October 16, 2006

Mimi and Willow head to the docks. Mimi thinks shes the third wheel, but Willow insists she come. Mimi says even if her angel of a boyfriend is as great as she says, Mimi thinks he wont want her around. Willow says he isnt her boyfriend, but maybe he has a friend for her. They arrive at the boat, Mimi is shocked. Shawn shows up and asks Mimi what shes doing here? Willow says they know each other? Mimi says meet her husband! Shawn cant believe this, Mimi ends up furious. She says the guy Willow described and Shawn are total opposites, Shawn is no angel. Mimi says he does the knight in shining armor thing to get laid, and the whole time he was with Willow he was probably thinking about Belle. Shawn tells Mimi to shut up and lay off Willow. Mimi says if hes afraid shell ruin Willows reputation then dont be, Willow was a prostitute. Mimi is stunned to learn Shawn knew she was a hooker. She says so what this is like Pretty Woman? Mimi tells Willow that she is a slut. Shawn tells Mimi to stop it and leave Willow alone. Mimi asks what hell do, dump her? Leave her for a hooker? Shawn says she can be pissed at him but dont take it out on Willow. Willow says she thought Mimi was nice, she thought they were friends. Willow says she thought she could read people but to think she trusted her, opened up to her. Mimi says hes all hers, though actually hell never be all hers. Mimi then storms off. Shawn asks Willow if she is okay? Willow says yeah. Shawn says hes sorry. He says she hangs with fallen angels. Willow says her favorite kind. Willow checks out the boat and finds some fishing rods that belong to Shawn Sr. Shawn talks about how he has some great memories fishing with his grandpa. Willow suggests they take the boat out and find some fish. Shawn doesnt know. She asks if hes scared of the dark? He says no, they can go out but not too far. 

Shawn and Willow head out on the boat. Willow asks what you do with a boat like this. Shawn says he sailed around the world once with his parents. He remembers all the places they went, but he was so young. Shawn would love to go back to them. She asks how they ate and lived? He says they are fisherman. She asks him to show her how to use the pole. He gives her a fishing lesson which ends up with them kissing. They end up laying down and doing some horizontal kissing as well. They make love and later things begin to get rocky and a storm moves in. Willow says its sexy. Shawn jokes that they are now the charter members of the mile out club. The camera pans to the radar and radio, a storm is coming in and all boats are told to return to port. 

Chelsea is working the street. A guy asks if shes for sale, Chelsea says for the right price. He asks how much. She says out of his price range. He offer 100, 200, but she says no. He then threatens her saying she will take his offer and if he doesnt get his moneys worth then hell beat the crap out of her. They end up fighting, some other guy shows up and saves Chelsea. She thanks him. He introduces himself as Rick. She says her name is Chelsea. He says its nice to meet her. He claims hes new in town and is lonely. She asks if he looking for company. He asks how much it costs. She says 500 for sex, everything else is extra. He pulls out some money and then his badge, he arrests her for solicitation. Chelsea smiles. She says this is a misunderstanding, shes never done anything like this. He says yeah and she comes from a good family and her parents will die when they find out. To herself she says that is the plan.

Billie brings Steve to the hospital. Hes worried, he still doesnt know anything about being Stephanie's father. Billie says if she can handle being a parent then he can too. She tells him to be himself. He says whoever that is. Steve says here goes as he heads into her room. Stephanie is sleeping when Steve walks in. She wakes up, he brings her a little bear with an eye patch. He thinks he should have gotten her a CD or make-up, but she says she loves it. He doesnt know what to get her, the only memory he has is when she was a baby. Stephanie says mom told her and she knew hed get his memory back. He says hold on now. She knows he doesnt remember mom but he will. Stephanie sees Billie in the doorway, she asks what she is doing here. Steve says Billie is his friend and he asked her to come with him. Billie says shell wait outside. She tells Stephanie shes glad shes feeling better. Billie leaves, Steve says she forgot to spit and kick dirt in her face. Stephanie says next time. Steve says she is his kid. Steve asks Stephanie if she can be nicer to Billie? Stephanie says no, he should be with mom. He says no more talk about Billie. She says then lets talk about mom. He says no lets talk about her. He doesnt know what happened to her between when she was a baby and now. She says she turned out fine. She says he cant change the past, but there are things he can do now. He says shes a tough kid, he likes strong women. She says thats why he fell in love with mom. She begs him to give it a chance with mom. He says he cant, he doesnt feel anything for her. She says she knows he feels something otherwise he would have stayed in Cincinnati. He says shes a race car driver, not a shrink. She tells him to stop changing the subject. Steve says even though he cant be with Kayla now, hed like for them to try the father daughter thing. Steve asks what she thinks? Stephanie says they can try. He says shell have to help him out a bit, he doesnt know how this work. She says well hell play the part of the dad, hell give her a big allowance and spoil her rotten. Steve thought he was supposed to keep the bums away. She says that wont be a problem. She says the only guy she cares about hasnt come around. Steve says Max has been concerned about her, he didnt want to leave the hospital. She says he hasnt been back since then though. Steve says he will be back. They continue talking, Stephanie tells him that having him here is exactly like she dreamed but at the same time nothing like it.

Billie waits outside and runs into Kayla. Kayla asks if Steve is inside, Billie says yes. Billie says Steve asked her to come for moral support. Kayla says well shes here now. Billie says suit yourself. Kayla says what is important is that Steve spends time with Stephanie. Billie agrees. Kayla talks about how they have a bond, Stephanie really cast a spell on him. Billie says she heard she wasnt the only one. Kayla doesnt want to have this conversation with Billie. Billie says she wants Kayla to fight for Steve. Billie says if Steve wants his old life back then she wont stand in the way. Kayla doesnt believe it. Billie says she doesnt want anyone to get hurt. Kayla says she doesnt want herself to get hurt, just like she did when she came between Bo and Hope. Billie says she has a lot to make up for and she knows. She tells Kayla that she has a support system in her family, but Steve feels like he has no one. Billie says Steve cant come to her for support, he feels there will be strings attached and hell be judged. She says she knows how that feels. Billie says Steve is her friend and she wont abandon him. Kayla tells Billie she cares about the man who Steve thinks he is, but she loves the man she knows Steve is. Billie gets a call and has to run off. 

Kayla heads in to see Stephanie, she brings her all her favorite magazines. Kayla tells Steve that Billie left to see Chelsea. Steve offers to get Stephanie a cheeseburger from Buddys. She says he wont get it passed the nurse. Kayla says he will if she distracts the nurse. Stephanie says cheeseburgers all around then, the family that breaks the rules together eats together. Steve says okay then it is cheeseburgers for everyone. He heads out. Stephanie says its happening. Kayla says its a cheeseburger. Stephanie says its the beginning. 

At the station, Abe is working on Maxs car explosion and the gloved hand case. He tells an officer to look into a  bunch of stuff for him and have some tests run. The officer cant believe one person is responsible for all this. Abe believes it and he wants the person caught. Bo walks up and says he was caught but Abe let him go. The other officer says if he means Lockhart then he must be a magician as he was in jail when the car exploded. Bo says who asked for her opinion. Abe says he did, Detective Reed is assigned to this case. Bo says this is his case. Abe drags Bo into the office and lectures him threatening to take his badge for acting like a renegade. Bo knows Patrick is the bad guy. He says Abe can take his badge but he wont stop until Lockhart fries for murder. Abe warns him to stay away from Lockhart, there is no proof against him. Bo says he made it disappear, a trick he learned from the Dimeras. Bo thinks hes the only cop thinking around here. Abe says hes lost his objectivity, hes gone too far. Abe says Bo has let his personal feelings cloud his judgment, hes a liability and that is why he took him off of the case. Abe says he cant let Bo railroad Patrick just because he slept with his wife. Bo asks Abe how he felt when he found out Tek was sleeping with his wife? Abe says the same way Bo feels, but he didnt use his position to go after him. Bo says but he wanted to. Abe tells Bo that he better deal with his anger or he will lose his job and Hope. Bo and Abe discuss the fact that Abe spoke to Hope about Patrick. Bo is not happy that Abe told her that a man is innocent until proven guilty. Bo says he could have steered Hope away from Patrick and he didnt. Abe says Hope will make up her own mind about Patrick. Abe warns Bo he will be watching every move Bo makes, he better stay away from Patrick. Abe then leaves. 

Later Bo is reading some forensic evidence, the cop Abe assigned to the case says he isnt supposed to be reading this. Mimi then shows up telling Bo that Shawn is in trouble. She tells Bo about Willow, Bo knows about her and thinks shes nice enough. Mimi says Willow is not nice, shes a prostitute. Bo asks who told her this? She says Willow did, they are on the boat and took it out. Bo says a storm is coming in, he needs to go find out what is going on. Before he leaves Billie shows up and gives Bo the news that Chelsea got arrested for solicitation. Bo doesnt understand this. Billie explains a friend on the force told her. Bo says he has to take care of a problem with Shawn, but Billie says he cant leave now. Bo says they dont know for sure that Chelsea was arrested. Just then Chelsea is brought it, Billie cant believe what shes wearing. 

Lexie is at the pub having coffee. Tek shows up to meet her per her message. She thanks him for coming. Tek asks how it went with Abe. Lexie says it went. He says that bad huh. He calls him a lousy bastard, but Lexie doesnt want to hear him speak of Abe like that. He asks if she ended it with him? She says no. Lexie says Abe did start out investigating her, but then he realized he wanted them to be back together. Tek cant believe shes forgiving Abe for betraying her. She says Abe is willing to forgive her betrayal. Tek says so that is it? Lexie says she never stopped loving him, when she is with Abe her life is better. Lexie says this is what she wants and he has to understand it. He takes her hand and says he loves her. She pulls away. She says then let her go. He says he cant. She tells him that he has to. She says she promised Abe to never see him again. Tek asks what happened to her, shes a smart and strong woman and is letting Abe run her life. Lexie says shes trying to put her family back together here. Tek says Theo is practically like a son to him. Lexie says but hes Abes son. Tek knows Lexie loves him just as much as she loves Abe and he wants her to admit it. Lexie says if she has to choose then she chooses Abe. He says Abe cant even make love to her. Lexie says not anymore, Abe is everything she wants. She tells Tek she is moving on with her life and he has to move on with his. Lexie then leaves the pub. 

Lexie and Abe meet for dinner at Chez Rouge. She says they should get married have an adorable boy and spend their lives together. He laughs and says okay. Lexie suggests they do it somewhere far away from Salem. She says she spoke to Tek, he isnt going to make things easy. Abe says as long as he got the message. Lexie says he didnt like the message, she just hopes he understands and accepts that her life is with him and Theo. Lexie says she wants to live happily every after with him. Abe says happiness is temporary and fleeting, when you find it you have to hold onto it. He says they have to hold onto each other. Lexie and Abe toast, she says nothing will come between them again. Tek shows up and says think again. Abe yells, Lexie has to step in between them to keep them from brawling. Lexie takes Abe off to cool off, Tek ends up following them. He is saying he loves Lexie more than Abe. He wants to prove it to her. He pulls out a ring and asks Lexie to marry him. Abe is in a state of disbelief, as is Lexie. 


October 17, 2006

At Chez Rouge, Abe is furious with Tek for humiliating Lexie in public. Tek says she wont be humilated ever again once shes his husband. Abe says he is her husband. Tek tells Lexie that he loves her and knows she loves him. She says she loves her husband. He wont leave until he gets an answer, will she marry him. She says she wont, stop making a fool of himself and leave them alone. Tek says she deserves better than Abe. Abe tells them to leave them alone. Tek asks what hell do arrest him? Tek says to stop him from loving Lexie then hell have to kill him. Abe says his pleasure. Lexie tells Abe to calm down, but Abe says if he has to beat the message into Tek then so be it. Lexie tells him to think about how this could hit the presses and churn up bad publicity. Lexie tells Abe to give her five minutes with Tek, she created the mess and will end it. He says fine. Lexie tells Tek to go outside as they need to talk one on one. Tek and Lexie head outside, he comes onto her and tells her that she knows what happens when they are alone together. She says she is with her husband, but he says she doesnt want to be. Lexie realizes this is about him not being able to deal with the word no. She says its harassment and abuse, its not sexy. He tells her that shes afraid to leave her husband and be the sexy woman she can be with him. Lexie ends up slapping Tek and calling him a bastard. Abe shows up, Lexie tells Abe that Tek doesn't seem to understand that their affair is over. Shes  going to have a restraining order taken out against him. Tek says she cant mean that. Abe says she does and if he comes near her then he will have grounds to kick Tek off the force. Abe and Lexie return to the restaurant to enjoy their evening.

At the Penthouse Grill, Victor meets up with Kate for dinner. Victor has no good news about Phillip. Victor says Phillip has moved out of the lost and his credit card traces to New York, afterwards he just disappeared. Victor promises that he will find him. Kate knows she should have told Phillip about Claire, she should have listened to Victor. Victor says and he should have listened to his gut. Victor hopes he will forgive them. Victor talks about how he expected Phillip to react like Shawn. Kate calls Shawn a hot head and says they raised Phillip better. Victor says when Phillip faces a great challenge he tends to take off. Victor just hopes Phillip will find a way to forgive them. Kate asks what about everyone else? Kate gets a call and she has to go. She asks Victor to let her know if he hears anything about Phillip. Victor says they will find him.

Hope and Belle are having dinner. Hope tells Belle how sorry she is about the baby. Belle wishes they had saved the baby as she asked. Hope says she would have given her life to save Zack. She says their children need them though and they have other children. Belle admits she almost didnt come out, its easier to stay home and not talk about these things. She says a week ago everything was fine, now shes lost her husband and her baby and . . . she says she just feels alone now. Belle rants about how Mimi betrayed her and how the four of them have been friends for so long, now its over. Hope tells Belle that she has a beautiful daughter who needs her and parents who love her. Belle says her mom wants her to stay with them for awhile. She doesnt know if she wants that, shes not a kid anymore. Belle says she has a daughter of her own to take care of too. Hope says Shawn will be there to help, but Belle isnt sure. Belle says Shawn made it clear he has moved on and doesnt want to be a part of her or Claires life. Hope refuses to believe that. She says Shawn was devoted to Claire before knowing he was her father. She says he was furious with Victor, Kate and Mimi, and he filed that lawsuit. She says he dropped the lawsuit because the thought it was best for her. Belle wishes that were true, the truth is he didnt want the burden of a daughter. Hope says that isnt true. She says she and Shawn talked, he didnt want to interfere with the marriage. She says if Shawn knew that she still loved him then hed fight for them. Hope asks if she still loves Shawn? Belle says of course she does. However she doesnt think they can work through this. Hope tells her to try for Claire and to tell Shawn how she feels. Belle decides she should head home. Belle and Hope says goodbye as Hope heads off. 

Belle gets a pain as shes leaving, Victor asks if shes okay. She says she is. Victor says she should sit down, they should talk. He wants to apologize. She wont hear it. She says he destroyed her life, all of their lives. She says this wasnt a corporate takeover it was family. She says she expected it from Kate but not him, her parents look up to him, shes named after his daughter. Victor says he was afraid Phillip would be devastated if the truth came out. She says he drove his son and grandson away and condemned his great grand daughter to be raised by a single mother. Victor offers to help in any way, but she says shed rather live on the streets than take his help. She says she has a family to help her, all he knows is how to destroy people. She storms off. 

As Hope is leaving she gets a call from Mimi. Hope tells Mimi this isnt a good time. Mimi says Shawn is in trouble. She explains how Shawn is out on the boat and Bo was too busy with Chelsea, who got arrested for prostitution, to do anything. Mimi says Bo couldnt worry about Shawn until he dealt with Chelsea. Hope is livid, she says shell call the Harbor Master. They agree to meet there. 

On the FancyFace III, Shawn and Willow miss the warning on the storm as they are making love. Willow eventually notices the boat is really rocking, a wave ends up splashing them in the face. Shawn looks up and says they have a problem. He says the wind took them out past the last buoy, they are in open water. He says he promised not to go out this far. He says the weather is changing fast and the wind is picking up. He says they need to take the sail down. They are headed right for a huge swell according the the radar, the harbor master is telling everyone to dock immediately. They head down below and check out the radar, Shawn realize how much danger they are really in. Shawn tries to radio for help but they cant get a signal because of the storm. He asks Willow to keep trying to radio as he tries to batten down the hatches. 

At the station, Bo tells the arresting officer that this is no hooker, this is his daughter. The officer says she said her name was Chelsea Benson. Bo asks Mimi to give them space, Mimi walks off. The officer thinks this was her first night, he has never seen her before and it seems she wanted to be caught. He says she was hanging around the pub. Bo says their family's establishment? Bo talks to the office and asks him not to file a report. He agrees, he says next time he will arrest her though. Billie asks Chelsea what she was thinking. Bo says they should talk at home. Chelsea says so shes free to go and not in trouble? He says shes in trouble, shes just not getting arrested. He says they should go. Mimi tells Bo they need to talk, Bo tells Billie that hell meet at her house. Bo tells Shawn that he knows shes upset about Shawn and Willow but Shawn promised him not to take the boat out passed the last buoy. He also says Shawn is a good sailor and will know to turn back. Mimi says if Shawn is thinking straight. Bo tells Mimi to call the harbor master and have him check on Shawn. Bo then leaves. 

Billie and Bo head home with Chelsea. Bo and Billie want to know why she did this. She says because since the Bensons died she hasnt had a family. She says she has a mom and dad, but they dont care about her or give her love. She says Billie was wrapped up with Patrick and now shes involved with Steve, the married one-eyed pirate. She tells Bo that he hates her and didnt want her in her life until she earned his trust. She says if she doesnt walk in a straight line her whole life that hell get rid of her. Bo says this is a sad little story and the same old tricks, which has nothing to do with turning tricks. Bo says she has wanted for nothing, unlike girls who do turn to the streets. Chelsea says except parents who put her first. Bo says what this is about trying to get him and Billie back together. Chelsea says nothing, Bo realizes hes right. He says it wont happen, go to her room and get out of those clothes. Billie says and wipe the makeup off. She walks off, Billie wonders what they will do with her? Bo says this is the last thing he needs now, hes trying to save his marriage. Bo talks with Billie about how Hope is still considering a future with Patrick. Bo doesnt know why Hope cant see Patrick is guilty. Billie says because hes the father of her baby. Bos phone rings, Bo ignores it. Billie tells Bo that they need to face the fact that Chelsea needs professional help, she cant accept the fact that what the two of them had is over. Bo asks if she believes that? Billie says she does, in her head and her heart. Bo wishes Billie told him months ago what she and Chelsea did. Billie says shes sorry, she did what she did for Chelsea. She also says she felt ashamed of what she did, she didnt want him to hate her or Chelsea. He thinks shes making more mistakes with Steve. Billie says she wants Kayla to fight for Steve. She says she has learned her lesson, she wont stand in the way of true love. Billie hopes Chelsea will learn her lessons. Bo thinks therapy is a good start. Billie thinks they should go as a family, to show Chelsea that they arent a couple but they are friends. Bo agrees to do it. Chelsea is listening in and seems pleased. Later Bo runs off when Hope calls him and says Shawn is in danger, if he cares about Shawn to get to the harbor masters place now. Chelsea comes out and talks to her mom. Billie says hes worried about Shawn, he worries about all his children. She thinks they it is time Chelsea think about her dad for a change. Billie tells her about their family counseling plan, Chelsea doesnt seem to fight the idea. Billie tells Chelsea selling her body isnt a game, she knows. Billie tells Chelsea what kind of father she had. Chelsea gets it, Billies life was worse than hers. Billie says Bo is trying to save his marriage and she supports him, its the right thing. Billie says until Hope makes up her mind that Chelsea should stay out of Bos business. Chelsea says okay. She promises not to ruin Bos chances with Hope. Billie says dont go anywhere. She heads to the kitchen and says shes making pork chops . . . and applesauce. Chelsea then places a call to Patrick and says he needs to get over here, she has information on Bo and Hope that hed like to hear.

Back on the boat, Shawn is knocked overboard but climbs back up. Willow helps him. She says the coast guard is on the way, sure enough they show up. A helicopter shows up to rescue them. Shawn helps Willow into the sling they lower down to pull her up. 

At the Harbor Masters, Mimi and Hope learn Shawn and Willow are okay, they should be here soon. Hope thanks Mimi for calling her and not letting up. Mimi is glad Shawn is safe, she decides to leave. She doesnt want to see Shawn with Willow. Mimi leaves. Soaking wet Shawn and Willow are brought in. Hope hugs Shawn saying she was so worried. She says she cant lose another son. Willow goes on about how it was like the ultimate fear factor episode. The coast guard tells Shawn to pay more attention to the weather. Hope asks why didnt he turn back, why did he take the boat out. She refuses to believe Bo would let him take the boat out, Shawn says he did. Bo shows up and is glad to see Shawn is okay. Hope says no thanks to Bo!


October 18, 2006
At the penthouse, Belle vents to her parents about her confrontation with Victor. Marlena feels Victor is remorseful. John says he wasnt the only one to know the truth. Belle says yes there was Bonnie, her best friend Mimi and her supposed mentor Kate. She says even if she deserved to get hurt, Claire and Phillip didnt. Marlena asks why she thinks she deserved to be hurt? Belle says she made a lot of stupid mistakes, but if she had known the truth then she would have been with Shawn, there would have been no invitro or baby to lose and Phillip and Claire wouldnt have bonded. She says she tried to do the right thing and not hurt anyone, but nice girls obviously finish last. She says shes learned from this and now knows what she needs to do. She is confused what to do about Shawn though. She says Hope thinks Shawn will want to be with her and Claire, but she isnt so sure. John tells Belle that he thinks she should do absolutely nothing. Belle says nothing? Like he did nothing when mom was going to marry Alex North and he almost blew his head off with a rifle? John says touch, just do as he says and not as he does. He says just dont look for the fairytale ending, in real life the princess has to save herself. John suggests she chill out for awhile, give herself and Shawn a chance to breath and figure out where they are and want to go. John says right now Shawn is in a bad place and probably will rebel. Belle is worried about that. John says once things clear up, they will get back together. Belle hopes so. Marlena, who left the room to get Belle some medicine, returns and its her turn to give Belle some advice. Marlena says she knows how much Belle loves Shawn and she should seize the moment before the moment passes. Belle thinks her mom is right. Marlena tells her to go tell Shawn how she feels before anything else happens to keep them apart. John, who was then off somewhere, shows up and tells Belle about Shawns accident and how hes okay. Belle realizes she has to go tell Shawn how she feels, she could have lost him tonight. She says shes going to go get him. Belle then leaves. John asks what is going on here? Marlena explains to John that Belle weighed his wisdom against her own intuition, intuition won out. 

Patrick comes to see Chelsea to find out what she knows about Bo and Hope. Chelsea says right now is the opportunity for him to make a move on Hope, shes pissed off at Bo. Chelsea tells him about how Bo came to her rescue over Shawns, Shawn was out on the boat and caught in a storm. Patrick says Bo never learns. Chelsea says they want the same thing, he wants Hope for himself and she wants Bo away from Hope and with Billie. Chelsea says she did her part, he needs to do his now. Patrick says she has a lot to learn still. She thinks hes going to blow it, hes not going to do anything. Patrick says goodnight and leaves.

Kate shows up at Chelseas place after hearing she was picked up for prostitution. Kate cant believe her, she could have gone back to prison. She could have been picked up and left somewhere for dead. What was she thinking? Chelsea says she did what Kate told her to do. Kate asks where she got that idea from? Chelsea says she told her to use herself to get her parents together and it worked. Kate says that is hardly what she meant. Chelsea says well now she, her mom and dad are all going into therapy together. Kate says okay so she was pretending to be a prostitute in order to get Billie and Bo together. Kate hopes Chelsea didnt tell Billie she had anything to do with this. Chelsea says no, Billie is better off not knowing certain things. Chelsea says Kate is her mentor and she is her protg and she has a lot to learn from her. 

At the Harbor Masters, Hope is furious with Bo for giving Shawn permission to take the boat out. Bo says he trusted him, hes a good sailor. Hope says just because he calls him Sailor Man doesnt mean hes a sailor. She asks Bo what kind of father he is? Shawn says it wasnt dads fault, it was his. Shawn says he didnt follow his dads rules. Hope says even if he broke the rules Bo still wasnt here, he wasnt here when Shawn needed them. Hope knows where Bo was, he was saving Chelsea from being arrested for being a whore. Shawn and Willow share a quick glance. Bo says Chelsea wasnt arrested and that wasnt what she was doing. Hope says once again he interfered with justice so they'll never know. Hope is upset with Bo for letting Chelsea continue to use him. She says he was putting Chelsea first when Shawn was struggling for his life. Bo knows Chelsea is a user, but he cant pretend he has no responsibility to his daughter. Hope says she may be his daughter but all she does is make their lives miserable and he always chooses her. Hope says all this proves is that Chelsea matters more to him then they do, and she cant and wont ever accept that. Bo says his family means more to him than anything and he does what it takes to keep them safe. Patrick shows up, Bo asks why hes here? Patrick says he heard Shawn was in an accident and wanted to check on things. Bo says this is a family matter and hes not family. Hope says she appreciates Patricks concern. Bo doesnt, he tells Patrick to just get out. Patrick leaves. Bo says Patrick shows up every time something happens. Hope says the fact is Bo is never here when they need him. Shawn thought they were learning how to talk without attacking one another. Hope says Bo claimed he would always be there for them, well she wont make the same mistake again. Bo knows when Shawn gets into trouble that it reminds her of Zack. Hope says she cant keep living like this. Shawn says Bo is not to blame for his stupidity here. Bo says this wont happen again. Hope says words come out of his mouth and mean nothing. She says she cant trust him, he let her down again. Hope then walks off. Shawn tells his dad to let her go and calm down. He says hes sorry he made things worse but he will fix them. He says hell pay for the boat, even if it takes him the rest of his life. Bo says this isnt about money it's about trust. He says he trusted Shawn to follow the rules and he didnt. Willow says it was her fault that Shawn forgot about time and things. Bo asks Willow if she sailed before, she says no. Bo says Shawn has and he should have known better. Bo says it was Shawns responsibility to follow his conditions and stay aware. Bo says if Shawn had done as they agreed then hed have a boat still and Hope wouldnt be angry with him. Bo says he is angry over what happened, but he knows Shawn learned something and he can tell hes sorry. Bo says he forgives him, Shawn thanks him. Shawn says he wont screw up like this again, hell talk to mom. Bo says no hell talk to his mom. Shawn says good luck. Bo then heads off. Willow apologizes for screwing things up. He says it wasnt her fault. Hes also surprised she is still here after seeing his parents treat him like a ten year old. Willow says she understands what is going on with his family a lot better now. She tells Shawn hes very lucky to have parents who love him so much. She would give anything to have had that for just one day. She says this has been one of the best days of her life. He says she could have died. She says she was with him and knew hed take care of her. She says it was such a rush. She says the only thing she wished they could have done was . . . she whispers something in his ear. Shawn says she is dangerous! They begin kissing and this is when Belle shows up and catches them together. 

Patrick and Hope are on the docks. Patrick apologizes for making things worse. She knows he was trying to help. She says nothing could make things worse for her and Bo right now. She doesnt understand why Bo doesnt get it. Patrick says he does get it. He tells Hope they have a family coming too. He asks if she has thought about going away? She says right now she cant think about that. Patrick says they need time to talk and think about this baby and what they will mean to each other. He would like a relationship, but hell also accept just a friendship because of the baby. Hope says fine, shell give him a weekend in Chicago. He says she made the right decision. Hope is still not sure about Patrick though. She admits that she doesnt completely trust him. Hope says if something happens and she realizes she cant trust him then he wont have to worry about Bo, shell take care of him herself. Patrick says he understands. He suggests they go to Chez Rouge, she says why not. She says hes always the gentleman, she hopes he wont let her down. They walk off, a spying Chelsea watches. She then sees Bo coming to look for Hope. Bo calls Hope and leaves her a message. He says hes sorry things got crazy tonight. He wants to talk to her when she gets the chance. Chelsea is pleased with herself.

At Samis place, Sami has a cake for Will. It has his jersey number on it and everything. They are giving him a party for making the basketball team. Sami worries though, he barely made the team and he could sit on the bench the whole season. Lucas doesnt think so, he has height to his advantage. Lucas got Will some new shoes, the best basketball shoes money can buy. Suddenly Austin (sporting a beard) and Carrie show up, they claim they are here to see Lucas. Carrie tells Lucas how sorry she is for what happened and she knows he wants to move on. She says she wants an annulment, shes even brought the papers for him to sign. Sami cant believe this. She wonders what is better, Lucas getting an annulment or Carrie and Austin living happily ever after. She cant believe Austin considered marrying her when he wasnt over Carrie. She also cant believe he was content letting her be second choice. She also asks Carrie how she could do this to Lucas? She says theyve been down this road before, she cheated on Austin with Mike. Sami says everyone forgives her though. She says Carrie is doing Lucas a favor, he deserves better than her. Carrie understands their feelings. She says they are still family though. Carrie says she and Austin hate the way they handle things. Austin tells Lucas that he knew how he felt about Carrie and still made a play for her. Austin also says Lucas knew High Style was Carries company but didnt tell him in order to make him look like the bad guy. Austin says if they are going to be truthful then if Lucas was honest with himself from the beginning they wouldnt be here. Lucas signs the annulment papers to get them out of his life for good. Suddenly the glove hand slips a note under the door. Lucas sees this, he takes the note. Sami wants the note, but Lucas insists he open it as he gets the feeling it affects them all. He reads it and is stunned. He asks Sami how she could do this? Sami asks what hes talking about? Lucas says what does she think hes talking about? Sami says she doesnt know, someone wants to hurt them and that is all she knows. Sami wants to see the note, but Lucas says no. Lucas gives it to Austin and Carrie to look at. They are shocked as well. Carrie says this note tells them that Sami forced Lexie into lying to her about the birth defects. Carrie says that was a lie? She did this to them? Sami reads the letter, she asks why shed do this? Carrie says so she could have a clear shot at Austin. Austin asks if this is why Carrie broke up with him? Carrie says she knew Austin wanted children of his own. Lucas says so she married him to give her a baby? Carrie says she did care about him, she just convinced herself that . . . Lucas says that she loved him, nice. Austin is angry with Sami, he says they thought she changed. Lucas asks Sami for the truth. Sami says its not true. Lucas tells Sami she did do this didnt she! Sami cries that shes so sorry. She says shes kept the secret for so long. She says she knows she has to take responsibility for this, she knows it was wrong and stupid. She says someone found out and has been blackmailing her over it. She wanted to keep it a secret and didnt want them to hate her again. She knew it was a mistake and she couldnt take it back. Austin says turn off the tears, nobody pities her. Austin asks how she got Lexie to lie? Sami says she blackmailed Lexie about her affair, she told her to keep Carrie away from Austin. Carrie says Sami was just on her moral high horse with her when all this time shes been lying to them all. Carrie says she blackmailed her doctor into lying to her about something life changing and devastating. Carrie says this is all her fault. Sami says it all worked out didnt it? Lucas says it didnt all work out. Austin says she is the most selfish person hes ever known. Carrie says she blamed herself for all of this. Carrie says she made mistakes but none would have happened if not for her lies. Carrie asks what the hell is wrong with her? Sami tells Carrie she made a choice too, she chose having a perfect child over everyone elses happiness. Carrie says she broke Austins heart and married Lucas for his sperm. Carrie screams Im going to kill you! as she attacks Sami.


October 19, 2006
At the Harbor Masters, Shawn sees Belle watching him and Willow kiss. He asks why shes here. She says she heard she was in trouble. She says she has to go. He stops her and says he can explain. Willow asks what is going on? Belle says she thought Shawn was in trouble so she came to check on him. Shawn asks for a moment alone, Willow leaves them. Shawn asks Belle to sit, he wants to explain about Willow and what she means. He says she is a friend, it meant nothing. Willow is listening in and crying. Belle is crying too, Shawn says dont cry over Willow. Belle says shes crying because she thought he was going to die. She says they used to be so close, she knew him so well and could sense when he was in trouble. She says now she doesnt know him at all. She says he doesnt even care about her or Claire anymore. He says she has it wrong, everything he does is because he cares so much. She asks how he can say that, he didnt even come to see her in the hospital. Shawn says he came to see her, but he overheard her saying to Carrie that she didnt want to see him again. She says she was angry that he dropped the custody suit. He says he had to in order to respect her and Phillip. Belle says well Phillip is gone, he left them. Shawn asks if she still loves him? She says yes, but not the way he needs. She says she couldnt promise that they would stay together. Shawn says so they are both free. Belle says shes free but he has Willow. He says he told her . . . Belle says she knows, however the Shawn she loved would never use a girl. She says the Shawn she loved is gone. Shawn says he is being honest with her and she treats him like a jerk, yet Phillip bails on her and she treats him like a hero. Belle says Phillip was hurt, Shawn says so was he. Belle tells Shawn that he told her that he couldnt be a part of their lives and now hes making out with strange girls. Shawn says its just a kiss. Belle says a kiss that told her they dont have a future. Shawn says over a kiss? Belle says Claire misses Phillip and he said himself that he has too much growing up to do before he can be a father. She wont let another man play daddy until he decides to walk out on Claire and her. 

At Samis apartment, Austin and Lucas are holding Sami and Carrie apart as they fight one another. The girls end up on the floor fighting, Wills cake is knocked over and it turns into a food fight. Lucas throws water on them, Lucas then takes a photo of Sami and threatens to put her photo on the internet. Sami tells Carrie that she ruined Wills cake, she ruined their family celebration. Carrie says what family, no one will love her again. Sami tells Lucas to tell them its not true, but he says nothing. She says she should have known. She says shes sorry but they all made mistakes here. She says she has changed, she stopped the wedding and that proves it. They think she only stopped the wedding because she was blackmailed. As they yell at one another, EJ listens outside at the door. They demand to know why she really left Austin at the altar. She wont say anything. EJ begins knocking on the door and asks if everything is okay? Sami answers the door, Carrie suggests EJ come in and get to know the real Sami. Sami tells EJ it would be better if he came back later. He says hell be down the hall if she needs him. He ends up walking off all smiles. Sami tells them that she wasnt the only one in on this, Lexie came up with the lie. Sami also says Lexie never told them the truth even after her affair was exposed, why aren't they blaming her. Carrie says the lie still started with Sami and shes finally learned her lesson. Carrie says she wont sit back and take it, she will let everyone know what Sami did. Carrie says shes telling Marlena, Dad, Will and John. Carrie says she will be exactly to them what Sami is to her . . . nothing! Carrie and Austin walk out leaving Sami in tears. Sami begins cleaning up, she offers to go get another cake for the party. Lucas says no, he and Will will celebrate on their own. Sami says she was being blackmailed here too. Lucas is furious with Sami, she didnt tell him the truth about anything even their sons possible kidnapping. He says he is done caring about her, he will never trust her again. Sami says she thought he could always see something in her no one else could. She says she knows hes disappointed in her. He says hes way past disappointed. She says there is nothing she can say. He says there isnt and that is why hes moving out. She tells him not to do this to her, to Will. She says if he walks out then Will wont understand. Will then shows up, he asks if theyve been fighting. She says yeah. He asks what happened. Sami says nothing happened, but he wants the truth. Will knows his mom did something as dad has "the look" on his face. He asks his mom what she did this time? Lucas tells Will that he cant live here anymore. 

Kate meets with Roman at the Penthouse Grill, she wants Romans help with Sami. Kate says Sami is out to ruin Lucas life and they have to stop her. Roman asks what Sami has done, Kate says Lucas moved in with Sami. Roman says they arent fourteen, they can live together if they want to. Kate goes off on Sami and how Marlena and Roman need to take responsibility for the nightmare they spawned. Roman points out her kids are no picnic, especially her granddaughter who everyone else is to blame for her problems so it seems. Kate says Sami is to blame for Carrie leaving Lucas. Roman says Carrie left Lucas for Austin, perhaps her sons are the problem. Roman is going to let them figure things out on their own. Kate says and the one who will pay will be Will, hes always the one who has paid for Sami's schemes. Roman doesnt think so. Kate says together Lucas and Sami are toxic together, especially to Will. Kate says they have to do something, Will will run away some day and never come back. Roman says there really is nothing he can do, hes tried to be blunt with Sami but she never changes. Kate says she cant let Sami ruin Lucas and Wills lives. Kate says what about Marlena, she is so busy helping others that she forgets about Sami and Will. Roman says that isnt true. Roman says he will have dinner with Marlena and talk to her about Sami. Roman hasn't seen Marlena since she's been back, he says she and John are back together though arent they? Kate doesnt think so, and this could be Romans way to get back with Marlena. Roman says he thought this was about dealing with Sami. Roman gets a call and has to head off. He tells Kate that hell let her know what he and Marlena come up with. Later EJ shows up to see Kate. Kate asks if he succeeded? He says no, that game may be over. She asks what happened. EJ explains all hell broke lose at Samis placed, there was a huge fight and cake was everywhere. Kate wonders what it was about. He doesnt know, but Sami was scared and looked like she was losing the fight of her life. He says Sami was different, truly vulnerable. Kate asks what happened next? He says Austin and Carrie left and he came here. She asks how he could leave Sami and Lucas alone? They could be licking icing from cake off each other. He says he knows what different happen. She says spit it out. He talks about how Sami batted her little blue eyes and Austin didnt flinch. Kate says Lucas is another story. EJ still has more up his sleeve, he plans to be caught in bed with Sami. Kate is worried, he seems a little enthusiastic about his assignment. He says he loves his job, and hes never noticed the green in her eyes before. She says shes not upset about him taking Sami to bed, but shes annoyed that hes playing games. She knows there is more to his plans and she wants to know everything. He tells her to come closer and hell tell her. He then begins nibbling on her ears. 

Carrie and Austin go to dinner at the Penthouse Grill. Carrie feels so stupid, every choice they made this past year was manipulated. She asks how Sami could do this and how could Lexie help her. Carrie says the bad thing is theyll get away with it. Austin says Sami pays every day. Carrie thinks Abe will give Lexie another chance . . . unless someone warns him. Carrie says she went to Lexie for advice and she talked her out of getting a second opinion. Carrie admits shes responsible for her choices and she feels terrible for the hurt she caused him. She doubts Sami or Lexie feels that way. She says she wants to make sure they both lose something. Carrie says they took away her self respect and now she doesnt know if she can trust anyone again. He says she trusts her, and if they lose trust then they will lose each other. He gives her a promise to tied her over till their wedding. He says he promises never to lie, cheat or abandon her and she needs to promise to do the same. Carrie promises. Carrie just cant stand to see Sami around town though. Austin says hes thought about that, he thinks they should leave Salem. He thinks they should move to Switzerland. He knows she loves Europe, they could open up an office there. She says it sounds perfect and they should leave right after she deals with Lexie. 

At Chez Rouge, Hope talks to Patrick about her problems. Shes worried about Shawn, hes being very self destructive. Patrick says Shawn is a grown man, not a little boy. Hope says she still won't abandon him. Hope says he wont listen to her, Patrick says and Bo doesnt seem to care. Hope says that isnt true. Bo shows up, he tells Hope they need to talk. Hope says she said everything she needed to say. Bo says its his turn to talk. Patrick says she doesnt want to hear it so leave her alone. Hope tells Patricks it is fine, shell talk to Bo. Bo wants to explain, but Hope says shes done talking. He says then maybe shell be quiet long enough to listen. Bo tells Hope that he heard her and has been thinking about what she said, about how he cut himself off from her and Shawn after Zacks death. Hope tells him not to use Zacks death as an excuse for his bad behavior. Bo says he has been thinking about Zack a lot lately. Bo says just being with him (Bo) makde Zack feel safe, Zack trusted him and let him down. Bo says he wasnt trying to ignore her and Shawn, he was trying to fix things. He says Chelsea was his mistake and he tried to fix things. He says if he could have done tonight over then he would have been there for her and Shawn. Hope says she needed him so many times, she cant risk needing him any longer. Bo says hell walk away if she wants, as long as Patrick walks away too. Bo says Patrick is dangerous, he will use her fragile state and suck her in. Hope says she can handle Patrick. She says he may be guilty of the things Bo is accusing him of, but she has to give the father of her baby a chance. Hope says they are done now. Bo grabs Hope and says hes dangerous! Patrick butts in, saying hes hurting Hope. Bo says he didn't mean to. Patrick says that is because he's obsessed. Patrick says Bo is also obsessed with him, he needs to back off and never lay a hand on Hope again. Bo ends up decking Patrick, an all out fight ensues as Hope yells at Bo to stop. They eventually stop, but Patrick tells Bo that hes crazy and hes going to demand police protection from him. Bo says Hope needs protection from him. Hope says Bo is the one scaring her. Roman happens to show up, Hope is glad hes here. Patrick ends up telling Roman that Bo assaulted him, hes out of control. Patrick wants Bo arrested. Bo admits he punched Patrick and hed do it again. Roman ends up putting Bo under arrest. Bo says hes not arresting him. Roman says he has no choice. He says look at Hope, shes a mess. He asks if he wants to make it worse for Hope by resisting? Bo complies, but says Patrick is putting Hope in danger, she needs someone to look after her. Hope is in tears, Patrick is very smug.


October 20, 2006

At the Penthouse Grill, Carrie tells Austin that shes going to make Lexie sorry for what she did to them. Austin says what Lexie did was wrong, but she was also a victim of Samis too. Carrie says she chose to be blackmailed and she deserves to lose her license. Carrie doesnt know why Austin isnt more upset about his. He is upset, but he says they have a chance to walk away and be happy. He wants to put this behind them. Carrie says so does she, the sooner the better. She says she cant wait to leave Salem with him, but not before she makes sure Sami and Lexie dont do this to them again. They argue about Lexie, Carrie feels Lexie chickened out and wanted to go on living a lie rather than expose what Sami did. She says if it werent for that note that they wouldnt have found out. Carrie says she will make sure Lexie and Sami are held accountable. Carrie sees Lexie is here, she says shes going to go blow Lexie out of the water. Austin asks to be there with her. Carrie says she needs to do this on her own, she was her friend and her doctor.

Lexie and Tek meet at the bar. Tek got her message to meet. He keeps telling her that he loves her and wants to spend his life with her. He hopes she feels the same way now that shes had time to think about it. She says she doesnt have to think about it. She says she doesnt want to marry him, she doesnt want him near her. He says he doesnt believe that, they cant stay away from one another. He says the only reason shes giving it a shot with Abe is because hes Theos father. Tek says he loves Theo too, they can give him a happy home. Lexie tells Tek that they are finished and she is staying with her husband. She says she is not giving him another chance. Tek asks why she asked him here then. She says to give him something. She gives him the restraining order to prove she is serious. He cant believe she did this. Lexie says shes asked him to leave her alone and he refuses. He says he cant, he loves her. She says if he comes near her again or contacts her then she will have him arrested. He doubts shell do that. Lexie says this conversation is over. When Tek refuses to leave, she says then shell call the police. As she begins making the call, Tek says this isnt over, it wont be long before she realizes that. He walks off.

Carrie walks over to see her good friend Dr. Carver. Lexie asks her to join her. Carrie says no thanks, she just has one question and she knows shell be honest. Carrie asks how the hell does Lexie live with herself? Carrie calls Lexie out on what she did, she doesnt want to even hear Lexie try and deny it. She asks Lexie how she could do that to her, not just as a friend but as a doctor. Lexie says she never wanted to, Sami forced her to do it. Carrie asks if she put a gun to her head? Lexie says she might as well have. Lexie knows there is no excuse for what she did, she was a coward. Carrie says still she was able to stick to her story so well and so many times. Carrie says she knew how devastated she was, but she never backed down. Lexie says she was going to confess, she was going to tell her that day until someone called her. Carrie remembers that phone call. She asks who it was. Lexie says she doesnt know, their voice was altered. LExie says the person threatened Abe and Theo if she revealed Samis secret. Carrie asks why would someone care? Lexie doesnt know, but she thinks whoever was threatening the Bradys was behind it. Carrie says so she probably thinks protecting her family lets her off the hook. Lexie says she wont defend what she did, but she did urge her to chose the man she loved. Carrie says she would have made a different choice had she known the truth. She says she couldnt get passed not giving Austin children of his own. Lexie says it killed her to know what Sami was doing. Carrie says she can blame Sami all she wants, but Lexie is just as responsible. Lexie says she doesnt blame Carrie for hating her, but she cant hate her anymore than she already hates herself. Lexie admits she is responsible and she wishes she could go back and do things differently. Lexie wishes she could make things up to them but she cant, all she can do is say how sorry she is. Lexie tells Carrie that she will miss her friendship. Carrie says shell miss more than that. Carrie tells Lexie that she violated her oath as a doctor. She says she will report her to the AMA and hospital, and shes going to tell Abe. Carrie says when shes finished that Lexie will have lost her license, her job and her husband! 

At the station, Abe is shocked that Roman has brought Bo in. Roman explains what happened, Bo says Patrick provoked him. Hope walks in and says that isnt true, Bo started the argument and ended it with his fist. Bo cant believe she is taking his side. Hope says he didnt do anything wrong. An officer shows up to take Hopes statement. Bo tells Abe that Patrick is a criminal. Abe says the only one here who has broken the law is Bo. He tells Roman to take Bo to interrogation, they need to have a serious talk. Roman takes him off, Hope tells Abe that shes never seen Bo like this. She says if someone doesnt stop him then shes afraid of what will happen. Hope says Bo is so obsessed with keeping Patrick away from her that hes not thinking rationally. Hope says shes tried to understand. She says he has to accept that shes carrying Patricks baby at some point. Hope says she is worried about how this is going to end. Abe says it will end now, he will make sure this never happens again. Abe tells her to give her statement and then go home and get some rest. Hope asks Abe what he will do? Abe says that will depend on Bo. Patrick soon shows up. She suggests he be checked out by a doctor as his nose could be broken, but Patrick says hell be okay. He says Bo is the one in trouble here. Hope tells Patrick how sorry she is that Bo did this to him. Patrick says perhaps hes making things worse, perhaps he should stay away. She says no they are having a baby together. She says Bo has to accept this. As he comforts a crying Hope, Patrick smugly smiles. Hope finally heads off to give her statement. Patrick makes a call to someone asking why the hell he hasnt called him back? Patrick says they need to meet ASAP. Later Hope returns. Patrick asks her if shes still okay with Chicago, she is. Patrick offers to walk Hope out.

Roman and Bo are arguing about what Bo did. Bo knows Patrick is a murderer and hell get the goods on him. He says theyll regret taking him off the case. Abe walks in and says what he regrets is letting him keep his badge. Abe orders Bo to sit down, shut up and listen to him. Abe tells Bo that they have been on this force for a long time and Abe remembers when Bo was a rookie. Abe says he was always impressed with Bos enthusiasm. Abe says he had an unorthodox way of getting the job done, and he used to let it slide. Abe had hoped Bo would learn to play by the rules in time. Abe says unfortunately he still thinks the rules dont apply to him and he cant look away anymore. Abe says Bo defied a direct order to stay away from Lockhart. He says the department took a lot of heat for what appeared to be a jealous husbands vendetta in that courtroom. Bo admits he hates him, but he knows Lockhart is guilty and working for someone else. Bo asks Abe to trust him, let him do his job before Hope or anyone else gets hurt. Abe says unless they have evidence that sticks then there is nothing they can do about Patrick. He says they have zero evidence. Abe tells Bo that unless he stays away from Patrick then he better be prepared to face the consequences. Bo says if his badge is the price he pays for keeping his family safe then so be it. Roman says he doesnt want to throw away his career. Bo doesnt, but his family is more important than his job. Abe offers to help Bo keep his job if he swears to stay away from Patrick. Bo says he cant do that. Bo sees Patrick and Hope leaving together, he charges out of the room to attack Patrick. Roman and Abe hold him back as he tells Patrick that hes onto him, him and his boss. He knows Patrick is responsible for what is going on. Abe and Roman drag Bo off as Patrick and Hope leave. Abe tells Bo that is it, he just blew his last chance. Bo says he cant let his wife leave with a killer. Abe says they have no proof of that. Abe says he cant let Bo set this department up for a lawsuit. He takes Bos badge and gun and relieves him of duty.

Down on the docks, Patrick is on the phone with his accomplice. He says Brady isnt giving up and may be onto them where is he? EJ shows up and says hes right here. 

Will asks Sami and Lucas what happened here? Lucas tells Sami to tell him. Sami says its a long complicated story. She says there was an argument and things got out of hand. He asks what these things on the floor are? She says she got him a cake to celebrate making the team, those were the decorations. Will still wants to know what happened. Sami says theyll talk about it tomorrow. Lucas says no Sami will tell Will now. Lucas says tell Will the truth. Sami says fine. Sami says she had a fight with Carrie. Will asks his mom what she did now? Sami beats around the bush, saying something she did months ago came out tonight. Lucas tells her to tell him now. Sami says she knows what she did was horrible and shed never do it again. Sami tells Will that she blackmailed Lexie into helping her keep Austin and Carrie apart. Will asks why? She says she was obsessed with being with Austin and wanted to get Carrie out of the way. Will cant believe her. Sami says she knows how bad it is. Sami says Carrie wouldnt make up her mind about which man she wanted so she tipped the scales for his dad. She says Lucas wanted to be with her, she thought this would make everything okay. She says it all worked out though. Will says dad fell in love with Carrie, she almost married Austin and then she humiliated him by walking out on him in the church. Will says this is the sickest thing shes ever done, and thats saying a lot. She says she has changed, but when Will learns an anonymous note revealed it he doesnt believe shes changed at all. Will says hes heard enough of this, hes out of here. He says hes moving in with dad for good. Will storms into his room. Sami begs Lucas not to take her son from her again. Lucas says hes not a kid anymore and can make a decision as to where hell live. She says he doesnt live in the building, when will she see him? Lucas says he guesses she wont. Will returns with a bag, he says he'll get the rest of his things later. Sami begs Will for another chance, but he says he cant. He says he shouldnt have given her another chance in the first place. He tells his dad that they should go. Lucas says they'll leave right now. As they are headed out, Kate shows up to gloat. Kate asks what is going on, it looks like a bomb went off. Kate pretends like she has no idea what is going on. Lucas explains to his mom what Sami did. Kate says she knew there was more to that blackmail story, she knew Lexie and Sami were lying about something. Sami reminds Kate none of this would have happened if she hadnt sabotaged her wedding to Lucas. Kate says what she did was to spare Lucas a life with Sami. Kate invites Lucas and Will to stay with her at her suite, but Sami says no way in hell. Sami wont let Kate poison Will against her. Sami says in time Will will calm down and understand. Will says hell never understand why she did this. Lucas tells Sami nobody will understand why she did this, including her own parents. Lucas says nobody will be able to forgive her. Sami asks Lucas what about him, will he be able to forgive her? Lucas says all he feels for her is pity and all he sees in her future is a lifetime of unhappiness. He says he cant believe he thought they could be a family. Sami tells Lucas that he is the one who wanted them to be a family again. Lucas says Will understands why that cant happen. Will says definitely. Kate suggests they go as it seems they are finished here. Kate gives Lucas a copy of the key to her place. As they leave Kate tells Sami to enjoy her solitude, shes earned it. Sami begs them not to go, she cant lose either of them. She says she loves them so much, shell do anything. She says tell her that there is something she can do. Will says there isnt. Lucas and Will then leave with Kate. Sami breaks down in tears as the camera pans to a family photo of them. 

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