March 20 , 2006
Belle is walking somewhere. She says she still loves Shawn and Mimi cant marry him.

At the hospital, Lucas has a teddy bear for Carrie. He remembers talking to her when she was still asleep. He remembers telling her how she was his destiny, and then she called out for Austin. Lucas thinks Carrie was just hallucinating, it was the meds talking, when she gets better shell know Carrie wants to be with him. Meanwhile, Austin shows up with flowers to see Carrie. A nurse says the doctor is in with her. Lucas and Austin see each other have brought presents. They begin arguing, Lucas accuses Austin of leaving Carries side to deal with Sami, how nice. Austin says they have to have a talk about how Lucas isnt going to have a future with Carrie. Lucas tells Austin that if Austin really thought he had a future with Carrie then hed be with her telling her so and not fighting with him. Lucas thinks hes not doing that because if he told Carrie what he wants, shed say no.

Sami shows up and spies on Lexie with Carrie. Carrie asks Lexie when she can go home. Lexie says soon, but she did just have surgery so they don't want her overdoing it. Carrie asks if she should see her OB about the scar tissue. Lexie thinks it is a good idea. Carrie asks if there is anything she can do to improve her chances of conceiving? Lexie says there are drugs, but her best chance is to start a family soon. Carrie says she just doesnt want to pick a man to start a family for the sake of having a baby. Lexie says the sooner she decides the easier it will be for all of them. LExie suggests she not think about hurting one of the men or Sami, just think about what she wants. Carrie says shes confused. She says Lucas could be the right man, but she doesnt know. She also doesnt want to put her and Austin through a marriage that could end up like their first, especially if a child is involved. Lexie tells Carrie no matter what she decides, Lexie thinks Carrie will be happy. Lexie tells Carrie she has to get going, but shell always be here if she needs to talk. Later a nurse tells Carrie that she has some handsome visitors waiting to see her, but she wants to get Lexies okay before letting her have visiots. Carrie ends up looking at some photos she has of her with Lucas and her with Austin. Carrie gets out of bed and goes out into the hall. She tells Austin and Lucas she needs to talk to them. Austin says good, they have to talk to her too.

John is pacing back and forth outside of Marlenas room. Abe tells him he needs to calm down, he'll wear a hole in the floor. John is positive North caused the explosion, he knows it was no accident. Abe tells John to be smart and patient, use his police training. Abe says bad guys usually slip up and that is when they get them. John says he cant stand around and wait for North to make his move. Belle shows up, so John decides to spend some time with her. They get coffee, and John asks if she shouldnt be getting ready for the wedding. Belle says she still loves Shawn, what is she going to do? John says he hates seeing her torn up like this. Belle says she only has herself to blame, but she doesnt know how she can stand by and watch Mimi marry Shawn. John says he knows she loves Shawn, but she is married to Phillip and they have a baby girl. He says Claire hung in there, and she needs her parents to hang in there for her. She says she knows, but she doesnt think its fair for Claire to watch her be unhappy for the rest of her life. Belle says shes tried to be happy with Phillip, but she feels like something is missing. John says he can tell her what to do, but she wont like what he has to say. He says she is married to Phillip and she has to honor those vows. Belle points out how hes not giving up on mom. John says its different, Marlena has amnesia. John says Marlena thinks she is married to Alex, but Shawn has chosen to be married to Mimi just like she chose to marry Phillip and have a baby. Belle says she didnt chose to have Claire, it happened. John asks if she regrets having Claire? She says she does love Claire more than anything in her whole life though. John says she has to put Claires needs first. What if she leaves Phillip and Shawn doesnt want her and Phillip wont take her back. Has she thought about the possibility that she could end up alone? Belle says she has to go now, and she will be fine. Belle walks off, and Mimi calls Belle asking where she is. Belle says she is at the hospital checking on her mom, she had an accident. Mimi asks if shes okay, and Belle says she is. Mimi asks if she can come help her get ready for the wedding? Belle says sure.

Alex goes in to see Marlena. Shes still unconscious and still having flashbacks of John. She remembers the clock John gave her. Marlena says John, I remember, I remember the clock, I remember all of it, I remember us. Alex hears her say this. As Marlena wakes up, she thinks she sees John and not Alex. Alex asks how she is feeling, and she says she feels so tired, but is glad he came. She says she loves him and calls him John. He then leaves her. Marlena continues to have flashbacks to John and the clock, and how he said every time it chimed to remember his love for her. She hears the chimes and thinks about all her times with John. We see a really old flashback to when John first held Belle knowing she was his daughter. We also see more recent flashbacks, like when Belle was reunited with her mom when she came back from the island. Then we see when Marlena fell down the steps, lost her baby and ended up with amnesia in the first place. Later, Lexie shows up to check on Marlena. Marlena tells Lexie that she remembers, she remembers everything. Lexie tells MArlena not to strain herself, she needs to rest. Lexie gives her a mild sedative. Marlena says she doesnt want it, but Lexie says they have to conserve her energy. Lexie leaves Marlena, and someone else shows up.

Abe talks with Tek, Abe wishes there was something he could do for John. Tek doesnt think there is much they can do. Abe sees Alex rushing off, so he decides to find out where hes going. Alex breaks into Lexies office and Abe follows him. He loses him when Alex slips into Lexies office. Alex is furious, he realizes Marlena must have come out of her amnesia in the explosion. He says he has come too far, he wont lose Marlena to John now, he will kill her first. He takes some keys and says if Marlenas memory does return he has to make sure nobody finds out the truth. Alex slips out, but is caught by Abe. He asks what Alex was doing in his wifes office? Alex claims he was looking for Lexie to talk about Marlena. Abe says he has his eye on North. Alex suggests he keep his eye on John. After they leave, Sami slips into Lexies office.

Outside of Lexies office, Tek grabs Lexie and kisses her. Sami watches from inside Lexies office. Lexie tells Tek to stop this, this is a public place. Tek thinks it is time they get this out in the open. Lexie says no way, she wont risk her marriage. Teks says she cant ignore this anymore than he can, they are in this together. Tek walks off, and Lexie goes to her office. She finds it is open, and she fears Abe is inside. She walks in and finds Sami sitting in her chair. Lexie asks what the hell she thinks they are doing? Sami says it is time they had a chat about Carrie. Sami says she overheard Lexie talking with Carrie earlier. Lexie says she was spying? Lexie tells Sami to get out of her office! Sami says she just wants to know who Carrie will chose. Lexie says ask Carrie herself. Sami says Carrie wont tell her stuff like that. Lexie tells Sami to get out of her office, shes not telling her a damn thing. Sami says fine, then Lexie will have to face the consequences. Lexie says Oooo, are you threatening me? Sami says of course not. Sami says she knows it is possible to be in love with more than one man at a time, but shed like Lexie to stop telling Carrie not to worry about her feelings in all of this. Lexie tells Sami for once do the right thing and get the hell out of her office. Sami tells Lexie since shes so concerned about doing the right thing, she guesses shell tell Uncle Abe about her affair with Tek. 

Alex returns to Marlenas bed side wearing a white lab coat. Marlena is groggy from the injection Lexie gave her, she asks who is there? She thinks it is Lexie and says its all coming back to her, she remembers everything, she remembers John, she loves John and hes the only one. Alex hears this and looks pissed! Meanwhile, Abe tells John about finding Alex around Lexies office. Abe tells John hes right, Alex is up to no good.

At the loft, Mimi is thinking about everything she needs to do today. She wonders where she put the marriage license. She then remembers Belle talking in her sleep about stopping the wedding. There is a knock at the door, its Bonnie. Bonnie asks how shes doing? Mimi says shes a basket case. Bonnie asks if she talked to Belle? Mimi says no, what is she supposed to say, please dont ruin my wedding? Mimi says if Belle stops the wedding it will be over, shell lose Shawn and Phillip will lose Belle. Kate walks in and says that wont happen, they will find a way to neutralize Belle. Mimi doesnt know what she can do, muzzle her? Bonnie remembers a dating a rodeo cowboy, and she thinks they need to hogtie Belle. We see a fantasy of Bonnie showing up in a rodeo outfit and lassoing Belle. She then hog tied her up. Mimi tells her mom she wont let her kidnap Belle, people would be suspicious if she didnt show up to the ceremony. Kate thinks Bonnie is on the right track, it will take something drastic to stop Belle. Kate says there is a way to keep Belles mouth shut, they are going to use Belles guilty conscious to their advantage. Mimi calls Belle about helping her get ready for her wedding, and she tells her how much it means to her that shes going to be part of the most important day of her life. Belle says shell be right over. Bonnie thinks this plan is going to work, but Mimi isnt so sure. Kate says they just have to play on her guilt. Mimi says she is the one keeping the secret, shes the one who should feel guilty. Bonnie says Mimi feels guilty enough for all three of them. Bonnie says she has nothing on Tinkerbelle, how dare she be the matron of honor and plot to stop the wedding at the same time. Kate tells Mimi to listen to her now or she can kiss her future goodbye. Later Mimi has a team of people working on her hair and nails. Belle shows up, so Mimi asks everyone to let her and Belle have a few minutes. Bonnie tells Belle how exciting this is, the big day is here. Mimi gives Belle a special gift for her matron of honor. Belle opens it, its a photo album. Its filled with photos of all of them, including a photos of her, Phillip and Claire. Mimi talks about how in love Belle and Phillip look, and it if she hadnt fallen in love with Phillip then she wouldnt be with Shawn. Mimi knows this has been hard for her, but she knows now that shes happy for her and Shawn. Mimi says its amazing how it has all worked out, they all ended up with the right people. Mimi thinks this is how it was all how it was meant to work out, and she says she has Belle to thank for this chance at being happy again. A spying Bonnie and Kate think its working like a charm. Kate says she wont be happy until Shawn and Mimi are married.


March 21, 2006

In Lexies office, Lexie claims whatever Sami thinks she knows about her and Tek, shes wrong. Sami says she saw Lexie going at it with Tek in the park and right here outside her office door. She asks if shes decided to dump Abe for her latest young stud. Lexie says Abe knows she and Tek are friends, and he knows Sami has a wild imagination. Sami tells Lexie that Abe is a cop, and he knows she cheated on him before. She says Abe can launch an investigation if hes the least bit suspicious and Lexie will lose everything. Lexie says Sami is wrong about her and Tek. Sami knows how the birds and bees work, and in divorce court Lexie would lose custody of her son. Lexie says she wins, what does she want to keep her mouth shut. Sami says she wants Lucas back, she wants Lucas to choose her. She says that wont happen, so shes going to go with the next best thing, Austin. Lexie laughs at her. Lexie says Austin loves Carrie and Carrie loves him. Sami says she doesnt care, Carrie had her chance and gave up on him after the High Style fiasco, she doesnt get to change her mind. Sami says for once in her life shed love to have the opportunity to choose between two men, why is it never her. Lexie says she doesnt want her to answer that. Lexie asks Sami what she wants her to do? Sami wants to wind up with Austin. Lexie says she has no control over that, how does she make Carrie not choose Austin? Sami says fortunately she knows how and if Lexie does what she says then theyll all live happily ever after. Lexie hears what Sami wants her to do (we don't) and says no way. Sami says then shell tell Abe what she knows. Lexie says shes a monster! Sami says shes just a woman who will do what it takes to end up with Austin.

Meanwhile, Carrie tells Lucas and Austin that shes made her decision, and she doesnt want to hurt either of them but . . . Lucas stops her and says she cant do this. He thinks they should both be able to plead their case in private. Austin thinks hes nervous, but Lucas says he doesnt want Carrie to have any what ifs when she chooses him! Austin agrees, so they flip a coin. Austin wins, so he goes to talk to Carrie first. Lucas says Carrie will be with him, Austin will have to marry Sami if he wants a Brady. Carrie returns to her hospital bed, and she and Austin reminisce about old times. They talk about how some of the best days of their lives, and maybe some of the worst, were with each other. Austin tells Carrie that he knows he hurt her with the High Style fiasco, and he never would have hurt her if he had known it was her company. He says he loves her and never felt happier and more complete then when hes been with her. He says since they have been back its like no time has past. He says he doesnt believe in coincidences, there is a reason why they havent found anyone and were brought back together. Austin says they can still have the life they always dreamed of. Carrie is left in tears by Austin. Lucas then comes in and thinks Austin made her cry again, what's new. She says not in that way. Lucas says that was uncalled for, and he knows Austin is a great guy. However Lucas says Austin keeps hurting her. Carrie says maybe it wont happen again. Lucas says he thought that about Sami, and people like that dont change. Lucas says hes sick of this pattern, he doesnt want to be hurt anymore. He says every time it happens he feels like he loses a part of himself. Lucas tells Carrie that he loves her, and theyd never hurt one another. He knows what she had with Austin was powerful, but it didnt last because he hurt her. He says Austin never put her first, hes doing the same thing right now putting Sami first. Lucas says he knows Carrie would never love him like Austin, and that is fine, what they have is better. Lucas says what they have is based on honesty and trust. He says if she chooses him then she wont regret a day of their lives together. Later both Austin and Lucas return, and Carrie says this is hard for her, and she is worried about hurting Sami in all of this. Lucas asks why she cares about Sami as Sami doesn't care about him. She says whatever she decides, it doesnt have to do with Sami. She does want Sami to be happy, maybe with one of them. Austin and Lucas ask if shes made a decision? Carrie says she has. 

On Morgan Island, Patrick has cooked up some freshly caught fish. Hopes head is a million miles away, and Patrick knows shes thinking of Bo and Shawn. He suggests she call them. Hope says she cant forget what Bo did though, and now hes defending Chelsea. Patrick says as he recalled she defended Shawn during his wedding crashing stunt. Hope says nobody died, but Patrick says they could have. He tells Hope if she wants to save her marriage then take the first step and call. Hope says he defended Chelsea, who killed their son, how can she forgive him. He doesnt know, but if she doesnt talk to him then she wont find out. He says who knows, maybe Bo changed his mind about defending her. He says its possible. Hope agrees to call Bo, but Chelsea answers (see below). Later Hope cries to Patrick how Chelsea claims Bo and Billie are basically a family now, Chelsea was in her house answering her phone! She says if Chelsea is telling the truth then how can she and Bo have a future? Patrick holds her as she cries.

Billie shows up at Bos to talk about Chelseas defense, but he says he cant today, its Shawns wedding and hes late. She asks what that smell is? Bo realizes he left the stove on, and runs to take the pot off the stove. Bo is having issues, he cant find his cufflinks. Billie says shell help him. She asks if Hope is back, but Bo says no. Billie says she's missing the wedding? Bo says Shawn didnt tell Hope that he moved up the wedding date, he wanted her to get away. Bo wishes he could get in touch with Hope. Billie says maybe there is a way. Bo asks how, she wont answer her phone and he doesn't know where she is. Billie says he and Bo have that special connection, and if he concentrates his thoughts on her then shell know. Chelsea is outside spying wondering what Billie is doing, does she want to send her to prison and ruin their family? What is wrong with her! Bo ends up trying what Billie suggested, he says Fancyface Im sorry, I need you, please call. Chelsea bursts in says Hi mom and dad! She says she is here to discuss her defense, but Billie says Bo has to attend Shawns wedding. Billie tells Bo not to worry about this mess, she'll clean up and lock up the place before leaving. Bo leaves, and Billie tells Chelsea that shes making a big mistake. Chelsea says not as big as the one your making. They end up arguing about breaking up Bo and Hope. Billie says as she has told Chelsea that nothing comes between Bo and Hope. Billie says Shawn has forgiven Bo and soon Hope will too. Chelsea says not if they act. Billie tells Chelsea she wont argue about this anymore, she can either help her clean up or leave. Billie leaves to go clean up the kitchen for Bo. Chelsea answers the phone when Hope calls. Hope asks who this is, and Chelsea says Chelsea Brady, who is this? Hope asks what she's doing in her home and where is Bo? Chelsea ends up lying to Hope about where Bo is, saying he and Billie are out somewhere and have been inseparable since she left, and theyve been working pretty hard getting her off the hook. Hope hangs up, and Billie catches her and asks what she thinks shes doing? Chelsea says her life is on the line and if her mom wont fight to save her or the man she loves, then shell do whatever it takes to save them both. 

Phillip and Shawn are at the church, Shawn is a wreck. Phillip tells him to calm down. He says when he sees her walk down the aisle it will be one of the best moments of his life. Shawn remembers Belle begging him not to marry Mimi. Shawn tells Phil there is something he has to tell him. He asks if Belle has spoken to him about the wedding? Phillip says something about her dress and getting ready, and then he realizes he left the rings in the car. Phillip runs out and Shawn realizes that Belle hasnt told Phillip that she still loves him.

Kate and Bonnie are in the church, Bonnie is trying to fix the decorations as she hates what Calliope did. She thinks she'll have to redo the reception as well. Kate then asks Bonnie where she got that dress? Its not from Basic Black. Bonnie says they were boring, she needs to find someone who knows something about fashion. Bonnie also says this dress better make it into the wedding photos. Its some orange and green tropical nightmare. Bonnie continues to worry about Belle, but Kate thinks Mimi has her under control.

Mimi and Belle are in the bride's room getting ready. Belle remembers how Mimi told her not to go through with her wedding if she wasnt 100% sure, she should have listened. Mimi says well shes sure about marrying Shawn and shes so glad Belle is such a good friend. Mimi knows how Belle thought she would always marry Shawn, but now she has Phillip and they are so perfect together. Belle tells Mimi to stop it, she cant let her do this. Belle says shes sorry but she has to be honest with her. Suddenly Kate and Bonnie burst in. Bonnie says she needs to talk to Mimi, so they kick Belle out. They talk about how Belle is a time bomb waiting to blow, they have to get her out of here. Mimi says she is her matron of honor and best friend. Bonnie says best friends dont steal husbands on wedding days. Mimi says look what shes doing to her? Kate says again with the guilt. Kate asks if the guilt trip worked? Mimi says no.

Caroline runs into Belle, who tells Caroline that she is going to stop this wedding. Caroline says she cant turn back time, so if she acts then she might not be as happy as she thinks she will be. Belle says she now knows how Shawn felt when he crashed her wedding. She says when Father Jansen asks for a reason why the wedding shouldnt happen, she will stand up and tell the truth, that she loves Shawn and should be with him. Caroline begs Belle to at least tell her husband first, he shouldnt hear this news during the wedding. She tells Belle to think of her vows, think of her little girl. Belle walks off, and Kate, who was spying, says she has to stop her from ruining Phillips life. 

Back in the brides room, Bonnie doesnt feel she should be walking Mimi down the aisle as her dress will steal all the attention. She thinks her dad should be doing this, but hes a deadbeat. She says Conner is too young and Patrick is gone. Mimi says shes fine with her mom doing this, but she may not even make it to the aisle. Bonnie tells her not to talk like that. Bonnie gives Mimi her essentials, Grandma Lils diamond garter for something borrowed, an Elvis hankie is something new and a blue breath mint for her big kiss and something blue. Mimi says she cant do this, if she marries Shawn shell always worry he wants to be with Belle. She says she has to tell him the truth, she has to know hes marrying her for the right reason. Mimi says she wont start off her wedding with a lie, shes going to tell him. Bonnie tells her not to do this, and it is a fact of life that lies are a part of life women have to live with. Mimi says this price is just too high. Mimi ends up leaving it up to God, if he wants things to work out then they will. Bonnie says just in case though shes gunna find some rope and duct tape. 

Back in the church, Phillip returns with the rings and tells Shawn that he shouldnt worry, everything will be okay. Father Jansen comes out and asks Shawn to meet with him and discuss the vows. Shawn leaves, and Phillip shows up. He asks why shes not with Mimi? Belle says they have to have a talk. Kate ends up interrupting their talk and says Mimi really needs Belle now. Belle says she has to talk to Phillip though, but Phillip says she should go as they dont want to let Mimi down. Belle leaves, and Shawn comes out after talking to Father Jansen about how to word the vows so they dont sound old fashion. Bo shows up and Bo is glad to be here, he just wishes Hope was here. Shawn says him to, but its just too soon. Bo tells Shawn that he wishes him a life full of love with Mimi as full as . . . well as full as it is now. He tells Shawn when he finds love to grab onto it and not let it go. 

Bo talks with Caroline about Hope. She says Hope will be back, however Chelsea will still be an issue. Caroline says things wont be right until they work things out. Later she asks Belle if she talked to Phillip? Belle says she didnt get a chance, and she doesnt know what shell do when Father Jansen asks the question. The music plays, and Belle says she has to go. Belle walks down the aisle, at the end stand Phillip and Shawn. Bonnie asks Kate if she convinced Belle to keep her trap shut? Kate doesnt know, she did her best and they have to hope it is enough. Bonnie says if she was Belle then she wouldnt keep her mouth shut. Kate tells Bonnie to relax or everyone will know something is wrong. Mimi meets up with Bonnie, and Bonnie tells her that shes breathtaking. She cant believe her little girl is getting married. Mimi thinks it really will happen. The wedding march plays, and Bonnie and Mimi begin to walk down the aisle. 


March 22, 2006

Jen and Frankie are getting ready to head out to the wedding. Frankie tells Jen how amazing she looks. She says he doesnt look so bad himself. Jen says before they go, she wants to talk to him about something. She says since Chez Rouge they have been pretending nothing happened. Frankie says he knows and it was too much and too soon. Jen says it was wonderful, but she does feel they need to take things slow. Frankie agrees and said he got carried away. Jen says they both did. Frankie says it was his fault and he doesnt want to push her into anything shes not ready for. He has a gift for her that he thinks he shouldnt give her, but she opens it anyways and laughs. Its the same type of corsage he got her back in high school. She says this is sweet but . . . Frankie knows, it makes her feel uncomfortable. Jen says no, but she doesnt think girls were these anymore, maybe the mother of the bride and groom still do. Frankie says hes so clueless, but Jen says shes going to wear it. Jen goes up to get her purse so they can head out. Jen goes into her room to look for her purse, finds something and begins to cry. Frankie knocks on the door and asks if he can come in? She says no dont, leave her alone, she doesnt want to see him. Jen holds some boxes that fell out of the closet and cries. 

At the hospital, Lexie tells Sami that she cant play God with Carries life. Sami says shes only asking her to play doctor, she wants her to persuade Carrie to do the right thing. Sami doesnt want Carrie with Austin or Lucas. Lexie tells Sami shes being ridiculous here. Sami says what she thinks is ridiculous is that Lexie has what she wants, a husband who loves her, yet she chooses to cheat on him. Lexie tells Sami that she has no idea what is going on with her life and it is none of her business. Sami says fine, but she will have to explain herself to Abe when he learns shes cheating on him. Lexie asks how she expects her to keep Carrie away from two men who love her. Sami says why not, why does Carrie get to choose, why shouldnt it be her choice? Lexie asks Sami what if she chooses and the man she picks doesnt want her? Sami says she doesnt know what shell do, but shes tired of being alone. Lexie says if she didnt hate Sami so much, shed feel sorry for her. Sami says likewise. Lexie says she knows Sami loves Lucas, and deep down, he loves her too. Sami thinks Lexie wants her to choose Lucas because Carrie will choose Austin. Lexie doesnt know who Carrie will chose, but she says Sami has history with Lucas and Austin has history with Carrie. Lexie tells Sami that she only wants Austin to spite Lucas and Carrie, and that is a huge mistake. Sami says shes not going after Austin out of spite, shes always loved him. She says Lucas wont forgive her, so her only chance at happiness is with Austin. Lexie asks then why doesnt she want Carrie to have Lucas? Sami says because they are wrong for each other. Lexie says face it, she loves Lucas. Sami says yes but they wont be getting back together, shes told her that. Lexie says shes also said shes willing to fight for her happiness. Lexie suggests Sami fight for Lucas. Sami says her only chance at happiness is with Austin, hes forgiven her and is good for her. Lexie says good luck with that then. Sami thinks Lexie knows Carrie is choosing Austin and she cant let that happen.

Carrie talks with Austin and Lucas. She says she has to choose between them and it doesnt seem fair as most girls would love to have just one man who loves her. Austin says she does have to choose. She knows, and they all care about one another and about Sami. Carrie is worried about Sami getting hurt. Lucas says Sami doesnt care if she gets hurt. Carrie does want Sami to be happy, maybe with one of them. Lucas and Austin ask if she has made up her mind, and Carrie says she has. Lucas wants her to be absolutely sure about her choice. Austin asks Carrie what she has decided, who does she want to be with. Carrie doesnt mean to be dragging this out. She talks about how shes had a vision of her future, waking up in bed on Sunday morning and having the man she love walk into her room. Lucas asks which man she saw? In her dream she saw Austin! Carrie tells Austin and Lucas she should have known all along, actually she did. Lucas asks Carrie which one of them does she want to be with?

In Marlenas room, Marlena remembers when Lexie first brought Alex to see her. She then has memories of Alex beating her, we see her all bloody. Marlena wakes up saying she remembers Alex. Alex hides behind a corner and listens as she falls back asleep and dreams more. Marlena has more flashbacks of Alex and says in her sleep No how can Alex come back, Alex is dead. Marlena sleeptalks and says it is all so clear now. Marlena remembers telling Alex, after she came down with amnesia, that she thought she knew him even though they just met. Alex had told her she was projecting her feelings for Roman and John onto him. Marlena sleeptalks and wonders how she could betray John with Alex. Marlena remembers being manipulated by Alex into asking John for a divorce and agreeing to remarry Alex. Marlena finally wakes up and wonders what she was thinking. She says John is the man she loves, she has to tell him. Marlena calls for a nurse and asks to see John Black right away. Alex hides as the nurse comes and goes. When the nurse is gone, Alex steps out and Marlena is frightened of him. She says she remembers him, she doesnt love him, she loves John. Alex says thats a pity for her.

Abe and John talk about how it looks like Marlena is going to be just fine. John is still sure Alex is behind what happened to her. Abe warns him not to do something and end up in jail because he will be no good to MArlena. John says their wedding is coming up, hes running out of time and has to stop him today. Abe says Lexie says Marlena could remember any day now. John hopes it doesnt happen when shes alone with Alex, shell be terrified of him. Abe says theyll watch Alex like a hawk, they wont let him get away with anything. Abe and John both walk off, and the nurse comes out looking for John. She tells one of the nurses at the station if she sees John to give him a message. She writes the message for John down. Of course the message gets swept onto the floor by accident when the nurse grabs a folder on the counter.

At Saint Luke's, Bonnie is walking Mimi down the aisle. Mimi arrives at the altar and Father Jansen begins the wedding with the normal speech and prayer. Bonnie tells Kate that they cant let Belle destroy Mimis wedding and happiness. We see flashbacks of Kate putting on a tearful performance in front of Belle and Claire before the wedding. Kate tells Bonnie she did her best, hopefully Belle will leave Shawn and Mimi alone. Up at the altar, Belle looks at Kate and says to herself that she has no choice but to stop this wedding. Father Jansen continues with the normal speech about celebrating their love and joining them together in holy matrimony. Kate is positive Belle wont say anything. We see Belle having flashbacks of finding Kate crying earlier. She asked what was wrong? Kate said she just talked to Billie and shes blaming herself for what happened with Chelsea and Zack. Belle said it wasnt Billies fault. Kate thinks it was her fault, if she hadnt abandoned Billie then she would have more control over Chelsea. Kate said Billie doesnt know how to be a mother as she never had one of her own. Kate said she was just so happy that Claire wont have to suffer like that. Phillip looks at Belle and says he loves her. Back to the wedding, Father Jansen then says Shawn wants to say a few words. Shawn thanks everyone for coming, and he says hes so lucky as hes marrying the woman he loves as well as his best friend. He says they have a love based on honesty and trust. Mimi then decides she has to say something too, something important. Bonnie and Kate fear Mimi is going to blab all, but she doesnt. She just thanks everyone for coming and says she would like to thank her other best friend Belle for always being here for her and how her love and support mean everything to her. Kate says that was a nice touch. Bonnie says Mimi may be soft, but shes learning. Maggie then comes up and reads a passage from the Book of Genesis, she reads a passage about Adam and Eve. Belle begins to have more flashbacks to her talk with Kate. Kate talked about how she hurt all her children because of the choices she made, and maybe that is why she tries so hard to compensate and protect them now. Kate said Claire was a lucky girl, she has a mommy who loves her and will never suffer the pain of a broken home or parents who hate each other. Kate told Belle that Claire has a mommy and daddy who love one another so much and will be together forever. Back to the wedding, Phillip then steps up to read a second passage and he asks Belle to join him as she wants to say some words of her own. Kate flashes back to her meeting with Belle. Kate told Belle that they have had their differences, but she admires Belle as she has a good heart and soul. Kate said she gives thanks every day that Claire and Phillip have her, she is a wonderful wife and mother, the best she knows. Meanwhile, Phillip reads some poem about a flame and torch, and he turns it over to Belle. Belle reads a poem called What is Love by Author unknown. As Belle reads the poem, Bo talks to his mom about wishing he knew where Hope was, and if she was okay. Maggie and Mickey tell one another they love one another, and Shawn Sr. and Caroline do the same. The camera then pans over to Victor, who is alone. Bonnie and Kate are still talking and hope that Belle keeps her mouth shut. Father Jansen then comes to the part of the ceremony where he asks if anyone knows why these two should not be joined then speak now or forever hold your piece. Mimi looks at Belle, who cant seem to decide what to do. Nobody says anything, so they get to the vows. Belle then suddenly says Wait! The wedding has to stop!


March 23, 2006
At Jens, Jen has locked herself in her room. Through the door Frankie asks Jen what is wrong? He says everything was fine and now all of the sudden it is go away Frankie. She tells him to go away, he shouldnt have anything to do with her. Frankie goes into Jens room and refuses to leave until she tells him what upset her. Jen found a box of dresses and stuff from her second wedding, the wedding where Abby stood up with them. She says Jack Jr will never know his dad, she should be morning Jack and not enjoying herself with Frankie. Frankie says shell always morn Jack, but she owes it to herself and her kids to move on with her life. Jen talks about her life with Jack, her incredible memories of Jack, but now they are just her memories and not hers and Jack's. Frankie says but her life isnt over. Jen says she is a mother and her children are enough for her, she should be content to raise them on her own. Frankie says Jack didnt want that for her, he wanted her to be happy. Jen says the time they have spent together, it has been a betrayal of what she and Jack shared. Frankie says he thought they were getting to a better place. Frankie says he should go back to DC. Jen says she doesnt want him to go, she doesnt know what she wants. She says shes starting to feel things that are terrifying for her. Frankie says his feelings for her have not changed. Jen says she is so sorry, she should have been honest with him about her feelings from the start. She says she hasnt told anyone how she feels, if Hope was here then maybe she would have told her. Frankie realizes she has misunderstood what he said. He says his feelings for her havent changed since High School, he loved her then and always has. He says he has always known he wants to spend his life with her. Frankie tells Jen he considers himself lucky to have her friendship and Jacks too, but he needs to know if she has room in her heart for him? Jen doesnt know when shell be ready to answer that or what kind of commitment she can make, but it is a possibility. She knows it is what Jack wanted, and she wants love in her life too. She doesnt know why Jack was taken from her, but she knows Jack wouldnt want to shut herself up here. She says she wants him to stay, but she cant promise him anything. Frankie understands and says take as much time as she needs, he will be here. They then put the box of wedding things back in the closet. 

At the hospital, Lexie and Sami continue to trade insults. Sami blackmails Lexie to make sure Carrie doesnt choose Austin, otherwise say goodbye to Abe. Lexie says there is just no way she can do this. Meanwhile, In Carries cubicle, Austin and Lucas ask Carrie which one does she want? She says she should have know her choice all along. Lucas asks which one of them she chooses? Carrie says she cares about them both, and either way they all may end up family. They tell her to just spit it out. Lexie soon shows up and says she has to speak with Carrie right now, it cant wait. She asks Carrie to go to her office with her. Sami is there as well, and she helps Carrie into a wheelchair. Lexie and Carrie leave, and Sami asks which one of them won the Carrie lottery? Lucas wonders how Sami knew that is what they were talking about? Austin says somehow Sami always ends up in the wrong place at the right time and listening to other people's conversations. Sami says she was just here, and she didnt overhear anything, Lexie said Carrie was struggling with a decision. Sami says she can put two and two together. Sami says she cant believe Carrie is stringing them along. Lucas says shes not stringing them along, and she has made her choice. Sami says its like a reality show, one man gets the rose and the bride of his dreams and the other gets a so long. She still thinks Carrie is jerking them along, but since it is a contest she knows who she is rooting for. Lucas asks who that is? She says she hopes Carrie chooses Austin. Lucas doesnt believe her, she knows there is no future for the two of them so she wants Austin for herself. She says there are more men on this planet then him and Austin. She says she has plenty of time, she can meet the right kids and have more kids. Sami says Carrie however is whining about having kids now, her biological clock is ticking, so she has to choose between her old reliables. She tells Lucas he just cant accept that Carrie loves Austin and not him, Lucas is nothing to Carrie. She says congratulations Austin, he has won Carrie. Lucas says that is such bull, shell never give up on Austin only because she cant have him (Lucas). Austin tells Lucas that hes being hard on Sami, she has known all along how he feels about Carrie and they have an understanding that their relationship is strictly business. Austin believes Sami is sincere and says hes grateful for her support. Lucas knows privately that Sami is obviously plotting something, she doesn't want Carrie with Austin.

Lexie talks with Carrie in her office. Carrie says she finally made her choice between the two men. Carrie says it has been hard knowing she would hurt one of them, but she cant drag this out. Carrie says she listened to her heart and has made her choice. LExie says about that decision, has she told them? Carrie says no, but she has chosen Austin. Lexie says she has new information, and choosing Austin is a mistake she cant afford to make. Carrie asks how it could be a mistake, she loves him. LExie says she did some preliminary testing for her first OB appointment. Carrie asks if this is about her cyst? Lexie says no, she did some genetic testing. She says she and Austin have a genetic marker that could be problematic. She says if they have a child together then the child might have birth defects that could be life threatening. Carrie asks why and when did she test Austin? She says Austin was tested when he was going to marry Sami, and she pulled his files and just checked to be on the safe side. Carrie says but Lucas and Austin are brothers and Will is fine. Carrie says Austin and Lucas have different fathers. Lexie says she took these precautions knowing the choice she had to make. Lexie says from a medical point of view, Austin is the last man she should have a child with. 

Roman shows up at the hospital, he asks John why he didnt tell him about the accident? John says it wasnt an accident, and hes been busy trying to prove it was Alex who was trying to kill him and Marlena. Roman and John end up going down recap lane, and Roman asks John if it is possible that Alex is innocent but his anger and jealousy wont let him accept it? John says the man is a killer, he killed Lois. They then end up arguing/recapping the whole Lois Banks, truth-serum, death/suicide fiasco. Roman ends up telling John to call him if there is any trouble, he needs to get to the wedding. A nurse shows up and tells John that Dr. Evans wanted to see him, there is a message on the counter for him. Of course the message is on the floor, but he goes to check on MArlena anyways without reading it.

In Marlenas room, Marlena tells Alex that she remembers everything, including who he really is. She says he stole her past and tried to steal her future, John was right about him. Alex says John has hated him since he arrived in Salem. Marlena says John loves her, thats how he knows what he is doing is wrong. Marlena tells Alex that he lied to her. Alex says he told her the truth about one important thing, they were and are still married. She says not for long. He kisses her hand, and she freaks, saying he is hurting her. Marlena tells Alex that shes going to divorce him, but he says he wont allow that. He reminds her the price she had to pay when she disobeyed him. We see flashbacks of Alex either beating or locking Marlena up, maybe both. Alex tells Marlena it is obvious she remembers, they shouldnt have any problems. Marlena says she thought Lois was insane, but he killed her. She tries to reach for the nurse beeper, but he takes it before she can get it. He then tells her if she screams it will be the last sound she makes. Marlena tries to fake him out, claiming that those memories arent real, they were influenced by John, he would never hurt her. Marlena says she is so sorry for thinking terrible things about him, she should have known they werent real. Alex tells Marlena that shes not the only shrink in the room, did she think he would fall for any of that? She says its obvious she remembers John and the truth about her past with him. Alex says that is a shame because now shes going to have to die. She tries to scream, so he covers her mouth. Later, John finds Marlena looking very lifeless and hanging off her bed.

Billie arrives outside the church, shes thinking about Chelsea telling her that she was going fight for both of them if Billie wouldnt. Billie says Hope should be here, she is Shawns mom and wife. At the altar, Belle says this wedding has to stop. Mimi thinks Belle did this to humiliate her, but Shawn knows why she stopped the ceremony. Chelsea is in the back of the church, and Shawn yells at her for coming here. He says he knows she wants to be part of this family, but he has no family anymore because Zack is gone as is his mom. Chelsea says she is his sister and wanted to reach out to him. He says its too late. Billie walks in and asks Chelsea what she is doing here? Billie apologizes to Shawn, and Bo tells her this was a mistake. Chelsea cries no matter what she does it is a mistake. Shawn asks his dad to make her leave, throw her out for him. Bo says he cant throw her out, but he will take her out. When Bo decides to go with Billie and Chelsea, Shawn is furious and says no wonder mom left him! Shawn says hes sorry the wedding was stopped. Mimi says she thought for a moment Belle wasnt going to let her marry Shawn. Belle says since the wedding is stopped, she should tell Mimi what she really wants. Father Jansen decides to let the young people talk amongst themselves and then proceed in a few minutes. Kate tells Belle she didnt have to say anything about Chelsea, she wasnt doing anything. Belle says she was here to cause trouble. Kate then once again lays the guilt trip on Belle, how shes so glad Claire will have such a loving and stable family. Bonnie then brings Claire out to Belle. Bonnie has decided that Claire should be in the wedding photos as well. Meanwhile, Shawn and Mimi decide to get on with the ceremony. Shawn is glad Claire can be part of the ceremony, losing Zack is what made him realize to take nothing for granted, especially not children. He says making their children happy is their biggest responsibility in life. Father Jansen begins the ceremony again and once again asks the speak now question. Belle thinks about speaking but is holding Claire and looking at her.

Outside, Bo lashes out at Chelsea for what shes done. Chelsea says he can go back in there, but Bo says he cant trust her to do the right thing. Billie says Bo is being way too nice. Billie tells Chelsea she did this on purpose because she cant stand having everyones attention focused on her, especially her fathers. Chelsea cries that she gets it, they both hate her. She says theyd be happier if she wasnt around, so be careful what they wish for as it might happen. Bo thinks this was an honest mistake, and he thinks they should arrange a meeting between her and Shawn if she wants to see him, someplace neutral. Bo goes to get the car, and Billie applauds Chelsea performance. Billie says shes impressed, that was quite a show. Billie knows why she upset Shawn, to drive a bigger wedge between Bo and Hope and Bo and Shawn. She realizes Chelsea wants to cut Bo off from the people he loves the most. Chelsea says whatever it takes to keep her out of jail, she wont spend the best years of her life in jail, she doesnt care who has to suffer. 


March 24, 2006
At the church, Frankie and Jen show up and sneak into a back pew. As they watch the wedding, Jen begins to have a dream of her own wedding to Jack. She then fantasize about marrying Frankie! When Jen looks into the congregation, everyone is Jack! She tells Jack she knows this is what he wants for her, but this is becoming serious, her feelings for Frankie are real. SHe feels like she's betraying Jack and asks him for a sign. Back to reality, Belle bites her tongue as Shawn and Mimi are pronounced husband and wife. Belle has tears going down her face. 

At the reception, Belle tells Phillip they should go home, Claire needs a nap. Phillip says no way, they are staying and celebrating as a family. Belle talks with Caroline saying the reason she didn't stop the wedding was because of Claire. She says Kate talked to her about how lucky Claire was not to come from a broken home. Belle says she will make things work with Phillip, she loves her sister Sami but doesn't want Claire to end up like her. Victor overhears this and is furious. He lays into Kate for what she's done. Kate tells Victor that they have to protect Phillip first and foremost, and to lose his wife and daughter would kill him. She says if Victor was going to tell Shawn the truth he would have done so before now, but he didn't. She says they have to keep Phillip from finding out the truth now. 

Shawn and Mimi are presented as husband and wife to all by Maggie, and they share their first dance. Shawn ends up talking to Belle and thanks her for bringing Claire here. He just hopes he and Mimi can be as happy as her, Phillip and Claire one day. Meanwhile, Mimi gets ready to toss her bouquet, she throws it and Jen catches it. Jen gets her sign from Jack! Later, Phillip gets up and makes a happy toast to Shawn and Mimi. He asks Belle to join him in wishing them well, but she just runs out in tears.

At the hospital, Carrie is in tears and Sami thinks she's just upset about having to chose between Austin and Lucas. She knows better, but she puts on a little show. Carrie says it's so much more. Carrie ends up watching two couples, one has just had a healthy baby and is leaving the hospital with him. The other brings a sick baby in for treatment. The nurses comment how he's been at the hospital more than he's been at home. Lexie tells the parents that she's done all she can for their son, they knew with his genetic disorder what his expectancy was. Carrie is crushed as she watches this, and Sami wonders allowed if those poor parents knew what they were getting into when they had that baby. Carrie makes a call to Austin and says she needs to talk to him about her choice, she can't do this over the phone.

LExie blasts Sami for what she's done. Lexie says she's taken a Hippocratic oath to help people. Sami tells Lexie at least what she did is for the best, she did it to save her marriage and family. Lexie asks Sami what if all she has done is for nothing, what if Carrie chooses Austin in the end? Sami refuses to let that happen, and later Lexie catches Sami in the records room tampering with her sister's records. Lexie can't believe what Sami is doing, and she can't believe Sami also used that poor couple's unfortunate situation earlier to her advantage. Lexie tells Sami she's tempting fate here. Sami says she'll do whatever it takes to get Austin. If she goes to hell for it then she'll at least get a little bit of heaven on earth with Austin before she goes. Later they both see Carrie calling Austin, and Lexie thinks Sami has lost, Carrie is still going to choose Austin.

Elsewhere, John finds Marlena unconscious and calls for Lexie. Alex shows up, and John goes to attack him. Abe holds him back, and Alex once again plays innocent. Lexie stabilizes Marlena, but says she needs rest. We see flashbacks in which Alex gave Marlena a drug and said it would either erase her memory or kill her, both of which were fine with him at this point. Marlena eventually wakes up and John goes to see her. She has no memory at all and says if she asked to see JOhn it was to tell him to stay away from her and Alex, Alex is the man she loves and will marry. Alex says after they marry they will go on their honeymoon and be far away from John and all this stress.

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