June 5, 2006

At the penthouse, John asks Marlena if the nap helped. She says yeah. John tells her to talk to him, tell him what is bothering her. She says she cant stop thinking about the miscarriage. She says its her fault that she lost the baby. He says she cant keep blaming herself. Marlena knows it was an accident, but she thinks about the months lost that she could have been dealing with this. She says the miscarriage caused the amnesia and her memory just stopped. She says now that she has her memory back it is painful, it is like this happened this morning. John wishes he could help her. Marlena knows that. Marlena talks about how amnesia is a severe way to deal with an issue. She also says to top it all off, she was an abused and abandoned wife. Marlena says shes not who she thought she was, she doesnt know if her patients will trust her again. He says shes a human being, they will understand. Marlena says she just doesnt know why she forgot everything. She says she was afraid of what would happen to their marriage, and maybe she didnt want the baby enough. Maybe she felt so guilty that she tried to pretend it didnt exist. She tells John how this feels like losing DJ all over again. John says hes here for her and will do whatever it takes. She doesnt know how he can forgive her when she cant forgive herself. He says there is nothing to forgive. She says she was unfaithful, she broke their marriage vows, that is not nothing. He says Tony was holding her hostage, it is not her fault. Marlena says but she and Roman knew John and Kate were alive, whereas they thought she and Roman were dead. John says but she had to watch him and Kate move on. Marlena wonders how he can be so forgiving. He says because he loves her. She thinks she needs more time to process this. Marlena gets a call from Bo about Hope. Marlena has to go. John wants to go, but Marlena decides she wants to do this on her own. 

Kate is by the side of the road calling for help, her car died and a tow isnt available for forty five minutes. She says shes not staying here, shell lock the car and leave the keys under the front tire. EJ shows up and asks if she needs a hand or two. She says she just called a tow service. He offers to take a look anyways. As they talk, Kate asks EJ if hes hitting on her. He says that depends if she wants him too.

Sami runs to see Austin. She says she has a great idea, she knows how to get Shawns account from Lucas and Titan. She says Shawn wants to work with Max to get Maxs endorsement, so what if they gets someone bigger than Max. He asks who and how? Sami says come with her. Sami takes Austin out into the hall where EJ is. She introduces Austin to EJ, Sami has a way to help both Austin and EJ get what they want. Sami and Austin head into EJ's place with him to discuss the idea, they will use EJ as a spokesperson and also use him to lure Shawn away from Max and Titan. EJ says its a great idea but no. Sami doesnt understand, hes interested in the engine so why not. EJ says he feels the invention is revolutionary, but its not a part of his plans. Sami asks what plans? Austins phone rings so he leaves to take it. EJ then asks Sami a question, is it okay to work out on the roof deck. Sami says its fine, Austin does it all the time. He says great. EJ steps into the kitchen to get Sami a soda, which she asked for. As he's gone and Austin's on the phone, Sami looks through his things, she sees a folder. EJ quickly brings her a soda and whisks the folder away. Austin tells Sami he has to go make some phone calls, business stuff. EJ tells Sami its a shame she cant stay longer. Sami feels the same way, they have lots to talk about. Austin asks Sami if shes coming?

Sami and Austin return home, Sami is bummed. Austin tells her not to be down, he says it was a great idea. Sami asks what he thinks about EJ? He thinks hes nice. Sami feels hes hiding something. The doorbell rings, its Kate. Kate says her car broke down and shes waiting for a tow. She thought she would come see how hes doing, and since Sami is here hes obviously not doing well. Sami decides to wait in her room until Kate leaves. Austin asks his mom if she has to be so rude. Kate says that woman is a chemical spill poisoning everyone on earth. She doesnt understand why hes doing this, is it to spite her or Lucas? Kate says she knows she didnt give him the best example of marriage, she married a man who beat her, but she didnt marry him twice. He says not to compare Sami to his father. Kate says well she hurts people willfully. Austin says if they cant talk about this rationally then shell have to leave. Kate cant believe this, and she keeps badmouthing Sami. He says if she cant stop it then she has to leave. Kate says shell table the subject for today. Austin asks what happened to her car? She says something died, but she did meet a man out of it, a nice man who is very lovely. As Kate talks about EJ without naming him, Austins head is elsewhere. He apologizes and has to make a few phone calls for business.

Samis on the fire escape. She is trying to figure out how to convince EJ to go along with her plan. She climbs up to the roof, and Kate sees this. Kate tells Austin she has to go for a minute but shell be back. Sami finds shirtless EJ on the roof working out. He asks if shes following him. She says no, well sort of. She says she wants to talk about business. He says she doesnt take no for an answer. She says no, and hell learn that as she gets to know her better. As EJ works out, Sami gets a little turned on. Sami decides this is a bad time, shell talk to him later. EJ tells her not to go, hes glad she came. He touches her cheek, which Kate sees. Kate thinks Samis going to self destruct again, with a little help from her.

Chelsea is spying on Bo and Hope. Bo tells Hope that he wont let her go, but she says he has to. Hope walks into her house and sees Zack standing there asking his mom for help. Hope screams out Zack! Bo rushes in and asks what happened? Hope says she saw Zack, he was right there. Bo holds her and comforts her as Chelsea spies. Hope tells him that he was there and he looked so frightened. Bo tells her it wasnt real. Hope says she knows hes not alive, but she saw him and he was trying to tell her something. She says he said help me but she doesnt know what he needs help with. Bo says shes been under a lot of stress. Hope says this isnt the first time. She tells him about the little boy on the island in trouble and she thought he was Zack. She says she dreams about him all the time, she just misses him so much. She says shell never stop missing him. Hope says after Chelseas trial and justice is served then maybe Zack can rest in peace and shell be able to build her life. Bo tells her that hes sure she will. Bo calls Marlena to have her come over and talk to Hope. Bo also realizes he never answered Hopes question as to whos side hes on. She knows his answer, hes supporting his daughter. Bo tells Hope that shes wrong, hes going to support her. Chelsea is not pleased to hear this. Hope says she doesnt know what to say. He says hes always wanted justice for Zack. He says he was hoping to spare Chelsea going to prison, but he knows the best thing for his daughter is to teach her that there are consequences for her actions. He says tough love can be as difficult on a parent as the kid. He wishes he could have been a better father to all his kids. He says he screwed up with Shawn, he didnt have time with Zack, and he is responsible for where Chelsea is right now. Bo tells Hope that he wont let her or Zack down, hes missed her so much. Bo says without her, he doesnt know who he is. The doorbell rings, its Marlena. Bo offers to stay, but Hope says no it's okay. Bo leaves so Hope and Marlena talk. Marlena talks with Hope, it is obvious she wanted Bo to stay just now so why did she ask her go? Hope talks to Marlena, she knows Bo loves her, butt she hasnt been the same since Zack died. Hope tells Marlena how she had a vision of Zack, he was calling to her. Hope tells Marlena that shes a failure, she failed to protect her son and she lost him. She also says she has destroyed her marriage. Marlena says she did not fail her son, what happened was a tragedy. She also says she and Bo love each other, they will find their way back together in time. Hope says the one thing she knows right now is that she wants to see Chelsea brought to justice, and that the fact that shes Bos daughter makes it complicated. Marlena asks if she wants to save her marriage or see Chelsea brought to justice. Hope doesnt know, but her oath is to Zack. Hope says she knows Zack would want her to fight for her marriage. Hope says at least she knows she and Bo are on the same page with regards to the trial. Marlena doesnt think so, if they were on the same page then she wouldnt have sent him away. She thinks Hope is having issues forgiving Bo. Hope says he lied about Chelsea, he slept with Billie, he betrayed her. Marlena did the same thing to John. Hope says she still loves Bo, but she doesnt know if she can have him in her life again. Marlena tells Hope that Bo is being pulled in two directions, put herself in his position. Hope says too much has happened. She says she wishes she could fight to save her marriage, but shes not sure she has anything to fight with. 

Bo walks on the docks and runs into John. They have a talk. Bo says Chelseas trial is tomorrow. John says he wouldnt want to be in his shoes right now. Bo tells John how he hopes it isnt too late for him and Hope or for Chelsea. He hopes Chelsea is strong enough for what the judge decides, and there is no telling whether Hope will forgive him. Bo says he used to think nothing would come between him and Hope, but Zacks death did. He thinks if they were able to be together, to love each other and support each other then they may have a chance to make it through this nightmare.

John and Marlena return home. They talk about Bo and Hope. Marlena thinks Hope helped her more than she helped Hope. Marlena realizes she and Hope are in a similar situation, they both have the same loss feeling. Marlena says they both took a blow that they may not recover from. Marlena says Hope is trying to move on, and she wants to do the same. John says he is here to help her any way he can. Marlena says that means more than words can say, which brings her to what she has to say. She says losing a child is sad, but shed never want to lose him. Marlena says he means so much to her, she loves him. She thanks him for remembering it when she couldnt, and for never giving up on her. They share a kiss. 

Bo is still on the docks and he misses Hope, he hopes she comes back to him and gives him another chance. Back at Hopes, Chelsea thinks her life will be over tomorrow so she might as well make the rest of these last few hours. Meanwhile, Hope sees Zack again, this time he asks where daddy is. She says hes not here, but one day they all be together again. Zack cheers and then fades away. Hope realizes she needs to fight for her marriage and she runs off.


June 6, 2006

Kate is on the roof of Sami and Austin's building, she's still spying on Sami and EJ. She realizes Sami is going to do herself in, wait until Austin hears what Sami is up to now. She soon realizes Austin will need more than her word to believe this. Meanwhile, Sami tells EJ, who is hitting on her, that she is engaged and shouldn't be here. He wonders why she is here. She says she knows he didn't want to be the spokesperson for the company over Max's engine. EJ says he is excited about the engine, but he just doesn't think it will work. He says Max is an up and coming driver, he's not going to want to share the spotlight. He also says Shawn and Max already have an agreement. The spying Kate realizes this is her ticket, she has to make sure this plan works. If she can get EJ working with Austin not only will it help his company, but Sami will blow things with Austin for sure. She heads off. Sami meanwhile says well she and Austin have other products, how about him being the face behind them. EJ says she's desperate to get involved with him, well at least professionally. EJ says it sounds interesting, they'll talk. Sami convinces him to come talk to Austin tonight. He agrees after he finishes up. Sami thanks him and says he won't regret this, and she gives him a big hug. 

Kate goes back to see Austin, she says she has some exciting news. She says as it turns out the man she met when her car was broken was race car driver EJ Wells. Austin knows him, he's their new neighbor. She says he's unknown here in the states, but in Europe he is huge. She thinks he could Austin get the engine away from Titan. Austin says Sami had that idea before, but he said no. Kate can't believe this but for once Sami had a good idea. Kate says she thinks if they don't use him to get the engine, they could use him elsewhere. She says she could really use him for a project of hers that isn't going well, the current spokesman isn't right. Kate thinks this could work out for both of them, if they work together he can be a spokesperson for both of them, or they could come up with a joint product. Austin asks why she'd do this? Kate says he's family, she does want him to succeed. Austin thinks it could work. Later Sami shows up, she's jumping for joy. She tells Austin she has great news, EJ has agreed to meet with them again about being the spokesperson for another one of their product lines. Austin says that is amazing, and this is a coincidence. Sami sees Kate is still here, she asks why? He says his mom had the same idea she did, and they are going to do this as a partnership. Sami doesn't think they need Kate and she doesn't trust her. Austin says like it or not she's his mother and that makes them family. EJ shows up, he's cleaned up. He's come to talk to Austin. Austin tells EJ an exciting new development has happened, they will be working as a partner with Basic Black trying to have him as the new face for fresh campaigns. EJ says this is huge, Basic Black is giant, how did he manage this so quickly? Kate says she is the VP of Basic Black and Austin's mother. Sami tells EJ they are just one big happy family. 

Belle is at the loft with Claire looking at old photos. She shows Claire her Uncle Brady and Aunt Chloe. She also looks at photos of her and Shawn kissing back in High School. Belle begins to think about what could have been. She takes Claire over to the window to get some air.

Mimi and Shawn are on the the fire escape, they too are trying to cool off. They talk about the baby and the future, Mimi is a bit nervous. She talks about how she didn't have the best life growing up, her parents were exactly model. Shawn tells Mimi that he loves her mom, but Mimi is nothing like her. He also says he is not her father, he's not going anywhere. Mimi thinks about the life she had growing up, how they were so poor. She says in elementary school she used to dream about being rich and a princess living in a far away castle. She says this is going to sound stupid, but she used to want to be Belle, Belle had everything including Shawn. They don't realize Belle is listening in as they are talking. Shawn tells Mimi that as he recalls he and Belle didn't get together until High School. Mimi says he and Belle were always an item whether he realizes it or not. She details a story in which Belle first decided he was to be hers. They were in elementary school playing on the jungle gym. A little boy yelled at them and said that was his spot on the gym. Belle wouldn't get off, so he through a ball at her and knocked her down. Belle cried, and Mimi demanded the boy apologize. He said no, and if Mimi didn't shut up then he'd make her cry too. Shawn came over and told the other kid off and threatened to make him cry. He sent the little bully running. Shawn asked Belle if she was okay? She hugged him and said she was. Mimi tells Shawn that was the day he and Belle really became one another's. Mimi thinks they should have ended up together, they belong together. Shawn tells Mimi to stop this. He says things didn't work out with him and Belle, and he loves her, she is his wife.

Belle returns to the loft with Claire, she's upset. She thinks she should be with Shawn, and she tells Claire sometimes she wishes she was Shawn's child and she was married to Shawn. Claire begins to cry, and Belle tries to quiet her. Back outside, Shawn and Mimi hear Claire. Shawn says very soon that will be them. Mimi says they don't know that, the in vitro may not work and if it doesn't they may not be able to try again. Shawn tells her to stop, to think positive. He is sure they will have a child.

Bo is writing an email on the boat, he's writing it to Hope. He's saying how what Chelsea did that night was wrong, but an accident. He says he and Billie were wrong to cover it up, but it wasn't supposed to be forever. He says he was trying to protect her, but he was going to tell her the truth after she was able to handle it. He tells Hope that he's been able to forgive Chelsea and he hopes she can too, not only because Chelsea is his daughter but so they can start healing and moving on. 

Meanwhile, Chelsea is on the docks sulking and worrying that everything is over for her. Elsewhere, Hope meets Jen. Hope fills Jen in on seeing Zack and how she feels it was a sign that she and Bo belong together. Jen is glad they are going to work things out. Chelsea sees them and panics. She hatches a plan, she pretends to be on the phone with Max and talks so Hope and Jen overhear. She says how Bo is buttering Hope up, convincing her to forgive her and not to testify. However Bo doesn't want Hope, he wants Billie. She knows this because he told her. Chelsea then pretends to be caught by Hope and Jen. Hope is furious, she thinks Chelsea has been manipulating Bo all along. She says she won't let Chelsea get away with this. Chelsea runs off, and Hope vents to Jen about how foolish she was to trust Bo. Jen tells Hope not to listen to Chelsea, Chelsea is a liar. She says give Bo a chance to explain. Hope says Bo just doesn't want her to testify against Chelsea. Bo happens to walk up, he says he doesn't want her to testify. He says it was an accident, and Chelsea going to jail won't teach her anything. He says she already has to suffer knowing what she did to Zack. Hope says her going to jail will give her a sense of justice and help her heal. Bo says he's writing her an email, he wants her to read it. He says it's not done, it's on the boat and is a little rough around the edges so he hadn't sent it. Bo gets a call from the station and has to go, he asks Hope to read the email.

Chelsea, still spying and learning about the email, jumps into the water and swims to the back side of the boat. She climbs aboard and changes the email. When she hears Hope coming she quickly hides. Hope reads the email and is stunned. Chelsea changed it so that it says that Bo wants to work things out with Hope, but if she testifies against Chelsea then he'll consider their marriage to be over. Hope is furious, but Jen thinks this doesn't sound like Bo. Jen still wants Hope to talk to him, but Hope says she's made up her mind about Bo. They leave and Chelsea comes out of hiding. She says if she might feel bad if she felt sorry for Hope, but she doesn't.



June 7, 2006

Carrie and Lucas arrive at Maxs garage. Shawn shows them the turbo engine. Lucas thinks this is going to make them a lot of money. Will and Max show up, Will has decided that hes going to be a driver when he grows up. Will just watched Max drive around the track. Max says he made a good time, but not his best. Shawn asks if hes saying someone beat him? Who? EJ Wells walks in. EJ tells Max not to be too hard on himself, it was just a trial run. Lucas tells EJ once Shawn puts the engine in the car then Max will make him eat his dust. EJ is excited to see what the engine will do. Lucas and Carrie have to go, Carrie's expecting a package, so they leave Will with Max for the day. EJ asks to see the engine, but Max says no way will they show him how it works. Shawn thinks there is no harm, they are signing with Titan anyways. Max says fine, thirty seconds. Shawn shows it to him, and EJ says its a unique design. EJ asked how he came up with it? Shawn says it came to him one day, he's worked on engines all his life. EJ says he is a real brain, but Shawn says hes a college drop-out. EJ says university isnt for everyone. Shawn says now EJ sounds like his dad. EJ thinks his dad must be proud of him. Shawn says he doesnt know anymore. He asks EJ if hes close to his dad? EJ says hes never met his father. EJ then makes Shawn an offer, whatever Titan is offering them, he will match it and more. Max says he knew it, EJ is trying to steal their engine! EJ says he does not steal designs, he is making them an offer. Shawn tells EJ that hes keeping this in the family, Victor is his grandfather and Phillip is his uncle and best friend. EJ understands, and he says hes signing a deal with another company, Austins Company and Basic Black. Max says Basic Black is a good company and Austin is also a good guy. Shawn warns him to keep his eye on Sami. EJ says he intends to. They warn him that Sami is bad news, stay away from her. EJ thinks he will benefit from working with Sami, Austin and Kate. He says they will all profit. EJ then tells Max in order to compete with him and his new engine hes gotten a new car as well. EJ says hell see him on the tracks.

At Austins, Austin makes Sami some mint moca coffee. She likes it. Austins been up early working on the EJ Wells campaign. Sami doesnt like working with Kate, but Austin says there is a method to his madness. Hes hoping it will put their company on the racing circuit and maybe his mom and Sami can work out their problems. Sami thinks that will happen when hell becomes a cool place to live. Austin says okay. Later Sami cant stop thinking about EJ. A man shows up with a delivery for Ms Brady. Sami didnt order anything that she can recall. The man delivers the package and leaves. Out in the hall, Lucas and Carrie see the delivery man. Carrie is expecting a package and learns it was delivered to Samis. She goes to check with Sami. They walk in and Sami is holding Carries wedding dress. Sami asks Carrie if this is hers? Carrie has a flash to when she had to watch Sami marrying Austin in her dress (the whole Will custody issue in France). Carrie suddenly faints, and Lucas catches her. Later Carrie is on the couch, Sami tells Austin to get her some water. Carrie is furious, why did Sami open her dress as now Lucas has seen it. Carrie says that is bad luck. Sami says shes sorry but the delivery man brought a package for Ms. Brady, and it could have been anything. Carrie says now that Lucas has seen it, she cant where it as it's bad luck. Sami says shes sorry. Lucas says Samis done enough for today. Sami tells Lucas if he wouldnt follow Carrie around all the time then he wouldnt have seen it. Lucas drags Sami off to scold her. Lucas soon sees a folder on EJ, he wonders is Sami is stalking him. Sami informs him that EJ is working with Basic Black and ARC (Austin Reed and Company), they are getting into the racing business too. Sami says she'll see him on the tracks. Lucas cant believe shes working with his mother, this is something he has to see. Sami says she is, and where is Will? Lucas says hes at Maxs garage. Sami says Will likes cars, so EJ will be able to teach Will things about cars. Lucas doesnt like the guy and doesnt want Will near him. Sami says she likes EJ, hes smart and charming and a real man. Lucas says he knew it, she has a crush on EJ. Sami says no way, shes marrying Austin, hes her one lasting true love. Lucas things lasting and love dont go together with Sami. He thinks shes rushing into this marriage to take advantage of Austins heartbreak. Sami says this conversation is over, and she walks off. 

Meanwhile, Austin tells Carrie its just a freak accident that Sami opened her dress. Carrie admits she may have overreacted. Carrie tells Austin that when she saw Sami with the dress, she remembers when Sami stole her other dress to marry Austin. Carrie says it brought up bad memories. Austin says those memories are over, they are the past. Carrie says shed like to believe that, but she feels like Sami may still do something to ruin everything. Austin says still, fainting is a drastic response. He thinks Carrie should go get herself checked out. Carrie talks about doctors and the baby and trimesters. Austin says she doesnt sound like herself, she doesnt sound like the Carrie he knows, she sounds unhappy. Carrie says shes not unhappy, but she is a little down that Lucas saw her dress. Carrie tells Austin they will both be very happy, just not with each other.

Chelsea shows up to see Kate before her trial is to start. Kate has something that will help Chelsea today. She shows her a folder. Chelsea looks in it and doesnt believe it. Its an interview in the paper with Kate, shes touched, she didnt know anyone in the family still believed in her. Kate says her mother and father do. Chelsea says she still has to deal with Hope at the trial though, she wants her in jail. Kate says once the jury sees what a lovely girl she is they will acquit her, they will see she couldnt cause pain and misery for anyone. Chelsea thanks Kate but says shes not the person she thinks she is. Chelsea confesses everything she did last night to cause more problems between Bo and Hope. Chelsea says shes a bitch. Kate says no shes looking out for herself. Chelsea says she still feels terrible. She says she doesnt want to go to jail and she wants her parents together, why does it feel so wrong to want a normal life. Kate says Bo and Hope have to decide what will happen to their marriage, its not up to Chelsea to save it. Kate believes Bo is Billies soul mate, shed love for them to get married and be a family. Kate says Billie feels the needs to apologize for loving Bo, instead she should let that marriage break up. Kate says her children are cursed with nobility, they didnt get it from her. Chelsea thinks maybe she takes after her grandmother. Kate says she doesnt take after her uncle Austin that is for sure. Kate begins talking about Austin letting Sami back into her life, but she has come up with a way to keep them apart. Later, Kate brings Chelsea to the station to meet her parents before court. Kate gives her a pep talk before they go in. Kate tells her to keep a brave face today. Chelsea says shell try and thanks Kate. 

Hope is at her place thinking about the email Bo wrote her. She looks at a photo of Zack, she really thought Zack wanted them to get back together. Bo calls her to speak, he left a bunch of messages and she didnt call him back. She asks why hes calling? He asks if she read the email. She says she did and she is tired of his games. He asks what games? Hope says there is nothing left to talk about, dont call this house again. She says shell see him in court. Jen walks in, the kitchen door was unlocked. Hope is crying, Jen comforts her. Jen makes Hope some hot tea. Hope tells Jen how she came home from the boat and Bo had left her a bunch of messages. Hope says this whole time he was working her not to testify against Chelsea. Jen says that just doesnt sound like Bo. Hope says what makes her most angry is that hes used her grief over Zack, he said Zack would want them together. Jen says when Hope was gone, Bo was lost, he regrets what he did. Jen says Bo loves her and wants her back. Jen says she doesnt know why this is happening, men dont change over night. Hope says they do when they want something else, and Bo wants Billie. Jen says Bo doesnt love Billie. Hope reminds Jen why she left Salem, they saw them in bed with Billie. Hope says she cant do this anymore, it hurts too much. Jen says so she doesnt want to see Bo anymore? Hope thought Zacks vision was a sign that she should be with Bo. Jen wants her to hold onto that. Hope says shes trying but shes so confused. She says maybe its time for her to admit that what she and Bo have is gone. Hope then looks in the paper and is furious, she sees Kates article about how her granddaughter is not a monster. Hope hates this. She says she has a picture in her mind of Chelsea playing with Zack, Zack loved her and trusted her. Jen says children see the good in people. Hope wishes she could change the way she feels about her for Zacks sake, but she is responsible for killing Zack. Hope says that is what shes saying in court. Hope tells Jen that she has to do this for  Zack, even she has to face down anyone including Bo. She says God give her strength.

At the station, Bo is furious and throws his phone on the floor. Billie walks into his office at this point. Billie asks if hes finished throwing things? What happened? Bo says Hope. Bo says he doesnt get this, he tells her how much he loves her and would do anything to get her back . . . Bo explains everything to Billie about what happened, starting with meeting Hope at the grave site. He goes onto their dinner at Chez Rouge, how Chelsea ruined it, and then about calling Marlena to talk with Hope. He then tells her about an email he was writing her. Billie thinks that was a mistake, his last email didnt get through to her so why send her another one. Bo says he didnt, he had written it and asked her to read it. He says he left to deal with police matters and when he got back to the boat, Hope was gone and the email was deleted. Bo says now Hope wants to see him in court, and shes not talking about the trial. He thinks shes talking about divorce court. Bo doesnt mean to dump this all on her today when Chelseas trial is set to begin. Bo wishes he had not have given Chelsea permission to drive that night. Billie says he is not to blame and Chelsea hitting Zack was an accident, this was all a tragedy. Bo says she had nothing to do with the mess he and Hope has made a mess of his marriage. Bo says every time he and Hope almost make up, something happens, something pulls them apart, some kind of force. Billie says there is, her name is Chelsea. Billie says every time hes close to reconciling, Chelsea pulls him away from Hope. Bo says shes not the only one to blame. Billie remembers her part in the hotel fiasco, and she tells Bo that Chelsea isnt the one to blame, she is. Bo tells her that hes the one who has hurt her, hes taken advantage of her and hes sorry. Bo and Billie comfort one another. Billie tells Bo if she loses Chelsea again then she wont be able to live through it.

Eve, the dirty cop at the station, reads Kates story in the paper. She thinks that Kate would do anything to save her granddaughter. Later, Eve sees Kate bring Chelsea to the station. She talks with Kate and makes her an offer to help save Chelsea. Eve offers to help her in return for large sums of cash. Kate asks what she has in mind? Meanwhile, Chelsea walks into her fathers office and shares a family hug with her parents.


June 8, 2006

At Max's garage, Max and Shawn are talking about cleaning up to go to the trial. Shawn is going to support his mom and be there for Zack, Max is going to support Chelsea. Max says Chelsea is sorry about what happened and she's scared. Shawn says she should be, and she needs all the help she can get. Later Mimi shows up, she wants to go to the trial to support Shawn. Shawn doesn't want Mimi there, he thinks the stress will be too much on her and they have to think about the baby. He says besides he's arranged a surprise for her. Belle shows up and she's taking Mimi shopping for the day. Belle tells Mimi how lucky she is to have a husband who loves her so much. They head off, and Shawn and Max head to the station for the trial.

At a department store, Belle and Mimi are shopping. Belle tells Mimi how after she and Shawn have their baby they will be bonded for life, that is what happened with her and Phillip after Claire was born. Belle goes to try on something, and Mimi feels guilty. She reads her horoscope in a paper laying about. It tells her that her future looks dark, a lie she told will come back. Mimi worries. Belle returns and Mimi tells her that she has a confession to make, she doesn't deserve to have Shawn's baby.

Outside the police station, Kate drops Chelsea off and Eve, a dirty cop, walks over to talk to Kate's car and offers to help her keep Chelsea out of jail for a large sum of cash. Kate refuses, originally thinking it is a setup by Sami. She later still refuses, saying she doesn't feel like being arrested. Eve gives her a business card in case she changes her mind.

At Basic Black, Sami and EJ arrive to meet with Kate. They learn she's not yet here, Joelle her secretary doesn't know why. Sami decides they will wait in Kate's office, EJ is a VIP and can't be forced to wait in the hallway. They go inside and Sami is positive Kate is up to something. She begins searching through Kate's desk, which EJ points out could get her in trouble if Kate walks in. Sami realizes he's right, plus she is supposed to be making good Karma for herself. She has a list of good deeds to do, starting with getting Lexie to retake her cancer tests. EJ wonders why she wants her to do that. Sami makes excuses, she just feels Lexie needs a second opinion. EJ leaves to make a call, so Sami begins rummaging through Kate's stuff. Kate arrives and catches her. Sami claims Kate is up to something, otherwise why would she want them working together. Kate claims she sees it as a profitable venture. Kate soon gets a call from Chelsea, Chelsea is upset and fears she's going to jail for sure. Kate tells her to calm down, she may be able to help. She tells her whatever she does, don't plead guilty. Kate then  calls up Eve, as Sami unknowngly spies on her. Kate asks Eve if the offer still stands, but Eve tells her that it's too late, she blew it. Eve says the trial is about to start. Kate asks her to try and do something. Later Kate tells EJ and Sami that she's sorry for bringing them down here but it turns out she has to go, she needs to be there to support her granddaughter. Sami says yes they all want to see Chelsea get what she deserves. Sami tells Kate to be careful, one day her bribing judges will land her in jail next to her granddaughter. Kate asks if that is a threat? Sami says no, just an educated guess.

At Hope's, Hope is trying to figure out what to wear for the trial, Jen is there. Jen thinks it doesn't matter what she wears. Hope says Jen is right, what matters is what she says. Hope says she is going to speak out against Chelsea. Jen wishes Hope would give Bo one more chance, but Hope just doesn't know. Later Jen finds something in Hope's closet which would look nice. Hope remembers it was a mother's day gift that Bo and Zack gave her, Zack picked it out. She says this is what Zack would want her to wear. They prepare to head off and Jen convinces Hope to just talk to Bo one last time.

At the station, Frankie comes to see Bo with bad news. Bo knows it doesn't look good for Chelsea. Frankie says it doesn't, but this isn't about Chelsea. He tells him that the divorce papers from Hope have come through, all that is left is for Hope to sign them. 

Later, Frankie talks with Chelsea,  Bo and Billie. Frankie tells Chelsea it's not good, she would be better off pleading guilty. Chelsea refuses to do that. Frankie tells them that the judge is Fitzpatrick. Bo says that's not good, he doesn't take lenience on first time offenders. Frankie says with Hope's testimony and the DA's tape of Chelsea on her cell phone, this is looking bad. 

Hope and Jen show up at the station. Hope agrees to talk with Bo. However when she walks into his office, he's talking with Chelsea and Billie. Chelsea sees Hope so she immediately jumps into her dad's arms and cries. He tells her that it will be okay, he and her mom are here for her. Hope storms off, she doesn't hear Bo tells Chelsea that she is going to have to step up and take responsibility for her actions and accept what the judge decides.

Later the DA shows up, she tells Chelsea she really should have accepted a plea bargain, this case is going to be a slam dunk. Chelsea calls Kate at this point (per above) and Kate calls Eve (per above). The DA asks Bo for a favor, she needs a piece of evidence for another trial later today. Bo heads to the evidence room, gets what the DA needs and leaves. Eve the dirty cop then sneaks in before the door closes. Later she hears someone coming and hides. The next thing we see, another cop is handing the DA a CD/DVD with the evidence of Chelsea hitting Zack.

Frankie sees Hope and talks with her. She wants Hope to talk to Bo before filing the divorce papers. Jen agrees with Frankie. Shawn shows up and Hope hugs him. She thanks him for being here. She asks where Mimi is. He tells her that she's shopping with Belle, she didn't want the stress of this on her and the baby. Hope says he's such a good son, he is protecting his child. She says she and Bo should have protected Zack better. Bo shows up at this point. He walks over to Hope and tells him that it's not her fault, he's to blame if anyone . . .  They are cut off at this point, the trial is set to begin. Hope tells Bo that this is his last chance at working things out, decide which side he is on.


June 9, 2006
At the store, Mimi tells Belle that she has a confession to make, she doesnt deserve to have Shawns baby, not after . . . . Suddenly Mimi feels pains. Mimi tells Belle she feels sick. Belle thinks maybe it is just morning sickness. Mimi says thats great news, but right now shes going to go throw up. She then runs to the bathroom.

Belle and Mimi head to the java cafe, Belle wants Mimi to eat something, but Mimi cant stomach the idea of eating. Belle says the java caf has a drink for pregnant women, but Mimi doesnt think she can deal with it. She hopes she doesnt feel like this the whole time she's pregnant. Belle says just the first trimester Mimi gets another wave of the nausea and says she feels like shes going to die. Later Mimi is able to eat. She talks about how last time she didnt have morning sickness, maybe shes being punished for the abortion. Mimi says if she loses this baby then she doesnt know what shell do. Mimi says its important for Shawn to have his own child like Claire. Belle says like Claire? Mimi says she has a confession to make. Suddenly Mimi gets cramps and says something is wrong, really wrong. She doubles over and thinks shes losing her baby.

Sami and EJ head to the hospital to Lexies office. Sami doesnt understand why they are here. EJ and Sami go in to see Lexie. Lexie asks what shes doing here? Sami says she has no idea. EJ introduces himself to Lexie, and she tells him if hes working with Sami then it is no wonder he needs a doctor. EJ tells Lexie he is here to donate winnings from his last race to breast cancer research. Lexie says that is incredible, she had a cancer scare herself recently. EJ talks with Lexie about breast cancer education and the importance of a second opinion, he thinks if Lexie a doctor gets a second opinion it will show women how important it is. Lexie doesnt know, but she ends up agreeing to do a retest since this is for a good cause. EJ leaves to make the arrangements, and Lexie asks Sami what in the hell she is up to now? Lexie says Sami was just hounding her about retaking her tests, and now she shows up with this EJ guy. Sami says EJ came up with this on his own, she had no idea this is why he brought her here. Lexie says EJ seems like a nice guy, so stay out of his life! They begin bantering back and forth about Samis blackmail and Lexies affair. EJ returns and tells Lexie they are ready for her retest. Lexie leaves, and Sami thanks EJ. EJ said he did this for her, but he wants to know why its so important to her that Lexie takes the test. Sami says they are friends, but EJ says he heard them, they hate each other. Sami says well she does care about her health. Sami tells EJ the way he got through to Lexie was amazing, he's so charming. EJ says every man needs an element of mystery, as does every woman. Lexie returns, they are through with the test and just waiting for the results. Later Sami paces the hallway waiting for news. The test results come back, and Sami spies on Lexie as she gets them. Lexie reads the results and an impatient Sami bursts into her office and says she has to know if she has cancer or not.

At another hospital, Jack tells the doctor that hes feeling like crap today. He is all sweaty and says he knew this operation was a long shot, but what else can you expect from a rare and fatal disease. The doctor reads a report, and Jack tells him to tell him the truth, hes not going to make it is he. Jack says if hes not going to survive then he wants Jen to move on with Frankie. The doctor tells Jack as hes gathered he does have bad news. Outside the door, we see a mystery man watching. The doctor tells Jack that his immune system is breaking down, its not good, its time to start hospice care. Jack says at least Jennifer wont know hes dying all over again. As Jacks vision fades, we see the mystery man walking around, Jack sees blurred glimpses of him. Jack asks who that is? The doctor says an orderly who works in hospice care. Later Jack begins calling for Jennifer. The doctor tells the nurse that this could be the beginning of the end. Jack then grabs the mystery man by his arm and says its you! The man offers him water, and Jack says his vision must be messed up, he thought he was his brother. Jack asks the man to say something. We then see Steve telling him to drink. Jack calls him Steve and says it is him.

At the courthouse, Abby arrives for the trial. Abby tells her mom how scared she is for Chelsea, and she asks Frankie not to give up on Chelsea. Frankie says he wont, hell defend her to the best to her ability. Will, Maggie and Caroline shows up. Will wants the book thrown at Chelsea for what she did. Caroline is shocked to hear him talk like this. Will goes and sits with Abby.

Max talks with Chelsea, who is counting on a guardian angel to come through today. Meanwhile, Billie asks her mom what is Chelsea up to, what has she done? She asks her mom if she did something. Kate says it doesnt matter, it wont happen. Kate tells Billie to focus on Bo, hell need her more than ever today.

Bo talks with Hope and Shawn. Shawn asks his dad if he knows what hes saying on the stand. Bo says the truth, he and Chelsea will take responsibility for what they did. Shawn says so hes going to protect her. Bo says he would protect Shawn if he was up there. Shawn says he wouldnt leave an innocent person to die on the road. Bo says no, hed ride his bike through a church window putting some fifty people in danger. Bo says nobody is perfect. Shawn says that is obviously true. Shawn leaves to take his seat.

Bo talks with Caroline, he says he loves Hope and Chelsea should be punished, but he cant turns his back on his daughter. Caroline says he's in a hard position. Victor walks up and tells Bo not to do anything to risk losing the woman he loves, hell regret it if he does.

Shawn can see his mom still wants to be with his dad. Hope says she does, but first he has to show him whose side hes on. Hope says theyll know for sure after today. 

The trial begins, Judge Lauler is the judge, replacing Judge Fitzpatrick. The judge says hes made a decision about this case, there will be no trial. Everyone is stunned. However the judge says he is not familiar with the case, so they are holding a hearing today so he can be brought up to speed. Shawn cant believe this and says he'll throw Chelsea in jail if he has to. Meanwhile, Chelsea asks Bo what this means, does it mean she wont get a trial. Bo says dont count on it, the judge is tough and had a grandchild killed by a hit-and-run driver. Also going on, Billie thinks her mom is behind this. Kate says she would not assign the toughest judge in Salem to the case, she has no idea what is going on. The hearing begins, and Hope is called to testify first.

Hope takes the stand. She shows a photo of Zack. She says today would have been his sixth birthday. Hope says today there was no cake or presents, no party with family and friends. Hope says Zack wont get to blow out his candles, but she knows he would have wished to grow up and make the world a better place. Hope says all of his dreams were taken away. Hope says Zack was tragically killed by Chelsea. She says shes not testifying out of revenge, she was taught to love and show mercy on all. She says only God can judge a person. Hope says as a mother she lost her most precious gift. Hope says shell never be able to tell him how much she loves him, never hold him again. She says nothing will bring him back, but if Chelsea goes free then she will hurt someone else. She wants Chelsea to learn from this tragedy, she hopes they all have. Hope tells the judge that Chelseas fate is up to him, but her son needs justice to rest in peace. 

Bo testifies next, he talks about the lives Zack touched. He speaks about Abe and Lexie Carver raising him for the first year of his life. Bo says when he came to them, he made their lives and family complete. He says Zack is gone, but hell always be with them in their hearts. Bo says family is important, they always try and be there for each other. Bo says he wasnt there for his son when he died. He says he wont be able to forgive himself for that, and all he can do is what he thinks Zack would want him to do. Bo says Zack loved Chelsea and Chelsea loved him, and he doesnt think Zack would want this to cause a second tragedy. Bo says show Chelsea justice but also leniency. He says Chelsea is responsible, but so is he. Bo says if someone has to be punished or go to prison, then let it be him. Bo says he signed the liscense and loaned her the car, it is his fault that his son is dead. The judge understands why Bo feels responsible, but he was not the driver of the car who picked up the phone and hit the child, or the one who left him. Bo says he should have taught his daughter better though, and theyve all been punished and lost Zack. Bo says Chelsea has to be held responsible, but she is sorry and didnt know she hit his son. Jen whispers to Hope that Bo is trying to do the right thing. Hope says they will see.

The judge then asks to see the evidence against Chelsea. The DA brings out the video disk. They try and play the video, nothing is on it, its just snow. The DA says she watched this video earlier, this must be a glitch. Max asks Chelsea what is going on, is the evidence there or not? Chelsea says of course it is, it wouldn't be that easy for her. The evidence never shows up, and the DA doesnt know what happened. Billie asks Bo what is going on, he doesnt know. The dirty cop sneaks out the back of the court and Kate follows her. Frankie tells Jen if they dont find the disk then it changes everything. Chelsea asks if she will go free, but Frankie doubts that. Will and abby argue, Will wants Chelsea to go to jail. Abby points out his mom has done bad things too and hes forgiven her. Will says not everyone has, and Abby asks how that makes him feel? Abby says Chelsea has lost her brother and the parents who raised her, should she lose everything? Elsewhere, Victor tells Maggie and Caroline the DA still has other evidence like the SUV and Chelseas confession. Caroline says this must be driving Hope crazy, but perhaps she's realizing punishing Chelsea won't bring back Zack. Outside the courtroom, Eve tells Kate what she did, she switched disks. Eve gives Kate the real video, Kate pays off Eve. Kate asks if she's sure Eve won't be caught. Eve says everyone will think Bo did this, hes the only one who went in the evidence room today. Kate says that is a bonus, and she gives Eve a second bonus. Back in court, the DA learns someone has erased this disk. Hope says Chelsea cant get away with this. The dirty cop Eve then returns with the records from the police department, Bo was the only cop to access the evidence room today.

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