June 19 2006

Max gives Chelsea an ice coffee to try and sober her up. She thinks shes being cut off, and she says she thinks she saw a hot guy with a cooler over there aways she could go talk to. Max asks if it isn't time for her to grow up. She says she wont apologize for having a few drinks and blowing off some steam. She says she has a reason to celebrate. He says well she must be happy shes not going to jail. She says yeah but she has community service and no drivers license. He says boo hoo. He tells her to learn from this, show Salem the girl he enjoys hanging out with. Shes not so sure he does like hanging out with her, all he does is lecture her about her bad choices. She says she is who she is. Max asks who that is? Chelsea says he and the rest of Salem can go on hating her, she doesnt care. She then storms off.

Chelsea shows up at home, Abby is there waiting for her in her bedroom. Abby says she was supposed to be sleeping over, did she forget? Chelsea rants about how Max was lecturing her again. Abby says hes hard on her because he cares. Max is in the window, he says Shes right you know. Abby leaves them so that they can talk. Max tells Chelsea that he likes her, he likes her a lot. He says he wants to take their relationship to the next level. Chelsea assumes he wants to have sex with her. She leads him to the bed, and he says this isnt what hes saying. He says he likes her a lot, but sometimes he doesnt respect her. He says sometimes she doesnt respect herself. She admits maybe she doesn't. He wants her to see how special she is. Chelsea asks how they will do that? Max says he thought maybe they could be boyfriend or girlfriend or something. She says what? He says he wants them to be exclusive, to go on dates and have fun. Chelsea says she doesnt know what to say. Abby returns and says say yes! 

Lucas, Austin and Sami are walking along the pier. Carrie is happy for Frankie and Jen, she talks about how she had a crush on Frankie when she was younger. Lucas says things at the party got tense with Chelsea showing up, and at least Sami didnt show up and make it a freak show. Lucas tells Austin hes sorry about that. Austin says cut her some slack, she shouldnt have to feel unwelcome at her grandparents pub her whole life. Austin decides to call Sami and invite her out, he thinks shes at home. She doesnt answer, and he wonders where she is. Lucas and Austin begin arguing, Lucas thinks Austin is acting like a fool for thinking maybe Sami is busy or having a bubble bath and  that is why she didnt answer the phone.

On the pier Sami and EJ are still dancing, Sami cant believe they won the contest. She says hes a great teacher, and he says shes a great student. They continue to dance and they come close to kissing when EJ dips her. Sami says she never thought the tango would be so easy, she got the moves down quick. He says its not about the moves, its about passion. EJ tells her that she has a lot of passion. Later Sami ends up falling into the water when she is distracted by the site of Austin. EJ dives in to rescue her. He pulls her out, and Sami starts talking about her bad karma. EJ asks what got her so upset? Lucas walks up and says shes afraid her fianc will catch her with another man and learn she is up to her old tricks. Sami says she can explain. EJ ends up butting in, saying they took a walk after the photo shoot and found this tango competition. He says he can tango, Sami cant and she wanted to learn for the wedding. EJ says he taught her and . . . Austin says she fell into the river. EJ says yes, but before that they did win the competition. Lucas thinks Sami was afraid of being caught cheating. Sami says Lucas knows shes not a cheater! Austin believes Sami, only she could win a tango contest and then fall into the river. Austin says hed like to see what she learned. She says shes soaking wet, but he doesnt care. As they dance the others watch them. EJ comments how Austin really knows how to tango, and Carrie says they are good. Lucas says no shes good. 

At Jens place, Jen is shocked when Frankie turns up on her doorstep with flowers. She says she cant see him, this is bad luck. She slams the door on him. Frankie says he wanted to see her one last time, and its not past midnight. She says okay and lets him in. Frankie tells Kayla that hes glad shes come to the wedding, and he gives her a hug. Frankie tells Jen by this time tomorrow they will be husband and wife. Jen says yes, and Jack will watch over them. She says shes been thinking about him a lot. Frankie says him too, this wouldnt have happened if Jack wasnt so selfless. Jen knows Jack will be happy for them. Frankie says Jack was very selfless, and he knows Jack had his reasons for wanting them together. Jen says one was to keep Patrick away from her. Frankie says yes, but he also knew that he has always loved her and always would. They share a kiss. She then shoves him out as its approaching midnight. Jen then looks over at a photo of her and Jack together.

Kayla puts Frankies flowers for Jen in some water. She sits on the patio alone and thinks about her wedding to Steve. Kayla cries and wonders how she goes on with her life. She says no matter how hard she tries, she just cant. Jen soon joins Kayla outside. They share a glass of wine. Jen talks with Kayla about how she is blessed to have a second chance at love, and shed love for Kayla to have that too. Kayla says she needs to go call home and check on Stephanie. Kayla then leaves. Jen talks to Jack, she says before she walks down the aisle she needs to ask him for his blessing. She knows this is what Jack wanted, so perhaps hes already blessed them. She says she just has to ask him one favor, will he give her away tomorrow? She says it would mean so much to her. Jen sees a shooting star and thinks its a sign from him.

Meanwhile, Kayla goes inside, she calls Hope to check on her and see that she got home okay. Kayla then calls Jo to tell her that shes back in Salem. She says Stephanie couldnt come, she had to work. Kayla tells Jo how being back in Salem is so overwhelming, she misses Steve so much.

Steve and Jack have checked into a motel outside of Salem. Jack thinks this is stupid, but Steve says hes reached his limit and theyll finish their trip in the morning. He tells Jack to go to sleep, and he does. Steve then looks at the photo of him and Kayla in Jacks wallet. He wonders how this can be real. He says this woman is his wife? Later Jen is delirious, hes calling for Jennifer. Steve cares for him and hopes he can make it home and see his wife before its too late. Jack wakes up, he appears better. He wants to go to Salem now, but Steve says they need rest. Jack says he sees he is looking at the photo again. Jack asks if hes remembered anything. Steve says no, but he likes looking at it. Jack thinks hell remember everything once he sees Kayla. Later Steve wonders if he did love Kayla then how did he leave her behind.

At the other motel, Abe walks in on Lexie and Tek in bed and hes furious. He grabs Tek as Lexie tells him to stop. Abe tells Tek hes a dead man and punches Tek. Lexie screams Stop Abe Stop! Abe then throws Tek across the room. He then asks Lexie how they could do this, how could they betray him. Abe threatens to shoot Tek where he deserves it. Abe asks when this started, was it when he was dead or when he was blind? He says he felt so guilty for tying her down, she said his coming back was the greatest miracle of her life. Lexie cries that it was. Lexie says this has been happening on and off since he came back. Abe says he knew it, he had his suspicions but he felt guilty for thinking them. Abe asks how could Tek could do something so despicable to him and his family. Abe says Lexie is also the other half of this problem, theyve been through this before. He says first with Jonah and then with Brandon. He says can she at least find someone who isnt a family member or a close friend. Lexie says she and Tek got close when she thought he was dead. Abe says she should have told him the truth when he returned alive. He says he told her to go ahead and divorce him. She says she didnt want to divorce him. He thinks she only stayed because she didnt want to lose custody of Theo. She says no she loved him. Abe says she slept with him after he came back. He says Tek knows all of their business doesnt he, he knows about their sex life. Abe says he thought she was patient and supportive, and he was so grateful to her. He damns them both, and tells Tek (who tries to speak) to keep his damn lying mouth shut. Lexie says she was planning on ending it with Tek. He says yeah but she had to have him one last time. He says its a good thing he got that note. LExie asks what note, someone told him about this? Abe hands the note to Lexie, she reads it. She doesnt believe this. Lexie asks Abe if they can talk. He says the time for talking is over, their marriage is over. Lexie grabs him and cries no no no He pushes her away. He tells her to cry all she wants. She says kiss their marriage and their son goodbye. He says hell make sure she gets everything she deserves, and the same goes for Tek. Abe tells Lexie her father was right about her, she is a DiMera after all. Abe then leaves, but not before wishing them both luck as theyll need it. Tek tells LExie to let him leave, theyll talk to them later. Lexie is furious, she thinks Sami did this to her and vows to make her pay. Outside we see the gloved hand spying on Lexie and Tek.

At the Horton Cabin, Hope is untied and grabs a gun on the table. She then sees her kidnapper is Bo. She tells him she cant believe he did this. Bo says this is the only way she could get him to listen to him. Hope says shes not sticking around here and he cant stop her from leaving. She then storms out. She soon comes back, he took the sparkplugs out of the motor in the boat. He wants to talk, he wants to save their marriage. She says their marriage is over. They begin arguing about what Bo did, how he covered for Chelsea. He says he only did it because she needed to time to process things, and then things snowballed from there. He says when she left town she sent an email asking for a divorce. Hope says it was sent in anger, and Patrick told her not to. She says it was a test and he failed, he failed her every step of the way. Bo says that is why they are here. He says he wants another chance. Bo says theyve both said things they didnt mean. He asks if she can forgive him, can they start over. She says she cant do that. They soon begin arguing about the disk, how he didnt do it. She says that he was the only one to gain anything from it. He says he didnt do it, believe him. She asks how she is supposed to believe him after all the lies. Bo says if she believes hed do that then maybe shes right, their marriage is over. He says if she wants a divorce then she wont fight her or get in her way. He gives her the sparkplugs and says go, she leaves him no choice. Hope wishes she could believe him. He says if there is no trust in their marriage then there is no marriage. He says goodbye. Hope takes the sparkplugs and leaves. Bo is furious and throws things across the room.


June 20, 2006

EJ is in his apartment doing pushups. He also thinks about tangoing with Sami the night before. Meanwhile, Sami is at her place looking at the proofs from the photo shoot. Austin looks over her shoulder and refers to her as a supermodel. He says they look hot together. Sami asks Austin if he minds that she hangs out with EJ? Austin asks if he should? Sami says no, shed rather be with him. She says besides it is nice that he knows nothing about her, its nice having a guy friend. He says as opposed to a girlfriend? Sami says she definitely has none of those. Sami goes to get the paper and sees shirtless EJ in the hall. Shirtless Lucas is there too, and he asks EJ if hes recovered from his dip? Sami spies as Lucas tells him that Sami likes to be rescued and with Sami, nice guys finish last. Carrie walks out and tells Lucas that isnt fair. She says Lucas has issues with her sister, but Lucas says so does she. Carrie says she did but those are in the past. EJ says he will be fine and says isnt that right Samantha? Sami turns up, and Lucas argues with her saying this is just the kind of scheming and spying Sami does. Carrie stops them from fighting and sends Lucas to his apartment. Austin tells Sami to come back into their place. 

Austin asks Sami to get ready for the wedding. Sami doesnt want to go, nobody wants her there. Austin says its the right thing to do, do it for him. She agrees and goes to change. Austin then asks EJ to look at the photos, Lucas and Carrie come in to look at them as well. Lucas says these are steamy, and he tells Lucas that there is serious chemistry going on between these too. EJ smiles when he hears this. Carrie admits Sami does look sensational. Sami walks out and asks if she heard her name? Austin says she looks even better in person, and he kisses Sami. Carrie tells Lucas to go get dressed, she doesnt want them to be late for the church. Sami doesnt know why Lucas was looking at the photos. EJ tells Sami she really does look great. Austin and Carrie talk, Carrie says Sami loves him and its obvious he loves her. He says its not the way he wanted things to turn out, but he is happy. He also thinks Samis trouble making days are behind them. Carrie says it looks like he figured out the secret to living with Sami, she is who she is. Austin says he just hopes Sami will let him help her when things go wrong in her life. He thinks its important Sami go to this wedding. Lucas returns, he says Sami and weddings dont mix, she better not ruin this for his sister. Meanwhile, Sami and EJ continue to look at the photos and laugh.

Lexie is at home, shes changed for the wedding. Shes in tears. Abe walks in with Theo, and Lexie talks to Theo asking him if he had a good breakfast. Abe says grandma is coming soon to take him to the park. Theo asks why they cant take him? He says they have to go to a wedding. Lexie offers to dress Theo, but he says he can do it. Celeste shows up, she sees Lexie is crying. She asks what is wrong? Lexie says Abe knows about her and Tek. Lexie says Abe is going to file for divorce. Celeste asks Abe found out? Abe returns, he says someone sent him a note. He says he found out his wife was cheating because of a note. Celeste tells Abe that she knows how he feels, but Lexie loves him. He says this is between him and Lexie. Celeste then goes to see Theo and give them privacy. Lexie asks to be given a chance to explain, but he says this farce of a marriage is over. He says hes late for the wedding. Lexie asks if she can at least ride with him. He says if she needs a ride then call her lover. Later, Celeste and Lexie talk. Lexie thinks Sami exposed her. Celeste doesnt understand, why would Sami do this as long as Lexie didnt do anything to cost her Austin. Lexie says well she did, and shes going to make sure Sami loses Austin. She says Sami wont just lose Austin, shell lose everyone close to her. Lexie just hopes Sami is at the wedding. Lexie then leaves. Later Theo is watching cartoons as Celeste reads the cards. She says she sees a major realignment of fate, and she fears Lexie and Abe arent the only souls in Salem to be affected by this.

At the cabin, Bo wakes up on the couch. He goes outside to check for cellphone service and sees Hope spent the night in the chair outside. He wakes her up and asks why she is here, why did she sleep outside? She says she doesnt know, she couldnt leave him. She says part of her wants to believe what he said. He says hes sorry, and shes the last person hed want to hurt. Hope says she cant think about this right now, she has to get back for the wedding. Bo says hell get her home, but he wants to talk about this later.

Frankie arrives at Jens house. Max catches him outside and he has to get out of here. Frankie says he needs his tux. Max says he can get that, and this is bad luck for him to be here. Frankie says he doesnt believe that old wives tale, nothing will ruin this day for him. Frankie says with things working out for him, maybe Max should find someone. Max says maybe hes already found her. He knows Frankie doesnt like Chelsea much. Frankie says he thinks she could just use some guidance, and with a guy like him by her side she has potential. Max says he just doesnt know if Chelsea is that into him. He says he thinks he finally found someone who isnt in to him. Frankie realizes Max is in love with her. Max says its why he puts up with her. Shawn Sr. shows up, he has been wondering where they have been as hes been waiting in the car for awhile.

Inside Jens, Chelsea and Abby show up, Kayla has made breakfast. Jen wishes Abby could be happy about today. She says shes going to go get dressed, and she leaves. Jen excuses herself to talk to her daughter. Kayla says hello to Chelsea and suggests they get to know one another at the reception. Chelsea asks if she sure she wants to do that, everyone in this family hates her. Kayla says Bo doesnt hate her, and Max doesnt hate her. Chelsea says Max is a good guy. Kayla says if Max likes her then she must be a special person. Kayla excuses herself to help Jen. A man walks in with booze for the wedding. Chelsea smells it and says party time. She takes some booze and puts it in her purse. Later Chelsea takes a call from Jack (see below for details), but she thinks its a prank.

Meanwhile someone arrives at the front door. Kayla answers and says Its you! It is not Jack, it is his mom Jo. Jo came for the wedding and to see Kayla. Jo admits it will be hard to see Jennifer marrying another man, but Jen and the children need her support. Kayla says Abby really needs her. Jo says Abby and Jack were always so close. Jo tells Kayla how great it is to see her again. Kayla says shes only here for a few days, shes going to Africa to work in a clinic soon. Jo asks how Stephanie is, Kayla says shes great and shes into a lot of things. Jo says she and Vern wanted to visit her, but Verns mom got sick. She also says Vern is sorry he cant be here today. Jen and Abby show up, they hug Jo. Kayla and Jen continue to get ready for the wedding. Abby talks to Jo, she doesnt like that Jen is marrying Frankie. Jo says her dad isnt here anymore, she is almost a woman and her mother is still young. Jo says her mom needs her support. Abby says this marriage is wrong, and shell never accept it. Alice walks in and tells Abby that shes making a mistake, one shell live to regret.

Steve and Jack are on the way back to Salem. Jack is pasty and sweaty. Jack begins to feel bad for Jen, he doesnt want to freak her and others out. He decides to call Jen, so Steve hands him a cellphone. He calls the house and Chelsea answers. He asks who this is? She says Chelsea, who is this. He says its Jack and he needs to speak to Jennifer. Chelsea refuses to believe this is Jack, Jack is dead. He says it is him, so get him Jennifer. She says Jen is busy, she can take a message. Jack says tell Jen that hes on his way home with Steve Johnson. She says Kaylas dead husband, the one who looks like Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean? She tells him whoever this is he is really sick. She hangs up on him. Abby walks in, she asks who was on the phone. Chelsea says a crank call. She then takes the phone off the hook in case the psycho calls back. Jack tries to call again, but the phone is busy. Steve says he guesses theyll all just have to be surprised. They come upon the exit to Salem.

Everyone begins arriving at the church. Chelsea sees Bo and Hope arrive together, Hope goes in to see Jen and Bo talks with Chelsea. She asks if he and Hope are back together? He says not yet, but they are making progress. He thinks things are looking up.

Hope arrives at the brides room, she says shes late because Bo kidnapped her. They are stunned, but Kayla thinks it sounds like her brother. Hope says they talked and she doesnt want to say anymore. Hope says this is Jen's wedding, its all about her. Maggie and Alice show up, Alice tells Jen she looks stunning. Maggie thinks Jack is smiling down from heaven. Jen hopes so, this wedding was his idea. She is hoping he will give her away. Everyone but Hope leaves to take their seats. Hope tells Jen she looks beautiful. Jen tells Hope that she loves her so much. Hope says she loves her too, and remember this is her day. 

Outside the church, Jack and Steve arrive at the church. Jack decided they'd stop here, it is where he and Kayla were remarried. He says its a long story, does it look familiar? Steve says no. Jack says it looks like something is going on inside, they should check it out. Steve thinks Jack is getting cold feet about seeing his wife. Jack says maybe, but they are both coming back from the dead. Steve says the difference is he doesn't remember these people. Jack says but they remember him. Steve thinks they dont need to be here. Jack says he just wants to light a candle and say a prayer or something. Steve says one prayer cant hurt. 

Back inside, everyone is taking their seats as the wedding starts. Lexie shows up, shes looking for Sami to make her pay. She says this is the day Sami will kiss Austin goodbye. Meanwhile, Jo tells Abby that shes glad she is here, its good shes supporting her mom. Abby says she doesnt care what anyone says, her mom shouldnt be marrying this soon. Shawn and Caroline are both beaming, Shawn says this is a long time coming. Hope and Jen get ready to walk, Bo is waiting there. Bo says hes looking forward to their talk later. Bo tells Jen she looks beautiful, and he goes to sit. Jen tells Hope that he does love her, but Hope says this is about her today. The wedding march plays as Hope and then Jen walk down the aisle (Hope being the matron of honor). 



June 21, 2006
Sami, Lucas and everyone are still waiting to head to the church. Lucas yells at Will to shake a leg, they will be late. Lucas tells Carrie he has a bad feeling about Sami going, Sami and weddings dont mix. Austin tells Lucas to give her a break. Meanwhile Sami ties Wills tie, hes a tad upset. He asks his mom if she is sure she really wants to go? Whenever she goes to wedding bad things happen, she has bad karma. Sami says she doesnt have bad karma, Jen and Frankie will marry just like she and Austin will, they will all be happy. Will says get real, her future with Austin is doomed. Sami thinks about marrying Austin and Lexie ruining her wedding by exposing everything Sami did. Austin, Carrie and Lucas all turn on Sami, even Will turns on her. 

At the wedding, Abe and Lexie sit on opposite sides of the church and glance at once another. Tek comes in and sits behind Lexie. LExie keeps thinking about Abe finding them in bed together. Max and Franie stand at the alter, Frankie knows he will be able to make Jen really happy. Caroline and Shawn are so happy, Caroline is crying. Kayla tells Bo that Jen may have lost Jack, but she has a second chance at happiness with Frankie. Chelsea and Abby are complaining about the heat. Abby is complaining about the wedding. Jo tells Abby that Jack was her son and he is gone. She says shes accepted this wedding, and Abby needs to as well. She says Jen deserves to be happy.

The wedding finally begins. Hope walks down the aisle first. Shes reminded of her wedding to Bo. She looks over at Bo and Kayla. Kayla thinks about her wedding to Steve. The wedding march then plays and Jen walks down the aisle. Father Jansen starts the wedding ceremony, Kayla has many a flashbacks of her life with Steve. She becomes upset and excuses herself. 

The wedding continues, and everyone is switching their seats and talking during it. Chelsea is worried about the way Bo and Hope are looking at one another, she fears that they will get back together. Alice talks about how much Jen and Frankie love one another. Lexie talks with Tek, she tells Tek that since she lost Abe shes going to make sure Sami loses Austin and everyone else she cares about. She also says given what Samis done, she could even face jail time. Roman has shown up, Abe informs him that he and Lexie are splitting up. Roman asks what is wrong. Abe says Lexie has a problem with fidelity, nothing will fix their marriage. Roman wonders what is going on here, all these marriages are splitting up. Elsewhere, Abby is hoping her dad will show up, anything is possible with him. Jo tells Abby that won't happen and it will be fine, her mother will never forget her father. Alice says Jack will always be in their hearts just like Tom. Jen and Frankie get to the vows. Frankie tells Jen how she was his first love and only love, he found his soulmate as a teenager. He says his love has only grown stronger, and he wishes they could have been reunited under happier circumstances. He says he knows that getting here has been difficult for her, but he thanks God for giving them a second chance. He promises to be the best husband to her and father to her children. Jen then thanks Jack for his blessing, she feels his presence here today. She says he gave her the strength and courage to move on. She also thanks her grandpa Tom for teaching her what love really is. She thanks Alice, and she mentions her mom and dad not being able to be here today. She also thanks Frankie, and says shes so honored to be a Brady. She says she will love Frankie and stand by him all the Days of Their Lives. Jen turns to Hope and tells her not to give up, her vows are forever just like hers and Frankies. They then move onto the rings part of the ceremony. 

Sami and the others FINALLY show up. Tek grabs Sami and warns her that shes finished its over. Meanwhile, Lexie begs Abe to find it in her heart to forgive her. She swears it is over with Tek, give her one more chance. She says he wont regret it. He ignores her but eventually tells her it's over. As the wedding continues, everyone talks on and on. Bo tells Roman about kidnapping Hope, he thinks Hope is going to come back to him. Meanwhile Lucas asks Carrie if shes ready as they are next. Austin wonders where Sami is. Sami is back out in the entrance area with Tek. Sami thinks Lexie wont say anything, she wants to keep her affair a secret. Tek says Abe knows, so Lexies taking her down right here. Tek tells her about the note. Sami says she didnt send any note or tell Abe, and they had a deal. Tek says it doesnt matter, its over. Back inside, Austin still doesnt know where Sami is, and Lucas thinks shes causing major trouble. Sami eventually shows up, and Austin wonders what is wrong. He sees she's upset.

Outside the church, Jack and Steve arrive. Steve wonders why they are here. Jack says this is where he and Kayla were remarried, its a long story. Steve doesnt recognize it. He thinks this is a stall tactic, Jack has cold feet. Jack says maybe, but he does want to say a prayer and light a candle. Steve says a little prayer cant hurt. Jack asks Steve to go over to the church garden, that is where he married Kayla. Jack says its where his funeral was too, but then again hes not dead so he wouldnt remember that. Jack wonders what happened to him. Steve wants to know, and he needs to know. Steve then sees a wedding is going on, they cant interrupt it. Jack sees flowers on the door, signifying a wedding. He says these flowers are Jens favorites. Jack thinks about his wedding to Jen. He tells Steve to walk around the church area, but Steve doesnt like the idea of leaving him here alone. Jack sits down and says he just needs to catch his breath. Steve says okay if hes sure. 

Kayla walks outside the church and is shocked by something she sees. Its Roman (before he went in). He asks how she is doing. Kayla cries about how no matter how hard she tries, she cant forget Steve. She runs off in tears. She goes to Steves grave and puts flowers on it. She tells him that she loves him so much. Steve walks by her, not noticing her. She doesnt notice him. She wonders why God takes away the ones they love. Kayla has a fantasy that Steve comes back to her, and then she hears Steves voice yelling for real Im still here! Hes found his grave and is shocked. She thinks shes just hearing things, he cant be here. She has another fantasy, Steve appears and says hell always be here with her in her heart. Shes in a wedding gown, hes in a tux. He says the marriage vows to her. She says her vows to him as well. Kayla begins to cry. Steve walks up and asks her if she is okay. She has her back to him, she says that voice. She turns around, sees Steve and faints. He quickly catches her. Steve recognizes her as Kayla.

Meanwhile, Jack hears music playing, he knows it is one of Jennifers favorite songs. He makes his way to the church door. Later we see Jack has passed out in the bushes. Back inside the church, Frankie and Jen are pronounced husband and wife. Bo and Hope imagine it is them being remarried. They smile at one another. Back outside, Jack is still out cold in the bushes. Hes thinking about his wedding to Jennifer. He stirs awake and realizes he has to get into the church. Jack walks into the church and right into the chapel as Frankie and Jen are pronounced husband and wife and kiss. Jen looks at the back of the church and screams Jack! Jack walks in, and everyone is stunned.


June 22, 2006
At the lofts, Belle, Phillip, Shawn, and Mimi are getting ready to go to the wedding. Belle knows they are late and its her fault. She is with Shawn and says Claire is fussy, she thinks she may be cutting a tooth. She cant calm her down. Shawn gives it a try, and hes able to quiet her down. Belle says he has the magic touch with her. Shawn says she has the magic touch with him, when he holds her she has a calming effect on him. Belle cant believe he calmed her so fast. Shawn hopes she stays calm for the babysitter. Belle tells Shawn that shes sorry about the baby and hope things work out for him and Mimi. She also gives Shawn some advice, she wishes she and Phillip solidified their marriage more before having a family. She says Claire is the biggest blessing in her life, but he has no idea how stressful it can be and there is no going back. Shawn claims he and Mimi have experience with their little brothers, they have some idea of what it is like. He also says Mimi really wants to be a mom, shes been beating herself up lately because of the abortion and stuff. Shawn says they just want to bring a life into this world, and they are committed to this and each other. Shawn says they are like her and Phil, and like how his parents used to be. Belle says when two people love each other then nothing can keep them apart in the end. Shawn assumes she's talking about them. She says no, she reminds him that her parents got back together, so his parents could get back together too. Shawn changes the topic, he knows Belle and Phillip had trouble with their marriage in the past months but they are okay now right? She says yes. He says well they want to bring a new baby into the world and they know its the right time. He say he and Mimi feel the same way.

At her and Shawn's place, Mimi cries to Phillip, she says Shawn is going to leave her over her inability to have kids and once Shawn is single, Belle will leave Phillip and it will be her fault. Phillip says he wont let that happen. Mimi doesnt mean to make Phillip feel bad, she knows Shawn loves her but he also loves kids. Phillip says what about adoption? He says Shawn used to talk about it. Mimi says yes, but he jumped at the idea of a surrogate even if the child isnt really hers. She says its obvious this means a lot to him, having his own child. She says if Shawn is single then Belle could leave Phillip. Phillip says Belle chose him, Claire is their baby, she isn't leaving him. Mimi knows that isnt true, of course she tells Phillip nothing. Mimi tells Phillip if Shawn did leave her, and if he and Belle had problems, is he sure Belle wont leave him? He says it wont happen and hell make sure of it. Phillip then makes a call to Dr. Janes. Mimi asks what is going on? Phillip says this doctor is a fertility specialist, he has a new procedure for harvesting eggs. Phillip says he gets money from the Kiriakis foundation, so Mimi now has an appointment with him. Mimi doesnt know how to thank him. Phillip says he has money and likes to use it on the ones he loves. Mimi thanks him and says Belle is so lucky. He thinks hes the lucky one, he has Belle and Claire. Mimi asks if Dr. Janes can help him and Belle as well? Phillip thinks he can, he has some sperm injecting procedure he may be able to use. Claire may have a brother or sister after all. Mimi says they have a problem . . . theyll still need a surrogate. Phillip says thats taken care of too. Phillip says after Holly he got the Kiriakis foundation involved to create a reliable surrogate program, and he shows Mimi the ideal candidate for her surrogate. Mimi looks at her photo on his PDA. Phillip says they ran a background check, she's clean and shes waiting to meet her and Shawn. Mimi says she doesnt know what to say, she doesnt deserve this. Phillip says she does, both she and Shawn do. He says she has helped him and Belle, so why shouldnt he help her. He thinks Mimi and Shawn should be as happy as they are.

Phillip and Mimi show up at Belle's loft where she and Shawn are all set. Phillip says they arent going to the reception, they are going to the hospital to have babies. Mimi tells Shawn that he wont believe what Phillip has done for them.

In the churchyard, Kayla recovers from fainting after seeing Steve and says it cant be Steve, he is dead. Steve says hes not dead. Kayla looks at him and says he died in her arms, she picked out his casket, hes buried over there. Steve says he didnt mean to freak her out. He says you are Kayla right. She asks if she looks that different? He says the same as in the photo. Kayla asks if he doesnt know her? He says hes afraid he doesnt. Kayla asks how he cant know her? He says he has no memory of being Steve, being married to her or having a daughter. Kayla says she was named after him, she was the light of his life, shes all grown and he missed her whole life. Kayla says he died in her arms, she buried him. Steve says he cant be that guy, and all he knows is that hes been Nick Stockton for years and has worked in a hospice a few hours from here. He says a few days ago a patient recognized him, and he got him to take a DNA test. He says according to the test they are brothers. Steve asks Kayla if she knows Jack, they came to Salem. Kayla says Jack is alive?

In the church, Jack walks into the church stunning everyone. Jen says it cant be, Frankie says he doesnt believe it. Abby runs into her fathers arms. Abby says she knew he was alive, she told everyone. Jen asks what is going on here? Jack is sweaty and pale. He walks up to Jen with Abbys help. He realizes this is their wedding. He says he came to say a prayer, he had no idea. Jen ends up fainting and Frankie catches her. Jen recovers, and Jack asks if she is all right. She asks what is he doing standing here? She says hes dead, his car went off that bridge. She says there was no way anyone could have survived the river, they found no body. He says hes not just anyone. He says he remembers the car in the water, he remembers being pulled by a fisherman. Jen says the police contacted everyone, nobody found  him. He says obviously they didnt talk to everyone. Jen asks why he walked away from them? He says he came back to check on her, he was there at Christmas. Jen cant believe he let her think  he was dead. Carrie suggests they go and let them have privacy, so Austin, Sami, Carrie and Lucas leave. Everyone else however stays! Lexie follows to make Sami pay, and Abe follows as well. Meanwhile, Abby keeps saying I told you so. I told you not to marry Frankie Jack tells Abby that her mom doesnt belong with him anymore. 

Outside the church, the sibling gang all waits for a car to pick them up. Sami wants to get out of here right away, and they realize something is wrong. They ask what is wrong? Sami says its not her place to tell them, but they will find out anyways. She says Lexie and Abes marriage is over, Abe found Lexie and Tek in bed together. Lucas asks since when she cares about Lexie. Sami says she cares about Abe and Theo, and she also knows Lexie is Stefanos daughter so who knows what shell do now, what lies and terror she'll spread. Austin thinks he knows what is going on here. He thinks shes blaming herself given Lucas keep saying she and weddings dont mix, and she does have bad memories of weddings. Lucas tries to chime in, but Austin tells him to shut up. He also thinks shes identifying with Theo, she was his age when Stefano took her parents from her. Sami says hes so right, she feels for the little boy. Carrie and Austin talk later, Carrie tells Austin that he and Sami are good together. She also admits she and Lucas are rushing things more than shed like, and she doesnt want him to rush things with Sami. Austin says hes not rushing things, he loves Sami and is marrying her. Carrie says but shes not the love of his life. Austin says she knows that, but she chose Lucas, this is what she wanted. He says he loves Sami, just in a different way.  Meanwhile, Lucas questions Sami about why she is really upset. Sami says because of what Austin said, and she says shell marry Austin and no one can stop it. Lucas can see it that she is afraid shell lose everything. Sami says nobody asked him. Sami tells herself if she doesnt keep Lexies mouth shut then all their lives will be destroyed. 

Meanwhile, Tek followed Lexie, she says he shouldnt have followed her. He wanted to check on her and see if she's okay. She is not okay and she wont be until she makes Sami pay. He thinks now is a good time, but she says no as Jack doesnt look well. Abe finds them together and says they cant even stay away from one another in the house of God. Tek warns Abe, but Abe warns Tek. He says he cant fire Tek, but if he messes up on one thing then he will have his badge. He also says he is not to touch Lexie again otherwise hes a dead man. Abe tells Tek to get out of here and stay away from them both. Tek then leaves. Abe then tells Lexie that her boyfriend has abs of steal but abs of jello. Lexie says Sami will pay for this. Abe says Sami didnt sleep with Tek, she did, blame herself. He says shell hear from his lawyer.

Bo talks with Hope, he wants to go talk, but she says not now. She says Jen and Frankie will need them. Meanwhile Chelsea wishes theyd shut up and get divorced already. Max walks up, he doesnt hear her. Max says Frankie has been looking forward to this for years, he can't believe this is happening. Chelsea says Abby is still lucky to have her parents alive, most people dont get them back from the dead. Max takes the opportunity to ask Chelsea if she has an answer about them being boyfriend and girlfriend. He wont give her too long to think about this, he wants a woman who wants one man. Meanwhile, Bo continues to push Hope to talk.

Meanwhile, Jack says he stayed away so Jen and Frankie could be together, so they could be a family. He says he is still dying, he only has a few days. He says he came back to see the people he loved. His family says they have to have faith, God wouldnt do this to them again. Jack says this is why he didnt want to come back. Abby says theyll find a doctor, but Jack says there is nothing that can be done. He says his days are numbered, and he wanted them to be happy. He says they were and hes ruined it all. He says if he stays all they can do is watch him die. He says hes glad Jen married Frankie, they have each other now. He says his plan actually worked, unless he interrupted them too early. Jen says they did marry, but Frankie says their marriage is not legal. He takes his ring off. Jack says he always did have lousy timing. Jen doesnt care about his timing, she doesnt want him to die alone and with strangers. She thinks he wouldnt have come back here if he didnt want to. Jack says it wasnt his choice, he came here with someone. He says he should have told them all, he found Steve, hes alive. Jack says hes right outside. 

Back outside, Kayla asks how Jack can be alive. Steve says hes still terminal and he didn't want to come home and make his family suffer through his death. Steve says Jack changed his mind because of him. He says Jack wanted him to come home and reconnect with the family, but he wouldn't come back without Jack. He says he did this for Jack, he only came home with Jack. Kayla thinks Steve didnt want to come back. Steve says he saw her photo, but he doesnt know her or any of them. Kayla says she does not believe this. He asks if the Bradys are her family? She says yes, but they love him too and she loves him. She says when he died a part of her died too, and she has never moved on. He says its been so long. She knows, and its crazy but she kept dreaming hed come back to her. She says now he has, and Jack is alive and Jen married Frankie. Steve says well Jack isnt doing so well, and he convinced him to come home to say goodbye. Kayla says its not fair for Jen to lose him again. Kayla grabs Steve and says she wont let him get away again. Steve pushes her away and says hes sorry, this wont work. Kayla cries you dont want me? He says he doesnt know her. She shows him photos from her purse, photos of their family and past together. Steve says hes sorry, hes trying to understand. He says a few days ago he was happy with who he thought he was and now he doesnt know who he is. He says he doesnt want to hurt her, the kid or anyone else. He knows shes been through hell, but what if he never remembers anything. Kayla says they will all help him remember, hell get his old life back. He says what if its a life he doesnt want. Kayla says he wont know if he cant remember it. He says he doesnt know if it is the life he wants if he doesnt remember. Kayla says theyll make him remember. Steve says Jack tried everything. Kayla says not this, and she pulls Steve into a kiss!


June 23, 2006
Phillip, Belle, Shawn and Mimi arrive at the fertility clinic. Belle feels bad they are missing the wedding, but Shawn thinks they will understand. Phillip asks who is ready to harvest some eggs. Mimi says it sounds so weird. They make some jokes about how this is the miracle modern medicine, and it would really be a miracle if the boys could have the kids for them. Phillip says he would do anything for another baby, and he says he really hopes it works for Shawn and Mimi this time. Mimi says her too, the last thing she wants is Shawn to have another baby with another woman again. Shawn asks what shes talking about? She says what she meant to say is that hell have to try to make a baby with another surrogate if they cant get an egg from her. The doctor soon shows up, he then borrows the women for a little while. Shawn tells Mimi no matter how it turns out, it will be okay. Phillip tells Belle hell be right here, good luck. The boys talk, and Shawn admits it would be weird if out of the four of them only he and Belle could make babies. Shawn says he's sorry, he didn't mean it like it sounded. Phillip says he had a baby with her before and will have another. Phillip asks Shawn if this doesnt work out for him will he adopt, will he be okay with it? Shawn says yes hell be fine with it. Phillip is glad to hear that.

Meanwhile, Belle and Mimi have been harvested, they are waiting for the results. They sit on the hospital beds in their gowns. Mimi thinks it will be bad news for her. Belle says dont think that way. Mimi calls her little miss sunshine, her life has always been so perfect. Belle reminds her she almost lost her husband, daughter and had post-partum depression. Mimi thinks the bad times could be behind both of them, they will have these babies and this time things will go much easier for Belle this time around. The doctor returns later, he has news. Mimi asks if he got eggs from both or just Belle? He says there was a complication. The men come in as the doctor gives them the news. They did get a number of eggs from Belle, and they did get one egg from Mimi. Shawn says its a start, and Mimi says one is better than none. The doctor says they still have to do more tests to make sure the egg is viable. Mimi wishes she could be lucky like Belle. 

Outside the church, Lexie confronts Sami. Sami swears she didnt leave the note, but Lexie doesnt believe her. Lexie says now that her secret is out, it is Samis turn to suffer. Lexie tells Sami to get ready to lose everything, payback is a bitch. Sami says this is it for her, it is her last chance with Austin. Sami tells Lexie she didnt reveal her affair, she stands to lose everything if Abe were to find out the truth so why would she do this. Lexie says it doesnt matter who told him, now shes free to tell Carrie the truth. Lexie says because of the lies Carrie is marrying a man she doesnt really love. Sami says that is not her fault. Lexie says and Austin will learn the truth about her as well. Sami says no he wont, she will make sure Lexie doesnt tell them anything. Lexie starts talking about how all her family members were turn on her, including her little boy Will. Lexie says nobody will forgive her for playing God with her own sisters life. Lexie tells her she has destroyed lives with her schemes, and now it is her turn. Lexie says shes had this coming for a long time, and shes telling Austin what she did and nobody will ever forgive her. Lexie then goes to walk into the church, but is stopped when she has to go check on Jack.

In the church, Austin and Lucas talk, Lucas says Carrie is having some morning sickness, she's in the bathroom. They discuss what is going on with Jen and Frankies wedding. Lucas says hes happy for Jack and Jen, but would he want this going on at his wedding? Austin says theyve had some strange weddings between the two of them. Lucas agrees especially their weddings to Sami. He wonders why Austin changed his mind about Sami? Austin says people do change, Lucas is proof of that. Austin says nobody had much faith hed make anything of himself, but he did. He says so give Sami a break. He says he wants a wife and kids, hell have it with Sami. Lucas tells Austin he feels sorry for him and hopes this doesnt blow up at the altar like last time. Lucas tells Austin to watch his back, with Sami there is always a twist, always something shes not telling him. He brings up the whole Will fiasco and how they should have said goodbye to her after that. Austin says they didnt though, so she is worth it. Lucas wants him and Sami to be happy, but as a couple its not going to happen. He points out the way she looks at EJ. Austin says she isnt the cheating type. Lucas tells Austin to be honest, if Carrie didnt choose him, would he consider making Sami his wife? Austin says if Carrie had chosen him, he would have proposed and shed be pregnant with his baby. A spying Sami heres this. Lucas says hes happy Carrie chose him, and hes sorry Austin is caught in Samis web. Lucas doesnt think Sami will ever make him happy. Sami begins to cry and leaves the church. 

In the chapel, Jen tells Jack at least they have a few days left to say goodbye. She says she doesnt want him to die alone, and she thinks he wouldnt have returned home if he didnt change his mind about that. Jack says it wasnt his choice. He then says he brought someone back with him. He says he should have said this before, he came here with Steve. Jo says what? Jennifer says Steve is dead. Jack says hes not, hes outside. Jo thinks both her sons have come back to her and hugs Jack. Everyone begins to wonder where Kayla is.

Chelsea says this is all her fault. Max asks what shes talking about? Abby runs over and hugs Chelsea, shes so happy. Chelsea says she has something to tell her, dont freak. Abby tells her about the call this morning and she thought it was all a joke. She says shes sorry she didnt say anything, she thought it was someone playing a sick joke. Abby asks Chelsea how she couldnt tell her?

Meanwhile, Jack explains to everyone how he met Steve, how he has amnesia, he knows nothing. Jack says hes right outside. They realize Kayla went outside and didnt come back, what if she saw Steve.

Back outside in the churchyard, Kayla tries to jog Steves memory with a kiss. Steve pulls away, Kayla asks what he thinks. Steve says he thinks she kissed him, and it was good, but he still doesnt remember her. He says he wishes he could say he did. He doesnt know how any man could forget a woman like her, and if he is her husband then he hurt her a lot. Kayla says it couldnt be his fault. Steve says they dont know that, and he has no idea what happened. He says he cant give her false hope that things will be like they were. Kayla tells him that he doesnt know if it is the life he wants if he cant remember it. Steve says hes a different person, hes Nick Stockton, hes a hospice orderly and has for years. He says he barely gets by, he barely stays out of trouble, hes not a marrying man and family man. Steve says he only came back to help Jack. He says he didnt expect to see her, she was supposed to be in LA. Steve says if he doesnt remember anything then how can they make something out of this. He says hes not the man she loved. Kayla says he is, the kiss told everything. Soon Jo runs out and hugs Steve. Steve says so this must be Jo. Jo realizes he doesnt know her. Others from the church follow. Steve still doesnt remember any of them. Steve says this is weird, its like they broke up the wedding. He tells Jen that hes sorry about this. Jen says its okay. Steve only knows Jen and Abby from the locket. Kayla begins introducing Steve to people. Bo introduces himself to Steve, saying how they met as kids and had some difficult times together. Bo says they ended up being best friends, and theyve all missed him. Hope talks to Steve, she says shes Bos. . . . Bos wife Hope. Hope tells Steve they all love and care about him, and he will feel that love. Steve says they dont know what this feels like. Hope says she does, and she did find her way back to the man she loved. 

Kayla and Jen talk, Kayla vents her frustration over this. She is worried about what Steve has done all these years, who hes been with. Jen says so ask him. Kayla is afraid of the answer she may get. Kayla says maybe he loves someone else. Jen doesnt believe that, Steve is the love of her life just like Jack is hers. She says now shes hurt Frankie and been unfaithful. Kayla says it was Jacks idea, don't blame herself.

Jo sits with Steve. She tells Steve how she gave him up for adoption when he was little, she did it to give him a better life. She says he was all grown when she found him, and he didnt know her then just like he doesnt know her now. Jo says God has brought him back twice and she wont lose him again. 

Jack tells Frankie if he had known today was his wedding then he would have stayed away. Frankie tells Jack to stop, this is his home and he belongs here. Jack thanks Frankie for being such a good friend. Frankie says even after marrying his wife? Jack thanks him for taking care of his family, and he hopes this doesnt change his mind. Frankie doesnt know how to respond to that. Suddenly Jack begins to have pains, he doesnt want them to see this. Frankie runs and gets Lexie to look at Jack. Lexie wants to take Jack to the hospital, but Jack refuses. He never wants to go to a hospital again, he wants to go home. Jen tells him if that is what he wants. Abby says she wants more than that, she wants him to get better. She still believes in miracles. Jack says this right here is their miracle, he hugs Abby and Jen. Lexie suggests they get him home. Steve wants to come, and Kayla says shell go. Steve says no, they can handle it. Jen gives Frankie a little kiss before heading off. Frankie stays behind and talks with Kayla. Kayla says its like nobody gets a happy ending. 

Bo and Hope walk off to another part of the churchyard. Bo gives her a rose. He reminds her how these were in her wedding bouquet. She thanks him. Bo says what she said to Steve was touching, does she believe they were destined to find their way back to one another? Hope says she believed it then, but she doesnt know about now. Bo says he does, and their love has given them Shawn, Zack and everything good. We see flashbacks of their first wedding. Bo begs Hope for another chance, if she does hell spend the rest of his life giving her all of his love. Hope smells the rose and talks about how delicate flowers are, but they survive all kinds of storms. Suddenly Hope faints into Bos arms.

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