November 20, 2006
Willow is walking around Shawns place in her bra and panties. Belle shows up to see Shawn, she says she has someone to see him. Willow quickly hides in the closet. Belle lets herself in. She wonders what is going on, the door is unlocked and the radio is on, but nobody is here. She wonders where Shawn is.

Shawn drops by EJs place to give EJ a message from Patrick. It says Bo knows about Eve, the cops are investigating. EJ isnt pleased. He pays Shawn his money.

Shawn returns home and finds Belle and Claire waiting for him. Belle says they dropped by to see him. Shawn asks Claire if she missed her daddy? Claire cries, Belle says actually Phillip is still dada to her. Shawn says she has to call him something. Belle says she can barely say mama yet. Belle has some photos for him, she had professional photos of Claire finally taken for Christmas. She wanted to see which one he liked so they can order them. Shawn looks at them and says shes so beautiful. Belle then tells him that his door was unlocked, he should be more careful. Shawn claims he ran out to run a quick errand and must have forgot to lock it. He goes to hang his coat up and finds Willow in the closet. Belle asks Shawn what is wrong, what is really growing on here? He says nothing is wrong. He thinks they should decide which picture of Claire is the best. They make a decision, Belle says she'll make sure to order that one. Shawn surprises Claire with some toys he bought, he also gives Belle some money in case Claire needs anything else. In the closet Willow is rolling her eyes. Belle tells Shawn not to take this the wrong way, but it is hard to image what hes doing for EJ that pays this much money. Shawn asks why people keep saying that. Belle says shes just worried about him. Shawn says EJ is paying him top dollar to keep his car in good condition, hes not a plain old mechanic. Belle says shes sorry. She plans to get a job soon to help with Claire, she wants a career as well. Shawn says he knows she does, but until then she can count on him. She says she knows, for the first time in a long time she knows. Belle eventually heads out. Willow comes out of the closet and yells Tell the bitch to call the next time she comes by. Willow lays into Shawn for having to hide every time Belle comes around. She accuses him of trying to be something hes not. He says hes just tryiong to be a good father. She says hes living a lie. She says he is working for EJ Wells and doesnt know what hes doing. She says hes too scared to ask. She also says hes living with his ex-hooker girlfriend and keeping that a secret so he can keep on seeing his kid. She says hes a hypocrite and as soon as Belle finds out then hell be out of Belle and Claire's lives forever. Shawn says he made the rules clear when she moved in and she said she understood. He asks why she is throwing a fit now? Willow says she thought shed have a bit of notice and that Belle wouldnt barge in like she owned the place. Willow says this is ridiculous, she is out of here! Shawn stops her and says she doesnt want her to go. She tells him that he has to make up his mind about her. He says this isnt just about her. He says he needs to think about his daughter. He says she and his dad both may be right about EJ, but this is the only job he has and he needs it. He says just like he needs her to understand about this living situation. He says he cant blow things now. She says she does understand. She says she was so desperate for a house that she thought she could put up with anything. She says even she has her limits. She cries that nothing good ever happens to her, she knew this shouldnt be different. Shawn says hell tell Belle not to come by anymore, hell come to her to see Claire. He says what happened today wont happen again. She believes him and heads off to her room.

Lucas shows up to see Victor. He says hell have some figures on Victors desk first thing Monday morning. Victor gives Lucas an assignment, he needs Lucas to pick someone up at the airport. Lucas says he does have a chauffer. Victor says this requires the utmost confidence. Lucas reads the name of who hes supposed to be picking up, its a Dr. Hubert Weinstein. Lucas asks who it is? He says its none of his business. Lucas asks Victor for a few days off next week to take Will on a skiing trip. Victor tells him to go and enjoy himself, he'll be busy once this doctor arrives anyways. Lucas asks Victor if hes sure everything is okay? Kate shows up and says she has to talk to Victor, its important. Lucas leaves them. Kate shows him a newspaper from San Diego, in it is a photo of some marines who are shipping out and she thinks one of them is Phillip. Victor basically dismisses it and says if Phillip had reenlisted then they would know about it. He says he has the best detectives money can by on this case. Victor says the marines would never send him back into combat, hes a wounded veteran. Kate says they sent him, she knows her son and would know him anywhere. She says they have to get in touch with the military before hes hurt again or worse. Victor tells Kate that hes not in combat, hes someplace he doesnt want to be found. Victor says hes gone, possibly for good. Kate cant believe he doesnt want to follow this lead. He says a blurred photo isnt a solid lead. Kate realizes Victor is hiding something, perhaps he knows more about Phillips whereabouts then hes letting on. Victor is shocked to hear this from her, but she believes hes up to something. Belle and Claire then show up, Belle says Claire was missing Victor. Victor says they had such a good time the last time she was here. Kate says hello to Belle. She says she didnt know Victor had visitation privileges. Victor says Kate may not be related to Claire anymore, but she is still a Kiriakis. Kate finds this interesting, suddenly Victor is showing a lot more interest in Claire then when Phillip thought she was his daughter. Kate walks out. Belle asks what that was about? Victor says shes grieving over the loss of her son. Belle says she hopes Phillip comes back some day, she really does miss him. Victor says he is surprised to hear her say that. She says she misses him as a friend. She says she knows she hurt him and she knows it killed Phillip to learn that Claire wasnt his. Belle says she feels terrible about how they left things. Victor says Phillip is brave and strong, wherever he is he is doing just fine. Victor says one day Phillip will have everything he deserves. He suggests Belle run along and let him spoil Claire. She heads out and Victor of course makes more faces. Later he takes Claire off to see Phillip again. Claire ends up calling him daddy. Phillip looks at her and touches her, she smiles. 

Kate waits for Belle outside. She shows her the photo of Phillip she found. Belle is shocked, she asks if that is Phillip? Kate thinks so. She says she showed it to Victor but he thought she was crazy. Kate thinks Victor knows more then hes saying about Phillip.

Sami is a mess, shes been painting Wills room for him. She tells him that shes sorry it wasnt ready yesterday for his birthday. Will says its okay, she doesnt have to paint his room. He says he will only be here a few nights a week, that was the deal. He says it will take more than painting his room to get him to move back in. Sami says shes working to be the kind of mom he can be proud of. Will asks his mom how much longer it will be before he can get dad to move back in? Sami says she and his dad are doing what is best for him. He says but if he wanted to come back shed be into it right. He says there must be some reason they keep coming back to one another. She says the only reason Lucas even talks to her anymore is because of him. He says dont be so sure. She asks what he means. He thinks there is hope for all three of them to be a family. Will heads off to school. After he leaves there is a knock on the door. Sami finds EJ standing there. He says he forgot the champagne, but then again theyve done that a million times before. He pulls Sami into a kiss. She pushes him off and asks what he is doing? He says he came to finish what they started. She says shes busy, shes painting and they should talk later. EJ doesnt think so. He accuses her of getting him worked up and toying with his affections. She says she wasnt doing that. He says perhaps she distracted him so that someone like John or her uncle Bo could go through his apartment. He says she wouldnt know something about that would she? Sami claims she doesnt know anything about a break-in, she came over to see him because she felt bad about the way things ended. She says however she and Lucas have talked, they may be able to work things out. EJ says hes not interested in Lucas, Will or anyone else. He says he is only interested in her. He grabs her and begins getting rough, saying he wants what he wants and doesnt know why she doesnt want it anymore. As Sami is telling him to stop it, Lucas shows up outside. Sami tells EJ to leave, but he says hes not ready to leave. Lucas bursts in and tells EJ to get his damn hands off her! Sami tells Lucas how EJ wouldnt let her go, he wasnt going to stop. Lucas says he should kill him right now. EJ says spare him. EJ tells Sami she is a tease. Sami tells him if he comes back then shell call the police. He says Sami showed her true colors today, hes not surprised but he is disappointed. EJ leaves. Sami cries to Lucas how she thought EJ was her friend, she thought he cared about him. Lucas asks what that was about? Sami explains what happened with her uncle Bo and how she helped him. Sami says EJ called her a tease, that is what Alan said and he used it as an excuse to rape her. Lucas tells her that he never believed she was a tease, and what she did took a lot of guts. She says look what she got for it. She says EJ lives down the hall, he could be back. Lucas says he wont. He grabs a can of paint and says leave EJ to him.

Lucas shows up at EJs. EJ is on his PC, he asks Lucas what he wants. Lucas dumps a can of paint on EJ. He says he is showing EJ his true colors. He warns EJ that if he goes near Sami again then the next can will go on his coffin. Lucas then walks out. EJ is furious. In the hall Sami asks Lucas what hes done? She sees the paint can, she says he didnt. He says he did, EJ wont bother her anymore. Lucas and Sami come close to kissing. They head into Samis place to clean Lucas up. EJ looks out into the hall after they leave, he isnt happy at all. Back in Samis place, Sami is tyring to clean Lucas shoes, but shes afraid they are ruined. Lucas says it was worth it. She says its been a long time since someone stood up for her. She says it meant a lot to her, she doesnt know what to say. He says she doesnt have to say anything. They end up kissing. 

Back at EJs, EJ finds a hidden camera in his pencil can. He looks into it and says whoever they are, they will be damn sorry! 

At the station Bo shows up and finds John, Roman, Abe and Tek together. He asks what is going on here? John explains that Wells has a safe deposit box at Salem Trust. Abe says there is no way theyll get a warrant for the safe deposit box. John says then they do it without one. Abe wont hear of it, their department is under enough scrutiny that they dont need to add fraud to the list. Tek says if done right no one needs to know. Abe tells Tek that he is dismissed. Tek says after all his work getting them this break and he cuts him out? Abe tells him to leave now, which he does. John still wants to go ahead, he reminds Abe that he is not on the force and he can do this on his own. Abe says he wont look the other way and let John do this. Bo tells John that maybe John should back off, leave this alone. Bo says he and Marlena almost lost their lives once. John realizes Marlena got to Bo, she got him on her side. Bo says she's just worried about him. John says hes more worried about Marlena then she is about him. John says hes in this as deep as Bo is. Abe says neither one is in on this, John is not a cop and Bo is suspended. He suggests they leave this to working police. Abe then walks out. John and Bo argue about what is going on. Bo says he owed Marlena, she risked her life for his sister. John tells Bo the deal is they work together or John does this on his own. 

Roman has another talk with Tek about the pressure Abe is under. Tek says the only thing this is about is Abe hating his guts for sleeping with his wife. Tek yells Why doesnt he just fire me! Abe walks up and asks if there is a problem? Tek says there is. He says if Abe doesnt want him working here then fire him, show some guys. Roman tells Abe they do have a problem, this department is coming apart at the seams. He says all this fighting isnt getting them any closer to the guy terrorizing his family.

Meanwhile back in another office Bo is telling John how he does appreciate what hes done, John was the only one who stood by him and he was the one who made the connection between EJ and Patrick. John says its not enough, he wont rest until Patrick and EJ are sitting in a cell beside Tony. Abe walks in and says John is right. He tells John if he has a plan then lets hear it. Roman also wants to hear it. John says hell pose as the executor of EJs estate, all he needs is a death certificate and will. Abe says that is all? So they either wait for EJ to die or they kill him. Bo says they dont have to do either, he think this plan could work. Bo thinks Frankie could draw up the phony documents. Abe says if Frankie agrees and gets caught then he could be disbarred. Bo says Frankie will want to do this. Bo says if they dont do this now then they will lose their chance at Wells. John agrees. Abe says this is against his better judgment, but it may be the last chance they have. He says get him something to use. Roman also says if they get caught then they had no idea what was going on. Bo and John decide to go pay Frankie a visit. John says by time they are done with EJ, hell wish he was really dead. Bo and John head off, Roman tells Abe they have to hope this works.

Tek ends up doing some drinking at Chez Rouge. Tek tells the bartender to keep them coming, which he does. Lexie soon shows up and sits at a table. Tek walks over and drunkingly says Dr. Carver would you mind if I sit down and join you?


November 21, 2006

Sami and Lucas are going at one another and ripping clothes off. She tells Lucas this is how it starts out between them, and they both know how it always ends. She says shes cried herself to sleep too many times, she wont do it again. She says everyone thinks shes a cold hearted bitch, but in reality she has a heart with mushy feelings that spill out, she hates it. Lucas tells her that he understands. She asks Lucas if he feels anything for her that doesnt involve his lower anatomy? Lucas puts his clothes back on, he says she picked a hell of a time to put him on the spot. Sami tells him that shes sorry, she didnt mean to put him on the spot. He asks if shes asking him if hes just playing games or if hes serious. She says she just wants to understand what is going on. She says she has feelings for him and wants to know what he feels for her. She says she is just scared, every time they try things end in a disaster. They joke about which one of them is a bigger idiot, Lucas assures her that he is. Sami asks Lucas what he thinks, does he think they can make it work? Lucas tells Sami that he has real feelings for her, deep feelings. He says he doesnt want to fight it anymore. She asks if he means that. He says they should really try to make it work. She thanks him. She stops him from making love to her though, she says they cant do this now. Sami says she wants them to wait, no sex for now. She says it would ruin their chance for a real relationship. She says they cant ruin what they have by cheapening it with casual sex. He says no they wouldnt want to do that. Sami is glad he understands. She says they have to make this work, they deserve it and so does Will. Sami tells Lucas that she adores him. They kiss some more. Lucas decides to go take a cold shower. She says help himself. He heads off to the bathroom. 

Willow shows up at Shawns place and says problem solved, she knows where to hide her stuff where nobody will see it, the top shelf of the closet. She also got Shawn a housewarming present, a baby monitor. She says it will impress Belle. Shawn says Belle wont let Claire stay over night yet though. Willow says in the meantime theyll use it as a warning system, theyll put one out here and one in her room and shell escape whenever she hears anyone show up. Later Willow heads off to take a shower. Hope shows up to see Shawns new place. She tells him how proud she is of him. Shawn says he was about to take a shower. Hope says this wont take long, she has news. She says Bo moved back in and they are trying to work things out, she wants them to be a family. Hope says Zack is gone, but they are family and now he has Claire. Shawn asks so how does Lockhart fit in? Hope says hes the babys father but not part of the family. Suddenly Willow shows up in only in a towel. She says hi, shes Willow. Hope says she remembers. Willow runs off to get some clothes. Hope tells Shawn after everything he said about being a responsible father he pulls this? Shawn says Willow is only living here until she gets her own place. Hope asks what would make her want to leave when she has a nice place and a nice guy like him? Hope asks if Belle knows about this? Shawn says nothing. Hope cant believe this, what makes him think Belle will want Claire around Willow? Shawn says he is just trying to help Willow like she helped him. Hope says his duty is to his child. Shawn says her duty is to her baby with Patrick, yet shes living with another man. Shawn tells her to clean up the mess shes made of her own life and stay out of his. Hope then walks out. Willow asks Shawn about his mom, wont she tell Belle? Shawn doesnt know. He says hes sick of everyone and all their rules, Belle included. He says he has to keep his job a secret, he has to keep her a secret . . . . He says hes sick of it, he wants his life back. Willow says then take it back, what is stopping him? He says that is easy to say. She says easy to do. She asks Shawn if there isnt something he wants, something he's always dreamed of. He says a convertible. She says then take his money and make his dreams come true. Willow says she has to go to work now and heads off. After she goes Shawn gets some of his secret stash money. He looks at it, hes got a lot of money.

Frankie, Bo and John have a meeting at the diner to discuss how to get into EJs safe deposit box. Frankie wants to get this guy for almost killing Kayla. Bo promises that they will get justice.

EJ shows up at the station and dumps stuff on Abes desk. He says he found cameras and microphones in every room of his apartment. EJ tells Abe that hes going to be suing the Salem PD for every penny their county will ingest. Abe says it sounds like hes accusing them of bugging his apartment. Abe says they dont operate that way. EJ says everyone knows Bo Brady has a penchant for putting things where they dont belong, and John seems to be working with them now too. He says John fancies  himself a James Bond like agent. Abe says EJ seems to know it all. He says hes busy so EJ should see the desk sergeant with his complaint. He tells EJ to go make his day, hed love to get him on the witness stand. EJ asks what evidence Abe has against him? Abe says there is a 50/50 chance he has something, there is a chance he has nothing EJ says hes lying, he has nothing. Abe says well he has no evidence against his officers. Abe warns EJ that he does have an explosive file against him. EJ says dont keep him in suspense. Abe tells EJ to have a seat, they can talk about the DiMera family. EJ asks why hed know anything about that. Abe says fine have it his way. He says if EJ takes his department to court then be prepared to lose. Abe has to excuse himself when an officer comes to see him. EJ quickly looks at the papers on Abes desk and sees they know about his safe deposit box. 

At Salem Trust, John and Bo show up in some hysterical disguises to get access to EJs box. A guard pulls it for them, but then a  woman shows up and says shes afraid there is a problem with the documents. She says the death certificate was not signed. John then starts lecturing her about how sloppy this bank is run, travelers checks were laying about, register drawers were open. He threatens to call the front office and report this bank and her lousy management if she doesnt look the other way and give them access to the safe deposit box. The woman eventually caves into his threats and takes them to a room to look at what is in the box. They open the box and find a bunch of envelopes. Its a bunch of letters addressed to EJ, they are from Italy. In each of the envelopes are Italian Tarot Cards. Bo doesnt understand why EJ is hiding these. John says they must be important. They end up photographing every single card.

EJ soon ends up showing up at the Salem Trust and finds his safe deposit box is missing. The woman from earlier shows up and is shocked to see EJ, she says hes supposed to be dead. EJ demands the woman find his safe deposit box. She takes him to the room where she left it with John and Bo. EJ opens it, inside is everything that belongs to him. He knows though that someone has been through everything. EJ is furious and yells at the woman for allowing this to happen. She says the men will be on camera, but EJ is sure they were smart enough to cut the cameras. 

At Chez Rouge a drunk Tek asks Lexie if he can buy her a drink? She says he shouldnt be here. She says hes drunk and there is a restraining order against him, does he want to lose his job? Tek says yes, finally someone who understands him. She tells Tek that as someone who has lost her job, she suggests he go home. He says how nice that she acts like she cares. She says fine if he wants to be unemployed then keep it up. Tek says he may have a paycheck but thanks to her husband he doesnt have a job. He tells her that there was a time she couldnt get enough of him, now she treats him like this. He doesnt understand. He accuses Lexie of getting off easy. Lexie says she lost not only her job, but her reputation. She says she doesnt have it as easy as he thinks. She tells Tek to just leave her alone. As they argue the bartender calls for a police officer. A whole scene has been made, people are standing around watching. Lexie tells Tek to leave, if he wont then she will. He grabs her and stops her. Abe shows up and demands Tek to go home now. He says no he wont. Tek mouths off to Abe and tells him to fire him, kill him, do whatever he wants. Tek tells Abe to fire him, the only reason he didnt do it before was because he was afraid of a lawsuit. He calls Abe a big man, he tells him to do it. When Tek threatens to reveal their dirt, Abe decks him. Abe tells Tek that he got his wish, hes fired. He tells Tek to come in and clean out his desk in the morning. Drunk Tek thanks him and tells him hes a fantastic police officer. The waiters drag Tek out. Abe asks Lexie if she is okay? She says define okay. Abe says he should have fired Tek long ago. Abe offers to take her home, but she says she was supposed to meet Hope here. She says shell be fine. She thanks Abe. Abe says he has to go back to the station. Lexie asks Abe not to escalet things with Tek anymore, they are both done with him. 

Hope shows up to meet Lexie. Hope sees Lexie doesnt look very happy. Lexie explains the scene with Tek. Lexie says shell never be able to live down what she did, she cant get a job anywhere as she is known as the unethical doctor who cheats on her husband. Hope tells Lexie she has news that may make her smile. Hope says she found Lexie a job. Lexie says Kayla needs a private nurse to leave the hospital. Lexie doesnt think the Bradys would go for this. Hope says they agree with her idea. Lexie takes the job. Lexie asks when she starts? Hope says shell be released tomorrow. Lexie thanks Hope for this. They then share a toast to new beginnings.

Abe, John, Bo and Frankie meet back at the station. Abe informs them that Tek has been fired. Bo and John reveal what was in the box, Italian Tarot cards. They think it all leads back to the DiMeras. Abe ends up calling Celeste in for help.


November 23 2006
Belle shows up at the garage to show the photo of the soldiers to Max, she asks him if he thinks the man in the back is Phillip. She tells him Kate believes it is Phillip in the photo, Victor doesnt. Max says he doesnt either, and wouldnt Victor know if Phillip reenlisted. Belle says Kate thinks Victor knows more than hes saying. She says if hes back in a war zone then it is because of her. Max tells her that is not her fault, and they dont know if this is Phillip. Max suggests Shawn and Mimi look at the photo, they would know.

Victor visits with Phillip, who moans and groans. Victor tells him not to worry, hell help him. He knows Phillip is missing Claire, it wont be long though till hes with her again. He says they have to keep this secret a little while longer. A nurse shows up and gives Phillip a shot for the pain and help him get his rest. Victor tells Phillip to go to sleep, dream about holding Claire in his arms. He says he will make it happen. He promises not to let Phillip down again.

At his place, Shawn makes calls to a car dealer to come test drive a convertible. Bo shows up to see Shawn and talk to him. Shawn tells his dad how he was looking into a new car. Bo says a new car, a new apartment . . . Shawn says its nice having a good paying job. Bo says that is why he is here to talk to him. He warns Shawn that EJ could be the gloved hand, he doesnt want Shawn to get caught in the crossfire when he goes down. He asks Shawn to walk away. Shawn says EJ is a celebrity, what evidence does he have against him? Bo wont discuss it. Shawn wont quit his job until his dad has proof. He tells his dad he is always trying to take down people who get in his way. Bo warns Shawn that EJ is dangerous and EJ could go after Shawn to get to him if he feels threatened. Bo says that puts Shawn in danger. Shawn says he cant quit, he needs this job to impress Belle. Bo says working for a criminal wont impress her. He says EJ is a criminal. Shawn refuses to quit his job. Bo ends up storming out. 

Chelsea, Abby and Nick are helping Maggie decorate Chez Rouge for Christmas. Nick gets an invite from Shawn Brady Sr to come to the Brady Thanksgiving Feast. They invite him because he saved Kaylas life. Chelsea is shocked to hear this. Nick asks Maggie if he can go. She says of course he can, shes so proud of him. Mimi is crying in the corner, Abby asks what is wrong? Mimi says nothing, its not like she expected to be invited to her ex's for dinner. She walks off. Chelsea tells Abby that shes Bos daughter and she didnt even get an invitation. She says this isnt fair, Nick has been in town only three days and he gets an invite? Abby says maybe Bo is upset with her for pushing him and Billie together. Chelsea says she just wants her parents together. Eavesdropping Maggie tells Chelsea just because she wants her parents together doesnt mean it is meant to be. She also says the Bradys are great, but they'll live up to the idea of them she has in her mind. Mimi says Maggie is right, the Bradys are great but have their own problems. Chelsea tells Mimi at least she has a mom who loves her enough to help her and a dad that doesnt hate her guts. Abby says Mimi doesnt know where her dad is. Later Nick tells Chelsea off. He says she should be working and in college or at least have a job. He says maybe if she had that she wouldnt be worrying about her parents being together. He says if they dont want to be together the wont be, so get over it. Mimi ends up leaving, Nick later apologizes to a crying Chelsea that hes sorry for how harshly he spoke to her and how she lives her life isnt any of his business. She says its not so stay away from her from now on. Abby tells Chelsea that Nick is just trying to help. Chelsea tells Nick that if hes so good at solving problems then how does she get her dad to invite her to the family thanksgiving. Nick says she should come as his guest. She says crashing the party on the arm of a geek . . . she suggests he rethink this as everyone will hate him for bringing her. He doubts it, hes a hero. He tells her that this is her only choice. She says this sucks, she should be inviting him not the other way around. She says fine, shell see him there. She says try not to dress like a loser. He says so he shouldnt wear his turkey costume? Later Abby asks Nick what his problem is? Is he kidding? She thinks inviting Chelsea is a bad idea and she doesnt get why he likes her. Nick says Abby likes her. Abby says yes but Chelsea insults him all the time. Nick likes that she is emotional, angry and dangerous. He then asks Abby for a favor, he needs a makeover. He wants Chelsea to see him and think hes hot. Abby says shell try, but he better be careful.

Mimi and Shawn show up at the garage. Belle wants them to look at the photo and asks if they think it is Phillip. Shawn doesn't seem to care if Phillip has gone back into combat, he says he already risked his life to save Phillip once, he wont do it again. Belle cant believe him. They get into an argument over Phillip. Shawn says Phillip walked out of her and Claires life, how can she defend him. She wonders how Shawn cant given what Phillip has done for their country. Belle tells Shawn that she made a mistake bringing him into this, she wont waste anymore of his time. She storms off. Shawn goes to follow her. Mimi tells Max they may both hate her, but shell at least make sure they dont kill one another.

Shawn stops Belle. He says hes just now getting to know Claire and the thought of Phillip coming back scares him. She says this isnt all about him. He knows, it is about Claire. She asks him to have a little bit of compassion for a man who had his heart broken by everyone. She says hes acting jealous, like Phillip is going to take Claire and her from him, and he needs to grow up. She then storms off. Mimi is lurking around the corner and spies on them. Mimi goes back to Max and asks him to help her find Phillip. She feels responsible for all this, if she can find Phillip then it will help her redeem herself just a little.

At the pub, Shawn and Caroline are setting up for Thanksgiving. Billie shows up to meet Hope, who asked her to come. Hope says she has a message from Steve, but Billie doesnt want to hear it. She says she doesnt see the point of talking to Steve. She says shes thrilled for him and Kayla, Steve doesnt owe her an explanation. Hope tells Billie that Steve doesnt really remember Kayla. Hope explains that she and Bo wrote memories down for Steve, he only did what he had to in order to help her get well. Billie says so Steve really doesnt remember? Hope says he did remember things, but he doesnt have the emotions that go with the memories. Billie says so its been a lie? She asks how he could do this to Kayla. Hope says Steve did what he did to save Kaylas life. She says it worked, so shes passing Steves message onto Billie. Hope says Steve still has feelings for her. Billie says she has feelings for him too, but hes getting his memory back and shes trying to get him out of her mind. Hope tells her to at least hear him out. Billie asks why Hope is doing this? Kayla is her friend and sister-in-law. Hope says she is doing this for Steve, he is her friend and she thinks they need to resolve what is between them. Billie suspects Hope is doing this because shes afraid Bo and her will end up together. Hope dismisses that and just says she gave her the information Steve asked her to. Billie thanks her. She walks off and is all smiles.

Frankie shows up at the pub and says he has news for his parents. Caroline asks if he met a girl? He says she has a one track mind. He says he has a job offer in DC, now that Kayla is better hes going to take it. He says he leaves within a week. Shawn Sr tells Frankie that he wont have his family in DC. Frankie says maybe someday hell meet someone nice. Caroline says maybe a senators daughter, he could become a big political advisor. Frankie says he just hopes he can find what his ma and pop have. He says he really wants their blessing to go. They tell him that they do support him in this. 

Chelsea and Billie meet at the diner. Billie tells Chelsea the news about Steve. Chelsea cant believe this, why would she want to be with Steve after this? Billie changes the topic to Thanksgiving, she says Kate is having dinner catered for them. Chelsea says she cant go, Dad invited her to the pub. Billie is stunned but says okay, great. Chelsea sees this apparently bothers Billie.

At Mythic's offices, EJ tells Kate that hes going on air to blast the Salem PD and save his reputation from a smear campaign that has tainted it. 

At the station Abe is talking with Celeste. He tells her about the tarot cards and asks her to help them figure out what this all means. She tells him how the cards have several implications, its not that easy as just telling him what they mean. Roman interrupts and tells Abe he needs to see this. Roman and Abe watch EJ on TV. Hes accusing the Salem PD of invading his privacy and stealing from him, so hes fighting back in the name of justice and his good name. EJs lawyer then announces they are launching a 40 million dollar lawsuit against the Salem PD, they are also suing Roman, Abe, Bo and John. They say the Salem PD and Bo Brady in particular have a history of bullying people. Bo shows up and learns about the lawsuit. Abe says he knew letting Bo and John do this was a bad idea. Bo says they know hes guilty, let him sue. An officer tells Abe that the assistant DA is on her way up, she isnt very happy. Later the DA looks at their file on EJ, which she says is circumstantial. She says head will role this time and there is nothing she can do about it. 

Back at Mythic, EJ asks Kate if she is the one who ransacked his apartment at Johns request? She says nothing, he says it is okay. He says he knows she and John were engaged once, but they are partners. She says John thought shed find incriminating evidence, she was hoping she wouldnt. He knows she took his ring. She says John thinks it is a DiMera ring. He says it is a fraternity ring, he doesnt know the DiMeras. Kate says Stefano was part of her life a long time ago and she doesnt want to revisit that part. He realizes she is afraid of the DiMeras. He says he doesnt know them, he is not the criminal here, John  and Bo are. 

Back at the station, EJ and his lawyer show up. They are prepared to drop the lawsuit if the investigation is dropped and also  Roman and Abe must go on air and apologize and say they were wrong about EJ. Bo says no way. The lawyer says he has no say in this. Abe tells the lawyer that he doesnt think they can do this. The lawyer gives them three minutes to think it over. Abe goes to Celeste and begs her to just guess what the cards mean, he needs something to fight with. Celeste sees EJ looking at her, she says she cant help him. 

Roman and Abe go on air and make the apology to EJ. Meanwhile EJ talks with Celeste outside. He asks what she told them, Celeste says she told them nothing. He says good, shes part of this family too so keep her mouth shut.

Meanwhile Kate shows up and blasts Roman, saying shell never trust him and John again. The Assistant DA tells them to stay away from EJ, if they screw up again then she will clean house. Bo cant believe this. Abe says they have no choice, drop it as it is over


November 24, 2006
No Show


November 25, 2006
Abe, Lexie and Theo are spending Thanksgiving together. Theo made his dad the traditional traced hand turkey thing. They send Theo to watch the parade. Lexie is so glad to have Abe home. Abe is distant, he finally says its this black glove case. He says they almost had Patrick and EJ, but lost them both. He says now the DA is threatening to fire anyone who as much as gives EJ a ticket. Lexie asks if Abe can investigate EJ on the sly? He says not without her help, and he doesnt want her involved. Lexie says she wants to help. Abe says he has to talk to Celeste, she is their only chance. Abe fills her in on the tarot cards and how they frightened Celeste. He thinks Celeste is their only chance at figuring it all out, but she doesn't want to talk. Lexie says shell talk to her. Abe heads to the station, but says hell be back before dinner. Later Lexie talks to her mom about helping Abe, but Celeste says no. Lexie reminds her that she is the one who once said being brave means taking risks. Celeste refuses to get involved, she says shes trying to protect them. Lexie asks her mom what is going on? Celeste asks Lexie what she thinks. She tells Lexie she knows who she is and where she came from. Lexie says oh no . . . . Lexie says is she saying all the things happening to the Bradys the last two months . . . .  Celeste says no, the last two decades. She says one family has caused all that pain, the Dimeras. Abe walks in at this point, he heard everything. He tells her that she cant run away from the DiMeras. He says he can get her protection, but she says there is no place to hide from them. Abe says Steve and Kayla were poisoned, Max and Stephanie almost died too, how can he shut his eyes to that? She says it is easy, just think about Lexie and Theo. He says he is, Lexie was blackmailed and Theo was threatened. Abe says they have to fight back. Celeste says she has seen what happens to people who do, shes not that noble. She says she wont fight back. Theo shows up, Lexie wants her mom to tell Theo why she is helping the bad guys. Celeste tells Theo that she has to leave. Celeste says she loves them all so much. Lexie says then stay here, this is their family. Celeste agrees to stay, she says she wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

At Chez Rouge, Maggie and Abby talk about Nick taking Chelsea to the Brady Thanksgiving, they don't really know what he's thinking. Abby jokes shes been helping Nick with geek rehab she took him shopping. Nick shows up and is in a nice suit for a change, he's also lost the glasses and his hair is combed. Maggie says hes gorgeous. He heads off to get Chelsea. Maggie tells Abby she did a good job, he looks so preppy.

Kate and Billie are arranging the place for Thanksgiving. Its just them, Will is eating with Sami and Lucas. Billie thinks that is great, shes sure Will is happy to be with his parents. Kate makes a crack about having to eat Sami's cooking. Chelsea shows up and asks how she looks? Chelsea is all dressed up, Kate says she didnt know they were dressing up. Billie says Chelsea got invited to the Brady Thanksgiving by Bo, she meant to call and thank him. Chelsea stops her mom from calling, she says Bo didnt invite her, Nick did. Billie says she is crashing the party? Chelsea says shes going as Nicks guest. Billie asks if Nick knows why she wont be welcomed there? Chelsea doesnt know and doesnt care. Billie says this is Bo and Hopes first Thanksgiving since Zack died, they wont be happy to have her there. Chelsea says she is a Brady too, she has a right to be included. Nick shows up to meet Chelsea.  She looks at him and he says she said not to dress like a loser. He is blinking a lot, he says they are contacts, they are new and he's not used to them. He comes in, Billie says hello and introduces herself. He ends up tripping and falling down as his first impression. Later they leave, Billie and Kate have dinner. Billie tells Kate about Steve and the message she got from him. Billie says explains how Steve only remembered a few things, but lied to Kayla about remembering. Kate is worried, she says Billie is looking like a love sick moose. Billie says Steve still has feelings for her, but there is still no guarantee he wont get his memory back tomorrow. Kate says there is no guarantees in life. Kate asks what she will do? Billie says nothing. Kate wonders what happened to her, she used to have guts. Billie says life happened to her. Kate says there is no use being alive if her life will be dull and predictable. She tells Billie to go after what she wants. Billie says no matter who it hurts?

Bo arrives at the pub with flowers. Bo tells his ma that she outdid the place. Caroline says actually it was Hope, she hasnt seen her this happy in a long time. Frankie and Shawn Sr. show up, soon Hope and Stephanie come in. Stephanie has so much to be grateful for, every wish shes ever had has come true. Bo tells Hope shes wondering if they made a mistake. Hope says no, if they didnt give Steve the memories then he couldnt have saved Kaylas life. Hope and Bo talk about how Bo was late getting home last night. He says it was thanks to EJ. She asks what it is about, but he says he doesnt want to push things as things between them have been good. Hope says then shell push it back in her bed . . . tonight. Bo says okay! He asks about whats his name . . . Hope says hes not part of her life anymore. They kiss and Frankie says that is it? They try again, as they make out for all to see Nick and Chelsea walk in. Chelsea says its a good thing Nick is a doctor as shes about to be sick. He says actually hes not a doctor. Abby walks in, she says hello to everyone. Nick hopes it is okay he brought Chelsea. Hope says nothing, Bo tells her happy thanksgiving. Chelsea says the same to both Bo and Hope, they walk off. Hope tells Bo shes okay, its okay. Meanwhile Abby serves some apple cider donuts she made, Chelsea says shed rather poke her eyes out! Nick tells Chelsea to stop giving people reasons to hate her. Chelsea thanks her Grandma for letting her stay. Caroline says as long as she behaves herself. Chelsea thinks that was rude of her to say. Abby tells Chelsea that she is rude to everyone so why expect people to be nice to her? Nick once again tells Chelsea to shape up. Mimi and Max show up, Max asked Mimi to join them as her family isnt doing Thanksgiving. Caroline welcomes her and gives her a hug. Mimi thanks her. Bo tells Hope that Shawn probably wont be coming over the whole EJ thing. Mimi approaches Bo and Hope, she apologizes for not telling them about Claire. She says she knows that truth could have helped them a lot this past year. Later Max and Bo have a talk. Bo warns Max about Mimi, shes a Lockhart. Max assures Bo that they are just friends.

Chelsea later takes a donut from Abby, saying Nick shared his with her earlier and it was really good. They  all end up talking about Chelsea and how she is sulking because her parents wont get back together. Chelsea thinks they were so close. Nick says until Bo realized he loves Hope. Later Abby tells Max Happy Thanksgiving! He says back at you kid. Max then asks Nick for some help. Max and Mimi explain they are trying to find a newspaper photographer who may have photographed Phillip. They say they have left messages but he wont call them back. Nick says leave a message claiming they are a magazine giving out photojournalism awards. Mimi says shes not supposed to be lying right now. Max says hell do it, they thanks him. Abby wonders how Nick got so sneaky. He says Chels has taught him a lot, like sometimes the ends do justify the means. Chelsea says dont call her Chels. He says Abby does. She says Abby is her friend. 

Steve and Kayla show up, everyone cheers and welcomes them home. Stephanie rushes to them and says this is great, they are going to be a real family. Bo says it is a miracle they are home, and they all toast to Nick for saving Kayla. Nick makes a joke that he wants to thank his agent . . . He says actually he didnt save Kaylas life, they all did. He says love pulled Kayla back from the edge, and it is something he's never witnessed. He says he wants to read a quote in honor of them all. He reads a quote about how families are the compass that guides them all. He says his folks are overseas and this is his first thanksgiving without them. He says its wonderful to be apart of this wonderful family, if only for today. Chelsea is sulking and decides to leave. Nick stops her, he asks why shes leaving? She says she cant get her own family to accept her, yet they have accepted him. He says this is their first Thanksgiving without Zack. She says she knows that, doesnt he know how she feels about what happened? He says how could anyone, she never tells them. Chelsea tries to tell Hope how sorry she is, but Steve interrupts and drags Hope off to talk. Chelsea cries she hates this family and runs off, Abby tells Nick to just let her go. 

Hope and Steve talk outside about Billie. Hope says Billie still feels the same about him. Hope asks if this is how its going to be, she plays go between him and Billie? She says Kayla loves him deeply. Hope says Steve has to tell Kayla and Stephanie the truth without breaking their hearts. Steve says he will, just dont say anything to Billie about what is going on. Steve asks to borrow her phone, she gives it to him and says dont keep Stephanie and Kayla waiting. Steve ends up calling Billie up. Steve asks to see Billie tomorrow. She says she doesnt know. Steve knows she is confused, he is too. He says he just wants to explain. Billie says okay. Steve says he misses her, she says her too. Stephanie shows up at this point and asks her dad who he misses? Steve lies to her and says Uncle Jack, his brother. She says well they miss him inside. He says hes coming. 

Back inside, dinner begins and Frankie announces his plans to move to DC. He says hes not going away forever. They all say how much theyll miss him. Meanwhile Hope is not happy that Steve used her phone to call Billie. Steve says he knows he cant keep lying to them about this forever. Later Kayla makes a little speech about families, about how much they have to be thankful for. She says she feels thankful to all of them for fighting for her. She says being home with them, Steve and Stephanie; she feels so blessed.

Back at Kates, Kate tells Billie she is winning the competition for Steve. Billie says this isnt a competition, and she wants Steve to meet her were they arent ashamed to be meeting and not some diner out on route one. Billie thinks this is a replay of her and Bo, only good enough for the bedroom but not life. Kate tells Billie that shes lost the will to fight, that is the problem here. Billie doesnt know what there is to fight for. Kate tells her that Steve called her today, and Billie will get the brass ring. Kate thinks the fight will get dirty, but shes betting on Billie. 

Chelsea shows up later and screams she hates them, she hates them all especially Hope. Billie and Kate ask what happened? Chelsea says she tried to talk to Hope but she walked away with the pirate. Chelsea learns Steve called Billie to meet and discuss where they stand. Chelsea cant believe this, she was practically in bed with dad. Billie says nothing happened. Chelsea says because her mom is holding out for the one-eyed pirate. She says Steve will never leave his wife and daughter. Chelsea calls Billie selfish for thinking of herself only, she not only trashed her chance of being with Bo but their chance of being a family. Kate tells her to get out until she can learn to hold her tongue. Chelsea says she doesnt want to be here anyways and storms off. Kate lectures Billie about that girl. Billie reminds her mom that it was her who told Chelsea to go after what she wants. Meanwhile Chelsea goes home and ends up emailing the photo from her camera phone to Steve and Hope so they all know that her parents belong together.

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