October 30, 2006
Roman is at the pub with the other Bradys. They are waiting for news on Kayla and Steve. Unfortunately all the experimental drugs arent viable, and one guy wont be reachable for four days. Caroline says Steve and Kayla are running out of time.

Outside the pub, Lexie tells Abe that she cant go in there. Abe says the Bradys are their friends and they need their support. Lexie thinks they dont want her there, not after what she did to Carrie. Abe says she can either run or face the consequences of what she did. Abe asks if they are going in or not? Lexie says she wants to tell them how sorry she is, but she doesnt know if she can take the look on their faces. He tells her that she has to start making amends for what she did and that begins with the Bradys. He promises to be there to support her. She agrees to go in.

Back inside, Bo and John are talking about  EJ and Patrick and what they are up to. Bo says he knew something was going on with Sami and that envelope at the time, something she wasnt telling him. Bo decides to go ask Sami about that note. Roman hears this and asks what did Sami do now? John says easy, Sami isnt in trouble. Bo says not yet at least. Roman joins them, John and Bo begin to fill Roman in on their investigation on EJ and Patrick. Roman offers to talk to Sami, but Bo thinks if Sami is hiding something then she wont tell him. Roman says Bo is suspended though. Bo says Abe gave him the okay to work with John on this.

Abe and Lexie walk in, everyone gives her dirty looks. Roman tells Abe this isnt a good time. Abe says he knows, they wanted to offer their help with Steve and Kayla. Roman thinks there isnt much they can do, especially Lexie. Abe says Lexie has read a recent study on biotoxins. Roman doesnt want to hear it, but Frankie and Caroline do. Roman thinks the doctors must know of this study. Lexie says it was an obscure medical journal actually. She says she knows they dont trust her and may never be able to again. Caroline says they have all made mistakes and she can forgive Lexie, she and Abe are always welcomed here. Caroline also says Sami played a major role in what happened to Lexie. Roman admits that is true and what is important now is Steve and Kayla. Roman asks Lexie for help if she knows anything. Lexie explains about an article on an experimental drug for biotoxins. Frankie offers to check it out with Lexie, they head to Frankie's PC to look on the internet. 

John tells Bo that he should probably deal with Sami on his own, Sami doesnt really like him. Bo takes off, John also takes off and tells Roman to let him know if he can be of help with Steve and Kayla. Meanwhile Lexie finds the article which could be a chance for Kayla and Steve. She gives them the number of the person to call, they all thank her for giving them this hope. Lexie is thrilled that she seems to have earned back some of the Bradys trust, she and Abe hug. Abe tells Lexie how proud he is and how hell always stand by her as long as she doesnt give him a reason not to. She says she never will, she loves him so much.

Roman, Frankie and Caroline go to the doctor at the hospital with the study. Hes impressed, it could work but it could also be fatal. He asks if they are really willing to take this chance? Roman says they could die anyways, they all agree that the risk is worth it. They ask the doctor to give them the drug. The doctor needs to have the papers drawn up. While he does that he says hell have the CDC deliver the drug.

At Samis, Sami tells EJ that he cant ask her to choose between Lucas and Will and him. She says its an impossible decision. She says she never thought theyd forgive her. EJ says they cut her out of their lives, they bring nothing but grief into her life. EJ says she drops everything for them every time they walk back into her life. HE says hes the one person who has never let her down. She says shes sorry. EJ says so is he and he cant be there for her anymore. EJ goes to leave, Lucas tells him its best he hit the road as this doesnt concern him. Sami begs EJ not to take this personally, it is about her son. She asks him to understand. She says being a good mother is the most important thing in the world to her. Will asks if that is true? She says he has to ask? Will says he does. Lucas says they thought theyd find her crying her eyes out and not celebrating with EJ. EJ, who hasnt gone, says Sami was very upset and he was trying to calm her down all day. Sami tells EJ that its okay and he should go. EJ tells her that they will let her down and when they do, dont come crying to him. EJ leaves, Sami thanks Lucas and Will as EJ probably wont talk to her again. Lucas says its probably a good thing. Sami yells at them that EJ is a good person and likes her for who she is. Lucas says lots of men like her and he knows why, it's not usually for who she is. Will tells them to stop, Lucas promised not to argue anymore. Sami asks what Lucas promised? Lucas says he told Sami but she was distracted by EJ and didn't hear him. Sami says she heard him, she just didnt believe it. She says he wants to be a family? Lucas says he wants them to act like a family. He thinks they should call a truce, to be friends for Wills sake. Lucas says just friends if that is okay with Sami. Sami says of course shes willing to try. She says she wants Will to be happy. She says she is willing to do whatever it takes. Will and Lucas agree to do the same. Sami asks if this means they are moving back in? Will says not right now, hes going to stay with dad and Grandma Kate. She says okay. Lucas says they need to take things slowly and see what happens. Sami asks if this was a test? Did she set him up? If she doesnt pass will  theyll walk out on her again? Lucas says its up to will. Will says that she claims shes changed, he wants to believe it. Sami says she as changed and she will prove it to him. She says shell prove it to them both. At this point Bo shows up to see Sami and talk about EJ. She asks if this can wait, but he says no. He says its a police matter, he either talks to her here or at the station. Will says here we go again. Will and Lucas end up leaving, Sami thanks Bo for ruining their attempt to work things out. Sami asks what this is about? Bo says its about EJ Wells. Sami asks what EJ has to do with police business. He questions her about the envelope she found and had dusted for prints, EJs were on them. Sami says he was here when she got it, it doesnt mean he did anything wrong. He wants to know what was in the letter. She asks why it matters. He says Steve and Kayla have been poisoned, someone is targeting their family and it has to stop. Sami says it isnt EJ, he couldnt! She asks why nobody told her about Steve and Kayla, then again it doesnt surprise her. Bo says it shouldnt given what she did to Carrie. Bo asks again what was in that envelope. Sami says EJ is a good friend, why does he suspect him? He says he doesnt trust EJ and if Sami is smart then she shouldnt trust him either. Bo ends up leaving.

EJ shows up at Kates place to see her. She asks what hes doing here? EJ has a status report for her. He says Sami has chosen Lucas and Will. Kate tried to call and warn him that they were on the way over. EJ says he is giving up on trying to come between them and Sami. EJ says hes really had enough. Kate asks what that means? EJ says it means hes off the case. He says shell have to deal with Sami and Lucas. Kate tries to keep him around as insurance as he does seem to have a thing for Sami. EJ says hes getting over that, hes used to getting what he wants. He kisses her neck, she says shes starting to realize that. Kate offers to do something to help convince him to keep playing along. They end up kissing and going at it. As Kate is busy taking off EJs clothes, Lucas and Will show up and bang on the door. Lucas tells his mom to open the door. He opens it but the chain is on. He asks what is going on, let them in. EJ hides and somehow escapes. Kate eventually lets Lucas and Will in. She claims the chain was just a habit, she's used to living alone. She asks what is with them, she can tell by the looks on their faces things didnt go well with Sami. She thinks they shouldnt go back again. Will says shes wrong and mom might need them more than ever now. Kate begs Lucas not to fall into Samis trap. She says Sami is like alcohol, unless he gives her up completely then shell destroy his life.

Shawn shows up at the penthouse and knocks on the door. He can hear Claire is inside crying. Belle is trying to get Claire to settle down. Shawn rings the doorbell when Belle doesnt answer. She finally answers, he says he wants to help with Claire. Belle says hes the last person either one of them needs and she slams the door in his face! Shawn refuses to leave, he bangs on the door and says hes not leaving. She opens the door and tells him to go away, its late and she just got Claire down. Shawn says he wants to see Claire, but she says no. He says he has rights, he is her father. She says a father with no job, no place to live, has wrecked a car and a boat and is now dating a hooker. He says that is what really upsets her, that hes dating Willow and not running back to her. He thinks shes punishing him by keeping him from Claire. Belle says shes not punishing him and shes not going to let him wake up Claire at this hour just because he suddenly wants to play daddy. Claire begins crying, Belle thanks him so very much. He says he can get her back to sleep, but she says he is going no where near her. She says hes made it clear that he doesnt give a damn about her or Claire. He says he only walked away to do what was best for her, Phillip and Claire. He says now that Phillip is gone, things are different. She says he is different, he is not someone she wants around Claire. Shawn says he wont keep her from Claire. He says he didnt go for joint custody to do what was best for them, but if he needs to get a lawyer to see Claire then he will. He also threatens to sue for full custody if she pushes him too far. Later John shows up, he asks why Belle looks so upset. She tells him about the fight she had with Claire. John understands Belles reasons, but he points out that Shawn is Claire's father. He also doubts Shawn would really sue for full custody and he wouldnt get very far with such a law suit. Belle tells her dad how she still thinks she and Claire need their own place, a real home for Claire. John thinks what Claire needs is her father. John suggests Belle give Shawn some ground rules, he needs a job and a place to live in order to be involved with Claire. Belle says Shawn will hate that. John says she needs to make this about Claire and what is best for him. He says this is about them being good parents to their daughter. Belle says for Claires sake shell give it one more try. 

Shawn returns to the garage to pack up some things. Willow shows up. She asks so hes really out of here? Shawn says yep, Max fired him and wont let him sleep here. She says she knows where he can stay. She says he can stay with her. He says she lives at the YWCA, as in women only. Willow says she knows away around that, if hes up for it.


October 31, 2006

At Billie's, Billie is really upset about Steve and Kayla. She's on the phone with Bo, he's at the hospital. He thinks she should be here for Steve. Billie thinks it's a bad idea, many people including Hope wouldn't want her around. Later Chelsea overhears her mom's concern for Steve. She suggests Billie go to the hospital. Billie is shocked, but as it turns out Chelsea only wants her to go to support Bo. Once again the two argue. Billie warns Chelsea if she keeps pushing this then she'll only push Bo out of her life. Chelsea says so what she sits around and does nothing? Chelsea thinks if she does that she'll probably lose her father anyways. Billie says Chelsea has been making progress with her father. Billie encourages Chelsea to go to him and support him.

At Willow's, Belle shows up to see Shawn. The shower is running, Willow claims Shawn isn't here. Belle sees his boxers on the bed, but Willow claims they are hers, she wears them. Belle doesn't believe her, and soon Shawn comes out of the shower. Belle tells Shawn that she's here to talk about Claire. She says she wants him to be a good father to Claire, and she knows he hasn't had a chance to be and that's why he doesn't know how to be one. She tells him that if he wants to be part of her life that he needs to get a job and a real place to live. Later Belle is gone and Shawn is looking at the want ads for apartments and jobs. He can't afford the apartments and the jobs he isn't qualified for. He heads off, after Willow disguises him in some women's clothes since they are at the YWCA. Later Belle returns. Willow says Shawn left. Belle says she knows, she's here to see Willow. She warns Willow for Shawn and Claire's sake to stay away from Shawn. Willow thinks Belle wants Shawn. Belle denies it but thinks Willow wants him. Willow claims she likes Shawn but she likes being free to be with whoever she wants. Belle says sometimes that only means people don't give a damn about you.

At the Hospital, Bo and Hope are talking about the attack on Steve and Kayla. Bo makes the mistake of claiming he suspects Patrick. Hope says Patrick wasn't near the hospital when the attack happened. Bo says that is what Abe said. Hope says it's true, she was with Patrick. Hope thinks coming here was a mistake, but Bo says no. Bo says she should be here for Steve and Kayla, and he wants her here too. Hope asks why Billie isn't here. Bo says Billie thinks Hope wouldn't want her here and doesn't want to ruffle any feathers. Hope says what happened between them is old news. Later Chelsea shows up to see Bo. Hope takes off to do an errand. Chelsea tells Bo she wanted to see if there was anything she could do for him. He says Steve and Kayla are the ones who need help now. She says she's been praying, and she knows God will listen as he doesn't hear her voice that much. They share a warm hug, but Shawn's arrival breaks up their little moment. Shawn says hello to Chelsea and then tells his dad he needs advice. Bo tells Chelsea he'll talk to her later, he walks off with Shawn. Bo talks to Shawn, Shawn needs advice. He says he lost his job, his place to live and Claire, he's not having a good week. Bo can guess what has happened, Belle told him to be a good father he needs a job and a place to live. Shawn says yes. Bo says women become very different when they have a child. Bo thinks he can help Shawn out, Shawn can stay with him until he gets off his feet. Shawn thinks that will only make him look like more of a loser to Belle. Bo asks if this is about impressing Belle or taking care of Claire?

Back at Billie's, Billie is stunned when Hope shows up to see her. Hope lets Billie know that she should be at the hospital for Steve. Billie doesn't think anyone wants her there. Hope says what happened between them is in the past, and she remembers how Billie was a good friend to her when she first came to Salem. Hope says while she wants Steve and Kayla to be together, right now they have to live. She thinks Steve could use her as a life line. Later at the hospital Bo learns the drug for Steve and Kayla has arrive. He begins calling people to let them know. Bo calls Billie. Billie gives Hope the news, they decide to head to the hospital.

At the Loft, Mimi and Bonnie are packing up Mimi's things. Bonnie doesn't want Mimi to give up on Shawn. Mimi tells her mom it's over get that through her head. Bonnie asks Mimi if she can accept it's over? She tells Mimi to keep her eye on the prize. Mimi looks at a photo of Shawn and Caroline, she wonders how they managed to last all these years.

At the Brady Pub, Mimi shows up to get some advice from Caroline. She has the photo of Shawn and Caroline and says this is what she wants, what is her secret. Caroline says she and Shawn are far from perfect and a lie almost destroyed everything. Mimi says a lie did destroy her marriage. Caroline tells Mimi the secret is to always tell the truth. Mimi says telling the truth scares her. Caroline thinks lying is even more difficult. Mimi explains that growing up she always had to lie to make sure social services didn't take her or Conner from her mom. She says she grew up thinking lying is the way you hold onto what you love. Caroline offers Mimi a challenge, tell the truth for one week and don't lie. Then after a week come back and tell her how it felt and went.


November 1, 2006

EJ and Patrick meet in an alleyway. Patrick, sporting a shirt with a phoenix-like symbol on it, says he thought they weren't supposed to meet anymore? EJ warns Patrick that the cops are onto them so they'll have to find a new way to converse. He also says he wants Patrick to find a way to get Chelsea to spy on Bo.

Mimi shows up at Max's garage to check on her car. Frankie is there talking with Max, he gives Mimi the cold shoulder. Max has her car fixed. She thanks him and says it may be awhile before she can pay him. Max talks about how he needs to hire a book keeper for this place, he offers Mimi the job. She isn't sure at first but accepts.

Frankie talks to Abby about what is going on with Max and Mimi. He doesn't like this at all and thinks Max shouldn't have anything to do with Mimi after what she did to Shawn. Abby tells Frankie what a great guy Max is. As she talks about him Frankie realizes she has a thing for Max. Later they get a call that Kayla is worsening so Max and Frankie head to the hospital.

Shawn meets with Willow at Chez Rouge. She's about to go on her lunch break. Shawn says he just ate at the hospital. He talks about how his dad is going to see if Max will give him his job back. Shawn thinks he really should apologize to Max first. They decide to go to the garage.

Abby and Mimi are working on the books at the garage when Shawn shows up to apologize to Max. Abby talks to Shawn and lets him know that she feels Max is really sorry for what happened as well. However as soon as Shawn sees Mimi he flips. He is furious to learn Max gave her a job. He refuses to work with her and tells Abby not to trust Mimi, she's not her friend.

Kate talks to Stephanie at the hospital. Kate feels because of what is going on with Stephanie's family that she should lay low for awhile and not race. She has papers dissolving their contract. Chelsea walks in and calls Kate out, accusing her of dumping Stephanie just because she doesn't like the bad PR of the crash and what happened. Kate swears she is looking out for Stephanie and that Chelsea should be worried as well as she's a Brady. Stephanie agrees and signs the contracts, saying she needs to be with her family now anyways.

Outside Stephanie's room Kate reams Chelsea out for what she did to her in front of Stephanie. Chelsea can't believe her grandmother. Kate tells Chelsea how she's made some stupid mistakes lately and she's going to have to accept that Bo and Billie will never be together. Kate says she has finally accepted this. Chelsea won't accept it. She thinks if her parents aren't together then she'll have nobody to love her.

Chelsea goes home, where she talks to Patrick. Patrick talks a bit of trash about Bo, but Chelsea defends her dad and says he'd never falsely arrest someone no matter how much he hated them , he's too honest. Patrick tells Chelsea she doesn't know her dad all that well, they really are more alike than she thinks. He suggests she spend more time with him, perhaps together they can make sure Bo ends up with Billie. Chelsea gets that Patrick wants her to spy on her dad, which she refuses. However she says she will help make sure he ends up with Hope, just in her own way.

Bo talks to Max at the hospital about giving Shawn his job back. Max agrees to give him a chance, but there is going to be a problem. He says he just hired Mimi to work at the garage. Max says if Shawn can get a long with Mimi then he can have his job back.

Billie talks to Steve at hospital. He has woken up after being given the drug. She is the first person he sees, and he really likes that. She tells Steve how much she likes him, she likes the Steve she sees before him, not the Steve people remember or what him to be.

The doctors talk to the family about Kayla. She's not responding to the drug as they had hoped. They all agree to up her dosage, which is a risk.

Stephanie is brought out to see her parents. She thought this was supposed to be a miracle drug. She soon learns one miracle has happened, Steve is okay. Steve talks to her and promises her that her mom will get better, the big dude in the sky wouldn't bring them back together only to take her away. He says her grandma knows about these things, talk to her. Suddenly Kayla begins seizing and goes into cardiac arrest. 

Max returns to garage and learns Shawn came by and blew up. He's had it with Shawn and washes his hands of him. Mimi tells Max that Shawn is a good guy and she asks him to give Shawn his job back, she'll find a way to make things work.

Shawn and Willow return to Chez Rouge. Shawn realizes he still needs to find a job. Willow suggests he go work for the English race car driver. Shawn says she's a genius.

EJ goes to see Kate, and as they are about to get it on with one another Shawn calls up EJ. Shawn asks EJ for a job working for him. EJ says he thinks he has something for him.


November 2, 2006
Kate is at the pub. She is calling and leaving messages for EJ saying they still need to talk. Marlena and John show up, they join her. They talk about how happy Austin and Carrie are in Zurich. John is glad they ran into her, he needs a favor from Kate. She asks what she wants? He asks to rent a satellite truck from her. She asks why? He says its a police matter. She wonders who he is after now. He says he cant tell her and if she cant help him then he can find someone else. Marlena tells John this is the first that shes heard of all this. John says it just came up. Kate gives John her assistants number and says hell help John out. She says shell wave any fee as long as her station gets the rights to the story. Kate says she has stuff to do and heads off. Marlena is giving John dirty looks. She says they worked well together before. He says yes but now its getting dangerous. She says she doesnt like the sound of this. She thinks hes getting bored with his office work and hes had his appetite wetted by working with Bo. He reminds her how dangerous it was for her in New Jersey. She wants him to be careful if this is dangerous, just get in get out and stay safe. She tells John that she wants him with her to watch their granddaughter grow up. She also reminds him that he owes her a wedding and she cant marry a dead guy.

At Chez Rouge, EJ and Shawn meet and talk. Shawn asks EJ if he could use another mechanic. EJ says he would have loved to have him onboard his team. However he doesnt have anything for him right now in the way of racing. However he does have something else in mind for him. EJ has a job that require his discretion, hell have to keep it a secret from everyone including his father. Shawn asks what his father has to do with this? EJ says hes trying to press upon him that this must be kept confidential. Shawn says EJ can trust him, what does he need him to do. EJ says hes working on a huge business deal and he needs to keep it off everyone's radar, that includes Victor and Belles father John as they are the competition. EJ gives Shawn an envelope, he wants Shawn to deliver sealed documents for him. Shawn says that is it? EJ says for now. Shawn says so hes a messenger? EJ says call it whatever he likes, he needs Shawn available 24 hours a day and he will be rewarded well for his work. He asks Shawn if he can count on him. Shawn asks who the partner is? EJ says Patrick Lockhart, does he have a problem with that? Shawn says no, hes fine with Patrick. Shawn then asks how much this pay. EJ says hell be paid 500 dollars per assignment. EJ asks Shawn if they have a deal? Shawn says they do. EJ gives him his first assignment and payment. He says take it to Patrick, hell tell him what to do next. He also says if anyone asks what hes doing say hes working on his cars for him. 

At the hospital, the Bradys watch as the doctors try and save Kayla. Once again the curtains to the room are closed so they cant watch. Stephanie is in tears, Bo says the doctors will do everything they can. Steve is still in quarantine and watches as the doctors try and save Kayla. Later the doctor tells the family that Kayla is stable for now, but if they dont find an antidote that works that Kayla will continue to deteriorate. He thinks they only have about 48 hours to save Kayla at this point. Bo tells his parents to go home and get rest, there isnt much they can do now. Stephanie cries that they have to find an antidote, they just have to. Frankie asks Billie if she can take his parents back to the pub, she says she will. She says goodbye to Steve before she goes. Billie tells him that shell be right back. 

Bo tries to comfort Hope. She wishes she knew what was going on in Steves head. She says the woman he used to love is barely hanging on and its like he doesnt care. Hope says Kayla needs a reason to hang on. She asks Bo to talk to Steve about this. Bo says shed have better luck talking to Steve, he always listened to her. Hope says hes right, shell try. Bo goes to get some coffee and Hope and Steve have a little talk. Steve knows they all expect him to help Kayla but he doesnt know what to do to help her. He says Stephanie keeps staring at him with those sad eyes. He says hed help Kayla if he could. Hope knows how happy Kayla once made Steve. Steve says maybe hell remember some day, but he doesnt know if Kayla will have some day and he almost died too. He asks Hope to do something for him. He asks Hope to go get Billie something nice for him to give her, something that could be from him to thank her. He asks if she could do that for him. She says hes asking her to shop for jewelry for the woman who slept with her husband? He knows what he's asking and he begs her to do this for him. She says she will do it. Suddenly a nurse run to Kayla, a monitor went off. Her lungs are having trouble, the doctor is paged. Steve goes to Kaylas side and talks to her. He tells her to hang in there, a lot of people need her. 

Hope talks with Bo, she didnt have much luck. Shawn shows up to ask what is going on. They tell him Steve got better but Kayla is worse. He asks how Stephanie is doing. Bo suggests he go see her. Bo asks if he talked to Max about a job. Hope offers Shawn a place to stay at home if he needs it. Shawn says hell be okay. He says he got a job working for EJ Wells. Both Hope and Bo dont look too thrilled. He talks about how before the accident EJ was interested in his engine. Hope says he is a good mechanic, of course he wants him. Hope runs off to do a favor for Steve. Bo asks Shawn what hes doing for EJ. He says fixing his cars. Shawn feels Bo isnt too happy for him about this. Bo says he thinks hed be more comfortable working for family. Shawn says he wont go back to work with Max. Bo says they dont know much about EJ other than he associates with disreputable people. Shawn asks his dad to be more specific if he expects him to walk away. Is EJ doing something illegal? Bo says he has a hunch and he is investigating EJ. Shawn tells Bo to just be happy for him like mom. He says until Bo gives him evidence hes going to keep working for EJ. Bo tells him to just watch his back. 

Stephanie returns to the window of the room. Steve talks to her and says her mom wouldnt want to see her upset. Stephanie asks how hed know? She says this is all his fault! Frankie, who is with Stephanie, says she needs to not get upset. Stephanie says she is okay. She tells Steve how hes so wrapped up in himself and how he doesnt remember mom. Has he ever once put himself in her shoes? She says mom had no life when he disappeared and she never let go of her love for him. She says now hes back, and when he came back to life it was like mom did too. She says now mom is dying and he doesnt even care. She wonders what kind of man he is and why mom ever loved him. Steve says he doesnt know why she loved him but he does care. She says then hed be trying to help her and not staring into space. Steve doesnt know what he can do. She says something, anything. She says talk to her, give her a reason not to give up. She thinks he can get through to her. She begs her dad to try, to give her a reason to live.

Kate goes to EJs apartment to see him. She talks to him about how they are in trouble because of this racing wreck and Stephanies hospital bills. He tells her that she needs to relax. EJ has a favor to ask of Kate. He says the Salem Police and Bo Brady are asking about him, hes been talking to Sami as well. Kate asks him to ask Sami about it, she doesn't know what she can do. EJ says he and Sami arent as close anymore, but she is close with Roman . He says he needs Kates help getting information. Kate asks what hes been up to and calls him a bad boy. EJ says nothing, he doesnt know why the police are so interested in him. He wants her to try and find out why the police are so interested in him. Kate says shes not comfortable with that. EJ says he knows its a lot to ask, but they are business partners. She says okay shell see what she can find out. She says hell have to do something for her. She then tells EJ that she wants him, they begin flirting and making out. Kate soon rips his clothes off. Meanwhile outside John is in the surveillance van using it to spy on EJ. He of course gets an eyeful as he watches them go at it! 

Back at the pub, John is gone but Marlena remains. Billie brings Shawn and Caroline in. Shawn and Caroline give Marlena an update on Kayla. She asks if she can do anything, they say keep her in her prayers. Shawn and Caroline walk off. Marlena and Billie discuss how horrible this situation is. Billie tells Marlena about how she knows the family doesnt mean to, but the family looks at Steve with such disappointment as hes stuck in there with Kayla right now. Marlena says that doesnt sound like the Bradys to her. Billie says its how Steve feels. Marlena says the family love him and must be thrilled hes recovered. She says they arent thrilled that Kayla is sick, she needs Steve and Steve is thinking of her (Billie). They sit down and talk. Billie doesnt want to get involved with another married man ,especially another Brady. She doesnt know what it is with her and the Bradys. She hurt Hope and she doesnt want to hurt Kayla. She promised to get out of the way if Steve remembered, and she doesnt want to stand in the way of Kaylas recovery. Billie says Steve has become important to her. Billie thinks Marlena must think shes horrible. Marlena doesnt, she says Billie has every right to go after what makes her happy. Marlena says she cant help but who she falls in love with. Billie says even if Steve and Kayla are a family. Marlena says but Steve and Kayla havent been a family for years. She also tells Billie as a psychiatrist that the chance of Steve regaining his memory is slim. She reminds Billie of the man shes married to, his past is a blank. Marlena says he could have had a wife and family, they may never know. She says she loves him with her whole heart though. Billie says that is different, Steve has Kayla. Marlena says Kayla is strong and has lived most of her life without Steve. Marlena says if Kayla recovers then she will accept what Steve feels. She tells Billie that if she finds love then hold onto it. Marlena says shes learned sometimes you have to let go of the past to have a future.


November 3, 2006
At Maxs garage, Max is talking to Mimi. She wants Max to give Shawn his job back, it would save Max a lot of time. She promises to stay out of Shawns way, she can even do a lot of the book work at home. He asks why she cares, is this her way of getting Shawn back into her life? She knows they wont ever get back together, but she feels responsible for what Shawn is going through. She says if he wont give Shawn his job back then she will quit. She says she cant undo the mistakes she made, but she can do the right thing from now on. She asks him to give Shawn a break.

Shawn arrives at the Lockhart house. He tells Patrick he has a delivery for him. Patrick opens up the envelope and sees it is from EJ. EJ tells him in the note how Shawn is now their new form of communication, he will be paid 500 dollars per message. EJ says hes already paid him for this, but Patrick should pay him again just to keep him around. Patrick wonders what is going with Shawn, suspicious he's been set up by Bo. Shawn claims EJ gave him a job. Patrick says he owes him some money, but Shawn says hes been paid already. Patrick says he knows. Patrick opens up a huge lock box full of money and pays Shawn. A spying Mimi, who is at the door, sees this. Patrick says this is a bonus to keep him motivated. Shawn heads out and Mimi confronts him outside. She asks what is going on with him and her brother? He says its a job and walks off. Mimi then goes in to see her brother. Shes moved back into the house. He says he didnt expect to see her back from work so soon. She says she came home to get something to eat. She asks him about the wad of cash she just handed Shawn. She says hes unemployed, where did he get all that money. He says he cashed in stocks. She reminds Patrick how he told her months ago to be honest with Shawn, if she had she wouldn't be in this mess. She says she hopes Patrick takes his own advice. He says he has nothing to hide so dont worry about him. Patrick then leaves. Mimi looks in the drawer and at the box with all the money. 

Victor meets with Lucas at the hospital. Victor has a job for Lucas. He asks Lucas to deliver something to Belle. Its from Phillip, he sent it to him. Victor asks Lucas to just tell Belle that Phillip sent it to him (Lucas) to give to her, as she wont take anything from him (Victor). 

Shawn and Max run into one another at the hospital. Max talks to Shawn and offers him his job back. Shawn says he got another job working for EJ Wells. Shawn then flashes his cash, Max says thats a lot of money for working on cars. Shawn says he has to go and walks off.

Victor runs into Shawn at the hospital. He wants to talk to Shawn, but Shawn says they have nothing to talk about. Victor wants to help Shawn out, but Shawn wants nothing from Victor. He tells Victor that hes no longer his grandfather, he means nothing to him. 

Back at the garage, Max and Mimi return to work. Max tells Mimi that Shawn already has another job working with EJ. Max is worried, Shawn has a huge wad of cash, more than he should have for working on cars. He says its like hes a drug dealer or something. HE thinks Shawn is doing something he shouldnt be.

At the penthouse, Belle and Marlena have a talk. Marlena asks if something is wrong? Belle says everything and its time they do something about it. Belle tells her mom about Shawns visit to see Claire and how she took dads advice and told him to get a job and a place to live in order to see Claire. She says she cant ask him to do that when she lives at home and has no job of her own. She says she is a single unwed mother and that scares her to death. Marlena says she respects her choice, but being scared is a normal reaction. She tells Belle shes welcomed to stay here as long as she likes. Belle thanks her mom but says she needs a plan. She says when she had her PPD that Phillip was the parent to her and Claire. Belle says she hasnt felt like a mother until recently. She says she wasnt ready to be a mom, but when she found out she was pregnant that she quit school and her job. She doesnt want to be the spoiled princess who runs to daddy for help. She needs to see what options are available to her. Lucas then  shows up with the letter from Phillip that he was told to deliver to her. Marlena excuses them to check on Claire. Belle opens them, she asks where these came from? Lucas says Phillip sent them to him to give her. Belle says its divorce papers and a 100,000 dollar settlement check. Lucas says hes sorry things didnt work out for her. She says shes sorry things didnt work out with him and Carrie. Lucas says it looks like they both are raising their kids on their own. He talks about how Sami is involved with EJ and he doesnt like it. Belle asks if he still has feelings for Sami? He says hell always care about her, but hell never get in a romantic relationship with her again. Belle says if shes learned anything it is never say never. After Lucas leaves, Belle tells Marlena about the papers. She also knows Phillip didnt send the check, Victor did and she wont let Victor control her or Claire.

Bo meets with Hope at the pub. He asks if she and the baby are okay? Hope says yes, its Steve and Kayla shes worried about. He says they all are. Hope says she tried to convince Steve to talk to Kayla and give her a reason to fight. She says not only did it not work but she agreed to buy a necklace for Billie that Steve could give her. She says coming close to dying made Steve have an epiphany about his feelings for her. Bo then gets a call from John about a break in the case. Bo agrees to meet with him and Hope heads out with him to go back to the hospital.

John is in the van spying on Kate and EJ, who are busy getting horizontal in EJs apartment. Sami approaches EJs door and knocks on it. She tells him to answer the door, she knows hes in there. Kate tells him to answer the door. He quickly puts his shirt on and Kate hides. Sami asks what the cops want with him? A spying John wonders what Sami is doing. Bo soon shows up and meets with John, they both spy on Sami with EJ. Bo hopes Sami keeps her mouth shut, she doesnt. She asks what EJ has gotten himself mixed up with, why is her Uncle Bo questioning her about him. He says nothing, why does she care, she chose Lucas. She says she chose her son, big difference. EJ basically says he has things to do, so she needs to go. Sami spots a bra on the floor, she wonders who the woman in EJs bedroom is? Meanwhile Bo cant believe Sami blabbed to Wells, then again he can believe it. John informs Bo about Kate being involved with EJ, they should warn her about EJ. Bo says no one else should know, look what Sami did. John says Kate isnt Sami though. He says nobody around here is safe until they get to the truth about EJ. Meanwhile EJ claims he isnt sleeping with anyone. She thinks he never cared about her, if he did he wouldnt be sleeping with someone so soon. She says she knows the look, his hair is messed up and his shirt is un-tucked. She knows this woman is still here. He eventually shows her out, Kate comes out of hiding. Kate goes to look for her Bra, she doesnt know where it is. 

Out in the hall, Sami has grabbed the bra she saw, she finds it is monogrammed and it is Kate Roberts. Later Lucas talks to Sami. He thought Bo would still be fingerprinting her. Sami says actually he wanted to question her about EJ Wells. He asks what lover boy is up to? Sami says EJ is sleeping with someone. She twirls Kate's bra and tells Lucas that EJ is sleeping with his mother!

John grabs Kate and throws her into the van as shes leaving EJs place. She asks who hes spying on, John says EJ. Kate says so he was watching everything? She is not pleased with him, making a comment about doesn't he have the internet?  She says this is the thanks she gets for lending him this van. She asks why hes spying on EJ? John thinks there is a connection between EJ and the gloved hand. He warns Kate that EJ is dangerous and she should keep her distance from him. Kate thinks maybe she should help him with this investigation. She says if shes working with EJ then she can watch his every move. He says he doesnt want EJ being suspicious of her. Kate says then shell keep her distance. He thanks her. Kate says she has to go. She leaves and then calls up EJ. Kate tells EJ that they have to talk, John is asking questions about him.

At the hospital Steve is sitting by Kayla. Hes stroking her hair and saying he doesnt want her to die, but he doesnt know how to save her. Later Stephanie shows up to talk to her dad again. She says shes sorry for losing it on him again. She begs her dad to do something, not to let mom die. He says he isnt a faith healer, he cant touch her and make her better. She says he doesnt know that, the mind has a lot of powers. She tells him to give her a reason to live. He says hes tried, she says try harder. She says mom never got over him and hes been pushing her away since he came back. She tells Steve that he has to come through for mom, hes the only hope mom has left. She begs her dad not to give up on them now. She asks a nurse to take her back to her room.

Hope shows up at the hospital. She got the necklace and shows it to Steve. He says its nice. He has another favor to ask, its for Kayla. He says shes not getting better and Stephanie thinks shes lost the will to live and has nobody to come back to. He says he doesnt remember their life together. He wants to try something, he wants to be able to talk to Kayla and tell her things they did together. He says maybe shell decide to fight. He asks Hope to get together with Bo and write down things from their past. Hope says she and Bo will do it. He thanks her for this. She says it is her pleasure, and perhaps this will help to remember something as well.

Hope and Bo meet up again at the pub. Hope tells him about Steves plan to help Kayla. He agrees to help, so they take a trip down memory lane and think about Steve and Kaylas memories. She remembers when Steve and Kayla were falling in love is when they found out Victor was his father. She says Steve was there for her and convinced her not to give up on Bo. She says then she found out she was pregnant with Shawn. They discuss the whole Orpheus and Britta England drama. We see some classic big haired flashbacks of Hope playing matchmaker between Steve and Kayla. Steve was out cold in a bed as Hope and Kayla tended to him, Hope told Kayla how special Steve was. Hope says Kayla wouldnt give up on Steve back then, thank God hes not giving up on her now. We see another flashback of Bo and Steve when Bo and Hope came back to town after their sailing trip around the world. 

Back at the hospital, Stephanie talks with Steve yet again. She says shes not here to fight. He says she was right though, he hasnt been doing everything he can to help her mom get well. He says he will now, he will do whatever it takes to save her, she can count on him.

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