March 13 , 2006
At Lucas' place, Sami shows up to check on Will. Lucas says Will is spending the night at the pub with his grandparents. Lucas says he has some plans for tonight. Sami says what with some girl. Lucas says yes and he thinks he knows who. She looks around and sees her favorite flowers out. She thinks Lucas wants to have her over tonight. He says no, he made a mistake and confused her and Carrie. He says his plans are for him and Carrie. Sami says fine, be with Carrie, she'll be with Austin anyways. He says not after the way she's burned Austin, neither one of them will have anything to do with her. She says just watch, she will end up with Austin.

In the hallway, Austin and Carrie run into one another. Austin was hoping he'd see her, he'd like to talk to her about some things. Carrie fantasizes that Austin tells her how much he loves her and kisses her. Austin simply asks if they can meet later tonight to talk. Carrie says she'd like that.

At Salem Park, Lexie runs away from Tek after he grabs and kisses her. She then runs into Carrie. Carrie needs some advice, so they sit down to talk. At this point Sami shows up and spies on them from the bushes. She spies on them as they talk. Carrie wonders if it is possible to be in love with two men at once. Lexie says yes, but who are the men? She assumes one is Austin. Carrie says yes, she thought she had gotten rid of her feelings for him after he took over her company, but she hadn't .She says the other is Lucas. Carrie says what makes this even more complicated is that Sami wants them both as well. Carrie says Sami is still in love with Lucas, but since he wants nothing to do with her she is moving on. Carrie says Sami was honest with her about her intentions towards Austin, and at the time she was still angry with Austin so told Sami to go for it. Lexie says and now she regrets that. Carrie does. Lexie suggest Carrie not worry about Sami in all of this. Carrie says Lexie is right, after all Sami had her chance with both of them and blew it. Sami is furious when she hears this and thinks maybe Carrie should find a new guy or go back to Mike. Lexie says Carrie needs to figure out which man she loves more. She says close your eyes and say the name of the man you feel you love more. Carrie of course says Austin. Lexie tells her then she knows what she has to do. Lexie says tell Lucas the truth, the sooner the better. Carrie thanks her and leaves. Then Tek returns and grabs and kisses Lexie. They head into the bushes where Sami is hiding, causing her to have to move a bit and hide elsewhere. Sami watches as Tek and Lexie make love! She can't believe what a hypocrite Lexie is and how this information could be useful. Sami then sees Carrie sitting on a park bench and doubling over in pain calling out for help. Sami makes a face like Carrie is faking.

At the Brady Pub, Austin shows up to see Caroline. He says he's planning a surprise dinner for Carrie, he'd like all her favorite foods. Caroline says okay, and he should have a seat and wait. Once Austin sits down, Lucas comes down the steps and thanks Caroline for letting Will stay the night. Caroline says Shawn will love having someone to watch the game with. Lucas then asks Caroline for a favor, he needs Carrie's favorite desert, he's surprising her with a romantic dinner tonight. Lucas says oh boy! Lucas asks Caroline if she thinks he has a shot with Carrie. Caroline says yes, and she likes him very much. She says she liked him with Sami too. She asks Lucas if he thinks there is no hope for him and Sami, but he says none. Later the boys orders are ready, so she gives them to them and they head off.

Back in the hallway at Sami and Lucas' building, Austin and Lucas run into one another with their bags of food. Lucas thinks Austin is having a late working night with Sami, but he says no. He asks Lucas what he's planning? Lucas says he has a hot date with Carrie. Lucas heads into his apartment and Bo says he's afraid he can't let that date happen. 

On Morgan Island, Hope falls over the cliff as she goes to save James, whom she mistakes for Zack. However she only falls to a ledge below where James happens to be standing. However the added weight is making it crumble. Patrick rushes to save them. He lowers a rope and James climbs up first. Before Hope can, the ledge gives way. Hope hangs onto a tree branch, and Patrick moves the rope over to her. He pulls her up, but something is wrong, she can't feel her legs. Patrick thinks they need to call Bo, so he calls Bo on his phone. He hands it to Hope, but she just hangs up. A doctor is brought in and examines Hope. He says she has some swelling in her back/spine which is causing the loss of sensation in her legs, it shouldn't last too long. He says she will need bed rest. Patrick insists he look after Hope at her place. Later Hope wakes up in Patrick's bed. She didn't even realize she had fallen asleep. He brings her tea and insists he take care of her until she's better.

At the church, Father Jansen warns Mimi that if she doesn't tell Shawn the truth about Claire then he can't marry her. She says if she tells him the truth then she'll lose him, SHawn has very strong feelings about family and that a child should be raised by its parents together. Father Jansen says he cannot marry her and Shawn in church when there is a lie between them. Mimi leaves the confessional and finds Bo and Shawn still arguing. She goes to Shawn and says she has something important to ask of him, she needs his forgiveness. She asks SHawn to forgive his father, do this for her. She says this wedding should bring people together, not drive them apart. He agrees to forgive Bo, saying it is what Zack would want. Bo just hopes Hope can forgive him now. Bo gets a strange feeling that Hope is in danger right now. He gets a phone call, but nobody speaks, and the number is blocked. Bo goes to light a candle and pray for Zack. Later Mimi and Shawn continue their talk. She brings up Claire and their duty to them. He says they have an important duty as her godparents. She tries to tell him that he's the father of Claire, but she chickens out. Shawn then begins talking about how he hopes to start a family with her soon, and he is glad she made him forgive his father. He says his dad was good to him and Zack, and he is just being good to Chelsea as well. Shawn says he doesn't know what he'd do if he found out he had a child and had been lied to about it, he'd hate the person who didn't tell him. Later they prepare to leave, and Shawn tells Father Jansen they'll see him tomorrow. Father Jansen says "then Mimi told you."

Back at the Brady Pub, Bo arrives to talk to his mom about Hope. He says Hope left him a text message saying she'd be back for Chelsea's trial and that he has to choose between her and Chelsea. Caroline feels terrible for the position Bo has been put in. She feels Bo needs to go after Hope, but Bo says Hope made it clear she wants to be alone right now.



March 14, 2006

Alex comes into Marlenas room to see her. Marlena says shes been thinking about something, the bracelet he gave her seems like it should have been engraved, why didnt he engrave it. To himself he says because he dug it out of a hospital trashcan. Alex says he wasnt sure shed like it or not. She says of course she does, she likes everything he gives her. He says then hell have it engraved. She asks what hell have it say? To himself he says Dear Bracelet, I found you just in time, you saved me from the hangmans noose. Ill always love you, Alex. Alex tells her that hell keep it simple. He says Lexie is here to see her, and Marlena says shed like to see her. Alex lets LExie in. Alex then leaves them. Marlena asks Lexie how she is. Lexie says shes fine. Marlena asks how Abe is doing. Lexie says hes been home for some time, hes getting his sight back but is having trouble with his night vision. Marlena says shes so great standing by him all this time. Lexie says well he is her husband. Lexie says the reason she is here is because John is worried about her. Marlena asks why? Suddenly Alex rushes in saying that Marlena is his wife, she is none of Johns concern. Alex says once they renew their vows then John will be out of their lives forever. Alex says he wont let Lexie continue to be Marlena's doctor if she continues to undermine her confidence in him. She says she understands. Alex says if he seems overprotective it is because Lexie pronounced a few dozen people dead, including Marlena. Alex says he only has Marlenas best interests at mind. Lexie also points out that she was the one who recommended John bring in Dr. North as a consult. Lexie asks Marlena how shes been feeling. She says shes fine, shes not sleeping well thought. She says shes just taking an over the counter medication for sleeping. Lexie asks to see it, so she gives it to Lexie. Lexie asks if they help her sleep. Marlena says yes, they make her a little groggy. Lexie asks Dr. North to excuse them and let her examine Marlena. Dr. North says no, she is feeling fine as se said. North says thank you for stopping by, but now he will see her out. Alex basically drags Lexie out of Marlenas room, and she finds that a bit odd. Later, Marlena asks Alex if he thinks he was a little rude to Lexie. Alex says no, she was here spying for John. He changes the topic, he has a surprise for her. He says he has found the perfect place for their second honeymoon. He shows her a brochure and says its the perfect isolated hideaway, nobody will find them and interrupt them. Marlena asks how long they will be gone? He says long enough to forget about John, Lois and all the other bad things that have happened these last few months. Marlena says she feels so bad about Lois. Alex says shed still be with them if John hadnt given her that truth serum. Marlena says she knows, and the only person she had to help her was Alex. Alex says speaking of Lois, he just got a letter naming him the executer of her estate. He says he wont do it though. Marlena thinks he should, she feels guilty about what happened. Alex says it was John who caused Lois death, she has nothing to blame herself for. Marlena thanks him, but she thinks they should at least be responsible for the burial. She also wonders what they are to do with her belongings. Alex thinks about his time with Lois up at some cabin of hers. Alex hoped she didn't have any photos of them lying around, it would ruin their plans if someone found them. Lois said she had them tucked away. Alex tells MArlena he has to go run an errand, he just realized he has a few things to do at the travel agent for the honeymoon. He then runs off.

John meets with Abe and Tek at the pub. Abe doesnt like having Lexie go over there, if this puts her life at risk . . . John says Lexie is the reason North is in their lives to begin with. Abe says Lexie was just trying to help, she had no way of knowing any of this would happen. John says the bottom line is that Lexie is responsible for Marlenas treatment, especially after last night. Abe asks what John was thinking breaking into the penthouse. John says he was looking for the evidence to prove what Alex said to him. John tells Abe and Tek what happened last night, that Marlena knew him said she loved him, but was also confused about Alex. John tells Abe and Tek that they would have acted the same way if they had seen how Marlena was acting. He wanted to take her out of there right then, but LExie insisted she leave her there as he could have placed her in more danger from Alex. They ask John how he got out of the penthouse? We see flashbacks of John going out on the terrace to hide as Alex checked on Marlena. Once Alex left, he snuck out. Abe tells John that he has to be more careful, hes playing into Alexs hands. Abe says John is being too careless, what would have happened if Alex found him last night. Lexie shows up and says that is what she told him. Lexie tells John that she observed Marlena carefully as they were talking, she saw no evidence that Marlena was under the influence of any psychoactive drugs. She also looked at the medicine shes taking, its a common sleeping pill. John says last night Marlena was completely out of it. Lexie says the simple explanation is that Marlena was groggy and confused last night. John says so she thinks Marlena was so out of it that she didnt know it was him that she was kissing. Lexie says shes sorry, she may have thought he was Alex. John doesnt know what to do anymore. Abe says he needs to stay away from them. John asks Abe what hed do if some jerk was out to get Lexie, would he stay away from them? Tek and Lexie casts looks at each other. Abe says he wouldnt stop until he ran the son of a bitch out of Lexies life. Tek asks John what hes going to do though, every time he tries to do something he comes off looking like the bad guy. Abe believes Alex killed Lois and framed John, but he says they have no proof against Alex for anything. John suddenly realizes there is a way for Lois to tell them everything they need to know, from the grave. He tells Abe they should go. Abe asks where, and John says hell see. Abe doesnt want to leave Lexie alone right now if Alex is getting suspicious, so Tek offers to stay with her. Lexie says that is fine with her. John and Abe then leave. Tek tells Lexie he had a great time with her in the park. Lexie tells Tek that they cant do that again. She tells him that she cant do this, but Tek says she can. He says shes just feeling guilty, come with him and give into what they both want. Lexie says fine, shell leave first and meet him at his car. Lexie leaves, followed by Tek.

Alex goes to Lois cabin and begins looking for photos of him and Lois together. Later, Alex begins rigging the furnace to blow the whole cabin up. As Alex leaves the cabin, John and Abe arrive at the doorstep and wonder what hes doing here. Back at the penthouse, Marlena begins having memories of being in bed with John last night. She wonders why she cant stop thinking about John when shes married to Alex.

Outside of the church, Belle, Phillip and Claire arrive. Bonnie is someone nearby. Phillip and Bonnie are on their phones, it seems like they are talking to each other about some kind of plan.

In the church, Father Jansen thinks that Mimi has told Shawn the truth. He says the truth about what? Father Jansen says about Claire. Shawn says they had a long talk about Claire. Mimi flashes back to their talk about Claire, but she did not tell Shawn the truth. Mimi tells Father Jansen that they talked all about Shawns responsibilities to Claire. Shawn says they did, and they are ready to get married. Father Jansen thought Shawn would want his own child in his life. Shawn says yes but he loves Mimi so much that he doesnt mind adopting with her. Father Jansen misunderstands and thinks Mimi has told Shawn. He gives them his blessing and says hell be happy to marry them tomorrow. As they are leaving, Shawn tells Mimi that he has something special planned for her, he wants to take her somewhere nice. 

Shawn takes Mimi to someplace in the park where a gazebo has been decorated for them. Belle and Phillip soon show up and see them together, as does Bonnie. Shawn tells Mimi he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Belle doesnt look too happy as they kiss. Shawn says this is kind of a rehearsal dinner for tomorrow, to thank them all for what theyve done for them. Shawn them makes a practice toast to Mimi, saying how lucky he is to have her, how much he loves her and how hell always be faithful to her. They toast and Shawn and Mimi share another kiss. Belle slurps down her champagne. Mimi thanks them all for this, this was sweet. Phillip says it was all Shawns idea. Phillip then asks Mimi for a dance, and Shawn shares a dance with Belle. Shawn talks about how he can't believe he is getting married tomorrow. Belle says she can't help but wonders if hes going to change his mind about this marriage. Shawn says he loves Mimi, and she and Phillip have each other. Belle says the two of them . . . . Shawn says are over, so stop torturing them both and pretending they arent. He says if she cant be happy for them then he doesnt want her there. Later, Phillip tells Shawn not to sweat the small stuff tomorrow, just enjoy his day. Shawn says it means a lot that they are still friends after what he did to Phillip and Shawns wedding. Phillip says he is happy for Shawn and he and Mimi will have what he and Belle have. To herself, Belle says she has to stop this wedding.

Meanwhile, Bonnie tells Mimi that this is it, tomorrow all their dreams come true. She says Mimi will marry Shawn and cash in on his trust fund. Mimi says Father Jansen wont marry them if she isnt honest with Shawn. She says she hasnt told Shawn, but Father Jansen thinks she has. She says now shes lying to a priest on top of everything. Bonnie says this is the right thing to do. Mimi cant believe that. Bonnie says well it is the smart thing to do. Mimi doesnt know if she can take her vows while keeping this from Shawn. Bonnie says the vows say love and honor, they dont say anything about telling the truth about babies. Bonnie tells Mimi to just keep her eyes on the prize, make Shawn her husband tomorrow and live happily ever after.

At the park, Sami sees Carrie on the ground in pain. Sami remembers what Carrie said to Lexie about her, and she wonders why she should even care about her sister. She then realizes that Carrie is her sister and she has to help her. Carrie recovers, and so Sami says she should get out of here. Sami then sneezes. Carrie asks if someone is there? Sami pretends to walk out and say hello to Carrie. She says she looks terrible, is she okay? Carrie says she got a really bad cramp, but shes okay now. Sami tells Carrie that they need to get her to a doctor, they should go. Carrie tells Sami it means a lot that they are getting closer, so she needs to be honest with Sami about what is going on between her and Austin. Sami thinks she knows what Carrie wants to say, she wants to move on with her life, but Austin still wants to be with her. Sami says that Austin will have to come to terms with Carrie's decision. Sami wont let Carrie get a word in. She talks about how Lucas and her are finished, and she knows Lucas is interested in Carrie. Sami says she wants Carrie to be happy, and she knows Carrie wants her to be happy too. Carrie says she does want her to be happy, but she needs to be honest. Sami says she knows Carrie wouldnt do anything to hurt her. Sami hugs Carrie and says shes such a great big sister, shes so lucky to have her. 

Austin knocks on Lucas door looking for Carrie. Lucas says shes not here and it will have to wait till tomorrow. Austin says no, hes having dinner with Carrie tonight. Lucas says like hell you are. Austin tells Lucas that he knows he has plans with Carrie, but they arent going to happen. Austin tells Lucas that he didnt want to hurt him, but Carrie has feelings for him still. Lucas says yeah she hates him for stealing her company and wants nothing to do with him. Austin says hes dreaming if he thinks that. Austin tells Lucas hes a weasel, he sat back and watched him do what he did to her company. He says Lucas hurt her just as much. Lucas says not his problem, and its not his problem that Carrie doesnt love him anymore. Austin says thats not true and thats not the problem, the problem is Lucas. Austin says Lucas cant accept that Carrie doesnt love him and never will. Lucas says he knows he can win Carries heart, and hes the one living with her. Austin says this is stupid, hes done arguing with him. He says when Carrie gets here then she can decide. Sami and Carrie then walk into the apartment. Lucas and Austin both invite Carrie to have a special dinner with them. Lucas asks Carrie who it will be? Carrie looks at them both, and Sami just looks pissed. Sami says they are putting Carrie in a vulnerable position, what if she doesnt want to eat with either one of them. Sami suggests they all eat together. Carrie hates being put in this position, and she likes Samis idea, they should have dinner together.


March 15, 2006

At Shawns loft, Mimi thanks Shawn for the party in the park, it was so much fun. Shawn says the next time hell see her is tomorrow at St. Luke's. She says its a date, and shell miss him tonight. He says it will be their last night apart. Shawn says hes the luckiest guy in the world, he gets to marry the most incredible girl. Mimi has a flash to Father Jansen telling her that he couldnt marry her and Shawn until she told him the truth. Shawn sees something is bothering her and he asks what is wrong. She says shes just being a nervous bride to be. 

At their loft, Belle is giving Phillip instructions on caring for Claire. He tells her to relax, theyll be fine. He says just have a good time with the bride to be. Belle says she cant go through with this. Phillip asks what she means, what cant she go through with? She thinks about arguing with Shawn about the wedding. Belle says she just doesnt think she can . . . Phillip thinks she just cant bear to be away from Claire. He says he and Shawn can handle it, and theyll both miss her very much. He gives her a hug and kiss as Shawn and Mimi walk in. Phillip says hey hes trying to have a moment with his wife, how about knocking. Of course he's just joking. He then says the countdown till the wedding has started. Mimi thanks Phillip for keeping an eye on her guy tonight, she hopes he doesnt have anything wild planned. He says does that mean he has to cancel the strippers? Phillip says relax, and he shows her some of the movies he has for them to watch tonight. Meanwhile, Belle tries to convince Shawn to meet her on the roof. Shawn says no, hes not sneaking out, not tonight. Mimi says goodbye to Shawn, and Belle and Mimi head over to Mimi and Shawns place. Mimi asks Belle what is wrong, and she says everything.  

Later, Phillip and Shawn fall asleep on the couch watching movies. When Claire cries, Shawn gets up to check on her. He then sees a photo of Belle holding Claire and caresses it. Later he gives Claire a bottle and tells her how she is the most beautiful little girl hes ever seen, he hopes his little girl is as beautiful as her.  Meanwhile, Belle is sleeping on the couch, Mimi is in a chair crying as she watches some movie. The movie ends, and Mimi realizes Belle fell asleep. She turns it off, and Belle begins talking in her sleep about Shawn. She says she has to stop the wedding. Mimi hears this and is shocked. Mimi then makes a call and says they have big trouble.

On Morgan Island, Hope is sitting in a chair outside by the fire. Patrick thinks that doesnt look comfortable. She says the bed was too soft, and her back is still hurting. He offers to take her to the clinic, but she says there is nothing more they can do for a sprain. Patrick says he knows something that might make her feel better, and shell just have to trust him. He takes her to a hot springs/lagoon near the beach and tells her how just like the flower on the island is special, so is the water. He says at night the islanders say the sea comes alive. Hope says the water feels wonderful. Patrick says this is the beach where the man found his wife in that story, and these waters are supposed to have healing properties. Hope says come on. Patrick says obviously Hope needs to be convinced. Suddenly the water begins to light up. Hope ask what is happening? He says its a school of lantern fish, they are harmless. She asks what they are doing? He says illuminating her. He says they can sense when someone is in distress. He says according to the story, the fish lit up the woman in the sea so the man could find her when she washed ashore. He says now they are working their magic on her. He asks if shes ready to call Bo. Hope says she wants to. He asks then what is stopping her? She says shes not ready to face Bo yet. She asks Patrick if hes trying to get rid of her? He says no way, his house is hers. She says she appreciates what hes done for her. The fish go back out to sea, so Patrick says she should make a wish. She says her wishes dont come true, her only wish is to be back with Bo and Zack, and that isnt possible. 

At Billies place, Chelsea sneaks out. Meanwhile, Billie looks at a photo of her, Chelsea and Bo together. She remembers Chelsea mouthing off to her about giving Bo up, which was a mistake. Billie says she did the right thing, Bo belongs with Hope. She says even if she fought for him, she wouldnt have won. Bo then shows up to see Billie. He says hes sorry and they hug. She asks what hes apologizing for, he has nothing to be sorry for. He says he lost his cool with Chelsea, he shouldnt have bailed on them. Billie says she was just as angry with Chelsea for what she did. Bo says he shouldnt have taken it out on her, does she forgive him? Billie says there is nothing to forgive, he got upset and had to go cool off. She says better that than say or do something he might regret. She says right now they have to figure out how to get through to Chelsea. Bo says he has to figure out what is best for his whole family. Billie says she warned Chelsea about the message from Hope and that Bos not going to go to bat for her. Bo thinks he should probably talk to Chelsea about that. Billie goes to get Chelsea only to find she is gone. They make calls to find her, but nobody knows where she is. Billie cant believe Chelsea would do this again. Bo gets a call from Max alerting him to where Chelsea is. Max says he tried to talk to Chelsea but she wont leave, and shes with some creep. He tells Bo to get over here soon. Bo says they are on their way. 

At the hot new dance club Dune, Tek and Lexie arrive to have some fun. Tek runs into some woman he knows, Jada. Jada owns the place. Jada asks Tek where hes been keeping this one, referring to Lexie. He says they are just old friends. Jada asks Lexie if her husband knows shes here with Salems sexiest bachelor? Lexie is shocked. Tek says Jada was just joking. She says dont worry, here they are elite and discreet. She tells Lexie shes a lucky lady, Tek is the fantasy of every lady here, and some of the guys too. Lexie and Tek find their own little VIP booth in a corner. She is nervous, but he says nobody she knows comes here, just kick back and relax. They begin making out with one another. Later, Tek suggests to Lexie that they dance with one another. She agrees, and they go to hit the floor. Lexie then sees the club is full of people she knows! Lexie closes the curtains to their little VIP booth and thinks Tek has set her up. Tek says he didnt know theyd show up, he comes here all the time and never sees any of these people. He swears hed never do anything to hurt her. They share another kiss. 

Austin, Lucas, Carrie and Sami arrive at the club. Austin suggests they have a few drinks and share some dancing. Carrie is obviously having pains again. Lucas asks her if shes okay? Carrie says shes fine, she might just be coming down with something. She says she just needs a glass of water. Sami thinks Carrie is pretending to be sick to play both guys. She says shell make sure her game doesnt work. They grab a table, and Lucas goes to get Carrie some water. Austin asks Carrie if she wants to dance, so she says sure. They go off to dance and Sami scoffs. Austin and Carrie dance, and Austin asks if she will give them another try. Austin tells Carrie that he loves her and needs her in his life. He says he lost her once and wont lose her again. He says they would have had a family by now. Carrie suddenly begins to feel very hot.

Eugenia shows up and runs into Jada. They talk about how busy it is here tonight. Jada tells her that she always has a table for her. Eugenia sees Sami and says the bitch is here. Jada finally learns who the infamous Sami Brady is, and Eugenia is shocked to see Lucas with her. Sami sits with Lucas and says this sucks. He says not having a good time? She says she didnt come here to watch Austin make a play for Carrie. She knows he doesnt like this anymore than she does, so what will they do about it? Lucas goes to get Carrie some water, she should be sitting down and resting. He runs into Eugenia at the bar, and she is not pleased with him right now. She accuses him of hanging out with his ex, but he says hes here with Carrie. Eugenia points out that it looks like shes here with Austin.  Meanwhile, Austin realizes something is wrong with Carrie. She passes out, and Austin catches her. Both Sami and Lucas run to them. 

Chelsea has shown up at Dune, and some creep with a PDA is recording her every move. She walks up to him and he offers to buy her a drink. Max soon arrives and cant believe it when he sees Chelsea with yet another strange man. The man asks Chelsea what shes into? She tells him to tell her about himself first. He gets a call or message on his PDA. He says he needs to take care of this, but hell be back. He leaves, and so Max shows up. He asks what in the hell is she doing here? Does she remember the last time she hit on a guy for a drink? Chelsea says shes letting Derrick hit on her. Meanwhile, Derrick is off looking at the photos he took of Chelsea. He buys a drink and then laces it with something. Back at the table, Max tells Chelsea if she wants to ruin her life then fine, and he walks off. Derrick returns with a drink for Chelsea. He asks who that guy was, and Chelsea says nobody important. She begins drinking up the drugged drink. He meanwhile takes photos of her cleavage on the sly. He suggests they take this party someplace else, someplace a little more private. Chelsea says it sounds good to her. 

At the penthouse, Marlena is woken by a call. Its about Lois burial, and she asks the person on the phone if they know what time it is? She says they need to talk to Alex, so shell go get him. She goes looking for Alex, but hes not there. She ends up taking a message for him, and she says shell try and reach Alex on his cell and have him call them back. Marlena then settles back into bed to go back to sleep. She cant sleep though. She makes a call to Alex. He doesnt answer, so she gets dressed and decides to go to Lois place and get cloths for her burial on her own. 

At Lois cabin, we see a replay of Alex rigging the furnace to explode. As he leaves the cabin, he runs smack dab into John and Abe. They wonder what hes doing here. Alex says he could ask them the same question. John says hell be answering questions this time around. Alex gets a call from Marlena, but he doesnt answer it. Abe thinks its late to be getting a call. North says its a former patient, not that it is any of their business. John asks why he didnt answer it? North says it wasnt an emergency. John then asks Alex what hes doing here? Alex remembers being in the cabin with Lois and talking to her about not leaving any evidence on them laying around. Alex tells John that Lois made him the executor of her will .John doesnt believe him, so Alex shows him the letter. Abe asks why she would name him? Alex says he was just as shocked as they were. John says Alex is good, hes been planning this since day one. He says Lois loved him and he used her, he is a monster. Alex says he has nothing to hide, and he tells John and Abe to go inside and take a look around. Alex walks off, and John vows to nail that bastard. They decide to go in and check the place out. Alex hides in the bushes and waits for them to go in and be blown up with the house.

Marlena arrives at the cabin and goes in a back entrance. Inside she finds a photo of her, Lois and Alex. She wonders when this was taken, and why Lois hated her so. Marlena decides to look for a dress for Lois to be buried in, and she heads upstairs. She gets some clothes together for Lois. Back outside, John, Abe and Alex all see Marlena is inside. Alex is furious and says MArlena cant die yet! The show ends with the house exploding.



March 16, 2006
Mimi is pacing in the hall between lofts when Kate shows up. Kate asks what the big emergency is? Mimi says Belle is talking in her  sleep about stopping the wedding. Kate says this is Belle they are talking about here, but then she realizes Belle is Samis sister and she may have learned a few tricks. Mimi says they cant talk here, they should go to the roof. On the roof, Kate once again tells Mimi to stop feeling guilty and think about all the people who will get hurt if the truth comes out. Mimi says not Belle and Shawn, theyll live happily ever after with their daughter. Kate says not true, Belle is married to Phillip, they are happy and a family. Mimi thinks shes being a terrible friend to Belle, but Kate says shes doing her and Shawn a big favor. Mimi says she shouldnt have to be worried that her husband is in love with someone else. Kate says she was on the roof when Belle told Shawn that she still loved him, and what did Shawn say? Kate says Shawn said he wanted to be with Mimi. Kate tells Mimi not to be so insecure. Mimi says if Shawn knew the truth then all his dreams would come true, Belles too. They then hear Belle and Shawn coming up to the roof, so they hide.

Belle has an erotic dream about Shawn. She dreams she finds shirtless Shawn on the roof, and they talk about the times theyve have together. Belle tells him that she loves him more than ever. He tells her that hes never loved anyone the way he loves her. They then kiss. Belle tells him that he cant marry Mimi, they have to find a way to be together. Belle soon wakes up from her dream and says she has to tell Shawn how she feels before he marries Mimi. She climbs out on the fire escape. 

Shawn stirs in his sleep, he calls out both Mimi and Belles names. He dreams of meeting Belle on the roof. Belle asks Shawn who hes decided to spend his life with, is it Mimi or her? Belle says she needs to know. Shawn wakes up from his dream and hears Belle calling him. Shes outside on the fire escape. She says she needs to talk to him, its important. She says meet her on the roof. 

Shawn and Belle head to the roof, and Belle once again begs Shawn not to marry Mimi. Mimi and Kate spy on them. Belle tells Shawn that she knows he doesnt love Mimi with his whole heart, dont make the mistake she made, dont marry someone he doesnt fully love. He says she made her choice to marry Phillip and hes making his. He says he does love Mimi, it may be different than what they had, but they are happy and his future is with her. Shawn says they cant go back to the past. He says it would be a waste of their lives, and they have so much love to give. He says Claire needs her and he and Mimi cant wait to be parents. Belle tells Shawn not to think he and Mimi will live happily ever after, there is no way shell let him marry Mimi. Kate and Mimi are stunned to hear this. Shawn reminds her what he did to try and stop her marriage to Phillip. Shawn says sometimes he doesnt know what love is, is it something that happens to you or that you make happen. He says Belle loved Phillip enough to marry him, and he loves Mimi enough to marry her. He says its not a second best kind of love, it is different, but good. He says he and Mimi will adopt kids, and they will love them just like she and Phillip love Claire. He says Phillip is the father of her baby. Mimi gasps, and Shawn hears it. He asks who is there? They run off, and Shawn tells Belle that hes marrying Mimi, it is what is best for all of them.

Back down in the hallway, Mimi tells Kate that if Shawn knew the truth he wouldnt marry her, hed marry Belle. She thinks she deserves a man who really loves her. Kate says if she loves Shawn then keep quiet and shell be Mrs. Shawn Brady for the rest of her life. Kate tells Mimi not to worry, shell take care of everything.

On Morgan Island, Patrick carries Hope back to her bed. She says she can walk, but he doesnt want her to overdo it. He asks if she needs anything. She says a shower would be nice, she feels a little salty. He says if she gets in the cold shower then shell tense up again. He has an idea. He ends up using an old cast iron tub to make her a nice warm bath. She is shocked, but he says hed do anything for her. Later, Patrick carries Hope back to her bed, and she thanks him for everything. He says goodnight, and leans down to kiss her on the cheek. Hope then pulls him into a real kiss! They begin going at it, and Hope tells Patrick that she wants him. Of course its all a fantasy in Patricks head. Hes put her into bed and she thanks him for being such a good friend. He says sure, and that she should get sleep. Patrick leaves her, and tells himself to stop dreaming, Hope belongs with Bo. Patrick goes to sleep out on his little hammock.

Bo and Billie end up at Dune. Bo doesnt know why Chelsea is doing this. Billie thinks shes acting out, shes scared of going to jail and she's not thinking. Bo thinks she should be smart enough to lay low. Billie and Bo search for her. Shes in the back with Derrick, shes drinking up the drugged drink he gave her. As she drinks, he takes photos of her with his PDA. Derrick talks about having a hot party back at his place with the other girls. She says thats not her thing, but he says shell love it. He tells her to drink up, but she says no way, she's had enough. He says when he says drink, she drinks. Bo soon shows up and roughs up Derrick. Bo ends up beating the guy up as Billie drags Chelsea out and yells at her. She tells Chelsea that she needs to protect herself, does she know what that guy could have done to her! Billie also says for someone who doesnt want to go to jail, shes making it hard for the jury to get her off. She also tells Chelsea what if someone in there ended up on her jury? She hopes Chelsea is scared enough to start behaving well. Meanwhile, Derrick destroys his PDA after Bo gets it. He claims Bo cant do anything to him without evidence and ends up running off, but he doesnt know that Bo has his memory stick. 

Bo, Billie and Chelsea return home. Chelsea isnt feeling well and thinks that guy drugged her. Bo says you think? Bo checks out what was on that guy's memory stick to see what photos he took of Chelsea. She says she didnt do anything but have a drink, and she knows she shouldnt have been drinking. Billie sees some of the photos, and she thinks Chelsea should go to her room. Bo says no, Chelsea should see this. Chelsea sees that the guy was taking photos of movies of her, and it upsets her. Bo finds other girls just like Chelsea on the memory stick. He tells Chelsea that she acts like she is at war with them, but they are the only ones trying to help her. Chelsea  says she needs to go lie down. She thanks them and runs off. Billie says she doesnt know how to defend Chelsea this time, this is way beyond acting out. Billie says if they didnt get there when they did . . . . Bo says with this evidence he can put the scum away. Billie says he cant do that. She says if he goes public with the evidence the media will jump on it and Chelsea will go to jail for sure. Bo says what about the other girls? HE says that this guy has to be stopped. Billie says she knows, but she also knows what it will be like for Chelsea in jail. Bo asks what about the oath theyve took to uphold the law? She tells him to stop thinking about being a cop, his job comes second to being a father. She says Chelsea is acting out and is partly to blame, but he is guilty too. Billie says Bo could have said no to Chelsea on New Years. She says as much as Hope is begging him to side with her, but so is Chelsea and so is she. She says hes lost one child, does he want to lose another? Does he want to do that to Chelsea, to her, to himself? Bo says he wants what is best for Chelsea, but he doesnt know what that is right now. He also knows how to get this jerk off the street and protect Chelsea. Bo ends up deleting the files on Chelsea from the memory stick. Chelsea watches from the background and thinks this is a nice start, if her mom keeps getting closer to dad then she wont have to serve anytime at all. 

Back at Dune, Austin and Lucas are worried about Carrie, Lucas says she needs a doctor. Sami sees Lexie in the background trying to sneak out and goes to get her. Lexie says shes in a hurry. Sami says wait, but Lexie says where she is going is none of her business. Sami says whatever, she could care less what Lexie is doing, but Carrie isnt feeling good. Lexie rushes over to Carrie, who is in pain. Lexie doesnt know what is wrong, but it could be serious. She says they need to get her to the hospital. 

At Lois cabin, Alex, John and Abe watch as the cabin blows up with Marlena inside. Abe and John are blown to the ground by the blast. Inside, Marlena fights the flames for her life. John and Abe rush into the cabin to try and save Marlena. The fire trucks show up, and Alex runs saying thank God Marlenas being rescued. John gets Marlena out, and the paramedics rush her to the hospital. John says this was arson, find the evidence. 

Austin, Sami, Lucas, Carrie and Lexie arrive at the hospital. Lexie isnt positive, but she thinks Carrie has appendicitis. Lexie takes Carrie in for some tests to confirm it. Austin and Lucas go off to pray for Carrie, angering Sami. She vents about how Carrie has every guy in a five mile radius concerned for her. Lucas tells Sami not to talk bad about Carrie. She gets coffee and vents about how it's always Carrie this and Cattie that. Austin and Lucas leave to pray, and Sami overhears some nurses talking about her mom. They say she was hurt in a fire and may not make it.

John, Abe show up. Abe tells Lexie about Marlenas accident, so she runs off to tend to Marlena. Later Alex shows up and asks John how Marlena is, will she recover. John says interesting that hed show up here, and he accuses Alex of setting the cabin up for him and Abe to die, he didnt expect Marlena to be in there did he? He thinks that Alex is not upset that Marlena was caught in the blast, though he best Alex would have liked to have seen him die with Marlena. Alex says he thinks Lois set the trap for him and Marlena, that is the plausible explanation. John says he doesnt believe that at all, he saw Alex outside looking in on them watching them and waiting for them to die. Unfortunately Abe didnt see it, but he thinks the arson squad will find some evidence. Alex leaves to check on his wife, and then Sami shows up and yells at John. She blames John for this, its always his fault that her mom is in danger.

A nurse talks with Lucas and Austin about Carrie, shes okay and is out of surgery. They both want to see her, but Lucas says hes the one living with Carrie so hell go see her. Lucas sits with Carrie, who is unconscious. He tells her how beautiful she is, and how much time theyve spent talking about their hopes and dreams. He says shes going to be fine, and she deserves a wonderful life. Lucas says he just hopes hes the man to give it to her. He then kisses her hand. He says she is his destiny, he knew this when he was younger but gave up. He says now they are older and no one can keep them apart. Carrie calls out Austin. Meanwhile, Austin talks to himself. He says Carrie belongs with him, he wont lose her again. Abe finds Austin and says they need his help. He says Marlena has been in a fire and Sami is acting hysterical. 

Sami continues to blast John about how hes always around when her mom gets hurt. She says he's not supposed to be near her, so what did he do to her? He says if she wants to blame someone then blame Alex North, he set the cabin to blow up. He says if Marlena dies then her blood is on Alexs hands. Sami says so hes saying he thinks her mom will die? Austin shows up and takes Sami away to calm her down. John turns to Alex and says if Marlena dies then hes next. Lexie comes out with news, its not good. 


March 17, 2006
Saint Patricks Day is in full swing at the Brady Pub. Victor talks with Caroline, she says this is the busiest night of the year for them, and with everything they have gone through this year they could use some happiness. Shawn Sr. says that is right, and they all toast to Shawn and Mimi. Caroline makes the rounds as she sees some empty glasses. She finds Belle all by herself and Caroline asks why shes here all alone drinking a pitcher by herself. She says the wedding is tomorrow, shouldnt she be getting some sleep? Belle says she couldnt sleep. Caroline sits down and asks if this is a final goodbye to Shawn? Belle says not if she can help it. Belle says she doesnt know how yet, but shes stopping this wedding. Caroline asks what shes going to do? Belle says she doesnt know. Caroline cant believe shes serious. Drunk Belle says she loves Shawn and he loves her, she wont let him to commit to another woman. Caroline asks what about Phillip? She says she loves Phillip, but its not the same. Caroline says she took vows before God, she has a baby girl, how can she destroy their happiness and Shawn and Mimi's happiness. Belle says the last thing she wants to do is hurt anyone, but she loves Shawn too much to spend her life without him. Victor, who is listening, knows she feels a bond with Shawn because Claire is his baby. Caroline tells Belle that if she leaves Phillip for another man, she will have to fight custody for Claire. Belle says Phillip wouldnt do that, he would want Claire to be with her. Caroline says but Shawn is Phillips best friend. She also says Mimi is her best friend. Caroline tells Belle she was hurt and angry when Mimi fell in love with Shawn, so dont expect Phillip to feel differently. She says hurt and anger drive people to do things they normally wouldnt do. Caroline says Phillip will do whatever it takes to hang onto Claire. Belle sees Victor at the bar and says he never went after Bo. Caroline says he didnt know the truth about Bo until he was an adult. Belle says but she knew. She asks if Caroline stayed married to Shawn because of her other children or because she loved him more? Caroline says divorce was not an option, she loved Shawn and loves him more today. She says her affair shouldnt have happened. Belle says she wouldnt have Bo, Shawn Douglas or Hope. Caroline says then she would never know what she missed. Caroline says part of her will always love Victor just as part of Belle will love Shawn. She says Belle and Shawn dont share a child, so its not the same. Belle says if Claire was Shawns then everything would be a a whole lot easier. Victor hears this. Caroline tells her that she cant spend her life wishing. She says Shawn isnt Claires father, dont even think about that possibility. She tells Belle if she loves Shawn then shell let him go. She says life isnt perfect, and then she leaves Belle to think. Victor asks Caroline if Belle is okay? Caroline says shes having a terrible time accepting Shawn is marrying Mimi. She says she told Belle that she had to give him up. Shawn says like she did him. Victor asks Caroline if she had to do it again, would she keep the truth from him and stay married to Shawn? Caroline says she would, but it doesnt mean she wouldnt regret it. Meanwhile, thank skank from Mimis shower comes over to gloat. She toasts to Belle, the girl everyone thought would be the happiest woman in Salem turned out to be the biggest idiot for letting Shawn go. Belle says that is what Heather thinks, she is going to stop that wedding. 

Bo sits outside the pub and drinks. Shawn sees his dad and Shawn asks what hes doing out here all by himself? Bo says he doesnt want to drag the party down. Shawn says its hard to celebrate anything now. Bo says theyll be celebrating his wedding tomorrow, hes just sorry his mom couldnt be there. Shawn suggests they go in, but Bo doesnt want to deal with questions about Hope and be offered condolences about Zack. Shawn tells his dad that the only one keeping mom away right now is him, and hes the only one who can bring her back. Bo says hes done everything he can to convince her to come home, and right now he doesnt know how to get in touch with her. Shawn says if he can convince her that hes not taking Chelseas side in the trial, hes not is he. Bo says Hope has always come first, and the bottom line is they are family and have to figure out a way to work. Shawn says without mom and Zack it doesnt feel like a family, and he doesnt want Chelsea part of his family. Bo understands, and Shawn understands where hes coming from. Shawn says the thing is his dad hardly knows Chelsea. Bo says but she is his daughter, and when Shawn has a daughter hell understand. Shawn asks for a beer, so Bo passes him one. Shawn begins talking to his dad about Belle and Mimi. Bo asks Shawn if hes changed his mind about marrying Mimi because he still loves Belle? Shawn says hes going to go through with his wedding. He says he knows he and Belle are over, but Belle wont accept it. Shawn says Belle keeps telling him that she still loves him. Shawn says hes told her that she needs to stay with her family and hes marrying Mimi. However, Shawn admits hes still torn between Mimi and Belle, and he thinks his dad must understand as he had to choose between mom and Billie. Bo begins recapping the entire Hope/Gina/Billie fiasco at Maison Blanche. We see flashbacks of this time, and Bo says as soon as he realized Hope really was Hope, there was no question as to who he wanted to be with. Bo says Hope is the love of his life, that is why this is difficult for him not knowing where she is. Shawn says sometimes they have to let go for awhile, sometimes forever. Bo thinks if Shawn has those type of feelings for Belle then he has some serious thinking to do before tomorrow. Bo says this wedding has to be what he wants, for Mimis sake as well as for his own. Bo asks Shawn if Belle wasnt married, would Mimi be the one he marries? Shawn tells his dad he already knows the answer, but they cant go there. Shawn says hes marrying Mimi, and they will have a wonderful life together. He says then Belle will commit to her husband.

Carrie wakes up in the hospital and sees Sami in her room. Samis been crying. Carrie thanks Sami for everything she did, it was nice of her to stick around. Sami says shes her sister, they only get one family. Sami says Lexie says shell be fine. Sami says she should have gone to the doctors earlier like she said. Carrie says she should listen to her more. Carrie asks about Austin. Sami says he and Lucas are at the gift shop. Carrie sees Sami is upset, but Sami doesnt want to tell her about it. However she says Carrie will find out eventually. Sami says Marlena was caught in an explosion and a fire, and John says she could die. Sami cries that she doesnt know what shell do, she cant lose her. Sami says she didnt mean to upset her, what if they lose her forever. LExie walks in and says she wont lose her, her mother will be okay. Lexie says she needs to talk to Carrie in private, so Sami goes to sit with Marlena. Lexie tells Carrie that her surgery was a success, they did it all laproscopically so shell be able to get up and move around shortly. However there is something they found during surgery that they need to discuss. Lexie says they found something which could become a problem. Lexie says she saw in her records that she had an ovarian cist rupture in Israel. Carrie says yes, but they said she was fine. Lexie says she is, but there is scaring that could affect her chances of conceiving. Carrie asks if she is infertile? Lexie says no, but the longer she waits the harder it will become. Carrie says she knows, her clock has been ticking lately. She talks about how she doesnt know if her dream of a family and a career will ever happen at this point. Lexie says she will, and she can see Carrie as a PTA mom. Carrie wants that, she wants to bring kids up to be good citizens. Sami spies on them and thinks Carrie just has to decide who she wants the father to be. LExie tells Carrie she knows shell have children, but even with the best parents there is no guarantee how a child will turn out. She says look at how Sami turned out compared to her. Sami hears this and isnt pleased. Lexie tells Carrie that shell know Carries children will turn out great, but take it from her, dont wait too long to try. Carrie says she needs a husband first. Lexie says she has two men in her life, and she has feelings for them too. Lexie tells her to choose one and marry them. Carrie wishes it was that easy. Lexie says she cant still be worried about Sami. Carrie says she told Sami she was over him, but . . . Lexie says shes entitled to change her mind, shes not responsible for Samis happiness, does she think Sami gives a damn about hers?

Marlena is unconscious in her room. Outside, Lexie gives John and the others the news. She says Marlena hasnt regained conscious as quickly as theyd like. John asks what she's saying here? Alex says what Lexie is saying is that her injuries arent life threatening. Lexie says correct. Alex wants to see her, but John says no way as hes the one who almost killed her. Alex says when Marlena wakes up hell look foolish as ever. He says shell say how he didnt know Marlena was going there, and if anyone was a target it was him. Abe says he has to agree, if the explosion was set it might have been by Lois. Abe decides to go to the cabin and check on the investigation. John says he will go too, and he demands Alex go with them as he doesnt want Alex remaining behind with Marlena. Abe agrees, so they take Alex with them. They all leave, and Marlena lays in bed and begins having memory flashes of John. Later, Sami shows up and sits and talks with Marlena. She talks about how she still loves Lucas, but she could be happy with Austin. She says unfortunately they are both hung-up on Carrie. Sami says she knows everything wrong in her life is her fault because of wrong choices shes made. She says she needs her moms help so she can make the right decisions. She begs Marlena to come back to her. She begs her to remember them and forget about Alex North. She gives Marlena a kiss on the head and leaves her. Marlena then has flashes of reuniting with her family members. She calls out to John in her sleep. Marlena continues to remember her past with John. We see John and Marlena giving one another anniversary gifts, and flashbacks from their weddings.

John, Abe and Alex arrive at what is left of the cabin. The inspectors tell them they know how and why the explosion happened. They say it was a faulty wire. The only suspicious thing they found was a wrench near the water heater, but there was no way to get prints from either. He says it looks like it was an accident. John tells North he may have gotten away with this, but hell bust him still. John says that or hell take him out. Alex says John just cant accept that his life with Marlena is over. Alex then leaves to get back to his wife. John knows Alex was behind this explosion. Abe tells him that they have no proof, and if Marlena wants to be with Alex then there is nothing John can do about it. He says the only person who can save Marlena is Marlena. John says then shell have to get her memory back. Abe says Alex has her under his spell, and there is the possibility that she could chose to be with Alex. John says then hell have to kill Alex. 

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