May 1, 2006
At Jen's place, Frankie continues to look into the wanted felon who Bo is sure is Patrick. Jen asks if he thinks this is really Patrick? Frankie doesnt know, but if it is, hes going to jail for life or worse. Frankie leaves to talk on his cell phone to someone helping him with the case. Jen worries, she calls up Hope on Morgan Island to warn her about Patrick. Hope wont believe it, they know hes got a shady past, but Hope refuses to believe Patrick could kill anyone. Hope tells Jen about Patrick and Almas past, she knows hes a good man. Jen is concerned, why was Patrick hiding and why did he blame himself for Almas death. Jen wants Hope to come home and give Bo another chance, but Hope refuses and says they are over.

Frankie is outside Jens on his cell phone when he runs into Chelsea, who has come to meet Abby. He wants her to tell Bo the truth, but she says she cant. He says its the right thing to do. They argue about Frankies conflict of interest representing both her and Hope. She asks him if she tells the truth, will it guarantee that she wont go to jail. He says he cant guarantee that. She asks what hed advise her to do as a lawyer, and he says keep quiet. He wants her to talk to Bo though, so she calls him. Hes drunk and at the Cheatin Heart. Chelsea quickly text messages her mom to tell her where Bo is and that she should check on him. When Chelsea tells Frankie shes going to say nothing and hope that Hope doesnt return for her trial, Frankie leaves. Later, Abby shows up and asks Chelsea what shes doing? Abby says shes trying to get her parents back together since Hope is leaving Bo. Abby thinks that is wrong, she thought Chelsea wanted Bo and Hope together. Chelsea says things change and people move on. Chelsea tells Abby how her mom has moved on with Frankie. Abby becomes upset and says that is a lie, her mother is not over her dad yet, she and Frankie are only friends. Chelsea tells her they are a lot more than friends.

Frankie goes back in to see Jen, he says Bo is drunk at the Cheatin Heart and Billie is looking after him. Hope hears Frankie say this and she tells Jen that Bo is with Billie now. Hope and Patrick go to have fun at the casinos, while Jen and Frankie discuss how this divorce is a mistake. Frankie tells Jen how much he loves her and wants to make love to her, so he carrys her upstairs where they make love. Later, Abby walks in on them and is shocked.

At Dune, the cops show up to raid the place. Everyone panics, Lucas and Sami dont want to be arrested as Will would be so embarrassed. Lexie cant be caught here with Tek by Abe, and Tek says if hes in a drug raid hell be suspended. Austin and Carrie are handcuffed still and Austin says this could ruin his business. Everyone tries to hide from the cops. Lexie and Tek climb out a window, but Lexie drops a bracelet. Abe shows up to take charge of the club raid. He and Jada argue, she says her club is clean of drugs. Later an officer finds Lexies bracelet. Abe thinks it is Lexies, but Jada claims it is hers. Outside the club, Lexie and Tek end up making love again, though Lexie later realizes she shouldnt have done that and it has to be the last time. Meanwhile, Austin and Carrie hide in a closet. Austin tells Carrie how he just cant accept that she wants to be with Lucas, he loves her and knows she loves him. She admits she does want him, but she claims they are the past and her future is with Lucas. Austin refuses to believe that. He pulls her into a kiss. In the cellar, Lucas and Sami are hiding. Sami is freaking out, and when the cops show up, Lucas kisses her so she will stop talking and give them away. Later Sami wonders why he kissed her, and he says to keep her from talking while the cop was here. Sami thinks he wanted to kiss her, he liked it. Lucas admits he still has feelings for her, but his future is with Carrie. Sami says hers is with Austin, but Lucas knows shell mess that one up eventually. Lucas knows Lexie has something on her and she should just admit it, but Sami says shes safe as is her future with Austin.


May 2, 2006

At Green Mountain, Mimi is thrilled about the whole adoption thing. Belle and Phillip stand aways away. Phillip has pulled her aside, he wants to know why she said this was a mistake. Belle says she knows Shawn, he wants his own child, someone who is a Horton and Brady by blood. Phillip says Shawn and his dad aren't even Brady's by blood. Belle says Shawn is only considering adoption for Mimi's sake. Phillip shakes his head, and Belle turns around. Mimi and Shawn are standing there. Mimi runs off in tears, and Shawn goes after her.

Mimi is outside ranting. She says to herself Belle is right, Shawn wants his own kid. She says he has one, he just doesn't know it. She says the lies have to stop. She turns around and Shawn is standing there. She asks how long he's been there? He says long enough. He of course hasn't heard anything. He convinces Mimi that he's fine with adopting. He says what he said to Belle was years ago, before JT and Zack. He says he loves JT and he isn't blood. Shawn swears he's fine with adopting and wants to start as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Belle tells Phillip that she feels terrible, and she should apologize. Phillip says "uh, yeah!" Mimi and Shawn return. Belle says she's sorry, but Mimi says no she over reacted. Belle says she didn't. Belle says she and Shawn are her oldest friends and she hates that she hurt them. Mimi ends up talking with Phillip, they talk about adopting. Belle and Shawn go to the bar to get them all some drinks. As they talk about adoption and Mimi's fallopian tube scaring, a female bartender overhears. Belle takes drinks back to the table, and she and Phillip tell Miimi how great adopting will be because there are things she'll miss that she'll be glad she did. Mimi says the wait for a baby is very long though, and they may adopt an older child. Phillip says no 3am feedings then! Meanwhile, Shawn comes over with the bartender, she has news for Mimi. She says she too had scaring in her fallopian tubes, and she thought she couldn't have kids either. She says then her and her husband found out about invitro fertilization. Mimi asks if it worked for her? She says she now has not one but two children. Mimi and Shawn are excited, perhaps this will work for them as well.

Abby is horrified when she walks into her mom's room and finds her in bed with Frankie. She runs out, and Jen runs after her. Frankie decides to make himself scarce while they talk. Abby is furious with her mom for jumping into bed with Frankie. Jen says it wasn't like that and they should have told her, she's sorry. Abby wonders why she didn't tell her? Jen says she was scared, and she didn't really know how she felt about Frankie. Abby wonders if she was sleeping with Frankie all along, how long did she wait till after daddy was dead? Did she also sleep with Patrick? Abby wonders when her mom became such a slut. Jen goes to slap Abby but stops. She says she's sorry for that. Jen explains to Abby that when she and Frankie went to Green Mountain it was only as friends, but there she realized  she still had feelings for him. Jen finally ends up telling Abby that she struggled with the decision to move on, but it is what her dad wanted. Jen then shows Abby the DVD Jack made of him telling her to move on with her life and maybe she could do that with Frankie.

Max runs into Chelsea outside somewhere. Max sees Chelsea is upset, and he can tell Chelsea is in trouble. Chelsea talks about how Bo and Hope are splitting up and she feels guilty. He says that isn't her fault, or is it? He asks if she's done something? She says nothing, and she mentions perhaps this happened for a reason, perhaps it is so Billie and Bo can get back together. Max says that will never happen. He says Bo and Hope always find their way back together, it will happen. Chelsea ends up running off, and Max runs into Frankie. Max is worried about Chelsea. Frankie can't tell Max what he knows. He just tells Max that Chelsea has a lot on her head right now, and she's going to need a lot of support.

Later Frankie goes back to Jen's. He watches and Abby and Jen bond over the DVD Jack made. Abby thinks she should apologize to Frankie. Frankie walks in and says that isn't necessary. They share a nice little hug as Abby tells him he's a good man and if this is what her dad wanted then she's okay with it.

At the Cheatin Heart, Bo is drinking when Billie shows up. He's not happy to see her, but she's worried about him. She said he shouldn't have taken off like he did, but he says he knows his limits. When the bartender ends up cutting Bo off cause he has reached his limits, Bo takes off. Billie follows him. Chelsea sees them running off, and she follows calling out "I need to talk to you two!"

In the woods, Billie doesn't know why Bo is here. He asks why she followed? She says she wanted to give him a lift home, she didn't think they were going for a hike. Bo talks about how he's lost Hope, but Billie doesn't think so. He says how do you make someone who doesn't love you, love you. Billie wishes she knew. Bo thinks she's talking about Patrick, but she says she's talking about him. Bo says he's sorry, but Billie says she's over it and has accepted it. Billie doesn't want him to give up on Hope, she thinks they can work together like the old times to find her and get them back together. Bo has flashbacks to his past with Hope. Bo tells Billie he wants her and pulls her into a kiss! This is when Chelsea shows up. SHe thinks they are having sex and wonders what she's done. She says now she can never tell the truth.


May 3, 2006

At Jens, Frankie asks Jen if shes sure shes okay. Jen just cant believe that Abby walked in on them. She says they had a good talk though, but she should have had this talk with her before. Jen looks at photos of her with Jack that sit on a table. She says she feels guilty that she was with him in her and Jacks bed. Frankie asks if shes changed her mind about the two of them? She says she doesnt know, maybe this was a huge mistake. They go outside and have a talk. Frankie tells Jen that she shouldnt be feeling guilty. Jen says she knows, but its hard not to. He asks if he has pushed her? Is she not ready? She says she just doesnt know if shes ready or if shell ever be ready. She says she cant keep doing this to him, it just wont work out for them. Frankie says he thinks they are good together and it could work. Jen says she cant make a commitment and he deserves better. Frankie says he would wait forever for her and he thinks shes worth it. Frankie hugs her and says he loves her and has for twenty years. We see a flashback to when they parted years ago so Frankie could go to Columbia. Frankie thinks he never should have left her. She said he would have thought about everything he would have missed if he didn't go. Frankie says instead he just missed her. He wonders how their lives would be if he had stayed. She says she cant change the past, and she wouldnt want to as she never would have met Jack or had her kids. Jen says shes lost Jack, but she still has their children and they are the most important things to her. Frankie says that is why he loves her so. He says they cant change the past, but they can change the future. He tells Jen that shes the love of his life, and they kiss. She says she loves him, she does want a future with him. Frankie thinks they need to just take it slow, but Jen says no. She wants him to make love to her now. Frankie says he loves her so much and hell never get enough of her. He wants to go inside, but she ways right here right now. They end up doing it in the back yard! Later Jen wonders what the neighbors must think of her.

At Java Caf, Josh brings Abby a drink and asks if she wants to hang out once his shift is over. She says sure. Meanwhile, Chelsea is outside and is about to take a swig of something in a bottle when Max finds her and asks what is going on? She hides the bottle, and he asks if she didnt get his message? He said he was worried about her, where did she go? Chelsea says the last thing she needs from him is a lecture about how to run her life. She says shes here to relax. She goes inside and sits with Abby. Abby tells Chelsea that she owes her an apology. Chelsea says its okay, she should keep her mouth shut sometimes. Abby says no, she was right about her mom and Frankie. Chelsea ends up pouring booze into her drink, and Abby is shocked. Chelsea talks about how couples move on, Bo and Billie are moving on now. Abby goes to get another coffee since Abby spiked hers, and Max walks over and asks why Chelsea is so sure Hope and Bo will get that divorce. Chelsea says because her dad is hooking up with Billie. Max thinks she knows something shes not telling him. Chelsea remembers telling Frankie the truth about what she had done to Bo and Hope. Max thinks Chelsea has done something to set this whole divorce in motion. Chelsea says if he thinks shes so bad then why does he hang out with her? She says she doesnt need him. She walks over to another table and tells the guys that she heard this is where the party is at. They take a liking to Chelsea and invite her to some college party. Meanwhile, Abby and Josh talk about what they should do when hes off work. He says they could drive up to lookout point. Abby freaks, she says they could stay here and be with Max and Chelsea. He wonders if she really wants to be with them, or is she afraid to be with him? Abby excuses herself and goes over to talk to Chelsea about what shes up to. She tells herself that she cant just throw herself all over these strange guys. Chelsea tells Abby to lighten up, she shouldnt be such a prude. She tells Abby to go find Josh and have some fun. Abby goes back to Josh and says if hes off maybe they could dance. He says sure and puts on some music. Meanwhile, Chelsea dirty dances with one of the guys shes met. Max becomes upset and pushes the guy away from Chelsea. Chelsea asks what hes doing? He says hes protecting her, he had his hands all over her. She says they were dancing, and she told him to leave her alone. He says this is pathetic, does she want her face all over the tabloids before trial? He says she has a death wish or something. Chelsea thinks Max is out to ruin her good time, but he failed. She walks off, and Max wonders why he even cares. He says whatever happens to her isnt his problem anymore. Outside the Java Caf, Josh tells Abby that she looks real sexy tonight, and they share a kiss.

In the woods, Bo and Billie are kissing. He thinks hes with Hope and says he loves her, and he calls her Fancyface. Billie pushes Bo away and says she cant do this. She says shes Billie, not Hope. She says she should not have let it have gone this far. Bo says hes sorry, but she says shes the sober one and knew better. She says she wanted to be here for Bo, but not in this way. She says she knows shes not the one he really wants. Bo tells Billie that she has been about his only friend as hes been self destructing. He says he forced himself on her, he is the one to blame. Billie says hes not to blame. Bo tells her that she was right to follow him, she was just looking after him and shes been a true friend. He says shes supported him and wanted him to find Hope. Billie says she cares about him, she wants him to be happy. She doesnt want him to give up. Bo says he never thought he would, but something is different this time. Bo says Hope wants a divorce and means it, she doesnt want to talk to or see him right now. Bo tells Billie that shes really been here for him these last few months, he says it kinda takes him back. He says shes helped him through this nightmare with Zack, hes needed her and wanted her to be there for him. Bo says there is a part of him that wants her. Billie says shes stunned. Bo says hes always cared about her, but she says as a friend. Bo says its more than that. He says he loves Hope, but she wants a divorce and there is nothing to do about that. He says Hope wants nothing to do with him, and there is no changing her mind once shes made it up. Bo says he cares about Billie too, and years ago he loved her. She says that was when he thought Hope was dead. He says he proposed to her, he wanted to share his life with her. Billie says she wanted that life with him, and part of her wishes they could still be together. Bo says maybe they still can. He says he wont deny hell always love Hope. Billie says he loved Hope when she fell in love with him too. He says like then, he had to move on. He says he wants to face what life has in store for him and he wants to do that with her. They begin to go at it right there in the dirt!

Hope and Patrick go to the hotel casino on the island. Hope says she hasnt gambled in a long time so dont let her go overboard. Patrick says he only brought enough money for a little fun. Patrick begins winning, and Hope says hes hot. He thinks it is because of her, shes bringing him luck. He asks if she wants to take over, if she knows how to play the game. Hope says shes gambled in some of the best casinos in Europe. He tells her to go for it. She says she might not do as good as him, but shell give it a shot. Later we see that Hope has won big time. Hope decides to quit while shes ahead, and then they go and have a nice dinner. They have a table on the terrace, and Hope says the view is incredible. Patrick looks at Hope and says it is. Patrick orders their finest champagne as well as the tasting menu for dinner, all the chefs specialties. Patrick hopes that is okay with Hope. She says she hasnt been disappointed in anything about him so far. As they wait for their food and drinks, they share a dance. Hope begins to imagine shes with Bo. Patrick asks if shes okay? She says yes she is. She tells Patrick hes been a true friend, this evening has meant a lot to her. He says he enjoys spending time with her. Later they enjoy their dinner together. They talk about the past, at least Patricks past. He talks about how shes made him see how important it is to be honest, and she helped him put his past behind him. He knows shes been thinking about Bo, and he asks if shes sure she doesnt want to give him another chance. Hope says she wishes she could, but she cant do that. Hope says Bo has let her down in so many ways. She says when Zack died it was like her heart was ripped from her chest. However she says it was seeing Bo with Billie that made her realize they had no future together. She says Bo has moved on and she has to accept that her marriage is over. Patrick suggests they go for a walk on the beach before desert arrives. He wants to show her a special spot. They hit the beach and share another dance down there. He tells her how beautiful she is and how Bo is a fool to throw her away. They look up and see a falling star and make some wishes. They also see another couple running off from behind some bushes. Patrick thinks he should get her back to the casino, the beach could be dangerous at night. She says they are the only ones here. He says he shouldnt be alone with her, hes attracted her and always has been. He says hes wanted her since he first saw her. She says she doesnt know what to say other than she guesses Bo was right. She says Bo must have seen he wanted her, but she never did. Patrick says he tried to hide his feelings, but now that she thinks her marriage is over, he doesnt think he can be trusted to be with her. She doesnt want to go back to the casino, she wants to stay with him. She says hes not the only one who feels an attraction. He says shes so beautiful, he may not be able to control himself. She tells him then dont, and they kiss. They soon get horizontal on the beach! 

At the hotel desk, a woman tells the manager that the guests he was expecting have arrived at the airport. He says yes, Mr. and Mrs. Alex North, they are important people. He tells her to make sure the room is ready for them..



May 4, 2006
Shawn is at the bar at Green Mountain Lodge. He orders a beer, and the bartender says more than one beer isnt going to help his male swimmy things make it to his wifes eggs. Shawn says he didnt know that but thank you for that and for sharing her story with them earlier. The woman hopes he and his wife can have their own child, adoption is great but having your own is an experience they will treasure. Belle shows up, she asks what hes doing here. He says just getting some air. He says he couldnt sleep, and Belle says neither could she. She says Phillip is out though, he was up early with Claire. She orders a club soda, and Shawn says that is boring. Shawn talks about how excited he and Mimi are about trying in vitro. Belle apologizes to Shawn about her remarks earlier. Shawn says it is okay, and it looks like they might actually get to have their own baby now. Shawn talks about Claire and how she is the reason he wants to be a father so bad. Belle says she knows, and she thinks she knows why. Belle remembers how the two of them always talked about having kids. She says hes always wanted to be a dad. Belle tells Shawn that Mimi is a lucky woman, and she was a fool to let him get away. Belle tells Shawn that there will be a lot of laughter in their house, and when she sees them with a baby their marriage will be real. She says not that it isn't real now, she just means shes not used to it yet. Shawn says it's still very new. Belle says having a child really changes a relationship. Belle says its why she and Phillip want another child. Shawn says how they could have these kids at the same time, and they will grow up together like they did. Belle says definitely, and she thanks Shawn for still being her friend. Shawn is glad shes happy with Phillip, hes a good guy and they are good together. Belle says they are both lucky and things worked out the way they should have. The bar closes down for the night, so Shawn and Belle head back to their rooms. 

Down in the cellar at Dune, Lucas tells Sami that he still thinks something is going on between her and Lexie. Sami says nothing is going on between her and Lexie. He says he cant help but be suspicious of her. Sami says that is why they arent together, he didnt believe her when she was telling the truth. Sami says he managed to forgive his mom and shes the reason they arent together. Lucas says his mom made a mistake coming between them, but Sami chose to become Stan. Lucas also says the minute things didnt work out between them, she ran to Austin. Sami says Austin wanted to be a friend, he listened to her. Lucas doesnt want to hear it, he knows how things will end between them. Sami says no, Lucas will end up with Carrie and shell end up with Austin. Lucas still knows something is going on with Lexie, and he thinks it could jeopardize everything. She promises Lucas that if Carrie wants him then she wont mess that up. She says she is going to be with Austin and she wants Lucas to stay out of her way. Lucas tells Sami given her track record he doesnt see how Austin could give her another chance. Sami says it must be so hard for him being perfect all the time, does he have any more words of wisdom for her? Lucas says no not really. Lucas says he knows it is tough for her, but he loves Carrie and she doesnt fight with him or lie to him or keep secrets, she is the right person for him. Sami says shes happy. Lucas still wants to know what is going on with Lexie. Sami says forget Lexie, she can handle her. Sami checks to see if the cops are still here, they arent. Sami suggests they find Austin and Carrie. 

Austin and Carrie are still stuck in the closet at Dune. Carrie feels guilty about being here with him like this. He says they have nothing to feel guilty about. He says to be caught here would be bad publicity for his company and Victor wouldnt like it for Titan either. Carrie asks if all he thinks about is business. He says that isnt fair, he loves her and is trying to support her decision. He says he doesnt understand it though. He knows she still loves him but she is marrying Lucas instead. Austin thinks it is time she told him why. He says they were getting so close when she did a complete 180 and chose Lucas. He says he doesnt get it, was it the whole company takeover? Carrie says no. Austin says then it must be something Sami said or did. Carrie says no, its not Sami, they both know if she could have her hearts desire then she would want Lucas. Austin thinks if Carrie could have her hearts desire then shed be with him. Carrie remembers Lexies genetic lie, and she tells Austin that they have to just let it go. Austin wants to know the truth. Carrie says she doesnt want to hurt Lucas. Austin asks why it would hurt Lucas? He says together they can get through this, he loves her and knows they can be together. Suddenly Lucas yells out Carrie, Austin, are you in there? Austin doesnt want her to answer, but she opens the door and lets them know they are in here. Lucas says the coast is clear, they can go now. Sami thinks this space is awfully cozy, how did they pass the time in here. Carrie says they talked, what did they do? Lucas says they tried not to kill each other. Lucas suggests they get these handcuffs off them and get home. Austin tells Carrie that this talk is going to be continued.

The foursome find Jada and she unlocks Austin and Carrie. She also says since they are the last couple they win the contest! She asks what charity they want the money to go. Austin says hell leave it up to Carrie, so she says a charity for children born with birth defects. Jada says that is nice, and she says the cops didnt find any drugs in case they were wondering. She says she better not find out who told the cops she was selling drugs here. Later Lucas goes to get Carrie some water as she asks for some. Austin continues to pester Carrie, he wants to know why she chose Lucas. He thinks if he tells her then maybe they can make things work.

John and Kate are at the Java Caf. John is on his PC trying to locate where Alex and Marlena are. John cant get any lead on her and says its like they have disappeared. John says if he doesnt find them then Alex will kill her, he told him so himself. He remembers when Alex admitted he was going to bring pain to Marlena. Kate says Alex could have just been taunting him, maybe Alex is out to hurt John and not Marlena, to get them out of their lives. John says interesting theory, but he knows Alex doesnt love Marlena, he just wants to control her. Kate is sure John will figure things out, save Marlena and theyll live happily ever after. Kate says in fact she knows Marlena will come back to town soon. Kate says she talked to Marlena the other day, Marlena insisted she would be back after her honeymoon because her family was here. We see a flashback, Marlena told Kate that she felt attached to the people here even though she had no memories of them. Marlena told Kate they would be back as soon as possible. John says it might not be up to Marlena, and he fears Marlena wont return to Salem alive. Later, John gets a call from Alexs real estate agent, he was to be given the first opportunity to buy the penthouse and all its belongings. The woman says think about it and hell be in touch. John tells Kate about the call he just got, Alex has no intention of bringing Marlena back and this was Alexs way of telling him that hed never see Marlena again. John says shes lost now, hes going to kill her.

At the hotel on Morgan Island, Alex and Marlena arrive. Marlena says the place is breath taking. Alex says nothing is good enough for her. Marlena thinks a week or two here will be great. She then gives Alex a big kiss. To himself, Alex says Marlena will never go home to Salem. Later Alex presents Marlena with a gift. She looks of it, its a gold locket and he asks if it reminds her of anything. She says it reminds her how much she loves him and how hell always take care of her. Marlena wants to see how it looks on her, so she runs off and puts it on. Alex tells himself now he wont have to drug her nearly as oftern to keep her under his control. He then begins smoking a cigarette or cigar of some type. Alex gets a call from the real estate agent about people interested in the furnishings, but Alex says they all go together as a package. Alex thinks he knows who the agent should make an offer to. Alex has her call John, and he thinks this is just perfect, John ends up with mementoes of Marlena while he ends up with Marlena and Johns money. Marlena returns and tells Alex that hes gone too far this time. Of course shes only speaking of him booking a whole day at the spa for her, which she loves. 

Out on the beach, Patrick and Hope are kissing. Patrick stops, but Hope tells him not to. He says he has to, shes a married woman. Hope says shes getting divorced. Patrick says she belongs with Bo, she should go back to him. Hope says no, Bo slept with Billie and he didnt even fight for a divorce, he doesnt want to be her husband. Hope tells Patrick she wants to move on with him, and she tells Patrick how much she wants him. Hope tells Patrick to make love to her. Patrick asks if this is what she really wants? She says it is, shes grateful to be here with him. She says any other man would have taken advantage of the situation long ago. Hope feels they were meant to be here together. She says she needs him, make love to her. Patrick then carries Hope off to some secluded little tent on the beach where they can be alone. Later they make love and then cuddle. Patrick worries this was a mistake, but Hope says it wasnt. Hope is quiet and says she just has a lot of feelings inside her right now. He wishes he could take her sadness away. She says he cant, but it doesnt mean she still cant have other feelings too. She says that is why they are right for one another, he understands. They end up kissing and making love again. 

Patrick and Hope head back to the casino. They return to their table where their desert is waiting, some kind of chocolate mouse. Meanwhile, Marlena and Alex show up and they decide to play some games. Marlena then sees something and says she doesn't believe it.


May 5, 2006
Phillip and Shawn are having breakfast at the inn, the girls at the spa this morning. They talk about last night, Belle fells terrible about what she said. Shawn says if Belle hadnt brought it up then they wouldnt have found out about the in vitro thing. Shawn says he was fine with adoption, but the idea of having a baby with the woman he loves really makes him happy. They discuss the process of in vitro, and Phillip talks about how having a baby is the ultimate bond between two people. He says its really brought him and Belle closer. Later Phillip and Shawn do some research about IVF on the net and the success rates. Shawn says processing all this is so difficult. Phillip thinks Shawn should talk to his parents, they went this route. He says of course that was when Vivian stole their embryo and had it implanted in herself. Shawn says yeah its all coming back to him.

Belle and Mimi are in the spa, Belle is treating Mimi as a way to say shes sorry. Belle says shes just really happy for her and Shawn. Mimi says it is a miracle that she and Shawn may get a chance to have their own baby. The woman next to them screams what! She takes off her towel, its Bonnie wearing a green mud mask. She asks Mimi if she just said her own baby? Mimi asks her mom why she is here? Bonnie says this place is her ultimate retreat for a spa getaway, plus this place always has rich single corporate types. She says it also has Raul, the best masseur in the business. Bonnie asks Mimi what she was saying about a baby. Bonnie thought she was barren. Mimi says no, they just said she couldnt conceive in the normal way. Mimi says there is still IVF. Bonnie wonders why nobody suggested this to her, Lexie is such an idiot. Mimi says its not their fault, she didnt go to her follow-up appointments. Bonnie says this is great and as soon as she and Shawn have a baby of there own then it is a guarantee that Shawn will never leave her. Belle is puzzled and says what, why would Shawn leave Mimi for not having a baby. Bonnie says that isnt what she meant, she just meant it would really bond them and solidify their marriage. Bonnie tells them to just have a good time and shes going to head off. Belle asks Mimi why her mom is acting weird? Mimi says shes always like that. Belle says shes really happy for her at least. Mimi says she is, but she wants to know if Belle is really happy. She wonders if Belle wishes it were her having this baby instead. Mimi says shes sorry for putting her on the spot like this. Belle says she doesnt blame her for not trusting her. Belle says shes been mixed up and confused, she is ashamed of how she behaved. Belle says shes come to terms with all of this and she does want Mimi and Shawn to be happy. Belle says if she hadnt accepted this then she wouldnt be planning to have another baby with Phillip. Mimi realizes if all this works out then theyll have kids growing up together just as they always planned, though neither one imagined theyd have the husbands they do. Mimi tells Belle that shes glad shes happy and that shes happy for her. They decide to get back to their husbands. A spying Bonnie thinks soon Mimi will have nothing more to worry about, soon shell have a baby and Shawn will be hers forever. 

Mimi and Belle return to their husbands, who are still reading statistics on IVF. The girls tell the boys the spa was amazing and they had fun. They then decide to head to breakfast, the boys tag along. Phillip tells them how good the waffles are, they should really try them. Shawn tells Mimi that he called Lexie about setting up an appointment and get this ball rolling. He says after breakfast they should head back to town and get the show on the road. Mimi reads some of the information that Shawn has on his laptop, and shes so stunned and cant believe this is all real. Belle and Phillip ask Mimi what she would like to have, a boy or a girl. She says one of each would be nice. Shawn says hed like a boy, he knows its probably because of Zack. He says when he pictures himself with a child he always sees him with a son, teaching him about sports and cars and stuff. However Claire makes him want to have a girl. Shawn says however it works out, they will be having a baby of their own. Bonnie walks up and says amen to that. Bonnie says shes here for a spa day and shes heard the news, from the girls. Bonnie says shes never been so happy at the idea of being a grandma. Belle says she hopes they have a boy, who knows maybe he and Claire would end up dating .Mimi says no that could never happen. Belle asks what would be so wrong with that? Bonnie says Shawn and Mimi are Claires godparents, and Mimi says Phillip is Shawns uncle and that makes Belle his aunt. Belle says she tries not to think about that. Shawn says if they have a boy theyll be friends, almost like brother and sister. Mimi rolls her eyes.

Lucas and Kate have drinks at the java caf. Lucas thanks her for helping him with his wedding, though he cant believe hes asking her for help given she ruined his last wedding. Kate suggests they not go there. Lucas wants this to be the most amazing wedding Salem has ever seen. Lucas wants the best of everything, no expense is to be spared. He is really excited about this and begins giving his mom information on what he wants. He wants Carrie's gown to be from a major designer, an original. He also wants blue flowers because Carrie loves them. He says for the reception he wants steak and lobster, five stars all the way. He says for the wedding he wants a string quartet, for the reception the best DJ from LA or Europe. He also wants free flowing champagne all night. Kate asks if he knows how much this is going to cost? He says everything has to be as perfect as his life with Carrie will be. Kate asks if he really thinks it is going to be that perfect. Lucas says it will be great, he is sure of that and he knows Austin is out of the picture. Lucas says Austin even agreed to be his best man, that must mean hes accepted this. Kate cant believe all of this, but she says if they are fine with it then she is. She says she is glad he and Austin have buried the hatchet, but she wants Austin to be happy too. She says she just wants him to be happy with someone other than Sami. Kate asks what about Carries maid of honor? Maybe they could be fixed up. Lucas says that is going to be Sami. Kate cant believe this. Lucas says Carrie and Sami have made their peace, but Kate says Sami is up to something, shes always up to something. Lucas admits he doesnt know what is going on, but hes sensed a little hostility between Sami and Lexie. Kate thinks Sami must have something on Lexie, and Lucas says he thought the same thing. Lucas doesnt know what is going on though. Lucas says hes going to head out now, he has to stop at home before heading to the office. Kate says goodbye, and then she wonders what is going on between Sami and Lexie. She says when it comes out, and it will, it will be a disaster.

Carrie is on the pier thinking about being with both Lucas and Austin. Lexie is also on the pier. She doesnt know how she can let Sami force her to do this when she knows Carrie and Austin belong together. Lexie talks with Carrie, they both came here to think about things. Carrie admits to Lexie that shes confused about the future, she doesnt know what she wants anymore. Carrie asks Lexie if she has time before work to talk, she needs advice and trusts her opinion. Lexie says she does. Carrie says she still has deep feelings for Austin, and while she loves Lucas too, if all things were equal then shed chose Austin. They discuss how Carrie wants a baby, and Carrie asks Lexie if shes sure the tests she ran were accurate. Lexie says she knows they were. Carrie feels guilty that this is the deciding factor of who she spends her life with. She says she and Austin have had so many problems , maybe this is a sign from God that they werent meant to be together. Carrie says she doesnt want to bring a baby into this world if it would suffer. She also says if she and Austin adopted, what if she and Austin accidentally got pregnant. Carrie asks if there is anyone she can talk to, a specialist or something. Lexie wishes there was something else she could tell her. Carrie says she knows this isnt her fault, but she is the only person she can talk to about this. She says she doesnt want Lucas to know hes second choice, and she and Sami are getting along again. Carrie says this is all her fault because she couldnt make up her mind. Lexie says its not her fault. Carrie says and with Marlena going off with Alex, she knows losing Austin would really push Sami over the edge now. Lexie agrees, there is no telling what Sami would do. Carrie says she doesnt want anything to change how well she and Sami are getting along. Lexie says so it seems shes made up her mind to be with Lucas. Carrie says no, Austin knows how she feels about him and hes pressuring her to tell him why she chose Lucas. Carrie says its making her question her decision to be with Lucas. She just doesnt know if shes choosing the right man for the right reasons. Carrie says she doesnt want to hurt anyone. Lexie says its always difficult when you have feelings for two different men. Carrie knows this is crazy, but could Lexie redo the tests one more time. Lexie says she will. 

Carrie and Lexie go to the hospital at to Lexie's office. Carrie sees Lexie has the Hippocratic oath on her wall, she thinks it is cool. She thanks Lexie for redoing these tests. Lexie says its not a problem, but to herself she says the results will still be the same because she has to lie to cover her own butt. Carrie says she loves Austin, but doesnt want a bring a child into the world if it will be in pain. She also doesnt want to end up in the wrong marriage with Lucas as a divorce could lead to pain. Lexie says she understands. Carrie tells Lexie she really takes her Hippocratic oath seriously. Lexie says Tom Horton gave it to her, and there is an inscription on the back. Carrie reads it, is says To Lexie, your patients will come to you as a doctor and a friend. Carrie says if Tom could see her now then hed be proud. Lexie says no he wouldnt shes a fraud, she is not noble, she lies to her patients.

At Samis, Sami has made Austin his favorite breakfast. Austin tells her to stop, he knows what shes doing and it wont work. He says they slept in separate beds last night. Sami says thats okay, but Austin says it isnt and they need to talk. Sami says she doesnt like the sound of that. He says they need to talk about their relationship and future. Sami says the tone of his voice makes it sound like they dont have one. Austin tells Sami that he has strong feelings for her, but he doesnt know if they should pursue things now if she thinks this is leading to marriage. Austin says there is a possibility that it wont. Austin tells Sami that he still has feelings for Carrie, he still hopes for a future with her. He doesnt want to lead Sami on, he wants to be honest with her. Sami asks if he still thinks he has a chance with Carrie. Austin says he and Carrie talked, he could tell that she wants to be with him and not Lucas. Austin says hes going to find out why Carrie wants to be with Lucas, hes going to get an answer from her today. Austin asks Sami if she knows why Carrie chose Lucas? Sami says she doesnt, and shes embarrassed that the only reason hes with her is because Carrie rejected him. Austin says he just wants to be honest, and if Carrie turns him down again then he doesnt know when hell be ready for anyone else. Sami understands he cant turn off his feelings for Carrie. He says just like she cant do the same for Lucas. Sami says she wants to turn her feelings for Lucas off because she knows they dont have a future together. Austin says he doesnt know what will happen, but he just wants to make sure Sami will be okay if he ends up with Carrie. Sami tells Austin that she will be honest with him. She says shes never stopped loving him. She says love is a risk, and hes worth it to her to take that risk of getting hurt. Sami says you dont always end up with the person you are meant to be with, but you can still be happy. Sami thinks if they ended up together and get married then he wouldnt regret it. He says he wouldnt marry until he was 100 percent committed to the woman. Sami says and she wouldnt accept anything less. Austin says as soon as he gets an answer from Carrie then hell know where they stand. He says if she chooses Lucas then the two of them will take one step at a time. However Austin says if it goes the way he thinks it will, hell get her back and Lucas will be out of the picture. Lucas walks in at this point and asks what in the hell are they talking about?

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