May 15, 2006

Jennifer is thinking about making love with Frankie. Shes at the pub and Maggie shows up to meet her. Maggie says shes sorry shes late, there was a spat between chefs at the restaurant. Jen asks where Gran is. Maggie says shes not coming, she had a quilting meeting today that she couldnt miss. Jen thinks maybe its better that its just the two of them. Jennifer needs some advice about Frankie. Maggie thought things were going well between her and Frankie. Jen says they are, and they took their relationship further. Maggie says shes not surprised. Jen says it was a huge step, maybe too huge. She says she maybe getting cold feet. Maggie says what shes feeling is normal, she loved Jack so much and he hasnt been gone that long. Jen says she feels like hes been gone forever. She says this thing with Frankie has been moving so fast, and then Abby walked in on her and Frankie making love. Jen says this is something a mother never wants her daughter to see. Maggie says of course not, but Abby isnt a child anymore. Jen says she talked to Abby and she understood after the shock wore off. Maggie says Abby and Jack had a special relationship, and this is probably hard for her, but she wants her to be happy. Jen says Abby does, but she feels like shes letting down Jack and her children. Maggie knows how she feels, she went through something similar. Maggie talks about how when she and Mickey were first married, Mickey was sent on a trip and he was supposedly killed in a plane crash. Jennifer remembers this, it was a DiMera trick. Maggie says she thought she lost her husband and she was alone with their two daughters. Maggie says she was grieving, but a part of her knew she had to pick up the pieces. She says she didnt want to spent the rest of her life feeling sorry for herself, but she didnt know if she could face dating other men. She says then Don Craig came along, she could talk to him. She says things between her and Don got serious, and then she began to feel guilty. She says she got some support from a very wise woman who gave her advice that she's going to give her. Jen asks who it was? Maggie looks over, and there sits Alice. Alice comes over to join them, her meeting ended early. Maggie says she was just giving Jennifer the advice Alice gave her, she was too young to wear widows wings. Alice tells Jen that Maggie is right, she cant let Jacks memory stop her from living. They tell her if she loves Frankie then not to let him go. She thanks them both for their help. She says she needs to go pick up Jack Jr. now. Jen leaves, and Alice tells Maggie she left out a bit of the story. Maggie says she knows, her heart led her back to Mickey who came back from the dead. Maggie says they both know Jen doesnt have to worry about that though, Jack won't be coming back.

At a hospital we see Jack in a bed as a nurse checks on him. He holds a locket with Jen and Abbys photo as well as Jack Jr.

Chelsea meets Frankie outside Billies place, she was told by Billie to meet him here. She thinks this has to do with the trial. Frankie thinks her parents should tell her what is going on, they should go in. Bo and Billie are at Billies place. They are waiting for Frankie and Chelsea to show up. Bo is feeling guilty for not telling Hope about the trial. HE doesnt know why he has to make a choice between Hope and Chelsea. He says this trial would give Hope some peace of mind and closure. Billie says Hope would send Chelsea to jail though, but it is his choice. Frankie and Chelsea show up, she asks what is going on. She learns her trial date is coming up, and Bo says he and her mom will do everything they can to help her. Frankie says he wont lie, this case is going to be hard. Frankie says she did hit and kill Zack and she didn't stop. Bo says hes been devastated by this, but he knows it was an accident. Chelsea says Hope doesnt, shes going to make sure she goes to jail. Bo says maybe not, they arent telling Hope about the trial date change. Frankie knows this isnt his decision to make, but Bos making a mistake. Bo says this is none of his business. Frankie tells Bo outside now! They go outside, Frankie says it is his business, hes his brother and Chelsea is his client. Bo says and hes Hopes divorce lawyer too. Bo says Hope wants a divorce and has moved on. He says shes with Patrick now, they have slept together. Frankie tells Bo not to give up. Bo says he doesnt want to, he wishes this was all a mistake but its not. Frankie remembers Chelsea confessing what she did to Bo and Hope with the email scam. Bo says it kills him to say this, but its over between him and Hope. He says he has to concentrate on Chelsea and her future now. Frankie tells Bo if hes thought about the consequences when Hope finds out about the date change. Bo hopes she wont find out. Frankie says she will, and when she does, hell lose her forever. Bo says hes just following Hopes request not to talk to her again.

Back inside, Chelsea thanks Billie for what she and dad are doing for her. She says lying to Hope . . . Billie says they arent lying, they just arent telling her about the date change. Billie says its the DAs job to tell Hope, and the DA doesnt know where she is. Chelsea says Bo and Frankie know and they could call her, but Billie says that wont happen. Frankie is obligated not to say anything if Chelsea doesnt want him to, and he's only representing Hope in the divorce. Chelsea thinks she has a chance of staying out of prison after all, and she thanks her mom. 

Later, Chelsea decides to go see Max. She runs into Frankie on the way out. He wants to ask her something, not as a lawyer but as an uncle. He asks if she was in Hopes shoes, wouldnt she want to be at the trial? He says Hope needs closure and is entitled to it. Chelsea says she feels for Hope, but Zack wouldnt want her to go to jail for an accident. She tells Frankie to think about that. Chelsea then walks off. 

At the apartment, everyone is shocked when Carrie is in tears and destroys the dress designs and says it's over, the wedding won't happen. Lucas takes Carrie into the bedroom to talk. Carrie has news for him, after he hears this there may not be a wedding. Carrie tells Lucas something we dont hear, it leaves him speechless. Lucas asks if shes sure? Carrie says shes positive. Lucas says he wasnt expecting this. Carrie thinks shes ruined everything, but Lucas says no. He says its just a lot to take in.

In the living room Sami and Austin wonder what is going on here. Austin begins thinking that maybe Carrie has realized this is moving too fast, maybe she is calling the wedding off. Sami doesnt think so, Carrie made it clear who she has chosen and she tells Austin not to get his hopes up. Austin says Carrie has chosen Lucas, shes out of his life and its time for him to move on. Austin and Sami later decide they should go, whatever is going on it's not their business. Suddenly Lucas and Carrie come out of the bedroom. Austin says they were going to leave. Lucas says no stay, they have something to tell them. Sami asks if the wedding is off? Lucas says no, everything is fine. Lucas tells Carrie to tell them. Carrie says she and Lucas are having a baby, shes pregnant. Sami and Austin are stunned. Sami gives Carrie a hug and congratulates her, and Austin does the same with Lucas. Sami doesnt exactly look pleased. Carrie tells them that shes been queasy the past few mornings, she thought it was just from the surgery. She says she got a pregnancy test and took it on an off chance, she didn't think it would come back positive. She thinks she wont be able to wear any of those gowns, but Sami says she can if she gets married right away. Carrie says no, she wants her mom, Eric, Brady and Chloe to be there. She says that takes time to arrange. Sami thinks that is a cope out, why is she stalling? Sami says she didnt mean it to come out like that, she just meant they dont have to get married tonight. Lucas says its okay and there will be a wedding. Sami suggests they go out and celebrate, and Carrie says shed like that. Lucas sets things up, and Austin tells Carrie hes happy for her, he knows she's always wanted a child. Sami says to herself that shes happy for all of them.

On Morgan Island, John walks into the casino and looks around for Alex and Marlena. He says Alex is a dead man. Out on the terrace, Hope asks Marlena if shes sure she is okay, she doesnt seem herself. Marlena assures her that shes fine, shes in the most beautiful place in the world with a man she loves. Meanwhile, Alex tells Patrick that he has his assignment. Alex knows John is coming here, he left a trail. Alex says when John shows up, Patrick will help him kill John. John then walks out and thinks this is interesting, he finds Hope and Patrick dining with Alex and Marlena. He says hello to them all. Marlena asks John what hes doing here? John says she should ask Alex, hes the one who wanted him here. Alex says he wouldnt invite John to join them on their honeymoon, especially since he just tried to kill him. Hope asks what hes doing here. John says hes been trying to find Marlena since Alex took her away. He says he tried to track the jet, but Alex jammed the transmission. Alex says he is stalking them, and he didnt invite him here. John says Alex had his real-estate agent call him, and he called him himself to goad him. John says Alex wanted him to find him. Alex claims he did call John and maybe he did want John to find them. Marlena asks why hed bait John? Alex says he wasnt doing it on purpose, he called the Salem Police department and John answered. He claims he called to talk to Roman to make sure john was being kept from him. Hope finds that hard to believe, after all he's on an island far away from Salem. Alex says he got a call from his real-estate broker who is selling the cabin for him, she received a call from John to buy the penthouse. Alex says he was just trying to track them down, he knew if he put an offer in the penthouse that the broker would call Alex, and then John traced the call. John admits he traced the call. However he says Alex didnt call Roman, he called him on his cell phone. He also says Alexs agent called him to say the penthouse and everything in it was for sale. Alex says Marlena agreed to sell it and he put it up for sale for her. John says thats interesting, Kate said Marlena told her that they were coming home after the honeymoon, where will she live? Alex says they havent decided yet, but Marlena just doesnt remember putting the penthouse up for sale. Alex says she did. John wants to hear from Marlena, Alex isnt letting her speak. Marlena says she may not remember the specifics, but she trusts Alex and knows he wouldnt hurt her. John becomes angry. Hope pulls John aside and tells him not to do this, Alex is trying to get him to make a scene. John knows shes right. John asks Hope why shes here and why shes with Patrick. Hope doesnt want to talk about it right now, shell explain in time. She tells John that he cant go after Alex, it will only make things worse with Marlena. John says he knows.

Back at the table, Alex tells Marlena that hes sorry about this. Marlena says its okay, she wont let him ruin their honeymoon. Marlena excuses herself, and Alex tells Patrick things are moving too quickly. Alex says John has to die tonight. Patrick doesnt think killing John will solve all his problems. Alex says hes not paying him to think. Patrick says fine, he calls the shots and hell take care of it. Alex says he was wondering whose side he was on. Patrick says the side of money.

Meanwhile, John continues talking to Hope. He says hes very concerned about Marlena. Hope says he did the right thing coming here. Hope tells John that MArlena admitted Alex was controlling her, but then Alex got her alone and her memory of their conversation vanished. Hope says something isnt right here. Hope fills John in about what shes noticed going on with Marlena before he came, how shes not the same Marlena. Hope feels bad that she didnt pick up on this earlier, she has just been so preoccupied with Zacks death. John says shes had a lot to deal with, and Marlena has been distant from all of them lately. He says North is doing something to her, hes responsible for how shes been behaving. Marlena walks up to them and says Alex is responsible. She says shes a new person and a happy person, Alex has shown her what love can truly be. John asks how she can say shes happier now if she doesnt remember her life before. John says she was happy with him. Marlena says it cant compare to Alexs love. John says he loves her more. Marlena tells John that his love is not healthy, he needs professional help. Alex walks up and says he agrees. Alex says a second opinion free of charge, he needs to let Marlena go as her destiny is with him. Alex kisses Marlena, and John attacks him!


May 16, 2006

Lucas takes Carrie, Austin and Sami up to the roof. Sami thought they were going out, but he says this is out. She says she meant to a restaurant. Its dark on the roof, and Lucas says he decided hed rather do something special for Carrie. He lights up the roof, there are lights on all the bushes and trees. Carrie says it is beautiful, and Sami says it is . . . he never did this for her. Austin fumes as he watches Carrie and Lucas kiss, and Sami isnt happy either. They sit down to a table and Lucas pours some fine sparkling water. He also proposes a toast to Carrie. He says when he met her years ago he fell in love with her, and part of his heart has always been with her. He says hes always been honored to call her a friend. He says hes honored to bring a baby in this world with her, to her and his beautiful baby to be. Austin asks Sami to dance, and Lucas asks Carrie to dance.

Carrie tells Lucas that shes getting used to being spoiled. Lucas says she hasnt seen anything yet. He asks how shes feeling, and Carrie says okay. Lucas says he knows they agreed to start a family, they just didnt know it would be so quickly. Carrie says well they didnt do anything to avoid this, she just thought it would take a little longer. Lucas says the wedding will have to be moved up, but Carrie says its not about the wedding its about the marriage. She says marriage and family are what is important. Lucas knows she wanted to marry Austin, but Carrie says that dream was given up long ago. She says she should have not wavered between them as long as she did, she knows he will be a great husband, theyll have a wonderful life and that shes so happy to be having this baby with him. Lucas phone rings, he says he was hoping it was them and hell be right down. Lucas says the food is here so hell be right back. 

Meanwhile, Sami asks Austin if hes okay. He says says, but admits this is a shock and he is a bit jealous. Sami says she can understand. Austin says hes mostly jealous about them having a kid, hes had a wonderful life but a kid has always been missing. He says the reason he stayed in Salem is because he wanted to start a business and raise a family here. Sami knows her lie about Will hurt him badly, but he still has hope and wants that family even given what she did. Austin says he wants to be the father he never had, he wants his kids to grow up in a family with two parents that love them. Sami understands that. Austin says it didnt work out with Carrie, but he still has a second chance. Sami says all that is missing is the right woman. Carrie butts in at this point asking if she can cut in. Sami says of course. Carrie and Austin dance, and they both tell one another they want the other to be happy. Carrie thinks Austin will be happy, maybe sooner than he thinks. Sami sits and steams as she watches them dance.

Lucas returns with the food, and Sami goes and helps him. Sami tells Lucas that she is happy for him and Carrie. Lucas thanks her and wants her to find happiness with Austin, hopefully even marriage. They set the food up and Austin and Carrie come over and say this all looks great. Austin says before they start he wants to talk to Sami in private. Austin takes Sami aside and says before Carrie cut in, they were talking about what he wanted in life, a wife and kids. Sami says all he's missing is the right woman. Austin says about that . . . Sami is stunned, she asks if hes asking her to marry him?

Bo returns home and hears someone upstairs. He thinks it is Hope and rushes up. Its Jen, shes here packing up Zacks stuff for Hope. Bo is furious and says his soon to be ex-wife seems to forget shes not the only one grieving. He says Zack is his son too. Bo apologizes, he doesnt mean to take this out on her. He says its just that he hasnt been in Zacks room since that night. He says seeing all this stuff reminds him of what hes lost, the life hell never have back since Hopes moved on with Lockhart. Bo says she knew she was with him didnt she. Jen says yes but Hope says they are just friends. Bo says shes sleeping with him. Bo explains the story about the call to Jen. He asks how she could do this to him? Jen says maybe since she knew he moved on with Billie that she could do the same. Bo asks how she knew? Jen remembers seeing him in the hotel with Billie. Jen says she just knows. Jen decides to head out, and Bo begins having flashbacks to when he and Hope were happy with Zack. He says he was the luckiest man in the world, how did this happen to his family.

Frankie shows up at the pub to talk to Caroline. She asks if something is wrong with Jennifer? Frankie says no, Bo. He says he usually loves his job, but defending his client means hurting someone he cares about. He says because hes defending Chelsea he has no choice but to watch Bo make the biggest mistake of his life. She asks what is going on, but he says he cant say. Caroline says this must be sticky, hes representing Chelsea and Mickeys representing Hope in the divorce. Frankie says they are are two different cases, but Caroline says they are related. Caroline says Zacks death is what is causing the divorce, and Hope is planning to testify which makes Chelseas case more difficult. Frankie says he hates this job right now, and things have gotten complicated. He says hes defended killers he knew were guilty, but it was a job then and he felt they deserved the best defense they could get. He says its never been this personal before, hes hurting because the people he cares about are hurting. Caroline says he has to do what is best for his client. Frankie asks even if it destroys Bo and Hopes chance of getting back together? Caroline says he may not be able to help Bo and Hope, she tried and got no where. Caroline says they should let Bo and Hope work out their own problems. Caroline says she has to get back to decorating. Frankie asks what is going on here? She says its Victors birthday and shes giving him a party. Frankie asks if Pop knows? Shawn Sr shows up and says it was his idea. He says if it wasnt for Vic saving Caroline on that island and in that castle, he wouldn't have her today. They invite Frankie, but he says he has plans with Jen. Jen shows up, and they are happy to see them together. They also invite them both to stick around for the party, even if only for a few minutes. Jen and Frankie talk in private, Jen needs to talk to him about their future. Jen tells Frankie that she thinks they should take the next step in their relationship. She says she doesnt make love to just anyone, and she doesnt want to be just lovers, she wants to be husband and wife. They then kiss.

In a hospital somewhere, Jack holds a locket with Jen and the kids photos in it. A doctor checks on him and asks how the patient is doing today? The nurse says he slept through the night. The doctor cant believe he lived all these months with this condition, why was he in a hotel? The nurse says he has something to fight for, look what hes holding. We see the locket in his hand. The doctor discusses Jacks condition with his nurse, he thinks there is a chance they can give this man back his life. The nurse asks if the patient is in shape for such an experimental procedure? The doctor says its the only chance he has. Jack opens his eyes and says Jennifer.

On Morgan Island, Marlena and Patrick stop John from attacking Alex. John asks Patrick whose side he is on, the good guys or Alexs? MArlena says Alex is not a monster. Marlena takes Alex off somewhere, and Patrick tells John to stay away from Alex. Hope looks a bit shocked by Patrick saying this. Patrick warns John that the only reason he hasnt been locked up by the island authorities because he put in a good word for him. He says the island doesnt care who he is, they will lock him up for a long time. John thinks Patrick is working for Alex, but Patrick says Alex and Marlena just showed up here tonight, he can't be working for him. Hope tells John that Alex knows more about this island and he is one of the good guys. John says hes wanted back in Salem and Chicago as a murder suspect. Hope says he is innocent. John thinks perhaps he should call Bo and let him know where she is, but Hope says she wont let him do that. Hope asks for a moment alone with John, so Patrick leaves. John tells Hope that Patrick is dangerous. Hope doesnt care what he or Bo have to say about Patrick, she knows him. She reminds him that it was Patrick that saved them on Tonys island. John says the two of them go way back and normally he trusts her instincts, but there is something about Patrick he just doesnt like. Hope says shes learned more about Patrick since being here with him, hes private but has a good heart. John says the jury is still out, and Bo would be unhappy to know shes with Patrick. Hope says he knows they are here together, he called. John says Bo hadnt told him that, he finds that odd. Hope says Bo has no right to be upset since hes gotten back with Billie. John says he hasnt been with Billie, he has been trying to find her and work things out. Hope says Bo told her that he wanted a divorce. This is news to John. Hope says Bo made his choice to stand by Billie and Chelsea and not by her, any hope they had of getting back together is gone. John says hes sorry, but she says dont be. Hope says right now John needs to concentrate on getting Marlena away from Alex. John intends to do that but thinks hell need her help. He tells her his plan which we dont hear. She asks if she thinks this will work? He says it has to, hell protect her even if it kills him.

Meanwhile, Marlena tells Alex they could always go to another island, but Alex says no it would do no good as John will follow. They sit down and have some drinks, Alex gets Marlena plastered with a Morgan Island Mai Tai. Alex excuses himself and talks to Patrick. Patrick tells Alex that hes right about John Black, the sooner they take care of him the better. Alex says his plan has worked, now that John has attacked him in public then it will look like he killed him in self defense when the time comes. Patrick asks why he doesnt take Marlena and run, but Alex says John will still find them. Patrick is concerned about Marlena's amnesia, she doesnt remember her life with Alex, in fact she sometimes doesnt remember conversations she had earlier in the day. Alex says hysterical amnesia is difficult to treat. Patrick says okay, but from what he knows, it is caused by something traumatic. He asks what happened to Marlena while she was with him to cause it? Alex admits he caused it. Patrick says so it wasnt because of his supposed death, it was because he abused her. Alex says all he has to know is he came to Salem a changed man. He tells Patrick he has to get John out of Marlenas life and here is what he wants Patrick to do.


May 17, 2006

Chelsea arrives at Max's garage. He's working on his car, getting it ready for the next race. Chelsea has a surprise for Max. She pulls out a leather racing suit she had Kate and Basic Black put together. He loves it. She says she had jackets made for all his pit crew and she had a special one for herself. She models it for him, it says "Max Brady's #1 Fan." Shawn walks in at this point, and Max shows Shawn what Chelsea made for them. Shawn doesn't care and lashes into Chelsea. He tells her she is selfish and doesn't change, she doesn't deserve the name Brady. Max takes Shawn aside and lectures him. He says he has to find a way to forgive Chelsea, it was an accident. Max points out what she did was stupid and reckless, but so is drunk driving. Max knows about the motorcycle through the window incident as well as Shawn's other accidents. Shawn says he didn't kill anyone, but Max says he easily could have. He says people forgave him for what he did, why can't he forgive Chelsea. He says Chelsea, like them, is a Brady. He says family is important, and Caroline and Shawn always taught them to forgive. Shawn can't forgive Chelsea for what she did, not only did she kill Zack, she killed his family. Shawn changes the subject and tells Max he has something to show him. Shawn made an engine modification to Max's car which will help him on the race track. Max loves it and says once word gets out everyone will want a car like this. Shawn knows, which is why they have to market this and hopefully pull in a lot of money. Max likes the idea but this will take start-up cash. Shawn says he's going to speak with Victor about being a silent partner, he's always on the lookout for a hot new idea. Shawn leaves to make a call, and Chelsea talks with Max. She says if he cares about her and wants to be with her then he has to fire Shawn and he can't be a partner with him in this deal. Max refuses, Shawn is a good worker and he's family. Chelsea says so is she, but Shawn doesn't respect her. Max says give him time and talk to him. Max says he laid the groundwork, it's up to her now. Shawn is in the office on the phone with Mimi, who is at the hospital. He says he has a surprise for her, something that might have their baby living in style from now on. Max and Chelsea come in, Max tells Shawn that Chelsea has something to say. Shawn doesn't want to hear it. Max yells at them, they are family and will be in each other's lives forever, work it out! He leaves. Chelsea tells Shawn that she loved Zack too. Shawn says for how long, she met him 2 maybe 3 times before she killed him. Chelsea says it was an accident. Shawn says and she hasn't learned her lesson, which is why she has to pay. He says that is why he and his mom will be at the trial every day to give family impact statements and make sure she goes to jail for a long long time. Shawn storms off, and Chelsea says she is not going to jail.

On the roof of the loft, Sami makes the assumption that Austin is proposing. She shouts this out and says the answer is yes. Carrie and Lucas overhear, Carrie is thrilled for them. Sami says she can't believe this, and Carrie says they are engaged at the same time. Sami says they can have a double wedding, it will be so romantic. Austin finally speaks up and says "Stop, you misunderstood!" Austin says he wasn't proposing. Sami can't believe this, she feels like a fool, how could he do this to her. He says he did nothing! Lucas and Carrie decide to leave them. Lucas and Carrie walk off as Austin and Sami are heard yelling. Lucas tells Carrie he feels bad, but this reminds him there is a change he wants to make. They go over to the infamous loft roof door where everyone's initials are. Lucas adds his and Carrie's to the door. She thought he was going to scratch out her and Austin's initials. Lucas says no, he respects what they had. He says but that is the past, he is her present and their baby is their future. They return to their apartment, Carrie is still feeling so bad for Sami. She says she really wants Sami and Austin to be happy. Lucas does too, but it takes time to get over what Sami has done. He says Austin and Sami have a history and not all of it's good. Lucas doesn't want to talk about them anymore, he has another surprise for her. He leads her into the apartment and makes her keep her eyes closed. Inside is a huge basket of baby toys and things. She asks how he did this? He says he picked the things out but it was Eugenia who picked them up and put them in here while they were on the roof. Carrie loves all of it. She talks about how she can't believe her dream of having  family is coming true. She tells Lucas that they have to be careful not to alienate Will though, and even though there is an age difference she wants them to be close. Lucas says they will be. Carrie kisses Lucas and wishes everyone was as happy as she was right now.

Back on the roof, Sami and Austin are really arguing. Sami can't believe this happened. She thinks she reads all these magazines about love advice and how not to seem eager or you'll scare the guy off, that is exactly what she did. Austin says he told her that he wanted to take things slow, that he didn't know if he was ready for this. She says but he is ready for a future with Carrie. She thinks if it was Carrie that he would have proposed in a heartbeat, he probably carries a ring around with him at all times. He says he doesn't, but he does admit by screaming at the top of his lungs that he still loves Carrie. Sami is furious, she says everyone loves Carrie, it's the story of her life. Austin says he's never lied about that to her, and again he wanted to take things slow. Sami tells Austin he says one thing but then he walks around her place in a towel and he makes love to her, what is she to think. She says she should have known he'd never propose to her. He says he did once, and they begin rehashing history. Sami thinks she's throwing her past in his face. He says he's not, and he can see she's changed. He says he just wants to be honest, without honesty they have nothing. Sami thinks it's time for her to be honest with him. She thinks about Lexie's lie, but she simply tells Austin that she can take things slow but she can't go backwards. She says she can't wait around her entire life for him, so she thinks it's best that he move out of her apartment and get out of her life. He thinks she's overreacting, but Sami says she's not, she needs to get on with her life without him.

On the Island, Patrick and Hope are dancing, as are Alex and Marlena. John is standing by watching. Alex and Marlena talk, Marlena says she's so happy and she doesn't care that John is lurking about. She says she won't let John ruin this, he may have memories of a life with her but she only remembers being married to Alex. Meanwhile, Hope talks with Patrick about JOhn and Marlena, they belong together and she knows Alex is doing something to keep them apart. Patrick says he knows what is going on here. Hope asks if he knows something about Patrick, but he says no. He just meant that he thinks she's projecting her feelings for Bo onto John and Marlena. Hope assures him that she's not. Hope excuses herself to go talk to John.

Hope tells John that he has to do something to stop this. John says he plans to. Hope offers her help, saying she's a cop and they've worked together many times in the past, she could be useful. John tells her what he wants her to do. John walks over and cuts in on Alex and Marlena. He asks for one last dance with Marlena, afterwards he'll leave them alone and respect their marriage. Marlena agrees and she dances with him. Alex talks with Patrick. Patrick asks if he trusts John? Alex says no, but there isn't much John can do here in this public place. Hope walks over and asks what they are talking about? Alex says nothing much, just his lovely bride. Alex has no issues with Marlena dancing with John as he trusts her. He also says Marlena loves him and married him, not John. Hope suggests to Alex they make their way to the craps tables to play a little, so he agrees to go for a moment.

John and Marlena dance, he asks if she recognizes the song. She says no should she? He requested it, it's their song. She says she doesn't remember. He says she will. He ends up injecting her in the waste. She asks what he's done? He tells her to relax, just let it come back to her. The memories flow back, and she begins crying. She tells John that she remembers their love, she remembers he is the only man she loves. John is thrilled to hear her say that. He says Alex will never come between them again. She begs him to take her out of here, so they leave. Hope and Alex return, Alex wonders where Marlena is. Hope says with the man she loves. Alex realizes Hope was distracting him. He races off and finds Patrick. He tells Patrick to go get his gun, it's time to take care of John once and for all.


May 18, 2006
Mimi arrives at the garage with a package. Chelsea asks if it is for the baby. Mimi says no that would jinx things to buy stuff before the baby was born or even conceived. She says its for Victors party, she bought him a paper weight. Mimi shows what she bought for Victor to Shawn, and he loves it. He then shows his engine invention to Mimi and tells her how Max is going to help him market it. Mimi is impressed. Max says they will make enough money on this to retire early. Mimi tells Shawn that shes so proud of him, her little inventor. Mimi has her own good news, Lexie says its time for them to conceive! Later Mimi and Chelsea get some time alone. Chelsea talks to Mimi about how Shawn hates her and how she thought there was forgiveness in families. Mimi tells her about what she did to her ex-fiance with the abortion, and how hell probably hate her forever. She says Shawn needs time, but he may never get over this. She says Shawn has had a lot of pain in his life, he's lost a lot of family members. Mimi tells Chelsea from someone who has made mistakes in her life and never got away without being punished, Chelsea should expect punishment as it is coming. Chelsea says she cant go to jail, she wouldnt survive there. She asks Mimi to speak to Shawn. Mimi says she wont make promises, but she will try. Chelsea thanks her and she hopes she gets pregnant soon, she knows Shawn wants to be a dad. Mimi thinks to herself about the Claire secret and how he already is a dad. She says shes suffered enough, dont let her pay for her other sins. Chelsea overhears her saying this and wonders what else Mimis done, maybe she can use it to stay out of jail.

Kate arrives at Lucas loft to talk about the wedding plans. Lucas says some things have come up that are forcing some changes, Carrie is pregnant. Kate is a tad shocked and says she wasnt expecting this so soon. Lucas says neither were they. He asks if she is happy for them. She says its just taking time to sink in, but she is thrilled. Kate looks and acts anything but thrilled. Lucas brings up Sami and Austin dating, and Kate asks when did this happen? They explain how Austin and Sami are on the roof having a heart to heart. They say Austin was thinking out loud about his hopes and dreams, Sami thought he was proposing and accepted before he even asked. It turns out Sami jumped the gun, they are talking about things now. Kate is furious, she thinks Sami was baiting a trap for Austin. She says she has to get up there and break this little talk up, she has to stop it. Carrie tells Kate not to do this. Later Lucas pours some drinks and makes a toast to Carrie and their future. Kate is still in the apartment with them celebrating the news.

Up on the roof, Sami tells Austin that she wont be his second choice anymore, he wants to be with Carrie and would marry her if he could. She says shes cutting him lose, shes standing up for himself. Shes moving on without him. Sami says she does love him, she always has and probably always will. She says she cant waste her future away thinking shell be the one for him in time. She doesnt know if hell ever get over Carrie, so does she sit around and wait or walk away and start over. Sami thinks she should have learned from both her sisters, they thought they found true love but ended up with other men. Sami says she wants that, she wants a man who wants her so bad that he will fight for her. A man that will make her stop dreaming about the man she cant have. Sami says Belle having Claire got Carries clock ticking, and now that Carries pregnant she feels the same way. She knows she has Will, but she wants more kids. She says she wants a big family and a house filled with love. Sami says shes human too, shes lonely, shes lonely when shes with him because she knows shes not the woman he wants. She says there is nothing more to say other than goodbye, and thanks for everything. Sami goes to walk off, but Austin stops her and says dont go. Austin says shes right, shes right to be mad at him for how hes treated her. He says he got so used to treating her as a schemer that he forgot she had feelings too. He says he got her back by leaving her at the altar, he never wanted to see her again, but that has changed. They both talk about how each deserves better. Sami thinks Austin deserves Carrie, and Austin says she deserves Lucas. Sami says the difference is Lucas doesnt love her back. Austin says he thought Carrie loved him back too, but now that there is a baby, its over between him and Carrie. Austin says he cant fight a baby. Austin says hes accepting that he and Carrie are over, and shes helping him. Sami tells Austin that shes glad for him, but she cant keep putting herself in this situation. She says that she thinks they should only have contact on a business level, he has to move out and they cant do anything personal. Sami says they shouldnt even spend one more night in the same apartment. Sami says she needs to go, there is nothing left to say. Austin says he doesnt want her to go, he doesnt want to lose her. He says he hasnt treated her right, that is true. He says there is a lot of history between them too, but theyve also had a lot of fun. He says they always seem to wind up in each others lives. She says because of what shes done to him, and if she hadnt done all those things then hed have moved on long ago. Austin says not true. He says shell always have a special place in his heart. He says he may not have a biological clock like her, but time is ticking by for him. He wants to play with and hold his kids. He says he does love her and he knows she loves him too. She says she does. Austin says hes loved Will since he was born. He says the three of them are already a family. He asks if she knows where hes going with this. She says shes always so wrong, he better just draw her a picture. Austin gets down on one knee and asks Sami to marry him. 

Austin and Sami show up as Lucas' place as Lucas, Carrie and Kate are toasting to the future. Austin says theyll need two more glasses. Austin then proposes his own toast to his new fianc. Kate screams! Austin says to the future Mrs. Austin Reed. Kate asks if hes insane? Austin says insanely happy. Kate says this wont happen, there is no way hell marry Sami!

Frankie and Jen talk in the pub, Jen tells Frankie that they should take the next logical step. Jen says she doesnt take making love to someone very casually. Frankie doesnt either. She says she doesnt want to be lovers anymore, she wants to be husband and wife. Frankie is thrilled, hes wanted to ask her to marry him his entire life and she beat him to it. Frankie says its a yes, and he orders a bottle of the finest champagne for his bride to be. Shawn and Caroline are thrilled, and Frankie says hes officially the happiest man alive. Jen says somewhere Jack is happy for them too.

Phillip brings Victor to the pub under pretenses of dinner. There he finds they have a party for him, hes very touched. Caroline tells Victor hes part of their family too. Victor thinks that is stretching the tree a bit, but Caroline says its hers to stretch. Phillip wishes Belle and Claire could be here, but Claires sick. Caroline says Bo claims hes overworked, but she thinks he cant bare to be at a family gathering. Shawn Sr. walks over and wishes Vic well and thanks him for saving Carolines life once again. Caroline says they have more to be celebrating, Jen and Frankie are engaged.

Jen and Frankie continue to talk. Jen knows this is what Jack wanted, he wanted her to marry him and be happy. Frankie asks Jen if shes marrying him because she wants to or because it is what Jack wanted. Frankie says if she wants to marry him to keep a promise to Jack then dont do it. Jen says shes not accepting because of Jack, shes accepting because its what she wants. However she says she, Jack Jr and Abby are a package deal, if he wants them. He kisses her hand and does. Later we see Frankie thanking his dad. He returns to Jen and says he remembered hearing awhile ago when she and Jack split up. He thought back then he had a shot, but he knew theyd work things out. Jen says they did. Frankie says he never wanted anything to happen to Jack, and he was willing to admire her from afar. He says he moved away because he knew he couldnt handle running into her now and then. He says what hes saying is that he loves her with all his heart, and hell honor Jack by being the best husband and step-father he can be. Frankie pulls out the family woven yarn ring that Shawn gave Caroline long ago. He says hes borrowing it until he can get her a real ring. He gets down on one knee and proposes to Jen. She puts the ring on her finger and says she will marry him. Everyone in the pub applauds. 

Shawn, Mimi, Max and Chelsea all show up at the pub for the party. Phillip tells Shawn and Mimi that Belle is home with Claire, she has a cold. Mimi and Shawn talk about how they cant wait to have those problems. Vic overhears this and isnt happy. Meanwhile, Max and Chelsea talk about Bo not being here and how hes tracking down Patrick. Chelsea thinks that will cause problems for Shawn and Mimi's marriage. Max gets the idea that she wouldn't mind that.

Mimi and Shawn give Victor  their gift, a paper weight of Greece. He cant wait to take his grandchildren to Greece some day. Victor is also excited about this new idea of Shawns. Shawn thanks him for investing in it, but Vic says he knows a good business move when he sees one. Phillip tells his dad how Mimi and Shawn are trying for a baby, and since they live across the hall then Claire will be like a sister to their baby. Victor tells himself she will be his sister! Shawn and Mimi are happy, and Mimi hopes to herself that this invitro thing works so she can give Shawn a baby and that he never finds out about Claire.

Later Victor tells Chelsea that he knows how it feels to be the black sheep, he almost came between Shawn and Caroline years ago and paid for it for a long time. Victor says Bo was a black sheep as well. Chelsea says maybe because Bo didnt have his real dad around. Victor says Shawn was a great father to Bo. Chelsea says but he wasnt his real father. Victor says Bo didnt know and neither did Shawn. Chelsea says it still has in impact on a kid, they arent treated the same as the brothers and sisters. Victor says she is probably right, and thats why he worries about Claire. Chelsea wonders what he means, and Victor tries to cover, but Chelsea doesnt buy it. She thinks something is going on here.

Shawn Sr. toasts to Frankie being back home and to Jen and Frankies engagement. He tells everyone to drink up, this is a party. Jen and Frankie continue to talk, she cant wait to tell Abby the news. Frankie hopes shes excited. Jen says Abby loves him, and she loves her dad but knows hes not coming back. Jen says they have an incredible future to look forward to.

In a hospital somewhere, Jack looks at the doctor. He says he had this dream in which some doctor kept telling him there is a cure for this disease. The doctor says it wasnt a dream, there may be a cure. Jack asks if the doctor is saying there may be a cure for him? The doctor says its a highly experimental treatment, it hasnt cured someone with his illness before. Jack wont do it, he says hes spent far too many months preparing for his death as is. Jack wont take the cure. He talks about what hes done for his wife, trying to insure her happiness with her high school sweet heart. Jack says the doctor doesnt know if this cure will even work. The doctor asks what if it does, what if he lives and his wife moves on with another man? Jack says hes not the same man he was, hes got a rather dark view of life from being kicked in the teeth one too many times. He knows Jen has moved on, he set the whole romance into motion before he left town. He says it wouldnt be fare for him to return now. He says he wont do that to Jennifer, he wants her to be happy with Frankie. Later a nurse returns with some computer search results. The doctor tells Jack its not good news, hes not a candidate for this procedure after all. Jack says you win some and you lose some. Jack asks to be allowed to die here. The doctor says he doesnt have to die alone, but Jack says he does.


May 19, 2006

Mimi and Shawn arrive at the hospital for their in vitro procedure. Mimi is feeling a bit ill, she thinks its just nerves. Shawn says Lexie said this harvesting would be painless. Mimi remembers her saying it would be uncomfortable. Mimi wonders if shell be crankier when shes pregnant. She says she shouldnt have said when, she should have said if. She says they don't know if this will even work, Mimi is a bundle of nerves, and Shawn calms her down. The nurse asks if this is their first. Shawn says yes, the first of many they hope. 

They go in to the doctor's office. Mimi is on the table, Shawn is with her. Mimi has been sedated a bit, but is awake. The doctor says it's fine and she finishes harvesting Mimis eggs. Mimi says she didn't feel a thing. They gained five follicles, which doesnt mean five eggs. Mimi begins having worries, what if they get pregnant with far too many kids, what if shes put on bed rest and cant work. She says this is a huge responsibility, what if they are making a mistake. Shawn says it is a huge responsibility, but its what they wanted to do. Mimi says they never got to go on their honeymoon, they may not get to Paris for 20 years now. She wants to make sure they arent rushing into this, that they arent being selfish. Shawn says wanting a child is a bit selfish, but they know what they are getting into and they will be great parents. Shawn tries to get her to relax, and the doctor tells her if it helps everything is going well. Mimi thinks nothing goes well for her, and the odds are only 50/50. Shawn says if it doesnt work then theyll try again. Mimi just cant believe shell get to be a mom. Shawn says and he can't believe he'll have a child of his own. Mimi rolls her eyes. When it comes time for Shawn to make his contribution, Mimi asks if he needs her help since he was here for her? Shawn says no thank you and walks off. Later they get news from the doctor, she was only able to successfully fertilize one egg, which means the odds just got slimmer. The doctor says they can try again though, so dont get discouraged. The doctor lets them look at the egg through the microscope and says this could be a peak of their son or daughter to be.

At Lucas place, Carrie and Lucas are happy for Sami and Austin, but Kate is not happy at all. Kate asks Austin why hes doing this, does he remember what Sami did to him? Does he want to go there again? Kate cant believe this. Sami tells Kate that for the record she wont be going anywhere the night before her wedding or drinking anything Kate puts in front of her. Sami says this is the happiest moment of her life, but knowing what it does to her makes it just a little better. Sami says everyone is onto Kate now so there is nothing she can do to ruin this. Kate says dont be so sure of that. Kate says the woman is a monster! Kate says shes nearly destroyed everyones lives in this room. Carrie says everyone here has done things they arent proud of, including Kate. Carrie says Sami has been nothing but supportive since she came back to town, and Austin says Sami is the person he knew she could always be. Kate says they are all insane. Will walks in at this point and asks what is going on? Austin says he and Sami are getting married. Will says all right. He says he approves, its the next best thing to her marrying Dad. He says sorry for how that sounded. Kate keeps making remarks. Will tells Kate that he knows shes not happy about this, but dont ruin this for his mom. Austin tells Will that nothing will mess this up as Samis not keeping any secrets this time. Sami flashes to blackmailing Lexie. Kate says Sami is not capable of being honest. Lucas tells his mom to knock this off otherwise he, Austin, Carrie and Will wont have anything to do with her again. Lucas then tells Will some more good news, Carrie is pregnant. Will thinks this is awesome and tells his mom and Austin to get to work too. Will knows his mom wants more kids. Will also says not to worry about Kate, dad wont let her mess this up again. Lucas ends up asking his mom to go, shes spreading around a lot of negativity here. She says he may be right as shes feeling physically ill. Kate and Lucas go out in the hall. Kate tells Lucas that they are all making a mistake about Sami, she is a poisonous snake. She says she saved him from Sami and she will save Austin. Lucas thinks she ruined his life is what she did. Kate says well he didnt go back to Sami. She asks if he can say hed have been happier with Sami than he would be with Carrie? No, she says he cant. Lexie says Sami is going to make Austin miserable and she will stop her. Lucas says there is nothing to stop, and as far as hes concerned it is his mom who is poison. Lucas returns to his apartment, and Kate says she brought down Sami before and will have to do it again. Austin breaks out the champagne, and Sami thanks them all for giving her another chance, they wont regret it. She thinks today was a good omen. Sami struggles with the champagne and ends up breaking the bottle. She thinks it means bad luck for her. 

Abe has a romantic evening set up for Lexie at home when she arrives. Flowers, candles, the works. Hes also got a nice dinner prepared. Lexie asks what they are having. Abe says her favorite, crab cakes. Abe wants this to be the first night of a new beginning of their relationship. Abe tells Lexie nothing is more important than her, Theo and their marriage. He knows hes trying to relieve stress in her life, and he fears most of it is caused by him. Lexie flashes back to being blackmailed by Sami. Lexie says that isnt true, but Abe thinks it is. Abe knows how hard his impotence is on both of them. He says he wants her to know how much he loves her, and they kiss. Theo walks up and says Ooooo you love each other! They laugh and Abe picks him up. He has a book Eddie gets a baby brother. Theo says he wants a baby brother. Abe says hell have to read him this another time. Lexie tells Theo its time for him to go to bed. Lexie takes Theo up to bed while Abe frets over the book. Lexie returns and tells Abe not to let this get him down. Abe feels like hes letting everyone down. Lexie says hes not, both of them are working so much and Theo isnt ready to share his life with a sibling, he has no idea what hed be getting into. She tells him not to let this ruin their evening. Abe says shes right. The doorbell rings, and Abe wonders who that could be. Lexie goes to answer, it is Tek. He hopes hes not interrupting but he has reports for Abe. He says Roman needs him to review case files. Lexie asks if it cant wait? Tek says he has a meeting in the morning so it can't. Abe says dinner is a ways off, hell go over these with Tek till then. Abe has to go work on dinner, and Tek thinks Abe has upset Lexie somehow. Tek tells Lexie that she doesnt deserve this and he doesnt deserve her. Abe returns as they are talking, Abe wants to go over the reports with Tek now. As they go over the reports, Kate shows up to talk to Lexie. Lexie invites Kate in to talk. Lexie and Kate talk in private, she needs to know what Sami has on Lexie or what Lexie has on her. Lexie claims nothing is going on, but Kate says she knows there is tension going on between them. Lexie says thats because she hates Sami. Kate doesnt believe her. She offers Lexie to let her help her, she will be on her side. Kate says Sami has moved her way into Austins life again, and she will do everything she can to stop her. Kate tells Lexie to just tell her what she knows as one way or another shell find out what is going on.

On Morgan Island, Alex is furious and thinks Hope helped John get away with Marlena. Hope says shes glad Marlena is with her real husband. Alex says John has no right to Marlena. Hope says Alex is a danger to Marlena, but Alex says John is the danger. Alex goes to Patrick and says they have to find Marlena and John before John does something terrible to her. Hope tells Patrick not to help him! Hope and Alex begin arguing over whether John is a bad man or not. Alex keeps saying John was responsible for Lois death, he stalked him and Marlena, he even tried to shoot him at the wedding. Patrick asks if Alex can prove this? Alex says he can call Roman, Roman will verify all of this. Hope says Roman doesnt trust Alex either, they are scared for Marlena when shes with Alex. Alex says they better hope they dont find out how wrong they all are too late for Marlena. He says Marlena has been kidnapped by Stefanos chief mercenary, they have to do something! Patrick tells Hope to go call the airport and see what is going on with Johns jet. She leaves to make a call, but not to the airport. Meanwhile, Alex tells Patrick once again that he wants John dead. Later Hope talks to Patrick, she knows Alex has to be using mind control on Marlena. Hope says Marlena remembers John now, Alex is going to have a hard time getting her back. Patrick asks where they are? Hope says all she knows is they are near the ocean, she heard it in the background. Patrick thinks they are on the beach at the changing tent. Hope says they can't let Alex know, but Alex has heard and says too late! 

John and Marlena have fled to the beach. Marlena has remembered all and tells John she loved their life together. John says once Alex is out of their lives then they can get back everything he thought they had lost. Marlena says she does remember their life, its like a flood gate opening up. John says nobody will hurt her again, especially not Alex. Marlena says while she remembers her love for John, she doesnt think Alex will hurt her. Hope calls John and warns him Alex is out for him. John isnt worried, Marlena has remembered and if Alex shows up then hell kill him. John tells Marlena that they have to get out of here. Marlena says she remembers loving him, but she remembers she was married to Alex. John asks if she doesnt remember what he did to her? Marlena sees him laughing at her, and we hear the sounds of slapping, but Marlena says her memories are very vague. She says all she knows is that she owes it to Alex not to run out on him. Suddenly Alex, Patrick and Hope show up. Patrick has a gun on John, Alex orders Patrick to shoot him. Marlena says she wont let him get away with this. Hope asks Patrick what hes doing? Alex says what he paid him to do. Hope thinks Bo was write about Patrick all along.

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