May 8, 2006

Lucas bursts into Samis place. He wants answers from Austin as to why he thinks hell be with Carrie. Sami opens her mouth, but Lucas tells her to shut up and get out. Austin says this is her house and he shouldnt talk to her like that. Lucas asks Sami if she could please leave, but Sami wont go as this is her apartment and concerns her as well. Lucas says he wont have this discussion in front of Sami. Sami tells him to leave then. Austin tells Sami that they need to talk so do this for him. Sami says okay, but only because Austin asked her to. Sami leaves, and she listens at the door. Lucas knows shes doing that and opens the door to catch her. He says shes pathetic and predictable. She says she was just looking for her car keys. He says they are where she always keeps them. Sami then storms off. Lucas and Austin then begin their argument. Lucas tells Austin that he knows what is going on between him and Carrie and he wont get away with it. Lucas says Carrie wont dump him, they are engaged. Austin says engagements can be broken off. Lucas thinks Austin wants Carrie to dump him. Austin says he wants Carrie to do what Carrie wants to do. Lucas asks Austin when hell accept that Carrie is with him. Austin says he will never accept it, Carrie belongs with him and Carrie knows it too. Lucas says if Carrie is questioning anything then it is because Austin put the squeeze on her when they were handcuffed together. He says what they had is over and Austin is holding onto this desperate hope that it isn't. Lucas says he feels sorry for Austin, this cant be easy for him but he has to get over Carrie. He says Carrie loves him now and wont ever love Austin again. Austin says hes not giving up on Carrie and he doesnt think Carries given up on him. Lucas says he understands, if he was going to lose a woman like Carrie then he wouldnt give up on her either. Austin asks why he gave up on Sami then? 

Mimi and Shawn arrive at the hospital, they are going to meet with Lexie about the in vitro fertilization. Mimi says she never dreamed theyd have their own baby. Shawn says he told her that hed make her dreams come true once they got married. Mimi asks if hes sure hes okay with adopting if this doesnt work. Shawn says yes, he told her that he was. Mimi just hopes IVF works for them. Shawn cant wait to spoil her rotten when shes pregnant. She says but shell also get big and fat and have swollen ankles and he wont want to have sex with her. He says hell always want to have sex with his wife. Mimi says they shouldnt get ahead of themselves, this is expensive. Shawn says so is adoption. Mimi says does it feel selfish that they are doing this when there are so many kids who need homes. Shawn says if they feel that bad then they can adopt as well. Mimi still doesnt know if it will work, but Shawn thinks the odds are good. Mimi just doesnt want to get their hopes up, but she says just imagine that in nine months they could be at the nursery looking into their own baby. To herself she thinks if she can give Shawn his own child then it will make up for not telling him about Claire. Mimi tells Shawn that she knows he wants a boy, but a girl would be okay right. He says sure, as long as she likes soccer and race cars. Mimi says but it would be okay if she was a girly girl right. He says sure, but shell be athletic. Mimi says he better be kidding, and the same goes for a boy, if he wants to be a fashion designer as opposed to a baseball player then that is fine. Shawn says sure . . . he could . . . design clothes for his dad. Mimi says she doesnt think they will have much decision in what they will be. Shawn says speaking of they, the research shows the chances at having twins with IVF is much higher. Mimi has a vision of having twins, a boy and a girl. Mimi ends up liking Erin for a girl's name, and Shawn likes Aaron for the boy. Shawn says they cant use the same name, so Shawn suggests they flip a coin. Mimi thinks she gets to chose because she did all the work. Mimi doesnt know which baby shes holding, and so Shawn checks the diapers and says Mimi has the girl. Mimi soon snaps back to reality.

In Lexies office, Lexie tells Carrie that shes let Tom Horton down and shes let Carrie down. Carrie asks how she let her down? Lexie says she knows how she feels about Austin and she really does belong with him. Before Lexie can tell her anything, Abe shows up and asks if he can come in. Carrie tells Lexie to give her a call once she finishes looking at the tests and then theyll talk. Abe comes in with flowers, hes sorry to interrupt. Carrie says its just a follow up visit. Abe says he saw these flowers and through of Lexie, he has realized how much he cherishes her and how he and Theo couldnt bare to have lost her. Carrie says shell leave them alone, but Lexie asks Carrie to stick around as she does need to talk to her. Carrie says okay. Carrie leaves, and Abe tells Lexie how he knows its been hard for her because he hasnt been able to be a real husband to her. She says he is a real husband and she doesnt want to lose him. Abe says before this cancer scare he was beginning to think she had had it with him and wanted out. Lexie says no, and that she never wants to lose him. Abe is happy and says he loves her so much. They hug. He tells her he was so late last night because of a drug raid at Dune. Lexie asks if he found any drugs. He says no, everything was clean. However he says a couple of people escaped through a window, hes pretty sure they were hiding something. Abe tells Lexie how nothing means more to him than his marriage and family. He says hes sorry for thinking she was pulling away from him, he was the one pulling away. He says he wants to fix that. She says that sounds good to her. He says he has to get back to work, but he loves her.

Carrie waits outside of Lexies office. She thinks about kissing Austin at the club. Later Lexie finds that Carrie is still here. Carrie says she signed up to volunteer at the nursery and was just getting the orientation packet. Lexie hopes it wont be too hard for her working with the babies. Carrie doesnt think so. Shawn and Mimi show up to meet with Lexie. Lexie tells Carrie that shell call her with any results, and Carrie heads off. Lexie talks with Mimi and Shawn and details to them how the procedure will go. Shawn asks what are the odds that it will work. Lexie says the fact that Mimi is young is in her favor, its the same success rate as a naturally conceived pregnancy. Lexie says the pregnancy will be like any other pregnancy, so shell have to take all the same health precautions. Mimi asks when they can begin, and Lexie says right away. Shawn thinks then they should start now. Lexie says today may be too soon. She suspects they have been making love a lot since they are newly weds. She says for IVF to work they have to abstain for a few days. She also gives Mimi a prescription for pre-natal vitamins. Lexie then sends them to OB to meet with a specialist. 

Carrie runs into Sami at the hospital. Sami asks Carrie why shes here. Carrie says Lexie is running some tests. Sami says she is here looking for her earring she lost. They end up at the nursery, and Sami talks about how adorable the babies are. Sami remembers when Will was that small. She says Will has been through so much, and when she first found out she was pregnant she did everything wrong. She says shes glad Will turned out healthy. Sami says she hopes she has another baby again. Sami tells Carrie how her kids will be perfect, and it was sweet of her to donate that charity money to families with children who have birth defects. She says their own family has had some scary baby issues. Sami talks about mom's miscarriage and Claire's health problems. Sami says she cant imagine having to go up against genetics. Sami says Carrie doesnt have to worry about that though, she and Lucas will have perfect kids. Carrie becomes upset and says she has to go. Sami says she does too, she has a meeting. 

Carrie returns to Samis place where Austin and Lucas are still arguing. Austin tells Carrie that hes glad she stopped by, they need to talk. Lucas tells Carrie that he knows Austin is pressuring her, but she needs to tell Austin that its over between them and that shes marrying him. Carrie hopes Lexie will hurry up and call and tell her that she can be with Austin.

Back at the hospital, Sami drops by to see Lexie. Lexie of course isnt happy to see her, she asks what she wants now. Sami says she wanted to remind her that if she says anything to Carrie then she will lose her husband and family. Lexie tells Sami that she just helped her make a decision, shes not putting up with this anymore. She says shes calling Carrie and telling her the truth!

In the woods, Billie and Bo wake up in each others arms. Billie wakes up first and is all smiles. She gives Bo a kiss. He of course says Hopes name, which throws Billie. She tells him to wake up, hes not with Hope. Bo says hes sorry. Billie thinks he was dreaming of her. Bo doesnt think so, but she does. Bo says hes sorry, but he didnt call her Hope last night when they were making love. Bo says he wanted her last night. Billie says she believes him, but she also knows he did it to forget about Hope. Bo says he wasnt using her to forget Hope. Billie tells Bo this might make it easier for him, she never would have slept with him if she thought he had a chance with Hope still. Bo and Billie discuss how it really is over between Bo and Hope. Bo says he doesnt know if hell ever be free to move on and love again, and he doesnt want to lead her on. Billie says shes a big girl, and she just wants to help him anyway she can. He says she has and he appreciates it more than hell know. Bo says they better get back to town now. 

Bo and Billie head to the pub for some breakfast. Caroline serves them, she doesnt seem to be happy to see Bo with Billie. Caroline tells Bo that she left a lot of messages for him, why didnt he call her back. He says hes sorry, is everything okay. She says yes. Billie and Bo order some breakfast, and Caroline asks Bo if hes heard from Hope? When is she coming back? Bo says he doesnt think Hope is coming back. Caroline tells Bo he has to talk her out of the divorce. Bo says hes tried, she wont speak to him. Caroline tells Bo not to accept that hes lost Hope, he has to fight no matter what. Billie says she told him the same thing, she knows better than anyone that Bo and Hope belong together. Caroline says everyone knows it, but she thinks if Billie is honest that it wont break her heart if they split up. Bo becomes upset and defensive of Billie. He tells his mom to get them breakfast so he can go to work. Caroline walks off, and Bo tells Billie that hes sorry about that. She tells him its okay, she doesnt blame Caroline for hating her. Bo says she doesnt hate her. Billie says its okay, she is the reason Hope left him. Bo says no he is the reason, he is responsible for his own mistakes with Hope, Shawn and Zack as well as with her and Chelsea. Billie says no, hes been so good to her. Billie says he made her realize she deserved happiness. Bo says she does, and hes glad she got rid of Lockhart. They begin arguing over Patrick and if hes guilty of being a killer. Bo says hes bringing him in before he hurts other women. Meanwhile, Caroline calls Frankie and asks for a favor, she needs Hopes phone number.

On Morgan Island, Hope is in bed with Patrick and shes remembering the night before. Patrick wakes up first and looks over at Hope. He caresses her hair. She smiles and calls out Bos name. Hope also says Good morning Brady. Patrick says good morning, and Hope tells him that shes so sorry. He says its okay, they both know her heart is still with Bo. Hope says a part of her is with him, but hes moved on and she has to do the same thing. Hope tells Patrick that last night was very special, but shes afraid it was a mistake. Patrick says hes sorry if he pushed her, but she says he didnt. Hope says she just realizes shes not ready, she doesnt see herself as a single woman yet. Patrick says he understands, she feels like shes cheating on Bo. Hope remembers seeing Bo sleeping with Billie, she doesnt understand why shes tied to her conscious when he isnt. She says even though the ring is off her finger she still feels married. She wishes things were different, but they arent. She says its over with her and Bo, and she doesnt want to talk about it anymore. There is a knock at the door. Patrick goes to get it, he ordered breakfast for them. A man brings in breakfast for them. Underneath the cart are tons of gifts all for Hope. They are all sorts of perfumes and things. Hope thinks Patrick did this for her, but he says they are compliments of the hotel. She asks why? Patrick says hes done them favors in the past. Hope wonders what favors, but she says he doesnt have to tell her. Hope tells Patrick she doesnt want to lead him on, but she cant make love to him again until the divorce is final. Patrick says thats okay, and he hopes they can still kiss till then. They share a kiss. 


May 9, 2006

On Morgan Island, Patrick and Hope are sitting on their balcony of their hotel room. Patrick suggests they bike to the other side of the island and do some diving and snorkeling. Hope thinks that sounds great. Hope's phone rings, so she takes it. It is Caroline calling, so Patrick lets her have some privacy. Caroline wants Hope to talk to Bo, to give him another chance. Hope says that won't happen, Bo is moving on with his life and she has to do the same. Hope talks about Bo being with Billie now, and Caroline admits Bo has been spending a lot of time with Billie. However she feels Bo and Hope belong together. Caroline knows Hope still loves Bo, and Hope admits she does. However she says that's not enough. Hope becomes upset with Caroline and eventually hangs up. Meanwhile, Patrick gets a call from someone, he's a bit angry that they tracked him down here. He says he's on vacation, he's not working. Patrick learns Alex North asked for him personally, so Patrick asks what he wants. Later, Patrick returns to Hope, and she cries on his shoulder. He says divorce is hard, especially when the attorneys are family. He thinks it was the lawyer calling.

In their room, Alex is on his PC typing up a letter about a new life insurance policy that he's taken out on Marlena. He says once Marlena is gone he'll be set for life. Marlena walks in and sees what he's doing, she's shocked. He says she wasn't supposed to see this, but she says she did. Marlena wants to know why he's taking this policy out on her. Alex walks over to her and fiddles with the necklace he gave her. He tells her never to take this off, it's a token of his love. She agrees not to. The necklace acts as a hypnotic device, sending Marlena into a zombie like state. She forgets about the life insurance for a moment, but snaps out of it and asks why he's taking it out. He says it is for protection in case anything ever happens to one of them. He says not only will it protect them, but her children as well. She thinks he's thought of everything.

At the station, John shows up to see Bo, he has proof Alex is going to kill Marlena. He says Alex is selling Marlena's penthouse and all her belongings. Bo says that isn't exactly proof. Bo talks to John about how they both agreed to fight for their wives, but there comes a time that they have to give up and respect their wishes. Bo says maybe Marlena wants to be with Alex. John won't accept this. Bo says he has bigger things to deal with right now, like catching Patrick Lockhart. Bo has to leave, and later John gets a call from Alex. Alex is calling to torment John a bit more about Marlena. He tells John he and Marlena are in paradise right now. John says he knows what he plans to do to Marlena. Alex says of course John knows, he told him of his plans that night in the morgue. Marlena comes into the room, and Alex begins calling her his beautiful wife and how he loves her. MArlena says and she loves him. John hears all of this over the phone and yells out to Marlena. She of course doesn't hear John on the phone. John says he won't let Alex get away with this, but Alex says he's already gotten away with it. 

Marlena steps out onto her terrace and is shocked when she sees Hope and Patrick on the terrace next to them kissing. Marlena says "Hope is that you?"

At Mimi and Shawn's, Shawn comes home with a present for Mimi, it's a rocking horse. She loves it. He says it's a family heirloom of sorts, his name is Henry. Shawn says he got it from Zack's room. Mimi thinks that must have been hard for him. Shawn says it was, but Zack, his dad and his mom, that family is dead to him. Bo walks in at this point and asks Shawn if he means that? Mimi welcomes "dad" to their apartment, and she says it feels good calling someone that, she hasn't done it in a long time. Bo says he likes the way it sounds too. Shawn thinks Bo just likes hearing someone call him dad. Bo asks why Henry is here, and Mimi and Shawn explain they are trying to get pregnant through IVF. Bo talks to Shawn about his feelings about their family. Shawn becomes upset with his dad, saying his dad let a stranger in and kill Zack. Bo says that stranger is his daughter, and it was an accident. Shawn just doesn't understand how he can open up and accept someone he doesn't know over his own family. Shawn tells his dad that he made his choice, that is his family now. Mimi tries to calm things down a bit, and Shawn asks his dad why he even came here. Bo says it's about Patrick, he wanted to talk to Mimi. He asks Mimi if Patrick ever spoke of an Alma Delgato. Mimi says yes, he loved her but she died. Bo says she was murdered and they don't know who or how. Mimi says her brother may have done a lot of bad things, but he is no murderer. Mimi says Patrick loved Alma, he would never have killed her.

At the hospital, Lexie is about to call Carrie when Sami stops her. They argue over what lexie's about to do, Sami tells her that she'll throw away her husband, her family and her job if she does this. Lexie can't believe Carrie actually thinks Sami has changed, she's as bad as ever. Tek walks in at this point and says and they've had enough of her. Lexie and Tek begin arguing with Sami, Tek even calls her a terrorist! Sami warns them both of the mistake they'll be making if they tell the truth. She says Lexie will lose everything, and Tek will lose his job because Abe will fire him. Tek says he can always go back to the ISA, but Sami says she doesn't think so. She says John is ISA, and John is best friends with Abe. She says John is dealing with a man stealing his wife, he doesn't think he'll be too sympathetic with Tek stealing Abe's wife. Sami orders Lexie to make sure Carrie stays with Austin and has his babies.

At Sami's place, Austin and Lucas are still arguing over Carrie, and they want her to choose. Lucas tells Carrie to tell Austin that they are engaged and will be married. Austin reminds Carrie of what they've shared and can share again. Carrie has some classic Austin and Carrie flashbacks. Carrie is waiting for Lexie's call, and Lexie finally calls. Carrie excuses herself and steps out into the hall. Lexie tells Carrie that she reran the tests and she's sorry, if she was ever with Austin then it would be a disaster. Carrie is in tears and understands. Carrie returns to the boys, she's made her choice. She tells Austin that she's sorry, but what they had was in the past. She says her future is with Lucas now.

Back at the hospital, Sami tells Lexie she made the right choice, now they can all live happily ever after. Lexie tells Sami that she may have Austin now, but she won't be able to keep him as Austin will always love Carrie.


May 10, 2006

Chelsea shows up at Maxs garage to see him, she just came from Frankies. Chelsea asks Max for a favor. He says this is so typical of her, she treats him like crap and then the minute she needs something its like nothing happened. Max asks her what she wants. She wants him to be a character witness for her at the trial. She says hes a good person and sincere and maybe if he tells the judge what a good person she is then hell . . . Shawn, who was working on a car, comes out from under it and says What, let you walk? Chelsea says she didnt know he was here. Shawn says just because Max is a race car driver she thinks theyll let her out of jail? Does she think she even should even try to get out? Max tells Shawn to take it easy. Shawn says Chelsea needs a reality check, nobody can help her now and she needs to face the consequences of what she did. Mimi shows up as Chelsea is rushing out in tears. Max goes after Chelsea, and Mimi tells Shawn that perhaps it is time he gave Chelsea a break. Shawn says hes not going to make nice with Chelsea, she is the reason his family doesnt exist. He says he knows it was an accident, but it was her fault and she is the most selfish person he knows. Shawn says she may be his sister but he hates her. Mimi says she understands, but Chelsea loved Zack and has to live with this for the rest of her life. Shawn says they all do. Shawn says he doesnt want to talk about this, and he asks how her day is going. Mimi says fine, she has an appointment with the doctor later. Mimi says she wanted to see if he wanted to have lunch at Buddies. Shawn says that would be good, but hes working more to get more money for them so he's put in for more hours. Mimi says shes doing the same thing at the spa and is going to see if she can work weekends at the Java Caf. Shawn says they can always use the trust fund, but Mimi says its for the baby. Shawn says what about the money Gran gave them. Mimi says she wants to save it for emergencies, she wants to get by on their own and set this example for their kids. Shawn agrees. Mimi asks what is wrong with this car hes working on. Hes not sure, hes checked a lot out. Mimi sees the vacuum hose has come loose, that is his problem. Shawn asks how she knows so much about cars? Mimi says Patrick taught her in case some guy tried to convince her that his car broke down somewhere. She talks about how she cant believe his dad thinks Patrick was involved in Almas death. Mimi says he loved her and she wants him to find that kind of love again. Shawn says he hopes Patrick can find it too. Mimi says that is so nice. Shawn says he wants what she wants. Mimi wants Patrick to be as happy as they are. Shawn starts the car up and it runs. Mimi notices that the oil cap is loose too, so when Shawn tries to fix it they both get squirted with oil. This makes them giggle and laugh.

Max talks with Chelsea. He tells her that shell get through this and theyll deal with the outcome of this trial. He says shes not alone, she has him. She says but he was just mad at her two seconds ago. He says hes not going anywhere and neither is she. He wants her to stop hanging out at clubs and getting drunk with guys. He tells her that her image is at stake as is her freedom, stop running wild when she gets bored and scared. Chelsea gives Max a hug. She says shes so lucky to have her believing in him, hes like her guardian angle. They kiss. Chelsea thanks him again and says she owes him. He doesnt want her to forget what they talked about. Chelsea decides to head home, but she says shes feeling better and that things may work out. Chelsea then leaves. 

At Samis, Austin apologizes to Lucas and Carrie for putting them both through this. Carrie says she didnt mean to get his hopes up, but what they had is in the past. At this point Sami comes home and hears Austin saying hes sorry for pressuring her, all this time he read her all wrong. Carrie tells Austin that shes sorry. Carrie says she loves Lucas, and they kiss. Lucas and Carrie then leave, running into Sami on the way out. Austin sulks, so Sami offers to make him something to eat. He says no thanks, he needs to get back to work. She shows him the notes from her meeting with the marketing firm and some of her ideas for re-launching high style. She asks him what he thinks. He is impressed and says its well mapped out. He says hell green light this, and hes so lucky to have her on his team. He says he has a new assignment for her. Sami says she doesnt need one, shes working on something for herself. He asks what it is? She says shes decided its time for her to move on with her life without him. Austin asks what shes saying? Sami says its more like what he said. She says he thought Carrie was going to leave Lucas to be with him. Austin says he did. Sami says he said he given Carrie's answer that didnt know if he wanted to be with her (Sami), and she cant put herself through that loss again. Sami says she loves him and probably always will, but she cant spend her life trying to make a relationship work with a man who doesnt love her. Austin says he was honest with her, and Sami says shes being honest with him too. Austin says he just got these vibes from Carrie, it was like she was hiding something or waiting to hear something before making her final decision. Austin says its like Carrie didnt choose Lucas, she was afraid of being with him. Austin asks Sami if she knows what is going on. Sami lies and says she has no idea why she made this decision. Sami says all she knows is Carrie has given up on him, but he hasnt given up on her. Sami says she sympathizes. Austin says Carrie has moved on. Sami says she has to move on too. She talks about how she has always thought she needed a man to be happy, and shes tired of being a pathetic loser when it comes to love and relationships. She says shes going to change her life starting today. She says this relationship is not healthy and she has to get out of his life and he has to get out of hers. Austin says stop it, but Sami says this is important to her. She says she has to become more realistic, and this relationship is not real. She says they shouldnt be living together and he should move out. Austin is stunned. Austin starts telling Sami how wonderful she really is and how much he really does care about her and always has. He asks if she cant see that? Sami asks if he says he cares about her more than a friend. He says he loves her, but Sami thinks hes just saying it because he feels sorry for her. Austin says he isnt. He says he does have feelings for Carrie though. Sami says then they are back where they started. She says he needs to take time and move on and get over Carrie. Austin says he knows and that will take time. He says Carrie is his past and he hopes Sami will be in his future. He says he wont rush into anything with her, if they are to get closer then theyll do it the right way. Sami says she loves him and will do anything for him. Austin says then theyll take it nice and slow.

Carrie and Lucas return to their place. Lucas asks Carrie if she is okay? She says shes not. Lucas says he knows she feels bad about hurting Austin, he does too as Austin is his brother. Lucas says Austin loves her and wants to fight for her, he cant blame Austin for that. Lucas says hes just glad shes marrying him. Carrie says she never wanted to hurt either of them. Lucas says she was backed into a corner and given no choice. Lucas tells Carrie that she needs to cheer up and he knows just what will help. Lucas gives her a package, she opens it and its a bunch of travel brochures. He tells her to choose where she wants to go on her honeymoon. She sees he has private jets, five star hotels, this will cost a fortune. Lucas says his mom is paying for it all. Carrie says she has always wanted to go to Venice. He says then Venice it is. They end up having hot panting sex with one another. Later they lay on the couch and tell one another how happy they make each other. 

At the station, John is on the phone with Alex. He warns Alex that if he hurts Marlena then hell spend the rest of his life hunting him down. Alex says its getting late and he has to go, ta-ta! Alex hangs up on John. Bo returns to the station, Bo asks John if he found anything new out. John says Alex just called and basically told him that hes going to kill Marlena. John says hes at the end of his rope, nobody knows where Marlena is so he cant save her. John plays a tape recording of the conversation for Bo (he just now decided to tape Alex?). Bo says Alex didnt say he was going to kill her, but John says he implied it. Caroline shows up to see Bo, she brought him some food. She tells John to help himself. Bo knows she is here for something other than lunch. Caroline says she wanted him to know that shes talked to Hope. John excuses himself to call in help from the ISA. Caroline cant believe what Bo and John are going through with the women they love. Bo asks Caroline about talking to Hope, don't leave him hanging. Caroline says she tried to reach out to her but she wouldnt listen. Bo realizes she got her number from Jen or Frankie, though Caroline says she cant say. Caroline says she cant let him know where Hope is and she can't give him her number, she promised. Caroline then pretends to drop her purse, only to drop Hopes cell phone number for Bo to find. He thanks her, and she says if hes not going to eat this food then shell put it in the fridge. 

On Morgan Island, Marlena sees Hope and Patrick on the next terrace. Hope is shocked to see Marlena. She asks Marlena if shes okay? Alex walks out and says of course she is. They all think its a very small world. Hope asks what they are doing here. Alex asks what are they doing here and where is Bo? He says he didnt know she ran off with Patrick. Hope says it wasnt planned, she ran into Patrick here. She says she left Bo and is starting over. Alex and Marlena says they just renewed their vows and are here on their honeymoon. Hope says she hopes they enjoy their stay. Hope asks Marlena a favor, dont tell anyone in Salem where she is, she doesnt want anyone, especially Bo, to know where she is. 

Later Hope and Marlena have some girl talk alone. Marlena never expected to see Hope with Patrick. Hope says things just sort of happen. Hope tells Marlena that shes filed for divorce from Bo, and she needs to move on. Marlena asks if she is sure that is what she wants? Hope says it is. Hope asks Marlena about her and Alex, shes been so worried about her. Marlena insists she is just fine. Hope asks if she still has amnesia, and Marlena says she does. Hope says something is bothering her, she doesnt seem like the Marlena she knows. She says something about her and Alex isnt right. Marlena says shes very happy. Hope asks about the wedding. Marlena tells her about the wedding and how John almost killed Alex. Hope says John would only do this if he thought she was in danger, so she must go back to Salem and John. Marlena feels everyone is trying to push John on her, something is very wrong with him. Hope says hes trying to protect her, John is decent and loving. Hopes phone rings and she says she has to go get that.

Meanwhile Patrick and Alex chit chat. Patrick says he got the message he has a job for him. Patrick says hes not in that line of work anymore, but Alex says of course he is. Alex tells Patrick they both need each other now. Alex says he needs a man with Lockharts skills on his team. Any man who can steal Hope away from Bo, well he wants him on his side. Alex says if Patrick wants to stay in Hopes life then hell need his help. Alex says hell need a lot more than a handsome mug and a hard body to keep Hope interested. Patrick says if hes suggesting he doesnt have intelligence or social skills, well he and Hope have no trouble communicating. Alex says no hes talking about his bank account, he and Hope like the good life and will need money. Patrick doesnt think so, Hope isnt high maintenance. Alex says all women are, and hes making him a proposition. Alex says he has plans that require an ally to put them in motion. Patrick asks what the plans are? Alex says they arent kosher, but hell fill Patrick in in good time. He offers Patrick a small advance for the time being. He opens up a suitcase full of money. He gives Patrick some of the bills and says hell be in touch. 

Patrick and Hope return to the room at the same time, Hope sees Patrick holding the wad of cash. She asks if he just won that, and Patrick says he did. Hopes phone is ringing and she asks Patrick to answer, it must be Jen. Patrick answers the phone, its Bo. Bo asks what hes doing with his wife?



May 11, 2006
At the garage, Mimi has cleaned herself up to go to the doctors for her hormone shot. She looks around for Shawn, who is in the back of the garage. Hes on the phone with Belle. He tells her to let herself in, hell be there as soon as Mimi leaves for the doctors. Belle says Phillip is at the park with Claire, so shes all his for the afternoon. Shawn says that second bedroom is calling to them, and hes so happy this is happening. He tells Belle not to do anything to make Mimi suspicious though. Belle is so happy they can do this, shes so glad that shes still special to him. Shawn says of course shes special to him, but they cant let Mimi know what is going on. He says hell see her soon. Mimi walks out from where she was hiding. She asks Shawn if he wants to go to the hospital with her, but he says hes swamped with work here. He also tells her to take the afternoon for herself, go get a pedicure at the spa or something. Bonnie shows up to meet with Mimi and go to the hospital with her. Bonnie can see something is upsetting Mimi. Mimi tells her mom that Shawn is cheating on her with Belle, they are making plans to meet and get it on in the loft. Mimi asks how she could have married a man who was in love with someone else. Bonnie is furious and says she could kill Belle, shes obviously taking advice from Sami. Bonnie remembers overhearing Sami telling Belle to go after Shawn. Bonnie fumes and says Belle always gets everything she wants, a hot hubby and cute baby. Mimi says its Shawns baby and theyll always have that bond whether they know it or not. Mimi says she has to face it, Belle and Shawn belong together. Bonnie says Shawn married her, he loves her. Mimi says things wouldnt have turned out this way if Belle didnt marry Phillip. Bonnie says shell take care of this, if Belle plays dirty then so will she. She tells Mimi to leave this to her. Bonnie then leaves. 

Mimi goes to the hospital and gets a check up with the nurse before the injection. The nurse says Dr. Carver will be right in so get comfortable while she waits for Lexie. Mimis phone rings, she answers and says shes not supposed to be on the phone in the hospital. Bonnie says its an emergency, shes on the fire escape outside her loft waiting to catch Belle and Shawn. She sends her phone photos of them together laughing and hugging. Bonnie is convinced they are cheating. Mimi tells her not to do anything to get herself in trouble. Later Mimi gets dressed, we never saw Lexie, but Mimi tells a nurse if she needs anything else, she saw Lexie and got the shot. The nurse says thats it. Mimis phone rings again, its Bonnie and she wants her to get her butt back home now. 

In the loft, Shawn and Belle discuss how Mimi has no idea what is going on. Belle wonders if this is a mistake. Shawn says hes ready, how about her? Belle says definitely. Shawn takes off his shirt and Belle takes off her blouse. 

Mimi meets her mom outside of the loft. Mimi is in tears, she says its all falling apart. She says they were so happy about this baby. Mimi says she knew if Shawn found out about Claire that hed leave her, but he doesnt know that so why is he doing it with Belle. Bonnie says men are pigs and Belle is tempting him. Bonnie tells her to get in there and deal with it. Mimi opens the door and sees a trail of clothes to the bedroom. We hear Belle telling Shawn to give it to her now, and Shawn saying he's going to! 

At the station, John talks with Frankie. Hes saying he has to break the law to find Alex and Marlena, which is where he needs Frankie's help. Meanwhile a crooked cop calls Alex to warn him that John is trying to track him down. Alex says he expected as much, but hell never see Doc again. Meanwhile, Frankie asks John what he wants him to do. John and Frankie begin talking, and the crooked cop keeps warning Alex about what John is doing. Alex is confident that he has John checkmated, he has her there and Patrick here. The female cop says there is something he needs to know about Patrick. Back to John, he asks Frankie to make a phone call for him, that is it. Back to the crooked cop, she tells Alex that Bo has the goods on Patrick and is looking for him. Alex is glad to hear this, Lockhart will have no choice but to follow him now. Alex tells Eve, the cop, to keep up the good work. Meanwhile, Frankie calls up the realtor and claims he is calling on behalf of John Black, hes willing to make an offer on the penthouse and Marlenas belongings. The woman at the realtor office says she will call Alex today. John says now they just have to wait. John is having the call between the realtor and Alex traced so he can find them.

On Morgan Island, Bo is stunned when Patrick answers Hopes room. Hope takes the phone from Patrick when he says it is Bo. Bo asks what shes doing with him, what is going on? Bo says Patrick is dangerous, hes a criminal, she shouldn't be with him. She says how dare he tell her how to live her life, and how did he get this number. Bo asks if she left Salem to be with him, but she says he knows why he left Salem. She says just give her the divorce, that is all she wants. She says if he wants to talk to her then do it through the lawyers. Bo says she needs protection from Lockhart, hes a killer. Hope says Patrick is no killer. Bo says he is, he has proof. Bo reads the description of the wanted murderer, but Hope says it just sounds like Patrick and Bo has no evidence against Patrick. Hope says he just wants to get Patrick because hes good to her, hes been here for her unlike Bo. Bo says Hope left town, she wanted the divorce. He says hes been searching for her since she left town. He asks if she left with him? Hope says it wasnt planned, it just happened that they met up. She says if it wasnt for Patrick then she doesnt know where shed be. He says it sounds like theyve gotten close. Hope says hes close to Billie, so he should understand. Bo says thats different, they share a child. Hope says the moment his demon seed came into her life, her life ended. She says Chelsea is the dangerous killer, not Patrick. Hope says she wants the divorce now more than ever, she cant wait to get him, Billie and the demon seed out of her life. Bo continues to say Patrick is a killer, she doesn't even know him. Hope knows Patrick is no killer, and she tells Bo not to preach to her because she was with him half of her life and she doesnt even know him. Bo asks Hope how she can be with that man? Hope remembers seeing Bo in bed with Billie. Hope asks how he can ask her that when hes been with Billie. She says he has hasnt he. She says shes overlooked this thing with Billie long enough, he has a new family now with Billie and Chelsea. Hope says she has nothing else to say, she wants this divorce. Hope says shes hanging up now. Bo says he has to know one thing, she owes him that much. She says fine, one question. Bo asks if shes been sleeping with Patrick? He says shes awfully quiet . . . did she sleep with Patrick. Hope remembers doing just that. Hope says let her ask him a question, has he slept with Billie while shes been away? Bo says nothing, and she says now hes being quiet. Bo remembers sleeping with Billie. Hope says they both got their answers, and this marriage is over. Hope then hangs up on Bo. Patrick, who left the room, returns and comforts Hope. He offers to take her back home, but Hope says no. Hope says Bo didnt want to know how she was doing with her grief, he just wanted know if they slept together. Patrick cant believe Hope still trusts him after all Bo told her about him. Hope says she knows what a good man he is, and Bo is just jealous. Hope says fortunately Bo cant find them. 

Marlena is fiddling with the charm that Alex gave her. She thinks about being with Alex, but also telling John that he loved him and wanted to spend her life with him. Marlena continues to remember more of her past with John. Marlena becomes upset, she says shes married to Alex. She says something is wrong with her. She knocks over a bag of Alexs and out falls the drug hes been using on her. Marlena remembers Alex drugging her when she confronted him about it. Marlena says Alex is through controlling her. Marlena cries as she realizes what Alex has been doing to her. She says she has to stop him, but she cant let him know that she knows. 

Meanwhile, Alex goes to find Patrick (he had left Hope to talk to Bo at this point). Alex says the police are looking for a wanted killer, and that killer fits his description. Alex says it seems Bo is now looking for him to keep him from Hope. Patrick asks what he wants? Alex says a trade, he keeps Bo away from Patrick and Hope in exchange for Patrick helping him deal with John. Patrick refuses, hes not that man anymore. Alex tells Patrick if he wants to be with Hope then he will follow his orders! 

Alex returns to his room where Marlena is fuming. He asks MArlena what shes doing? She hasnt changed for dinner, and he asks what is wrong? Marlena says she knows exactly what shell wear. She says the necklace doesnt go with it though, so she takes it off. Marlena leaves to get her dress, and Alex says Marlena needs another dose of medicine, shes thinking on her own which he can't have. 

Back in Salem, Bo vows to find Hope before she becomes Lockharts next victim. Bo makes a call and says he has to see the person right away, this cant wait. Meanwhile, John is able to trace the realtor's phone call to Alex. He says they are on Morgan Island. Back on on the island, Alex gets the call from the realtor and he says he has to take this, so Marlena goes to check on Hope. The realtor tells Alex that John Black is offering to buy the penthouse. Alex says it sounds good. However Alex is suspicious and says hell get back to her on the offer. Alex tells himself that he needs some backup. 

Marlena goes to see Hope, and Patrick gives them time alone. Marlena has changed for dinner, and she tells Hope that Patrick seems good to her. She sees Hope is upset, what is wrong. Hope says her marriage is really over, and she doesnt know how shell go on without him. Marlena says she cant, she and Bo have a deep love that will survive everything. Hope says no, she has to get over Bo. Marlena says she doesnt, she will love Bo as long as she lives. 

Alex finds Patrick in the hall and Patrick says hell help Alex, but he needs a hefty pay check. Alex says hell be well compensated, they both agree to help one another get rid of Bo and John.


May 12, 2006
At Lucas place, Carrie asks Lucas if it will upset him that Sami is her matron of honor. Lucas says no, as long as him having Austin as his best man is okay with her. Carrie says its fine. Carrie talks about how Kate paying for this wedding is really generous. Lucas says she can afford to be generous, look at that honeymoon she offered Shawn and Mimi. Lucas says they arent even related. He wonders if they ever went on that honeymoon. Carrie says she guesses not. She says she ran into them at the hospital, they are trying IVF to have a baby. Lucas says thats great, maybe they (him and Carrie) will be next ones to have a baby. Carrie becomes a little uncomfortable and gets back to the wedding plans. Lucas thinks Carries upset about Austin putting her on the spot earlier. Carrie says Austin knows that the two of them are together now. Lucas says good, but if he doesnt know it then he might have to teach Austin a lesson hell never forget. Carrie doesnt want to cause problems between them. Carrie says Austin is with Sami now, and Sami loves him. Lucas says Sami covets Austin but . . . Carrie thinks Lucas was going to say but Sami loves him. Lucas says no, the only person Sami loves is herself. He says Samis just obsessed with Austin. Carrie says Sami may have moved on but she wont forget what she had with Lucas. Lucas says he wont either, they were intense together, and thats probably why it didnt work out. Carrie says thats how it was for her and Austin. Carrie says she just wants them all to be happy. Lucas says no one is happier to be with her than he is now. Carrie sees they have a message on their machine, its Austin calling. 

Sami and Austin are at some teen arcade with Will. Will says this is his surprise? He doesnt seem very thrilled. Sami says he loves this place and she has a bunch of quarters so he can celebrate acing his report card. Will says hes not nine anymore, she cant buy him off with a stupid video game. He says hes going to go get a soda. He walks off, and Sami wonders if Will will ever forgive him. Austin says he may not be nine, but hes still young and hurting. He says Will wants his parents together. Sami says she and Lucas wont be together again, is Will going to hate her forever? Austin thinks maybe he can talk to Will and change things. Will is playing a videogame and Austin joins him and plays with him. Austin talks to him and asks why hes angry with his mom. Will  asks why does he think, he wants his parents together and that wont happen with his dad marrying Carrie. He says Austin would still be with Carrie if his mom hadnt wrecked their marriage. Austin says he cant blame Sami for that, they all made mistakes. Will says mom is a liar and never will stop lying, especially to them. Will says he loves his mom and he knows she loves him, but he wishes shed tell him the truth about stuff. Austin ends up creaming Will at the game. Will demands a rematch, and this time he wins. Austin asks Will if he can give his mom a second chance, maybe she can come out a winner this time. 

Lucas and Carrie arrive at the arcade, they got Austins message to meet them there. Lucas thanks him for calling, and Lucas is happy about Wills report card. Will thanks his dad for coming, he knows he doesnt like spending time with mom. Lucas says things are good between them actually. Will says hes glad to hear that because . . . Austin says Will has made a decision. Will says hes going to move back in with mom part time. He says he knows that will mean they have to talk more about schedules and stuff. Lucas says its okay, and Austin says this gives Lucas and Carrie more time alone. Lucas says theyll always be happy to see him and hell always have a room with them. Lucas says he is happy Will wants to do this, he wants what Will wants. Austin thinks they should commemorate this by taking silly photos in the photo booth. Sami and Will leave to do that, and Carrie and Lucas talk. Lucas says he knows they all wont be a big happy family, but this is as close as it will get. Lucas says it will be hard to imagine if Sami and Austin do get married. Carrie agrees.

Everyone returns to Lucas place, and Sami thanks Will once again for deciding to move back in with her part time. Will says he should go pack. Sami thanks Austin as well. Lucas sees an envelope has arrived, its wedding dress designs from his mom. Carrie wont let Lucas see them, but Sami and Carrie look at them. Lucas then thanks Austin for helping Sami and Will work things out, and he wishes him luck with Sami. Meanwhile, Sami and Carrie look at the dresses, and Carrie looks ill and excuses herself. Later Carrie returns in tears. She tears up the dress sketches and says she doesnt need them, its not going to work.

Mimi and Bonnie arrive at the apartment. Mimi doesnt know why this is happening to her. She says they were just so happy, they were planning to have a baby. She says she knew if he found out about Claire this would happen, but he doesnt even know. She wonders why they are doing this to her. Bonnie tells her to stop crying and get in there, stop them or else make Shawn feel guilty for the rest of his life and make sure she takes a chunk of his trust fund in the divorce. They go inside and Mimi sees a trail of clothes leading to the bedroom. Bonnie is stunned, and Mimi thinks it is too late. They hear Belle saying Give it to me Shawn Shawn tells her not to pull to hard and then Belle screams. Shawn says they better wash that off. Mimi tells her mom that she has to get out of here. Bonnie says no, they need this proof if this is going to lead to a divorce. Belle and Shawn walk out and see Mimi and Bonnie standing there. Shawn and Belle are in towels, and Shawn says he knows how this looks but they can explain. Belle says its really very funny. Bonnie is furious with them, but Mimi says its better that it happened this way. Mimi says shes not surprised, this was pretty much inevitable. Bonnie tells Mimi not to do this, but Mimi sees no reason to keep lying. Mimi says she might as well tell them what theyd eventually find out. Bonnie stops Mimi and says Mimi is just still very jealous of them being alone together, how could they do this to Mimi? Shawn and Belle leave to put on their clothes, and Mimi asks Bonnie why she stopped her from telling them the truth? Bonnie says theyve kept it a secret this long. Mimi says they shouldnt have. She says she always knew she was Shawn's second choice and boy was she right. Mimi doesnt know why shed ever marry a man who didnt love her. Bonnie says he does love her, and Shawn claimed he could explain. Belle and Shawn return, and they decide to show Mimi rather than talk their way out of it. They have painted the second room, they made it into a nursery. Shawn says they wanted it all finished by time she got home, but they had an accident with the paint can. We see a flash back, that is what they were talking about and Belle spilled it all over them. Mimi cant believe all of this, but Belle tells Mimi she knows what is really going on here. Belle says Mimi is emotional because the hormone shots. Bonnie says that is right, and Shawn says he knows how much shes doing for them and this baby. Shawn says he loves her and could never love anymore more than the mother of his child.

At the station, John tracks Alex and Marlena to Morgan Island. Hes planning to go there immediately. Frankie asks what if this is a trap? John says dont worry about him, hell be okay. John then leaves as his jet is all ready.

Billie walks into Bos office. Hes fuming and says he talked to Hope, shes shacked up with Patrick. He says when he finds Patrick he is a dead man. Bo asks her if she has no idea where Patrick is, but Billie doesnt. Billie tells him to calm down, but Bo says hes a killer. He says hes going to find him, extradite him and put him on death row. Billie says its out of his jurisdiction, what is he going to do, become a vigilante and hunt down the man sleeping with his wife? Billie says Hope chose to be with him. Bo says maybe, but he wont sit back and do nothing. He says even if Patrick isnt a killer, hes a conman and wouldnt think twice about putting her life at risk. Billie says Hope is a cop and has good instincts. Did she sound worried or in trouble. Bo says no. Billie asks if he told her he didnt want the divorce, but he says he didnt get a chance. HE says they questioned each other about their extra marital relations. Bo says he doesnt know how their marriage just crumbled after all theyve been through. Billie asks Bo if hes saying his marriage is really over. Bo says Hope has made it clear that she wants nothing to do with him. Suddenly Frankie walks in, he just got a call that Chelseas trial date has been moved up. He also says as Chelseas lawyer he cannot in good conscious tell Hope about this, she could impact Chelseas case. Frankie tells he knows Bo is worried about his daughter, but he has to think about his marriage to. He tells Bo this is his call whether to tell Hope. Bo says Hope wants this divorce and doesnt want anything to do with him. Bo says hes responsible for Chelsea and protecting her, he wont tell Hope the news about the trial. Billie tells Bo that shell support whatever her decides. Bo leaves, and Frankie tells Billie this is a mistake and when Hope learns about this, shell never forgive him.

On Morgan Island, Alex shows Patrick the case of money he brought. He says this is only half, Patrick gets the rest when he stops John dead in his tracks. Patrick reminds Alex he is to help him stop Bo. Alex says he wants John out of Marlenas life, Patrick wants Bo out of Hopes life, similar goals and similar means, do they have a deal. Patrick says hed make a deal with the devil to be with Hope. Alex says he just did.

Marlena and Hope talk. Marlena tells Hope not to give up on Bo. Marlena says she's not giving up on John. Hope asks Marlena if she has her memory back? Marlena says not all of it, but shell get it back soon. Hope is glad, but she says her marriage is over. Hope says Marlena getting her memory back is wonderful news though. Marlena tells Hope she knows why its taken so long, Alex has been keeping her under his control. Hope asks what hes done. Suddenly Alex returns to check on Marlena. He says hes sorry to interrupt, but he needs to speak to Marlena in private. 

Marlena and Alex talk, and Alex asks what they were talking about? Marlena says about Hope wanting to divorce Bo. She says she feels it is wrong, they still love one another and belong together. She says if they could sit down and talk, she knows theyd get over their differences. Alex says you cant force two people to be together though. Marlena says no you cant. She asks what he wanted to see her about. He says hes concerned, she doesnt seem to be herself. Marlena says she is becoming herself more and more every single day. She says she knows hes been drugging her, and as a doctor she knows what the medication hes using on her is for. She throws it on the ground and smashes it. She says shes leaving now, and Hope and Patrick will help her get away from him. Alex then grabs her and stops her from screaming by covering her mouth. He tells her that shell never outsmart him, hell always be a step ahead of her. He has a syringe prepared and drugs her with it. She says she has to find Hope and tell her to find John. Alex says John is already on his way, and hell be able to put his final plan into action and punish them both. Marlena ends up forgetting all and doesnt remember anything that has happened. He also puts her necklace back on her to keep her under his control.

Meanwhile, Hope tells Patrick that shes worried about Marlena, they have to help her. Patrick says hes more concerned about her and Bos talk. Hope says Bo has been sleeping with Billie, her marriage is over and shes never going back to Bo. Patrick asks if this means she wont go back for the trial, but she says she will. She says she wants to see that girl go to jail for a long time, she has to be there for Zack since Bo wont be. Later there is a knock at the door, its Alex and Marlena. They are dressed for dinner. They want them to join them for dinner and gambling. Patrick and Hope agree, and Hope asks to talk to Marlena alone for a second and continue their talk earlier. Hope takes Marlena aside and asks if she is okay, she thought she got her memory back and wanted to be with John. Marlena says no shes with Alex, they are in love. Hope says earlier she said Alex was keeping her under his control. Marlena says she must have misunderstood, John is the monster, John tried to kill Alex. Alex suggests to Marlena they let these two change, so Alex and Marlena leave. Hope is worried about Marlena and tells Patrick whats happened. He acts innocent and says maybe its a symptom of her amnesia. Hope says something is wrong and she needs his help to prove Alex is up to no good. 

Later, Marlena, Alex, Hope and Patrick hit the restaurant and Casino. Patrick tells Hope that Marlena looks fine and happy to him. Alex takes Patrick aside and tells him to have fun tonight, but as of now hes on the clock. Alex says when John shows up, Patricks job is to kill him. Back in the Casino, John has arrived! 

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