October 2, 2006

At Billie/Patricks place, Chelsea confronts her mom about seeing her kissing Steve Johnson. Billie asks what the big deal is. Chelsea says it was disgusting and wrong, they werent even hiding it. Billie says its not like they were tearing each others clothes off. Chelsea says ew! She asks if her mom is getting involved with him? Billie says no. Billie says they like each other and are friendly. Chelsea asks if they are sleeping together. Billie says not that it is her business but no. Billie asks Chelsea what her problem is? Chelsea says she thought her mom was done with married men. Chelsea says Billie tells her to straighten out her life, but how is she supposed to know how to do that when Billie says one thing and does another. Chelsea says she cant believe Billie is trying to steal Kaylas husband. Billie says shes not trying to steal him, they dont live together anymore. Billie says it was just a kiss. Billie says he kissed her and its not like it meant anything. Chelsea asks her if she doesnt feel guilty about what she's doing to Kayla? Billie says yes, she feels bad for Kayla. However it doesnt look like things will work out for Kayla and Steve. Chelsea asks how she knows? Billie says Steve is asking for a divorce, he doesnt love her and he doesn't remember her. Chelsea says that she thought they were working on that, Abby said the more time they spend together the closer they were getting. Billie says they were trying to work on it, but Steve isnt the person Kayla remembers. Billie says if Steve and Kayla decide to work things out then she wont stand in the way. Chelsea says but until then shell still see him? Chelsea says her mom doesnt practice what she preaches. Billie reminds her about what they did to Bo and Hope. Chelsea says she is trying to change, and that situation was different because Hope wanted a divorce. Chelsea continues lecturing Billie about leaving Steve and Kayla alone. Billie says when Chelsea lectures her about principles then she knows something is up, what is really going on here? Chelsea says her mom made her feel like the worst person in the world for keeping Bo and Hope apart, and now Billie is trying to come between another married couple. Billie says they arent married in any other way but name only, and that may even not be legal as he was pronounced dead so long ago. Billie thinks Chelsea doesnt want her with Steve because she wants her with Bo. Chelsea says not true, this isnt The Parent Trap and she's not trying to get her mommy and daddy back together. Billie says she thinks Chelsea wants to be part of a family again, to feel a sense of security. Billie tells Chelsea that she knows her better than anyone, even herself. Chelsea says whatever, she has to go back to work. Shes working a double shift to try and finish her community service. Chelsea then leaves. 

Bo and Hope are at the hospital waiting on news about Belle and the baby. Bo tells Hope that he should take her home, the doctor said that Belle and the baby will be fine. Hope wants to see Belle before she goes. Hope talks about how she still feels Belle is Shawns true love, now they are having two children together. She says things have a strange way of working out. Bo says that they do. Bo tells Hope if she wont let him take her home then get some rest, do it for the baby. Hope lays her head on Bos shoulder. Kate soon shows up, she asks what is going on? Hope is woken by Kate, Bo thanks Kate for waking Hope. Kate asks about these complications Belle was having. Bo says everything is okay right now. Kate wants to see them, but Bo says they need time alone now. 

Belle is in her room and talking to Phillip. Belle says she is feeling fine, and shell be allowed home soon as long as everything stays the same. Phillip says she has to take it easy, no more stress. Phillip says her health and the baby's health are what is important now. Belle thanks him for being supportive given the baby . . . Phillip says the baby is part of her and he loves it. Phillip says he knows this is nobodys fault, not even Shawn's, and they have to find a way to move on and past this. He says he will not abandon his family, they will get back to the way it was. He asks her to say she believes that. Belle says she cant. Belle says things cant go back to how they were, so much has happened and changed. Phillip says yes but their love and commitment to one another hasn't changed. Suddenly Belles monitors begin beeping, Belle says something is happening. A nurse says the babys heart rate is dropping. A nurse goes to get the doctor. Dr. Ross shows up, she orders more tests. Belle is scared, what if this baby has the same problem Claire did? Phillip doubts that and he says hell fix any problem, hell bring in specialists to protect her and this baby. Phillip eventually leaves so the doctors can run tests.

Bo, Hope and Kate discuss what poor Belle is going through. Hope brings up Belle finding out about Claire, Kate asks what they are talking about. They explain that Shawn is Claires father. Kate says "Oh my gawd!" and she asks if Phillip knows? Bo says everyone knows, though she doesnt seem so surprised. Kate claims she is, she is just in shock. Kate says she just cant believe this, how did Phillip take the news. Hope says not very well, Bo says that is putting it lightly. Phillip shows up, Kate asks if he is okay? He says yes, Belle was the one rushed here. Kate asks if it is true that she may lose the baby? Phillip talks to Kate in private, he tells her try and be a little less transparent. Philip tells his mom to just come out and say she wants Belle to lose the baby. She says of course not, but he says he knows her too well. She says she's just thinking about him. He says hell love this baby as much as he loves Claire. Belle is wheeled off to have tests done, Phillip says hell be with her shortly. He then keeps scolding his mother. Kate tells him before she makes him out to be a monster, it wasnt long ago that he too wanted the baby gone. Phillip says that is when he thought it would come between them, but he knows now that wont happen. He says he can handle this, but Kate says now he has two children with another mans DNA. Kate tells Phillip maybe its time to reconsider things. She says he always does the brave and honorable thing, but enough is enough. She tells him to walk away. She says she thought Belle was the one for him and could make him happy, but hes fighting an uphill battle. She says he deserves a woman who will love him as much as he loves her, and that is not Belle. She tells him how handsome, rich and smart he is, how he was born for something better than this. She says hes playing house in a dingy apartment with a woman who doesnt appreciate him. She says let Belle go back to Shawn and be done with her.

Chelsea soon shows up and sees Bo and Hope, she asks what is going on here? Bo explains Belle had a baby scare. Chelsea hopes they will be okay. Chelsea asks if she can talk to Bo in private, Hope leaves them. Chelsea tells Bo shes worried about him. She knows he and Hope are working things out, but she knows Hope hasnt taken him back. Chelsea asks what makes him think Hope will take him back? Bo asks what the point is. Chelsea says maybe hes better off with someone else. Bo says someone like Billie? She says if he wants another chance with her then he better act before its too late. Chelsea tells him about seeing Billie and Steve kissing. Bo says not again. He explains that he and Kayla saw them kissing at the Cheatin Heart. Chelsea urges him to end this by getting together with Billie. Bo says his future is with Hope and Billie has accepted that and is moving on. He says he cant do anything about her wanting to be with Steve. Bo then excuses himself, he and Hope are going to check on Belle. 

Hope checks on Belle. They have a talk. Hope wants to make sure Belle is okay, she says shes just worried about the baby. Belle talks about how this embryo was supposedly a mistake in the lab, but she doesnt feel that way. Hope says because it was Shawns? Belle says she shouldnt even say that, shes married to Phillip. Hope says maybe this baby and Claire are signs. Belle says she thought that too, but there is no point going there. She says besides she's not the only one married to someone else, Shawn is married to Mimi. Hope says she knows its complicated, but nothing is impossible. She says shes pregnant with another mans child but is also trying to figure out what to do. Belle says she and Bo belong together, when two people love each other the way they do then nothing should keep them apart. Hope suggests Belle take her own advice. 

At his loft, Shawn overhears Mimi and Bonnie talking over the baby monitor over at Belle and Phillip's. He hears them talking about how Mimis known the truth about Claire all this time. Shawn ends up going to the other loft where Bonnie and Mimi are. Shawn confronts her about knowing all this time. Mimi asks what he means, Shawn says you shouldnt leave a baby monitor around when you discuss secrets. Bonnie says he heard wrong, it isnt what he thinks. Bonnie says they were discussing a surprise dinner for him, that was the big secret. Shawn says he knows what he heard. Mimi tells her mom she cant do this anymore. Mimi tells Shawn that she has been keeping a secret, shes known Claire was his. He asks how she knew? Mimi explains how she overheard some nurses talking at the hospital about the liver transplant. She says they said his DNA matched Claires and not Phillips. He says she knew this whole time and never . . . . She says she is sorry. She says she tried a million times to tell him, which she knows doesnt make it right. She says shes hated herself for not telling him. Shawn says he loved her, he trusted her with his life. He says he thought she was the one person who would never lie to him, who he could count on. Bonnie says she was the one who convinced Mimi not to tell him, be angry with her and not Mimi. Shawn does blame Bonnie for being a bad parent and raising her kids to lie and steal, but Mimi is an adult and she chose on her own to keep lying to him. Shawn also tells Mimi that he saw what he did to Rex, she thought she learned her lesson from that. He says he should have known she would never change. Bonnie says Mimi didnt know the truth for sure and he didnt think it was possible either. Bonnie says he told Mimi he didn't sleep with Belle, so he lied too. Shawn asks Bonnie to stay here and watch Claire, this is between him and Mimi. 

Mimi and Shawn go back to their apartment to keep fighting. Shawn tells Mimi that if she knew since the transplant then shes been lying since before they were married. She says she made a mistake. He says he made one too, the biggest mistake of his life. Mimi asks for a chance to speak. She says she cant explain away what she did, all she can say is that she was desperate. She says he knows how insecure she is about him and Belle, shes always been afraid theyd get back together. Mimi says she convinced herself that hed leave her the minute he found out about Claire. Shawn says he told her over and over again that he loved her and wanted their marriage to work. Mimi says yes but part of him always held back, part of him loved Belle in a way he never loved her. Shawn says what he and Belle had was over for a long time, he wasnt in love with her then and he isnt now. Mimi says now who is lying? She says hes never really gotten over Belle, there is always been a part of his heart that belonged to Belle. She asks if he knows how that feels? She says she was his wife and she had to fight to hold onto him. She says he never should have married her and she never should have married him. She thought she could make him forget about Belle, but Belle didnt make that easy. She says Belle never got over him either and this is what she has had to live with. She says it was wrong of her to deceive him, but shes not the only one lying here. Mimi says he kissed Belle at the hospital, multiple times. She says he tried to explain it away, but she knew it was a lie. She says if he didnt want to be with her then he should have said so. Mimi says he always claimed he wanted to be with her though. She asks him to try and understand and maybe even try and find a way to forgive her. Shawn says he can understand why she did what she did and why she might feel threatened. However he cant understand how the only one she thought about was herself, her own happiness. Shawn says she deprived Claire from her father for the first year of her life. He says she would have kept him from Claire forever if she had her way. What about what she did to Phillip, he is going through hell because of her. Shawn says she trashed four lives to get what she wanted and he will never forgive her for that. She begs for a chance to earn back his trust, but he says no. He says their marriage is over and he walks out on her. Mimi screams No!


October 3, 2006

At Samis apartment, Lucas explains to EJ that hes moving in here for his son's sake. EJ asks if hell be comfortable sleeping on the couch? Lucas says who said anything about him sleeping on the couch. Sami says Lucas is being cute, of course he is sleeping on the couch. EJ says good, then Lucas wont mind if he asks her out on a date. Lucas says EJ has been after Sami since he came to town. Sami asks EJ if that is true? He admits he was interested in her, but he didnt say anything as she was with Austin and hes a gentleman. He says an appropriate amount of time has passed since she called off her engagement to Austin, and Will is safe, so can he have the pleasure of a date with her for dinner? She is a bit shocked but already has a family dinner planned with Lucas and Will for tonight. They decide to go out on a date tomorrow evening.

Lucas, Sami and Will head to the diner, a waitress tells Sami how she looks much better in person than on TV. Sami is insulted, but the waitress says everyone looks better in person. Later a girl name Brooke shows up and asks for Wills autograph. She tells him how she and her friends think hes cute, in a Napoloean Dynamite geeky kind of way. She goes back to her table where her friends are all giggling. Sami tells Will not to listen to that, hes very handsome. She teases him and he blurts out that he hates this and he hates her! Lucas tells Will to apologize right now, which he does. He says he doesnt hate her. She says thanks. Sami says she knows she made mistakes, but shes doing what she can to make up for them. Will says how, by leaving Uncle Austin and humiliating him? Sami says she didnt do it to humiliate him, she did it because she realized Austin still loved someone else and it wouldnt change. Will says it took her all this time to realize that? Sami says she was busy with the wedding and other stuff. Sami says the old Sami probably wouldnt have seen it, she would have gotten married and a few years down the road it would have blown up. Sami says she didnt do things perfectly, but she did the right thing for everyone. Lucas tells Sami what isnt the right thing for them all is her dating EJ. She says she can date EJ and be a good mother. Lucas thought she had her priorities straight. She says what! Will says here we go again. 

Sami, Lucas and Will return home. They run into EJ in the hall. EJ tells Sami that hes looking forward to their dinner tomorrow night. Sami says so is she. They head into their apartment, Will heads to bed. Sami gives Lucas sheets for the couch. He says she really expects him to sleep there? She says the guest bedroom was turned into an office, he can't very well sleep on the desk. He says he could sleep with her. She doesnt think that is a good idea. He asks what shes afraid of, that she may not be able to control herself? She says no, she just doesnt want to listen to him snore all night. She says she needs her beauty rest for her date with EJ. Sami heads to her room and Lucas sulks. 

A mysterious young girl watches shirtless NuShawn playing basketball. She suspects girl trouble as he is missing his shots. He sits down and cracks open a beer. He says hed offer her one but he doubts shes old enough to drink. She says that is not what her ID says. She drops an angel necklace, Shawn asks what that is. She says her best friend gave it to her when she ran away from home, she thought she could use an angel to watch over her. She explains her dad was abusive, which is why she had to leave. She offers it to Shawn, she thinks he needs one now. Shawn says he couldn't take it, but she insists. Shawn asks what her name is. She says Willow. He says hes Shawn. Willow says that was her grandfathers name, the only one in her family he could count on. Shawn says it sucks when people you are supposed to be able to count on let you down. Shawn explains the short version of the Claire drama to Willow, she says that is complicated. Willow asks if Belle loves him. Shawn says it doesnt matter, shes committed to her marriage and he wont break that up. However he does need to face his problems instead of running away from them, he's run away in the past and it did no good. Willow says she thought guys like him only existed in movies. She says he must have been raised right, he must have good parents. Shawn says he used to think so. He says he knows his mom is a good parent . . . . Willow asks what happened with his dad? Shawn says a whole lot of stuff. She asks if he hit him. Shawn says no. Willow says then he can get past this. She says if there is any chance he can work things out with his dad then go for it. He says he doesnt know what hell do about his dad, but hell try and figure things out. He thanks her for the talk and then writes a note for his Aunt Maggie telling her to give Willow a job. He says shes too nice a girl to be doing what shes doing. She says you think Im nice? He says an angel. She then kisses him. Willow offers Shawn a freebee, but he says no. He gives her some money to get a place to sleep and some clothes for her job interview. Willow tells Shawn that he is her angel. She kisses him again and walks off. He says maybe she is his as well.

Bo and Hope are eating at the dinner. Hope asks Bo what Chelsea wanted to talk to him about. He says she was playing matchmaker again between him and Billie. Hope says she doesn't give up. Bo says kids always want their parents together, except for Shawn. Hope says he just needs time. Bo then tells Hope about Chelsea seeing Billie and Steve kissing. Hope says Billie is going after Kaylas husband now? Bo says its more like the other way around. Hope knows what its like not to know who your husband is anymore. Bo says he is the same guy he was when they met, only he loves her more now than then. Hope asks Bo what he told Chelsea. Bo says he told her that the only thing he and Billie will ever share again is Chelsea, and Hope is the only woman in his life. Later they talk about other things, such as Marlena. Hope has a bad feeling about Marlena, about a lot of things that are going on. Bo says finding out Claire was their granddaughter was a bit of good news. Hope says yes, and holding her earlier knowing she was Shawn's was wonderful. Bo kisses her hand and tells her family is everything. After dinner they take a walk and end up at the Fancy Face. She thinks he planned this, but he says it was totally subconscious. He also says she could have said something. She says perhaps she was on autopilot. He says since they are here they could take advantage of the boat. She thinks they need to take things a bit slower. Hope says the boat reminds her of Shawn when he was little and they sailed around the world. Hope talks about how feeling this baby growing inside her reminds her of being pregnant with Zack. She begins to cry and Bo comforts her. Bo says he misses Zack too, and hed give anything to take her pain away, even if it means taking on ten times her pain. He apologizes for Zack, he says its his fault and he never should have given Chelsea the keys. Hope says for months shes blamed him and Chelsea, but she is guilty too. She says she is supposed to protect her child, to be there for him. Bo says nobody could have know for some strange reason that Zack would have walked out of that house. Hope says she still should have been able to do something. Bo says she did all she could, how many times did she tell him not to run into the street. Hope feels she failed him, but Bo says she didnt. He says Zack was a happy boy and had a happy life. Hope thinks he should be here with them. Bo says she doesnt know why God took him, but he wont let Hope beat herself up, he loves her too much. He holds Hope, who cries in his arms. They head onto the boat. Bo tells Hope welcome home Fancy Face as they kiss. 

At the loft, Bonnie is making notes. She says they are going to take charge and make a game plan to get Shawn back. Mimi says it was one of her plans that got her in this mess to begin with. She says its too late, she wont get him back. Bonnie says they have worked too hard to get Shawn, he is their future. Mimi says you mean he is her meal ticket. Mimi doesnt know what she was thinking taking marriage advice from her mom, she doesnt know how she could have let her mom talk her into keeping Shawn from Claire. Bonnie says she was afraid of losing Shawn. Mimi says she didnt lose Shawn because he was Claires father, she lost him because she lied to him for a year. She thanks her mom for ruining her life. Bonnie says shes right, this has been her fault. Bonnie says she could never afford to buy her nice things so she could compete with Belle. Bonnie says she could barely give her a home. Bonnie says their life has been one disaster after another, she didnt want that for Mimi. Bonnie says she wanted the best for Mimi, and that is why she wanted Shawn for her. Mimi says Shawn is the best and that is why this hurts so much. Bonnie cries about how she hoped her daughter would be better than her, shed end up with a perfect man and not a jerk like her father. Bonnie says that is all that mattered to her. Mimi says perhaps they should face the fact that for people like them dreams just dont come true. Bonnie tells Mimi that things will turn out, but if not then think about a big divorce settlement. She says Mimi deserves it and Shawn has to pay if he wants to chase after Belle. Claire begins crying, Mimi asks her mom if she can check on Claire as she needs to be alone. Mimi cries over a photo of her and Shawn. 


October 4, 2006
On the Fancy Face, Bo and Hope wake up together in bed. Bo says good morning to her. He says how good feels to say that to her. He tells her how beautiful she looks when she sleeps. He thanks her for coming aboard last night. Hope says she needed to feel safe and connected. Bo asks her what shes thinking? Hope is wondering how Belle is doing. Bo says he can call her, but Hope wants to go see Belle. Bo says okay but first he has a surprise for her. Bo gets out of bed, we see they both slept in their clothes. He surprises her with breakfast. He has a muffin for her, and an old piece of pizza for him. She tells him not to eat that, it's obviously way too old. She wonders what she will do with him. He says he has a few ideas. She offers to share her muffin, but he says no. He says shes eating for two, he wants to take care of her and her baby. He says a lot has happened between them and they cant go back, only forward. He asks Hope to come back to him. Hope says she cant make a decision like that right now. She says being with him last night was wonderful, she hasnt felt that safe in a long time. Bo thinks that is her inner voice's way of telling herself that they belong together. Bo says together they can deal with anything. Hope says she used to believe that. He says it can still be true. He kisses her hand and says no matter what has happened, she will always be his heart and home. He tries to kiss her but she stops him. She says she really wants to go check on Belle at the hospital. Bo says okay, and he promises her no pressure about the two of them getting back together. Bo says he has to go to Lockharts hearing. She didnt know it was today. Bo realizes that means she hasnt been talking to him. He doesnt want her near him. Hope wont make the same mistake with Patrick that she did with him, shes trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. She refuses to believe the father of her baby is a cop killer. Suddenly Hope feels the baby kick. Hope says if Bo is right about Patrick . . . Bo says all that matters is she is the mom, this will be a very lucky little girl. Hope asks why he keeps saying she when speaking about the baby? Bo says its just a feeling he has. 

At the garage, Stephanie and Max are having a playful argument about the Salem Grand Prix, they both think they are going to win. They go to share another kiss. Shawn bangs on the door to the office and says get serious, at least one of them here is getting ready for the race. Max asks Shawn what his problem is? Stephanie excuses herself so Max and Shawn can talk. Max asks if he and Mimi are really over? Shawn says he cant trust her so yes they are over. Max says if he needs time off, but Shawn says he needs to keep busy for the sake of his sanity. He also says this engine and race will make them rich. Shawn wont take any chances with his engine, he needs to make sure its perfect. Later Abby shows up, she jokes Stephanie must be here spying. Max tells Abby shes working for him but related to the competition who is she rooting for? She says both of them. Max jokes that she is fired. Abby says she has some people from the Leukemia Society coming over about donations. Stephanie would love to help, but she has to get to a meeting with Kate. She says have them get in touch with her. Abby heads off, Stephanie then asks Shawn what he plans to do about Claire. Will he ask for joint custody? Shawn says he was going to, but he doesnt know now. He says hell just hope for the best. Stephanie wonders if his relationship with Belle is something he wants to work out? Later Max kisses Stephanie goodbye, the next time they see one another will be on the track. Max says hes never looked forward to a race as much as this one. He says theyve joked about it for weeks, but now they will really have it out. After she leaves, Max talks to Shawn about how they were both wrong about Chelsea. Shawn says yeah yeah yeah. Max says they both have some changes to make. EJ shows up saying he couldnt agree more. EJ says he wanted to let Shawn know he was sorry to hear about him and Mimi. Shawn asks how he knew about that? EJ says he was at the diner having breakfast and overheard his soon to be ex-mother-in-law. Max asks EJ why hes here? EJ says to wish them the best of luck. EJ says that is all he wanted to say, was to wish them luck. Later Abby shows up with Charles Winston and Dr. Butard to meet them. Abby says the doctor is the top fund raiser for Leukemia Society. She says Mr. Winston created a necklace that will be sold to benefit the society. Max offers them tickets for the race in the box seat, they thank him. Abby gives them a tour of the garage and then takes them for some press stuff. EJ eventually takes off as well. Shawn does a final check over the car, though he wants to do one more out in the pit. Max wonders where Phillip is. Shawn says hes probably not here because of him and the stuff going on. Max says Phillip is part of the team. One of the other guys says Phillip called, hes at the hospital. He says they kept his wife there, it seems something is wrong with the baby. Shawn is upset to hear this. Shawn says he has to go and takes off. 

Mimi visits Patrick in jail. He asks what is wrong? She says her life is over. She tells him that Shawn found out she knew about Claire all along. Patrick says hes sorry, but she had to know this would come out. She says its over and done with now and hes gone for good. She says shes sorry, today is his hearing and shes crying about her troubles. He says she is his baby sister. He asks how she found out, she explains how he overheard her and mom talking over a baby monitor. She wishes she had kept her big mouth shut. Patrick asks if she explained anything to him. Mimi says what is to explain? She thinks he was already looking for an excuse to leave her, she gave him one. Mimi says they should talk about him now. He says there isnt much to tell really. He says he asked Tek to poke around and try and clear him. He says the only reason he is here is because Jennifer turned him in thanks to a tip. Mimi thinks she should have left town a week earlier. Mimi explains to Patrick how Jen and Jack got back together, Jack is in remission and they moved to London. Mimi says Abby is staying with Maggie and going to college here in Salem. Mimi cant believe Jennifer thought he was guilty. Patrick says Hope believes it too. Mimi says if Hope could turn on him like that then hes better off without her. Mimi says shes not surprised, when the things get tough Hope ditches her man. She says Shawn did the same to her. Patrick says she has to admit she kept a big lie from him, but maybe hell feel differently when he calms down. Mimi doesnt think so. Patrick wishes Mimi had just leveled with him from the beginning. Mimi knows, she was just so in love with him. Patrick says sooner or later Shawn will regret this decision. Mimi says right now hes regretting breaking up with Belle, like she hasnt lied to him. Mimi says shes sure Shawn will get back together with Belle, marriage vows are only sacred when its convenient. She says not like her marriage was valid thanks to the secret she was keeping. Mimi gets back to talking about Hope. Patrick says he thinks Hope doesnt want a future with him or Bo. Later Bonnie shows up to see Patrick, Mimi is still there. They are told visiting time is up. Bonnie tells Patrick theyll get through this as a family, they will stick together. She says they may not be Hortons or Bradys, but they are proud of who they are and he will walk out of here a free man. Patrick says she needs to be prepared, he may not beat this. She says he will. 

Patrick meets with Cameron Reese, they work on preparing for the trial. She says the evidence is against him is pretty bad. One of the prosecutors show up and tells Cameron shell have a hard time proving Patricks innocence. Cameron tells her she doesnt have to, its up to the prosecutor to prove hes guilty. Cameron says she is going to give her one hell of a fight.

Bo shows up at the courthouse. He is stunned that Hope arrives. Hope says she really needs to be here, if it gets to her then shell leave. They head into the courtroom. Bonnie, Patrick and Mimi see them show up together. Hope gives Mimi a hug, she says hello to Hope and Patrick. Patrick becomes upset that Bo is here, Cameron warns him not to talk to Bo. He says hes not, he wants to talk to Hope. He says hes glad she came. She says she is only here because of the baby. She says she felt the baby kick this morning. When he tries to feel, Bo steps in between them. A fight almost breaks out, but the bailiff steps in. Later Hope tells Mimi how shes so sorry about this, she asks why Shawn isnt here? Mimi says Shawn dumped her last night. 

EJ is being interviewed by a reporter about the Salem Grand Prix. EJ calls Stephanie the best driver with the fastest car and will leave her rivals in the dust. That includes Max Brady. Kate shows up as the reporter is heading out. Kate talks to EJ about the race, she hopes it just lives up to the hype. EJ assures her that she will be blown away by it. EJ assures her that they will win. Kate says hes confident. EJ says he is because he never loses. 

Later Stephanie arrives and meets with Kate. Kate tells her how happy they are that she is driving for them. Kate has an assignment for her, she hopes Stephanie will accept it. Stephanie asks what she wants her to do? Kate says it is more of a favor and it concerns her son Phillip. Kate says very soon Phillip will need someone he can talk to. Stephanie says she hardly knows Phillip. Kate knows, she hopes they can fix that. Kate says Phillip has problems and wont talk to his mother. Stephanie says he has a wife to talk to. Kate says that marriage is falling apart, those two dont have a future together. She says because of Shawn? Stephanie knows Claire is Shawns daughter and that Shawn and Belle used to be in love. Kate says they never fell out of love and shes sure Belle will leave Phillip for Shawn. Stephanie says shes probably right especially since Shawn left Mimi. Kate says what, why? Stephanie says its not her place to say. Kate says she will find out eventually. She asks Stephanie if she will lend a shoulder to Phillip to cry on? Stephanie says she wont lend him anything else, she is sort of involved with Max. Kate says all she wants is her to offer her friendship, nothing more. 


October 5, 2006

Max is at his garage, hes suited up and checked out the car with Travis, a mechanic on his team. Frankie asks Max why hes not out on the track, Max says Shawn went to the hospital and he and Travis had to do the final check over. As they talk about who will win, we see a gloved hand holding a wrench spying on them. Max starts his car up and says Stephanie wont know what hit her. We see fluid is dripping from under his engine.

The Salem Grand Prix is in full swing. Stephanie is waiting in one of the box seats for Max to show up. We hear announcements saying Max is the favored to win, though hes not yet here yet. Stephanie cant believe Max is late. The announcer says if Max pulls a no show then the gorgeous Stephanie Johnson will surely win the race. Chelsea shows up and says that is of course if Stephanie decides not to pull a no show too. Chelsea and Stephanie argue over Max. Chelsea says Stephanie stole Max from her. Stephanie says Chelsea can't get mad at her for dating her ex. Chelsea accuses Stephanie of going after Max before he was even her ex. Stephanie says shes sorry Chelsea feels that way, but its not her fault Max broke up with her. Chelsea says she doesnt blame Max for not trusting her, but if Stephanie wasnt there she would have gotten another chance with him. Chelsea asks Stephanie why she decided since she came to Salem that she needed to have her boyfriend, she has so much as is. Chelsea says she has a great career and an amazing family. Stephanie says they have the same family. Chelsea says yeah but shes been a Brady her whole life and they would prefer never to have found her. She says Stephanie has a fairytale life. Stephanie says her father was gone most of her life. Chelsea says but hes back, and her parents love and care about her. Chelsea says her parents dont know where she is most of the time. Stephanie says her family isnt together either, she understand what Chelsea is feeling. Kayla shows up to meet with Stephanie, and Steve shows up separately with Billie. Both Stephanie and Chelsea give them looks. Kayla tries to calm Stephanie down, Stephanie is furious with her dad. She thinks it is wrong for them to show up together and hurt her mother. Steve says he invited Billie, don't be mad at her. Stephanie says he invited her to their family event, to one of the most important days of her life. Steve says hes sorry, he didnt know it would upset her. Steve says he told her before that he doesnt know the first thing about being a parent. Stephanie thinks that is how hed like to keep it. Billie tells Chelsea that this is a family event and they should go. They never seem to leave though. 

Grandpa Shawn and Abby show up, Shawn says that Caroline is on the way. Abby wonders which Brady they will be routing for today? Shawn gives Stephanie a medal that his mother gave him, it has always watched over him and now it will watch over her. Stephanie thanks him. Shawn asks if shes looking forward to the race? She says she was as she casts Steve a look. 

Kate shows up and tells Stephanie she needs to get to the Mythic PR table, EJ and Austin are there doing an interview. Stephanie heads off and tells her dad that one of her biggest regrets was that she thought he'd never get to see her race. She says now her biggest regret is that the man she thought he was never really existed. She says he doesnt know the first thing about being a father or a husband. Stephanie then storms off. Steve apologizes to Kayla, he says he wasnt thinking. Steve says Stephanie was right, he doesnt know anything about being a father or a husband. He thinks it would have been better for everyone had he not come back.

Kate tells Billie if she wants to spend time with Steve then dont throw it in Stephanies face. She says Mythic Communications stands to make a lot of money if Stephanie wins this. Steve comes over and tells Billie they should go, Stephanie doesnt want him here. Billie says hes wrong.

Grandpa Shawn talks to Kayla about what is going on with her and Steve. She says Steve doesnt want them, hes moving on with his life. Shawn tells her that they fell in love once, they can fall in love again. 

Max and Frankie finally show up, he informs Victor (who is now there) that Phillip and Shawn arent here, they are at the hospital as Belle is having problems. Victor asks if hell be able to do this without them? Max assures Victor that hell take that victory lap.

Stephanie returns and tells Kate that if she wants her to do that favor for her regarding Phillip then Kate needs to keep Billie away from her dad! 

Max and Stephanie both head off for the race. Kayla realizes Stephanie left her medal behind. Frankie tries to get the medal to her but misses her. Kayla says its okay, she doesnt want Stephanie to be superstitious anyways. 

Chelsea once again lashes out at Billie for not just wrecking their family but Stephanies as well.

The race finally gets underway. As everyone watches, Victor talks to Kate about Belle being in the hospital and how they should have told Phillip the truth. He is worried Phillip will find out they knew. She says he wont find out, how could he. 

On the tracks, Max and Stephanie are racing one another, they are neck and neck. 

Back at the garage, Abby finds a note on the floor. She reads it and says No, Max! Back on the track something goes wrong and we see an explosion and smoke. Stephanie and Maxs cars have exploded!

At the station, Abe and Roman talk about the trial. The suits upstairs are worried Bo went after Patrick for personal reasons. Abe says Bo would never do that. Roman says it can happen even when a person doesnt realize it. Roman says its like his dating Lexie. Abe says hes not, hes investigating her. Roman isnt so sure, he thinks Abe is using his badge to get back with Lexie. Abe says he can keep his work and personal life separate. Roman says they have Patrick behind bars, so why is he still investigating Lexie? Abe says Patrick may not have been working alone. Roman says whoever is behind these crimes is viscous and he doesnt think it is Lexie. Abe says she is hiding something though and he wants to find out what.

At the courthouse, Cameron tells Patrick that this evidence against him is impressive. Bonnie says its because Bo is trying to railroad her son. Cameron asks why hed do that? Bonnie says for the same reason Shawn dumped Mimi, he thinks his family is too good for the Lockharts. Cameron says thats not a motive. Patrick says he has one. Patrick tells her the whole story. Cameron says this wont portray the Salem PD in a positive light, that is the angle they will play. Cameron converses with the DA while Patrick checks on his mom and Mimi. Mimi says shes praying for him. Patrick says he didnt do it and maybe at the end of the day Bo will end up in jail. Cameron tells Patrick that the DA is charging him with murder one and will ask for the death penalty.

Mimi tells Hope and Bo that Shawn walked out on her. She says she lied to him, she knew he was Claires father and didnt say anything. Hope asks how long she knew. Mimi says since the transplant. Hope is not happy, she asks Mimi if she didnt think they deserved to know the truth then? Mimi says she did, but she was selfish and afraid of losing Shawn. Mimi walks off in tears. Bo says he thought she was a good kid, that she wasn't like her brother. Bo says Hope wont convince Shawn to take her back will she? Hope says no, she wants to make sure Shawn doesnt change his mind. Hope says shes going to go to the hospital, let her know how this trial goes. Bo says he knows how this trial will go, he has enough evidence to put Patrick away.

Roman shows up to check on Bo. He wants to make sure the evidence is solid, Bo says it is and there is nothing to attack him or the evidence on. Roman warns him then most likely they will attack his personal life. Bo says hell stick to the evidence. Roman says Cameron will tell the jury that this is personal, and if he takes her bait then Patrick will walk. Bo says it wont happen. Roman tells Bo not to get angry, that is what she wants. Bo will remain calm. Roman says Cameron will bring up Zack, Chelsea and his marriage. Bo says the evidence says Lockhart is a murder and there is no way around that. Roman says that is why Cameron will make this personal. Roman ends up getting Bo angry, he says he cant wait to see Patrick locked up for life. Roman asks Bo if that is what this investigation was about? He says if it is then theyll pull this case. Bo says Patrick is guilty and he knows this.

The trial begins, Patrick pleads not guilty. He says he did not kill Eve, he was framed. Cameron Reese demands the evidence be reviewed first, the DA objects. Roman is worried and wants Bo to take a walk to cool down, but Cameron calls Bo to the stand. Hope returns (from the hospital below) as Bo is on the stand. Bo is detailing the evidence which proves Patrick killed Eve Michaels. Cameron Reese questions Bo, she thinks it would be easy for him to frame Patrick given his brother is the commander. Bo says the evidence speaks for itself. Cameron says Patrick has no reason to murder Eve, but Bo has a good reason to convince the court that he did.

At the hospital, Lexie tells Phillip that Belles blood pressure is still high. They are going to put Belle on medication to help reduce it, but Belle is worried it will hurt the baby. Lexie admits there is a slight risk, but it's worth it to save Belle. Shawn shows up, Phillip tells Shawn to get out. Suddenly Belle begins having more pain, she tells Shawn to help her save their baby! Shawn and Phillip argue over who should be in on this decision and whose baby this is. Lexie asks them both to wait outside as Belle doesnt need this stress. They leave and continue to argue in the hall. Shawn says he's thinking about his baby, Phillip says he's thinking about his wife. Phillip asks Shawn if he ever thought about Belle while suing to take Claire away and destroy their family? Lexie comes out, Dr. Ross is looking at Belle. Belle is refusing the medicine because it may hurt the baby. Phillip says he will sign a consent form for Belle to be given the medicine. Shawn says this is Belles body and she has the right to protect their child. Lexie says she does and Belle has made her choice, this is her decision unless she falls into a coma. Phillip asks if it is the wrong decision. She says right now she just wants to minimize Belles stress. Phillip asks to see Belle, Lexie says right now she needs his support. LExie walks off. Shawn tells Phillip that he has to respect Belles choice. Phillip asks how he tells his wife that its okay for her to die.

Hope shows up and talks to Shawn. Shawn says his life sucks because of Mimi right now. Hope knows what happened, she saw Mimi at the courthouse. Hope says Mimi said she was scared hed have left her. He says he wouldnt have left her. Hope says she knows that but perhaps things turned out for the best. Hope says Mimi is right, Shawn and Belle do still love one another. She asks if he left Mimi for Belle? Shawn says he left her because she is a liar. Hope says but everything has changed now. Shawn says Belle is still married to Phillip. Hope tells Shawn this tension has been going on for a long time now. She tells Shawn that at some point she needs to be with the person he loves, otherwise hell keep making mistakes. Shawn asks which was her mistake, dad or Patrick? Shawn says he cant believe he actually thought Patrick was innocent, that he wanted his moms baby to be his. Hope says Patrick is innocent until proven guilty. Shawn says hes a Lockhart, that whole family lies. Shawn thinks dad must be thrilled to finally be proven right. Hope tells Shawn shell come by later and check on Belle.

Phillip goes into see Belle, who appears to be sleeping. He says Lexie wants him to support her decision, even though she could die. He thinks about being deployed and the land mind accident and how the marines give you a medal for being brave. He says he wasnt prepared for this though. He says he cant let her go. Belle wakes up and says shes scared. Phillip asks Belle to take the medicine. She says she cant, this baby needs her. Belle says she needs Phillip, she wants him to promise not to let them give her the medicine. He says he cant promise that. She says please. When her monitors begin beeping, he says he promises. He also tells her that everything will be all right. The monitors beep again, Belle passes out. Phillip yells for a doctor. Later Dr. Ross tells Phillip that Belle is in critical condition, and if Belle continues this pregnancy there is no way that she and this baby both can survive. 

Abe shows up at the hospital and meets up with Lexie. Lexie gives him a hug and a picture Theo drew of the three of them. Abe says hell call him and thank him later. LExie thanks Abe for this second chance, it is like someone canceled the end of the world .She says she promises that hell never have to worry about trusting her again. Lexie leaves to makes some calls, Abe wonders what in the hell he is doing. At this point Tek shows up. Lexie tells Tek she wont deal with him today. Tek says Abe is playing her, but she says that isnt true. He says it is, Abe wants to solve a case. He says Abe is setting her up. Lexie says that isnt true. Tek says Abe is gathering evidence against her to arrest her. 


October 6 , 2006

At the Grand Prix, everyone has left for the hospital. Steve and Billie remain in the box where everyone was watching the race. Steve says that Max and Stephanie are alive, they've been taken to the hospital. Billie says they should go, but Steve says he can't. He says she heard the things Stephanie said to him, she was right, he doesn't know anything about being a father. Steve blames himself for this, but Billie says he can't do that. Steve tells Billie she wasn't there for Chelsea growing up, she blames herself for things gone wrong in Chelsea's life. Billie admits she does. However she says this accident wasn't his fault, it was no ones. She says Max's car just blew up in front of Stephanie's. Billie tells Steve that he needs to be at the hospital for Stephanie.

At the Hospital, a nurse tells Kayla she has to wait for news, the doctor will be out to see her when he can. As Stephanie is tended to, Grandpa Shawn shows up. He says Max is okay, thought he's pretty banged up. Kayla has the medal Grandpa Shawn wanted Stephanie to have. She wants to give it back to him, but he says to give it to Stephanie. Max soon shows up, he' bruised and battered. He tells Kayla how he's so sorry and how he knows he's probably the last person she  wants to see. Kayla hugs him saying that isn't true and this was just an accident. Eventually the doctor comes out to talk to Kayla. He says she's awake, but they still aren't sure of all the damage. Kayla goes to see Stephanie. Stephanie asks if dad is here, but Kayla says no. Stephanie cries why not?

Steve and Billie eventually show up at the hospital. Steve goes to see Stephanie, who is unconscious. As he sits with her, Billie and Kayla have a talk. Billie says she knows what everyone in town thinks of her, but she honestly isn't trying to steal Steve. She says she's prayed for Stephanie and if Steve gets his memory back and wants to be with Kayla, well she won't stand in their way. Meanwhile Steve sits with Stephanie and says he's so sorry he didn't come earlier. As he touches her hand he has a memory! We see Steve rocking a baby Stephanie and promising to always be there for her. Steve begins to cry out "Oh my God, I remember! I remember!" Kayla smiles, Billie does too.

Abe and Roman are at the station. They discuss the accident on the speedway as well as the evidence found at the garage. Roman says with Patrick in jail and Lexie with Abe, he thinks they can clear both of them as suspects. Roman says this means Abe doesn't have to go on that date with Lexie after all. Abe however isn't sure he wants to cancel his date.

In court, Bo is on the stand as Cameron grills him, accusing him of wanting to frame Patrick because he felt Patrick stole his wife away when they were having problems. Bo says that is not true. Patrick is allowed to speak, saying he has been framed by Bo. He says Bo told him he would pay, and boy did Bo make sure of that. He says he loves Hope and wants to spend his life with her, why would he risk everything to kill a cop? He says he wouldn't jay walk because it would get him into trouble with Bo. The judge allows Bo to speak. Bo says it's true he doesn't like Patrick. However he says he'd never frame anyone for such a crime. Bo says the evidence speaks for itself, Patrick is guilty. Suddenly Roman walks in and says that is not true. 

Roman speaks to the court. He explains how a note was left at the garage right before a crash. He reads the note, which calls everyone suckers and says Patrick was framed and the real person who is causing all the pain for the Brady's is still out there. The note is signed a friend. Bo says that is just a note, anyone could have written it. Roman says along with this they found more evidence, receipts and forged records. He says they proved the gun and shoes found in Patrick's closet don't belong to him. Cameron demands Patrick be released, the DA agrees and apologizes to him. Patrick is allowed to go, he hugs Mimi and Bonnie.

Bo tries to talk to Hope, but she's furious. She says she believed him! She storms off. Before he can explain Roman butts in. He says they have to talk and it's an order. Roman asks Bo if he set Patrick up, but  Bo says no. Bo is sure he's guilty. Roman says he's not and he is to leave Patrick alone. Roman says that is an order from the top brass, they want him off this case. Bo vows to keep investigating Patrick on his own time. Roman says if he does he will not only lose Hope but his job, is that what he wants? Is it worth it? Bo is sure Patrick is no good.

Hope talks with Patrick. He says he's sorry she had to be dragged into this. She wishes he had told her that he was going to air their dirty laundry. Patrick asks if that is what she thinks of him and their baby? She says no. He tells her all he wants is a future and life with her. She says she can't make a decision like that right now. She says she's sorry and walks off.

At the hospital, Dr. Ross talks with Phillip and Shawn. She explains Belle is in distress and at this point she and the baby both won't make it. She also says even with medicine, the baby may not survive even if Belle does. Phillip is given papers, which he signs. He tells Belle, who is unconscious, how he knows he promised her . . . but he just can't lose her. Later Belle comes too, Phillip is by her side. She asks what happened. He says he's sorry but they had to take the baby. Belle cries "No!" She tells Phillip that he promised. Phillip says there was no way she and the baby would both survive. Belle says he doesn't know that, he's not God. She sees Shawn standing there and reaches for him, crying "our baby." She tells Phillip to get out. Phillip leaves and asks Shawn to stay with Belle. Shawn and Belle share a moment as they mourn their baby. Shawn tells her that Phillip did the right thing, the only thing he could do, and he is glad she is still here. Phillip shows up later and asks to speak to his wife. Shawn leaves them as they sit together.

Shawn arrives at Belle and Phillip's loft. He dismisses the baby sitter to care for Claire, but Claire won't stop crying. He doesn't know what she wants. Phillip shows up and asks what is going on. Shawn says he thought Phillip would stay with Belle tonight and so he told the babysitter to go home. Phillip says Belle is resting. Phillip tends to Claire, he knows she is crying because she wants her blankie. Shawn tells Phillip that he's a good dad to Claire and would have been a good one to Belle's baby. As Phillip tends to Claire, Shawn makes a call. He leaves a message for Frankie saying he wants to drop the custody suit, Claire belongs with Belle and Phillip.

Mimi returns home and plans on making a call to dissolve the custody agreement with Phillip and Shawn over the surrogate's baby. Bonnie grabs the phone and says she won't let her make a bonehead mistake like that!

Tek tells Lexie that Abe is investigating her, but she doesn't believe him. He says it's true. He says Abe thinks she is part of what is going on with this person terrorizing the Brady's. Lexie won't believe that. Tek says if she doesn't believe it then just ask Abe. She becomes furious as she realizes Abe not only used her, but their son.

At Lexie and Abe's, Abe shows up and asks Lexie which of his favorite dinners has she made. She calls him a son of a bitch and slaps him! She knows he used her. Abe realizes Tek had talked to her. She goes off on him saying he lied to her, he used both her and Theo and made them think he wanted them back when all along he was investigating her. Abe says everything he said to her he meant. Abe says he has always loved her and he does want them to be a family again. Lexie doesn't know if she can trust or believe him. She says she wanted this chance so much. Abe tells her to look in his eyes and see the truth. He says for so long he was unable to show her how much he loved her, but now he can . . . he can. He begins kissing Lexie.


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