June 26 2006
Bo brings Hope into the hospital, he says his wife passed out at the church and has been in and out of consciousness the whole time. A nurse tends to Hope, shes not responding to the nurse asking her to squeeze her hand. However she is breathing okay and has a strong pulse. The nurse gets a doctor. Hope wakes up. She asks where she is? He says she passed out and he brought her to the ER. He says she gave him a scare, he couldnt wake her up. Patrick walks up and asks how she is? Bo asks Lockhart what hes doing here? Lexie soon shows up to check on Hope, she asks the boys to excuse them. Lexie draws some blood and Hope is still a bit dizzy. Lexie doesnt know what it is, but it could be a virus. She tells Hope she has no fever, but her blood pressure is high. Hope says thats understandable. She talks to Lexie about her and Bos marriage falling apart. Lexie begins to cry as Hope talks about her marriage trouble. Hope asks what is wrong, tell her. Lexie tells Hope that her marriage to Abe is over. She admits shes been having an affair with Tek, it began long ago when she thought Abe was dead. She says Abe found out and wants a divorce. Hope asks if she loves Tek? Lexie says no, she loves Abe. Hope feels Lexies pain, this is why she hurts. Lexie says she has a chance to forgive Bo, something Abe cant do for her. Hope says Bos betrayal runs deeper than sex, he tampered with evidence and let their sons killer go. She says however she cant just turn her feelings off, she cant stop loving a man shes loved for over twenty years. Lexie tells Hope if she still loves him then find a way to forgive him, she wishes Abe could do that. Hope says she will pray that Abe does forgive her. However she doesnt know about forgiving Bo, she admits she wants him back and believes he is sincere with his words, but then she thinks about Zack. Lexie says Zack wouldnt want them to break up. Lexie says this is more than about Zack, she knows something is going on with her and Patrick. Hope says Patrick is warm, loving and supportive. Lexie asks Hope if she loves Patrick? Hope says shes not leaving Bo for another man, shes leaving him because he betrayed her. She says Patrick treats her the way she deserves to be, and she trusts him. She says she doesnt know if she can trust Bo.

In the waiting room, Bo asks why Lockhart is here. Patrick says hes Hopes friend. Bo says and hes her husband. Bo says if Lockhart is her friend then get lost. Patrick wont go anywhere until he knows Hope is okay. Bo says his feelings for Hope arent reciprocated. He also tells Patrick they are on their way to working things out. Patrick says this is news to him, Hope hasn't spoken of any reconciliation to him. Bo says he and Hope have loved one another for more than twenty years. He tells Patrick theyve been through it all, so he should go get a life. Patrick understands, but hes still not leaving. He says he only got close to Hope after their marriage ended. However if Bo is working things out with Hope, then hell walk away. Patrick says he loves Hope, he loves her enough to want the best for her. He says that is why hell walk away if she wants to be with Bo. Bo gets a call and has to take it. Lexie comes out and tells Patrick he can go see Hope if he wants.

Patrick walks in to see Hope. Hope looks at him and smiles. He asks how shes doing. She says like she could sleep for a week. Bo shows up, he overhears Hope talking with Patrick . Hope tells Patrick that shes glad hes here, they need to talk about their future. He says that does sound serious.

Austin, Sami, Carrie and Lucas return home. Austin suggests they order a pizza since the reception has been cancelled. Carrie is feeling better and says she'd be okay with that. Lucas cant believe this happened, how is Jen supposed to deal with all of this. Meanwhile Austin asks Sami if shes okay? Lucas says this isnt about Sami, but Austin says Jack is a good friend of hers. Lucas says two people came back from the dead, its been a good day. Austin says not really, Abe and Lexie are getting divorced, Jack is still dying, Steve doesnt know who he is and Jennifer is a bigamist. Carrie wonders how Sami found out about the divorce? Sami claims she found out from Lexie after the wedding. Carrie says that it must have been tough for her and Abe to go to a wedding when their marriage is breaking up. Carrie was also hoping to see a fairytale wedding today. Sami thinks all weddings in Salem are jinxed, they should all just go elope. Carrie says shes not eloping, and Lucas says Salem weddings only go wrong when Sami is involved. Austin realizes Sami is serious, he reminds her what happened last time they went to Vegas to elope. Sami says then they can go to Atlantic City. Lucas thought that she wanted a big wedding. She says theyve all been to the altar one too many times to get silly over a big wedding. Lucas says Sami only wants to elope when shes worried something will go wrong. Sami says she just wants to marry Austin right away. She begs him to say yes. Austin says he doesnt think he wants to elope, he doesnt want the Britney Spears special, he wants their wedding in a church with friends and family. Sami says she does too but Lucas has a point, every wedding shes a part of is a disaster. She says look at today, it just goes to show that things can go wrong when shes around. Carrie says Jack and Steve being alive is not things going wrong. Sami says it is if you are Frankie. Austin tells Sami that he understands she is scared, and he knows the stress of a big wedding, but they arent eloping. He thinks they should hire a wedding planner to alleviate the stress of the wedding. Sami says they are costly and they should invest the money into ARC right now. Austin says that is nice she is thinking of the company, but he wants her to have the wedding she always wanted. Sami says wedding planners are booked a year in advance usually and she just wants to marry him as soon as possible. Lucas asks why shes in such a rush to marry Austin? Austin says because hes a hell of a catch. Lucas however is convinced something is going on here with Sami. Carrie says this isnt their business, but Lucas thinks it is. Carrie thinks they should go, but Lucas says what about the pizza? She says shes not hungry anymore. Lucas suddenly figures out just why Samis in a rush to marry Austin.

Jack is brought home by his family. Jo thinks they should take him to the hospital, but he says no, he just wants to be home with his family. Steve helps Jack upstairs to bed. The house has been decorated for the reception, Jack insists they leave them up as its festive.

Jo and Kayla talk about Steve and how he has no memory. Kayla realizes he is overwhelmed and may feel shes pushing him into something hes not ready for. They they talk about Jack and Jen and what Jen must be feeling now. Jo says Jen has been through so much, she doesnt know how shell move on again after this. Kayla looks at Frankie and wouldnt want to be him now. Jo realizes she needs to call Vern and let him know about this.

Steve and Jen take Jack upstairs, Jack wants to see JJ. Jen says hes with the neighbor, but she doesnt want to phone her up as the neighbor will tell everyone Jack is alive. She says shell go get JJ. She also realizes she has nothing for him to wear. Jack says Abby probably has something of his. Steve would give him a pair of his jamies, but he doesnt wear any. Steve takes Jack into his bedroom as Jen goes off to get Jack some tea, they are stunned. Jack looks around and says they must have been planning on spending their wedding night here. When Jen returns she sees there are rose petals all over and flowers. Jen didnt know about this, it was a surprise from Hope. Jen understands if he wants to stay in the guest room, but they decide to leave Jack where he is. Steve says its time for Jacks medicine, and he asks Abby, who is now there, to show him where the kitchen is so he can get some soda for Jack. They leave, and Jen and  Jack talk. They remember buying this bed together and Jack pulling his back getting it here and up the steps. Jen talks about how after he left she would cry herself to sleep. She begged God to bring him back to her, and now he is here. Jack says and now hes here. Jen asks if he faked his death on purpose. Jack says no, but the accident worked out to his benefit. He thinks it was a mistake he came back. Jen says she is glad he is here, but she is angry at him and shes angry at herself. She says she just married the most wonderful man, which was part of his plan, but now Jacks back and sick and Frankie is devastated. Jen asks what she is supposed to do now? Jack tells her to let him die. Jack didnt want her and Abbys last memories of him when he was ill and sick. He wanted them to remember the man they loved. She says hes still that same man. Jack says he just didnt want to see her looking at him the way she is right now. Jack says what she had with Frankie was good, he helped her grieve, she still needs him. Jack knows she loves Frankie, its different than their love, but she loves him. Jack says Frankie loves her too. Jack says he doesnt want to leave her or any of them, he is afraid of dying. Jack is afraid of what is out there. Jen knows there is a heaven and they will be together again someday. Jack tells Jen that he loves her. Jen says she loves him and always will. Jack asks her for one last thing, it would make these last days happy for him if she was happy. He says this is her wedding day and shes so beautiful in that dress. He says Frankie is a good man. He tells Jen never to forget him, but love Frankie and let him love her. He says if she can do that then maybe he wont be so scared, and maybe hell find that peace everyone talks about. Jen tells Jack that shes going to let him get some rest. She tucks him in and leaves him. 

Abby and Steve show up downstairs, Steve looks at Kayla and is stunned. Kayla asks Steve what is wrong, is he remembering something? Steve says no, he just noticed how pretty she is. He says if he was married to her then he was a lucky man. She says they are both lucky. Jo leaves them so they can talk in private. Steve tells Kayla that he gave up trying to find out about his past years ago. He couldnt spend his life wondering. He says now that hes here those questions are back and he needs answers. Kayla says she can answer all his questions about his life before. However she has a question for him, what happened the day he supposedly died?

Max talks with Frankie, he asks what will happen with him and Jen now? Frankie says he loves Jen, but Jack is back and dying so now Jen and Abby get a chance to say goodbye. Max asks him to stop being so noble, how does he really feel? Frankie sees Abby show up, he asks about Jen. Abby says shes upstairs in her bedroom with her father. Abby walks off. Max tells Frankie that hes sorry about that, but he needs to figure things out. Frankie says Jack is her husband and they have a lot to talk about. Max says they do too. Frankie says Jen knows hes here when she wants to talk.

Abby goes back to check on her dad. She says shes so glad hes back, and she brought him Peter Rabbit to read to him. She says he used to read it to her when she was sick. Meanwhile, Jen meets up with Frankie outside. Frankie asks how Jack is doing. She says hes resting, but hes weak. She tells Frankie that shes so sorry. Frankie tells Jen dont. He says he loves her, and there is no easy reason to say this. He says hes happy that Jack and Steve are alive, and he knows Jack doesnt have a lot of time. He knows Jack came back to say goodbye. Frankie says with Jack alive, it has to have reopened her emotions shes tried to move on from. He asks what this means for them?


June 27, 2006

Kayla asks Steve what happened the night he died. He says he only has brief flashes. He says the very first memory he has was waking up in a dirty motel room. He says he was dizzy and disoriented. He says he feels like he had a hangover, but worse. He says hed never felt like that before. We see him drink some water and look around the hotel room. He says he didnt know where he was, he didnt know who he was. He says he knew he had been through something rough, he just didnt know what. He says he knew he was lucky to be alive though. He says he looked around and found a wallet with five hundred dollars and a photo id claiming he was Nick Stockton. He says he went to the address on the ID, it was a run down section of Cincinnati. Kayla asks if anyone lived there. He said no the house was abandoned, and then he was ambushed. He says then he woke up in the hospital with the police around him questioning him. He told them he didnt have any memory. He says eventually they left. Steve says he had no idea who he was or what he did. Kayla says she cant imagine how confusing and terrifying it must have been. Steve says the people at the hospital were good to him, and in exchange he got a job at the hospital. He says the people there helped him get an apartment. Steve says hes been there ever since.

Abby brings JJ in to see Jack. Abby gives JJ to Jack. Jack asks him if he remembers him, its his daddy. Jack wishes he had more time with him. Abby refuses to accept hes going to die. Abby talks about researching his disease on the web. Jack says he and her mother looked into everything, there is no cure. She says if it turns out there is no cure then shell accept it, but she doesnt want to waste one moment of their time together. Abby thinks Jack is back because God heard her prayers. Abby eventually takes JJ  back to his crib as hes tired. After she leaves Jack goes to the window and spies on Frankie and Jen outside.

Outside, Frankie has to know what all of this means for them. Jen asks what he wants it to mean for them? Frankie just wants her to be happy. He knows she loves Jack, and if she wants to be with him then he wont stands in her way. Jen begins to cry. She tells Frankie shes so sorry, shes been so insensitive to him. He says its not her fault. Jen says all shes been doing is worrying about Jack. Jen says he has been there for her and her kids. She tells Frankie that when she exchanged vows with him, she meant every word she said to him. Jen says she wants to love and cherish him for the rest of their lives. Jen says she is his wife. Frankie kisses Jen. Jen says they have to talk about one more thing. She says she feels a responsibility towards Jack, for the next few days or week, well it will be hard for them. She says she needs to be there for him. He says he understands. She says what she needs to ask him is will it be hard for him to feel sickened towards Jack through this. Frankie says Jack is amazing and he hates what is happening to him. Frankie says he and their family will need her love and support, and if she needs anything then he is here. At this point Jack begins watching Jen and Frankie hugging one another. 

Later, Jack finds Steve. Abby and Jen are with him, they ask what Jack is doing out of bed? Jack says he wants Steve to take him back to the hospice to die.

At Samis place, Sami claims she only wants to elope to forget the stress of the wedding. Lucas doesnt believe her, something is gone on. Lucas says Samis done something, something shes not proud of. Lucas tells Austin when he learns what she did then hell kick her to the curb. Lucas says the last time she wanted to elope with Austin she was hiding something. Lucas says the same with him and the same with Brandon. Lucas says Sami wants to get married with a real wedding, so if she is willing to give that up then shes done something. Austin asks what shes done, but Lucas says he has no idea. Austin says this isnt fare to any of them, dont make Lucas issues his. Lucas cant believe Austin doesnt believe Sami is hiding something. Austin doesnt, so Lucas says hell prove it. Austin makes a phone call to Lexie and asks her to come over to Samis apartment, he needs to clear up something. It turns out he only got her machine, he left a message. Austin asks what Lexie has to do with this? Cue Samis flashbacks. Sami thinks Lucas is jumping to the wrong conclusion, this has to do with her talking to Lexie after the ceremony. She claims all they were doing was fighting about her cheating on Abe. Austin believes her, and Sami thanks him. Lucas says Austin may buy it but he wont. Sami tells Lucas he always wants to believe the worst in her, he doesnt know her at all. Lucas does know her, and he reminds her that when they were trapped in Dune and she knew then that Lexie had something on her. Lucas wonders what Lexie has on her. Carrie asks if all of this is true? Lucas tells Sami to just fess up, maybe Austin will go easy on her if shes honest. Lucas says if she keeps lying it only makes things worse. Austin tells Lucas he cant stand this anymore, hes believing Sami and if Lucas wont believe her then go. He then opens the door and Lexie walks right in as Lucas and Carrie are leaving. Lexie says she got their message. She sees they are all here. She says shes been waiting a long time for this. Lexie asks Lucas and Carrie to stay, theyll want to hear what she has to say.

At the hospital, Hope talks with Patrick about their future. Patrick says this sounds serious. Bo is outside the cubicle listening in. Suddenly Shawn shows up to check on Hope. Hope says shes okay. Shawn turns to his father and says this is all his fault. Mimi tells Shawn not to do this now, but Shawn insists. Shawn and Bo excuse themselves to argue. Shawn tells his dad to leave mom alone, she doesnt need anymore stress. Meanwhile, Hope sends Mimi, Belle and Phillip to make sure Bo and Shawn arent killing one another. They leave, and Hope asks Patrick what he and Bo were talking about. Patrick says you. Patrick says Bo claimed they were getting back together, is that true? We dont here Hopes answer, Patricks mind begins wandering and flashback to that night they spent together. He asks Hope if it meant as much to her as it did to him. Hope says it meant a lot to her. 

Meanwhile, Shawn and Bo argue out on the terrace as the other kids listen. Shawn and Bo begin arguing about how marriages all have problems. Shawn knows, but he also knows you dont lie to the ones you love. Bo says he hated lying to Hope, Zacks death destroyed her and she needed him for support. Bo admits he made mistakes covering up the truth. Shawn thinks Bo never would have told his mom the truth if Patrick hadnt found that video, and then he went and stole it so Chelsea didnt have to go to jail. Bo says he had nothing to do with the theft of that video. Shawn of course doesn't believe him. Bo says he will win Hope back. Shawn hates what his dad has done to them all. Bo says hes lost his son and he may lose the woman he loves, hes going through hell, try and understand that. Shawn says he knows what it feels like to lose the love of your life, so take his own advice and move on without her. Mimi runs off after hearing this. Belle tries to go after her, but Phillip stops her as shes the last person Mimi will want to see. Phillip is fuming, he thinks Shawn is still in love with his wife. Phillip demands to know if Belle has known all this time hes been in love with her. Belle says he didnt say that, but Phillip says he did. He said he lost the love of his life. Phillip says Shawn is supposed to love Mimi and not her. Belle is committed to him and she is sure Shawn is committed to Mimi. Phillip isnt so sure, and he doesnt think Mimi is so sure either given how she ran off.

Meanwhile, Shawn and Bo continue to argue. Shawn says the only good thing to come of any of this is that mom found out how strong she is. He hopes she finds someone who loves her the way she deserves to be, and perhaps she has with Patrick. Bo says he has made his share of mistakes, but Zack is his son and he has been out of his mind with grief and guilt since his death. He also says Chelsea is his daughter. He says he loves his family, all of them. Shawn says some more than others. Bo says yes, he loves him, his mom and Zack, they are the family hes wanted and loved his whole life. Bo says Chelsea needs love too and he has a lot to make up to her. Shawn says no she is the one that has to make things up to them, not that she could or would even try. Shawn says Bo always told him actions speak louder than words, and his actions are not those of love. Bo says he doesnt understand the position he was in, his daughter killed his son, he had to help both Hope and Chelsea. Shawn thinks so he turned his back on the rest of his family. Shawn says they have no more to say and they should just leave it here. Bo wont accept that, but Shawn says that is too bad. Shawn says he has to go find Mimi and walks off.

Shawn returns and asks Belle and Phillip where Mimi is. Belle points, Phillip says nothing. He walks off, and Belle feels terrible for him. Phillip says after what he just said, Mimi is going to leave him. Phillip asks Belle when Shawn comes crawling back to her, what will she do? Will she go back to him? Meanwhile,  Shawn finds Mimi. She tells Shawn if he wants Belle then he can have her, she wants a divorce!

Bo returns to Hope, who is still talking to Patrick. A doctor walks in with the test results, Lexie was called away so she was asked to come discuss them with her. The doctor tells Hope nothing is wrong with her, everything shes been under is normal signs associated with pregnancy. The doctor soon realizes Hope had no idea. 


June 28, 2006
First 10 minutes the show interrupted due to regional flooding news

At Jack and  Jens, Jack says hes not walking out on his family, hes protecting them. He says they dont need to watch him die, and he doesnt need an audience. Jen tells Jack that hes selfish, he has no right to make that decision for them. She says if he leaves now it will kill them. Jack says he loves her, but it is time for her to be with her new husband. Jen says Frankie has been very understanding through this. Jack knows, but this is a wee bit awkward. Abby tells her dad he came back, its too late to change his mind. Jack says he only came back because of Steve. Kayla thanks him for that, he gave her her life back. Jack says he did it and the job is done, and now Jen and Frankie have to move on with their life. He says Steve and Kayla have the same chance. Jack says they should not be wasting time with him, they should be enjoying life. He asks what kind of man would he be to stick around. Frankie asks what kind of man hed be if he didnt. Jack says if he goes hell still be a dead man. Frankie asks Jack how he can do this to them again. Jack says he didnt choose to feel like this, he didn't choose to die. Frankie says this is the worst thing he can do to Jen, he already walked out on Jen once to protect her. Frankie says hes made Jen feel like he doesnt trust Jen enough to love him. He says he is a coward. Abby says dont talk to her daddy that way. Jack says no hes right. Steve and Kayla leave them to talk. Jack tells Jen he will never forgive himself for leaving her years ago. Jen says then dont do it again. Jen says she knows he wants to die alone, but they want him here. Jen says he is a gift to them so dont leave. Jack wants to stay, but he doesnt want to cause problems for her and Frankie. Abby says Frankie is a replacement, not the man mom loves. Jen tells Abby how dare she! Jack tell Abby to apologize. He says it was his idea for Jen to marry Frankie, and he still want that to happen. He says seeing Jen happy with Frankie will make his dieing that much easier. Abby thinks Jack is leaving so he doesnt have to see mom with Frankie. Frankie says enough. He tells Jen that this is her family and this is where she belongs. Jack asks Frankie if he is sure. He says he is. Abby tells Jack he should go upstairs, and she thanks Frankie for saying that. Abby and Jack leave, and Jen thanks Frankie. Frankie says Jack is with people who love him and he loves, that is what is important.

Outside Kayla tells Steve how awful this is. Steve says if Jack leaves then he will go with him to take care of him. Kayla tells Steve that he is her husband, let her take care of him. Kayla thinks she should have known he was alive. Steve says this isnt her fault. She begs him to stay and try to remember. Steve says hed like to remember, but the past isnt a part of him anymore. Steve says shes had time to move on, she went to medical school and has done great for herself. Steve says they cant go back and shes not his wife anymore. She says legally . . . . Steve says he was declared dead so he doesnt think they are married anymore. Kayla says she cant lose him. Steve says he cant force it if it isnt there. Kayla says shes trying to understand how this feels for him, but shes loved him for a long time and has never stopped and never will. She says this isnt surprising, he took a long time to commit to marrying her, he hasnt changed that much. Steve asks if he would fight for what he had? She says yes, so why wont he stay and try. Steve says the thing he doesnt get is why would someone as beautiful as her want anything to do with someone like him. Kayla says a million reasons. Kayla asks him to let her try and help him. He asks what she has in mind. She says hell have to trust her. Steve says hell try. 

Kate and Will walk into Samis apartment as Lexie is about to blow Sami out of the water. Will wonders what Lexie is threatening his mom with now. Sami says its nothing and she tells Will not to worry. Lucas tells Sami if shes learned nothing about lying to them? Will asks what shes done now. Lucas asks Will to give him a second to talk to Sami alone. Lucas tells Sami to confess, if she does then Austin may forgive her. Sami says like he knows anything about forgiveness. Lucas says he still cares about her, he wants her to be happy. He says she cant keep letting Will down like this. Lucas says whatever shes done, she should tell Will. Lucas reminds her how hard it was when her parents split up, he was there for her and was her friend. Sami remembers, and she remembers they had good times even though he spent all that time pining after Carrie. Lucas tells Sami dont do this, she doesnt have to be perfect, Will just has to know he can trust her. Sami knows, she feels for Will, she was his age when her family was destroyed. Sami says she loves Will, but he doesnt trust her and its too late to change things. Meanwhile Lexie asks Kate what is going on between her and Sami. Lexie says once she reveals her information, Samis life will be over. 

Carrie and Austin discuss what is going on, could Sami have done something? Austin doesnt see Sami blowing this when shes so close to getting what she wants. Carrie cant forget that other day at the hospital when Lexie was going to tell them something but didnt. Austin soon approaches Sami, he begs her to tell them what she did if shes done something wrong. Sami asks Austin to promise her that hell try to understand. Austin says he loves her, but until she tells them what shes done then shes not promising anything. Sami says shell tell them what is going on, and then Sami claims she has something in her eye and runs into the bathroom. Lucas thinks it is a ploy to buy herself more time. In the bathroom, Sami says either she tells everyone the truth and they hate her forever, or . . . Samis mirror image says shes not getting out of this one, shes screwed. Samis mirror image tells her to grab some plane tickets and a passport and get out of here.

Carrie asks Kate to speak with Lexie, so Kate leaves them. Carrie says shes sorry about her and Abe. Lexie says she has to take the blame for that. Lexie tells Carrie that she needs to ask her something, is she happy with Lucas? Carrie says yeah, shes extremely happy. Lexie says good, but if things were different, if there was a chance she could be with Austin would she? Carrie says Austin is her past, she cant have a baby with Austin. Lexie asks if she could though, would she still be with Lucas? Carrie says a future with Austin is impossible, shes with Lucas now and carrying his child. She says she has to find out what Lucas is up to. Lucas is banging on the door of the bathroom. Lexie feels she and Sami are to blame for the loss of Carries dreams.

Will talks with Kate, he asks her what mom did this time. Kate doesnt have a clue but swears she had nothing to do with it this time. Will thinks it is big, mom looks like shes going to throw up. Will knows Kate hates her mom, but Kate claims she doesnt. She says she loves him  and shes proud of him. She talked to one of his councilors and he never met a young man who has dealt with the nasty comments as well as he has. Kate says she loves Will and is here for him.

Sami comes out of the bathroom and asks to talk to Will. Will says shes stalling, cut to the chase. Sami would rather Will wait at his dads place, but he says no. She says whatever happens shes wanted to do what is best for him. He says hes old enough to be the judge of that. Lexie asks Sami if shes going to tell everyone what she did or should she? Sami says so this is her chance to tell them all the truth for once. Lexie is glad Sami sees this has to come to an end, neither one of them will get out of this without blame. Lexie asks Sami to tell everyone what she did. Sami admits this one is pretty bad. Austin asks what it is? Lexie says the truth is that Sami has been blackmailing her. Austin asks why? Lexie says theyd love to hear why. Lexie tells Sami to tell everyone how she blackmailed her. 

At the hospital, Billie talks with Patrick. Billie realizes the baby is his. Patrick doesnt know, it was only one night. Billie says that is all it takes. Billie says if Hope is pregnant with his baby then Bo will be devastated. Meanwhile, Hope tells Bo that they dont know if this baby is his, it could be Patricks. Bo says the baby has to be his. She says what if it isnt his? Bo says then hes a dead man. Patrick walks up and Bo decks him. Both Hope and Billie yell at Bo to stop it. Billie says this is the last thing Hope needs. Hope says she needs time alone. Billie drags Bo off and Hope talks with Patrick. She tells him that shes sorry for Bo, but he says he expected it. Patrick tells Hope that the night they make love is where he wanted to be. He says if this baby is theirs then they will figure it out. Hope says and if it is Bos? He says then that is between her and Bo. Hope says there is only one way to find out whose baby it is.

Bo talks with Billie, Bo says this baby has to be his. He says if the baby isnt his then he doesnt know what will happen. He says Zacks death is tearing them apart, and if Patrick is the father then its over for him and Hope.

Hope pages the doctor, she asks her how far along she is with her pregnancy. The doctor says she cant answer that question until they have more tests. Also because Hope has an irregular cycle they dont know, they can't go based on her last period. The doctor says Hope will have to have an ultrasound, and until then she needs to be resting. Hope asks both Bo and Patrick to leave her alone. Meanwhile, Billie thinks if Hope is pregnant with Patricks baby then she has a chance. She quickly says stop it, the only woman for Bo is Hope. Bo returns to Billie, he tells he that they still dont know whose baby it is.


June 29, 2006
First 5 minutes or so of the show interrupted again due to regional flooding news

At Samis, everyone tells Sami to tell them what shes done. Lexie tells her not to even try and put her own little spin on things either as shes here to tell them the truth. Sami says she can tell the truth on her own. Sami says Lexie can call it blackmail if she wants to, but Lexie ruined her marriage and she wont take the blame for that. Outside the gloved hand spies and opens up a cell phone. Suddenly Lexies phone rings, so she excuses herself. Austin asks Sami to tell them the truth. Sami says she wanted to, and she claims she blackmailed Lexie over her affair because she felt bad for Abe. She details how she caught them and she threatened to tell Abe if they didnt stop. Austin asks if she asked for anything else in return? Sami says she just wanted them to stop, and Abe found out the truth and now Lexie thinks she exposed them. She says now Lexie wants revenge. She swears she didnt tell Abe, she never wanted him hurt that is why she blackmailed Lexie to begin with. Meanwhile, Lexie is shocked by the person who is on the phone. She says she wont do it, but then says what! She realizes she has no choice. Back outside we see the gloved hand hang up the phone. Back in the apartment, Sami swears shes telling the truth and Austin and Carrie believe her. Kate says when Lexie returns theyll all find out what Sami did. Lexie soon returns and Kate asks Lexie to settle this, Sami claims she was only protecting Abe. Lexie says for once Sami is right, shes telling the truth. Kate thinks this has to be a mistake, but Lexie says all Sami wanted was for her to stop cheating. Carrie says she thought this affected them all? Lexie says it does, Sami hasnt changed as much as they think she has, she had no right to threaten her the way she did. Lexie says she has to go. Austin tells Lexie that he hopes she and Abe work things out, but Lexie doesnt think that will happen. Lexie then leaves. Kate says they cant believe this. Lucas thought Lexie had a big secret on Sami, but why would Lexie lie? Kate says Sami hasnt changed. Sami asks Austin if hes mad at her. He says no, blackmailing Lexie wasnt the best thing to do, but she was trying to protect Abe. Carrie agrees, her heart was in the right place. Will tells Sami that hes proud of her, Lexie shouldnt have been cheating on Abe. Meanwhile, Lexie is in the hall, she wonders who the person is and why cant she tell on Sami. Lexie leaves and we see the gloved hand spying on her and then go to spy on Sami and Austin. 

Jen talks with Frankie about how unfair this is. They are watching a sleeping and sick Jack. Frankie agrees, all Jack wanted to do was love and protect his family. Frankie says even when hes gone, hell still be here in her heart. Frankie says hell always be looking after her. In his bed, a weak Jack says shell have Frankie here to help, and that is what he wants. Jen asks how long hes been awake? He says long enough to hear what theyve been talking about. Frankie says they were just discussing the situation. Jack tells Jen that hes decided not to leave his family again, hes with them to the end. Jen hugs Jack, who ends up in pain. Jen realizes the pain is getting worse. Jen and Frankie run for his morphine. Jen gives him morphine, but hes still in pain. Jen doesnt want to give him too much, but Frankie says the hospice worker says what is most important is to keep him comfortable. Jack grunts do it, so Jen does. Jack eventually falls asleep, Jen thinks it finally worked. Frankie wants Jen to sleep, but she says she cant. He tells her to try and close her eyes and get some rest, do it for Jack. She says shell lie down and try. Frankie goes to leave them. Jen tells Frankie that she loves him so much. Jen lays next to Jack and shares flashbacks of their life together. 

Steve and Kayla are walking along the pier, she showed him the yacht where they had the first wedding. He didnt remember anything. They sit down on a bench, and Steve asks her to tell him about it. She says its a long story. She talks about losing her hearing and ability to speak. She says she eventually recovered her hearing, but not her speech. She says then their wedding day came. We see their wedding via flashbacks. We see Kim by her side in the flashbacks, and it was when Kayla was able to speak again. Kayla says shell never forget the look on his face when she said her vows. Steve thinks if he cant remember that then it is hopeless. Kayla says shes not giving up, she has more to show him. Kayla takes him to a jail cell at the station. Steve asks why they are here? Kayla says this is where she almost gave birth to their baby. He asks why she was in jail? She says a long story, which came to head on their almost wedding day. She says their first wedding was invalid because his old dead wife Marina came back. The second wedding was interrupted when she was arrested for Marinas murder. Flashbacks begin, we see Kayla locked up with her big hair. She says she ended up going into labor during the trial and they barely made it to the hospital in time. In this flashback we see Neil delivering Stephanie. Steve says is she kidding him with these stories? She says no, and she cant guarantee their future will be as crazy as their past. She says they were happy though and can be that happy again. Kayla begins thinking about the day she lost him. We see Kayla at the hospital holding Steves hand as he died. He thanked Kayla for his life, he was nothing without her, she gave him everything. She told him to take what strength he needed from her. Steve told her that he loved her and died. Kayla tells Steve that day was unbearable, and he was the only man she ever loved and ever would.

Mimi is laying on her bed crying. She looks at her wedding photo and says Shawn will be better off without her, he should be with Belle and her daughter. In the hallway, Shawn interrupts Phillip and Belle, who are about to walk into their place. Phillip doesnt want to talk to Shawn, he says they have to go relive the sitter. Belle says shell be right there. Phillip goes in, and Belle and Shawn talk. Shawn says Mimi has asked for a divorce, shes locked herself in the room. He begs Belle to go talk to Mimi, she wont listen to him. She tells Shawn that she cant do this for him. Belle says it isnt her place and Shawn is the only one who can show Mimi how much he loves her. Shawn says shes right. Shawn says what he said back at the hospital, about losing the love of his life, he did mean it. He says he never wants to go through that again, that is why he doesnt want to lose Mimi. Belle says then go show her what Mimi means to him. Phillip is spying on them at this point. Shawn goes into his apartment, and Phillip asks Belle if everything is okay. Belle hopes so. Phillip says he heard what she said to Shawn and hes so sorry, she is the most loyal and loving wife he could hope for. He says he loves her so much. She says she loves him too. Later Belle and Phillip return to their apartment, the sitter leaves and Belle begins kissing Phillip and says she doesnt think theyll be doing much sleeping tonight.

At the other loft, Shawn knocks on the door, he tells Mimi they need to talk. Mimi comes out of the room and says they can talk. Shawn knows she is upset over what she heard, he was lashing out as his dad in anger. He says loosing Belle did hurt, she knows. However he has never been happier than he is now and that is because of her. He says he knows how lucky he is, he sees the lies his father has told and how it has shattered that relationship. He says he trusts her more than anyone and that is why he loves her. Mimi cries that he cant trust her at all, she is a fraud. He asks what shes talking about? She says its too late for them, for this marriage. She then shuts herself back in her room.


June 30, 2006
Shawn is worried about Mimi. Shes still locked in her room. Bonnie shows up, Shawn called her. Shawn says Mimi wont come out. Bonnie says shell talk some sense into her. Shawn says she cant fix this, they had a fight over something he said. Shawn says she wants a divorce, she even gave him back her ring. Bonnie bangs on the door and tell Mimi to open the door or shell kick it in. Mimi lets her mom in, Mimi is packing her things to leave. Mimi says Shawn doesnt love her so shes leaving. Bonnie says that boy out there wants her to stay, why is she throwing away a guy like Shawn. Mimi says its over, she always knew it was too good to be true. She says its over. Bonnie says Belle is just waiting for her to lose her nerve and she wont give Belle that satisfaction.

Belle and Phillip arrive, Belle asks Shawn if he want to go to breakfast. He says he cant, Mimis still locked in her room. Belle offers to try and talk to her. Shawn says Bonnie is trying, but Belle says Bonnie isnt the most diplomatic person. Belle walks off, and Shawn asks Phillip what his problem is? Phillip says hes the problem, stay away from Belle. Shawn thinks it is time they finally had this talk. Phillip says he heard what he said. Shawn says Belle was the love of his life for the longest time, they were going to get married. Phillip says until he stole her away. Shawn says no. He says Belle is his past and he is with Mimi now. Shawn says he loves Mimi, and he knows Belle loves Phillip. He says he loves Claire, he wants her parents together. He says Belle wants to have another baby with him, that means something. Phillip says yeah, maybe he jumped to conclusions.

Back in Mimis room, Mimi tells her mom shes lost Shawn, she never really had him. Mimi says Shawn said last night he lost the love of his life, that was Belle. She says she cant keep being his wife after hearing that. She says she asked for a divorce. Bonnie says un-ask him, Shawn doesnt want this divorce. Mimi says Shawn deserves better than her, he loves Belle. Bonnie says if Shawn wanted to marry Belle then he would have, the only way Shawn will choose Belle is if she hands him to her. Belle shows up, she asks Mimi if she can come in? Bonnie asks Mimi what it will be? Does she want Shawn or will she let Belle take him away? Belle comes in, Bonnie suggests they leave Mimi alone to rest. Belle wanted to talk to her, but Mimi obviously doesnt want to talk to Belle. Bonnie and Mimi leave her. Belle tells Mimi she knows where to find her if she wants to talk.

Phillip and Shawn talk to Belle and Bonnie. Shawn says last night Mimi said she was a fraud, what did she mean? Bonnie claims it was about not being able to have a child and being pumped full of hormones which have her very emotional. She says Mimi is a bit nuts now. Shawn says he should apologize for being so insensitive to her. Mimi walks out of her room, she tells Shawn no shes the one who is sorry. Bonnie tells Mimi she needed rest remember. Mimi tells her mom that shes tired of lying and wont do it anymore. Mimi says she should have done this a long time ago. Mimi tells Shawn shes sorry for what she said last night. He says hes sorry he hurt her, shes the only one for him. He gets down on his knees and tells her that he loves her so much, will she still be his wife. Mimi says yes she will. Shawn says he has the rings, he puts her ring back on her finger. Belle then gets a call, they have to make a stop at the hospital on the way to breakfast. Mimi gets a similar call, her egg is a keeper so they have to go to the hospital as well. 

The gang heads to the hospital, the boys have to go give sperm samples. Belle thinks before long both she and Mimi will be moms. Meanwhile, the gloved hand switches Mimi and Belles egg dishes!

At Samis, Austin and Will show up, something smells great. Lucas walks in and smells something good. Sami says shes made breakfast burritos for everyone. When Lucas learns she cooked he is glad Carrie isnt here, she doesnt need anything else making her sick. Sami says he accepted this invitation so dont insult the cook. Sami says shes practiced and has perfected cooking breakfast. Lucas says hes impressed, first she didnt have something to hide regarding Lexie and now this. Will leaves to take a shower, and Austin leaves to make some calls. Lucas says it looks like its just the two of them. Lucas tells Sami that hes sorry, he misjudged her regarding Lexie. He says he knows she was just trying to protect Abe. Sami says she doesnt think its fair Lexie cheated on him again. Lucas asks if she can forgive him for blaming her without knowing all the facts. Sami says theyve both thought the worst of one another and theyve both put each other through hell. Sami says its not like she has a reputation for being honest so she doesnt blame him. Will shows up, there is smoke everyone. Sami forgot about breakfast, she burnt it to a crisp. Sami says she cant believe she did this, she wanted to impress them. Will says not to worry, they already have reserved a seat at the pub. She says they knew this would happen? Austin says shes a terrible cook. Sami tells them all to go, shell clean up and be there as soon as she can. 

Carrie heads to the Brady Pub to go over some final wedding details. She meets with Roman and Kate for breakfast, Caroline has made her favorite chocolate chip pancakes. They have breakfast, and Carrie says she knows this isnt the way they thought things would turn out, her with Lucas and Austin with Sami. Lexie then walks in, she too came for breakfast. Caroline asks if Abe will join her? Lexie says no. Lexie asks to speak to Roman. Roman leaves and Kate wonders what is going on.

Lexie and Roman go outside, Lexie talks with Roman about her affair. Lexie says she doesnt want to lose Abe, could he possibly? Roman says she wants him to smooth things over? Kate soon interrupts, and Roman leaves them to talk. Kate is positive something stopped Lexie from giving it to Sami last night. Lexie runs off claiming she has an eyelash in her eyes. Lexie leaves her cell behind and it rings, its Sami. Kate answers pretending to be an answering service. Sami leaves a message asking why Lexie didnt blow her out of the water last night? Kate says she knew it, now she just has to find out what Sami has on Lexie to make her protect her. 

Austin, Lucas and Will show up at the pub, they meet up with Kate. Austin asks his mom to put his feelings for Sami aside just for a few days. Sami soon shows up, she sees Lexie. She wants to know if she got her message, why didnt she expose her? Lexie says it doesnt matter anymore, she got off Scott free so leave it alone. Lexie walks out, and Kate follows her. Kate wants to know who called her last night before she was about to expose Sami? Lexie tells Kate this might be a new concept to her, but mind her own business and stay out of hers. Lexie walks off, and Kate wonders why shes so scared. Back inside, Lucas tells Austin how he cant wait to marry Carrie. Austin clenches his jaw.

Carrie takes a walk along the pier with Roman. She says shes so glad to be home. Roman cant wait to walk her down the aisle. She says even though shes pregnant? He says as long as they love each other then hes a happy man. The gloved one spies on them. Carrie think everything is going great, this will be a perfect wedding.

Kayla and Steve are having breakfast. Steve tells Kayla that they have to have a serious talk. She thinks this is about the kiss, but he says no. He tells her it was a sweet kiss, but he remembered nothing. He does ask her to tell him more about the past though, he wants to know about Stephanie. Kayla says she hasnt been able to reach Stephanie, she has a busy job. Steve says she doesnt remember him does she. Kayla says she knows stories about him, but she was a baby when he died. Steve asks all about her. Kayla shows him some photos of her. He says she is a beautiful girl. Kayla says dont let her hear that, she says shes a woman. Steve asks what shes into, what does she do for a job. Kayla says she has a job, one she hates and she thinks Steve will too. We dont hear what what her job is, but Steve is shocked. Kayla says shes made up her mind and there is no talking her out of it. Steve would like to meet her. Kayla says shes having problems tracking her down, but shell call her again.

Max and Frankie are having breakfast. Max doesnt know how Frankie can stay in that house with Jen and her dying ex. Frankie says hes her husband, legally. Max isnt so sure, he was declared dead. Frankie says Jen needs to be there for Jack right now. Chelsea and Abby walk in. Frankie asks Max if hes back together with Chelsea yet? Max says no, and he leaves to get some air.

Abby talks with Chelsea, she asks her what she decided about being exclusive with Max? Chelsea has decided to tell him no. Abby thought she liked Max, why doesnt she want to date him? Chelsea says she doesnt want to date him now, and if she gets with him right now then he wont appreciate her. Abby says if she likes Max then dont play games otherwise she might lose him. Max later returns with flowers for Chelsea. Abby leaves them to talk. Max asks Chelsea if shes thought about what he said? She says she has, and she would prefer to be free to see other people. She says she still wants to see him, but she wants to see other people too. Max says yeah sure, he has to go do something. Max then leaves. Abby returns, she cant believe Abby turned him down. Abby says Chelsea will be sorry when people find out Max is on the market.

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