November 13, 2006
Patrick confronts Mimi at the house about taking his money. She says she didnt take it but she can think of someone else in this house who would. Meanwhile Bonnie is on her way home on the phone with someone saying shes already taken out an interest free loan from a family member that she has to pay back. Meanwhile Patrick tells Mimi that he doesnt think mom would rip him off again. She says think again, she has stolen from her time and time again. She says mom acts like shes broke but Alices is packed every night, something is going on. Bonnie walks in, she loves having her kids under one roof again. He says why because it makes it easier for her to rip them off? Patrick demands back what Bonnie stole from him. She says she told him she didnt take his money. Patrick says dont tell him it was Mimi again because they know better. Mimi gasps and cant believe her mother said she took it. Bonnie says she only said several people live in this house including two former jail birds. Mimi says theyve all been to jail. Bonnnie meant Billie and Chelsea. Bonnie says she can settle this. She says she used to clean Abes house, shell call him and have him look into things. Patrick says no way, shes not calling anyone. Patrick doesnt want the cops involved, they are too busy trying to hang him for a crime he didnt commit. A car pulls up, Patrick goes out to see it. Mimi looks out the window and sees it is Shawn. She wonders what is going on. Patrick returns, Mimi asks why Shawn keeps showing up? Patrick says he cant talk, he has to go. Patrick gets another message, it tells him to find out what John and Bo know about him. Mimi tells her mom that something is going on with Patrick, what if the money he had is stolen? She tells her mom if she did take it then she is in just as much trouble as Patrick. Mimi tells her mom that she knows she stole the money and shell wish she hadnt when Patrick or whoever hes involved with finds out. Bonnie says if Mimi is trying to scare her well it wont work. Mimi asks if shes not worried about Patrick? Where did he get all this loot and what is with Shawn and these mystery deliveries. Bonnie says Patrick can take care of himself and she has her own problems right now. Bonnie heads off for work.

Sami is on her laptop when Bo calls her up and asks for a favor. She asks what it is. He says go to EJs place, knock on the door and distract him. Sami says she told him she didnt want to see him again and he told her to stay away from him. He says he doesnt have time to argue, can he count on her? 

Kate is stuck in EJs apartment and Sami knocks on the door. She asks if she can come in, he says not now. She says shed like to talk about them. He says there is no them, she made that clear. She says that is what she wants to talk about. He asks if shes willing to give them another chance? Sami asks EJ to cut her a break, its been a difficult few weeks what with Will and her almost marrying Austin. Kate spies on them as they talk. EJ talks about how Lucas constantly abandons her yet whenever he comes around she forgives Lucas and casts him aside. Sami tells EJ that she felt like he was asking her to choose between him and her son. EJ says he wanted her to choose between Lucas, someone who has let her down time and time again and him, someone who has stood by her. Sami appreciates EJ for being there, but she cant cut Lucas out of her life as he is Wills father. She says she and Lucas have to try and be friends for Wills sake, and things are working out. EJ asks what this has to do with them? Sami says she knows now that she and Lucas will only be friends. She was hoping the two of them could try again, if hes still interested. He asks how he knows she wont change her mind? Sami says take her word for it. EJ says he cant and now if shell excuse him. Sami then puts the moves on EJ and pulls him into a kiss. Bo is watching from the van and says Woah Sami, nice work! Meanwhile Bo sees Kate in EJs bedroom. He says now he just has to get Kate out of there. 

John goes to the fire escape outside of EJs. He tells Kate they have to go now! Meanwhile Sami is still kissing EJ. He says it was quiet a kiss. Sami says she knows he is used to woman throwing themselves at him, such as Kate. He says about Kate . . . she doesnt want to talk about Kate right now. EJ suggests they take this to the bedroom. Sami says that is how they got in trouble the first time. She wants them to take things slow. He says every time they take it slow things happen. Sami says she cant stay here now, she didnt expect to be here this long. She says shell call him soon. She gives him a kiss and sees herself out. Meanwhile John tells Kate its now or never. He pulls her out and they run for it. EJ heads into his bedroom and finds something has been knocked over. He looks outside.

Kate and John return to the van. They tell her how Kate owes Sami big time. Kate shows them what she found, an interesting ring. John looks at it and is stunned. John says this is a DiMera ring. Kate asks why EJ would have it? Bo says EJ is connected with the DiMeras, Patrick is obviously still on the family payroll. Kate wants to keep working with them, but John says dont do anything in particular. He says do what she normally does, maybe hell let his guard down. She says she knows how to play this game. Bo then gets a call from Roman about Kayla. He suggests they get over here right away. John decides to go with Bo, but Bo says hell meet John there. Bo says he has to make a stop on the way.

Bo stops by Samis place to thank her. Sami asks what that was all about anyways? He cant say much, other than someone was searching the apartment when EJ came home before they expected. He says she did a good job. She says it wasnt easy, she had to kiss him and tell him all these lies. She says she just finished telling Lucas they were over. Bo says he knows, and he is proud of her. She is shocked. He says she did a good thing and helped a lot of people, she should be proud of herself. He says they need to go to the hospital, Kayla has take a turn for the worse. Sami says she is sorry but her dad will be there, its better she not go. Bo says she is family and should be there, come on. They head off together.

Ej calls Shawn to make sure hes been delivering his messages. He tells Shawn to keep up the good work. EJ goes to knock on Samis door. Will shows up with his backpack. He asks what he wants? EJ says to see his mother. Will says she wants nothing to do with him, besides shes not home, shes at the hospital. EJ says thank you for telling him. Will asks what he wants with her mom, why is he bothering her? EJ says its none of his business. Will says it is, his parents are finally getting a long and dont need EJ butting in. EJ says Sami came to his place today and both her and her lips said she is interested in him. EJ says if he wants to see her again then there is nothing that he or his father can do about it. EJ then walks off.

EJ meets with Kate for drinks. EJ tells Kate about Sami coming around. Kate asks about John, did he explain why he thinks hes a criminal? EJ says no, but he thinks John got him out of the apartment so somebody could toss it. He says he doesnt know what John is up to, but he wont be giving up. Kate tells EJ to call the police, she says she could even offer to call Roman for him. EJ says he doesnt have proof so no, besides he has it under control. She asks what hes going to do? He says he has a favor, something she may not like. He asks her to keep an eye on John for him. She says she can do that. She says shell do what she can to help him. He says he knew he could count on her. EJ has to head out and says theyll catch up later. 

At the hospital, the Bradys all watch as Steve tries to keep Kayla hanging in there. The doctor tells the family that Kayla is failing quickly now. Caroline begs them not to give up. Nick walks up to everyone and says he may have an answer that will save Kaylas life. Shawn asks who he is? The doctor introduces him, Hope gives him a hug and says she hasnt seen him since he was 8 or 9. Caroline finally makes the connection. Shawn Sr asks who is he? She says hes Jessica and Joshuas son, Marie Horton is his grandma. Roman asks Nick what he said about saving Kayla? Nick has a friend and former professor who develops biotoxin drugs specifically formulated for individuals. They give him permission to call. Nick and the doctor go to call this guy up.

Hope talks with Steve. She tells Steve that she knows what happen with Billie. Steve says he didnt want to hurt her. Hope says Billie needed to know that he remembers Kayla and they belong together, that she is the one he really loves. Steve makes a face, Hope says shes sorry. She realizes she jumped to the wrong conclusion. Steve says he is committed to Kayla and to getting her well. Hope asks Steve if he really does have his memory back? She assumed the memories they wrote down helped him remember. Does he remember loving Kayla? Steve wishes he could tell Hope what she wants to hear, but he cant. He says all that matters now is keeping Kayla alive. Hope says hes right and whatever hes doing to keep her fighting to keep doing it. A man walks by in the background, Steve gets distracted. Steve tells Hope that he just thought he saw . . . never mind. She asks if hes okay? He says hes just really tired. She says shell let him rest. He says he cant, hes going to go sit with Kayla though. 

Roman and Marlena talk. Roman appreciates Marlena being here. Marlena says shell always consider the Bradys part of her family. They talk about Steve and Kayla and how Kayla has loved Steve all these years. He asks about her and John, she says theyve had a lot going on in their lives. Roman says he doesnt want Marlena to wait to long with John only to find out its too late.

John shows up at the hospital, he tells the family that Bo is on his way down. John wishes he could help. Marlena feels the same way, all she can do is be here for the family. Marlena asks John if he found out anything. John shows Marlena the ring, she is stunned. She asks where he found it? John says EJs apartment. Marlena asks why EJ would have a ring in his apartment? Is he a DiMera? John says he doesnt know, but he intends to find out. She says she knew hed say that. John says he cant walk away from this case. She thinks it is the best time to walk away. She says if EJ is tied to the Dimera then he is in danger, possibly more than the Bradys. She asks John to let Roman and the Salem PD handle this. John says she knows him, hell be careful. Marlena cant help but worry something bad may happen. John says nothing will come between them. She says he cant promise that. John says he cant walk away from this, hes sorry.

Bo and Sami show up. Sami says Bo said she should come. MArlena is glad to see her and hugs her. Sami also tells her grandma she didnt know if she should come. Caroline says Kayla needs all the prayers she can get. Sami tells Caroline shes sorry, Caroline knows. Roman confronts Bo and asks why Sami is here? Bo says he told Sami to come. Bo says Sami went a long way to regaining herself today. Roman asks how so? Bo explains what happened with Kate today and how Sami saved the day. Roman cant believe Sami helped Kate. Bo says she didnt know who she was helping, but Sami did what he asked her to do. He says he is proud of Sami and Roman should be as well. Roman walks over to see Sami. Sami excuses herself so she doesnt have to talk to him. Roman tells Sami that Bo told him what she did, he is very proud of her. She cries and they share a hug. 

Hope fills Bo in on the chance Nick has found for them. Bo says it has to work. They hug as Patrick shows up. Bo asks why hes here? Patrick says he heard about Kayla and wanted to give Hope his support. Bo is furious, but Hope says let her handle this. Bo tells Hope to get rid of him. Hope tells Patrick that he really shouldnt be here, this is about Kayla and her family. Patrick says hes sorry and hell go. Hope says shell talk to him later. Bo sees Patrick out and warns him that Eve Michaels as good as named him as his killer, so its not long before hes in jail. Bo tells Patrick they found a number on Eve which matches his ID number at the academy. Patrick asks what that proves? Bo says it isnt a coincidence and nobody on the Salem PD believes it is. He tells him to have a good day.

Steve sits with an unconscious Kayla. He feels terrible that he doesnt remember, hes going to break her heart all over again. 

Nick returns, the clinic in Canada is creating a anti-toxin for Kayla. He says an express plane is sending it tonight. They say they have to keep Kayla hanging on. Everyone looks at Steve at this point. Steve says Kayla will make it. Caroline says as long as hes with her she has too much to live for. The doctor then gets bad news, a snow storm has delayed the shipment of the drug. He says all commercial plans are grounded until this storm passes, which could be more than 48 hours. Marlena suggests a private jet could fly, Johns jet perhaps? John says its possible. Sami asks if it is safe. John says hell make it happen. Nick and the doctor go to call the clinic. John tells Marlena that was quick thinking, she saved Kaylas life. Marlena says and his . . . . 


November 14, 2006

At the Kiriakis mansion Belle arrives with Claire for her first scheduled visit with Victor. Belle lays down some strict ground rules first. She says Victor is not allowed to leave Salem with Claire, she will always be on time to pick Claire up and Claire must be ready, Claire has a feeding and nap schedule she must adhere too, there will be no overnight visits until she okays them and Victor is allowed to spoil Claire but not overindulge her. She wants Claire to always remember Phillip. Belle hands Claire to Victor and says she'll be back later. Victor thanks her. After Belle leaves, Victor says Claire will never forget Phillip. He tells Claire that he has a surprise for her, but she must not tell anyone about it. He takes her to her surprise. They enter a room where a man in a wheelchair is all bandaged up, we can't see his face. Victor doesn't say it, but it's obvious it is supposed to be Phillip.

Shawn shows his new place to Willow. She likes it and says his kitchen is bigger than her current place. He's excited about it. She starts talking about how they should rent a truck and get their stuff moved in. He tells her to slow down. He says he just got the down payment on the place. He says he needs to get things straight with Belle first, she's coming over to see the place. He says after all that is settled then they'll talk about her moving in. Willow goes off, saying how she's good enough to be in his bed but not live with him. Shawn says he just wants to ease into it, but she thinks he's reneging on their agreement. He tells her not to make him chose between her and Claire. She ends up storming off. Later Belle shows up to see the place. She is impressed, but says it will need baby proofing. Shawn says he knows. Shawn gets a call, he has to run a letter for EJ to Patrick and he has to do it now. Shawn tells Belle he has to run a job but will be right back. He heads out. Belle looks around and finds a leopard print bag in the closet, she knows it is Willow's. Willow then shows back up and Belle confronts her about living here with Shawn. They get into a huge fight. Willow thinks Belle is jealous because she has Shawn. Belle says there is a difference between sex and a commitment. Willow says most guys only want sex. Belle says and most girls want a commitment, why doesn't she? Belle wonders what that makes Willow, Shawn's dirty little secret? Willow tells Belle she is lucky to have daddy's money if she ever gets into trouble, she didn't have that. Belle says even if she didn't have her dad, she wouldn't sell her body. Willow tells Belle she doesn't know what she'd do given the circumstances. Shawn eventually returns, wondering what is going on here. Belle says as long as Willow is living here, Claire won't be. Willow tells Belle not to worry because she's not going to be living here. She then storms out. 

At the hospital, Patrick is lurking about watching what is going on. John is planning to make arrangements for his jet to fly to Canada, but a problem has come up. Bo says the storm is worse than they thought. He says no planes are being given clearance to take off. John makes some calls, he has a friend who owns a single engine plane they can take. He says it doesn't need clearance and he'll fly below the radar. Marlena insists on coming along as the co-pilot, she won't take no for an answer. John has a talk with Bo before leaving. He doesn't want Bo doing anything rash involving Patrick. Bo assures John that he won't. Later Bo sees Patrick hanging about, he doesn't like this. He tells Hope, who is shocked as Patrick was supposed to go home.

Steve stays with Kayla. The family is begging him to keep doing what he's doing to keep Kay alive. Steve talks with Bo and lets him know that this 24/7 audience is getting to him. Bo says he'll take care of it. He convinces his Ma that they should go to the pub and rest for awhile. She doesn't want to leave Kayla, but Bo suggests Kayla and Steve need private time. She agrees and they head out. Steve is alone with Kayla when a blonde man approaches the glass and signs to Steve. Steve signs back to him, shocked that he can do so. He remembers the man, he is Benji even calling him Benja-Monkey. Benji says he learned Steve was alive when he read it in the paper, he had to come see. He also knows about the accident and how Steve has no memory. Steve admits he doesn't, but he does remember Benji. Benji encourages Steve not to give up on Kayla. He tells Steve that everything he knows about love he learned from him and Kayla. Benji tells Steve about the Christmas he spent with Steve and Kayla. Steve has a flashback saying "I remember!" Benji tells him to hang in their and walks off. Steve goes to Kayla and tells her how Benji was just here, he remembered him and could even sign to him. Kayla opens her eyes and is happy. She says he's really getting his memories back. Stephanie is at the window and is smiling.

Patrick gets a delivery from EJ via Shawn. It's another note. The note says John is going to Canada, they need to take him down. Later Patrick runs into Dr. Bader. Dr. Bader needs her money from Patrick. He admits he's having a cash flow problem now. She says that is a problem. She says if she doesn't get her money then Hope may learn the real results of her amnio when they are in.

Bo and Hope talk at the pub. Hope tells Bo that Patrick thinks Bo is still trying to nail him for Eve's murder. Bo says nothing, so Hope says it is true. Bo says they have some new evidence, he doesn't want to talk about it though. Hope demands to know what it is. He tells her that Eve had a bank statement with a set of numbers written on it. It turns out the numbers are Patrick's Academy ID number. Hope says that is it? Bo says Eve was on the take and those numbers connect her to Patrick. Bo knows it isn't much, but John and Roman are with him. They realize that Bo isn't just some jealous husband with a vendetta, that something is up with Patrick. Bo tells Hope if he's wrong then he looks like a fool again. If he's right then she and her baby are in a lot of danger.

On the plane to Canada, Marlena and John are making their way through the bumpy snowstorm. They share a kiss for luck. Marlena doesn't like that John is getting involved with the DiMeras again, every time he does something happens. John assures her nothing will happen. The plane becomes rocky, the oil light begins to flick on and off. John realizes they have a problem.


November 15, 2006
John and Marlenas plane is going down. John is calling for a mayday. They are losing altitude, there is too much weight on the plane. Marlena says they are down to one option, she has to jump. John tells her no way. John says he can land somewhere and cushion the blow. She says but then they wont get the serum. Marlena says he could always jump and she could crash the plane into a mountain. Marlena says she jumps, he gets the serum and they all live happily ever after. John says he cant let her do this. He says it is dark, it is freezing, they dont know where they are. He says she could jump into Lake Michigan. Marlena says she has her cell phone with a GPS, he can track her. John wont risk losing her, he wont let her do this as he loves her so much. Marlena says she loves him too. They share a kiss, he thinks shes not going to jump. Of course she tricks him and jumps out of the plane! 

John lands the plane and calls someone about looking for Marlena. John gets the serum, but is rude to the guy delivering it. Hes on the phone demanding Marlena be found, call the Mounties if they have to. Later an official tells John there is still no word on Doctor Evans. John is allowed to leave, they say theyll radio when they have word on Marlena. John hopes she can hang in there.

Marlena is trapped in a snow bank after jumping out of the plane. She gets up and begins calling for help. Her ankle is sprained, she can barely walk. She falls down and ends up passing out in the snow. A mysterious figure shows up and looks at Marlena. She looks up at them and sees they have an axe. She passes out. 

Billie and Chelsea are out having dinner at Chez Rouge. Chelsea asks her mom to tell her what is going on in her life that is, oh, new. Billie asks what she is talking about? Chelsea asks if she teases dad like this? Is this how she gets him into bed? Billie is stunned. Chelsea thinks that might have been too personal. Billie says no it was too inaccurate. She says she saw them together in Bos bedroom above the pub. Billie asks if she was spying? Chelsea says no. She says she needed to borrow money and went looking for dad. She says she saw them in bed together, they were naked. Billie says they werent naked and they didnt have sex. Billie says they were consoling each other. Chelsea says and their clothes fell off? Billie says she and Bo didnt have sex and a lot of people will be hurt if she says they did. Chelsea thinks a lot of people will be hurt if they dont admit they want to be together. Billie says Chelsea wants them to be together, Bo wants to be with Hope and Billie says she wants to be with Steve. Chelsea thought Steve went back to his wife. Billie says it doesnt mean they dont care about one another. Chelsea says well she wasnt in bed with Steve. Chelsea thinks she and her dad belong together. Billie yells that she and her father will never be together! Patrick shows up and has to talk to them. He says this is awkward. He says he had a lot of money at home and it is missing. Billie says and he thinks one of them took it? Chelsea says no he thinks she took it. Chelsea says Patrick thinks she took it and partied with her friends. Chelsea tells Patrick she doesnt know what happened to his stash of money. Chelsea thinks he should be less concerned about the money and more concerned about Hope. She says while hes trying to get money, Bo is trying to get together with Hope. She says hes a loser, and both of them will end up alone. Chelsea says shes lost her appetite and walks off. Billie says shes so sorry. Patrick says he shouldnt have brought up the money. Patrick says he has to run but hell see her later. Patrick walks off and calls Hope up. He says hes worried about her, give him a call back. Chelsea is spying on this and smiles.

Bo and Hope are at the hospital with Stephanie. Stephanie is being released. Hope is taking Stephanie home with her. Stephanie doesnt want to leave her parents. Bo says go home with Hope, get some sleep and in the morning hell pick her up and bring her back here. Stephanie says hes not staying with them? Bo says they arent living together right now. Stephanie thought they worked things out though. Bo says they are working on it. Bo says Hope will take good care of her. Stephanie says Bo is her uncle, she wants to be with him. Dr. Berman shows up to talk to Stephanie, Bo and Hope leave them. Outside her room, Bo says Stephanie turned into quiet the matchmaker. Hope says Stephanie really did want to have him around. Bo says he can take Stephanie to the pub, but Hope says too much is going on there. She suggests Bo move back in with her. Bo is shocked by this. Bo asks if this means . . . She says it is what is best for Stephanie. She says Stephanie will need both of them right now. Bo thinks it is a great idea. He says hell move into the guest room . . . he says no hell sleep on the couch. Hope says theyll figure it out. Bo says they always do.

Later Stephanie talks with Hope, she says she didnt mean to hurt her feelings before. Hope says its okay, she knows Stephanie is close to her uncle Bo. Hope says they are still working things out. Stephanie hopes they do, he really loves her and she knows Hope really loves him. Hope says when she was her age she thought love was enough. Stephanie knows, life gets complicated, shes heard it before. She says she wont give up on love though. Hope says the world needs more people like her. Stephanie goes to get some more of her things from her room. Patrick shows up to check on Hope, he says he was worried about her. Hope says they just saw each other awhile ago. Patrick says he just wanted to make sure she was okay. She suggests they talk. Hope says she is taking Stephanie home with her today. Patrick says she shouldnt be doing this by herself, he wants to help her. She says she asked Bo to move back in with her. Patrick says Bo falsified evidence against him, he was arrested for assaulting him and now Hope isnt returning his calls. Patrick says hes not leaving until Hope tells him what is going on here. Hope tells Patrick about the new evidence against him, but Patrick claims it means nothing. Hope tells Patrick the whole force wouldnt be against him unless he was guilty of something. She says didnt want to believe it, hes the father of her child. He says yes and she knows him. Hope says she doesnt. She says she slept with him. She conceived a child with him. However she doesnt know him. She says she doesnt know if hes guilty or innocent. He says he is innocent, how can he convince her? She says he cant. She says things keep piling up. She says she told him if she thought he was lying that they couldnt be together. He says hes not lying. She says she doesnt know that and that is the problem. She says she doesnt trust him and she cant live with that. She tells Patrick that she cant see him anymore. Patrick begs her not to cut him out of her life. Hope says she wont cut him out of the babys life, but as far as the two of them, well they cant have anything. She says he wont tell him anything, he cant explain any of the evidence. She says they are over and walks off. 

In the quarantine room, Steve is playing his harmonica. Kayla stirs awake and remembers when she taught him to play, he told her to put her lips together and blow. Steve remembers that. Kayla can see it, hes remembering more and more. Steve says he remembers some things, but not as much as she thinks. He says he just hopes it is enough. Steve sees the doctor outside the window writing something. He smiles. He goes over to the window and tells Steve that hes clear of the biotoxin, he is free to go. Steve says he cant leave Kayla, she needs him. The doctor says Stephanie is being released, shell need him. Steve knows Stephanie wants him here with her mom. Steve says if he leaves then Kayla could die. The doctor says if he stays then he could die. The doctor says he could get re-infected if he stays in there, and this time he may not be able to fight it. Steve says he could stay in here and be fine, its a chance hes willing to take. The doctor knows Steve is just getting his memory back and feels guilty for missing years with his wife. Steve wont leave, he says hell sign a form if he has to. The doctor says he admires his courage. Bo soon shows up to see Steve. Bo hasnt heard from John or Marlena yet. Bo asks how hes holding up. Steve says he could use a beer. Bo says theyll toss a few back as soon as they are out of here. Steve needs a favor from Bo, he needs to talk to Billie and make her understand. Bo says shes having a hard time with this. Steve asks to just have her come here. Bo says hell do what he can. Steve returns to Kayla, who is stirring. She says she is so tired. She asks what time it is, he says its late. She says shes so mixed up. She asks about Stephanie. Steve says Stephanie is okay, Bo and Hope are taking her home today. Kayla says she should be there for her. Steve says she will be when she gets better. Kayla says what if she doesnt get better? He says none of that negative talk. He says John and Marlena will return with the antidote, shell be good as new. She says shes a doctor, she knows the reality of the situation. However she admits she is fighting to get better for them. Kayla talks about the day Stephanie was born, Steve called her his little Sweetness. Steve has a memory of her birth. Kayla asks Steve now that his memory is back, is his heart back? She wants him to promise her that theyll be a family again. He says scouts honor and makes the sign. She says he was never a scout, she taught him that. She reminds him of a time they were lost in the woods and they had to build a shelter. She passes out in his arms. He says she will beat this thing. The doctor asks to talk to Steve. Steve goes to talk to him. He says Mr. Black is on his way, he has to get her to hang on for a few more hours. 

Bo visits with Billie, who is still at Chez Rouge. Billie says shes glad to see him. She says they need to talk. Bo doesnt like the sound of that. Billie says he wont like it either. Billie says Chelsea saw them in bed at the pub and jumped to the conclusion . . . Bo gets the picture. Billie says she told her not to say anything. Bo hopes not. He says he and Hope are finally starting to patch things up. Bo tells Billie that Steve wants to talk to her. She says no way. Bo says she owes it to him and herself to find out what he has to say. Billie thinks she owes herself a shot at happiness, so why go see Steve? She knows how she feels and she knows how Steve feels. She says she doesnt want to dwell on it. She says she cant see him, but wishes Steve and Kayla the best. Bo says hell tell him that. She asks what is going on with him and Hope. Bo says Hope asked him to move back in. Billie says that is great. Bo says now all he has to do is get Kayla well. Suddenly Chelsea returns, she says something terrible has happened. Chelsea explains she was at the pub when Abe called. Chelsea says she found out John made it to Ottawa but Marlena didnt, she jumped out of the plane. 


November 16, 2006
Belle shows up to pick up Claire from Victor. Victor says they had a wonderful time. Sami shows up looking for Belle. Sami tells Belle the news about mom and Johns flight and how mom parachuted out of the plane. She says John made it to Ottawa but nobody knows where mom is. Victor offers to send people out, but Sami says a team is already looking. She says its snowing, its below zero and its night; nobody can survive this. Sami says John is on his way back now, if anything has happened to mom then she will kill John. Belle asks Victor to watch Claire a little while longer for her, he says it will be his pleasure. They run off, Victor tells Claire how she is a lucky girl as she can spend more time with her new friend. Victor returns to the room where the man in bandages sits. 

Willow shows up at Shawns place. He has the music blasting, he didnt hear her come in. She says she came to drop her things off in the closet, unless hed like her to put them on the roof so Belle doesnt know she's here. He says hes sorry he hurt her feelings. He says he has to make sacrifices for Claire. She says yeah, her. He says hell make it up to her and tries to kiss her. She pulls away. She says if shes not good enough to be his girlfriend then shes not going to be his whore. He says he never said he didnt want her to be his girlfriend or that he was embarrassed about her. She says he just doesnt want her around for people to see. She says from now on this is just a business arrangement, a debt hes paying back. She says shell stay on the couch and whenever someone comes around she will become invisible. She says as soon as she gets enough money together then hell be rid of her for good, which they know is what he wants. He says it isn't. Belle then calls Shawn up. Willow makes a face and storms off. Belle tells Shawn that something has happened to her mom. She explains what has happened, she needs him to come get Claire from Victors. Shawn tells Willow he has to go get Claire, it probably is best if she was not here when he gets back. She says okay. Shawn then leaves.

Shawn shows up at the Kiriakis mansion to get Claire. Victor says he just put her down for a nap, come back in an hour. Shawn says if she naps now then her bedtime gets thrown off. Shawn goes to get her, but Victor says hell get her. Shawn wants Claire to see his face when she wakes up. Victor says he cant let Shawn do that. Victor says Claire may be Shawns daughter, but this is still his house. He tells Shawn to wait here. Victor brings Claire out, saying she wasnt asleep she was just playing quietly. Shawn takes Claire and heads out. Victor then returns to the room with the mystery man. He says dont worry, shell be back. Victor says Claire just needs time to readjust to him, she will be his again and nobody will take her from him again . . . Phillip! 

John returns to the Salem airport with the serum, he meets Bo and Abe there. He asks about Marlena. They say the rescuers have found her cell phone, but no Marlena. Abe also says a black glove was found on their plane, it was sabotage. John says only a handful of people knew he and Marlena were going, how is this possible. John knows it is Wells and Lockhart, and now he and Marlena are on their hit list. He says as soon as he finds Marlena he will get his revenge on both of them. Abe says he cant go off half cocked. John says Marlena is out in the middle of nowhere. Belle and Sami soon show up. Sami is furious with John for putting her mom in danger again, how dare he come home without her. Roman tells Sami that is enough, Shawn is just as worried as they all are. She asks why John let her get on that plane, why did he let her parachute out? John says stopping Marlena from something shes determined to do is like stopping Sami. Sami says that they better find her and she better be okay. Later Roman comforts a crying Sami. Sami says she was so horrible to mom the last time she saw her. Roman says they will find her. John is comforting Belle. He is wishing they hadnt put off the wedding. Abe shows up, he says Bo took the serum to Kayla and it is working. He also says Marlena has been found and theyll never guess who has her.

Marlena wakes up in a cabin somewhere. She goes to the phone to make a call, but the phone is dead. She says she has to get out of here. Suddenly she sees a man in a hooded jacket coming into the cabin. She hides from the person and remembers seeing them earlier with an axe. She knocks over a vase, the stranger has found her. She grabs a fireplace poker and says they have kidnapped the wrong girl, he will never win. She says drop the axe, which the man does. She tells them to lose the hood. The man does, and Marlena says Oh Its You? She says hes Smokey Robinson. Smokey says You was expecting Neil Diamond? Marlena says she is a huge fan of his. He says he has fans in a lot of places, but unconscious in a snow drift is a first. He asks how she ended up out there. She says she jumped out of a plane. He says pretty scary. She says not as scary as waking up here seeing him in the coat with the axe. They get a laugh out of it all. Marlena says her husband must be worried sick about her. She asks if she can borrow his cellphone. He says there is no signal. He thinks she must be starving. He says hell whip something up for her. She thanks him. Later she asks him why hes up here in the mountains? He says he comes here to get away, to write songs. He says right now hes rehearsing for some appearances he has coming up. She says it is beautiful up here. He says and quiet. She remembers reading about how he is a Kennedy Center Honoree next month. He says yes. She says that is an honor. Smokey bandages up her foot. Shes still worried about getting in touch with John. He thinks his PDA might be able to get a message through.  Later John shows up to pick up Marlena. John tells Marlena that Kayla got the serum, so far shes okay. Smokey plays a song for them and they dance. John holds her in her arms as her ankle is hurt. 

Back at Shawns place, Belle and Sami arrive to pick up Claire. They fill him in on how Marlena is okay and they are going to give Marlena and John a surprise party at the Penthouse Grill to welcome them home and thank them. Shawn fills them in on how Kayla is doing. Belle invites Shawn to the party, he says hell be there. Shawn tells Belle how Victor was acting weird when he came to get Claire, it was like Victor didnt want him to know where Claire was. He tells Belle to keep an eye on Victor. After they all leave Willow returns. Shawn asks if Belle and Sami saw her. She says no she hid down the hall. She asks if she can take a shower or should she stand under a rain gutter? She walks off, slamming more doors as she goes. 

At the hospital, the Bradys gather as they watch Kayla. Max and Frankie show up. Frankie says John is on his way with the serum. Mimi is with Max. Mimi says Steve seems like an amazing man. Max says Steve is the one who got Ma and Pop to adopt them. Frankie says Steve didnt just marry Kayla, he married the whole Brady family.

Steve is with Kayla, hes trying to keep her awake by joking that if she closes her eyes hell take it personally. She says he is a good man. She is sobbing as she talks to him. Steve says John will be here with the serum, she just has to hang on. She says shes trying but she cant, shes so tired. He says stay with her. He reminds her about their second wedding, the poem Bo read. He asks her to recite it with him. Bo had read from Corinthians at the wedding. Kayla says she wants to sleep, but he tells her that she cant sleep. They keep reciting the passage from their wedding. Suddenly Kayla flatlines. Steve screams her name and then screams for the nurse. The doctors work on Kayla. Caroline and Shawn show up, they learn what is going on. Caroline screams to Kayla to wake up. The doctors decide to call her time of death, he says he is sorry. Steve wont accept this. He goes to Kaylas side as the whole family watches in tears. Max tells them not to give up, not to let her die. Bo suddenly shows up with the serum, only to learn it is too late. Steve cant accept this, he pulls Kayla into his arms and into a kiss. We see flashbacks of their past kisses. Kayla comes back to life after the kiss. Everyone is stunned, they are thanking God for this miracle. Steve lays by Kayla, who looks at him. He says welcome back. 

The Bradys are all celebrating Kayla being alive. Bo and Hope share a hug. Hope tells Bo she meant it when she said she wanted him to come home, if it is what he wants. He says she knows it is. He asks what they will do about Lockhart? Hope says she gave Patrick the news. Hope says she explained to Patrick all they could be is this babys parents, nothing else. Bo says nice! He hugs Hope and says he loves her. She tells Bo that Patrick still will be going to the doctors appointments with her and he will be a part of this childs life. However she says he wont be a part of her life. She also tells Bo that he cant fight with Patrick anymore. She says he could be dangerous and she wont risk losing Bo. He says okay. Abe and Roman show up, they say MArlena is safe and with John now. Abe has to speak with Bo, they head off. Abe informs him about the black glove being found on the plane and how it was sabotaged. Abe wants to get Patrick and EJ and he wants Bo in on it. Bo says Abe can count on him.

Mimi and Max talk. Max convinced his parents to finally go eat. Mimi says hes a good son. She misses being a Brady. She hopes to have love like Shawn and Caroline one day. She asks Max if he ever had a love like that. Max says no he never really got too attached. Mimi says she thought she had it with Rex and with Shawn, but she screwed it up both times. She says maybe she doesnt deserve that kind of love. He says dont talk like that. He talks about how she saved his butt at the garage, she offered to quit for Shawn and she came here to be for him. She says he is her friend and he was there for her when she needed someone.

Steve stays with Kayla, who is reacting well to the serum. He stays with her. He asks the doctor how she is doing? How long till she recovers? The doctor says it could be awhile, but it will happen. He also talks about what Steve did today was a miracle, so he needs to stick with her as he is more important to her recovery than this medicine. 


November 17, 2006
On the plane home, Marlena has a nightmare about finding John with a knife in his chest. She wakes up startled by it. She talks to John and once again reminds him of his promise to give up this investigation into EJ and Patrick. John says he's afraid he can't. He tells her how they didn't have plane trouble, they were victims of sabotage. He tells her about the black glove that was found and how they have now been targeted, he just can't let this go.

At Bo and Hope's, Bo has moved in as has Stephanie. Stephanie goes off to get settled, Bo and Hope talk. Bo asks where he should put his stuff? She says this is his house, the master bedroom. He says seriously? He says okay then. He promises her that they'll take this as slow as she wants. They share a little kiss, Bo smiles. Stephanie soon returns, she's anxious to go see her parents. Hope says she'll take her to the hospital. Bo warns Stephanie not to get her hopes up, but she says her dad remembers and her mom is better, she is positive they will be together.  Later Bo warns Hope about Steve, he may not remember as much as they really think. Bo says Steve wants to see Billie, but Billie doesn't want to see him. Bo says he knows both Billie and Steve, neither one gives up on anything easily. Later Hope leaves with Stephanie.

Marlena shows up as Bo is about to head out. He was going to go to the station to meet with Roman and Abe. Marlena says John is on his way there, she wanted to talk to Bo. She wants Bo to convince John to drop this investigation, she doesn't want to lose him. Bo doesn't know if he can convince John or not. Marlena says she is not one to call in favors, but she did save Kayla's life. She asks him to help her save John's life. Bo promises to see what he can do.

At the hospital Kayla kisses Steve, who is sleeping. He wakes up, she says now that he remembers she doesn't want them to be apart ever again. This apparently upsets Steve, who asks if she is well enough to be around like this. She sees he's upset by what she said. She suggests they have a talk, perhaps she assumed too much. She says she doesn't really know how much he remembers or what he feels. She says if he doesn't want to be with her then tell her. This is his chance. HE says there is something she does need to know. Before he can say anything, Stephanie shows up with Hope. Stephanie is glad to see her mom up. She thinks they will be the family they are meant to be. Kayla says slow down, they don't even have a place to go to. Kayla starts becoming a bit tired, she eventually goes to rest. Steve has a frank discussion with Hope. Hope knows he asked about Billie. Steve tells Hope that he's a fake, a phony. He says he has some memories, but not as much as Kayla thinks. He also says he has no feelings to go with the memories. Meanwhile he does feel very drawn to Billie. Hope wants Steve to tell this to Kayla. Steve says he tried but then Stephanie showed up and she was so excited. A doctor shows up, Steve and Hope ask about Kayla. He thinks she'll have to be here a little while longer. Steve can't stand that. Hope asks what if she hired a nurse for Kayla? The doctors says he may be able to release her to go home then. Steve thanks Hope for doing this, he can't stay here anymore. However he's worried, how will Kayla and Stephanie react when they learn he's a fraud?

At the station, Abe gives orders to Tek to sift through EJ's bank records. Tek says no way! He says he's a street cop, not a desk cop. He thinks Abe is doing this to get to him, to punish him for the affair. He tells Abe to just be a man and fire him. Roman breaks up a fight before it happens. He tells Tek to do his job, it is important. He says perhaps Abe gave him this job because he has faith in him still. He tells Tek to stop being a drama addict and get to work now. Tek says he's sorry and starts working.

John shows up to see Abe and Roman. He has had it with Wells and Patrick attacking his family. He says he wants in on this case, full access. Abe says he can't do that. He reminds John how hot headed he was with Alex North. He can't let that happen again, John is too big of a risk to take. John unfortunately won't take no for an answer, he'll do this with or without them. Tek shows up, he's found something. He reveals that EJ Wells has a safe deposit box. Abe says they knew he did, they just didn't know where until now. They think that safe deposit box could have the answers they need about EJ.

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