October 23, 2006
Patrick and EJ meet on the docks. Patrick says they have a problem named Bo. EJ says Brady is a fool, Brady is as clueless as everyone else. EJ has black gloves on, Patrick calls him the infamous gloved hand. EJ says and Patrick is his colleague. He says if Patrick follows him then nobody needs to know they are the ones terrorizing Salem. Patrick says he thought they were just scaring people, not killing cops. EJ says she got in the way, besides Patrick loved how it turned out with Bo being under investigation and looking like a fool. Patrick says Bo will never give up. Patrick also says killing Eve wasnt enough for EJ, he almost killed Max and Stephanie. EJ says they are Bradys and he will make all Bradys lives a living hell. Patrick says his sister was pulled into this with the embryo switch. Patrick says hes had enough. EJ says no way, him and his OTHER EMPLOYEES are in this for the long run. He says hes allowed them to wear the gloves with privilege. He warns Patrick he is not getting out of this. Patrick says hes not afraid of him. EJ reminds Patrick that he gave him all that money to bribe the doctor to alter the paternity test. EJ says Hope could still find out that shes carrying Bos baby, which means Patrick can kiss his future with Hope goodbye. Patrick asks what he wants him to do. EJ says their relationship will continue until he achieves his goals. He wont tell him what those goals are or give Patrick some kind of timetable. He says this will all continue until hes ready to reveal his identity. Patrick says he likes to play games doesnt he. EJ says he does and he wins. Patrick says nobody wins all the time, and EJs luck will run out. Patrick wont take the fall for EJ. EJ tells him to just follow his orders and keep a low profile. EJ also says no more face to face meetings. Patrick warns EJ that if Bo gets too close then hell sell EJ out. EJ says that would be a serious mistake. EJ then walks off.

Bonnie shows up at Chez Rouge to see Mimi. Mimi has an emergency, her car died and she needs a ride . . and a new transmission. Bonnie suggests she talk to Shawn, but Mimi says hes not talking to her these days. She also hasn't made enough in tips working here and needs a loan, 500 dollars to be exact. Bonnie says she cant give her a cent. Bonnie says she isnt rich and shes sorry, shes doing the best she can. Bonnie ends up walking off. 

Hope shows up to see Maggie. She fills Maggie in on Shawn taking the boat out and Bo being arrested for fighting with Patrick. Maggie says she needs a hug. Hope says she needs a chocolate souffl! Maggie and Hope sit down. Hope says this baby shes carrying is a miracle, but Bo is so upset that its not his. She is terrified something bad will happen between Patrick and Bo. Maggie thinks it will get better. Maggie has to check on work, she tells her to relax and shell be back soon. Mimi comes over to see Hope. Hope thanks Mimi once again for telling her about Shawn being on the boat. Hope says she may have saved his life. Hope asks Mimi if shes heard from him? Mimi says no. Hope asks Mimi how shes doing. Mimi says at least shes not out on the streets, though Shawn may be thanks to Willow. Mimi tells Hope that Shawns new girlfriend is a hooker. Hope is stunned. Mimi says here come Maggie and Willow now, Maggie hired her to work here. Hope confronts Maggie and Willow, she asks what is going on here? Hope asks Willow to excuse them for a second, so Willow leaves. Hope asks Maggie if that woman is a hooker? Maggie wont say, Hope gets her answer. Shes furious and asks why she'd hire her? Maggie says it was a favor to Shawn. Hope decides she needs to go have a talk with Shawn. Later willow asks Maggie what Hope said. Maggie suggests Willow just stay away from Shawn.

Later Mimi finds her moms tab. She had a five course dinner for two, champagne and imported desserts. She wonders what her mom is up to. Bonnie is still hanging around, she is on the phone with Lauren. She asks Lauren not to let anyone know they had dinner tonight. Mimi confronts her mom, Bonnie claims she was wining and dining a banker to get a loan. Mimi says cut the crap, she knows who it was. Mimi thinks it is some old geezer from the hospital and shes trying to swindle some guy out of his savings. Bonnie claims it is, but Mimi says she was way too quick with that confession. Mimi warns her mom if shes lying to her then shes out of his life for good. 

At the hospital, Abby is visiting Stephanie. Stephanie is down, but not about her parents. Her dad is finally remembering and she feels they will find their way back together. Abby asks then what is bothering her? Stephanie says its Max. She says before the accident she thought he liked her. She says now he wont come visit her. She says she thinks Max isnt interested in her. She wonders if Max blames her in the accident. Abby tells Stephanie about the note she found indicating Maxs car was sabotaged. Abby tells Stephanie things will work out. 

At Maxs garage, Max thanks Shawn for totally wrecking what was left of his engine. Shawn says it's not like they can use the engine with Victor backing out of the deal. Max asks why all his teammates think they can drive his cars into walls? Shawn says Phillip left Salem and probably wont come back. Max asks if that means hell be with Belle? Shawn says no Belle hates his guts right now because he was a jerk. Max says it must run in the family. Max tells Shawn that he basically used Stephanie to try and get over Chelsea. He wants to break the bad news to her, but he hasnt told her since shes been in the hospital. Shawn says he just has to tell her. Later Abby shows up, she tells Max how Stephanie is looking forward to seeing him. Max decides to go get this over with, he leaves. Abby tells Shawn how great Max is, how he treated Chelsea like a goodness even when she treated him like crap. Shawn asks Abby if she has a thing for Max? She says of course not, shes not interested in him but she does think hes hot. Abby says besides, he has Stephanie now. Shawn tells Abby to keep her eyes open around Max, Stephanie should do the same. Later Hope shows up and has it out with Shawn for sleeping with a hooker. Shawn says Willow had a hard life, hes trying to help her. Hope wonders how much hes paying her as nothing is for free. Shawn says his life is messed up and Willow is making him feel better. Shawn says if he wants to divorce Mimi, sleep with a hooker and play games with Belle well then fine. However she insists her son be a man and be a father to Claire, otherwise Claire will have a sad and unhappy childhood. 

Back at the hospital, Max finally shows up to see Stephanie. Shes thrilled to see him and has a big smile on her face. She says she was wondering if hed come to see her. He says he didnt want to get in the way of what was going on with her family. She says hed never be in the way. She says she missed him, shes been thinking about him a lot. He says hes sorry about the crash. She says its not his fault, its not hers either. Dr. Berman shows up to see Chelsea, Max is asked to wait outside. Max leaves a gift for Stephanie. She looks inside, Dr. Berman thinks that young man is rather fond of her. Later Max shows up, Stephanie has a bear that says Be Mine on it. She thinks its adorable. Max knows he didnt buy it, Abby did. He says he shouldnt have gotten her that. He talks to her about how shes a great girl and how theyve become good friends, he respects her as a competitor. Stephanie asks what hes trying to say? Max says now that shes better he has to be honest with her. He thinks they need to move on. Stephanie becomes upset, she begins hyperventilating. Max calls for help, a nurse and Dr. Berman come in to check on her. Max listens at the door as Dr. Berman says it seems she had a panic attack. Stephanie is calm, shes wearing an oxygen mask. The doctor and nurses leave, Max returns to her side. He tells her that hes sorry he upset her before. He says hes here for her and hes not going anywhere. 

At the penthouse, John tells Marlena that he wants to make an honest woman out of her. She asks if he is going to propose to her? As hes about to get down on one knee, Sami bursts in and ruins everything. Marlena asks why shes here! Sami says its an emergency. John gets a call, he says hell take the call and leave them. John leaves and Sami cries to Marlena that her life is over. She says everyone hates her and her mom will hate her too. Marlena asks what she did. Sami explains what she did, Marlena is horrified. Marlena says every decision Carrie made over this past year was to not hurt Sami. Marlena asks Sami if she even has a conscience? Sami says Lexie came up with the lie. Marlena says they are talking about her. Marlena says she is playing with peoples lives. Marlena cant even look at Sami. Sami says she wishes she could take it back but she cant. She says Austin and Carrie hate her, Lucas and Will moved out. She begs her mom for help. Marlena says she doesnt know what to say. Sami says say you still love me, say you wont give up on me too. Marlena asks if Sami cares about anyone else but herself? Sami says look who is talking. Marlena says excuse me? Sami says she loves her family and she knows it. Sami says Carrie will get Roman on her side, she is his favorite. She begs Marlena to do something, she cant lose dad. Marlena knows what Sami is asking, she wants her to go to Roman on Samis behalf. Marlena wont do it, she says if she tried to beg everyone Samis hurt to forgive her that it would take a lifetime. Sami asks her mom if she can at least forgive her, but Marlena says she cant. Marlena says this is the last straw. She tells Sami that she got herself into this mess and she has to get herself out of it. Sami says because her mom cant be hired, because shed rather go off and marry John again. Marlena says Sami has finally shown her true colors, she doesnt want her to marry John even though Sami knows she loves him. Sami says shes never liked John. Marlena says she has loved John, but now shes playing the same old victim, the little girl who wants her mommy and daddy back together. She says she prays for Sami and weeps for her, but if Sami thinks she can manipulate her again then think again. Marlena has heard it all before, she was a terrible mother, she abandoned her as a child, she was starved for affection. Marlena says she cant keep blaming other people for her bad deeds. She says she is sorry she wasnt here, but John was and he was a wonderful father. She says none of the other kids complain they had a horrible childhood. Marlena tells Sami the only one who can change things is her. Sami says she made a mistake coming here. She tells her mom to have a nice life with John and storms off. 

Sami runs into EJ in the hall. He says he saw her car and wanted to check on her. She cries to EJ about what has happened with the latest note. She swears when she finds the note sender that she will kill him. EJ says he worries about her. She says hes the only one who does, her mother doesnt even care about her. EJ suggests they get her home to Lucas and Will. Sami says they moved out and want nothing to do with her. EJ says its their loss. He suggests she come to his place, theyll listen to some music and have some wine, shell feel better. EJ holds her as they leave in the elevator. 

John gets a call from Bo. Bo says he was suspended from the force, he lost his badge and gun. Bo says Patrick is working for someone and he needs Johns help. John and Bo meet up at the station. Bo explains what happened, John thinks Bo should stay away from Patrick. John asks Bo if hes even considered that Patrick is innocent. Bo reminds John that Patrick worked for the Dimeras. John says but he turned on them. Bo knows Patrick is guilty. He says if hes wrong then he made a mistake, if hes right a lot more people will get hurt. Bo tells John that Patrick trusts him, John can get info out of him. Bo reminds John how he acted when Marlena was involved with Alex. John says point taken. John agrees to help Bo. John gets a call from Marlena. She wants him to come home so that they can pick up where they left off, he says hell be home soon. Marlena says she loves him, he says he loves her too. John then tells Bo not to worry, hes on the case. He calls Patrick and tells him how glad he is that he was exonerated in the Eve Michaels case. John offers to buy him a beer, they agree to meet tomorrow for drinks. Bo says Patrick and his employer will go down.


October 24, 2006

At the penthouse, Marlena says good morning to John. She had an emergency and had to run off, but shes back now. John says hes sorry about last night, he thought hed be home before she went to bed. Marlena says shes been thinking about what he said about making an honest woman of her. They share kisses. She says she loves being with him again. John says hes come close to losing her several times, he doesn't want to go through that again. John tells Marlena he wants to make this a forever kind of thing. He gets down on one knee to propose when the doorbell rings. Marlena knows its Roman, she asked him to come over. John says its okay. Marlena answers the door. Roman tells her that shes back home and looking beautiful as ever. He asks if this is bad timing? John says no not at all. John has a meeting so he heads out. John tells Marlena that hell ask her again later, she says shell be sure to remind him. John then heads off. Roman tells Marlena how glad he is that she called. Marlena thanks Roman for discovering she was missing and telling John, she doesnt know what she would have done if he hadnt. Roman says he doesnt know what he would have done if he lost her. He says she looks happy, she says John is moving back in and they are together. She says everything is going well except for one thing, Sami. Marlena tells Roman about Samis visit and what shes done now. Marlena notices how Roman doesnt look surprised, she realizes he knew. Marlena asks why he didnt tell her, how long has he known? Roman says he found out at Samis wedding. Marlena is still not pleased, she asks why he didnt tell her, was she invisible? Roman says she took off right after the wedding for New Jersey. He says his hands were tied, he explains how it was part of a police investigation at the time and he couldnt tell anyone. Marlena asks why Roman didnt tell Carrie? Roman says Carrie and Lucas were already married, what could be done. Roman says he tried to get the truth out of Sami but she clammed up at the time. Marlena says she sure talked when she was here. Roman thinks that is a good sign. Marlena says that Sami is the same conniving wench she always was. Marlena says Sami didnt come to confess, she came to get her to run interference for her. Marlena says perhaps Sami is sorry deep down inside somewhere, but she was so busy blaming others to really appear sorry. Marlena says Sami needs to start taking responsibility for her actions. Roman says he was about to come to her about Sami today because of Will. Roman says he and Kate are worried about Will, he always gets his hopes up about his parents only to get shot down. Roman is afraid how Will might react to what Samis done this time. Marlena talks about how their jobs are to help people and they didnt help Sami enough. She says they have busy lives and did take times for their kids, but Sami obviously needed more attention. Roman says Sami always throws that in their face, as well as Marlena being missing and being raised by John. Roman says Carrie and Eric turned out fine though. Roman and Marlena decide to prevent a united front with Sami, to let her know that they wont let her play them against one another. Marlena says they have to let Sami know if she keeps this up that shell lose everyone and everything she cares about. Roman says hell go see Sami now. Marlena tells Roman to tell Sami that she can destroy her own life, but they wont let her destroy Wills.

John and Patrick meet at Chez Rouge for some beers. Patrick is surprised he wanted to get together, they havent seen much of one another since Morgan Island. John says he feels bad about that. John says Patrick came through for him then. Patrick says John got him into the police academy, though he did get kicked out. John talks to Patrick about how his personal life has been a little crazy lately. He recaps what has been going on with Marlena, but he says shes home, safe and they are back together. He asks Patrick what is going on with him. Patrick says hes going to be a father. John congratulates him on that. Patrick says Bo isnt so happy about it. John says Bo loves Hope. Patrick says so does he and Bos making his life a living hell. John asks how? Patrick says Bo is out of control. John says Bo has a temper, but they all do. Patrick says but Bo tried to frame him for Eves murder. Patrick is sure Bo planted the evidence on him. Patrick tells John about how Bo attacked him last night. Patrick says he had Bo arrested, which he sees as returning the favor to Bo. John says he knows Bo, hes not the kind of guy to plant evidence. John says if Bo suspects him then he probably has a reason. Patrick asks if John is saying hes a bad guy? John says Patrick has proved himself to him, he has to do the same with Bo. John says now if Patrick winds up with Hope then Bo will have to get over it. Patrick says that wont happen. John tells Patrick that Bo has had it out for him for a long time, Bo is sure he still works for the DiMeras. John says he needs to prove to Bo he does not work for the DiMeras anymore. John offers to help by using his connections to prove it to Bo, he begins asking Patrick which DiMera he was working for in Europe. Patrick suddenly says this is starting to feel like an interrogation. Patrick tells John that he thinks Bo is a crooked cop and he doesnt think John is much better. Patrick says this conversation is over and he walks off. John leaves and ends up calling Marlena and asks for her help. Later Marlena comes down and asks Patrick if hes seen John. Patrick says he just left. Patrick says they had a tense conversation. Marlena offers to lend an ear. She asks him to order some drinks while she uses the ladies room. She swipes his cell phone as she heads off. She goes into the ladies room and drops his phone. When she goes to get the phone she notices a man is sitting in one of the stalls. She says whoever is in there she has pepper spray and knows how to use it. Its John, hes eating a carrot and says Whats up Doc, is that phone for me? She asks how he knew nobody else would be here. He says he checked. He says they have a few seconds to themselves, they share a kiss. Later Marlena returns to Patrick, who is looking for his cell phone. Marlena claims she has found it on the floor and she hands it back to him.

Later Marlena and John return to the penthouse. Marlena loved working with John, John said he couldnt have done it without her. John remembers he was working his way up to asking her a question. She says shes ready when he is.

At Samis, EJ comes in with some coffee for her. She overslept. Sami says she doesnt remember coming home last night, all she remembers is being at his place and listening to music. He says she drank lots of champagne and conked out, he carried her back home. She thanks him for taking good care of her. EJ tells Sami that they need to have a chat. He says there is something special between them and he thinks they owe it to themselves to see what it might be. He thinks it will be fun, does she remember fun? A time before worrying about being found out about something? Sami doesnt. EJ thinks she needs to enjoy life a bit and he wants to help her do that. Sami continues to mope, she says her dad has always been on her side and he wont forgive her for this. EJ tells Sami that she needs to stop apologizing and tell people to just get over it. Sami says she cant tell her father to get lost. She says she hurt lots of people, she has to deal with the consequences of her actions. EJ tells Sami that she is surrounded by people who insist on changing her, but he thinks shes perfect the way she is. He says she is beautiful and intelligent, she may not make the best decisions, but she is who she is. He says just be herself, be the woman he happens to be crazy about. Sami says shes flattered but ,. . . EJ says hes always been attracted to her. He says shes beautiful, fun and someone who isnt afraid to fight for what she wants. She says she fights dirty. He says they have that in common, but she doubts that as he's a knight in shinning armor. EJ begins talking about how he didnt have the greatest child hood, he didnt have much contact with his family and had to learn to fend for himself growing up. He tells Sami that she deserves to be with someone who appreciates who she is, someone who loves her unconditionally. She asks if that guy exists? EJ says shes looking at him. Sami says so hes saying nothing she could do would shock him or make him turn from her. He says nothing, he adores the bad girl in her as much as he adores the good girl. They end up kissing. They end up going at it on the couch. She begins ripping his clothes off. EJ gets a call from Patrick, though he ignores it. Suddenly Roman begins knocking on the door, he yells at Sami to open up. Sami tells EJ to put his shirt on, which he does. Sami lets him in, Roman tells Sami that they have to talk. She says they were about to go to lunch, can this wait. Roman says no. EJ says its okay, he leaves. Roman asks Sami how she could do what she did to his sister? Sami says she didnt mean to hurt Carrie. She says Austin and Lucas were panting after Carrie, the way she was leading them on was disgusting. Roman says what she did was sick, heartless and cruel. Sami says she said shes sorry and doesnt know what else she can do. He says she can treat people decently, until she does he doesnt want much to do with her. She says shes sick of people trying to change her. She says she is who she is, if he and mom love her unconditionally then they will accept her. She says if not then tough. She says she has apologized and is sick of begging for forgiveness. She tells Roman if he has a problem then she can leave. He says good attitude, but hes not leaving until they have this out. She says shes going to lunch, have it out with himself. She then storms off.

EJ and Patrick meet up again on the docks. EJ tells Patrick that he was not to call him. Patrick says yeah to protect his ass. EJ says to protect his whole operation. Patrick says he has information for him. Patrick says John Black is onto him. EJ says dont worry about John Black, he has his future all mapped out.

At the garage, Shawn and Max are talking about Stephanie. Max says it didnt go so great. He says the gift that Abby picked up for him to give Stephanie was a cute bear that said Be Mine XOXO. He says when he tried to break up with her she freaked out. He says he cant walk away from her until shes better. Shawn says so hes going to string her along? Max doesnt think he can break up with her until she gets out of the hospital. Suddenly Mimi shows up to talk to Max. Shawn isnt thrilled to see Mimi, Mimi says she can still come see Max. They begin arguing, Mimi reveals to Max how Shawn is dating a hooker. Max says whatever is going on, he doesnt want to hear it and dont do this here. Shawn storms off, Mimi apologizes to Max. He holds her and gives her a little comfort. Max tells Mimi that Shawn loves her, he will calm down and get over this. He says just give it some time. Max asks Mimi why she dropped by? Mimi says its her car, she thinks it needs a new transmission and maybe some other things. She doesnt have much money. Max says he will look at it and theyll work a payment plan out. She thanks him, she hates to ask him for this favor. Suddenly Willow walks in and says I should have known youd be here you bitch! Mimi tells Willow that she has no right to talk to her like that when shes sleeping with her husband. Shawn shows up to break up their fight. Willow tells Shawn that Mimi is the one who told Hope about her past. Mimi says she had a right to know. Shawn says Mimi has no rights to him anymore, looking at her makes him sick. She asks how he thinks she fells knowing he's sleeping with a hooker? She says they are still legally married. Shawn says hes working on that, hes sure her lies are grounds for an annulment. He tells Mimi to get out of here. Max says this is his garage, hes sick of Shawn saying who can and can be here. He suggests if Shawn cant handle that to find someplace else to bunk as well as find a new job. Shawn says hes out of here and storms off. Willow warns Mimi to shut her mouth or shell shut it for her. They leave, Max continues to comfort Mimi. He says people argue and say things they dont mean when they are mad, it will be okay.


October 25, 2006
At the penthouse, John surprises Marlena with a ring. She says shes never seen anything so beautiful. He says he has, her. He talks about what all the stones in the ring all symbolize. He also has a miniature wedding band for that charm bracelet he bought her a few years back. He says it will remind her of their never ending love. John talks about all the obstacles they have overcome to be together, and this time it will be forever. She says hes such an old fashion and romantic man. He says if he is it is because of her, she found him, redeemed him and inspired him. He says she gave him the two greatest gifts in his life, her love and their daughter (has Brady been forgotten so fast?). He says he never thought about how much those meant to him until they were apart, which is why he wants to make sure they are never apart. He gets down on one knee and asks Marlena to please marry him. Marlena says just when she thinks she couldnt love him more. He says she hasnt given him an answer yet. She says its because she has a proposal of her own for him. 

At the hospital, Carrie confronts Lexie with one of the hospital administrators. The administrator asks Lexie about her misdiagnosis of Carries situation, about how she has breached her Hippocratic oath and her contract as her hospital. He asks Lexie if this is true? Carrie assures him it is. He warns Lexie she better start preparing her defense, she could lose her job and her license because of this. Lexie says there is no point in preparing her defense, what Carrie said is true. Carrie assumes the appropriate actions will be taken, she walks off. The administrator doesnt understand why she would do this, shes leaving him no room her really. He says the state board will have to decide about her license, but as for her contract at the hospital, its terminated immediately and she gets no severance pay.

Carrie meets with Austin at Chez Rouge. She tells Austin about confronting Lexie, shes been fired and may lose her license. Carrie thought it would give her closure, but now shes destroyed Lexies career and perhaps her marriage. Austin says Lexie and Sami did that, not her. Carrie is regretting what she did, she probably should have waited to calm down. However she was tired of being manipulated. Austin says Sami cant help who she is, manipulation is in her DNA. Carrie says its why she didnt want to come back to Salem. Austin says its why he wants to get out of here and go to Europe. Carrie says she has been gone from Salem for so long, she feels like she just got home. Austin agrees, but he feels this is their chance to have their own life. He asks if shes with him? He talks about being a co-CEO of Mythic Communications and he talks about giving Carrie her company High Style back. He says they can relocate High Style to Zurich where they will both work. She says it sounds so tempting. He says that is the point. Austin says they will be together and they wont have to worry about what Sami is doing. Carrie says if they leave doesnt that mean Sami has won? Austin says no shes lost, she has not been able to break them up. Austin says they are the ones who won. Carrie tells Austin there is a problem, she wont move to Europe with him unless they get married. He asks Carrie to marry him, she says she will. He suggests they go to the justice of the peace right now and do this.

Abe meets with Lexie at Chez Rouge. She has to tell Abe about being fired and what she did. LExie sees Austin and Carrie happen to be here, she says on second thought they should go sit at the bar. They sit out of sight of Carrie and Austin. Abe asks what is going on? Lexie tells Abe that she loves him and that things are finally good between them. She says she doesnt want anymore secrets hanging over them. Lexie tells Abe that she did something terrible. She is afraid he may never want to speak to her again. Lexie explains how Sami blackmailed her and how she lied to Carrie about her prospects for having children. Lexie says now the truth is out and shes been fired. She says when the board reviews her case, she may lose her license. Abe asks if she told him the truth because she didnt want secrets or because he knew shed find out? She says she doesnt want secrets between them, but she told him because she was fired. He thanks her for her honesty. He asks if she can keep working at the free clinic? She says until she loses her license. She says she doesnt care about her license, she just cant deal with losing him. He says hell stand by her as long as she doesnt take up with Tek. She says she wont, she loves him more than anything. Abe says they are a family and they will get through this. Abe tells Lexie with Tek out of their lives that nothing will break up their family again. 

Austin and Carrie show up at the Justice of the Peace to get married. The woman says its been such a busy day here, they usually dont do weddings without appointments. Carrie and Austin beg her to fit them in. She says their paperwork is all in order, however right now another walk-in couple has shown up so theyll have to wait. As it turns out, Marlena and John are the couple and have shown up. 

Steve shows up at Billies house with lunch. She wasnt expecting him. He says he brought beer for him and soda pop for her. He says this is the appetizer and he kisses her. She says this isnt a good time, Chelsea is on her way home. They end up talking about their kids and the problems they are having with both their daughters. Billie talks about missing so many years of Chelseas life. Steve knows she feels guilty, but shes a good mom. He says she just doesnt want Chelsea wasting her life trying to get Bo and her back together. Billie says yes. Steve offers to talk to Chelsea, which Billie thinks is a bad idea. Steve says let him try. Billie says Chelsea hates the idea of them seeing one another. Steve says because she doesnt know what a great guy he is. Chelsea shows up, she didnt know Captain Jack would be here. Steve says hey thats Captain Steve to her. She tells him that hes a little to old to pull of the Johnny Depp thing. She also asks what that piece of crap he parked out front was, does he want the neighbors to think they are white trash? Steve thinks it is time he and Chelsea have a little talk one on one. Billie doesnt think this is a good idea, but lets Steve try his thing. Chelsea says so does she sit on his lap and call him dad? Steve says try it and hell poke her in the eye and give her a patch. Steve thinks Chelsea deserves to know what is going on between him and her mom. She thinks they are ditching Kayla and Bo to be together. Steve says not exactly, but she knows about love and how it works. Chelsea says they arent in love. Steve says they like each other a lot though. Steve tells Chelsea that she doesnt have to like him or what is going on between him and her mom, but she does have to accept it. Chelsea says he has to accept things about her mom, does he know shes a drug addict? Steve says yes. Billie walks in as Chelsea says then he must know about the porn movies. Billie cant believe her, neither can Steve. Steve says everyone has a past and people deserve a second chance. Chelsea says then he must have dated a lot of sluts. Billie yells at her to shut up! Steve says everyone has a past, everyone have done things they cant undo, horrible accidents for example. He says little girls who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones so dont ever speak badly about her mother again. Stephanie then calls Steve, she says shes worried about mom. She explains what is going on (detailed below), Steve says hell be right there. Steve says he has to go and hes sorry. He leaves and Chelsea tells Billie that it looks like her pirate friend jumped ship. Chelsea says this is a sign that she belongs with dad. Billie says she and Bo dont belong together, they dont love one another. Chelsea says then she better get used to be alone because her friend Steve will always be there running to Kayla when she needs him, no matter what he says about having no memory. Billie says no matter what happens with Steve she wont let her manipulate her or Bo anymore. Chelsea says theyll discuss that in family therapy. However she says Steve belongs with Kayla and Bo doesnt belong with Hope as shes having Patricks baby. Billie says Bo belongs with Hope and if she wants to date Steve then it is her business. Chelsea says dont cry to her when he leaves her high and dry.

Kayla visits Stephanie in the hospital. Kayla asks why she looks so down. Stephanie tells her mom how Max tried to break up with her, but she had a panic attack. She says then Max felt sorry for her and un-broke up with her. Kayla asks Stephanie if she really wants to be with Max if he doesnt want to be in this relationship? Stephanie asks her mom if she wants to be with dad? Kayla says that its not the same, and they are talking about Stephanie. Kayla tells Stephanie she deserves to be with a guy who loves her and much as she loves him. Stephanie says shes just like her mom, they both love guys who will never love them back. She wonders what is wrong with them. Kayla says nothing is wrong with them, sometimes life doesnt work out the way they want. Suddenly a page tells Kayla to report to exam room 13. Kayla decides to check on the page, but Stephanie asks her mom not to go. She says this is weird shes being paged, shes only been on staff a few days and has no patients. Stephanie says this could be a trap given everything going on with their family. Kayla says nobody is going to blow up the exam room, dont worry. Kayla walks off, we see the gloved hand hanging about. Later, Stephanie gets worried and calls her dad for help.

Kayla heads to the exam room where she ends up locked inside. She also doesnt have a cell phone. She tries the phone in the room, its not working though. She finds the cord has been cut. Suddenly she hears a weird sound in the room. Kayla soon hears someone calling her name. Kayla asks who they are, what do they want from her?

Steve shows up and learns from Stephanie about the weird page her mom got. She says she gets a bad feeling, can he please check on her? She says shes in exam room 113. Steve heads off to check on her. Steve finds her locked in the room, she begs him to get her out. Steve breaks the door down. He gets in and rescues her. She asks how he knew she was here, he says Stephanie called her. Kayla explains what happened, Steve checks things out. They look in the vent where the sound was coming from. Suddenly they are gassed! Back in Stephanies room, shes having another panic attack.


October 26, 2006
Sami is boozing it up at Chez Rouge. EJ shows up and thinks it is a bit early to be knocking them back the way Sami is. Sami tells EJ about walking out on her dad thanks to his advice. She says she told her dad to take her or leave her, and then she walked out. She says she decided to spend time with EJ, someone who appreciates her. She asks how she can repay him? He says he has some ideas, they kiss. Sami keeps ranting about how she will never change and her family has to accept it, she is who she is. Kate shows up and sees them together. Sami asks Kate if shes a dressed for a goth party? Is she going to a Halloween party as a wicked witch? Kate says actually shes going to a wedding and Sami wasnt invited. She walks off. Sami calls her father, hes not in the office. Sami realizes Carrie is getting married and she runs off.

At the Justice of the Peace, Carrie, Austin, Marlena and John have shown up and are shocked to see one another. Carrie says they didnt invite them as they didnt want to risk Sami showing up. Carrie tells them that they are getting married and leaving Salem tonight. Marlena is stunned. Carrie says she didnt mean to blurt it out like that. Carrie admits the main reason they are leaving is Sami, but Austin has a good job lined up in Zurich. Carrie says shell be heading up High Style in Europe as well. Carrie says if they have any chance at being happy they have to put distance between them and Carrie. Marlena says its some distance, but if they are happy then that is all that matters. The woman says the next wedding is a go, Marlena and John suggests Carrie and Austin go first as they have a plane to catch. Roman and Kate show up, they are shocked to see John and Marlena here. Kate says Marlena looks like a bride herself. John and Marlena tell them of their plans. Roman wishes them both the best. The woman says they are ready to get started with the weddings. Roman tells Carrie hes happy for her, saying its about damn time they got married. 

Austin and Carrie are married first as Roman, Kate, Marlena and John watch. As they get to the rings part, Austin tells Carrie that hell never let anyone come between them again. Suddenly a drunk Sami stumbles in and says that gangs all here. Sami says it seems Carrie forgot to invite her to the wedding, and then she says it looks like John and Marlena are getting married too. John says they are. Sami says shes glad here as she wouldn't want to miss this. Carrie says she doesnt want Sami here, she is not family and will never change. Sami says why should she, she will never be good enough for them. Sami says Carrie cheated on two husbands yet shes still the perfect daughter and wife. Carrie says this wouldnt have happened if not for Samis lies. Carrie says shes done with Sami, shes not her sister anymore and wants nothing to do with her again. Carrie says get out. Austin says if she doesnt do it then hell pick her ass up and throw her out. Roman tells Sami that it would be a good idea for her to leave. Sami calls them all judgmental hypocrites. She says they can go on with their boring lives but shell live an exciting life full of fun. She wishes Carrie and Austin a long and boring life together, she tells Carrie to try and be faithful. Sami storms off and the wedding continues. 

They all cheer Carrie and Austin after the wedding and begin saying their goodbyes. Meanwhile Roman gets a call and tells John there is an emergency at the hospital. Roman tells John what happened with Steve and Kayla. Roman hates to ask John to do this on his wedding day, but he needs him at the hospital. John says Marlena will understand. He goes to let Marlena know what has happened. She asks if she should go with him? He says no Carrie needs her. He says hes sorry about the wedding plans. Marlena says in her heart they are already married and this  is about family. Roman and John say goodbye to Carrie and Austin. Carrie tells John he and Marlena will be as happy as she and Austin are, and shell be back home before he knows it. Kate and Marlena end up saying goodbye to Austin and Carrie. They are all crying. Marlena suggests maybe she and John will see them for their honeymoon. Carrie and Austin have a plane to catch and they head off together. 

Sami returns to Chez Rouge to drink some more. EJ is still there, he says he can see how well it went. Sami says her life isnt going well and its EJs fault. She says she took his stupid his advice, her family has left her. He says shes better off without them. She says easy for him to say, he hasnt been blackballed by his family. EJ asks why she cares about what her family thinks if they are so awful to her? She says she doesnt, but it still sucks what they did. The bartender eventually ends up cutting Sami off as shes far too drunk. She is mauling EJ on the bar stool, the bartender says Sex on the Beach is fine, sex on the bar isnt. EJ tells Sami to let him show her how much he appreciates her. They run off together.

Abe shows up at the hospital to investigate the attack on Steve and Kayla. Tek is there, the whole room has been decontaminated. Tek wants a thanks from Abe for risking his life to secure the crime scene, but Abe says thanking him for doing his job isnt high on the list of priorities.

Steve and Kayla are in a quarantined room, the doctors and nurses are in hazmat suits. They are hooked up to machines and unconscious. Shawn Sr., Caroline and Stephanie watch from outside. A doctor talks to them. He says they have been given a biotoxin which is attacking their lungs. He says they need to administer an antidote that will cure them, they will keep them posted. Stephanie thinks this is all her fault. Bo shows up, Stephanie explains what happened with her mom going to check on a page. She says she begged her mom not to go as it could be a trap. She says when her mom didnt return she called her dad. She blames herself, but Bo says she called 911 in time and that was a good thing. Later Billie shows up and Stephanie lashes out at her. She says this isnt about Billie or her family, its about theirs. Billie says shes worried about Steve. Stephanie says the last thing her mom needs is to see Billie standing out here! Shawn decides to take Stephanie back to her room. Caroline says Stephanie is just upset, but Billie knows they are all thinking it. Caroline says they do think of Steve and Kayla as a couple. Billie knows, another great Brady couple like Bo and Hope. Caroline tells Billie that she is Steves friend so she should be here. Billie looks in on them, she tells Steve (figuratively) that she can tell just by looking at them that they belong together.

Bo talks to Abe, he asks what is going on here. Abe tells Bo that he is a suspended detective so he's not discussing this with Bo. Bo says he wants back on the force, fix it. Bo says someone is after the Bradys and he knows it is Patrick. Abe and Bo begin arguing about Patrick once again. Abe says there is no evidence against Patrick. Bo says hell prove Patrick is guilty, suspended badge or not. Abe orders Bo to back off and if he does anything then Bo will be off the force permanently.

Bo walks up to Billie, who is looking in on Steve and Kayla and saying they really do belong together. Bo asks if there is any change? She says no, and they cant die. Later John shows up and he tells Bo that they need to talk, its important. Roman soon shows up, he looks in on his sister. The doctor returns, they have an antidote for the toxin. He says they have to wait and see if Steve and Kayla respond at this point. The doctor says theyll know within 24 hours is the antidote works.  Meanwhile Bo and John talk, John says Patrick has made calls to EJ Wells. They suspect the two of working together and being the ones hurting the Bradys. 

Lexie is cleaning out her office. She runs into the administrator, he says she has ten minutes and then will be escorted out. She asks what he thinks shes going to do, raid some cabinets? He says it wouldnt surprise him. Later Tek shows up, Lexie tells him that hes violating the restarting order. He says hes here on police business, doesnt she know what happened? He explains about the biotoxin attack on Steve and Kayla here at the hospital. They know it was the same guy who sabotaged Maxs car, he left behind a glove like they found at the garage. Tek asks Lexie if she can help, but she says she doesnt work here anymore. Lexie explains she was fired over what she did to Carrie, both Carrie and Austin know what she did. Tek cant believe they are doing this to her. She tells Lexie not to let this get to her. Lexie says her so called friends have all turned their backs on her and if Tek hadnt seduced her then Sami couldnt have blackmailed her. Tek says he didnt seduce her, he wants to put his arms around her right now and make everything all better. She tells him to stop it. She says she has to clean out her locker and complete this humiliation.

Later Tek and Abe have a little run in. Tek says he ran into Lexie, by accident of course. He says Lexie is being made to clean out her locker and shes being humiliated. He says Lexie needs him right now. Tek walks off as Abe gives him a look. Lexie is escorted out of the hospital as people bad mouth her behind her back. Abe shows up and escorts her out instead of some random hospital cop. Tek watches them leave together. 


October 27, 2006
Kate returns to her suite where Lucas is. Kate says Sami is at it again. Kate says Sami followed her to the Justice of the Peace, as if she thought she could break up Austin and Carries wedding. Lucas is out of the loop, hes stunned they got married the day after he signed the annulment papers. Kate talks about how Sami played the whole Im screwed up because nobody loves me card. Kate says its the same Sami, shes selfish and makes everything about her. Lucas cant feel sorry for Austin and Carrie. Kate says if it was his wedding and some low life gutter snipe . . Will shows up and says stop it! Will says he wont let Kate talk about his mom like that. Will says Sami may have done terrible things but she is still his mom. Kate apologizes for upsetting him. Kate heads out so Lucas and Will can talk. Will wants Kate to lay off mom. He says he may get mad at her but he still loves her and misses her. Will says hes tired of moving from house to house, hes sick of being humiliated and disappointed. Lucas says its not all his moms fault. Will wonders maybe if they show her that they care about her that shell stop doing these things. Will says moving out may have been the dumbest thing they did. Lucas asks what Will wants them to do? Will says he wants them to try and be a family. Lucas says perhaps they can offer her an olive branch or something. Kate bursts in saying if they do that then it will blow up in their faces. Will defends his mom saying she does what she does as she has nobody to rely on, especially her family. Will thinks she needs to know she can count on them. Kate says Sami will see this as a sign of weakness on Lucas part. Lucas says he and Sami have a responsibility towards Will and maybe they could be friends. Will says thats all he wants. Lucas says he and Sami drive each other crazy, theyll probably drive him crazy in the process. Will says hes a teen, his parents are supposed to drive him crazy. They head off to see Sami. Kate calls EJ in hopes he will do something.

At Samis place, Sami invites EJ into her apartment. He says she looks beautiful. He brought some wine for them. They open the wine, EJ wasnt sure if this was the best thing to bring given her afternoon at Chez Rouge. Sami says she had water and a shower, shes feeling better. Sami rants and raves about how everyone was at the wedding and she wasnt told about it. EJ asks Sami if she was Carrie, would she have told her? Sami says probably not. Sami says still, for her dad to kick her out and for her mom not to tell her about their plans. EJ tells Sami wouldnt she rather be here with him anyways? She says maybe. He says maybe? She says yes and they begin kissing. Sami slows things down, telling him there is no need to rush things. EJ says he loves romance, but whenever they seem to take things slowly things backfire, like their last date. Sami tells EJ that he doesnt have to worry about Lucas and Will ruining this. They begin getting hot and heavy. EJs phone rings, its Kate calling, but he ignores it. There is a knock at the door, Sami and EJ pretend they heard nothing. Will yells open up I know you are in there. Sami panics, she thinks Will found out what she did so he probably just wants to yell at her. Sami says he wont want to stay long, theyll pick up where they left off. They quickly put their clothes on, Sami finds Will and Lucas at her door. Lucas says they arent interrupting anything are they? Sami says no, and if they are here to lecture her about Carrie and Austin's wedding then get it over with and leave. Lucas could care less about the wedding. Will says that isnt why they are here. She says why then to ruin her evening with EJ? Lucas says no. Will says they came because they miss her. Lucas says Will wants them to be a family, he wants that too. He apologizes for the way he treated her, he thinks they could be good parents if they could avoid getting involved with one another. Sami hugs Will and thanks him. EJ tells Sami this is a game, ignore them and lets continue with their evening. Will tells EJ hes a loser if he is going to make his mom choose between them. Will tells EJ to leave. EJ asks Sami what she wants him to do? Sami tells EJ it might be best if he leaves so she can spend time with Will. EJ wants Sami to lay down the law here, Will and Lucas are just trying to keep them apart. He asks if she wants him to leave for good? She says no, but they are her family and she needs them. EJ thought she wanted to be with him. Sami says hes not going to make her chose is he? He says yes, its either Lucas and Will or him!

Frankie has joined his mom at the hospital, everyone is waiting for news on Steve and Kayla. Frankie tells his mom to go rest, hell get her if there is a change. Max shows up, soon Stephanie shows up as well. Max tells Stephanie she should be resting. Frankie says the drug can take 24 hours to work. Frankie tells Stephanie that she should be resting. Stephanie says fine shell go back to her room. Max offers to wheel her there, she says she can get there herself. She leaves, Frankie asks what that was about? Max says hes going to dump Stephanie when the time is right. Frankie wants Max to tell her the truth now, dont hold out. Frankie walks off to check on their mom. Max goes to talk to Stephanie. She tells him how glad she is that shes not going through this alone. She holds her hand out. Max takes it briefly, but then he pulls away. Stephanie asks Max if there is something he wants to talk to her about? He says not right now, hes heading back to the garage. He says hell talk to her later. Later Frankie stops in to check on Stephanie. She says Max went back to the garage, which she thinks was an excuse. Stephanie asks Frankie what Max said to him about them. Frankie says this is between her and Max. Stephanie says Max tried to break up with her. She says she freaked out and he changed his mind, now she knows hes waiting the right time to tell her. She says she has enough uncertainty right now, she doesnt want to waste an ounce of energy worrying about a guy that doesnt want her. She tells Frankie if he knows anything then tell her as not knowing is the one thing she cant handle. Frankie says they did talk and he came here because . . . she says he thought Max broke up with her. Frankie says maybe Max was just trying to wait for the right time. She says yeah hes a thoughtful guy. She thanks Frankie for being honest with her. She asks for some time alone. Frankie leaves and Stephanie breaks down. 

Bo and John discuss what is going on with EJ and Patrick. Bo is sure Patrick is the lackey here. John asks if this could be connected to the DiMeras and this vendetta against the Bradys. Bo says maybe, but how is Wells involved? Bo says Wells has insinuated himself in everyone's business in Salem. Bo says he has a lot of work to do on this. John tells Bo hes not going anywhere. Bo says they dont have time to stand around. John says they have to be very careful how they play this. John wants to tell Abe, but Bo says Abe has already told him that he needs to stay away from Lockhart or hes off the case for good. John has to go, he wishes Bo luck with what he decides. Shawn Sr. shows up, Bo asks Shawn for some advice. Bo says hypothetically, say there is a cop who knows a guy is a criminal . . does it matter how the cop brings him in? Shawn asks if this cop has been suspended from the force? Shawn gives him the same advice he gave him as a kid, if playing baseball and one guy cheats then the whole team is seen as cheaters. He says be a team player. Bo thanks him for the advice. Caroline returns to see if there is news, she and Shawn head off to find a doctor. Bo then makes a phone call to John. He asks John to meet him at the station, they have to tell Abe.

Shawn and Caroline look in on Steve and Kayla. They hope the antidote is working on them. The doctors inside end up closing the blinds so they cant see in. Frankie shows up, Shawn says something is happening with Kayla and Steve. Frankie hopes it is something good. Frankie tells Shawn that when Kayla begins to get better hes going to go back to DC. Shawn asks Frankie to think before he does anything hasty. He says think about what Frankie has accomplished here in Salem. He says he may have lost Jen, but he saved Jack's life and Jens life too. He also says to have Frankie here adds ten years onto his life. Shawn says he is a good an decent man, a fine example to Max. Frankie thanks Shawn for saying that. The doctors come out with news. He says its not good news, the antidote doesnt seem to be working. He says hes trying to find any kind of trial drugs. Frankie knows some people, he offers to make calls. The doctor thinks hes talked to everyone. Caroline doesnt care what he has to do, do whatever he has to in order to save her daughter! 

John goes to the station, he tells Abe what he and Bo have been up to. Abe is not pleased. John tells Abe to hear him out. John says they may know the identity of the person behind the gloved hand crimes. Bo soon shows up, Abe wants them all in his office. Abe knows what they are up to, Bo says dont be angry with John. Abe warned Bo not to do this. Bo says wait till they hear what they have. Abe doesnt care, Bo didnt follow orders so hes about to kick him off the force for good! Bo says they are trying to help out, John says hes kept Bo in line. Abe asks what they have. John tells Abe that Patrick has been in contact with EJ Wells. Abe says EJ Wells is rich, famous, donates half his income to charity, hes supposed to believe hes a bad guy? John says they dont have a motive yet, but he has examine Patricks cell phone call history and hes made dozens of calls to EJ. Abe says so? John says it is suspicious. Abe says the gloves have been traced to Florence Italy, John says that does fit. Abe also says only one place in town carries them, his officers are trying to find out who may have purchased them. He tells Bo and John they can do this investigation, but John has too keep Bo on a leash. He also says Lockhart could still be setting Bo up much like Alex did to John. Abe leaves and John tells Bo they have to find a way to connect EJ to the crimes. Bo soon remembers Sami asking him to do a DNA and fingerprint test on an envelope. Bo tells John about this and how EJs prints were on it. 

Max goes to the garage where Abby is. Max explains what is going on with Steve and Kayla. They should know tomorrow if the antidote worked. Abby asks how Stephanie is. Max says shes having a tough time. Abby feels for them, she knows what Stephanie is going through. Abby know Max will make things easier for her. Max thinks hes the last person she needs. Abby says he is important to Stephanie, hes been her best friend since she came to Salem. Max says shes a great friend, but he cant have a relationship with her. He says he cares about Stephanie but he doesnt think its a long term thing. Max admits to Abby that he hasnt yet told her. He says he tried but she freaked out. He says she has so much going on right now, if he breaks up with her now then hes a jerk given what she has going on. Abby feels bad about getting that gift for her, Max says he should have looked at it before he gave it to her. Abby tells Max that shes sorry things didnt work out for them. She tells Max that hes a good guy. He thanks her for saying that. Max tells Abby that this garage would probably fall apart without her here, she really is the best. 

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