May 29, 2006

Chelsea, who now has a much shorter haircut, is at home watching Max race on TV. Billie tells Chelsea they have to go, they are going to be late for Jens barbeque. Chelsea says she doesnt feel like going, and she wants to spend time with Max when he gets home. Billie says shes going to the barbeque or nothing else, they dont need more photos of her on the net making out with Max. Chelsea says it doesnt matter at this point, Bo and Hope are making up, shell go to jail and Billie will lose the only man shes ever loved. Bo shows up at Billies, he tells her that Hope didnt come back with him. Chelsea smiles. Chelsea says so things didnt go well. Bo says no, and dont look so happy. Chelsea says she wants him to be happy, but he knows how Hope feels about her. Bo says she is in a lot of pain, they both are. Chelsea asks if he is taking her side then. Bo says this isnt about sides, its about his wife, or his ex-wife. Chelsea asks if they talked about her asking for a divorce. Bo wonders why he is asking her about that? Chelsea flashes back to her email scam. Chelsea says she thought maybe there was miscommunication or maybe Hope changed her mind. Bo says she didnt, and things are worse than ever. He says Hope is with Patrick and wants nothing to do with him. Billie ends up sending Chelsea to Jens so she can talk with Bo. Bo asks what happened with her while he was away, but Billie says its not important. Billie wants to know what happened on the island. Bo explains about Alex and Marlena being on the island, how John showed up to save her and how Patrick saved the day. He still doesnt trust Patrick, but the good news is John and Marlena are together again. Bo also warns Billie that Hope learned about the trial date change. He says she took him not telling her right away as him taking Chelseas side yet again. He says Hope is here and shes itching to testify at the trial. Billie and Bo soon realizes Chelsea is bound to run into Hope at the barbeque, so they race off to try and stop the explosion.

Hope returns home with Patrick. She walks into her house and is reminded of Zack, though all his things are gone. Patrick says hes so sorry. Hope hugs him. Shawn and Mimi show up, Hope hugs him and he says hes glad shes home. She says this isnt her home anymore. She says family makes a home, Zack is gone and she and Bo are getting divorced. Shawn says she has him and Mimi. Hope says she knows, and she is very upset about him getting married without her. Shawn says he knew she would be, but he just didnt want to drag her back to Salem. Hope says she would have been there, and she welcomes Mimi to the family. Mimi says they have tons of pictures. Hope remembers reading about it on the net and how Chelsea stormed the wedding as he knew she needed time away. Shawn gives Hope some news, they are going to have a baby. Hope asks Mimi when shes due? Mimi says shes not pregnant yet, but shes hoping she will be tomorrow. Hope gives them a puzzled look. As Mimis about to explain, Bonnie arrives in some glittering Betsy Ross outfit and hugs Patrick now that hes back. Hope says she still needs to know what is going on. Shawn explains the in vitro process to his mom. Hope is very happy and hugs them. As Mimi and Shawn talk to Hope, Bonnie gets the scoop from Patrick about Hope and what is going on with them. Bonnie basically wants to know Patrick took advantage of the situation on the island. He says he took advantage of nothing, but Bonnie wants to know if something happened between them. Patrick says yes, but not the way she thinks. Bonnie says shes happy for him and how perfect is this, Mimi's got a Horton-Brady-Kiriakis and now hell get his own Horton. Meanwhile, Hope talks about how Zacks things are going to the Horton foundation. Shawn says that is good, it's nice someone deserving will get his things. Bonnie tells everyone they should get to Jens, but Hope isnt ready for a party. Shawn tells her that the family will want to see her, so she agrees to go for a little while. Max is dressed up as Uncle Sam, and he and Bonnie move everyone out. Hope stops to look at a photo of Zack before going.

Jack is recovering in the hospital. He isnt feeling well at all, and he tells the doctor that they still dont know if this worked. The doctor doesnt know yet, but if it did then hell be going home to his wife and family a cured man. Jack says if he has one to go home too. The doctor says his family and wife will be thrilled to have him back. Jack says she would if he hadnt made sure shed move on after he died. Jack asks what day it is, the doctor says its Memorial Day. Jack asks if he could have a burger and beer. The doctor says maybe tomorrow. The doctor asks if he has found memories of Memorial Day barbeques? Jack says he and his wife threw a big bash every year, today would have been his anniversary too. The doctor says it still is, hes alive and still married. Later Jack remembers last years barbeque and when he burnt his hand on the grill. He says thats how it all started, the next thing he knew he was dying and pushing Jen and Frankie together again. Jack wonders what if she has fallen for him then what right does he have to return and tell Frankie to go away. Can he really do that to Jennifer. Jack says he does want to go home, but Jen still thinks hes dead. He says maybe its better if he stays that way.

Shawn and Caroline arrive at Jens, Maggie and Alice are already there. Mickey is only mentioned by Alice and Maggie, hes not seen. It turns out hes dropping off a check at the Horton Foundations Veteran hospital, hell be coming later. Everyone has brought goodies, Jen is having her annual barbeque. Alice and Shawn talk about how happy they are about the Jen and Frankie news. They ask Jen and Frankie if they set a date. They say no, but soon. Phillip and Belle show up with Claire, Phillip is in uniform. He was in a parade earlier in the day. Maggie talks about the men and women who have sacrificed so much for them, and Shawn suggests they take a moment of silence to honor all the men and women who have sacrificed their lives for their freedom. Later they all watch Maxs race on TV. Max wins, and Caroline says every time she watches him race her heart goes into her throat. Frankie decides its time to get the grill going. A sad Abby remembers her dad making his special secret burgers. He wouldnt give her or anyone the recipe, and he at the time wasnt planning on going anywhere for a long time. Jen asks Abby to help Frankie with the burgers. She says why, because Dad gave her his secret recipe before he died? She wont help Frankie make them. Jen asks her to please do this, and not to argue in front of the family. Abby reminds Jen its not only Memorial Day, its her anniversary. How can she forget the day she married dad! Jen says she didnt forget. Frankie says her mom has been upset, she didnt sleep all night. Abby says Frankie should know as he shares her bed. Alice then puts Abby in her place, Jen loved Jack very much but cant spend her life in morning. Maggie says Alice is right, and theyve all lost someone theyve loved but eventually you have to move on. Maggie says that is what this day is about, and in honoring their memory they should honor their wishes. Jen says her dad wanted her to move on, move on with Frankie. Abby says she knows that, she just misses him. Jen and Abby hug. Frankie asks his mom to help him make some Brady burgers, but Abby says no burger is as good as her dads so shell make the burgers. Frankie and Abby go into the kitchen to get started. Jen asks Alice if all teens are this difficult. Alice says compared to Jen at her age, Abby is an angel. 

John and Marlena are outside Jens, hes so glad shes back and Alex is gone. Marlena is not sure she can face everyone after the way she acted. She says she wasnt there for Belle or for Sami, but John says it wasnt her fault and they wont blame her. Abe and Lexie walk up, Lexie says if anyone is to blame it is her. Abe tells John the charges against him for Lois death have been dismissed. John is glad Alex just isnt around to hurt anyone else. Lexie remembers Alex blackmailing her to stay away from Marlena. Lexie says shes glad Alex is dead, he is dead isnt he. John says he is, but Abe says his body hasnt been recovered. Marlena says what if hes not dead, what if he comes after them? John doesnt think anyone could have survived the fall and he bets Alex is giving some poor shark indigestion right now. Later, Marlena agrees to go inside.

John and Marlena enter, Belle runs over and is surprised to see shes back, where is Alex? Marlena says he . . he . . he . . . John says he is no longer a problem, her mom has her memory back and is home. Marlena says its her, and they share a hug. Phillip brings Claire out, and Belle introduces her to Claire now that shes herself. Marlena holds Claire and says its like shes seeing her for the first time. Marlena asks Belle how shes doing, is she happy. Belle says she is, and Shawn and Mimi are happy and trying to have their own baby. Marlena says nothing brings two people closer like a child. Marlena asks Belle if shes really okay. Belle says she is, everything is wonderful now that shes back. Later Maggie takes Claire up to play with JJ. John thanks Phillip for taking care of his daughter while hes not been around. He says he knows shes in good hands and hes making her very happy. Phillip says its Belle who is making him happy, and hes glad he and Marlena are back together. He says they are back together arent they. John says he hopes so. Meanwhile, Belle tells her mom shes so glad shes back with dad. Marlena tells Belle she remembers losing Romans child. Belle asks what shes saying. Marlena says she has realizes how complicated her past is and how complicated her future will be. 

John fills Jen and everyone in on what happened. He wants Marlena to just enjoy this time with family and friends. The doorbell rings, Abby answers it. Its Chelsea. Chelsea tells Abby that she got good news, Hope didnt come back and Bo is still on her side. She says Max is on his way home now and she wants to go have fun. Jen and Frankie overhear, they want Chelsea to keep a low profile and Jen wants the same for Abby. Jen hasnt forgotten about the photos of Abby and Josh on the net, what if her dad had seen them. Abby tells her mom not to use dads memory to manipulate her into having no life. Jen says shes not doing that, shes asking her to think what kind of behavior Jack would expect from her. Abby says dad would want her to be happy. Abby tells Chelsea they should get out of here. Abby leaves to get her things. Suddenly Hope shows up and comes face to face with Chelsea!


May 30, 2006

Kate is taking a family photo of Phillip, Belle and Claire. She asks why its so hot in here? Belle says the landlord hasnt fixed the air conditioning. Kate says she was so proud of him marching in the parade and getting his purple heart. Phillip says he doesnt need a medal to remind him of his wound, he has his leg. He talks about how Claire will have to explain to others when she grows up that her father is different. Belle says Claire is lucky to have him, he will teach her that she can do anything if she sets her mind to it. Phillip then talks about his plan for the future, which is very ambitious. Phillip tells them about Shawn's invention and says Max asked his dad to bankroll the project, and Victor said yes. Phillip says he wants to invest in this too. Kate asks if this means hes going to work at Titan? Phillip says no, he wants to be Maxs pit captain and number two. Kate asks if that means he will be driving. Phillip says yes, but Belle says no way. She says this is way too dangerous. Kate asks how he knows Shawn and Max will agree. Phillip says he wrote up a proposal for them. Belle cant believe he hasnt told her about this. Phillip has the proposal and says he can show her. He goes to get it. Kate tells Belle that this is all her fault. Belle asks how this is her fault? Kate thinks Belle isnt satisfying his needs in the bedroom which is why he feels the need to satisfy his manhood on the speedway. Belle says that is ridiculous and she and Phillip are fine and have a strong marriage. Kate says she has been pining after Shawn for ages and did so up until his wedding to Mimi, Phillip has no idea what a hard heart she has. Belle finally figures out what Kates guilt trip about being a single mom at Shawn and Mimis wedding was about. Kate says everything she said was true, Belle doesnt want to live through what she lived through. Belle assures Kate shes not leaving Phillip for Shawn or anyone else. Kate hopes so, she enjoys having her as a daughter in law, but she doesnt want to see her make a mistake shell live to regret. Belle tells Claire to kiss grandma goodbye as shes leaving. Belle hands Kate her coat and shows her the door! Phillip returns and asks where his mom is. Belle says she left, but she is not happy about this racing thing either. Belle says his life is far to valuable to her, and they have a daughter who almost lost him once. Belle says everything is finally settling down and she can think about having a future with him, well she cant lose him now. Phillip says hes not going anywhere. He then hugs Belle. He says he never thought shed be so upset, and hed never do anything if he thought he wouldnt be okay doing it. He says hed never do anything to take him away from her and Claire. He says he joined the marines not only to serve his country but for the thrill. Phillip says he still needs that thrill. He says this is a good way to show people with disabilities they can do anything. She tells him to run a 10K or something, anything but race a car. Phillip tells Belle that Shawn and Max might not be thrilled having an inexperienced driver on the team. He says thats why he wants to offer his service as Pit Captain but also going to underwrite the racing team. Belle says that sounds expensive. Philip says so what, they have something Max and Shawn need, a lot of money. Phillip says hell be back and he takes off. Belle tells herself she doesnt have a good feeling about this. 

Over at Shawn and Mimis, they too are sweating because of the air conditioning. Mimi says her hormones are already giving her hot flashes as is. Mimi is nervous, they have the implantation appointment later today. Shawn tells her not to worry, it will be fine. They then kiss. Shawn gets them some popsicles, and Mimi says she knows from working at the hospital that they keep the maternity ward at the hospital stocked with popsicles, she used to steal them all the time. Mimi says she keeps talking about this as if it will happen, but there is a chance it wont work. Shawn thinks they should think positively, he knows they will have a kid. He thinks it will all turn out because Zack is looking out for them. He says Zack would have been an uncle at five, and he would have been so happy. He says its like this is meant to be, and hed love to name their son after his brother. He thinks God will bless them with their own child. Mimi thinks God wouldnt bless her after what shes done. Mimi says she had an abortion. Shawn says God forgives if you ask for forgiveness. Mimi remembers her talk with Father Jansen who told her in the eyes of the church and God that she and Shawn arent married. Shawn tells her not to do this to herself, everything will work out. Phillip then shows up to see Shawn. He asks Mimi if they can talk alone, so Mimi runs over to see Belle. Shawn asks what is up. Phillip says he has a business proposition for him. Phillip gives him the deal, and Shawn likes the idea of the team being underwritten, but can he drive? Phillip says MmmHmmm. Shawn says they need to see what Max says. Phillip says okay, but the offer is contingent on him driving. He has to prove that he can still live in the fast lane, he wants to make a statement. Shawn says theyll see what he can do.

Mimi arrives to see Belle. They talk about the in vitro, and Mimi is worried it might not work out. Belle says if it doesnt then they keep trying, in the meantime they always have Claire.

Sami and Austin return home, they are in swimwear. Meanwhile we see their new neighbor signing for some deliveries. Back in Austin and Samis place, Austin just learned about Shawns engine. He thinks this could be big for their company. Austin is apparently not only excited about the engine, but turned on. As he and Sami make out and giggle, EJ Wells their new neighbor hears them. Later the doorbell at Austin and Samis rings. Sami asks Austin to get the door as she's in the shower. EJ is standing there, he introduces himself to Austin. EJ says he has a leaky shower head, could he borrow a wrench. Austin says sure and gets him one. EJ sees a photo of Sami and asks if this is his wife. He says its his fiance. EJ makes eyes at the photo. EJ says his fiance is beautiful. Austin thanks him and gives him the wrench. EJ then leaves, and Sami runs out and tells Austin then need the wrench back as the shower broke and water is going everywhere. Austin says hell go get it, but Sami says he needs to stay and try and control the water, shell get it. Sami then heads over to EJs place to get the wrench back. She knocks on the door and he answers in only a towel. She gets a good look at him and giggles. He smiles at her. She says she came to get her wrench back. He introduces himself, she says so youre British? EJ says yes. EJ goes to get her wrench and accidentally drops his towel. Sami gets an eyeful and says he's an improvement over the last neighbor. Austin sticks his head to check on things, and Sami holds back her laughter. 

At Jens, Chelsea is stunned when she opens the door and comes face to face with Hope. Hope remembers Chelsea crying to her that it was an accident, she didnt mean for this to happen. We see the whole original confrontation in which Hope learned Bo gave her permission to drive his car that night. Hope tells Chelsea she knew coming back word be hard, but she didnt realize how hard until she saw her. Frankie, Jen, Bo and Billie arrive at this point. Jen tells Hope they should go into the kitchen. Chelsea stops Hope and says she knows she hates her and she wishes she could change what happened, but she cant. Hope storms off. Chelsea tells Bo and Billie that Hope will never forgive her and why should she, she killed her brother. Chelsea runs off in tears. Frankie offers to go after her.

In the kitchen Jen tells Hope to remain calm and stay in control. Hope feels like shes ruined the barbeque. Jen says what matters is that shes okay. Hope says she wont be until Chelsea is behind bars. Meanwhile, Bo tells Billie that he has to go find Hope and walks off. Billie wonders why she keeps sending Bo into Hopes arms. Kate walks in and says that is a good question. Billie tells her mom she doesnt need her here trying to convince her to do the wrong thing. Kate says the marriage is broken, but Billie says it can be fixed, she needs to give them a chance to get back together. Kate says no she doesnt. Kate tells her not to let Bo go after all this work, and think about Chelsea. Kate tells Billie she always plays the role of the loser in love. She tells Billie that Bo may love Hope, but hes her soul mate. She tells her not to let that love, that spark die.

Back in the kitchen, Jen and Hope discuss the trial and how no matter what happens, Hope will have to move on with her life. Hope says she knows Jen is right, but she wants Zack to be proud of her. Jen says what about Bo. Hope says dont tell her that Zack would want her and Bo together. She says she hates what has happened but she and Bo are finished. Bo walks in and says that isnt true. Bo says they need to talk and figure out where they stand with each other. Jen then leaves them to talk. Hope tells Bo there is nothing to talk about. She calls him a liar and says all hes done is lie to her. She says he couldnt stop himself of making a fool of her. Bo says that isnt what he was doing. Hope says what she does know is that Chelsea was letting him and Billie sacrifice everything for her, she has no respect for him. Bo says he made a terrible mistake after the accident. Hope says he should have been honest with her from day one, and when he arrived at the island  he should have told her about the trial date change. Bo says he would have told her, and he came to protect her. She says she was fine, and instead of telling her the truth then he made a pitch for her to forgive him. She thinks he wanted her to forgive him and that way hopefully shed be more lenient on his daughter. She says now she is here and in Salem and it is so hard, but she has to be here to get justice for Zack. Bo says theyve both done things they have regretted. Hope remembers finding Bo in bed with Billie at the hotel, not knowing Billie set it up. Hope tells Bo that she doesnt even know him anymore, how dare she compare what she did with Patrick to what he did with Billie. She says she turned to Patrick after filing for the divorce, but this isnt the first, second or third time he slept with Billie. Bo says hes not here to argue, he wants to work things out. Hope asks how he thinks they can get back together after the email he sent her. Bo says what email? He says the only email he wrote was long and . . . Hope says stop, this is a waste of time. Bo thinks it isnt, he suggests they talk to Marlena about this. Hope says no, its too late. Hope then walks off.

Meanwhile, Chelsea tells Frankie now that Hope is here shes going to make sure shes sent away to prison for the best years of her life. Chelsea wonders if it can get any worse. Frankie says it can, once Hope and Bo talk theyll realize what happened with the emails. Chelsea thinks they wont figure it out, and they arent getting back together. Frankie says they love each other and will work this out. Frankie thinks if Chelsea steps up and admits what she did, they may forgive her. However if they find out on their own then things will get a lot worse. Chelsea says he didnt see the look Hope gave her, and she hates her enough as is, she doesnt need any extra ammunition. Frankie says if shes willing to take this risk then shes not as smart as he thought she was. He says they are smart, they are detectives, theyll figure this out. Chelsea says shes not saying anything and hopes it works out. Frankie says what shes doing is wrong, and hes sure Bo loves her enough to forgive her. Chelsea says if she tells the truth, what if he doesnt forgive her? She says she doesnt want to lose her dad and she doesnt want to go to jail and never see him again. She says shes very scared. Frankie says whatever she decides hell defend her, but the clock is ticking and she needs to do the right thing. He says she needs to start by giving her dad and Hope their lives back .Chelsea says she cant do that. 

Later Chelsea goes inside and has attitude. Billie asks Frankie what is wrong. Frankie says he tried to talk to her and she didnt want to hear what he had to say. Billie says its her turn, and she goes to talk to her. Chelsea runs out of the house and Billie goes after her. Jen returns, she decides to go check on Bo and Hope. Jen heads into the kitchen, Bo and Hope arent there. Bo has followed Hope outside. They see Billie running after Chelsea, and Hope tells Bo to go be with them as they are his family now.


May 31, 2006

Bonnie shows up at the hospital with bunches of bags. Mimi is in an examination room and wearing a gown, Shawn is with her. Bonnie has bought  some things for the little munchkin, he or she will know his grandma loves him or her. Mimi says shes jumping the gun, they dont know if this will even work. Lexie walks in and says Mimi is right. Lexie says until the egg has attached itself to the uterus, well she doesnt want them to think its a sure thing. Shawn says if it doesnt work then theyll try again in a few months. Lexie says yes, but the fertility drugs they used werent as effective as they should have been, and the problem with the fertilization stage could happen in the future. Mimi asks if shes saying if this doesnt work she may never get pregnant? Lexie says yes it's a possibility. Mimi understands and asks to talk to Shawn alone, so Bonnie and Lexie leave her. Mimi thinks maybe they shouldnt go through with it. Shawn says they knew the risk all along. Mimi says she doesnt know if she can handle the disappointment. He says if they dont try then they will always wonder what if. Mimi just cant help but think that God will punish her. He says she made a mistake, and God doesnt punish people for making mistakes. He says shes stressing herself out and its clouding her judgment. Shawn says they will get through this together. 

Later Mimi has had the procedure, only her and Bonnie are in the room. Bonnie talks with Mimi and tells her how proud of her she is. Mimi doesnt know why, if she hadnt had the abortion she wouldnt be here. Bonnie says she pushed her to do that, and she knows Mimi will have this baby with Shawn. Mimi spaces out for awhile. Bonnie asks what planet she is on? Mimi says she remembers her mom once saying all Lockhart women are cursed, does she believe it? Bonnie tries to dismiss it, but Mimi thinks her mom thinks it is true. Bonnie says if she said it then she was probably ticked off at some man at the time. She says if there was a curse then Mimi wouldnt have gotten Shawn, she is proof the curse has been broken.  Meanwhile, Lexie talks with Shawn in the hall about how she has to keep Mimi calm for the next few days and signs to watch for such as cramps or bleeding. 

At the apartment building, we see a replay of Sami meeting EJ and him dropping his towel revealing all to Sami. At this point Austin sticks his head out, and Sami swears it isnt what it looks like. Austin says dont worry about it, and he fixed the shower so they dont need the wrench back. EJ has fixed his shower and gives Sami the wrench back anyways. Carrie and Lucas show up, Austin introduces them to their new naked neighbor. He's not naked, but he is back in his towel. Carrie thinks they have met before. He says no, he would have remembered someone as beautiful as her. Carrie and Lucas have brought home a pie from the pub, so she invites them all over to have some, including EJ. They head into Sami and Austins place, Carrie still thinks there is something familiar about EJ. Lucas finds Austins report on Shawns engine and asks Austin what hes doing with this? Austin says its none of his business. Lucas says Austins wasting his time, Shawn made a deal with Victor. Austin says its not a done deal, but Lucas says they shook hands and Titan has won another round. Sami returns after dressing and asks what is going on. Carrie says they are talking business as usual. The doorbell rings, Sami answers and its EJ. EJ comes in and he too notices the proposal on Shawns engine. Both Austin and Lucas wonder how he knows about it. EJ says hes really into racing, its his passion. He says he came here to set up business in the States. They ask what kind of business. He says when he knows them better then hell tell them. Sami asks what about himself personally. He says hes single and planning to stay that way, he went to Oxford, and hes worked in important and export business. EJ offers his services at bartending, but Carrie says they dont have much, just beer and lemonade. Sami and Carrie talk about EJ, Sami says hes so hot. Carrie tells Sami that she is so into EJ. She says she is with Austin and happy, but its just nice that EJ has no preconceived notions about her. Carrie says she is right though, he is attractive. Sami asks Carrie if shes interested in EJ, but she says no. The drinks are all brought over, and they toast to EJ their new neighbor. Sami asks EJ how she knew she liked lemonade in her beer? EJ says it was a lucky guess. 

Bo remembers Hope telling him to go be with Billie and Chelsea. He tells himself that Hope is his family, he belongs with her. Meanwhile, Hope returns home and looks at a photo of Zack. She remembers arguing with Bo about Patrick and Billie as well as the email. Jen shows up to check on Hope and see if she's okay. Hope says she is so far from okay right now. Jen asks if she wants to be alone? Hope doesnt know what to do, shes still in love with Bo. Jen is glad to hear that as Bo still loves her. Hope says it does them no good though. Jen thinks she should do something, but Hope says its time for her to move on. Jen asks if this has to do with what happened with her and Patrick. She says it has nothing to do with Patrick, she doesnt love him. She says he helped her through a hard time in her life, but she doesnt love him, not like Bo loves Billie. Jen says Bo and Billie have something but it is nothing compared to what he and her have, he is miserable right now. Hope says it seems like hes doing fine to her. Jen says this doesnt sound like her, she sounds so cold. Hope says then this will sound colder, she is only here to make sure Chelsea goes to jail for killing her son. Jen says she knows Hope is hurting, but if she still loves Bo then she can find it in her heart to forgive him. Flowers for Hope arrive, they are from Bo. The card says that he loves her and they belong together. Jen asks what she is going to do? She says she knows exactly what she will do. 

At Billie's Billie shows Chelsea the outfit she wants to wear to court tomorrow. Chelsea wont wear it, she says it's all black and is not for a trial, it is for a funeral. Billie says shes been in a horrible mood since talking to Frankie, what did he say to her. Flashback to Chelsea and Frankies conversation in which Frankie told her to tell Bo and Hope the truth. Chelsea tells her mom that her life is over and shes going back to jail. Chelsea runs off and Patrick walks in. He asks where the fire is? Billie asks what hes doing here? He says he lives here. Billie understands, and she says theyll look for another place as soon as she can. She says he and her mom have been good about letting her stay here, but shell go house hunting, its time. Patrick tells Billie that he doesnt want her to leave. He says there is a part of him that will always love her, so will she give this living situation another shot? She says shell think about it.

Bo finds Chelsea outside Billies place about to run away. She tells him not to try and stop her either. She says everyone in this town hates her and Hope will send her to jail. Bo says a lot of people will be there at the trial for her, she has her family and he knows Zack will be there looking out for her. Bo says he is going to tell the court that Zack loved her, he wont lose her too. Bo and Chelsea head inside, and Bo is not happy to see Patrick there. Billie takes Bo outside to talk. Bo doesnt want her or Chelsea near him. Billie says shes going to move out after the trial. Bo says hes on the boat, they cant stay with him. Billie says of course not, not only is it a cramped space but Hope wouldnt be too thrilled. Bo takes a walk to clear his head.

Meanwhile, Patrick tells Chelsea that he does hope everything works out for her. Chelsea thanks him. Billie returns and asks if everything is okay? Chelsea says yes, they were just talking. Chelsea goes to her room, and Billie asks Patrick what they were talking about. Patrick says he was wishing her luck, he doesnt want anything bad to happen to her or her daughter.

Hope goes to the graveyard to Zacks grave. Bo happens to show up there as well. He finds Hope crying. Bo walks up to her and they hold one another. They also share a kiss! 

John and Marlena return to the penthouse. She cant believe shes finally back home. John wants to take care of her and asks what he can get her. She says some tea would be nice. He goes to get the tea. Marlena then has flashbacks of her fall down the steps and losing the baby. Roman shows up at this point to see Marlena. She is upset, and he asks what is wrong. He hugs her as John returns with the tea. Roman explains hes here after hearing the news about Marlena's memory, the door was open and he came in and Doc was crying. John asks if shes okay? Marlena says she thought she was, but she remembers the awful things that happened here. John says she doesnt have to worry about Alex anymore. Marlena says she wasnt, she was remembering losing the baby. Roman tells her the fall was an accident and she has to put it behind her. Marlena says she doesnt know if she can do that. She says losing that baby is what caused the amnesia and what made it so easy for Alex to take control of her. She says she needs time to recover. Roman says he never realized how much the baby meant to her. Marlena says that child was wanted, and maybe that was wrong because they were both married to different people. She says they were stuck in that castle together and so desperate to be with the ones they loved. She knows the pregnancy was not planned, but in a way it was meant to be. She says it was a gift, that good things come out of terrible times. Marlena cries and says shes sorry, but John says its okay, shes had these feelings bottled up for a long time obviously. Roman and John think right now Marlena needs some rest. Roman leaves, and Marlena thanks John for understanding and being so patient with her. John says he loves her and they will take it one day at a time. They then hug. Outside, Roman remembers the moment Marlena told him that she was pregnant with his child. 


June 1, 2006

At Samis, Sami remains smitten with EJ. EJ talks about how he gets a good vibe about this place, and as he was moving in he heard a great jazz record playing in someones apartment. Sami says she loves jazz, which Lucas finds hard to believe. Sami says she does love Jazz and she shows EJ her CDs. Lucas tells Carrie how interested Sami seems in EJ. Carrie says she is interested in EJ, and she doesnt know why shes screwing this thing with Austin up. Lucas says maybe she doesnt feel like she deserves to be happy deep down, it's classic Sami. Meanwhile Sami tells Austin they should take EJ out and show him how hot Salem can be. She asks EJ what he says? She thinks they could go to the Blue Note, but Austin says they are closed. Sami says then they should go to Chez Rouge. EJ says okay and hell go get changed.

Shawn and Mimi come home from the hospital. Mimi sits on the couch, and Shawn hopes they are pregnant. Shawn insists Mimi take it easy as he cares for her. Mimi then knows just what she needs, this is a huge favor and he has to say yes with no questions. He agrees, and she cheers. Apparently Shawn agreed to bug the super into getting the AC fixed now. Mimi also wants to go out and eat, some place cool. Mimi says just food, no dancing. Mimi says Lexie said it was okay. Shawn says okay theyll go to Chez Rouge. Mimi says thats a budget buster, they should just go to Ooodles of Noodles or Buddys. Shawn says she needs to be eating healthy right now. Mimi says shes going to have cravings, cravings for ice cream. At least she hopes she will have those cravings. He says he will feed her ice cream addiction, not to worry.

Belle and Phillip are napping on the couch, but also missing Claire. Claire is with Marlena and John for the day. Phillip thinks tonight they can be Belle and Phillip again. He says they could go out and he kisses her. She says she knows what hes trying to do and it wont work. She says being super sweet and taking her out to dinner wont make her accept this race car driving thing. She talks about how dangerous it is and how she wont let him do this. She says he almost died once, dont put them through that again. Philip says it doesn't work that way, and when its your time to go you go. Phillip talks about how Paul Newman raced through his whole movie career. Phillip says this is important to him. Phillip tells her that she and Claire wont lose him, and he likes the idea of working with Shawn again. He says it will be like the old days. Phillip asks her to let him take her to dinner and they can talk more. Belle says okay, but she wont change her mind. They then hear a commotion from the hallway. They find Shawn carrying Mimi around. Belle asks if she sprained her ankle? Shawn says they had their implant today, they are with child. Belle congratulates them.

Max shows up to see Chelsea, hes brought flowers. She doesnt think theyll help much, but its a nice gesture. Chelsea is worried about Hope being back in Salem. Max tells her to think positively. Chelsea says the only way things will go her way is if Bo convinces her not to testify. Max tells her they should go out, but Chelsea says her mom doesnt want her to go out anywhere. She says they are famous now for making out on the pier the other night. Max says hell take her someplace nice. Chelsea realize this could be her last night of freedom. They go outside and look at the stars. Chelsea says she wants to memorize tonight, she may not get to see a night like this again. She says shell never get to drive with him again or see him again. Max says of course she will. Chelsea says shes going to go to jail, and they will never be together again. She says hell move on and marry and have kids while she grows old in jail. Max says hed do anything to make her feel better right now. She says get rid of Hope for me. 

At Zacks grave, Bo and Hope kiss. Hope pulls away and says she cant do this. Bo tells her that he knows she felt something when they kissed. He says they belong together and he knows she feels it. Bo talks about Zack and how he has an empty space inside, she feels it too. He wishes it could go away without having to forget about Zack. Bo says hell take the blame for everything, just dont let him go through his life without her. Bo thinks they should go get some food and talk. Hope doesnt know. Bo tells Hope there is one thing he knows, Zack loved them and would want them to be together. Hope and Bo cry together over Zacks grave. Bo wants to take care of her, let him do that. He says they should get out of here and talk if she wants that, or they can just be quiet. Hope says okay. 

Shawn, Mimi, Belle and Phillip all show up at Chez Rouge for dinner. Maggie seats them and says shell send over some non-alcoholic bubbly on the house. Mimi asks for a few moments alone with Belle, so the boys go off and gets beers. Belle and Mimi talk about pregnancy, Belle tells her this will be one of the best times of her life. Belle says Phillip was overseas when she was pregnant so she missed out on things like shopping for baby clothes together. Belle just hopes Mimi doesnt have the PPD she did, cause it really sucks. Belle thinks Mimi wont though. Mimi asks if she looked into her crystal ball or something? Belle says she did, everything will go smoothly for Mimi. Mimi realizes shell need maternity clothes. Belle says theyll go shopping together. Mimi thanks Belle for being here for her, for being happy and for going through this with her. 

Sami, Austin, Carrie, Lucas and EJ soon show up at Chez Rouge. Maggie asks who that man is, and Sami fills her in on EJ. EJ recognizes Belle, and Sami asks how he knows who she is? He says he saw a photograph of her once, they are half-sisters right. EJ asks if hes a detective? He says no, he read a profile on her for a fundraising event. Sami thinks that is the line of work he is in. He says he just likes to be part of the solution, not the problem. They go over and Sami introduces EJ to the others. Everyone learns Mimis big news. Mimi says she doesnt know if shes pregnant for sure, but she heard Carrie is and congratulates her. EJ says maybe there is something in the water. EJ heads to the bar, and the boys follow. Austin wants to talk to Shawn in private, business talk of course. Austin wants to talk about the engine. Shawn tells him that he and Max have a verbal agreement with Titan, and Shawn feels his word is his reputation0. Austin says he would at least like the chance to make a pitch. Austin says Titan has a track record and is reliable, but they are a fat cat. Austin says his company is young and fresh, like him and Max. He feels hes a better fit with him. 

Meanwhile, EJ and Sami drink up, EJ thanks her for making him feel at home. EJ flirts with Sami and tells her how lucky Austin is, he hopes he realizes that. Sami then sees Austin talking to Shawn and joins him in the pitch. Shawn tells Austin hes going to sign with Titan because there is no way he can work with Sami. Shawn says Austin almost had him, but he cant work with Sami/Stan. Sami says shes sorry, but Shawn says stop it, hell never forgive her for what she did to him and the others. Shawn walks off, and Sami tells Austin that shes sorry and wouldnt blame him if he fired her. Austin says hes not firing her, he loves her and is going to  marry her. Sami says she doesnt deserve him. EJ watches them together and doesnt look to happy. Later Austin asks Sami for a few moments alone to think. Sami says sure, and shes going to walk home and get some fresh air. Sami heads out, and EJ decides to follow her. Lucas and Carrie decide to head out, but Carrie goes to see Austin first. Carrie tells Austin shes sorry they are on opposite sides, but business is business. He says hes okay, hes not giving up. She asks if he and Sami are okay? Austin says yes, she just wanted to walk home and get some fresh air. Austin gets a call he has to take, so he says goodnight to Carrie. Carrie rejoins Lucas, they plan to leave. Carrie soon notices EJ is missing, but Lucas tells her that hell find some beautiful woman to take him home.

Sami is walking home crying. She sees Lucas leave with Carrie. EJ shows up and gives her a Kleenex. She thanks him but says he shouldnt hang out with her, she ruins everything an everyone she touches. She says she tried to change, but people are very unforgiving. EJ says shes hanging around the wrong people, and not many people are beautiful when they cry. EJ tells Sami he hopes to see a lot of her in the future.

Bo and Hope show up at Chez Rouge, Maggie has the corner table ready for them. She hopes this means the divorce is off. Hope says dont jump there, same goes for Bo. Maggie talks with Bo, shes going to do what she can to help them get back together. Bo and Hope sit down, and Bo tells her that she wont regret this. Maggie brings them some oysters as she knows they always enjoyed them. Bo says she had a craving of these when she was pregnant with Shawn. Hope says no, Zack. Bo tries to take Hopes hand, but she takes it away. Later Shawn sees his mom and dad are having dinner together. Mimi tells him maybe its a good thing, but Shawn doubts that as he doesnt trusty his dad anymore. Shawn thinks his dad is trying to convince his mom to go easy on Chelsea. Mimi thinks they could use good news right now. They go over to see them and tell them about the news about the in vitro. She says shes implanted, which for now they are calling pregnant. Hope is thrilled for them, and Bo says that is great. Shawn asks what hes doing here with mom. Bo says they are talking. Shawn asks about what. Mimi says none of their business and she drags Shawn off. Bo and Hope keep talking, Bo brings up the baby and how important they will be to it. Hope tells Bo not to push things, they are only here to talk. 

Mimi asks Shawn if he wants to go home? He nods. Meanwhile Phillip comes to see Belle, who is sitting all alone at this point. Phillip tells Belle that he thinks it is rather obvious that shes jealous of Mimi. Belle asks why he thinks that? Phillip says because Mimi is having a baby and she wants another. Phillip and Belle decide to head home, and they leave with Shawn and Mimi.

Chelsea and Max soon show up at Chez Rouge as well. Chelsea saw her dads car, and then they see Bo is here with Hope. Max thinks they are trying to patch things up, but Chelsea wants her parents together. Max says it probably wont happen. Chelsea thinks Hope will get Bo on her side and send her to jail. Max says maybe Bo is trying to get Hope in his side. Chelsea says whatever Hope wants Hope gets, and she wants her in jail.

Max and Chelsea leave the restaurant, Max thinks she should just ask Bo and Hope what theyll say at the trial. She decides maybe thats a good idea. Chelsea goes back in by herself. Max then sees EJ talking with Sami and cant believe hes in town. Back inside, Bo asks Hope what he can do to convince her that they belong together. Hope then sees Chelsea walk into the restaurant.


June 2, 2006

The foursome return home to Belle and Phillips loft. Belle comments how hot it is here, and its a good thing Claire is with her parents tonight. Mimi hopes the landlord will have it fixed by the morning. Phillip hands Shawn something, it's a check to sponsor the team. He says its with the understanding that he gets to drive. Shawn says okay. Shawn and Mimi see the check and are stunned by the amount. Phillip says he is serious about this, but Belle says its not going to happen. Belle tells Phillip that she wont let him do this, she wont let him race and get in an accident. She says people die in them. Phillip says people get hit by busses crossing the street, should he stop doing that? Belle tells Phillip that Claire deserves to grow up with her father. Phillip says she will. Mimi says no she wont. Everyone looks at Mimi and is puzzled. Mimi says that came out wrong, she says she just meant Claire would always have Phillip and Shawn. Belle says Mimi grew up with her dad, how would she feel if her baby had to grow up without his or her dad? She says awful, and shell keep her mouth shut. Belle says shes sorry, she didnt mean to argue with her. Mimi and Shawn decide to head home, so Phillip walks them out. Phillip then tells Belle that he didnt think this would upset her as much as it has, and perhaps they should agree to disagree? They continue to discuss the racing. Phillip says this means a lot to him, he needs to show people he can still compete and compete to win. Belle says when she looks at him all she sees is a whole person, he fulfills her and there is nothing he cant do. They share a kiss. Phillip says she fulfills him too, and he wont take stupid chances with this life, he loves her and Claire too much. He asks if she wants to try and make another baby. She says she cant wait. They then make love. She later tells him this was the perfect time of the month for her to get pregnant, so they may have done it. Phillip says hes ready to go again, they shouldnt depend on luck.

Shawn and Mimi head to their place and make out on the couch. Shawn says this is crazy but he can feel their baby growing in her. Mimi says it is crazy. Shawn begins talking about how everything, the eyes and hair color have been determined. She says right now shes on pregnancy information overload, and its so hot in here. She says all she wants to do is one thing, and they make out. Shawn says wait they cant have sex. He says they cant do anything to disturbed the implantation, they have to abstain for two to three weeks. He says Lexie gave them a book and he read it. Mimi says then they have to be really careful. Shawn says they have to be strong. Mimi says there are other ways they can have fun. They then apparently get intimate in other ways, which Mimi is FAR too suggestive about. Later we Shawn and Mimi on the couch after they have done whatever they did. Shawn says that was great, and Mimi says necessity is the mother of invention. 

Outside of Chez Rouge, Sami tells EJ that he shouldnt hang out with her, she ruins everything and everyone she touches. She says she tried to change but people are unforgiving. He says shes hanging out with the wrong people, and shes beautiful when she cries so he cant wait to see her happy. She says shell call him when shes happy. He says he hopes to be seeing a lot of her. Max walks up, he thinks hes a dead man if hes in town. Max and EJ hug, they know one another. Max gives Sami the scoop on EJ, hes a famous European race car driver. Max asks Sami how they know each other? Sami says he moved in down the hall. Max says something tells him that he has major competition. Max tells Sami that EJ is one of the best, he knows how to compete and win. Max talks about what a great guy EJ is, not only does he win lots, he donates a lot of his wining to charity. Max says he and EJ have never really met, though they did race in Paris once and do know of each other. Max remembers that day EJ gave up winning the race so the favored would go to the Grand Prix. Max says if EJ is going to race here in the States then he has his work cut out for him. EJ says nonsense and may the best driver win.

In Chez Rouge, Hope and Bo are trying to work things out when Chelsea walks in. Hope is furious, and Bo asks Chelsea what shes doing here? Hope says she cant do this. Bo wants Hope to wait, he wants to finish this talk. Hope says fine, make a decision, choose which side hes on. She tells him never mind, she can see by the look on his face who comes first. She says this was a mistake, nothing has changed and never will. Hope walks off, and Bo asks Chelsea if shes trying to cause trouble? Chelsea says no, Max brought her out to dinner to make her feel better. He asks why she came over here, why couldnt she leave them alone. Chelsea says at least now she knows who side hes on. He says this is not about . . . hes out of here. Bo chases after Hope, but she tells him no. She says he can do what he wants, but she wont rest until Chelsea pays for what she did.

Max returns to see Chelsea, he takes it it didnt go so well. Chelsea says Hope hates her, and if she doesnt do something then Bo will take Hopes side at the trial. Chelsea says they have to get Hope out of the picture for good. He asks if shes talking about killing her? She says no. She talks about how when she was on the island everything was perfect, she had a chance. Max knows she did something back then, what did she do. Chelsea has another email flashback, the ten millionth one. Chelsea claims she didnt do anything, but if she wants to save herself then she needs to keep Hope out of the court room. Max tells her to forget it, if she tries something then shell end up back in the headlines. He says hes taking her home, but she says no way, this is her last night of freedom.

Back outside, EJ and Sami talk, and EJ says well he has no secrets from her now, especially considering how they met. Sami remembers the revealing moment they met. Sami says since shes engaged perhaps it is best they forget about that. He says he will if she will. Sami asks him about being a race car driver, how fast can he go. He offers her a ride home to show her, so she follows. EJ and Sami speed home in his car, and Sami is excited and says go faster. He says hes already over the speed limit, but she doubts he really cares. He tells her to tell him more about Shawns turbo engine and his work with Max. She says she doesnt know about it really, she just knows every race car driver wants their hands on it. EJ says and Austin. Sami says right, but because of her Austin may lose the deal. EJ asks why? She says Shawn hates her. EJ thought they were family. Sami says she did something she regrets. EJ eventually stops and tells Samantha Gene that shes safe to him. She asks how he knew her middle name? He says he saw her initials on stationary at her apartment. She begins think this is odd, what is his real story and how does he know so much about her? He swears he saw the S.J. (supposed to be G) and figured it out. Sami thinks he probably should have been a psychic, but she doesnt believe in them anymore. He says he just has a very good instincts, and he doesnt think she deserves this reputation she has, he thinks shes misunderstood. Sami says she admits she has made mistakes, especially with guys. Sami says shes come some close to getting everything she wants and it blows up. She says she wont lose Austin again. EJ says again? Sami says its a long story, they were engaged once, but shes a different person now. She says she has to work on her positive Karma and do good deeds, that way good things will happen to her. He says if she believes in that sort of thing. EJ says he believes in doing good, but life doesnt work on the rules of cosmic payback. Sami says her life does work that way. Sami says they need to get that turbo engine, if Austin doesnt get it then he may see her as a liability. EJ tells Sami that Austin wont break up over a business deal, trust in his love and everything will be fine. Sami says she does, and shell do whatever it takes to have a happy ending. She says they should talk about EJ for a change. She asks if there is a woman out there for him. He says oh there is and hes with her now. She is shocked, but he says he wasnt talking about her, he was talking about the car. Sami says shes super embarrassed right now. Sami asks him though if there is a woman in his life? He says no, there isnt. She asks why not? Hes gorgeous, charming and successful. She asks why doesnt he have a girlfriend, unless, um. She asks if hes gay. EJ says hes not gay, and Sami says good as she smiles at him. She says then what is the problem then. He says there is no problem. He says if shes so interested then hell tell her. He says there was a woman but it didnt work out. She asks how come, he doesnt have to tell him. He says its no big deal. He says they graduated from school, she wanted to pursue a career but he wanted her to come with him. He says she chose her career, they were both very ambitious. Sami asks if there hasnt been anyone since then? He says no. Sami cant believe she turned it all down. EJ says shes doing well now, shes a corporate exec and successful. Sami says but he's world famous. EJ admits if he could do things over again hed had done things differently. He says he could have been with the woman he loved and have a family. Sami cant believe he wants a family, he doesnt seem like the type. EJ says he wants a lot of things, things he intends to get. He then speeds off. He takes her home, and Sami looks up and sees the lights in the apartment are on. She thinks Austin beat her home, and he must really be working on this deal. EJ says if it doesnt work then theyll find someone else to invest their talents in. Sami kisses him on the cheek for giving her an amazing idea. He tells her not to worry, her fianc loves her, he can see it in his eyes. Sami thanks him and heads off.

Bo follows Hope home. He tells her that he didnt know Chelsea would be there, he didnt want this evening ruined. Hope says Chelsea ruined her life, she took everything from her. Bo says thats not true, they still have each other. He says he loves her and they need each other. He begs Hope not to shut him out. He begs her to let him in and talk to her. He says he felt like they were finding their way back to one another. He says in the past theyve always worked things out and nothing has kept them apart. Hope tells Bo not to do this. She says just go, go back to the boat or better yet call Billie. Hope says he should be with Billie tonight. Bo says he wants to be with her, why is she shutting him out. He thinks maybe she wants to be with Patrick. Hope says its none of his business, but no, Patrick has no plans to see her tonight. Hope says shell see him in court tomorrow. Bo tells her that hes not going to give up on her. Hope says he has to. Hope walks into her house and sees Zack standing on the chair saying Mommy mommy help me!

Max and Chelsea head home, Billie is gone. Chelsea says shes probably out looking for her. Chelsea then asks Max to do something for her. He says it depends what it is. She says if tonight is her last night of freedom then she wants to make the most of it. She says she wants one special memory of them together, she wants him to make love to her. Max says he cant, it wouldnt be right. He wants their first time to be perfect, a memory shell cherish. She says she would, if she goes to jail then shell only have memories. She says if he wont sleep with her then do something else for her, get Bo to convince Hope to forgive her. He says that is a decision Hope has to make on her own, and maybe shell come to that decision tonight. Chelsea says that would take a miracle. Max says miracles do happen.

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