March 6 , 2006
At Sami's, Austin and Sami return home from Chez Rouge. Sami suggests they settle in and watch an old movie. Austin's PC beeps, and Sami asks what that was. He says it's his PC reminding him of a date. Sami goes off to change, and Austin realizes today is Carrie's birthday. Sami returns in a nightgown and finds Austin fighting with the printer. She asks what is wrong? He says he forgot Carrie's birthday. He says it is too late to buy a card, so he thought he'd print one off but the printer isn't working. Sami tells him that it's too late to go over and give Carrie the card now, and she doubts Carrie wants one from him. He says she's right. She decides to turn on some music. She turns on the radio and a song is playing that reminds her of Lucas. She begins to cry, and Austin asks what is wrong? She says it's nothing, but he knows it is Lucas. Austin thinks she still loves him, and he says by the way Lucas looks at her, he still loves her too. Sami says it doesn't matter, Lucas doesn't want to be with her and there is nothing she can do. After ranting about Lucas for awhile, she talks about how she messes up every relationship. Austin says that is not true, and he believes in her. Sami thinks after everything she's done to him that he shouldn't believe in her. She says she's a terrible person and doesn't deserve to be loved. Austin comforts her and says that is not true, she is worthy of love. They then begin to make out on the couch.

At Lucas' place, Lucas and Carrie return home, and Carrie is shocked that the place is decorated for her birthday, there is even a cake. Lucas says Maggie did this while they were out. Carrie thinks Will helped too and wants to thank him. Lucas says Will isn't here, they are all alone for this evening as Will's on a camping trip.  He gives Carrie a present, tells her to open it and blow her candles out. Lucas realizes they never got to dance at Chez Rouge, so he turns on the radio. He hears the same song Sami heard, and his thoughts drift to Sami. When Carrie calls him out on it, he goes into a rant about how he and Sami are done and he's moving on with his life. Carrie ends up in tears. He asks what is wrong? She says she's just emotional and very tired. She says she thinks she wants to go to bed, and she runs off.  Later Lucas finds Carrie looking out the window. He thought she was tired. SHe says she can't sleep. He says he can make her some warm milk. Carrie says her dad used to do that. She thinks about how her life hasn't turned out the way she wanted it to. She wanted kids by now, she really wants a baby. Lucas says he wants another child too, but he has to make sure he finds the right woman to give Will a brother or sister. Lucas tells Carrie if things had turned out different, perhaps they would have been married now and have kids. Carrie says maybe. Lucas decides to be bold and come out and say it, he loves her. Carrie is shocked, she says she likes him, but . . . . Lucas says she doesn't love him. She says she just needs time. Lucas understands, and soon the two begin to make out.

At the penthouse, as John is trying to sneak out, Marlena catches him. John says he can explain. Marlena says she doesn't care, she just wants to be with him. JOhn is confused, he says what about Alex? She says she doesn't want to talk about Alex. Marlena tells John that she needs him to be with her tonight, make love to her. John thinks the old Marlena is finally coming back, and they begin to kiss. Meanwhile, Alex is downstairs on the PC looking at wedding announcements for his and Marlena's upcoming ceremony. He thinks about how perfect this has all worked out, and how much worse things are going to get for Marlena. We see flashbacks of them in bed together. Alex was working on patient files. Marlena said it was their honeymoon, he should put the work away. She tried to turn off the light, but knocked his files all over. Alex became furious, smacked her and said look what she did. He told her to pick up the mess now. Later we see MArlena sleeping and looking terrified. Alex told her if she ever disappoints him again then he will make her life hell. Alex then heads upstairs and stands outside of Marlena's room. Inside her room, John and Marlena are going at it! 

On the roof of the loft, Belle makes the mistake that the person who is holding her from behind is Shawn. She says she's glad he came, and they have to admit how they feel no matter who gets hurt. Phillip asks her what she's talking about? She is at a loss for words, and Phillip once again thinks he knows what is going on. He thinks they just celebrated Shawn and Mimi's engagement, and she is upset because she still loves Shawn. Belle says yes. He says he understands, and it is hard for her to see Shawn moving on. He also thinks she is afraid that when Shawn and Mimi marry that they'll be the cute newlyweds and the two of them will become an old married couple. He says that won't happen, and to tell him what he can do to make things better for her. Belle looks at her and Shawn's initials on the door of the loft. He goes off talking about how much he loves her and how the speech he made tonight was true, she is the reason he is alive. He starts to feel like he's disappointed her, that he's not the same man she married. He says as long as he has pants on then people can't see his leg, but forget them ever going to the beach or the pool. He also says he thinks her leg grosses her out, and the reason he switched sides in the bed is so she didn't have to feel what's left of his one leg next to her. Belle asks how shallow does he think she is? She says he is an inspiration to her and everyone else and she loves him very much. He says he loves her too, she and Claire are everything to him. HE says maybe he's being insecure, maybe it comes from his childhood and home life growing up. He says that's why it's so important to him that they give Claire a good family, that she knows her parents love one another and have a great marriage. He hugs Belle, who seems to be just as upset as always.

At Mimi's loft, Shawn begins reading the letter but stops when he hears Mimi crying. He goes to her and asks what is wrong, is it this letter? Mimi begins tells Shawn how she is a terrible person. Shawn says she's not, she's wonderful and loving. Mimi says no she's not, she's a liar and uncaring. He thinks this is coming from her childhood and her mother, but he says it's not true. He says as her husband he'll show her how wonderful and loved she really is. Mimi says he doesn't get it. She tells him to read the letter, read it and find out just how wonderful she is. Belle and Phillip show up knocking on the door, they hear Mimi crying and want to know what is wrong. Shawn says now isn't a good time, but Mimi says it is. She says what's in this letter effects all of them and will change their lives.


March 7, 2006

At Samis place, Sami talks about how shes a horrible person, she blames others for her mistakes and never takes responsibility for her actions. She says nobody else believes in her, why should he? Austin says maybe he sees something else in her that others dont. Sami says she loves him for that, but shes not worth saving, just ask anyone. Austin tells Sami shes a wonderful mother and worthy of being loved. They then begin to kiss. Soon clothes begin to come off, but Austin stops and pulls back. Sami asks why he stopped, it is what they both want. Austin says no to go there again would be a mistake. He then rushes off.

Over at Lucas place, Lucas and Carrie are doing some heavy making out on the couch. Carrie stops and says she doesnt think she can do this. Lucas says he is just as afraid of being hurt as she is. Carrie says hes been so good to her but . . . Lucas says she doesnt love him. Carrie says its not just that, she doesnt want to use him to fill an empty space in her life. Lucas says he appreciates that. He says they are both vulnerable now, and he doesnt want to live his life without love. Carrie says she doesnt either, and neither of them will end up alone. Lucas says they are both feeling sorry for themselves, and they should get out of that rut. He tells Carrie to try liking him a little less and loving him a little more. They then go at it. Lucas undresses Carrie and says hes loved her since the moment he met her. He says he knows she wants children, and he wants to give Will a brother or sister. Carrie ends up stopping when Lucas talks about getting married. She asks if he is proposing to her? Suddenly they hear Wills voice in the hall. Lucas goes out into the hall as Carrie gets dressed. He learns from a chaperone that Will sprained his ankle on the class trip. Sami rushes out after hearing Will and asks if he broke his ankle. He says he didnt break his damn ankle! Lucas tells him to watch his mouth. Sami wants to get him to the hospital. The woman doesnt think its necessary, but Sami doesn't think she's a doctor. Sami helps Will inside, and Lucas thanks the woman for helping Will get home. 

Back in Lucas apartment, Sami insists they get an X-ray. Will says he's fine, but Lucas says if Sami wants him to go then theyll take him, or they can call Lexie and have her come over. Sami says that would be good. Lucas and Sami help Will to the couch, and Carrie and Austin look at one another. Later Lexie comes over and says she doesnt think its broken. She says if the swelling gets worse then theyll do an X-ray. Sami asks how this happened, and he says he climbed a tree to look at an abandoned birds nest. Sami cant believe the chaperons werent watching, and she says they should sue. Austin says shes overreacting. Will wonders how she will react when he goes out for lacrosse. She says people with big sticks knocking out his teeth, no way! Lexie calls in a prescription, and Carrie says shell get it and some of his favorite ice cream. Austin says that neighborhood isnt safe, so hell go with her. Lucas says this is stupid, hell go get it. Sami says thats a good idea. Sami says shell help Will into his room and change, but he says no way. Lucas says hell help Will, and Austin and Carrie say theyll go for the prescription. Sami thanks Lexie for coming out here to check on Will. Austin and Carrie argue about who will get the prescription. He says hes going with her, no arguments. He suggests she button his shirt, and she says the same for him. Lucas and SAmi begin arguing over whether or not Will should go back to school tomorrow or not. Austin and Carrie decide to head out and get the medicine. After they leave, Sami thinks Lucas was making out with Carrie. Lucas sees Sami is flushed and realizes she was making out with Austin. Lucas asks what shes thinking getting it on with his brother. Lucas says Austin didnt seem drunk to him. They begin arguing and Lucas asks if they are too busy fighting to get him some cocoa. Sami says no, and she goes to fix it. Lucas helps Will back to bed. Sami remembers making out with Lucas and begins to tear up. Lucas finds Sami crying and asks what is wrong? She says what if Will had fallen and really hurt himself. Lucas says it didnt happen. Sami says it happened to Zack and it happens all the time. She says shes tired of losing everyone she loves. Lucas tells her to relax and comforts her as she cries.

In the hall, Carrie and Austin talk about how much things havent changed, they are back in their old apartments, Lucas still loves her, and Sami still loves him. They decide not to discuss what happened between them and Lucas and Sami tonight. Austin tells Carrie that shes the love of her life. She says he didnt even tell her . . . never mind. The elevator finally arrives, and they get in. Austin says he saw Claire, shes doing good. Carrie says hes a cutie, and she cant believe Belle and Phillip are parents before them. Carrie says she has to be there for Belle as much as she can, she has tried to be there for Sami too. Austin asks how John and Marlena are doing. Carrie says Marlena basically raised her and doesnt even know her, she cant imagine how Sami is dealing with it. Carrie thinks about how everything has gone wrong since she came back, maybe its true, you cant go back home. Carrie then realizes they havent moved, he needs to press the button. Austin does, and the elevator begins to move. They begin talking about Billie, Chelsea, Bo and Hope. Suddenly the elevator jars and gets stuck. Austin forgot how this elevator jams up. Carrie begins to panic, and Austin asks if she is okay? Carrie says shes not okay, can he hold her. He does, and she says that is better and stay close to her. Austin says he doesnt ever want to let her go. 

At the loft, Mimi tells Belle and Phillip that it is important they hear this. She tells Shawn to go ahead and read the letter. Shawn begins reading the letter out loud. He stops and says this is too personal, he cant read this. Phillip asks why she wants them to hear this. Mimi says it affects them as much as it affect her and Shawn. Phillip thinks he knows what is in the letter and he says Shawn needs to hear it. Phillip thinks Mimi wants Shawn to know all her hopes and dreams for the future. Belle asks how that affects them? Phillip says because they have all been friends for so long, and when Shawn and Mimi marry there will be no going back. Mimi tells Shawn to just read the letter. Shawn says he wont, hed rather wait until their wedding. Phillip thinks Shawn should keep this letter between them, it is private and personal. He goes off about how he and Belle just had a wonderfully personal conversation on the roof. He talks about how they have faced such hardships this first year of their marriage and they were almost ripped apart. He tells Shawn and Mimi if they are there for one another and communicate then they will be great. Shawn gives Mimi back her letter. Phillip tells Shawn and Mimi how happy they are for them, and once they are married theyll be better friends. Belle then gets a call from the babysitter, they have to return home. They say goodnight to Shawn and Mimi. Shawn continues to tell Mimi how special she is and how he wont let her put herself down. He says he loves her so much and he wants her to stop putting herself down and stop saying she doesnt deserve him. He says look at him, and he kisses her. HE then begins talking about the wedding and how wonderful it will be. He says he wants to go to bed and would like her to come with him. Mimi says she would like that too, and they make their way into the bedroom. 

Phillip and Belle return home, and Belle thinks Mimi was acting strange. She also wonders what was really in that letter. She says Mimi was upset about something, she thinks that letter would affect them all. She says Mimi said the letter would reveal a truth they all need to know. Phillip says maybe he shouldnt have spoken for her. He asks what she thinks it said? Belle says maybe shes getting cold feet. Suddenly they hear Mimi and Shawn making love through the vents. Phillip says forget cold feet, Mimi doesnt have cold anything now.

At the penthouse, shirtless John is in bed with Marlena, and they are making out. BTW, notice Johns tattoo, which he had removed, is now back. Marlena tells John that he is the only man for her, she wants them to be together. They kiss some more as Alex approaches the door. He hears Marlena call out Oh Alex! John stops when he hears her call him Alex. Alex knocks on the door and asks Marlena if she called him? Marlena calls out to Alex and he asks if he can come in. John says tell him no. She says no, shes already in bed. Alex says he thought he heard voices. Marlena says it was the radio. She tells him goodnight. He says goodnight, and dont worry about John, he wont hurt them anymore. Marlena says there is something she needs to tell him about John. John looks at her like shes about to give him up. Marlena says hes right, John would never hurt her. Alex says that is because he will protect her, and he loves. Marlena says she loves him too, goodnight. John asks Marlena if she knows who shes talking to? Marlena says yes, hes the man she loves. John says he will get her away from Alex before he hurts her. Marlena asks why, hes her husband, they are going to renew their vows. John ends up calling Lexie as hes worried about Marlena. He says hes in her bedroom at the penthouse, and she knows hes here. Lexie asks if Alex knows? John says nope. He says Marlena is acting strange, he thinks North has done something to her. He says Marlena is confused and disoriented. He tells her about her initial reaction to seeing him, but then she called him Alex. He says she took a sleeping pill, could this cause this confusion. Lexie says perhaps. Lexie asks for the whole story, how did he get in there? He says he broke in to look for evidence against Alex. However they came home before he found any. Lexie tells John that he could end up in jail if hes caught. Lexie asks him to continue his story, so he does. He tells her how Marlena asked him to stay, that she wanted to be with him. John says he thought she was getting her memory back, but now hes not so sure. Lexie says she cant tell what is going on without examining her. He says hell bring her to the hospital, but Lexie says that would be a huge mistake. Lexie says Alex could have him arrested for kidnapping his wife, and no jury in the world would side with John. John says hes always being set up to be the bad guy. Meanwhile, Alex wonders if someone is inside with MArlena. John continues talking to Lexie about where they go with Marlena. Lexie says her health doesnt sound at risk, so right now she has to get out of there. John says he wont leave her, Alex could be drugging her. Lexie says me may have been drugging her all along, but for now he has to get out. Lexie says shell come and examine Marlena  as soon as she can. John agrees to leave. Marlena is asleep, and he says he wont let anything happen to her. He gives her a kiss and then leaves. As John goes to leave, Alex asks Marlena if shes okay in there? John locks the door and quickly slips out. Alex asks why shes locked the door, hell have to break this door down. 


March 8, 2006

On Morgan Island, Patrick is chopping wood while Hope sits by a fire and watches. She asks if he needs help. He says no, he cant put his guest to work. Hope apologizes for invading his space, she knows he came to be alone. Patrick says he did, but it is nice to have company. He tells Hope that shes been through a hard time and this place will be good for her, she can stay as long as she likes. She thanks him. Hope says this place feels magical. Patrick says it is, whatever bothers him doesnt get to him here. Hope says it gets to her unfortunately. She says her life is a mess, she cant run forever. Hope says at some point shell have to talk to Bo. Patrick says sure when they get back to the real world, but for now she should relax and enjoy. He suggests she think of it as her home away from home. She says then she insists she help with chores. She tries to chop some wood, but isnt very good at it. Patrick gives her a wood chopping lesson, which brings them into one anothers personal space. Hope eventually gets the hang of splitting logs. Eventually they decide to call it a night. Patrick insists she take the bed, hes fine sleeping under the stars. Hope thanks him for everything. Patrick watches as Hope lays on the bed and cries. He wonders what is wrong with Bo, how could he let this woman go.

Later, Patrick sleeps on the hammock, but moves around a lot. Hope hears this and asks if shes keeping him up? He of course says no. Patrick asks if something is wrong. Hope says she cant sleep. He asks if the bed isnt comfortable. She says its fine, her mind is just racing. He asks if there is anything he can do? She says talk to her about anything. She asks about the man who brought her here and gave her the flower. He talks about the legend she was told and explains the source. He says there was a Spanish ship searching for gold and it was ship wrecked. The legend says a single lone woman survived, and she washed ashore and a single white flower was found next to her. Patrick says the woman was dressed in black. Patrick says a mysterious stranger put the flower next to her, he had been in love with her from the moment he saw her. Hope says when she washed ashore he saw her and fell in love? Patrick says no, when he saw her many years earlier. Hope asks how that is possible that she ended up on an island with a man who knew her. He says that is how the story goes. The man found the woman, took her home and nursed her back to health. Patrick says the woman looked just like his dead wife, they had been in a ship wreck years before and he lost his wife. He says during his shipwreck a container of seeds washed up that belonged to the mans wife. She enjoyed gardening and had cultivated the flower to honor their love. Patrick says the man planted the seeds, they grew into a vine, but there were no buds. One day the flowers bloomed, and he felt this meant his wife was still alive. He prayed for the sea to bring her back, and the woman washed up on shore. Patrick says the legend says the woman was her. Hope thinks the woman never really died, and she spent all that time looking for her husband. Hope thinks she was wearing black because she was morning. Patrick says he only knows the legend and what the islanders say happened. He says the islanders believe that his wife drowned, but the seeds he found represented her soul. Patrick says when the man planted the seeds, her soul went to heaven to be reunited with her body. He says when God saw the power of the mans love for his dead wife, he let her come back to earth. Hope asks if they lived happily ever after? Patrick, who daydreams about the legend, sees himself and Hope and the man and woman. He says he would like to think so. Hope drifts off to sleep, and Patrick tells her sweet dreams. 

Billie and Bo are in the woods in the sleeping bag. The fire has gone out and they are freezing. Bo gets up to start the fire back up. Billie says shes been thinking about Chelsea again, shes worried about her. Billie says Chelsea finally opened up to her, she admitted she feels alone and has no family. Bo says Chelsea knows how much they love her, how much they put on the line for her. Billie says Chelsea is afraid Bo isnt on her side. Bo says he supports his daughter, but she is reckless and doesnt think beyond what she wants. He talks about all the other accidents Chelsea has had, how Zack's death could have been prevented. Billie says Bo sounds like he doesnt like her. Bo says he loves her but he is disappointed in the choices shes made. Bo says he will support her, but Hope wont forgive her. Bo says if she werent his daughter he doesnt know if hed forgive her either. Billie thinks Bo is condemning his own daughter. Bo says hes not. Billie says Chelsea feels terrible, she has nightmares about Zack every night. Bo says Chelsea thinks this will all blow over, but it wont. He says Chelsea will go to trial and she may very well do time. Billie says no way, she wont let that happen. Bo says that isnt her call. Billie cant believe the way Bo is talking about Chelsea. Bo says he hopes Chelsea gets a light sentence, but no prison time is a long shot. He says Chelsea is a big girl and it is about time she learn that her actions have consequences, they arent doing any favors by teaching her otherwise. Bo says perhaps doing time will do Chelsea some good, its the only way shell learn a lesson. Billie says this will only be good for Hope, who is out for blood. Bo says Hope wants closure, she needs to know her sons death isnt going unpunished. Bo says he will stand by Hope, he wont lose her over this. Bo suggests they go back to sleep. Billie then realizes that Chelsea and her mother were right, to change Bos mind shes going to have to steal him away from Hope. 

Chelsea has decided to go out to a club. She sits at the bar and  hates that she has a wristband and cant drink. She says there has to be a way to score a beer. Some strange guy says hell buy her one, depending on what is in it for him. She gives him a kiss, and in the distance Max watches with anger. Max confronts her and tells her she shouldnt be here and she shouldnt be kissing some jerk to get beer. Chelsea says she was bored sitting at home. Max says then watch a movie, this is the last place she should be. Chelsea says she hasnt forgotten about her trial. Max says she is acting like it. Chelsea says she cant stop living her life. Max says hes taking her home, but she says no hes not. She says she made a new friend and wont leave until she dances with him. Chelsea goes back to her boy toy, but Max butts in again. Max says she shouldnt be here and she shouldnt be drinking. Chelsea says shes tired of being stuck at home, before she got here she was playing gin rummy. She says she feels like shes ninety years old. Max says the reason shes supposed to be at home is so she doesnt make things worse for herself. Chelsea says as if things can get any worse. Max asks how she thinks it will look if word gets out shes hanging out in bars and hitting on strangers? How will that look to the judge and jury? Chelsea takes a swig of her beer, and a man takes a picture. Its the man who bought her the beer and she hit on! He says the tot killing teen is going to be on the cover of tomorrows Intruder. He walks off laughing. Max goes after the guy to try and get the film back, and even threatens the guy. The man wont hand it over. Max knocks the camera out of his hands, and Chelsea goes for the film. Max tells the man to get out of here and take his expensive camera with him. The man leaves, and Chelsea tells Max shes so sorry and she doesnt know what shed have done without him. Meanwhile, the man says its lucky for him the photos were backed up on a memory stick.

At Lucas place, Lucas tells Sami not to worry, Will is safe and home. Sami says she worried about everything, but she thought she didnt have to worry about Will while he was at school. Lucas says kids have accidents. Sami says hes the most important thing in her life and she cant stop thinking about what happened to Zack. She doesnt know how Bo and Hope are surviving this. Lucas says they will get through this and theyll always be a family. Lucas says just like them. Sami asks Lucas what hes saying, he thinks they are still a family? Does he think they can get back together? He says they are a family, but its not a good idea that they get back together. Sami says being a family means being together, thats what she thinks. Lucas says theyll always be the two most important people in Wills life. Will calls out for his hot chocolate, so Sami says its coming. Sami says she better get the hot chocolate to him. Lucas says he didnt expect her to be disappointed. Sami says she wanted more than anything to be the wife he deserved, the mother Will deserved. She says if they had gotten married they could have been happy, they could have made their dreams come true. Lucas says theyll never know now. Sami says hes right. Sami warms up Wills hot chocolate and gets Lucas a cup too. As she is making his hot chocolate, she finds the letter that Carrie stumbled on the other day, the letter Lucas wrote to her. She reads the letter, in which Lucas tells her that she was his first best friend and always will be. He said his love for her would only grow stronger and he's so glad they married. Lucas heads in to see Will, and Will wonders what is going on with them? Lucas says Sami just got a bit side tracked. Will asks what the story with him and Carrie is, did they have a date? Lucas says they did, and they had a good time. Will asks if this means there is no chance for him and mom getting back together again. Lucas says he loves Sami and shes an amazing woman, but they will never get back together. Will says but they were so happy. Lucas says they were, but they hurt each other a lot. Will says all marriage go through bad times. Lucas says marriage does take a lot of work. Will wonders why they cant work things out if they love each other. Lucas says honesty and trust are important too, and they dont have that. He says they are over. Sami brings in the hot chocolate and hears Lucas talking to Will. She gives him the hot chocolate and runs out. Sami then hears the alarm going off in the elevator.

In the elevator, Carrie is freaking out as Austin holds her. The elevator jars and shakes, causing Carrie to scream. Austin tells her to calm down, they have stopped moving. Austin sounds the alarm so someone will hear and come help them. Carrie begins screaming for help. He asks if she is okay? She says no, she gets claustrophobic in small spaces. He asks since when? She says since an experience she had with Mike in Israel. She says they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, the building was bombed and they got trapped inside. She says it took hours for them to be rescued, and she thought they would never get out. He tells her not to fret, he will get them out of here. He finds an escape hatch to open. Of course he has to take his shirt off to climb up and examine the escape hatch, which is stuck. Carrie tells him to forget it, just dont leave her alone. Austin says hell stay here with her until help comes. He holds her and says it will be okay. He suggests they sit on the floor, shell feel less claustrophobic if they do. She asks him to distract her, tell her about New York. He says he was doing a lot of work there. She cuts him off and says she doesnt want to hear about work, she doesnt mean to be rude. Austin talks about how he became a big brother in New York, and all the stuff he did with kids, the stuff his dad never did with him. Carrie remembers how much Austin wanted a son. Austin says he still does. Carrie begins to feel better. Austin asks if there is anything else she wants to know? She asks about women? Austin says there were some women in New York, but it never got serious. He says he never dated them long enough. She asks how come? He says because they werent her. He tells her life is too short to play games, she is the woman he wants and she knows it. He says he wants her to know that today of all days, and he wishes her Happy Birthday. She thinks he saw Lucas party decorations, but he says he didnt forget. He says he wanted to at least send her a card. She says its okay, she wasnt expecting anything. He says he knows shes angry with him for what he did, but he wishes she could separate her anger over his business decision with him as a person. He says hes not some monster she thinks she is, and he wishes they could start fresh. Carrie says High Style was more than a business, they were a family. She says he was the one who destroyed it, and she doesnt feel like hes the same person she married. Austin says hes not, and neither is she. He says they have both done things they regret, but they cant take them back. Austin says if they have both wanted to get back together then this is not a good reason to keep them apart. Austin hopes she can find a way to forgive him. Sami is outside listening, and she ends up calling to them Austin, Carrie, is that you? They say they are stuck in the elevator and to get them out. Sami says stay calm, theyll get them out of here in no time. Sami tells Austin that he needs to reset the system. She says this has happened many times. She tells him to push a bunch of buttons and it will reset the system and start the elevator. It works, and the doors open. Carrie rushes out, and Austin comes out shirtless. Sami looks at him like hes nuts. Lucas comes out of the apartment and learns Austin and Carrie got stuck in the elevator. Austin decides to go get the prescription, and he tells Carrie to stay here and take it easy. Lucas asks Sami if shes going to be okay after what happened earlier. Sami says shell be fine. Lucas and Carrie then go into their apartment. Sami says Lucas and Austin both want Carrie, but shell make Austin forget all about Carrie. 


March 9, 2006
At Samis place, Shirtless Austin walks out as Sami is pouring coffee. She hands him some, and he thanks her. He says what a night. Sami says yeah, and she thanks Austin for taking care of Will and going to get the medicine. Austin says there isnt anything he wouldnt do for Will. He wonders if they will ever fix that elevator. Sami says probably not. She remembers when the two of them got stuck in it when she was only fifteen, she fell in love with him in two seconds. She says she was just a little girl to him as he was with Carrie. She says some things dont change. He asks what she means. She says he didnt seem unhappy about being stuck in there with Carrie, they were obviously very close. Austin says she was freaking out, but he wont talk about Carrie with her. Sami asks why not, is he hiding something? Austin says Carrie was claustrophobic, that is all. Sami says shes not claustrophobic, shes never been. Sami says Carrie is playing games, she set this up because she wants to be with him. Austin says he doesnt want to talk about Carrie or last night anymore. He says they should just stick to business. He says he needs her to focus on work and be his right hand while Nicole is out of town doing market research. Sami says fine, but he needs breakfast. She then presents him with a nice breakfast, hand squeezed orange juice and a cranberry scone. She also hands him the paper and starts talking about the cubs. She hopes Austins time in New York didnt make him a Yankee fan, otherwise shell regret letting him kiss her last night. Austin says that was a mistake, it shouldnt have happened. She thinks he enjoyed it when it happened. He says they just cant go there again. Sami asks what that means? Sami hopes that wasnt a mercy kiss. Austin says no, but if he led her on then hes sorry. He wants to forget what happened, he doesnt want to ruin their business relationship. He then heads off to get dressed and go to a meeting. Sami is furious, she thinks Carrie wants Austin and Lucas for herself. She says she wont lose them to Carrie again.

Lucas is cleaning up the Happy Birthday Carrie decorations at his place. Carrie shows up and he says he hates taking this down. She says its like the day after Christmas, no more presents. He says yeah, but they had a good time. She says they did, and she thanks him for it. Lucas says making her happy makes him happy. Lucas thinks about the kiss they shared and how close they came to doing it. Lucas asks Carrie what shes thinking about? She says nothing, but shes thinking about being in Austins arms. Carrie tells Lucas she has to tell him something and he probably wont like it. Carrie says she cant have breakfast with him this morning, she has a meeting with Victor. Lucas says thats okay, and he suggests they meet for lunch. She says she should go, and thanks him again for last night. Carrie then quickly runs off. Lucas tells himself that Carrie was so into him last night, but now shes being all polite again. He knows its because of Austin. Later Phillip drops by to check on Will and to give him a videogame for a gift. Will thanks him, and Lucas does too as hell be playing it as well. Will decides to go show his mom hes okay, she spazzed out last night and acts like he lost a leg. Will quickly apologizes, but Phillip says its okay. He tells Will hes doing well and Will will be sorry when he gets off those crutches and they play some one on one. Will leaves, and Phillip and Lucas talk about love and women. Phillip asks Lucas about Sami. Lucas tells Phillip how he and Sami arent going to happen. Will listens at the door as his father talks about his mom. Lucas says he doesnt want to talk about Sami, he has his mind on other things. Phillip thinks hes been thinking about Carrie, and Sami will just love that. Lucas says he doesnt want her approval, and something happened with Carrie last night. Lucas says he told Carrie that he loved her, and she didnt say much. He says they did kiss, and Carrie told him that she wants to have kids and her clock is ticking. Lucas says he may be the right man at the right time. Lucas talks about how he thought things would work with Sami, and hes loved her for a long time. Phillip says he just said hes loved her, not he did love her. Phillip says if he still has feelings for Sami then he better deal with them. Lucas says he doesnt have to after that Stan crap she pulled. He says he cant forgive her for that. Phillip says okay he wont ask her. Lucas says what she did was unforgivable, they are history. He says hed rather kill himself then spend his life with Sami. Lucas says he wants to be with Carrie, and he wants Phillip to give him pointers. He asks how he married Belle when she loved Shawn her whole life. Lucas asks how he gets Carrie to forget about Austin and marry him. Lucas says he wants Carrie, he wants a house with a couple of kids. He says he wont let Austin take Carrie from him. Phillip tells Lucas hes on his side, and let the best brother win.

Austin is waiting for the elevator when Carrie shows up. He says hell risk it if she will. She says she doesnt think so. He says if they get stuck then he knows how to fix it. Sami sees them get into the elevator together and is furious. She realizes she has to do something drastic to get Austin to concentrate on her and not Carrie. Later, Sami sees Will walking by in the hall. She hears him say How could dad tell Aunt Carrie that he loves her. Sami invites Will in and babies him, which he asks her not to do. Sami then asks what her father said, he was in love with Carrie? She wants to know everything he knows. Will says he doesnt know anymore than Lucas said he loved Carrie, and they kissed. Sami says she doesnt think Carrie loves him. Will says dad also says something about a ticking clock. Sami says he must want Carrie to have his children. Will tells Sami as mad as he is about what shes done, he thinks if dad could forgive her then everything would be okay again. Will says he just hoped they could work it out. Sami says she wanted the same thing, she knows how he feels, but his dad wants to be with Aunt Carrie. Sami says she cant waste anymore time trying to change his mind. Sami asks Will what hed think about her getting back together with Austin. Will says what if he still loves Carrie? Later Grandpa Shawn shows up with some chocolate chip cookies from his grandma. Will thanks him and goes to get some milk. Sami hugs her grandpa and cries about how she wishes . . . she wishes so many things. Shawn asks if there is any chance she and Lucas can work things out? Sami says Lucas cant forgive her, and he wants to be with someone else. Shawn says well there has to be a good man out there for her, and dont give up. Sami says there is a man who could make her forget about Lucas. Shawn tells her to fight for him and win. Sami thanks her grandpa for the pep talk, and she sees him out when he has to go. 

Austin walks Carrie to the Brady Pub and they talk. He hopes Carrie has changed her mind and thought about what he said to her last night. Victor shows up and says hello, and Carrie says shes ready for their meeting. Victor asks Carrie if she would mind to get a cup of coffee for him so he can say something to Austin. Carrie says thats okay, shed like to talk to her grandmother anyways. Carrie chats with Caroline. Caroline asks if she had a nice birthday? Carrie says she did, and she thanks her for the sweaters. Caroline asks if she wants coffee, but Carrie says no shes nervous enough. Caroline says it must be stressful living with Lucas and have Austin living down the hall. Carrie says Lucas told her that he loved her last night. Caroline says its not exactly a surprise. Carrie says then she got suck in the elevator with Austin. Caroline says shes in a difficult position. Carrie says shes fighting her feelings for Austin, but Lucas makes more sense. Caroline says love doesnt usually make sense. Carrie asks Caroline what to do. Carrie says Lucas is a great guy, and he wants more children. She says she is running out of time, she wants children too. She says Lucas could be Mr Right. Caroline asks if Austin is Mr Wrong? Carrie doesnt know, she thought her feelings for him were dead but they arent. Caroline tells Carrie its not going to be easy. Caroline said she had to make a decision between Shawn and Victor years ago. She says she chose Shawn, he was the right choice. Carrie asks if she ever had regrets? Caroline says she knew if her heart that she had done the right thing, so she didnt have regrets. Caroline tells Carrie to search her soul, dont make a decision until shes ready to commit heart, body and soul to one man. Carrie says whatever decision she makes, Sami wont be happy for her. Caroline says she thinks Sami is cursed, shes had so many chances to be happy and has lost them all. Carrie thinks that is why she hates her. Caroline says no shes jealous of Carrie. Caroline says its Samis fault that Austin and Lucas both turned from her. Carrie says Sami blames her, and she thinks history is about to repeat himself. Caroline says there is nothing like a Sami scorned.

Meanwhile, Victor tells Austin that even though they are competitors it doesnt mean he doesnt still feel close to Austin. Victor says Austin reminds him of himself when he was younger. Victor asks what is going on with him and Carrie. Victor says Carrie is working for him now, working with Lucas, he would rather Austin not complicate things for Carrie. Austin asks Victor if hes telling him to stay away from Carrie? Victor says hes just saying dont cause trouble. Victor says Lucas is fond of Carrie, and they are living together. Austin says in separate rooms and beds. Victor thinks not for long, Lucas does have the advantage over him. Victor talks about how he had to let Caroline go, and how the heartache for her always remains. However he moved on. Victor tells Austin from experience hes learned the more success one achieves, the less you can trust women. Austin says it wouldnt be that way with Carrie. He says Bill Gates has gazillions of dollars, is happily married and does a lot of good with his money. He knows that is Carries dream, they could do a lot of good together. Victor doesnt think so. He says he has to think about Titan, and he cant have Carries feelings for Austin affect his business. Victor tells Austin if he wants to be a business mogul then let Carrie go. Austin says he cant do that, he will win on all fronts. Victor says he wants to do that too, and so does Lucas. Austin looks at Carrie and says he wont give up on her, she is the woman he loves.

On Morgan Island, Hope wakes up, hugs Zacks stuffed animal and tells Zack good morning and that she loves him. She sees the hammock outside is empty, and thinks Patrick must have gone out. She heads outside to take a shower (its out doors), opens the curtain and finds Patrick standing there nude! Patrick quickly covers and says he should have warned her about the shower. She says shes very embarrassed. He basically tells her not to be. He tells her to get in there and hell fill the water bucket and set it up for her. Hope turns the shower on, gets hit in the face with water and freaks out. She opens the curtain, and Patrick gets a look at her! Hope jumped out because the water was freezing. He says hes sorry he forgot to tell her, the cold water wakes him up. Hope covers up, and Patrick gives Hope a peace offering, some flowers the island women use as a perfume. Patrick tells her that he believes in the legend, he thinks shell renew her love for Bo while shes here. Hope says she cant go back to Bo now, she cant even look at him. Later, Patrick brings Hope a breakfast tray. He says he went fishing before she got up, and he has local everything for her. Hope says she could get used to this. He says shes welcomed to stay as long as she likes, but watch out as this island tends to make people want to stay forever. Patrick cleans up the dishes and tells Hope to just relax, its her first morning here. Later Hope is in her room crying. Patrick asks whats wrong? Hope says hes been wonderful but she has to leave. She says hes here so she should go. She should find another hut, another island. Patrick says he doesnt want her to go. 

At the campsite in the woods, Billie and Bo are spooning when they wake up. He wonders what happened? She says they spent the night together in his sleeping bag. He asks if they . . . . Billie says they kept each other warm and slept. He says thats it? She says well no, he got plastered, wrecked his bike and shot some beer bottles as well as her arm. Bo says now he remembers, and he says they are lucky it wasnt worse. He says he needs some coffee. He goes for some rations. Billie says this reminds her of a trip she took with Patrick a year ago. Bo cuts her off and says thanks for sharing, fortunately she dumped the creep. Billie says she knows he never liked Patrick, but he was good to her and they could have had something. She says it is over though, he left Salem. Bo gets curious, he left Salem when his wife did. He says no, they cant be together. He says if they were, hed have to kill him. Billie says there is no way they can be together, Patrick left before she did. Billie says Patrick told her he left so he didnt come between him and Hope. Bo doesnt believe that, and he says this coffee sucks. Bo then finds Billies keys on the ground, and she says now they can go home and have real coffee. Bo says shes going alone, hes not going back to Salem. Bo says his wife isnt there, his oldest son hates him, his youngest son is gone. Bo says if he goes home hell live in that house all by himself, why would he want to do that. Billie asks if hell go look for Hope? He says she doesnt want to be with him, if she did then she could find him. Billie says his family is in Salem and needs him, and Chelsea needs him too. She begs him not to turn his back on those who love him, please come home with her. 

Billie brings Bo home, and Bo finds he has a message from Hope. Its a text message from her saying not to look for her, shell be back for Chelseas trial and shell do everything she can to make sure she goes to jail. Hope says if he loves her then hell support her, dont ask her to change her mind. Hope says if protecting Chelsea is his only priority then so be it. Billie says Hope is telling him to choose, what is he going to do?


March 10, 2006
On Morgan Island, Hope packs her things as Patrick tells her that she really shouldnt be by herself right now. He thinks she needs a friend around to support her. Hope says and hes that person? Patrick says she bets he is. He says try it for a few days, if it doesnt work then she can leave. Hope says she came here to be alone, so she has to go. She begs Patrick as a friend to just leave it be. Patrick says hell take her wherever she wants to go. Hope says she thought she could run away from her problems, but she cant. She says she has been so busy blaming Billie, Bo and Chelsea that she hasnt blamed herself. She says she shouldnt have let Zack stay at that sleepover, she should have taught Zack not to go out into the street. She cries on Patricks shoulder that she deserves to be punished as much as Chelsea does. Hope breaks down and says shes afraid to face life, shes afraid to be without Bo. Patrick says shes allowed to be afraid, she needs time to grieve though. He says before she leaves the island he wants to take her someplace to get perspective. 

Patrick takes Hope to a cliff top where there is a school. He says he volunteers here, and the kids should be out for recess soon. She doesnt think she can be around them right now. Patrick says he wanted to show her that life goes on, but they can go. A boy shows up who knows Patrick, and Patrick introduces Hope to his friend James. James says shes pretty and gives her a hug. Hope thanks him, and says thank you to Patrick as well. More kids show up and they play with the kids. The boys are big football fans, and Patrick runs a sports clinic when hes here as the school cant afford a PE teacher. He tells the boys to show Hope how well they can throw and catch the ball. As Hope watches them, Hope thinks James is Zack, he morphs into Zack in front of her eyes. As the kids play, James/Zack goes over a cliff! Hope thinks the boy is Zack, and she rushes to save him. She finds a board and sticks it over the cliff, which the boy is hanging onto. Unfortunately Hope falls over!

Chelsea meets Abby at the Brady Pub, Abby asked her to meet her there. Chelsea says shell never guess what happened to her last night. Abby says wanna bet. She shows Chelsea her photo on the cover of the Intruder with the headline Tot Killing Teen Runs Wild! Chelsea reads the story and says this is a lie, she didnt offer sex for a beer. Chelsea says she just took a beer from a guy and gave him a kiss in return. She says then Max came in, took her beer and gave a lecture. Chelsea says the guy took the photo, and Max pinned him against the wall and she took his film. She wonders where this photo came from. Abby says maybe he had a memory stick. Chelsea says its not even a good shot. Abby tells her how she looks is irrelevant, shes supposed to be sorry about what happened. Chelsea says she is sorry. Abby says partying at clubs wont convince Salem, and when Bo and Billie find out they will go ballistic. Chelsea says they cant let her dad see this.

At Bos, Billie and Bo are still arguing about what to do about Chelsea. Billie thinks Bo wants to send her to jail. Bo says no, he just thinks the legal system needs to do its job, they shouldnt have interfered in the first place. Bo says Chelseas future is up to the courts, he wont lose his marriage over this. Billie says she understand how Hope feels, but it was an accident. Billie says she wants him to stand by Hope but not at Chelseas expense. Bo says he isnt abandoning their daughter, but she needs to be punished and shes out of control. Billie says that would be because they were out of control once too, she gets it from them. Billie says Chelsea has grown up, she has learned her actions have consequences. Bo then sees the cover of the Intruder and shows it to Billie. He says so this is the new Chelsea she speaks of. Bo says face it, Chelsea manipulated her like she manipulates everyone else. Billie says he makes her sound pathological. Bo cant believe Chelsea lied to Billie and Billie is defending her. Chelsea and Abby show up, Chelsea is hoping her dad hasnt seen the paper yet. Chelsea walks in and kisses Bo and says Hi Daddy. How are you. She says she brought them donuts, and she asks Billie what shes doing here. Bo shows her the paper. She says she can explain it. He says hes through hearing her explanations. She says she is sorry. He says shes sorry she lost her license, shes sorry about the accident, shes sorry she didnt know she ran over Zack, shes sorry she killed him. He says and the way she shows it by going out to party. She says give her a chance. He says hes given her enough chances, it's over. Bo says hes leaving, hes going to church to pray for Zack. Billie asks Chelsea how she could do this? Billie asks Abby for some alone time with Chelsea, so Abby leaves. Billie tells Chelsea that she promised her that she wouldnt go out. Chelsea says she got bored. Billie says so she traded one fun night out for a prison sentence? Chelsea says it wasnt like what the papers said. Billie says that doesnt matter, everyone in Salem will read that and no jury will be sympathetic to her. She also tells Chelsea not to count on Bos help either. Billie says Hope is coming back for the trial and Bo is going to support her. Chelsea says he cant, shes Bos daughter. Billie says and Hope is his wife. Chelsea says she has to change Bos mind, but Billie doesnt think she can. Chelsea says she can, Billie loves him, Hope is gone, put out for him. Billie slaps Chelsea! Billie says how dare she, how dare she make another stupid and selfish decision and then ask her to sleep with someone to save her butt! Chelsea tells her mom to stop being so melodramatic, its not like she doesnt love Bo. Billie says she cares about him and respects him, she wont seduce him to change his mind. Chelsea says shes done it before, and she knows what her mom has tried in the past. She says her mom always failed because Hope was in the way, but shes not anymore. She says its a win win situation for all of them, they can be a family. Billie tells her to stop it. Billie says she wont do it, she wont break Bo and Hope up. Chelsea thinks her mom has regretted giving Bo up when Hope came back. She says if she hadnt let Bo go, if she had stayed with him then all of this (waving to the house) would have been hers. Chelsea says it still can be, shes getting a second chance. Chelsea says her mom still loves Bo and Bo loves her down too. She says stop playing the hooker with a heart of gold and go after Bo. Billie cant believe her. Chelsea says if she doesnt do this then dont bother visiting her in prison, she wont see her, she wont have a mother anymore. Chelsea then walks out.

Shawn and Mimi meet up with Calliope at the church for the wedding rehearsal. Calliope is all excited about this, and she asks Mimi why shes looking faint? Mimi says shes not going to faint. She says she hasnt eaten much today. Calliope tells her that she must eat, she doesnt have to worry about what she looks like in the wedding dress. She says no fainting at a Calliope Jones wedding, Mimi looks like a fainter. Calliope also wants to talk about the reception and what the theme should be. Calliope says everyone seems down, so shes thinking an uplifting  kind of a theme is bubbles. Mimi and Shawn dont think so and say they are traditional people. Calliope says okay, cancel the bubble machines. Calliope rushes off, and Shawn and Mimi kiss. Phillip, Claire and Belle show up. They say they are sorry they are late, Claire had a little melt down, shes been really fussy today. They cant get her to eat, so Shawn offers to give her a bottle. Phillip says she keeps throwing the bottle across the room. Shawn takes her and she settles right down. Shawn thinks she takes after her godfather, and in twenty years shell be playing in the major leagues. Mimi goes to tell Father Jansen that they are ready to begin. 

Bonnie shows up and steals some Holy Water, she says nothing like it for curing what ails you. Mimi wonders how it is at saving relationships, because when Shawn learns the truth theyll be over. Bonnie lights some candles to atone for some sins and hope everything will go well with Mimi and Shawns wedding. Mimi doesnt think its going to work. Bonnie tells Mimi what happened between Shawn and Belle has nothing to do with her. Mimi says it created Claire. Bonnie says they dont even remember it,  it cant have been that good if they forgot it. Mimi says she knows it happened, how can she marry Shawn before God when shes keeping him away from Claire. Bonnie says hes a part of her life, hes her godfather. Mimi says hes her father, he should know that before the wedding so he can decide who he really wants to marry. Bonnie begs Mimi not to do this, shes won. She says if she tells him the truth then shell blow it. Mimi says her mom always says how wonderful she is and how much Shawn loves her. Bonnie says she is and he does. Mimi says then why does she think hed choose Belle over her. Bonnie says she doesnt, but if he does, is Mimi will to take the chance. Mimi says she is, she wont start her marriage off with a lie. Bonnie asks why Mimi would risk her happiness? Mimi says she and Rex were happy too, but her lie cost her Rex. She says she doesnt want to make that mistake again, she has to come clean before she marries Shawn.

Meanwhile, Shawn continues to hold Claire, and she is giggling and happy. Phillip says hes never seen her so happy in someone elses arms. Belle says she hasnt either. Phillip says its like Claire knows hes her godfather. Calliope says no offense Phillip but its like she thinks Shawn is her father, that or shes learning to flirt early. Later they all head to the chapel and hear Mimi telling her mom that she has to tell Shawn the truth. Shawn asks what shes talking about? Mimi tells Shawn that before they marry she has a confession to make. Calliope says they certainly do, they need to go to confession right after the rehearsal. She says places everyone, shes going to go get Father Jansen. Belle and Phillip take Claire to the nursery, per Bonnies suggestion. Bonnie says she has to keep that kid away form Shawn. Mimi wonders if her mom feels bad about manipulating people in church at all? Bonnie tries yet again to convince Mimi to keep quiet and marry Shawn. She gets Mimi to imagine her wedding day, imagine marrying Shawn. Mimi begins to cry. Meanwhile, Belle sees Mimi with her mom and Shawn with Phillip. She then looks at her wedding ring. 

Father Jansen starts the rehearsal, and later they finish up with practicing their kissing. Bo arrives at church, and Shawn asks what hes doing here? Bo says he was going to ask him the same thing. Shawn says hes finishing his wedding rehearsal. Bo says and he didnt invite his parents? Mimi tells Shawn maybe he should talk to his father alone. Shawn says no, he doesnt want him here or at the wedding. Mimi just doesnt want him to make a decision he will regret. She says this is their wedding day, she doesnt want anyone to be unhappy. Shawn says hell talk to his dad for Mimis sake. Calliope then asks Father Jansen to hear these kids confessions.  Belle says shell go first. 

Belle enters the confessional and confesses to Father Jansen that shes in love with someone other than her husband and she doesnt know what to do. She says she does love Phillip, but she loves Shawn more. She also knows Shawn loves her too. Father Jansen remembers what Shawn did on her wedding day. He asks is she is planning a similar declaration of love for this wedding? She says no, and she knew then she made a mistake. She says before she could do anything Phillip was shipped off to war, then taken prisoner, then lost his leg, and now they have Claire. He tells her all she can do is pray for strength to honor her wedding vows. She says she could stop the wedding, but he says she still has a husband and child. She says she could get a divorce. HE says the church doesnt recognize divorce. She says but people do it every day. Father Jansen says God gave her free will to make her choice, and she has made the choice to stay with her husband and family. He says something is telling her to make that decision, the right decision. She is joined in holy matrimony with Phillip forever.

Bo talks to Shawn, he says he came to light a candle for Zack. He asks if Hope knows about this wedding. Shawn says no, he lied to her and said the wedding was weeks away. Shawn says lying must run in the family. Bo says his mom will be hurt to miss his wedding. Shawn says not as hurt as what Bo did to her, which is why she had to get away and he doesnt blame her. Bo says hell regret not having his mom at the wedding. Shawn says he already does, and he blames his dad for this. Bo tells Shawn one day he will have a child and will understand the need to protect them. He says he protects Chelsea like hes protected him. Shawn says he never killed anyone. Bo says he could have with that motorcycle stunt. Bo says he pulled every string he could to get him out of jail. Shawn says no he didnt, he wanted him to go to jail to learn his lesson. Shawn says now Chelsea needs to learn hers. Shawn tries to walk off, but Bo grabs him. They struggle, and Phllip breaks them up. Bo drops his copy of the Intruder in the progress. Shawn then sees the cover. He says hes still defending Chelsea after this? He says he was protecting his daughter. Shawn says what about protecting Zack? He says this is why mom left and why shes not coming back.

Bonnie continues to try and convince Mimi to keep quiet. Mimi thinks maybe Father Jansen can help her to know what to do. Bonnie says shes going to confess this to him? Mimi says yes, she cant have this sin on her conscious. Bonnie says at least hes bound to secrecy. Bonnie just wishes shed let this go. Mimi says she doesnt want to spend her life worrying that her lie is going to come out. Bonnie says shes never had that problem, she rolls the dice and takes her chances. Bonnie thinks about what it would be like if she actually went into a confessional. She has a fantasy, or nightmare, about confessing all her sins to Father Jansen. As shes confessing, the church begins to rocking and smoke seeps into the confessional. Father Jansen tells Bonnie shes on her own and run for it. Bonnie says no way will she step foot into a confessional. Later, Bonnie lights another candle and asks God to help Mimi see that keeping quiet is the right thing to do. Meanwhile, Mimi goes into the confessional to confess. Mimi says God has forgiven her for some major things. Father Jansen is glad she recognizes his mercy. Mimi thinks right now shes pushing her luck. She says she knows something and if other people find out many lives will change. She tells Father Jansen that Phillip isnt Claires father, Shawn is. He says and shes kept this from Shawn. She says shes tried to tell him but things come up every time she starts. She says if they learn the truth then shell lose Shawn and Belle will leave Phillip. Father Jansen says he cant give her absolution until she tells Shawn, and she cant marry her without absolution.

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