September 4, 2006
At the hospital Roman tells to Marlena that she might want to wait for the movie to come out. She says some of her patients could have a movie written about them. (I have no clue what this exchange was about). Marlena asks if hes here to visit or talk about Sami. Roman is here about Eve Michaels autopsy. Marlena talks about how horrible finding that poor woman was. Roman says Samis day pales in comparison. They discuss Sami, neither one has talked to her, they wanted to give her time. Roman decides to head to the morgue. Marlena asks if they have any leads? Roman says it wont be long until they find out who did it. Roman asks Marlena to watch her back until that time. Marlena asks if this could be a serial killer? Roman says no, but she was killed at Samis wedding. Marlena asks if Sami is in danger? Roman says nothing indicates that, but whoever was at Samis wedding needs to be safe. Meanwhile the gloved hand leaves an envelope for Marlena. 

Carrie shows up to see Marlena and talk. Marlena wonders if something is wrong. Carrie says no, she just wanted to stop in and say hi. Marlena asks if she is okay? What is going on? Is it her and Austin? Carrie says she feels sorry for Austin, she cant believe Sami left Austin at the altar. Carrie says Sami knows better than anyone what that feels like. Marlena says Sami told her that she realized she didnt feel ready to marry him and never would be. Carrie says Sami told Austin that she didnt feel worthy. Carrie just thinks there is something more to it. She says these past few months Samis life has revolved around Austin and that is the only reason she . . . Marlena says put her feelings aside? Carrie says she knows how hard it was for Sami to turn her life around, but she did it and shes been so happy. Marlena asks what about her happiness? Carrie says she didnt want to take Samis happiness from her. Marlena says so she sacrificed her love for Austin and that is why she chose Lucas. Carrie says it was one of the reasons. Carrie says she cant say it here. They go out on the terrace to talk. Marlena asks what is going on. Carrie tells Marlena about Lexies DNA tests and how it said if she and Austin have children then they would have genetic defects. Carrie says now she cant have children at all. She wonders what she is thinking. She says these medical problems made her think of having a baby, it just consumed her. Marlena says thats biological. Carrie says but in many ways she is closer to Marlena than her own mother, so she knows what it feels like to love and be loved by someone who isnt your flesh and blood. Carrie says she thought she was pregnant and that is why she married Lucas . . . only . . . Marlena says only its not over between her and Austin. Carrie says she does love Lucas, he is a wonderful man. However she doesnt think it is working with her and Lucas. When shes in bed with him and make love to him, she wishes it was Austin. Marlena says the subconscious is a hard thing to fool. Carrie tells Marlena everything she said to her yesterday was right, Sami stopped the wedding and she didnt have to feel guilty about hurting Sami. She does feel bad about hurting Lucas. However she feels not being pregnant is a sign that she and Austin are getting a second chance. Marlena says she believes in signs from God, but its difficult to interpret other peoples actions as signs from God, especially when they have their own agendas. Carrie knows. She says she should have told Austin the truth about why she walked away from him. She says she feels like now she has a chance to make it right. Marlena says and she wants a second chance with Austin. Carrie says she feels torn, part of her wants to be with Austin, but part of her cant bare to hurt Lucas. She thinks maybe she should stay with him. Marlena says if she stays with Lucas shell only hurt him more, hell realize sooner or later shes not committed to him as he is to her. She tells Carrie not to live her life figuring out what is best for other people, when does she do what is right for her? She tells her that every action has a reaction. Carrie thanks Marlena, shes come to a decision, she just has to find the courage to follow through with it.

Later Marlena looks through her mail. She opens the letter from the gloved hand as Roman returns from the morgue, no new information is in. Roman asks Marlena if she got bad news or something as that's what it looks like? She says no its wonderful news, shes just a little overwhelmed. She says its a letter from the commissioner of New Jersey, they want her to come to Trenton and start a womens empowerment group there. Roman thinks that is an honor. Marlena says it is, but its a time commitment and shed have to be away from Salem for a month and a half. Roman says this is a great cause. He asks if shell say yes? She doesnt know. Roman says its a once in a lifetime chance, this is a no brainer. Marlena says no its not. She says so much has happened lately, shes been gone and away so long. She says shes just getting that time back. She says she cant leave her patients now. Roman says she said herself these groups can help a lot of women. Roman says other doctors covered her patients before, theyll do it again. She asks what about her children? He says what kind of message that will send to her daughters if she doesnt do this? She says hes right, she could set the program up and still not be separated from her kids. He says she can, she is Wonder Woman. Marlena says shell accept the position. Roman says the people in New Jersey dont know how lucky they are. 

At Samis, Sami and EJ are getting hot and heavy on the coach, his shirt is thrown across the room. Meanwhile Lucas and Austin are in the hall approaching. Austin wants to know why Sami stopped the wedding. Lucas says he has to fight for Sami, he cant take no for an answer. Austin says Lucas is right. He goes to open the door, but he stops. He thinks he needs to give Sami time. Lucas says if he leaves Sami alone right now then it will be a big mistake. Lucas says the last time this happened, Sami turned into Stan. He tells her that he has to put pressure on her while shes freaking out. Back inside, EJ and Sami hear something in the hall. Sami thinks it is the note leaver. EJ decides to see who it is, he walks out and sees Austin and Lucas standing there. Austin asks why he is in there without a shirt? EJ claims he heard Sami screaming and he came in to check on her. Sami comes out, she tells Austin she only had a nightmare and EJ came to calm her down. Austin says hes not surprised shes having nightmares. Lucas asks if that is really what happened? Sami tells him to mind his own business. Lucas says he just thinks EJ is putting the moves on Austins fiance. Sami tells Lucas to stop being suspicious and besides, hes not her fianc anymore. EJ leaves, Lucas follows him. Meanwhile Austin tells Sami they have to talk. She says okay but he has to know its over, shell never marry him. Austin says he at least deserves to be heard, Sami agrees. They go into her place. Austin says when Sami said he wouldnt marry him because she wasnt worthy of him. Sami says shes not, and shes sure his mother is happy. Austin says leave Kate out of this. He says the more he thinks about what she said, the more he doesnt believe it. He says this came out of nowhere. He thinks something happened to change her mind and he wants to know what it was. Sami looks down and sees a note sticking out from under the couch. Sami says shell tell him why, but asks if he can get her some water as her throat is dry. When he goes to get her some, she kicks the note under the couch. Austin sees the breakfast, he asks who made it? Sami says EJ made it. Austin cant believe this, and he says EJ is interested in being more than just her friend. Sami says she doesnt care, she doesnt love EJ and hes not the reason she didnt marry him. He asks what is? She says she cant marry him because of Carrie. Sami says she saw Carrie staring at him and crying while standing up there, she thought she was happy for her, but she wasnt. Sami says she was crying because she was losing the man she loves. He asks why she didnt say this yesterday? She says Lucas is involved too, she couldnt hurt him. Austin asks what changed? Sami says she cant marry him because not only does Carrie love him, but he loves Carrie. She tells him its time he be honest with her. He says he loves her and wants to marry her, he still does. She says they do make a good team. She says she loved him unconditionally, but it doesnt matter how much she loves him or how much he says he loves her. Sami says the truth is his heart belongs to Carrie. Sami says she tried to ignore it but it is true, they are meant to be together. She says he only proposed because Carrie wasnt available. Sami says one day Carrie could be available. Austin says he wouldnt leave her. Sami says because hes honorable, and she wont let him be stuck to a woman he doesnt love and isnt his soul mate. She says shes not doing this to be selfless, she stands too much to lose by marrying him. He asks what she means? She says what does it say about her if she marries someone who loves someone else. She says it says she doesnt deserve the real thing. She says she wont settle for second choice, someone who shes always wondering if they are thinking about another woman. She says she doesnt deserve that, she is a smart, strong and attractive woman. Sami says she deserves to be with a man who thinks of her as first choice, a man who only loves her. She says if she cant have that then shed rather be single. She tells Austin that she loves him and it has taken a long time, but shes finally learned you cant make someone love you more than they already do. Austin says she does deserve to have it all and hes sorry it cant be her. Austin goes to hug her, she says no. She says they should probably just stop talking about this. Sami says she would like to be his friend. Austin says she can always count on him if shes in trouble. She laughs that is several times a day with her. He says no that is the old Sami. He says he did love her when he proposed and he still does. She says he knows, but not the way she wants to be loved. They hug, Sami tells him to follow his heart, he deserves to be happy. Austin says so does she. Austin leaves and Sami breaks down in tears.

EJ puts a shirt on, he says it was chilly out here. Lucas says he spends enough time without his shirt on, you would think hed be used to it. EJ wonders when Lucas stopped trusting him. Lucas tells EJ he thinks hes up to something with Sami. EJ says he and Sami are just friends. He says he is a man of his word, and he can name many people who can vouch for his character. Lucas thinks he probably could. He doesnt care though, he doesnt trust him and never will. Lucas says Sami didnt need him offering his bed to her, or to drive her to the church, she certainly doesnt need him showing up half naked night and day at her place. EJ says he thinks he knows what is going on, hes jealous. Lucas says hes protective of Sami because they share a child and he considers himself a friend of hers. EJ says if he says. Lucas says he is a happily married man. Carrie walks up, she asks what is going on? Lucas says he was just telling EJ how happy they are, tell him. Carrie asks why she needs to tell EJ their marriage is solid? Lucas says EJ thinks hes jealous of him and Sami, which is ridiculous. He says hes happy with Carrie, he wants no one else. Lucas says he has to go meet Shawn and Max and storms off. Carrie says it sounds like she missed something. EJ tells Carrie she never did answer when Lucas told her to tell him how happy she is. She says she didnt? He says no sweetheart. Austin soon shows up, Carrie says she didnt know he was here. He says he came to talk things through with Sami. She asks how it went? Austin says they need to talk. Carrie says they do. Austin says not here though, they head off.

EJ checks on Sami. She tells him that she convinced Austin to walk away and never look back. He asks how? She says she told Austin that she couldnt marry him because he still loved Carrie and that Carrie still loved him. She says she told him she deserved better than to be someones second choice. He says that was brave of her. She says or stupid, but she does feel better. He says that is what happens when you stop lying to yourself. Sami says shes met half the blackmailers demands, but how can she give up her son?

Austin and Carrie go to the roof to talk. She asks what is going on, why are they here? He says because this is a special place for them. He says he loves her and she loves him, its time they get back together.


September 5, 2006

Billie shows up at the pub and joins Lucas. Lucas is waiting for Max and Shawn, they are in the garage having difficulties. Billie says the race is around the corner isnt it. Will they be ready with the car in time? Lucas doesnt know. They discuss Austin. Lucas says hes doing better than yesterday. Billie says Austin will soon realize hes better off without Sami. Lucas says Austin is talking to Sami now, the wedding might be back on very soon. Meanwhile Steve shows up, Lisa gets him his usual black coffee. He says Kayla has gone out to visit friends, hes sitting around doing nothing. He talks about how hes bored, he has no job and no money. He says oh well back to his exciting life. Billie hears Steve and invites him to join them. Steve says he was looking for her. He introduces himself as Nick to Lucas, but then says sorry Steve Johnson. Billie and Lucas invite him to sit. Billie asks why he was looking for her. Steve says he was trying to get people together to watch the game on Sunday. He says Kayla isnt interested in any sports, especially not racing. Lucas talks about how Billie is a psycho fan. Billie asks Steve if Kayla will mind? He asks why shed mind? Billie says maybe Kayla wants him all to herself. Steve says he doesnt know really, hes just trying to live his life. Billie says she may be open, shell let him know. Steve invites Lucas too, he seems a nice enough guy. Lucas thanks him, he talks about how he and his wife root for different teams. He says so if his wife is his niece, are they related? Billie says she hopes not and laughs. She says she just means Carrie is her best friend. They continue talking about Sami and Austin, Lucas thinks theyll work things out but Billie doesnt. Billie says what happens is meant to be. Lucas asks if shes rooting for him and Carrie to get back together? Billie says she doesnt want anyone to be hurt, but he thinks Austin still loves her. Lucas says it doesnt matter, that wedding will be back on. Kate walks in and says she hopes not, why would Austin want to be saddled to that witch. She joins them, Lucas introduces Steve to his charming mother. Steve says he can see where her daughter gets her looks. Steve wonders if he and Kate know one another, he explains he remembers nothing from his past. Kate says there are a lot things shed love to forget. Kate asks him about being in the ISA, she says Billie was in the ISA too. He says he knew there was something familiar about her, is she sure they havent met? Kate notices the looks between Billie and Steve. Billie says by time she joined ISA he was dead. She says she doesnt work for the ISA anymore, she runs her company Countess Willemena. Kate talks about Billies daughter Chelsea, who is the same age as Stephanie. Billie talks about how she quit the ISA for Chelsea given what happened with them. Billie explains how they thought their child died, it was a DiMera plot to keep their child from them. She talks about how her adoptive parents were killed in a car crash, and she was stunned to learn they were her real parents. Kate talks about how children have a funny way of bringing parents together. Steve isnt so sure, he talks about how his not remembering is really hurting Steve. Soon John walks in, Kate invites John to join them as well. She asks how his new girlfriend is, John says shes dead, she was murdered. Lucas asks if he knows who did it? John says no but he's working on it. Lucas asks if they knew her? John says Kate knew her. Kate says hardly, they worked on a fund raiser with her. John cant talk about anymore of this as it is an ongoing investigation. Kate tells John how sorry she is. John says so is he, she was a young girl. Kate says she has to get going as she has a lot of things to do, she should go. Kate walks out, Lucas sees she left her purse. He follows his mom. Billie looks at John and says do not tell me you think my mom had anything to do with this! John says he doesnt know, she seemed to be acting nervous. Steve thinks Billie sounds like she thinks her mom could be involved. Billie says hell no, her mom might be involved in a lot of things but not murder. Billie asks about John dating Eve, John says it was more of a business arrangement. John walks off to make a call, Billie knows Steve knows something. Johns investigating Eve and hes in on it. He says hell have to stay on his toes around her. She asks if he has something to hide? He says if he does he thinks shell get it out of him. Meanwhile John makes a call and says he has a feeling Kate is involved in the Eve Michaels case.

Outside the pub, Lucas gives his mom her purse. He says something is going on, he can see it. She couldnt get out of that pub fast enough when John mentioned that dead cop. Kate says she was shaken by it, a young woman is dead and it makes you realize your whole life can change in a blink of an eye. Lucas still says something is going on, why has this womans death got her freaked out. Kate says maybe because out of the blue life can throw you a curve and knock you flat, and none of them are safe from that. 

On the roof, Austin tells Carrie that he loves her and she loves him, he wont let her deny her feelings anymore and he wont do it either. She asks why he is doing this, she thought he was going to work on the wedding. Austin says he did everything he could to get her to rethink the wedding, she said it was over for good. Carrie asks why, because hes too good for her? Is Sami still using that excuse? Austin says no, the real reason is her. He says Sami knows she loves him and he loves her. He tells her how she saw Carrie crying at the altar because she was losing him, and Sami realized they didnt stand a chance with him. Austin says they have to stop lying to everyone, especially themselves. Carrie says Sami was right, the thought of him losing him was unbearable. Shes sorry shes the reason Sami stopped the wedding. He says hes not. Carrie says this must have hurt Sami. However she left after Austin said his vows and she knows he meant those vows. Austin admits he loved Sami and would have married her, but he didn't have the feelings a man should have for his wife. He says he lost hope for that kind of marriage when she married Lucas. Austin decided he didnt want to be alone and he thought maybe she was right, they lost their chance at being happy. Austin says here they are years later, broken hearts yet feeling the same way about one another. He says he wants to spend his life with her, he wants a future with her. He says if he cant have her then hed rather be alone. He says trying to be with Sami was a mistake, one he won't make again.  Austin says she is it for him, if this was his last day on earth then hed want to be with her. He says the only question is does she feel the same about him? Carrie says shes made a commitment to Lucas. She also had a long talk with Marlena about this. She says she had made her decision and then she saw Lucas. She says all she can think about is how much her dad hurt when Marlena left. She knows what happened wasnt Marlenas fault, but this is her fault. Carrie says she was raised to believe to keep her vows. Austin says she had no trouble divorcing him! She says that makes it no easier to admit she made another mistake. Austin says so she admits marrying Lucas was a mistake. He doesnt think God would want them miserable. Carrie says Lucas doesnt make her miserable. He says Lucas doesnt make her happy. He tells her to be honest with herself and him, does she want to be with him? Carrie says she does, she loves him. They then kiss. Carrie stops them, she says shes married to Lucas, she cant do this. He says Lucas wouldnt want her to stay with him out of duty, and he has to know. Carrie says there is still another problem, one they cant fix. She says she cant have children. He says he knows, and he knows she wants kids. Carrie says she knows he wants kids too. Austin says they are what is important, his life means nothing without her. They kiss, Carrie says she does love him so much. They end up making love on the roof. 

At Samis, Sami vows to find out who is writing these notes. She wont give up custody of her son. She says this doesnt make sense but shes not losing Will. EJ says hes going to do what he should have done a long time ago, hes calling the police. He says its the only way out of this nightmare. Sami says they arent going to the police, if they do then things will become more dangerous. There is a knock at the door, Sami panics. He answers the door, its MArlena .She comes in and says the two of them together seems to be becoming a habit. Is something going on she should know about? Sami says EJ offered her a shoulder to cry on. Marlena asks what about Austin? Sami tells Marlena she talked to Austin this morning, she told him what everyone knows, he loves and belongs with Carrie. Marlena says that must not have been easy. She says still Carrie is married to Lucas. Sami says she knows, but Lucas deserves a woman who really loves him, she wants him to be happy. Marlena says she knows she does, shes so proud of her. Sami says she didnt have a choice. They hug. Marlena thinks Sami must be hurting over this. Sami says of course she is. She says but she has to get over it and move on. Marlena says more power to her if she can do that. She asks Sami to take this time for herself, dont rush into anything. Marlena says she should take this time to regroup, rethink, dont rush into a new relationship. Marlena says people often take a new direction at times like this. She says shes doing that with her career, shes expanding her group. She explains to Sami about her job offer in New Jersey. Sami is happy for her, does Dad know? Marlena says he does. She says this isnt forever, its just a few months. Sami knows, she was just hoping shed be around now. Sami says she doesnt mean to lay a guilt trip on her. She says she is excited for her, this is a great opportunity. Marlena says they can talk on the phone everyday, and her email will be the same. They hug and say their goodbyes. Marlena asks EJ to take care of Sami, he says he will. Marlena then heads off. She is shocked as she opens the door, she thought she saw someone out here but there appears to be no one. Marlena leaves and EJ checks out the hall. Suddenly Sami gets a call saying its the first day of school, does she know where her son is? EJ takes the phone but theyve hung up by now. Sami says the voice threatened to hurt Will. She says she has to find out if Will is okay. Sami calls the school, Will hasnt shown up. She says if someone has hurt him then it is all her fault.

Elsewhere we see someone in a Jersey government office on the phone. They say Dr. Evans will arrive tomorrow and they will take good care of her. On the other end of the phone we see the gloved hand.


September 6, 2006
At the pub Bo shows up and meets Steve and John. He cant stay long, he has to meet with Hope who is having an ultra sound today. They discuss Eve Michaels, who they think was paid to steal the evidence. Steve suspects she could have been blackmailing the person as well. Bo and Steve think whoever bribed Eve could have killed Eve. John mentions Kate, both he and Bo refuse to believe Kate would go as far as to kill. However she did seem nervous when she learned the cop was dead. He says he called Roman, who said hed handle Kate himself. 

Later Bo is gone and Steve decides to go to the station and see if he can help. John suggests Steve not look for excuses to go anywhere given how hes been separated from Kayla for so long. John says he doesnt talk about it much but he doesnt know much about his past and probably never will. Steve asks how he goes on, John says he just has to try. Steve says he did that in Cincinnati, but here Kayla and Stephanie look at him like his memory will come flooding back. Steve says if that happens then maybe hell understand how a classy lady like Kayla could love him. John says so that is what is bugging him. John tells Steve when he first came to Salem he was bad to the bone, and Kayla loved everything about him. John says Kayla said he was the one man she could live with for the rest of her life. John says she proved it, all those years he was gone she never loved another. Marlena soon shows up, she introduces herself to Steve. Steve says she is the shrink Kayla wants him to see. Steve says he saw a few docs in Cincinnati, they couldnt help him, but Kayla says shes the best. Marlena says shell help him best she can. She says she is tied up for a bit but recommends Dr. Baker. Steve heads off, John asks why she couldnt find time for Steve? Marlena says they have to have a talk. They sit down and Marlena says she came here to tell him goodbye. John doesnt understand, he thought this separation was temporary. Marlena says shell need more time and space, shes going to Jersey to set up a womans empowerment group. He thinks the women there are pretty empowered already. He says hes sorry, he doesnt want to not be supportive. She says he is the most supportive man. She says when she comes back she hopes she is the woman he loves and remembers. John says before he met her, his life was a blank slate. He says he wants to be here for her now like she was for him then. He says hell be here for her. They walk out of the pub, he asks when she leaves. She says tomorrow. She hates leaving on such short notice. She is also sorry their family is being torn apart. She says when she returns they will all be a real family, them and their children. John shares a kiss goodbye with Marlena.

Kate is at Eves apartment. She breaks in, using a credit card and a handkerchief as to not leave prints. She begins looking around for evidence and the disk. Roman shows up and asks Kate if shes looking for something. In his hand he has the disk. Roman asks why she always has to lie and cheat? Roman says John thought she might come by and steal this disk. Roman says decided if she was involved then hed rather handle it on his own rather than send someone else. Kate asks if there is anything she can do to show her appreciation? He says dont resist arrest! Kate says all she did was follow her ex into the apartment, she didnt steal anything. He says she broke the law and now she will pay for it. Kate says good luck making the charges stick. She says all she did was protect Chelsea, which by the way isnt a confession. Roman says you dont bribe a police officer to protect someone who doesnt deserve protecting. Kate says Chelsea is his niece, he says and Zack was his nephew. Kate says so Chelsea isnt good enough to be protected by the Bradys because she hasnt been on the scene long enough? Kate says its a good thing she was looking after her otherwise shed be in prison. Roman says now there is a confession. Kate rolls her eyes. Roman says Katey you always did talk too much and now you are going to jail. Kate says now wait. She says Eve approached her and she did pay Eve, but all she got was a blank disk. Kate says Eve double-crossed her. Roman says and thats why she came looking for this. Roman says in the end Kate still got what she wanted, Chelsea didnt go to jail. Roman says justice will be done, people break the law and people pay for it. He says shes walking around so proud because Chelsea only has to do community service. He says Bo meanwhile has lost his son, his wife and his name, half the cops think hes dirty. Kate says it will blow over. Roman asks what about Eve, shes dead over this. Kate says he knows shes not capable of murder. Roman says the only thing he knows she isnt capable of is taking responsibility for her own actions. He tells her to turn around as he cuffs her and places her under arrest! 

Tek is at the station with Patrick. Patrick has found out the type of footprints found in the mud near Eve can only be from three types of shoes. Tek tells him nice work. Hope shows up looking for Bo, Patrick says he thinks he went to the pub to meet friends. Hope isnt to pleased. Patrick asks if there is something he can do? She says she has an ultrasound. He says and she asked Bo to go with her? Hope says Bo has been trying to convince her to give him another chance. She says she was reaching out to him, but obviously he doesnt care. Patrick says maybe he forgot, but she says if it was his child he wouldnt have forgotten. She says she should have asked him. She says she didnt because this is his first day as a rookie. Patrick says the baby is more important, he asks if he can take her. She says yes. They leave together, Tek makes a face.

Later Roman arrives at the station with Kate. He tells Tek to get someone to take the suspect, who is screaming this is unbelievable, down to booking. Roman takes Kate into his office, he says he thought shed eventually calm down if she waited in here. Roman tells her theyll sit here until someone comes to take her to booking. He also decides to see what her money bought. They put the disk in the DVD, its a monkey in a kayak! Roman says what the hell? Kate says it looks like she bought a lot. Kate says since the evidence doesn't exist he cant hold her, so shell be saying bye bye. As she goes to leave she says it is a shame Eve died so young. She says shell light a candle for her double crossing soul. Roman warns her that Eve didnt double cross her, the killer did. He says assuming she isnt the killer then there is a murderer running around who knows shes involved in this drama. He tells her to watch her back! Kate tells Roman to arrest her now and holds out her hands. He says no evidence remember? She says then she needs protection!

Hope and Patrick head to the hospital and wait in a room. Hope opens up to Patrick, she talks about when Zack was buried she wanted to climb into his grave and tell him not to be scared. She says he was her baby. She says she was so scared to go to sleep afterwards, she thought when she woke up hed be farther away, that her memories of him would fade. She says one day Bo told her to look at their faces and see Zack in them. Hope says Zack had her eyes and Bos smile. She says as long as she and Bo were together shed be able to see her little boy. Hope says nobody understands how this feels. She says when shes with Bo, she thought if they shared this pain then somehow it would make it easier. She says now it seems when they are together the pain is twice as much. She says maybe if she does walk away from Bo then shell know its not just Bo shes saying goodbye too. Patrick comforts her. Bo walks in as does a nurse, who says the doctor is ready for them. She calls them Mr. and Mrs. Lockhart. Bo storms off, Hope tries to stop him. Patrick tells Hope to let him go. Later Dr. Bader shows them their child. Hope doesnt want to know if it is a boy or girl, Patrick does. Dr. Bader says it doesnt matter, the baby is being modest today. Outside the room Bo spies. He hates seeming Hope bonding with Patrick over this child. He soon leaves. 

Steve arrives at the station and talks to Tek about the footprint at the scene of the crime. Bo returns to the station, he learns from Steve what is going on with Kate. Steve says if Roman can prove Kate paid Eve then Bos off the hook. Bo bursts into Romans office and calls Kate a bitch, hell make sure she goes down. Kate says shes not going to jail or trial. Roman says the evidence is useless, he has to let Kate go. Kate leaves, Bo thinks he has nothing to take to Hope. Roman says hell find the real disk soon. Bo says he doesnt have time, if he cant prove his innocence then Patrick will steal Hope. Roman then gets a call from Sami about Will. 

On the roof of the apartment building Austin and Carrie have made love. They are kissing, hugging and playing around. Austin wants everything to be out on the table. Carrie says she cant just tell Lucas shes leaving him, it wouldnt be fair. Austin says he knows it will be hard but he has to. Carrie suggests they ease them into this, only a few hours ago he still wanted to marry Sami. Austin says and that was a mistake. He thinks they should tell Lucas now, if they ease him into it then hell hate them for treating him like a fool. Carrie says shes already done that, why did she agree to marry him to begin with? Austin says shes doing him a favor, she says she hopes he sees it that way some day.

Lucas calls Sami, hes outside the door with some champagne to celebrate. He knocks on the door, Sami is panicking. She says Lucas cant find out Will is missing. She asks EJ to try and find Will and call her if he has any news. EJ leaves and Lucas comes in. Lucas asks why EJ is here, where is Austin, arent they getting married? She says no they arent so take his champagne and leave, wait no he should leave and leave the champagne here. Lucas says he knows that look she has on her face, something is going on. They soon begin arguing, Lucas tells Sami if her life is screwed up then it is her fault. Sami breaks down and says its true. He asks what is going on? Meanwhile Carrie and Austin are outside the apartment. They are going to go in and tell Sami about their decision. Back inside, Sami says hes right, she does things and hurt people. Lucas tells her to just tell him what is going on. Sami says its Will, hes missing. She says hes missing and its her fault! Austin and Carrie walk in as Sami is spilling all. Sami says she got a phone call from some mechanical voice asking if she knows where her son is. She says she called school and he wasnt in home room. Austin says maybe he just cut class. He says the school probably just automatically calls home when a kid doesnt show up. Sami says no they dont, she checked. Lucas says Will wouldnt miss the first day. Sami says she compiled a list of everyone who knows Will, she gave it to EJ for him to call. Lucas asks why EJ and begins yelling. Sami didnt want Lucas angry with her. Austin tells them to calm down, Will and his friends probably just cut. Lucas says Austin is right, who would want to hurt Will? Carrie makes some tea for everyone, Austin says now isnt the time to tell them the truth. EJ soon returns, none of Wills friends know anything. Sami says shes so sorry she wishes she had told him sooner. Lucas says its okay, he knows its his own damn fault when she doesnt feel she can come to him for something. Sami says no this is her fault, shes been getting notes for months now. Lucas says months? Sami says she told EJ and he wanted her to call the police, but she didnt as she thought she could handle it. Sami says the notes were never about Will before, it was always directed to her. Sami says theyve called before too. Lucas says they need her father, call him. Sami says shes sorry and calls her dad for help. Roman soon shows up, he asks Sami about the notes. She says she disposed of them. He cant believe her, shes a cops daughter, she should know not to destroy evidence. Sami says now she cant even help him find him. Roman says he will bring Will home, he gives her his word. 


September 7, 2006
Jack and Jen are at the hospital, they are waiting for the test results. They are waiting for Dr. Berman, Lexie is off duty. Jack thought Lexie would want to be here for this. Jen says Lexie wanted to be here but Abe called her to the station to talk. Jack wonders if they are getting back together. Jen says or they could be talking about the divorce. Jen says Lexie is praying for him though. Jen is optimistic, she thinks the doctor will tell him that hes in remission. He says great lets go with that, hell get back to his life and family. Frankie shows up, Jack asks him to come in. He says he asked Frankie to be here, but they dont have news yet. Jen thanks him for coming, he says hes just as anxious for news as they are. A nurse shows up, she needs Jack to fill out more forms. Jack tells Jen and Frankie to go get some coffee or something while he deals with this. They then leave. Outside Jacks room Jen thanks Frankie for coming. She just wants the doctor to come and tell Jack everything is okay. Frankie says then what? Frankie says he knows he said theyd take this one step at a time and until she knew what she wanted to do. He says when they married she thought he was dead, and she did say that Jack was the love of her life. Jen says she loves him too, but Frankie says not the same way. Frankie wants to know what she will do if Jack gets better. Jen says she doesnt want Frankie to think shes keeping him around in case Jack dies. She also doesnt know how to tell Jack, who could be dying, how angry she is with him for what he did. Frankie says Jack wanted to protect her. Jen says thats why they divorced in the first place, because he had secrets and wanted to protect them. Jen says she loves Jack but she loves Frankie too. She tells Frankie if she wants to leave then she doesnt blame him. Frankie says he loves her too. He says if Jack is getting better than she has to make a decision. The doctor shows up, he and Jen and Frankie go into see Jack. Jack asks if hes still dying or not? Unfortunately the doctor doesnt have an answer, they are still waiting on tests. He says hell let them know as soon as he does. Frankie offers to make some calls and speed things up. Frankie has to head to Chez Rouge to watch the press conference on the Salem Grand Prix. Frankie invites them, but Jack suggests they go as hes tired. Jen doesnt want to leave Jack so she offers to take him. Frankie leaves on his own. Jacks phone then rings, he answers it. Its a mechanical voice saying they have information on Eves murder investigation. Jack asks who is calling, they just laugh. He asks what information they have. They tell him to grab a pencil and paper and start writing. He tells Jack to meet him at a warehouse across from pier five within the hour. They then hang up. Jen asks who that was, Jack says deep throat II. Jack decides to go meet this guy, but Jen says no way. Jack says the police have nothing, this could be a break. Jen says this isnt a good idea, hes in no shape to do this. Jack says they have to strike while the anvil is hot, Jacks back! Jack says hell see her later and walks out the door. 

Jack goes to the warehouse to meet the person who called him. A man tells Jack to stay put and sit. We dont see who the man is. The man is hiding behind some crates, they hope they can trust Jack. Jack says he can. The man says what hes about to say can get them both killed. Jack excuses himself to check on something. Jen has shown up and Jack catches her. He asks what shes doing here? She says hes in no condition to chase after deep throat II! Jack and Jen argue, Jack says his assistant showed up out of nowhere. He tries to find out if the guy is still here, hes not. Jack tells Jen now look what shes done. Jen doesnt want Jack to put his health at risk, Jack thinks hes fine and never felt better. They soon realize the informant has left a photo of a gun, one they think killed Eve. They decide to find out. 

At the station, Bo and Abe are talking about Will. No news has come in. Abe wonders why Sami didnt save the notes. Bo says Sami thought Lexie wrote them, but he doesnt think Lexie is capable of this. Bo says she's Will's doctor and their friend. Abe doesnt know Lexie anymore, and she is a DiMera and DiMeras are not friends to the Bradys. Abe reminds Bo of the press conference today at Chez Rouge. Bo says hes on it, he has officers in plain clothes there. Abe begins mentioning dating Lexie to investigate her, he hopes she doesnt get the idea that they will get back together because it wont happen. He also hopes nothing happens at the press conference. Bo thinks it will go off without a hitch, but Abe says dont bet on it given these past few days. Abe and Bo continue to speculate who could behind all the wrong doings, the kidnapping of Will, the disk being stolen, the axe to grind against the Bradys. Lexie soon shows up to see Abe. She wonders why they are meeting here? Bo leaves to attend the press conference as well as give them time alone. Abe then tells Lexie hes made a mistake, hes withdrawing his petition for divorce. Lexie asks what changed his mind? Abe says he realized he is the reason she wasnt satisfied in their marriage. She says it wasnt his fault. He says he is the one who drove her away, he wouldnt consider other way of being intimate. He says he was feeling sorry for himself, that was unfair to her. He asks if she can forgive him. Lexie says of course she can, the real question is can he forgive her? She knows it will be hard for him. He says hes willing to try as long as Tek is in her past and nothing like this happens again. Lexie swears it wont. Abe says he misses her and Theo and the family they created. Lexie says shes happy to hear that. They then share a kiss. Lexie says Theo will be so happy that his daddy is coming home. Abe says hes not ready for that yet. He suggests dinner at the Penthouse Grill tonight. She says shell have her mom sit. He jokes that she better not be teaching Theo to read tarot cards. Lexie says hes into MBA cards thanks to Abe. A cop interrupts, he says they have prints on the Shawn Brady file. He calls Abe Commissioner, obviously Abe got promoted at some point. Abe looks at the file, its not good. He then makes a call. Later Abe tells Lexie that Chelsea seems to be behind the doctored file. Lexie says Phillip thinks the person who doctored the report switched the embryos. Abe says Phillip could be right. Lexie says Chelsea could have a hell of a lot to answer for.

At Chez Rouge a press conference is being set up. Abby is waiting for news on her dad, Max and Chelsea try and assure her everything will be okay. Phillip shows up in a suit, he has no news on Will. Abby thinks he just bailed on school to avoid being teased about his moms latest failed wedding. Phillip says Sami and Lucas thought the same thing, but none of his friends know anything. He thinks Will will be okay. Stephanie shows up, she and Max begin to do their flirt fighting thing, challenging to bring each other down on the race track. They laugh and say they should play up their rivalry with one another during the conference. Meanwhile Kate and EJ show up, Maggie is there as well. She asks if they want to go on with this given what is happening with Will? They do, they just hope they will get news on Will soon.

Meanwhile Abby talks to Chelsea, she knows about the file on Shawn, Belle and Claire. She asks if that is what the paternity file she talked about was, the secret she was going to expose. Chelsea says it was. She says she tried to expose it but nobody believed it was true. She also says Belle and Shawn never slept together apparently. Abby asks if she thinks someone faked the report? Chelsea has no idea, but not only did her good dead turn out to be a bad one, but now Shawn and Phillip think the person who left the report switched the embryos. Abby says she didnt . . . . Chelsea says no and shes insulted that Abby insinuated it. Abby says shes sorry. Chelsea says its okay, whenever something bad happens in town shes usually the one people blame.

Phillip confronts EJ and Kate, he has learned they are forming a new company called Mythic Communications. He asks if shes leaving Basic Black? Kate says shes slowly distancing herself from it. Phillip wonders when they were telling him, Kate says she was going to tell him tonight. EJ talks about how hes always been interested in communications, he who controls it has the power. Phillip says so EJs into having power. . . . Phillip says they are now the competition, but he will give them a run for their money. EJ says he likes competition, hes looking forward to it. 

Later Stephanie and Max are both in their racing uniforms for the conference. Chelsea asks how they are doing, Phillip needs to know what is keeping them. Stephanie  has forgotten something and runs to change or get something. Chelsea and Max kiss, he says it means a lot that she came here.

Frankie shows up, he asks Maggie if he missed the conference. She says no. She says so Jen didnt come? Frankie says shes busy. Maggie says with Jack? Frankie says yes. He says he knows he was going to wait, but he cant be much more patient. They dont know if Jack is okay, but if he is then Jen has to make a decision.

The press conference finally starts with Maggie introducing EJ Wells to them. EJ speaks, he says he will be participation in the Grand Prix but not on the track. He says his new company is sponsoring Stephanie Johnson. He introduces Stephanie. In the background Bo is watching and applauding. Stephanie tells everyone how pleased she is to be racing here in her hometown and for a new sponsor. Phillip then speaks and introduces Max on his behalf of his company. Max then talks about how he feels like the luckiest guy on the planet right now to be racing for Titan. The press gets a chance to question Max and Stephanie. Max talks about how even though Stephanie and he arent blood related, they are family. They say this is their first race together. They both keep the racing rivalry going for the press. EJ, Kate and Phillip join them in answering questions. EJ makes a joke that Max does have a good car, he hopes Phillip hasnt been driving it recently. Phillip says ha ha, the truth is Maxs car has been revamped with Shawns turbo engine. A reporter asks Max about his chemistry with Stephanie, are they racing together off the track as well? Max says he and Stephanie are friends, but his good luck charm and the lady hes seeing is Chelsea. He makes Chelsea walk up and be with him. Suddenly Bo introduces himself, he says this press conference is over and they have to leave. Kate asks if this is about Will? Bo says no, he has to arrest Chelsea Brady. Phillip learns this is about the file, hes furious. Bo tells Chelsea not to speak a word until she gets a lawyer. Chelsea wants to explain, but Bo doesnt want to hear it. He wonders if she did this because she hates Shawn so much, or maybe it's him and Hope she hates. He drags Chelsea off as a reporter asks Max what kind of good luck charm his girlfriend is now?


September 8 , 2006
At Chez Rouge, Phillip and Max are arguing about Chelsea. Max defends her, he says her prints are on that file because she works at the hospital. Max says why shed do this to Shawn, it doesnt make sense. Phillip says nothing Chelsea does doesnt make sense. Who hits a kid and leaves him in the street? Who parties and gets their face splashed all over the tabloids? Phillip tells Max to wake up, the girl is bad news. He says hell make sure they through the book at her.

At the loft, Mimi is feeding Shawn some chicken soup to help him feel better. She is glad hes back home and everything is back to normal, well as normal as it can be. Shawn and Mimi begin some major kissing, Mimi asks if hes sure hes up for this. As they go at it on the couch there is a knock at the door. Shawn says ignore it! Mimi says shell get rid of them. Its Belle with Claire, she says she needs some help and she hopes she's not interrupting. Mimi says well they were just enjoying some alone time. She says Honey look who is here. Shawn asks Belle what is wrong, she looks stressed. Belle says Claire wont go to sleep and Phillip isnt home to get her down. Shawn says well hes the next best thing. Belle says hardly, hes the one who gets her to go to sleep better than anyone. Mimi watches as Shawn talks to Claire and tries to convince her to go to sleep. The phone rings, Mimi suggests Shawn gets that while he gets Claire some juice. Its Phillip calling to fill Shawn in about Chelsea being arrested for the bogus DNA test. Shawn takes off but doesnt tell the girls why. Mimi hopes Belle will be able to get Claire to sleep. Belle says she doesnt know if she can, Uncle Shawn is so great with her. Mimi tells her to stop it! She says Belle is her kid so get her to sleep on her own. Belle asks Mimi how she could imply that she is a bad mother, she knows it's her worst fear. Mimi says shes not, shes saying she keeps finding ways to barge in on her and Shawn. Belle says they are Claires godparents and Mimi shouldnt feel insecure, they know Claire isnt Shawns. Belle says unless Mimi believes she is . . . . Mimi says of course she doesnt. She then tells Belle if her baby is tired then sing to her or rock her, but stop coming to her husband for help. Mimi doesnt mean to be so harsh, she knows Claire and Shawn have a bond. However she and Shawn are trying to make their marriage work. She also says Belle being pregnant with his baby is making things difficult enough as is. Mimi asks Belle to please not make it anymore difficult than it is. Belle says shes not trying to. Mimi says well she is by barging in and acting like a family with Shawn. She wonders what it will be like when Belle and Shawns baby gets here. Belle says shes sorry, they come to an agreement that shell call fist and not barge in anymore. Belle says shed never want to hurt her or Shawn, Mimi says she wouldnt want to hurt her either.

At the station, Chelsea cant believe Bo arrested her. He says she hasnt been officially arrested yet. He wants to know why she did this, does she hate Shawn that much? Does she hate his family that much? Chelsea says no. Bo says forget it, he doesnt want to hear it. Bo thinks he should lock her up and throw away the key. Frankie walks in and says try and deal with him. Bo says Frankie should be here, Chelsea will need a good lawyer, again. Chelsea swears she didnt do this. Chelsea talks with Frankie alone. Frankie asks for the truth. Chelsea says she did put the file in Shawns room, but she didnt do it for the reason everyone thinks.

Phillip shows up at the station as does Max. Bo says Chelsea is in with Frankie right now, she has a right to an attorney. Phillip leaves to make a call (he calls Shawn). Max thinks Chelsea is innocent. Bo tells Max that hes been where he is, if he trusts Chelsea then hell get kicked in the teeth. Max refuses to believe Chelsea did this. Shawn shows up, he wants to know if this is true? Bo says take it easy. Shawn thanks his dad for calling him, oh wait Phillip did. Bo says he was going to call him when he had more evidence. He tells them all to go home, but nobody is going anywhere. Phillip thinks if she planted the file then she could be guilty for the embryo switch. Phillip and Shawn want Chelsea punished. Max says they arent her judge and jury. Phillip says shell get her day in court, but he wants to make her answer for what she did today. Frankie and Chelsea come out of the room. Shawn tells Chelsea they will make sure she gets what is coming to her and she goes away for a very long time. Everyone begins yelling, Shawn tells Chelsea that she has been a curse on this family ever since she walked into it and has made their lives a living hell. Suddenly Max off and decks Shawn! Chelsea ends up saying she didnt switch the embryos, she didnt falsify the DNA records, all she did was leave the file for them to find. Shawn says are you saying my DNA matches Claire's? Phillip says they already know Shawn never slept with Belle so Chelsea had to fake it. Max says other prints had to be on the file. Bo says everyones prints were on the folder, but only Chelseas prints were on the file inside. Max looks at Chelsea and says she did do it didnt she? Chelsea says she was trying to do something good. Phillip asks how she thought this was doing something good? Chelsea says she didnt know it was fake, she found it while filing. She says she was shocked, and then she found out Shawn was in the hospital and dying. She knows Shawn hates her, but he is her brother and she thought maybe if she could help him somehow that it would make up for things shes done. Chelsea says she thought this would give Shawn something to fight for. She says she knows he still loves Belle, they all do. She says he always has and always will. Phillip has heard enough, he says hes going to take Chelsea to civil court after the regular courts have their way with her. He walks off. Shawn tells Chelsea never call him brother, she is nothing to him. He then walks off. Chelsea asks to talk to Max before Bo takes her statement. They talk in private, Chelsea swears she didnt do this. Max says every time hes believed her shes always made him sorry. Chelsea says she is telling him the truth, hes the only one who has ever stood by her. He says he cant do it anymore, its over. He says hes had enough. He then walks out on her. 

Jack and Jen return to the Spectator to do some research. Jack sees his old desk with all his pencils still there. He sees his old comfy chair. Jack says it feels good to be back here. Jen says he looks good in his old chair, its like no time has passed at all. Jack wonders who this man with a fish in the picture on his desk is. Jen says that is the husband of Mary Sue, his replacement after he died. Jack says well hes back and ready to work. Jen doesnt understand why his mystery informant just bolted from the warehouse. Jack says he bolted because she showed up. Jen also reminds him that he doesnt have a clean bill of health yet, so he shouldn't have been there in the first place. Jack says they will work together on this if it makes her feel better. She wants to go to the police, but he says no way this is a Pulitzer prize winning story. Jack calls up Harold, who is the new editor. He says he and Jen are back and ready to solve a mystery. Jack begins researching the photo of the gun to find the make. He thinks he's matched the gun with one on the net. Jen doesnt think the gun Jack has found matches the photo, he does. He tells her how stubborn she is and they begin arguing about the first time Jennifer waltzed into his news room and demanded a job. Jack admits he only hired her because he was madly in love with her from the moment he saw her. She doesnt know whether to be insulted or not, she thought she got the job because she was good. He says at the time she was engaged to Emilio who had that lions head of hair. Jack also talks about how Jen pressured him into their first kiss. We then see a flashback of their first kiss when Jen locked Jack in his bedroom and demanded the talk about how they felt about one another. Back to reality, Jen doesnt know how shes put up with Jack all these years. He says because he's sexy. She demands he admit he is wrong about the gun or shell walk out the door and never come back. Jack says fine she was right he was wrong, its not the same gun. Jen says now they can get back to work. Jen begins to wonder if this is all a trap, a set-up. Jack doesnt think so. Jack then sees one of his awards is on Mary Sues desk, she gave it to her? Jen says she ended up getting rid of everything after the third time he died because everything made her think of him and cry. She says she brought the award here to see how proud she was of him and to inspire everyone. Jack says well everyone will think it is Mary Sues award. Jen says not if they read her column they wont. He says he wouldnt know, he only reads the obits. She says not funny, this caper could nab him #4. He says hes sorry. Jen says they need to find a make and model on that gun, she thinks they are chasing a giant dead end. Jack doesnt believe so, the guy said he had information on Eves death. Jen says he also said this could get them killed. Jack says he just had to say that. Jen asks how a photo of a gun will lead them to the murder weapon? Jack gets an idea, he says they have to go visit and old friend.

Jack and Jen go to a pawn shop. The owner, Sal, knows Jack. Actually he knew Duke Johnson back in San Quentin. Jack introduces Sal Bandino to Jennifer. Jack explains to Sal why they are here, they need a make on the gun in this photo. Sal asks what it is in it for him? Jack says hell make him an offer he cant refuse. Jen begins rolling her eyes. Sal says these are beauties, rare and not made anymore. However Sal has his ways of finding information out. Sal excuses himself, Jen doesnt like this. Jack says Sal will come through for them. They begin looking around Sals shop at all the old things he has. They find an old typewriter. They think about how it must have been in the old days. Jen thinks about that old movie His Girl Friday with Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell. They begin having a black and white fantasy about investigating a cop killer. As they type their stories, Sal shows up in the office and grabs Jen and demands all their money. Jack says this is a newspaper office, not the bank. Jen suggests Jack show him where the bank is on the map. Jack shows him with the map where the bank is. As he does Jen clobbers him over his head. Back in the real world, Sal shows up with a list of possible owners. He suggests they look over the list and see if anyone rings a bell. They see a name and are shocked, they think this has to be their killer.

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