November 6, 2006
At the Lockhart house, Mimi brings home all her books from the garage to work on. She sees her mom has a new dress, she thought her mom was broke. Bonnie talks about how she may not have thousands of dollars but she can take advantage of a factory outlet sale. Mimi tells her mom how the dress is awful, its the wrong cut the wrong fabric and the wrong color. Bonnie says please tell her how she really feels. Mimi says she asked for her opinion. Bonnie admits it is horrible but its been so long since she had anything new. Mimi asks where all her money is going? She says shes having a cash flow problem and is making an investment to the future that is zapping her free cash. Mimi cant believe they work their tails off and have nothing, meanwhile Patrick does nothing and is loaded. Bonnie asks since when Patrick has money? Mimi shows her Patricks lockbox full of money. Bonnie is stunned. Mimi is worried, where did he get all this? What if Patrick is in trouble. Bonnie says hes not, why doesnt she ask where he got it. Mimi says she did, he told her about investments or something. Mimi says she knows her brother lied to her. She suggests Bonnie talk to him, he wont lie to her as she has no scruples either. Bonnie says she wont treat her son like a criminal. Mimi thinks she just doesnt want to know the truth. Mimi has to head out to her second job, saying unlike Patrick she has to work for a living. After Mimi leaves, Bonnie gets a call from Lauren. Lauren is having a problem, Bonnie asks if it is the baby? She tells Lauren to hang on and shell be right there. She runs off after swiping some of the cash.

Bonnie meets up with Lauren out on the streets. Bonnie tells her how pregnancy agrees with her, she is gorgeous. Lauren says shes fat and miserable, shes only doing this for the money. She tells Bonnie that she wants more money, a lot more. She says she had to quit her job because of the baby, she can no longer be on her feet all day as her job requires. She says she will need Bonnie to support her for the duration of this pregnancy, something shes looking forward to becoming accustom to. She tells Bonnie to cough up the money or say goodbye to her grand daughter. Bonnie gives her money she took from Patrick. Lauren calls it a start. 

Willow and Shawn are hanging out at the Y. Shawn tells her about his new job as a delivery boy, which pays 500 dollars an envelope. He says his dad thinks he shouldnt trust him, but EJ is a celebrity not a criminal. Willow says hes in the money now and can take care of his little girl. He says he can prove to everyone that hes worthy of being Claires father. He wants to get a place in the nice part of town, a place big enough for a nursery. She ask if there will be room enough for her? Shawn says he hasnt really thought about them moving in together. She says she didnt mean to put him on the spot. She just though since they got along so great, it might be great to get out of here and have more space. He says it would be cool and he wants to repay her for letting him stay here but . . . she says but he cant have an ex-hooker living with him right now. She says forget she mentioned it. He says he doesnt care what people think, but they havent talked about a future. She says shes not asking him to marry her, she is just looking for a place to call home. She says she just wants a place to cook and have friends over. She says she sounds pathetic, she doesnt mean to be manipulating him with her sad story. He says its okay and they will look for a place together. She doesnt want to guilt him into this, but he says it is what he wants to do. She thanks him and jumps on him. They fall onto the bed and kiss.

Willow and Mimi both arrive at Chez Rouge for work, they end up arguing. Willow accuses Mimi of being desperate to get Shawn back by working at the garage. Mimi says she is working there because she needs money. Willow brags to Mimi how shes moving on up in Salem and is going to soon have a place with Shawn. Mimi doubts that, but Willow says Shawn wants a place where Claire can come visit. Mimi doubts Belle will allow Claire to visit at a place where someone so lacking in morals lives. Willow says Mimi should talk, at least she never lied to anyone she cared about the way Mimi did. Mimi warns Willow whatever power she has over Shawn, it wont last. She says once Claire is back in Shawns life, Belle will be too. She says Shawn may be enjoying his nightly acrobatics with her, but in the end he wont let anything come between him and his daughter as well as Belle. She says in the end hell toss her butt  out onto the curb like everyone else has.

At the pub, Bo and Hope are connecting over their memories of the past. They share a kiss. Hope says they really did have great times together. Bo says it isnt too late for them, they can still get back what they once had. He kisses her hand. Patrick then walks in to spoil the mood. Hope tells Bo not to make a scene. She says Patrick will always be a part of her life because of the baby and she has to speak to him. Bo excuses himself so she can talk to him. Patrick says he didnt mean to interrupt, but she hasnt been returning his calls. She says shes just been so busy with Steve and Kayla lately. He offers to drive her to the hospital so they can talk on the way. She says let her tell Bo. She goes to turn around and notices Bo is gone. 

Later Shawn shows up at the pub to pay his dad back for the damages to the boat. Bo thanks him for being responsible but says he needs to focus on Claire. Shawn says with the money hes making he can take care of all his responsibilities. Bo asks how much Wells is paying him to work on cars? Bo wants Shawn to promise to tell him if anything happens that tips him off to anything wrong going on that Shawn will come to him. He also has something from Victor for him. Shawn says he doesnt want anything from Victor. Bo tells Shawn to just open it up and see what it is.

Shawn heads to Chez Rouge to give Willow a ride home after her shift. She sees he has an envelope. Shawn says its from his grandfather, he wasnt planning on opening it. She says it could be something good. He opens it up, its a check for 10,000 dollars! Willow is excited, but Shawn wont keep it. He says no money will make up for what his grandfather did to him.

Steve is laying around at the hospital watching Kayla. Billie shows up to see Steve. He didnt know if she was coming back. She says of course she came back, she will be here until he gets better. She says she cant wait till hes out of quarantine and she can touch him. She asks him what is wrong? He talks about how hes worried about Stephanie, if something happens to Kayla then she wont be able to take it. Steve says she wants him to do something, but so far he hasnt been able to do a damn thing. Steve tells Billie she should go home and get some rest, hes feeling a bit tired himself. She says see you later and heads off. 

Hope arrives at the hospital. She gives Steve the information that she and Bo came up with. She enjoyed the trip down memory lane. She says shell keep writing stuff down, maybe some of it will job Steves memory as well. He hopes so, he says when he told Kayla he only remembered Stephanie that it hurt her so bad. He says he cant walk out on the mother of his child.

Billie and Hope run into one another, Hope asks Billie how she liked the necklace? Billie is confused, Steve didnt give her one. Hope says she must have ruined the surprise, Steve wanted to get her something nice. Billie says shes thrilled that Steve thought of her.

Billie goes to see Steve, only to find him talking to Kayla about how he finally got his memory back. He says he remembers everything, he remembers how much he needs her. He says she has to get well, she has to come back to him. Billie is devastated. Steve tells Kayla how when she wakes up and walks out of here it will be just like the old days. He begins reading off the memories that Bo and Hope wrote down for him. He talks about how she gave him a pool cue, it was the first gift anyone gave him for no reason. He remembers they played a game of pool for ten kisses. He tells her there are a lot more kisses for her if she wakes up. He then begins talking about how they had to go to Australia to rescue Stephanie from their crazy nanny Sheila. The show ends with Steve singing and humming The Rose to Kayla. Kaylas eyes open and she looks over at Steve.

Patrick takes Hope back to his place for dinner. He wants to take care of her. He makes a comments about the Bradys. Hope tells Patrick that she will always think of them as her family. Patrick apologizes. He thinks he did interrupt something tonight between her and Bo at the pub. Hope says she and Bo were reminiscing that was all. Patrick then brings up their trip to Chicago. He thinks it is still on, unless shes changed her mind. She says she will go to Chicago with him. He says good, its what they both need. He asks when she wants to go? She says she doesnt know. He says with the baby coming they may not get the chance. He begs her to stop putting him off. She says theyll go as soon as possible, but she doesnt want Bo to know. He asks why she cares if Bo does or doesnt find out? She says Bo is dealing with enough right now, she doesnt want to upset him anymore. Patrick agrees not to let anyone else know about the trip. He asks how soon they can go. She says as soon as she knows Kayla is okay. Patrick says hes sorry, he just got excited. He says hell make arrangements in the meantime. Hope tells him not to spend all his money on him. He says he has plenty of cash stashed away. Patrick then notices his stash of cash is gone.

Bo is in his room at the pub holding an old photo of him and Hope. Billie shows up to see Bo. She tells Bo how Steve has remembered his old life with Kayla, she heard him at the hospital. He thinks so it worked. He tells her how he and Hope wrote down memories for him, it must have triggered his memory. She says he warned her this would happen. She cries and he comforts her. The comforting soon turns to ripping of clothes off and some heavy kissing on the bed.


November 7, 2006

At the hospital, Kayla wakes up and Steve explains what is going on. Kayla has a panic attack and begins having breathing troubles. The doctors and nurses come in to look at her. Steve yells that he cant lose her again, he loves her. Steve appears shocked that he even uttered this. A doctor tells Steve that hes given Kayla the strength to carry on, but they need to buy her as much time as they can if they are going to save her. Steve asks a nurse to call the Bradys and get them here now. 

At Patricks, Hope watches as Patrick goes nuts over his missing money. He swears it is legal but he didnt put it in the bank because he didn't want the IRS knowing and didnt want to give Bo and the Salem PD any reason to be suspicious of him. He says it took a long time to get the money together, he wanted her to trust that he could take care of her and the baby. Hope says she never doubted that hed be here for her and the baby. He says part of being a good dad is being able to afford the baby. He says he had a whole bankroll in that draw. She says hes acting like a high school kid trying to impress a girl with a wad of bills. She says this isnt about money, its about love and support and being there. Patrick says shes right. He says he loves this baby and he loves her, he wants them to share their lives together. He says he was trying to impress her with money, but they come from such different worlds. He says Bo keeps saying hes not worthy of her, he wanted to prove Bo wrong. Hopes phone rings and she has to take it. Its the hospital calling about Kayla, who has woken up. She says shell take care of it all. Hope tells Patrick she has to call Bo and let him know what is going on. Of course Patricks face turns sour. Hope says Bo isnt answering, she has to go find him. She says shell call him later. She runs off, Patrick ends up throwing a tantrum. Bonnie shows up, she asks what happened here? He accuses her of stealing money from him to go on a shopping spree and he says I want it back Bonnie. They begin arguing, Bonnie claims shes shocked that he thinks this of her. She asks why hed leave that kind of money laying about and where did he get it? He says he has his sources, it was part of a business deal. She says someone must have broken in. He says this was an inside job, and hes looking at the perp. He sees her shopping spree she's been on, but she suggests he look at the price tags as these are some cheap threads. He knows nobody broke in and the only other person here is Mimi and she didnt steal it. Bonnie says her husband just dumped her, shes capable of anything. 

Chelsea shows up at the pub, dressed in some red dress to impress. She asks Caroline where her dad is. She says hes upstairs getting some rest, hes hardly slept since what happened with Kayla. Caroline says that is some outfit. She says shes meeting friends at Dune. She needs to talk to her dad about some spending money. Caroline gives her some money as she doesn't want her bothering Bo, but Chelsea lets her grandma know this wont go far in the 21st century. Caroline suggests she get a job if she wants more money. Chelsea swipes a tip off a table and runs upstairs.

Bo and upset Billie start going at it in Bos room. Clothes begin to come off. Eventually Billie tells Bo to stop, she has to tell him something. Bo says he has something to say too. They both say they cant do this. They end up laughing. Billie says easy as this would be, as good as it would feel, she has feelings for someone else. She says she knows Steve will probably get back together with Kayla if she gets batter. She says shes sorry, that didnt sound right. He says he understands. She also knows how he feels about Hope and she doesnt want to do anything to wreck it. Billie doesnt know why she cant find a guy who cares about her, all she wants is a relationship. Bo says shell get one one day. She says she shouldnt be here, she knows hes tired. He says they are friends and this is what friends do, they support each other, they just have to keep their pants on. She says shell go, but he says she should stay and they should talk. Billie says they have come a long way, Bo says they have. Billie says this is what they called closure. Bo says they share a child and for her sake they have gotten through a hell of a lot. He says theyve come full circle and become friends again after all these years. Chelsea shows up outside and misunderstands what is going on. She takes a photo of them in bed together on her cell phone. Bo and Billie finally put their clothes back on. Bo asks Billie if she will tell Steve what she heard. Billie says no, and she just wishes she hadnt heard anything. Bo offers to talk to Steve for her. Billie says no that would be weird. She says they both said from the get go she and Steve would be up front with one another. She says shell wait till he gets better before telling him that she knows. He says hes proud of her. She says look what its gotten her. She wonders how she will let him go.

Chelsea ends up running off after saying goodbye to her grandma, who soon realizes Chelsea stole her tip. Later Hope shows up to see Bo, she knocks on the door and he opens it. She jumps into his arms and says Kayla is awake. She then sees Billie is there and says she didnt know he was busy. Billie and Bo say its not what she thinks. She says it doesnt matter, what matters is Kayla is awake. They ask if the drug worked, but Hope says no. She says it was Steve who brought her out of it. 

Back at the hospital, Kayla talks to the doctors. She remembers the toxic gas, they explain how she had a reaction to the antidote. She asks how long she has? The doctors dont want to say, but she presses him. He admits two days, three at most. He says they are doing everything they can. Kayla asks for Steve, he comes to see her. He says she scared the hell out of him. He says he has her back now, but she says for how long. He says dont talk like that. Kayla says she cant go through this without him. Kayla talks about how she felt so far away but it was him that brought her back, she heard him say that he remembered her . . . she heard him say that he loved her. She says that is why she fought so hard, so she could get back to him. He says it is a miracle. She says it doesnt matter what happens now, knowing he remembers makes it all worth while. She says she will die happy knowing he loves her.

At Maggies place Abby is all ready and trying to get a hold of Chelsea. Maggie tells Abby that her cousin Nick showed up, hes staying with them for awhile. Maggie gives her the family tree, Nick is Jessica and Joshs son, Jessica being Maries daughter, Marie being Alices daughter. Maggie says hes very bright, he has graduated from college and has a job working at the Horton Foundation in the genetics lab. Nick shows up, hes a complete stereotypical geek. He gives Abby a hug and thanks her for taking her out on the town tonight.. Abby says what? Maggie says she told him that shed show him around the town tonight. Nick says he wants to go someplace they can dance, he loves to boogie. He says he tried out for Americas Got Talent and almost made the cut. Maggie suggests they go to Dune. Abby says hes not dressed for Dune, and she doubts hes unpacked. Nick says he is and runs up to get dressed. Abby tells her Aunt Maggie that he is a geek, she cant hang out with him, what will her friends think? Maggie says that shes a good person. She says some people like different, her father is different. She says her dad is his own kind of man. Maggie thinks her parents wouldnt have raised her to be so shallow, she is sure when Nick shows up that hell be perfectly presentable. Nick shows up in some blue sued leisure suit and says Dune get ready for the Fallonator, lets get jiggy with it! He grabs Abby and runs out the door with her.

Maggie goes to the Pub and talks to Caroline about Abby and Nick. Caroline thinks Mickey will be happy to have Nick around. Maggie says Mickey works so hard he barely has time for her. Bo and Hope show up, along with Billie. Bo tells his ma that Kayla is awake so they all run off. Maggie sees the look Billie has on her face. She thinks its the look of an addict. She says when they cant feed their primary addictions they often feel the need to find a substitute. She says her substitute is Bo. Billie assures Maggie that she and Bo are just friends. Billie explains what is going on with her and Steve and how he remembered Kayla, which means she has to step aside. She doesnt understand why shes attracted to men who are attracted to other women. Maggie says maybe because she knows they are unavailable and that makes them safe from commitment. Billie says that isnt what she wants though. Maggie says perhaps it is time she take a deep look within and let God unveil his plan for her. She says maybe if she prays to God then he will answer her prayers.

Bo, Hope and Caroline arrive at the hospital to see Steve and Kayla. They are glad she is awake. Caroline says Frankie and Shawn will be here soon. Kayla begins to cough, Steve tells her its okay. Steve goes to talk to Bo and Hope. He says Kaylas breathing is a little rough. He says shes sedated, she cant stay awake long. He says she knows what happens, her mind is fine. Bo says knowing they have a future together is what is keeping Kayla going. 

Abby and Nick end up at Dune, hes very impressed. He says they had no clubs like this where he went to school in upstate New York. Nick says  if you want to hear music like this you had to go frat parties. She asks if he went, he says he was a Pike and he graduated top in his class. She asks about these parties, did he actually dance with girls? He says sometimes, other times he just dances with himself. A song comes on that Nick likes, he pulls Abby out onto the floor and they become the laughing stock of the club, which Nick is not aware of. Chelsea walks in and gives Abby a look. Nick ends up doing the splits on the dance floor and splits his pants. Nick yells to everyone that the show is over, haven't they ever seen boxers before? Chelsea asks Abby who this is, she says her cousin shes stuck with. Abby introduces Nick to Chelsea. Nick says they should hang sometime. Chelsea says she doesnt talk to geeks let a long hang out with them. Chelsea shows Abby the photo she took, she says when the right people see this it means no more Hope and no more Pirate. Abby thinks she should delete it, but Chelsea says she thinks it is time to celebrate. Chelsea decides to hit the bar. Nick offers to get her a soda. She says she doesnt drink sodas, she drinks cosmos. Abby tries to convince her not to do this, she has a fake ID and if she gets busted it will mean jail time. Chelsea is sure she wont get caught. Abby tells Nick how Chelsea could be in trouble, this wont be her first offense. Nick says she has a record? Abby says it seems to be getting longer every day.  Meanwhile, Chelsea orders a cosmo, the bartender asks for ID. She says she doesnt know the last time she was carded, is he trying to get her address? He looks at her ID and tells her to go away and take her fake ID. She says hell be sorry. She goes to leave, knocking over a ton of drinks. The bartender says shes paying for those. Abby and Nick watch this, Abby says she warned Chelsea. Nick says he can handle this and runs to the rescue. Chelsea says she wont pay for that, it was an accident. He says she was pissed and did it on purpose. He says she owes him 88 dollars. She says no way. He threatens to call the cops. Nick swoops in and suggests they solve this some other way. 


November 8, 2006
Show Pre-Empted


November 9, 2006
Will, Lucas and Sami are having dinner at the Penthouse Grill. Will cant stop talking about an amusement park they went to earlier. He says today was so great. Sami says shes glad he had a good time, it was all about making him happy. They drink to being happy, may today be the first of many days. Later they all notice Lexie is here, Sami says just when she thought it was safe to go back in the water. Sami thinks this is weird, maybe they should go to the pub or something. Will says so shes going to just run away? Lucas says shes feeling uncomfortable that is all. Will says understandable given how she blackmailed Lexie. Will makes an excuse to go to the car so that Lucas can talk to Sami. He suggests Sami go over to Lexie and tell her that shes sorry. He tells her to do it for Will, take the high road and do what is right.

Lexie and Abe are dining at the Penthouse Grill as well. Abe gives her a letter, she wonders if she forgot a special occasion or something. He says its from Bo. Its a card from the Bradys thanking her for helping Kayla and Steve. She thinks she doesnt deserve their thanks. Abe says the whole family is grateful to her. She knows they forgave her for what she did keeping Zack away from Bo and Hope, then she went and betrayed their trust again. Abe tells Lexie she is a good person. Lexie sees Sami laughing with her family, it upsets her that she doesnt seem to be feeling guilty about what they did to Carrie. Abe doesnt think Sami Brady feels guilty for anything shes done. Lexie says it infuriates her. She hates what she did to Carrie and she has paid for it, meanwhile Sami is over there stuffing her face and laughing with Will and Lucas. Lexie later notices Sami staring at her, but she wont let Sami chase her away. Abe suggests they try and forget Sami exists. She cant, so he asks what she wants to do. Lexie talks about how she felt she had to work twice as hard all her life to get where she was, especially given she was Stefanos daughter. She says when people found out what she did, she proved to them all that she really is Stefanos daughter. Abe says he will not let her do this, he wont let her run herself down. She thanks him and says she wont let Sami run them out, they will enjoy this dinner.

Later Sami approaches Abe and Lexies table. Abe says he sees shes having a good time with Will and Lucas. She says yes, Will is a great kid and sometimes she forgets hes hers. Sami says Will and Lucas are giving her another chance and she hopes others will too in time. Sami tells Lexie that shes sorry. She says shes not good at apologies. She says shes not asking for them to be friends, she is just sorry and hopes Lexie will forgive her. Lexie says no she doesnt accept her apology. She says sorry doesnt get her her job back or keep people from looking at her the way they are. Sami yells at Lexie that it was so easy to blackmail her, she wasn't a good person, she wasnt faithful to Abe. She says her family has forgiven Lexie a million times, yet she cant even forgive her once. Sami storms off, Lexie ends up following her. Lexie follows her in to the ladies room and pours champagne all over Sami! Later Sami returns to her table and jokes she just took a refreshing shower in champagne. She ends up giggling about it. She says shes with her family and that is all that matters to her. Will helps her ring her hair out.

Belle comes to see Victor to return his check. Shawn shows up at the same time to return the check Victor sent her. Victor says they are peace offerings, hes trying to make amends. Shawn thinks Victor wants something. He admits he wants to be a part of Claires life. Victor says he wasnt out to harm anyone, he just wanted to protect his son. Shawn says hes lied his whole life to get where he is and what he wants. Victor says he worked for everything he has. Shawn says Victor never used any of his money for good. Victor tells Shawn he tends to get angry when he doesnt get his way, he is a lot more like his Greek Grandfather then he thinks. Shawn says hed shoot himself if he was like him. Victor says hes still family and he demands they sit down and listen to him. Belle offers him a few minutes. Victor says in life there are always chances for new beginnings, and Claire was that chance for him. He says he was unable to be there for Isabelle, Bo and even Phillip when they were children. He says Claire is his chance to give the love he has to a child, especially now that Phillip is gone. He says Phillip treasured Claire and she is the only link he has to Phillip left. Belle says Phillip wont be gone forever. She says Phillip left when he was upset, but hell be back. Victor says he cant wait, he's not a patient person. Victor says hes hired a detective to find Phillip and none of the agencies hes hired have found him. Everyone he has searching for Phillip has found nothing, it is like he vanished. Victor excuses himself for a moment. Belle tells Shawn hes never seen Victor like that. Shawn says Victor acts like hes never lost anyone. Shawn is sure Phillip is just punishing his parents. Belle worries, what if hes dead? Victor returns and says hes not used to letting his emotions get the best of him. He says all he wants is to spend time with Claire, he loves her. Shawn says they dont need his help, they are done here. Belle says it isnt Shawns call, it is hers. Shawn says they are partners, but she says he hasnt been there for her and Claire yet. She says he doesnt trust him right now. She says Phillip makes Claire happy and it is important to Claire and to her that she keep Phillip in her heart. Victor leaves them to talk. Shawn says shes going to let him spend time with their daughter. Belle says Victor is the only link Claire has to Phillip. Shawn says Phillip is the one who walked out on Claire, he is the one who is here willing to do whatever it takes to support them. Shawn says he has a job and is looking to get an apartment. He hands Belle a wad of cash saying its his first child support payment. She is shocked he is giving her cash, and so much. She wonders what hes doing for EJ. He says working on cars and it pays well. He says he wants to prove to her that hes ready to be a father. They talk about being parents, Shawn says his mom always said there were two parts of life, before and after kids. Shawn says his mom liked the after part the best. She asks where hes staying until he finds a place, with Willow? Shawn says she had a rough child hood and is a good person. Belle says they are all responsible for the choices they make and she doesnt want Claire around Willow. Victor returns and asks if they came to an agreement? Belle says she wants him to be a part of Claires life, shell be in touch. Shawn and Belle leave. They continue talking, Belle says she knows Claire will enjoy spending time with Shawn too. In his office Victor is smiling and its not a good smile.

At Dune, Nick offers to hand over  his first paycheck to Dune to cover Chelsea's mishap. Chelsea says shell work it off, maybe she can wash dishes. The bartender says she just broke half the glasses in here, hes not letting her near dishes. He demands she pay up 88 bucks now or she and her fake ID go straight to jail. Nick continues to promise to hand over his first paycheck, if he doesnt then the bartender and his friends can break his legs. He asks the bartender to give her a break. The bartender doesnt know why he should. He says bartenders hear all sorts of problems, all sorts of peoples dirty secrets that make what Chelsea did seem not so bad. The bartender says no deal, his girlfriend is out of luck. She says hes not her boyfriend, look at him and look at her. The Bartender still wants to call the cops. Nick says there has to be some way to get him not to call the cops. The bartender says the watch Nick is wearing, hed like to have it. Its a graduation present, and it costs thousands of dollars. Nick says that isnt a fair exchange. The bartender says he sees it as a watch for freedom not a bunch of glasses. He makes a bet with Nick, if Nick wins the girlfriend goes, if he wins he gets the watch. Nick hands it over, the bartender sees it is inscribed and saw "Aw how cute." Abby says forget this, they can call Maggie and shell bring over the money. Nick refuses and says hes in. The bartender makes him do some trick, he has to get an olive into a glass without touching the olive. Chelsea thinks nobody can do that. The bartender gives Nick two minutes. The entire club is cheering him on. He turns the glass upside down and moves it around, causing the olive to spin inside the glass and he quickly flips it over. Nick gets his watch back and tells Chelsea shes a free woman, hell see her around. Nick then heads off. 

Chelsea and Abby follow Nick out, they ask how he came up with that solution. He says he and his frat brothers spent lots of time playing games like that. Chelsea is shocked he was in a frat. Abby tells her that Nick just saved her butt, isnt she going to say thank you? Chelsea says what he did was cool and hes okay. She says she was wrong, she is sorry she called him a loser. Nick says thanks hell add that to his blog. He has to get going, he has a job tomorrow. Abby says shell give him a ride home, but he says he can take a cab so they can hang out. Chelsea says shes done with Dune. She tells Nick to lose the glasses and walks off. Abby tells Nick Chelsea comes off a bit wild, but shes okay. He says he thinks shes magnificent. Abby cant believe him, but he says hes never met a girl with a police record before. He says doesnt have much experience with girls, and he thinks Chelsea is exciting, like those wild girls on reality shows. Abby says Chelsea is a little too exciting for her sometimes. 


November 10, 2006
Lucas and Sami continue to bond back at the apartment. EJ happens to come over to see Sami. She confronts him about sleeping with Kate, Lucas warns him not to touch his mother again or hell wipe that smug smile off his face. EJ leaves and Sami and Lucas discuss why Sami was ever attracted to EJ. Sami doesnt know what she saw in him, but assures Lucas that they never slept together. Lucas lets Sami know that he cares about what happens to her.

At the station Bo, John and Roman are going through Patricks locker contents. They find a set of numbers in his belongings that ends up matching the set of numbers on Eve when she died. Bo thinks Hope is in danger from him.  He wants to warn Hope, who is at the hospital with Patrick.

Hope and Patrick go to the hospital for more tests on the baby. Dr. Bader wants Hope to have amniocentesis. Patrick becomes nervous and confronts her later, knowing it will reveal the truth about the baby. He offers to pay Dr. Bader off again to make sure Hope doesnt find out that Bo is the father of her baby.

Kate and Billie do lunch, Billie tells her mom how she fell for Steve only to lose him when he got his memory back. Later Billie talks to Hope. She explains how earlier Bo was helping her deal with Steve having his memory back. Hope knows she cares about Steve. She also says Steve told her that he cares about Billie too.

Steve is sitting with Kayla still. Billie shows up to see Steve. He wants to give her the necklace, but she knows he has his memory back. She doesnt give him a chance to explain, telling him that he belongs with Kayla. Stephanie, who is there, of course makes things difficult. Later Kayla once again begins having troubles breathing. Steve rushes to her side telling her to hang on, to hang in there for him. Stephanie goes ballistic again, Steve has to try and calm her down as well.

Bo and John end up back in the van spying on EJ, who is with Kate. Kate is working with John, they have a little ruse going to get EJ out of the apartment so Kate can snoop. Kate tells EJ how John and Bo are investigating him, they think he is dangerous and warned her about him. John then calls up EJ and suggests they have a little meeting, EJ agrees.

John and EJ meet for drinks. John begins questioning EJ about his connection to the Bradys and how well he knows Patrick. EJ gets a little fed up and decides to head off. John calls Bo to warn Kate to get out, but they cant reach Kate. It appears Kate is about to get busted by EJ.

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