bad daughter. She thinks it is thanks to Shawn that her mom will be fine. Mimi tells Shawn if he wants to get back to Belle and Claire its okay. Shawn says he wants to stay here with her. He admits he feels connected to Claire and Belle, but his future is with her. Shawn kisses her hand. Mimi tells Shawn that she cant take this anymore, she has to tell him the truth. Suddenly, Bonnies monitors begin beeping again when she hears this.

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