March 27 , 2006
Bo and Billie bring Chelsea home. Billie says if he wants to go to the reception then she can handle this. Bo says he wouldnt be welcomed and doesnt want to upset Shawn again. Bo says he missed the wedding, Shawn will see it as him choosing Chelsea over their family yet again. Chelsea says she is his family too, but if hed rather she not be then she can make that happen. Billie tells Chelsea that her father has done everything possible to make her know that he loves her, why is she acting like shes the one wronged here. Billie tells her that she knew what would happened if she showed up at the wedding, and she is responsible for the choices she makes. She says Bo and Shawn were finally back on speaking terms, but because of her, Bo didnt get to see his son get married. Chelsea says and because of her Bo wont see his other son get married, she knows. She says everything bad that happens to this family is her fault, she gets it. She says she didnt mean to upset anyone, she came into the church quietly and sat in the back. She says she didnt think anyone would notice her, she just wanted to show Shawn and Mimi that she cared. She says if it wasnt for Belle opening her big mouth then nobody would have noticed. Bo says not to blame Belle for this.  She says she just wanted to reach out to her family. Bo says her intentions might be good, but she is a smart girl and there is no reason for this to happen over and over again. He says she cant keep doing these stupid things and expect to be forgiven over and over again. Chelsea says nobody is forgiving her, everyone hate her and no matter what she does she manages to screw things up. She runs off, and Billie says shell deal with this. Billie goes up to Chelseas room to talk to her. Chelsea puts on some fake tears for her mom, and Billie wants her to stop all of this. Billie says she knows exactly why Chelsea did what she did. Billie tells her that she told her she (Chelsea) would fight for them if she (Billie) wouldnt. Chelsea claims she was being dramatic. Billie knows why she went to the wedding, she did so to drive a wedge between Shawn, Bo and Hope. Billie asks how she can live with herself? What is wrong with her? Billie says she knew what would happen if she showed up at that wedding, and the fallout is what she expected. Billie knows Chelsea thinks having Bo on her side will help her out and get her out of jail. She asks how long she thinks it will be until Bo gets fed up with her mistakes? She says because of Chelsea, Bo and Hope missed their sons wedding. Chelsea says Hope left town on her own, how is it her fault? Chelsea also says why should she expect dad would miss the wedding because she showed up. How was she to know he'd leave, she's not a psychic. Billie tells Chelsea that she doesnt know if she believes her. Chelsea says fine, if shes going to turn against her too then get out of her room. Chelsea tells her to go, so she does. Back downstairs, Bo tries to see if Hope sent him an email. His PDA batteries are dead, so he gets on the PC. He is shocked by what he finds. Billie shows up and sees him reading Chelseas diary on her PC. He shows it to Billie. He tells her that she should read it. Billie sits down and reads it. In it Chelsea talks about how she knows she is responsible for Zacks death, and she is afraid her parents will hate her too. She wonders if it is so terrible not to want to go to jail. She says she just found her family and now they hate her. She says they claim they dont, but she knows they do. She says she just wants to be loved, to have a family like the one she had and lost. Billie says she knew she was hurting, but she didnt know how much. Billie says Chelsea is just protecting herself from getting hurt. Bo says yeah, and they need to help her. Chelsea catches them reading her diary and is not pleased. She says they had no right. Bo says it was an accident, and Billie says they wanted to figure out what is wrong with her. Bo says they shouldnt have read it, but hes glad they did.

Lucas and Austin are arguing with one another at the reception. They missed the wedding but they made it to the reception. Lucas and Austin argue over who Carrie will choose. Austin knows Carrie will chose him, but Lucas says Carrie will chose him. Lucas makes a comment about how lost Nicole and now hes losing Carrie. Lucas says he blew it by relocating Nicole to LA to run High Style. Austin says well it worked out for her, she fell in love with some soap opera actor and got married. Lucas says now hes stuck with Sami. Austin gets a call on his cell, its Carrie calling from the hospital. She asks him to come to the hospital. He asks if she needs a ride home? She says it's ot that, she has something to tell him that will affect the rest of their lives together. Austin tells Lucas that Carrie wants to see him, and he hopes he can live with this decision. Austin leaves, and Lucas goes to the bar. Maggie soon shows up and Lucas orders a club soda. Maggie is glad he could make it. He says he was detained at the hospital with Carrie. Maggie asks how she is doing, and he says okay, and Austin is with her. Maggie thinks that cant make him happy.

At the hospital, Sami asks Carrie why shes still walking around? Carrie says shes been discharged and she is fine. Sami thinks she seems upset. Carrie says shes upset over that baby that died. Sami offers to take her home. Carrie says thanks but she just phoned Austin. Sami asks why? Austin then arrives and asks Carrie if she is okay? Carrie says yes, and she tells Sami that she needs to talk to Austin alone. Sami leaves, and Austin asks Carrie what is up. Carrie says she needs to talk about the two of them. Austin thinks shes chosen him, and hes thrilled. Carrie says its not that simple. Austin asks if she loves him. She says with all her heart. He says and he loves her, and he kisses her. Carrie says this is happening too fast. Austin says too fast? He talks about how she was going to tell them who she chose half a dozen times before they got interrupted. He promises her that this time around they wont make any mistakes. She says they need to talk, but Austin says the only thing that matters is they love one another and want to be together. Austin suggests they go to Shawn and Mimis reception, he can take her to her place and she can change first. Carrie says okay, so they leave.

Shawn and Mimi share their first dance at the reception (Lifehouse You and Me and All of the People). Belle watches Shawn and Mimi dance and cries. Bonnie is thrilled as she watches them dance, and Victor argues with Kate about keeping this secret. Kate thinks everyone will live happily ever after, end of story. Victor says he hopes she is right. Shawn tells Belle that she is awfully quiet. She says shes just soaking it all in, and this is the best day of her life. She says shes so grateful to be with him. Phillip takes the microphone to make a toast to his favorite nephew and his beautiful bride. Phillip talks about how the four of them have been friends for a long time, and that he and Belle love Shawn and Mimi and wish them the very best. Everyone toasts to Shawn and Mimi, and Belle ends up running out in tears. Phillip wonders what is wrong with Belle. Shawn says hell go talk to her, but Phillip says she is his wife. Shawn says shes having a hard time with the wedding, he should be the one to talk to her. Phillip asks if Shawn is suggesting something is going on between them? Shawn says no, and he claims Belle probably just feels bad about the whole Chelsea fiasco and his dad leaving. Phillip says okay, if he wants to talk to her then go for it. Mimi tells Shawn to let Belle know that shes not upset with her at all. Shawn leaves, and Phillip asks Mimi what could be going on between the two of them that he doesnt know about? Mimi says she is sure it is nothing. Phillip admits when Belle stopped the wedding he thought she was doing so because she still loved Shawn. Mimi admits the same thing. Phillip says he does everything he can everyday not to worry about her feelings for him. He says but hes married to Belle, and now Shawn is married to her. Phillip says hed like to believe he wouldnt marry her if he still loves Belle. Mimi says he wouldnt. Phillip holds Claire and talks about how he never imagined in High School that he would end up with Belle. Mimi understands, but she has decided not to question it anymore and he shouldnt either.

Bonnie and Kate discuss Belle making yet another scene. Kate says it doesnt matter, Shawn is married to Mimi and wont break his vows. Bonnie says yeah, like that has never happened before. Victor then tells Kate that he doesnt feel right about this. Kate says dont feel right then, but dont tell him. Caroline walks up and asks dont tell him what? Kate says they were talking about Austin and his business. Kate says Victor is a bit upset about there being more competition in town. Caroline seems to buy the excuse. Victor once again talks with Caroline about the choice she made to keep Bos paternity a secret. Caroline reminds Victor that when Bo was born, he went to Europe to make his fortune. She also didnt approve of his business tactics and she didnt want her son raised that way. She says she would make the decision again to protect Bo, her marriage and her family.

Bonnie and Mickey talk at the reception. Bonnie tells Mickey that he did love her. He says thank you. She says that is it? He says he loved her in a different way, she made him feel young and alive again. She filled a void in his life. Bonnie says its okay, alls well that ends well. She asks for a dance for old times sake, and he says sure. They hit the dance floor. Mimi cuts in and asks for her husband back. Bonnie says she got him warmed up for her. Maggie says she wishes Bonnie all the best for Mimi, and then she dances with Maggie. Bonnie says to herself its hard to hold a grudge against the Hortons. 

Outside, Shawn tells Belle that she cant keep doing this. She has to be happy for them. They cant stay friends unless she accepts this. Belle says she shouldnt have let him marry Mimi, she should have stopped the wedding and told everyone that she still loves him. Belle says she still loves him and she knows he still loves her. Shawn admits he does. She asks why he went through with it? He says the same reason she didnt stop the wedding. He says theyll always love one another, but they have no future. He says she has to accept that her future is with Phil and his is with Mimi. Belle knows that is true, and she loves Phillip and he loves her. Shawn says so start being happy. Belle asks Shawn for one last dance to say goodbye to the past, so they share a dance on the patio (To that song "The One."). Shawn and Belle tell one another that they love the other. Shawn tells Belle to be happy, and she says him too. Shawn says goodbye, and she returns to the reception.

Belle and Shawn return, and Phillip is glad Belle is back. Mimi says its time to cut the cake, so everyone gathers to watch. They cut the cake and Mimi smears it all over Shawns face. Shawn then smears it on her face. They then share a kiss. Later, Phillip asks Shawn what the plan is for tonight? He says they are just going to the loft for the night, and tomorrow theyll relax for a few days before going off on this insane honeymoon his mom has planned for them. Phillip says he deserves it, and theyll be waiting for them when they get back. Phillip and Shawn hug one another and wish each other the best. Belle tells Mimi to have a great honeymoon. Mimi says they leave in a few days, they are going to the Horton Cabin tomorrow for a few days. Mimi thanks Belle for being happy here for her. Belle knows she will make a great wife to Shawn and will make him happy. Mimi says she will. Belle says she better or shell answer to her! Belle laughs when she says this.

Kate talks to Lucas, this must be hard for him to see, a happy wedding that is. Kate says she knows she messed up his wedding, but she also saved his life. Kate asks where Austin went? He says Carrie called and wanted to see him. Lucas says shes obviously chosen him. Kate says shes happy for Austin and she wound have been happy for Lucas as well. Lucas doubts that.

Sami arrives at the reception and orders some booze. Kate asks why shes here, nobody wants her here, they didnt want her at her own wedding. Sami tells her to go to hell. Kate knows why Sami is angry, its because Carrie chose Austin and now shes alone. Kate says she is thrilled, and for once shes had nothing to do with this one. Sami says she loved Lucas and could have had a great life, she was honest with Lucas. Kate says the marriage would have lasted anyways. Kate and Sami hash it out over the past as Lucas listens to them. Kate is just glad that her sons, both of them are free of her. Kate then storms off. Lucas talks to Sami, he heard what she said to his mom about him and he knows she meant it. Sami says she did, but she knows they wont get back together. Suddenly Carrie and Austin walk in together. Sami says Carrie chose Austin, its over for them. She says here is to us, losers till the end.

Victor tells Kate that theyve made a huge mistake. He says when the truth comes out then two marriage will be destroyed. Kate says the truth won't come out. Victor says this secret is too big to keep forever, what if the baby begins looking like Shawn? Kate says it might not happen, and they did the right thing. Kate says he said it himself, two marriages and their sons life will be destroyed if this comes out, what good will that do? 

Mimi and Shawn prepare to depart, and everything throws confetti as they leave. Bonnie tells Mimi, before she goes, that she caught the gold ring. Mimi still wishes she had told the truth. Shawn tells Mimi its time, so they run off together as they are showered with confetti.


March 28, 2006

Phillip is holding Claire at the loft and talking to her about how pretty she and her mom where at the wedding. Belle watches as he says he has the best baby and wife in the world, and they mean everything to him. Belle comes out in tears, and he asks what is wrong? She says nothing, shes fine. Phillip says shes not fine, shes crying again. Phillip says he knows why, she finally has realized she lost Shawn for good. Belle says it was hard seeing Shawn marry her, and it is harder knowing that there is now a time for Shawn without her. Phillip asks how she could say that to him? Would she rather be with Shawn? Belle says she made her choice when she married him, he is her husband, she loves him. Belle says she just cant believe Shawn moved on from her so fast. Phillip says if he ever lost her then hed never get over it. Phillip also says you never forget your first love, and that is okay. He says what they have is deeper and more mature, its the real deal. He says their commitment to one another is proof of that. He says they are a real family and will always be there for one another. They hug, and Belle thanks him for being so understanding. They say they love one another and kiss. Belle decides to call her dad and check on her mom, so Phillip takes Claire upstairs and says hell wait for her. Belle slips out into the hallway and sees a single white rose from Mimis bouquet on the ground. She smells it and then begins to dream. She remembers all the times Shawn has told her it was over between them, and she had to accept he was with Mimi now. She goes to the roof and cries.

Shawn carries Mimi over the threshold to their loft. Mimi says she loves him so much, she never thought she could be this happy. Shawn says it was the happiest day of his life, but tonight will be even better. As they begin to get down to business, Mimi says they cant do this in his grandmothers dress, what if she tore it. She says let her get out of it and he can get some champagne. She goes to her room and begins to undress. In her dresser she ends up finding some letters Rex sent back to her, letters she wrote to him. Mimi says Shawn deserves to know the truth. Shawn returns with champagne and asks the truth about what? Mimi says she found her old love letters to Rex, and when she saw them that it hit her. She is afraid their marriage is headed in the same direction as her relationship with Rex. Mimi says there are things he doesnt know about. Shawn says it cant be that bad, but Mimi says it is. Shawn says whatever it is, there is a clean slate starting today, theyll always be honest with one another and leave everything else in the past. He says he wants to focus on the future, but she says she has to tell him this right now. He says it doesnt matter, all that matters is they love one another. He says shes beautiful and so is the dress, he wants to take her out of it though. She says shell change, but he says first they should toast. Later they get down to making love. 

Back at the reception, Sami and Lucas are talking. Lucas says hes been doing a lot of thinking about the two of them. Suddenly they see Austin and Carrie walk in. Sami thinks she chose Austin, and she toasts to them, losers to the end. Carrie tells Austin they should get this over with and tell Sami and Lucas their news. Austin says he has something he has to do first, and he kisses her. Sami says she was positive that Carrie would . . . . Lucas says what, choose him? Sami says forget Carrie and Austin, what was he going to say to her. Sami thinks he wanted to get back together with her. Carrie interrupts and asks to speak to Lucas alone. Austin tells Sami that hell buy her a drink. They leave, and Lucas tells Carrie its obvious shes made her decision. Carrie says she has. Carrie says shes sorry this went on so long, and hes been so good to her, a real friend. Lucas says theyll always be friends, but he was hoping for something more. Carrie knows that. Lucas says hell spare her breaking the bad news, it is clear who shes chosen. Carrie says hes jumped to conclusions. Carrie says she didnt choose Austin, she chooses him. Lucas asks what about Austin? She says its not happening. Lucas says he knows how she feels about him, why doesnt she want to be with him? Carrie remembers Lexie lies about the genetic markers they supposedly share. Carrie tells Lucas he is the man who can give her the future she wants, a family and children. Lucas asks if she still in love with Austin? She says she is still in love with Austin, but hes her past. She asks Lucas to take things slow. She wants to start a family, but wants to make sure it is the right time and with the right person. She says if things work out for them, is he sure she wants another kid with her? He says hed love to have another kid. Carrie says now she needs to know if hes really over Sami? Lucas says Carrie is the woman hes always wanted, and now that that looks like a reality, he wants to make it work. Carrie says so does she, and they hug.

Sami talks to Austin and knows Carrie made her choice, shes glad the waiting and back and forth thing is over. Austin says Carrie didnt mean to put anyone through anything, she just needed time to make her decision. Austin says she was just afraid of getting hurt. Sami says it was obvious she would choose him, why did she drag it out? Austin asks what makes her think she chose him? Sami asks how he can even say that. Austin takes a drink and tells Sami that she didnt choose him. Sami asks what the kiss was about? He says it was a goodbye kiss. He says Carrie knows what she wants and it isnt him, its Lucas. Sami begins to cry as she realizes she has lost Lucas to her sister. Austin tells Sami no matter how many times she tries to deny it, she is still in love with him. Sami says there is no chance for her and Lucas. Austin says it looked like something was going on between them, like Lucas was going to take her back. She says that wont happen now with Carrie in his life. Sami asks Austin if he wants to talk about his feelings? Austin says no. Sami says hell be fine, hell meet someone else and move on. Austin takes another shot and says he doesnt think so. Hes giving up on love for a long time and just focus on business. He says Carrie is gone so there is nothing left to fight for. Sami asks what about her? Austin asks what she is saying? Sami says she got her heart broken too, and if someone like him gives up then she will too. She says she has to believe there is hope out there for both of them. Austin says that is one of the most honest and unselfish things shes said in a long time. She says she meant it, if Lucas and Carrie want to be together then there is nothing they can do to stop them. Austin says its late, hes going to go home and do work. Sami says hell have to take a cab. Austin tells her not to give up, there is someone out there for her and shell find him when shes ready. Austin then leaves as Carrie and Lucas share a dance. 

At the penthouse, Lexie gives Marlena sedative to help her get some rest. Alex tells her to get her sleep and hell see Lexie out. In the hall, Lexie wants to stay and keep an eye on Marlena. Alex refuses to let her do that, he wont let Lexie poison Marlena against him. Alex says she tried to manipulate Marlena under her care, he could file charges against her. Lexie says he is the one manipulating her. Alex tells Lexie that it is time she and the rest of Salem realize that Marlena belongs to him and nobody else. Alex says Marlena loves him, not John. Lexie says as a doctor and someone concerned about Marlena, shouldnt he put off this wedding? Lexie says shes still weak from the accident, and when she recovers her memory she is sure it wont be Alex she wants to be with. Lexie says its pointless arguing with him, and she insists as Marlenas doctor that she not go through with the wedding. Alex says he is her husband and will make that decision. Meanwhile, as Marlena dreams, she remembers both John and Alex. She remembers loving both John and Alex, but also waking up in the hospital and being afraid of Alex. Marlena wakes up from her dream. Marlena finds Lexie and Alex arguing in the hall about the wedding, and she says she can make her own decision. She asks what is going on here? Alex says nothing and she should go back to bed. Marlena says if shes talking about her condition then she wants to be part of the discussion. Lexie tells Marlena that she doesnt think shes up for this wedding tomorrow. She wants Marlena to wait and fully recover first. Marlena says she will see how she feels when she wakes up, that is all she can promise Lexie. Alex thinks Marlena will wake up feeling wonderful. Marlena goes back to bed, and Alex then tells Lexie shes leaving if he has to eject her. She says shell be back in the morning, but Alex says her services are no longer required. He tells her to stay away, he knows her nasty little secret. He says it would be a shame if it came out now that she was cheating on her husband. Lexie goes to slap Alex, but he grabs her hand and suggests she not do that! Lexie storms off. Marlena sleeps, and Alex looks in on her and says they will marry and he will take her away forever and nobody can stop him.

John, sporting a new haircut, is planning to kill Alex before he marries Marlena. Abe walks in on him and says if that is the case then hell have to arrest him. John says hes not back on the force yet so he cant arrest him. Abe says he is still a member of the police commission and can and will arrest him. John says Alex is a killer and he has to stop him before he hurts Marlena. Abe says if he kills Alex then hell go to jail for life. John says at least hell know Marlena is safe. Abe asks what about Marlenas feelings? John says they are controlled by Alex now. Abe says hes speaking of the real Marlena, if she returns then she would not condone murder for any reason. John says Marlena knows how far he will go to protect her, and that this isn't the first time hes killed. Abe says he was under Stefanos control then. John asks Abe if this man was coming after Lexie would he not do the same thing? Abe gets a call, he says he has to go. He tells John to think this through, dont do anything foolish. Abe says theyll figure out a way to handle this. Abe then leaves. John says hes out of options, if he doesnt make his move now then it is too late. John loads a rifle and says say goodbye to Marlena Alex, it is time to die.

Lexie meets up with Abe and they discuss what is going on with this marriage and John. Abe gets yet another call. Lexie, to herself, says John belongs with Marlena just like Carrie belongs with Austin, and it is her fault because of her affair with Tek. She says so many lives will be destroyed, maybe even her and Abes. 


March 29, 2006

At Lucas place, Lucas has made Carrie breakfast, pancakes and eggs. She thanks him for going to the trouble. He says shes chosen him over Austin, they will have a wonderful life together and this is only the beginning. He says when he woke up he thought he dreamed last night, but she says he didnt. Carrie goes to get the paper and of course runs into Austin in the hall. He says good morning, and she says hello. Sami listens to them exchange hellos. Austin says what a difference a day makes, he thought theyd be spending their lives together starting today. Carrie says he promised to accept this. Austin says giving up your dream isnt easy, he knows she still loves him. Carrie admits it. He asks why she chose Lucas then? Carrie remembers Lexies big fat genetic marker lie. Carrie returns to her apartment, and Lucas says he knows how to make Carrie forget about Austin for good. 

At the penthouse, Marlena is looking at a photo of her and John when Belle shows up. Marlena tells Belle how glad she is that shes here, she is nervous and doesnt know why. Belle realizes her mom is really going to do this. Marlena says she is and she wants her to be her matron of honor. Belle says she cant, she doesnt want her mom to do this. A spying Alex tells Belle that is too bad, hes marrying her mother today and nobody can stop him. Belle talks to her mom about her vows to her dad, her obligations to her family. Belle doesnt understand why her mom doesnt want things the way they were. Johns clock chimes, and Marlena remembers hearing John tell her that every time it chimed shed remember his love for her. She has flashbacks to kissing John. Belle asks her mom what is wrong. She thinks her mom is remembering something. Belle realizes it was the clock, she remembers dad giving it to her. Spying Alex says Marlena cant remember. Belle asks her mom what she is thinking. Marlena says she wants her to be part of the wedding. Belle says okay, shell be her matron of honor. Alex knocks on the door to check on Marlena. He says they should be getting to the church. She says she knows and shes getting dressed right now. Alex says hell go ahead since hes not supposed to see her first. Marlena says shell meet him there. Marlena gets dressed, and Belle realizes this is her last chance to help her mom and dad. Alex spies on Belle as she gathers things up. 

Kate comes home and finds John aiming a rifle. She asks what he is doing? He says hes doing a little target practice. She says put the gun down. John says Alex wont run off into the sunset with his wife. Kate asks what hes going to do, shoot him? John says you cant marry a dead man can you. She says he is not seriously going to kill Alex is he. John says he is, with her help. She says he wants her to help him kill Alex? John says no, of course not, he wouldnt put her in that position. John says she is the only one he trusts. He says hes drawn up papers putting her in charge of his company and trust funds for his kids. She begs him to think this through. He says he has. Kate says Marlena has been such a fool to give up him. John says once Marlena is free of Alex, she will get her memory back and put her life on track. He says for that to happen Alex needs to be removed. Kate wont let him do this, shes calling Roman. She goes to do so, but he tells her to put the phone down. She does, and John tells her how hes not proud of his past, but its efficient at getting the job done. He says hes tried everything to stop Alex and he has failed and always ended up looking like the bad guy. He says if Marlenas life werent at risk then hed let Marlena think he was the bad guy, but he cant let Alex kill Marlena. John packs his gun up and says goodbye to Kate before leaving. 

At the church, Roman and Abe work to secure the area to keep John from doing something stupid. Tek is with them helping them. Roman says they need to find John and keep him under surveillance. Tek says hes on it. Lexie arrives and has an awkward look exchange with Lexie. Abe interrupts and asks Lexie to check on Marlena and maybe get a sample of those sleeping pills shes taking. Lexie knows Alex blackmailed her into not returning to check on Marlena. Abe asks Lexie if she is okay, and she says shes fine. Abe asks her to just check on Marlena, but watch her step, Alex is trouble. Later, Roman and Abe talk about how they hate doing this to John. Abe understands where John is coming from. Roman says what if Alex does take Marlena away and kills her, hell be out of their jurisdiction, their hands will be tied. Abe says even so they cant let John play vigilante. John walks in and tells them that hes sorry they dont agree with him, but Alex is as dangerous as the DiMeras and he will stop him. Roman asks John if he brought a gun in here. John says no, and hes here to go to confession. John goes into the confessional, and Roman and Abe get a bad feeling about this. John asks Father Jansen for forgiveness for the sin of murder. John says he hasnt committed this act yet. Father Jansen says he cant give him absolution if he goes through with this. John says its the only way to save an innocent, and the police wont help him. Father Jansen asks if this is about Alex and Marlena, does he believe Alex is a danger to her? John says yes, and he knows Alex plans to harm her. John asks Jansen not to marry them. Father Jansen says he has no choice but to marry them, and if he doesnt then someone else will. John says well he has no choice but to commit murder then.

Marlena and Belle arrive at the brides room. Marlena doesnt know why shes so nervous, this is just a renewal ceremony. Belle says maybe this is her subconscious saying this is a mistake. Lexie walks in and says she agrees with Belle, she should reconsider marrying Alex. Marlena thinks they are both here to gang up on her. The clock chimes, and Marlena knows Belle brought it to remind her of John. Belle says she did, and it is making her remember John. Alex is outside spying and says he has to put a stop to this now. A flower delivery boy shows up, and Alex pays the man to do something for him. Back in the room, Lexie and Belle try and convince her that shes rushing into this. They beg her to just put this off a bit longer. The flower boy comes in with the flowers. He goes to put them on the table and accidentally, but purposefully, knocks the clock off and breaks it. Belle says its been ruined. The guy says hes sorry and runs off. Belle says this was the one thing that could help her remember. Lexie tells Belle not to give up hope, and shell leave them alone to talk one on one. Lexie leaves them, and Belle gives it one last try. She tells her mom that she has some things for her. She gives her a rosary for her something old. She says she gave it to dad on their wedding day. Marlena says its lovely. The something new is from Belle, a locket with Claires name and birth date on it, she wants Claire to know her grandmother. The something borrowed is a strong of pearls. MArlena says these are hers? Belle says yes, and they were given to her (Belle) for her wedding, so shes loaning them back to her mom. The something blue is a blue ribbon, but its more than that. Its from Belle's basket as flower girl at her parents wedding. Belle says shell never forget that day or how much she and dad loved one another. Marlena begins to have flashes of John. Belle asks her mom if shes remembering something, is she having second thoughts? Marlena says no, she is marrying Alex. The spying Alex thinks she wont change her mind now.

Guests begin arriving for the wedding, including Carrie, Sami, Lucas and Austin. Lexie pulls Carrie aside to talk to her. Carrie says she picked Lucas. Lexie wishes her and Lucas well, and they sit down. Lexie then speaks with Sami. Lexie asks her if she is happy now, her blackmail worked. Sami says Carrie could have adopted or something with Austin, but she didnt want to. Sami says this isn't her fault. Lexie and Sami bicker about what has been done. Sami says everyone wins, Lucas gets Carrie, she stays with Abe and Austin will be with her. Lexie says she doesnt think so, just because Carrie is with Lucas doesnt mean Austin will settle for her. Sami says nothing stops her from getting what she wants.

Lucas tells Carrie he has a confession that hed like to make. Meanwhile, Sami talks to Austin about the future and how they cant give up. Austin says hes glad Sami isnt giving up, but he doesnt see a wedding in his future. Back to Lucas and Carrie, Lucas tells Carrie he didnt get much sleep last night, he was thinking about her. He says he wanted to go into her room last night, but he was good. He says they will have a great life together, it will be perfect. Carrie says nothing is perfect. Lucas says it will be perfect if he can make her happy, and to show her that he got her something. Its a little black box, and he says its a surprise. Sami and Austin watch, Austin rolls his eyes. Lucas reveals a ring to Carrie and asks her to marry him. Sami looks pissed!

Kate arrives and talks with Roman and Abe. They ask her if John said anything about his plans? They say they know hes going to stop the wedding, they just dont know how. Kate suggests they keep an eye on him. John walks up and asks if shes enjoying the festivities? She says she is here to see Marlena. Roman and Abe tell John that as his friends do not do anything he will regret. John says he has to go, and he leaves. Lexie tells Abe that both she and Belle tried to talk sense into Marlena, she wont stop the ceremony. Abe says he has the police on alert looking for John. The still spying Alex learns that the cops are worried about John, so he decides to take matters into his own hands if they wont control him.

Kate catches John leaving. He says he has to go, its time. Kate asks him one last time to reconsider this. HE says there is no other way. Kate asks if hes worth going to prison for? He says yes, hes doing this for Marlena. Belle spies on them as they talk about Johns plan. John says nobody will know what hes going to do, its okay. John leaves, and Belle freaks out. She runs off. 

The cops lose John, and Roman says they need to find John and also find Alex and keep John from getting a clear shot at him, if that is what hes up to. Alex is now outside looking for John, who is in the bushes with his rifle. John aims the rifle at something and says say goodbye Alex, youre a dead man. John then pulls the trigger! It turns out Alex is alive, and John was just doing a little target practice on some watermelons to get warmed up. Alex returns to the church, which is being guarded by the cops. 

Back in the bridal room, Marlena begins to have more memories of John. She puts on her dress and tells herself that she will go through with this wedding, but then says she cant do this, she loves John. Kate walks in and asks if she heard right? Kate thinks Marlena has remembered her past with John. 

Mimi and Shawn are at the Horton cabin. Shawn starts a fire and carries Mimi around. She says he doesnt have to carry her everywhere. He says he wants to conserve her energy for other things. They see a present for them, its from Alice. Its a check for a lot of money apparently, as well as the Horton family tree book. Shawn cant believe theyve been entrusted with this, its very special. Shawn looks through the book and finds a page for Zack, his death hasnt been entered. She says shes so sorry and hugs him. Shawn says the only way he can make sense of this is that God took Zack to save Claire. He says he feels so close to Claire, even closer now that Zack is a part of her. Mimi says they should put Claire in the book. He says shes not a Horton or a Brady though, but Mimi says she is. She just says that Claire is alive because of a transplant, and that makes her part of the family. Shawn agrees, so he puts Claire into the book. He also enters Zacks date of death. Shawn says soon theyll put their kids names in the book, and he wants a large family. Mimi suggests they start with just one. Shawn then picks up Mimi and takes her to bed. Shawn and Mimi begin to make love when suddenly Belle bursts in on them. Shes stunned to see them about to make love. Shawn says what the . . . . Belle says she needs him, and Mimi makes a face.


March 30, 2006
Belle interrupts Mimi and Shawn as they are in bed making love. She says shes so sorry, she wouldnt interrupt his honeymoon if it wasnt important. She says someone will die today if they dont stop it from happening. He asks if Claire is sick again? She says no, Claire is fine. She says its her dad, hes going to kill Alex to stop her mom from marrying her dad. She says she didnt know who else to go to. Shawn gets dressed and tells Belle that she needs to stay calm, sometimes people say things they dont mean. Belle says he meant it, her dad would kill because that is how much he loves her mom. She begs Shawn to help her find her dad. Shawn says he is on his honeymoon. Mimi, in a totally not thrilled voice, says come on lets go help Belle find her dad. Belle says Mimi is coming too? Mimi says well she took vows till death do they part, she didnt think it could possibly be so soon. She also won't let Shawn walk into a possibly dangerous situation alone.  Belle tells Mimi shes so sorry. Mimi doesnt understand why Belle didnt go to her own husband instead of hers, she just doesnt understand her.

Celeste is at her apartment reading the cards, she says the spirit world is restless. The patio doors blow open due to a gust of wind, and Celeste says it can't be!

At the church, Lucas proposes to Carrie as Austin and Sami watch. Lucas knows this is sudden, but theyve known one another for a long time. Carrie doesnt know what to say. He says how about yes. Sami flashes to her wedding that almost was with Lucas. Carrie says she cant and runs out in tears. Austin and Sami stop Lucas from going after her. Austin says Carrie likes to take things slow and he really blew this. Lucas says Carrie needs him, but Sami says she just ran away from him. Lucas yells at Sami, and he tells them that Carrie will be with him for the rest of his life, she chose him  and hell be honored to be the father of her children. Austin says fine, go after Carrie. Lucas leaves, and Austin apologizes to Sami for what Lucas said to her (he said some hurtful things). Sami knows Austin is hurting here too, and she did think Carrie would choose him. She says she thought they had something special. Austin says so did he.

Outside, Lucas checks on Carrie. He asks if she is okay, and she says she is. Lucas says hes sorry about rushing things, he just got confused as she says wants kids soon but also wants to take things slow. Carrie says she knows it is confusing, but she needs to take things slow because otherwise she messes things up. Lucas understands, thats how he got so messed up with Sami. Carrie says she loves Sami and she knows Lucas still does too. Carrie asks Lucas if hes sure he doesnt want to be with Sami. Lucas says she is the woman he wants to spend his life with. They joke and laugh about his proposal, and he tells her take her time out here before coming back in. Lucas goes back to the church, and then Austin comes to check on her. Carrie cant believe how she acted in there. Austin says Lucas rushed things and he knew she was uncomfortable, he could just see it in her face. She says he has to stop this. Austin says he knows, and hes sorry. He says its starting to feel like Spring, its a good time for new beginnings. He tells Carrie that he does want her to be happy. She says thank you and thanks Austin for just being Austin.

Back inside, Lucas and Sami argue. Sami asks if Carrie accepted his proposal? He says they are taking things slow. Sami says shes sorry, she knows how much marrying Carrie means to him. He says cut the crap, he will end up with Carrie in the end and Sami will strike out with Austin and end up all alone. Sami tells Lucas that maybe he proposed to Carrie because hes afraid Carrie would change her mind about her choice. She says yesterday he was going to tell her that he wanted to work things out, that is until he learned Carrie picked him. Lucas says that isnt true, but Sami knows it is. Sami and Lucas yell at one another, Sami tells Lucas that Carrie will never marry him because he was Carries second choice, the man she really wants is Austin. She almost blurts out the reason Carrie picked him, but quickly claims it was because she's still upset about the whole High Style thing. She asks if he has any self respect? He says look who is talking. Lucas tells Sami that the day after he left her at the altar she asked Austin to move in with her. He says Austin will never be with her, shell never get him to the alter again. He says Austin is interested in the good sister and they both know who that is! Sami ends up in tears, and Lucas begs her not to cry. He says hes sorry, he didnt mean it. He says this is their dynamic, they fight and say things to hurt one another, thats why they arent together. Sami says they arent together because of his mother, don't try and rewrite history. He says it doesnt matter, they are no good for one another. Sami says they are a family, but Lucas says not anymore. He says what they had was amazing but wasnt enough to build a life around. He says he can be civil with her from now on when he sees her. She says yeah right, they always end up fighting no matter what. Sami says they have to just stop caring and move on with their lives. Lucas says he has done that. She says yeah right, good luck with that. He says good luck with Austin, he means it. 

Lexie is outside on her cell phone when she runs into Tek. She asks if they have found John yet, but he says not yet. He grabs Lexies hand and says be careful, he doesnt want anything to happen to her. He says she is his life. Lexie says they have to be concerned about John and Marlena right now. Lexie tells Tek that Alex knows about them and is blackmailing her to stay away from Marlena, there is nothing she can do to help her. Tek becomes upset, and he says hell deal with Alex. Lexie says no, Abe cant find out about their affair.

Back inside, Roman and Abe warn Alex that this ceremony could lead to his death. Alex says hell take the chance, hes waited years for this, he wont let that jealous lunatic John stop him. Alex walks off, and Abe wonders if hes stubborn or stupid? Roman doesnt care about Alex, hes worried about John. He doesnt want to see John end up on death row. Abe and Roman agree they have to stop John from making the biggest mistake of his life and killing Alex. Abe says it seems like Alex wants John to try and kill him. Abe tells Roman how Alex has been goaded John on a lot while Roman was out of town. Roman says maybe Alex has a death wish. Later, Roman says hes patrolled the church, and he cant find Alex North anywhere. Abe wonders if John has already got to him.

John is outside preparing his rifle. He swears that Alex will never hurt Marlena again. John knows it will be almost impossible for him to get into the church. John says they are good, but hes better. John looks at some kind of blue prints. Its of the catacombs under Saint Lukes. John goes over everything, but he doesnt have an exit plan. He says some day Marlena will know that he gave his life to save hers. 

Kate walks in on Marlena in the brides room, she has remembered John! Marlena tells Kate that her heart is with John, he is the one true love of her life. Alex is outside the room with a syringe and says Marlena is forcing him to take her life. Kate asks if she has her memory back? MArlena says no, its more like Dj Vous. Kate thinks she should get Lexie to look at her. Meanwhile, Alex refuses to let Marlena remember, he needs John to be caught trying to kill him so nothing will stop him from taking Marlena away. Kate goes looking for Lexie, and Alex slips into the brides room. He injects Marlena with serum and tells her in a few moments he wont remember he was here, hell only know that she loves him and not John.

Kate goes outside and finds Lexie with Tek, they are just talking. She tells her that Marlena seems to be getting her memory back. Lexie says this is a miracle, and they run off. Then Celeste shows up, calls Tek a bastard and slaps him! She won't let Tek hurt her little girl. Tek tells Celeste that Lexie isnt her little girl, and never was. Celeste says shes her mother. Tek says but he didnt raise her and that is what counts. He says Abe doesnt love her, but he does. Celeste says Abe loves her more than he ever could. Tek vows to make sure Lexie isnt Mrs. Abe Carver for much longer. She says she wont allow that to happen! They bicker and argue over what is best for Lexie. Tek says hes good for Lexie, and he was the one who took care of her when Abe was gone. Celeste says he is preying on a married woman and she will make sure Alexandra knows the truth about him. He says it wont stop him from being with Lexie. She says theyll see, and he says they will. He then walks off. Celeste says Lexie has lost her way and needs her help, she will make sure Lexie doesnt end up with Tek. 

Kate and Lexie head to the bride's room. Lexie is glad Marlena is remembering John, they can be with one another like they were meant to be. Lexie quickly apologizes to Kate, she knows they got close. Kate says yes, but John is her friend and she knows he loves Marlena. Lexie says in this life your lucky to find love once, but she thinks some times there can be more than one person for them in a life time. Kate says John is her best friend and she wants him to find his happiness, even if its with Marlena. Kate and Lexie go to see Marlena, but she has suddenly forgotten John. She says she doesnt love John at all, shes in love with Alex. Lexie says Kate just came to get her because she said she loved John. MArlena says she loves Alex, they are here today so they can remarry. Kate tells Marlena that she knows her very well, she saw a sparkle of the Marlena she used to know. She says now that Marlena is gone, where did she go? Marlena says she is tired of going through this. Kate says something is wrong here. Lexie asks Kate to give her some time alone with Marlena, so Kate leaves. Alex is hiding in the closet and saying to himself that Lexies powers as a friend and doctor are no match for him. Lexie questions Marlena about her behavior. Lexie tells MArlena that yesterday she claimed her memory came back, but then later she forgot everything. Lexie says something isnt right here. Marlena says she loves Alex and wants to be with him, she doesnt want to be with John. Lexie remembers catching Alex hypnotizing Marlena once before in the same bridal room. Lexie realizes that John is right, Alex is brainwashing her and shes ruining Marlena's life because she cant tell anyone anything thanks to her affair with Tek.

Belle, Mimi and Shawn show up and run into Kate. Kate wonders what is going on here? Shawn and Belle go off looking for John, and Kate asks Mimi what is going on, can't she hold onto her husband? Mimi explains and Belle's intrusion, and Kate wonders why Belle didnt go to her husband. Mimi says he must be babysitting. Kate tells Mimi that Belle wants Shawn and she got him away from Mimi on her honeymoon. She tells Mimi to do what it takes to get Shawn away from Belle otherwise shell live to regret it.

Belle and Shawn talk to Roman, she knows what her dad is planning to do and they have to stop this. Roman thinks Shawn should be with Mimi, but Shawn wants to help out. Alex shows up, and Abe asks what happened to him, they have been looking for him. Alex says this is very irritating to him. Abe says its irritating for them as well, and they are trying to save his life. Abe then gets a call from the commissioner, they are to shoot John if he shows up! Abe gives the news to Roman in private. Belle is panicking, but Shawn thinks her dad wont kill anyone. Belle says shes afraid of what could happene to him, and she hugs Shawn. Mimi walks in and sees this. Shawn says hell do what he can to help her, but this isnt fair to Mimi and Phillip. He says she should turn to Phillip for support. He says he will do what he can to help her. He then goes over to Mimi.

Kate and Lexie talk, Kate asks if Marlena admitted anything. Lexie says no, she cant get through to her. Kate says she doesnt know what kind of hold Alex has on Marlena, but the one who stands to suffer the most here is John. Back in her room, Marlena tells herself that John cant do anything to ruin her wedding to Alex. Outside, John prepares to sneak into the church to save Marlena. 


March 31, 2006

Bo is outside planting flowers when Jen shows up to see him. She asks what all this is? He says hes putting in Hopes favorite flowers. Jen says that is sweet. He says once hes done with this hell paint the bedroom the color Hope picked out last year. Jen says shell appreciate it when she gets back. Bo asks if he heard from her? Is she coming back? Jen says no, she just meant if he wants Hope back then he has to find her and bring her home. Bo says he cant bring her home, he doesnt know where she is. Jen says that doesnt sound like the Bo she knows, the Bo that rescued Hope when she was trapped in the avalanche. Jen says think like a detective and track her down. Bo says he could do that, but it would be a mistake. He says he has to trust that Hope went away to put things together and come to terms with the fact that he kept secrets from her. Bo says he has to respect what she wants and trust this is for the best. Jen says what if Hope cutting herself off is only making things worse. She says if he can only explain to her . . . Bo asks what he has to explain? HE says its his fault his son is dead, his fault his daughter is going to prison, his fault Hope gave up on them. He says if he cant forgive himself then how can he expect Hope to? Jen says Hope will forgive him, he just cant give up. Bo says hes not giving up, and he hopes this time away will help Hope heal. Bo thinks Hope will in time realize she has to forgive Chelsea. Jen asks if hes saying he doesnt want Hope to testify? Bo says he wants Hope home, but Chelsea is very scared right now. Jen says she knows Chelsea well, and Chelsea is an expert at manipulation. Jen says Chelsea can make someone else feel responsible for her mistakes. She tells Bo not to let Chelsea force him to choose between her and Hope. Bo knows Chelsea is a manipulator, but she is scared of going to prison. Jen thinks it may be the best thing for her. Bo says she does need to learn her lesson, but prison isnt the way. He says she has very little self-esteem, and if she goes to prison then they will lose her. He doesnt want to lose another child. Jen says Chelsea needs a push, and if it is a fair sentence then she can turn her life around and find out what she wants. Bo says she wants to be loved and part of a family. Jen asks how she defines family, him, Hope and Shawn or him, her and Billie?

On Morgan Island, Patrick asks Hope about her back. She says it is sore but better thanks to everything he's done. Patrick tries to convince her to go back to Salem and see a doctor, maybe get some therapy. She knows what hes doing and its not going to work. She says she can see a doctor anywhere, he just wants her to go home and try and save her marriage. Patrick says they both know she still loves Bo. He says if she doesnt at least try then she cant move on. Hope says she knows. Patrick thinks shes been thinking about it. She has thought about it, but shes decided against going home. She says she is happy here. Patrick says he cares about her and only wants what is best for her. He feels responsible for this, maybe he shouldnt have said anything about Chelsea driving the SUV. Hope says shes glad he told her the truth. Patrick says put herself in Bos shoes, how do you deal with knowing one child killed the other. He tells Hope that she loves Bo and if she wants to be with him then she has to work this out with him. Hope begins daydreaming about being with Bo. Patrick says he can see in her eyes that shes thinking about Bo, she loves him. She says of course she does, but this is about trust and not love. She says he lied to her. Patrick says so shes throwing it all away? Hope says ever since she left Salem hes spent every moment with Billie and Chelsea. She says Chelsea was in her home answering the phone. Patrick says there could be a reason for it. Patrick says she doesnt know it is true, and why is she believing what Chelsea says over Bo. He says Chelsea lies, she knows what Chelsea is capable of. Hope says if Bo hadnt been taken in by her manipulations then her baby would still be alive. 

At Billies place, Frankie is helping Chelsea and Billie with Chelsea's defense. Frankie says given her negligence and her actions afterwards, he doesnt think he can keep her out of jail. He says they need to work on a strategy to limit her time in jail. Chelsea says no way, shes not going to jail. Frankie thinks there is no way to prevent that. He says their only hope is to make the jury realize theyve all made the same mistake and taken their eyes off the road, and they need to make them see that she is truly remorseful. He also needs people to testify on her behalf. Chelsea says her mom will, Max will and Abby will. They just have to make sure Hope doesnt come home before the trial. She says they have to make sure Hope doesnt testify. Frankie says there is no way they can do that, and Hopes testimony will carry a lot of weight. He says so will Bos. Billie says Bo is torn between Chelsea and Hope right now. Frankie says Bo signing the temporary license and giving her the keys to his SUV says a lot, he thought she was responsible enough to drive. He says Bo is very respected. Billie says Bo will testify for Chelsea, but Chelsea says unless Hope shows up then he'll side with her. Chelsea says that is why they have too keep Hope away. Billie says they need to worry about preparing her best defense. Frankie has enough and says hell be in touch soon, and he tells Chelsea to stay out of trouble. Frankie leaves, and Billie tells Chelsea that she knows what is going on in her head. She tells Chelsea not to do anything else to come between Bo and Hope. Chelsea says she helped her before, but Billie says she was wrong. Billie says they need to learn self respect, doing the honorable thing is the only thing to make them happy in the head. Chelsea claims she understands and has learned her lesson. She promises she wont do anything else. Chelsea then sits down to check her email. Billie is suspicious, but sees Chelsea is only checking her email. Chelsea says she knows if she wants her trust back then she has to earn it. Billie leaves to get some coffee and a soda for Chelsea. Chelsea looks at her PC and says she wont let Hope send her to prison, she has to keep her away from Bo and the trial and she knows how to do it. She ends up sending an email.

Frankie stops by Bos house, Jen is still there. He says he just met with Chelsea, and it will be tough to keep her out of jail. He says he will do everything he can though. Bo says they can't let her go to jail. Jen says Frankie is a good man and doesnt give up.

Back on Morgan Island, Hope gets an email. She says Bo sends her one or two a day, but she hasnt been answering it. Patrick asks if shell at least look at it. Hope does and is stunned by what she sees. 

At the church, Marlena talks with Kate. Kate begs her not to go through with this wedding, she thinks she wont be happy with Alex. Meanwhile, outside the bride's room, Alex catches Belle trying to go talk to her mom. He thinks that is a bad idea. She asks why? He says the ceremony is going to begin, shes getting ready and doesnt need to be interrupted. Belle says she is her daughter and matron of honor. Belle knocks on the door and asks to talk to her mom before the ceremony, its important. Kate tells her to open the door and listen. Marlena says Belle just wants to talk her out of marrying Alex. Marlena tells Belle that shes still getting dressed. Alex tells Belle to listen to her mother. Marlena tells Alex to take Belle to the chapel. She tells Belle that she knows she wants her to be happy, and marrying Alex will make her happy. Alex then takes Belle to the chapel. Kate tells Marlena that everyone knows she loves John, why cant she remember it? Marlena begins to have memories of good times with John. Alex returns and tells Marlena, through the door, that Belle is in the chapel, is she ready? Marlena says yes, just a minute. Alex says hes getting a little nervous out here, he knows she cant wait to renew their vows. Marlena says yes, and Alex says he loves her. Marlena stammers and says she loves him too. Kate realizes that Alex has done something to Marlena. Marlena says he has, he has shown her the true meaning of love. Kate says John loves her. Marlena says all she sees from John is anger and hatred. She says Alex is kind to her, he understands her, he showers her with love and affection. She says she loves Alex and wants to spend her life with him. Kate says because she cant remember her past. Marlena says she cant remember her past, Alex is her present and her future. She says she wants John to find happiness, maybe he can find it with her. Kate says John is her husband, but Marlena says hes not. She says she wont stand in Kates way to be with John. Marlena asks Kate for some time alone to collect her thoughts before the wedding. Kate says okay and leaves . Marlena continues to remember her wedding to John. Marlena grabs her bouquet and makes her way to the chapel.

John sneaks into the church dressed as a nun! The cops are still looking for him and don't recognize him. Mimi cant believe John would kill Dr. North. Shawn says he loves Marlena and would do anything to protect her if he thinks Alex is a danger. Mimi wonders why they don't arrest Alex then. Abe and Roman say they all think Alex is a danger, unfortunately they dont have proof of that. Mimi asks so what will happen, is there going to be a shoot out? Are they going to kill John? Abe says if it comes to that, but they are hoping it wont. Mimi asks what if John gets into the church? Abe says Tek is the best marksmen they have, Tek will have to take him out. Mimi says they'll just wound him right? Unfortunately Tek has orders to shoot to kill. Mimi cant believe this. She hopes John doesnt show up, but Abe thinks that is unlikely. John knows Alex is taking Marlena on a honeymoon, and he wont let Alex take Marlena away. Mimi says well wont he try and get them on the way to the airport? Tek says they have that route covered. Roman says John is like a brother to him, and if they dont find John then both Alex and John will end up dead.

Alex goes to the chapel, and Roman, Abe, Shawn and Tek all make one last sweep of the church for John. Mimi tries to convince Belle that theyll find her dad. She says even if they do, they cant stop this wedding. Mimi says sometimes things dont work out the way they want them to. Belle apologizes for stopping her honeymoon. Mimi just doesnt understand why she didnt get Phillip, hes a trained marine. Belle says shes sorry, and she was just on auto-pilot and felt she needed Shawns help. Mimi says well it was only one night she interrupted, she and Shawn have the rest of their lives to spend together. 

Sister John goes into a room and removes his disguise. He had on make-up and everything! John asks God to forgive him, the last thing he ever wanted to do was kill another man again. He says Alex is a monster though, God knows that, and he knows that he is the only one who can stop him from hurting Marlena. He hides in the room, which has a clear shot at the altar. John has a dream about being on death row in the future. Marlena comes to see him and tells him that he is a monster and she hates him for what he did. She says she could have been happy with Alex and he ruined that. She says he is going to die, and when he does she will see that his soul will rot in hell. John tells himself that Marlena may hate him for what hes about to do, but it is for the best. John takes aim at where Alex will be standing and fires a test shot. Mimi hears it and thinks there was just some kind of whizzing sound. 

The wedding finally begins, and everyone takes their places. Marlena begins walking down the aisle, and John has his gun aimed on Alex! Shawn ends up seeing the gun in the vent above in the bell tower, and Shawn alerts the others to his presence. Shawn and Roman try and go talk him out of this, and Abe tells Tek to hide in the confessional but dont shoot unless he thinks John really will shoot. John has his crosshairs on Alex, and Tek has his on John.

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