November 27, 2006
Max and Mimi meet with the photographer about the TINA award they called him about. He says he tried to research it on the net but couldn't find anything about. Max starts making up a story about how it is a new award. Mimi eventually blurts out that there is no award, that is what TINA stands for. She says they think their friend is in his photo and they need his help finding him. The photographer says forget it. They tell him that his dad is filthy rich, there could be a reward. The guy looks at the photo, he claims he is Andrew Spivey from Oklahoma. Mimi and Max ask to look at his other photos, he says find and lets them look through them. Max finds one with a better photo of the guy's face. Mimi is sure this Andrew Spivey is really Phillip. 

Belle talks with Marlena at the penthouse, she thinks Phillip left Salem because of her. Marlena says that isnt true, but Belle feels it is. Belle says shes taking her anger out over this on Shawn, why she doesnt know. She says she didnt even let him see Claire on Thanksgiving. She says she tries to claim it is what is best for Claire, but she doesnt know what is best for her anymore. She says when she picked her up from Victors he was saying dada, she misses Phillip so much. Marlena says there are probably photos of him over there. Belle fears shes going to end up screwing Claire up somehow. Belle asks her mom as a mom and a psychiatrist, what should she do. Marlena says stop being so hard on herself first of all, children are resilient. Marlena says look at Belle, she is a survivor. Belle says she is the way she is because she had two strong parents there for her growing up. She says she and Shawn arent together and probably never will. She talks about the demands she put on Shawn, she told him to get a job when she doesnt have one. Marlena says she has a job, she has the job of caring for her daughter. She says many women cant afford that. Belle says she can afford it because shes dependant on her and dad. She thinks that is wrong. Marlena says what is wrong is keeping a child from his or her parents. She says shouldnt Claire have both her parents in her life?

At Shawns place, Shawn tells Willow how Belle wouldnt let him be with Claire yesterday. He talks about how all he wants to do is be a father to Claire. Willow says hes lying to himself, this is about Belle and how he still loves her. She says hes trying to live up to Belles expectation of him and he never will. Shawn gets up set with her, he claims this is about Claire. There is a knock at the door, its Bo. Willow leaves to get dressed. Shawn tells his dad he knows he doesnt like him living with Willow. Bo says he didnt come to talk about Willow. Shawn says what then, his job, maybe give him another lame excuse as to why he should quit working for EJ? Bo says no hes here to say they are disappointed that he didnt come to Thanksgiving. Shawn says he had better things to do than hang out with the dysfunctional Brady Bunch. Bo says yeah like hang out with his hooker girlfriend. Bo suggests he dump Willow and work things out with Belle. Shawn says how by quitting his job? Bo says its dirty money. Shawn says Roman and Abe said otherwise on TV. Bo says they had no choice, EJ threatened them with a lawsuit. Bo gets a call and has to go. He tells Shawn that hes been warned. Later Willow and Shawn have a talk. Willow continues to tell Shawn how he is jumping through hoops for Belle, who hell never please. She suggests he go buy that convertible he wanted and the two of them will go on a road trip. He says that sounds fun. Shawns phone rings, it is Belle. Belle was calling to ask if he wanted to spend time with Claire. She tells him to come over to the penthouse, not only can he see Claire but they can talk. Shawn says hes on his way. Willow warns Shawn that Belle is just messing with his head again. Shawn says hell see her later and he takes off. 

Back at the penthouse, Marlena says she is proud of Belle. She says whatever issues Belle has with Shawn, they cant come between Shawn and Claire. Belle says so much has changed between them. Marlena says the fact that they have a child wont change. She also says no matter what is going on now, she had a lot of love with Shawn in the past. Belle then gets a call from Max, he and Mimi are back from Chicago and they have information. Belle tells her mom she has to run out, let Shawn spend as much time with Claire. Marlena asks where she should say Belle went? Belle says its best he not know. Later Shawn shows up. Marlena explains how Belle had to run out, but he is to spend as much time with Claire as he wants. Shawn brought a book of fairytales over, he knows Belle doesn't believe in them anymore though. Marlena says Belle is having issues with being dependant on others right now. Shawn says having someone take care of Belle and Claire is a good thing though, it shows they are cared about. He thinks Belle doesnt count him in that department though. Marlena tells Shawn that Belle does care about him a lot. Shawn asks if she said that? Marlena says she is Belle's mother, she knows. Marlena tells Shawn that he and Belle have a special relationship, and she believes they are meant to be together and one day will. Shawn says he doesnt think Belle is thinking about that, shes thinking about Phillip lately. Marlena says when a marriage ends there are a lot of mixed feelings. Shawn says hes not going to waste his life waiting for Belle to make up her mind, hes done that once before. He says hell always be here for Claire thought. Shawn then heads out. 

Belle meets with Mimi and Max, they learn it really is Phillip and hes using an alias. They say the guy in the photo has a prosthetic leg. They say it looks like hes been shipped off to Afghanistan. Belle worries, but Max says he came home once before. Belle says he has nothing to come home to now. She says if he gets killed then shell have to tell Claire that her daddy is dead because of her. Mimi says no this is her fault more than anyone else's, Belle shouldn't blame herself. Max says it doesnt matter, they will find Phillip. Mimi suggests they take this information to Victor, but Belle says no as she doesnt trust him. She says they can do this on their own. She says they have to find Phillip and tell him to come home to his family. Belle leaves to head back home to Claire. Max tells Mimi if Phillip does come home, well he just wonders how Shawn will react. 

Shawn returns home to Willow. She asks about Belle, Shawn says she wasn't there. Willow once again tells him how Belle is just jerking him around. He says shes right, from now on hes living for himself. He says hes going to get that convertible. She says why stop there, why not get some new clothes and maybe a heart shaped bed. Shawn turns off his phone so they arent interrupted. They then get down to business on the couch.

Belle returns to the penthouse. She informs Marlena where she went and what shes found out about Phillip going back to war. She says she wants Phillip to come home, she needs to know hes okay.

Dr. Weinstien meets with Victor. Victor sent for him, the doctor talks about how he is particular about the cases he takes on and he does not do vanity surgery. Victor says the surgery is for his son, and hell want to take this case. He explains that his son is a marine who lost his leg, but went back into the service to work in intelligence. He says unfortunately on his first assignment his convoy was firebombed, Phillip was burned and his face is unrecognizable. He says he read about Dr. Weinstein and his procedures, they may be the only help for Phillip. He wants Phillip to have a face transplant. They go in to see Phillip. The Dr. has to examine Phillip. He says he has to remove the bandages, there may be some pain. As the doctor examines him, Victor gets a call from the photographer. He tells Victor about Max and Mimi, he thinks they figured out that Andrew Spivey is really his son. Victor says no one can find out the truth about Phillip. Later Victor asks the doctor if he can help him? The doctor says he may be able to, but this type of surgery is highly experimental and new. He says hell put Phillip on a transplant list. Victor writes a check to fund the doctors research, as well as make sure Phillip is moved to the top of the list. Victor says he promised his son that hed get his life back, he will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens. Later Victor tells Phillip that he will get better thanks to the doctor. He says they will also take Claire from Shawn and Belle, they dont deserve that little girl. He says Phillip does. He promises Phillip that he will get through this. 

Celeste meets with Abe and Roman at Abe's house, they are glad shes going to help them. Celeste is frightened, she had a dream about Lexie and Theo last night. She says she cant put them at risk. She says the dream made what she has to do clear. She says she will help them on one condition, they must protect Lexie and Theo at all costs. Abe says she knows he will. She asks to see what they have. Roman shows them the photos of all the card from EJs safe deposit box. She looks at them, she says the photos have such strong vibrations, she hates to think about the power in the real cards. She says the cards tell a story of EJ. She says he is represented by the chariot, he is strong and willful. She says he began by disrupting marriages, ruining careers and so forth. She says he isnt finished, the cards predict more danger to come. She explains reading these arent easy. She pulls up the empress next, she represents motherhood. However shes with the five of clubs, which suggests as loss of motherhood somehow. They discuss how this could represent Belles baby and the embryo switch. The next card is the hanged man, which represents a loss of some type. They suggests it could be Phillip or it could be Kayla. Abe says this isnt getting nowhere, he needs more than guesses. Celeste says she cant give him specific answers. Abe says he doesnt want generalities. Celeste tells him that shes risking life and limb to do this as is. Abe asks if she was threatened by EJ or the DiMeras. Later Bo shows up, he says hes sorry hes late. Celeste does more readings. The next cards is the lovers, which represent Carries marriage to Lucas, Sami and Austins engagement. She then pulls up the temperance, a source of health and balance. However it is accompanied by the five of pentacles which represent illness and sacrifice. They think this is Kayla and Steve. Next is the tower, which represents a downfall. They say this must be John and Marlenas plane. Bo realizes these cards are instructions to EJ. Celeste agrees, and she sees many untold calamities: lies, betrayal, adultery. She says there is something that worries her about what the cards dont say. She says one card is missing, the death card and it is on its way from Italy, if it hasnt already arrived. She says the death card is what the future holds. Abe asks if it could be Eves murder. She says no, this is someone they will all care deeply about. Abe says so EJ will be instructed to kill when he gets the death card. Roman asks who is sending the cards. Celeste cant say, this is family verses family, an all out DiMera and Brady war. Roman asks how that can be, Stefano is dead and Tony is in jail. Bo says they always rise from the ashes, someone new must be in charge of the family now. Abe asks if EJ is a DiMera, Celeste says he must be. Abe says they must stop EJ before he gets the card and acts on it. Roman wants Celeste to sign a statement attesting to all shes said. Celeste says no way, she gave them the information and do what they want with it. She intends to make sure Lexie stays alive, she took a huge risk talking with them. she says she has to go and then leaves. Abe says the DA wont bring a case against EJ based on tarot cards and ghost stories. Bo says that only leaves them with one option. Bo says they have to crack this before someone winds up dead.


November 28, 2006

At the penthouse, Marlena is on the phone making wedding arrangements. Kate shows up, she wants to know where John is. She says shes going to wring his neck! Marlena says he's not here right now and she asks why Kate is angry with John? Kate says she ransacked EJs apartment based on Johns suspicions. She says now EJ has been exonerated, but her relationship with EJ has been undermined. Kate says she even stole from him. Marlena heard, a ring that could tie him to the DiMeras. Kate says EJ claims it is a class ring. Marlena asks what if she is wrong? Kate says she has seen Stefanos ring, its not the same ring and she cant believe she let John talk her into believing all of this. Marlena says Kate isnt a woman to be talked into anything she doesnt think is credible. Marlena wonders how close Kate is with EJ. Kate says they were friends until John forced her to spy on him. Marlena says she heard Kate volunteered and wouldnt let John talk her out of it. Marlena realizes what is really going on, shes sleeping with EJ. Kate says so what if she is, what will she do, stone her? Marlena says shell warn her to get out while she can. Marlena says if EJ is involved with the DiMeras then she knows how dangerous he can be. Marlena says she even asked John to take himself off this case. Kate knows Marlena had a difficult year, but shes happy now. Kate says she has John now and Roman waiting in the wings. Marlena says she and Roman are just friends. Kate says please, Roman has never gotten over her. Kate says she has EJ, she trusts him and enjoys his company. Marlena says shes letting her heart overrule her head, that can be a fatal mistake. Kate says EJ is a perfect gentlemen. Marlena says not everyone thinks so. Kate says not everyone knows him as well as she does. She says tell John she wont spy on EJ anymore. Marlena says John isnt involved in the investigation anymore so it doesn't really matter now does it.

At Abes, John has joined Abe and Roman. Abe is filling John in on what Celeste has told them. John doesnt know how this is helping them. Roman says it puts them on high alert, Celeste feels when EJ gets the death card that someone close to them will be murdered. John asks if she knows who it will be . . . of course not. John is thinking this is a bit far fetched basing everything on Celeste and her vibes. Abe says he's a skeptic too, but they can't discount Celeste's track record. Abe tells John there is something more going on, EJ is a DiMera and is here to destroy all the Bradys. John still isnt buying all this, what more do they have other than a ring, some cards and a Celeste. Roman says they have him, he is a DiMera. John says the DiMeras are off everyones radar, Tony is in jail and Stefano is dead. Abe says they need John to help them find out if EJ is a DiMera. John says Abe turned his help down before, now they want him to what, go to Italy and muck around in the family swamp? Abe asks if hell do it? John says hes not in law enforcement anymore, he may have done some gumshoe work for Bo, but this is different. He says they are asking him to take on the DiMera cartel on their home turf. He also says Marlena doesnt want him involved anymore so no, he wont do this to her. He says Marlena begged him, he has to abide by her wishes. Roman suggests he not tell MArlena, say he has to go to Italy on business. John says if he gets killed then his last words to Marlena were a lie. Abe and Roman say they dont have much time left, if he doesnt help them then the DiMeras could win. John says so it is up to him. He says the DiMeras are his turf, he knows them better than anyone. He agrees to go to Italy, but no one can know what is really going on, especially not Marlena. They agree and do this three musketeers hand knocking thing.

John returns home to Marlena. He says he had a talk with Abe and Roman about EJ, the case is now closed. John says its now time for him to move on. Marlena says she is relieved. John says he has to make a little Basic Black business trip, one of their companies is under performing. She asks which one? He says its in Italy. 

Chelsea is at her place making an ice cream sundae. Billie asks what shes celebrating. Chelsea says the end of a lousy Thanksgiving. Steve calls Billie to make sure they are still on for lunch. Hes found a place in the country on the lake. Billie says it sounds nice. He says he wants to explain what is going on, hell pick her up around noon. Chelsea asks if dad knows about this date, Billie says no and he wouldnt care. Patrick shows up and tells Billie about the anonymous email he got, its a photo of Bo and Billie in bed together. Billie asks who would do this. Patrick nods in Chelseas direction. Billie knows she did this and says dont even deny it. Chelsea asks what she did this time? Billie tells her about her latest email stunt. Billie tells her that she is so sick. Patrick says at least own up to what she did. Chelsea says yeah she took the picture. Billie asks Chelsea who she sent it to. Chelsea says she sent it to Hope and the pirate. Patrick says on that note he has to go. Billie asks how she could do this to Bo, he will be even angrier with her this time. She warns Chelsea that she could be disowned for good. Billie thought she was going to try and be a better person? Chelsea says what about Billies actions? Chelsea says Steve is a married man, and she wants her mom to admit that she wants to be with dad. Billie says no that is what she wants. Chelsea says Hope is pregnant with Patrick's child, that child deserves to be with its parents just like she does. Chelsea says her mom belongs with Bo, the picture says it all. Billie says nothing happened, they just comforted one another. Chelsea says try and convince Hope and Steve of that. Billie says she will.

Outside, Patrick makes a call to Dr. Bader to make sure she keeps quiet about Bo being the father of the baby.

Bo comes home and finds Hope crying. Hope got Bos flowers, shes touched by the card he sent her saying how much he loves her. Bo tells Hope how good it is to be home with her. They kiss. Hope stops them from going too far, she says she wants this to be special. She heads upstairs to put on something more provocative. When Hope comes downstairs, she is looking devastated. She tells Bo about getting an email with a photo of him and Billie in bed. She shows it to him and asks him to explain it. Hope says it is date stamped to a few weeks ago. Bo reminds her it was the day she came to see him at the pub. He explains what happened, including nothing happened. He says they realized they were only friends and needed to be there for one another. He says Billie knows Hope is the only woman he loves. Bo says they just said they wouldnt lie to one another, he meant it. Hope says so did she, but then she saw this. She says he was tempted thought. Bo says he hates seeing her hurt like this. She asks who took the photo? Bos phone rings, its Billie. Billie calls to warn him about the photo, but its too late. Bo asks if she is there with her. Billie says yes, so Bo says keep her there as hes on his way.

At Kaylas hotel room at the Salem inn, Lexie is checking on Kayla. Steve asks how the patient is. Kayla says Lexie thinks shell live. Kayla is glad Lexie is caring for her, Lexie says she has no idea how happy she is to be doing this. Steve asks if he can go out for a bit? Stephanie walks in, she says mom needs him to stay with her. Lexie heads out, but they can call her if they need her. Kayla tells Stephanie that its no big deal if Steve wants to go out, dont pressure him. Steve says he doesnt have to go out just yet. Stephanie says good. She says she has stuff to do and shell see them later. Stephanie then leaves. Kayla asks Steve if he is okay living here with them? He says he just has a little cabin fever that is all. Kayla says she remembered something to that happened to them years ago when they were on the run. They were hiding in a bathroom in a hotel room and he started the fire alarms to keep them from being caught by a couple who came in. They got drenched by the sprinklers. She asks if he remembers as she laughs, it seems Steve doesnt. Kayla continues to remember the moment and how it turned romantic. Kayla sees Steve stirring, she asks if she made him feel uncomfortable? He says hes just feeling antsy. She suggests he go for that drive. Suddenly Stephanie returns, she was working on the computer setting up an internet account for dad. She says he already had an email, they sent a photo of Bo and Billie in bed together. They look at the photo, it upsets Kayla. She says Bo couldnt do this to Hope. She asks who would take this, who would do this. Steve says hell go find out, but he cant leave Kayla as shes very upset. Lexie is called back. It seems Kayla just hyperventilated. As Lexie is looking over her, Steve gets a call from Billie. Billie asks if hes still coming over, he says he cant. She asks if they can at least talk, but he says he doesnt think he can and he has to go. Later Lexie says in the future they should probably avoid topics that upset Kayla, at least until shes stronger. Steve tells Kayla that she has to stop scaring them like this. She says shes sorry. Stephanie knows her mom will get better as long as dad is here, he is the best medicine for her. Stephanie thinks now that her dad has remembered that hell be with mom forever.

Back at Billies, Billie hopes Chelsea is happy, she finally got what she wanted. Bo walks in and says he wouldnt count on it. Bo says hes given her the benefit of the doubt too many times, it is over. She says but dad . . . He says quit her whining it wont help. Bo says they cant seem to get it through her thick skull that she wont break up him and Hope. He says he and Billie will never be together, she has to learn to live with that. Chelsea says she wont. Bo says she will, and there is something else she has to learn to live without. Bo ends up tossing Chelseas laptop out the front door. She says her whole life was on that computer. Bo says why should he be concerned about her life when she is trying to ruin his life? She asks what she is to do without it? He says dont know and dont care. He then leaves. Billie says this is it, they now have zero tolerance for her. Chelsea ends up storming out.

Kate shows up outside of Billies place where Chelsea is crying over her broken laptop. Kate asks what is going on? Chelsea says shes a failure, shes not as good at playing dirty as Kate is. Kate says shes young, shell get better. Kate tells Chelsea that she needs to plan for the possibility that she could get caught, and when plan A fails go to plan B. Chelsea says she didnt have one. Kate says next time she will. Kate tells Chelsea to look at her long term goal, which is to have a family who loves her. She says she already has that, she needs to stop pushing them away. 

Patrick stops by Hopes to check on her. Shes been crying, he asks if shes okay? He says it isnt a good time right now. He walks in and asks if she knows what shes getting into with Bo? Hope says Bo is her husband, she has made it clear to Patrick that the two of them dont have a future together aside from their connection because of the baby. Patrick sees the photo and says shell take Bo back when he cant take his hands off of Billie? He yells at Hope that Bo is cheating on her, he ends up knocking over the flowers Bo sent. Hope says she wants him to leave, she tells him to get out. Patrick says he's sorry and it was an accident, but he ends up leaving. Later Bo shows up, he asks what happened here, did she break the vase out of anger? She says no Patrick was here. She says it was an accident. Bo thinks Patrick got physical with her. He wonders what is wrong with him, she's pregnant! He storms off as Hope yells at him to stop.

Patrick returns home, Billie is crying about what to do with Chelsea. Patrick says Chelsea may have done her a favor, she deserves a lot better than Steve Johnson if he's just going to bail on her like this. 


November 29 2006
Chelsea, Nick and Abby are at Chez Rouge. Chelsea is whining about her dad breaking her laptop. Abby tells her to get over it and get a new one. Chelsea wonders if she lectures Nick all the time like this. Nick says no, hes perfect. Chelsea asks where she is supposed to get the money for a new computer. Abby tells Chelsea to get a job and buy a new one. Nick says he has two laptops, he can let her use one. She says gee mommy and daddy buy him everything dont they. He says he bought them, he doesnt use one that often so she can use it. Chelsea tells Nick that hes awesome. He offers to go get it now, she says that would be great. She even gives him a little kiss. He runs off to get it. Abby tells Chelsea not to mess with Nicks head. Chelsea doesnt see what the problem here is. Abby says Nick doesnt deserve the use them and lose them Chelsea treatment. Chelsea doesnt see what the problem is, Nick offered it to her. Abby says she kissed Nick, shes playing him and he doesnt know it. Chelsea says she paid him for the favor in a way he would like. Abby thinks shes using Nick. Chelsea says Nick does nice things for her and she doesn't treat him like the geek he is, nobody loses. Abby think Nick loses, he has a crush on her. Chelsea says get out! Chelsea asks when this happened? Abby cant believe she has to tell this to Chelsea. Abby says it started that first night at Dune. Chelsea asks why Nick would be into her, she treats him the same way she treats toe fungus. Abby says for some reason Nick doesn't relate to people like the rest of them, probably because he spent too many years looking in a microscope. Abby says Nick finds her exciting. Chelsea says really? Abby says yes, and when he found out she was arrested it kind of sealed the deal. Chelsea says this will come in handy. Nick returns with the laptop. She thanks him and says hes okay, for a geek. She gives him another kiss. Nick says so no rush for her to get done with it. Chelsea ends up taking off. Nick is thrilled, Abby isnt. Abby tells Nick that Chelsea is selfish and self-involved. She says it is like hes chasing after Chelsea in a field of daises like in some dumb TV commercial. Nick says he likes those commercials. Nick says that Chelsea doesnt know he exists unless shes in a crisis. Abby says Chelsea is using him. Nick says he knows. He says every scientific breakthrough begins with the unknown, one day Chelsea will realize what shes missing out with him. He says he will get her one day.

Hope is at her place trying to call Bo, but he's not answering his phone. Billie shows up, Hope asks what shes doing here. Billie wanted to speak. Hope lets her in. Billie says shes here to apologize for the photo that Chelsea sent, she knows Chelsea has done a lot of horrible things to her. Hope says she is so sick of Chelsea and her actions. Hope says she had to chase Patrick out over the photo and then an angry Bo went to find him. Billie says she wishes . . . Hope says wishing doesnt do a damn thing. She says if something happens to Bo or Patrick then shell hold her and Chelsea responsible. Billie says she could strangle Chelsea over getting Hope upset over nothing. Hope says nothing? Billie says nothing happened, she just went to talk to Bo. Hope says they werent talking in the photo. Billie says they were both hurt. Hope says so he found comfort in her arms, how does she think that makes her feel. Billie says they didnt do anything. Hope says they were undressed in one anothers arms. Billie says they are friends, not lovers. Hope says she doesnt lay around naked with her friends. Billie says she has to believe her. Hope says she and Bo were trying to work things out, but now she doesnt know who to trust or believe. Hope says she does know that she wont trust Billie, and if Bo harms Patrick then she wont be able to trust him. Billie says Bo wont go after Patrick, but Hope isnt so sure. She says shes worried about what Bo will do now. She asks Billie to go, she wants to be alone. Billie says shes sorry and then she leaves. 

At his place Patrick is trying to get in touch with Shawn. His cell is off, Patrick leaves him a message saying he needs to get in touch with EJ.

Kate and EJ are at the office, she sees in a paper that he spent Thanksgiving donating time and money to a food bank. She says aw, dont get her wrong, he should squeeze everything he can out of the charitable act. He says that is very cynical. She says yes it is. EJ gets a call from Patrick, he tells Kate that he has to take this. He excuses himself and asks what in the hell he is doing calling him and not Shawn. Patrick says Shawns not picking up, he needs to talk to him. EJ says dont call him here. Later after EJ is gone, Billie shows up to see her mom. Billie informs Kate what Chelsea did this time. Billie wants to know if Kate put her up to this. Kate says no, but let her point out that not long ago she would have been thrilled to see Hope throw Bo out of the house. Billie says Hope didnt throw him out and they are talking about Chelsea and how shes out of control. Billie asks her mom for help, she is the only one who can get through to Chelsea. She tells her mom that they have so much in common and in so many ways, she means that in a good way . . . sort of. Billie begs her mom to help her, isnt their some statute of limitation on a kid wanting their parents back together. Kate says kids never give up on that dream. Billie says and she never gave up on wanting to find her, and now sometimes she wonders why. Chelsea shows up and shows off her new laptop. Billie asks who she stole it from? Chelsea says she didnt steal it, it was a gift . . . well a loan. Billie asks who gave it to him? Chelsea says Nick did, since her insane father destroyed hers. Billie says Chelsea is lucky that Bo didnt throw her out the window. Chelsea says thanks. Billie says it is what she deserved. Kate suggests she talk with Chelsea alone. Billie says shell see Chelsea at home, she then leaves. Chelsea says it wasnt her laying in bed with Bo half naked. Kate asks if she is responsible for this photo. Chelsea says she is. She says she decided the truth should come out, what did Billie do ask Kate to lecture her? Kate says yes, and Billie wont like what she has to say to her. Kate tells Chelsea that she is very gutsy and ambitious. She tells Chelsea job well done. She congratulates her and then starts applauding. Kate tells Chelsea she has street smarts, just like her and look at her, she ended up on the top. Chelsea says that is where she wants to be, the top. Kate says well shes going about it the wrong way. Kate says she doesnt have any allies, only enemies. Chelsea says she has Kate. Kate says she is in her corner, but if she screws up again she will deny knowing anything. Chelsea says so shes saying is shes on her own. Kate says no, she needs to focus on what she wants and come up with a plan to fly under the radar. Chelsea says she just gets so frustrated, everyone here is a hypocrite. Kate knows she is angry. Kate suggests Chelsea use her laptop. She tells Chelsea to do a blog, use it to tell the world how angry she is. She tells Chelsea to smooth out her rough edges with her parents otherwise shell spend her life all alone.

At Shawns, Shawn is telling Willow how he doesnt know if hes going to buy the car or not. Willow says he cant back down now. She says he owes it to himself. He says its expensive, but she says it is worth it. There is a knock at the door, Willow offers to hide. He says dont, if it is Belle then she can find out about her, she has to sometime. As it turns out it is EJ. EJ tells Shawn that if he wants to keep his job then Shawn better improve his work ethics. Shawn invites EJ in, EJ sees how well Shawn seems to be doing. Shawn knows why EJ is here. EJ says he provided Shawn with all of this and now hes fallen down on the job. Shawn says its complicated. EJ says if Shawn doesnt have a reason for answering Patricks calls then hes fired. Willow excuses herself. Shawn explains that Patrick calls him all the time, sometimes in the middle of the night, and half the time Patrick doesnt pay him. Shawn says Patrick stopped paying him so he stopped taking his calls. He knows he should have called EJ, but he figured they stopped for some reason and he was following EJs orders. EJ says hes sorry he came down on him, hes not fired. He says hell give him whatever money hes owed while hes here. EJ says from now on if he has a problem with Patrick then come to him. Shawn tells EJ that he saw his press conference, hes glad hes been cleared. EJ says if he can convince his father that hes innocent hell be pleased. Shawn says that will be tough, lately Bos been on the wrong side of everything. EJ ends up leaving, telling Shawn that hell look great in that convertible. EJ leaves and Shawn decides to go get the car after all. They get dressed to go out. Hope shows up asking if Shawn has seen Bo. Shawn says he doesnt exactly hang out with Bo. Shawn says they are actually just about to leave. Hope casts Willow a look, she walks off. Shawn asks what Bo did now? She says Chelsea emailed a photo of him and Billie, and he went running after Patrick. Shawn says hed love to help him but he cant, he doesnt understand anything Bo does anymore. Hope then gets a call from Patrick, he says he needs her, he thinks hes dying. She runs off.

Later Shawn and Willow are joyriding in Shawns car. She says this is the coolest car. He says he owes it all to her for convincing him to go for it. He asks where she wants to go, she says Chez Rouge. He says but she works there. Willow says exactly, she does the serving but is never served. She says she wants to see how the other half is. He says Chez Rouge it is. She asks if hes worried about his dad at all. He says his mom is worried enough for the both of them. He says hes living his dream with a beautiful woman. He then puts the petal to the metal. 

At Patricks, Bonnie asks Patrick what is wrong. He says what is wrong is his money is gone and he thinks his dear old mom stole it. She says she would never steal from her family, but Patrick says shed sell them out in a minute if she needed too. Bonnie suggests if hes so hard up for cash then get a job. Bonnie storms out and runs into Bo on the front walk. Bo says hes here to talk to Patrick. Bonnie says hes inside, enter at your own risk. Bo walks in and Patrick says this isnt his house. Bo says nor his, he lives with his mommy. Patrick threatens to call the cops on Bo, he still has a restraining order against him. Bo says do what he wants. Bo says hes here to talk about his wife Hope, he wants Patrick to stay away from her. Patrick dares him to start swinging. Bo says most guys would kill a man who got their wife pregnant. Patrick says it takes two to tango. Bo says he loves his wife, and he will not deny Patrick access to his child. However that doesnt mean he hangs around Hope. Bo says he and Hope dont want him in their lives, so be a man and stay away. Patrick tells Bo he has a hell of a nerve, he cheated with Billie. Bo says he didnt, but Patrick doubts Hope will believe it. Bo says new rules, if he wants to go to the doctors appointments it has to be with Hopes permission. Bo tells Patrick from now on hell be taking Hope to her appointments. He also warns Patrick that the Salem PD is onto him and Wells, soon everyone else will know it too. Bo storms out. EJ then shows up and tells Patrick what a mess hes made of things. EJ tells Patrick he came in through the bedroom window, unlike Patrick hes trying to keep their relationship a secret. Patrick says Shawn stopped answering his phone, he couldnt get in touch with him. EJ says Shawn stopped answering his phone because he stopped paying him. Patrick says someone stole his money. EJ says boo hoo, so what. He tells Patrick he cant jeopardize their operation. He says he always knew Patrick wasnt the brightest star, but he really is quiet dim isnt he. Patrick says maybe, but hes also broke. He asks EJ for some money. EJ says fine and gives him some money. EJ says hes an embarrassment. EJ takes off his belt and begins wrapping it around his hand as Patrick has his back to him counting his money. EJ says he spent the day trying to clean up his name from a smear campaign. He says then he came to find out Patrick has been leaving a wake of chaos wherever he goes. He says there is a price to be paid and he backhands Patrick.

Later we see Patrick stuffing money into his pocket, his face is all messed up. Hope soon shows up and finds Patrick on the floor bleeding. She asks what happened. Patrick says Bo tried to kill him. Bonnie soon shows up and sees Patrick. She says they should lock Bo up and throw away the key. Bonnie says she was the one who told Bo that Patrick was inside. Bonnie calls 911 for help. She says send an ambulance and send the cops, someone beat the crap out of her kid.

Patrick is taken to the hospital. Bonnie is at his side. She says they will sue the Bradys for every dollar they have. She says shell take care of it all. Patrick is calling for Hope. Bonnie goes to find Hope, shes on the phone with Bo at the time.

Bo returns home, but Hope isnt around. Bo crumples up the photo that Chelsea emailed them. Later Bo gets a call from Hope, shes at the hospital. She asks Bo if hes lost all sense of what is right and wrong. She says she knows, shes at the hospital with Patrick. He says he told Patrick not to go with her, that he would go to the hospital with her for her appointments. Hope says dont act like he doesnt know what shes talking about. She says she doesnt know him anymore, he better get a good attorney. She then hangs up on him.

At the hospital, Patrick is asking Hope to stay with him until the doctors return. She says she will. He says she is all he has.

Billie returns home and finds the place is a mess and there is blood on the carpet. She goes to call Bo. She tells him that there is blood all over the floor here. She sees a note, Bonnie took Patrick to the hospital. Billie says it must be his blood. Billie says something bad happened here. Suddenly cops show up at Bos house as he's still on the phone with Billie. They say they are here to arrest him. Billie is on the phone asking what is going on.

EJ returns to work. Kate says she was wondering where he was. She says his tie is crooked, he takes it off. She says his hair is all smutzed too. she says normally he looks like some fashion catalog model. He suggests they go back to his place. She says his place is so far, why dont they stay right here. They begin clearing the desk.

Chelsea returns home and starts her blog. Apparently its a videoblog. Shes talking about herself, her room and where she comes to get away from her mom. She says she still lives with her and others who arent worth mentioning. She talks about how shes pissed at the world, mainly her parents. She says so feel free to come check her out, she has a lot to say . . . Meanwhile Nick is at the hospital watching Chelseas video on his own laptop. She talks about how the world is so fake, shes here to kick some butt.

Shawn and Willow arrive at Chez Rouge. They are at a table and have ordered. Willow cant believe shes actually having escargot. Shawn says they can order anything they wants on this menu. He says hell live his life the way he wants, nobody owns him. Abby then shows up, she says she just got a call from Bo . . . hes been arrested and needs him.


November 30, 2006
John runs into EJ at the bar at Chez Rouge. He tells EJ very smoothly played, next time hell be ready for him though. EJ asks him to join him, but John says hell stay for a moment but wouldnt join a man like him for anything. EJ says hes in far too good a mood to have John spoil it. John asks if hes in a good mood because Patrick is in the hospital? EJ plays innocent, asking if Bo beat him up again. John says cut the act, EJ administered that beating to Patrick. EJ says if he and the Salem PD spent more time investigating and less time shooting their mouths off then they may solve some crimes. John thinks he just did, EJs arrogant posture just confirmed his suspicions. John says EJ thinks hes invincible, but he just let his guard down. John says that will prove to be his undoing. John then walks off. EJ is not happy, but continues reading his paper. 

At Samis place, Will is getting ready for his ski trip. Sami is checking off everything she has packed for him, including a first aid kit. She says its just a tiny kit, its not that big of a deal. Will says sure those tiny band aids will help a lot when he slams face first into a tree. Lucas jokes if he hits a tree that hell have to take a stretcher sled. Sami says that isnt funny. Will thanks his mom for taking him to camp and for all the work she did on his room. She says hes welcome. She gives him a hug and says back to work. Will heads down to strap the skis on the roof of his car. Once hes gone, Lucas says now that Will doesnt need a chaperone and he has time off work, tonight will be all about them. She asks what he had in mind. He says it only takes a few hours to get Will to camp, on the way home they can get some pizza and maybe a movie. She asks what movie he had in mind. He says the "Godfather." She says he is obsessed with that movie. She doesnt want to watch a movie where the kissing people get machined gunned to death. He asks what she wants, Wedding Crashers? She says haha very funny. He says whatever chic flick she wants is fine with him. He says whatever they watch doesnt matter, it will only be a prelude to more interesting things. They end up kissing and soon start making out on the sofa. Sami eventually puts the breaks on as Will could return and walk in on them. She also says they promised one another they could wait. Sami tells Lucas to put his shirt back on. He says there is only so many cold showers he can take. Luis keeps kissing her, she says hes wearing her down. He says that is the idea. She pushes him away. Lucas heads off to help Will with the skis.

EJ sees Sami in the hall with a bag. He asks if that is Lucas stuff then hell help her get rid of it. She says its Wills, they are taking him to camp. He knows shes upset with him. She says he attacked her, yeah shes upset. He asks to explain. She says explain to someone who gives a damn. EJ says hes been hounded by the police the last few days. He says he became paranoid, he thought everyone was out to get him. He says he lashed out at her and it was wrong. He asks her to forgive him. She says she knows he was put through hell by the cops, and the cops did ask her to help him. She says shes sorry she got involved, and she is glad he was cleared. He says she saw the newscast? She says she did. She says shes glad things are working out for him. However she says after what happened between them, she doesnt feel right about them. She says whatever might have been is over. He says he is disappointed, he thought she would understand given shes been in his position. He says she knows what it is like to make a mistake after being betrayed, when all she wants is to be accepted and loved. He says he made a mistake, it wont happen again. He asks if she can just think about the wonderful days they had. He says please dont judge him too harshly. He asks if he is beyond her forgiveness? She says find she forgives him and all that stuff. He says that wasnt very sincere. She says she does forgive him and she shouldnt have gotten involved with the cops. She says its over, they can call a truce. She says they can live in the same building and say hello to one another in the halls. She says from this moment forward she wont hold anything against him. He wants them to be friends again. Lucas returns at this point and asks what is going on here? Lucas says he thought he told EJ to stay away from Sami. Sami says it is okay, he just wanted to apologize. EJ says he was out of line the other day and wanted to apologize and have a clean slate. Lucas says hell give him a clean slate and hit him over the head with it. 

Bo is brought into the station. He tells Roman and Abe that he didnt do anything to Patrick. Roman and Abe say they have statements from Bonnie and Hope indicating he was angry and at the house. Bo says he was there and would have loved to kick the hell out of him, but he didnt. Shawn shows up, he asks what is going on? Bo talks to Shawn, he says hes in trouble legally and with Hope. He asks Shawn for his help. He asks Shawn to reach Hope for him, he may be the only chance he has. Later Roman asks Bo why he went to Patricks. Bo says he only went there to tell him to leave him and Hope alone. Roman says so what, did Patrick beat himself up? Bo says he doesnt know, he didnt touch the guy. Abe tells Bo that his word isnt good enough. He orders Bo locked up pending his arraignment tomorrow. He also says one more thing, Bo is no longer suspended . . . hes fired! Bo begs him to give him a chance to prove his innocence. Roman says Bo isnt going to go anywhere. John shows up at this point. Abe is saying how the charges against Bo are very serious. He reads them off, assault and battery, violating a restraining order, terrorist threats. John says this is EJs doing, he thinks EJ beat Patrick. Abe says they are done talking about EJ Wells, it is over. Roman asks if hes going to let this lawsuit get in the way of serving justice? Abe says if they get proof EJ beat Patrick then theyll talk. Bo says so he has to rot in jail until John finds proof against EJ? Roman says there is nothing they can do. Bo says bring Patrick in, theyll see hes lying. Roman says hes in the hospital. Bo says they might as well give EJ and Patrick the keys to the city, only criminals get respect around here. He says if anything else happens to his family then it is on Abes head.

At the garage Mimi is on the phone talking to someone about trying to find a marine named Andrew Spivey. Max is also on the phone, they are getting no answers from anyone. Mimi then gets a call from her mom about Patricks beating. Mimi tells Max she has to go to the hospital, something has happened to her brother. Max offers to take her, but she says no stay here and keep making calls. Mimi runs out as Abby shows up, she brought sandwiches. Max tells Abby that he needs her help finding Phillip. Abby asks him why hes doing this? Max asks what is going on here, if she has something on her mind then spit it out. Abby says she thinks hes doing this all for Mimi because hes starting to have feelings for her. Abby knows this isnt her place, but ever since he got involved with Mimi hes had no time for anyone or anything else. She says work has gotten so backed up here, its not like him. He says hell catch up, if she doesnt want to help find Phillip then thats okay. She says that isnt it, she knows this is important to Belle and Mimi. However she says he doesnt know the guy really. Max says ever since the accident on the track, well he doesnt know if hell race again. He says his life has no direction right now, Mimi is in the same boat as him. He says they both have mistakes to make up for, that is what this is about. Abby says so he has no feelings for her? Max asks what is up with her, doesnt she like Mimi? Abby says Mimi is okay, but she didnt treat Shawn very well and she doesnt know how much she can be trusted. Max says he knows what hes doing. Abby says if that is true then why does he not have a clue that Mimi is falling for him. Max says he and Mimi are just friends, Mimi isnt even divorced from Shawn. Abby says Mimi is a girl, she can see it in her face that she likes him. Abby says he puts her before everyone else too. She says if he doesnt see that she likes him then see hes leading her on. He says he just wants to be a friend. She says he is a great boss and a great guy, she wants him to find someone who loves him for who he is, not just because hes a famous race car driver. He asks Abby if she has anyone in particular in mind? Abby suggests they just get back to the phone calls. Max is smiling. 

Hope is with Patrick at the hospital. He thanks her for being here. He says hes almost glad Bo beat him up, it has brought them closer together. Patrick tells Hope hes not the bad guy here, Bo is. Hope tells Patrick to get some rest. Patrick reminds Hope that he told her he loved her and always would. He wants to go back to when she believed in him, believed that he was worth someone knowing and trusting. He says hes never stopped loving her. Hope says she never intended to push him aside. She says she and Bo also have a relationship, its been part of her life forever. She says she had to try to make it work. Patrick says he understands. He says he doesnt want to pressure her, just think of him as a friend she can count on. He says dont think of her as public enemy #1. She says she wont. The nurse comes in to check on Patrick. Bonnie and Hope exchange some looks as Hope heads off. Bonnie looks through Patricks clothes and finds a wad of cash in his jeans. She ends up stealing it.

Shawn shows up at the hospital. Shawn tells Hope he knows what happened, and he doesnt think Bo did this. Shawn believes his dad is telling the truth. Shawn gives Hope a note, Bo asked him to. Hope reads the note. Bo talks about how she put her faith in him when he snatched her from Larry during her wedding. He asks her to have that faith in him now, he didnt hurt Patrick. Bo says he wouldnt risk their marriage over Patrick or anyone else. He says believe in him, help make this right so they can continue on this ride of a lifetime. Shawn asks his mom what shell do? Hope says Bo will have to deal with this on his own. She says she cant do this anymore. Shawn says he thinks Patrick is lying. Hope says she is having his baby and hes not going away anytime soon. She asks if shes supposed to play referee between Bo and Patrick for 18 years? She says shes finished with Bo. Shawn asks her if she thinks of Bo as somewhat of an honest guy? Hope says she doesnt know. Shawn says he felt the same way for a long time. He reminds her off all the things they wrongly accused Bo of. Shawn says Bo is innocent but Patrick is not. Hope asks Shawn if he knows something? Shawn says if Patrick is involved with EJ, which he isnt saying he is, well watch her back. He asks her again, does she really think Bo is a lying and deceiving person? She says no. Shawn says dad plays fair and doesnt try to hurt people, at least not on purpose. Hope agrees. Shawn says then why does she believe hes a lying, cheating bully and why does she believe Patrick over him? Shawn says she can at least hear dads side of the story.

Hope shows up at the jail to see Bo. They give Hope time alone with Bo. Bo is glad she came by. She says Shawn should have stuck to his original plan and gone to law school, he convinced her to come here. Hope says nothing is clear to her anymore, just when she thought she had it all figured out, something else happens. She says she cant do this anymore. She says shes so tired. Bo says just trust that hes telling the truth. She says shes been burned so many times. She says shes sorry, their adventure is over. She says shes tired of adventures, she cant continue on this ride with him any longer. Abe returns, he says time is up. Bo is dragged off to a cell. Roman tells Hope that Bo has lost his job and probably her too. He says if she loves him still then talk Patrick into dropping the charges, otherwise Shawn will be visiting Bo in jail for a long time.

Mimi shows up at the hospital. Bonnie asks Mimi to stay with Patrick while she runs some errands. Mimi wonders what is up with her mom, Patrick says he doesnt know. Mimi asks Patrick what happened. He says Bo beat him up for no reason. Mimi says lets be honest, he had it coming. She says they both know hes involved in something heavy, hes passing secret notes to EJ through Shawn. She says hes also slobbering all over Hope. She says mom might believe his sob story about being a victim buy she doesnt. She tells Patrick that he shouldnt be doing things that land him in the hospital. Patrick says what he's doing isn't criminal, hes helping EJ with his business investments. Mimi says she thought Kate was for that. He says Kate gives orders, she doesnt do legwork. He says this stuff with EJ is auto racing. Mimi tells him to get himself out of this mess hes in. She says she loves him and to take care of himself. She decides to leave. He asks her to wait, hand him his pants. He says he cashed some savings in, he doesnt want it sitting around. He finds his money is gone again and says one of the nurses must have stolen it. Max then calls Mimi, he says he thinks they found Phillip. Mimi says hes incredible, see you . . . love you. Later Patrick is yelling at the nurses about his money. They remind him he was supposed to put all his valuables in a bag when checking in. He demands a confession and his money back. Bonnie returns, she asks what is going on here, why does he have his pants, is he trying to leave? Patrick says he wants to know who stole his money. Bonnie says shell take care of this. She tells Patrick shell find out who took the money on her own. Bonnie says he needs to get rest and leave the nurses to her, she knows everyone here. Patrick says he wants that money back. Bonnie says just leave it to her.

Back at the garage, Abby asks if Mimi just said she loved him or was that her imagination? Max says he thinks that what she said. Abby says she told him! Later Mimi shows up. Max tells Mimi that she wont believe what he and Abby have found out. Mimi asks what they have. He says Andrew Spivey, aka Phillip, was sent to Afghanistan. Mimi thinks he could be dead. He says Phillip and another soldier were in a jeep, there was a crash and they both suffered injuries. Max says Andrew was sent to a VA hospital in Atlanta. She says they have to fly there and get him. Max says they dont know if hes even there anymore, he could be anywhere by now. Mimi says this would mean so much to her. Max looks at Abby. He asks if she shouldnt go to inventory. Abby says someone needs to work around here. She walks off. Max tells Mimi he wants to help her, but they cant afford to fly all over the country. He says this is starting to get expensive. She says he is right. She says she has to find money to finance the trip and she knows where to get it.


December 1, 2006
Abe is pacing around his office and struggling to read something. His vision is very blurry. Hes rubbing his eyes. Tek comes in to see him, he asks if it is Roman. Tek says if he was a few years older and white. Tek asks Abe if hes okay? Abe says he has nothing to say to him. Tek is having problem finding a job, he wants Abe to give him a recommendation. Abe says he must think him a moron who forgot he slept with his wife. Tek hoped that Abe would do what was right. Tek says he was a good cop, he busted his butt and solved cases that everyone else gave up on. Tek says Abe cant deny he upheld the law as well as any other cop. Abe says he broke the law, Lexie had a restraining order against him. Abe says he should have put him in jail. Tek says he didnt as he wasnt the only one guilty here. Tek tells Abe to give him what hes due, throw in a PS dont trust him with his wife if he wants. Tek says they were friends once, he looked up to Abe and wanted to be like him. Tek says its only fair that Abe do the right thing and give him a recommendation. Abe says he wants to talk about fair? Tek says he was a lousy friend but a good cop. Abe says high scores on the shooting range or memorizing the book of rules dont mean squat, what counts is what is in his heart. He says that makes a good cop and Tek doesnt care about his fellow officers and brought moral down. Abe tells Tek that he blew up his own life now get the hell out of here. Tek thought they could do this on the DL but if Tek wants to get in his face then hell get in Abes. Tek says the states attorney called him about how this department is being run, especially the job that Abe is doing. Tek says hes not the only one who has been called about this. Tek says the EJ case made a big mess, the attorney is looking to clean it up. Tek says he can help him or help Abe. Abe tells Tek that hes a bitter ex-cop with an axe to grind, nobody will listen to him. Tek thinks they will when he says Abe forced a bright young officer out of the department for sleeping with his wife. Abe says this is blackmail. Tek says he thinks it is a fair trade. Abe says hes a lousy excuse for a human being. Tek says just give him what he wants and hell give him what he wants. Abe says what he wants is to never see his face again. Abe tells him that hell have Roman write up the letter, now get out and dont come back.

At her hotel, Kayla is doing yoga when Lexie walks in. Lexie asks if shes okay? Kayla says shes doing yoga, its relaxing, she recommends it. Lexie says shell stick with her martinis, and right now she wouldnt recommend either for her. Kayla says she hates being cooped up here and she hates what it is doing to Steve. Kayla thinks Steve is feeling trapped in here. Lexie doesnt think so, Steve is a big boy. Kayla says Steve seems tough on the outside, but he has this heart . . . he would hold back if the truth would hurt her. She thinks its convenient that his memory came back in time to save her life. Lexie says she doesnt think Steve has his memory back? Kayla thinks Steve is lying for her sake. Lexie thinks Steve is staying with her because he loves her. Kayla says she knows Steve better than anyone, when she looks at his face she sees sadness and pain, not love and desire. Lexie asks what shell do. She says she has to find a way to get to the truth and to give Steve an out. Lexie says if she pushes Steve away then she could lose him forever. Is that what she wants to do? Kayla decides to take Steve someplace theyve been before, someplace Steve would remember. Lexie thinks Kayla is in no condition to travel. Kayla says she has to do this. Lexie says fine, but she must go with her. Kayla says okay, if this goes the way she thinks it will then shell need a friend.

Steve shows up at Billies place to see her. She asks what hes doing here. He says she wouldnt take her calls so he thought hed stop by and bust his way in. She says this isnt a good day, Bos been arrested. Steve says he heard, he wonders if shes standing by her man. Billie says hes not her man, he is her friend. Steve wants to talk about the photo. Billie says Chelsea took it and will do anything to get her and Bo back together. Billie says nothing happened between them. Steve says it doesnt matter, it doesnt change the way he feels about her. Steve says its true. She asks why he canceled then? Steve says there was an emergency with Kayla. He wants to explains some things. Billie knows he faked his memory to save Kaylas life. He says he was trying to help Kayla and now its a big mess that he cant get out of. Billie says he saved Kaylas life and that counts for a lot. Steve says its the last time hell try and do something good, he will go back to be the same selfish jerk he was. Billie says that is never who he was. She asks him what hes doing here? He says he cant stop thinking about her. She says shes an all or nothing kind of girl. Steve says he needs time. Billie says okay, but if she cant have all of him then she doesnt want any of him. She asks when he will tell Kayla the truth. He doesnt know. Billie says who know show long it could take Kayla to get better, it could take a week, a month a year. She says so what, shell sit around and wonder how long it will take, wonder every day if he has his memory back. She says he is here because it is safe, it is less scary than being with Kayla. She tells Steve that hes not available. She says shes been down this road before, she wants her chance to be number 1 for once in her life. Steve says she does deserve to be number 1 in someone's life. She asks why he came here. He wanted to know if she still felt something for her. She asks why hes doing this to her? He says tell him if she feels something, hell take care of the rest. Billie says she does and it is killing her. 

Lexie shows up at the station to see Abe. She asks how he is doing? He says hes busy. She asks what is on his mind? He tells her about Teks visit and what he wanted. Abe says he relented so it would all be over with for good and they'd be done with him. Lexie thinks something else is going on. She sees Abe is having trouble walking, hes knocking things over. She realizes something is wrong, she asks what is going on. He says its his eyes, they are getting worse. Lexie says people will find out, but Abe says that would mean the end of his career. She says he needs to see a doctor. Abe cant, it would give the state more ammunition to use against him. He says this EJ mess is a PR nightmare and they are trying to make him a scapegoat. She says he cant be fired for being sick. He says no theyll force him to take medical leave, its the perfect out. She doesnt think theyll do that. Abe says all hes ever done is be a cop, he cant lose it, he wont. Lexie says he will always have her and Theo no matter what. He says promise him that she wont say anything. She says she promises, but only if he agrees to see a doctor after this EJ thing is cleared up. He says its a deal. She says he could always have another transplant. Abe says he cant go there yet. He knows shes just trying to help. Abe says maybe she can help him get out of here without bumping into anything. She says shell get him in and out of here every single day. He says she has a job, he cant ask her to do that. She says he didnt, she offered. He asks if hes told her today that he loves her. She says not today. He says he loves her. She says she loves him too. 

Steve returns to the hotel room where Kayla is. He asks about Lexie, Kayla says Lexie went out for a moment. Kayla says shes getting stir crazy, she wants them to get away. He says a ride could be fun. She says she wants to go away for a few days, Lexie is okay with it. Kayla says she wants to go to the mountains. Steve thinks she should wait, but she wants to go now and she wants him to come with her. She says shes sick of being cooped up, she wants to live again, she wants him to live again too as she knows he's stuck here with her. Kayla asks Steve to go away with her, doesnt he want to? He says its not that. She says then what is it, he can tell her anything. She says if he doesnt want to go away with her then he can tell her why. Steve says they should do it. She says shell make all the arrangements, he did so much for her so she wants to do this for him. 

John visits with Bo in jail. Bo warns John that Marlena will find out the truth about him. John says that is where Bo comes in. He wants Bo to lie to Marlena for him. Bo says hell do it on one condition, John takes him with him to Italy. John cant take Bo with him, so will he cover for him? Bo tells John if he doesnt get back quickly and in one piece Marlerna will take care of both of them. 

Marlena stops by the jail to see Bo, she wants to know what John is going to Italy for, perhaps to investigate EJ. Bo says EJ has been cleared. Marlena doesnt believe that, she knows an unofficial investigation could be going on and John could be doing it. She tells Bo to stop playing games, she knows John is going to investigate EJ. Bo says the less she knows. . . Marlena says the more she worries. She tells Bo that if she doesnt tell her the truth and something happens to John then she will never forgive him. She begs him not to do this to him, if Hope were in trouble shed help. Bo tells her that John is going to Italy to look for the DiMeras. She thanks him. Bo tells Marlena not to do anything stupid. Marlena says she has to go, she takes off.

Marlena finds John on his jet having a drink. He says if the bar is open shed like a white whine. He says as much as hed love to have her on this trip with him, its all going to be business and shell be bored out of her mind. He suggests she stay here, hell take care of business and then the two of them will go on vacation together later. She says how about he quit lying, theyll go to Italy together and catch a DiMera together. He asks who told her. She says nobody, she knew. He says well shes a psychic psychiatrist, her patients dont even have to tell her their problems. Marlena says shes not staying behind. She says they may not be married yet, but they are one and where he goes she goes. He wont argue with her. He suggests some ground rules though, no jumping out of the plane and no doing anything dangerous. She says he cant talk her out of this, John says he knows. Marlena suggests they head for Italy then. She sits down and buckles up.

Billie shows up to see Bo in jail. She jokes she would have brought a cake with a file, but she figures she caused him enough trouble as is. She says she knew Chelsea saw them together, she should have realized she would have done something. Bo says hes not here because of Chelsea. He says he didnt lay a finger on that crybaby Lockhart either. Billie says she knows that, but hes still in a lot of trouble. He says hell get out of it, he always does. A cop comes to take Bo to his arraignment. He says wish him luck. She says he doesnt need luck, he needs bail money. She says she didnt come down here just to see his pretty face.

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