June 12 2006
At the trial, Eve the dirty cop says only Bo Brady used his pass to get into the security area where the evidence is kept. Bo says he didnt do this. Hope is stunned, and Jen tells her that Bo would never do this. Eve is excused, and everyone is shocked. The judge questions Bo if he had anything to do with the disappearance of the evidence. Bo says no, and he was in there to remove a handgun related to another case. The judge orders a full investigation on this. They continue the trial without the evidence. The judge says they know there was a disk and what the video showed. Frankie says while it showed Chelsea on her phone, it didnt show when she was using the phone and timing is a critical point. Frankie wants this case dismissed. He says this was all a tragic accident, there is no evidence that anything criminal transpired. Frankie says there is no case. Hope cant believe this, and Shawn is equally as angry. Frankie says there is a lack of evidence here, but the DA said they had evidence that Bo took. Bo says he didnt take the damn disk! The judge scolds Bo and threatens to hold him in contempt if he speaks out again. The DA reminds the court that Mrs. Brady made a confession, but Frankie says without legal representation. The judge points out that she waved that right. Frankie says Chelsea didnt know she hit her brother, had she known she hit anyone then she would have stopped. The DA says Chelsea shouldnt have been driving, if she hadnt been looking for a cell phone she would have seen the boy in the road and if she felt the bump she should have stopped. The judge agrees, and he find Chelsea guilty of vehicular manslaughter. Hope and Shawn hug one another. The judge decides to go forward with the sentencing. The judge says this has been a complicated case, and she caught a break when the disk disappeared. He says the maximum sentence for this is 25 years in prison and a 300,000 dollar fine. Hes taking into account that she has no record, that the victim was her brother and the lack of the disk he sentences her to 200 hours of community service and revoked drivers license. Shawn is furious. The judge then orders an investigation into the missing evidence and he wont be as lenient on the person who took the evidence. 

Billie tells Chelsea that it will be okay. Kate tells Chelsea that this is very good news and they will talk later. Bo gives Chelsea hug. She thanks him for everything. Bo says now she can get on with her life. Chelsea says she still has to do the community survive and no license, how is she supposed to get one with things.

Shawn is furious and says he wants nothing to do with his father again, Bo cant get away with this. Shawn wants to go tell his dad and Chelsea off. Hope says no, and she tells Shawn nothing will bring Zack back. Hope tells Jen this is a joke, Chelsea goes free while Zack lies in a grave. She says shes angry at the judge and as for Bo . . . so help her God . . . 

Shawn hears Chelsea whining about her service, he tells her to stop bitching, she got off for killing Zack. Bo tells Shawn not to do this. Shawn tells Bo he betrayed his mother and killed Zack, go to hell. Shawn storms out and then gets a call from Belle, hes told to get to the hospital as Mimi needs him.

Chelsea tells Bo that she owes this all to him for getting rid of that disk. Bo says no he didnt, and he will find out who did so real justice can be served. She asks what he means by real justice. 

Billie asks her mother if she got rid of that disk? Kate says what if she did, shouldnt she be happy? Billie wanted Chelsea to face the consequence of her actions. Kate says even if it means seeing her behind bars? Kate says what happened was a terrible accident, and everyone uses their phone while they are driving . Billie says people have hands free sets, and some people turn the phone off while driving. Kate says then if she wants Chelsea to go to jail then she can make the evidence reappear. Billie doesnt want Chelsea to go to prison, but she doesnt want this either. Kate says she not only did this for Chelsea but for her too, she knows she wants Bo. Billie asks Kate when she will stay out of her childrens lives? Kate says when Billie takes control and stops playing dead. Kate says Hope will divorce Bo over this so take this chance to make Bo hers.

Frankie talks with Hope, he says hes sorry and this was a job. Hope says she doesnt blame him, she blames Bo. Jen tries to tell Hope how Bo is just as confused about the evidence going missing as everyone else. Hope doesnt want to hear it, it had to be Bo who took the evidence. She says Chelsea got off way too easy, but at least she was found guilty. She also knows where her marriage stands now. She asks Frankie for those divorce papers as shes ready to sign them. Bo walks up and hears this. 

Caroline ends up calling Kayla. Caroline tells her that they really need her to come home. Caroline explains how Bo and Hope are in big trouble because of this trial. Caroline asks her to come home, Bo needs her. Kayla wanted to be there for Zack's funeral, but she was on call and had a critical patient. Caroline knows, she says they are proud to have a doctor in the family. Caroline knows she has her patients, but couldnt she find some way to just come home. Kayla doesnt know what she can do for Bo. Caroline says Bo is so close with her, so come home. Kayla doesnt know, she has so much going on. Caroline says nothing is more important than family. Kayla says she has family here too, and she cant uproot Stephanie right now. Caroline knows, Kim says the same thing about Andrew and Gennie.  Kayla says shes already volunteering in Africa with Bill Horton this summer as well, she's made a commitment. Caroline knows the truth, she doesnt want to come home because of Steve and her memories. 

Sami bursts in on Lexie in her office and asks if she has cancer or not? Lexie says no, and this is a first, shes never shown any concern for anyone else, least of all her. She asks what is going on? Sami fumbles for an explanation, so EJ swoops in and says she is supposed to pick up Will. Sami says yes, and she tells LExie that she does care and shes glad shes okay. Sami leaves, and Lexie tells EJ that was a nice assist. Lexie tells EJ whatever is going on between him and Sami, if hes smart then hell end it now. EJ likes Sami and feels shes a misunderstood outsider. Lexie says no, what she is is a bitch. Lexie says she hates to see him become one of her victims and that is what will happen if he spends time near Sami Brady.

Sami goes to the church chapel and lights a candle. She then says a prayer. She says she is glad Lexie is okay, and she knows shes done a ton of terrible things in her life. She says letting Alex switch those results, that was pretty low even for her. Sami says she has no excuse, she fell for Alex and wanted to believe he was better than John for her mom and would help her with Austin. Sami says she didnt know hed try and hurt her, so thank you for letting her mom come home safely. Sami also thanks him for making sure Lexie doesnt have cancer. She says her conscious is clear, almost. She says now she and Austin can be together with no more lies, she promises. Sami goes to leave and finds Tek standing there. He says they have to have a talk. He tells her that she played dirty to hook Austin, shes god bad karma and it will all come back to her. Tek then walks off. EJ shows up and asks what that was about? Sami says nothing, and she thanks EJ for helping her with Lexie. Sami says she owes him big time, how can she show her appreciation. EJ doesnt think she could pay his price, it could be pretty steep. Sami says fine have it his way, but she is grateful for his help and feels she owes him a favor. He says it is dually noted.

Tek goes to see Lexie in her office. Lexie says he shouldnt be here, but he says shes not returning his phone calls. She says they know why. Tek wanted to make sure shes okay. She says shes fine, a second cancer test came back negative. She tells Tek that he should leave, she doesnt want to be seen with him. Tek says he cant stay away from her, he loves her. He begs her for one last chance and kisses her. She of course kisses him back.

Belle brings Mimi into the hospital, shes cramping. Mimi thinks shes losing her baby. A nurse takes Mimi to a cubicle. Phillip arrives, he had to wait for a baby sitter. None of them can reach Shawn, they have left a message for him. A nurse comes out and tells Belle and Phillip that their friend lost her baby. Belle goes in to be with Mimi. Mimi is in her bed crying. Belle tells Mimi how sorry she is, she knows how much this meant to her. Belle asks if there is anything she can do. Mimi says its all her fault. Belle says it isnt her fault, the doctors said it may take a few times for her to get pregnant. Mimi thinks if she was a better person then God wouldnt have taken her baby. Belle says things go wrong, her mom lost her baby too. Belle tells her that there is nothing she could have done to prevent this. Mimi says there was something, she could have told the truth. Suddenly Shawn shows up. Mimi tells Shawn she lost the baby and its all her fault. Shawn kisses her and holds her. 

Belle talks with Phillip, she feels so bad for both of them. She says they were so excited about this baby, and she counts her blessings everyday that Claire is okay. Belle says right now Mimi and Shawn will need their support. Phillip says they will be there for them. Belle says Mimi fears this was her only chance. Phillip says they can still adopt. Belle says yes, but Mimi still thinks shes being punished for some reason.

Back in Mimis room, Shawn tells Mimi that this wasnt her fault, there was nothing she could have done. She says there was. He asks what she could have done. She says she could have told the truth. He asks what shes talking about? Mimi says this is her punishment for being dishonest. Shawn thinks this is about the abortion and tells her to stop torturing herself. Mimi tells Shawn that he doesnt deserve to be punished just because she does. Shawn says God doesnt punish people, God has forgiven her. Mimi says shes not a good person and if he doesnt want to be with her then shell understand. He tells her that he didnt marry her for a baby, he married her because he loves her and wants to be with her. Shawn says he wont let anything happened to them or their marriage. He says if things don't work out with in vitro, then they can adopt. He says even if they dont have kids all that matters is that they are together. He says all he wants is to be with her. 

At the other hospital, Jack thinks hes seeing things when Steve sits at his bedside. Then he realizes it is Steve. Jack cant believe Steve is alive and here. Steve tells Jack that hes sorry but he doesnt know him. Jack says its him, Billy Jack Johnson Devereux. Jack asks why he doesnt remember his brother. Steve tells him that hes delirious and dehydrated. Jack asks Steve why hes acting like he doesnt know him. Steve says hes never seen him before. Suddenly Jack has a seizure, so Steve calls for help. The doctor gets Jack stable and he asks Steve if something upset Jack. Steve says it was him, Jack thinks he is his dead brother. The doctor asks why hed think that? Later Jack wakes up, he learns he had a reaction to the medicine. Jack wants to see Steve again. The doctor calls Steve in, he calls him Nick. Nick comes to see Jack. Jack tells him that he thought he was seeing things but hes not, it is him. Jack says you are alive!


June 13, 2006

At the hospital, Nick tells Jack that his name is Nick Stockton and maybe he just looks like his brother. Jack says he is his brother, but they buried him so he doesn't understand. However hes looking right at his brother. Steve/Nick says he has to go, but hell send a pretty nurse in to tend to him. Steve leaves, and Jack tells himself that he has to be Steve. He says if Jen or Kayla were here then theyd believe it. Steve/Nick returns later, he tells Jack that his illness and drugs may be messing with his head. Its also common for patients in their end stages to see people from their past, perhaps it is the spirits of the loved ones helping them to transition. Jack says hes not a ghost though, hes here. He says hell prove Steve is his brother, hes going to call his wife. Unfortunately he doesnt have Kaylas number on him, and hes not calling Jen to get it because she thinks hes dead. Steve thinks perhaps Jack doesnt want his fantasy challenged. Jack says its not a fantasy, he is his brother and Kayla is out there and still loves him. Jack shows him photos of Jen and asks if he knows who she is. Steve says his wife. Jack thinks Steve remembers her, but hes just guessing. Jack says he has another way of proving Nick is his brother. He asks Nick to grant his dying wish and take a DNA test. Steve tells Jack if it will make him rest easier then hell take the test.

Lexie is in her office making out with Tek. Tek says he loves her and knows she loves him. Lexie says no, she is committed to Abe. Tek asks for one more time with her, if she still wants Abe then hell walk away. Lexies phone rings, it is Celeste calling to ask what is keeping her, they were supposed to meet twenty minutes ago. Lexie says shes on her way. Lexie tells Tek that she has to go, but Tek says they have unfinished business and kisses Lexie again. They are interrupted next by Abe calling Tek. Tek has to go, but he tells Lexie they will have one last time. Lexie says she didnt agree to it, but he thinks the kiss gave him his answer. Tek then leaves.

At the Java Caf, Celeste is dealing her cards and getting bad omens all around, many lives will be turned upside down beginning with Abe and Alexandra. She wonders what is keeping Lexie. Lexie eventually shows up and tells her mother she was with Tek. She says she wants to break it off with Tek, but walking away from Tek has been difficult. Celeste says sex is no substitute for love. Lexie tells Celeste that Tek told her that he loved her. Celeste thinks it is a lie. Lexie doesnt know, she really thinks Tek does love her. This time when he told her it was somehow different than when he said it in the past. Celeste doesnt want her to be taken in by Tek, she says hes the devil, he wants her soul. Lexie says she is breaking it off with Tek. Celeste tells her not to fool herself. Celeste says she read her cards, shes not just risking losing Abe but Theo too. Lexie is paged by the hospital and has to go. She tells her mom not to worry, nothing will happen. Celeste tells herself that shes not wrong about Tek, that man will be her undoing.

At the station Abe meets with the dirty cop Eve Michaels. He talks to her about the computer log indicating detective Brady was the last person in the room. Abe says this is why Bo is being accused of tampering with the evidence. Abe knows Bo didnt do this and hes going to prove it. She asks how, the computer log doesnt lie. Abe says it may not be telling them something and he knows who can figure out. He calls Tek and orders him to the evidence room. Tek arrives, and he thinks he knows just how to find out who switched the evidence disk. Tek does some work on the PC and says Abe isnt going to believe this.

In court, Frankie asks Bo if he tampered with the evidence. Bo says no, but Frankie says its not how it looks. Bo says he knows, and he can only imagine what Hope is thinking. Bo says he has to stop her from signing those divorce papers.

Hope talks with Jen, shes furious about the outcome of the trial. She says Chelsea killed Zack and Bo helped her get away with it. She says the only thing good to come out of this day is the divorce papers. She says she wants Bo out of her life, the sooner the better. Bo shows up and says he did not switch the disk. Hope doesnt believe anything he says to her, he got Chelsea off and that is all that mattered. Hope runs off and Jen tells Bo not to go after her, to give her space. Bo says he didnt switch those disks. Jen says hell have to prove that to save his marriage. Bo says he can.

Patrick arrives at the courthouse, Billie, Chelsea and Kate are celebrating. Patrick heard what happened, did Bo switch the disks? Billie says she doesnt know, but she does know it was her mother who did it. She remembers this through a flashback. Kate suggests they go celebrate, but Hope stops them and says not so fast! Hope says she accepts the judges decision, though she doesnt agree with it. Hope tells Chelsea she has a second chance at life, dont screw it up. Chelsea asks if she is forgiving her? Hope says no, but she wants to try for Zack. She says Zack loved her, why she doesn't know. Chelsea says she loved him too and shell never forget him. Hope says she hopes not. Hope says she may have gotten off because of that disk and because of double jeopardy she cant be tried again, but they both know justice was not served here today. Chelsea runs off and Billie goes after her. Patrick tells Hope that was a wonderful thing she did, is she okay? Hope says shes not. Hope says it is what Zack would have wanted, she may not like Chelsea but she cant hate her. Hope says this is Bos fault. Patrick asks if she really thinks Bo switched those disks. Bo returns again, he claims he didnt switch that disk, but he knows who did. Patrick realize Bo thinks it is him. Patrick says hes the one who found it in the first place, why would he make it disappear now? Bo says to cause a bigger rift between him and Hope. Hope says even if Patrick wanted to, he couldnt get access to the evidence room. Bo says he learned a lot from the DiMeras, but Patrick says hes not Houdini and he is on Salems most wanted now. Bo says he is a killer and a conman. Hope tells Bo he is a desperate man. Bo says he is, desperate to prove to her that he loves her. She says hes a liar. Patrick suggests to Hope they leave, but Hope asks for a second with Bo. Bo and Hope talk, Hope admits she will always love him but all he does is lie to her. She says all she wanted was justice, some closure. She says Chelsea needed to be punished and picking up trash doesnt cut it. Hope says he must think this is all his sons life is worth. Bo says he cant get her to believe him, she wont give him the benefit of the doubt. Hope says shes tried but cant do it anymore. She says what they had is finished. Bo says it cant be over, but Hope says it is. Abe soon shows up and is glad they are still here, they have a break in the investigation on the disk. 

Billie and Kate chase after Chelsea, who is in tears. She thinks Hope hates her still. Billie says Hope was telling her to learn from her mistakes. Billie says they cant change what was done, but they can affect the future. Chelsea says shes right and she will change things.

Jen asks Frankie if hes ready, they need to meet his mom at the pub to talk about this party they are planning. Frankie says hell meet her there, he needs to talk to Chelsea one last time. Frankie talks with Chelsea and tries to convince her to tell Hope and Bo the truth now that shes in the clear, but Chelsea says she wont. Frankie asks why not? Chelsea says it wont make a difference, Hope will never forgive him for the disk switch. Frankie says Bo may not have done it, but Chelsea says hes the only one who could have, their marriage is history. 

Meanwhile, Kate and Billie argue, Kate tries to convince Billie that she's being given a shot at Bo so take it. Kate tells Billie that shes doing this for her. Billie says she doesnt want her to do this, and she wont be a party to it. Kate says then shes a fool. Kate says she only wants her to be happy and Bo makes her happy. Chelsea shows up and suggests they go celebrate, so they prepare to leave. However Abe shows up before they leave with the news on the investigation

At the pub, Shawn and Caroline talk about convincing Kayla to come home. Shawn wants her to come home, its bad enough that Kimmy cant come home. Caroline said she would think about it. Shawn says there is nothing to think about, nothing is more important than family. Caroline says she knows but Salem reminds her of Steve. Shawn says Steve has been gone a long time. Shawn says this isnt healthy. Later, Jen shows up at the pub and Caroline asks a favor from Jen. 

In LA, Kayla puts on "The Rose" and looks at some photos of Steve. She knows mom wants her to come for the wedding and that Bo needs her. She says she hasnt seen them in such a long time. She says shed like to go but she cant, she still misses Steve so much. Kayla begins to have some classic Steve and Kayla flashbacks. We see when Steve proposed, when Steve sang and signed to Kayla when she was deaf. Kayla then gets a call from Jennifer. Kayla knows Caroline put her up to this. Jen admits she did. Kayla asks if things are really that bad for Bo and Hope? Jen says it is that bad. She wishes Kayla would come home. She says she knows what its like to lose the man you love and seeing reminders of him everywhere. She says those reminders dont have to be painful, she has happy memories of jack here and she feels close to him. Kayla says its good to talk to someone who understands. Jen asks if this means shell come home for the wedding. Kayla says she will. Kayla ends up booking a flight home and looks at a photo of Steve. She thinks it is time to go home. Kayla begins packing her things, she grabs her wedding photo and takes it with her. 

Back in Salem, Jen tells Caroline that Kayla is coming home! Caroline hopes Jen can reach Kayla. She says it is time for her to move on. Jen says she talked with Kayla about that, and she still loves Steve. Jen understands, even though she loves Frankie, if Jack were still alive. Caroline says she knows.



June 14, 2006
Bonnie shows up at the hospital and hears Belle and Phillip discussing the miscarriage. Bonnie runs off. In the room, Shawn is comforting Mimi. He says theyll try again, theyll do whatever it takes. Bonnie walks in and asks what happened. Mimi says she lost the baby. Bonnie tells her how sorry she is. Lexie shows up, she apologizes for interrupting. Lexie wanted to check on Mimi. Bonnie says they can try again right. Mimi tells her mom that its not that simple. Lexie says its not, she doesnt have good news for them. Lexie says this may not be the time, but Mimi wants to hear it. Lexie tells Mimi that the tests show Mimis body was working hard to actually reject the embryo, why they dont know. Lexie says they feel its unlikely shell be able to carry a pregnancy to term. Mimi says she doesnt believe this, but on second thought she does. Mimi tells Shawn how sorry she is that she cant give him his own child. Shawn tells her it will be okay. Mimi knows they can adopt, she just wanted to give him his own child. Lexie says there is the possibility of using a surrogate. Lexie says they would implant their fertilized egg into her womb like the did her. Mimi says theyll think about it. Lexie says when they have decided just let her know. Lexie then leaves them. Bonnie tells Mimi that she still has options. Mimi says but do they want a stranger to carry their child, or at least Shawns child. Bonnie says it doesnt have to be a stranger, she could do it. Mimi thanks her for the offer but says no way. Mimi says shed have to give up drinking alcohol for nine months. Bonnie says she could do that, that doesnt include beer right. Mimi says beer included, and she couldnt smoke either. Mimi says anyhow, remember how she almost died giving birth to her? Mimi says she doesnt want to be responsible for that happening again, especially at her age. Bonnie says okay maybe it wasnt a great idea, and shes sure theyll find someone. Shawn says they will, if Mimi wants to pursue this. Mimi wishes she never had that abortion. Shawn tells her to stop that, if she hadnt had the abortion then shed be with Rex and he wouldnt have found the love of his life. Mimi kisses Shawn and says hes the love of her life. They kiss a lot, and Bonnie leaves to give them some privacy. Mimi tells Shawn shes so lucky to have an understanding husband. Shawn says hes the lucky one, and they will have a family somehow.

Phillip and Belle continue talking about the lost baby. Phillip says theyll try again and hopefully it will work out for them. Phillip says it does make them realize how lucky they are to have Claire. Belle says she knows how lucky they are. Belle says they got pregnant right away and they werent even trying. Phillip says thats why he doesnt understand why they arent getting pregnant so easily this time. Belle asks if he thinks they have a problem? Phillip says he doesnt think anything is wrong, maybe they just need to be patient. Belle says if something doesnt happen soon then they can talk to Lexie. Phillip thinks since they are here, why not talk to her tonight. Later, Belle and Phillip speak to Lexie. Lexie updates them on Shawn and Mimi. Phillip tells Lexie that they have some things to talk to her about as well. Later we learn Phillip and Belle had some fertility tests run. Lexie gets a call (from Tek) and she says she has to run and the nurse will get them those results. Phillip continues to worry, he doesnt know how they got pregnant so fast with Claire and now they are striking out. Later the nurse gives them the envelope with the results. Belle opens it up, shes shocked by what it says. Phillip then reads it, he has a low sperm count. He wonders how they made Claire then. He says this makes no sense. A spying Bonnie worries and says it makes perfect sense.

Hope, Billie, Kate, Bo and Abe are at the evidence room. Abe says Tek found there was an old surveillance unit hidden in the room, whatever is on the tape may exonerate Bo. Bo says this will prove he didnt do it. Hope doesnt know who else would have done it. Eve looks at Kate, Kate worries. They begin rolling the video, we see Bo go into the evidence room. They see Bo dismiss the guard who is guarding the evidence room. Hope thinks Bo did that because he had something to hide, how could he do this? Bo says the officer needed a short break, that is all. Hope doesnt believe him. Bo asks them to fast forward to show them what he left with, the gun and gun only. Hope says she wants to believe him, but hes the only one who could have done it. Bo says someone could have slipped in when he left. Tek then says there is a problem, we see Bo banging the vent with the camera and knocking it out, there is no more video. Hope and Abe need some answers from Bo. Bo says he heard a whirring noise in the vent, he didnt know what it was, he hit the grate to stop it. He says he didnt know the camera was there. Hope of course doesnt believe Bos excuse, she says shes not that gullible. Hope says it is safe to say the mystery is solved. Hope tells Bo that shes finished, she is going to sign the divorce papers and he cant change her mind, they are over. Hope then walks off.

Billie tells her mother this has to stop, if Kate doesnt tell them the truth then she will. Kate says shell deny it. Meanwhile, Abe tells Bo this is a problem, this could cost him his badge. Bo says he didnt do this, but even Abe doesnt believe him. Bo says fine, Abe will have his badge on his desk. Bo walks out. Billie goes after him and tells him that she believes him. Billie offers to help him, but Bo says she cant help him. Bo runs off to talk to Hope. Kate tells Billie that some day Billie will realize this is for the best.

Later, Tek and Abe talk about whether Bo could do this. Abe says Bo is so honest, but to betray Hope this way, he just can't believe it. Abe says he and Lexie may have problems, but if she betrayed him then he could never forgive her. Abe then tells Tek perhaps sometime he and Lexie and Tek and someone can go out for a double date. Tek says sure. Abe says hes been missing his wife lately, truth be told hes been neglecting her. He thinks he needs to make up for that. Tek has to go, and he ends up calling Lexie saying he cant let Abe get her back. Tek calls Lexie and tells her where to meet him. Meanwhile, Abe calls Lexie and leaves her a message saying hed like to spend some time with her and to call him when she gets this message.

Tek and Lexie meet at a hotel. Lexie tells Tek she only came here to tell him that she cant do this. Tek says he loves her and says he needs to be with her one last time. They kiss and end up going into the room. As they kiss, a gloved hand watches them from the bushes.

Jen is at home and talks to Frankie. He says hes sorry for not meeting her at the pub, he has just been busy with work. Jen says its okay. Frankie tells her that Hope asked to have the divorce papers ready asap. Jen was hoping Hope wouldnt go through with this. Neither one of them believe Bo tampered with the evidence. Frankie hopes when Bo is cleared that shell come to her senses. Jen says as awful as this day has been, she does have good news. Jen says she spoke with Kayla and shes coming home for the wedding. Frankie says this is great, its been so long. Jen says it may be hard for her, she has a lot of memories here. Frankie says he saw her a few years ago in LA, she seems to compare everyone she dates to Steve. He also says she was so busy with med school, and Stephanie is growing up fast as well. Frankie says perhaps Kayla seeing Jen getting on with her life will help her do the same. Frankie asks if Stephanie or Kim are coming. Jen doesnt think so. Jen says she thinks his mom is hoping this wedding bring joy back into their family. Later Hope shows up, she doesnt mean to bother them. She says she thinks Bo did it, Bo switched the evidence. She says Bo not only betrayed her, he betrayed their son. Hope tells them what the tape showed and how it makes Bo look guilty. Hope asks Frankie for the divorce papers, shes ready to sign them. Jen asks her if shes sure, and Frankie thinks she should calm down. Hope says shes made up her mind and shes not changing it. Suddenly Bo pounds on the door, he demands to talk to Hope. Frankie tells Bo this isnt a good time, but Hope doesnt care. She goes to the door and says shes signing the papers and with him here they can finalize this. He says he will contest this divorce, how can she throw it all away. She says he has some nerve asking her that. She says he made his choice and shes making his. Hope tells Bo goodbye and slams the door in his face. Hope asks Frankie if he only needs her signature to grant the divorce. He says yes, so she signs the papers. 

Austin and Sami arrive at Basic Black with the photographer. Hes excited to meet EJ, and he says Kiara the model is even more excited to meet him. They hear giggling and walk in to the room to find Kiara riding EJ, who is doing push-ups. Sami says get the hell off of him! Kiara asks what is her problem, and Austin asks why shes flipping out. EJ says Kiara was just helping him pump up his arms for the shoot. Sami says Kiara is all wrong for this shoot, shes a stuck up diva and is all wrong. Sami says nobody will be fetching her tofu salad for her. Kiara gets fed up and storms out. The photographer asks what they will do? They have no model now. Sami says its fine, she is wrong for the project. Sami says they need someone who is real looking, someone with the girl next door look. Austin says Sami may be right, but they didnt need that scene and now they have no model. EJ says he has a suggestion, why doesnt Sami do the shoot with him. Sami asks if he is kidding? Sami says she cant do that. EJ asks why not, shed be great. Austin thinks EJ could be onto something, she may be perfect. Austin tells Sami to do it. Later we see Sami getting all made up for the photo shoot. The photographer loves her, as does EJ. The photo shoot gets started, Sami giggles through it as she is instructed to touch his chest and get close. Meanwhile, Billie and Kate show up, Kate has to check on the photo shoot. Kate is stunned to see Sami is the model with EJ. She thinks this is going better than she hoped. Kate and Billie walk in and Austin explains what is going on here and how Sami is really the look they were after. He tells his mom not to say it, he knows it is what shes thinking. Kate asks so is hes saying Sami is the model? Austin says yes, shes great and EJ and Sami have good chemistry. The photographer assures Kate they are wonderful together, perfect. Kate tells herself more than perfect. The photographer tells them to take five, and Sami sees Kate is here. She says it was a last minute decision that she was the model, EJ and Austin like it though. Kate tells Sami she agrees, she is the right face for the campaign. Sami is a bit stunned. Kate tells EJ it is nice to see him again, and she introduces Billie to him. Billie is star struck, she saw him race in Monte Carlo. Sami thinks Billie is the competition and shouldn't be here. Billie says its okay as she has to get back to her daughter. However shes quick to tell EJ that shes not married. Billie leaves and they get back to work. Austin asks his mom if she really approves? Kate does, she says EJ and Sami have a spark. Austin thinks it is the start of something huge. Kate tells herself its the beginning of the end of Sami. 


June 15, 2006
At the hospital, Mimi asks Shawn if they should look more into this surrogate thing? He asks if she wants to? She says it seems extreme considering all the kids who need adopting. Mimi says though the waiting list is so long, and she wants them to be parents right away. Shawn does too, but they need time to mourn their baby. Shawn also knows she wanted to be pregnant. She says that is only part of it, she wants him to have his own child like Claire. She says she just means she wants him to have his own baby. Shawn says it would be hers as much as his. Mimi says she just wont carry or give birth to it. Shawn says most women would love that idea. Shawn thinks they should at least look into finding a surrogate. Mimi and Shawn talk with the doctor, they look through folders of surrogate volunteers. They pick one they like, and it just so happens shes here having a check-up. The doctor asks if they want to meet her? Shawn says this is like a sign. Mimi says assuming she wants to meet them then yes. The woman soon shows up. Shawn and Mimi introduce themselves, her name is Holly Landrow. She tells them they are so cute and she just knows they will have this baby together. They talk to her about her health and habits, she tells them how she is very health conscious. Holly tells them that she hopes they chose her. Holly says even if they dont chose her, she can tell they will be fantastic parents and their child will be very lucky. Holly says goodbye, and Shawn says she seemed great. Mimi is in tears though. Shawn asks Mimi what is wrong? He thinks maybe hes rushing this and shes not ready. She says no, she doesnt want to stand in the way of him having the family hes wanted. Shawn says she has to want it to. Mimi says lets do it, and she says Holly is the one. Shawn says hell go grab her. He runs off to find her, and Mimi follows in her gown. Mimi tells Holly that if she wants them then they want her. Holly says this is amazing! Holly says shell get Dr. Ross and start filling out those forms right away.

Chelsea and Max are at a Tango contest on the pier. Chelsea is boozing it up to celebrate, she has a personal little flask she's carrying around. She is convinced her dad saved her. She says now she has things to look forward to. Max cant believe Bo broke the law like that. Chelsea says why not, shes his little girl and he loves her. Max says he loves Hope too, and he wonders if Chelsea was behind this. Chelsea says she didnt do it, she had no time to get into that evidence room, it had to have been her dad. Max still doesnt like this, hes losing his wife. Chelsea says hell be happy with her mom, theyll be a family. Max says they wont be happy if its based on a lie. Max says Billie is a good woman, but shes not the woman Bo loves. He also knows Chelsea did something to break Bo and Hope up, so she better fix it. Abby shows up and says Chelsea did something wrong? Shocking. Max thought Abby would be at the party, but she says shes not in the mood. Max says hes going, and Chelsea says shes going with him. Max says no way, Hope will be there. Chelsea doesn't care.

Outside the pub, Billie asks Abe what will happen to Bo? Abe says he could lose his badge, and this has to be the worst year of Bos life. Abe says first Bo lost Zack, then Hope, now this. Billie says nothing ever breaks Bo and Hope up, she's learned that from experience. Bo wonders why doesnt Hope realize Bo loves her? Abe says when he and Lexie lost Zack it almost tore them up. He says he and Lexie got a second chance though, and hes very lucky.

Tek and Lexie end up at the hotel and begin to make love. Lexie stops Tek and says she cant do this. She says she has to leave before shes late for the party and Abe gets suspicious. Tek says meet him after the party then, it will be their farewell. Lexie says okay, and she kisses him goodbye. As they kiss a gloved hand watches them.

At Jens, Hope asks Frankie to file the divorce papers, she doesn't care if Bo doesn't sign them. Jen asks Hope if this is the right thing to do? She says Bo has given her no choice. Hope says she wants to concentrate on Jen now, they are getting married tomorrow and it is a time to celebrate. Jen thinks the timing is bad and they should cancel this. Hope asks Jen if shes saying she doesnt want to marry Frankie? Jen says no she meant the party not the wedding. Frankie breathes easier. Hope says she wont let her cancel. Jen says what if Bo is there? Hope says they live in the same city, they will run into one another and often, she has to get used to it. Hope doesnt want Jen to let her spoiler their happiness. Jen wants Hope to be happy as well. Hope says she wants to be happy, but all she knows is that Bo wont be in her future.

Bo arrives at the pub, he talks with his parents about Hope divorcing him. He sees they are having a party for Jen and Frankie. Bo thinks he shouldnt stay here, he should go as Hope may be here and Jen is Hope's cousin. Caroline says Jen is his friend, and Frankie is his brother. He says he doesnt want to put a damper on the festivities. Suddenly Kayla turns up, and she hugs her parents as well as Bo. Bo asks if hes here for the wedding? She says yes, but she also came here to tell him not to give up on Hope. Kayla tells Bo to fight for Hope and do whatever it takes to get her back. They discuss the loss of Zack and whether there is a chance for Bo and Hope. Kayla says Steve is dead, she cant get him back. However he can get Hope back.

Jen arrives at the pub, Billie is there as is Bo. They wish Jen the best. Kayla shows up, Jen is thrilled to see her and they hug. Hope arrives and Kayla goes to talk to her. She tells her shes so sorry about Zack, and shes always a phone call away if they need to talk. Kayla then grabs Bo and Hope and pulls them together, she tells them that shes not leaving town until the two of them have worked things out. Bo says spoken like a true big sis, she's already trying to take over everyones lives. Hope tells Kayla that she and Bo wont be getting back together. Kayla tells them not to argue with her, they both know they belong together. Hope says what they had is gone, and Hope walks off. Kayla goes after Hope to talk to her. Hope tells Kayla that nothing has been the same between her and Bo since Zack died. Kayla says she didnt lose a child, but she did lose her husband. She says if Steve were to walk through that door right now then shed let nothing come between them again. Kayla then talks with Bo, she asks what is going on here. Bo explains the whole evidence mishap. Kayla tells Bo not to give up, he and Hope belong together.

Lexie and Tek arrive at the party. Outside Lexie tells Tek they cannot go in together. Tek says he knows, and he cant wait to be with her later. Lexie goes in first, Tek afterwards. Abe tells Lexie that they need to talk about their marriage. Abe tells Lexie that seeing Bo and Hope and knowing their situation, it has him thinking. He says he doesnt want to put their marriage at risk, so hes made a decision. He says hes been a fool, hes put his pride in front of their love. Abe tells Lexie that he doesnt want to be stupid anymore, so he will do any procedure or surgery just to be able to make love to her. He says she deserves a husband who can be one to her, and he hopes hes still the man she wants to be next to every night and morning. Lexie says she loves him and they kiss. Tek watches and says he cant let this happen. Lexie gets a page, its from Tek, but she claims its an emergency at the hospital. Lexie leaves, and Abe sees Tek going as well. Abe asks Tek where hes going, does he have a hot date? Tek says he does. Abe wonders who this woman is. Tek says the most beautiful woman in Salem. Abe suggests Tek bring her to the wedding then. Tek says hell see, and if he can then Abe will be the first to know who she is. 

Back outside, Max, Abby and Chelsea show up. They dont want Chelsea to go in, but she says she is a Brady too. She says she was welcomed into the family. Chelsea storms into the pub, Billie is furious she is here and that shes drunk "again." Chelsea says shes just celebrating, dad is the greatest isn't he. Chelsea then runs into Bos arms as an angry Hope watches. Billie is furious and pulls Chelsea aside. Chelsea tells her mom that now that Hopeless is out of the picture, forget about the noble crap and go for Bo. Billie is not happy. Kayla then walks over, she says shes heard a lot about her. Chelsea says all bad probably. Billie tells Chelsea that this is her Aunt Kayla.

Abby talks with Jen, she cant feel happy for her as it is too soon. Jen says this is what her father wanted. Abby says that may work on JJ but not her. she says after the wedding tomorrow, she will consider herself on her own.

Jen opens up her presents. Meanwhile, Abby tells Max to get this drunk girl home, referring to Chelsea. Max tells Chelsea she has to sober up before the wedding. Chelsea wishes it were her parents marrying. Billie tells Chelsea that it wont happen. 

Kayla and Caroline hug. Caroline asks how shes doing. She says its hard, she misses her husband so much.

Tek and Lexie go back to the hotel and make love. As they do, the gloved hand watches and holds a note addressed to Abe.

At the other hospital, Steve returns to Jack with the DNA test results. Hes joking about it, though he hasnt looked. Steve opens the envelope and is stunned, they are brothers. Jack says so he is Steve Johnson, Kaylas husband and father to Stephanie. Steve says now he has a kid? He cant believe this. Jack says the DNA doesnt lie, and if he goes home he can learn about his past. Jack says his buying the farm here, and he has had a lot of missed opportunities, but this could be his last chance to do some good. He wants Steve to go home for him, for his dying brother. Steve still doesnt know Jack, but Jack says thats because he has amnesia. Jack wants him to go home, but Steve says theyll all think they are seeing a ghost. He says no thanks. Jack says hes done it plenty of times, it is not as bad as he thinks. Steve still doesnt know Jack, they didnt grow up together. Jack says they didnt. Jack explains their family history, they were both given up for adoption. Jack says Steve went to an orphan edge, he ended up with the Deveruex family. He says his adopted father ended up being a serial killer, no joke. Jack asks Steve to go home to Salem, hell get all the answers there. Steve says no way, no teary reunion for this dude. Steve tells him no way and calls him Jackson. Jack points out that Steve used to call him that all the time, he's already warming up to him and the idea. Jack says he has a daughter, doesn't he want to know her. Steve says hes not a family man. Jack says he was the same way until his kids came along. Jack wants Steve to go home and be there for his family, tell Jack Jr. about him. Steve says he cant, he doesnt know him, he doesnt know any of these people. Jack says these people have missed him for years. Jack says hes missed him, which is odd since he hated him for most of his life. Steve asks why? Jack says because hes a pain in the ass. Steve says he still is. Jack says the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. Steve tells Jack that the only way hell go to Salem is if Jack goes too. Jack says he does miss them. Steve says then go home and see them, hes not looking so good and he may not be here much longer. Jack says fine, hell go home with him, hell say goodbye to his family and reunite Steve with his. Jack says when Kayla sees him walk through the door it will blow her away.


June 16, 2006
Shawn and Mimi are still at the hospital talking about Holly the surrogate and how lucky they are to have found her. Holly returns with the forms, shes so thrilled and honored to help them have this family. Shawn says their lawyer will be in touch, and Holly says shell see them soon. Holly leaves, and Mimi seems troubled. Shawn realizes something is bothering, they dont have to do this if she's not ready. Mimi says no she wants to do this. Shawn tells Mimi this will happen for them, they will have a baby. Meanwhile, Phillip and Belle are talking, Phillip doesnt understand this, how could they have gotten pregnant so easily before. He says this doesnt make sense. Belle says it does. (We never hear her explanation though, unless I missed a scene)

At the pub, Frankie and Jens party is still going on, though Jen has left as have most of the other women. Kate talks with Austin, she asks where Sami is? Austin says she didnt want to come and spoil the night. Kate says that is unusually considerate of her. Austin says dont start. Kate just hopes Austin is considering the ramifications of being involved with the least favorite Brady. Austin says he loves her and she has changed. Kate doesnt want to see him hurt again. Austin says the only way hell be hurt is if she sabotages his relationship. Kate says she wouldnt dream of it. To herself she says Sami will do that herself. Later Kate gives Austin more advice, and he tells her that shes not the best person to give relationship advice. Kate says she just wants to keep him from making the same mistakes she did. Billie says no, she wants to control them and the more she tries the less it works. Kate says she knows what she is talking about and if they were smart then theyd listen to her or theyll regret it. Kate walks off, and Billie comments mom will regret it. Austin asks what shes up to? Billie says shes always up to something and they just need to watch their back.

Abe talks with Billie, he wishes they could be at a party where Lexie wasnt paged. Billie says then hell be paged that night, it's Murphy's Law. They see Bo and Hope having problems, Billie hates this. She says she loves Bo and she wants him happy, and for him to be happy he needs to be with Hope. Abe says not that many people would be so selfless. Billie says she hasnt always been that way, and she hopes her daughter will learn something from her. Patrick walks up, and Billie says he shouldnt be here, Bo will go ballistic if he sees him.

Bo is drunk and sees Patrick. He is not happy and wants to start something. Frankie tells Bo theyve had enough drama, and he distracts Bo from killing Patrick. Bo tells Frankie how lucky he is, hes marrying a great girl. Frankie cant believe he has to stay here tonight, he misses Jen already. Bo misses Hope, and he has to stop this divorce. He says he has to prove he didnt switch that evidence. Later Bo eventually confronts Patrick and says if hes here to see his wife he's too late, shes gone. Patrick says she wont be his wife much longer, shell never forgive him for what he did. Bo says stay away from his wife! Frankie drags Bo back to the bar, and Patrick assures a concerned Abe that he will stay away from Bo. When Patrick vents about Bo stealing the disk and accusing him, Billie assures him that he didnt steal it so don't say he did. Patrick asks why shouldnt he and others blame Bo, he had the motive and the means. Billie knows her mom did it. Billie just tells Patrick that she believes Bo when he said he didnt do it. Patrick asks what this is about? Is she standing by Bo to make Hope jealous? Billie says she will not come between Bo and Hope and neither should he. Patrick says they both have feelings for them, and he says Hope is his friend and wont turn away from her if she needs him. Billie tells Patrick shes been there, no matter how many times Bo and Hope break up they always get back together. She says save himself the heartache and quit now. An eavesdropping Kate cant believe Billie is her daughter.

Elsewhere, Bo is furious about Patrick, he believes Patrick took the evidence to make Hope leave him. Bo says he has to stop this divorce. Frankie fills Bo in on Hope signing the papers. Bo says Frankie has to help him, he has to stop Hope from doing this and destroying both of their lives. Later Shawn and Mimi show up, Shawn is a snot to his father. He wont even tell him that Mimi lost the baby. He basically tells his dad that he can't believe mom was even here tonight, and he doesn't blame her for leaving the party early.

Shawn and Mimi sit at a table with Belle and Phillip. Shawn wont tell his dad about the baby untill he can tell his mom first, same with the surrogacy news. Shawn then tells Belle and Phillip all about the surrogate, Holly is such a good person, she doesnt smoke or drink. He goes on and on about how health conscious she is. They then see Holly in the corner both smoking and boozing it up! They realize they have a problem, a big one. They confront her, and she says she wanted to party one last time before the baby. She says she needs this money, but Shawn says no way. Holly runs off in tears. Mimi says she knew this wasnt going to work, nothing is. She says shes starting to think nothing will work and shell lose him because of not being able to have a baby. Meanwhile, Belle feels so bad for them. Phillip says things will work out for them, and he knows things will work out for the two of them as well.

Abe calls the hospital and learns Lexie is not there and wasnt paged. Later he finds the mystery note addressed to him. 

Bo and Patrick end up outside arguing about Hope. Frankie breaks the fight up and tells Patrick to get out of here. He leaves.

In the hotel, Lexie and Tek are in bed. Lexie is having second thoughts again, if Abe finds out then she could lose everything. She says Sami knows, she could tell Abe. Tek says she wont, otherwise Lexie will tell Carrie and Austin the truth. Lexie says shes sick of all these lies, she has to find the strength to tell the truth about Sami no matter what. Tek says if she exposes Samis lies then shell expose their affair, be sure of what she wants and which man she wants to be with. Lexie cries that shes so confused. Tek says he just wants to make her happy. After they make love, Tek tells her if she decides to be with him then it will be like that every time.

Outside, Abe talks with the manager of the hotel. He says he got a note to meet his wife here, the note said she had a surprise for him. The woman smirks. She says whatever floats his boat, and his badge looks almost real. Abe walks in and catches Tek and Lexie in bed together! 

EJ and Sami are on the pier, Sami thanks EJ for coming with her and keeping her company as she didnt want to be alone. She says everyone is at the wedding party, and she didnt want to be there. She says they wouldnt have thrown her out, but she is the bad seed of Salem. EJ finds that hard to believe. Sami thanks him. She tells him how she has a fantasy of going back in time to correct all her mistakes and how her life now would be great, she'd be the life of every party in town. EJ suggests they have their own party tonight. She says she has a fianc, but EJ said he meant as friends. Sami sees people tango dancing and thinks it is cool. She says Austin can do it and would love to know how. EJ says shes in luck, he knows how and can teach her. The music starts to play, so they begin dancing. It turns out they end up winning the tango contest, they get a trophy and everything. As the winning couple they dance their victory lap. Kate happens to be walking by and sees this. She realizes she can use this to get Sami away from Austin.

Kayla, Hope and Jen return to Jens house, Kayla and Hope helped her get the presents home. They go inside, and Kayla and Jen talk about how strange it is that Jack and Steve are both gone. Hope says they arent. Hope says they are here in spirit and watching over them. Jen is thinking about Jack more than usual because of the wedding. Kayla says same with her and Steve, being back in Salem is tough. Kayla says when she sees couples fighting she wants to tell them to stop it. She wishes she could have another fight with Steve. Hope thinks about all the times she nagged Zack. Kayla says she loved Zack and he loved him. Kayla talks about how much she admired Bo and Hope growing up, how she wanted what they had. She says they still can have that, she cant. She tells Hope to fix this, do whatever it takes to work their way back to one another. Kayla says she and Jen didnt get that choice. Jen tells Hope that they know Bo hurt her, but they are both alive and love one another. Hope ends up deciding to go. She says shell think about it, but she needs some air. They offer to walk with her, but she says shell be fine, she is a cop. She says shell see them tomorrow. Hope leaves, and Jen and Kayla discuss how they know Bo and Hope can get through this. Jennifer then tells Kayla how happy she is with Frankie and how much she loves him. Kayla knows, but she also knows hes not Jack. Jen says but hes Frankie, and theyve loved one another since teens. Jen says Jack was her whole life, and though hes not here with her, its still forever for her. Kayla says she feels the same about Steve. The Rose then comes on the radio. Kayla begins to cry, its their song. Kayla has more flashbacks of her and Steve. Jen tells Kayla she can find happiness with someone else. Kayla says she doesnt want to. She says she tried with Shane and it wasnt right. Jen says she knows the feeling of being alone for her life. Kayla says shes not alone, she has Stephanie and her work. She also had a dream that the doorbell rings and Steve is standing there. The doorbell rings, and they wonder who it is. Jen opens the door and is shocked by who it is.

At the hospital, Jack is being released for his car trip home with Steve. The doctor thinks this trip could help Jack. Steve asks if hes saying it will help him beat this thing. The doctor says no, it just might help him emotionally. The doctor says its important that he and his loved ones say goodbye. Jack says on that note he should get dressed. Steve helps him, and the doctor prepares a file for his doctor in Salem. Jack is excited about getting back to Salem, the people there will never believe it.

Steve drives him and Jack home to Salem. Jack is in bad shape. He tells Steve if he doesnt make it dont deliver his body, just dump him out of the car. Steve says no way, and besides he will make it there. Steve asks Jack to tell him about his wife. Jack begins describing Kayla and Steve says by the way he talks about her it sounds like he had a thing for Kayla. The Rose comes on the radio, and Steve says he always loved this song, he doesnt know why. Jack then realizes he has a wedding photo of Steve and Kayla in his wallet. He shows it to Steve who says Oh man! Jack thinks he recognizes her, but Steve says no. He was just commenting on how gorgeous she is. They are nearing Salem, Jack says the turn is up ahead.

Hope is walking home when we see a gloved hand grab her from behind.

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