July 10 2006
Steve and Kayla are in the garden at the church. He asks if they shouldnt be inside? She doubts the wedding will start on time. She wants him to spend more time here where they were married, perhaps he will remember something. Steve thinks it must be disappointing to her that he cant remember. She says shes more sad for him, she has wonderful memories that he doesnt. He says he likes the pictures she showed him, they were all so happy. Kayla says they were, and she feels perhaps seeing Stephanie will help him remember. Kayla just wishes she could reach Stephanie. Steve picks a rose for Kayla. She says he used to bring her flowers all the time, its beautiful. He says shes beautiful.

Chelsea and Abby arrive at the wedding, outside the church they see Max arrive with a girl. Chelsea says he sure doesnt waste time. Abby says she warned her that this would happen. Max asks the girl what her name is, who does she know here, how is she invited to the wedding. She says he asks a lot of questions, and she likes keeping him guessing. EJ shows up, he sees Max with the girl as well. He wonders what she is doing here with him. He decides not to interrupt them right now. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Abby spy from the bushes. Chelsea thinks if Max wants to play the field then its fine by her. Abby says even if she loses him to a girl like her? Meanwhile, Max is talking with the girl, questioning her who she is friends with here, which side will she sit on? She says the Bradys. He still doesnt know who she is. She says she knows a lot about him. She goes into his whole past, how he and Frankie were adopted and how he didnt talk for a long time. He asks how she knows that? She claims she read it on his fan club site, but he says none of his three fan clubs have that information. She says maybe hes met his match then. She says relax, all will be revealed. Max says she is playing games, but he can handle it. He says hell find out who she is. The girl says they better get to the wedding. They walk into the church . . . and right into Kayla and Steve who are in the entrance to the chapel. Kayla is stunned to see Stephanie. Stephanie says she thought shed be surprised. Kayla tells Stephanie that she wont believe this. Stephanie sees Steve, and Kayla introduces them. Stephanie looks at him and says Dad?

Inside the church, the wedding has started. Belle walks down the aisle and joins Phillip. Billie follows and joins Will. Sami then walks down and joins Austin at the altar. Finally Roman walks Carrie down the aisle. Kate waits for Lexie to show up and stop this. Lexie walks into the church after Carrie gets to the altar and is given away by her father. Father Jansen leads everyone in a prayer. Carrie looks at Lucas, who morphs into Austin. She begins to say I cant! which Sami hears. Of course Lucas sees shes freaking, he asks if shes okay. She says yes and she just cant wait to be his wife. Meanwhile, Kate goes to the back of the church and tells Lexie its time for her to tell the truth, she has to tell her what Sami did so she can get Sami away from Austin. She also says its better Lucas gets his heart broken now rather than later. Kate doesnt know why Lexie is protecting Sami, this is wrong and she has to help her stop Sami. Lexie flashes back to her phone call from the gloved one. Lexie tells Kate there is nothing she can do. Kate says shes the only one who can do anything, do something before its too late. Back at the altar, the vows continue. Father Jansen asks if anyone has a reason why these two shouldnt be joined? Suddenly Kate walks out and says Lexie Carver has something to say! Lucas asks his mom if shes trying to ruin his wedding again? Kate says Lexie will have to explain. Lexie chickens out and just says that shes made a terrible mistake in her own marriage and lost the one true love of her life, she doesnt want Carrie or Lucas to make the same mistake. She tells them and everyone to be honest and faithful to one another. She tells Carrie and Lucas to promise to uphold these vows for the rest of their lives. Lexie says shes sorry for interrupting, she just wants them all to know how important the vows are and that they need to be sure they belong with one another. Lexie leaves and Kate sits down, obviously upset. Lucas tells Carrie that Lexie is right, and he is sure of the love he feels for her. He says he commits himself to her willingly and lovingly, he only hopes she feels the same way. Everyone waits for Carries answer. She eventually says she is committed to him, shes here today because she loves him and wants to marry him. The vows continue, Father Jansen asks if they will accept children lovingly and bring them up following the laws of the church. Lucas says he will. Carrie flashes to Lexies big ole genetic marker lie. Carrie says she will, and she already loves Will. She says shell do her best to be a good step-mom like Marlena was to her. Will says hell try not to get on her nerves too much. Alice and Maggie talk about how happy they are for Lucas right now. Father Jansen begins to official vows. Carrie and Lucas both say I do. Lucas speaks before Father Jansen makes it official. Lucas talks about how hes been looking for this day for a long time, hes loved her since the moment he saw her. As Lucas talks we see flashbacks of them together. Lucas says this is the happiest day of his life and it will only get better from her. He then slips the ring on Carries finger and promises to love and honor her always. Carrie thanks Lucas for always being here for her, he is and always will be her best friend, and now he will be her husband. She gives Lucas his ring and makes all the usual promises. Sami turns her head, she doesnt seem to be able to watch. Father Jansen declares them man and wife.

Meanwhile, Kate scolds Lexie in the back of the church. Kate knows Lexie knows something, and she knows Austin is the man Carrie truly loves. Kate tells Lexie she will find out what is going on, she stopped Sami from marrying Lucas and shes stopping her from marrying Austin. Kate says she just hopes Lexie wasnt pulled into Samis scheme, because the truth will come out. She says if Lexie is caught in the crossfire then so be it. Later, Kate speaks with Roman. He doesnt think she looks very happy. She says she is, and Carrie is a wonderful girl. Roman knows shes not thinking about Carrie and Lucas right now, shes focused on Austin and Sami. Roman tells her to leave them alone.

Back out in the garden, Max spies on Steve, Kayla and Stephanie. He now knows who she is. Meanwhile A spying Chelsea realizes Stephanie is Maxs niece, she says yes and does a little cheer. Abby reminds Chelsea she is his niece too, but Chelsea says not by blood. Abby says same for Stephanie. Chelsea says this town is so incestuous. Abby says this week has been insane. Chelsea asks Abby how she didnt recognize her own cousin? Abby says they havent seen each other since they were kids. Chelsea doesnt think shes so special. Abby says well Max does. 

Back in the garden, Stephanie cant believe this, she asks her mom how this can be. Kayla says they dont know everything yet, but something happened and he doesnt remember anything. Steve says hes sorry, up until a few days ago he thought he was Nick Stockton. He says he just didnt know who he was, he just believed he was that guy. Stephanie hugs him, she says she missed him and the important thing is hes back. Steve cries, he says hes sorry, shes his baby girl and he doesnt remember. Caroline, Shawn and others soon come out, they are thrilled that Stephanie is home. Caroline says they didnt see them inside. Kayla is embarrassed but says they never made it inside, they ran into Stephanie out here. Shawn says since Stephanie didnt know about Steve its a good excuse. Stephanie claims she came here to surprise them all, but she got a real surprise. Caroline asks if seeing Stephanie made Steve remember? He says no, but the photos hes seen of her dont do Stephanie justice. Everyone begins to head out to the reception. Stephanie tells her dad shes in town for a race, theyll have time to catch up. Steve heard about her profession from her mom. Stephanie says mom always said she got her wild and dangerous streak from him. Steve didn't know he had one and says he's feeling a bit overprotective of Stephanie all of the sudden. Kayla says that is a good thing, and soon he may remember. Later after Stephanie is gone, Steve asks Kayla if he scared her away? She says no, its normal and its a bit awkward right now. Kayla says they need time together as a family. Steve tells Kayla that they cant be a family if he cant remember.

Stephanie and Max chit chat, Max now knows who she is. He asks why she was being so secretive? Stephanie was enjoying it and thought he was too. He asks if there are anymore secrets? EJ walks up, he says is so glad to see her. Stephanie says hes in Salem too? He says yes, and now hes even more glad he is. They hug and say its good to see one another. Stephanie explains how she and EJ have raced before. EJ says Stephanie beat him, but Stephanie claims she let him win. EJ tells Max not to let Stephanies beauty fool him, Stephanie left him in her dust and Max goes up against her at his own peril. Max thanks him for the advice. Max wants Stephanie to go to the reception with her, EJ wants her to go with him. She suggests they all go together. They head off, and a spying Chelsea says in a snotty voice Why dont we all go together? Abby says shes so jealous. Chelsea says shes not, and she will let little miss thing know she was with Max first. Abby says that is the Chelsea she knows.

Back in the church, Lucas thanks Carrie for including Will in the ceremony, and hes waited a long time for a brother or sister. Meanwhile Sami tells Austin they are next and she cant wait. She hugs him as Lexie watches. Lexie says if Sami only knew how close she came to losing Austin. Billie and Kate are still hanging around. Kate tells Billie she looks beautiful, she wishes Bo was here to see her. Billie says he had more important things to do, besides this is Lucas day and they should be happy for him. Kate hopes Lucas and Carries marriage lasts, and she hopes Austin will find happiness. Billie tells her not to go there. Kate says she has a sure fire way to keep Sami from Austin, and before too long Sami will self destruct. 

Meanwhile the in vitro gang gets a message from the doctor, they need to get to the hospital right away. Mimi hopes it isnt bad news. They make it to the hospital, Phillip says Mimis surrogate is on her way. Shawn says see its all good, nothing to worry about. Mimi says this is really happening. As they talk the gloved one spies on them and remembers the switch they made in the lab.


July 11, 2006

At the hospital, Shawn, Belle, Phillip and Mimi meet with the doctor. He has bad news, but it's not that bad. Because of the holidays they are short staffed so there will be a wait before they can implant the eggs. Mimi is relieved, she tells Shawn she should have listened to him when he said everything would be fine. SHe's just so worried something will go wrong. Phillip then gets a call, this time the news isn't good. Mimi's surrogate was in a car accident on the way to the hospital! They don't know anything more. A nurse comes along, she wants to take Belle to be implanted. Belle would rather wait, but Mimi tells her to go. Belle and Phillip go off to a cubicle where they wait for  the implantation. The gloved one lurks about spying on them. Meanwhile, Dr. Jaynes tells Mimi and Shawn their surrogate is here too, and it turns out the accident was just a fender bender. She is already in her room about to be implanted. Mimi wants to meet her, but he suggests after the procedure. 

The wedding reception is in full swing today, I believe it is going on at Basic Black? Lucas and Carrie are in a conference room making out. Maggie interrupts them, they have a telegram. Maggie says these make her generation a bit nervous. It's from Mike, he sends his best wishes to them both. Lucas and Carrie say he's such an upstanding guy. 

Chelsea and Abby arrive at the reception, Abby didn't want to be here. She wishes she could enjoy it, and she wishes she was more fun than she is. Chelsea says her dad is dying, it's okay for her to not be the life of the party. Chelsea asks if there is anything she can do? Abby sees Max arrive, she asks Chelsea to give Max another chance, not everyone has a man who is madly in love with them. Chelsea talks to Max, she asks where Stephanie is? He says she had things to do, and besides she's not the one he wanted to be here with. Max asks Chelsea to dance, they do. He tells Chelsea that she is the one he loves, he wants to be with her. She says she's just not ready to be tied down. He says he understands, but she needs to know he's not waiting for her forever. Chelsea tells him that after this is over she's going out. He asks with who? She says just friends. Suddenly Max gets a call. He smiles and talks to the person, saying he doesn't have plans. He then tells a not so happy looking Chelsea that he has to go and he'll see her later perhaps.

Steve and Kayla are at the reception, Kayla can't find her little photo album. Steve says he has it, he's sorry he took it to look at the pictures. She asks if he remembers anything, but he says no. She says John and Marlena will be back in town shortly, they are family and Marlena is a psychiatrist. SHe says Marlena has experience with memory loss, she may be able to help him. He says the shrinks in Cincinnati couldn't, but it can't hurt to try again. He just doesn't understand who would fake his death and leave him with no memory. Kayla thinks she does, she thinks it was Stefano DiMera. She gives him the brief history of Stefano and Tony and their obsession with the Bradys, especially Hope and Marlena. Later Kayla takes Steve into a private office for some alone time, and to try and help him remember. She kisses him, and they fall onto the couch and make out!

Austin and Sami are enjoying the reception. They are discussing how their wedding is next. EJ walks up. He asks them about their wedding and why they feel the need to rush into it? He says he understands why Carrie and Lucas did, but Sami isn't pregnant. Austin asks why he cares so much? EJ claims he is thinking about their partnership, weddings take a lot of time and planning and he doesn't want his campaign to be an afterthought. Austin assures him that won't happen. When left alone, Sami asks EJ why he's really determine to postpone her wedding? He swears it is about business as he said, but tells Sami that he didn't agree to work with Austin's company because of Austin, he wanted to work with her. She's a bit shocked. Austin returns, he jokes that EJ has sweet talked Sami enough. He asks Sami to dance with him.

Roman has another talk with Kate. He wants Kate to leave Sami alone, don't ruin her happiness again. Kate asks why he believes Sami has changed but won't believe the same about her? Roman says he knows her, and he knows she hates Sami. Kate says she does, but her feelings and her actions are two different things. Roman talks about the special connection they had. He knows she's a strong woman, but he also fell in love with a woman who was caring and loving. He hopes that woman is still in there, and he hopes that woman will let Sami and Austin be happy.

Bo is at the reception with Billie. She thanks him for keeping her company. They see Hope arrive with Patrick. Billie asks Bo not to make a scene. Bo says he won't, he doesn't want to upset Hope. Bo takes Hope aside to talk. He tells her whatever happens, he wants her to know he'll never stop loving her. She says even if the baby is Patrick's? Meanwhile Billie questions Patrick as to what he'll do if Hope's baby is his? Later we see Bo and Billie back together talking. Billie tries to cheer Bo up and asks him to dance. He says why not. Hope sees this and asks Patrick to just take her home. He says okay, he's only here because of her anyways. 

Maggie introduces Carrie and Lucas to everyone, and they share their first dance together. Later everyone else joins in. Carrie and Lucas ask to cut in on Sami and Austin. Carrie dances with Austin, she says she's so glad they can still be friends. He says he'll always be here for her. Meanwhile Lucas and Sami both admit this isn't the wedding dance they thought they'd be having. Lucas tells Sami he can see now she's really changed and he's proud of her. She hugs him tight and cries. 

EJ walks over to Kate and asks her to dance, but she says no. He thinks she doesn't look to thrilled, and he thinks it is because of Sami and Austin. He knows she's going to stop their wedding. EJ asks for the dirt on Sami, after all he should know all about the woman he's working with. Kate says not tonight, her son just got married and she wants to end this night on a positive note.


July 12, 2006

At Jack and Jen's, Lexie is looking in on Jack. She tells Jen it looks like the end is near. Jack is unconscious, but Lexie says he knows he's dying and he's probably processing it all in his head, going over his life and his memories. Jen asks if Jack can hear her? Lexie says she believes he can. Jen tells Jack to hang on, to fight. Lexie tells Jen she hates to say this to her, but there is no hope, Jack is going to die. Later Abby joins her mom. Abby says as long as her dad is alive then there is hope. Jen says unfortunately from what Lexie says, there isn't. Abby says then they can pray. They both sit by Jack and say the Lord's prayer. Abby asks her mom if there was a chance, if dad could live, what would she do about Frankie? Jen says she can't think about that, and she doesn't think it is even a possibility.

Frankie is on the PC, he stumbles across something and thinks this could help Jack, why didn't anyone try it before? He finds it is a clinical trial in Washington DC, and it is closed. However his old friend is running it. He makes a few calls and presto, Jack is in. Frankie tells Lexie, she says this is amazing. However she says if Jack lives, he could lose Jen. Frankie knows, but all he cares about is Jack and making Jen happy. Later Jen shows up, Frankie fills her in on what he's done. Jen is thrilled, she tells Frankie that she's actually given them hope for Jack when there was none before. Lexie heads to the hospital to make calls and get things set up for Jack.

Steve and Kayla are still kissing in the office. Kayla wants to make love, but Steve stops her. He says this is wrong. She doesn't think so, but he doesn't remember her. He says for him it would be just sex, and he doesn't want to hurt her. Steve says the truth is he may never remember. Kayla says she knows, some amnesia patients never get their memory back. However she still wants him. He tells Kayla that he's not going to leave her if she's worried. She says he's wanted to leave since he got here. Steve says he feels a bond with her now that wasn't there before, and he really feels connected to Stephanie. He says he won't abandon them. Kayla says that is a start.

Austin and Sami arrive at Dune. It seems Jada as the owner is out, a woman named Angela is running the place. She gives Sami some attitude as every time Sami comes here something bad happens. Cue the gloved hand, who drops off a note on a table. Sami and Austin sit down, they begin discussing the wedding. Sami has to think who she wants to be in her party. Austin suggests her cousin Stephanie, but  Sami says no way! She says she doesn't know Stephanie very well, and besides she's way to pretty. Sami says the bride always wants to be the prettiest. She says Carrie will be there, but she'll be really pregnant by then as to not upstage her. Sami looks around and knows just who to ask. She excuses herself.

EJ shows up at the club and talks to Austin. He apologizes for his comment about postponing the wedding and all the business talk. Austin tells him no, he actually should be thanking him. Austin says he owes it to him and all their clients to put them first and the wedding was starting to take over. Austin thinks he has a great solution, he wants to put Sami in charge of EJ's account because that will keep her focused on business and let others deal with planning the wedding. EJ smiles, he's not sure though. Austin swears Sami is aggressive and a hard worker. Austin admits they don't need to be rush the wedding and this will keep Sami grounded. EJ warns Austin Sami doesn't seem to be the kind of girl to be kept waiting, if he doesn't tie the knot soon then another man may swoop in.

Sami approaches Chelsea, who has arrived at the club. Sami asks Chelsea to be one of her brides maids. Chelsea asks why, Sami doesn't even like her. Sami says she doesn't really know her, but they have a lot in common. Sami says everyone hates them, they are the bad Brady girls. Sami says they should stick together, help each other out. Chelsea asks Sami what she can help her with? Sami says for starters she can help her get her boyfriend back. Sami points to Max, who is hugging on Stephanie. 

Max meets Stephanie, she apologizes for being late. He says with her dad coming back from the dead he's surprised she is here. Stephanie says she thinks her parents needed some alone time. Max suggests they get her a drink, they head to the bar. At this point Chelsea happens to bump into a waiter, who spills a drink all over Stephanie. Angela is horrified, she says the club will pay to clean her dress. Stephanie says it's no big deal and goes to clean up. Max confronts Chelsea about her accident, he thinks it was no accident. Chelsea assures him it was and says if he thinks she's jealous then he's wrong. She walks off. Stephanie returns as good as new. Max notices she has ink on her hands, where did it come from? She says she doesn't really know, it must have gotten on her in the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Angela hands Sami a note. She says one of the waiters found it, it is addressed to her. Sami reads it and isn't pleased. She asks where it came from. Angela has no idea, but thinks it must not be good news.

Lucas and Carrie return home to celebrate their wedding night. Lucas sets the place up all romantic with candles and rose pedals. He carries Carrie to bed and comments about how light she is. She admits she's been losing weight, but says it's nothing to worry about. The two make love several times.

At the hospital, Belle and Phillip are in their cubicle. They are relieved that everything has worked out with Mimi and Shawn's surrogate. Belle asks a nurse how she knows the egg in the little dish is hers? Phillip seems embarrassed, but the nurse says they get that question all the time. She assures Belle there are many safeguards to assure there is no mix up. Right behind the curtain the gloved hand looks on. The doctor comes in, a quick stick and it's all done! Mimi and Shawn have just met their surrogate Lauren, she seems nice and has also gone through the implantation. Shawn tells Mimi he told her everything would be okay. She thinks she should listen to him more. Meanwhile the gloved hand makes his or her next move, switching the dishes on the trays. A nurse sees the wrong dishes on the wrong trays, she makes a call to Nurse Granger the head nurse. She comes along and doesn't know how this happened, what does it mean? Did they put the Brady egg in the Kiriakis patient and vice versa? Back to the gang, Mimi and Belle are talking about how it's over and how they feel. Belle doesn't feel pregnant just yet, she's not going to go buy some maternity clothes right now.


July 13, 2006

At  Dune, Abby shows up looking for Chelsea. Max and Stephanie are at the bar chit chatting. Max says Chelsea is around. We see she's dancing with some guys. Chelsea comes over to see Abby, she asks why she's not with her dad right now? Abby says she has amazing news, Frankie got her dad into this medical study and it might just save his life. Chelsea says that is good news, they should celebrate. Max and Stephanie think they should go to the java cafe, but Chelsea says that place is boring. Chelsea thinks Dune is much more fun. A guy asks Stephanie to dance, and Max tells her to have fun. She dances with the guy, and Abby leaves to get a soda. Chelsea and Max banter back and forth, Max thinks Chelsea followed him here but she says she didn't. Chelsea goes to dance with some guys she sees. Later Abby asks Chelsea what she is doing with these guys, she is going to lose Max. Chelsea says relax, she has Max interested and where she wants him. Abby asks where might that be? She says look around, notice who isn't here? Max is gone, Chelsea is sure he's in the bathroom. Abby points out Stephanie is gone as well, and she is going to lose Max if she's not careful. 

Outside, Max is sulking and a pair of hands cover his eyes. He says he was hoping she'd follow him out. When he sees it is Stephanie he's disappointed, but says he just wasn't expecting her. She sees Max's other car, he jokes not to get to close and scratch it too. She admits she may have been a little reckless on the race way, but she was curious to see if he was as good as everyone said he was. He asks what the verdict is? She says she needs to take him for a test drive, and they kiss. Max eventually cools things down. He says he likes her, but he still really attached to Chelsea. He says she's had some tough breaks, but he knows she a good person deep down. Stephanie says she hopes so, and she hopes Chelsea knows how lucky she is to have him. Stephanie walks off and Chelsea shows up. She tells Max she's glad he's still here, and she's sorry for the way she treated him. She says she was terrible, and she knows now he is the best thing to happen to her. She hopes she's not to late. Max says nothing, so she thinks she is and she'll just go. He stops her. He asks if she means it, how does he know this isn't another game. She swears it isn't. As they kiss, Stephanie spies on them.

At the hospital, Hope, Bo and Patrick arrive and meet with Dr. Bader. They are scheduling an ultra sound. Shawn arrives, he got his mom's message and as luck would have it he and Mimi hadn't left. He learns about the ultra sound, Hope is now with Dr. Bader. Shawn has some words with his father, he knows his dad wants this baby to be his so he can get mom back. Shawn hopes that the baby is not his father's, Hope would be better off without him. He reminds his dad of how terrible he was to JT those first few months when he thought he wasn't the father, will he do that to this baby if it is Patrick's? Shawn talks about how time and time again his father has let this family down. Shawn says Mimi had a miscarriage, they have been struggling to have a child and just conceived tonight. He tells his father he doesn't even ask about them, how they are doing. Bo says that is not fair, Shawn is the one who has shut him out and won't take his calls. Shawn says he's going to be a father and he fears following in the foot steps of the father who has let him down. Shawn says he hopes mom doesn't take him back even if the baby is his. Shawn walks off, he runs into Patrick. He apologizes for the way he treated Patrick in the past, he has been there for his mom and saved her life more than once in more than one way. 

Caroline arrives at the hospital, she runs into Shawn. They chit chat, she wanted to come to support him as well as Bo and Hope. Shawn tells his grandma his and Mimi's embryo is in the surrogate, it is a success. She is happy, but he has to still be worried about his parents. Shawn is. Caroline assumes he is worried the baby could be Patrick's, but Shawn says he'd rather it would be. He doesn't want his dad using this baby to get his mom back. Shawn goes off yet again about all the mistakes his dad has made. He recaps all the Chelsea stuff and how he stole the evidence, which Caroline says was never proven. Caroline defends Bo, saying he's a good man and loves his family. She tries to convince Shawn to give his dad a chance.

Bo and Patrick argue about the baby, Bo is sure it is his child. Patrick says even if it is, he won't back off Hope, she's still his friend and hasn't chosen Bo yet.

Bo, Hope and Patrick eventually go in for the ulta sound. Dr. Bader can see the baby and it looks healthy, but can't get a clear enough picture to determine the age. Hope says it is a gift from God, and Bo says it is and it will bring them back together. Dr. Bader says they'll have to do blood tests, and she'll put a rush on it. Shawn comes in to check on his mom when she's alone again. He tells her about his and Mimi's baby, and Phillip and Belle's baby. Hope says so they could all be having babies at the same time, is Salem ready? She asks to see Mimi, so Shawn leaves to find her. Hope knows she'll love her baby no matter who the father is. Dr. Bader returns, she tells Hope she knows who the father is.

Mimi runs into her mom at the hospital, Bonnie is working late. Mimi wonders why, she says there is a hunky door guard here. Mimi thought her mom was interested in rich doctors. Bonnie says with Mimi having a baby with Shawn and Patrick possibly having a baby with Hope, well they have hit the Horton-Kiriakis jackpot, they'll all be living on easy street. Mimi tells her mom once again that neither her nor Patrick care about the money. Patrick shows up for a bit, he to tells his mom not to get ahead of herself, they don't know if he's the father. Mimi also tells her mom that they still have to wait to see if the implantation was a success, she has a feeling something could go wrong. Cue a loud noise . . . 

Two of the nurses are discussing the issue with the eggs and the switched dishes, could the wrong eggs have been put in the wrong women? They call Dr. Jaynes, he must know. The gloved one is spying on them, one nurse almost sees him or her and this startles her, causing her to knock over a tray. Mimi runs in when she hears the noise, she asks if something is wrong? The nurses say no, just a clumsy accident. Mimi leaves, and the one nurse swears they were being watched. The doctor soon comes along, when he learns what happened he says this is terrible. He orders tests to be done, but in the meantime the families must be told.

Mimi returns to her mom, she knows something is wrong. She says the nurses were acting very strange just now. Shawn shows up to find Mimi to see his mom. Dr. Jaynes then finds them both, he's glad they are both still here and haven't left. He says they have a problem . . . . 


July 14 , 2006

At the hospital, Dr. Bader returns with the blood test results on the age of the fetus. Hope and the doctor discuss this alone. Hope looks at the tests, she knows who the father of her child is. In the hallway Patrick and Bo continue to argue about who the father is and who Hope will be with. Bo is confident he will be with Hope no matter what. Hope has the men come in, she knows who the father is. Bo asks Hope to tell them, and she says the father is Patrick!

At Sami's, Austin and Sami are back home. They discuss how they have to postpone the wedding because of EJ's concerns. Austin then gets a business call, he has to fax some papers to the lawyers and accountants. He leaves as the papers are in his car. Sami is left alone with her note. She wonders who it is from and says they can't find out the truth. EJ is walking by the opened door and then walks in, he asks Sami who can't know what? He asks her to tell him the truth, he's her friend and won't judge her. Sami is torn, she doesn't know what to do or if she can trust him, she says what she did is horrible. He asks if she can tell Austin, but she says no as she'll lose him. She eventually decides to take a chance and lets EJ read the note. She begs him to promise not to hate her after he learns what she did.

Austin has a run-in with Billie outside. They end up having a heart to heart about their love lives. Billie feels for Austin right now, she knows he's not happy with Sami and Carrie isn't happy with Lucas. Austin defends Sami, but Billie knows Carrie is the love of his life. Austin says Carrie has made her choice, though she won't tell him why she chose Lucas. Austin asks Billie how she's doing given the Hope-Patrick-Bo drama. Billie claims she's moving on, she's tired of being second choice. Austin has the perfect guy for her, EJ! Billie thinks he's too young, but says she'll think it over. 

Over at Lucas' apartment, Carrie and Lucas are still enjoying their romantic night, with food catered by Maggie. Carrie becomes dizzy and faints, which worries Lucas. He wants to take her to the hospital, but she insists she is fine and is just hungry. Later Lucas surprises her with a gift, a silver baby rattle that belonged to Bill Horton, a gift from Alice. Carrie loves it and loves Lucas. They talk about how they both had messed up child hoods, and how they are committed to this family. They make love again and as they sleep they don't notice that the candles have caught the curtains on fire!

Belle and Phillip's are back home but their happiness soon comes to and end when they get a call from the hospital asking them to come back, there could be a problem. At the hospital, Dr. Jaynes tells Mimi and Shawn there may have been a mix-up with the implantation and the surrogate may have gotten the wrong embryo. Mimi wonders whose baby is in the surrogate if not theirs? Belle and Phillip arrive at this point, Mimi realizes what has happened. Phillip and Belle learn what is going on, Phillip is furious as this happened to his family once already. The doctor says everything is being checked right now, they don't know if a mistake occurred. Mimi can't handle the idea of Belle being pregnant with her and Shawn's child. Shawn tries to comfort her. Phillip is equally is upset. It soon gets worse for Mimi, the correct eggs were implanted in Belle and the surrogate, but they were fertilized with the wrong sperm! Shawn looks at Belle and says so she's carrying his child? Phillip and Mimi realize the surrogate has their child. Phillip is ready to kill the doctor, he tells him he'll never work again! As everyone explodes, the gloved hand watches.


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