October 9, 2006
In New Jersey, John heads to Marlenas room with a cop. The cop says they went through Marlenas things to try and find some kind of clue. John asks if he minds if he looks around, the detective says be his guest. John examines the blood over near the door. The cop gets a call, he says the blood isnt Marlenas, it is pigs blood. John says someone is screwing with his family. John looks through her purse and finds some receipt for a storage facility. He wonders why Marlena would have this. The cop says it wasnt here before. John says someone planted it here for him to find. 

John ends up at some warehouse with the cop who is helping him. They break open a storage facility on the receipt. They head inside, John has no idea what the stuff is. He just hopes the stuff leads him to his wife. They begin moving stuff and end up finding an old steamer trunk. They open it and inside is Marlena. Shes tied up, he pulls her out. He says he has her and it's okay. She is weak and disoriented. She hugs John and says she knew hed come for her.

Lexie and Abe have just finished making love on the couch. Lexie says that was . . . Abe says just like old times. Lexie says she feels like they are finally back to being together again. Lexie says she wouldnt sat it was just like old times though. Abe says he knows, they are both wondering if it is real. Abe says trust isnt a commodity, its something they build over time. He says it begins with the truth, by saying what they want and need. He says neither one of them are good at that, he takes a big share of the blame for what went wrong. He says when he was blind that he felt like he lost his masculinity, he became angry and bitter and pushed her away. Abe says he understands why shed go to another man for comfort. He says Tek gave her what he couldnt. Abe says he just wished shed have been honest with him. LExie tells Abe that she has never felt deserving of a man like him. She says he is such a person of honor with such high morals and integrity. She says she never understood how he could love someone like her. She says she so wanted him to admire her the way she admires him. Abe says she has brought so much joy into his life. She gave him a son and a family. He says that have had their ups and downs and made their mistakes, but hell always love her for exactly what she is. He says she is a loving, beautiful, kind and intelligent woman. He says he has to ask her one thing, no he has to demand one thing. He says she can never ever see Tek again! She promises Abe that Tek is out of her life for good, he is the only man she loves. Lexie says she just wants them to be a family again. He says he wants that more than anything. They kiss some more. 

At Belle and Phillips loft, Phillip asks Shawn why hes still here? Shawn says hes sorry about everything. He says he knows the decision he made was hard and he is a great husband to Belle and a great father to Claire, hes grateful for that. Shawn says goodnight and heads off. 

Shawn shows up at his loft. He packs a bag. Mimi says before he goes there is something they need to discuss. Shawn thinks they have said it all. She says there is still more, she has decided to cancel the contract with the surrogate. Shawn says if that is what she wants, its not his baby anyways. He then walks out, but stops when she says So you really dont care? Shawn says Belle just lost the baby, his baby. Mimi says shes so sorry, she didnt know. She asks if Belle is okay. Shawn says physically yes. Mimi says she must be devastated. Shawn says spare him the fake sympathy. Shawn says as far as the surrogate goes, do whatever she wants, it is between her and Phillip. 

At the hospital, Sami is sitting with Belle in her room. They talk about their mom. Sami says mom can take care of herself, shes strong. Belle says she wants to believe that, but so many bad things are happening. She says she lost the baby. Belle thinks more bad things will happen. Sami tells her that she has to believe they will make it. Sami asks where Phillip is. Belle says at home with Claire. Belle says Phillip loves her so much, now she knows how it feels to lose a child. She says Phillip is afraid of losing Claire, Shawn is suing for custody. Sami asks Belle if shes glad hes doing it? Belle says she knows how much Phillip loves Claire and that she loves him, but she wants Shawn to be a part of Claires life. Belle says shes glad hes fighting for them. Sami says you mean for Claire. Belle says yeah, shes just still out of it. Sami says she knows how she feels about Shawn and she wont judge her. Belle says she wishes mom was here to help, what if something happened to her. Sami says not to talk like that, she will be okay. Sami says shell call John and find out what is going on. She calls John, who is just about to leave Marlenas room. Sami says shes with Belle, Belle is in the hospital. John asks if shes okay. Sami says she is okay. Belle nods to Sami, Sami tells John that Belle lost the baby. Sami says shes calling because she wanted to find out about mom, both she and Belle need her. John says hes following a lead right now. He says to tell Belle not to worry, he will bring Marlena home. John says hell call her as soon as he has word. Sami thanks John for doing this. Sami then passes the news onto Belle. Sami says they have to pray that John will find her. Belle thanks Sami, she knows doing that was hard for her. Sami says shed do anything for Belle and they both got good news from it

In the hallway EJ shows up with flowers, Lucas assumes they are for Stephanie. He says they arent, so Lucas says then they must be for Belle. EJ says closer. Lucas says dont tell him that they are for Sami. Lucas asks what hes trying to prove? EJ says its just a small gesture for someone he cares about, why does it matter to him? Lucas says Sami is vulnerable right now and when shes vulnerable she jumps into things she doesnt need. EJ says they should let Sami decide, she is a grown-up. Lucas wouldnt use those words to describe Sami. EJ tells Lucas to make a play for her then otherwise he will. Sami shows up, she asks what is going on? Lucas says nothing, how is Belle doing? Sami says shes okay given the circumstances. Sami says EJs flowers are beautiful. He says they are for her sister. Sami says that is so thoughtful. Sami says she will love him. EJ asks Sami how shes doing. He was hoping shed have dinner with him. She says she doesnt know if she can, Belle and Stephanie are here and her mom is still missing. EJ asks if shes eaten yet, she says no. EJ says its settled. He says she needs taken care of and hes the one to do it. Sami says that is sweet of him. She says she is in the mood to be pampered and she thanks him. He says consider it done then. EJ walks off, Lucas tells Sami the world is going to hell and shes making dates. Sami says he just wants to look after her. She asks Lucas why he cares what she does. Lucas says he doesnt care, do what she wants. She says see you later and walks off. 

Kate and Victor talk at the hospital. Kate asks if  he heard that Belle lost the baby. He did, he says Belle and Phillip have been through hell lately. Kate says she thinks Belle will choose Shawn, which is for the best. Victor asks when she came to that conclusion? Kate says when she decided to face reality. Kate says Phillip was always Belles second choice and he deserves better. Victor tells Kate to stay out of it, they have interfered enough. Kate reminds Victor that there is a surrogate out there named Lauren who is having their sons child as well as Mimis. Kate tells Victor if he really wants Bonnie as part of his family for life? Shawn shows up, he asks about Max and Stephanie. Victor says Max is okay, Stephanie is in serious condition. Shawn cant believe this. Kate says obviously something was very wrong with Maxs car. Shawn says yes there was. Victor asks Kate to excuse them so he can't talk to Shawn alone. Victor says hes going to cut to the chase, Titan is pulling out of Shawns engine. Shawn says is this because of the accident? Shawn says the police are investigating and saying it was sabotage. Victor says the fact is that the engine will always be associated with this messy accident, Titan cant risk the bad publicity. Shawn says he is his grandson. Victor says this is strictly business. He says maybe in the future theyll get a chance to work together again. Victor then walks off. 

Phillip and Mimi show up at the hospital. Mimi tells Phillip how sorry she is, is there anything she can do. He says shes done enough. Mimi says so hes heard. He says he heard she was lying all along. He says dont try and claim she was trying to protect him or Claire, she was only trying to protect herself. Mimi asks Phillip what they will do about Lauren their surrogate. He says he cant think about that right now. Mimi says she was thinking about voiding the contract. Phillip asks what happens to the baby? He says she is unbelievable, hes going through hell here with Belle and she ambushes him? He says he cant make a decision like this, shes going to have to wait. 

Back in her room, Belle looks at a photo of herself, Phillip and Claire. Maggie shows up with Claire, she thought Belle could use a pick-me-up. Belle holds Claire. 

Frankie shows up and runs into Shawn. Shawn says his life is ruined, he lost his family, his friends and now his career. Frankie says maybe he wants to rethink the custody case. Shawn says no, Claire is better off with Belle and Phillip. Frankie goes in to see Belle and Claire. He says he has some good news regarding Claire. Frankie says Shawn is dropping the suit. She says that is great news. Frankie leaves Belle. Belle ends up crying that Shawn isnt going to fight for either one of them. 

Phillip talks to Victor and Kate. He says a lot of futures are at stake here and he has to make sure he makes the right decision. Victor says good for you. He tells Kate he should buy her a cup of coffee. He then drags her off before she can say anything. Mimi shows up again, Phillip says she is right about making a decision about the surrogate. Phillip says his mother thinks they should terminate the contract as there is no point in them having this baby. Bonnie is there, shes shocked to hear this. Bonnie says all of the sudden the Lockharts arent good enough for Kate and her son. Bonnie goes off saying Kate thinks shes too classy for them, well how classy is it for a mother not to tell her own son that the kid he thinks is his is actually another mans. Mimi is stunned. Phillip asks what hes talking about, his mom just found out about Claire. Bonnie says no she didnt, his mom has known for a long time. Bonnie says Kate was afraid Belle would dump him so she conspired with her and Mimi to keep everyone in the dark. Bonnie says his mother is no better than they are. Phillip doesnt believe her, but then realizes from the look on Mimis face it is true. Phillip storms off. Mimi asks why she did that? Bonnie says she told the truth like Mimi always wanted to and it felt great!

Elsewhere Steve is in tears after remembering Stephanie. Kayla comes up to him. Steve says he remembered her, he remembers holding his baby girl. Kayla says she knew hed remember, their prayers have been answered. Steve continues to hold Stephanies hand. He says she is his baby girl. Steve walks off saying he needs a moment alone. Kayla tells Stephanie that he remembers and everything will be okay now. 

Billie sits with Steve, who is crying about remembering Stephanie. Billie smiles at him. He says he was holding her and he could see her smile and beautiful eyes. He remembers her fingers grabbing his thumb. He says it was like it was yesterday. Billie says that is wonderful. Steve says he doesnt think he can handle this. Kayla sees Billie with Steve. Billie says she thinks he can. She then leaves them to talk. Kayla jumps into his arms, they hug and cry. Kayla says now that he remembers they will all be okay. Steve says he knows Stephanie will be okay, how he knows but he doesnt know how he knows. Kayla says he has a connection with her, hes her father. Kayla says they have a connection too. Steve tells Kayla that hes so sorry but he still doesnt remember her. Kayla is in tears, Steve says hes sorry. He says he keeps causing her so much pain, but now he knows what that feels like. He says before he was dead inside. He says he just remembered loving that child and already hes scared of losing her. Steve says hes already missed her whole life, time hell never get back. Steve says what if he cant do this. What if he cant be a father to Stephanie. He doesnt know if he can do this. In the background Billie is lurking. Kayla says the only way he can disappoint Stephanie is to leave them again. She says his leaving wasnt his fault before, but if he chooses to leave now then that will be painful for them. She says he came to Salem to try and be a part of their lives. Kayla says he never thought hed remember but it is starting to happen. Steve says he only remembered one thing. Kayla says he cant keep going back and forth, he needs to either be in Stephanies life or not. Steve says that isnt all she wants, she wants them together. He asks if he can be in Stephanies and not hers? He knows that isnt an option in Kaylas mind. Steve says he doesnt know who he is still, and he doesnt want to hurt her anymore. He says the guy she was in love with, he doesnt know who that is. Steve walks off leaving Kayla in tears. Billie ends up following Steve out. 


October 10, 2006

In Jersey, John and Marlena are in her hotel room. John books the first flight out for Salem. Marlena asks why this happened to her? John says Roman and Bo believe someone is out to hurt the Bradys. Marlena says then why lure her to Jersey? Why not target her in Salem? John says someone is playing games with them. Marlena asks if they will try it again? John says he thinks she needs to be on her guard. John says she is a strong and independent woman, she will be okay. Marlena says she will be there for her family, for him and for Belle. John looks a little down, Marlena asks what is wrong? John tells her that Belle lost the baby. Marlena says she shouldnt have come here, she should have been with Belle. Marlena says she came here to prove she could stand on her own two feet. She says she didnt belong here, she should have been home. John asks if this is when she clicks her heels together three times? Marlena says shes sorry for all the time she let slip away, can he forgive her? He says he loves her. Marlena says she loves him. She says hes the only person shes ever truly loved. 

At Sami's place, Will and Lucas are in robes trying to figure out what movies to watch. Sami shows up, shes dressed for her date. Shes on the phone with Abe, she just got the news that Marlena is okay and is coming home tonight. Sami says now she can finally relax and enjoy her date with EJ. Right on cue, EJ shows up to pick her up. EJ and Sami head off. Lucas and Will take off their robes. Underneath they have on clothes. 

EJ and Sami head out for their date. EJ is driving, she tells him that hes supposed to be looking at the road and not her. She doesnt want him to crash and burn. They are heading to Chez Rouge for dinner. 

Kate is having a meeting at Chez Rouge that Phillip busts in on. She asks what this is about? Phillip says its about Claire. He asks how she could keep the truth about Claire from him? Kate says this isnt the time, there has been a misunderstanding. She says she's in a business meeting. Phillip says they will discuss this now. Kate says if he wants to discuss this then . . . Phillip says no discussion, shes going to tell him the truth. Kate says she is in the middle of a meeting. Phillip says the meeting is over and he tells the guy to adios. Kate apologizes to her client, who understands and heads off. Phillip and Kate sit down and they talk about Kate knowing the truth. Kate asks why hes blaming her, it was Belle and Shawn who slept together behind his back. Phillip says they had no memory and they all just found out the truth recently, but shes known for months. Kate denies it, Phillip yells dont lie to me! Kate says this is a public place, hes embarrassing himself and her. Phillip asks why he would care after what she did to him? Kate says she didnt mean to hurt him. He says like that will make things better. He asks why she would do this to him? Kate says because he loved Belle and Claire so much and she didnt want him to lose them. She says maybe she should have told him the truth but she did what she thought was right. He says that is what you thought was right? Phillip asks his mom how she will fix this? He says she cant, there is nothing she can do so dont try and dont come near him again. Phillip then storms off. Kate tells him to wait. She says she loves him and wanted to look out for him. He says hes a grown man, he doesnt need her to look out for him. He says there is nothing she can do. He says she let him live a lie, so now shes lost him. He asks how it feels to lose her child? Kate says shes not the only one who knew. Phillip asks who else knew? She says let it go. Phillip says tell her who knew or he will break every plate in this restaurant. Kate says Victor knew. Phillip storms off. 

EJ and Sami arrive at Chez Rouge, Maggie doesnt seem to have a reservation for him and says she cant seat them. EJ says half the tables are empty, Maggie says they are all reserved. EJ swears he had a reservation. Maggie says sit at the bar, she may fit them in later tonight. He mumbles something, Sami says they shouldnt worry about it. EJ and Sami end up leaving. Maggie then places a call to Lucas to warn him that EJ is on his way with Sami. 

Out in the parking lot, Lucas and Will break into EJs car. Lucas says Maggie is stalling them inside. Lucas puts limburger cheese in the cars heating system. Will asks his dad if hes doing this to keep mom from going out with the jerk or because he wants Sami for himself. Before he can answer he gets a call from Maggie. Will needs an answer, Lucas says he doesnt have time to explain and its complicated. 

Sami and EJ get back into the car. Sami says its a bit chilly out, does this thing have a heater. EJ turns it on, Sami asks what that smell is? EJ says it smells like an animal crawled inside the engine and died. Sami says shes going to be sick. They pull over. EJ says hes so sorry. EJ suggests they wait and let the smell clear and then continue on. Sami doesnt think she can get back in there. EJ says hell call a taxi then.

Will and Lucas return home. Will cant stop laughing about the car prank. Will wonders what will happen next. Lucas says it would be nice if EJ brought her back home, but he suspects EJ has his apartment all decked out with candles and wine. He wont let that happen. He finds an old business card for an escort service and orders an escort for EJ! 

EJ and Sami return to his apartment. Indeed he has candles, wine and music. They are about to kiss just when the doorbell rings. EJ says if that is Lucas then he will kill him. Sami says not if she doesnt kill him first. EJ opens the door and a blond jumps all over him says EJ Baby, where have you been? Ive missed you so much! EJ has no idea who she is but he wants her to leave. The woman sees Sami, she says oh well they werent exclusive, but if she had known he was a bed hopper then she would have used some kind of protection. The woman then suggests a threesome. EJ tells her that it is time for her to go. The woman says she hasnt even met his new girlfriend. She says her name is Candi Cane, like the kind you lick. EJ goes to throw her out as she begins screaming about child support. Sami asks what that was? He says he doesnt know but he thinks he knows who is behind it. Out on the fire escape we see a spying Lucas and Will. EJ tells Sami that he thinks Will and Lucas are behind this. Sami asks why? EJ pulls her into a kiss and says to stop that from happening. Sami says shell kill both of them. EJ says he knows something that will kill Lucas that doesnt involve her going to jail. Sami gets what he means. They enjoy some more kisses. He suggests they serve up some sweet dessert. Sami says she needs to be convinced. Outside Lucas watches and says Damn it, that cheese was expensive! 

At the hospital, Carrie gives Belle the news about Marlena. She wants Belle to concentrate on herself now. Belle says shes been concentrating on herself too much, shes been far too selfish and has to think about her husband and daughter. Carrie says if she is talking about loving Shawn then that is not selfish. Carrie says what is selfish is staying married to Phillip when she doesnt really love him. Belle says Phillip loves Claire and would do anything for them. Carrie says and Shawn wouldnt? Belle says Shawn doesnt want a future with her or Claire. Outside Shawn shows up with flowers to see Belle. Inside Belle explains to Carrie how Shawn was suing for custody of Claire, and as much as she hated seeing Phillip hurt, she felt this baby would tie them together. Belle thinks it is awful, shes married to Phillip and shouldnt be thinking of Shawn. Carrie says she cant help it. Belle says Shawn dropped the lawsuit, she has no idea why she changed his mind. Belle says he also is getting a divorce from Mimi. She says if Shawn doesnt want a future with Mimi then why isnt he coming back to her? She says they lost their child and she doesnt even know where Shawn is. As Shawn opens the door he hears an angry Belle saying what she and Shawn had is over, she doesnt want to see or talk to him again. Shawn walks off, throwing the flowers away on his way out. Back in Belles room, Carrie tells Belle if she doesnt love Phillip then . . . Belle says she does love him. Carrie says not the way she loves Shawn. Belle says so what, is she supposed to give up on her vows and all the promises she made? She says she cant do that. Carrie says she deserves to be happy. Belle says she can be happy with Phillip. Carrie says she knows how she feels, she tried to convince herself that she could be happy with Lucas. Carrie says it was a lie and it wasnt fare to anyone, so she ended it. Carrie tells Belle that she loves Shawn and needs to tell him that she wants to spend her life with him. Belle says she cant leave Phillip. Carrie asks how Phillip would feel to know shes staying with him because she feels bad for him? Belle says her relationship with Phillip is not like hers and Lucas. Carrie says shes right. Carrie says she married Lucas because she thought it would make her happy. Carrie says Belle married Phillip because she thought it would make Phillip happy. Carrie says she thinks about everyone else before herself, now it is time to think about Belle. Belle says she leaned on Phillip when she needed him, and the minute Shawn was available she was ready to throw it all away. She says shes been selfish and she just cant do it anymore. Carrie says she knows Belle thinks shes doing the right thing, but in the end they will all lose. Carrie says her love for Shawn wont go away, one day Phillip will realize hes always been second best. Carrie tells Belle to let Phillip go so he can find someone who loves him as much as Belle loves Shawn. Belle says all she wants is to close her eyes, which she does, then open them and have the answers to her problems. When she opens them Marlena is there. Marlena says she is here, she is home. They hug, Belle says shes so glad shes back. She thanks her dad for getting her. Carrie and Marlena have a hug. Marlena says shes staying right here with her family. She says they need her and she needs them. Carrie says she was trying to convince Belle to take the advice Marlena gave her, but she needs to hear it from her mom. Marlena invites Belle to come back to the penthouse. Belle is glad her mom is moving back into the penthouse. MArlena and John want Belle to move back in with them so they can take care of her.

At the garage, Phillip shows up to see Shawn. Shawn is furious, hes lost everything, his wife, his life, his baby and his dream. He says Victor pulled the plug on his engine. Shawn asks how his grandfather could do this to him? Phillip says its nothing compared to what he just found out. He says Kate knew all along and Victor knew as well. Shawn cant believe half of Salem knew he was Claire's father. He jumps in Maxs car and speeds off.

At Victors mansion, Kate talks with Victor. She says Phillip found out that she knew about Claires paternity the whole time. She says Phillip tracked her down in Chez Rouge and made a huge scene. Victor says this is just what he needs, more bad publicity. Victor thinks Phillip will cool down and forgive her in time. Kate says he wont, he told her that she was no longer his mother. Victor says hell call him and smooth it out. Kate doesnt think he needs to do that, maybe he's right and it will blow over. She says maybe she can work things out. Victor knows Kate is keeping something from him. Kate says maybe she did leave something out. She says she might have accidentally mentioned that he knew about Claire too. He says she might have let it slip? Kate says everything was happening so fast, he was angry with her. She says all she did was say that someone else knew, he figured it out on his own. Suddenly tires screeching are heard and we hear a car racing. The window shatters, Kate screams. Shawn has driven Maxs car into Victors house. He climbs out of the car. Victor asks what hes doing? Shawn says hes going to make him pay!

At the loft Phillip is trying to get Claire to get to sleep, but she wont sleep. He tells her that hell always be there for her when she cant sleep. He says hell go to all her soccer games, all her school plays and hell meet her first boyfriend. He says hell always be there for her because hes her daddy. He tells her to remember one thing, hell always love her and they cant take that away from them. 


October 11, 2006

Lucas is outside on the fire escape still spying on Sami and EJ. Will shows up, he tells his dad that this is a lot like something mom might do. Lucas tells him not to worry, its not like its going to be genetic. Will tells his dad the problem is hes loving this and this latest stunt will keep EJ away from mom forever. Lucas isnt so sure about Wills idea, hes pretty sure its illegal. Will asks Lucas if he has a better idea, Lucas says no. Lucas says okay, bombs away. Inside Sami and EJ are in bed kissing. Sami smells something, EJ says its a fire! He says they need to get out. Suddenly the fire sprinklers come on, EJ and Sami end up finding something on the floor (I think a smoke bomb). Sami tells EJ how sorry she is about this. Sami heads out, EJ says Lucas is in big trouble.

Back at Samis, Lucas and Will are on the couch in their robes. She is furious with them, she knows they havent been watching movies and they havent touched their popcorn. She asks if they arent going to ask her why shes soaking wet? Did they not hear the fire alarm over at EJ's? Will asks if she was trying to cook? Sami says she can understand Will acting like a child but Lucas? EJ shows up and puts Lucas in a choke hold, Sami breaks things up. EJ is furious, everything in his apartment is shorted out. He wants Lucas to pay for everything and says Will should spend time in juvie for this. Sami says shell deal with this. EJ says she better as hes itching to call the police. He then storms off. Sami says this isnt funny, how could they do this? She asks what is going on? He says nothing is going on. Sami says if hes going to act like this then it is best they not live together anymore. Sami gets changes, then she and Lucas begin arguing again. Sami thinks Will is just fine with them living apart, hes been fine for most of his life. Lucas doesn't think so. She says they shouldnt give them false hope about them. Sami says if he doesnt want anything to do with her then . . . Lucas says who says he doesnt? Lucas says the truth is he still has major feelings for her. 

At the penthouse Marlena has made Belle soup from a can, her favorite. Belle jokes its not like her mom taught her to cook for herself. Belle thanks her mom for this but she should probably have Phillip come pick her up. Marlena suggests she stay here for awhile, she does have a lot of thinking to do. Marlena thinks Belle needs to think carefully about her marriage to Phillip. She doesnt want Belle giving Phillip false hope or make a choice that will make things more difficult down the road. Belle says Carrie told her if she still loved Shawn that she should just leave Phillip. Belle says it was tempting, but Shawn just dropped the lawsuit for custody for Claire, hes not fighting for them. Marlena says maybe he did it out of respect for her and Phillip. Marlena thinks Belle is looking for reasons not to make a decision. Belle says what about Phillip? Marlena asks if Phillip deserves a wife who loves someone else? Marlena says she and her father were the ones who wanted Belle to give her marriage to Phillip a shot, but that was before they knew about Claire. She says Belle and Shawn share a tie because of Claire and that changes everything. Belle says the same way finding out she was dads and not Romans changed things for her? Marlena knows she caused pain by leaving Roman, but she has never once regretted the decision. Belle says she had a happy childhood and wants that for Claire. Marlena says shes at a crossroads, she needs to make a decision and stick to it, even if Shawn isnt in the picture. Marlena asks Belle what it is that she wants? 

At Phillips loft, Mimi shows up to talk about the baby. Phillip says he cant talk about this, he needs to get back to the hospital and Belle. Mimi knows, but she thinks this baby will just remind Belle of what she lost. She also says Belle wont want to raise her baby when she finds out what she did. Mimi says this is a baby that was conceived by accident, a baby he wanted to abort. Phillip says if they give up their rights what happens to the baby? Mimi says that is up to Lauren. Mimi says Lauren can raise it or give it up. Mimi says Lauren agrees this is the right thing to do. Mimi says Lauren is on her way with the papers. Lauren shows up on cue with her attorney. Lauren asks if Mimi and Phillip had a chance to talk? Mimi says yes. Lauren asks if they are all in agreement? Phillip says lets do it. Mimi and Phillip end up signing away rights to the baby Lauren is carrying. Later Mimi sees Lauren out. Mimi wishes Lauren luck and gives her a check. Back in Phillips apartment, he gets a call from Belle. She says her dad found her mom and brought her home. Phillip asks if they are at the hospital with her? Belle says she was but they discharged her. Belle says shes at the penthouse with her mom, her mom wanted to take care of her. Phillip asks why she didnt call him? Belle says she was just excited to see her. Phillip asks if shes coming home? Belle says that is why she is calling, she was hoping hed bring Claire by. Phillip says shes asleep. Belle says please do this for her. 

Mimi heads to the hospital to see her mom. She tells her about signing away her rights to the surrogates baby. Bonnie is not happy to hear this. She says that baby was her part of the Kiriakis fortune. Mimi says she should have known her mother wouldnt understand. Mimi storms off. Bonnie ends up making a call to someone and asks to meet them in Chez Rouge in an hour. 

Bonnie meets with Lauren at Chez Rouge. Lauren asks why Bonnie wanted to meet? Bonnie says she wants her daughters baby. Bonnie says that is her grandbaby and her daughter had a hard time producing an egg. Bonnie hates for this chance to escape her daughter. Bonnie says she intends to pay her, she will mortgage her restaurant to take care of Lauren. Bonnie touches Laurens stomach. Bonnie says shell only pay Lauren after she turns the baby over.

Phillip shows up at the penthouse with Claire. Marlena is thrilled to see Claire, as is Belle. Marlena takes Claire upstairs so they can have time to talk. Belle tells Phillip that she and Claire are staying here for a few days. He asks if shes leaving him? Belle says right now shes not sure what she wants, she hasnt been sure for a long time. Phillip says because of him? Belle says it has nothing to do with Shawn. Phillip says well if she is thinking about leaving him then just tell him now. He says if shes not sure she wants to stay with him then he doesnt want her to stay with him. He says he and Clare deserve better. Belle says shes sorry. He says hes sorry too. Phillip says give Claire a kiss for me. He tells Belle goodbye and walks out. Later Marlena shows up, Belle is crying. Marlena asks where Phillip is, Belle is gone. Belle tells her mom that Phillip wanted her to say everything would work out between them, she couldnt do that. Marlena says everything will be okay and she can stay here as long as she wants. Belle doesnt know what to do or where to go. Belle says its like shes starting her life over again. Marlena says but shes not alone. Belle tells her mom that she is her inspiration. Marlena says Belle is hers, she is so sorry she wasnt here for her when Belle needed her. Marlena thinks if it werent for her that Belle and Shawn would still be together. Marlena is sure things will be okay though. Marlena says they are a family, they will deal with this together and support each other. 

Phillip returns home. He packs a back and then looks at a photo of Claire. He puts the picture in his bag. Then he looks at a wedding photo of him and Belle. 

Mimi stops by the penthouse to see Belle. Mimi says shes sorry about the baby. Mimi is glad to hear Marlena is home. Mimi doesnt know if Belle heard, Shawn is leaving her. Belle asks what happened? Mimi says its best that Belle doesnt know the details now. Mimi says shes here to tell Belle that Shawn is all hers. Mimi says her marriage is over and she signed away the rights to the baby. Belle says but she wanted that baby, maybe her and Shawn. Mimi says no, she and Shawn wont work things out. Mimi says shell never stand in Belles way again. Belle says nothing is going on between her and Shawn. Mimi says there always has been something between them and Belle should finally admit it. 

Bo and Hope meet to talk. Hope tells Bo as much as she doesnt want to hear this, Patrick is going to be part of her future. Bo says Patrick being part of this babys life doesnt have to change things between them. She says right now she doesnt know how she feels .Bo says the bottom line is theyll love this baby and raise her as his own. Bo then gets a call from Henderson about Shawn. Bo says hell be right there. 

At Victors mansion, Kate asks Shawn if he is drunk or just crazy? Shawn says that was his baby, his baby! He asks how they could both play God with their lives like that? Victor says calm down so they can talk. Shawn refuses to talk. Shawn says he always looked up to Victor, he thought he had morals even when people said he was a crook. Victor tries to speak, but Shawn says he doesnt want to hear him speak. Shawn says he lost his child so Victor will lose his child as well as his grandson and great-granddaughter. Nico shows up and grabs Shawn, he says he has called Bo. Kate thinks they need real police here, not Shawn's dad. Victor asks Kate and Nico to leave him with Shawn. They leave, Victor tells Shawn he could have killed himself with that stunt. Shawn says as if he cares. Victor asks Shawn who hes really trying to hurt here, him or himself? Victor knows Shawn is angry with him. Bo and Hope show up, Bo demands to know why Shawn did this? Shawn says Victor and Kate knew all along about Claire. Bo asks why he did this to his grandson? Shawn says hes not his grandfather. Shawn storms off, Hope follows after shoving Victor out of the way. Bo tells Victor all those years they didnt know he was his son and he went and did the same thing to his grandson? Bo asks Victor what is the matter with him? Victor says there is no excuse for what he did. Bo says the fallout from this secret will hurt a lot of people. How will he make it up to Shawn and Phillip.

Hope talks to Shawn, he says there is nothing to talk about. He says his life is a mess. Hope says she and his dad will always be here for him. They share a hug. Shawn tells his mom not only did he lose the baby Belle was carrying, but he lost Claire too. Shawn says Phillip is the only father Claire has known, he dropped the suit. He says he thinks that custody suit is why Belle lost the baby, she probably blames him. Hope suggests Shawn talk to her. Shawn doesnt know. He asks his mom what is going on with her and dad. Hope says she doesnt really know what the future holds. Bo soon shows up. He says Victor has something to tell them. Victor tells Shawn how sorry he is and he will re-enter their agreement to manufacture his engine. Shawn says he doesnt need his pity and hes through with this family. He says if Victor thinks he was pissed then wait till Phillip gets a hold of him. Shawn storms off, Victor heads inside. Bo suggests Hope drive Shawn home, hell call a tow truck for the car. Bo says Victor wont press charges. They agree to continue their talk at the pub in the morning.


October 12, 2006
Mimi sees Phillip leaving the loft with a bag. She asks if hes going somewhere? He says hes out of here, hes leaving for good and not coming back. He says he has a flight to catch, he has to go. She says he cant walk out on Belle and Claire. Phillip says she will be fine, probably relieved. Mimi asks what happened? Phillip says he asked her if she wanted a marriage with him, a future with him, but she couldnt say anything at all. Phillip says he has to leave. Mimi thinks this is her fault for lying about Claire. Phillip says her lie gave him the best year of his life and gave Claire a dad, she might not have one again for awhile. Mimi thinks Shawn will be her dad now, but Phillip says Shawn dropped the suit. Mimi is stunned, she says after the hell he gave her about lying about Claire? Phillip says Shawn is just confused like all of them. Phillip says he has to go, but Mimi begs him to stay and fight for his family. Phillip asks why this matters to her? Mimi says she hates who shes become, she wants to do the right thing for once even if there is nothing in it for her. Phillip says he will miss her but he doesnt belong here anymore. Phillip says he played by the rules, stuck to his vows and in the end it didnt matter because his wife didnt want him. Phillip asks Mimi to do one thing for him, tell Claire how much she meant to him when she gets older. He says goodbye Mimi and walks off. Mimi says she cant let him go through with this.

John is playing gin with Belle, Marlena walks in and says she was thinking something along the lines of herbal tea. John goes to make her some, Marlena asks Belle how shes holding up. Belle talks about how depressed she was when she had Claire. Belle says she had a beautiful baby that she was unable to enjoy. Belle says now shes actually lost a baby. Belle says she knows letting Phillip go was the right thing to do. She thanks God she has her mom, dad and Claire; however she still feels alone. John shows up with tea and banana bread. Marlena gets the door as someone has rung the bell, its Shawn. He brought over some gifts for Belle and Claire. Marlena sees bruises on his head and asks if hes okay, he says he had a fender bender. Marlena demands Shawn give Belle the gifts himself. Marlena tells Belle that he has a visitor. Belle looks at Shawn and asks what hes doing here? He says he didnt mean to interrupt, he brought something for her, a get well gift. Marlena and John give them time alone. He gives it to her, its a book A Thousand And One Jokes. He says he thought he could use a laugh, she says hes right. He also has a little stuffed animal for Claire, little kids love them according to the lady at the store. Shawn then admits he thinks hes to blame for her losing the baby because of the custody suit. Belle asks if that is why he dropped the custody suit? He says it's more than just that, he was watching Phillip with Claire. He says Phillip was so good with Claire, so patient. Shawn says he wasnt, and he realized that hes too selfish to be a good father. Belle says hes not. Shawn says he is, he filed that suit only thinking about what he wanted, not what it would do to others. Belle says what she wants . . . . Shawn asks what she wants? Belle says she wants him . . . He says just say it. She says its complicated. She says at first she was confused, but now she knows. Belle suddenly becomes woozy, Shawn grabs her and asks if shes okay? She says yes, shes just a little weak. Belle says she was confused until she talked to Carrie. Shawn remembers hearing only part of the conversation at the hospital, the part where Belle said she and Shawn were over. Shawn says she doesnt have to explain, some things are meant to be and some things arent. Shawn goes to leave, but Belle says they have so much to talk about. He says another time, say goodbye to her parents. She says what about Claire? Shawn says she has a great family, she doesnt need him. Shawn says he cant play house, he has to salvage his career and find a place to live. She says so hes too busy to be a parent? He says he told her that he was selfish. He goes to walk off, she throws his book at him as he leaves. 

Marlena and John go out on the terrace to give Shawn and Belle space. John looks up in the sky, Marlena tells him not to ask her to make a wish. He asks why not? She would wish for Shawn, Belle and Claire to be happy. John asks if that is a bad thing? Marlena wants her to be happy. John says she is because her mom is home. Marlena tells John that she has a confession to make about the two of them. Marlena says while in Jersey she thought she may honestly never see him again. She says she realized shes scared about them. John says he doesnt understand. Marlena says being here with him and now Belle and Claire, it terrifies her. John asks why, they love her. She says she knows they do, that is why it scares her. She says the thought of losing them, it terrifies her. She says that is why she keeps going away, to avoid the thought of losing them. John asks what she needs from him. She says hold her and not to let go. John holds her, Marlena also asks to help her be brave enough to stay. John says hell try, but if she wants to go then no one can change her mind. Marlena says he does want her here doesnt he? He says of course he does. He says he loves her. 

Mimi shows up later and tells Belle that Phillip is leaving town. Belle says this is all her fault. Mimi says its not. Mimi says Phillip is making a mistake and Belle has to stop him. Mimi offers to drive her to the airport. 

Mimi and Belle arrive at the airport, they see Phillip checking in. Belle doesnt know if this is the right thing to do. Phillip gets a one way ticket and boards the plane. Mimi says shell stop him if Belle doesnt. Belle says no. Belle says it is selfish to try and be something they cant be. She says it is time Phillip is put first, he deserves better than what she can give him. We watch as Phillip walks off onto the plane. Belle cries as she watches him go.

Back at the penthouse, Marlena finds a note from Belle. Shes running an errand and needs them to feed Claire. Marlena cries, she loves having Belle home and having their grandchild here. She says this is a wonderful life and shell never leave it again. Marlena ends up taking John upstairs so they can make love.

Shawn heads to Chez Rouge. Maggie says shes so sorry about the baby, and she thanks him for sending Willow here to work. Maggie says shes turning out to be a good waitress. Shawn says great, he wasnt sure shed be comfortable. Maggie says he could have mentioned she was a hooker. Shawn asks if she would have hired her? Maggie doubts it. Maggie commends Shawn for looking past the label, shes trustworthy, dependable and the ideal employee. She asks Shawn how he saw all that in her? Shawn says he doesnt know, they just hit it off. Maggie wonders if Shawn came here to see her or to see Willow. Shawn says he came to see Maggie and was hoping to see Willow. Maggie says how diplomatic. Willow comes over to talk to Maggie about a table, she also tells Shawn hello. Maggie tells Willow her shift is over so she should have a seat, she insists. Maggie heads off to get Shawn some food. Willow tells Shawn how his aunt is the best, shes helped her out and even got her a room at the YWCA. Willow can see something is bothering Shawn. He admits everything is so much worse than when he first met her. Willow says she can make him feel better. He says she doesnt have to do that, but she says she wants to. She says call it a mini-vacation. He asks how she figures. She says when you go to bed with someone you care about, she thinks it is like a vacation to Bermuda, you leave all your problems behind. He says hes never been to Bermuda. She says let her take him. He says on one condition, this has to be a date. Maggie sees them about to leave, he says his food is ready. Shawn says he has a date to go one. Maggie figured as much so she got the food to go. As they leave Maggie says Uh Oh

At Samis, Sami is stunned and asks Lucas what he said? He says he still has feelings for her. Sami says he criticizing her all the time, a week ago he was devoted to Carrie. Lucas says he was trying to convince himself he wasnt bored being married to her. Lucas says he did everything he could to avoid the truth, the truth is that he wants Sami, he always has and always will. Outside a spying EJ says Lucas mommy wont be very happy. Back inside, Sami thinks hes using her to get over Carrie. Lucas says he used Carrie to try and get over her, but it didnt work. Sami says he was so mean to her, the nasty things he said, now hes saying she said it because he cared about her? He says maybe he was trying to push her away. Sami says well it worked and she wants nothing to do with him. She says she knows he loved Carrie. Lucas says yes he did, but it was a different kind of love. He says it was a safe love whereas Sami drives him crazy, they bring out the good and bad in each other. Sami says she cant go through this again with him, its too exhausting. Lucas says she is the one who makes him happy, he doesnt want anyone else, he wants to be with her. Sami says she wants to go on a date without having to worry about stink bombs and limburger cheese. She says shes been over Lucas and has been for a long time. Lucas tells her to look him in the eye when she says that. He says she cant do it can she. Sami looks him in the eye and says she doesnt care about him. She asks why he cant accept that? He says because she was thrilled when he agreed to move in here. She says for Will's sake, not so they could be friends with benefits. She says she turned down his offer to sleep in the same bed. Lucas says only to make EJ jealous. Sami asks if that is what this is about? Sami ends up yelling at Lucas to pack up, get out and take a hike. Will shows up and tells his mom that he knew shed ruin this, she always does. Will starts yelling that they were finally going to be a family and she wrecked it by going out on another date. Will says hes sick of thinking things will work out, he wishes he never came back home. Sami says he misunderstood what she said. She claims she wasnt throwing Lucas out, she meant they should get out as a family more. She says they should do things like take a picnic together and maybe a family hike. Sami doesnt want Will to leave again, but he cant threaten to run away from home. Will asks if they can take the hike this weekend? They all agree. Will heads back to bed, Lucas then tells Sami they should get to bed too. Sami says she has to go and runs out of the apartment. Will shows up and asks his dad what the real deal is? Lucas says they are doing great, they are way ahead of EJ. Lucas tells Will great job. Will tells his dad he needs to think about what they are doing, hes tired of these games and being a yo yo between them. He wants to know if his dad thinks he and mom really belong together. Lucas says he does, he thinks they all belong together as a family. 

EJ goes and meets with Kate at their office, we learn he was in fact seducing Sami away from her sons just for Kate. He says he did a good job with Austin, but Lucas is a problem. He says Lucas refuses to let Sami go. Kate says the only thing Sami has over Lucas is sex, which is why she wanted him to seduce her. She says perhaps she underestimated his abilities. EJ says who she underestimated is her son, he followed them around all evening. EJ says him and Will both. EJ explains all they did to ruin their date. Kate asks why theyd do this? EJ says Lucas wants all his toys under one roof, and if he (EJ) gets together with Sami then Lucas has to move out. Kate says Lucas and Sami are living together? EJ laughs and tells Kate that she is out of the loop. EJ says Sami claims they are living together for Wills sake, but EJ suspects that Lucas has bigger plans. Kate tells EJ to amp it up with Sami, give her a cheap box of chocolates and a bottle of wine as that's all it takes with her. EJ says shes worth a bit more than that. Kate says please dont tell her that this is more than a business deal. Kate wonders what it is with men and Sami. EJ says she oozes sex, she is obviously very fun in bed. EJ tells Kate that there is another woman hes curious about, her. EJ says he could be wrong though. Kate says maybe not. Kate and EJ begin kissing. Suddenly Sami knocks on the door asking EJ if hes there. EJ hides and Kate opens the doors. Kate asks Sami what she wants? Sami says shes looking for EJ. Kate says she hasnt seen him. Sami says if she does see him to tell him that shes looking for him, she wants to apologize for their date. Kate says no, shes not a messaging service. She slams the door in her face! Sami calls her a bitch. EJ and Kate end up getting back to making out on Kates desk. 


October 13, 2006
At the Pub, Bo and Hope meet up for breakfast. Hope is so worried about Shawn and where he could be. Bo says he can go talk to him, but Hope thinks maybe she should. Bo says they both should, they are a family and will get him through this. Patrick walks in which angers Bo. Bo thinks Patrick has some nerve coming to his family's pub given all Patrick has done to his family. Patrick says he was found innocent, he did nothing to them and last he checked this was a public establishment. He asks to speak with Hope. Hope tells Bo they should talk and he should go look for Shawn. Bo leaves, Patrick then suggests to Hope they both go away for a bit. He feels Hope needs time away to think about she wants. Hope smiles and thinks he wants to seduce her. He says making love would be nice, but he thinks they should get separate rooms so there is no pressure. She considers it. He suggests New York or the island, but she wants someplace with no memories. She also wants someplace close by, Shawn could need her. He says Chicago is close and not too cold yet. She won't say no, which Patrick accepts. He says he'll go look into things as she thinks it over. Later Abe shows up and Hope asks his advice about Patrick. Hope says Bo is sure Patrick is up to something. Abe says Patrick was found not guilty because the evidence was planted, however that doesn't mean he's innocent. Abe tells Hope to trust her instincts, she is a good cop.  He can tell she trusts Patrick. Hope thanks Abe for his thoughts.

At the garage, Willow and Shawn wake up on a cot. Yes, they have done the deed. Willow says she has never woken up with one of her johns. Shawn asks if that is how she sees him? She says no, he is much more. He calls her a friend, she is touched as she hasn't had one in a long time. Suddenly they hear Bo calling out. Shawn tells her to get dressed quick. She jokes this is like highschool all over again. Bo catches them together. Willow ends up saying by to Mr. Brady as she speeds off to work. Bo can't believe Shawn, who is this girl? He says she is Willow and they met when he was shooting hoops. Bo hopes they used protection. Shawn says he's not about to give her a baby. Bo is worried about what she may give him. Bo is upset with Shawn, obviously he needs a lot of help. Shawn admits he knows what he did to Victor's house was wrong, but how could he lie to his own family like that? He says he lost his marriage, he lost his job, he's lost Belle and his baby. Bo tells Shawn he is here for him. Shawn asks like he was there for Zack or for Chelsea? Bo knows they have a lot to work through but they are family and he loves him. Shawn says right now he needs to find a place to live, he can't exactly afford the Salem Inn. Shawn refuses to move home, so Bo suggests he take the boat. Bo says he'll move into the pub for awhile. Shawn accepts, as long as there are no rules on what he can do on the boat. Bo says the only rule is he can't take the boat out past the last buoy.  

Back at the pub, Bo lets Hope know about Shawn staying on the boat. Hope is concerned, but Bo says Shawn grew up on the boat. Bo says Shawn needs to know he hasn't lost everything familiar to him. Bo thinks they made good progress. Hope thanks Bo for being Bo. She smiles as she heads out.

At the hospital, Patrick meets with Dr. Bader and gives her a huge envelope of cash. She asks if it is all here? He says it is. She says just because she falsified the one test doesn't guarantee Hope won't find out the truth from another test or another doctor. Patrick assures Dr. Bader that there will be no more tests, he and Hope are leaving town for good! 

Elsewhere at the hospital, Bonnie talks with Lauren. Lauren tells Bonnie she gave her offer some thought and has decided if the natural parents don't want to raise the child then the grandmother is the next best thing. Lauren agrees, provided Bonnie has the money. Bonnie does. She gives Lauren a down payment and will pay the rest when she gets the baby. Later Bonnie sees Mimi. Mimi came looking for a job but they have nothing open. Bonnie says she would have given her a job, but Mimi says she knows what her mom pays. Bonnie says she would have had tons of money if she kept that baby. Mimi says that baby was a mistake, Phillip's sperm wasn't supposed to even touch her eggs. 

At Chez Rouge, Mimi shows up and gets a job from Maggie. Mimi admits she was nervous about coming here given what has happened. Maggie says she loves Shawn, but she loves her too. Maggie also knows people make mistakes and you learn from them. Maggie introduces Mimi to Willow, she asks Willow to show her the ropes. As Willow works with Mimi, the two bond. Willow admits to Mimi she used to be a prostitute, she did what she did to survive on the streets. Mimi says they have something in common, not the hooker thing, but living on the streets. She says her mom, brother and her had to live on the streets when all their money ran out. Willow says it looks like Mimi is doing good for herself now.  Mimi says not really, she talks about how her husband just left her. Willow talks about how she wouldn't be here if she hadn't met an angel. She says the angel helped her get this job. Willow suggests perhaps Mimi will meet her own angel. Later Willow gets a call from Shawn. He says he found a place to live, his dad's boat. He suggests Willow come by later so they can christen it. She asks if she can bring her new friend, she's had a hard day . . . week . . . well maybe even year. Shawn wanted time alone with her. Willow says they will get it but she sorta promised they'd hang out after work. Willow then invites Mimi to her boyfriend's boat. Mimi doesn't know, but Willow insists. She says maybe he can introduce her to her very own angel. Mimi smiles. 

At Kate's office, Chelsea barges in to see Kate. Kate scolds her saying she needs to learn to knock, she can't just announce herself and walk in. Kate says she could have been in an important meeting. Chelsea sees the mess and accuses Kate of having Sex. She wonders who it was with. EJ walks out from some corner somewhere, Chelsea smiles at him and says hello. EJ heads off, Chelsea tells Kate that she thought she was using EJ to seduce Sami and get her away from Austin and Lucas? Kate says there is no rule that says she can't enjoy EJ until Sami and EJ are a couple. She says there is no rule that says she can't enjoy EJ after Sami and EJ are a couple. Chelsea asks Kate how she does it, how does she get everything she wants? Chelsea says she wants her parents back together and needs tips. Kate says she needs to be prepared to start a war. Chelsea is. Kate says Chelsea is what Billie and Bo have in common, she is her own greatest weapon. Chelsea remembers at Sami's wedding that Sami told her that her grandmother and mother were both whores, she'd probably follow in their footsteps. Chelsea smiles, Kate asks what she's planning. Chelsea doesn't want to reveal it just yet.

On the streets, Chelsea is tripping in stiletto heels while smacking her gum and pulling down her short skirt and top. She poses by a mailbox and waits for a customer.

At Sami's, Sami wakes up and Lucas says he hopes she enjoyed her beauty sleep. He says she has that nice bed while he's stuck on the couch. She tells Lucas about last night, if he pulls anything like that again then he is out of here. She's not happy with Lucas for using Will in his argument with her, Lucas says he was just clarifying things for Will. Lucas starts talking about how he had a dream about them, it involved whip cream. He asks if she wants to know how it ended? She already knows, it ended on the couch where he will continue to sleep. Sami lets Lucas know that she plans to continue to date EJ, she can do so and be a good mom to Will. EJ soon shows up to check on Sami. Lucas heads out. Sami says she wanted to apologize to him for the whole Will and Lucas fiasco. She says it won't happen again. He says next time they'll dress up like the village people, they'll keep changing their clothes to throw them off. She says he doesn't understand, it won't happen again because she can't date him anymore. She says Will ran away, that is a huge sign that a kid is troubled. She says right now she needs to devote herself to Will. EJ thinks she's just feeling guilty about blackmailing Lexie into breaking up Austin and Carrie. Sami says she's over that, Austin and Carrie are back together now. He then says perhaps she is still in love with Lucas and can't face it. Sami says that isn't the case either. She tells EJ that she hopes they can continue to be friends. She sees him out. In the hallway EJ smiles to himself.

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