July 24 2006
Stephanie and Max continue working on the car. Max thinks there really isnt much to salvage, Stephanie thinks they can save the engine and exhaust out takes, the rest is pretty much body. Max says she makes it sound so simple, and he still doesnt know why shes helping the competition. She says its fun for her, she loves a challenge and she doesn't think of him as the competition. She also knows he loves this car, though she doesnt know why since he said it has been unpredictable the last few races. He says he built this car from scratch, theyve been through a lot together. Stephanie thinks race cars are like relationships, sometimes they are more trouble than they are worth. He asks if shes talking about Chelsea. She says she isnt saying that, and its not her place. Max says she hasnt seen the best side of Chelsea, and shes only acting like this because shes jealous. Stephanie says of her? Max says yes, she beautiful, strong, successful, everything Chelsea wants to be. He says of course Chelsea is beautiful too, but once Stephanie sees Chelsea for who she really is she'll understand why he likes her. Max says maybe he enjoys the challenge, shes not like anyone hes even known. Max says she probably doesn't understand. Stephanie says she has heard about him, she knows the stories, he has a girl in every city and leaves a trail of broken hearts. Max says hes not like that anymore. She says because of Chelsea? Max says yes. Stephanie says okay, and there must be more than meets the eye with her. Max says there is. He says Chelsea has been hurt a lot and has trust issues. He says shes not a bad person, shes a good person. He says hes making excuses for her now. Stephanie says but he loves her. Max says he does, there is something about her that makes him want to be a better person. He says someday when he grows up he wants to marry her. Stephanie says that is serious. He says yes. He asks Stephanie if there is someone special in her life? She says there is, or was. As Max is about to ask Chelsea about this guy, Max gets Chelseas text message inviting him out for drinks at Dune. Stephanie says he should go, they cant do much here until they get the parts anyways. Max invites her to come with him, but she doesnt think Chelsea has invited her. Max says tough, Chelsea has to get used to the fact that he has friends and some are women.

At the hospital, Chelsea waits as Abby checks on her dad. Abby says hes out of it and hopefully this drug will work. Chelsea says it will, hes a survivor and should be in the Guinness book of world records given how many times hes returned from the dead. Abby leaves to say goodbye to her mom, Chelsea flips through a magazine and tries to figure out how to get rid of Mrs. Goodwrench. She sees something and says that is it.

Jen is sleeping next to Jack. Abby and Frankie watch her. Lexie shows up, she learns how exhausted Jen is and how shes not eating. She says this isnt good. Frankie wishes there is something he could do. Lexie says there could be, follow her. Meanwhile Abby tells her mom she can stay with dad and her mom should go rest. Jen says no, and she tells Abby to go have fun with Chelsea, her dad would want that. Abby asks her mom to call her if she needs her. Jen says she will and she loves her. Abby then leaves. Jen talks to Jack, she tells him that their little girl is growing up so fast but she still needs her daddy. She wonders why the medicine isnt working, why isnt he waking up. Frankie returns as Jen yawns. He says he saw that , she needs a break. Jen wont leave Jack, so Frankie says Maggie is going to sit with him. Jen says what if Jack wakes up or needs her. He says Maggie will know where they are and come get them. Jen asks where they will be? Frankie tells her to follow him. They leave and Jack watches them go, he is awake. Maggie comes in and sees hes awake. He asks where Jen is? Maggie says Frankie took her to get food. She says Jen will be happy hes awake, shell go get her. Jack says no, she is with her new husband now and this should be their honeymoon. Maggie shows Jack some photos of Jack Jr. She says they used to think he looked like Jen, but now he is a little Mimi-Me of Jack. She shows him photos of Christmas and of Jack Jr in his little baseball outfit. Maggie eventually says enough pictures for now. Jack knows she tried to stop him from seeing a photo of Frankie and Jen. He says its okay and he wants to see it. Maggie shows it to him. He says hes happy for them, they look in love and that is what he wanted. 

Jen takes Frankie to a private room to have a break and dinner. She thanks him for taking care of her. He says there isnt anything he wouldnt do for her, he loves her. Jen thanks him, she knows this is their honeymoon and they havent had any time together. She feels terrible about all this, she knows he cant wait forever. He says he knew when he married her that she loved Jack. Jen says she loves him too, and its not fair to him. Frankie says its okay, and they kiss. Frankie stops, he says they shouldnt do this. Jen says no she wants to do this, she needs to.

Abby and Chelsea go to Dune, Abby asks what her big plan is? Chelsea says shes hooking up with a guy. Abby says shes done this before. Chelsea says this time shell make Max see he has major competition. Abby begins arguing with Chelsea, Maxs car got totaled and he has a lot on his mind, what is wrong with her? Chelsea says Stephanie Johnson is what is wrong with her. She says Stephanie likes Max and Max likes her. Chelsea says plus she is a grease monkey, they have a lot more in common than the two of them. Chelsea says Max couldnt wait to get rid of her today. Abby says he had work to do. Chelsea says this magazine article says the number one way to keep a man interested is to make him jealous. Abby says it also says it is an easy way to lose her man, play this game at her own risk. Abby says she knows what shes doing, shes sending Max a text message. She gets a reply, Max is on his way. Chelsea says when Max gets here then shell be prepared. She then finds a guy. She says something tells her that hed be a good dancer, among other things. Abby swoops in and drags Chelsea off to talk. Chelsea asks what it is? Abby says she wont let her do this, she wont let her do it to Max either. Abby says Max doesnt need to see her throwing herself at a stranger. Chelsea asks the guy what his name is? He says Dax. He says before this goes any further he needs to know if she can tie a cherry stem into a knot with her tongue. She says she can do many things with her tongue, but not that. He can and shows her. Later as they kiss, Stephanie and Max walk in. Max is not pleased, Stephanie smiles.

On the apartment rooftop, Maggie helps Austin set up a romantic dinner for Sami. Austin thanks her for her help. Maggie says she is an expert in this, and she is sure Sami will like it. Austin says he hopes so. Maggie says all that matters is he loves Sami and Sami loves him. Austin gets a call from Carrie, she says she and Lucas wont make his dinner, they have to go meet with Lexie to discuss the test results. Austin asks if there is a problem? Carrie doesnt know, but she thinks its just routine test results. Carrie assures him that shes fine, shes never felt better. Austin hopes maybe theyll make it for dessert, Carrie says theyll be there.

Sami is in her apartment, shes put on a blue dress. EJ is in a suit, he says she looks beautiful. She says he looks good himself, though she doesnt know why she got dressed up as they know how this night will end. EJ tells Sami that if Austin cant forgive her then he doesnt deserve her. Sami that is sweet, but EJ says he meant it. She doesnt think he would mean it if she knew what she did. He says if Austin loves her then he will forgive her, they all make mistakes. Sami says not like hers. EJ says hes made plenty of mistakes, serious ones. Sami asks if this is about the woman he told her about. EJ says he should never have let her go, if he fought for her then maybe things would have worked out. He thinks that is why she needs to fight for Austin. Sami says she is all for fighting for her man, she just has to make Austin understands why she did what she did and she says she doesnt want to lose him to Carrie. Austin shows up and tells Sami oh my, she looks amazing. He thinks this will be a night neither one of them will forget. Austin tells them it looks like Lucas and Carrie wont be there till later, but the surprise is ready and he asks Sami if shes ready. She says yes, shes been dying to find out what it is. Austin suggests they go. Sami says first they need to talk about something big, it has to do with Carrie. Austin says Carrie and Lucas had to go to the hospital, but they will be here later. EJ decides to go get some champagne, but Austin says he has everything up on the roof. EJ says he insists and leaves. Sami tries to talk to Austin, but he says later. He says shes coming with him and wont take no for an answer. Austin takes Sami to the roof, shes stunned when she sees the set-up. She asks how he did this? He says Maggie and her staff helped. Sami doesnt understand what this is all about? Austin says he wanted to show her and everything that how much she means to him. He says he meant this would be a night she wouldnt forget, and this is just the beginning. He says he has a much bigger surprise in store for her. EJ shows up with the champagne and sees them together. Austin tells Sami she really does look beautiful, and she needs to be patient a little longer. Austin sees EJ and invites him over. Austin gets them some champagne, EJ realizes Sami hasnt told Austin. She says she hasnt. Austin realizes he forgot something and hell be back in two minutes. Austin then leaves. EJ says Austin is quite the romantic. Sami says Austin is everything shes wanted and dreamed of and shes about to blow it when he finds out shes the same lying bitch that he left in Vegas. EJ says thats not true, shell prove that by telling the truth. Sami says he doesnt know what she did. EJ can guess it has to do with keeping Austin and Carrie apart. EJ says Carrie and Austin are done, Carrie chose to marry Lucas. He says even if Austin wanted to be with Carrie, he cant because shes married and expecting a baby. He tells Sami that she needs to get this over with before Austin gets a note and learns the truth. Sami says she knows hes right and shes going to tell him.

Austin goes to his place and begins looking for something. He finally finds a little black box, inside is a ring. He then leaves and returns to the roof. Austin says sorry it took so long, he had to find this. He pulls out the ring box. He then gets down on one knee. He says he knows he proposed before, but he didnt have a ring, a symbol of his love and commitment. Austin proposes to Sami. Sami tells Austin no, I would love to marry you but I cant!

Lucas and Carrie meet with Lexie. Carrie asks her to please say everything is okay. Lexie says shes so sorry. They ask if something is wrong with the baby? Lexie doesnt know how to tell them this, there is no baby. Carrie asks if she lost the baby? Lexie says no, Carrie was never pregnant. Lucas says she took a test. Lexie says she got a false positive, its rare but it happens. Carrie says she hasnt had her period. Lexie says that could be the stress of the wedding or believing she was pregnant. Lexie says she had a hysterical pregnancy. Carrie says her OB didnt want to see her for ten weeks. Lucas says theyll try again, it will work out. Lexie says there is more they need to discuss. Lexie reminds Carrie about her scar tissue and how it could affect her ability to conceive the longer she waited. Carrie begs Lexie not to tell her that she cant have children, it hasn't been that long. Lexie wishes she didnt have to tell her this. Lucas says is she saying Carrie cant get pregnant? What about fertility drugs and in vitro? Lexie says each case is different. She says these tests are pretty conclusive, based on Carries hormone levels her chances of conceiving are less than one percent. Lucas says they will get through this together. Lucas phone rings, its the contractor. Carrie insists he take it, shell be okay. Lucas says hell be back. Carrie tells Lexie that she cant believe this is happening. Lexie says shes sorry. Carrie says so is she, she never would have gone through with this if she had known. Carrie says this changes everything. Lexie says she wouldnt have married Lucas if she wasnt pregnant. Carrie says she decided to marry him before the test, but she had second thoughts. Carrie says she went through with it because of the baby, a baby that didnt exist and she can never have. She wonders what she has done. 



July 25, 2006

At the hospital, Bo runs into Billie. Billie is here visiting Jack. She says he's not doing good, they don't know if the trial medicine is working. Bo says that has to be hard on Jen and the kids. Billie asks what he's doing here. Bo says the pharmacy called his cell by mistake, Hope's pre-natal vitamins were ready. He says he thought he'd save her the trouble and pick them up. Billie says it also gives him a chance to see Hope and work things out with her. Bo says he misses her and he wants to work things out, but she doesn't even want to talk to him. Billie asks if he is giving up then? Bo says he doesn't know what he's doing, he's thought it over a million times. He says he just knows he wants to be with Hope, he loves her and not having her in his life is like an ache, something is missing. Billie says she knows. Bo feels bad, he's put his foot in his mouth again. Billie tells him it's okay, but he thinks it isn't. She's been a good friend to him and he keeps hurting her. Billie says she has caused him and Hope a lot of problems too, but she wants him to be happy and she knows that is with Hope. She tells Bo if there is anything she can do to help him just let her know.

At Hope's Patrick comes out of the kitchen and says the sink is fixed, is there anything else she needs done? She jokes sure, but she hasn't seen his bill yet. He says for her no charge. She thanks him for doing this for her, he's just glad she felt comfortable enough to call him. He tells Hope that sooner or later they are going to have to talk about the fact that she's having his baby. Hope knows, she becomes nervous and offers to make tea. He doesn't want any, and she says she just doesn't know how to handle this. Patrick says he would still like to be a part of this child's life. Hope says she knows and she hasn't changed her mind about that. She says that is the one thing she knows she's clear on. What she's not clear on is her life with Bo. Patrick then gets a call, Mimi is at the trauma center and needs him. Patrick has to go but tells Hope they'll talk later. This is when Bo shows up. Bo knocks on the door and jokes it's just him, the guy who used to live here. He says the hospital called him by mistake, he has her vitamins. She says he didn't have to pick them up. Bo says he knows, but it gives him an excuse to see her. He says he misses her terrible, he misses being "us," she has to give him another chance. Hope invites Bo inside to talk. Bo says there has to be something he can do to make things up to her. She says the one thing she wants more than anything is to have Zack run down the steps and ask her to read him a book, but that won't happen. She says they can't turn back time. She tells Bo that he turned his back on her and Shawn for Chelsea and Billie. Bo says there has only ever been one woman he's loved and wanted and that is her. She says Shawn needed his father for support and he wasn't there for him. Bo says he did the best he could and he thought Shawn needed tough love. He says like she said they can't go back, all he can do is try and be the best husband to her as he can and the best father to this baby. Hope wonders if he can really do that? Bo says he wants to try. Hope says even knowing Patrick is the father? Bo says he doesn't like Patrick, he won't lie, but they can make this work. Hope says Patrick will be a part of this baby's life. She has to think about what is best for the baby and that includes having his or her biological father in their life. She tells Bo their problems go beyond just Zack and Chelsea, she doesn't trust him anymore. Bo asks if there is something he can do about that. She says prove to her that he didn't tamper with the evidence that allowed Chelsea to go free. She says if he can do that then they can begin talking about repairing their marriage.

Back at the hospital, Patrick arrives to see Mimi. She tells him that she's about to lose her husband. Patrick says he knows about the in vitro mix-up, but give Shawn the benefit of the doubt. Mimi tells him he doesn't understand. She says she just heard Belle and Shawn talking, Belle is happy about having this baby with Shawn. She says and he should see Shawn, he's all protective over Belle and their baby right now. Mimi says Belle and Shawn loved one another for years and now they are having this baby together. She says that they are already bonding over it. She says this baby will always give Belle an excuse to be in their lives, in her face.  Mimi says Belle just got pregnant, she doesn't know if she can go through a whole nine months of having Belle in her face. She says meanwhile she and Phillip are freaking over this, neither one loves one another or wants to have a baby that looks like the other. SHe says meanwhile Belle and Shawn couldn't be happier. Patrick says listen to him, he has some experience with this given Hope is pregnant with his baby. Mimi says but Hope loves him doesn't she. Patrick says he loves Hope, but he doesn't know how Hope feels about him. He tries to tell her that Shawn won't abandon her. Mimi tells Patrick that is easy for him to say. She says Belle and Shawn have never stopped loving one another, that is obvious, and they already share a child together. Patrick says what does she mean already? Mimi tells Patrick that is what she needs to tell him, Shawn is Claire's biological father!

In Lexie's office, Carrie is crying to Lexie about her marriage. She says she only agreed to marry Lucas because of this baby. She says now there is no baby, what has she done? She says she's made a mess of her life as well as Austin and Sami's. Lexie says Lucas loves her, he will stand by her. Carrie knows Lucas won't abandon her, but . . . Carrie says she hates saying this. She says she does love Lucas, but it's not the same love she has for Austin. She says if she knew she couldn't have a baby then she would have married Austin. She says she chose a family with Lucas over her love with Austin, and now there will be no baby. Carrie says she is a terrible person, she's ruined so many lives. Lexie tells Carrie this isn't her fault and she has to tell her something. Suddenly Lexie gets a text message. She looks at her phone and sees "Don't Do It!" on the phone. Lexie panics and looks all around. Outside her office the gloved hand closes their phone. Carrie asks what is wrong, she sees the message on Lexie's phone and asks what it means? Lexie covers saying she and another nurse are giving up caffeine. Lexie says the other nurse knows she gets a craving now so she was giving her some support. Carrie says she gave up caffeine for nothing. Carrie asks Lexie what she was going to say to her? Lexie tells Carrie to take it from her, she can't go back and can only go forward. She tells Carrie that she married Lucas for a reason and she needs to give it a chance, she wishes Abe would have given her a chance. She tells Carrie to try and work on her marriage to Lucas, if she doesn't get over Austin and doesn't feel deeper feelings for Lucas then go to a counselor. Lexie says maybe in a year if things still haven't changed then go see a lawyer. Carrie tells Lexie that she is right, there are other things to think about other than love, things such as honor. Carrie thanks Lexie and agrees to try and work things out with Lucas.

At the apartment roof, Austin proposes to Sami who stuns him and says she can't. Austin is confused, what does she mean, he thought he had done everything right. Sami says everything is perfect. It appears she's going to actually tell Austin, but she chickens out. She claims she just can't accept the ring, it's too much. Austin says it's the one she saw in the store and liked . . . . and of course she also saw the price tag. Sami says it's sweet but it's too expensive, they need to be thinking about their company and putting this money towards it. Sami says she would be happy with any little old ring. Austin says he doesn't want her to have any ring, he wants her to have what she wants. He says this is what he loves about her, she makes a decision and stick with it. He could give her a list of reasons he loves her, but he thinks they've embarrassed EJ enough. Austin convinces Sami to take the ring, and then he takes off to finish dinner. Sami tells EJ not to say it, she chickened out. Once again EJ tells her that she must tell Austin before someone else tells him. Sami asks if she really has to tell Austin? She tells EJ that this ring makes it real, this will be the third time she is to marry Austin and he knows what they say about the third time. EJ says that bad luck comes in threes? She says no, the third time is the charm. She shows EJ the back of the door to the stairway and asks what he sees. He says he sees Lucas and Carrie and Austin and Carrie's initials. She says exactly, her sister is carved all over town and she is not. Sami says she's had to live her life in her perfect sisters shadow her whole life. Sami tells EJ if he's about to say that makes her sound fifteen then maybe it does. She says it makes sense, that is when everything changed for her. He asks what she means? She explains history to EJ, saying when she was fifteen her mother came back to them and for awhile her life was perfect. SHe says she had a great relationship with Carrie and that is when she met Austin. She says soon everything went to hell when her parents divorced. However that for those few months she was so happy, and that is what Austin gives her, security. She says so she's decided she can't tell Austin the truth. She says she'd be insane to. She says if the blackmailer tells him fine, she can hate and blame them. However she can't destroy her own life on her own. She makes EJ promise not to tell Austin, swear on his mothers life. He asks what makes her think he has a mother. She says everyone does. He says she could be dead or not in his life. Sami says she's sorry . . . He says he was being hypothetical, but she needs to think before she speaks. He says in this case she has thought to much and back tracked. Sami says she is going back, she's not telling Austin and he can't either. He says if he was a real friend he would tell Austin, but he will abide by what she wants. She thanks him. He says just know if things don't work out with Austin then there will be a line of men waiting to be with her.

In Austin's apartment, Austin is fixing the dinner and gets the pie out. He goes for the whip cream and has a Carrie memory. Billie walks in and tells Austin she knocked two time, what was he thinking about? He says nothing, just dinner. He's making dinner for Sami. She says he may be making dinner for Sami but he was thinking about Carrie. She says don't deny it, he gets that googaly look in his eyes when he's with her. Austin says he is with Sami and unless she forgot that Lucas is married to Carrie so don't cause trouble. Billie says she doesn't want to cause trouble, she's just concerned about him. Austin tells Billie that he is just concerned about Carrie. He says after they talked the other night that Carrie and Lucas apartment caught fire. Billie asks if they are okay? Austin says yes, but Carrie was unconscious for a long time and that Lucas and Carrie went to meet Lexie to talk about the baby. Austin says he's concerned about the baby. Billie says he's not fooling her, she can see he's upset. Austin claims he isn't upset, he is on the verge of his business exploding and he just  got engaged to a beautiful woman. Billie wonders if it is the right beautiful woman. Billie reminds him that he told her that he loved Carrie and always would, so does he think he should be marrying Sami? Austin says he has to move on. Billie says she's all for moving on, but does he have to move on with Sami? Austin says she's sounding like mom now. Billie says she knows he likes Sami a lot, and perhaps he's confusing that with love. She says this is a rebound thing, don't marry her. Billie says take it from her, Bo always loved Hope even when he was with her and look how well that worked out for her. She tells Austin to take his time and meet someone right for him. Austin tries to change the subject, he invites her to dinner. She thinks he has something up his sleeve. Austin admits EJ will be there. Billie says no thanks. She says she's not interested in EJ, she plans on taking her sweet time finding the right person for her and she recommends Austin do the same.


July 26, 2006
Mimi and Patrick go to a private cubicle at the hospital to talk. Patrick asks if he heard her right, did she says Shawn is Claires father? Mimi says yes. Patrick says not only is Belle pregnant with Shawns child, Claire is his as well. Mimi says yes, but they dont know about Claire. However she knows theyll find out one day and then theyll want to be together. Patrick asks how Shawn got Belle pregnant and they dont know, but Mimi knows. Mimi says Belle and Shawn dont even remember having sex. She says they werent conscious or in possession of their faculties. Mimi and Patrick recap the car accident, how they had hyperthermia and they used body heat to stay warm. Mimi says later the barn caught fire, and by time the rescue squad got to them they were unconscious and naked. Mimi says Belle remembers it but only thinks it was a dream, and all she knows is they both think it didnt happen. Mimi says one way or another they made a baby. Patrick asks how she knows? Mimi says when Claire was sick, Shawns blood type matched Claires and Phillips didnt. She also says Zack was a match for Claires organ transplant. Mimi says she was suspicious and said something to mom, mom did digging and found out the truth beyond a shadow of a doubt. Mimi says Shawn is Claires father and not Phillip. Patrick says shes believe this because of what mom said? Mimi says she found proof and she wouldnt be freaking out if she didnt believe it. Mimi says mom told her not to tell the truth as shed lose Shawn to Belle. Mimi knows she should have told Shawn the truth from the beginning but now its too late. Patrick says its never too late, she can still tell the truth. Mimi says and lose Shawn? She says its bad enough they have one kid together, but two? She says Belle would have no reason to stay with Phillip. Patrick says Belle is his wife, she does love him. Mimi says yeah she loves him but not the way she loves Shawn, shes never gotten over Shawn and hes never gotten over her. Mimi says shes not saying Shawn doesnt love her, but its not the same way he loves Belle. Mimi says the way they were, they were so crazy together. Mimi says she used to pray to find the love like that, and she almost did twice. She says she blew it with Rex and may have blown it with Shawn. Mimi tells Patrick shes known the truth for awhile, shes know about Claire since before the wedding. She says she told Father Jansen and he refused to marry them without her telling the truth. She says she wanted to, but fate stepped in. She says now Father Jansen says their marriage isnt valid in the eyes of the church. She says when Shawn finds out, their marriage will be over legally as well. Mimi says Shawn has this thing about trust and honesty, its a religion to him. She says hes glad his parents are splitting up and this baby is Patricks. She asks Patrick what is going on with that, but he doesnt know. Mimi says at least hell always have a bond with Hope, unlike her who is now bonded to Phillip. Patrick urges Mimi to tell Shawn the truth. She says what if he leaves her? Patrick says its a chance shell have to take. Mimi says she should have learned her lesson when she lost Rex. She tells Patrick hes turned his life around though, hell get that happy ending with Hope.

Belle finds Shawn is still at the hospital. He says Mimi wanted to make sure Phillip was okay, how is he doing. She says hes stable, Lexie wants to run a few more tests. Belle says its a miracle he survived that crash though. Belle says it was her fault, Phillip thought she was happy about this baby, and he was right. Shawn says they should talk about that. Belle says she cant help it, she has dreamed of having his baby since before they were dating. She says it is like this is meant to be. Shawn says his parents are splitting up, he cant dream of putting Mimi through that. Shawn says it kills him to say this but there is only one thing they can do. Belle thinks Shawn is saying they should leave their spouses and raise this baby together. Shawn says no, hes not leaving Mimi and Belle is married to Phillip. Belle says they love each other and are having a baby like they planned. Shawn says this baby was an accident. She says no its meant to be. Shawn says it doesnt matter, she is married to Phillip and has Claire and he will not break his vows to Mimi. He says they took their vows in good faith. Belle says she didnt, her vows were a lie. Belle says she loves Phillip, but she doesnt love him the way she loves him, the way a wife should love her husband. She says she always knew that and she shouldnt have married him. She says she was just so hurt and so angry over what happened with Shawn and Jan. Shawn says he knows what happened and what he did, Phillip loved her and was there for her. Still Belle says she had no right marrying Phillip. Belle says she thought marrying Phillip would help her get over Shawn. She says what she did was unfair to Phillip and unfair to Shawn. Shawn says she can learn to love him that way, but Belle says shes tried and she cant forget about him (Shawn). Belle says Phillip is a good person, but hes not the man meant for her. She thinks the baby proves that. Shawn tells her not to think that way. Belle says taking vows in front of a priest that one didnt mean is grounds for annulment. Shawn says dont think about that, think about what that would do to Claire. He says they both have responsibilities now. Shawn says he loves Claire and she deserves to have her parents together. Belle says what about their baby? Shawn says legally that baby is hers and Phillips, and Phillip will love that baby as much as he loves Claire. Shawn says if she commits to Phillip completely then it can work. He says she has to keep believing and she can be happy. He says whatever happens he cant leave Mimi, she trusts him. He says hed never betray her trust anymore than she would betray him. Shawn says he wont break his vows, he believes in them. He says he cant split up a family, Claire should be with her father, its not right. Belle says what isnt right is the fact that even though they love one another that they cant be together. Shawn says she belongs with Phillip and he belongs with Mimi, and thats the end of it. 

At Bo and Hopes, Bo thanks Hope for giving him this chance. He says he loves her, he would never hurt her. He says he didnt tamper with the evidence, and hell do his best to prove it. Hope tells Bo if he cant give her hard evidence then she can never believe him again and their marriage will be over. Hope says she cant take his word for it, hes lied to her about so many things. He swears on his life hes not lying about this. Hope says all the evidence points to him, he was the last one there. They recap everything that happened, Bo going there to get evidence for another case and Bo banging on the vent which accidentally disabled a secret camera. Bo knows this doesnt look good. Hope says it doesnt and the only plausible explanation is that he did it. Bo says he didnt steal the evidence, he wouldnt do this to her. Bo doesnt know what else to say to convince her. Hope says that is just it, there is nothing he can say. Hope says she will divorce him until he shows her proof. Hope says it may be for the best anyways, she hasnt forgotten about what happened with JT. Hope says when Bo thought he wasnt the father he checked out, he couldnt handle it. Hope says she forgave him but she couldnt forget, and experience tells her that he wont be able to deal with her having Patricks child. Bo says the man who raised him is not his biological father, but hes his pop and he loves him more than anything. Bo says he was upset to learn Victor was his father, and it took him time to find out that didnt matter. He says he will love this baby the same way his pop loved him, he will be the best father to this baby. Hope says just prove he didnt tamper with the evidence. He says he can do that. She wants more than anything to believe he can. Bo says they belong together, he wont lose her. 

Later Alice and Maggie drop by to check on Hope. They say they have been worried about her since hearing the news about the baby, it does complicate things. Hope says yes, though it was already complicated enough. Maggie says a new baby is always a gift. Alice says its a blessing. Hope feels the same way, that this is a gift from God and Zack. Maggie tells Hope that this baby will be blessed to have her as a mother. Alice says a child needs a father as well, two loving parents. Hope says she knows, but the fact is that Patrick will be a part of this childs life whether they are together or not. Hope says if there is a chance for her and Bo then . . . Maggie says then this parents will have three parents to love him or her, they learned that with JT and she and Mickey learned it with Melissa. Maggie says true love always wins in the end. Maggie asks how Bo feels about raising this child and having Patrick be a part of their lives? Hope says Bo claims he can handle it, but shes not so sure. She doesnt want her child growing up thinking their step-father hates their father. Alice says Bo loves her so much that there isnt anything he can do for her. Hope says even so, he has to prove he didnt tamper with the evidence but she doesnt think he can. Alice says Bos always come through for her, he can again.

Bo goes to the station to work, Billie shows up to see him. She says they have a problem. Chelsea hasnt signed up for community service yet. Billie says if Chelsea doesnt sign up by the deadline then she can go to jail still. Bo thinks maybe jail time is exactly what she needs, Billie disagrees. He says if the evidence didnt disappear shed be facing a much worse sentence. Bo says speaking of the evidence, he needs to find that evidence. Billie offers to help if she can. Bo sees the dirty cop Eve Michaels, he asks her if they can talk about the missing evidence. Suddenly Billie blurts out that she knows who did it. She claims it had to be someone on the inside. Bo agrees, he asks Michaels if she saw anything suspicious that day? She says no. He says he needs a list of everything there that day. Eve says shell get on it, and for what it is worth she doesnt think he did it. She thinks it will be difficult to find out who did. Bo says whoever did do it, hell find out, he has too much at stake. As Billie and Bo continue to talk about the evidence, Eve makes a call to the gloved hand. Eve wont be hung out to dry, they gave her the idea and Kate Roberts paid her to do it. Eve says Bo is now investigating into it, shes going to need more money. She says when they get back to Salem they better have the cash. 

Kayla and Steve are flying to Ohio. Kayla tells him last time they flew to Ohio they were going to Cleveland to find her sisters boy, he had been kidnapped. She says that trip is when she started falling in love with him. He asks if they won out over evil that time. Kayla says they did, and they will this time too. Kayla asks Steve if hes looking forward to going back to what he thought was his home. He says he just doesnt want this to be a wasted trip for her. Kayla is positive theyll find some answers. Steve recaps what he knows, waking up in a hotel room and getting mugged, that was about it. Kayla worries this might be a bad idea, whoever did this to them might not be happy that they are coming here to look for answers. Steve says the more he thinks about it the more he thinks someone took away his memory on purpose, and he may know why. Steve says he was a cop and with the ISA, maybe he knew something that could take someone down. Steve says it all fits Stefanos MO. Steve says he did some research on Stefano, he had a talent for making people who werent dead appear dead. He begins recapping Tony and the Salem Stalker storyline, he thinks a similar thing could have happened to him. Kayla talks to Steve about how when they were on their honeymoon they took in a little deaf boy named Benji, who turned out to be Stefanos son. She says Stefano wasnt happy to have him being raising them. Steve asks where Benji is now? Kayla doesnt know, his grandfather came for him and they lost touch. They talk about the evidence from the casket, which is being exhumed and examined. They hope they get answers from the casket. The pilot says they are about to land. Kayla is having a good feeling about this, they will find answers here. 

Kayla and Steve end up at a rough bar, its a place Steve hangs out. He says hes come here as long as he can remember. They head inside, not aware that the gloved hand is spying on them. The hand signals to a guy, the guy follows them into the bar after saying he knows what to do. They walk into the bar and some guys say Look who is here, its the long lost Nick Stockton. They want to challenge him to some pool, but he says not now hes here with a lady. People keep saying hi to him, one girl named Rosie gives him a hug and says theyve missed him around here. Rosie is the bartender and asks Nick if he sees who is here. He says yeah every last damn sorry one of them. HE yells to everyone that this is Kayla. Rosie takes Nick off to celebrate his home coming with a round of shooters. The guy the gloved hand sent in moves in on Kayla, he asks what shes doing in a place like this. She says shes with him. The guy says with Nick Stockton? He tells her dont get involved with him, hes bad news. He says Nick is a lying cheating two timing womanizer. He says Nick has broken a lot of hearts in this joint, dont let him break hers. He says he can protect her. Steve returns and punches the guy. The guy then breaks a beer bottle and tells Steve that he shouldnt have come back. Outside the gloved hand spies on Steve and Kayla. Back inside Steve and this guy are fighting. Rosie tells Nick to stop it, the guy tells Kayla to stay away from Nick as hes a liar. The guy runs off, Kayla asks what that was about? Back outside, the guy tells the gloved hand to get someone else to do their dirty work. He says if anyone finds out what they are up to they better watch out. Back inside, Nick claims that was just some punk who has always had it in for him. Suddenly a woman tells Nick she has missed him so much, give her a kiss. She kisses Nick, and Kayla asks who the hell is she? The woman says Im his wife, who the hell are you?


July 27, 2006
At the bar in Cincinnati we see a replay of the woman kissing Steve and claiming to be his wife. The woman asks Kayla who she is, Kayla says shes his wife. Kayla asks Steve how he could be married to another woman and not tell her? Steve tells Kayla this is Della, and they are not married. Della says they may not be officially married, but they have an arrangement. Steve tells Della what hes found out about himself, who he really is. Della doesnt believe it, she doesnt believe her man is this Steve guy, a family man married to miss prim and proper. Kayla wonders if she and Steve were so close why didnt she notice hes been gone. Della says stay out of it. Della talks with Steve, she tells him to forget about that past life, this is his life now. Steve tells Della to give him a minute; he has to talk to Kayla. Steve and Kayla sit down. Steve tells her that hes sorry about this. Kayla asks why he didnt tell her? Steve says she didnt ask him questions about his other life, and hes an idiot for not telling her. Kayla doesnt get it, the whole time hes had this other woman? Kayla asks how serious it is, does he love her? Steve says he and Della have been off and on again for awhile, and the life hes been living is nothing like she is used to. Kayla says the Steve she fell in love with wasnt different from Nick Stockton, he had an old dive he loved and they went there all the time. Steve says the bottom line is that hes not the right guy for him. Kayla says dont say that, he said hed fight for them. Steve says being here makes him realize this is the place he needs to be. She says he needs to be with his wife. Steve says until he remembers her, she is just his wife on paper. He says he cant be her husband. Kayla says on the way here all he talked about was finding out what happened, he never mentioned this place or Della. Kayla asks if this was a ploy to just get back here? Steve tells Kayla the truth is he doesnt feel the same connection to her that she feels to him. He knows she doesnt want to hear that, just try and understand. Kayla thought that each day in Salem he would realize more and more he belongs there. Della walks over and asks Steve if he wants to dance? He says is she serious? No not now. Della says fine, but here is a question to help him sort this out. Does he remember making love to this woman? Steve says nothing. Della says she didnt think so, but he remembers her. She says shes not giving up on him and she knows he isnt giving up on her. She kisses him and walks off. Steve tells Kayla hes sorry, hes no good for her, what if the DiMeras come after her or Stephanie because of him? She says hes sounding like a family man trying to protect her. Steve says what if he cant remember her, how can he be her husband?

At Dune, Max pulls Chelsea away from a crowd of men. Max asks who these guys are. She says her friends, they are university students. Max says they should go outside and talk, but Chelsea says no. Chelsea tells Max hes been so busy with Stephanie that she decided to have fun without him. Max reminds her that she told him no more partying and drinking with strangers. She says they are her friends just like he and Stephanie are friends. Max says shell never change and storms off. Chelsea tells Abby that Max will be back. Chelsea tells Abby to dance with one of the hot guys. Abby says shes seeing Josh. Abby then tells Chelsea shes her own worst enemy, she reminds her a lot of Sami. Abby says shes afraid Max is caring about her too much and shes pushing him away. Chelsea says Sami is a loser when it comes to guys, shell never be like Sami. Chelsea says Sami has a closet full of wedding dresses and a lot of failed weddings. Chelsea says she will be with Max and she wont let him end up with that bitch Stephanie. Abby says if she keeps pushing Max away then she will lose him. Chelsea says it hasnt happened yet, and she suggests they go party.

Outside Max vents to Stephanie about Chelseas actions. He says hes so sick of her games. Stephanie says people who dont race just dont get it. Max says its more than that, he thinks this relationship isn't going anywhere. He says this idea or a relationship is new to him, but he never thought it would be this hard. Stephanie says perhaps he wasnt meant to be with Chelsea. Max says maybe shes right, maybe people like them arent cut out for relationships. He says they risk their lives every day out there. Stephanie says she loves her job and its not just about the risks. Stephanie says she is a lot like her dad, but he settled down and married her mom. Stephanie knows that can happen for them too. Max says he hopes she finds true love, some day she probably will. He talks about the kind of guy Stephanie needs to find, the kind of guy she deserves. Stephanie says maybe one day shell find that guy. Max says he thinks he wont find a relationship with Chelsea, that is for sure.

At the hospital Shawn tries to assure Belle it will be fine. Belle says Phillip could have died, and she needs to make up her mind about where she stands with Phillip. She says if this baby wont bring them back together then she has to let it go. They hug and Phillip walks out of his room and finds them together. He thanks Shawn for taking care of his wife, he can see how upset she is about almost losing him today. Belle tells Phillip that she was upset about what happened, he almost died. Phillip says hes trying to be understanding here, he came out of his bed and finds her in his arms? Mimi returns, Shawn says the four of them need to discuss what they are going to do. Shawn says they are all involved in one anothers lives, they used to be friends. Belle says they are family. Mimi says they need to be honest before making any decisions, and there is something they all need to know. Mimi says that shes been keeping this from them and they have a right to know that Shawn is Claires biological father. She confesses all to them about how she knows. Belle is furious, Shawn is also furious and demands an annulment. He says he has respected Belle and Phillips marriage, but now Claire is his and it changes everything. He says this mix-up is like fate, he and Belle will finally be a family. Belle and Shawn walk off, Phillip tells Mimi that when the surrogate gives birth then hes suing for full custody and shell never see the kid again. Of course you know its all a dream sequence. Mimi chickens out, she just says they have to find a way to get through this. Shawn tells Phillip he doesnt care about biology, Phillip will be a good father to this child and theyll all be involved in the raising these kids. Shawn says theyll have four parents, and they can do this if they work together. Shawn asks what they say? Phillip and Mimi stare at one another. Shawn says he knows this is hard for Phillip. He says Belle loves him and hes committed to his marriage, Mimi has never shaken his faith in her. He says Belle has stayed by Phillip's side as well, dont push her away. Phillip knows his family needs him and he wont abandon them. He tells Belle that he loves her and Claire, he wont lose them and they will get through this. They hug. Shawn tells Mimi this can all work out. 

Carrie and Lucas return home, Carrie cant believe she wanted a baby so badly that she gave herself morning sickness. She says because of this baby she rushed their wedding. Lucas is glad they are married no matter what. Carrie says and that baby book, it will always be blank, shell never be pregnant. Lucas says there is a chance, but Carrie says less than one percent. She tells Lucas if he doesnt want to stay with her then shell understand, she knows he wants more children. Carrie says she feels stupid, shes morning a baby she never had and never will. Lucas asks Carrie if shes saying she regrets marrying him? Carrie says no of course not. Lucas says she just seems . . . Carrie says shes sad, but it has nothing to do with him. Lucas tells Carrie that she could never disappoint him. Carrie suggests they go celebrate with Austin and Sami on the roof. She thinks they should get telling them this over with. Carrie also says Austin had a big surprise for Sami and he wanted them there. 

On the roof, EJ tells Austin what a wonderful dinner this is. Sami cant stop staring at her ring, she still think its too expensive. Austin says they need more champagne. As Austin is opening it, EJ tries to convince Sami to be honest. Sami tells Austin that she doesnt deserve this. Austin what this is about? Sami chickens out, she just tells him that she feels so lucky to have him in her life. She says a lot of the time she feels she doesnt deserve to be happy and shes so lucky that he believes in her. Sami says shes trying hard to be worthy of his love. Austin says so is he. She says hes perfect, but Austin says hes far from it, he never wants to hurt her. Sami says he wont and couldnt. Austin says this is her ring and he wants her to wear it always. Austin then remembers he forgot the desert wine, so he goes to get it. EJ once again lectures Sami, she needs to be honest with Austin before the note writer tells him the truth. Sami says she just cant get the words out, Austin will never forgive her, hell take this ring back. EJ says its not about a ring. Sami says she knows, its about her future. Austin returns, he has brought Carrie and Lucas. Austin tells them that they missed the event, he gave Sami a ring. Carrie looks at the ring, Lucas tells Austin hes happy for him. Lucas says its nicer than the one he got her. Sami says she wouldnt have said it out loud, but it is true. Lucas asks Sami why shes not looking very happy, she looks a little nervous. Sami says shes shocked and overwhelmed. Lucas knows her. Carrie tells Lucas not to do this, its a special night. Austin asks Carrie and Lucas about the baby, the baby is fine right? Carrie says everything is fine, so Austin toasts to them and the baby. Privately Carrie tells Lucas that shell tell them later, she doesnt want to ruin this night. Lucas says he loves her, and they can always consider adopting. Carrie knows he wanted to be a father from the beginning because he missed out of so much with Will. Lucas says hes not missing out on anything and he wouldnt trade places with anyone. Austin then toasts to Sami, their marriage and a future baby with Lucas and Carrie. EJ tells Sami now would be a good time. Sami announces to everyone that she has something to say, something that could change all of their lives. She says she wants the best for Carrie, Lucas and their baby, and she wants the best for Austin. She says before they can live happily ever after, she has to apologize for what shes done. Sami says she knows shes hurt them all, shes done some terrible things to them all. Lucas says they all know what shes done, theyve forgotten and hoped she would to. She says she cant and cant believe they have. She says shes lucky that theyve forgiven her, and she thanks them for that. Sami tells Austin that hes an amazing person, she wants him to be proud of her and she wants to be proud of him. She says she wants to be a good role model to Carrie and Lucas baby, she knows how long Carrie has waited for this baby. Carrie begins to break down and runs off. Lucas chases after her. Austin and Sami wonder what that was about, was it something she said? Austin goes to check on them, EJ continues to lecture Sami about not telling them the truth. He says she needs to tell Austin the truth now! Meanwhile, Lucas finds Carrie crying in their apartment. He knows shes upset about the baby, but there is a baby out there for them. Carrie tells him to stop it, she cant do this, she made a huge mistake. Austin arrives outside the door and hears this.


July 28 , 2006
Chelsea and Abby head to the garage looking for Max. Abby says hes obviously not here. Chelsea wonders where he is. Abby says since Chelseas motorcycle is still here, chances are they are together. Abby argues with Chelsea, she wonders if she even cares about Max. Abby says the only time Chelsea cares about Max is when he might be with another girl. Chelsea says that isnt true, and she knows Stephanie is probably at lookout point with Max. Abby says Stephanie isnt interested in Max, she knows this from her mom. Abby says her mom and Kayla are close. She knows Stephanie doesnt even have a boyfriend, and she wants to wait till marriage to have sex. Chelsea wonders if this runs in Abbys family. Chelsea says they need to find out everything they can about Stephanie. Chelsea finds Stephanie's backpack in a locker and decides to snoop. Abby says she wont let her do this. Chelsea says back off. Chelsea looks through her backpack, there really isnt much in there. Abby doesnt understand Chelsea, Max wants her to be his girlfriend and she keeps doing this stuff to him. Chelsea says Stephanie is beautiful, a jock and shes so nice to him. Abby says why cant she be nice to Max? Chelsea says she is nice, isnt she nice to Abby? Abby says sometimes. Abby tells Chelsea that Stephanie is a non-issue, Chelsea is the one driving Max away with her games. Chelsea finally finds a notepad with Maxs name scribbled with hearts on it. She tells Abby to tell her now that shes not after her boyfriend. Abby says so what, but Chelsea says this means a lot, it means Stephanie can't get Max off her mind. Chelsea writes Whore on the locker with lipstick. Abby tells her to wipe that off, but Chelsea refuses.

Stephanie and Max are at the Brady Pub having food and drinks. Stephanie dogs Chelsea, but Max says Stephanie doesnt know her like he does. Stephanie says if she had a guy like him then she wouldnt treat him this way. Max asks Stephanie about this guy she is interested in that she mentioned before. She says she was interested in him, he may be interested in someone else. Stephanie says back to his love life. Stephanie says Chelsea reminds her a lot of Sami. Max says no way, shes nothing like Sami. He says Chelsea at her worst is not that bad. Stephanie says give Chelsea time, shes Sami on training wheels. Max says Chelsea has had a lot of loss in her life. Stephanie says so have they but they dealt with it. Max says different people deal differently, they had good influences in their life and she didnt. He thinks she is protecting herself from being hurt, and hes beginning to think Chelsea is jealous of Stephanie. Stephanie says so what will they do about Chelsea? He says shes not thinking about him when she makes decisions, so he wont give her that power over him. He asks Stephanie how shes doing being back in Salem? Stephanie says meeting him has helped. She says shes finding her groove, her dad back in her life is a major change. She says its something shes dreamed of since she was a kid, having her parents back. Max says time has past, people change. Stephanie says its not like they fell out of love and got divorced. He thinks she really believes in fairy tales. She says he must too, otherwise he would have given up on Chelsea long ago. He says touch. He suggests they get back to the garage.

Abby and Chelsea leave the garage just as Stephanie and Max return. They see whore written on her locker. Max wonders who did it, Stephanie knows. Max says hes sorry and comforts her. Back outside, Chelsea admits to Abby that what she did was dumb and a mistake, they should go fix it. Chelsea then looks into the garage and sees Max holding Stephanie.

On the roof, Austin leaves to check on Carrie. Sami and EJ continue to talk, EJ gives her the same old speech, she needs to tell Austin the truth. He doesnt think shes listening to him, he tells her to grow up and take responsibility for her actions! EJ says she has told him that Austin values honesty above everything else. Sami remembers her last wedding and how Austin forced Sami to tell her parents why the wedding was called off. Sami says she cant tell Austin, shed rather die. EJ tells her that she needs to make a choice, does she tell him or does someone else? Sami says maybe this person doesnt know what she did, maybe they are making an educated guess. She says shed tell Austin the truth for nothing. EJ says the truth is never for nothing, and does she want to take that risk? What if this person is writing another note right now and gives it to Austin? Meanwhile we see the gloved one writing another note. Back on the roof, Sami tells EJ that she is a monster, Austin will never find a way to understand this. EJ says it cant be that bad, but Sami says it was that bad. She says Austin wont forgive her, and EJ wont want anything to do with her when she tells him what it was.

At Samis apartment, Austin listens in at the door as Carrie tells Lucas that shes made a huge mistake. Lucas asks what she means? She says she wanted a baby of her own, and now that she knows she cant . . . She says they rushed their wedding for a baby that never was. Carrie tells Lucas she only married him because she thought she was pregnant. Outside Austin is rolling his eyes. Lucas says she agreed to marrying him before the baby. Carrie says she knows, she is just upset and needs time to think about things. Lucas says they can take things slow, they can take a longer honeymoon and get to know one another better, get closer. He says when they come back they can make decisions about the adoption. Carrie says oh boy . . . Lucas says what? Does she have a headache? He says hell get her some aspirin. Lucas leaves and Austin walks in. Austin and Carrie look at one another. Lucas returns, Sami doesnt have any aspirin, shes used to giving headaches he guesses. He decides to go to the store and get aspirin, he asks Austin to look after Carrie. Lucas leaves, Austin asks Carrie if he can get her anything? She says no thanks. Austin says he overheard what she said to Lucas about the baby, hes sorry. She says she cant do anything right. Austin asks why she didnt say anything, why did she let them go on and on about the baby? Carrie says she didnt want to ruin his special evening. Carrie says she wasnt even pregnant, it was a false positive. She wonders how she was so stupid. Austin says these things happen. Carrie says she should have known, she just wanted it so badly. Carrie says Lexie told her that she can never have children. Austin says hes sorry, he knows how badly she wanted a family. Austin says they were talking about adopting when he walked in. Carrie says that isnt what is bothering her. She says she needs to clean up the mess shes made. Carrie tells Austin that she only got married because she thought she was pregnant. She says this marriage was a huge mistake. Austin doesnt understand, she agreed to married Lucas before she was pregnant. She says she doesnt think she would have gone through with it if she knew she couldnt have children. Austin asks what she is saying? She says she made a mistake, she was having second thoughts. Austin says she doesnt have to answer him, but is she saying she wishes she married him? Carrie says there is no point in getting into it, shes married to Lucas and hes engaged to Sami. She says nothing changes that. Carrie then sees a note has been slipped under the door. Austin picks it up, its addressed to Sami. Back in the hall, Lucas sees the gloved one running off.

In Cincinnati, Steve tells Kayla that he belongs here, being back here has made him realized this is the only life he relates to. He says he never remembered one thing while in Salem. Steve doesnt want Kayla to put her life on hold for him. He thinks it is best that they just go their separate ways now. She says he doesnt mean that, but he says he does. He says he doesnt want to hurt her more than he has,  its time for them to say goodbye. Kayla says she cant say goodbye and she cant believe it is what he wants. They argue about his memory and who could have taken it. Kayla says the person who did this to them, shes declaring war on them. She says it makes her angry what they did, it makes her want to fight. She asks if he doesnt want to fight for them? He says he doesnt. Kayla thought they came here to find a clue to his past. Steve says the only thing this trip has accomplished is to make him realize that he belongs here. Kayla says her life is with him, hes the only man shes ever loved. Steve thought there was another man. She says no, when she lost him she lost everything but their child. She says she tried to date for Stephanie, to give her a family, but it never worked out. He says she deserves to have the kind of love she wants returned, but it cant come from him. HE tells her that she needs to think of Stephanie. Kayla says hes talking like a parent now, she doesnt think hes ready to give all this up. He says shes asking him to give up what hes comfortable with and start over. He says he wont change his mind on this, this is the way it has to be. She still wishes hed come back to Salem, but he says no. He says try to understand. Kayla says shell never understand. Kayla then runs off in tears.

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