May 22, 2006

At Abes, Kate asks Lexie what Sami has on her? Lexie says Sami has nothing on her. Kate says then she has something on Sami, she knows something is going on here. Lexie says nothing is going on, she and Sami hate each other and thats all that is going on. Kate tells Lexie that she can help her, she would be on her side against Sami. Kate says shes going to bring Sami down, shes worked her way back into Austins life again. Kate says one way or another she will find out what is going on. Lexie says she has nothing to tell her so just leave. Kate wont leave until Lexie gives her what she needs to know. She begs Lexie to tell her what is going on. Lexie says nothing is going on. Kate asks why shes so nervous? Lexie says she just had a cancer scare. The phone rings and Lexie jumps. Kate knows something is wrong, she thinks something serious is going on between her and Sami. Lexie sits on her couch and Kate tells Lexie very few of them go through life without making a mistake. She says whatever shes carrying around, it will feel better to share it with someone and she can help her. Kate says shes beaten Sami before and she will beat her again. Kate says if they work together then they can stop Sami dead in her tracks. Kate says it is best this way, so please tell her what is going on. Abe walks in at this point and asks if everything is okay? Lexie says no, everything is okay they were just talking. Lexie thanks Kate for stopping by and sees her out. Kate tells Lexie to remember what she said, if she needs to talk then call her any time. Kate leaves, and Abe thinks that was nice of Kate to come check on her. Lexie asks if Tek is still in the kitchen? Abe says no he left. Lexie says so they finally have time alone. Abe says he just talked to Clarence the Clown on the phone, he can do Theos party after all. He says when he was a kid he had pin the tail on the donkey, now kids have clowns, pony rides and jugglers. Lexie asks how he got Clarence, he was booked when she talked to him. Abe says Clarence had a cancellation. Lexie says this is great, but Abe says he feels guilty as this comes on someone elses misfortune. Lexie asks if something happened the to the child? Abe says no, his parents are getting divorced and they have to appear in court on his birthday of all days to fight over who gets custody. Lexie thinks that is awful, but shes sure the mom will get custody. Abe says not necessarily, it seems the wife was having an affair. Lexie says these things happen, it doesnt make her a bad mother. Abe says she is a wife and a mother, she has a responsibility to her husband and child. He says she may not deserve custody, he saw a lot of women over the years carrying on with other men and neglecting their child. He says it those kids were messed up. He says giving birth doesnt make the mother a better parent, fathers have rights too and maybe the kids are better off with the dads. Lexie becomes upset, and Abe says hes sorry to bring this up and he thinks they should just focus that they had Clarence for the party. Lexie just wishes it wasnt at the other childs expense. Abe says that isnt their fault though, and they are making their little boy happy. Lexie says hes right and they hug. Lexie looks at the card Kate gave her with her number on it.

Mimi and Shawn return home from the hospital. Phillip, Belle and Claire greet them in the hall. They want to know how their appointment went? Mimi says its not something they want to talk about in the hall, so they head into the loft to talk. Shawn offers Phillip a beer, and Belle tells Mimi that she looks nervous. Mimi says she is. Mimi says it went fine, but it was all weird. Shawn says it may not be the usual way to make a child, but their child will be conceived with love just like Claire. Mimi tells them they have to wait for the egg to be fertilized and then incubated before it can be implanted. Bonnie and Max show up, Bonnie wants to know if shes a grandma yet. Mimi says not yet, and she talks about how it wont be the end of the world if it doesnt work and they have to adopt. Mimi says to get pregnant would be a blessing though. Max the dog talks saying he already has to compete for Bon-Bons attention as is, with a kid in the picture hes in trouble. Bonnie just cant wait for them to have a baby and so she can spoil him or her. Bonnie asks if they have names picked out. Mimi says not really. Belle says oh come on, she and Shawn had a bunch of names picked out when they were dating. Mimi gives her a look and Bonnie gives Shawn a look. Belle then opens her mouth again, saying how she always wanted to name her daughter Claire. Phillip says "what, I thought we came up with that name!" Mimi says well it is a perfect name for her. Mimi says if she and Shawn have a boy they may name him after Zack, but if they have twins she also likes Scott. Belle says Shawn loves that name, he wanted that name if they ever had a boy. Mimi says she needs a drink and gets up. Mimi asks her mom what they will do if this doesnt work. Bonnie tells her to think positive. Mimi thinks it wont work as this is her punishment for not telling Shawn about you know what. Shawn walks up and asks what is going on. Bonnie says Mimi is just afraid theyll strike out. Shawn says they wont and theyll keep on trying if this doesnt work the first time. Kate then shows up, she was looking for Belle and Phillip. They say they are here talking to Shawn and Mimi, who  are trying to have a baby with IVF. Kate offers to help get them appointments with specialist anyway she can, she had IVF too. Kate says she came to see them as she has some news, both good and bad. Kate says Carrie and Lucas are pregnant, and Sami and Austin are engaged. Belle says shes going to marry Austin again? Kate says well Sami thinks that will happen, but shes going to make sure Sami doesnt get married again. Belle says Sami has changed, which makes Kate say she's tired of hearing that. Belle says well Austin must think so because he wouldnt marry her again. Kate says a snake can shed its skin but its still a poisonous snake. Bonnie thought Austin dumped Sami at the altar. Belle says they were married in Paris long ago, it was more of a marriage of convenience. Belle says the point is Sami made mistakes but has been forgiven for them. Kate thinks Belle is just a forgiving person. Belle doesnt think shed be that forgiving if she was Austin and Lucas, Sami keeping the truth about Will was harsh. Kate starts ranting about all the lying and deceiving and manipulating over Wills paternity. At this point Kate says hi to Claire, who is in Phillips arms. Phillip wonders how you cant know when a kid is yours. He says all you have to do is look in their eyes and its so obvious. Mimi tells Bonnie to look at how Shawns looking at Claire. Bonnie decides its time for her to take Max on a walk and she drags Mimi with her. In the hall Bonnie tells Mimi that Shawn wont find out and Phillip has no clue. Bonnie says the only way Shawn will find out is if she tells him, and to tell him would require her to develop some kind of death wish.

At Lucas place, Sami breaks the champagne bottle and thinks this is bad luck. Carrie says no its good luck, they break them over ships to Christen them. Sami says they do that on purpose, no this is a bad omen. Will says no its bad Karma. Austin tells Will to cut his mom a break. Will says hes been doing a report on Karma for school, its part of a report on India, which is what they are studying in Geography. He begins explaining Karma to them all, good actions are rewarded and bad actions are punished. Carrie thinks they should stop this good and evil talk, its not like Samis done anything bad lately has she? Sami remembers blackmailing Lexie. She also remembers working with Alex against Lexie and how Alex was going to let Lexie die thinking she didnt have cancer. Lucas thinks Sami has done something, he knows the look on her face. He tells Sami to create some good karma and tell them all what shes up to. Austin tells Lucas to lay off. Sami says shes just superstitious. Lucas talks about just how superstitious she is. Sami says they should start talking about this, and Austin agrees. He says bad things happen to everyone. Will says more bad things happen to Sami. Lucas goes on and on about how thats because when someone does something bad to her, she has to do something bad back to them like blackmail them, dig up dirt, dress up as a man, etc. Carrie tells Lucas to stop, but Lucas tells her that he knows Sami and she is up to something. He thinks its something pretty bad too. Carrie doesnt think so, Sami is getting everything she ever wanted so what could be bothering her. Lucas doesnt know, but whatever it is it is huge. Carrie tells Lucas not to think the worst of her. Lucas says he was with Sami for a long time and watched the things she did. Carrie says she made mistakes and paid for them. Lucas still thinks whatever Sami did, shes afraid it will come back and hurt her.

Meanwhile, Austin tells Will that he will be marrying his mom, but Will just doesnt know. He says his mom has walked down the aisle many times but never made it to the honeymoon. What makes him think this will be different? Austin thinks Sami is just nervous because shes so close to having what she wants, a real family. He thinks once she gets married shell calm down. Will says if they get married, and hell believe it when he sees it.

Sami is cleaning up and a mini-Sami angel turns up on her shoulder. It tells her that she wont live happily ever after given what shes done, her bad karma is going to do her in. Samis angel says if Lexie dies then it is on her head. A devil Sami appears on her other shoulder, she says she was just looking out for numero uno, and she doesnt know for sure if Lexie has cancer. The angel says if she lets a woman die then shell be punished as she always is. The angel and devil argue over whether Sami will get away with this. The angel tells Sami to change her ways before its too late.

On the island, Patrick has a gun on John, Marlena is next to John and Alex is between them all. Hope cant believe what Patrick is doing. Alex tells Patrick to kill him! Marlena steps in front of John and Hope hits Patricks arm as he fires. The shot goes into the air. Alex asks Marlena what shes doing? Marlena says shes protecting the man she loves! Alex asks Marlena if shes saying she doesnt love him? John says it is exactly what shes saying. Marlena says its not what shes saying. Patrick wants to explain what is going on, but John says obviously Alex paid him to kill him. Alex says only because John tried to kill him. Marlena is confused, everything is still very fuzzy, maybe its because of the injection John gave her. Alex asks what John did to his wife? John says he gave her the antidote to the drug Alex was giving her. Alex says its obvious Marlena is disoriented, she needs to get to the hospital. Marlena says shes fine, but Alex says she doesnt know and she needs to be examined. John says hed never hurt Marlena. Alex reminds him what happened when he injected Lois with a drug, she ended up dead! Meanwhile, Hope yells at Patrick, she cant believe she defended him. Patrick says things arent always as they seem. John says sometimes they are. John tries to convince Marlena that Alex is the one confusing her. Marlena asks if what Alex said is true about Lois? John says Alex killed Lois, but Alex says the Salem PD cleared him of that. Hope stands up for John, he would never hurt anyone. Alex says he tried to kill him at his wedding. John says he was trying to protect Marlena, Alex was going to kill her. Alex says he loves Marlena and hed never hurt her, he asks Marlena if he has ever tried to hurt her? Marlena says no. John doesnt know what hold Alex has on her. Alex says the only hold he has on Marlena is his love for her. The island cops show up, they heard gunfire. John says these men tried to kill him, but Alex says it was John who tried to kill him and he wants John arrested. The island police trust Patrick, so they ask him what is going on. Patrick clears Hope of anything, and he tells them that John Black came here to steal Marlena from Alex North. Alex says there are restraining orders against him and he injected his wife with a drug. John admits he did this, but says it was Patrick who had the gun. The cops decide to take John in, which upsets Hope. Hope says Alex is the dangerous one and they are playing into his hands. The cops say if Patrick stands by Alex North then that is good enough for them. They arrest John and Alex takes Marlena to the hospital. She doesnt believe Alex means any harm. Hope asks Patrick if he would have shot John if she hadnt jumped in? Patrick says he would have


May 23, 2006

Outside of the loft, Mimi tells her mom that shes tired of living in fear about this every day, she has betrayed Shawn and he deserves to know Claire is his daughter. Mimi says part of him all ready knows, and some day hell find out the truth and that she lied to him. She says she needs to tell him while she still can. Bonnie says shes not going to tell Shawn unless she wants to end up like her, sad and alone with a bottle of JD and a dog to keep her warm. Max barks, and Bonnie says shes sorry and she loves him. Mimi says Shawn still has a right to be with his baby or at least know he has one. Bonnie says Shawn will have a baby with her, Claire is fine where she is. Mimi tells her mom she doesnt understand, she needs to talk to someone who can help her make this right. She walks off and Bonnie and Max chase after her.

Sami reads Wills report on Karma to learn about it. Sami remembers what she and Alex did to Lexie, switching her test results so it appeared she didnt have cancer whether she did or didnt. Sami says she will pay for what shes done, she knows what she has to do. She then runs off. 

Mimi heads to church and Bonnie follows her. She asks why shes here? Mimi says she wants to talk to a priest to atone for her sins before the baby comes. Bonnie tells her no way, does she remember her last chat with Father Jansen? He wouldnt marry them until she told Shawn the truth. Mimi says yes and she lied to him, she lied to a priest. Bonnie says no, he made an assumption. Mimi says she cant keep lying to Shawn and she wont.

Meanwhile, Sami shows up and lights a candle. She asks God to help her out of this one. The candle goes out, and Bonnie walks up and says she heard Sami got Austin to propose to her. Bonnie wonders what Sami is up to now. Sami says whatever Kate said was a lie, Austin propose to her because he loves her. Sami says she is here for a private moment so butt out. Bonnie thinks Sami looks worried, she probably needs the confessional more than Mimi. Sami says Mimis in confession, what has she done this time? Bonnie says some girls come to confession every week, but Sami doubts that Mimi does. Bonnie asks Sami what brings her to Saint Lukes? Sami says she doesnt have to tell her anything.

Mimi goes into see Father Jansen in his office. She thanks him for seeing her. She says its been awhile since her last confession. He asks if she wants to take this to the confessional? She says no, she just needs some advice. Mimi says she and Shawn are trying to start a family, shes trying through in vitro. Father Jansen says they must be thrilled. Mimi says its unexpected, kind of like a gift from God. Father Jansen says because she told Shawn about Claire that God has given her this blessing. Mimi says about that, she never told Shawn about Claire. She says she lied and let him think she had. She says Shawn doesnt know, and she meant to tell him but just couldnt do it. She says she was a coward and she deserves to go to hell for this. Father Jansen says its not his place to judge her, but in the eyes of this church and in the eyes of God, she and Shawn are not husband and wife, their union is null and void. He tells her to have a true marriage in the eyes of God then she must tell him the truth. Mimi says she cant, hell hate her. He asks if that is that the marriage she wants, one based on a lie, is that the home she wants to bring a child into?

Later Mimi comes out and tells her mom she told him everything, and he told her that if she wants to stay married to Shawn then she has to tell him the truth. Bonnie says shes still Shawns legal wife and Father Jansen is sworn to secrecy, so say nothing. Mimi says thats not the right thing to do. Bonnie says she didnt raise her to do the right thing, life is hard and you have to fight for what you want. Bonnie says if she tells Shawn then she will lose him. Mimi says she cant keep lying to Shawn, how can she bring a baby into this world lying like this. Bonnie says easily, just dont think about it. Mimi tells her mom to leave her, she needs to think Bonnie goes, and Mimi asks God to help her decide what to do.

Elsewhere, Sami goes to confess her sins and also to talk to him. Sami says shes been thinking of Karma a lot lately. Father Jansen says what a man sews he shall also reap.

Billie stops by Bos place to help him pack up Zacks things. They are donating them to the Horton Foundation. Billie says that is a generous thing to do. Billie looks at one of the dolls, its a Lucky Charms doll. Billie asks Bo if hes okay? He says no, he misses his son and his wife. Billie understands how hard this is for him, but this is how he can get closure. Bo says what about Hope, if shes not here for the trial she wont get closure. Billie says closure for Hope is sending Chelsea away for years, is that what he wants? Bo says no, but maybe it wont be as bad as they think, Chelsea has changed and maybe people will see that. Maybe no matter what Hope says the jury will go easy on her. Billie says and maybe they wont, is that a chance they want to take. Bo says if he doesnt tell Hope then . . . Billie says he thinks it will ruin any chance he has at getting her back, deep down she thinks he can still get her back, that he can take her from Patrick. Bo says he does love her and no matter where she is hell always love her. Billie knows, and she cant believe shes with Patrick. Bo says she wasnt immune to his charms either. Billie says she thought she loved him until realizing his loyalties lied somewhere else. Bo says he didnt mean to lead her on, but Billie says she knows he is crazy for Hope and always will be. She says shes just worried about him, he may be getting his hopes up for something that will never happen. She says he may convince Hope that hes on her side, but it doesnt mean shell take him back. Bo says she may not, but at least he did the right thing. Billie says if he wants to tell Hope about the court date then go ahead, she wont stop him from doing this. Bo thanks her for understanding. Billie then offers to take the boxes to the Horton Foundation for him. They take the boxes out to her car.

On the island, Hope cant believe Patrick has been working for Alex the whole time. She says she believed him, how could he have lied to her and treated her this way after all shes been through. He says he did what he had to be done. She says he took advantage of her at the lowest point in her life, she thought they connected and really had something. Patrick says they did, and as much she wants to hate him, she cant deny it. Hope says she can, nothing was real, this was all a game to him. Hope says he didnt care about her otherwise he wouldnt have joined up with Alex against her friends. Patrick says shes wrong, he does care about her and always has. Hope says how dare he say that to her. She wants him to admit she was another victim of his con-game. Patrick says no, that in time shell understand. He says right now he needs to do something and it cant wait. Hope says she is sure Alex needs him to do God knows what. Patrick walks off.

John pleads with the police to let him help his wife, if they dont stop Alex then he will kill her. The cops say unfortunately the only person on this island threatening violence is him. John says Alex kidnapped Marlena, call Commander Carver in Salem or Agent Specter of the ISA if he needs proof. The captain of the police says maybe he will. Hope checks on John, she offers to try and help him with Alex. The cops return, Johns story checked out but if he doesnt stay clear of Alex and Marlena then he will be arrested and nothing will be able to keep him out of jail. The cop says his credentials checked out, but there is no proof Alex is guilty. The chief says leave Alex alone or hell regret it. John refuses and asks Hope to cover for him. Hope tells John if he commits a crime here then nobody can help him, this isn't the US. John says he has no choice. Hope warns him to be careful of Patrick, the man has no conscious.

Alex leads Marlena off somewhere, a cliff over looking the beach. She wants to go back and check on John, but he says he wont risk losing her to John. Marlena says she loves John now, but Alex says she only thought she did, she loved John when she couldnt remember how great their love was. Marlena says she is sorry, she feels she belongs with John. Alex says she belongs with him, she loves him. He says he has to make sure she doesnt forget that. He pulls out a syringe. Marlena says no more needles, but he says shes left him no alternative. Marlena says she will scream, kick and fight him. Alex says nobody will hear hrt out here, but she is right, he cant keep drugging her as John is onto him. He wishes Patrick had killed John when he told him to. Marlena says he is a monster. Alex says no, just a man who is devoted to his wife and loves her, and he knows she still loves him. Marlena admits she does love him, she doesnt know why though. As she says this she plays with her pendant. Alex tells her deep down she knows the truth, and that is that she loves him no matter how hard John tries to convince her otherwise. He says once she gets her senses back shell realize John has a sick obsession with her, nothing more. Marlena says no, John isnt stalking her, hes worried about her, he doesnt want Alex to hurt her. Alex says he hasnt. Marlena asks what he calls shooting her full of drugs? Alex says he just wants her to himself, but if he cant have her then nobody else ever will. Alex says they could have been happy if she gave them a chance. Marlena tells Alex not to do this, hell go to prison or worse. He doesnt think she cares. Marlena says she does care, she doesnt know why but she does. Alex kisses her hand and asks if shes saying they have a chance. Marlena says no, not with what she knows what hes done to her and John. Alex says he cant lose her to John, shes given him no choice, she will have to die. Alex and Marlena struggle as Alex tries to push her over the cliff. She strikes him, and he says hell be sorry. Marlena flashes back to her honeymoon with Alex during which the beatings began. She also remembers Lois showing her a photo of herself beaten up and telling her that Alex did it to her. Marlena finally realizes he did beat her and he killed Lois. Alex says he had to kill Lois and now he has to kill her. As he tries to push her off the cliff, Marlena screams. She says she remembers everything! Alex says he provoked her, it wasnt his fault then and it isnt now! John shows up in the nick of time, attacks Alex and then rescues Marlena. Alex is knocked out cold, and Marlena tells John how she still has feelings for Alex and doesnt understand. John sees the necklace on her and asks where it came from. Marlena says it was from Alex. John says this is how hes controlling her. He rips it off her neck and throws it away. She cries in Johns arms. As they hold one another, Alex stirs awake and sees them in each others arms. He also sees the gun on the ground, which John knocked out of Alexs hand as he attacked him. Marlena then sees Alex going for the gun. John tells him to give it up, its over. Alex says no, now he can kill both of him. John leaps, they both grab the gun and fight over it.

Meanwhile, Hope wonders how she could have been so stupid regarding Patrick. She calls home to Bo. She gets his machine, so she leaves a message telling him where she is and how Patrick isnt who he says she is. She says she is calling because she needs him. Bo returns as she ends the message, he just misses her call. 


May 24, 2006

On the pier, Max and Chelsea and Abby and Josh are at another one of the dance on the pier parties. Max brought Chelsea as a surprise, he thought it would cheer her up. What she would like is for Max to fire Shawn, but he refuses. She says then temporarily suspend him, but Max won't. Max is positive after the trial and Shawn gets some closer that they'll work this thing out between them. Max is also sure they have a long and lucrative future ahead of them. Meanwhile, John tells Abby that he wants to go to the next level with her. She asks if he means sex, but he says no, just be exclusive. Abby likes the idea. Abby sees Chelsea, and they have a quick chat. Abby tells Chelsea about going steady with Josh, and Abby's happy. Abby's finally seeing the benefits of being a one man woman. Abby and Josh, and Max and Chelsea do some heavy making out. They don't know these two girls are snapping photos of them for their "Sluts of Salem" blog. Abby gets a text message from her mom and takes off, thinking it might be important. Chelsea gets a call from Billie and takes off, thinking her call is important. Both guys are left alone at the pier party.

Bo calls Billie, he's on a plane. He tells her that Hope called, he knows where she is and she knows Patrick is not who he said he was. He says she's in danger so he's going to her. Their call breaks up. At Billie's, Billie knows there is nothing she can do to stop Bo, she's the one who told him he belongs with Hope. We see tons of Bo and Billie flashbacks from the past few weeks. Billie calls Chelsea, who eventually comes home. Billie tells her Bo has gone to find Hope. Chelsea thanks her mom for ruining her life, now Hope will brainwash him and her future is going to be ruined! 

At Jen's, Jen and Frankie come home from a date, they are greeted at the door by Maggie and JJ. JJ calls Frankie "daddy" which shocks them all. They go inside, and Jen and Frankie tells Maggie and Alice (who were babysitting) that they have big news. Jen says they are engaged! Alice and Maggie are thrilled of course. Jen goes to call Abby to tell her to come home so she can tell her. Frankie confides in Maggie and Alice that he's not happy about what happened to Jack, but now that he has Jen back he will never lose her again. They see Alice and Maggie out, and Frankie decides to open up a bottle of champagne to celebrate their engagement. This is when Abby walks in saying "You're engaged!"

At the hospital, the doctor visits with Jack, he has news. He talked with the people headlining this new procedure, it can be fine tuned to help him. Jack asks what his chances are. The doctor says enough that it's worth trying. Jack doesn't know, he already set in motion for his wife to end up with another man. He doesn't know if he can come back from the dead a third time and wreck everything. The doctor says he's not ready to give up on Jack and he doesn't think Jack is ready to give up either. Jack has some classic Jen and Jack flashbacks. HE realizes he can't give up on his life with Jen, she is his wife and those are his children, he's coming home to them.

At the church, Sami talks to Father Lonigan, who basically tells her to set her Karma right that she has to undo the wrongs she has done to other people. Later Sami runs into Mimi and wonder what she's up to, what is she doing here. Mimi says nothing, she was just having a talk with Father Jansen. SHe knows about Sami's engagement, what is this the fifth time she's been engaged to Austin? When Sami learns that Kate told her, Sami wonders why Mimi hangs around with Kate. Mimi says she is her boss. Sami becomes curious, why did Kate give her that job? Why did she spring for Mimi's wedding and honeymoon when she hates Shawn? Sami realizes it has to do with Phillip, which can only mean Mimi and Kate are working to keep Shawn and Belle apart. Mimi tells Sami she's totally wrong, and why is she even here? She wonders if Sami's done something to wreck things with Austin. Sami makes Mimi a deal, they both seem to have secrets, maybe they could help one another out?

On Morgan Island, Hope arrives as John and Alex are fighting. Alex gets the upper hand, he has a gun on Marlena. He's about to kill her when John attacks him again. They tumble and go over the cliff. Both are hanging onto the ledge. John offers to save Alex by extending his hand, but Alex says no way and he'll see John in Hell. Alex lets go and falls to his death. Hope and Marlena then pull John up and save him. Patrick and the cops show up, Hope is livid with him. At this point the chief of police says Patrick was not working for Alex, he was working for him. He says they got word that Alex wanted to hire Patrick, so he asked Patrick to take the job so they could find out what Alex was up to. The chief said Patrick originally refused until he learned Alex was going to have John killed. Hope asks Patrick why he didn't tell her? He says he couldn't put her in danger. They kiss, and Bo walks up at this point. MEanwhile, Marlena talks to John about where they stand. She knows what caused her amnesia, it was losing Roman's child. John says yes, but they will work through it. She smiles and they hug.


May 25, 2006
At the garage, Belle thanks Shawn for staying late to fix her car. He says its the least he can do for her helping with the crib. He says this might take awhile, does she want to stay. She says she does, she can help, she can hand him tools. Of course Belle doesnt know what the tools are called. They begin talking about the baby and Mimi. Shawn finds talking about the processes a bit odd, but Belle says medicine today can do so many things. She says there is nothing like holding your own baby in your arms. Shawn says there is nothing he wants more than to have a baby with the woman he loves. At this point Mimi shows up and hears them talking. She stands by and listens as they go on. Shawn doesn't want Belle to tell Mimi that he really wants a son, he doesn't want to feel like he's disappointed if he gets a daughter. He honestly says he would love a little girl like Claire, and he'd never let her go on dates. He says he can only imagine what Belle's dad told her about boys. Belle says she was lucky enough to have the greatest boyfriend in the world, he never pushed her. She says she still regrets losing him, she always will. Shawn gets a little uncomfortable with her talking like that. Belle says she can't help it, she still loves him and always will. However she says she loves Phillip too. Shawn is glad she stayed the course with Phillip, she worried him for awhile. Belle says she now knows it is possible to love two people, and she doesn't want to mess things up with Phillip and Claire. They talk about divorce, they both know how hard it is. Belle says she never thought Bo and Hope or even her own parents would split up. Shawn says he doesn't blame his mom for wanting a divorce, but it still hurts. He says divorce really hurts a family. He says that's why he's just so glad he and Mimi have a strong and trusting relationship. At this point Shawn catches Mimi, who claims she only just got here. She asks what is going on, and Belle says Shawn is fixing her car. Shawn asks why she looks so nervous? Mimi says she's not, she's just a bit excited. She says she just came from a memorial day sale with her mom. She says okay she's a bit nervous about the baby and waiting to see if the egg was fertilized. Shawn says they could call the hospital, and Belle says oh yes do it!

At Jens, Abby is furious with her mother for getting engaged to Frankie. She says everyone in Salem will know that her mom couldnt wait a whole year before falling in love and remarrying again. She says this is an insult to daddy, if they get married then she is moving out. Frankie gets a call and excuses himself as they continue to argue. Abby asks her mom what if daddy comes back, he has before. Jennifer says that isn't going to happen. Jennifer tells Abby that she deserves to be happy in life, Abby has grown up into a young lady and soon JJ will be at college before they know it, she doesn't want to be alone. She also says this is what her father wanted, he liked Frankie and Abby liked him too. Abby can't believe her mother is always lecturing her about abstinence and stuff when she slept with Frankie in her marriage bed. She says all the other girls in school are having sex and like a fool she's listened to her mom. Jennifer says what she does in her private life is her own business. Frankie returns at this point looking upset. He gets on the PC. Jennifer asks what is wrong? Frankie says this isn't appropriate for Abby, but she says she's 18 now. Frankie says it seems someone took photos of Chelsea and Max kissing and put it on a website called "The Sluts of Salem Blog." The put the caption "Child Killer Kisses Victim's Uncle" on the photo. Frankie says this is really bad and really damaging, he has to go let Billie know about this. Frankie leaves and Jen catches Abby looking at the PC, she found a photo of Josh feeling her up. Jennifer can't believe this, but Abby says it's not like her mom didn't do the same thing with Frankie at her age. Abby says she heard the stories about how wild she was and how Grand didn't know what to do with her. Jennifer asks Abby just how far she's going? Abby says she wants to have sex just like all the other girls. Abby says who knows, maybe she'll get pregnant. Abby says she knows one thing, she'd be a better mom that she is!  

At Billie's, Chelsea says it's all over for her if Hope and Bo get back together, and she was so close to keeping them apart for good. Billie asks what she means. Chelsea says she was speaking of the hotel incident of course. Billie doesn't think so, she wants to know what Chelsea has done. Chelsea flashes back to the whole email scam she ran on Bo and Hope. She lies to Billie and says she's been praying every night for God to split up Bo and Hope, and for her mom and Bo to get back together. At this point Frankie arrives and shows them the blog and how damaging this is for them. Billie can't believe Chelsea. Chelsea says she can't help it is some stupid girls take her photo. Billie says she can help it. Billie says she's supposed to be keeping a low profile. Billie blows up and says she is grounded, she is not to leave this house until the trial. Chelsea runs off in tears, but she only goes around the corner. She says she really has messed everything up, not only for her but for Billie. She says Bo and Hope will get together, she'll go to jail and Billie will be alone. Frankie and Billie talk, Frankie admits to Billie that this is really bad, it doesn't show that Chelsea has any remorse at all. Billie says it gets worse, Bo went to find Hope and is probably bringing her back. Frankie says with Hope testifying it is certain Chelsea will do time. Billie says Chelsea may be a brat at times and hard to handle, but the last place she needs to be is jail. She says when Chelsea comes out she'll have no life and it will have destroyed her hope. 

On the island, John and Marlena are finally back together. He says he loves her, and she says she loves him. He says it's good not to have her running away from him when he says that. Marlena is grateful that he risked everything for her, and she just hopes Bo and Hope can be together again now.  Meanwhile, Bo is furious when he finds Hope kissing Patrick, he pushes him away from her and says stay away from his wife! Hope tells Bo to stop this. She says they were wrong about Patrick, he's a good man. She says he was working with the police to stop Alex, he saves John and Marlena's lives. Bo says no Patrick is a killer, he has proof he killed that woman in Chicago. Patrick says he was no where near Chicago when that crime happened. Bo asks Patrick how he knows? Hope tells Bo to stop this, he has to stop trying to make Patrick out to be the bad guy. Bo finds it convenient that Patrick is always around to save the day. He says Patrick has been running a con since he first came to Salem and stepped in front of Jen's car. Patrick says that was an accident, and he only stayed with Jen because she insisted and they needed help at the time. Bo says Patrick is always there to help out the ladies, but he's never said I do, he's never stuck it out. Bo says he has, and he and Hope had a good marriage until Patrick wrecked it all. John and Marlena appear at this point, John talks with Bo as Marlena talks to Hope. Marlena tells Hope that she would like to see her and Hope work things out. Marlena says all she has to do is forgive Bo. Hope then talks with Patrick, he too tells her she belongs with Bo. Hope says no, Bo chose Chelsea and Billie over her and Zack, she has to stand by Zack now. Meanwhile, John learns from Bo about the trial date change. John tells Bo if he doesn't want to lose his wife then be  honest with her. Hope walks up and wonders what Bo is keeping from her now. Bo says it's part of the reason he came here. He gives a big speech to Hope about how he knows he lied to her and he hurt her, but he loves her. He says they've spent so many years together, and he hopes they have many more to look forward to. He says he loves her, he can't imagine his life without her and he doesn't want to. He begs Hope for another chance. He says as hard as is it to do, if she can forgive Chelsea then he knows they can all heal and move forward. 


May 26, 2006
At the hospital, Mimi and Shawn have arrived to see Lexie about their in vintro. Lexie is in her office with Abe, they are once again arguing about sex. Lexie tells Abe that she's told him many times there are ways they can be intimate, that he can still please her. However he won't do it because it's all about his manly pride. Abe tells her that as a man his ability to perform is tied to his feelings of masculinity. She says she loves him and married him, not his ability to perform. He tells her that if she had cancer and had to have a full mastectomy that he wouldn't love her any less, but she'd probably fell less about herself. Abe suggests they stop all this talk and go have a romantic dinner out. Lexie says she has to make a call for Shawn and Mimi first, and later she tells Shawn and Mimi that Dr. Ross wants to see them.

Mimi and Shawn go to see the fertility doctor. Mimi asks how the egg is, but the doctor says it's not an egg. Mimi immediately thinks it didn't work, Shawn tells her they can try again. The doctor says they misunderstand, it's now a pre-embryo. Mimi says then it worked? They are shown they're embryo on a computer screen and kiss as they look at their baby. The doctor says it's only a few cells now, and they wait till it is at least 100 cells before implantation as that is when it has the best chance to survive. 

At the restaurant, Sami and Austin are having a nice dinner, Sami is still worrying about Karma. Austin orders her this flaming molten lava cake for desert to try and cheer her up. Lexie and Abe arrive, Lexie sees Sami and thinks they should go elsewhere. Abe says she loves it here at Chez Rouge, they should stay. He offers to swap seats with her so she doesn't have to look at Sami. Later Lexie excuses herself to use the restroom. Sami sees this and follows. In the restroom Sami tries to talk to Lexie, but Lexie doesn't want to hear it. Sami pleads with Lexie to get more tests for her breast, a second opinion. Lexie thinks Sami is so horrible that she wants her to get breast cancer and die. Sami says that isn't it at all, she just thinks she should have a second opinion. Lexie tells her to stay out of her life and storms out. Back at the tables, Abe sees Lexie is upset and knows it is Sami. He says maybe Austin will change Sami, but Lexie doubts that. At the other table, Austin sees Sami is upset. Sami says she wanted Lexie to have another set of tests done to make sure she doesn't have cancer, but Lexie misunderstood her intentions. Austin says Lexie is a doctor and knows best, but Sami says she's a terrible doctor who misdiagnosed a lot of illnesses. Sami says a second opinion can't hurt. Austin says this is why he loves her, she's so caring and wonderful.

At Jen's, Abby continues yelling at her mother, saying if she had a baby at least her baby would love her and wouldn't leave her. She storms up to her room where she looks up the Sluts of Salem blog on the internet. Jennifer soon shows up to talk to her, but Abby lashes out and says she wishes her mom had gotten the incurable disease and went off the bridge and died, not daddy. Jen storms out and tells Frankie how Abby knows just what buttons to push with her. Frankie says she's a good kid and will come around. Frankie eventually offers to postpone the wedding if she thinks that would be best, but Jen says no way. Jen learns from Frankie that Bo has gone after Hope, so she decides to call Hope. Jen later tells Frankie that Bo and Hope have a lot to work through. She feels bad for Billie and Chelsea, but Hope and Bo do belong together. Later Frankie tries to get Jen to relax, and they share a kiss. As they make out, Abby comes downstairs and sees them.

At another hospital, the doctor urges Jack to call home to Jennifer and tell him where he is, her support to his recovery will be beneficial. Jack daydreams about going home to Jen a cured man. He asks her if she moved on with Frankie, but she says she couldn't do that to his memory. They kiss and hug. Jack later picks up the phone as if he's about to dial. 

On Morgan Island, John and Marlena are kissing and hugging. Marlena hopes Bo and Hope will be able to reunite and be as happy as they are. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope continue to talk. Bo says he doesn't want a divorce, he wants to work things out. Hope wants that too, but how could she not think he wanted a divorce after his email. He asks if she even read his email, she says she did. Hope gets a call, she says she has to take this. John shows up and asks Bo if he told Hope about the trial date change. Bo says not yet, he's getting to it, they have so much other stuff to say to one another. Hope returns, she just spoke to Jen and knows about the date change. She asks if he was going to tell her. He says he was, they just hadn't spoken in so long and there were more important things to be said. Hope says nothing is more important than this. She wonders if he was even going to tell her. He says he was, but she doesn't think so. She thinks he was going to keep it from her to protect Chelsea. Bo admits originally he was, but then he decided to tell her. She asks when? He says he was getting to it, but she says he could have called or emailed her, left her some sort of message. She says once again he's chosen Billie and Chelsea over her. She says they are over for good and she walks away from him.


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