July 17 2006
At the hospital, we see a recap of Dr. Jaynes explaining how the right eggs were implanted in the women, but they were fertilized with the wrong sperm. Mimi says so he's saying she's having a baby with Phillip? Shawn says and Belle is having my baby? Dr. Jaynes says yes. Phillip explodes. He can't believe this has happened. Dr. Jaynes assures them that they are trying to get to the bottom of this. Phillip says all the money Dr. Jaynes has been given from the Kiriakis foundation is gone, and Dr. Jaynes will be fired and never work again. Dr. Jaynes understands their anger but would like to help them come up with a plan of action now. Shawn suggests Dr. Jaynes just go and leave them to talk. He does. Phillip is freaking out. He calls the family lawyer Gene Brisco to find out what his legal options are, as well as to have Jaynes buried. When he rants to Belle, she tells him to calm down and there isn't much they can do about this tonight. He wonders how she can stay so calm, she's pregnant and her husband isn't the father. He accuses her of loving this, of wanting to have Shawn's baby. Belle says this is her baby too. Phillip says but it isn't his baby! Belle says that isn't the baby's fault and he or she should be punished because of it. Phillip says perhaps she is right. Meanwhile, Mimi talks with Shawn, he's as calm as Belle is while Mimi freaks out. Shawn tells her that there is nothing they can do about this tonight, he'll call Mickey and find out their options. Mimi thinks this is her fault, coming close again to telling them all what she has done. Mimi says she just can't help but think this is a sign from God that they were meant to be together. Shawn tells her that she is his wife and he loves her. Shawn heads off to make a call to Mickey. Phillip walks over to Mimi, he asks how she's doing. Mimi jokes that they are having a baby and haven't even kissed. Phillip asks what Shawn is doing, she says he's calling Mickey. Phillip is glad to hear that. Mimi wishes she could be as calm as Shawn is about this. They look over, Belle is standing next to Shawn smiling at him. He's on the phone and smiles at her. 

Back at the lofts, the kids have returned home because there is nothing to be done. Shawn suggests they talk in the morning, but Phillip wants to throw something out there tonight. Mimi says they might as well because nobody is going to sleep. They go into Belle and Phillip's. Phillip says obviously this is a mistake and they have to solve it. He says he'd rather do this while they are just a few cells and not a fetus. He suggests they terminate both pregnancies. Belle says absolutely not, and Shawn agrees.

Back at the hospital, Hope tells Bo and Patrick that Patrick is the father. Bo says no way, the test is wrong. Hope says the test dated the fetus, she knows how old it is and it is Patrick's. Patrick decides to leave them to talk. Bo tells Hope that he loves her, and this baby is a part of her so he'll love it too. He knows they can make this work. Hope isn't so sure, perhaps they weren't meant to be. Bo won't believe that and says he'll always love her. Hope says she needs to get dressed and asks him to leave. He says she's changed in front of him before. She says things are different, she asks him to please leave.

Patrick is in the hall calling his mom. He says she was right, and it's his baby. He says don't go buying presents yet though. Billie shows up, she overhears and can't believe it. She congratulates Patrick, but knows this will kill Bo. Bo walks out and says she  can say that again. Patrick leaves them to talk. Bo explains how he hates this, he told Hope they could work this out but realistically Patrick won't want him to have anything to do with this kid. Bo says Hope is the only woman he's loved and he can't lose her. He quickly apologizes, he says he doesn't mean to insult her or what they had. She says it's okay, she understands. Bo says he thought this baby was a gift from Zack and God, but now his family is falling apart. He blames himself, and he thinks Zack wouldn't be proud of him. Billie tells him to stop this. She says Zack has forgiven him for what happened and he is out there looking out for him. Bo says his entire family has turned their backs on him, and she's here supporting him and he's turned his back on her. She says he hasn't, and she reminds him how much she's put him through. She knows he loves Hope and belongs with her, so what is he going to do to get his wife back?

In Jack's room, Jack is out of it. Lexie tells Jen and Frankie that they've began the drug treatment, and while Jack appears out of it that he may still be aware of what is going on. Jen asks if this will work? Lexie says there is no guarantee, but it is a chance. Frankie says that is more than they had before. Jen can't thank Frankie enough for doing this for them. Frankie thinks Jen should eat, but she doesn't want to leave Jack. Frankie ends up going to get them some food. Later Lexie sees Frankie with some food. She's glad he's eating, but he says this is for Jen. Lexie says he needs to take care of himself, but he says it's all about Jen right now. Lexie once again tells Frankie he's doing a wonderful thing, something that could cost him Jen. Back in Jack's room, Hope shows up. She heard Jack was here, is it bad? Jen says no, and she fills Hope in on what is going on. Hope tells Jen how wonderful this is. Jen soon asks Hope why she's here? Hope says she had to have tests done. Jen asks if something is wrong? Hope says no, and she didn't want to say this until she knew for sure. Hope tells Jen that she's pregnant . . . and it's Patrick's baby. Jen asks what she's going to do? Hope doesn't know. Hope says Bo thought this baby was a gift, a message from Zack that they were meant to be together. Hope says but Bo isn't the father, so does that mean they aren't meant to be? Hope just doesn't know what she's going to do.

Back in the hallway, Hope is leaving when she runs into Patrick. They talk, Patrick is excited about the baby but wants to give her space to decide what she's doing about Bo. She says whatever she decides, he will always have as big of a role in this baby's life as he wants. He tells her how he wanted kids with Alma, and how he wants to take the baby to the island as the house will be his some day. He says he's sorry for getting ahead of himself. She says he will be a great father, and they hug. In the distance Billie and Bo see this.

Meanwhile, Jen stays with Jack. SHe talks to him, asking him if he can hear her than squeeze her hand. He eventually does. She wants him to fight to survive, to use her strength to live. She says they all need him. She tells Jack she loves him and doesn't want to live without him. At this moment Frankie walks in and hears every word she said. 

At Sami's, we see a recap of Sami begging EJ not to hate her as she hands him the note. He reads it and asks if she did this? She says no. He says then why did she ask him not to hate her? He's confused. He reads the note, all it says is that the person knows she forced Lexie to keep Austin and Carrie apart. EJ says he's not going to judge her, but he has to know what is going on. She can't believe this is happening. She says she did what she did because she wanted some happiness. She says if they find out what she did they will all hate her. EJ feels she needs to be honest with Austin, but Sami says she'll lose him, she'll lose everyone in her life. He says then at least go to the police, they'll use handwriting analysis to find out who this is. She says she can't do that, her father is the captain! She wonders who it could be and why they aren't exposing her. EJ thinks whoever it is, they have something else on Lexie to keep her silent as well. EJ suggests she at least burn the note. Sami says good idea, and she does just that. Suddenly the smoke alarm goes off, but they realize it's coming from the hallway. 

Austin has seen that Carrie and Lucas' apartment is on fire. He rushes in and saves Carrie, leaving Lucas passed out on the floor. He gets Carrie to the hallway and begins CPR, begging her not to die. Sami and EJ show up, they ask what is going on? Austin says there was a fire, call 911. Sami flips out, Austin says Will is at a friends tonight. She says what about Lucas? Sami races in and finds Lucas, but can't carry him out. EJ shows up and helps her. They get Lucas into the hallway. Sami is crying over him, says she can't lose him, she doesn't know what she'd do without him. Austin sees this, though he's still holding Carrie. EJ looks at them all and doesn't know what to think!



July 18, 2006

We see a repeat of the in vitro crowd gathering in Belle and Phillips and Phillip suggesting they terminate both pregnancies. Belle and Shawn say absolutely not. Phillip and Mimi would rather have babies with their spouses. Phillip says they dont like abortion, but what other choice do they have. Shawn says he doesnt agree with abortion unless the woman has been raped or her life is in jeopardy. He wont do this, he wont take an innocent life. Phillip says they have been abused, their wives are having babies without their consent. Phillip says that sounds like rape. Shawn says the babies are innocent. He says he lost his brother because a girl was selfish, he cant do the same thing to these babies. He wants his baby to live. Mimi says she cant do this and walks off. Shawn follows her. Phillip tells Belle shes been quiet. Belle says she doesnt know what to say to him. Phillip says she wants to keep this baby, how is that not going to upset him. Phillip says he has maintained a friendship with Shawn for the sake of their marriage, but he will not watch her have his baby. Belle tells Phillip if her mom asked Vivian to have an abortion then he wouldnt be here today. Phillip says he is aware of that. Belle says they may not even get pregnant, let nature take its course and things will work out how they were meant to be. He says she thinks this is meant to be? What are they going to tell Claire? Who gets custody of the baby? He says this is not what he wants. He says they have to consider abortion. Belle wishes Phillip would have faith that things would work out. Phillip says shes pregnant so she must see everything differently. He says plus its Shawns baby. He thinks shes not exactly unhappy about this is she? Belle says shes never given him a reason to make that accusation. She says shes trying to make the best of this situation. She says shes going to bed, and she walks off. 

At the other loft, Mimi is in bed crying. Shawn joins her. He says hes sorry. He says he was stupid, he just kept talking about how bad abortion was and he forgot about her having one. Mimi wishes she could, but she has to live with it for the rest of her life. She says thats why she needs a surrogate to have a baby, and now it isnt even their baby. She asks if this doesnt bother him? He says yes it does, and he wants a family with her. He asks Mimi how she feels about this. After all shes been through with the complications and the guilt shes felt. Mimi says she doesnt want to ask the surrogate to abort this baby, that isnt what she signed on for. However this isnt their baby, its Phillips. She says everything has fallen apart. Shawn holds Mimi and comforts her. He says they can still raise the baby together, they can do this. He says they can be a family. Mimi tells Shawn that he and Belle were planning to spend their lives together at one time, and now they will be having a baby together. Shawn says he loves her and only her. Mimi says she loves him more than he knows. He tells her that she is the most amazing woman. Mimi says the woman who will never be the mother of his child, shell never do this IVF thing again. She also fears his baby with Belle will come between them. 

At the hospital we see a repeat of Jen telling Jack to draw his strength from her, that she loves him and needs him. Lexie and Frankie come in, Lexie asks how hes doing. Jen says Jack squeezed her hand, is that a good sign? Lexie says shell examine Jack, she should wait outside with Frankie. Jen doesnt want to leave Jack, but she does go. Outside Jacks room, Frankie tells Jen that they need to talk. Jen says shes sorry, and she doesnt know what to say. Frankie says the truth, she loves Jack and needs him and they have another chance. Frankie says that is what she wants isnt it? Frankie knows this is personal, but hes trying to figure out where he stands. He knows Jen loves Jack, and he wants him to get better for her sake. However if he gets better then what does he do, does he walk away? Jennifer says she hates doing this to him, she has two husbands right now. She says she knows he needs answers, but she cant give them right now. She says if he cant wait then shell understand if he has to leave. Frankie says hes waited his whole life for her, he loves her. He says he shouldnt be pressuring her now, right now they need to focus on Jack. Jen hugs him and thanks him, saying she doesnt know how shed get through this without him. Back in Jacks room, Jack comes too and calls for Jen. Lexie asks Jack if he can hear her, to talk to her. Lexie goes to get Jen, and she runs into the room leaving Frankie behind. 

Stephanie meets Kayla at the pub to talk. She asks where dad is, is he okay? Kayla says yes, hes right outside. Kayla wanted the two of them to talk. Kayla knows there are a lot of changes going on in both of their lives, and shed like Stephanie to consider another change, to give up racing. Stephanie goes off on her mom, how her profession is safe and no more dangerous than her moms. Stephanie says who knows how many infectious disease her mother comes in contact with every day being a doctor. Steve soon shows up, Stephanie gives him a big hug. She says shes been waiting her whole life to do that. Kayla says if she goes racing then shell miss more time with him. Stephanie says racing is what she loves, like she loves her parents. Stephanie asks Steve if mom has a right to tell her what to do with her life? Steve doesnt think this is his place right now, but she should listen to her mom. Stephanie says her dad was an outlaw when her mom met him, this is in her genes. She said even her mom is a bit of a rebel, she became a doctor when all the other interns were old enough to be her kids. Stephanie says she has to race. Steve wont lie and say hes happy, but she has to follow her heart. Kayla thanks him for his help. Stephanie is glad her dad sees how much she loves racing, it is her world. Steve thinks she needs more than just a career to be happy. He says hes been out there a long time with nobody, but right now hes feeling lucky to have people like her and her mom to care about her. Steve tells her to have her career, but she also needs someone who cares about her. He asks if she has a special guy? Stephanie asks if it is possible to love someone, really love someone before even knowing them? Steve thinks Kayla would be better to answer this. She wants to know what he thinks. Steve says sure, with love anything is possible. He asks if that is what happened to her? She says yes, she is in love with another driver even though she never met him. Steve tells Kayla that shes raised a great girl. Kayla says one full of surprises too. Stephanie takes off, claiming she has something to do. Steve tells Stephanie how special their daughter is. Kayla has never heard her talk about a guy before, she wonders who this guy is. 

Max and Chelsea are on the beach. Chelsea has been swimming, Max has some buddy burgers for them. Max sets up a picnic on the beach, and he stares at Chelsea while she eats. She thinks this is weird and threatens to leave. He says he wants to be with her, and they kiss. They almost end up making love on the beach, but Max stops. He says if shes not ready its okay, but if she is does she really want to? Chelsea says yes and stop talking. Max stops again  talks some more. He feels terrible about the way hes treated her in the past. He says he cares about her and wants them to make love and not just have sex. He asks if that is what Chelsea wants. She says yes and thanks him for understanding. Max still isnt sure they are ready for this. She says she feels like they are moving in slow motion here. She assures him that he is the only guy she wants to be with. He says that is a place to start, and they kiss. In the bushes Stephanie spies on them. 

At the hospital, Austin, Lucas, Sami and EJ have brought Carrie in. Carrie is in bad shape, Lucas seems to be okay. Sami insists Lucas be checked out, but Lucas says hes fine. He wants Carrie checked out, he wants the baby checked. Austin says Carrie is a fighter, but Lucas says she was unconscious the whole way here. Lucas says he shouldnt have let this happen. EJ tells him not to blame himself, and Austin says she wont give up. The doctor comes out and says they are fine, but they want to keep her over night because she does have smoke inhalation. Lucas asks to see her, so the doctor leads him to Carrie. Carrie is on oxygen and out of it. The doctor says Carries been given a sedative, but she will be fine. Lucas returns to the other, he says Carrie is okay but is spending the night here. Lucas talks with Sami in private. She asks what she did now. He says its what she did right, she is a hero, she saved him. He says many people wouldnt have done that. Sami says she was thinking about Will, how hard it was when he almost lost her in the other fire. Lucas says she hated him then. Sami says hes Wills father and she cares about him, she always will. Lucas says that means a lot to him. Meanwhile, Austin asks EJ to give Sami a ride home, Carrie and Lucas may need him. EJ says hes a good man. He asks Austin if hes okay? Austin says hes fine. EJ says he saw how he reacted to Carrie. Austin says they were married once, but hes happy for his brother. Sami returns, she asks what is going on. Austin says EJ is giving her a ride home, she should be there in case Will learns about the fire and tries to call. Lucas says good idea, and they say theyll see her tomorrow. Lucas tells Austin he doesnt have to stay, but Austin says hes looking rough. Lucas needs to get some coffee, he asks Austin to keep an eye on Carrie. Austin goes in and sits with Carrie. He says she cant hear him, so its okay to tell her how he was woken up tonight. Austin says he cant lose her. He says he loves watching her sleep, shes like an angel. He says he always wants her to have happy dreams, to have a happy life. Austin talks to Carrie about how he prays he never loses her, and if they can never be anything but just friends then hell take that over the alternative. He says he cant help but hope that somehow, someway shell come back to him. He says maybe hes just nuts, she chose Lucas and hell never understand it. He says hell do his best to respect it. He says he shouldnt say this, but she cant hear him. He says even though hes engaged to Sami, hell always love her. Austin walks off, and Carrie opens her eyes. She heard everything he said. Lucas returns and finds Austin in the hall, why did he leave Carrie, is something wrong? Austin says no he just used the restroom. Lucas goes in to see Carrie. He sees shes awake and crying. He asks if shes okay? Carrie says she is, shes just glad that she and the baby are okay. They hug, and Austin and Carrie look at one another from a distance.

EJ brings Sami home. EJ tells her how brave she was. Sami says she couldnt let Lucas die, he would have done the same for her. Sami then sees another blackmail note under the door. EJ runs off to see if the person who slipped it under is still in the building. EJ returns, he couldnt find him. Sami cries to EJ that she doesnt know what to do.


July 19, 2006
At Belle and Phillips, Phillip is making breakfast when Belle walks in. He offers her coffee, she says she cant have coffee because shes pregnant. Phillip says he remembers the doctor saying she could have up to two cups a day, but of course she doesnt want to do anything to put Shawns baby at risk. She says she wouldnt put any baby at risk. He tells her that she had coffee every morning with Claire. Belle says she didnt know she was pregnant with Claire. Phillip says she doesnt know if shes pregnant yet, and she said they should let nature take its course. He says shes not taking any chances now is she. Belle says after Claires problems shes not taking any chances period, even if he doesnt want this baby she does. Phillip says when they had Claire he thought their marriage was cemented, that he didn't have to worry about Shawn, but now with this baby he doesnt know anymore. He says he wont sit here and watch the two of them get closer while Shawns baby grows inside his wife! Phillip throws some things, Belle tells him that she doesnt like the idea that hes having a baby with Mimi. He says its not the same thing, hes never been in love with Mimi and Belle never stopped being in love with Shawn! Phillip knows she still loves him and always has. Belle says she loves him, their daughter and this family. She asks what he wants her to stay, that she doesnt have feelings for Shawn? He says yes. She says so he wants her to lie? She says Shawn was her first love. Phillip says and hes her husband. Phillip and Belle continue to argue, Phillip calls the baby a few cells and not a fetus. She says he referred to it as their baby before they knew of the mix-up, not a couple of cells. Phillip tells her that if this was some strangers baby she would not be having it, shes trying to justify having Shawns baby. He says she cant have a life with him and Claire while having Shawns baby at the same time. She has to choose, so make a choice. Phillip then storms out of the apartment. 

Phillip goes to the track and begins racing really fast in Maxs race car, damning Shawn as he is. Later we see him wipe something (a tear?) from his eye and his car swerves.

At the hospital, Shawn and Mimi come in as their surrogate was having tests done. The nurse says she had them done and everything looks perfect, well . . . . the nurse says they are all sorry about the mix-up. The nurse walks off, Shawn tells Mimi that it wasnt her fault and at least they know their baby is fine. Mimi says its her and Phillips baby. Shawn says its her baby so its their baby. Shawn sees his mom is here, he decides to go talk to her. Mimi says he can go see her alone. Patrick shows up, he asks Mimi what shes doing here. She cries to Patrick about what happened with the babies. Mimi feels like shes being punished. He says for what? She says for the abortion, maybe for being a Lockhart as nothing good happens to them. He says that isn't true. She asks what hes doing here? He says hes here for Jen. She asks about Hope and the baby. Patrick says the baby is his. Mimi is happy for him, she says hell be a great dad. Mimi says this must mean Hope will get the divorce, then they can get married and raise this kid together. Patrick says slow down, Hope hasnt decided what to do about Bo or him. He says he wont pressure her, he told her that hell be there for the baby. He says if Hope wants to leave Bo then he wants her to be sure. Mimi asks what if she doesnt leave him? Patrick says he loves Hope and wants her to be happy. Patrick says whatever happens, he will be a part of this childs life. Mimi is happy for him. She then vents about her own situation, she fears this baby will bring Shawn and Belle back together. Patrick says Shawn loves her and she wont lose him.

Shawn meets with his mom. She came to see Jen and decided to have the doctor prescribe some vitamins. Shawn informs his mom about the mix-up and how he and Belle are having a baby together. Hope asks if hes okay? He says hes doing better than Mimi. Hope imagines part of him is happy about this. He says hes married to Mimi. Hope knows, but she thinks shes right. Shawn says he loves Mimi, she is his wife, but he and Belle did plan something like this for years. He says he wouldnt have married Mimi if he didnt love her with all his heart. He says he  knew when Claire was born it changed everything for him and Belle, he knew Belle would stay with Phillip. Hope says now things have changed, so now he needs to decide who his future is with: Mimi or Belle and the baby. Shawn switches the subject, he asks his mom about her baby. She says it is Patricks. He says good, is she happy with that? She says nothing, and Shawn says he just thinks shes better off with . . . . Shawn says this isnt his business. Hope says it is, this is his family too. Shawn says she already asked dad to move out and filed for divorce, perhaps this is a sign she is meant to move on with Patrick. Hope says so if Belle is having his baby is that a sign? Shawn says its not the same thing, and he wont do what dad did, he wont break his vows. Hope tells Shawn when two people love one another and belong together then nothing will keep them apart. Shawn asks which couple shes talking about now, him and Belle or her and dad? Is she taking dad back? Hope says she doesnt know, but whatever happens she doesnt want him taking sides. Shawn says he cant forgive him. Hope says hes her father. Shawn says and Zack was his brother. Shawn says most people thought because of the age they werent close, but they were. He says he was an adult and took care of Zack, it made him realize he wanted to be a dad. Shawn says hell be a dad and a brother at the same time, but hell be there for her just like he was for Zack. He says he could never break Mimis heart the way dad broke hers. Hope says so instead hell break his own? Shawn says Belle and Phillip have a marriage and a child, he cant come between that. Hope knows, but he loves Belle and she loves him. Shawn says and they are married to other people. Hope tells Shawn she knows he loves Mimi and that Belle loves Phillip, but its a different kind of love and he knows it. Hope doesnt want Mimi or Phillip to be hurt, but she also doesnt want him going through life missing out on happiness. Shawn says he tried to win Belle back, she chose to stay with Phillip and he chose to move on. Hope doesnt think he did, how did he really feel to learn Belle was having his baby. He says that what he dreamed of was happening, but it is wrong. Hope says true love can never be wrong. Hope tells Shawn that she loves him no matter what he decides to do. Shawn leaves his mom, and then runs into Belle in the hallway. Shawn asks what is wrong, did something happen with the baby? Belle cries no, but her marriage might be over. Shawn hugs Belle. She tells him that they just had a huge fight about the baby and him. Belle says Phillip said she was only having the baby because it was his, and she would terminate this pregnancy if it was a strangers baby. She admitted she still cared about Shawn, and that is when Phillip told her to chose him and Claire or Shawn and the baby. Belle says she knows he is Claires father and her husband, but having his baby feels right. From behind the corner Mimi spies on them. 

Patrick goes to check on Hope. He brought a stuffed animal for the baby. She says it is sweet of him. Hope says Zack had fifty of these and just stopped playing with them, he wanted to give them to kids not as lucky as him. Hope says this is bringing back so many memories. Patrick doesnt want to make this harder for her. Hope says this baby is his, the baby needs him and she needs him. 

Lucas is still with Carrie. She calls Austins name and then wakes up, she sees Lucas is there. He asks if she was dreaming about Austin? Lucas says it makes sense, he did save her life last night. Carrie says yeah. Carrie coughs and Lucas gives her a drink of water. Carrie thinks this was some wedding night. Lucas says maybe they should have gone to a hotel instead. Carrie tells Lucas that she never wants to see another candle again. Lucas says at least she and the baby are okay. Lucas says Lexie is taking some tests, just for precautionary reasons. Carrie asks about the apartment. He says the fire damage was mostly in the bedroom, and it does smell bad. He says a contractor is there now redoing it, and theyll make a nursery out of the spare bedroom. Carrie says it sounds expensive. Lucas says it doesnt matter, and they can extend their honeymoon so the apartment is ready when they return. He says theyll see Europe, they visit with her mom. Lucas talks about how he loves her, how now he knows what it means to be happy, he wont lose her or their baby.

At Samis place, Sami cant concentrate. Austin returns from his run, he asks Sami if shes okay? He says it seems like something is bothering her. Sami says shes upset about last night, they all could have died. Austin says Carrie and Lucas are okay. He says hes going to go take a shower. Austin jumps in the shower and EJ shows up. Sami begs EJ to help her save her relationship with Austin. EJ wonders if that is what she really wants, she seemed concerned about Lucas last night. She says hes the father of her son, shell always care about him. However she says she cant keep burning these notes. EJ tells Sami that he really thinks she needs to go to the police, this isnt a game. He says this person isnt just out to break her and Austin up, if that is what they wanted to do then theyd do it. He says this person is enjoying this, they are stalking her, she could be in danger. Sami tells EJ she wont tell the police or anyone else. Sami says if she goes to the police then her father will never forgive her for what she did to Carrie. EJ asks what she did to Carrie? Sami says the details arent relevant. EJ says she has to trust him so he can help her. She says she trusted him and showed him the notes. EJ thinks things could get much worse for her. Sami wonders how things can get worse. EJ tells Sami she needs to take away the power this person has over her by telling Austin the truth. She says she cant tell him. 

Meanwhile, showering Austin dreams that Carrie joins him in the shower, says hes the one she wants, and they begin to make love. Austin stops them, he tells fantasy Carrie that this is wrong. He says she married Lucas and Sami is his future, Carrie is his past. Austin returns to the living room just as Sami is saying to EJ she cant tell Austin. Austin asks what cant she tell him? Sami lies to Austin saying she was just going to plan a romantic dinner, and she wanted EJ to keep him out of the apartment tonight. Austin says hed love to have dinner with her. He kisses her and takes off to take care of some errands. Austin leaves and EJ continues to tell her to tell Austin the truth. Sami doesnt want to ruin things, but EJ says she has to trust Austin will forgive her. Sami says Austin will think she hasnt changed and it will be over. EJ says if shes honest then hell see she has changed. EJ thinks she needs to trust in him and his love. Sami says what if he cant forgive her? EJ says well that is a chance she has to take. Sami says hes right, she has to be different, she has to change and tell Austin the truth. Sami says she hopes hell understand and be able to forgive her. EJ thinks he will, he would. Sami says he doesnt know what shes done. EJ says it doesnt matter, for her to risk everything shows how much she loves him. As they talk, the gloved hand spies on them from the balcony.

Lucas and Carrie return home and see their bedroom. She thinks theyll never get the smell out of their clothes. Lucas says theyll get all new clothes. Austin shows up to check on them. Austin was walking by and saw the door open. He is glad to see they are home. Lucas thanks Austin for saving them. Lucas gets a call from the contractor, he excuses himself to take the call. Austin tells Carrie that she gave him a scare. Carrie tells Austin that they need to talk. Lucas has to leave to talk about some remodeling decisions. After Lucas leaves, Carrie tells Austin that she heard him last night at the hospital. Carrie says she heard it all. 


July 20, 2006
In Lucas apartment, Austin is shocked that Carrie heard him. Carrie says she heard Austin say he still loved her and always will. Austin says this isnt news. Carrie says she thought he was ready to move on, that they both moved on. Austin says he had to face a major fear last night, and that is his future without her in it. Austin says he though he dealt with it years ago when she left. Austin says hes glad they are still friends, for a long time it was too hard. Austin says he loves her and always will. He says hes not asking her to say anything, and he knows what they have to do. Austin says they have to do nothing. He says he never meant for her to hear what he said. He says he wont break up her marriage. Austin says marriage vows are for life, she is having Lucas baby. He says last night he spoke from the heart because he was grateful she was alive. Carrie says shes grateful too, she owes him so much for saving her and the baby. Carrie says she has to be honest with him, she heard him say he hoped she would come back to him. Austin admits he dreams of a life with her, but she chose Lucas and he doesnt understand that. Carrie cant give him an explanation that will satisfy him. She says he has forgiven her for all her mistakes, marrying him was the best thing to happen to her and she threw it all away. He says he made mistakes too, he always put Samis need ahead of hers and hell never forgive himself for that. Carrie says Sami was going to death row, she should have been more understanding. Austin says Sami put her threw a lot of crap, she was unfair to her. Carrie says Sami is right about her, she is spoiled and tries to get everything to go her way. Carrie says Austin deserves someone who will treat him better than she has. Austin says stop this. Carrie tells Austin she understands why he is with Sami, she loves Sami too. Austin says its too late for the two of them, shes married to Lucas and going to have a baby, he wont break up a family. Carrie knows, and she knows he was just being honest about his feelings. Carrie then says this is none of her business, but she cares about him and Sami. She says given his feelings, should he be marrying Sami if he still loves her? Austin says he doesnt know how everything got messed up, but he does wish her all the happiness in the world with her marriage and future family. Austin also says Sami has been a big part of his life for a long time, she is special to him. He says shes grown up a lot, and he wont regret having Sami in his life again.

The gloved hand spies on Sami and EJ from the fire escape outside of Sami's. EJ asks when shell tell Austin the truth? She says soon. He is afraid if she doesnt tell him now then someone else will beat her to the punch. EJ tells her that he is afraid for her safety. Sami says she knows. EJ says when he came to Salem everyone told him that she had changed, she said it herself, so prove it. Sami is afraid of losing Austin. EJ says trust him, he may surprise her. Sami says she knows how forgiving Austin can be, but shes pushed her luck one too many times with Austin. EJ says she needs to take control of her life, take the power away from the person who doesnt have her best interest at heart. EJ says if she doesnt take control then someone else will destroy it. Sami knows, but she has dreamed of being with Austin since she was a teen. She says now all her dreams are coming true, so if she tells him the truth then it will destroy everything shes worked for. Sami says maybe this person wont expose her. He asks if shes ever gotten away with anything Scott free? She says no, but maybe this time she will, maybe this is meant to be for her. EJ says then trust it. Sami says she cant, shes never gotten anything without making it happen. She says if she tells Austin the truth then shell lose him. She says if she waits and hopes then there is a small chance things will work out. Sami says this whole thing is so complicated, and the only nice and simple relationship she has is with him (EJ) He says hes flattered but its not true. Sami says it is true, hes been a friend to her and she doesnt have friends. He says he cares about her and he wants to help her. Sami says shes feeling like his latest charity case. He says no, shes his first new best friend in Salem. She jokes she is best friends with Prince Charming. She promises to be there for him when he needs help. EJ says perhaps they should narrow down who this person could be. Sami says only Lexie and Tek know what she did, and Lexie didnt tell the truth. EJ asks who would want to make her suffer? Sami says Tony, but hes in jail. She says there is Alex, but hes dead. Sami says Kate would do this, but she doesnt know. EJ asks who knows all the information about her included in these notes? She says Lexie, Tek and Abe, Abe got a note and Lexie accused her of writing that note. EJ suggests the person who is blackmailing her is blackmailing Lexie. Sami says shes the only person who knows all this information though, and this is scary. EJ says she should be scared, this person means business. EJ once again tells her to take control of this situation. Sami says Austin isnt with Carrie because of her lies, and Carrie married Lucas because of what she did. She says shes a terrible person and the truth is she doesnt deserve to be with Austin. EJ says she cant change the past but she can change the future. EJ says shes not the only person whose done things they regret. Sami says he has no idea what she has done, and this was her last chance with Austin. Sami says when he finds out what she did, Austin will turn his back on her like Lucas did. EJ doubts that, he says if he had the opportunity to be with a woman like her then he wouldnt hesitate to take it. EJ says true love understands and forgives, if she and Austin are meant to be then he will forgive her. She says that is what shes afraid of, what if they arent meant to be together? He asks if they arent then is that the end of the world? EJ doesnt think Austin is her one true love. Sami says Lucas gave up on her, she had no choice but to move on. EJ says so shes settling for the next best thing? Sami says shes not settling. Sami does admit what if Austin thinks being with her is settling. Sami says Carrie is always everyones first choice, she is the perfect sister. EJ tells Sami to think about the history she has with Lucas, Carrie and Austin. He says these people care about her still. Sami says if she tells the truth Austin will either forgive her or turn his back on her. Sami says she could spend her life alone and miserable. He says shell never be alone. Sami doesnt think so, shell have to move or change her name or something. Sami asks him to name one guy who will have anything to do with her if the truth comes out. He says hes no the right guy to ask, he's only been in town for 5 minutes. He suggests she tell Austin the truth. She agrees to do it. EJ says he should be going, she needs time to think about this. Sami thanks EJ for coming over and being a friend. EJ leaves and Austin returns. Sami is glad to see him, she hugs him and cries. She tells him that she has to talk to him about something.

At the hospital, Belle and Shawn are talking about Belles fight with Phillip. She says she has to go see if she can find where he's gone off to. Shawn tells her that he will come back. Belle leaves, and Mimi shows up. Mimi just talked with Lauren, she knows of the mix-up. Shawn says hes sorry he wasnt there with her. Mimi says he had to talk to his mom, she was with Patrick earlier as well. They discuss Hope having Patricks kid. Mimi asks Shawn how he really feels about it? Shawn doesnt want his dad to hurt his mom again. Mimi asks how Hope is doing? Shawn says shes hurting, and part of her will always love his dad. Mimi says its just like him and Belle, and now they are having a baby together. Belle returns, she tells Mimi shes sorry and hopes she doesnt side with Phillip and think shes happy about this. Mimi says she knows this isnt her fault. Belle says Phillip questioned her motives for keeping this baby, but they all know shes pro-life. Mimi knows. Belle asks Mimi if shes going to ask her surrogate . . . Mimi says no, but its not any of her business. Belle says they are all tied together because of these babies. Mimi says Belle seems happy about this. Mimi says she and Phillip werent involved so it's different for them. Mimi  tells Belle to tell her that shes not thrilled about this, that shes not still in love with Shawn. Shawn tells Mimi they should talk in private. Belle thinks that is a good idea. Later Belle returns, she cant find Phillip and has a bad feeling.

On the race track, Phillip crashes and flips Maxs car! Stephanie finds him, she quickly makes a call to the hospital for help. Stephanie says there is nobody here to help as the track is closed today, this guy shouldnt have even been driving. Stephanie tells Phillip not to move, help is on the way. She doesnt know if he can even hear her. She then places a call to Max, but cant get a hold of him. The paramedics soon show up. Unfortunately the car is now sparking in places. Phillip comes too and calls out for Belle. Stephanie hears this, she calls Belle to let her know.

Belle, Shawn and Mimi return to Belles place to look for Phillip, they still cant find him. Shawn says hes sure Phillip is fine, Mimi says Phillip can take after himself. Belle says shes worried about her husband, is that not okay with Mimi? The phone rings, Shawn answers. Stephanie calls Shawns cell phone looking for Belle. Shawn gives his phone to Belle, she learns about Phillips accident. Belle tells Shawn and Mimi that Phillips been in a terrible accident. 

Shawn, Mimi and Belle show up at the track. Shawn stops Belle from getting too close, Stephanie says the firefighters say she has to stay back here. Shawn says Phillip will be okay, his vitals are stable and they need to get him out. Belle says she smells smoke, what if the car explodes. Stephanie says they are working so that doesnt happen. Shawn is worried though, there is a chance the engine could blow as it was still being tested. Stephanie leaves to try and find Max and let him know. Belle worries that Phillip did this on purpose. Belle says she has to go see him. Shawn tells Belle not to put herself and their baby at risk. Mimi hears this, shes not pleased. When we next see Phillip hes on a stretcher. Belle is blaming herself, Shawn tells her this isnt her fault. Shawn tells Belle that he just lost his brother, he cant lose her or his baby, he loves her. Belle is shocked, as are Mimi and Phillip who hear this.

Max and Chelsea are having breakfast at the pub. Chelsea says she had a good time last night, she almost had a great time. Max says sorry. Chelsea asks Max if he thinks shes a tramp? He asks why she would ask that. She says because she doesnt go around carrying a twelve pack of condoms in her purse. Max says hes sorry he wasnt prepared, and he wanted to be with her as much as she wanted to be with him. Chelsea says she thought he was a badboy who lived in the fast lane, but there is always an excuse they cant have sex. Max says it wasnt an excuse, did she want to get pregnant? Chelsea says no and thanks him for looking out for her. Max says hes glad they waited, they spent half the night fighting that it wasnt right anyways. Max asks Chelsea if she really means she doesnt want to see anyone else. She says she does. He says so no more dancing with other guys and scoring free drinks. She says no, but they can at least have fun when they go out right? Later Max gets a call on his phone from Stephanie, but hes in the bathroom. Chelsea sees it is Stephanie and hangs up on her! Later as they are leaving, Chelsea knocks over her purse. Out fall some envelopes relating to her community service. She thinks they are related to some boring work program, but she hasnt actually opened them. Max says she cant ignore this, if she doesnt do this work then shell go to jail. Max opens the letter up and says she could be in some big trouble here. This is the second letter to her, if she doesnt comply within a week then shell be held in contempt of court. He says if she doesnt get her stuff together then she will go to jail. Chelsea says shell change, and being with him may just save her life. Soon Stephanie shows up, shes been trying to reach him but his phone has been off. When he sees it is off he accuses Chelsea of turning off his phone. Stephanie says it doesnt matter, Phillip was racing his car and wrecked it, its totaled. Max asks if Phillip is okay. Chelsea asks if Belle knows? They all head to the track.


July 21 , 2006
At the track, EJ, Max and Stephanie arrive; Chelsea isn't far behind them. Max sees his car and can't believe it. He blames himself for all of this. He says Phillip shouldn't have been driving, he shouldn't agreed to let Phillip be his second. He says it takes years of experience, he was going to try and ease him into it. Stephanie tells Max that this is not his fault, and she hugs him. Chelsea sees this and is not happy. She gets a call and answers "What!" It's Abby calling, she got her text. Chelsea tells Abby that Stephanie is after Max and she won't let her take him. Abby asks what she's going to do? Chelsea says she has a plan and will need Abby's help getting Stephanie out of the race. Meanwhile, EJ spots there is gas dripping out and sparks under the car, but he says nothing.  Elsewhere, Phillip is on the gernie as Shawn grabs Belle and tells her not to get too near the car. He says he just lost his brother, he can't lose her or the baby, he loves her. Phillip and Mimi both hear, Belle is stunned. Shawn says "Phillip, Mimi, what I meant was . . . " Mimi says save it, they know what he meant. She says she is leaving, she'll see Phillip at the hospital. She walks off and Shawn chases after her, suddenly the car explodes! Nobody is hurt, but the car is toast. Suddenly Phillip has problems, Belle asks the paramedics what is wrong, they said he was stable? They suspect he has a collapsed lung, they have to get him to the hospital. Belle says she's coming with them in the ambulance. Belle doesn't understand how Phillip could have done this, how could he do this as he could have died. He says he'd rather be dead than see her with Shawn! Meanwhile Shawn tells Mimi they have to talk, but she says no they don't. She knows how he feels, he loves Belle. She reminds him he told his dad that Belle was the love of his life. Mimi gets that Belle always will be the love of his life. He says let him drive her to the hospital, they'll talk on the way. Mimi says fine. Elsewhere, Max can't believe his car has been totaled. Stephanie tells Max she'll help him out, they'll tow the car back and see what can be salvaged. EJ extends his hand to Max, he says he's really sorry mate and let him know if he can be of help. 

At the hospital, Lexie examines Phillip. She asks where it hurt, he says his chest. It hurts like hell when he breaths. She thinks he has a collapsed lung and it's probably filling with fluid. She looks at the report and sees he was doing 200 miles an hour, is he insane? He could have died! She asks why he'd do this. Phillip tells her about the in vitro error, how Shawn and Belle are having a child. He says the Dr. said it was a human error and just kept apologizing. Lexie says she's sorry, she hates reading medical reports where errors were made. She says Dr. Jaynes is the best in the field, she can't believe this happened. Phillip says he can't deal with it, this baby could bring Shawn and Belle's old feelings back. He says everyone knows how they were, how in love they were. He says they may be that way again, he can't lose Belle and Claire. Lexie reminds him he and Belle share a baby as well, a beautiful baby. She says this was an accident, don't punish Belle or this baby or even himself for it. He says she's right Phillip tells her that he has to think like a marine. He says he has to fight for Claire and Belle, he loves them and cannot lose them. LExie says she's keeping him over night for observation, she'll go find Belle for him.

Belle spies on Shawn and Mimi as they are arguing. Mimi tells Shawn how afraid she is that this baby will tear them apart. She says everyone knows if it wasn't for Jan Spears they'd be together right now. Shawn says not true, he and Belle both made mistakes and they both moved on. Mimi fears this baby will bring their old feelings back and she'll lose him. Shawn promises her he won't let that happen. Belle walks in on them, she says Phillip is freaking out now because of this baby. Shawn asks what was Phillip thinking, driving that car without a helmet? Belle says he wasn't thinking, he was upset. Mimi thinks this is so deja vous, she remembers another someone who went a little crazy and crashed his bike. Shawn says Jan drugged him, he wasn't himself and he wasn't thinking clearly. Belle says Phillip wasn't thinking clearly tonight either. Mimi says she's going to go make a call and walks off. Belle and Shawn talk, Belle says Phillip called her out on wanted to have his baby, he knows. Shawn asks if she told him that? She says no, but she didn't have to. She says it's true, she wants to have this baby, his baby more than anything . Mimi is spying and hears Belle tell this to Shawn.

At Max's garage, Max and Stephanie are working on his car. She tells him it's okay to be angry, this car is like his baby. Max is glad Phillip is okay, but he is angry. He says he's been through a lot with this car and now it's gone. Stephanie says they'll salvage what they can and build a new car, she'll even help him break it in. He wonders why she'd do that, he's the competition. She says she enjoys racing the best, and he's the best. He says keep the compliments flowing, but seriously why would she do this for him? Meanwhile, Abby shows up, Chelsea tells her how Stephanie is all over Max. She tells Abby what she did with Max's phone earlier, that she had to keep Stephanie away from Max. Abby and Chelsea approach Max and Stephanie as Max is wondering why Stephanie is doing this for him. Chelsea says she can answer, Stephanie has a little crush on Max. Stephanie thinks Chelsea is jealous, but Chelsea says she's not. Stephanie tells Chelsea that her jealousy cost Max a lot tonight. If she could have gotten a hold of Max earlier then Max could have been there to help Phillip, to save his car. Chelsea says she's not jealous, and Stephanie is trying to steal her boyfriend. Chelsea says Stephanie spied on them this morning at the pub, she stood outside the window like a creep stalker. Stephanie says she was at the pub because her mom is staying there, when she looked in and didn't see her she moved on. Max has heard enough, he tells Chelsea that he's in a really bad mood right now and he needs to work, he'll deal with her later and she should go. Chelsea stomps off, Abby follows. Chelsea thanks Abby for not backing her up. Abby tells Chelsea she was in the wrong, what she did was wrong. She reminds Chelsea she was supposed to be changing, she was supposed to be grateful she didn't go to jail and she was going to be a better person. Chelsea says this is all her fault, but she won't lose Max to Stephanie. She says when she's done with Stephanie, Stephanie won't remember her name. Meanwhile, Max apologizes to Stephanie about Chelsea. Stephanie says it doesn't matter, but perhaps Chelsea really is worried that the two of them are doing something more than just working.

At Sami's place, Austin sees how upset Sami is Sami tries to talk to him about what she's done. She says it's terrible and he needs to know. He thinks she's exaggerating. He gets a call, he says he really needs to take care of this. She tells him no, this will only take five minutes. Austin says he can't. He says he's working on a surprise for her, he shouldn't have even said that much. He says he has to go. EJ shows up, he asks if she told Austin? She says she tried. He lectures her again about how she must tell Austin before this person destroys her life. Sami says she knows but he got a call and took off. She says he's planning a surprise for her, she doesn't know if she can tell him. EJ says she must. Sami says even if she wanted to she doesn't know where he is. EJ says he can tell her that, he's at Lucas and Carrie's place.

Lucas and Carrie are looking at the burned remnants of the place. Carrie feels so bad about his apartment. Lucas says it is their apartment, and it was his fault, he lit those candles. Lucas and Carrie are just glad they are both okay, thanks to Austin and Sami. Carrie finds a burned baby book, she cries over it as now she can never use it. He says it was blank anyways, they'll get a new one. She says but this one is out of print, the salesmen told them. Lucas says they'll get it on the internet then. Carrie asks Lucas to be honest with her, does he wish he was having this baby with Sami? Lucas says well in a way yes. He says he and Sami were planning on giving Will a brother or sister, but he and Sami are over now and so is that dream. Carrie thinks about all her dreams and how her life has changed. She says there was a time High Style was her world, she even dumped Austin over it. She says it seems so silly now. Lucas wonders if she's having regrets? She says no, it is just her priorities have changed. She doesn't know if she wants to go back to work after this baby is born. He says she has 9 months to figure that one out. He says until then, and until their apartment is fixed they'll go spend a romantic honeymoon in Europe and Italy. They kiss, Carrie dreams she's kissing Austin. She then really kisses Lucas! Austin shows up, he sees them kissing and dreams it's him kissing Carrie. He eventually knocks and says he doesn't mean to disturb them. He needs some CD's he loaned Lucas before leaving for New York. Lucas hopes they weren't in the bedroom, they'll be a lump of melted plastic. HE leaves to get them, Austin and Carrie chit chat about how they are doing. Carrie says she's doing good and just waiting for Lexie to call back with test results. Lucas returns with the CDs, they joke about his music. Carrie says it's his old romantic collection. Austin asks when they go on their honeymoon? Lucas says they'll leave after the contractor and landlord firgre out a schedule, until then they will have to stay in a hotel. Austin says no way, they are family and they have a spare room at their place. Austin says besides Will will love having both his parents with him and he's planned a surprise dinner for Sami and wants them to be a part of it. Sami walks in at this point, she says absolutely not! She quickly says she didn't mean it to sound that way, what she meant is that Lucas and Carrie are still recovering and don't need a night out. Austin says it will be very low key. Lucas says it's okay, and they accept because he thinks it would be good to spend more time with Will. Lucas says he can also keep an eye on the contractors. Austin leaves, as does Sami. Lucas asks Carrie if she's okay, her body language is saying some things to him. She assures him that she's fine. 

Sami returns to her apartment, she tells EJ no she didn't get a chance to tell Austin. Once again Austin wouldn't let her talk. EJ tells Sami that he thinks she's looking for any reason NOT to tell Austin. Sami says maybe he's right. Sami says Austin is planning some romantic dinner, this could be their last dinner ever if she tells him. He says the next note might not be to her, it may be to Austin. He tells her to tell him, Sami says he's right. Austin shows up and Sami says they need to talk. Austin once again blows her off and invites EJ to dinner tonight, he's planning something special for Sami. EJ says he'd love to come. Austin says great and rushes of. Sami tells him see? EJ says yes he does, so she'll have to make him listen. He says he'll help her if she wants. She thanks him and says he is the best friend she's ever had. 

Back at hospital, Lexie returns to her office. She reads some repots and says this can't be right. She calls Carrie and says her reports are in, she needs to see both her and Lucas at the hospital. Carrie tells Lucas it's Lexie, she wants to see them both right away.

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