September 11, 2006
Mimi, Shawn and Bonnie show up at Chez Rouge for dinner. Maggie and Bonnie trade tiffs, Mimi tells her mom that she and Shawn need this night out, they like Chez Rouge and they want to keep coming here. Bonnie says shell be on her best behavior. Mimi sees something is bothering Shawn, what is it? Shawn tells them how the Grand Prix press conference was today and Chelsea was arrested in the middle of it. Shawn says Chelsea is suspected of being the one who left the file. Mimi asks why Chelsea thought theyd fall for that total crap about him being Claires father? Mimi says they all know its not true. Shawn says he knows. Meanwhile Bonnie orders a ton of food, Mimi cant believe how much she's ordered. Bonnie talks about Chelsea and what shes done to Shawn and his family. Bonnie thinks Shawn must want to beat the you know what out of his sister for her latest stunt. Shawn says Chelsea said she was doing him a favor. Bonnie thinks there is a hole in that girl's skull. Bonnie says who would believe Shawn is Claire's father, she is the spitting image of Phillip. Mimi kicks her mom under the table. Shawn says Claire doesnt look like Phillip at all to him. Maggie shows up with the appetizer. Maggie talks about how Claire doesnt look like Belle at all, she must be her daddys daughter. Mimi says she doesnt think babies ever look like their parents. Maggie says shes seen a lot of babies . . . Bonnie asks if they had cameras back when she was born? Mimi says enough! Mimi suggests they agree that Claire is equal parts Belle and Phillip. Mimi then eats the appetizer, she asks what the spice is. Maggie says Rosemary, like as in the movie with Mia Farrow and her baby. Bonnie says they all know who that babys daddy was. Shawn then gets a phone call from his dad. Bo asks him to submit to a DNA test. Shawn asks why, they know hes not Claires father. Bo says this is more about Chelseas guilt than Claires paternity. He agrees to come down to get justice done. Shawn tells Mimi and Bonnie he has to go to the station to take a DNA test. He says its to prove his and Claires DNA doesnt match so they can use it against Chelsea in court. He tells them to order that volcano dessert thing, he'll be back in time. Mimi tells him to hurry back. Shawn leaves and Mimi says she knew this day would come, hell find out the truth and then hell leave her. She says she cant compete with Belle, the love of his life who has given him two children. Bonnie tells Mimi that Shawn loves her, hes always doing nice things for her and getting cozy in between the sheets at home with her. Mimi says why doesnt she use a megaphone, she doesnt think everyone heard her! Bonnie says she knows how to make Shawn happy and that is nothing to be embarrassed about, she gets that from her. Mimi says no offense but dad left her, Mickey left her, is that what she has to look forward to? A lifetime of loneliness? Bonnie says men dont know when they have it good. Bonnie says she never had the sense to go after someone descent, well at least someone who wasnt already married. Mimi doesnt mean to hurt her mom, but if Shawn finds out the truth then she wont be able to hold onto him. Bonnie tells Mimi that she needs to think like a winner, but Mimi says she has no children with Shawn and Belle has two. Mimi says short of pulling a Sami Brady, shes going to lose. Bonnie says a Sami Brady? Mimi says yeah, break into the lab and switch the test results. Bonnie says that is thinking like a winner. Mimi says no that is thinking like a criminal, shes been in jail before and she didnt like it. Bonnie says shell just find out which lab the police use to check the DNA. She says she knows people from all her years cleaning houses, she has connections. Mimi says Shawn is her husband and this is her life, stay out of it and no dirty tricks. Bonnie says this isnt committing a murder, its saving a marriage. Bonnie says life doesnt come up roses then sometimes you have to dig in the dirt first. Mimi says everything shes planted has wilted. Bonnie says she did good with her, Patrick and Connor. Mimi says yeah she taught them to lie when they get in a jam. Mimi says thats worked well for her, she lied to Rex and to Shawn. Mimi thinks she should have learned her lesson. Bonnie says shes not lying anymore, she knows as much as he does about Claire. Mimi says she cant do this anymore, she wishes she had told Shawn the truth months ago. Bonnie begs her not to tell Shawn the truth. Mimi says hell find out anyway, its over. Bonnie tells Mimi that if she thinks telling the truth is the right thing to do then shell support her. Mimi tells her mom she gave in way too fast, if she is up to something . . . Bonnie swears shes not up to anything. Bonnie says the only thing shes up to is snacking on that chocolate volcano cake. Mimi tells her mom that she better not be up to anything stupid. Bonnie says shes not, lighten up or shell get frown lines. Shawn returns (from his ordeal below). Mimi asks how it went? He says it was pretty standard, they swabbed the cheek and sent it to the lab. Bonnie asks which lab, but he says they didnt say. Bonnie says shes going to leave them to enjoy dessert themselves. She thanks Shawn and Mimi for a wonderful dinner and runs off. Mimi asks Shawn when the test results get back? Shawn says what does it matter, they know hes not Claires father.

At the station, Chelsea sticks to her story claiming it is the truth. She says she found the DNA tests and thought they were real, she put them in Shawn's cubicle so he could find them. She says she was trying to let Shawn know the truth. Bo says if Shawn was Claires father wouldnt this information be in her folder already? Wouldnt everyone know? Chelsea says she doesnt know, but she doesnt want him thinking for one second that she had anything to do with the embryo switch. She says that is disgusting. Frankie says shes said enough, he says they should go. Bo would like a minute alone with Chelsea as a father. Frankie refuses, but Chelsea says its okay. Frankie tells Bo to play fair. Frankie leaves, Chelsea says yell at her if he wants, but dont look at her in that way. He asks what way? Bo says what way, like she took his sons life and didnt pay for it? Like she ruined his marriage and is trying to ruing Shawns life? He says this time she wont get away with it, this time she will pay, he promises, father to daughter. Chelsea says she did what she did for Shawn, hes her brother and she cares about him. He says Zack was her brother too. Chelsea says she knows she can never make up what she did to Zack or to him or Hope. However she says she wants to be a part of this family. Bo says Mmm Hmmm. Chelsea says she misses him, shes trying to be the person he wanted her to be. Bo says if that were true then he wouldnt have had to bring her in. He says he doesnt believe her and no one else will. Bo says if these charges stick then she will go away for a long time. She asks how hell make the charges stick, he has no proof against her. He says hers were the only prints available on that file. Chelsea says that proves she had the file, it doesnt prove she made up the report. She asks if he has evidence that she made it up? What if the report is true. Bo says they can easily find out by checking Shawns DNA against Claires. Chelsea says do it, hell find out shes not lying. Bo calls Shawn, who heads to the station for the test.

Billie shows up at the station and learns Chelsea is in with Bo. Billie is not pleased, she asks Frankie how he could let this happen. Frankie says hes in a difficult position. Billie is afraid Bo will do or say something he will regret. Later Billie is allowed to see Chelsea, Bo gives them time alone. Chelsea swears she didnt do this, Billie believes her. She says dad hates her. Billie says he doesnt and neither does she. Chelsea says she doesnt get how life works sometimes. She says she only came across that file because she was doing her community service. She says she wasnt trying to hurt anyone, she wanted to make Shawn feel better. Billie says that reasoning doesnt make sense to many people. Chelsea says she killed his little brother. Billie says he was her little brother too. Chelsea says she doesnt get to say that, she didnt know him long enough. She says when Zak died a part of Shawn did too. She says then Shawn was admitted and she heard the nurses saying Shawn could die. She says Bo and Hope had been through enough. She says she thought this information would give him hope to live, thats why she left the file for him. Billie says she believes her she does, shes just trying to take this in. Chelsea says however nobody believes her, Shawn and Belle think they never slept together. She says she didnt do this just for Shawn, she wanted to do something good. Billie says so this was her good deed? Chelsea says the first and the last time she does anything nice. Billie says there is an old saying, no good deed goes unpunished. Billie says sometimes when you do a good deed it gets misinterpreted. She says then one doesnt want to do good anymore, its human nature. Billie says sometimes good deeds take awhile to hit their mark, and neither of them are known for their patience. She says if Chelsea gives Shawn time then hell know she wasnt trying to hurt him. Chelsea says Shawn isnt the only one she hurt, Max dumped her. Chelsea says he didnt believe her, he left her like everyone. Billie promises she will never leave her. They hug, Chelsea says they can be old maids together. Billie says she is not an old maid! Chelsea says she just feels like she can never catch a break in this town. Billie tells Chelsea that something good will come from this because she took a chance. Billie swears it will work out.

Shawn has shown up and submits to the test. Bo says hell call him when the results are in, he doesnt have to stick around. Frankie wants to know the results as well. Shawn asks Frankie why he is defending Chelsea? Is he that hard up for cash? Frankie says people are innocent until . . . Shawn knows, but how much proof do people need? Shawn hopes his dad holds onto the proof this time. Bo says if shes guilty then shell be held responsible. Shawn says if? Frankie tells Shawn sometimes things dont work out the way you want them to, trust him on that. Later Bo tries to talk with Shawn. He knows how having a baby with someone else while married to another person is tough. Bo says that is why he said he drank so much. Shawn says Mimi freaked out, she tried to set limits on him seeing his kid. Shawn says he wont be hands off though. Bo says if he sees the baby he has to see the mom, can he be hands off with Belle? Shawn tells him not to act like he knows how hes feeling? Bo says you mean like a father might? Shawn says what he did has nothing to do for his feelings for Belle. Bo says so she has feelings for her? Shawn says stop interrogating him. He tells his dad that he has his sample, hes leaving. 

Bo makes a call asking for an escort for a DNA sample to the lab. Billie and Chelsea show up, Billie asks if Chelsea is free to go? Bo says yes, but she cant leave town. He says the DNA sample is on the way to the lab and then this whole mess will be cleared up. Chelsea and Bo give one another looks of anger.

At the pawn shop, Jen tells Jack they have to go to the police right now. Jack says they cant just do that. He says theyll go to Roman and give him what they have and what will Roman say? Jen says hell says you call this proof? Jack says they need more evidence, evidence nobody can sneeze at. Jen doesnt like the look on Jacks face. Jack says its time to contact deep throat. He tells her to trust him. She says famous last words Jack. Jen says they dont know his name or phone number. Sal offers to put word out amongst his colleagues. Jack tells him to go for it. Sal doesnt do anything, Jen says hes waiting for something. Sal hold outs his hand and says hes so poor. Jack says he has no more money. Sal offers to take his watch, Jen hands it over. Jack says the things hell do for a Pulitzer. While they wait for news, Sal sets up a checker game for them to play. Jen says she beats Jack all the time, but Jack begs to differ. They end up arguing over the game, Sal tells them that they are driving him nutso. He says go to Tommys Gym and fight properly! Jack agrees theyll leave only if Sal promises to call if he gets news from his contacts.

Jack and Jen go back to the office where they begin typing background notes for the story. Jack is waiting for the phone to ring. Jen says a watched phone never rings, he knows that. Jack loves being back at work, he feels reborn, he feels like a new man. Jen thinks this may not be a great idea, what if hes not in remission. Jack says they should just wait for the facts. Jen says maybe they should call. Jack says no, hes going to live for now and nobody knows how long they have. Jen says but what if . . . Jack says what if they just take this moment and work on the story and appreciate it. As Jack reads what hes written, his phone rings. Jack answers, deep throat wants to meet again at the warehouse. Jack and Jen take off. 

Jack and Jen return to the warehouse. Jack tells Jen not to take this the wrong way, but Deep Throat wasnt thrilled to see her before. He doesnt think she should be here right now. As they go into the warehouse, both are arguing. Jack doesnt want to be responsible if something  happens to his kids' mother. She says hes one to talk. Jack says indulge a sick man. Jen says hes in remission, she knows it. She also says this illness hasnt made him any less frustrating. Jack says he just doesnt want anything to happen to her, understand that. She says she does. They hear someone come in, they quickly hide behind some crates. Jack goes to investigate what is going on. Jack tries to talk to Mr. Throat, he asks if they can give him any more information. Suddenly men jump out, grab Jack and Jen, throw sacks over their heads and drags them off.


September 12, 2006

EJ is walking on the pier. Hes on the phone talking to Sami saying it was another false lead. EJ says there is no sign of him down here, but dont give up hope. He says he knows theyll find Will. EJ hears something and says he has to go. He finds Chelsea, who appears strung out on the steps of the pier. She says go away Max, I dont need you. He helps her up and suspects her of drinking. He realizes he doesnt smell booze on her, so he wonders what shes taken. Chelsea says she doesnt remember. He goes through her purse and finds ecstasy. Chelsea says oh yeah! He asks where she got this as it is a dangerous drug. She says the minimart down the street. He says this can ruin her life and throws it off the pier. She says she paid good money for that. He says this isnt a solution for what happened at the press conference. Chelsea says what happens in her life isnt his business. He says it is her parents business though. Chelsea ends up storming off.

Drugged out Chelsea goes to the Cheatin' Heart to try and get a drink, but EJ follows her and wont let her drink. Chelsea tells EJ for a hot race car driver, hes a drag just like Max. Hes just glad shes not behind the wheel of a car this evening. She says is that why he followed her, to make sure she didnt run over someone again? Chelsea says she feels great and she is ready to party. As usual Chelsea throws herself at some guys on the dance floor. EJ eventually puts an end to things, which upsets the guys. Chelsea tells them not to fight over her as there is enough to go around. Chelsea ends up dancing with EJ and pulls him into a kiss! EJ asks her why shes not with Max? Chelsea says because he broke up with her. Chelsea says why waste time on a relationship that is going nowhere. EJ thought Max cared for her. Chelsea says that was before she became the psycho stalking Shawn, and now she is responsible for everything bad including wills kidnapping. EJ says he knows for a fact shes not terrorizing her family. She says he knows more than everyone else then, why is that? EJ says well he was with her when Sami got her phone call at the wedding. Chelsea says so thats why she left Austin. Chelsea begins shivering, she says its like freezing in here. EJ says hell take care of her.

EJ walks Chelsea home, shes beginning to pass out. He tells her that she needs to promise never to take this again. She says sure. She says everything is spinning? EJ wants Chelsea to call Max in the morning and work things out. She says Max who?

Kayla surprises Steve with a romantic dinner at the Salem Inn. He thinks this is expensive and pricey. Kayla says she just thought they deserved a treat. They sit down and try to enjoy dinner. Steve doesnt know how to deal with all the forks. She says the first course is one of his favorites. He looks at it and says this is raw fish isnt it? She says not exactly, its marinated. She tells him to try it. He does, he talks about the interesting texture. Kayla says room service is great but she misses cooking for herself. She says she loves cooking, she learned from her mom. Kayla says she cant think about cooking without having a place with a kitchen. Steve says he saw a motel with some kitchenettes. Kayla was thinking about something more permanent, like a home in Salem. Steve says she doesnt want to go back to LA? She says her family is here, Stephanie is here and he is here. She says he did say he was staying. Steve says that is what he said. Kayla says she was thinking after dinner they could look for houses. Steve doesnt think hes in the market for a place in the suburbs, especially since it isnt the life theyll be living together. Kayla is unhappy, he says he doesnt mean to say theyll never live together. She asks what he meant then. Steve says right now he needs some space to figure things out and to get to know her again. She says she understands that. Steve thinks he ruined this evening that she went to a lot of trouble for. Kayla says its no trouble, they should get back to dinner. She says the main course is another one of his favorites. He thinks its steak, its some French dish. He tries it, he says its damn good. He says usually he eats steak with just steak sauce, this is different. He says usually hes a meat and potatoes man. Kayla says it took a long time for him to acquire tastes for a lot of things, she thinks it will come back. Kayla then proposes a toast to reconnecting with their pasts and to their future. Later she gets desert ready, peach pie, which again was his favorite. Kayla tells him that she knows it seems they dont have anything in common, but she does come from working class blue color people. Steve says he comes from non-working people apparently. Kayla says the past doesnt matter, all that is important is who they are. She thinks Steve will realize they belong together like he did before. He asks if shes always this optimistic? She says she has been known to see the good in people. Steve wonders what her family thought to find out she was mixed up with him. He says he didnt care what they thought, she saw a good, caring and loving man who had been hurt. She says he was vulnerable too, he wouldnt let anyone get close to him. Steve asks what changed? She says he did, he finally trusted her. She says it happened the day she let her take his patch off. We see a flashback of Kayla tending to Steve after he fell off a boat and got a concussion. He didnt want her to take it off, she told him to trust her and he did. Kayla tells Steve that he let her see a part of him that he kept hidden from the rest of the world. She says she realized that second that she loved him inside and out, and she still does. Kayla then kisses Steve. Steve eventually pulls away. She asks if hes remembering something? Did he feel something? They kiss some more, but he stops again. He tells her this is wrong, hes not the same man she knew. He says he wont let her kid herself into thinking he is. He says hes not the man she fell for, that guy is dead and isnt coming back. Kayla says that isnt true. Steve says shes a nice person so steer clear of him. She says she cant do that. He says hes not giving her a choice here. He says this wont work and walks out on her. After he leaves Kayla throws some glasses across the room. 

Max is boozing it up at the pub. Billie shows up to talk to him. She says take it from her, drowning his sorrows doesnt work. She knows what happened and she doesnt mean to butt in, but is he sure he wants to cut Chelsea lose without giving her the benefit of the doubt? He says how many times has he done that and got burned? Billie says Chelsea is innocent this time, not only why would she doctor a file but how could she? Max doesnt know, all he knows is that hes had enough. He says he cant keep defending her. Billie says Chelsea is devastated. Max says hes sure she is, shes now looking at a jail sentence. Billie says no shes devastated over losing him and Billies afraid of what she might do. Billie says Chelsea tends to go off the deep end. Max doesnt mean to be cold but its not his problem anymore, they are through. Stephanie walks in, hears this and smiles. Stephanie quickly butts in, she says she didnt mean to overhear. She thought he and Chelsea were getting along, is this about the press conference? Max says yes. Billie thinks Stephanie can help convince him this is a mistake. Billie says he stood by Chelsea when she killed Zack. Max says that was an accident, this wasnt. Billie says this time she did something good and people will be sorry when they realize that. Max doesnt think so, Chelsea is who she is and will never change. Max asks Billie if she honestly believes Chelsea is innocent? Billie does believe it. Billie says Chelsea told her and she knows her daughter. Billie says she knows when Chelsea is lying and she knows Chelsea is trying to be a better person. Billie says shes not the same girl who wouldnt take responsibility for Zack or wrote fake emails to Bo and Hope. This is of course news to Max, he didnt know about the emails. Max demands to know what she did, Billie explains it all. Max cant believe her. Billie says Chelsea was terrified back then that shed go to jail if Bo and Hope got together. Max says that is no excuse, and Chelsea is single handedly responsible for Bo and Hopes break-up. Billie says shes not, when Hope found out about the emails she still asked Bo for a divorce. Max says too much had happened thanks to Chelsea. Max says she is responsible for breaking Bo and Hope up in the first place and then keeping them apart. He says he doesnt want that kind of person in his life. Billie says she guesses hes made up his mind. She says hell regret it when he finds out the truth, but she wishes him the best. She says if he cant be happy with Chelsea then she hopes Max finds someone who will make him happy. Billie then leaves. Stephanie wonders why Chelsea would do this. Max says she must hate Shawn so much that shed do anything. He says Shawn and Phillip think Chelsea may have switched the embryos too. Stephanie says if that is true then shes beyond sick. Stephanie says shes sorry, she knows Max loved her. Stephanie says Chelsea needs a lot of help. Max says he knows and its not his job to save her, she has to do that herself. Max says she didnt come here for this. Stephanie says she did, she came here as she thought he might need support. He says thats a twist, a girl who doesnt play games. She suggests he just meets the wrong girls. He says maybe. She orders them comfort food, chili cheese fries. They end up talking about Stephanie having her dad back and how happy she is that hes back in her and her moms life. She feels they were meant to be together. Kayla eventually shows up, she asks them if they have seen Steve? They havent. Stephanie asks if something is wrong? Kayla says she hopes not. Kayla explains what happened tonight with Steve. Stephanie says maybe he needed time to himself. Kayla says shes sure its nothing to worry about, perhaps she tried too hard. She decides to find Steve and make this right.

Steve heads to the pier and plays the blues on his harmonica. Billie is there and tells him that hes really good. He says he cant remember his past but can play this like hes done it his whole life. He asks why shes out here? She says she likes it here, he agrees. Billie says she was at the pub, Stephanie is there. Steve says oh yeah . . . She asks if its a touchy subject? He says its complicated now. Steve says hes flied solo for so long that he feels the need to keep it that way. She asks what about Kayla? He says its not working out. He says he had dinner with her tonight and it just wont work. Billie says shes sorry. Steve says he cant give her what she needs. He says besides he has too much to do to be tied down. Billie asks what he has to do? He says he has to kick her butt at darts again. Billie says hey shes good at other things. She says shes good at shooting, pinball, Parcheesi, oh and picking unavailable men. She says like him shes flying solo. He says shes sworn off all men? She says no shes all about romance and living in the moment. Steve thinks they think a lot alike. They they kiss!


September 13, 2006
Hope shows up on a plane to meet Patrick. She says she got his message to meet him here. He says she looks beautiful. She asks what is going on, she thought they were having dinner. Patrick says they are, its a special dinner. Hope assumed the Penthouse Grill or Chez Rouge, not a private plane. He says they arent eating here, they are eating in New York. Hope says nobody has ever done anything like this for her. She says she and Bo used to sail up the coast, but this is a whole other thing. Patrick says that is the point, it's something new. Hope says this is expensive though, he was worried about the rent just the other day. Patrick says he called in a special favor, this is free. The pilot says they are ready for take off. Patrick asks Hope if she wants to go, she says she does. They take their seats and Patrick tells her to get ready for a whole new adventure. Patrick has a surprise in-flight snack for Hope, most of which is organic and healthy aside from a homemade chocolate chip cookie. He asks her if shes given any thought to names for the baby? Hope hasnt, Shawn Douglas was named after his grandfathers and Zack was Lexie and Abes choice. He suggests Addie for a girl, after Hopes mother. She thanks him for that and everything else hes done for her. Later Hope decides to put the meal away as shes stuffed. Patrick says this night is about him doing things for her, hell do it. They both get up, the plane hits some turbulence and they fall onto the sofa where they kiss. Later Patrick has another surprise for her. Hope says let her guess, jetting off to Paris for desert? Patrick says he should have thought of that. He surprises her with a baby basket filled with gifts. Hope loves it, she saw one of the gifts in the store and says it was so expensive. Hope asks Patrick where hes getting all this money? She says she knows what rookie cops make, and before that he was having money problems. She says she doesnt want him ending in credit card debt because of her. He says he has money put away, but Hope says he should be saving for his and the babys future. Patrick assures her there will always be enough money. Hope says there are things that could happen, he doesnt know. Patrick says he wasnt born with a trust fund, his mom has taught him how to survive. He says hes always made do and always will. Hope knows Patrick was accused of being up to no good by a lot of people when he first came to town, but she knows he has a good heart. Patrick says he loves her, he always has and always will. Hope tells Patrick that he knows shes not ready for a long term commitment. She says she hasnt even divorced Bo yet. He says he knows, he didnt mean to pressure her. He says this trip was to relax her and take her mind off the hearing. She says it has, but its complicated. He asks if shes still going through with it? Hope says she and Bo will always have a special connection. She says when Shawn was in the hospital he was wonderful, it was like they were a family again. Patrick reminds her that he didnt show up at the ultrasound. Hope says she knows, and she cant forget what Bo did in regards to Chelsea. Patrick asks if she still thinks Bo stole the evidence? Hope says part of her does, but shell never be able to trust him as long as she doesnt know for sure. Patrick says they may never know who took the disk. Hope says she knows. She says she cant spend her life waiting, she has to think about her life and this baby. Hope tells Patrick that she is going through with the divorce tomorrow. 

Bo runs into Kayla outside the pub, he asks if she is the night watchman or did she lose her keys? Kayla says she was going to look for Steve. She explains to Bo how shes been trying hard to get Steve to remember. Bo says it will take some time. Kayla says that Steve told her it wouldnt work out, to forget about him because he wasnt the man she wanted him to be. Bo says maybe he freaked out. Kayla says she did something stupid, she planned a dinner for them at the Salem Inn and pushed him too far. Bo decides Kayla shouldn't go looking for Steve alone on the pier. Kayla says she worked down at the Riverfront Clinic. Bo says and she was attacked. Kayla says yes, but Steve was there for her. She says she has to be here for him now. Bo and Kayla head off to look for Steve.

On the pier, Steve and Billie are kissing and enjoying the moment, they arent worrying about the past or the future. Billie suggests they go somewhere to get to know one another better. Steve tells her to lead the way. They then take off together.

Bo and Kayla are at the Cheatin Heart looking for Steve, nobody has seen them. Kayla wonders if maybe hes left town, maybe hes gone back to Cincinnati. Bo says last time he did that he came back. Kayla says maybe he misses his friends and that bar he used to go to. Bo says bring him here then. Kayla says she would if she could find him. She says she has a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. She talks about like this is high school all over again, she talks about having a crush on this guy Charlie Hannaman. Bo remembers, she locked herself in the bathroom crying over him. They eventually leave to look for Steve some more. Right as they leave Billie and Steve show up. Steve says this is his kind of place, Billie thought it would be. Billie goes to the bar, the bartender says he hasnt seen her around in a long time, where has she been hiding? She says shes not hiding anymore. He says he can see that and she is looking good. Billie says thanks. She looks over at Steve and says shes feeling good too. Steve puts on the Trick Pony remake of Its a Heartache which both he and Billie like. Steve wonders what else they have in common, what other games does Billie like to play? She says pinball. He asks if she wants anything stronger to drink? She says no she doesnt drink. He asks if shes AA, but she says no. She says drugs were her problem, she just doesnt want to tempt fate. She also says they wont serve her here anymore anyways. He asks what happened, she says she caused trouble in a friends marriage. He asks if it was a good friend? She says Bo and Hope Brady. Billie says she has a reputation here in Salem. He laughs and says shes a bad girl? Billie says shes serious. Steve says from what he sees of Bo, hes a one woman dude. She says yes and that woman is Hope. She says shes accepted it and that part of her life is over. Steve asks if shes sure, Billie kisses him to prove it. Billie stops herself, she says she cant do this. Steve asks why not, what is wrong? Billie says this is wrong because of Kayla. Steve says he told her that wont happen. Billie says technically they are still married. She says she will not be the other woman again, she wont do it to them or to her. Billie says she is sorry and this is her fault. She says shell stick to sparkling water and single men. Billie says she cant be involved with someone involved with someone else. Steve says he doesnt remember being with Kayla. Billie thinks he could remember. Steve doubts it, but Billie says shes been through this before with Hope and Bo. Billie says she doesnt want to be a temporary substitute. He says shes not, and he likes her. Billie says she likes him to, shes attracted to him, but it has to end there .Steve says okay hell respect that, but just have one dance with him as a farewell. Billie says one dance. 

Kayla and Bo continue looking around the pier. Kayla thinks it is over, that shes a wacko for chasing after him like this. Bo says shes not a wacko. He does suggests they give him time, perhaps hell realize he made a mistake walking out on her. Kayla isnt so sure, he could have left Salem. Bo doubts that. Kayla says when she first met Nick it was like the old Steve, she thought it would be like falling all over again. She says maybe too much has happened though. Bo doesnt think that will happen, deep inside he loves her and hell realize that. Kayla asks what if it doesnt, what if shes been reunited with him only to lose him all over again. She says they only had five years together, hes had fifteen on his on without her or his daughter. Bo says inside hes the same person. Kayla says he isnt, new memories and experiences have replaced the ones that were special to him. Bo says his memory might be gone but his heart is the same. He says a heart is like a compass, it is always pointed in the right direction, all you have to do is follow it. Bo says he knows Steve, she just has to find that chink in his armor. He tells Kayla that she and Steve are soul mates, they will wind up together. Kayla wonders if hes talking about her and Steve or him and Hope? Bo says both. Kayla asks how things are going? Bo says she did invite him to the ultrasound, but he was late and she invited her boy scout. Bo says hes getting closer to prove his innocence, he just needs to get that disc to have solid evidence. He says his divorce hearing is tomorrow but he will stop it, hell prove to her that he didnt steal that evidence. Kayla offers her help in anyway. Bo says thanks. He says Steve has been helping him, proving he is a romantic. Kayla says he doesnt have to tell her. Bo says its like Ma always said, you have to have faith. He knows she cant give up anymore than he can. Kayla says she cant give up, Steve is her soul mate. She says if she believes in that then it will all work out. Bo says yes. He hugs her and tells her that he loves her. Kayla thanks him for the pep talk. She says she wouldnt have met Steve if it wasnt for him. Bo wonders how he turned out the way he did when she was so classy. Kayla says he doesnt want the answer to that question. They trade insults about the people they dated as kids. Bo and Kayla decide to go to the Cheatin Heart and have a drink, Bo thinks Kayla can help him with his case. He thinks Kayla could find a way to talk Hope out of this divorce. 

Bo and Kayla walk into the Cheatin Heart only to see Billie and Steve slow dancing. Kayla tells Steve well it looks like hes enjoying himself! Billie tries to say this is nothing, but Kayla wont hear it. She tells Steve shes been looking everywhere for him but apparently she shouldnt have worried because hes just fine. Billie says it was just a dance. Bo says Steve is a married man! Steve says dont jump all over Billie. Bo says whether Steve remembers it or not he is a married man. Steve doesnt want to hurt Kayla. He says she has all these plans and it is too much. He says he needed space and so he took off. Bo says and straight to Billie. Billie swears it is nothing, its just a dance. She says she already told Steve she didnt want to come between them. Kayla realizes Steve wanted something to happen with Billie. Steve says nothing. Kayla tells Steve what he said to her in that hotel room was right, hes not the man she knew. Kayla storms off and Bo warns Steve hell regret it if he hurts his sister again. Bo then takes off after Kayla. Billie tells Steve that he may not remember being married to Kayla, but there is nothing wrong with her memory and she doesnt want to hurt Kayla. Steve doesnt either, but she heard Kayla, hes not the man she loved. Billie says she doesnt know what to say. Steve says she doesnt have to say anything, he thinks they understand one another and she knows hes right. He doesnt know what hell do about his marriage, but he feels the two of them arent done yet.

Bo offers to drive Kayla back to the inn for the night. She says no her car is here and she can do it. She says she got through losing Steve once and she can do it again. Bo says she wont lose him. He says Billie isnt interested in him. Kayla says Steve will just find someone else then. Bo says he wont, somewhere inside him Steve knows he is still her husband. Bo  asks if hes ever lied to her? She says about a thousand times. He says has he ever lied about something serious? She says no. He says things will work out for her. Kayla thinks things will work out for him and Hope too. Kayla wishes him luck tomorrow. Bo vows to find the disk, there wont be a hearing or a divorce. 


September 14, 2006
At the pub Frankie is on the phone. He phones someone and asks them to messenger Hope Bradys file over to the courthouse for him. Frankie asks Lisa (the waitress) if his parents are home. Abby happens to be sitting in the pub, she says they went to mass. She says Mrs. Brady wanted to light a candle for Bo and Hope. Frankie says well this is on her then. He asks her to wait here until his parents get here. She says she is studying, she has a test in an hour. Frankie says they have a problem, Jen and Jack didnt come home last night. Abby says yes! Frankie says this isnt a reason to celebrate. She says maybe not for him, but his parents spending the night together is plenty a reason for her to be happy. She says she bets they spent the night together. Frankie is worried, he thinks they could be in trouble. Abby says her dad has saved her mom like a hundred times. She says if there is a problem then her dad will fix it. She thinks they are off on a romantic night, thats why they got a sitter for JJ. Frankie says he just wants to make sure her parents are safe and he needs her to help look for them. He wants Abby to tell his parents or Bo what is going on. Abby says no way, her mom is with her dad and she doesnt need Frankie and the Brady Posse coming for them. Abby says there is no problem, her parents are together having a great time and he cant stand it. She says if he wants a search party sent out then go for it, she wont participate though. She knows hes just worried her mom will get back with her dad. Frankie admits he is worried about that, but right now he just wants to know they are safe. Frankie says if they were gone then they would have left a number to be reached with the test results. Frankie says yesterday her dad was very weak after his tests, far too weak to go on a romantic getaway. She says hes lying. Frankie asks if hes ever lied to her? Frankie says hed like to believe they are on a romantic getaway, its better than thinking they could be in danger. Abby asks what she can do to help. Frankie says until they are missing for 24 hours then there is nothing that can legally be done. Frankie needs Abby to tell his parents or Bo what is going on as he has to go to court. She says she will reschedule the test. She thanks Frankie for caring so much about her mom. Frankie says they'll be okay, they hug.

Jack and Jen are tied to a pole, they are back to back. Jen asks where they are? He says a woodshed somewhere in North America. Jack asks Jen how she can fall asleep while being kidnapped? She says it was dark and they were in a trunk. She wonders how far they are from home, Jack says a few hours. Jen wonders why Deep Throat did this to them. Jack says excellent question. He then asks her now that shes experienced what its like to be a reporter again, does she miss the good old days? Jen says its a wonder that the two of them ever got any work done. We see more flashbacks of classic Jack and Jen Spectator days. Jen tells Jack yes she does miss it, but she also remembers why she stopped missing it. They soon begin arguing about the kids and their parenting skills. Jen says when they decided to have kids they decided they would change their lives, but he never changed his ways. She says hes the fun parent, hes never in the trenches with the kids. She says he also has a habit of not being around. She says Frankie knows JJ better than he does. Jack asks if she is saying that is his fault? She says its not his fault that he got sick, but it is his fault he wasnt around for months. Jen says those moments should have been precious to him, but he chose to leave them to spare them the pain. Jen says if he knew her then he would have known that isnt what she wanted. She says he was selfish as always. Jack says hes sorry. Jen says he always say that, but nothing has changed. She says he could be alive and in remission, but instead of being home with their family he wants to chase a lead. Jack says a police officer is dead, Will is missing and Bo and Hopes marriage is on the line here. He says she chose to come with him as well. Jen says because she didnt want to sit home and being worried sick about him. Jack says she would have been home with Frankie. He wonders if with him is where she wants to be? He says Frankie probably thinks they ran off together, would that be a bad thing? Jen says it would. He says so she really cares about Frankie? Jen says yes and she reminds him that he wanted this. Jack says he wanted her to be happy. Jen says shes been unfaithful to him, does he think that makes her happy? Jack says he doesnt blame her. She says she blames him! She says Frankie put his whole life on hold for Jack. She says when she married Frankie she said he (Jack) was her true love, she was honest about that. He asks if that has changed? She says she doesnt know. She says she cant walk away from her sick husband. She says she does love him, but she also loves having Frankie in her life. Suddenly Jack is able to free them from the ropes. Jen says she should call Frankie and tell him what is going on, but she soon finds out her cell phone is gone. Jen suggests they just get out of here. Jen opens the door and walks out, Jack soon follows after picking up a piece of wood for a weapon.

Jack and Jen stumble upon a cabin. Jen knocks on the door to see if anyone is home, nobody answers. Jack decides to try and break the door down, but he only hurts his arm in the process. Jack then looks at the cabin, he wonders if this is the same place . . . . Jen says dont take a trip down memory lane. Jack thinks this is the same cabin where she gave birth to Abby. He thinks if it is the same cabin then theyll know where they are. Jen says they were lost then and they are lost now. Jack says at least its not raining. Jack tries to touch her, she says stop it. She tells him not to touch her, not to smile at her, not to be charming. He asks what shes scared of? She says Frankie is probably worried about them. She says he made her fall for Frankie and now he wants her to break his heart. Jack thinks he shouldnt have come back. She says yes he should have, but she has changed and shes realized that. Jack says hes changed too, but he knows part of them still feels the same way about each other and their work. Jack knows she felt that desire to live on the edge. She says she doesnt, she wants to be home with a husband she can count on. Jack says that would be Frankie. Jen says Frankie has been there for teenage backtalk, dirty diapers, colds, flues and other things. She says she loves Frankie very much. Jen soon realize someone is inside the cabin. They bang on the door screaming for help. Jack asks Jen if shes sure she saw someone in there? Jack thinks shes trying to get out of answering his question as to who she would choose. Jen says dont be ridiculous. She says she was a single mom and thought shed be happy being single, but now she has two men who love her and who she loves. Suddenly the door opens and an old woman points a gun at them asking who the hell they are? She says they shoot trespassers around here! They explain they were kidnapped and are trying to get home. The old woman says she doesn't want that trouble here. They explain they are reporters. The old woman says well that is a trophy for her wall. She fires her gun, Jack and Jen go down. 

At the station Bo is trying to sift through evidence in the Eve Michael's case. Bo says his divorce hearing is about to start any minute. Abe tells him hell finish this. Bo says he needs to find the disk. Abe says it wasnt in any of Eves belongings. Abe says whoever hired Eve has the disk. Bo says if he shows up without the disk then hell lose everything. Abe tells Bo to remember his training, what do you do when you dont have a primary piece of evidence. Bo says you look for secondary evidence. Abe says yes. He says Roman has unproven evidence that Kate bribed Eve. Abe says they need to try and prove the bribe happened. They look through Eves things and find a 9 digit number, which they think could be a bank account. 

Meanwhile Patrick has shown up, he talks with Tek about the shoe print lead he gave him. Tek says he cant discuss this case with him any further. Bo shows up and asks Patrick what hes doing here? Patrick says checking on the Eve Michaels case. Bo says hes a rookie and doesnt belong here, get out. Patrick asks what hes scared of, is he afraid hell take his job like he took his wife?  Bo goes to attack him, Abe breaks up the fight. Later Bo is getting dressed for the hearing, hes hoping the lab techs will get back with him about that number in time to save his marriage. Bo soon gets word from the lab, the numbers arent for a bank account. Abe decides to call in some more people to find out what the numbers are. Abe tells him to go save his marriage. Bo is about to head off when Abby shows up. She tells Bo shes glad she found him, her parents are missing. Abby explains what is going on to Bo and Abe, her parents never came home. She says shes is scared, what if Wills kidnapper took her parents?

At the courthouse Alice and Maggie have shown up, Hope thanks them for being here to support her. They tell her that they arent here for the reason she thinks, they came here to stop her from divorcing Bo. Hope says they wont change her mind. Maggie says sometimes divorce is the only option, but other times its just running away. Hope says she didnt want her marriage to end up like this. She hates that she has to walk away from the father of her kids. She says she still loves Bo, but he didnt leave her a choice. She says Bo is the reason Zack is dead. Maggie says Bo made a mistake giving Chelsea the keys, but how could he have known what would happen? Hope says hes a cop, he should have known what could have happened. She says it did happen and she wanted justice for Zack. She says she can understand Bo wanting to protect his daughter, but what about protecting her son? She says when Bo stole the disk it was the last straw. Alice says she doesnt really think Bo did that did she? Hope says she does believe he stole it. She says she wants badly to believe in him, but she cant. She says if she did believe in him then she wouldnt be here. Maggie says the death of a child can cause problems in a marriage and one should never make life altering decisions in the wake of such a tragedy. Hope says she is here because of what Bo did in regards to Chelsea not because Zack died. Hope tells them that neither of them know what this is like. Hope walks out, Maggie goes after Hope to talk to her. Maggie tells Hope that she is right, she doesnt know. Hope says shes sorry. She says she know Gran lost Addie, but she got to see her grow up. Hope says losing your child at a young age is a terrible feeling. She says shes tired of waking up and missing her baby. Shes tired of going to bed aching for him. She thinks this pain will never go away. Maggie tells her that she will make it through this journey, and when she comes out on the other side of it then she will realize she needs Bo. Hope and Maggie return to the courtroom. Hope tells them that her marriage to Bo is over, if she cant trust him then how can she be married to him? Patrick walks in and says she cant. Hope thanks Patrick for coming. Alice thinks Patrick is here to make sure Hope doesnt change her mind. Alice tells Patrick that she has his number. Hope says Gran! Patrick says he sees where Hope gets her feistiness. Patrick knows they have a history with Bo, but hes also hurt Hope. Patrick says he just wants to take care of Hope. Maggie says Hope takes care of herself and she has her family to help her. Alice says and Bo will always be her family. Frankie shows up and he talks with Hope. He tells a nosey Patrick to back off, this doesnt concern him. To himself Patrick says thats what you think. Frankie asks Hope if she wants to do this? Hope says she doesnt want to, but how can she back out. Frankie says she doesnt have to decide today. Frankie gets a call and excuses himself. Patrick then reminds Hope that her lawyer is Bos brother. Frankie gets a call from Bo, he says Abby just walked in saying Jack and Jen are missing. Frankie says hes supposed to be here. Court is starting, Frankie tells Bo to get down here now. Bo says he cant, Frankie needs to stall. Frankie asks Hope if she thought about what he said? Hope says she needs to talk to Bo before going forward. Frankie says right now hes stuck at the station. Hope says well now she knows what she has to do, its over for good. The judge arrives and the case begins. 

Back at the station Abe makes a breakthrough in the Eve Michaels case. Bo learns Jack and Jen were working on the Eve Michaels murder case for the Spectator, they went to meet some deep throat and that is when they went missing. Bo puts out an APB on Jack and Jen, Abby hears this and panics. 


September 15 , 2006
Out in the woods, Jack and Jen are on the ground, Jack is not coming too. The old woman says Goodbye and good riddens! She heads back into her house. Jen asks Jack to answer her, to open his eyes. Jack is fine, hes only been stunned. Jack tells Jen that she has to get out of here, he doesnt want him slowing her down. Jen says the woman is gone, she left out the back door. They decide to sneak inside and use her phone to call the police. Jen tells Jack to call the police first and then call Frankie. Jack picks up the phone, someone is on the line talking about how her husband is complaining about the laundry and if he doesn't like the way she does it then he can sleep alone. Jen wonders who is on the line? Jack doesnt know. The woman says she hears someone on the line, this is a party line and its her turn to yack. Jen asks if its the 1940s or something? Jack tells the woman that they need this phone, its a matter of life and death. The woman, Gertie, says thats what they all say and shes not buying it. She says she has 8 more minutes so get off the phone. Jack tells her if her husband ends up sleeping alone then hes a blessed man! Jen asks what they will do now? Jack says they are getting out of here before that crazy lady shows up. Jack then says too late. The woman comes back in and holds them at gunpoint again! Shes talking about some furry rodent that got away from her. Jack asks if that is what she was trying to shoot? The woman says earlier she was aiming for Barbie girls head. She didnt expect to find them back here again, they pop up like a damn jack in the box. Jack says shes very astute. The woman doesnt know what that means. Jen says its a nice thing to say. The woman says anything that begins with ass is no compliment. She asks what they are doing in Enids house? Jack realizes she is Enid. As Jack tries to come up with a lie, Jen sees tabloids on UFOs on her desk. She says they are here to warn her, they saw a flying saucer down the road in the field. Enid says they saw a spaceship. Enid then says what kind of fool do they think she is? Jack says Jen wasnt trying to yank her chain. Enid says shes not a light fixture or a toilet, she doesnt have a chain. She says everyone knows that spaceships dont land before dark. However she thinks those one eyed aliens may be fixing to abduct some animals. She says she cant lose her cow Jessie, shes won first prize in the fair a number of years in a row. She says she needs to go alien hunting. Enid grabs the phone. Jen says she doesnt need the phone, but Enid says she does. She says if Jessie is missing then she needs to contact the mother ship and negotiate for her release. Enid leaves, Jack suggests they search the cabin for another phone. She thinks this woman doesnt throw a thing away. Jen finds a stuffed raccoon and wonders who stuffs one. Jack tells Barbie thats a groundhog. Jack finds a phone, but the wires are frayed. He promises to fix this and get them out of here, he wont let her down this time. As Jack works on it Jen is stunned by his determination. Jack eventually gets through to Bo. He tells them that he and Jen are fine, though they have no idea where they are. Jack says they were ambushed. He explains they were investigating Eves killer, they know who the killer is. Jack tells Bo the killer, we dont hear the name. They say they dont have concrete proof, but they doubt they are wrong. Suddenly the phone connection is lost. They hear Enid returning, Jack and Jen run for it. Enid says when she finds those liars they are road kill.

Jack and Jen are running through the woods, its now dark. Jen finds a cave, she thinks Jack needs to rest. He says hes fine, but she says hes not. She says its dark and chilly. She says given what theyve been through shes glad they are still alive. They head into the cave, Jen finds a lantern and wonders how lucky they can get. Jack looks around, he says thanks to the Spectators lavish expense accounts they have spent in places worse than this. Jen says doesnt this remind him of something? Jack thought she didnt want to take a walk down memory lane. She says she cant help but reminded of the first time they made love.

Judge Fitzpatrick begins the court session. She asks who is representing Hope Brady, Frankie says he is. She then sees Bo and his council arent here. She asks that to be marked in the record. Maggie and Alice wonder where Bo could be. Alice hopes hes working on a plan to stop this as they speak. Frankie asks Hope what she wants to do? Hope doesnt understand why Bo isnt here. Patrick says perhaps hes realized there is nothing to fight for. Patrick says shes told him their marriage is over and they are having a child together. Alice says she wouldnt count Bo out so fast. The judge decides to proceed when Bo doesnt show up. Judge Fitzpatrick says Hope has filed to dissolve the marriage with no conditions. She finds it unusual for a woman to walk away from a lengthy marriage without seeking some division of property. The judge says shes entitled to half his estate and income. Hope decides to speak for herself. She says she did not want to file for this divorce. She says she and her husband were together for many years, but their marriage is over. She says she wants nothing from him. She says child support is not an issue and she can support herself. The judge asks about the house, cars, the boat. Hope says Bo gave her the house, other than that there is nothing she wants that matters. Hope says there is no reason to continue this marriage. She hopes the judge will grant the divorce. The judge thinks they should just wrap this up then. Billie then walks in and asks to speak for Bo. Hope says Billie is her husbands mistress and should have no say. The Judge asks if Bo asked her to come here and speak. Billie says no, but she knows Bo better than anyone else aside from Hope. Billie says everyone should hear what she has to say, Bo deserves to be represented. Alice tells Hope to let Billie speak. Hope says fine, say what you have to say and then go. Billie goes to the stand but the judge says she doesnt need to take the stand as shes not a witness. Billie insists she be sworn is, so she is. Billie thanks the court for hearing her. She says they know if Bo was here he would be trying to stop this, and she thinks Hope will change her mind after she hears her out. Billie says everyone knows the loss Bo and Hope suffered, and they know her daughter caused the accident. She says Chelsea is Bos daughter which put him in a difficult position. He was put in the position of protecting the person who took his sons life. Billie says Hope blamed Bo for lying, she (Billie) blamed herself for telling Bo to lie. She says because Bo listened to her, Bo and Hope grew further apart. Billie says after a terrible argument Bo got drunk and in a fight. She says she was called by the bartender and took Bo to a hotel to sleep it off. Billie says nothing happened between them. Hope says she is under oath, how she can lie. Hope says she saw her. Billie says Hope saw what she wanted her to see. Billie says she slept in a chair. She says Chelsea called her to tell her she was on her way to the motel. Billie says Chelsea was facing criminal charges, she was desperate to get Bo on their side. Billie says she did a terrible thing. Billie says she left the door open and got into bed with Bo so Hope would think they slept together. Billie says Bo has no idea what happened, he slept through it. She says she didnt want to tell Bo as she felt it would turn Bo against her and Chelsea. Billie says shes not proud of what she did, she knows its the reason Hope left town and got involved with Patrick. Hope says Billie still slept with Bo. Billie says only after she filed for divorce. Hope says which she did because of Chelseas emails. Billie says the break-up never would have gotten this far if she and her daughter hadnt tried to break up Bo and Hope. Billie says she is so sorry for what she did. She doesnt expect forgiveness, but she had to tell Hope the truth. She says Bo has never been unfaithful to her in his heart, he loves her as much as ever. Billie says Hope is the luckiest woman in the world to have Bos love. She knows Bo hurt Hope, but it is her and her daughters fault. Billie says Bo loves Hope and wants to be with her, only her. Billie also says losing a child is every mothers nightmare, but its every fathers too. She says Bo has never forgiven himself for Zacks death, but a divorce will only cause more pain for them. Billie says in spite of what has happened, Hope and Bo will never be happy with anyone else. She tells Hope not to give up on Bo or her marriage. Billie thanks the court and then leaves. The Judge says that was a moving plea, she asks Hope if she still wishes to proceed? Before Hope can answer the judge is given a message. She says something has come up that demands her attention, this session will have to continue another time. She adjourns court. Maggie thinks this is Bos doing. Patrick offers to take Hope back to his place for dinner, she needs to take care of herself and the baby. Alice tells Patrick to enjoy his dinner, it might be his last evening with Hope.

At the station, EJ and Kate are at the station. They want to arrange with Roman and the Salem PD for an on air appeal for Wills return. Kate explains how she and EJs new company Mythic Communications has acquired the local TV station. She asks who they talk to about this, Bo? Roman says Bo is working on the Eve Michaels murder case. EJ asks what is happening with that? Roman says Bo is very close to an arrest. EJ asks if Bo has a suspect? Kate asks EJ why hes asking about that? Roman wonders the same thing. EJ says he just knows Kate is involved in the disk going missing, he wants to make sure Roman doesnt believe Kate killed Eve. Kate thanks EJ for the vote of confidence. Roman says well they are all agreed theyd like this murder solved, and perhaps it will be very soon.

Later Lexie shows up looking for Abe. Roman says hes busy, Lexie says shell wait. Lexie says hello to Kate and EJ. Kate didnt know she and EJ knew each other. EJ says they worked together on a breast cancer project and they had an enlightening conversation recently. Lexie says he made assumptions that arent true. Roman seems to be watching them wondering what is up with all of them.

Bo is on the phone, Abe and Tek are still looking over the evidence. They cant figure out what the 9 digit number is. They know Kate paid for the disk but it ended up in someone elses hands. Bo thinks the disk is in Eves boss hands and her killer. Bo is frustrated, he says they have to solve this case to save his marriage. Bo says he needs a break before Hope finalizes the divorce. Abe says why not prove Kate's confession? Bo says Kate recanted, besides she wants this divorce to go through as Kate would love to see him with Billie. Abe says Roman can back him up and hes the police commander. Bo says Roman is his brother and Hope needs solid proof. He says besides he has to make sure Hope trusts him. Abe tells Bo hes running out of time. Bo says hes aware of that. Tek asks if they still think the cop killer is the trouble maker for the Bradys. Bo does, he thinks if they find the killer theyll also find Will and the trouble maker. Tek is waiting for a list of costumers who may have bought shoes matching the prints at the scene of the murder. Abe continues to tell Bo to go to the court, but Bo says he has no chance at saving his marriage without evidence.

Tek sees Lexie in the main station and asks how shes been. She says busy. Abe shows up and says busy getting back together with her husband. Tek asks if that is true? Roman asks EJ and Kate to wait outside, Roman leaves as well to give them privacy. Lexie explains Abe is giving her another chance, they are taking things slowly. Abe says Tek seems surprised. Tek says he is, Abe has been badmouthing her for months, even comparing her to her father and brother. He asks Lexie if shes just going to forget about all that? Abe says this is none of his business. Tek tells Lexie that if she wants to believe Bo has done a complete 180 then find, but his instincts tell him that Abe is up to something. He warns Lexie to be careful. Abe tells Tek to stay the hell out of their business.

Roman checks on Bo, he gets a list of the people who bought the shoe that matches the print. Bo thinks the name of their killer is on this list somewhere. Bo then gets Jack call (per above) He then makes a call for a search warrant. Later the search warrant turns up. Kate learns Bo has a search warrant, she wonders who home hes violating now. Bo tells her none of her damn business. Bo takes off, EJ and Kate try and get Roman to tell them where Bo went. He says he wont tell them, especially not Kate. EJ asks if Kate is still a suspect? Roman says hes suspicious that they are both so interested in this case.

Bo and the cop are looking through someones closet. They find the killers shoes, complete with the mud still on them. He then finds a box containing the gun that killed Eve as well as the evidence disk. Suddenly Patrick and Hope show up, Patrick asks what they are doing in his house? Bo says his job, he then arrests Patrick for Eves murder as Hope looks on.


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