July 3 2006
At the hospital, Belle, Phillip, Shawn and Mimi wait for news about their fertilization, Shawn and Phillip have just donated their samples, the gloved hand has switched Belle and Mimi's eggs in the lab. Mimi is worrying, she doesn't think this will work out for her, she thinks it will be the same as last time. Shawn tries to keep her positive. Meanwhile, Phillip too is worried about the outcome. With his slow sperm mobility there is no guarantee. Belle says the doctor thinks there is hope and he wouldn't say that if there wasn't. Phillip thinks he'd say anything to keep the investors family happy. They talk to the doctor, he believes the process he's developed will work for them. Belle tells Phillip if it is a success they can try again, they can still have that big family. Belle tells Phillip that she loves him, he says he loves her too. They hug, and Belle hopes this works for Mimi as a well, she so wants to give Shawn a child. Mimi overhears and says Shawn has a child, the problem is none of them know it. 

Dr. Janes goes into the lab. He tells the lab technician NOT to screw this up, he does not want his funding wrecked because of a mishap with these cases. The lab tech says he will triple check all the labels, nothing will go wrong. The gloved hand spies, he or she remembers switching the labels. The hang clenches his fist and shakes it to celebrate what he or she has done. 

Hope has arrived to have her ultrasound. Bo is there, as are Patrick and Billie (in the background). Bo is positive this baby is his. Hope asks how he knows? He just feels it, he feels this is a gift to them, a sign they are meant to be together. Hope says it could just as easily be Patrick's. Meanwhile, Patrick talks to Billie about the baby. Bonnie, who is volunteering, overhears and is thrilled, one more family member is going to get their piece of the Horton pie. Patrick says the baby could be Bo's. Shawn and Mimi overhear at this point, Shawn realizes his mother is pregnant and is furious. He takes off. Bonnie talks to Mimi and Patrick about how they've both landed into the richest families in town. They don't want to hear it, all of her scheming has never gotten them a thing. She tells them to go for the gold, she raised them better. Later Bonnie encourages Billie to do the same, if the baby is Patrick's then she'll get Bo. She says hold onto him and don't let him or his piece of the Kiriakis' fortune go. 

Shawn finds his mom talking to Bo. He's furious, he tells his father that this is all his fault and if he thinks this baby is going to bring them back together then forget it. Hope asks to speak with Shawn alone, so Bo goes and talks to Billie. Bo is worried, this baby just has to be his. He says he's lost Zack and Shawn, he can't lose Hope to. Meanwhile, Shawn tells Hope that she is in this situation because of his dad and his lies. Hope tells Shawn he can't stay angry at his father, he has to try and forgive him. Shawn asks his mom if she's saying she's forgiven him? Suddenly the doctor comes in with news, it's not good. Bo and Patrick rush in, Hope asks if something is wrong with the baby? The doctor says no, the ultrasound equipment. She says it's broke and probably won't be fixed till after the holiday. She says she's sorry, she'll have to come back. Hope asks Patrick to walk her to her car. They leave, and Shawn says mom made her choice just like he made his. Later Bo tells Billie the baby just has to be his. Billie asks what if it isn't? He says he won't lose Hope to Patrick, he'll do whatever it takes to make sure of that.

On the pier, Austin runs into Carrie, who was daydreaming about marrying him and not Lucas. They have a heart to heart. Austin feels it is the two of them that should be together, they are one another's true loves. He thinks if she wasn't pregnant she wouldn't be marrying Lucas. She reminds him they were engaged before she knew. She says this is how it has to be, they can't play the what if game. He says they love each other deeply, there is no know if. Carrie says it doesn't matter, they can never be together. He asks why not? She flashes back to Lexie's big old genetic test lie. Austin says she owes him the truth, why can't they be together? Carrie cries and says she does owe him, she'll tell him why.

At Sami's, Lucas arrives, he's bunking with Will tonight. It's the night before the wedding. Sami was daydreaming about marrying Lucas when he came in. They have a heart to heart as well, Sami wants to know if Austin and Carrie hadn't come back into their lives if they'd be working things out. Lucas won't go there, he won't play the what if game either. He says they are with who they are with and this is how it will be, nothing can happen to ruin it. To herself Sami fears she's already done something to ruin it. She calls up Lexie and says they have to talk before the wedding. Lucas overhears, but when questioned she claims she was just calling her hairdressers for an appointment. Sami tells herself that she can't let that bitch Lexie ruin everything, she has to stop her.


July 4, 2006

At the Brady Pub, Abby tells Chelsea she has to go spend time with her dad before hes gone. Shes still hoping for a miracle. She asks Chelsea if she changed her mind about Max? Chelsea says no, she isnt ready to be tied down, she wants to celebrate her freedom. Max shows up, he agrees and suggests they go party. He says they should go to the party at the park, dance, watch the fireworks. Abby tells Chelsea to just go, she knows she wants to. Max says he wants to take her to the wedding tomorrow as a couple, he is going to convince her to be a couple tonight. Abby says shes going to go, and she tells Chelsea not to blow it. 

Jen is at home taking care of Jack. Jack thinks she should be celebrating. She offers to grill hot dogs and watch the fireworks on TV. Frankie walks in, he says that is weak, they should go celebrate for real. Jen isnt sure about this, but Frankie says he checked with the doctor and its okay as long as Jack takes his meds. Jen agrees, though she still doesnt like it. Jack thinks it is a good idea, he reminds her of the fun times they always had. Jen does remember. We see flashbacks of one of their end of the runway plane watching nights. We also see when Jack came back to her from the island. Jack tells Jen that he just wants one more happy memory of them as a family. Abby returns, she asks what is going on? Jack says they are going out for a big fourth celebration. Abby asks if this was moms idea? They say no, Frankies idea. Abby says shes in, she just wants to get a surprise together for dad. Jack goes to get dressed, Jen and Frankie are left alone to talk. Jen tells Frankie she doesnt know what to say to him, this has made Jacks whole day. She tells Frankie it is sweet for him to do this for them, she knows how hard this is for him. He says hed do anything for her and her family. Jen kisses him and says she doesnt know what shed do without him. Jack spies on them together. 

There is a big party on at the park for the fourth. Kayla and Steve are there, Kayla talks about how in the past the Brady and Hortons always had a huge bash. However with Carrie and Lucas wedding they didnt have time to put one together this year. Kayla explains all the family relations. She tells him it will be simple when he gets his memory back. He says if he does. She says he will, maybe even today. They head down to the pier where the party is going on, all the boats are lit up. She talks about how all these places have such special meaning to them. We see flashbacks to Steve and Kaylas wedding. We then see a fake flashback of a Fourth of July when Stephanie was a baby. She was crying because of the fireworks, Steve calmed her down. After the flashback, Steve says something about how he got the baby to stop crying. Kayla thinks he remembers and hugs him. He says he didnt remember, he guessed because she said he had a way with the baby. Kayla says he was always so good with her, and he knows even though shes grown up if they meet that there will be a connection between them. She thinks perhaps that will help him remember.

Jack, Jen, Abby, JJ and Frankie meet up with Steve and Kayla. They have a picnic prepared and ask Steve and Kayla to join them. Abby has made her dads burgers, that was her surprise. Jack wants her to keep the tradition up next year, and to teach JJ when hes old enough, assuming he's trustworthy with the recipe. Abby and Frankie go to make the burgers. Jen cant believe this will be her last 4th with Jack. She says she wont talk about this, only happy thoughts today. She asks Kayla how Steve is. Kayla says he doesnt remember still, but Jen is sure he will in time.

Max and Chelsea head to the pier. Max goes to get them some drinks, and Chelsea asks the DJ to play a song. She then dances with the hunky DJ, they realty dirty dance with one another. Max returns with the drinks, hes furious. He almost gets into a fight with the guy, but Frankie shows up and breaks it up. Max asks Chelsea what her problem is? She says she has told him, shes not ready to be with one guy. She says she likes him a lot, she just wants to have fun. Max tells her to have all the fun she wants, hes sick of her. He doesnt know what he saw in her to begin with. He walks off. Abby, who sees this, tells Chelsea she blew it, she just lost a good guy. Abby says there are tons of girls who would like a guy like Max. Chelsea says then hell play the field for a bit, but shes sure shell be with Max in the end.

Back to the Johnson and Devereux families, night is setting is as the family prepares for the fireworks. Kayla tells Steve this is the nicest fourth shes had in a long time. Jack meanwhile tells Jen it doesnt get much better than this.

Max races off to the track, litterally. He ends up in his car on the track getting his aggression out. He ends up having a crash. Someone else was on a track, another racer. Max is furious, he asks the person who is in a race suit if he sees this. The other driver, walking towards him, takes off their helmet, its a woman! She says sorry but he got in her way. (yeah, it's Steve and Kayla's daughter)

Elsewhere the pier, Carrie agrees to tell Austin why she picked Lucas. Flashbacks to her whole conversation with Lexie about the genetics lie Lexie told. Carrie chickens out, she tells Austin he belongs with Sami and shes marrying Lucas. She says they need to move on, it would be the best thing for them all. Carrie then walks off. Austin goes off to box his brains out. He thinks about his marriage to Carrie. 

Sami heads to the hospital to talk to Lexie. She wants to know why Lexie isnt returning any of her calls. Lexie says she has nothing to say to her. Sami says too bad, she wants to know why Lexie didnt tell the truth. Sami asks if shes buying her time for a better moment to humilate her? Is she telling everyone at the wedding? Lexie says if only she could. Sami asks what she means? Lexie says shes not planning anything, now she has work so leave. Sami wants to know why Lexie is covering for her? Lexie remembers her cell phone call from the gloved one. Lexie tells Sami to just be thankful she didnt tell and let it go. Sami says she cant let it go, she has to know what is going on. Shes worried about this wedding tomorrow and it isnt even her wedding. They argue, Sami once again asks why shes covering for her? Kate walks up and says so the two of you are hiding something. Kate asks what is going on? Sami says Lexie told her last night, but Kate doesnt believe that pitiful excuse. Kate asks Lexie what is really going on? Lexie says she told her, Sami was blackmailing her. Kate doesnt buy it, Sami doesnt blackmail unless something is in it for her. She doesnt know what is going on or why they are covering it up. Sami says Kate is grasping at straws and doesnt have time for it. Sami leaves. Kate asks Lexie what is going on? Lexie says if she wants answers to talk to Sami. Lexie walks off.

Carrie arrives at the hospital, she runs into Lexie. Carrie asks if they can talk. Lexie says they can, she sees Carrie is upset. Carrie says shes so confused, she cant stop thinking about that day Lexie told her she couldnt have a baby with Austin. Carrie is feeling conflicted, if she tells Austin the truth then Lucas will find out and think that is the only reason she chose him. She says maybe her and Austin were meant to be, but she wants a baby so bad. She thinks shes selfish to want a healthy baby, but she doesnt want to bring a baby in the world to suffer and die. Lexie tells Carrie that she has something very important to tell her. Lexie soon remembers the phone call. Lexie chickens out and tells Carrie shes marrying a wonderful man and is having a baby, forget about Austin and focus on how blessed she is. Carrie says shes right, she thanks her. Carrie says tomorrow she is marrying Lucas and Austin will eventually marry Sami. Carrie says everyone will be happy. She thanks Lexie for being such a good friend and for always being here for her. Lexie tells her to have a great day tomorrow and know shes marrying a wonderful man. Lexie feels guilty, she doesnt know how she can let Carrie do this when she knows the man she should be with is Austin.

Sami returns home, Kate follows her. Kate knows Sami and Lexie are lying and shes going to prove it to Austin. Austin shows up and says Sami isnt lying, his mother has to accept that and let him live his own life. He then tells Sami they have to go, and he takes her off somewhere. Austin takes Sami to the pier to see the fireworks. Kate spies on them, she vows to find out what Samis secret is and make sure her whole world explodes. 


July 5, 2006
Everyone is arriving at the church for the wedding. Phillip, Belle, Shawn and Mimi are the first to arrive. Mimi thanks Phillip for setting them up with Dr. Janes, she is sure Phillip and Belle will get pregnant, she just hopes they wont have a problem. Mimi hopes nothing goes wrong. Mimi ends up lighting a candle for Gods blessing for the in vitro process and their surrogate. Mimi then tells Shawn that being here with him, where they were married, it makes her feel so close to him. She also apologizes for last night. Shawn says their future is together, they will have a baby together. Phillip and Belle show up, they were checking on Carrie. Belle says she looks beautiful. Shawn says since they have time before the ceremony hes going to call Dr. Janes. Shawn calls up the good doc . . . At the hospital, Dr. Janes is working on the fertilization. He just hopes nothing goes wrong, there is a lot of grant money riding on this. Dr. Janes gets a call from Shawn, the gloved one spies on them as they talk. Dr. Janes assures Shawn that hes personally supervising this case and theyll have news soon. Later Shawn tells them he has news, the eggs were successfully fertilized. Belle tells Mimi this means they are on their way. They talk about how the kids could be born on the same day. Back at the hospital, the gloved hand goes to grab Mimis dish. Dr. Janes yells out What in the hell do you think you are doing? Of course its not directed at the hand but another orderly pushing a gurney and almost hitting the samples. Back at the church, the kids are talking about how their kids will grow up together and be best friends just like all of them.

In the Brides room, Roman asks Carrie if shes okay? She looks a little nervous. Carrie admits she never thought shed be marrying Lucas, she thought shed be marrying Austin. Roman gives her a big hug. Roman leaves her to dress. Later Carrie tells Caroline they have a big problem. Carrie says shes actually lost weight, how can this be as shes pregnant? Caroline says its not uncommon with morning sickness. Carrie says shes hardly had any at all. Caroline says maybe she hasnt been eating as shes nervous about the wedding. Carrie says no she has been eating properly, how could she have lost this much weight since the last fitting? Caroline says perhaps she got the measurements wrong, shell fix the dress. Carrie thanks her. Caroline asks Carrie if shes ready for this, these vows are forever? Carrie knows, theyve talked about this before. Carrie knows the situation her grandma was in with Victor and Granpa Shawn. Caroline says shes only asking her because she loves her and doesnt want her to make the same mistake she did. Is she having any second thoughts? Carrie says no, she just wishes she could have kept the original date as then her mom could have been here. Carrie says she had a fashion thing in Milan. Caroline says she sent a present, a bracelet she wore when she married Roman. She then puts the bracelet on Carrie. Later Roman asks if shes ready? Carrie says she is, so he says lets have a wedding!

In the church, Will talks with his dad, he hopes nothing happens to stop this wedding. Lucas promises him that things will go smoothly. Will says what if his mom does something to ruin things? Lucas says she wont. To himself he privately hopes Sami doesnt screw this up for him. 

Billie asks Austin if hes okay, can he stand up for Lucas today? Austin says he can. Austin talks to her about how he admits he thought Sami and Lucas would be together as they have a child. Billie says that is no guarantee, look at her and Bo. Billie tells him that hell be happy with Sami and hell be a great step-dad to Will. Austin says he knows, but every time hes around Carrie he cant help wonder what it would be like to be with her. Lucas walks up to them, he says to keep thinking about that will just drive him nuts. Lucas tells Austin that he is engaged to marry Sami, he proposed to her. Lucas thought Sami would be the one to break his heart, maybe he will break hers though. Austin wont break her heart. He wants Lucas to be happy with Carrie, but he wont deny their past. Austin says she chose him though and hell honor that. Lucas thanks him and hopes he and Sami will be happy. 

Abe arrives at the church, he wonders how he and Lexie ended up like this. Outside the church, Lexie arrives and runs into Tek. Tek asks what is happening, why are Carrie and Lucas getting married? Lexie says she couldnt reveal the truth. He asks why not? He asks who forced her into letting that bitch off the hook? Lexie says let it go, she has to deal with this herself. Tek realizes someone has her scared and its not Sami. Lexie says its not, and that is all shell say. She walks off.

Abe soon meets up with Roman and they talk. Roman knows this has to be hard for Abe. Abe says it is, but this is Carries happy day. Roman asks Abe if he can think about what hes giving up, think about the impact it will have on Theo, think about giving her another chance. He says he wonders what Sami would be like if he and Marlena had stayed together, a lot of her problems resulted from their breakup. Abe says that was Stefanos fault, and he hates to say it but a lot of the problems between him and Lexie are the result of her being a DiMera. Abe says he deeply loved her at one time, and maybe part of him always will, but she is Stefanos daughter and she betrayed him again and again. Abe says this isnt the first time shes done this, Lexie doesnt love him enough to be faithful. Roman says Lexie is sorry, she begged him to talk to him. Roman says talk to her, let her at least explain. He says for Theos sake hear her out. Abe says okay hell talk to her. 

Back in the church, Sami spies on Lexie and Tek. Kate sees her and confronts her. Kate tells her that they know how this story is going to end, shell find out the truth and humiliate her. Kate tells Sami she knows about the message she left for Lexie on her phone about how Carrie and Lucas wouldnt be getting married if Lexie told them what she knew. Sami asks if Kate is telling them what she heard? Kate says she unfortunately has no proof, but she knows something is going on and she will find out what it is. She says when she does Sami will lose Austin for good. Kate tells Sami there is more going on here than anyone is saying, and shell find out what. sHe tells Sami that time is running out for her and her secret.

Later Billie tells her mom that Lucas seems happy with Carrie, and Austin seems happy too. Kate says she knows Sami is the worst thing to happen to Austin. Kate thinks maybe Austin will listen to Billie. Billie says shes the last person to give advice about love and same goes for her mother. Kate tells Billie that Sami has a secret and for some reason Lexie feels compelled to protect her. Billie warns her mother this could backfire on her and on Austin, let it go. Billie doesnt understand where her mom, CEO of a huge company, gets the time to interfere in her childrens lives. She says shes not interfering, shes trying to make sure they are happy. Kate says she has to go talk to Lexie now. Lucas asks Billie if mom is on her best behavior or what? Billie says she will be, once they are up at the altar. Later Kate approaches Billie again. She asks when Hope is having that baby tested? Billie says soon she hopes. She says she was supposed to have it today but the ultra sound machine was broke. Billie says Bo is going through hell. Kate tries to open her mouth, but Billie stops her. She says Bo wants Hope. Kate thinks Hope will have something to say about that. Lucas walks up, he says the wedding is abouit to start, Carrie had a dress mishap. Kate says he didnt see her did he? He says no, nothing has been jinxed. Kate says she only wants good things for him. 

Kate grabs Lexie and says they need to talk. Austin asks Sami if shes okay? She says she just has jitters. He asks if that is all that is going on? Sami sees Kate with Lexie. Austin tells Sami to be honest with her. She says she is. He asks how she feels about Lucas getting married. Sami says she loves him and wanted to have a future with Lucas, but this is what Lucas wants so shes happy for him. Austin says good, hes happy for him too. Sami also hopes this wedding is perfect, just like theirs. Meanwhile, Lexie tells Kate that she will tell her the truth. Of course Lexie doesnt tell her the truth, she gives her the same old answers and excuses. Lexie tells Kate if she could give her dirt on Sami she would, but she cant. Meanwhile, Sami tells Austin they will be happy, she promises. Austin admits he was worried when she admitted she was blackmailing Lexie, but she was trying to do a good thing. He says shes changed and hes proud of her. She thanks him. He says hell be more proud when they become husband and wife. Austin cant wait to walk down this aisle with her.

Back outside, Lexie is in tears. Tek shows up and says he loves her so much, he hates seeing her like this. She says then he should have stayed away when she told him to. She says its her own fault, she should have been stronger. She says there is nothing to be done, shes already done the damage to her marriage. Tek comforts her and Abe walks in on them. Hes furious. He says nothing though, they dont see him.

The wedding soon begins, the bridesmaids all walk down the aisle: Belle, Billie and Sami. Austin stands at the altar with Lucas as hes the best man. Finally the wedding march plays and Carrie walks down the aisle. Sami thinks as soon as Carrie and Lucas are married then Austin will be hers. 

Max is at the track looking at his damaged car. He remembers his encounter with the female driver. He becomes upset. The woman thinks he must have a problem with women drivers. He says no, he has issues with reckless drivers. He says hes reporting her to the racing officials. She says she stayed in her lane, and there isnt much damage to his car. As for his ego, she cant say the same. He asks who she is? She doesnt answer him, she tells him that he was the one driving poorly and she takes a guess that it is probably due to girlfriend troubles. Max says shes not answering his question. She says its not her fault if he doesnt do his homework about the competition. Max says he was unaware there was a female driver on the circuit now, but if there is she must be doing poorly if he hasnt heard of her. The girl says if she hasnt heard of her name yet, shes about to. Max thinks the damage to his car isnt that bad, so he challenges her to a race. She wants to win fair and square, is his car really okay? He says it is, so she says hes on. Max ends up winning the race, and he claims he even went easy on her. The girl says she want easy on him and let him win! She says she could have easily beat him if she stepped on the gas. He says this has been fun but he has somewhere to be. He takes off his racing suit, hes dressed in a suit underneath. The girl says didnt she see that in an old James Bond movie? He says it was a scuba diving suit. He says he has a wedding to go to, and hed ask her to come but that suit might not be appropriate. She takes her suit off, underneath she has this little leopard print top and a turquoise dress to go over it. She asks Max to zip her up, he does. He asks where her shoes are? She actually has some. She says shell put them on while he drives, shes going to the same wedding. He asks if she is sure. She says yes, her family has all their weddings there, she was baptized there.


July 8, 2006
No Show, Wimbledon


July 7 , 2006
No Show, Wimbledon

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